December 6, 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

December 6, 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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9 THE EVENING STAR. i ?^?? WASHINGTON CITT: TIII R?I>*V Drnahr ?. ISMr-~ ' *r?m af ?? raiBC rrtum. The lnt?ll,ftnetr pot nU oat that the Leglalature of Mi?iaipp1, la providing for a State Convention without flrat iubiuittlag the queetlon of tba propriety of calling auch Conirantlou to the people. baa acted In palpable dtiregard of the opinion aoletnnly announced by the 9tate of Mlaalaalppl 1 In the year Id6l. The Conttitutian notlves the defiant tone of the ?? I?A 1/iImI h* Its month. rrpUDllCIB JimT?yf ? -J ? pieces, tttm New York TWHmu, Senator H*l?, and so on, and tar* that tf tbrse utterances do not reflect ths temper of that patty, let a majority, a decisive majority of Its representatives in Congress. so declare Thk IToosa Coxmittii 01 Sbcbsmo* At/ roiiTio.?J ust before we w?nk to pros, tbe Speaker Announced tbe special committee upon tbe portion of the President's Message treat, of secession, ss follows : Mr. Corwin, of Okie. Mr. Milison, of Virglnls Mr Adams, of Mawacbosetts. Mr. Wlnslow, of North Carolina. Mr. Humpbrev, of New York. Mr. Boyce, of South Carolina. Mr. Campbell, of Pennsylvania. Mr Love, of Georgia Mr. Ferry.' of Connecticut. Mr. Davis, of Maryland. Mr. Robinson, of Rhode Island. Mr Wbitely, of Delaware. , Mr. Tappan, of New Hampshire , Mr. Atratton, of New Jrraev. Mr Briatow, of Kentucky. ? Mr. .Morrill, of Vermont i Mr. Nelaon. of Tennesaee. Mr. Dunn, of Indiana. Mr. Tavlor, of Loaialaoa Mr. Daria, of Miaafsalppl. Mr. KeHojrp. of Illtnota Mr. Hoaaton, of Alabama. Mr. None, of Maine. Mr. Pbelpc, of M oowl. Air. KUl, or ArKantaa. Mr. Howard, of Michigan. Mr. Hawkins, ?f Florida Mr. Hamilton, of Texas. Mr. Washburn, of W lacoasln. Mr. Curtis, of Iowa. Mr. Burch, of California. Mr. Wludon, of Minnesota. Mr. Stout, of Oregon. Mr. Hawkins, of Florida, immediately afterwards addressed the House, <4eclining to serve on the committee Mr John Cochrane, rfN?w York,was addressing the House a? the Star's reporter ncessarily left the Hall Thx opssiae or thi dkbats. yesterday, la the Senate, justified the fears of conservative persons ? her* and elsewhere, that men well kaown tbe country over a* extremists would at once rash forward to five their tone of the dlsenssion. It need hardly be remarked that if such statesmen as Senator Hale, who discourses of tbe readinesa of tbe North to attempt force against the South, on one , side, and Senator Wlgfail. who avowedly regards the Union as an accursed thing that should be destroyed under any circumstances whatever, on the other side, are to conduct the deliberations of the . * body designed to consummate measures to relieve American Dnblie affaire of the difficulties bv ? * which they are inrronnded, the result must be as ur.succ?aaf il as ever brfei*. The trouble has really grown oat of the pertinacity with which members living, as public men, upon tbe excitability of the country's nerves, North and South, have used their position! la Congress as the means of perpetuating their own connection with public life by infla mine the sectional nrrladlces each of his own constituents Had the debates of Congress upon sis very for tbe last ten yesrs been conducted with I closed doors, or even bad tbe C?ngrtatonal Utob* not existed In that time to spread tbe poison of I tbelr debates broadcast throughout tbe landst tbe cost rf the National Treasury, the North would not at thle mo meat be aggressive upon tbe slavery question to tbe point of driving the conservative portion of the South out of the Confederacy ; ner would the extreme South now entertsin the strange hallucination that the Ualoa at best Is bnt btvg win > cum to m luiurs I What txk Mbectkt" Pabtt Wut ?Tbe following brief avowal of tbe Charleston Merturjr. la reply to the latest suggestions of tbe propriety of entire Southern action in tbe current crisis, tells the tale of the apparent purposes of those who want disunion for disunion's sake, wore imuuij ifl&n it cm oe oiuerwise w>i<i: "We think mmt earrespowdent f*r * above kind assurance of tbe sympathy and support of Eastern Virginia. He will per don n?, bowrvfr, If we stiii decline (so far as 1he coonsel of ttoe M'rturv Is concerned! to enter at thla tlin ? tntn > any convention or counsel with Virginia, or any other Stnte. We are now acting For oovselves, and by ourselves, upon our own aoverelgnty. Oar correspondent will also pardon ua if we doubt tbe ability, at this time, of any border State to give us good counsel, or to in foric<wdt%% our action We hnve need for ne other counsel or assistance, sad will accept of none other." Who fell* to aee In it not only the pnrpoee of refusing to permit tbe border |laveholding Slates to be t>eard in Southern councils, but also the additional of rejecting any eventual nnlon with them by which they may not be held In the psaltion of the parties to receive the Injury to Southern life and rroperty that mav result from a disruption of the Union' For a Length of time p*at it baa been currently asserted that sucb U the end at wbteb the Mercury alma; and web aentiKiCnu as It utters la tbe extract we print above, go far to contra that conviction upon tbe mi a da of reflecting men. How far tbe border aiaveholding States will bo content to be placed in any such position, under tbe pretense or plea tbat Sautb Carolina la acting for berself, and for herself only, wbea ber acts must moat materially affect tbe fnlara of c&air rlgbta aad Interest*, la not tbe ITVfiit milntMMtlnff fifftKUnn a/ DitAProiMTKB ? It is already clear that sot only the extreme men of the Republican party la Congrtss, bat those recogmud as being the nearest