10 Kasım 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

10 Kasım 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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' < I 1 THE EVENING STAR. THE WORSHIP OF SILENCE. ?T CUAM1M I4MITU. God lores tbe silent worshiper. The iran<1est hjmn That nature rhants?the litany Of the rejoicing stars?is ulent pram. Their nishtljr anthsms stu The sonis of ioftjr seraphijra In the remotest heaven. The me odr Descends in throbhinK* or celestial light Into the h?art of man, whose ?yw?rd f??e, i nH Ml ar^ifi frj ?S ftlAAAt. L#li Of the heart's lnoeuae p&aaiag up the aight. Above the crj*tallme hight Tie theme of thoughtful praiae aseenda. Not from the wildcat aweil Of the vexed oo?an soars tha fullest psalm ; But in the evening calm, A nd in the solemn mi'lmght. sileaoe blends With ailaaoe, and to the ear Attuned to harmony divine Boctti A dtmin Wboa*traaoe-like stillness wakes delioions pain. Holda kaener asguish in ita orb of brine. Deeper and truer (rief. Than the load veil that brings relief, Aa thunder clears tha atmoaphere. Bat tha deep, tear lass aorrow?how profound ! L napokan to tha ear Of aente, 'tis yet aa eloquent a sotind As that which wakaa the lyre Of the rejoioinr day, when Morn on tha mountain lighta hia urn of fire. The flower a of the glen Rejoice in silence ; huge pinea stand apart Vpoo the lofty hills,at J *ign Their w^ea to every breeze that pasaeth by. The willow tel'a its mournful tale So tenderly that e'en the passing (ale Hear* not a murmur on its winga Of what the apirit amis That br<athes iu trembling thoughts through all ? the drooping strings. **- i ?> "a L ? W.? no IUTM uuu must wou wuicmpa mmi la the obedient heart. The thunder's noitome boast, W hat ia tt to the violent luhtning thought ? HIT"Connt d'Aquila, brother of the King of Plaplea, marM??d the cater of tbe Emparor of Brazil, and bis desertion of Francis II baa ao disp eaird Ooa Pedro, that be ia urging bta sister to lomke him and return to Brazil: He has placed a Brazilian vessel at her command for that purpose. *irr A courtrzan of longstanding, In Cincinnati, having lately become Infatuated with a good looking, but unprtnclpal youth, furnished nlm with nearly tl S<>0 la money sent jewels to prepnrc for an Intended trip to Cuba; the lover decamped, and the disconsolate one has sent the police after him. II ri rnitnii man h>n<7?ri himself at New Or. leant, od Monday; in bis pocket waa a razor marked R A. Breckinridge. The poor fellow went to Texas, as a bookkeeper, fell 111. returned to New Orleans/and starving, and unable to get employment, committed suicide. j[ r A project la on foot in the Central Americas States to unite Nicaragua, Honduras. San Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala under a strong monarchical government. The plans are of course secret as yet, Dut they are said to meet with favor from the more conservative part of the population. |[T A female quack in Troy performed an operation, which resulted la the death of Mrs King; the victim's husband has been sway w hall a* for two years, and the result of her crimlnsl conduct becoming apparent, she lost her life in trying to hide her shame. LCT Andy Vance weat lata a bar room In Augusta, Ga , on Saturdsy, offered to treat the crowd, and taking a bottle of laudanum from bis pocket, aaid it was bis last drink, aad swallowed it. All aflhrtsto save his life were unavailing U f South Carolina planter* are boating np bed* of marl, aa a fertilizer; one gentleman who paid a dollar an acre for land two year* ago, ha* refoaed twenty dollar* an acre for the wboie plantation, aa renovated by thl* ingredient. JET The *nrvey of the bonndary between A\ aahington Territory and the Britich Province* will, It 1* expected, be completed within the present year. (17" Nicholas Legarde, a French gentleman, 76 ?9*r* old. waa ran over by the train of the Jackson Kauroaa. i>a , on Monday, in a fog, and wa* so dreadfully crushed thai be died three hours after. |[T- An eel, four feet in length, and six inche* around, waa caught at the wharf, in Charleston, a few days ago. f[T No fewer than fifteen Irish oScers in the service of the Pope were taken prisoner* at Ancona?and released. d/? A man in Cincinnati has just discovered that he has paid SI.000 of another man's taxes la 13 year*. fry It Is the universal cmtom that all gaeata who visit queen Victoria restrict their v&lt to three days li_7" A magazine for the blind Is to be published in raised characters, as suggested by the late Principal of the Missouri institute for the Blind. (LT A grasshopper has been brought to this eoimtty from Panama, which measure* 3# Inches in length, and girts A inches. YZT It i* suggested that the torches used bv the Minute Men und Wide-A wakes can be used this winter by skating parties. fi f~ Barnum is iroin? to on*n m >,..??? nr. i Philadelphia after tEe manner oif his famous institution in New York. