6 Aralık 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

6 Aralık 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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- i.trrnt/- ixtc i'u Mai li printed on the ftiM ?'vai prw tii ow couth at Mtlnora, tta edition U po )nry* m to require It to W pat to pttm at an e^rlr boor; Advertisement^ therefore, should be sent In hrlor* It o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear or til the next day. Noticb?District of Columbia Advertisements to be ?-itwt Ib tbe B alt twos r 8cw aw received t and forwarded from Tax *tab Oflce. Tm Pctsax Phalatix?The fine-looking Nndv c4 soMteie arrived In this ettr ?t d o'clock list evening from Baltimore. The Washington l.iaht Infantry Battalion, company A, Captain Towrra and Lieu la Tucks* ud Powers, were t>m In fall winter uniform in their now fatigue rape, and presented a maat aoldter-lt ke appearaaca aa thev paraded. tTXy tmrf mnaketa atrong, throtrgb Pennsylvania nrrnrrr. preceded by the Marine Band ander tbr 1-ead of Prof. Suit. A large rrowd followed the Inftntry to the railroad depot, where U* cntapanv formed in 11 ue In the building and waited for tbeir expected goeata to arrive AH the odlceta of tb? battalion were preaent In Tul'i uniform. At aix o'clock the car* arrived, and in them '.he atraneer aoldiera, who descended from tbeir ?eata and formed is tingle file upon the i'l?tforn at the rear of the atation, and, preceded ?-y tbeir band of martial innate, marched through Ike depot. Aa the bend of the line reached the hall of the building, the Marine Band atruck i l a B. _ a _ a >a - a _ - M a _ *_ Aa n *l ii:p a lively bit, vo lue munc 01 waicn iuc uonuiir-nuli marctird in review in front of tbe Infantry through tbe depot to tbe pavement in front. Tbe Infantry cloaed in, and eacorted tbeir gueata to the National Hotel where Mai. Davla, of the Infantry Battalion, Introduced Enaivn Allyn Godwin. of the Continental, to tbe Mayor of Waahincton, and tbe Mayor welcomed the atrangera to the city as followa : sraaca or xavoa b?*?*tt. Tbe higWv agreeable duty la devolved upon me I of tendering to yon in the name of my fellow citi*rn? of thi* tbe political metropolia of thirty-three inarpendent su;n [applause J a rora:ai greeting. It is oo unusual occurrence, air, far the volunteer , militia of tbe aevrral 9tatea of tbia L nion to viait wr common Capital; but 1 venture nothing In a<iving when I announce to you that the presence of no corpa from any State of thia glorious Confederacy could confer higher honor orglve greater rleaaure than youra to tboae 1 now represent \pplanee J It was. air. If my memory aertea me right, In .New England a darkest hour that the g rau-st tnan known to htstcry left the ahorea of tti broad and beautiful Potomac, to assume command of those gallant patriots near the city of M*iton la it not therefore fit and nron*r that on th.s occasion, whfn a flitting rloud mmi to pau , over our political horizon, that the men who illustrate the history of that great Captain who dared tn lead where any dared to follow, that tbev should be found wending their wav to that sacred spot vi here repoee in silence the ashes of the immortal Washington [Applause] M^jor, this is hardly the occasion to indulge in this train of remark; but the manly presence of vour magnificent corps cannot fail to revive any latent p triotism that may be found lurking at this time iu the breast of the American patriot. [\pplause ] Hut, air, 1 shall forbear. May that Providence which baa directed roar footsteps ta-tbfr and afforded yon the protection of the generous welcome everywhere, continue to preside cv< r yoa until yon shall navea^ain found repose at jour coin mo a IIresides and your common homes. A^ain, air, 1 renew to you the?tender of a most cordial welcome. KK4POSSK or JUDGI ADVOCATE STCAKT Oa the conclusion of the Mayor's speech, Major Godwin introduced the Mayor to Jud^e Advocate Muart, who spoke as follows : Your Honor?For the truly kind, eloquent, and wholly unexpected greeting which you have ... . tA *k? P..tnon U. ?V J u?iicu ?u ?uc a ?Hiau. M uatauA, iw UICUIUVII return you. sir, their cordial thanks Military strangers a* we all are to your city, aud but tarrying tastily within here upon our pilgrimage to the tumb of the illustrious Washington, we 'accept of your courtesy for meeting us in a manner tbat prove* so highly agreeable, and our obligation to you, therefore, is much enhanced We a-e *11 the more gratified for the surprise it gives, and because particularly it furnishes indisputable testimony that you sympathize with the great pirnom of our organization; and that you her< take pleasure In being reminded of the heroic ai.ti revolutionary authors or American freedom and rejoice in the noble principles and noble Institutions which they so early established. [Ap piiuse ] T be period which we commemorate, Mr- Mayor is indeed ore so marked by purity of purpose, b) loftin< ss of aim. and by warm and glowing ener g.es of love and labor in behalf of oar then infaa republic, that It Is the profound and zealous con temptation of tbe faith that it is to do good?grea good?to the heart of our couatry; and with thi * Lope that It u to operate as a grand and beaiini power fi>f any Ills which may perchance alflic iitir rw*ar>1o f \ nnUnc* 1 To nrnmnLi m rnnf^m ?-?"? ^ vpiv J W VMSVVW i,WU?CIII plaUen inch as : Dis, to bring Into nearer ilew tb< men and tbe virtue* which adorn these oidei times of peril to wbtch yon have refer ?d, ia tn high aim and pride of our battalion [Applause. And so, Mr Mayor, in a garb which is pattern?) with exactnesa after that of the Father of hi Country, [applause,] and with music auch as tba which waa poured out in the only strains to whlci be listened upon the battie-tieida of tbe Union,w cou.e to hia striae, yonder upon the banks of tb Potomac, there to add fresh vigor to our own r? lection* upon that epoch whl h he ao adorned f and to renew oar tow* oi aevouon to our comma country. [Applause] * To be welcomed by yea, sir, with such cord mltty, upon oar military pilgrimage for this pui poae. permit tne to assure y?u. sir, afffcta t deeply, aod taaaking you renewedly for th rourUay, we now pass to the quartera prepare for our battalino. Tue Phalanx then marched Into the hotel ami the (oid plaudits of the spectators. visit to sscbstast toccst's. After part <king of tbe repeat wiiieh bad bet pre;?:-d fur them, about quarter to 0, they we a^airt termed In line, wuen they proceeded rQtluinpiiuira witu musiv, iu i uc ici der.ce of Secretary Toucey, where a large con pauy of inviu-d gueata awaited them Among those preaeut we noticed the follow!r Kentie?i5?r?: Of the Cabin*!?Secretary Caaa 9e retary t loyd, and Secretary Tnompaou. Of tl Army ana Navy?Col Harria of tbe Marli