counsellors of the President elect, are bitterly disappointed by tbe failure of the message to intimate tbat the present Administration designs initiating forcible measures u> prevent secession on the part of tbe Southern States. At strange as It may appear, they came here belfcvlng nod hoping that President Buchanan would essay co j erclon, and that by ?mcb action on hii part tbe trouble could and would be eettled brfore tbe 4th of March next, leaving tbe path of tbe Incoming administration cImt ef the embirrsasq>ent of the di Acuity Few of tbew aa yethavf come tocomprebeud that to attempt coercion, will surely be to precipitate the whole Soatb into revelation within thirty day* after the attemot h? and, fuUbet, that even If dtapeeti bo to act, the preaent Administration bare not at this UMDfnt bms enough witbin reach at eoniaaid, to aucceae filly defend a etagle Carolina forUfeatlon agalnat a aenoue CanUai effort to take paaaeaaion of it; the policy of Oeegree with reference to the Army being at the blkw of ibo flwwwtBtl weak aeaa In V^l* particular. Neeertbeleaa, their eye* will toon he opened to tbeae Acta. 1 " ? i . i 11 i a i Sxsato* Brim ? It waa currently aald around the Hanato Chamber to-day. that Senator H unter baa eaynaeed hla determination to decline longer to 1U Mm peat lion of Chairman ef the ttm; ate a Finance Coamlttoa Hla detormin itlon, 1t la taken to* graafed, grew* out of the atato of the tlmea, wbfcfc promiae a *erjr hard, thank leu and uiiaucucau ui joo IB (M(tTOrlS| U> dlKhtTge ltl ' duUca wthfcctertlf fflla <<rUwtw la among the noM McniAflMt atfM of UM ttM i ? Tnxta t> r*o*rt Aao p.*?jrt Ov?*?Tb< adjournment of the Senate W day, Immediately afUr onatngtogetbef<*rrr Monday nejt, vu dwWIwi ftnuaed l?y Wre to rid ol auch on timely dlfwiaalo? (ft Utn^MMadlUon at ?orday, which aresiaceeely 4epr?cale4,e?i<!Waar by a majority tt tbe body 1 i? Tn SuAit'i CMHitTNt.?Ovia|,?Ttini ant party la tb? 8ea.le b? m m* yH tafem Mm ?"a*1 * Ha ?of their eaocm tc eicct their M?oitx>r* of tbe body * eUadinf ?o? sitteea; aar Am tbar* eoeai mi eh ItbelPbAort ol ueh a ?oT?a>eat ate , '/! ' , ,V J ">1 r . t > i r aji " ' afirn ?'t . 'f | e ik?? I I rawflRtmniAi. mb*. xod Tbtitt-htti! Co*g**m?s*ctj*d svbctoit. Sbhatk.?At the conclusion of the ?pccch of Mr Bale, who waa addressing the Senate a* we went to press yesterday? Mr. Brown, of Miss . aald If be was to have peace, he wanted to know It; and If war, be wished to know that also He asked If tbe republican party not only denied tb? South peace i* the I nlon, but intended to refhM them tbat poor boon o?t of It. Mr. Hale said bis remarks were merely his own private opinions; be did not speak for a party mad bad held no communication, by letter er per- | 1*? * ? ?? * j 4 ?1 * u - k.j vuuojij, wuu idc rresiurni iicl?. bio imu uv? aid war must come; but be b*ileve?l u wool4 coma. Mr Irerson, of Ga , after referring to the positions of Mr. Hale. stated that fire States at least woakt certainly secede, and a Confederacy, aa he hoped and believed, be formed The North and the South w*r* 4isll?ct peoples even now. la this chamber there was no reciprocity of the usual courtesies b?twe?h tu- two sides of the Senate, and this was a type of the arctlons represented by these sides. The North bates the Soptb, and no lore Is lost from the South toward the North. [Laughter In galleries ] laivery respect?polltl cally, geographically, ana socisuy?me .\orio and tbe Souta were distinct nation*, and could not, and ought not to, lire under one government, lie did not wtab for war, but If it must corns, let It enme. Tbe South will say to her enemies, ''We'll welcome yon with bloody hands to hospitable craves " Mr.Wtiftdl, of Texas, discussed at some length tbe right of secession, quoting from tbe message the portions be objected to, and reading from Elliott's Debates. He maintained that a State bad the undoubted right to secede; and aaid if South Carolina should withdraw, and the Government should keep Federal troops within her borders, an attempt would be made to take the forts, and blood would flow. Mr Lane, of Oregon, did not understand the President as saying be would collect the dutlea If South Carolina seceded. Mr. Wlgffcll said the mora he read the message the leas he comprehended it [Laughter] For himself, if war must come, he would say, 44 To thy tents, O Israel'*'and the God of Battles aeclde tbe muf , Mr Saniaburr, of Delaware, said his State was the first to adopt the Constitution, and would be tbe last to do anything looking to its deatruction. [Applause and hisses ] It would be time enough wheu this Union was dissolved for Delaware to say wbat aba would do. [Applause and increaaed hissing J Adjourned. Hoosb or Rkpbbsbxtativks?In the HouseTwo appropriation bills?one for the support of the West Point A' ndeiny, and the other for the payment of invalid and other pensions?were passed; after which the House, at 2 o'clock, adjourned. Thursday, December 6. Sbxati.?Mr. Latham Dresented a memorial from tbe Chamber of Commerce of Sen Francisco, asking the establishment of an overland mall route; referred to tbe Committee on Post Oflices and Post Roads. Mr Hale moved that when tbe Senate adjourn It be to meet on Monday next; agreed to. Mr Powell introduced tlie following resolution; read and laid over: Rtsolved. That so much of the Pres'dent's Message as relate* to the present agitated and d'stracted condition of the country, and the grievancs between the tlavcboldlng and the non-skiveholding States, be referred to a special committee of thirteen members; and that raid committee be instructed to inquire whe her any additional legislation within the sphere of federal authority and duty be necessary for tbe protection and security of property fn tbe Btstes, and if so, that they