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?W C Freeman. NY; B S Barnwell. 8C; F C Goodrich, Mrs Goodriob, Mass; W R Havward. Md; N Davidson, NY; C W Poiiard. ?; J Neale, Md; \V Taylor and ly, J L Morrow, Vs; C Fonst&li, Ps; J 9 Withered, Cal; W MeDuffle. NY; A J Smith, Texss; W C Hopktns, NY; R Kondan. Cuba; Geo \V Booth ana Cam, Mo; W Bruce. Md; C C Murphy. NY; J C Brooke, Ps; L Whiteley, Md; Mr McDonald and ly. BROWN'S HOTEL.?T Barbour, NY; W Barbour. Ireland; R Johns. Md. F M on to to and ly. Cubs; A Autonirlor.M PR V i- v. Mr and Mri Polllan and daughter, Mr* Blackwell, J Norwood. W J Potter and niece, NY; E Worthlngton, C Woodward, Md; R M Weir, W Brown, J Walker. Va; Miaa A Jirv!?, T Erant, MC; S M Emery NH; J Matthew*, La; J K Bodine, NJ; MltrfK Jotiniton, O; E Finney and ly, Mia; Rev S Woille, W Curry and ly, Pa. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?H Magraw.A Welch, B L Dabba, P?; Capt R luglaaa, J W Todd, F J Shank. L'SA: 9 D Bozzen*. A Beeratadt. J Higga. NY: W Knabe, Md; E Bradford, C E Sinclair, Va. OCEA iV S TEA MERS' SAIL INO DA Y8 Fkom m Uititm States. SUnmtrt. L*avi. Ar. Dmyt. 5arope ...Boa to a Liverpool... Nov 14 ammonia ? New York .-.Uambucc Nov 15 At.antic New York.. . Havre Nov >7 j uotaimii. . .^ew > ork...Guwar ? Nov? Pereia ... ? ? New York..-Liverpool.. ...Nov 21 Hreinen ..Ne? York. _ douta'pton. .Not m From Eokofb Bremen ...South'ptou... New York... .Oet 31 North American.Liverpool Portland Not 1 Jobn Bell .. .. ,G1 u(ov New York...Not 3 Oauvla - Liverpool. .. .iioeton. _?_ .Not 3 VafiJerbtll... Soutu'pioa.. .New York... Not! The Havana mail eteeaters laavo Now York on the 3d, !*Ui, 17U. and 37th of eaoh month, and Charleston on tiie 4th and 13th, 'rtie Caitforaia mat i iummh leave New York on be seta an<l 3uth of am*r month. PURE OLD KYK WHISKY FOR MEWPlVil ?! ?*> UOCJ. frw 92 t aUan or 50 cents por bottle. Tl?e ?a*t home and foreign dem&r.d we have for thia article auffieienti j attests iu purity ud excelleao*. Moreover it may be mentioned ia this oonn?xion taat many invalid* of delicate organization, uaebte to aae whisky of other brands, Rave found the above most efiaaeioaa and happy in ita ? fleets 4 liberal discount on the above prieea made to the trade. . KDWaRD HALL. . vmMf Mark ft, e?n-?i?t between 7th and 8th streets. 1\L J. 0OVBE DOD'S MJ IMPERIAL WW* BITTERS, Are bow being MedIxom Magneto the ?reat Salt Lake, ani ?a sniveraal v*rdiot of all who use them either aa a eurficuM or aa ? keviratt, ia thai they are aosarpaeed la the world. Dr. Dods aped them anoceesiauy la hia eraeuoe for My ears before we aorohaaed of himtheaoie nctitto mauafaotur* aad preeeci them for aale to the pub..o. Forth* euro of Incinact Conaaxnption, ladixeauon, Dyr yaeaia, PUei, Nervou Diaeaaea. Female Com ^^^swmaagi' -S M?"*r mamrumTarqeafttea they aie a pure, wholehamani^y ^nd all advooatea rf ?? "- -* mm ia WHWilMftlM Vf*?tat>la fi(ttt?ri for th* mtrnmH uliimt ?pi fMMM tinmi Witt W*Mfe B?MutoT la flooded. and tftaretiy * wwtaaJy a*4 ia ha?n?tm Oiimii and DraakMaaa ~*<54ntLE9 WIDDIFIKLD * CO^^/VawkRvv. v,rtWaaklnftoB, D. C. jafMJTOMMm Mrs? nererTai. to oar a. aad an varraaUd la guw akiJaT ly.r Atect. WMhicgtoc. D. C. STOV,f%TOTE.K"OV*" ; aal^nJU^tr j c gmYDflP^ o> t Nit d?ot t? U> BOf q#o?. fe't^C'11Ujck?of' UU?M<9u-J'r<?r2fJ HI No. 97 6tm& JL(tSwXStm n WOOD AND COAL. IMPORTANT TO HOUBEKKKPRRR! THE PIONEER SAW BILL iff* FIREWOOD PlfTOKI, (SiMf o? tbi Blub Pla? 9taf?.) I?i* ?f the CtMl, aeu 7 th street BrM|?, Will famish, at the shortest nohoe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY. O* AHT Kticb, Cut mU Split fe mmy Dim tn rim*. CHSAPBR THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full mMWMMnt gnaranUori. jtt R<m?mb4r, Tax Blob Fla? Statt, weat inn of Seventh street, south of the Canal, and opposite tk? Cantor Market. GEORGE PAGE, Ageat. irr HICKORY ANl>OAK PLANK or timber (ofany us* or dimensions) SAWKI>. POSTS or JOIST^TRIPPKD.or LOOK 8AWBD, at the shortest notjoe ITT* Small johf of BLACKSMITH1NQ promptly executed. as above- actT-t c? q 6 q q UNION FIRE-WOOD MI!*!?? Caraer af Screatk it. and Crnl. W 0~0 D of ail kind, manufactured to ordar, any length or UM, ready lor use. GOAL?COAL. W# hare now on haad a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White A?h. different aise UyWeare now,and will bereoeivin* Coal for the next ten daya, whioh we toil, delivered from the vesael, at a redaotion of 25 csnts per ton. Send your ordera early. MoKNEW * MARLOW, Proprietors, ae aTT-tf Corner Seventh at. and CanaJ. WOOD NO Delivered to all parte o? the oityfat the lowest poaaible rates. T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, OSoe 292 Pa. av? between 11th and 12th ats., ma 17-tT north side. DENTIsfBT. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. !)., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at tends personally at hit offioe in thi? oity.mfBsaf Many persons oan wear tlieee teeth whoHtatD cannot wear others, and no parson ean wear others who oannot wear these. J'ersons calling at my offioeoas be aooornmodated th any style and prioe of Teeth they may desira; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, oieaoeet, strongest, and most perfect denture thai art oaa produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 339 Pa. avenue Jbetween 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. ; oc IS tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSON Has returned and resumed hit profession. Ofioe and house at 463 E at.,^-aac^ third door east of Sixth. In addition ("Miw every o'her approved style, Dr. M. has set^*11'u teeth on vulaamte Base for the last three years and, from exeenenoe, knows it ezae.s all others, and is one-thim leaa in iriiui thui >nlil Hi. nld patrons of Washington. iMsxandria, and Geori?~ town are respectfully soioitwd to oall. aaaB-ooly r| DKNTIHTRY. UK. BILIjS, after a pr&ouea: teet of tiro years fools that lie oan With confileuoo rooom aend (ho Cheoplastio Process for insert! mMHHf artifioial tooth. It ha? the advantage* trength, boaaty.cinaiuiness.aud cheapness. Pal IPfor Mts inaorted for lifTPartial la proportion. Ofloe sog Pa. avonna. M7 CoN&VgX?J!!lvkJ,WPol>rS!v*accimvution ...? ,.|| 500,000, Presents inducement* to all olasses equal to aay oompany, and far superior to moat. Dividend* made and paid annually. HEATH & RNOWLE9, Agents, oo g-tr Ofloe. otw Banfr of Washington. J^ATBBT IN VJ5 N T I O N! LADD. WEBSTER * co.'? Tlght-Stltch Sewla; NachlnM At JANNBYS BOOT AND SHOE STOKE, 349 PA. Atuti. They are the most aimplo. Tney are the strongest. iney areute surest in t&eir operation. They use a itrnitft needle, (Carvedones are of no aooount.) They have a feed wheel. They are capable of doing any kind of work known?they make the magM rafil* without any attachment*. Call and examine? At JANNEY'S. po It-lm 348 Pennsylvaaia avenue. C. ?. FOWLll.. .JOHN P WEBB.. .M. WM. MVIRID?*. . CHARLES 8. POWLEI A CO.. IMPORTERS. Wholesale aad Retail Dealers in CHINA. GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARS, Pine Cutlery, Plated Ware, Roll Metal Goods, Tin Gooda, Tin Chamber Sets, Jspaned nwwri, emtmi ana solar L&rnpi, Coal Oil Lamps,Lant?rns. ko . k.o. 904 (Odd Fbllows' Hall) *EVENTH ST.t oc 11 ?o6w Waahington City. French a richstein-s BULLETIN OP NSW BOOKS. Fob i860 a5d (Ml. Masonic, Odd Fellows, Military, Meohanloal, Architectural, Chess, aad Billiard Books, always on hand. Camilla; trom the Frenoh of Alexander Dnmai, tha Tonnfr ; llmo; oloth. Prio? #1 36, by mail. All the above worki sent by mail fraa of poitaga on tha receipt of tha price. Oar uenal discount given on all bonnd booka bought at onr atora. FRENCH A RICBSTEIN, No. 978 Pv avenue, Washington, 1). C. Post Office. Box 716. _ _ _ oc 24 8nljr_ /JENT9' Fine Calfskin Sewed Boots, #3.75 VJ Gents' Double-sole and Doub e-upper^^b* Boots, #5; Gents' fine French Calfskin Mil Gaiters and Boots; Boys'and Youths' loMf H Boots; Ladies' Kid, Moroooo and Goatskin * lib Buttoned Hoots: Lasting Laoed, Buttoned, Congress, and MalakofT Boota. Also, every other at; la ot ladies', Qus?aa' and ohildren's Roots and Mtaa, ?t J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa. av., between tth aad 9th sts. no 17-eotr pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Voir attention and examination ia reapeetfnilr solicited to "zanine the celebrated Now York GUTTA PERCHa ROOFING ?ad the GUTTA PERCHA Pa INT for tainting tin roofa. This Gntta Percha Roofing ana Paint ia acknowledged by all the beat arohitecta in New York city to be the beat and oheapest Hoofing and Paint in exut ?coe. It oan be aeen at H. W. hamilton'S Paint Store, 413 Seventh street. CAN PI eld Jt HAMILTON are the sole acenta for Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria and the South. Por far ther information address aa above. we M-tf MONONGAHELA EYE WHISKEY, Conaoiestioaaly distillrd by Mr. Jaiaea Burnside. of Allegany Count*, Penca., in the old-fashioned honeat war, fro?i the ohoioeat and moat carefully elected Rye. and in no oaae ever offered for aale until adapted to wkoleaome aee by age It ia at onoe the moat palatable, aa it U emphatically one of tbe pareet beveragea in the reaoh of the poblio. To the Invalida aa wail as to thoae in heaJth.it oviuinai ttseir for its unrivalled qualities M * stimulant of the aafe?t, surest, and must benefioeot inscription, and many of the moat distincuuhei shysioiaoa are asing it in their praeuoe witli the 'oLJLRY * STOCK DALE, Proprietors, 338 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for the Proprietors. 844 Pa. av., se t-4a opposite Willards* Hotel. BAB. In acoordanee with the provisions of the aet 1 Conxrese entitled "An aet authorising changes in thelooation ot Land Oflioes," approved March 3, 1U3, It is hereby deoared and made known that the office lor the ?aie of publia lands at Paysitivillx, in the State of Arkansas, will be removed to Hirers villi, in said State, without delay. 