Corps, Commander Uuchauan of the .Navy Yar Ccnimodorr Smith, Capt Powell, Capt Le l.ieat Russell, Meut Davis, Chief Engine Archbold. Paymaster Gallaher Citizena?L Parker, of Chinese renown. Judge Huntingto clerk of tbe Court of Cl%lma, Mr. Ledger. aoo-i law of Gen. Caaa, Kev Wm McCain, Philip 1 I Clayton, A?a"?tant^ecr?"tary of tbe Treasury, M f Welsh, chief clerk of the .Navy Departing Capt Schaefer of tbe National Hi Am of thla cit Mr ^wlft of Philadelphia. IrrivIM at thf RMTCtaiV'l nidtaCT. Ihf Ot rrn were personally introduced to Secretary To fry and to tb? outer member* of the Cabin ( reient, waea a social and pleasant intervn look place The members of the corps took p i.iioa 1a tkemain parlor, ranged in military ord< and werr visited by Secretary Touct y, w availed himself of tlir opportunity to excban tUe customary salutation with esxb membi Shortly alter U>e arrival of tbe corps the numero quests were osbered Into sa adjoining roo wLt-re was mspisyea an eieganuy nrrsngeu n? on which wu sprrad a most sumptuous repa After th? lar^e company had suAciently re^al to^nin?lv? a, the meiubera v( the Phalanx w< ceiled together in the main parlor, In the preaeo cI their hoet, Secretary Toucey. ariicH of thi ;cx?i advocatx Judge Advocate Stuart then approached t Secretary and addreaaed him aa follows : It la the desire of tbe meinoers of the Phalai honored elr. before we leave, that I ahoald < press to you the crest satisfaction the v take in 1 courtesy which you have bow extended to the We hall the opportunity to pay our respecta. goodly portion of your life has been spent in tl old State of Connecticut from wh ch we con In the growth and prosperity of thst State j have always taken a deep Interest There, w d stlnguisbed ability, iudusUy and success, j have long labored in the paths of jntispruden at tl mes in these of legislation, sua. for a cons ersble period in tbe rlcTUMt spbere Of ui Magistrate of our Mile. We take you by J hand, therefore, as oar former fellow townsm neighbor and frleud, and la the fact,air, that i occupy an aialtod place la the Gorernment of nation, that you take place and rank la lta jTrine cabinet, we, as members of the same municipality with yourselves, as having trodi with you the Mine streets and breathed with ; tur same social air, feel gratified and flatter And we feel assured, sir, that In tha happy vel'jpraent of thia organization you, apucta will take deep interest We, and I may aay it to yon, sir, nd In y presence?we take a notification In the Rsn t'.onary history of old Connecticut, because i Pute, as one of th? old thirteen engaged la uiighty work of eelabliehtag American 11 be sbc signal I zed herself aa we Utlnk by a remai ble patriotism, and by remarkable effort bio d and her treasures, honored sir, were pot ut upon the battle Ssidasf our embryo Kei lie. without a atiat aud without a murmur. M of her sons, aye, very many, foundaoldler'sgri r?_ Ls III I. H>. lu.Vi nl an idc wejr *!" ? m?u ?w ,H, ? Savaunah, while the booea of others bloac upon the aolitary baatoof the SC. Lawrenco, in the then gloomy foreeta of the Wret. Toe memontc with theee, and with thane their c portions In irnn, who survived them?bat * Inm sir, wo Marly tU gone to their grave.? to commemorate also with tbooe of ether 81 who participated in thai grant struggle of (Uden timea, this grant event to the high ambl and the pel do of theae onr Phalanx And our sincere trust and hope that thn people whor we go, through our auggeotlvo appearance, be lured lnlo the contemplation of the exj v rtuee which adorned our revolutionary ot l u>r?, that aa hbortr aaay bo again left aa ft w '' -> *> mitod norltv. with ?oawone ^hllAAikfOpIC w4oi a I ?I "* ? del is the true **ructu/e of national love to all tbe a overtlgntiea of the Mirth [Apptanae ] 1 And h?, honored ?(r, reawnrlng too of the t great pleasure vour lnvtution V,a? given na, and t bow with thv wUh that mi may kmg coat'oco to 1 enjoy wealth and proaperitr, we bo; to bid you a cordial and respectful good night ' ? <! bcbetait tottcbv'g bispoicii. Mr. Commander?It waa not my lnteatloa or 4 expectation to have aatd anything on thia occa- f ton I mutt, however, aay that it nffmtia me u?- 1 feigned pleasure to meet with tbe katimoay of my 9 raaprotrui rellow-clt ieoa on an occasion like tfci*. ( have to thank yon cordially for the honor yon hare dona me in accenting the Invitation which I extended to yon. Without making any alln?1on to the praaent atata of affairs, which la perilous, in my judgment, ?a the extreme, I rejoice to we fan here at the seat of government, whara yon can perceive and know for yourselves the perils which at this oh >nent surround, aad which threaten our happy eo In try?a country that haa been prosperous under th j preaent government beyond all example, in ar cleat or la modern times; but yet from canaea \rell known to all, we are at this moment In the midst of the moat fearful crisis thit has ever assailed onr Institutions. ( In thl; state of sffhlrs it affords me the moat unfeigned giatlflration to see this company here at the seat of Government, bearing the emblems of the beat (tinea of the Republic, of the moat glorious times of our country, when we were engaged In the war which brought ultimately thta ftnvern. inent into existence. 1 do feel myself assured that howtver passion may have carried away some, and however otbera may have been misled, I be lleve that throughout the whole North there is a deep conservative feeling, which will rally to ] save as from the dangers that now threaten us. 1 , cannot conceal the hepe that there is some mode ? of extricating tbe Government from its present perilous condition. While yon, gentlemen, are , .lit / V uciruiin^un^ iicrijr wuu uui icuuw ciwsfiii iruill , all parts of the country, I feel sssured that you will be able to carry home to your fellow citizens , information which ia not readily reached except ( at ?ome auch central point. Rejoicing, therefore, to have seen you on this | occasion; rejoicing that vou are about to visit the | grave <.f the Father of his Country, whose fare- j well words we ail recollect?and would to God , that we could all realize tbeir importance and tbelr truth?I say rejoicing at this, 1 respond to , everything that you have said, and bid you a kind . farewell. -n. J The Phalanx were then ranged in line, and es- , corted by the Infantry to their quarters at the , National Hotel. , The Putnam Phalanx Is made up of some of , the wealthiest and influential citizens of the State pi i/oonreucui,ana numoen upwards ox one dud- , drp<l and fifty musket*. Among those com- , posing this noble corps is a great-grandson of Gen. Putnam, named J. P. Tyler. The object of ( their organization is to revive the patriotic spirit of revolutionary times, and in?til into the