report by bill And that said committee .1.. ? A ..4 II w ?i*v iiififuVKU IU v uuoiur I auu [rp'ii lipvil VUC expediency of proposing such an amendment or amendments or the Constitution of the United States as may be necessary to give certain, prompt, and ftill protection to the rights of property of citizens of every State and Territory of the L'ni ted States, and ensure the equality of the States, and the equal rights of all the citizens aforesaid, under the Federal Constitution. Mr. Bigler moved that the Senate adjourn; and at twenty minutes past 14 o'clock, the Senate ad; ? J -in as % ?A joiuueu aaui noiiuy next. Hon**?After the reading of the JournalMr Morris, of 111., Rave notice that on Monday next he should call up the resolution offered by him a few days since looking to the perpetuity of the American Union, and at that time would ask a suspension of the rales for the purpose Mr Vsllandlirbam, from the special corr mitte# appointed at the last vssion on the Senate bill abolishing franking privilege, made a report, proposing several amendments to the Senate bill, wblca was ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr Phelps of Mo , It was ordered that when the House adjourn to-day, It be to meet on Mandar next Mr. Cobt>of Ala , from the Committee on Pnl>11c Lands, reported a bill In the shape of a sulntitnte. to construe tka words " minimum nrlr.(>" of public lands. After dlecnarfon, Mr. Stevens of Pa., morvd to lay tbe bill on tbe table. washington light inf*ntry 'i ? Battalion, attkntion :-The Battalion will m*et at Heaoqn&rtera TO MORROVV (trida>,)at o'etock a m., in (VI dre** nriform, tor ,?0'Tt duiy. By order. M P.FISHER, It* Adjotant W. L I. B. YW?rKW R K.N TING.?NOTICK.?Th* new 13 Aadience R??om of the First Presbyterian Cnuroh.Oi street,(Rev. Dr. Scsd?K!.a*d's,) will be open for tnblie ?n?pe?tion. wth a view to rei*t ing the pews. on TIII'K^ltW.C:; instant, from 9 o'fl-ck a. m.. and daring the day. The renting will coramense at 7 o'clock fie 4 V. UNION PR AYKR MEETING wili I* L 7 holrlen every day thu week in the Foundry M t. Church, n( G and Fourteenth street*, to omaruence at a quarter paat 4 o'clock p. m., to he ownbnuod one boar. de 3 FAIR.?The ladies of Christ Chureto wi'l ,ioUl a Fair, cormn-noing on MONDAY, the 3d of December. arM continuing through the week,at Thorn's Ha'l, *0t< Sereutii at eft. 1'hey solicit u lilx-rel patron*** fro.n the citiaena ol Washington til beuall of the most veneraMechnroh in this city?tho mother of all the Epi*on?aJ churches, and a loving sister to ai others, de l-7t PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONKRY !L_3 Ice Croitn. Water Icea, Wedding Cakes Ponrd Cakes, .flince Piea,Pa<?try, Crusts f r Oyatei les, J-Ilies, aii'i a general assortment of oicc tki>? >> 1:? - ' . ua?9 ? M u VHW wui-n ^ivilVI J iiiiv I All r l/COIj l(L<' ^ coru r Twelfth and F its. no 34 lm* KRISS < RI\Oi.F.'H H E M>QI' A RTERSFOR Toy* s.nd I'lnej Nations i? at de tKJt* IAM^"MI)'H, t??re~th ?t VEW R A WINS, in wliol*, half, and quartet i." mxh, vary cheap; r ?od cooking JL*i*in* 1< ot? : Currar ts 8 and I": Cifror S3 It* JOS. W. DAVIS cor. 9th and E ata^ A FEW FINE PI ANOS F >R RENT BY AP ply in* eariy. Aiao, m n*w lot of Chiokering A Sod*' unrivaled Hianoe JOHN F. kllirt, 30ft Pa. a*., b?t rnh and 10th *t?. Two Piacoa f ?r rent at 91 P*r .Booth. d?? r|RE&S AN1) CLOAK 19 MAKING MRS. GF.E Reapeetfullr solicit* thj attention oi the ladiee and airancera of Waehingtoi. to her new Vilreae and Cloak) K-t%lili?hm?nt, over Clagett A lay'a dry goods atore, No. 3<I4 Pa. avenue, W 9th acd 10 h ?ta. Je I ** a card Th? th? see eomP*9'?" ? ;MUll effort# to nUo r?Mrtr ~rt, 0. Wednesday moriunj 1?%HN m. jaMEBON. lt. JAMK?T BALU ^tt^hino7" olothintt .1 ^lothino. clothing"! g| H ?vin*on h***}* n?Tl kXI) Y -MADE 6*R fmnion&bl* "*Z. .JhHo th? rreateit indno* rook. A'.an. a Ra? assortment of GKNTs''FURNISHING GOODS. UAK 4 BRO., do 6 lw Comer E and Seventh ttL LtDIES' AND ^EVTLKJV1EN'S WATCQES by *1' the moit oelebreted i*?*ker?. Ateo. re iat>le Timek'epera by lee* notable n?here. at rerr lo? rate* A wee aeaertmeat a 1 vera oe hand. M. W. GAL r k. BRO., . Jewelera, 244 Pe. avenae, de6-3t 4door? w?? of Browa'e Hotei. TJUSr OUT?NEW HOOKS. H E Prieee of W *Jm m Aie*r:oe, by Kinehei Cn'Duallia, ljtoo , eloth; prioe fl. Pet'y AeaetMoee. iron the Frenoti of flonort de Htlseo; prioe f 1 2?. Old Meckieew, to , by W P. Strioktand, 12no. eloLk: >na*tl.K. FRENCH * RICHSTKIN'S, d#? -iTft P?n. fcreuu*. M0T1CB TO TMtt CUBUU. The in(i?riiin?d h\a tntt ???n?d ft wlwlwftti PRODUCK ftnd MftHKETIKQ BTOHK mtiti .It th atrMt. opposite 0*Dt?f Mftrkoi. wwr* hi w 1 fc? r*?*i?iftfl dftilj iMwral ?a?nrtin?nt o: ?rvr? tniiii rhftt |i?*i *ah irpm Ui hftndaof !? firmer*, tuch ft* T*rk?j ?. Ch okfta* D-iokft, 6mm, fcim?. HutUr?ul ftll ?uftnti??. ft' gfti. nor* ^noftft-priftd F^uit. Applet, Plow I will VVH Momp M w li? in tm? oily, AUxttxiri*, or Baltimore DMlera and huakotara ar? r**taeifal y lilTltM fa oalt ana rxaaiaafor theataatvaa. _ ... ? f J. H. CANPIKLP. , opening op millinksy. an satur >( 0Qii4acU4 hy itfr?. 0. PBtamaM. ifaMP ]Vf *? M ft. BISHOP, of 1,011 Ctoatnat it. *** Jk'lMa ?hi%, raaaaotfuTly inform* lb* la-^fl WMhiuRton that ab? a Uanah^E 2*i HiB-nt an la* ?iti iwaat ov?r^^ ' ** ?vt whart th? lariiei ; EteiB?ga l ssmMs&amsi ' a^Kh aranoa, aaar ffotaf.^OS *-* 4 > U< i y I - fv i1!*. ?*<&?