3 Aralık 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

3 Aralık 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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WASHINGTON CITY: * MOWPAT Poe?Wr ?, iwj Mk/Il ?i tJie JlwilH Pr*?. The./null ig**etr, la view of the reopening af CongfeM, bdvl??a that there be no crimination 4r 1 racrim< nation ottered on the Boor of CcD?t4M. ti|e j time filing for calm and lobar rejection, end n^t for hot debate Tbc Tnttlhftneer pceltWrfy dtniee tb^ rumor to M?e efVct that" Mr. Corwln. of Obi*, la negotlating with tba proprietor of the Kmtitmmi luUliigtmttr for ibe purchase of tbat venerabl* jonrntl with the intention of converting It Into tba organ of Mr. Lincoln/' and aajra tbat paper will never paaa from the control of i(a praaent proprietor*Into any otber hands.while life and health last TIM Constitution argues iuiim "tonnici is m 4 Irrapraaalbl?' as ever,"' tha Rapubllcaa party u a whole, Indicating a dogged resolve to maintain the old anU-alaTery attitude. Th* Message ?'The President's Annual Mrtsage will probably be transmitted to Coo grew tomorrow. It is expected to take strong grounds gainst the new political theory of the right of wtession, which ia the offspring?so to speak?of the prevalence of the new political theory of the higher isw, at the North. It is understood that that portion of the messige will be ?t once aaaalled la both balls t>jr inem o?ti wuo nave urnwir been among Mr. 0acbanan*t warmest supporter*. Nevertheless, he win doubtless do in lb* premises wbat 1m regards as bis whole duty to bis charge? the Integrity of the government committed to his Unst. Nor will be t>? without esrueai and able supporters in hi* position among the Democratic members of the border slaveboldlng states, who will promptly take the controversy oil bis hands The purpose* of thoee who seek to break up the Government fo* the sake of breaking it up, wilt t once be ventilated in the approaching debat*, o thai they will be better comprehended in Use ?k.. .? d tur siesta KstlUf I #K?t ?7VUIU ?U?-i ? f/l ?VCU?. V/ U1 I UVVI V Wtl\? * j ?u?? they have but to b? thus ventilated to defeat tbe j plana of those who wo ski involve the slavery interests of the border slave States In the utter rain of disunion wltboat fixed plan or purpose, and without tbe concert of action necessary to render It possible that In tbe proposed new Southern Confederacy their future prospects may be aught bat a gloomy blank. Somswbat Axazid?The Republican Members and Senators were evidently unprepared for tbe state of things they find existing at the South Not one in ten of them had the least idea of It ere Irw? h?*A An Prfil*v n? ftntnrHtv lint Th# aim<> t entire unanimity of the whole South in Coagrasa in demanding new eonatitutioual guarantees a* the only alternative of disunion, which la the mi Id eat position held by any portion of them, ha* really astounded the Republican party of the body. As yet we see nothing to induce the Impression that they will meet that proposition of the border slaveholding-State Representitives promptly and frankly; as it must be met to make It possible to prevent other States from following Immediately In the wake of Sonth Carolina. Nevertheless, we by no means despsir of such u consummation within a fortnight from to-day; for few of them?the Republicans of Congress? mil anr^aolttn fVia firf that dimnioB il (7Pl#?. oasly to afficet the Interests of their constituents. Affboachi*o Sectional Confbbk.icbs ? Thras or tSxit or more plans to cur* the evil of the times will doubtless be initiated In both Boost and Senate la a day or two, by Individual members of both Houaej of Congreas, Without concert of action In a day or two fWmnii eanffrnncM will brinir about th? necessary concert of action. Tbe first will bis between all tbe members and Senators from tbe South, if tbey can be brought together; and then will follow similar conferences between parties authorized to act and speak for them, and tbe portion of the Republican party professing conservative proclivities, out of which it Is to be hoped that scnethlng favorable to the continuance Of the Union may grow. But, at present, we are constrained to ssy tbe future looks dsrk and gloomy indeed, so far as reliance on Congressional action to Initiate a settlement of the troubles Is concerned. Co-orsiAiios or thi Souther* States ? The members from the cotton states do not generally teem to relish the Idea of permitting the States that are expected to be immediately injured by the ascendancy of Irrepressible conflictism in the Government, to share in their counsels and laflnence their action in the premises. Those representing the latter States, on the other Laud, Mem to be almost unanimous in demanding unaMM M m4 *Vt^ Q/v..tk 11' ? f"'"1 * y v* kuvu vu kuc ? vt iuc ijvutu. it c have to far found but one of them disposed to surrender the interests of the border slave States Id th* criiia, Into the keeping of South Carolina, by justifying her so-evident purpose of compelling the whole South to follow her example, by leaving them no alternative but to do so, while faintly protestng that she is acting but for herself. Theie Detsknii nation? The Republican members of both Uousea of Congress Lave already tacitly agreed to remain for the present as still as upon the slavery question. Even Messrs Sumner god Lovrjoy have determined to join in that policy Its eff'-ct will be to increase rather than decrease (he distrust felt througLtout the South eoacerning the tendency of the policy of V a 1- ?- -1-1-1 -*i 1 M. 11 .1 ?