public mind an abiding love for our country and for American liberty. The major part of the corps is composed of men past the prime of life, and their appearance In the uniform onr fathers wore during 1 the st-nggles lnqfl^ntal to our early history, Is i calculated to inspire all hearts with patriotic sentiments, and this was evinced last night at the Theater During the performance some members of the Phalanx made their appearance in the parqaette. escorted thither by Manager Glenn, and at the sight cf the old fashioned uniform the audience simultaneously greeted the wearers with a round of the heartiest applause. The names of th<- officers of the Phalanx are as follows ?Major. Horace Goodwin. First Company?Captain. AUvn S. Stillmnn; First Lieuten nt Tl m aIKw \1 A Dt'tt* I lunianant I iuiviui hi auiu| i^vuuu #a?. B.Shuttas; Ensign. AilvnGodwin. SecondCompany?Captain. Alex. M. Gordon; Fir?t Lieutenant, Oliver 0 Seymour: Second Lieutenant, J a* H A?hmead; Ensign, Win J. Denslow. StaffAdjutant, Jo# D. Williams; Quartermaster, E. II Strong; Paymaster, Jas B. Crosby; Commissary, Henry C. Deming; Asasistant Commissary, Alonzo W Birge; Judge Advocate, Isaac W. Stuart; Chaplain. Rev Asber Moore; Surgeon, Dr. Tho?. Miner; Sergeant Major. Wm lsh&m; Quari termaster Sergeant, Oliver Ellsworth. DisTKict or Columbia?The Secretary of the ! Interior, In referring to the District of Columbia, , says: in my innuit rfpomior i-*o- ana i&w, anuuon I was made to the fact, that the Constitution invest* t Congress witb exclusive legislative control over th? District of Columbia, vet the people of the , District have no voice in choosing a delegate or s member to participate in Its councils The ab aence of any direct responsibility on the part of the legislative body constitute* the basis of appeals , to its sens? of justice and liberality in their benalf. r The past is full of evidence of the generosity of - Congress to this District. Liberal charters have t b?eu granted to the cities of Washington and - Georgetown. Judges and other judicial officers t have been provided, at the expense of th? United e Ptab-s, for the administration of justice, and the { maintenance of good ord"r; halls have been sopt plied for the accommodation of courts, and a jail _ t. >p f ha ufa-koaninii nf n?ia/\nafc 9 twtnllanllavif tui tuv vt I'l ' VVII t i >| a y-z IKKII k.ai y s baa been built and supported from year to year; i bridge* hav? been constructed an.l kept in repair; e streets and avenues have been paved and lighted: ] an auxiliary police force established and paid; and $ a heavy expenditure has been Incurred in brings in# a bountiful supply of pure water into the it cit i? from a distanc*; several squares have been h inclosed and tastefully adorned; a hospital for the e Insane has be?n erected, officered, and supported, e and provision made for the education and main. ' tenanre of tbe deaf and dumb and the blind. 1, Much has been done, but more is required and n expected Owlnjj, however, to the want of any deftnite rale or settled policv on the part of ConI cress in respect to appropriations for these local r- object*, It Is difficult to deaignate other and addisa tional Improvement* wbleb ought to be made at la the eipense of the United States d To furnish en illustration, I need only refer to tbe action of the Senate at lta late session. This d department was required by that body to submit an estimate to Congress at lta approaching session for the construction of a new Jill for thla District. :n Such h building la needed, ar.d the appropriation re for that purpose would be proper. But on the d, same principle by wblch you would erect a jail il- for the aafe-keeping of the prlsoneraof the Dlatrict q- you would enlarge the City Hall for the accommodation of lta court* The only question of disig cret!on which aria** is thla : la tbe necessity for c- additional court accommodations aa urgent and ae presaing aa tbe erection of a new jail From tbe ie representations made to me I consider an addid, tional court room more necessary and more pressc, log. In submitting tbe required estimate for er building a new jail, 1 have adopted the plan de r. si^ura dv Mr. uiarK, arcniieci ior mis aeparto, meat The proposed structure would be suf n- ]|' iently tasteful and imposing la appearance R. simple and commodious In .ts arrangements, r. capable of barmoalous extension if Hereafter it, required, and ecouomicsl In tbe cost of oonstrocy, tion as well as la the outlay that will be necessary for its safe-keeping. 1- The number of Inmates In tbe Government a- Hospital for the Insane has Increased from year to let year On the ttrst of July last, the'e were from >ur th? trmv '>1* fruin th? nm'v 10* frnm th#? Hnlf)l?p'a x?- Horn* 4, snd from civil life 140?total 187. sr, Tbe number of puplla taught during tbe year bo ending 30th of June list, in tbe Columbian Instige tution for tbe Instruction of tbe Deaf and Dumb, er. wis 30. of wbicb 24 were mules and6 blind Th? u* receipts of tbe treasurer were 56 509 48, and the n, payment* by the superintendent were SO 839 <*>? le, the excess being met by a balance in his hands on *t tbe 30th of June, 1W9 The State of Maryland 'd has recently made provision for placing pupils In re tbe Institution, ana accessions bare been received ice and others are expected from that quarter. Tbe principal object kept steadily In view in managing tbe Penitentiary of this District, bat he been to make it a self-supporting Institution; bu this deatrable end baa not been attained Tb< iX experiment of hiring the labor of tbe convtcta li dlt-rent branches of mechanical labor baa beet the made: bat the machinery, shop* and grounds an m not or a capacity aut&cient to admit the lntroduc A tlon of a variety of employments of this kind. ?a am a# tin a AniniAM that minft rhinff# mivht hi n<> made wi'h advantage, and therefore recommeiM ou the enactment of a law under which the able ith bodied convlcta might employed in gr&dlnj rou aad improving the public grounds around tb ce- Arsenal. > Idl Aa an incentive to good conduct, It might b ilef proper to provide for tho payment le eaen eonvie the who ervoa -Hit bta term of aentnnoo without an an, insubordination or infraction of tbe rulra of th rou prison, of small per centum, at bta discharge tbe upon tbe value of tbe labor be haa perform? iu- whilst cod lined wltbln lta walla. old ten Th? Levy Counx met on Monday. Th< Preal ,ou dent of the Court being absent, Robert Whlfc ed. Eaq., waa called to tbe chair. de- Numerous supervisors' accounta were ordere My, to b? paid. The committee appointed to innulre Into tb our expediency of causing a new road to bo and ?lu- from tbe rood from Brookvtllo, In Maryland, < is a Rock Creek Church, made a written repor tbe setting forth the expediency of carrying out M rty, wlshna of tha petitioners. The question wai rka- after discussion, again referred to the commltto Her to aacertaln tbe c??t of rlgfet of way. * ^ ^ ? - A .... A tL. - - - -A - -I ired TB? l/uau ?iu ?