*, ;<? ? A km y OrricsBs Pbomotkd(Bt death or Gi* Clabec) and Obdebed ?Lt Col. Wnahlngton Pea well to be Colonel of aixtb Infantry, ordered to the command of MS rep!ment at lie nee la barracka. CaL Major W??. Hoffman to be Lieut. Colonel of eighth la fan try. ordered to tkt command of that regiment at Ban Anloalo, Tuu Capt. (Brerrt Lt. Cot.) Jamea V Bom ford to b? Vajor or eighth tafkntry, ordered to the California Department. * \ ? r m umjm I'tiwiiw tnr?p?. F#RTt.A?P,x Dec. 5.?Tl? steamer Canadian, from Liverpool via Londonderry on the Aid alt,, has arrived here. Political affairs were without any important change. The i'riae* of Wifes had returned hi* studies at Oxford." Considerable excitement prevailed at Loadon on the 21st, in consequence of ft rej>ort tbat the Emperor Napoleon bad quietly arrived in Eng> land, and would reach London that afternoon. The report proved a hoax The railroad station was besieged with anxlsoa crowd to view the distinguished sovereign, but he did not appear. The London Timet hope* for an early reduction of the Bauk rates of discount. Count Alurney is going to Rome on a special mission, with aa autograph letter from the Etnperer of France. It 1a thnt Pnnnt W?l#uriVI will iiiopam! Count Persigoy in the London Embassy. There 1* no new movements in Italy of interest to record The clergy in the Neapolitan provinces were engaged in paying their homage to Victor Emmanuel The Archbishop of Naples w?i a boat to return tohtsSee. The rumors of a new Sardinian loan were contradicted The Dowager Queen of Naples, with the young Princess, had arrived at Rome. Th* French were about to occupy Terraclna. The siege of Gaeta continued. The Piedinontese bombarded the suburbs on the 12th. The further resistance of the Bourbon troop* had been paralyzed by the insubordination of their chief Confusion was prevailing. It was believed that the complete evacuation of Gaeta had been resolved on. Thi Latest.?A dispatch frem Naples says that Ibe ex-King had burst a blood vessel. * It waa stated that negotiations for the cession of Venetia had been commenced. ft,. r uu oiuprcOT du^cuic iciuiui w native un loe 10th of December. The Brazilian rorvette DonnaIsabel waswrecked on tbe coast of Barbnry and 100 seamen and 23 ofllceri lost. Commircixl. Liverpool. Nov. 21.?Cotton?tales of tbe three days past 33.000 biles. including 4 000 bales to yieculators, and 4,000 bales for export The market opened very dull, and all qualities declined \d , and even more for inferior qualities. Breadstuff's are quiet, and buyers demand a reductiou Wheat of all quilties bas declined 2 to 3d. Plonr haa a declining tendency, and prlcaa are <M. lower. Provision market dull generally. Beef closed dull. Pork qniet bat Arm. Bacon quiet. Lard buoyant; all qualities slightly advanced. Pngar , flr.? m d^i. j..11 ijuict wucc urui ivito uuu. awm uuu. spirits turpentine dull. Lo*i>oit, Nov. 22 ?The money market it easier The Bank of England bis agreed to exchange ?*2,000,000 sterling In gold for the same amountTn sliver with the Bank of Prance A better feeling prevsiled everywhere. Consols closed at 83^ a 03*. Wheat hus a declining tendency, and lower qualities have declined la2s per qr Sugar dull; all qualities slightly decllnea. Cottee Arm. and prices weak. SEE THE WEEKLY (DOLLAR) STAR ! IT CONTAINS AMOS KENDALL'S POWERFUL ANTI-SECESSION LETTERS ! ALSO THE MOST GRAPHIC ACCOUNTS OF EVERYTHING TRANSPIRING IN WASHINGTON. ALSO THE GREATEST AND MOST IN tere8ting variety of literary, xews and agricultural. horticultural and household matters. sojourners in washington, sub scribe for it at once, to be mailed to you at home, weekly ! citizens of washington, subscribe for it at once, to br sent weekly from the office to those at a distance who you wish to keep informed con' cerning passing oC CURRENCES HERE. 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D-anea, a moat complete aaaortmect and at ej oeediafly low p'lcea WM BALL ANT YN 7th at. r da5 St Above Odd Peilowa' Hall. ' g?i3T ENGLISI^ ANO^^EHICAN PLA - Rpergnee, F'ower and Frui; Standi, Tea NM.Urm, Waitera, Liquor Frame*, Cake Baiketa, Caatora, Butter Coolera. lee Pitohera, ftp, A larc* aaaortmeot of the above, both EogliiJ &na Amrioan. M. VV. GALT ?. FKO., Jaweiler*. 3#4 Pa ? , de 5-31 4 doora weat of fi^own'a Hotel. r .Mk. D t M M t M via JJ08TUN BR<5Jl!l5JrSJVROWN BREAD! The tmderaiined reaaeoTulIt inform th* oitisea of Waalungton and nrwitri t|?t be haa eatab liaheda iioatoaBrown Bread Baker;, vhioh oa; be had freak ererr dajr by leavinc ordera at hi Store, 9S1 D at., between 13.ti and 13H ate., Waah ' P.CTOLP. ! Bla"1"!t,: blanket. ? I I hveoakauda la-?e a^eortment of Bed Bias f keta, BeiT Coruforta. Mrranta* Blanket*, heav; I Grey Blank eta. Scarlet and l-aooy Blanket*, to HATM TAoae- ??- ?U ** ' : ?(LmJ Wo so#. : BBAR-BKAR-BKAR! W\ I hare juetreoei/ed from tha mountains a hu*e ea-ldle of Bev> weifhint 8-? , pouuria. Also, ten saddles of.ufeTTor VENISON r ~ eJl w,u ^!*rv<id2? >? ?teak? d%ily. Pamlio - "applied yith Stocks or R >aatinc Pi??ee b< , Mndiac their ord?r?a? above. My (took of G AM 1 ??J-*.!V ?*9 ,aWlr any quantity at i Zm 1 Bh?rt ***tio6 id^ on fjrr r^&fOD&bid tornai My (apply ofOYSTERS mail at all timee he as &o< M CftQ t'ft b<)Uf ht. In f(U?t I Kitia *1^r*il tk? _ ,???. hp*v? myumi o*? uonno paina nor axpanaa V* make my Houa* thaaaoa ooaaplate in this country. Mambara of Cnngrc? t u4 oihara who with to take tbeir Nn<i oat wil And mr h->nae varcoottTeniant. MmIi aerved iron . 7a. m. toM 9 iiv Mj ?took of WINES, LIQUOR! r and CJQAifo ia or the flaeat tliat oanbe had. Po litoa *1 attentive a*rvanta alwar* ou hand. da & 4t JNU. 1). HAMMACK, Prop'r {* CANES. , GgL?.l~T -4 . Jeweller*. 351 Pa.av., da 4-8t ddoora wait of Brown* a Hotel. GoLDMOUKT^S'Ll, Ivory ud Aabe Coml?, ail the newer aty lea M. W. OALT k BRO., Jawal era 334 Pa. ar , (! 4-3* 4 doori west of Rrowa't HauI i nf?(TiV EGAN. 1 *.*?" "uf.V.'iKdS'tftU. : TOHa.tR^fcBS Jfflppp |)? fc>8M LK? ^urohMwl during th# rwntrufinj . of the dopuVwd ?nwi X the North andgart. Our stuak ?f DRY GOODS, adapt*] to th? want k of ??r?oni in moderate oirouBi>tance?, wa? n#r? I ko larrit and attraotlv?a? now UARPfcTf?. Cl'R ' TAIN*,(TlLCLOTHBj P*no. aveau* and Ninth Btr??tt - do 3 5t rfry BBi'diM." J fRAVBLS IN THB RBOIOJI11 OF THl : bMi&KjrUumd A UlaUah, or the SmmM, otlwTt'N, with mi introo?rtion bfjtifa Psrdo? Vul?ru? ont? of Tom Browi ttflvM.t MfM j&Ii j ?