^.1 a liiDcum ivununiiirauvn- nwinuv*, aiun^nru, generate the belief there that ftiev are leas determined to wage the lrrepreaaible conttict than ere Lincoln' triumph at the polla. Thb Tomb or Mimbkk* from thk Cotto* StATXi ? It la clear to ua that nearly all the Democratic representatives from the cotton States aeem bent upon precipitating events aafast aa po? ible, apparently dreading leaat a pause ia the action of South Carolina may defeat the purpose ol the aoceaalon of the cotton States on or before the of March. We nave converted with few of them who do not Intimate In effect that they ref**d the lection of Lincoln as bein^ but tha ?jv portunlty long deal red, rather than the caule why thsy dealre the diaaolution of the Union. Comiiii, Uros SJ?c*8*iox ? We;bave devoted mack at the two past days to tbe labor of ascer talnlng the sentiment and views of the mem ben of Congress of all parties upon the current political state of tbe eooulry, and confess frankly that, as yet, there seems to b? little hope of thai Moderation of counsel necessary to aid la delaying net Ion on the part of the cotton-producing ?Ut*a. until reason may again resume its place in tbeii councils that oaaalon has so manifestly usurped. til Pbobablb Puiinoa or thi Bosnia Slave-Stati Kkpbs?K5TATIvx* ?It ] evident to uj that thoae who represent the border alave holding State! (In Coagreaa) will promptly de maud that their ronatltueaU shall be properl] beard la the emergency, end that the lint atruggW la the Halts of Congmm la to be between tfceir and the Representatives of the cotton-producing FnTutaiifH fioM Fobt Scott ?The la ierlw Department Ibis morula^ received a dis patch (ram the Register of tbe Land Office a rwiowu, abniai, aaiea governzjiq uiuido tying that the business tt tbe Land Office then had not beea Interrupted. and vu not llkaly ti fca? aad that much of the prevloua week'a excite Bttt bad been without a reasonable causa. Stocks, is N?w Yoax, Improved decidedly 01 Saturday last. NevCTtheleaa we see nothing lwad log to tbe eoocluatoa that aught bat feveriah ei cltement prevails In Wall street. Every chang la the tendency of the market -ontlaoee to be be spasmodic Future events, aa tar aa they can yi be devtaed, will ba likely to unseUle and deprti prices more and more day by day Cjuir Clbba or thk Cum Bviuv.~Ti in aome of the pepei* ef the raai uttn at Mr. Wigtet, of South Carol!oa, chl elerk of '.he Cenam Bureau, *ia premature I hM aoi yrt done a1), but derlarea hla Intention resign immediately on the aeeeaafon of hla State (fTOa Friday, the Bwaetery of the Nary r eetred the oflcera of the Chlrt^g! anrrry la i rial nmr, Preilminary reports ?rrr? (I w la sad order* wane mctirtd for the prepantK ef charts and maps. A roen> been $mgn* fur tUi work # _. ~T ... > ^?? CONORKUIONAL. T?i*tt-?:xth Coitossaa?Second Simio*. Monday, December 3. Smats.?The Senate met 4o-d?v at th* usual > bour, the following betv^ la their MBears. Anthony, Bayard, BUrr, Blag ham. Braifg, Bright, Brown,Cameron,UL uidlerTClatfr, Clingman, Collamer, Crittendea, Davit, P ioi Doollttle, Douglas, Durkee, F(H?ende%?K:tJh. Fltzpntrick, Foot, Foster, <?te?a, O J, Hamlin. Hempblll. HintKr. Kenaedy, K'hif,OPe, Latham. Maaoa,Nicholson. Pearce, Polk, Powell, Rice, Sanlsburr, Reward. Simmons, Sumner. Trumbull, Wade, Wilkinson, Wllaon, Yulee. On motion, the Secretary waa directed to Inform the Hone of the organization of the Senate. On motion, 12 m. was agreed on as the hour for theaweting of tjM body for the present. Oo motion of Mr Hitler, a joint resolution for the ajspc^itrmmt of a joint committee to wait on Congress to receive any communication (his annual message) was adosted?tbe number of tht committee on the part of the Senate to be three. The Cbalr appointed the committee as follow*. Vis: Messrs. Blgler, Meson, and Collamer. Tbe transaction of business then ceased for the time belli?, and was not resinned ere the Start reporter left the chamber. Horsx or R?prk?i"?tativ?s.?The Houae vu opened with prayer by the Chaplain, He* T. H. MMMn. The roll being called. 193 mem ben were found to be present. Hob. John Young Brown, of Ky., It J llarrett, of Mo., and McKentic, of Pa., a?wiy elected memhera, were then sworn in. ' Mesange from the Senate, announcing that a q jorum of that body was present, and had appointed Messrs. Bigler, of Pa., Mason, of Va.} and Cellamer, of Vt , aa a committee on the part of the Senate to wait upon the President and Inform him of the organization of the two Houare, and ihetr readiness to receive any commanicattoe he mav be n'e.ispd to mnkp n similar mnlutfon was adopted In the Home, and the following commute*- appointed?MeMrs .Moreheod, of Pa., Booock, of Vs., and Adains, of Kj. The hour of lueetlug waa ttxed at 12 m. The member* then proceeded to draw for aeata Without the trajianction of further boataeaa, the Hoaaa at 1)4 o'clock adjourned. f rt.e only Representative from Heath Carolina absent this morning was the Hon. Mr. Miles.J V'y'UHWN PR AYR* MEETING Will I* I ? Uoitleu every day this weok wi the Foundry M7E. Ouurck, ooruer u( M and Foartaeuth streets, to commence at a quarter (out 4 o'olock p. m.. to he continued oae hear. da 3 (?. O. F~?GRAND LODIiE-An aX JL2 jonrnad mcetit,* of the R. \Y Graad ijodita oflha 1'ictrictofOolsriibia will l>e helj at Odd Fellows' Hall Seventh street, on MONDAY teat,th? 3d of Dpcsmber, at half-past 7 o'clock. do l-itt. j,-mo T. BANGS, G. S. ryVvNATIONAl. GUARD BATTALION, lL? COMPANY A, ATTENTION -Yon tre ran m tn maat m *nn r /?? \l,r P f\ M L'U DAY KYEN ING.MIi inst, a? 7 o'clock, punctual- 1 ljr. as important business demands the presence oi every member. By order ? aptaiu. de i-3t BF,N. K. LLOYD. Beo. y*?*attent!on. compamks a and t ?L3 Washington i.tuHr infantry. You are hereby notified to attend a meeting of the corps on MUNUAV K VENIN? next, at 7 o'clock. Meinbera are requested to be punctual in 'heir atteadanoe.aa business of importance requires their consideration. da 1 St P. J. KVX1?<4 R?/> Kw rj*A SUPPER WILL BE GIVEN AT THE I 3 Mi"?ion chapel, vo 2<>th t'reet, in the Kir?t \Vard ofWuhinrtobToa MONDAY EVENING next, for the pu'poia of rauing focds to olothe the dcatitute children. Ticketg is oenta. de I 2t Vy?FRANKLIN NOTICE.