'ihepnelie sale directed by the Executive proo tarnation No. MB, of township 19, ranee 30, and toyashtp 17, of ranee n, to take plaoe at the l-aud Utoe e* PaurrvrnviLLi on SOth L>eoen ber nest, it ? daelared will be heid at Ht*ts villi, in aid Bute, on the dste deaivna.^ , rurtnwr r.otioe U to the areolee Urn* of oloimc the oAeeat fayettevU.lf, pTeyjar^tory to remov%I, 2av???"? ' **" " Bj order of the President: ComouuioMr ot^ot^WSSi.. aa? wtw W E H*r?thi?!dJyWr^v^dKfroB? New fork a beantiiti aeeortment of aav it* le Fall and Winter k/i?WSsfes$ prioee for ?aa* or s#eroy^eeu^ Ae eerii eati la ?>? mPttNbOwiwitfcuglg^. I 3S.Siira?r<ffifeia ?i?asi*gs*"~j ?w ? < p>. ???W. ?<ii ?TlMi a*. ^ t? SHITH'?; No. 4W Smotk.alrwt* m6-1? | = M8CELLANK0PS. BMBRACING NEW LANDS HERETOFORE . UNOFFERED. , wl. , . Notiob ia hereby given that peblio aaiee *rill b? held, on the Have ard at the plaeee ktniuAn apt 01 fled, in the SUU of Mi***aoTA,of theyfcojnt traota of public land withheld by NoUoe No.M, dated September 3, 18>9 from the ealea ordered by froolairation No. 643, dated J*ly 9, 18M, vu: At the Land Offio* at St. Cloud, on Monday, the 26th day of November next, for the disposal of the tram within the undermentioned towncbipe, with held, p nra aant to the above- mentioned netioe, from the ealee heH on the 7th November, its, ander the aid proolamatieft, vis: Norik aftk* bast lint and v>t*t if the fourth jwtneipal meridian. Town*hip 34, of ran?e 88 fownthip 3S. of range 29 ownahipa 41 and 44, or rang* 31 ownahip4l,of range33 North qf the ban lineand^ttit tj t he Aft h princifoi Township* IS! and 12*,'?f range 35 ' ownahipa 121 and 128, of range 36 Townah pa 123 and 1*3, of rayce 97 Townanipa 123 124,125, and 13B, of ranee 38 Townahipa 124 US. 136,137, and 138, of rang* M To wuahip 128, of range 30. At the L.an'i Offiae at FtniT Cirt, on Wednesd%y. the 28th day of November next, for U* disposal of the tracts, within th? undermentioned township*. withheI I, pursuant to the above mentioned noijo?, from the sales h- Id on th- 3lst Ostober, 1W?, under the said proclamation, m: North of the base line and tteti of ihtAftk principal tneruum. Townships lit, 119. awd )?>, of range 21 Township 118.119 and 1?*, of range3st Townshipsll6 117,118,119,130, and HI, of rang* 21 Townships 116.117,118,11* and 121, of range 34 Townships 117.118, and 114, of range 2S Towbships lis, m and 12", of range 35 Townships 111, 118, llft.acd 130, o* range 27 Townships 118,119, and 12>,? frange2*f Township, lis. 119, and 120, of range 29 Townships 118.119, and I2\ ot iange90 Townships 118,119, and 12 J, of range 31 Townships 119 and 12;, of range 32 Townships 119 and U), ufiauieeo Townships 118,119. and 121, of range 31 Townships 118. 119, and 12'.of range 35 At the Land Oftoe at Hsmdibsox, oa Monday, theJJ da; of December next, lor the disposal or the traots within the undermentioned townships, withheld, pursuant to the above mentioned notioe, from the sales held on the 7ih November, 18j?, under the said proclamation, viz: North of the bast line and %oest of tktfifth principal meridian. Township 112, of range 18 I Tewnships ill, 112,113.114, and 115, of range 19 Townships ill, 1<2, US, 1U, and 115, of range 20 Townihips HI, 114,and 115. of range 21 Townships 114 and (15, of range it Townships 1 is, 114, and 115, of range 23 ?uwnships 112, IIS, 114, and 115, ofrange34 ownships 111, 111, 113, and 114, of range 25 Township* 111, 112. Ill, and 114. of raageS6 i Townships 111 and 12, of range 27. At the Land Offioe at Chatpi An, on Monday the 2?th day of November next, for the dispos\l ol the tracts withiu the undermentioned townships, withheld, pursuant to the above mentioned notioe, from the >s es hel l on the 14th November, lst9. under tU* eaid proclamation, vii: North of tht base,! me ami west of tkt Aft h principal meridian. Townships 108 and 104, of range S Townships l'""2 and 103, of ranee 9 Townships IOC, lflg, and IC4, of range 10 1 Townships ins and 1M. of range 11 t Townships 103 and 104, of range 12 Townships 101, and lr3. of ranee 17 I Township* 101 li^, 108, and lot, of ran<e 18 Townships >01, W2, ics, and 104, of range 19. I At the i ana Offioe at Svxkiss Citt. on Wednee | dav, the 28th day of November next, for the disposal of the tracti within the uaderinentionsd townships, withheld. pursuant to the above-mentioned I notioe, from the sales held at Cambridge on the Sirt October, 1S59, under the said proclamatien, vis: North of the ban line and west of tho fourth principal meridian. Tewnship 32. of range 23 Ia vw 11 on i ym u? D'iU vM ? UI I ftligO 24 Townanip 33 of range 25 Township 94. of range 27. At the Laid Offioe at Poktlaxd, on Mood*?, the 2bth day of No vemoer next, lor the disposal of the , traeta within the und'rmsntioned townahipa, with held, purauaut to tha above-mentioned notioo, from the galea held on the Slat Ootober, 1859, and?r the aid proolamation, vis: North of the bate lint and west of the fourth principal meridian. Town; hi pa 98, of range 10 Townahlp 93, of raoce U ' 'ownahipa 51 and 48, of range 12 ' 'ownahipa 90 and SI, oi ran?e IS 1' 'owahip* 4b and 6", of range 14 ' 'ownahipa 48,10, and 5n, of ranee 15 'ownahipa 47 and 48, of range 16. Lands appropriated by law for the hm of Indiana or other parpoaea will be exoluded from the aalca. The traota within aiz milea on each aide of the railroada will be offered, anbjeot, a? required br law, to a minimum ot two dollars and Aft* cnts per acre, and the particular traota out by the rontea will be *o!d ajbjeot to the right of way for uud railroada, and aa containing the aaaiitiea S*apectirely ahowa on the official plat without delations. I The offering will be oonmenced on thedaraap pointed, and will proceed in the order in which they readrertiaed, until the whole a hall nave been offered, and the aalea cloaed; bit no aaie ahail be . kept open longer than two weeka, and no private i ent'y of any of the landa will be admitted antil 1 after the expiration of the two weeka. Every oeraou entitled to the right of pre-emption to any 01 the tracta embraced by ihia notice la re aired to eatabliah the aame to the satisfaction ot ! thA flinH ra-ai-a- *La i- * ? 1.^.- vum i woivoi vi uio pruper iinn ( meft, and make payment tor their claims ou or befo'e the day appointed for ths commencement of the publio sal? of the landa embrao.ng tract claimed; otnerwi?e, such olaim will be forfeited. i (i'veu ander my hand at the city of Washington, this 19th day of September. M60. joS. S- WILSON, Commissioner of the General Jpnd Uftoe. Not*.?Under the regulations of the Department, M heretofore aad now existing, bo paj ment ean be made for advertising proclamations except to anoh publishers as are spt uiily autkorixtd to'publish by the Commisaioaer of the General Land Oflfoe. se 22 wlows BIN*. ?68.1 Y THE PRESiDKNT OF TUB UNITED STATES In pnrsnanoe of law. I, i amis Bccha5a*. President of the Uoited Matee of Amerioa. do herebr deolare and make known that publio ?alea will b? held at the nnaor-mentioned ,k State of Arkansas, at th* period! hereinafter dNlgnated, to wit: At th* land offioe a? Littlb Rock, oommraoieg on Monday, th* 17th day of l>eoeml>f r next, for tha disposal of the sublic lands heretofore unoffered, situated within th* following towpship*. rl?: South of IM bat* lim and to*ft of thtftf'k principal meridian. Township* IS and 19, of rang* 4. Townships 18 and 19, of rang* 5. At the land office at Faysttkvilli. commencing oa Thursday, the fctth dar cf l>eo*mb*r next, for th* diapoaaT of th* >ublie lands heretofore unoffer?d situated within the following township*, vis: North th* bast tin* and wtit of th* fifth principal meridian. Township 19, of rang* 2D. Townahip IT. of tang* 31. At th* laad oflSae at Claxkws villi, commencing on Monday, the 17Ui day of December next, for th* disposal of th* public lands heretofore unoffered situated within th* following townships, viz: North of th* bat* lute and west of thtfifth principal mtridian. Fractional townships 1 and 2, of rang* 33. At the Land Offline ? W? ???? ' _ ? ?? nifluiun?oumniVD01II( on Wednesday the 19th day of Dtoamber next, for the dinpo?al or the public landa heretofore BDoffered aituated within the following townahipa. vix : South of the bate line and wttt of thefif.h principal meridian. The fraetiena south orth* old boeodarr line, of tovnahip 30, of rangea 21,24,23,24,25, aad 26. At the [^aad Qffioe at Champasxolk. oommeneini on MondafffLhenth day of December next, for the diapoaal or the public landa heretofore anoffered aimated within the following tewnahlpa aad parte of townahips. vis: South of tht ban tin* and wttt of thtfifth principal __t _ meridian. Jewnahip isi of range 7. owaahip 19, of range . ownahip 19, of range 9. , ?ownabip 20, of range 19. he parte eonth of the old boundary line, of townehip 20, of rangee 19 and 20. Land* appropriated by law for the in of echools, military and otner parpoeee, toe ether with tha "iwamp and overflowed," will be exolodedftom the Bales. I The offering of tha above lands will oommenoe on the days appointed, and will prooeed is the order in whieh tney are advertised until the irhola him hat# been offered and the sales cloaed; bat no sales (hall be kept opaalongor than two weeks, and ao private entry of any oft he lands will be admiUad this llth dav of September, anoo Donuni oae thousand eight hundred and sixty _ ' . . JAMEB SUCIANAN. ' Commisaionser dr the General Land OAo*. NOTICE TO PlK-KMPTinN r?r ? , vjuaiAAH I3? Krery pereon mtitM to the right of pre wnption to My of the lands within the townahipeand parte of townahipe above m?ationted U repaired toMttbllih the asms to the aatiafaction of the recuter end reoetrer of the proper Land Offlee, and ntake HI" vent tkerefor m i??on u practicable after eeeipc thia notice, tod before the day apaoiaM for the oommetioement of the publio aale of thelande embMing the tract o!aimed; nthec viae. raeh olatm will be forfeited. ... JOS. &/WlLgOB. Commiaaioner of the General LandUBoe. Wore.?'Under the regnlatione of the department, aa heretofore and .no* extatug, no pay meet ean be hSS?3?