&!$*!*&? m*"m ? Thi Militant Fomci or J?octm Carolina I ' Colcmbia, ? C., Dec. 5 ? During a discussion Id the Legislature yestrrdav en a bill establishing an Ordnance Bureau. Mr.fthett said they bad had for several years in Charleston eight of the largest size I'slxhan (tuns, which mtght perbsps be used in taking the fort^ Mr MarsteLl sa!4tha iMMs bad three kundrad and tighty-tWo infksVy eewipanlsa, fifty cavalry, ' eighteen artillery, and sixty-two rifle companies, making oa?huni*ed ?nd twpnt}--Me kntt&llions, si*J?Klmente, fo^Heen brigades and Mredl visions. Mr. McGewaa nld the total military force of Stale VU Off,(KM Ben. Lat??t raoM Gcniaia. ISillict.bvillk, Dec. 5.?Nothing of Interest

| b?B trsnapired here to-day . Affaibi in Alabama. Montgomery, Dec. 4 ?The dlaunlon movenan tie aoeedi I y but quietly peogreaalag la Alabama One-half of the countiea will tend aecea iou delegaiee wrtthout oppoUtion. lathe ethera the fleet will be confined to tboee who advocate aeceaalon with the Cotton Statea and thoee who aiwta ffcvwr of aepnrate 9t*te action. The latter will be largely in the majority Deepatchea from Waahlngton in regard to the ' poaltioa of Mr. Curry, of tola State, excited la- | dtgoation amonz h'.a frlenda her? Bta apeecb, j delivered before leaving home for Waahington, waa a atrong disunion Larangne The Grand Jarr of the Federal Court of thia citv. before adjourning, preaei.ted the 1'alon aa a nuiaaare Warm aeceeaion eme.'iia will be delivered on .. IV... W.tW V. J t - - 1 ? l/ajf, U?yiu UC C auu IU l/UiUUlUUi The Breckinridge Elector! are now here, and will cast their vote to-morrow. Avfairs in Charleston. Ck a rikst05, Wee. 4 ?Tbe President! Message was received here to-night, and its moderate tone surprised most people. It was supposed-tbat toe President would declare for coercion Sine* the purport of the Message has become koowu. many are In hopes that tho separation will be peaceful. Tbe volunteer companies here who have oldfashioned arms have ordered at their own expense Minnie muskets. By January 1 the Stale will be on a complete war footing From M ssissippi. Niw Orleans. Dec 3 ?Tbe Mississippi Legislature adjourned oi the 30th ult The Convention bills, the secession resolutions and the bill authorizing the government to appoint commissioners to co-operate with tb? slaveboldin^ State*, were patted unanimously The Stay law ana Mon-lmportatlon Slave act were defeated. The election 1* fixed for the '20th and (be Convention meets on the 7th of January. In a great speech Hon Mr Lamar advocates separate secession and the simultaneous adoption of a federal constituting and the Southern members and Senators to hold a congrea* of the nwsr republic and appoint electors of a President cf the Southern Confederacy. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR? IF NOT, DO SO AT ONCE. TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIENDS AT A DISTANCE. IT IS THE LARGEST AND BEST DOLLAR PAPER IN THE WORLD. IT A&wati Cunt a iss Bette* Accoust? of Kv?YTBI5? teasipibtsg 15 W ashixotos ClTT thar ask pubuaked is ast otheb Newspaper is the I'sited State*. dcUIA PERFUMERY. It >? vary difficult to *et genuine SOAP3. EXTRACTS. OILS. AND POMADKS. Oa<- one experience in th? basinem enables na to offer every artiole of the GENUINE QUALITY. Home of oar own importation and others of vail knowa standard "brand*;" many varieties not to be found in this city, and a'l at the )owe?t prices. 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My stock of FINE PAR7tfIAN FANCY GOODS la molt (Uimnlut 4 nAW in AMra Krannh ?r\A f S^ia. will do well to inspect iny stuck before ttey pnrchate any where ?iM, to oonriroe themselves > hal I my got-ds cannot be surpassed iu heautj, elegance, ftnl qaahty by an> oilier- in the mtrket Having . taken the greatest paios in selecting every article myself when in Pa-i?-, I have no limitation tuosl tbem tho most ia?hiuiabl? produce* fr m Parir; but ladies will b? the best jndg?s fur themselves, . tad 1 only oall their special attention to the following artioles: f Ve ret and Cloth Cloaks, elegant in stylo and . quality. f<-r ladies and ohildr?n; Cloth Ga<t?rs. ;or J ladiei and children; French Ponnets, Powers Peatheis and Riband*; Set* ef p owers, composed of head dress, bouquet for the breast, and wreaths . for trimming the dre?s; m taifioeur Party etaes, and wreaths to match; Wieatin f"r the rvviy iijiq ana ou? ivji wogmu *rim ana **vitt Ornafi*iit >d Heed Oree?e?: a great varioty in Ne'i . for tht hair; Fan*; t*iik aed ac* Cuff?; Velvet ai d Ijftce How?; Chenille Searfe; hand ome embroidered Zouav and Zouave Shirta; a fire au Ttmi. t in Dira* Trimmirgi; Trimmingi for Party D ewier; Gilt Heita. Braidt, Btiok'esaad Buttons, of the ueet Lyonf Gold: Zouave Suits for boya, Ac. I will tenths handaomeat and fine tg >odaat verr a low pucee, having a very large too It on haid. whirh I with to reduoe aa inuoh aa possible helore I tax* another trip to Paria co X eoSwif - T"? 81^YITHE QUALIT'KSM nuu un rnt? 3 ? i i A uCi OUR STOCK OF CLOAKS. SHAWLS and > WINTER WRAPPINGS for l-adiee <are by eur-ihaeers) to exeal in % 1 the above points, n Our stock of DR Y GOODS f>r family wants ia (as usualioomplete mall departments. i C \KPETS. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, . RIJAo , I jiper Floor*. r An examination of atook inoaia no ob.igatioa to t purohM*. . _ PERKY A BROTHER, Daatora in aret olaes Dnr Goods, n Penney Irania avenue ana 9th street, 4 dtSSt "Parry Building" one. two, three and four yjr _ PACED SHAWLS. . W? oiler more than our mil assortment of Brooke and Chamelaioe Long SHAWCtJ.ii one, two, three and four foced (Ueifna Shawl* of the above otasses survive all the changes in makioa, and form a nek, atyliah, and the mostdurable Winter Wrapping extant. Our ttook of all other kiada of SHAWL8 and CLOAKS will be found new, novel a&d extensive. r All kiuds of DRY GOODS in rM*r*l oaa. M. One priee only, the value marked ia plain ifuti, therefore i o purchaser isdrori?ed. n W P 4 II D L'Td nlTUTi VMtt tTMO A?W jlf unnroto, > ul\ ifll.lf, ItUUD, Uib* CLOTH, to., upper floor*. _ HOiJsfc LINENS. HLANKET8.COMFORT8, &o., basement a ad the vault*. Ail x*mination of store and took iaoart no obligation to purchase PEKR YA BROTHER, a P?nn aveaa* and Ninth *treet, da 3-.H "PnrryBuildlat" 17'OR HIRE?A likely COLORED ROY jrfW r year* of ace. 'cava.) He Is vary honest. and " welt teocht aaa haaaa-s*rvantt,and i* only hired oat becau of the owo?(;JMmn| no employment for him Portara?, 4a., apply at 104 Oay street, feaorjetown. de I71 w* r i"|PENINO OF A NEW Ul ^ % restaurant. in ibib?ii ii i "ttitn iivm nouoe to hia trienda and tM&uhlio in t?Mrai that h? will open, S ! " ... JOHN ABJ)tfgp^. t 200 PIMM of BONNKT RIBBONS off r kboncoMbftlf th? iniI ?n?m. Bom* v*rj food - ?tyl?? At US o*ntaMr y?rd. Cft I a*rl/?a4|?tftrst k HENRY EOAN. ?at a?r Av?m? Hon?. DtANKHTai BUNKKTSi' k ^ blankets ; ! n Oft s^ir^to^mftaag " * ? oal^from &Ji iu u 2?gr TA j ????' * " * !"' J w** " ** r'-'*' ^n* >*! ..ia Ml v.*?C - * AMUQMUBI 111 yy a f ii i n g t o n theater: culminatTno success Tt?E GREAT A L^RJLLTARVR (XJRAMMK. WEDNESDAY. D*pbor S TI16 W riUbRAMMF.. L)n wiich Nmiiiip tko rabi*in Pfcam nx will ?t*?>4 in ?nif irm. hj mviUtion. THURSDAY- DM*ml??rs. r*o?. ANDERSON'S MAGIC FARKWELL. Of* (*XD osly osi) Dai P*I FOB **?<"?. Oil WEDNESDAY, Decen.l>?r 5, ftt 2S o'ck>ok. On FRIDAY n?t Willi* produced ROB ROY. Rub Kay Aloiirojor _ VtitL AmUmm In reh??r?l an o'Lxmvl Com#rfj, < 5 act*, entitled Fashions and Vonits of H nthmfton Lsf*. I BALLS, PARTIES, Ac GRANDCOMPLIMFNTARY boaor of the >1 T.NAM PHALANX, br the *%. WASHINGTON L 1G H T INFANTRY It BATTALION. at the Assembly Rwmi, a Luumaca arenue, UM DKCKMBER ?, I860. Ticket* TWO DOLLARS, to prow^l Trow any membw of the Committee*. fjeeemtir* Commit'n . Daw*, Captain Tower*, Captain I In 1 . -? * a f CommitUt of ArrnnfmrnU. C. K. Green. Jtmet A. King. J.F. S. Hoovar. Henry Uorbatt. 11. D Morgan, K. \V . Goggin, Treat. no 21 WHO HAS SEEN THK PRESIDENT ELECT.' All who have not can ?o by attending the BASHFUL CLUB COTILLON PARTY, -A or. MONDAY hVKNIN% Dm. 10. to be Jjt |iv?" at Potomac Hall, flnrner of l lth it/M in<l Maryland av. Tioket* 50 oenU, admlt-UBlA tine a gentleman and ladies. By O'dar of OommitUe. rte 3 Si* j^ook out for the monumental9! kighth grand "cotillon party of the mon i'm k.n ta l club. at Tho?*?' * Hall,on monday O*o*rab?rli Wiiliw?'m oelebntted oottllon mn?io ha* been sneaked JP^R Tickets 5ft cents, admitting a gentleman aadUMB ladies de4 eo?t* COMMITTER. BAND COTILLON PARTY VT or Tfi ftR UNION ENGINE COMPANY, No. ?. M Will take ?lao? On TUESDAY, Deo 11, Ui At PRANKLIN HALL,ror. 9tka*d D,t$ Proanea'a Band will furnish nsnsie. Tickets SI, admitting a sentloman and lad*. de 4.6.Advd WAJVT8. WANTED?By ft raap?etabl<> young fill, ft SITUATION ft? ch%mb*rw.atd ?nd U> do flaiu eewtng. Pirate fttldrn" Box 2Q. Star Offic*. It* WANTEt ?A 81 I'l ATION a* cook, b* a r? peotable young woman who thoroughly on d^mta da Iter buaineaa and ran rone reoommfntH. Ad 're?s Bot -M . at th'? office. It* WANTED.?Peraona wiehing to obtain a good Child's-Nurse can g*-t one by appltinr at No. 499 Euhth street eaa?. near U. S. M. Barrack*. Ue6JiS tlflVTVn A. HITITiTIOVu r/wik K. . r._ v epectabie young woman. 6oo<2 ref ranoe. Apply at No. 107, corter of 11 and Twenty mo ad St*. de6-2t? 1*7 ANTED?By an American girl, from the coon Wy. a s*ITU A I ION to do at*mberw?rk or housework, in aamail priva'e family. addree* a no:e to Box 1H, *?tar Office d?6 St BOARD WANTED.?a g?nt'eman and his wife of tbiseity wish to rngage permanent Boarding in a private family, or where inera are few boarder-: location north of Penn. avenue. Entire satisfaction will be given as to respectability, Ac. i? ddress " Bo\rd?r," at the i*tar 0<*ce. de 5 ft* A N ENGLISH LADY,accustomed to tuition, /V many years a resident of Wasrincton.r^Mres are engagement as governess in a p ivate facuny or sohool. Her qu&'ifications are tne various English branches, Frenoh, music, drawing, and oil painting. Keferences?Dr. Johnston, Hugh B. (<w??ny,andyw'n Leddy, of Washington; Geo Fowle, of Alexandria. Appl* to Mr. Owen 1-eddy, 7'h ?., W ashington: or, by latter, h. L.. VV? t?t. Mark's Place, New Vork. da 5 St* WANTED?A PLACE to do iiouse or cham, ber work, by a young girl who deeires to g?l a good home. Please address Box 19, Star Office. <1e 4-3t WANTED? By a settled American woman, from " the con it'y, a?lT0 4HON in a pri-at^ family ascoofr.or in do chamberwo'lt, or to make i?e se f generally u*efai. P eva addrees a note to K--x No 14, Siar Offioe. de 4 St WANTED^SECOND H*ND FURNITURE. " P?r?ocB dec imr.g housekeeping or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, nan obtain thecasS and fair prioaa by applying at 369 Seventh ft. no IT BONTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From $6 to JT #10,00(1 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURE of all kinds, for whioh 1 will juaranty to pay thahighoat prions, and, aa u?ua!vat the short*at notice. R. Bl>CHLY, Dealer in Farnitnre, Stoven, kt. oc 9 4 0* 7th ?t., bet. O and H. e*at aide. PERSONAL. A STROLOOIST, A MADAM I. DEVISE. D<> not foil to viait tliia !adi l>*for? ?h? leave* the oity. All who are in 'rouble of an) kiad, (o at one* to her. Madame will brinf aayouir to y;u and oauae them to lore y< a ; will irak< m&rriurH and r-mt mnrxi innk : will xiviM in regard to Lawimta, Travel*. Lomm Numhaia 6o. Office and Reception Rooms at RtchmoiK oust, corner F.iehth and D it*.; private en'ra ict oa l)it Gentlemen aieo call. noJ3-1tt* lir WATCH RkPAISIMC " ATCHR3, Ctronomeiere J?? ry, Ao , care fully repaired. M. W. OALT A BKu., Jeweller*, 344 Pa. av , de 4 St 4 d?pr? w?t of Bfo*n'? Hotel. V VIRGINIA MONEYIRGTNIA MONEY Taken at par, no mattei vhai of rood* may be pnrohat'd of me. J W. MOKSKLU tie 4-tf No. 3'J3 C at. betw <i h ant 7th ?U. T" HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P EMKICB- at th* of Penn.I. . I avenue *od Eleventh street, haa ^eny^^l grcaMy improve") reeei.tly an-1 row oiforr XuUt iuducrineuU for the patrca.e of citizTu and htr&cicerB than any other publio houae in tlx cit , hie prio."