-The rerular iKJ? monthly meeting of ths Franklin Fire Company trill he hold on MONDAY EVENING next, at 7'? o'olock. Member* are reminded that the time for equi?:n* themselves is limit**!, and th- ir punctual attendance at thie meeting is imperatively utoestary. Btor^er: del 2t* GEO. R. CROSSFIEI.D, Secretary. _ FAIR?FA I lOf A fair lor the oenent 01 an. jo?eph's .Mai* Orphan Asyiuin wil be open at Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh ?treet,on MONDAY, December 3d. aid will continue two weeks. A variety of Fancy and Usetal Artioies will be offered for iale. An app< a! in behalf of the orphan* will be responded to br the charitable pubbo. de l-3t (Yar"FAIR.?The ladies of Christ Church will .Ls hold a Fair, comm?ncij?g o* MONDAY, the 3d of December, and continuing through the weak, at Thorn's Hail, 308 Seventh street. They solicit a liberal patronage from the citizens of Washington in behalf of the most venerable oharch ia this oity?tlie mother of all the Episcopal churches, and a loving sister to all others, de l-7t nfpMEDICAL A8SOCIAT'N.-An adjourned IL *c meeting of the Medical Alienation of the District of Columbia, for the oonni'Jeration of important boai teaa, will be held la the Washington infirmary on TUESDAY, Der?ini>er 4th, at 12 o'clock m. J. W. H. LOV E JOY, M. D., no 3n 3t* Secretary. nf** PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY. lee Cream. Water Toee, Wedding Cakei, pound Cakea, Mince Piea.PMtry,Cruataf? r Ojater iea, Jelhea, anu a secera! assortment o? nice thinga in tne Confectionery line, at PUSBELL'i, oororr Twelfth and K ata. do 24 lm* vealMTKRVDTIKn Tn R A V If NflTl' jj? HOLDERS.?Virginia notea taken at par ror Clothing at the Peoples' Clothing Store, i\o. 4 SO Seventh itreet. N. B ?I have on hand a verv large an'i superior took of Mfu?' and Boya' Clothing Foromhiog Goods, HaU and Cape, at prioea to aait the times. J H. SMITH, Clothier. no 2i lm No. 460 7 th at. oppo. Poat Offioe. (V^DEMPSEY Sc O'TOOLE. U WEDDING AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY1, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful styles. 336 Pa. A v., between 9th and loth at*., an 27 ttin Warhinotow. IRON SAFE FOR SALE.?A nearly new Iron with vault inaide, will be kvld a bargain ii applied for immediately at No. 6*21 Seventh street near Avenue llouae. ues at 11. ku Aii. Buckskin gloves and .\irrs.-i hand a full assortment of Men's and Hoya Buokskin Gloves, Gauntlets and Mit?, direct froit the manufactory of Ramsburc & Ebert, George town; for sale by HKNRV KUAN, 3*21 7th st., and 323 Pa. av., south side, de 3 6t between 6th and 7th sts. n A.* WILL BE OPENED, ' (>n MONDAY, Dtcmbtr U. AC xDct At 4(17,Pocrtkenth Strkit, Opposite WiHards'Hotel, PARISIAN MILLINER Y. together with an as sortment of lino Prenoh Perfumeries, Cosmetics Ac , from the best establishments in Paris, de 3-3t* Boston brown bread? BOSTON BROWN BREAD* The undersigned respectfully informs the eituem of Washington and stranger* that he has estab lished a Boston Brown Bread Bakery, whieh oal b<> had fraah erjr day by leaving ordera at hn Store, vi*l D at., between 19-lt and 13H ata., WmIi ingtoti oitr. ? - ce 8 1 w F. BTOI..P. i ?>LANKKT9 I r 1> BLANKETS!! I h**e on hand a large a?aortment of Red Rlan keta. Bad Comforta, Servant*' Blankets, hoavj Grey Blanket*. Scarlet and Faney Blankata, foi Horee Cowra, for sale at low arioei. ' IIKNRY KG AN. $91 7th at., and 323 Fa. av., south aide, da S-6t . betyaen<th and 7th ata. R" ECBNT AMD LAROfi !NDUCF,MKNTI offered in the\a?t lota ol BILK RUUkS am 1>K K8S*l I.Kf* purohftawi during tha rooent rnlini 1 of the depressed prioes at the North and East, t oat stock of dry goods, adapted to the want of persons in moderate aironnutanoes. was neva ' so targe and attraatlveas now CARPETS,CUR t Tains, 01 lcrotA'k k oorl ! P?r.n. avenue attd Ninth st'eet, , de 3 5t "Perry Bui'ding." r T^HE PLACE TO BUY THE GREATES1 1 BARGAIN*!* DRY GOODS. iLAur.i r k ma 1 araaewin* on.iaoioaaon this month, thur Mtir* atock. Call ud aacar amne of th? bargaim without Uolftr. t DorceaMo G??da of all kind* ren; aheap, Houacfuraiahmc Article* v#rjr chaaa, Silka. all k nda, at half pnoa, Wooiao Drvaa Mood a at half price, tohavla at half prioa, and all otliar good* equally a ' ohMp. Teruia caah I CLAOETT A MAY, da 3 3t A44 Pa. ar., bet. t?th and loth ata r U I L K SILKS:' 1 S SILK 8!!! AT HALF PRICE! ONLY ONE MONTH LONGER! r To eiose oat our itoek of Silka this month, w 1 lSue yards at only S7 cents, well "worth 79 cents, i, l^oo yard* at 90 oents, veil worth f 1 per yard, . 2.S00 yard* at 75 oents, ?och at we formerly so,d fc #1 |S and f lit aer yard, o Splendid styles at f 1 per yard, Superb Mven Flounced Robes at only *ltf,eo?t 93 Elegant Dark Silk Rotwa at f 15, #14 and ?IS, au more titan double those prioes. Theymuitbo io:d r*ii mMi4, with the balan< n Af amr iRfVA ?t/v?kr of hrv (?<wi? Tarma ariK L CLAOETT k. MAY, de 3-3t 384 Pa ar., Set. ?th and 10th ata. nNE. TWO, THREE AND POUR * I# FACED SHAWLS, it We ot!?r mora than our uaual assortment ? Broch* and Chainelain? Lone SIlAWi S.in on . two, threa and four faeed designs Shawl* oftl s above eiaatea survive all the change* in Caahio and form a rioh, atyliah, and the uioat durable Wi t* Wrapping extant. unr stock 01 til ou.*r una* or shaw L8 ti ? CLOAKS will * #> found new. novel and ex teosiv< ?- All kinds of DRY GOODS in g?oer?J us*. One puce only,the value marled in flam iguri U RUGS, Oil to \ Bl^aNiLKTli, COM FORT A?HUMtliwofewre m) ^ock tollaiUd, O : 'P^rWHlSf" 2 W * ill ? j jtd L?n?i. JOHN F. ELLIS, 0$ 1 30# P? iTtuui * To-day, ddagatM from the Camdan and Am boy and Bait! moro and Wilmington Railroad Oob! juniit areexpectai at W1 llard* Hotel,where tfry hare appointed to meet forcoBraltatio^oa Y Wad?a* o/JCmiw, ?i ' i on Mnun la nere on busiMa t%?<Go*ri?Wj"and at tbe mm time to tbe eat?bl:?U**iUof trade with IadHti H? fc ofalnicut Cab?loatW?Mfa. itr-hai roodAfcffTil-' tarda v \ f W Rw. Dr. I^ma* H Stockton.Vltaplain of tbe House of ReplUitntativea, urlnHRf city Saturday night, and went to bit former home, tbe residence of bia friend, Jamea A.. Kennedy, Esq Dr. 8*.la Mil very f?Ato not much, if at all, stronger tban wben sinrlag daring tbe laat session The recent death of bia yenerable father, (Wa. St Stockton, of BurLiBi?tan.