20 Kasım 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Kasım 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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___rr.. _ |_ w t | MM , liimiM T A * Hi ** O T v * '*? i f f ' i " J * * '*' 4 .* A.** ; t % _, I) mm Star. .A ^ _ . V?i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 20. 1860. N-. 2.421 THE EVENING STAR ' xa PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAB. Hl'ILDIItCI, Corner Pennsylvania a**n *4 and 11(4 BY W. D. WiLLACH. isiiid in ^tekHM by earrtwra M 94 I T*-V4. or 5J mqU p r month. To mail nbaorlbwv the jnoo ia JV) a retr, m> * for aix mo at ha; fl for threo month*; and for Iom than throo monthi at tha rate of Boenta* veok. Si&tlo eo?iM, orb cut; ia wrM^ora, two cniT . 177" Adv**tujt*B! ts aooald b aent to tha oAm Ihetora 13 o'e.ock nu, otaerwiae they mar not appear ^ anttl the n*xt iay. THE ILECriftl IN !IKW YORK, llew Abraham Krcrirrd the Ntwi. BBPOBTKD IT P0KST1CKS. Of eonrre I voted for Mr. Lincoln Everybody voted for Mr. Lincoln, and all the rota* for Mr. Fuaion must have bean surreptitiously introduced into the glass ballot-boxea bj Mr. Fusion himself; for now that he's defeated, and I Mr. Lincoln elected, there ian't a man anvb where who will admit that he ian't, and waan t, *nd ham't always been on the big aide. Even OUerlv, who ha* been the strongest kind of a f BeiI ETetter, oame home on Tuesday night, at half-past two, in a dreadfully bowling state of branqy. declaring, with furious demonstrations. that he had just voted for Fincoln, and he'd <*ht any man who should mention La sio M v Big Brother, who was merely mean<deringly beery, took up the uuarrel. B. Brother pat on boxins-e'ovea. but Utterly picked up by mistake, instead of gtores, a pair of tennound dumb-bells. The result would doubtless have been a bad ea.*eof smashed B. Brother if the said B B. hadn't seen the danger, disparted himself, and retreated rapidly, but in Kood order, to the coal-hole. Utterly, who couldn't see very straight, mistook the direction of the enemy 's flight, and ran to the top f the house, where I found him, fcer threequarters of an hoar, striking frantically up thr-ugh the skylight, under the impression l that the f*>e was on top of the bouse somewhere. The other army was, however, by this time W f*dt asleep on tho pile of kind'ing-wood, with a ooal-scuttle for a pillow, and both feet in a (slop-backet. Otterly also soon fell down, and went to sleep on the floor, and I left him, previously covering him up with an eight-foot lalier. while he swore at me all the time, because I wouldn't tuck the ends under him, pj uc uiujiun i una coia. This election was like all elections to me. m I'm always dragged out of bed at six o'clock in the morning ny Otterly and Big Brother, who take me oat in the rain, (for it always k reins,) and stand me up in a long row of felf lows, who step on my tooa, and punch thair elbows in my rib*, and keep smelling like a tenement-house all the time; and somebody gives me Hoit little papers, with the names printed on oT a lot of feilows whe never vote for me for anything and then somebody makes me swear trj something, of which all I understand is that I am not as Irishman, and have never been in State Prison, and then the man pokes my slips of paper into the boxes, and i go home to breakfast. Then the papers come out next H m V an/) #*11 ma tWnt 1 kw -MWJ -* uio vuiav A U W f UVVU IVI IUC wrong man. and hive ruined something or somebody, or am going to be ruined bj something or somebody, or that something or somebody that was rained before, is rainder than ever now, and that I hare done the whole of it. My ward wu fall of the usual election aotices and appeals, and wanderings and documents, aulj one of which I remember. It wae against O'Blary. who wanted to be Congressman. I believe, or somebody else. It was as follows. IRISHMEN, ATTENTION! o'BLARET !*0 TRI E IRISHMA5 ! Head the Evidence' Wo hare it in our power to uaurt the voters of this district that Dennis O'Blarey ha.* not ie iten his icife for two entire months, and that i on four oooasions sinee Ju'y last he has h**n seen sober. A Iu the face of this damning chargo, we defj T ven O'Blarey's firmest friends to dispute us when we say that aach a recreant is no true Irishman ' VOTE FOR FLAHERTY ! Of coarse, O'Blarney was done for Flaherty had beaten his wife every day for six week3, and naturally commanded the sympaI thy and votes of the whole Irish population. In proof of his conjugal tenderness, his wife was drawn in a oart triumphantly through the { ward, exhibiting, amid tne wildest enthusiasm. two black eyes and a strip of court-plaster across her faoe, while seated by her side was her aldest daughter, rattling cine double teeth in a tea-cup, all having been knocked! out of her own head that very morning by the illustrious Flaherty himself, with a pjker. Frantic yells of " Flaherty forever!" went up >n every side from the sympathising Celts, as they poured to the poll. Tne affidavits immediately printed by the opposition, setting forth that O'Blarey had already beaten three wives io death, aud had bitten off the nose of his J rand mother, were introduced too late in the ay to be of material benefit toO'B., and his rival went in by a tremendous majority. There was a great deal of drunk in my vicinity; more drunk than I ever saw at one elec4? ft # *. a! - rv . a * _ 9 * non Miure nut counting uutrij ana Dig Brother. The examples were of ererj nation > and color, and in nearlj every one the drank bad a truck to the stomach, or settled in the ' fists. At 6 o'clock in the morning I saw from 4 my window a sad cane of Iruh gin and sugar ^ fijhting.with a melancholy instance of English beer; tnej were separated bj a jolly example of Scotch ram and molaasM. and were all three arrested bj a policeman who was a fine illustration^ whisky and water, and then were all immediately discharged by a magnificent I specimen or brand/ oocKtaii. w ben 1 came home at might. I found a well-dressed case of brandy hot sitting on my door step, and a ragged example of wnisky neU lay calmly sleeping in the area,while oolored instance of hot rom wns trjiug to open my door with an omf brella, under tbe double impression that it was 4t.