< < vuwi w? ijuiini tub. report of tbe Treaaurer of tb? County; examine uy by Joaticee Kennedy and l>rary, and reportc iv.1 correal. the The claim for damagea far making the road bed Queen Chapel waa referred ta the Clark, to aott and with the clalmanta oa their execattng prop om- deeda to the United Statea for the laad embraot om- la tha road. . , , rho Application# were made and liceaaea great < ?nd to l|r^>era of taveraa la the county, Latea . tbe ViiXAiwoea ?La?t night, aome fllthy acao tloa pewd up Eighth atreet and uaoa th* froaU of t It l bouva north af tha Patent OAce wrote obace (T? wordt In large chamctera, In black paint, witt ma* bruth, which could be read by panaeagera t kited dMaace of a aquare'a length It la a great pi mm- that tbe acamp whtf did It waa not dlaeoeer ma of either by tbe property ownera or a policeman, aelf- weald hare Wn better for tha tormei to hi And detected tha peraon.aa than be wonld pamlt itura U?t btm pu^ahed wlU> tha aererity he Aeew*< ' .? - v / .?< 1 A ,f I H?r\u| W eaamV. JV ha*.:l.vf.?,ln^t m of approprilions for the nexUtaftkyt%t contain the follow na: DiatrictofCohntiMs FWi1teiitlary.f22.W825; >ob!ie hntldlngt and groanda, Ac., In Washing on. #fW645: portico north ffoot patent office tuildinji, t?5,W0; jail, ?IW,WO, government labium for Insane. *33.50;, institution for deaf, lamb and blind, ?3,U00; Patent office, drawings o Illustrate report on agrieuitoral atattatics, #97,00; for tbe eapitol extension, ?ft00,ow>; for the 'eaaral poat office extension 153,330 ia necessary o complete the work; tbe sum of S15.U00 Is rehiIMIV rrtf Ian AUY Knll4i .? /> AS IA |U1IVU ?vi III Hv V'M ?V ? W ntroduce hot and cold air. Washington Awul, or one brick building, 310 by5<) feet, two-stories, late roof; for sea wall, 9 feet high by 5 feet wide it tbe base. beveling off to 9 feet 8 Inches at top; tiling in apace from sea wall to present shore; uttlng down high rioer banks; grading west rent; conversion of "modelarsenal'' into quarters or commanding officer, fences and repairs, Ac , K4,W0. Washington Navy Yard?for We conserratloa of works sud current repairs, 9 10.006; repairs if the Petotyic, navy yard and upper bridges and he reads appurtenant thereto, In Weahfnrftoa, (6,900. Appropriations for repairs of Pennsylvalia avenue. #3.000; Public ReaervAtion No. 2 and y*Tayr xe Square. for taking care or tbe :roonda aouth of tbe Preaident'a Houae, con tin ung tbe improvement of tbe aame mad keeping hem In order, S3,UU0 For cona true ting tbe celar of tbe nortb front of Patent office building nto office and atore roemi, and tor iron railing iround area and flagging, >12,0(10; for the care of Fudiciary Square, *500. Fibs ?Between four and Are o'clock tbia mornn rr a Hrn KpaIt a mt# 4 m a a??Kl> ><li a Ug, ?* uiw viv?o vu? in a srauit aujuiuiu^ ? voilentersbop belonging to W. H. Parker, opposite 9olanger's restaurant on 0 street, la the First iVard. and in a short time this property was enirely consumed. Unfortunately, tbe lirecommulicated to tbe large and handsome brick dwelling tceupied by Mr. Milton Garrett, and that adjolnng occupied by Mr. F. Lute, tbe owner of both bouses, which were Terr seriously damaged by ihe Are; and a back-building attached to the resilence of Dr. Johmton was also very badly burnt. rhe property of Mr. Parker was not lnaured, and a total Ion The loe* by the burning of Mr. Lutz'a property la about $3,UU0, upon which there a a partial lnauraoce. The other property la aald \o be lnaured. Unfortunately, the crowd of young men who had wrought hard to aave the property, arere Injudicloualy furnished with liquor by some person. Many became intoxicated, ana riots were about to enau?, when the sober minded cltltens Interposed to prevent it. &ome of the police made several arrests, some of which parties were released and others taken away for trial as soon as convenient. The trials will take place before Justice JDrury. Up to thetlmeof our leaving two ?nly had been tried Mr. Jas. Freer, who tried to prevent the riot, was arrested and dlamined ; Van Loman Johnson waa lined for diaorderly conduct, and aeveral others remained for a hearing in III ? IIAO taici. A Last Cha*ck at tbi Thiatkx.? Only one opportunity remains for those who have not yet seen Professor Anderson's magical performances, to pay him a visit The last night of magic, spells, enchantments, wonders, and transformations has come at last. To-morrow he is to perform a trick more wondrous than any of the marvels he has vet made manifest It consists In no less than the transformation of himself. H>jr.' presto! and ofl slips the magic garment, off falls the enchanted Gap, away flies the talismanic wand, and the magician becomes the actor?the Wizard of the World is metamorphosed into Rob Roy. VYe believe that the play of Rob Roy Is to be presented with much splendor and great attention to accessorial detail. Mr. Anderson's impersonation of the nrlneinal character la cairf to he one of the best things on the stage He haa made the atudy of that one part a labor of love?the love arising, we believe, from the circumatanee of hta having spent his boyhood among the acenes of Rob Hoy'* exploits and adventures. Gautier haa long been celebrated for the excellence of bla culaine and for the admirable system and good taste diaplayed in all the arrangements of his well-ordered establishment. But it was natural to suppose that those who enjoyed the luxuries served up in such style must pay accordingly, and ao we were not a little surprised, in a visit there yesterday, to And the articles upon his bill of fare set down at lower prices than is charged at the commonest "cheap" (so-called) restaurants. Just think of a plate of buckwheat rjikM. in Ganti^r'a itvU for K r<?nU nt rnffi>a or chocolatc ditto, or sirloin steak, with 'fixing,'' for *25 cents, and so on all the way through the bill of fare! We could not have believed It, but seeing and tasting is believing! Gautier's number Is 2S2 Pennsylvania avenue. cxittkr Mariit. ? Though the market was largely attended by dealers from the country, as well as the licensed city dealers, who presented an ample supply of provisions of superior quality, the demand was hardly in proportion, and the activity of bu*1ne?