-N. J..) with ibe addition of the trip to Waehl^too. mi^hne time. _ Mnmtovi Milttaky OaaASiiATio* at 1 No*?olk ?The New York Herald has the following actuation dispatch, dated Norfolk, Vs., December 1,1880: "A paper is being mysteriously circulated berf for some daya for signature. Prom the tourcf where it la aaid to have originated I hstenodoutrt that something serious Is coa tern plated. Thoee whose signatures are canvaiiaod are chieflT young me* who an skilled la military tactics, and know* to be tburoog%ly southern la feeling I obtained a slight clue to tke contents of this dooument. it la simply ajrtedf? to be ready at a uMfun.ui w w?miU| ?o ?iu? SVT m givm jwimr? Rlcbinond, as I understand?and there join a fare* of cboMO men, who are to battle In the front rank* In defence of soufbern rlghtfc. It Is suppoaed that a similar movement Is on foot In every part of tbe State. It is surmised that this picked force will vUit Washington the day of tbe inauguration. This organisation ia distinct from the regular military organization of the State. d/- Denver City dates to the 27th of November have been revived. Both house of the Legislative Assembly of tha Provlsloaal Government ad journed from Dearer to OoUlen City, on tbe '2ltb. 0.9. Hnickley bu been appointed agent for tbe Missouri and Western Telegraph Company at Denver City. Br this arrangement despatches can be forwarded to all points in the golden re?;ion by tbe express coaches leaving Fort Kearney our times a week. Cap*. Anderson, with bin company of Rangers ana wagons bas returned to Fort Kearney without being able to hold an Intelview with the Indians To auiet the apprehensions of tbe settlers, express riaersaud mail agento are placed along tbe Platte. The commanding officer at Fort Kearney has ordered Captain Steele with bis company of Second Infantry, to leave far Cottonwood Hprings, where it is reported tbe whole bands of tbe Arrapahoes, Cheyenne*, and Bioux inaiana are encampeu 10 me numoer 01 ten or fifteen thouaand. Emboldened by numbers, they annoy traveler!, and commit both grand and petty larcenies. It la greatly feared that a general war will break out. Tarn WiATKft.?The following report of the weatbrr for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian institution. Tbe time of observation to about 7 o'clock. Dicxmbxh 3, 1900. Burlington, Vt overcast, little snow. New vote, N. Y clear, piiMM, Washington, 0. C clear, wind W Richmond, Va. clear, 36 \ Petersburg, V* cl?ar, 36?, wind N W Norfolk, Va ...clear, cold. Raleigh, N. C overcast, 41?. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, cold. Charleston, 8. C cloudy, eool. Augusta. Ga. cloudy, cold. Savannas, Ga. clear. 59?. Macon. Ga. cloudy. Columbus, Ga clear, cool. Montgomery, Aku raining, 60*. Jackson, An. rainy. Meblle. Ala foggy, 55?. New Orleans, La rainy, ?w?. iiom tbi wist. Frederick, Md clear, cool. Hagerstown. Md... clear, cool. Cumberland, Md clear, cool. Grafton, Va. clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va snowing, 28?. Parkersburtr. Va clear, measant Cincinnati, 0 cloudy, cold. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m.. (corrected far temperature,) 30,002; at noon, 30,0M. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 90*; at noon, 3<P. Maximum daring 48 hour*, ending 9 a. a. today, 36*; mlnlmom 25*. Travels in the regions of thi m- Upper and Lower A moor, bf T. W. Atkinson with a map and numerous illustrations; pnoe 9t~5t Lionello, a sequel to the Jew ot Verona, by K. A Bresc.ana, 8. J. Hassan Abdallah, or the Enchanted Keys, an< other Ta'es, with an introduction by Miss pardne Volume one of Tom Brown at Oxford a sp^us to Tom Brown at Ruibjr; cheap edition 31 cmU. Our Year, a child's bonk in prose and verse, b] the author of John Halifax: pnoe 75 oenta, BLANCHAR1) A MOHUN, de 3 oorner Eleventh at. and Pa. av. THE STYLE4! THE QUALITIES!! THE PRICES'" OUR STOCK OF CLOAKS. SHAWLS an< WINTER WRAPPINGS for Ladies (are ku by pnrohai?er?) to exoel in a 1 the above point*, j Oar stock of DRY GOODS for lamily wuU h (a* usual i complete in all department*. CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS RUG**. Ac., Upper Floors. HOUSE LINENS, COMFORTS, BLANK ETS, Ac.. Bu?m?nt and the "Vault*." One price onljr: t*e valno marked in plain fignrei All parcels carefully packed free of ohitrge. An examination of stock inours no/>b,igation t purchaae. PERRY A BROTHER. Dealers in brst olass Dry Goods, Pennsylvania avenue ana 9th street, i de 3 St "Perry Bnildmc" f A SKCOND HAND GOOD CHICKKR1NI r\ piiNn r.ir !.? ? ? iitii v ivi u ?vv? del * JOHN F. ELMS. JL'ST AKKIVKD AND FOR SALE?A fina It of OHIO WORK HORSES, which fly will be sold low, if early application be jL-%\ made at the National Stable*, C atreet, be-^EZJ tween \% and 8th iti. de 1 St* OLD ANDNKW BTOV KS.at ?> per oen IUU off for caah. Two mall Briok Houaea n<i the corner of Seventh and K ata., anitaSle for >torc | and dwellings. inquire of T. CONNER, Stov " Dealer. da l-2t* CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON QUAH Vv TERLY SIX PER CENT. STOCK (or ?al at par, for oity bank no ton J AS. C. MeOUIRK * CO., de 1 3t Auotion and Commission Merehsnts. SPEC.AL CARD.?A n*w wnt notave ron wood oaae, iron frana. beautiful ton*, fir finish, warrant?*! PIANO tor i2'? JOHN F. ELLIS, da 1 306 Pa. ar.. bat. ?th and 10th sis. 170R SALE.?One pair HORSKS and HACI " and HARNESS for sale oheap for c&sh.rv* (as the owner has no use lor tiwm.) *' 1-TT - THOS. W. WILLIAMS'S SUbles, for /tCT* merly kept b? Dorsey & Cook, on Eighth strae butweou I) "iid E ?U. ?el-?? t l^OR HIIJE?A likely COLORED.BOY of 1 r m. T^ar? oi mave.) Men very honest. an well tAUflilMi house-servant, and is only hire oat becau?e of the owner having no employmei for him. For terms, Ac., apply at 104Gaystree Georgetown. da 1-lw* | QPEN1NO OF A NEW Rfc?TiURAf|T I The undersigned herewith give* notice to hi friend* and the public in general that he will opei on Monday, December 3d, a first-class K estauran r at Ne. 321 Seventh it., between L and M. . Oe l-1w? JOHN ARDtHSER. ' Tf IMMULL HOUSE IV OPEN AQAIJf, Fo* ths Rkcbftiox orGiwui. Stranger*, Members of Congreae, and Citisei r will please call and aee. Boarders taken by tk day. week, or Month. The-IEimmell Houee is 01 t of tM beet hotels in Washington. de !-?? A F. KIMMELL, Proprietor. f}OME-MADE SHIRTS? ** , . numK-MAUb SHIRTS!: Dpring thepaat two month*, the "dull wtion . br&I ittw'.'