&?i?K Mli-wttw 11 "*tT WOOD! WOOD!! ? Du, TpVK tod KINDLING WOOD, U & ?vm BAUT4MOmEBUTTER HOUSE. frtiHnr / I M0W1' The sabeorlber b?|i leave to inform the oitisea* of Washlagton, Georgetown aed Alesaatria that be has ridded to hie lo?f establishes basiaess the auxiliary of tem.m power for aawlnf end man? fee taring Marble and Brown Stone Work in their various branches. Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand To??f Tile. Monuments, Tomb and Hs*d Stones, Sla^s, Window Lmteta, Sil:?, Mere end Platforms. Having -chased a large a took oflt&liaa Marhls m block^Vom fcrtt hasdc^t the lowest rates, he feels confident of being able to furnish Marble Work as low as it can be paroliased in New York. Philadelphia* or Baltimore. The trade supplied with ltaTiae Marble in bloek or slabs at the same rate as famished in >ew Yotk, aad on aooommodating terms. AUo, on hand, a large yipflj. oi Pumice Ston?, Water of Ayr Hoce and Polishing Patty at New York prioee. Euoourage the enter fwaar Si mm Marbls and Brown Stone XTorki, Pa. av., oor. Thirteenth sC, an 21-hm Washington, D. C. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. ^ E.^DURKEE * CO.^^_ OwuM not only ABSOLUTELY ANT) PERFECTLY PURE, but (round from fresh Spioes, teleoted im cleaned by u expressly for the purpose without referenoe to ooet. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil* (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fill weight, while the ordinary rrouna Spiess are alawatinvariably short. We warrant as a smcle trial will abundantly pro re. Manufactured only br fo l*-if.DA.W.tr ifl Fee^rtf. N^r^oTh. y^ATCHREPAIRING A^'DSI.LVE* WARE I have one of the best establishments. tod far* niahed with * complete net of tools for repairing every d?*cription of fine Watches, and 171] particular attention give to the iame, by thorough competent workman.and a. work guarantied AI o. every descrip ion of standard 311. V K R WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured nnder my own supervision. wkjch my eustomers will find far superior in guality aid finish to northern war* old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 338 Pa. avenue, near 9th at. The union wil?,stanp. no matter WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I shall remain in Washington and oontinue to pursue mr oooupatiop of HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL. JOINTING. Gilding in all its branohes. Ola ulasing promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the best style. I also, call attention to the Painting of Roofs and Briok Walla. All of the above I will do as cheap as the cheapest. J therefore solioit the patronage of my friends and fellow oitizens of the DistrioL Punctuality strictly observed, and work done in the bast man* ner. 'You will pleaee mind your stops and stop at M. T PARKER'S Painting Establishment, No. A3! 53 :! S3!!! Louisiana av., north aide, between 6th and 7th sts. P. S. Signs put up free ef charge, as usual. an 3m f RENTS'SHIRTS, *j" collar^. ties. stocks, And all kin4a of 00 GOOD^i at 25 per orat, est than any ether store lD<>ol9-irn' At SMITH'S. Seventh ?L xne Above r UKE W hisky.Coppkk Distilled from Malted Grain, being superior and uniform is quality, and highly improved hy ace, is preferred by ooneumers to a'l other Wkiakiea, and particularly reoommended by the beat physioians and ohemiata aa possessing all the requirements of a True Tonic Invif orator and Remedial At tut. The Sohnylkill Water ol Philadelphia, nsed in thedia'ulation of this Whisky, is proved by anal? sis to be the softest and purest water in the U nited States ; and to this may, in a great degree, be attributed the excellence of this Whiaky. For Bale by FREEMAN k, SIMPSON. Phenix Distiller^ On th* Schuylkill river. Phi adelphia Offioes?96 Wall street, New York ; 109 South Front street, Philadelphia. And can be had in Wa*hingtoB of Samael Bacon k Co , 319 Pa av.; R.J. Rvon, West 9th it., corner D; Kennedy & Pugh, ?08 West 7th st; Hirray A Bemmei, 407 Pa. av.; J. B Wilson, 327 Pa. av ; Barbour k. Semraes, 65 La. av ; H. C. Purdy,403 Pa. *v.; Wm Bryan, 44 Market Bp.; Moore, Ciseell & Co , 397 West 7th St., G. P. G?iiok, 336 N. J. av ; A. Gaddis. Jr.. It Co., M, corner feast 11th: Edward Hall, 40 Market Spaee ; F. & White 4 Co .63 La. av.; Jchn H. Semmes St . 