* door and the umbrella waa a latch key. I didn't find time to knook him down and step ia his eye, nntil I had rolled the hot brandy off tbe step and dropped him down on the whiaky neat in the area. Then I went to bed mat all tfcere was ol it. X1)* whole > w York election was nothing but drunk, and police, and Flaherty, and then more drunk. Bet I've got tome telegraphy diapatcbee direct fr.m Liucoln. I know Abraham rery well, and have got "much oonfidenee into him," as OUerly would aaj. So he, knowing I would be anxious. sent me a letter aa soon as the thing was settled, to tell me how be bore it. From hi* correspondence I gather the following important particulars: At 7 o clock on iueadaj night, Abraham pat that baby to bod, having previously spanked him in the proper plaee. I mention thia fact (to ahow that the great man waa in no way dia<^n erted by hia new and trying portion, but attended to hia paternal dutiea aa uaual. He split five milliona of raila in the afternoon, bef t ween the boon of 1 and 4, and then had hia dinner previooaly aplitting a couple of raila te give him an appetite. The offenaive weapon a u ed in aplitting theee raila were, an ax, maul, and an iron wedge. The ax.had a hole through it, into whioh waa iaaerted a wooden handle The handle waa for Abrahaaa to take hold of with hia hand*, not with hia feet or his teeth Tha ax bad a sharp edge sharpened by Abraham ; the handle waa sand-paCared and polished sand-papered and polished y Abraham; both ends or the handle were not inserted into the ax only one end. The maul iued by Abraham was a common maul; not at all an uncommon meal; intact, merely a maul. The wedge employed by Abraham is an iron wedge, it is broader at one end than at the other end ; it is also narrower at one end than at the other end; the wedge employed by Abraham is also blunter at one end than at the other ead. It is also sharper at one end than nt the other end. But it must be born* in mi ad that the oue end is not the other end nor must the other end be confounded with the one end: ft>r unleas the mind distinctly comprehends the plain distinction between the one end and the other end, it will be difficult i ;j .:*l *.v io j& T* lucri uvscupuva ui viinor toe one ad or the other end of the wedge with which Abraham splits bit rsils Abra&aia doos not I strike with the wedge ; this alee, should be borne io mind Abraham bat a very Urjje >app>7 of 1 *' <> band to split into rails; ta ?+ fast, the city of Springfield it completely ob eeurei by the pile; and there are se*ewl large pyramids of logs out on the prairie. When Abraham splits rails, he strikes the edge of the ax not the back into the end of the log not the tide; than he takes oat the ax. and into tbe oleft he pat* the wedge, little end firat, and then atrikea it with a maul not the handle of the maut, but the large end aad then the log fliea open. Abraham never puta in the maul, end atrikea it with the wedge: that ator7 ia a political calumny. Abraham generally aplita a thousand raila before breakfaat. three thousand before dinner. and half a million before tea, beaidea several hundred between meala, and an occasional thousand or ao in the middle of the night, when the baby cries, and won't let him go to sleep. T ..i r..jj l 1!* * " mjmmi a araauaj, am a hiu, U* spill UVt millions of rails; bat an apple dumpling that fa* had for ^inQtr disagreed with him, and hi th evening he didn't Mem to enjoy his rails he didn't split more than eight or ten thousand before the returns began to come in. When ha heard from Pennsylvania he took off his coat, rushed out, and frantically split 27,000 rail* and piled them up against the State House before he could be stopped. When he heard from New York he made another rush, and furiously split a million, holding the axe in one hand and toe maul in the other, and the wedge ia his teeth. IHinoii, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, only made him split all the faster. Then they stopped him. Then the news came that Ne# Jersey had gone for him by J,000 majority; then he went and very deliberately split one particularly knotty rail, and came in again. A L..L. - 1_ m i - _ # * men nunuiiu niua ais wiie, ana cauea h r Mrs President; then he waked up his baby, kissed him, spanked him, and tucked him up in bed again. Then he looked in the glass and said, "Mr. President" then Abraham rested. Then the news came that New Jersey hadn't gone for Abraham at all, bnt had gone for the fusion; then Abraham walked sadly out doors, took the knotty New Jersey rail and brought it into the bouse; then Abraham glued it together; then Abraham put a two-inch wooden peg through it, to keep it together; then Abraham wound log-chain around it to keep it from coming apart. And at last advices he had just completed the fastening together of the New Jersey rail by hammering nine pounds of ten-penny nails and a keg of railroad spikes. TrntKfuIlw i * - y Q. K. Philander Doesticks, P. B. More particulars next week Q. K P D . P B [iV. Y Sunday Mercury.J Mcmc aid the Clectkic Tblzorafh In the new French opera bouse about to be erected In Parla, the electric telegraph will, it It said, play a very promiuent part An instantaneous