!' MBStw price than usual at 436 co?ri-*^r?St|*T, 43 No. 436 SlVBNTH Stiut, batw?QaaiH. .. _ BALLS . , , AND PARTIES dA 1 1 v Hunn i?<l uadaraigntd wuhti to rant or buy a am&ll I'tau* Of rerw-^M e^lo?-fAo hotter-JfljjP 0. from I ta 6 oulea from Wunnit m. H* vuM t for cardan and dairy purMoaa. Rant will W_M m advance if doairad. A4drtn immediately M M . Georgetown, D. C.t atating rant, diatanoe. m* diroot route, Ac.. Ao. de l-?t A. HUBNER'S EESS 14AKIN? KSTABLI8HMKNT, No. ft06 Elivshth St . Between Pa. av?nue and ii at. of ? e, All kinda of Ladira Garmenta, Dreaaoe, Clod lie ManUlaU, Cheetertaid Secka, Zouave Jaefc* I fsSaTtHrSSIgsJm tborUtl douo#. d?l 5m od m r?? wy w? * ir 4 *i A T * Tn<C&,KwIy<0 and SMOKING TOBACCO >? can ait all tastM, and as 'hit mo it of oar a?M rosnt is nuds to ord?r, of tfaa b*?t seleetioiis Virginia ana fyorth Carolma, ws of?r somathi " _ ,.mfea,"Asv > tie 1 01 ,N?Uonal Hole, f .9 Afhjp ?t CktrlMtoa. The Cbarlesto^ourler alludes to tfe? irttt excitement prevailing In that city on WedntaAay last by rumor* of reinforcements of men and am* muaJtloiMt F?rt Moultrie, Fort Hum ptcr. k.e , by IUf*Tik?ILA? ton truth In Um rudwxi s ttoCowlCr (flrfHs the Mo**** ilM: ?W!% furtn|*kt fourptec?a?f orlaaMt, (N9 s^jotyP- N^awkla, an4 eighty-Mar pscfc- | . l %mm ouBmonaB rrora srhooarr N W.Smltt, I a?Te beat landed fct Fort Moahlie Thli we ?oppoos, U tt' omlr fbui>datiei> 4t prete&t 0* U??* rm- L nor to whirlK**exrefer eSsew&ere. a*f agalnsf * which we warn oar readers " The question u to opening the African *lare trade baibeen broached by aooie of the writer* In the Mercury, but It has been ignored as s question U to settled after soeesstai, as Its dlscusswa might have an Injurious effect In other States. The number of candidates proposed. to rfrt Mi Charleston Hi the State ConrenttM Is sbosit vi.c ?umuis?|, *UW?U lire Ul| iM ""'Ijy" HI ??? twenty-two. Tbe Charleston Mercorv, Hi samaartag th* swap?Ion of tbe Bosks of that city, nyi: "Our Banks, we believe, could easily have eoatHroed specie ntyments, but tbe commercial community would nave auffered from tbe reetrictioao a continuation of paving apecie mutt bare produced, whilst tbe revolution through which we are paso< ft-< - >k.i <1 ?? ? -* iwiwtiw t? WIWH ?uak lucy UJUW BdipTLU before long. Chablsstok, Not. notb.?Another immense meeting to-night, at Institute Hall, ta bear addresses from Meraminger. formerly Commissioner to Virginia, and others. Mayor Mao bet h presided. Memmlnger delivered a masterly speoch. He oonnselled coolness above all things, and said If an unauthorised attempt were maavto take Port No?ltri?, tkt garrison were la boaor bound to da fend It; but when Carolina, as a retiring partner of the Union firm, formally claimed the forts as her share of the assets, then, if not granted> Id the Governors*y.to tbe yonng men of Charleston, Ukethoseforts,?[wildapplause,]?and bedoubted not in less than twenty-Tour hours they would bs ! fHMsmioa 01 toeir rignuui owner* mose fort* were ceded to the Government by the State to protect citizen* of the States To turn their guni tprivt the people of one of tboae States, when acting under the authority of their State, would be treason. He said he waa opposed to undignified haste in secession. but supposed that about three days after the Convention met secession would be consummated. AH that be concoived waa neeesaary for this end was to repeal the ordinance by which the State coMeated to be a member of the Union. IURNTTURE. FI KMTUKK. , jf^j The House Forniehinc Wareroomi of MoGREUOR fc CO. arenVw wall with their fal; aupply of FURNITURE and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS in overy variety, which we offer at redaood prioea OUPARLOR FURNITURE. DINING ROOM, and CHAMBER FURNITURE, are eapeoially worth the attention of puroJiaaera. M the styles are much improved and finish superior to any ha*e had. We havo a fina assortment of? Gilt frame Pier ami Mantel Glasses Boukoa?e? and Writing Desks Hall Furniture Kreuch Cbtua and English Granite War* Glass Ware Fiue ErglisaanJ Ameriosn Cutlerr.atd Hardware, Fine Plated War* lao, Tuba, BuokeU, Brooms, Hrushe*, Mats Also, Hair and Shook Mattresse* Blather Reds, Blankets. Comforts, to. frr Please jive as a call, and we will sell yo? bargains. MoGRKGOR A CO., d* S-eo3t 330 Seventh street. n W WWVVOIVHI COMPROMISE BETWEEN THE NORTH AND SOUTH. The obnoxious liberty bill will be repealed and non-intervention adhered to. to that the South can carry hor property into all the States ana Territories m the Union. The und?rai(n*d has just rec?ived a new lot of Smoking Tobacco by the name PKR1QUE, which is said to be the best ever mannnustored. Also, I'ime of the most favorite brands of Clears that eaa be obtained, such as: La Perla de Santiago Con ohas, Regalia Hritamoa, La Espanola Figaro Kega ia, Fuaro. Preubesa Regalia. Cabanas, Pslmito, Punch, Ac., to.,4o..?or sal* wholesale and retail N. H.?A fine lot of Meerachaum Pipes and Smokers kept constantly on hand. An early call ia solicited. JOHN C. BACHKR, No. 334 Penn. avenue, d* 1 3t Corner Thirteenth street. Dcash: IIRINO the pait week we havs made tare* addiuona to onr atoek of GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS, and, buying them under the heavv preaaure in the . mo^ey market for CA4H. we eff<ir them to the , trade and at retail at a amall advaooe on oar . purchase price*, for CaSH. knowing that it ia l*?a . than at which firat olass wardrobe articles can b* purcnased. Our stock. always complete, ia f now muoh larger than uaual in r.-e -s Suirta, , I'nder Shirts and Drawers, ' n*ntlam<af.,a f\ra*ain? D .>kas v* Viitiuiiiuu m Jl/I U| K\ U uwm t Kid and Warm O'ovm, Neck and Over Tim, Stools* and Scarfs, Perfumery and Soaps, Walking Canes, Colt's and othsr Pistols, Ac ] Whioh we offer at maoh lower pnoes than sssal j for CASH. We wi?h, however, ?o t>? understood that our eaJee are confined to the newest styles of I goods and the "lowest pnoes," at f STEVENS'S, ^ _da 1 10t Sales' Room. Brown's Hotel. GOODS., _ . nuw vu vxnmiuoH ana lor mio av no. woo rean ylrania avenue, (Willarda' Hotel. 