? being than thoae of any othai hot# on Pean. aTfvne, a??d hi* accommoiationi lor p*rma?i*nt or transient boardete ener-eptinn ahle. Tne bar and ree'auraat arranceinenie of th< Eurofaiu Hotel have already become very pop* 1 v. b mf all tuat oan l>e detired by the moat faa | t.d one Tue proprietor B'edcoe u: remittod alien > t on and eontiaued iinerv expenditure to gireaar l f*o:ion t<> a!:, and thus r*newi ni? lr.vitauon U all lotiw the r- nroyean H"Ul a oall. de 4 tf Buckskin gloves and mits.-i havooi hand a full asuortme- t of Men'a and Boyi Backtkin Gloves, Gauntlets and Mits, direct frun the manu'aetory of Rainshnre & Fibert, George town; for sa'a Wy Hh.NR VEGAN. iUl 7tk at .and 323 Pa. av., south side, da 3 6*. between 6ln and 7th lis. 'I' FINK HAVANA CIGARS. Ac. I HE Attention ofoitisem and ?t rang era ia Mr Uoularly called to nay ?took of CIGARS, wniol wiil i>e found more ooaipl'ia than ever, cnsikUo; of aoawof tho FINER-T STANDARD BR ANDs we.l as NEW BRANDS of a rerj su MF6m%Q mi SMOKING TOBACCO w aan suit all iut?s, and as 'he moit of o?r aoaort ment is made to ardor, of tke boat seieottoaa o Virsiaia aodNorti> Carolina* wo offar aoaethio, "VlEtRSCHAUM firES in groat vanrty, to lather with ever* thing portainin* to ? ftrst clas n:_.. .' * V/uai AUU ivuoouo r^PwiMivninm GEO- W. COCHRAN, 3?8 Pk??q do rrr? tutof ie 1-flt National HoU 1. REDUCTION IN THB PRICE OP GAB. Office of Wamir?*ob Gn Lwht Co.,/ November 30, IMG. ( Notice it kttbw firtu that tba charge for gae ooa um-sl after the Slat day of Deoember next, will b tkru dollars mmd Aft*** eentt per thouaand oabi feat, to all Uio*e whoa* Mile are paid ae r** til rid b the aot of Congren. approved J an* 29.1MR, to wit "At the office of the Coinpaey, wUua are day from the readitoa thereof. all arrear hall have baea prjvioualy no ?-eo4w BeoVeUry in Charge. INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, PAPER HANGINGS, ail frudea and pnoes Warranted Gold Band Window t*hatfaa Buff, ?raea, and Blue Holland (Mtadee, a) ' i aiaee, made to order .. Aieo.ah*udeom?? aaaorUaent of P iota re Car and T&aaela, all aiaa** d ooiwa. Purohaaing for oa?h,aaI al owing no old eioa toaofaiaulam. perron* t>iiU| tire above good will f nd it to (Mr advaatagMb five m a eall. All work executed aad eup?fiaUndad byjraeti oal men wkw> hare served a regular ayprenkmaehi at their traaa. <? i Odd Fdtow' ?? Window shades at first cost-th . took of fcUJkJw WINDOW SHADKh I tfc? toraofi'LAOBTT k. DO0SON, in *1!liim cnitiubif of aU??nt Gilt, L?o4MftM, Gr?y Por hkIU >tiuc Styifla. is p?rh?M tho mootoon w*b.? m&'gt tit 8EL8. id ?U, f-M-Piotar?. P1e?*r? N*i?, wi? 2KT?oUf?T ^Dl ES.ia ?U iim At ?o?t for th* imL __ | IJOME MADE U?'?iuu*irit ??.' ? it ' d* 1>1M ' T PT#T?' Browc'ii HoSlir im i ^ AUCTION 8ALP. y WAI L * HlSNAHD. Aarti > * pHINA.CTTr F.tV.rLATF.D AWOOT?B? ^ Oo?TLT W411, P?iiiS iii> ci^rit ?T*rr itm, ?c., at accth? ?on hlliu^, ia* tth atUft'.ft M toatlll* ?T*f7 (Mil ft.) 18 Ci?p ??l of, ? VI i ml. ?t ih? Mnn of Chi*. K. Orree, t7? hk. ft*. Mvni nth ltd I (fe a r*Hr, n*xt d?or to Ito Ki kw.?4 Hot ?, Ms took, ooirp ia:nc ft Iftrge and Tftriftd n o tm *tFrench 4 * kin*. u4 tl"?r Dui-h , - r*T" . ft*d Ti? **ta of Ui? IfMt atrlna. Pftrian ?* ia< oat. ' "l ?"rr ffrkti(? PnMk. ftfttl An- ricm b twwt , PftriMfti d #ata taa. Ornftsia^tel Paiuh ?*??!<. Midikm, ?ftt* i IMIM i ard ? ao? Frm hm<i. Cordial > ai d Wira Cvt ri, PltMl Pooom M(l Forkf and Cottory, And $ larf e ??on?Mt ofoChor Mm W?f? Ano ? ?> *- aa??>rtr-a?*t U Aarrt?M. Big mm. Ud Eotiiah War* craTOr* tit+ot; pUo*. Th? ala will h* U 11 ic w -th? tW >ywi?' attoa tion at koiwkwpm a ad Uow wn^ini loNrohaw hMli iifffiitu.u Uj* fjoda ar* of tAa laoot aM laataat moortauona. Ttrrnu : 9?r> oaak; n??r that a orodit of Sn and <** dm, for approrod ondoracd toMi.takr >md?,^$rmL WALLA BARNARD. A?tt. ?y BARNARD A tt'CRKY. AwtioMora. tfiiriiiMn, /). C. STOCK AND MX TURKS OP A RRTAIL Gkocivt hi a Moras an* Lot at Avctioh. i?n M??.%Da* MoKr?iN*?, l?U laataal at ? o'oimk, t? vi 1 m I at tha ptoro of tAo Maoara. Rut ra. at tfcatit ra<o U>a of Waakiactoa atroot a id tha Caoa'. Gforjotova. al! thoir Ptook Aad Pixtoraa. on?ipr?Fi?f? Voi? Poarl ?t?'tt B"i*? Tobtwu, Boxn PoroGrooad Uf*, trp.f and Manarooi. ^ _ , Ko*?* Lamp B;?*.T*oka aad Maatard, Shoot Bla->k and Gr. ?n Teaa, >*aa i'and>a. D<rk and Light Boa*. Matohaa, Kngaaod Cant AxlaGraaa*. Barrel a NaivinnU', Jaeka?a'a, aad XX Old R?a Whiekeye and Ntllct Win*, Itaekou, Kega. Ae . gk<lttir B?in. Bin?, St?nd? P ntform fcnlee. A :.d other articles uaunl'T kept in a Int elane Grueer? t'?o nnmerone ! ? enumerate Teime: $*> cwli; orer that * an a eredit of eiKty m4 iiikIi day*, for ipprttM endorsed note*, bearing interest. Aleo. at the nine* Honeeard Lototoopied by the Mo<*ri Hitter. Terme at eal?. rde t HAWVaROA WI'CtKV. 'net. Ily J. C. McCUIHfc A CO . Auct.oneera. FXTEN*1VK 8ALK AT AUCTION. Bfru ?T? D ai/^f r* PfB a- ???* ? u nil n ni/yoa rtn.