393 West Ninth st 00 36 1m IDISPATCH I %\? ft Bare the_Piecei! fK^ Am moeidmts will kmrptn, **m im wtll-rtfmlMd fmmilits, it ia wry dsairable to have aome oheap and convenient w for repairing Farm tare, Toys, Orsokery, ft a, IPALDlIie*! FRKTAEBP 6161 meeta all aooh emergenoiea. and no honaehold am afford to ba without it. It ia alwaya ready and ap to tha aUokins point. There ia no longer a neoea aitr for limping ohaira, aphntored "^neera, headleaa dolla, and broken oraalM. It ia Joat the arfiele far aona. aheil, and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladies of refinement and taste. Thia admirable preparation ia need oold, hplng ohemioally held in aolation, and poaeeaaing all tha valuable analitiea of the beat oahinet makers' sine. It pay be used in tbe plaoe of ordinary mnoil&ce, betas nitl; more adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVER T HO USE." Frit*, If oenU. N. B.?A Brash aooorapanies each bottle WktUtml* Dtp*, No. 49 Cedar street, New York Add raw HENEY cTsPALDINO 4b CO.. Box No. 8,600. New York. Fat op for Dealers in Cases oontaining Fonr, Eight, and Twelve Doaea?a beautiful Lithograyhio Show Card aocompanymi eaeh paokage. cr A single bottle of SPALDINV'S PREPARED BLUE will save top times ita coat annually to every household.-/"*! Sold by all rrominent Stationery Druggists, Hardware and rami tare Dealers, Srooers, and finoy Store#. Country merchants should make a note of 8PALDINB'S PREPARED QLUE, when making ay their list. It will stand am elimate la lo-ly / f^ARfP^Sc^ ifl'j Jl ? ^ ? Tkit it ? < kr; ./ m.inKA.rrvrrU ' " ?4)0 ?4 WkiA/w ?m h(lit ??( W?(iU?? ?U '**rT if* *r "< Jrcm jr 2?U*' - flt.i. >.',, ,.---??, jt , ^ r i/l Mtliwaim ntWitf J. ?Af ti??*??tk* T*U** HK>i?fci?.?|, CZJ'Olf jL|tiuM^li? Aah MV /<ur?iy TVummndtd Ay <i? /rrt / Xytioam ?\y ^r! % u< 6w- iii. ^ i I IV CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUCY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS Honinmr WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HUALY, SOLE pftooniP-rno H SOUTH WlLUUli? NEW ML >?* ?" * a wJSSbton MY BAUOUl * BUUCB8 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND 8H0?B. Kand sbom to won wm gassatsgag ] gaff heretofore okarged ta Qua city tor atok inferior dtr m?to *wk, will iinri ind ajood iiiiiIm in (toreand at the lov?K Mt-f IHPninnlTMta amiU | CMVK HUNPRKD TRAVKLINO TRUNKS fefeSEa"E!a?i ai?a room ezhibiu at tLi ttnotM rraateot rari<% 8A T? for uv ODM. WALL, 8TE^HKW? A JOj^ UOUTHKRN TKUNK MANUFACTO*'" O 4?? Ttk ftnin. _ ? Owftit* Odd FUUws' Hall, IruiwfM, D. C. chMinjcMBewora Ail aa? bom W?t tk?HW boat inatertai the mark at afforda ud laidof^* the b??t workmen, I o&n confidently reootr.ajoad mg work to fca aaporior ii. Strtmfth u4 Dmrm+tiiti * Traaka that are mad* ia otnar otuas kM bomMM I keep oonitantiy on kaad, and maka to or4sr iaa one week'a notice! every c wan Hi? of 8QLM h*AW5& CC?t Sr r&M??rWVSIWo'lIWnWS NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS.,fo. ft. , . Tr?nk?, ac., k?MirM ?nd Cowm, ia Vtrkmanlike munir, at short notion Trunk* tUiiverad in any rut of U* ity, Cm|?rafisshr?? dglHf JAMK8 B. TorHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Cimi or Hock*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane IKk, I960, trains will run as follows: Leave Washing ton at 6.30 and 1M a. nu Leave Wasbinf ion at 3.20 and kJO p. m. Ob Sunday at 3 an p. m. Lmt? Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at S.15 and 4J0 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at Ul and 7.4ft a. m and 3 JO >. m. For the Weet at 7.40 a. m. and UB p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a. m- and ISO p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. pOj^Satiydaj croning the US p. m. train (oes te fi'lS-d' (Hllr' T H. PARSONS. Ayeat, NEW ORLEANS wm ni CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Ormngi mnd Alexandria Railroad ? . TO LYNCHBUR#: V*rgtnta and Tennessee. Ernst Tennessee and Virrinia, East Tennessee and Q?rgim, nathvUls and HM? Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaektan, TO NEW ORLEANS! Mamyhu by Paok*ta to MONTGOMERY AND MOBILR ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by PualCiue Packet^ TM?^toNT^r Orlaaaa by TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sfiiun lnoLvns. Lnrt Wtuiiiitoi at t a. at ul 6 y.a. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE Imtm bar akari foot of Seventh street at ek a. a. aod ttf f. *.. aad oonnecta at A.tmcdrta vub the Orange aad Alaandna Traina for the Soathvaet. UMiH oncns ruocti *o nv ?uun. Lynobbnrg #160 Mnmjhis M Bristol-, 140# Atlanta ... J|M Knoinlle KOP Maoon J M Chattanoora ? .MH Ooluabw -....... Jl M Da; ton..,... ? at00 MonUomerr MM HnnuriHe .17 0# ) ? MemftimM M Srand Jcnotion *><W N.O.S rt*9. Jnao_? U ashrilio SW \ naMobiis._4i M THIS ROUTS 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL tOC MILES SHORTER^a&d 94 HOURS LRU than any othor f.iao? the Lraefcbv* Ki?is?lo? beim mow oomsloM, as also the MiaaiMiffi Q UICKEST AND ^OST^EASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is proTided with Firat-alaas BU*?in? Can t ( To Nov Orleans T* Howa. vtuD ) Memtiiis It do. m je&E===z3l & H7*Th? U. ft. MAIL and ADAMS' KXFftSt* trit&kac over Uua N rw Lum. Tiok?U Ma b? obt&inAd mk the Hntk Wirin Office, corner of Sixth ?tr<vt &nd Psnasyiranl* ?t ?w, to thsfoii owing joints: . Lynch burg, Bristol, Ksomlk. Atiaata, ChiKuooti. HnnUnlle, Qraad Jutbtn, 1 Maoon, NsxhTills, Dal ton. Ooiimba*, fry THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA BP Rims. n^OmnibaMa and Bigg*c* WtfOM l?v? tbs office at I a. m. and I p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tiok* Ageat, ma B-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. ? . i THE STEAMER J AS. GUT Will rmMMt I trips on TTE^pAY,jn?t of" w , February, 1860. WiUWve WASB^fBK INfiTON srsrr TUESDAY FRlDAY.atCc'slook a. m.. and ALEXANDRIA at naif-Mat $ o'clock, for CL'RRIOMAN and tte uwiAii rAV&I rrupnwfTt ItATH'L BOUBH. AiX Alexandria. fa ? QFFICK 0^)^!J\P!