0 BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS. 0 _no27^lw 0 COLTS PISTOLS. UFt Aaeortmentof repeating "FIRE ARMS'* i?oomplete of nearly ail kuula made; and, buiinf exclusively for the cash. w? ofl'er them at the low3 Nt prioea, at STEVENS'Salee Room, no 27-ft Brown'i Hotal. _ SPECIAL NOTICE TO EVERYBODY'.?Go ,t O to FRENCH It RICHSTEIN'S. No. 27S Pa. avenue, and get yonr oar d enrr&viiu done. Exam1 ma their Mfnp'.ei and too will not fail to be aatiaL fied with prioee and atjlea. Don't forget the plaoe. FRENCH * R1CHSTEIN, no 71 No. 2TS Pa areone, Washington. lV WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVKR WARE, ' T" Ac.?We have made Urge additions to Jfv " our assortment of Ladiee* ami Gentleman's ? VVATCHKS. newan.i okgact JKWKLRV,&U{ t- pore SILVER WARE, plated an?t PAN^Y t- GOODS. SPECTACLE* and JjVK GLASSES, e superior English and American CUTLERY, PIST ?LS, GUNS, Ao .to which we invito Uie attention of purehaters, and guaranty to offer them, at least, as low as they can be purchased in thisco^p> batches and Chronometers carefully repaired. - Visiting, Wedding,and "At Hom4" Cards elegantly engraved and printed. Also, Arms, Crests and Initials ha.dsomelT cut on stone. M. W. GAI-T k BRO., r Jewellers, 334 Pa arenas, * de l-3t a?ar Brown's Hutei, * Now is THE tFmeSF^R BARGAINS !t, Great inducements are noV offered to all paraons ia a - m ^a * . rat in av w 11 n vi lu u n" /\/i r\u -1 " I -Si"5,*'" # | roHSJo/f 1 ~ iiu. IV IVUHin VUAKLkl OTJIKKI$ Five dori above Ltximgtoa ft., *? aott-ly Baltimore. FOR BALK?A stront. Uandeoaie brown MARK* between 7 and t yeari old, and about U C\ handa high. Sheiaa fine raoking MdJle-nU?TA as, and Vota wall in harneaa She o%n Men daily, from 10a. m. to 4 p.m., at PlEMMINQ J * Fays Stable, C at. aojg tuo ? 5|2?UTTAPERCH^yPAlNTAND5|2 HAMILTON, BRO. k CO.'S, No lltt B*vknth St., ia the place to Sad the selebrated Outta Perohi ,, Roofijii and Paint. AJao, a genera] aaaortnent o U Houee Painting Mat*riala. " Palatine in all ita brauohaa ax"0Utad with dia " patch *wf on reaaor.able taraa. Mixed Painta al ways on hand and for nla. wi?h bucket and braal to loan free of oharai: AJ1 order* leit at tha a ton !_ for Old tilaaini or "Job Work of anj kind will b< 6 fcia1*11' ** PlV?Y IB JJOWN. ill no 30 f QNLY ONE MONTJlLONQEft! . GREATER BARGAINS THAN EVER t Oar stock of Oft Y GOODS most be sold befor A the 1st Juitrr.t? V* hftve to |ire possession a a the store on that day. We shall ooramenos on the 1st day of Decsmbs T to sail our large stock of? "ft Milk Robes. Uaht and nark Rilks hv thai no). kjj Evening DrelaGood*, fine Laoea. v" French Embroideriee.bestEiiGloree, sBSKWa - F- Whi? C>J. gfftf.*'. 4.. We prefer telling the above named good* to on enatomera at half price rather than rna the risk c eelling the atook b> auction at the North. DOMESTIC GOODSka, We have a lance Stock ef Gooda of Domeati ts, Manufacture, a'I ofwnleh we will cloae oat by th ion pieee, or in quantatieeto nit purefcaetra, at prt .he cieety what tkey coat. . * n?f cui. Virwinia .money taken at rar. U BLAN*BT8,B..AN? nBL*N"T8" l- dBSi? T&Stbr of L1MU &JM votLon &ueouoj?, : "?jwut5?sggr "- ~ SIfeI ?*<>?? Ofpo.it* C^Ur amusements yy AIH1SCTON THEATER! C UUtiNATIN6 SUCCESS '-ANDERSON. THE ORU?AN^PROGRAMME. ^ THE ^A^H/\?ToAIPR0?RAMME. Ol whick u4omi"?ifcf Putnam Phalanx wiU attat4 r UjaRrm, by inntatoo*. THURSDAY. D?c?ab*rC. rtor. A.>UfcKSU.\ S MAUIC FAKEWKLU 0"?* <akd 0*lt oxl? Dat Pkhpokkarci, Om W?1>NK81>A?? Mtr?,ittV?lNk. On FRIDAY next will beprodic^J ROB ROY. > R/>b kojr McGregor ProC A*d-r?>? In rihtriil an original C#iwJf, is A seta. entitled Fatktonsjtud Fottiii itf. L\Jt. balls, parties, &c Our union0 lf^HTsoit wrong ! STh? member* of the METROPOLITAN CLUB o. 1 tUi great pleasure m annouaami to ?r friend* and the public in general that IS tMr third GRAND COTlLLcN PaRTyAA ? SiUj ?<*5?r "'? & nwuih v> kuixbrmjir, mmtnprt. Tk* COOBKIM IktMifM tMt MllbW f&imlBor ?ip?n?" will be apared I* Ml* Hue the very bitt Party of tb? imiuh. t*;hrc?Wa oalebratad ootllloa mint baa Un nnwed lor tha ooomioo. laid 0#l>u, kda*1tti,lK * gentlMiu tad Commtitte ?f Arramgt mtmtt. Char lea L?aek, UM. Mafcllr alt. H?rj?min [.mod, Ailwrt B*r?io. We H Ch>o??j. J?. C> ndj. del it* A GRAND SOIRRK DANSANTK -WiiltMCIVMAt M . FRANKLtM HALL. M iCjrner of D mud Nintk itrttf.) On TUESDAY. December 4th, 1MB. Hi For the honefit of Mn, Man Lono'? Rrrux* to Kmtamk. ^donaton One D<?lUr. oor? op#n *t eif lit o'clock. mSMC WANTS. WANTED? By a rcapaotabl* yoong woman, ft SITUA TION aa chambermaid or nura*. Hood nfrrenw. Addreaa Box 9. at th:? office. It* Wa NTED?By a raapectabla girl, a S1TUA TION as nuraaor chambermaid, an?l aatiat in washiu# and ironing. P.eaae * jdicaa a ri"t* to Box No 10, Ptar Office. dO at* WANTED-By an zoallant and <txp*n? iee?l co'ored boy, 19 yaara old, a PLACE aa waiter or drirer, or m any rapacity in the aerviea of a reaprorahle family. Pleaee addreaa a not* to Box S, Star Office WANTED?A SITUATION to do houaework or waahing and ironing, by a woman who ?< aire* to get a a toady plaoe. will endearor to five aatiafaotimi. Plcaae addreaa a not* to Box No. 7, SUr OWiom. <U 1 X W ANTKD? A neat two or three story DWELLING-H(?l'SK containing f ve or lii rooms, for ? small family, located in a pleasant part of the city. Addireas JAMKS RYAN, Washinvton eity, JL>. C d.l-r \J|7ANTED?A CASH CUSTOMER for a rea?? tan rant doing a good business an<l in a good locality ; is a first-rate place for a hoarding hou?e For particulars inquire at YOUNCi i KKPH ART'S Liquor Store, No. 9S9 Pa avende. batween 9.h and 10th tU. ao3Q-J.* VI/AN TED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ?" Persons daoiining housekeeping, or hami asurp'usof Furniture on hand,oan obtain tliscask and fair prices by applying at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From M U> ?10.000 worth ol SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all triads, tor which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest orioes. and. as u?ual. at the shortest bo tio?. R. BDCHLY. D?al?r In Furniture, Su>re?, Ac., oc9 4 OS 7th aC, bet. G and H. eaet aid*. PERSONAL. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICK.-The under\y aigned having this 30th dajr of November, iMMl ermed a oopartcerihip under the name and firm of AXnToa, Rao. A Co.,for the purpoae of oarrjrinf on the Painting and Gutt? Peroha Roofin* Hu?ineee; thev will continue themme at No. SlSSevei.th etreet. of late occupied by U. W. Ham' tou ia the ame baaineee. H W. HAMll.TON, <\ O. HAMILTON, no30 St G B. CLARK. A 8TROLOGI8T, A MADAM I. DEVISE. Do not flail to visit this iinowhii< lady bt-fo-e shs leave* the city. Ail who are in trouble of any kind, go at once to her Madame wi'.l brmi anyone to yon and oause them to love yon ; will make ipttdy marriages and fat rood look ; will aHvte* la retard to Lawsuits, Travels, Losses, Nam bars, As. Office and Reoeption Rooms at Ri?hmo?d House, oorner Eighth and D sts.; private entrance on D st. Gentlemen also call. no tt-12t* IV* ADAM K MORRICE. thb Gbbat Astbolo i"l sist a. .id docteiujrmi Kurort.?This highly lifted and intelligent la?lj can be ooMS'tM on the Put, Present end Future Events. Call at .No. 405 Eighth it., between G and H, Washington, no 2-lm* Heavy cloth* AND CASSIMKREB. Fins Cloths and Cunmeres. Velvet and Silk Vtitme, Silk bhirU and Drawers, Merino Shirts and Drawers, Heavy K iLibed Woolen Shirte and Drawers, Kid. Silk, and Merino Gloves. Cotton and Woolen Ha'f Hose, French Shirting Linens, Irish Linens. We invite all perrons m want of Dry Good* oj any kind to five as a eail. WM R. RILEY fc BRO., No. 36 "Central Stores," Between 7th and 8Ut sts , no 28 gw Opposite Center Market UKGAKS AN1) TOBACCO FOR THE MIL O LION! The undersicoed vou d respectfully inform kit numerous friends ar.d the public that the popart tutrship heretofore exiatinc under the firm oi Bihkiss k Wt*o*an!<,hm Keen dieiKilved by mo tual oonsent. ud that lift hu opened a star* on thi oorner ot C and Seventh sta. vest, opposite thi Bank of Washington,where mar he f und a okoin assortment of SbtiARS and TOBACCO, if diraol importation, as veil as domestia maualaotur* wholesale and retail. 'I'hankftil for past favor*, he hapea by fair deal' ire ana mriet aitrinon i<> in* wanu ana ini*reac< of tl.? publm in l.ia ha?, to oMrit aoonUnaanos o the patrouacs ao liberally baatowod ttpoa Dm tan ao?-ln>? P. WIKGMANN. FURS! F U * fi! F U R 8 ! On* of the larfit and fcneit ttooka mrofim in ^Vaahi^jton. ViotorlBaa',"* Royal fcrmint, ^HW| Mm Minia, Rimu Fitch, w ^ibur'n Squiriel, Rock Martin. WSm iV Chinchilla. "/rVW Alao, large atook CARRIAGE ROBKS. Fura Repaired ami Altoied at aJu>rtaoUM, by a. old, experienced hand, all cheap. Aa my a took ia my forge, all 1 aak ia a oa!l. All Fur* aold at my Mtabliahment warranted a repreaent?d. HOPKINS'. C T.ar of Sixth mt. *cti Pi i* IET Bio* Wiiit* Beak. noli-tw Singer's sewing Machine*. 33# PENN. AVENUE, , NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDIJfO. We Invite the pub'ie atteation to oar b*?|4 I FAA41LV SKWl.Ntt MACHINE. ThuMkMli I i? unsnrpteeed in tee k<>u?ebo i. It ran* Moot and wilt; triet, kemt, /tilt and gathrt. will ee' i ine uirii itiii or oioin wo uuei.ana an l 1 thing between the two extreraea. tn a t>eautftal %u f anbatantiai manner Maehtneam mahocaaT.wa pat aoH rosewood urn from ?90 to |M. Oa - tare* vibrating yrtist m+cktn*. for ooMk triiaaa#! and aaddiera. ia wilbout a n?al. Hi Ik, Twi? I Thread, Nee&ea. Bobbia*. Oil, 4a., alwara c I hand at New York pnoee. I no t? ?m Aftat. . V * CARD. f 1RGIN1A AND SOUTH CAROLINA MONEY. AND OF ALL OTHKB. STATES, Tain at rtk, I aaJ Cooda aold at liia low eat amrkal priee for eaa 4 A iinrior (took of CLOTHING iowo|k*B r w>J h*virg to employ no* on* kindred tad fit Mad*. whiota we ?W> to kttf In employment du 1M thia pania, we will offer extra ndieeaw'i co w>a ?> fit. W..W 9th *ad IOU et? B. HALL >f ^Whol^eajif^^^^^riumFAMIL ' VAVkl!,KiGS*J^lu> WI.HK?, ana oboioe K S^V?8 ?? ^ kindt. A fresh Itaek jut oniii (food gugtr 7 oenta fr pound. Ce'l at No. ft* T K street. bttwMD D and Louisiana ar. oa Mt f iRKAT BARGAINS IN ~ ~~ tf VI DRV OOODM. Wi have marked down oar satire itoek of haa - r4C^&aroES.?.%iKf,iVWI~. ?n> Una day erthag off at grea'ly redaood frio EtW: m"?",u'klSv'?r'ssaj^'^vo.. mo^t tw ?a$ Sevaath st.. abore Pa. av. - a it b? nu,^Pr?^t^oa aod^HyUj^Bw>ka T^Wji i N. B -PatersoB and Godey?*or DeewbS!^ rMi. nu S==AP(mOS 8ALB. 7* \ Bf I. C. lUiUiHB * CO, iMbtMWt. | G?.y^y^j^!?aa; l tt^aorMr ol F iUnu, w* (kft.1 5*i?r?l nMrior n'U Jl?hoi?.n- BnolMHt, H - ? "*! ?? ' t *" W ***' "'TV^niB * co, a??U. / wTu. * BiBNA?0. X'ouo^r. n&turr sale ??r fi'BWtoit A*D U BW'HKB Krrirr* ?r Arrrm?.-6i W KDM K?l?A V >G. I'wiwt.fHt.Ml. o'otML i W??J a?U. at taa^fcaa OB . Tkiid ?tr*?t bat warn Pmm I*mi? u4NiMt?ri a??a , ftha i?r wnl Kwifww# ?W? kr>?M.< tie WuikaM Kamitara m4 Eflaota;*il of wkiar. i? fa K, a- Cfcair., CwUr Tatoiaa. Siiaboftrd, Diaiaf iU?r A !*rr* nsmbfr cfCa-pata ud R uca and OilaluU, PrtMk, Uetta*-. IM oUn MttftN, Ra-nai. Watdrofeaa. and W*i ?Urda. Etacarr. \T hatr.ot, Curtama. ar.?J Sb*J?a, Car.ad Hair, Sktw, Mi Co.too ?U ^kaek Matt'Baa, BaUur?, Piilova. Btaakat*, Camfoita.Md ether Toifat aeu'Ckira, Ulaaa. and Crockery We a. Cookiac ard - Uiar Slovea ad a {and uwruatal of K itckaa Karattara. I arma iaah. J. H. W|?*B. Rai If. 4a S Sid WAI.L A HAR.N AlP. Ak^a u. u i u au i i a. itittf * ?? >7 ZUT 044 r.iuwt H*ti. ' i|N THURSDAY HoENINU.AUiiMtMl.ftlM 1/ o'o'ock v* ?hall i?ll,lif'U t iif Mir ti ?. a hr?- I of of t jmktt, Drxira, W i?4nv F?aaU aid Blind* Hkrdwtrf, Ac. Aiao. a ...? Cw?kin?. I'ar lor and Chamber ^WtN, Heootnl - iiai.d Purmiu ra, cvrti * . arnrt omU. d.?Jl_ MARSHALL A PACK. AacU. By WAI L A BARNARD. AittioaMri f*HlNA. CITLK.R V, PLATE DA NDOTHF.R v/ Cmtu w*k*. PauiiRB Biawv*t Snti FN, * C.. ?T * TIOW ?O" THCHMIA V . CAT -TWaY TUKHDAV.Md THCRKIIaV MORN. INOS, 6tk,?a. Ilih. MO Uife iriatan', a l?*'?><ek. W Vi.1 at tii? "l ra of ( hM K. GrMm. v7 4 Pa. tv i*|wsm llUi am! I.th r?^t*. nait I door to t K i kw.od H?v?a, hia a took. oo?f if <nf a lar*e aid ?aM?d - - a . . ? A - - ?? ?* * ' - 1 riwvxi ^mid ? hi n*, ? ?! oi' w n n??r, prftKIM', kid T<"? *?et? rf li>? lauM itflM, F?ri*ii "liquet. U?i,K?vrN, ttok-Nuaii, Kr?t.oh. Mid Am-ric*n Gl*>?w*r?, Ptnukwl Bui|uet StAtu t?