*n vn*. ELE6ANTfTbonzK.aWVIaN JJJ M?Vn few T*n fca* _OIL PAINTINGS. Piun Fo'te, fn.l S*tfD <>cuv?i. RoMVood Cut, Elaborate!? Carved Left, with Pearl Key*, and a very n^rior ta tranMBt in every war. Runv o< Parlo' baaaufally oarred frame*, e nered with riok Satin Brocatell* and VmtW Plutb. RuwwooJ Bureau*. Bedstead*. Etegeree. fide b^ard.Cent r and Sofa Tablee.Tarkiah Loacgee aau Eaay Chair*. Lao as J Brooatet.e Certain*. road** and Cc roioe*, Hru?*?,* aad Ingram CarpHa. With a variety of rich Fanoy Ornament* aad Bo betnian Ola** Ware *e don net with, too aa mernn* to Mention. and nut be eooa to be ay eroeiated. Patieain want of good Furniture, Ao..or artiolee uitahle for Holiday Preeoaia. wili do wel> to nail and examine tbe goo l* previoo* u> tba aaie, wkioh will take elaoe on TUESDAY MORNING lie* ?>-*n*rr. ooiamencinr at 10 o'o'oek.aad oont cue oar wd ev?n D| therratter until tne whola are OiMud of. The artioe* w.h be ready lor exhibtUoa on Tnu:a*a imminf 6th lnsunt. Catalogue* at aaie d?6 d J. C. McGUIRK A CO , Aaoia. THTS AFTERNOON ir TO-MOllROW Br J C. McGUIRE A CO.. AicboMm. ttUflA CORPORATION STOCK AT PUBC>Ol/U i.ic Sale.?On TO MORROW (Tbara a-y /EVENING, Dooemher 6th. at ? o'olook. atM Auction K wmf, we eha'l teil in iuai tr aatt? 3#?' Corporation of Wtahinftoa Qaarter.y m per oett. Bt>ok. de b-2l J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. A notoHr BONTZ A GRIFFITH Anctioneea. POSItlVKSALEOP DRY *?OOD8,CLOTHP. ruimnt, Vmi^ea, Ao-On FRiDaY MORMM?,iwo?mNn 7u at 1* o'clock, on >Im fir?t floor of on r A notion Rooata. are will eell a tare* oonsiccment of Dry Goodi, Clotka, Caaat U.V . ?.U., -Ulllf I t?ll K r ut in P?laic?a, BerAKM r?roh Calieoes. L user*, F:*nn? a, Irtata Linen, Toweling. Clot ha,? Maiman, 8i:k \>atio(a. ?*ti*eta, Cwaiawta, Cloth V?atinja, Hoaiery. Klovea. Woolen and **tef!a Hiawia. i Conr.f >rt*, Opera Hcoda, C!on?la, ft*. Teraia *a*f>. 0*4 d BONTZ k GRIFFITH. An*ka FUTURE DATS. By J. C. MeSUIRE A CO., Aaotioaocra. 1 CALK BY ORDKR OF TBET ORPKANS* ? cocsT.-Oa SATURDAY MORNING. D??. I. at 10 o'c.cck. in froat of tit* Aaocioa Rooms, we haii Mil a lot oI Farmtur*. A a . comprising? i Kadft'aia, Bedduc, Bnreana, Ta-:laa, Chair*. Looking G a#***. Waikatar.dt, Crockery and Glaaa War*. GJd Watob. Cart and Harne*a.Ae.,Ae. Term* oaafi. MARY J. WILSON.AdiBiBtHntrlx. d*?-St J C. XUGt lRK * CO., Anota. By CLEAR Y A (VRKEN. Anottoaoera, 406 .\tnlA rtrtt. 17XCELLENT HOL'?KH??LD an* KITCHEN U FVBHITVai AT ACCTIOS.?On MOftDAY, tn* ltfth ia?iant, at I? o'olook a. m-. w* abali aal! at No. 43* Thirteenth treat, bat. north G aad B atreeta, ? tli* r*aid*noa of a family cUo'tamc ho***keeptnc, an fxc?il?nt aaaoriment of w*ll kept Hoaaeho'd > and twnobea Furnitare; ?r* nam* in part? > Fine aeven oetar* Ro**vood Piato Fort*, of 6a* ? tone and fw.iah, I CarveU Wal' ut ft?fa aad Chair*, Spring seat Parlor and Fancy Chair*, 1 Ma' ot*uy Maul* top (J*nterand Kout Tabl**, mahogany and Walnut Marb'e top Bnreaas, MAh<>gany and Wa n?t Marble top Waabsinka, Walnut Jenny Lini H<ah K?0at?ada a 1 .lit W a r ?4 w Kaa VI aahaUn.1i a?J Piii all na aia ?? n i ' ? ?* ? ' Ul ?MU?, I ? mVWWIVW ? bxtru on DiDioi T?'?m KtlriiemUr, PMbtfri CottM? Chur'jwr Seta. ni l f tm?d Mlirorc, Ptioi OrotiMib Sawiaa Maofciue. made by Wh?l?r* Wilaoa, ooat iloo. r Hair,-Cotton, and Shack Mattrcwaea, in* FwlUr Boda and BMrfiut, Cat pat*, <>i!olo<?n, Mattinc, * *?. tMiuiK,Cham dm. Hat!, and otfcer Cham, - T -Uot 8*<*. Mat Raska. Paintivca, Fine Cut-err, Cat ao<t other G a*a Wara, l Cbu.a and Dicurr Ware, ' Ex~H>*at Cookn.g Stove, Radiator aod CAanbor Tjy tnar vith a 'a-f? lot of K<tohe? Regain tea. l>nn*: Ai. auic* of and nrdsr *3# o 30. a c a Jit of thir y days, for Aolea aaUalaotoi I y tado a?d, tearing interest .>5 d O.kah V A GtBRN, a act* B? JIOMZ A bRIFFlTd. Aaa ioaaara. f ARGK 8 JOCK OF TOYS. FANCY GOODS, Li 1 ITLZET. ClDt ADD C>< CklAT <*'** , A T Acctiur -On SfA TI'RDAV KVrAING, l>ea?Bber ttji.oommcneint atPH o'clock (an<t eon ti name ev3ry nntu -l* wen'eatoek iedi*posed of.} ' tewi;l a?li at oar ^" .n? No. TtA street, he, t?Mn 1 and K streets a ifcrge awortaiaai of Face? ' Oootla. T 'fa, to . comprising to pvrt? W. o en U deiahnU, and Drawora, Hoeior* olall kiod*. v:i!u? ? rp? icq ^ruoen, Chin* Vm*c Cologn* Hot lee, - OrnekKfUd ttlutvtr*. Dream ng B?xe?, Work Boim, . tt?ntIrtncts' Dreeeing Cum. I, Pocket ud Table <'utiery. I Superior Don b e Barrelled Guns, a Portmoaiee, 4c., 4c., . Togei/rer with a large aeeortment of artielee too numeroua to meBtlo>B. e Tenna cun. oe 4 oott BONT7, 4 OfclFPITH, A?e*a. Br J. C. MoGUIRK 4 CO.. Aaotioaoare. ' f^RUSTBKTS 8ALF OP PftlMlTfMM ads Lot in tiii Fieit wa.*n>? Oe MONDAY, I theS4thdayofI>ec?r).:?r ai4ooio*k?. mMoaU* premieee. by rirttie of a deeu of tract to t*e nkeorioor, date! Deo*inb?r Si. 1156, anidaty reoonted IsLitorJ A. S, .No 1 'J,fnlioe23*j?tee^ ,oneo. tfca :%nd record f?r We>ki?(tni or,,, I) C- I shall Mil . the voat h&lfoi Lot buid >ered fire in 340?re n? bared eighty -four, fronting SO feat on >rw York ITMH, between ?'th mm) ZUt etrecta. aad riuni Ka.w I A f^? ?W. PWV1I <0 |V*??W|VWIVI WIU1 IMC 1 Igf' \f TWmPUfi oobaittiag of a mmII itwm dvolltof kotN T*om: Oat thiro c**k; tfca mmmw ia tmmd tt e mor'tka, witfc taf r?t, aaaaraa by a 4m4 mf traat ! "T rc&mj.Kz. a BO n-Uw**B V A CARD. i V,,-rJFfejUBWSMT"TAKBH AT MI. . , . and Good* aoM a* tka lowoat markot ytiooloc a?h. ' A.?f~ior stock of CLOTHtN? M*nk*ri, k laf Uia pauo, vi *L1 ofWr axtra iJawm'i U * "f fWWW. _ _ Tki imiim D*mac*r Pwto! aad Wtmrp'* tar - .hoot.,. ' d!r*_ 4 dooreVfftT'ferow..'. ?iil. K IV. A. MTBNKR't* IJ*F.!?iiMAKIN* KsfABUfiHMKNT. t, 1 It re "V/u)?TMlJT? jA. h M^aiul?a(^MtermMU. u?*2u' ?n^1e to ord?r h? n?| Um > Ms id the )*?. .*?.im1 London it!* ? tlx - WW tm I-sjggfu,. ? n ? d* 1 1W * IuiEL U11^ I * *i?<" : b?i "-:?? BAT