* was not equal to the expectation. l.arte lots of tine poultry, neatly dressed, were offered yesterday in and ahout the market. by country dealer*; and this morning the quantity In market wai very great Lota of country port and beef were alao offered from wagoni, in the pace and at the scale Louse. The bay standi were fully occupiedat an early hour. The pricei have undergone 110 change of consequence alncc last week Crimipu, Court.?Yesterday, John McCann Patrick McCann, Cbaa. Flnley, Joshua Scribner and Patrick t assiday, were found guilty of ar affray in Georgetown on the27th of February; fln< 86 and costs, each. William Jlawllngs, charged with asaault and battery, submitted his case, aud wai fined SM. Thia morning the Court was engaged with tbi trial of John Lrle, charged with the larceny of i pocket book andSIO, the property of John F Col lins, Georgetown. The caae waa given to th jury as we left the con?-room. Ckktial (JcAED-Horgi.?Joseph Goldtmit] waa arretted last nlgbt and taken to the Guard bouae. Hia offense W!fa calling the Putnati Phalanx "a set of abolition aona of b?ha." Tb juatict very clearly explained that these gentle men were not U) be insulted with impunity i this cltv; that though they might not have hear the remark, the language waa not to be tolerate in our atreeta; it waa a violation of law. He 01 dered Goldsmith to pay 810.94, fine and costi Al?*niiri?r alias Sandy Jackson was nrrMtcrt ft steeling butter from Jefeu U. Caldwell; con mitted to jail for court. Natioatiox ia fully resumed at all point* c the Chetaprake aad Ohio Canal, and a cons'.de able number of boats laden with coal, flour, graii &.c ., have arrived at Georgetown, and many moi are on the way The scene ia one of latere about the roal depots, as a large body of labore are at work and the canal for some distance abo> is jammed with boata some passing through Alexandria ana ciaer* waning weir iura to i discharged at the depots In Georgetown. Dkoppid in at the Christ Church Fair (Thorn Hail) lust night; people enjoying themselv amazingly; l.iaies as pretty and sweet as eve Robinson as active as ever in proflaotiug the ge eral pleasantness of the occasion, aiidTn fact a the Christ Church people aiding and abetting make visitors so enjoy theoiselve* as to be sure come again aud again. ? Djm't Fail to give the benefit of your preeen one night at least at the Fair at Odd Velio** i Hall fbr the aid of the poor orpbaas Vnu w I f?*l hannlur md hotter aft#r rflntrihlltincr va t mite for these parentless llttlu ones. i r . Mrs Smith's Institvtk ?or Yousg Ladiis. i The next quarter commences Nov. ?2 At tbe i i union In FetKuary, the first division of the seni t class trill graduate and receive the gold meda s of the Inatitute. '[ , , , 3t* [ Attistiok Is called to tb* advertisement | pew-rentlng at the First Presbyterian Churc I Kour-and-a-half street, this evening. Wutu'i Balsam ot Wild Ohxrrt, " Curt.' Bronchial Affections and nil Distant J i 1 Lunr*. Froai the Boston Evening Traveler, iannary 6 , II u pvrii?jri uui * iiiuinu ovi ui iuhuuo t<> ? i proprietor* of Wistmr't B<*l*am qf Wild Chert] us to say, U?at our pertonml urperxm'* in the ?? thisartiol*. hu impremed ua favorably. One < f I 0 proprietor* of the Traveler ?h entirely oared o t severe cough nt four months' oontmu&nce, bjr I j use of this Balsam,and several of o?r friends and i e quaintancns, who have tried the artiole, have fou it of great servioe in relieving th?ai of sovi 2 coughs and shortness of breathing, vitk whioh tl had neon aJBioted." None (tannine unless signed I. Butts on \ ! TOSkdbyS. \V. Fowle 4 Co., Boston, and . sal* l>r 5?. D. Oilman, 8. C. Ford, jr., #. B. Waj ' G. Stott, John Sohwarze, Nairn tc Pa mer, Wa d mgton; and by dealers everywhere. de 5-1 w Coughs ?Ths sudden ohanges of our eHmato ie sou roe? of Pulmonary, Bro*tkial an.I Attkma M tons. upvrwiiii* nsviaj pruTBi. mm iim to reaaediee o/wi Mt apeedily and oertainlr wl t taken in the earlj ituu qf the dieaaee,raaou ' anoald at onoa be had to BreunJs Brunei ,e Troches," or Loiengea. let the Cold, Couth, or ?i ritation of the Throat be ever <> alight, aa by 1 e, precaution a more aeriona attack mat he offset a warded b . Public Speakers and Singers will I i. thaaiweotaal for clearing and atrengthentnr ^ voiae. See advartiaemeou de 1d Hollo way's Pill? ajid Oikt**st.

Bums, Braids, Wouttdt, Brmises, tc.?So n to fluttering teebmoniala oan be adduoed of the im le dtate relief whioh Hollowat'a Medioiaee affor CT aofferera from theae terrible eataatrophaa than Ml readiaeea with whioh raedieal men use them in rata praetiee for all eaeh aoctdenta. J he ft ^. feature ia the Otatmeat ia that it leavea ati >a Mar nor bleaaieh of ta.? akia No Caniily ahoal without a aupplj of theae invaluable remei Sold bj all Druggiats at 2So.,?o. and 91 perbo 1 p pet. ai 6-1 !** To ru Amicmt-lt* mm ta read the ad * tiaement of MoLean'a Strengthening Cordial 1 * Blood Purifier, ia another ooUauu uc - ^ yf DIED, l? > On the mornrnc of the 6th inatant, in lk? Kkl ol hiaa<e. Col. MICH AiJL NOL'R&ii.. . ?ly hia funeral. from hia lata r?utanae. No *ttl r1 m. >wiH| atreet, oa Saturday M >#' look. wwoT^ .* . *?< .? m6?") ?? $ ~ "BOAEDIN'O. ' ! 4 .r . * ft fl ORiVATK HOARDING.-A (?(I?IM!I ??H hn * wif*. *r arirlfl gentlemen, can k* ?co ruin tuft ted with good mk >1 Room* and Boardmc in a private teaily. by makici ear.r MfiiMtwi at 3311 ?ttoy>o ite Fraaklm gqaare. d* 4-6V \f fcA LA? A few gentlemen banal ie*ptn? ao1*1 ocipwintioM oaa otUia MhIi on re**#nable term* at No. 364 D ?tre4, betwaaa ?h ?ud l'?th >*?. de 1-^t OOVRDING.-A family, o- two r>r thro? ?entleI ? mfi, ran btaooomm >-l%t*rt w:th "oara at No. 463 Ninth ntreet, on* door ?ont)i of F et. Trrmn moderate One of the Jarimt a-ul most den *Me If ix?m? in bodjs, lurmaneo wnn vuir and im, ik no# uoooutwd. Ta!>.? iioawJer* Moommoda'ed. no a 9t* Boarding.?Good R?om, owfortablT fur i?h"d, can be obtained at 273 P street. tween 13tn and llth, oa m?dera:e term*, vita or witboit Board. Location convenient and verj pleaeant. no 77-Jw^ BOARD and ROOMS-a fine Front Chamber, and other Room*, with Board, may be had at No. 4A8 Twelfth ?t., east side, between O and 11. Table Boarder* ?4ao aoeommoriated. FOB SALE AND RENT. [For *tkm /* Salt mm Jlntt" mdvtrtuimimti, *'*Ar*t pat* ] FOR RENT?With all modern improremanu, a news ftorjr BRICK HOUSE, (fmrnnhed,) on O itreet, between ltth and 19th ?U., No. 194. Apply on the premise* defray* FOR BALK.?A gentleman expecting to leava Wanhincton offer* for ?ateai?nia 1 vacant LOT, in Square #HS. at a great aacrifioe. It i* within the oonterrpla'ed extenaion of the Capitol ground*. Virginia money will be takmi at par. Apply to THOS J. FISHER, E*q. de 6 St* |?OR RENT-Afou'-atory Brick HOUSE, on K, r hfttTMn 4th And .tth ntrt?