-?. OraUHdtol Pnn:h Uowti, Motto f. A*vr?* Capttrd t'?rt K'Civ??? r?d Kr?il iludi, Cordial 8*ta, T?W? nod NV m* Cfttiui. Pl?Ud Spixtb* ?im1 Forks and Catlory. And l*ff? ?**ortni?*nt fother Silver Wu# Au ???n?r*! M urlmin of Afw?r<?*? ?rl|i*n, ' tno F.n*li?h Ww?nf ?* ?? dmerfliOQ. This will to f.ui.rt worthy tk* *tt*e tioo ofkoaa*k?r? rtMii tkoM wWhmc toimnImm ko.niay prv??aU. u lk? good* kr* of u* Ibmi nkd lMtMt ia^ortauon*. Termk : t** o**h; o*?r that knoikt, a eradit of 90 and 90 days, for approrod endoraad uotos. baar in* 1 ?* Ml. 4*3 WALL A BARNARD, Aieu this afthknoon a- tu mu.\.kctw Br WALL A UARNAHU, AnUonMn. en BARK El.9 APKLKS AT AUCTION -OB Ol> TUK8DAY MORMNt). at US o'e?ok. we will Mil At Ik* Store oppoeite the Market on Nn.tta treet. 5* barrel* A ??iee?not in order ?cuui|>M to Cuia'4 Bizby A 8k. * Torwa OWk. de 1 WALL A BARNARD. Awti ByCLEAR V A GREEN. Auctioneer*. 106 >t?;A strut. niMr U.MM tu Mm A ki . I L-a U'niavrvi) rn? u ?? H' w? vnnni'iDOi w ra ?cc. t c?? Oiw Arcriow ?Oa TCE8 DAY MORN 1NG. tha 4th oi Dmmmtvr ra*t, w thill Mil ftt our Auot uc Mm*. Mo. Mat* atreat, at10 o'aiook a m . to mum* ?oa?i<iw*H. a larja aaaortmact of ioe L.i?aora, Ciftra, *c i o Jtnpriainf In **rt? ?au*rtard mcnt oMka fine I'randy. 5min Wo.fe'a Imported Brandy, A Co 4c Co hk?rr; VVIM, i do do rto Port Win*. 5 do do B?h?)dam 8ctti>apa, 5 k tersswsrw ft do La Pari# W iae, kf?tl IvOt rtun lot, 6*mo Cic&ra, Choice Brands. Md.aaobottlad Mooonf&lia a. Bourbon,lad Rn Wkiakaya. Jrerma: All aair.a ur.tW & ouk orer f*> * oradit 3n, t?, and W? da?a, for aotaa a?ti?(aoU>n.y ?o doraod, bearin iotar?it. no21 CLK\RV k. GREEN, A acta. FUTURE DAYS. H, CLKAK N * GK KKN, AMUMMfa. 506 MijU4 ftrett. I>osjtive sale of fine fur* fiom fT Ntw You aT Arcrros ?On WEDNE&DA v MORNING, tbaS'h of l>?o*iiiii*r ant *? ikalt aall.tt la ' took I m , at car Aaotioa Room. No. t 606 Ninta atroat, in ooaiaaotioa wit* oar aa'a of \ r ioii Dry 0cWU.ft aaiwdid aaaortm?at of U? fcaait Rr? over offjrrd in thu ??t, cun?n'?<) tu m mflitV ork, with order* to mik? positive sUe, ooBfMitac? Full wti of 8ib*n?n fitiml, - - cabUMmk. ** Can Ad? * " StOBO MtrtOB, t ?? n c>:4. i niHiwriiM, a - * French Stbla, " ** Ctunohi'l*. With eotne extra l?r(? Mink Cap**. Tlw Firi wli I* oh?< for inspection the dtr I pr*vioua to the ut, no SO d CLEARV k GR FEN. Anc'e. tlj CLKAHY it URKKN. AMtiottMn. i?X> Nttuk ttntt RICH SILK, SATIN AND VELVET ROBFS. IV tuwu. Oujiili. Ac . at Arm?* ?On WEDNESDAY, the 5th of [)?*?nbtr next, at 10 o'clock a. m.. ? aha'l eel!. at oar A notion room*. No 40b Ninth at., ? Arc* and rich ?oIleetinE ot ft Droaaee. C;oaka, >?h?wia.*e , oonaiauoc in pert olr Rich B.eok Plaid Patina, Bay aJ ere Brooatle Silka, very rich Cbene Silka, EUfftet Velvet Robes, Do Silk Robes, Emb'd lllnsioo Dreaeaa. Risk Illation Berthaa, Point Apitei S?u, Honnd Point gets, Mooaeelajuc Kobea. new aly.ta, 1 Mourninc Emb'd Seta. r A lar*e lot of Cloth Cloaka, ?noh ns ? 1 Arabs,Zoaavee. Jacques. Uedonma. Cirenlars,A e. V CMkatre, Cheoilie. Htella end other Skew e, ; Together with mar.y other artioiee in the Dry Goods lute whioh we deem uuneoeeeary U> euu aierate. ? ? iwtuuu vi wnv lMiin 11 uun mpmpuoiiV ea'.led to the above aale. I'yon laapeotioa they *nfl ' find the goods worthy of their aitentioa. . Term* caah. \ ao? d CLEABY k. CREEN. A?ta. Br J. C. MaGl'HK ft CO.. Aaottoseera * TRUSTER'S BALK OP KRAMK HiU St ' ams Lot ill tmb Pifter WAK&>? Oa MO.NDAY, I the S4th day of Deo ember. U 4 o'olook ?. re? on Uie premises. by firkt of a dead of trust to the eub. Bortbar,luid December 3 J, 18S&, and duly recorded ? J?Ll???rjrA,8 , No IQ,foliost3t.et*eq .one ot the UM rMortUrer Watlnr-ftnc eo.. D. r f ehatl sell a the vast half of Lot anuMred ire ib B^aa'e n*inhered atahty-foar, froutinc so feet oa Nwr Yo-k aveuee, Wttew *ith aud Slat atreeU, and niiuuac Lack a!.oat llifeet.tocethar with the improvement!, oot.?:?i;ui ol a arnAli frame dwellloj hoase. Tanam fWa I hted ~ - - . utea * B e B/1 14 ?? V1IW aniiH V?a M . NJV t vUlftl ItVVI IB V MIU I Months, with itMrtit. momtmI by a dood of uiit I U? rr?Mt?M. assiBaffy 1. C. McULlRE 4 CW., AioU BO a kviia TREN,NA.NT*. HERE Immim still to M ao'.d out. Bt torn* ?rio? or other, a larfe lot of Roranaat CARP*T ' IN0*5. of a'l kind* Remnants of OILCLOTHS Rmnwiti or *r*rr thing in the PURN'ITL'RE DRY GOODS LINE. whioBaro aov roody to bo oiU off. at iowoet pnoe at vhirh Ut) vill bs oold is tad i^plBta &taroe ou sash article. 6mot bar- | (iiii ar? ntre. noT7 oo?t C' AOETT A DODSON. NEW vgKLf\f^>W!a*N MATt . Th? ?toe? of ?ll k nJ? of Curtnin NMrWi it ths ? ?tor? of CLAO^T r A DODSON, is sti 1 oomp.cte is all that is neh and dssirahis. All or awy of wkioh will Nf bs olosod oat at the prims tout ? no 87-sot | 4 rkREtJS HATS POR GENTI.EMEM.-Osrat- ' I- aJ surtmsBt of Pan-.ionit ;s Hais is atwaysra V ? ssipiots. Wo atsoroosirs oTsrr wook * fu, .^L rt sopply of Hats from Boohs, Now York, at ^ I t, STEVENS' Salos R<**a. ' ao*T oot Bruwn'i Hotot I rvrwrv ids wnni en vnv r;u? Umi * zuu Sid ~ Woo Las auj Cotton Ho.itrj mmi Qtoraa, ? Gwuidn'i KibMWMl Shirt* aod Drawer* Theee cuoo* are tiln euahty. J*i!k Shr ? aod Dnvirt. Man bo Hhirti ud Dnwri of all ?radaa. We would call particular attention to oar veil aaerirted atock of a.l kind <>f Dry Gooda. euitah." h. Mr aii t ain of paraoaa. all of vkiafc vill ba aold RILEY fc BltO. ty No. S? CantraJ Btoraa, bat 7th aid tth aU . A oa? fraarlm oypoeit* C? t>a Market M U/ NKW CLOAKS. TT K Have tliia day r?cei??d from Naw Jfork a boaculu. a??ortiaaat?faowatyia Pal. and Wiatar CLOAKfjjarti M tl? A rat>. Zouave and otfcor ' in Bteak and tmit CioUa. A Wo. fitu tr1" ?nxnvte? PLOUR, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, AP , v mibkl?,i?w rmkbmd WmV) md exua fwmc. I w. KhMl / R?o?T*d U> <l*y ud for aU? l?w ia loto * Ml *T i, ^issxtsssifsiu OALTIMORE L1PK INSLJtANCB CO-lB D coironno 1838?Jo** L Domalmow, Pt**.; I ^KUTUMMT^NMUKE8 LIVES Mi MJYtf 1 ?*eR*?T* ANNyrriKa.** r I THfaggy ^ . * pBKffOBPLOWKRtfgPTHK VKtY HK?T * .?. ?.,?&& SrJP

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