line of | communication la to eatabllahed between the cabinet of the Minister of State, and that of the director of the theatre, a wire will alao run from the box office to the principal hotels, so that atrangera will be able to engage places Immediately on th i >r,lMl i P . ---i i < ... mmm * * ! , BliU Vf MJC lltt VI H1C W HUT eleetrlc power the promoter will be enabled to give notice to the actor* end actresses in their I ruomi when the curtain it about to rise Moreover, the electric battery (we suppose, of coarse,) Is to be applied to the performers, to prompt them to i>. moresplrlted rendering of their | roles A good idea, this! IJJTTwo pretty girls were seat to the Philadelphia Home for the Friendless on Wednesday! whose story Is as grotesque as sad. Thalr mother finding her funds low. on becoming a widow, laid herself out for a rich husband. None other offered than a reputed wealthy, ugly, hunchback, soap fat man, whom she married. On the evening of the wedding shs discovered that her husband was as poor as herself. She left htm, got drunk, and soon died of rum and vexation. Thi Buffalo Robs Caor The St, Louis (Mo ) Democrat states that a total of 80.000 buffalo robes have boen received In that city the present year. rbese robes sre all tanned by the "Indian squaws. It la understood that, owing to tbe last winter being ao warm, no lest than 5a 000 robes were left on tbe ban da of dealers. ip-Jackalow, tbe Cblnantan, wbo la eonflned In tb Merrer county (N. J ) jail ander Indictment for killing Captain Leete, passes bis time ery drearily, being unable ta read or write tbe English language, neither smoking or chewing I tobacco, and without friends. fJjT On Saturday night some burglars entered the store of Ed. Sanderson, In Winchester, Maas., blew up tbe aafe, stole 838 In moufy and a quantitv of fc.tl _ -w. - - I >u Hicrr iiuacuiei nroae up a basket of eggs. Tbe family heard the noise, and thought It was an earthquake! | ^The Barnstable Patriot report* that In cob sequence of tbe severe frost on the night of Sept. 30, by which so many cranberries were injured, there U a very abort crop the present season. Nice cranberries now commaud ?15 per barrel. Diptbxxia. This disease appears to be quite prevalent throughout Baltimore and the surrounding country at present A large number of caaes have already occurred at Anne Arundel county, and in every Instance have proved fatal. UjTThe furniture and natures of two houses of ill-fame, in Syracuse, N. Y., were completely destroyed oa the 8th Inst.. bT a moh of nn h,mAr,A young men and boya, In revenge for a murder committed at one of them. \rr Sarah Jane, a ten-year-old daughter *f John Lee. of Brookfield, Maas , waa drowned on Saturday l* t, while crocking a river on a log. She waa accompanied by another girl, and both fell in, but the latter waa aayed. U7" It it mid that the Electric Ligbt Company, 1 of London, Ut up the atralta of Djyer, In 1963. ao that a newinancf '' * * 1 f - >v v fcWCUIJT'lWO ; miles off. I (IT Two free negroes, charged with abducting a slave from Accomac, Va., were acquitted , laat week They were ably defended by ex-Govem or Wise JLT M de Cordova, a Jewish lecturer, asserts that there is la this country a secret order of Jewish origin, which numbers 400,000 members. The order is a charitable one. i 7~ An enthusiastic republican in New Hampshire says Tbe morning light is breaking " So are the banks. Boston Pott. { ^South Carolina contained, as wu shown by tbe census of tb year 1850. 18,806.400 acres of land, of which 4,078,651 were improved, leaving, therefore, of unimproved land, 14,733,749 acre*. 1X7" The editor of a paper down In "Arkanaaw" baa had a line ahlrt collar presented to him, and la now waiting for eome one to give him a ahlrt, the collar alone being useless. \L~T The 6th day of December haa been set apart a. a day of Thanksgiving In Canada, for the abundant harvest with width the Province has been blessed. |f7- In the West India Islands there are 200 RarUtat .k k " m* |imamm vumivuo^ wiui WjWv mrmo r . TAtro U also a theological institution, for the training of native preachers. [TT A widow of thirty, living la Stratford, Canada, lately sued a young man of twenty-one for 919,000 damages for breach of promise of marriage The jury gave hex 9300. XT' The deaths in L>ondon, for the weak ending October 40, numbered 1.116; the births, 1,600, of whom 939 were boys, and 861 girls. 07" One-horse passenger oars have been introduced on the street railways ef Philadelphia, in imitation of Olaclanatt. \rr Oil wells are said to have been sank in McLean county, Keotackjr. which promise to be as rich aa thoaa l * ICT Rata MTer telle U Peru. The trade-wind* blowing arroae Brazil coadenae all their moUtura upon the And*. l 7* BrutMM. tbe eld Prench noveliat, tajri a woman will forgive any outrage upon bar nodeety that abe can trace to adttilratloa of her person. ITT The Bail aad Evlfet Clab, etf Ward 11, Boatoa, arete for* a skating elab. naftsv unnorms ana Lanterns oa the Ice. jr^ An ordinance of the city of Memphis reqaire* al!*stores and saloons to ba closed at 11 o'clock p. m. tn-A woman and bar Ave children were found at Toprka, K. T., oa the UUi ult , dead from starvation. ( 7* The men empterrd la taking tba census have found an extraordinary number of young ladles aged slxtaaa or seven*an years. ID* The *old yield of the Pike's Peak region for tba current year is about S3,WO,000. ITT" Tbare are If,008 hotel apd tavern-keepers in New York State. 