+tm- haa 19 rrvtmi tnH a bath-hnu?e. Rent moderate. For ttrmi applr to GEOROK SAVAGE, Washington; or to J. LlBBKY & SON, No 37 Wat?r street, Georgetown. Alto, on L, between 4th and 5th streets, a two story Brick House, with 6 rooms. For terms app1* as above de S 3teo* F~5R RENT-A front PARLOR and CHAMBER . neatly furnished, at No 3Tt? D street, between 8th l 9th sts , suitable Cor Members or other gentleman sojourning in Washington. de 6 3t* Hrrndon first-class boarding HOUSF..?Several larre and handsomely fur uiRn^u irvn% ni'uiim, wun ?u ino iinruum laiyn'roments, m*T be h&<i hj ivpplyiar at the shove house, corner Ninth and F streets, near Patent and Post Offices. de 5-8t* A PRIVATE FAMILY (HAVING NO CH1Ldren) havirg two Koomi to spare, would tak< two gentlemen to Board, or would rent tha room' furnished. The room* communioato and arc lit with gas They would hare a pleasant home Inquire at tha Star Office. de yw* A COMFORTABLE SMALL DWELLING House, (two stories and attic, with large oellar and back-building, > neatly furntsMid. in tn< West End or the city. The Furniture will be sole at a bargain for cash, and to any one baying it tin house will b* rented at a low rate. Apply at oncc to J C. McGUIRE * CO., Auctioneer*. de 5-3t Furnished rooms for rent, at 40s i street, between 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR andtw. CHAMBtRS, on the second floor. 463 I2tl street, between G and H. de 4 3t* FOR RENT-The FURNISHED HOUSE a 339 K street, between 12th and 13th, (Franklii Row) Apply on the preroisss. de 4-3t* A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PA* LOI and CHAMBER on the first floor for rent, a No. 4.50 Twelfth street, between G and H. de 4 1 w* TO let?A two story brick HOUSK, contain inc 9 rooms and a ptssace. It is located at th corner of E and Seventeenth ?t? . oppntite th President's Square. Low r?nt to a good tenant Api?iy aext door. * d? 4 3t* COR RENT? Handtomaly furnished ?uiu o av'u^hoi ?iwi ii i u 11 v? i^v. vui EleTeath atreet, between Pa. avenue and K at. da 3-?t* FOR RENT?A PARliOR. on the first flooi and three fine Bedroom* on the floor above, a No ?70 Pa. avenue, two doora eaat of the Kirk wood H?ii?e. de 3-*f FOR^RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, of etories. containing 12 rooina. located near th Treasury Department, formerly occupied by Ser.a tor Big<s ; or I will rent 5 rooma in ?aid house Also for rrnt. a una 1 Frame Houae, oontaimnc room* and kitchen, Inquire at 4*20 Fourteenth *t between H and 1. de tf Furnished rooms for rent.?seven nnatif furnish d Roorna can b? ortained at rei onab'e rate* on application at No. 82 Third strei east, Capitol Hill, three aquare* from the Cap to The family of the advertiser oonsista of two p* aona, and no children. de l-e? 6t* COR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM O n vi' i iiu_tu nnl'xv i:Rnnvn<< i>i? I M-4 - ? (% W A Iiw * a vy v > u uitu w u V 1 arv -? occupied l>y Pommtster General Brown, ?nd ve reoentlr held t>y Mr*. Smith aa a female instilut For further information apply to CH AS. ABLK Esq i or to the ubseribor. THOMAS LAWSOV, i de 4 eotf Surgeon General U. 8. Army, FOR RENT-Two handgome Fl'RNlSHE PARIjOKS and CHAM BKRS. with or wttho ( Board, at J. P. CRCTCIIET'S, 4T7, oornr of6 and D sts. (1 ntel.) de 4-eo3t* ROOMS for RF.NT-Two Chamber* and o w.fortahly Kuri,.sh?d Parlor, at No. '.Ho, ec j nerof E and Eleventh sis. dej^ 6t" ; GM)R SALE OR RENT-A Ins DWKLMN I r HO.USK,_coat&iniiKs 11 Win and fine yai ntuatfl ii02 1 st , between aoth an<i visi us. r terms pleaee inquire next door of Mr. Bl. HI NANT d? WW [ t?OR RENT?The HOUSE and STORE, on I _ F avenue. First Ward, oppontethe Seven Bui ings. The store la at preeentoecupie.1 by Mr. LM e a? a shoe store. Possession given by the 1st December next, or before Foe particu'ara p et , inquire of Mr. DYER, at the store, or at Mr. CA a ROt 'S. next door. I- lis 1-1 w* WM EMMF.RT * EH>R RENT?Three beautiful PARLORS, e r the hr>us4 292 ti street, corner Fifteenth I >' occupied last session of Congress by Hon. A n Humphrey, are bow for rent. Also, the Pari< 4 now occupied by F. de Haas Janvier, Esq., in I 4 same house. Tnere are also several fine Roo . suitable for single gentlemen or small families.w I or without board. do 30 6t >r 'T'Hfc UNION CLUB HOUSE y. 1 ASD NEWS ROOM* No. 448 Thibtkxnih St., Between Ponna. avenue anl F street, 1 mtm tk* AfiiUAr. r" This house will be open to GtntUmtm ea'lj i, December. In the meantime a timited aimbai e Koumi can be engaged permanently, t no3Ht* B. DONNELLY A <H r? I?OE SALE OR RENT-A three storyHk it V basement BRICK HOUSE, with back-bu to inc. on E street, between 3d and 3d streets, nc >e ?ide. For further particular* inquire at the hoc furnishing store of McGREGOR k. CO., No. i Seventh st, opposite Suter, Lea k Oo.'s Bank l>g House no % 1 ft PQR RENT?A four-story brown front DWI r; r l.lNG, sitoated oa Thirteenth st, betweei n. and Mastaohusetts av.,oneof the most desirs .11 locations in the eitjr. '1'he house is furnished i ,? marble mantles; a'so. gen and water fixtures, r *? bathroom Inquire at WM. P. SHEDD'SFa ^tor*?No 5Q3 E erenth st. oo 27 3? DUI RENT.?A three-story BRICK OWK1 r. r I \8 HOUSE, with back building, on Ittk No. 470. between F and G streets. Apply t< 1U KIRK WOOD. 476 Two fth st. no il-d ur tpOR RENT?Two ROOMS in third storw, * joining .with water and gas, or a fins PARL< lif hted with ga?, in second story, in a pleasaotj of the city. Terms low. Apply or the sremi No. 4St> Mass. avenue, between 4th a<w Mb e" north side ao 16 or * 1 A ?k?aa .?A? UnrdL" 4 ,l| Ki'V/^ li wn i n ?urw / imivm i 1 taining 8 room*, in good order, with (u tare* eomploM, on H *t?eet between 4th and 0f Alio, a two-?tory brick COTTAUK, with li ,h yard attached, ooroer of F street north an> 14tl east. To paaotatl and reliable tenant* tne te will bo moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth sti between G aad H. no 13 ^ j\T No SKCESSTON.* iloW IS THE TIMK P??R BARGAIN ' Great inducements are now offered to all pnrsoi p* wa?,t of CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOC ?? HATS and CAPS, at the People'* C othin* H No. 460 Seventh ?t. Come cue, come all. and your Clottuus at greatly reduced price*. at f* no 17-lm_ ^ J. H. tftllTfl'S. 41 *?" TJEAVV CLOTHS ind ?1 . AND CASS1MKRF.S. are Fine Cloth* and Casaimere*, ley Velvet a? 1 Silk Veating*, Silk Shirts find Drawers, ' the Merino Shirt* aad Drawers, Heavy Hibbod Woolen Shirts and Draweri XT .J llUI, mm.?a />! T jur niu. on?, aiiu i?*iuiu uivtob. ite Cotton ?i,d Woolen Ha f Hose, ah French Shirting Linena, j Iriah Lanona. We invite ail pertona iu want of Dry Goo arc any kind to give na a oall Tie VVM R. RILEY 4 BRO., pic No. 3fi "Central S'orca, hen Between 7th and 8th at? , rac no 28 tw Opposite Center Marl OAISINd! 'm RAISIN i : It K A I 8 1 N Sti! 1M Rava? anai# nA? I AcAe Vftldlni u? Uo. rd? d.." Kidi ???. K! KSar^A-fr 5" ? 12 IVU Mil. UU? UU. UU, U?N V". * In and for tale very low, to clo?# ooo? ment. by V. A. RKl D * CO M -?>? N?,?g^.hW^.AI??.d dto Ar FRENCH * RICU8TKil'l,8. ?T? Pi the > Am*nu /?r Ut tekoi* WmrltL aiacMitlr bound. i'mh4 and papfr.f"!' Tar*o? oTt: if wnt by n ther T*? Moral History of Woaaa, fipna ?