*FMETf-RtIfD 8BAL1* NOTICE IS fIBREBYnGTffiii.J^t'S*+ ably to the provisions of the otdinanoe of the Corporation approved May ? 1W, the nndersif aed If now prepared, "whenever res aired in wribnf, aad on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspaat. examine, teet, prove, and ascertain the aoearaoy of registration of?ny [U meter in ape in this eity Every meter, if found incorrect, will be aoudeniaiM, and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be set ini*? plaoe. If proved to be aoearate in ita measurement of gas, it wtll be naiad aooordmgly, and again pot in position for iee. Otfioe No. flO Seventh street,(near Odd FflU .owe* Hall) Open from 8 a. m.. to 6 ?. m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 18 tf Inspector and Sealer or ?aa Meters. ROWE'8 IMFROVED WEIGHING BCALBI These Soalea are offered to the eablie M the moet ?i in ^le. durable, and reliable mimerer e?tla see. Fir? t ol? ? preouajDi kare beeq a var dea by the United BMMnir aad Virguua 4?riemltani deil-lr * C. PATTBON?Jtaat W?? S4B FIITUKKI. and Finish, ?up^nor id ?trle to anything heretom* offered in thn market. We lorneattiaeae W? It to oall and exaouoe oar ttook oftiaa im Water Fixture#, feelinr oonSHont ?w? ? ? " * j.^T^Tgk8ta pfcANCli H Alf * a* j ' 1 ?? FAMILY 6ROCEBV>A1?P'AS]CD8TOU^ K y!SlCll^ T?rt A^rtrtw. nc&arora^hail bfbop\**!?. u4 by**'JlrtSt ?<* hare of their Mtronwe. T Hit tock connsti #r every article tsuUlr to kf found ia ft fait >li? Fuuly Grocery and Feed f&gspS/SSS t.?.?.uiui. . i. wn. i. k iraiT L""1'M0" * ' mnTSs^mBwShrvsiAc a^KgSB^gg 1 r^OOD J49BT! , num,?o1uJjy"y' <+ KIKw fc tPtp Hp! eo -^1 + *"+** * *??? i 1 T",'Ew r?c*. MUi. "^"wisfltawk I 1 ? V? ?W ^ '''w *? T - i [NPBOTIttE; I * mn j*? itn tm*MTwmB 1** 1 * w TU HUMAN OONIlirtriQW I4VU TMM +UETMjrTTTM ABB B BMW BY < ** ?i_ J- 1 .t< t ?* . MAMA I llfTKMMlTTKNT AMD BtLtOVB FBTBAM. CURBS INWIO IN A PAT. % NATURB*fl GRAND RB8TORATIVR. IlfPECTINB, 1NPMCT1KB. ? ' I jKrtcTirrK, irrrMCTiitM itrrxcriirx, imtxctus. marnrnmmm The terrible mUt limHlk* PFYKE AND AOUK ku h.lttao k?4r?4i of Ikoiiuii mf pmmm UmtkNt U( w*rU Mtf ymr. ?M Ui b#w till a?v bm hr wphl ><! > uwtimt itel tea mi <?< imn usnipiM a i nianaaa PWT?' ? ?m$ vhiek affcet Ua Inii, Hit tto Kaav, *k kwrt, or oU? ptrti of tfco kMM ?ffuu?. TW INPECT1NK Mm Mtmi aatagoaiat of all * or?, Ml vkM it mm I* anf at witfc IW afcia, ia aboorbod by Iht iMrlw orgaaa. vkM roaiat tadw vklafc frattnlt Ifca aiad aad Mi witt Savac# N^laMu'nMFt UMoaawNvhla? ?i?auu ttaanatnatafHM?Haaa.TkalMaiaM?Mai a4 is tta ?*ctaaa, niwa iiynwii of apinta, laa aitada. laagaor, paias, akllla. fcrar. aa4 a toac traia of tlaaftMkla awMUtw, dap Tin at Dm paboat of all mottt. aad radaatac kiai ar kar tot condition of SXTKBMS BLPLB8BN KM. 4tr IUI( latorai'ttrat PmrTkn fry Ummm of Um INVALUABLE INPBOT1NB. rKRsiAFt mn CKAIM. Uo?iaoat ?of Btirt mlBdutlr rturtrt. ALL TRACES OP lMBEAEE MAT BE ANNl. E1LATED IN A FEW I9UU. ELT-CAEE IE BETTEE TEAM PETBIO. NATUEE IB WIBEE TttAN ABT. r ... IS * BR T D1BHA8H UBAD1TIHB KUMRDT. ? THB WIRE APPLY WW LB TBI F0OLJM MLBAM. BBTTBB PBBTBMT THAN RtlTtt TO CURB. DELAYS ABB DANSBBOUBt the npsenii, e? rIKSIAH JE\ER OBAKI, ImiMPmn. Inlniwlm. i WOJfDERFUL EFFECTS. J Lwtl BoaMlLofPtttobwi.for iMto kimolfm4 ? t>ty I ?it|l I* CfclUa m4 IwndlaniktkMn. aurr K. MkH?,BM4*aT, Ohio. *Aor Hmcm ::r:r'"u *kMJu? 1.1. Tilton. of Bil|i><i, NtlM, bmegM frma dMtk'a door, tovlii nftrti for faor rwn, atd* A*ol?fc? M?W? of Pimm, nttmd ta on how. wkilo *?ooUim U Um m at Mm F<frt Wtraiik CkitMolailmA I IT ?ytaf vitk CkilU. Klin *. Bmom, of Loofcyort, Now York, rw NtdifUrMTMfWn'nlkriia, A ?m?? aire. Tkotiul of otkor mom iiitmIM asi ov*<1 ororr aoatk, ud sot ft ?agl? naplali of um I ..... 3 ' .. ' ' 5 rxr IT, FMOTM IT. RjfOW IT | AU Mkt known ltfl HlHW H??W ?4 toM, tfcat Um vko iifir. or vlw M Ur?I?? mmi to? iliwh^ J lUtart for vU lUifl SLEWING! ' j*l )* iw* -.Oik! ! ?<!t U fc<hi<mn i n/ > ! : -*d ? ' In Igliili > U;fc ?jiWi*iU ba? > ' b?~'fn pr je*3SMZJ*MP-JLJWp JETl " ?OU> ?T ALL HI ll?| ?? van* osALULt m mwaacA. PRICE ONE DOLL;H, * i. IKmXXBMK. ?<*V totaa* -t i _ KAJIWPA0TWMS 9W ltl> Wl&ftI * ., f wmuinuiT. T 11C1M9NA, VlftftiJI IA *? ' J. .- .c. NiMf fMM

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