117" Sorgho wiao, ajnal ta Madeira, Is mads Infexss CTThe New York Seventh Regiment gymnasium cost S30 000. AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. tJAI.E OF EXCELLENT AND NEARLY O R1W HOCSKHOLD AKD KlTCBEIt FURSlTCt* AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 23d mat.. 1 hail tell, at 10 o'olook a. m.. at the r? idenoe of a gentleman declining housekeeping, on Tenth street, between I, and M eta., north, No. 348. Furniture, n : One Walae^Parlor Suit, six pieoe L _ .. m>nu|iar, RO 3WOOfl, Marble top U en tar Tables, Rosewood Keaspuon Chun and VMM, Heepy Hollow and Walnut Whatnot, Mahogany Wardrobes and Bedsteads, Marble top Dressing and other Bureau*, Marble-top and Mahogany Wash Sinks,. A in* lot of Engravings, of various sortie Walnut T t>les and Cane seat Chairs, On* fin* Cottaae Set, Gilt anl other Looking Olastes, Feather Beds, Pillows and Bolsters, Blankets. Comforts. Quilts, Sheets and Cases, Hair, Cotton lop and Husk Mattresses, Cottage, Double and Single Bedsteads, One ten-feet Kxtei. iun Table, (walnut.) Hrusselv Ingrain and other Carpets, Venetian Carpot and Stair Rods, Oile'- th. Mats and Gas Chandeliers, Reives, Forks. Tea and Table Spoons, One oomplste Dinner Set, China, Glass ana C ookery Ware, Par or Radiator and Air-tight Stoves, One Morning Star Cooking Stove, nearly new, A large lot of Kitchen Requisites nnd many other articles too tumorous to enumerate. Terms: Ali sums of and under $2S cash : over 35 a eredit of 60 and 9 days for no tee eaUsfaotonly endorsed, bearing interest. lu J * onr-r-u - uu u <1 A. unCiCil^t AUOl. By A. GREEN. Avotioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE or VALUABLE BUILDtsa Lots ok Tb*th btkkst wmt, iitwiii D and K . tpbkts sorth. at Auction <>n WEDNESDAY, November 28th, I8n0,1 shall aell id front of the pr mi p . at 4 n'oloo* p m., by virtneofa d ed oftrrat to the aubsoriber, biarirg date the 3d day of Apr I, iwn, and reoorded in Liber J. A. S, No. 19*, roiioe 277. Ao., one of the land reeotda for Washington oounty, in th District r.f <"o nmhia, the following deacnoed prop=rty, iynj? and being in tne city of Washington, Oiatriot aforesaid, vix: All tbat piece or paroe] <>f ground known and l;id down on the piat of said city aa 'he north half of i .rtf nnmkorarf 1f w "j M WI wvj MTT auUbll UCb i OUIII U*TCU thirteen, (>3.) in square nuirbered three hundred Mid seventy eight I.*7*.) and comprise-! in the following met** and bound*, to wiu Commencing for the said hafflot numbered twelve at the northwest oornerofsaid lot, and running thenoe south with the line of Tenth at *et weat twenty five feet six and a hall inchee, (29 feet 8X inches:) th'noe ea t one hundred and seven feet two inohes (117 feet 2 inohes) to the rear of said lot; thence north twentyfive feet six find a half inch's (2S f t6X inches) to the point of division between t-aid lots (Wrlve and thirteen; and thenoe west with aaid division linone hundred aud seven feet two inehes (107 feet 2 indies to Tenth st'eet west and p'ao* of b.*ginini; and begining for the said part of i.ot 13 at he sontbvastoorner of said lot, on Tenth street west, aud running thence north with tbe line oil th street west twenty five feet, <li fret.) thence east one hundred and seven feet two inches' ltrrf-et2 inohest to the rear of said i t; thenoe south twenty five (29 feet) to the point ot division, between said lots 12 and 13; and thenoe weat with aaid d'viaion line one h undre-1 and seven feet two ioohoe (107 fast 2 inehes) to Tenth street west and plaoe of bedning, with the improvements, whioii are a brick dweilinghoue.te. Terms eash. All conveyancing at the oost of the purchaser, ahou-d the terms not be oomplied with in five cays th* Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and nost of the first rnixiop IT n PlOnil'nT/m f r >v ' *- m* v i * i fUbi^e. oo^ dftds A.GREEN. Auot Ut J. C. MoGllIRE 9t CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE of TWO-STORY Bmoi Uorss axd Lot os tri I*la>d On HRlDAY AFTERNOON, November 't", at 4 'j'ol'lc, on the pr mu* . bjr virtue of a dp d i f trust dated Octo^' h'b. I >57, and duly reoorded in ( iber J. A ., N . 146, folios 233, et le^., one of the land record* for Washington coun'y, It. C.. I sha i sail Let No. 31, tu Square No. in, a* the same tnaid down nn the ground piat or p>an o' said oitj, together vith the improvement*, oocsisting of a two story IJriok Dwcl'inj House. Terms cash. f. *. MYER9, Trustee. J. C. MoQL'lK E A CO . Annt.. oc 3V Nov 21&59 st |^OR KEY WEST AND HAVANA. ISABEL LINK. Change of Sailing Days. Three Trip* in iSovember. THE U. 9 MAIL STEAMSHIP ISABEL, William Rollimi, Comraandtr. The Po tma*ter-Genera! li&ving chained the d ofa&iiioc of thia I.in*, the chip fll*n ISA B K Lvill mue THRKK TRIPS^2H3& .o NOVEMBER FROM CHARI.ES-3"iatt TON for th* above Ports. i t.4 ' > - * i/ a y 111* wu i icatuu uu tug iai, iziu, &[ a lol n I\ Oruna. bearing Havana on the Oth and 17th Novexbxk an') 1st D cembbk. * Are- whiou her regular tripa will be continued aa follow : Leava Charleston on the 10th and 25th of Each Mosth Learn Havana on theletanrt 16th of Each Moxth. For aa'ety, speed, ooinfort, and plc&aure, trna Line canBtt be aurfasaed. F^r iaformation rr pa case apply o T. BAR NARD. No 1 Todd s Dmldmr, VaahinKton: or to MORdECAI ft CO., 110 East Bay, Charleston. IC^All Ms.il matter must be pre-paid at the Pom Ofine oo 8) law3m ti* U R 8! 1 F Q R 8!! I have now reodt for exhibition and tale my a took of FUR?