> F d bo of ?r%Mt Uun, traaslaMbf JTw. Palm< iV oaoJ1#! ^T: V^B?NOHPU>WKRtipF THK Vfc*Y i T * ,"u"?*"* TwijraM*;. 1 fmji M*. htw.fcnim3!V>U ^|T?r U? d?7V!H0M t qHirtj/ "Tide r .* ;UrW?a .??*.** " J" GEORGETOWN. CwrUfonAmc* of The Star. tt??ii?T?wn December ?. IS# In ttoc Board of Common Council, on Tonday l?b?. a resolution ia r?!atioa to lot r?. the tn ImocrtoTrinitr (Cattallc) Church burial mhiJ eaclaard there wilt the feat clause exempt' a? said ' let fr.tn tuat'.oa and tbe aecond from payment of the special tax levied for improvement of High 1 street, which paaaed tbla beard at tbe last aeaaton, tad was amended H? the Board of Aldermen by striking oat the aec?nd clause, oame op for con- 1 Stdrration. 1 Mr Tenner was la ftrtr of the amendment Tbe lot was aat yet a jrtave-rard. bat he bad a* doubt It was desired or intended for that purpoae. and be would vote to exempt it from gen- 1 eral taxation, but not from tbe special tax(S?1ft 75) ' levied for the improvement of High street Tbe parties concerned were aaxious te have the tax imposed for tbe Improvement of High street, and signed tbe petttlon. with other propertf holders, ' i ... a * ft.-1? tJLa i- w. - - it-- _ ivi ?uo mjrtuvrmcoi- i\ unii iou is UCivrr iuau no bread, and they ought tu b? aatlafied with the 1 exemption from general tax at* on after paying the ! tax for eleven year a. and bad better accept that then nothing. .Mr Fearaon had talked with member of the Other board in relation to the matter, and the raae af the Preabyterlan burial-ground and the Weat Georgetown M K Church, both of which had I bean relieved from payment of the front foot tax < for atreet improvements, being mentioned, the Aldermen were willing to pot thla on the mmr \ footing with others Don't make fish of one and | fleah of another. All chorrhea and burial-grounds | are exempt from taxation by law. I Mr. Tenaey aald the law exempted " house* of i Cblic worship and public burial grounds," they iBg not sources of revenue That waa the prln- |( ciple The pastor of Trinity church, after asking to have a tax levied for Improvement of the atreet. aow asks to remit About 81.000 will have to come out of the treasury for the improvement of , High atreet, the front foot tax not being aufllclent; ( and now you will take *2I? 75 more out of the i treasury, for that la the effect of it. It waa wrong | to remit these front foot taxea, and it waa done In the other caaea cited probably because the amonnts were so small If it is done in thia caae, Bridge street (Presbyterian 1 church will have artahtto have tbe front foot tax raid reimbursed to her. Mr Stake aiked if the law of exemptiea does , j not uy all taxn ' Mr. Tennev.?" No, sir." He then Itated that he bad looked Into tbe laws on tbe subject, and found a la w repealing that alluded to by Mr. Duulop at tbe last session, which exempted all church property. It was found that parsonages, Indies' academies, Ac., were exempt, and that the ? churc hes might amass property for revenue, and 1 the repeal was passed Now. only " bowses of ' public worship and public burial grounds" were exemiit The Convent feeling aggrieved at the reDeel. took stens to pet tfcpir nronertv removed out of the corporation limits. He bad always | thought the action of Congress In that matter was [ tyranieal and oppreaatve; but being no sec eder. be 9 bad submitted He hoped the amendment would i be adopted. Mr. Feaison bad for a lone time noticed this . feeling against Catholics. He was no Catholic > himself; didn't belong to any Church; but would like to see them have equal rights and justice. Tbe tax on tbe Convent property was eooraaous, ? and they made up their minds to slip out, snd did it before tbe wise Ktekiels found it out He - knew one thing in tbe history of tbe Catbollca * here, and that was. they eduratM about 240 chlla dren, furnished them books, fuel, k.c., and didn't compel them to say prayers t Mr Tenney?Nor the Catechism* t Mr. Feartoii.?No, sir; they are allowed to l??rn It, if they choose. Mr Tenuey again having alluded to tbe petition of the mmjortty of the property-holdera for tbe improvement, with tbe name of the pastor of tbe ? church on it? Mr Stake ?a!d that point bad been made several - times He would ask tbe gentleman if it bad not [f often happened, in his experience here, that prop? erty-holders were deceived, and petitioned for improvements, supposing their property would be - exempt from tbe tax. He knew tbe worthy pastor r, would not have troubled the Corporation if be had known this matter would have consumed so 1 much time After further discussion, Mr. Tennevsaid he 3 wag willing to accord Catholic* exactly the same ? privileges a* other deneminations; no more. Other denominations had tbelr schools The 5 Catholic wa* a large public school, and they :, might have private reasons for it. He thought _ pupils were specially taught the catechism , Mr. ?take said they were thoroughly taught all * the branches of a good bnglish education. The Pt catechism was not all. i|. Mr. Tenney thought that was a tint qua ??. Mr !*take? 'No.slr. The children of Catholic parent* only are taught the catechism. Yours p would not have to learn it If they went to the I 1 * . I t _ At I- A.A. - - x it a ? * A. Ij sruonj top*' inn maiwr win oe ponponea so ry our next meeting, and the gentleman will bring * that repealing law." *' "Agreed to; and, on motion of Mr. Eogllah, the Board adjourned. ft GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS :h WARNING! WAKNING:: ? WARNING'!: Don't hoy a cent'a worth of Clothing until tou ?r- hare examined our atdvk. \Va eel 1 at the loireat poanble price*, audtaka paper money. for uotxia, in on any good bank in the country. [Y A. SCHMIDT A CO.. ' daft 8t No 100 Bridge at., Georftown. G- APPLE?, APPLES, il AMD ? POTATOES. IJ " 100 barrels No. 1 Bad win Apple*, r 81 do No. I Nonsi uch Greenings and Pippin Apples. p 19 ba.re.s Jackson White Pntat >es. Dstj exported per ?wtiooner J. W S??v?r from Now Hampshire, a&d will be sold low on or txifore ? arrival to olose the consignment. in H *RTLEY * BROTHER, it., d* 4-1 w *9 and 101 Water st, Georgetown. Ira A ~~ NOTICE. :he All Notes take at par fur BRY GOOD? at E ma GUTMAN'8. 117 Bridge street, south side. W< ith Lave just received a sp end id st< ok of Kid Giovea Gauntlets. Embroideries, Cloaks, fhawla *c. ? from the latent Baltimore auctions, wmoh we wil se l ciioap- r than ever. >. P. 3 ? We have also reoeived a splendid sttle oi r ancr urei? an coijib per *?r?a, wwi m Don't for*?t the plaoe. E GUTMAN. de3 Iv 117 Bridge ?t . south aide. in lUsFRfceKIVKDr of J 10 hhdn. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, 150 bbls. i#id Rye WHISKY, ). 250 btil?. HEKKING and ALE WIVES. *~T" 60 bbls. Cruahed and Ru6n?d f>UGAR?, Mr ?