*, to whioh 1 invite the attention of the la ies. I have taken treat o*re in the selection, aod eel assured they are unaurpamed in quality, tyle and workmaaahip. The assortment consists of all the most fashionable kinds. HUDSON'S HAY_ ABLE, CANADA SABLE, STONE MARTEN. ROYAL ERMINE. RlwlAN FITCH, SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, and it ny other varieties. FL'r of all kindi for Trimming, A large aaeortinent of CHILDREN'S Fj.'R8, Alto, a fin* variety rf CAK RIAGE ROBES. I folioita oa 1 from the ladies, and every effort will h* male to pleaee. All Furo aoid fijr their real name*, and warranted to be aa repreeented. J AS. Y. DAVIS, no t-3w (Int ,Con AStatoe.) lat j Todd A Co. Sash. moulding No. 149 Sktxkth Stkkbt. opposite Cmttr Market N. G. CORNING, Bnccaaao* to H. W. HAMILTON & CO. I take tfcia opportunity of oAllinc the atteation of Carpenter* aim! Bin der* to the immense rtock of SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, MOULDINGS, Ac , to., now in atore and daily receiving from the manniAotorr. It kA become a well-known faor ihAt the mAieriAla furnished from thia ea'Abhahment Are aeoooi to non*. Our atook w* warrant nanufactored from well aeAaoned '-amber. And finished by experienced workmen. We do not hn icAte ro aej that we now have in atore the moat ooiuplete atock of the Above-montioned Artiolea ev*r b- fore offered in tkia vicinity, to which we roapeotfully invite the Attention of the publio. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, by wtrohAeiAK your Hnildmg Material At tho Old EatAbliahment, No. 962 He enth t eet, where yon Will ffM R VAA/t * #Wa w ... > wv.o * . ** fiiwi OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT ia well atooked with a No 1 artioie of ail the va rioua aiaee, atylea, and thiokeeaaea. A amail lot of Preauam Pm*t Front Doo-e, wnioh are worthy th attention of thoae about buiUhac having drawn the Brat premium at the Pennsylvania State Fair, and raanufaetued at the Empire MiUa of Meaera. Potter k. Co. OUR BASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT la aiao oomplete with all anea ana 'tylea, to whioh weoa'! pM-tioular attention. Glazed Saab oonatantl ou hand. Hut Bed 8*ah Inaide Shuttera, Ao., firniahM at ahort notiee. OUR | OULpiN>'DBPARTMENT ia also oomp eu with all the attlea now ia central work. Scroll Bawl at. Newell Poata, Bala'tera, Door VrMee.aiid Window Pramea.of all kinda. Alao on haa i,a general a>a rtmaatoi Glaaa, Patty, Ao. which we are offen n g at low rate*. B^A oall ia aoiierted aid aahanouon given or *To!-A liberal dieeoaat far eaah. N. CORNING, Proprietor of the Empir* t*a*h. Blind &qu momoim BotMlithmeot, bo S-tf No. fM gmntk tr *C CUOAIi! , L A K 85 * CLOAK 8t!7 Tm Camilla, tiM Anb, - theGnribaldj. is:ess . as arc?.**. Kft&nw W % war other n v m4 beMtaf.il wtj es in

Rift Treoo n i French Btxtver Clotb, in prioea from **> to &, to vhieh wo ufc the attention of tbe UrfiM. no IT TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. LMILK 8ON6S, AKLKOTKD AND KDITKO r by i Will lam sua Ptimor; I large Tol nu i IMIlr bound in moroooot >rt o #t<T drc-dM' th maomit book tttNbliiM in tbe United Htat t. BUAMCRARO A MOHC7N, o X oor. f>,M Md lltn it TF YOU WANT to gotgood Clothing, Furnisb EDUCATIONAL. PBOFBS ga SfUSVRKVCHuUd GERMAN LANG I AGE:1, 317 Ktghth street, between L And M, ha* the honor to announce to the publio that he has resumed hs lessons in the above lan/u&cea. and hM opened at Mm Wood's s&min&rr. *9 4H I street, between 12th and 13th sts , a French Glass in whioh young ladies will be admitted. This olaaa will meet three times a week at half p<v t 3 p. ru. Terms: 85 per quarter of 10 weeks Satisfactory arrangements miwie for lessons given in schools. M r. de Villiers offers the best referenoes as to hie aeal, ability, Jtc.. fco oo 3*-lm T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to reoeive a thorough and systematic education, where their phi stoat training will receive daily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calis(hAniAi *nH rTfmne-H : ' ' ^ J luuaniun, a. w i cspccwuuy inVllfU lO visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth U and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. au 30- tf Pnncipala. Female boarding and day school A LEX.* NOR/*, Fi4. Mr*. 3. J. MoCORMICK, PaTxeiTAi.. The thirteenth annual aesaion of this Institution will oommenoe on Tuoaday, September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Soott, Em., No. ISO King street. The ooarse of study punned wiU ooropri e all the branches requisite lo a thorough English Kdu oation.aud Music, Fienoh, Latin aad Drawing. ii desired. Id addition to day seholara. Mr*. MoCormiok ia Prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* an boa'der*. who. constituting a part of her owu family. will be under Iter immediate ear* and aup rviaion. She will endeavor, as far a* possible, to surround them with thecomfortaaud kindly influences of Home. Rtfertnrts. Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. d'. Elias Harrison. Rev. d. F. Sprigs, William H Fowl*. Esq., Edgar Snowden. ban., Edmund F Witiner, Kxi., Henry Marbury, Esq., L"Wis McKcnzie, F,sa . Robert H. Hnntnn. K o . W. D WnJIanb Editor Kveuinc Star.Benjamin Waters, Esq.,las. Entwisle, Jr., Ksq.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudonn, MfMri, Biackloclc A. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Titis. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branches, #2nnfor the annual session payable semi annually, in advance. Music and Langnages at Professors' prices. Wo wxtra charges. an 2B-t< SCUOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 277 I St ket, First Wim. Miss AN NIE E. PECK, T eaeher. Number of pupils limited to twenty, oo 16 eoffm WOOD AND OOAJj. Er jni Union Fire-Wood >1111*. PINE. OAK and HICKORY WOOD S%wad and f putat an? l i th o<- m rwi*ir i, and deliver^ to any part of the City at e-j low onoes. HjT W'eoail th particular alien t>n of our customer" and the publio generally to oar sptead d STUCK OF COAL,whion we can Mr, without fear of ooi tradiction, i eaual to any in hs City. Wo gua-ante* to give aatisp.etion to all who may pure a of u ILTOnr SAWED and SPLIT WOOD is kept under oover, perfectly dry, and COAL on piaok floors, oiran and in eood order. Large sales and small profits. (T^Orders rohei'M at UNION FiKE-WOOO MILLS Cor. S v. nth st and <"anal, McKNEW A MaRLOW, Proprietor*. r.o 15-tf Kindling and stove wood Manuf&otnred any length, and delivered to any p*rt of tho oitj at the shortest notice, and at the lowes* possible rates, by SHERIFF A. DAWSON. Office south aide Pa avenue, between 3d and AhC fttft.: whlLrf Ami mill wnat iWl tra Canal. no 1-lm Tu>the citizens of Washington.-i have jn-t reoeived a d will ootnmenoe uuloading to-morrow a cargo of the very best Rod Ash COALteefand atoveaizes) ever brought to this market, which I cai aenddiroot from the vessel if your order* are left immediately. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Denier, oo 31 Corner C ami 14th tg . n^ar Cana'. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all y%rU of the oity, at the loweet poMible rate*. T. J. & W. M. OALT, OAoe 389 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th ate., ina 17-tf north tide. i*. tary, conducted by the Sp&mah Government, under the auperviftion of the Captain Geuerai of Cnba, will take plaoe at Havana on TUESDAY, Novkxbxb J7, IS*). SOHTSO IfUMBRO 646 ORD1NARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE SIOO.OOO. 1 prixe of floo/.uo jn pnxc of 91,or* ] do 10,POO 60 do sot 1 do 158 do ~ 400 I do m.nno jo appro*. 8,sop I do 10,000 IN ALL 38B PRIZES. Whole Tioieet*. #:> > fia.ves, $ JO Oaar*>ira, $6. I'nsoa cached at sieht at 5 per oent, dieooaiit. Bit.a on all solvent Banka taken at par. A Hrnvin/ vil) k* forwurflArl as innri n.n trAinll becomes known. Ail order* lor schemes or tioket* to he addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, no 8-tr r?*r of Oit Po t. Oh*rI**tnn. K. C. TWHY ISJT? HAT ST1NEMETZ, THE HATTER, 18 always busy and not heard oro&kmf about dull tiM t '&i( *5rw Boosubo he seils the best article* Hila at the lowest oash prices. gT K9 fT^lust opened *10 Now styles Gents DRESS HATS. MB _ do Soft HaTSand CAPS, Misses' JOCKEY HATS, Trimmed and Untri mined. PURS! FUR S!! For ladies an4 ohildren, my assortment is now la>aer than ever. FUR TRI \TMING8 25 'o 35 nents ser T*rd. B. H. bTlNEMETZ, 23G Pa.. ., no 1 pear comer Thirteenth i rwt. A CARD Having been informed by several raapeetable eitiaena that otster haw / \ k*ri, selling from t uoketa on thew?| faj streets, have represented themselves aa selling for ma, and that not a few peraona have in thia way had impoaed upon them impure oystera. and complaint having been made to me to ttis effect, I have to say that I have no hawkers sVling for me from buokets and do not allew the buaineaa to be oarritMl on from my establishment aa 1 dc not deal in oysters of that clam. Neither have I any branch of my establishment in any part of the city. No oyatera are aent by me to familiea except on ordera reoeiv d at ray only Depot, No. 281 C street, between loth and U h. _oc Jm T. M. HARVEY. c. a. fowih. ..jorn r wibb. ,.m. wm. bxvxiidgx. CHARLES S. FOWLER A CO., IMPORTERS. N Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fine Cutlery, Plated Ware, Roll Metal Goods, Block Tin Goods, Tin Cha-nber Seta. Jspaned Waiters, Kthereal and Solar Lam pi, <"oal Oil Lamps, Lanterns. Ao Ao. 304 (Odd Fxllows' mali.)SEVKN-Tfl ST., oc H eo6w Washington City. (^KNTS' Pim Calfskin Sewed Boota, JS.75 " Gent*' Double aole and Doul> e-uaper Boota, 85 i Gaota' fine French Calfakio SHlf biiwri wii ooou: jiu|i'tal Youthi' loniif KI Hoots; Ladies' KiJ, M- roooo anil Goatskin Buttoned Hoots: Lastiur L&a d, Bntioned, l>ontress, and Malakoff Boots. Also, avsrj othsratMS of iMiss*. mis***' and ohiWren's Boots and8hos, at J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa a*., between h and tth sts. oo n-oofar N O T_I C E! fj9 RBB the p.sn vhith 1 ^ dBoidpnoes for cash is. in saooossfal ossratios. Jn t received a fall "JPPjT 1 tfc IateU Now York stylos of DRESS flAI S The Tory finest Hat #M#; a first rate Sat 99} andjrory good, fashionable Hat Jft SO. All of the latest styles ofsoh HATS and CAPS, at ths vary lowest pnost. Deea eeinng lor many yeare as "tilM the very best qual tr of Patent tastberGAITRRS UMK Fine French Carfskia Gaiters from 92 to 92 So. Terms ouk: a extra oitarge in order to offset bad debt* ANTHONY, Agent for Ue Muanoturers, Seventh stroet, seoond hat (tore from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 340. ee 14->m FGO TO RENCH * KICHSTFINS, No. 87 9 Peaa. ave>ue ud look at their ' orimeer < f Military Works, vis Dictionary of the United State*, titI1< n' Art'l'e^t'a Maoua , Rifle frsetioe, Hardee Taetios, Military Lavi.le , Ao. AU the Mi'i'a'y, Maeocio. riiess, billiards, and Meohauual Book* always on bawl no 10 pi AN OB, MEI.ODKON8, VIOLINi, Guitars, weia IM Pa sv..V<. wwl Wh its pBIClSRING & SONS' UNRIVALED ribo 309 Fa. av,, betvreen 9th aaid leu ate. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. * W ASH IN ft TON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Sir**, Btwmtkmmd mh8tr*tt. We hava juat fimafced a nuaab r ol first olaaa i carriages, ueh m Iwu | Wat<mi, Park Pkeatons. WWlil C r-UKKK * d Bntru, vhioc w will Mi aT r Urnlprofit. Being praotioal meohamea in diffareat braacbe* of Dm tauneM, we C&ttar oorir.vN Uat we kaoW the ytylea and t nan y of work that wiTl *ire aata motion, oombimng hghtneea, oomfort ana dor*bin , R epairing promptly and oarefnlly attended to the bo:i< ft notion a- J most reaaonabie o barren. WALTER, BARMAN!? A BOPP. Coaoiunakera, itoMMon to W l T. Hook. ay 37-417 The Bebwriber'iie^^ eSe a44itt Mja 14 toatory, making it now oae ofUe iriMAflU. i In the Diatnot, where hia fac'uitiee _lor K*H: manutactnr.M CARRIAGE A Li6H VV A WON 8 of ail kinda cannot W nan ed. and iron) ma locj eiMri oo to tUa buuxii, he bop lo tire gawal aatJufWeticx AL kuxla ( Gama aa tad Uckl Wkmi k H m AHjl EP AIR8 na tf7 4 M,aU U r i rrampl * ' mmrmm m* Uth ui K afta DENTISTRY. ~~ Mtrrth. LOOM1S, M. D., th iDTraU)r tad ritntM ofthe MINERAL PI^ATK TEETH. H ten<la pwaooaily at his oitio* in this ait? fetoppf Many peraona can wtar litcae i*eth wni.'vi ' ' T' cannot wear otiiori, and no p ra n oan w< ar others who cannot wear these. Persons cailiu* at my officeoan Se aocommodatad with any style aiwi price of Teeth .hey nay dati'e; but to thoae wno are parties'%r and vnah the pa rest, itiobt p*-rirtoi anurn tnat art cab produce. the MINERAL rLATK will t I more fa ly warranted. Roomr in th s city No. 35* P*.avenoe,botweeo 9th and l"tii eta. Alio, 90? Arch street, Phiiadel , phia. no 15 tf j D DENTISTRY. R. H1LLF, after a oraotina: test of two yeari * feel* that he can with aoofidenoe reooia-^Mpt < mand the CbeoplMfto Proems* ionnaeitincnflKl ! artificial U eth It hai the advantage# oi'"" atrencth, beauty, c-ieanjinftaa.and oneapneaa. Pel of per tete inserted for tU. P art La. iu proportion. I Oace SOS Pa. avenue. e? J D*. J H MeLEANS \ STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD M KM .Mi THE GREATEST REMEDY t* tfu WORLD, | /fW* AEVER TAKESQmJPJ^ 1 fU i Kiicilra aci- Bl' 9 JP C-JAI \JT tntifte and >gtu- : H fV bla Compound, pro- fTBT* nAbJ cnrad bj tb* diauila- 1,, ' ^ t'0<> btrb , W "B p *ni r law iU torn- J 't: of *ch in|fr diciH to Before takini.th#r~*w,,,t?iud(^tcr taking. Ulimv. mi i\ i uy my tew mathod of 4uuUinjr, prodmcuig^ daUcioua, lhil rau (r ifirtt * <> ^ tn^i mniiiln i i iiu aui [ jtt aieeaaea ijcem, , i:.d reetoring the lick, affermg, and debilitated Invalid t* health *nd trenpthMcLEAWS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL j Will ein Liver Complaint, Dyepepeia, Jenodice,Chroiue or Nereone Debility, Dutiui ofine Kidi.eve, tad ail diutaii uitui| from * disordered Liver or Stouict, Djepepaia, Hmnouii, Invard Pilee, An lit? or Sickneee of t!ii mmch, rellMH of Blood to the Head, Dnli Pain or Swimming in tin Head, Palpitation of tbt Heart, F !lr.eae or Wurlit u Cht Stomach, Boar Ericuuoai, Choki: r or , Stffoca'ing Feeling whan llJ">r down, Dry ovee or YeiioWo* of tiia Skin and Ej , Nigtu Svaata, Inward Fi'a.i, Pain in ihi Small of the Back, Cheat, or Hide. Sudden Flmihee if Re-.t, Depreetion of Spirita, Frightfol l>r "ma, Languor, Desrwv rteuey or uy nervoae diaeaee, Soree or Blotehee ao tha Hku, ud Pavtr Afsa (ar Chiile and < Fa r r.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have baan aold d ru.f the laat an mocthe, aud in ne instance hue il failed in rivtaf entire eatiefaetioo. Who, then, I will eaffer from Wealnaaa ar Detxhty when McLEA.SU i K&nuTnunnu wiujiau wui ear* yom T No Uufmaf cu eooray an adaqoa't idaa of tk lo-madl*1* tnd aluiwat mirccaiou chanf* prodactd by ukinf hU O.rdtal In tha dlaataad, dabilttatad, uid afcattarad utrTct* jUam, wbathar t rokar down bf ticaaa, w k by narara, or laapai/ad by aickutaa, tha ralaiad and anatrBb* a**koiliUM li rMtartd to IU pritun* health and >i|W i MARRIED PERSONS or ot'urt, cooicioo* of iraUJuj from vhatcrcr him, will i Rod McLEANI BTRKMarilENlMO CORDIAL a thorough r (tD*rator of tha ajrtam: aud !) who mar bar* to larad l'ko.hI'M by ln.[-r'p r iDdalfanaaa will tod ia thia Cardial a cartain aud ipoody rtmady. I TO THS LADIES. McLJCANV 8TRENQVHKN1NQ CORDIAL la a < rlifB and apaady cor* for lncipiant Couaanption, Whitaa, O'atroctad or Difllcalt Mia ru*Uco, lc lot. tint oC of ITnaa or Inrolantary Dtacharra (haraaf, Falling of tilt Womb, (Hddiaaaa, Fainting, and all diaaaaaa ineidaot 10 Fatnalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 8*far no loagar. Taki it aeoording Co diractiaaa. It vill aumaiai*r~air*artb*n, aad tcTuortla raw aad aaaaa tka KIaari *\# k*a Ilk f n inaainl .\pa fkaab a ain If.aaaa * **' - ia vuruUd to fit* e-iua/aciioa. FOR CHILDREN If your children ar* sickly. poo/ or aflhctad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will make them healthy, fat, ud robtet. Delay dm a monitnl; try H, and yoa vifl ba Cac Tinted. It ta deticioaa ta Uka. CAUTION. . Bavua of drmf gieta or dealera who aty try ta palm apoo ' yoa aoana biuar or eireaparilla traah, which thay can bay cbatp, by eayinr it ta twat u rood. Avoid aacb men. Ark for McLtAlfisVrRKNOTnrifWr. CORDIAL, and uka oothinr alaa. It ia tba only remedy that will ranf iha | Blood thnrr mfhlr twinthe atui time elranftbaa the ay'xan. Ona taaapooofal takaa eaery morning faatwg la a ca ruin prciuiTi for Choltra, Chilia and Fifir, Tallow Fmr, or lay rrevalaat diaaaaa. It it pa: op in large bottlea. Price . ocfy 91 par battle, or 6 bottlaa for (f& f R McLEAN, " Bole proprietor of lliia Cordial; eioo, McLaao'a Volaantc Oil Liolmeal Friocipal Depot 00 the corner cf Third ud Pine etreeta, Si. Louia, Mo. ^ W.T 1_ tT.l _ A*1 T ; jaciiean s voicanic un juinimeni, (THE BEST LINIMENT III THE WORLO) I Tlx only a&f* and etrtaio car* for Cutirt, Plloa, Tb. mora, vtlliof* d BroochiU or Cattrt, Paralrmt*, Kmralfia, Wiikmu at u> Mucin, Cbrwuc or ln a<ia&u>ry Riituraatiiin, 8tifn * of lh* Jotnu, Cootrtcud MeicIm or Karaehr orTootitaelit, Breiiei, 0rn>iut, Trrtb Cut*, Wound*, Ulccrt, Full Sort*, C*k*d Drun, Sort Nipple*, Barn*, 8c*ld(, Sort Threat, or ut iaflammiy r, or t pain, no difareuc* how at er* or Iwr the 4 '" nay j n * eu.t.d, McLEAK* CELEBRATED LIN1MEKT U j a ceruin remedy. Thonaand* of ho man being* ha * been und a lif* of du ' erepitnde and inueiy by th* mi of tbi* in eioaMe remedy. J MtLEAJTS VOLCANIC OIL I INIMEXT J Will rabava pain almoat imuimionly, and it iil dm, purify and he J it> foolatt aoraa la an locradibia abort tima. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. . McLEAN-8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT la Ua only ( | and rtlubla rernady tor Ua ccra of Ep u, Rn|be.. , J Wiodfalla, Sp'iata. Unnatural Lampa, Nodaa av SvalUnjpa It Dtrar fa lit d ta cart Bij Haad, PoIIanl, Fiatnla, Old Running Soraa, or Svaany, if proparl* trpkad Foe Spraiba, Bruaaa, Keraicbaa, Crackad mala, Caafea, Saddla or Collar Oalla, Om, Soraa, or Wotwda, it la au infalMtla ramady. Apply it aa diractad and a ccra la tirlain 1a a ary iaataoM. Then trtm no tocir*r wifi th man* LioiT *ni off rid to Obtain arpfl* of D*. McLtlRt CELEBRATED LINIMINT. Il will enr* ro J. H. McLEAN, Soli Propriftor. Cornir Third ud Pint lU., It. M*. t CHARLES BTOTT, >76 P*. ., tolt um( it Wiiknf; < too; R, 8. T C18SEL, Georftlcwn. ttM DiWI, I ^SfeW ; f w doora aooth of Pa. ar., XGr ~ Favor's oJd st&ml. First Ward, Washin*ton. Hia Har is o"natanlly upCiisd with the ohoiosst Liquora and Cigar*. The > t Fried Orator* in Wa hio(t B ao bsoWamed at hia plaaa. Families upf>h*d with Oy at >r in fw ry at) le, anJ at reasonable pricea. ae 28 eotjm atnTifiK TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. , 11 ATfcOJiE AND ABROAD. The folioviac is oorr ct list of the rmployert who P&J the biU prtoes ol, aU L-e recojuueJ by, I the Society, to wit; W. H. Maufonl, HatJcek A G tffith, ' uv U A Bro., Matlock A UerUert, Wm TnMrer, Jamee I aekry. O \V Hint"B A Co., J. T MeliiWh, |<OBik" A Co., Thoi. K. Gray, fc. M Ur Vaidoran *7 < ROUGHS, COL.W-ttOAa KNKl , Ao. coMrovrrv nrfrp op bum araric Tin. aUartwt Anfi nnmiljLT Puurll ^AI been bo lon kr.own and i >1. th*t <t o t |i nM have beeom* kiirt iv with ita nUM jink> ry e vy. It o%a to h*t nlt*c pr.no pal Ur * atores at 2f> ftrtd 50MBU a bottle. ae Si &tm\r.o4 MB RoTDfcEY STAMPING, on all kiuda of material,done in the boat manner, at C. P. SCHMiOrl Toy anl Faney Store, No 60 Pa. avenue, betwoen Jlat and JfcM ta . where oaa ho found a Kr at r&fiety <4 beaunful I'tvru (or Yoke* and Meaves, Collar* aud Cuffa, SkiruTPan tal< t . Band*, Wtpjwr*, Otoaka, etc. Fl oeo iwi u. a call an.1 examine. oa M. HALL 'Vh le ale til FAMILY GROCERlLS, TEAS, WINKS, and ohoioe LJU L"ORB of all kind a. A freelt aW*k jnat (JC'\n*V 5 " " *- pi THE WEEKLY STAR] Thia feZMtlratPwltrtal Km im I i imif a |iwln nriHy f Marwfcag mih| Bonuf i t^rrr.m =r is Jtt&iLjuaawe e jiewc pftpftr. m *-TRlEfiCtNK IO*PMtmuUri wko Ml M tfMti vtll lowed tooauBiMioi of * o U. MISCELLANEOUS. THE OYLY PMPAJLATIO* woitit or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRON AM FOR ST1TKSMKH, JUDGES, CLEKQYMKX. LADIES. mdGXNTLSMMN ! ft I F*ru .ftb*; ^l^fT " tihjiHhewjL ppm . > T vnnn's u att * "* ' * **v . v. w i vw w antn nao 1VA411 tod [uUm i of tha Pr*m at* iduiikxi la its praia*. A l*w teatimonl&ia omh ma tm k+r* girm w i u r for ora.aad it will Wia^li*fir you to doubt. 47 Wall New Yomi. IW- MB. GemUmtn: Your nut* of til* l*h man ku t* n rro'ivad. *+i lif UU <> h*d tW I hvJ b o b aefit<>d by iba in of Wood's Hnil*. i Ally, an < 'MgMtilii ) otrtlioftt* of tMM if I had nooh)Mtioi to aiv* it. 1 award it to yoa oJwa'fallf, b*oaaaa 1 Ui*M K in*. My m ia tbuit SP yatra; tk* ooior of af t air aabara, and inolia d to aarl. ? It* m ux toots vino* it briM to tara tray. ui tk* aaola n tne o'own of my haad to too* ita aaaailti ity ui l\ndruff to form ap n it. EooH v{ th*a d la raa bbi.itiea moNMfi with time, and aboat 4 noiitha tinae * fourth was added t < tb*m. by hair fa! iac ;> the tup of my bead u4 thraaternnf to Make ID* MU. In this uoplraaant predicament I ni ikM 4 to Err Wood'* Hut Keetoratire, mainly to arreet to* a'ltnr off of my hair, for I had raally no >unH tion that fray hair oouid erer be rMtorM to ita >ric mal oolor except from dtea. I rru. Itovanr. rratiy anrariaed to find, after the m of two hot '.lea only, that not only tu the fa.in ufi arreeted, iut the e lor waa eeU>r*<l to th - |rej hair* |M leonhi it* to the oap anddandref e^eed tore >n my head, r ij much to th* cwifieatioa of MJ rife, at vhoee eolioitatioc 1 waa indeeed to try it. For thta, among the many obligationa I owe to ier aei, I atreccly recommend all nnahenda who ra oa the adrr.irmti n of their wiree to profit vj wry example, and a** it if %rowinr fray or (t tin t U4, Vary reaeectfally, Ban A. Uvmcii. To (I. i. Wood 4t Co.. 444 Broadway. N. T. My family are absent from the oily, and I mm mr oncer at No. 11 Carrol P.aoe. T, Pier. O I.&STS Keatorative** haa done my hair eo n.eeh |o d ruee [ ecmmercsd th ue* of it, that I lah to ante mown to toe public of iU *W*eta oa<h* hair, whiet TtEgtJasss: to yoar"HkuKHtorMTir .he hair will retorn more beaatUa than erer ; at oaat this la my expetieao*. ftoliare it aJl' YonratralT, W* H Kntn. P. 8. 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Proprietors, 444 Brw4 ray, New York, aod 114 Marketetroeg. tt. U k U<> 8o'<1 in tUia o ty by C. STOTT, 37* f|. ami* am r> eolj, -w r PROCLAMATION I O THE WA9HINO-W5! ^ORGK TOWN, U Wk r as, ^ ^ ^ nttni P a a if a d UVtl preaeat Mtacn o Ue year ~ D1AEEHRA CHOL1C* DYSENTERY. reraii to *n ex teat And tcher'.a*, FiR8^ CONIE^l^NCH every family to know of A REMEDY " " nesoNVfiMf^ or Puu, >ffcre his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER HKMEHv'fTiR1 THE AiiO <$ ifcMl AlNTS In order to ati fy THE PUBLIC . that bo iapoettton it nUndwl 10 the Mi* at tfcti THE MONEY' "A f L iVh'kEKVNDKD m all cftMl rhen the medicine aula to fire entire tlrtifln Irt,th. Dnj,^ MIRACULore PAIN KIl.LKR., tokeu dir ot 4, and if aot pariootlr ileCarn to oar Ag*nt, D/B. Cl.ARE, ESQ, 4X Street and Prnntyi v%aia A reeaa, who will refot.d year money. Prtoa 2fl and 60 Casta par Botha. For aaie at all Drue Btoraa irerywkw*. JAS. McDONrtKLL. 6 u*ral A cMC irlI- otr Bfcltiaof. BKH r. FKKJtCB. WM. V. 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