> ba*s Rio and Java COFFEE, 'i?.- 10 hhde.f low priced) MO LAPSES. >rth Pnrulo h< JOHN i. HOGI'K. M 10 l?e- : >30 1 100 BBL8. OF FRIMK CIDER, Jl'?T Arrival and for eae oheae for cash. ? no IS ARNY ? 9H1NN. 5L.~ (VIa^sEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADEL kk LU PHIA DRAl'&HT ALE.?Wo are oonetantl: kl>'* recnwiut treah suppLiea of the above del it htful be* r'.u erase, and invite all eeraoM who want a pnrau run kUuiterated Ale. to (ire it a trial. 9pJ ARNY k, BH1NN, AjenU, t fll i? flrt?n ?U. 6*ort?ti>wa ,L LOST AND FOUND. Itf _ ?H. ? OST?Thie morninr. between the Metrop-?ltta iu I i Truck Hr.ua*and steamboat wharf, a fo d FO ,-rt CHAIN, with ??al attached. A liberal rewa-d wi be paid if left wiU W.C.HARPKR, J97 P? *> *t*., eaue. . 1_ H tf T7* STRAY.?Came tn the farm of the nbeoribe Hi near the dtatribaMog reeerroir ofthej^rrfj 'fix. \N n Aquedncl, ? ' ?d tod *ti>" VMf 5th COW, good am. Her right horn htcdiSsa tr.0 downward. Mid there is a mall pieoe out out of tl i tt yf "*ht *?ar. The owner will oome forwari irma prove property, pay charges, and take her away. '?&" de6-fc ^ JOHN CRUMBAUG0. ? \*7 ASHING TON COIINTY, D. C.t Sd or l)i ?? r-KMHUi, Ih6d.? Bn utbt before the rr\ qi_ s?if.so?ilm,a Justice <it the Peaoe in andj^TJ ,V? for Wa?hintU>n oonntr. D. C.,a? an estra? , iw aiUik wfi 1 H0R8K, about 18 Ian'4* hifh: oi whits iuud f Kit ar.d white ?p.>t in hia forehead ai i' amill o?fd around hit neck; apparently about 1 yearn old; found treapaxa cK on tre pretniaea ID l/e?i M.O?bt>rn, about the 38th of November, - mile* from Waatungton eity, D. Cj,on the Fou teeLth street I'mey rtranoh road The owner ci ?n>n? f.irw?n). irniii nrnurtf. u, charcea. at take turn ?wa.y*. "" ALfRRD RAT. J. P, C* 1 A REW.VRO.-Uit, Oo'. U. 18M, bet we, <D I" VVftlhlCKtuU d-POt ud P otJir* %o boat, '* a-uail BOX marked " G G. Andrew a, Goidabon NrrtU Carolina," oontainiuc Gilt SiiliU-y B?l p>o? atauiped with e?*t uf arinaof North Carom The above reward wil! be paid for tteo return .. _/ the aame ?o theofioonf Adama' Kxpr?ea Co. d,of da 1 st.STT P.8. MoLAUGBLlN, Aft ^ f\ CASH! I/l' INS the rait week we have made large a ft dtflona to oar atrwk of H!t GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS, a<yt, bajuig them andei the hear* preaanre in t mo?ey awkat for GASH, we offor them to t trade a ad at retail at a email adraaoo oa e wrehaae price*, for CASH. knowtaf CMU it la li thaa at wfcich firat oiaaa >?* - WARDROBE ARTICLES A. 0jM?fc# purdiaaad Oar lock, alwaya ooakfieU, . . - tew aieh wt?' than noa! in uaw. BSdw^tru and Drawera, Amtlwnrn'i Dreasinc Kobea. toned ? JCid and Wanu fro*?, BBS WMoh *-.. >o W for CASH. We wt?S, BOWerer, to t>a understi .. -T that our ?aiei are confined to the newest ttyl? VrevKwr?, g?g|g del lilt SaA?' ftooat, Beown'i Hon isa WjbgSSSSfi? MV?tPiaet?. I X neofci and Ionic alee? ?; low n??ck? a?d nbort ?lee & *zr*s $ma [) ?.?* 1 ?* THE LATEST NEWS ) TCLEGBifHlO. TM Prr.M?l'i M??|? ? Virgtau. M RicIxoid. Va , Dec 4 ?TW Prullapti Mtv Mf? (mlrd a (rwt imikIIo*. w weeeet mt the President* rle*r? and IMeaOea* retarding mmm*ion. It xomwv aaeh a*a>wt Ch? ImNnuwo fthe di*unionists wk*aver that tk?f ?<|W ta hr >! iMnJ tr> amia mscmM* If Ikaa IM. are of tbe opinion that the Pr?iN''i iMlntcUoaa to lh? commander of P?rt Moultrie will nun a great deal of trouble, and oerto-w appre bemr.ont are rnte-tat ntd In regard to ft, bt>< thta U an idle conjecture Public optaloa to Ml ret meda up in ra?rard to tbe matter. Cmnirtlm ronatdrr tbe Preaidtnt'a Mraaaet a #t?e prodoeUon . Hon J. M Botta baa written a long letter aet Ung forth bla acbeme for acnilag Uia Slaeer? n is an eniirfijr original ecaeme, ana !f adopted. wUglva utUfictiN to b th North ind Sauth It i Mxioualf io?kad for by ike public. A grand maw mooting. Iriwpactlw of party, Till take place neit Thuradav. at LyncAbvrg Mtettif ef Klrctoral (ellegea Bmitiria. Pa , Dec 5 ?The K loo local Callage of the ?uie cast their vote to-day for Lla ;oln aad Hamlin Ricmmokd, Va., Dec s?The I .lector* or< here to-day for the purpose ct casting tbe vole of the Htate On aaaetnhl'ac, the an Braektartdg* K tec tors declined to t?Le part, ea toegreead tb?<. though bv the technicalities of the law the* a?1|rM he entitled to vote, they were aot in lac* elected Tbe nine Bell Elec tor* then filled tbe *-a<??etaa, u.d cut tbe rote of tb? State for Ml and trmlt Jehn Ml?#r Bella Ml Swnilw Rttbmond, Dec 6 ? Laat night, at tbe bnnq<Kt tendered to tbe State Elector*, meat at ?* loeecUea made were atroofir In favor of the Union, and alao in favor of a Convention ot tbe ? border Slave Stat**. Hon. Jobs Mlaar Motto, however, oppoaed tbe right of aay State to arced* from the Union, and advocated a mo'l to force by tbe Federal Admin itratlon if tbe lawn co"Id not otherwiar be upheld. Tbia view was opposed by two ml tba prlnci pal ?peek?ra, and failed to meet witb tbe approval of tue audience. .Hail Robbery- ~ Chicago, Dec 4.?a train boy on tbe Chicago, Burlington and Qolncy Railroad, named W H. nuuwm. win arrnvm lor roo? iuc ma; Is of note* and drafts to the amount of SI 1,000, which were found In his poos'-nslon. Be wu e xa mined before Commissioner lioyne and held for trial. _ Secretary Floyd's Oplnisn as USrcsulst. Richmosd, Dec. S ? Secretory Floyd Uii tot ter in the Enquirer tb s morning ho dine to tfac right of seceauon, but would not exercise the right until every tien.s hid been exhsu?ed to nreaerre the Union. At rresent be is in favor of a State Convention by Virginia. Oest|U MrlMiit I aafereace. ArsrsTA, Dee 5?The Georgia Method 1st Caalerew*. now In session here: have appointed " committee to prepare an address condemnatory ct the custom of the Navy requiring the nae of the Episcopal form of service on shlpa of war. Railroad Accident Ea*Tox, Pa , Dec 4 ?I.a*t evening, ? a freight train waa paae'.ne through the bridge at Freeman*bnrg.eight cars ran ott tbe track ana broke through the flooring. Francis Melgban. conductor, waa killed. The bridge waa not injured Tbe < anal Telia. 'ALBiXT, Do-. 4 -Tbe caaal tolli received for the aeacon exceed by or ftj.uw the auw of three Bullion*. Tbe Vote of Texaa N*w OiLuiio. Dec 4 ?Breckinridge'* majority over Bell and Douglaa ia32,lU9. Alexandria Market* Alexandria, Dec. 6 ?Flour?Family 00a 17'* i, extr* *.j zsaa (Mi; mwr wfc7u uo wneai ?white SI (*?a*i ?U; red *1 i?i?l 10 Com? white 50*6Jr ; yellow 55063*-4 mixsd55a61c Rya 66a70. Oats 30a3te Corn Meal ?0*7?- per bnsbol Seed*?1 imothy #3*83 50; Clover K ?a8? 03; Flaxseed 81 40?8l 4V Prov.*ion*_ Unttrr, roll. lOsdUc.; Bacon Italic.; Pork 8? n?s87 SO. Lard 13a14c. Egga 14alflc. Whlaky ?4a30c. B*lttB?r? marks** BaltihoKb, Dec 6 ?Flour dnl\ Howard sold for 85. Wkest dull and unchanged Cora doll and heavy: new white and yellow 4?a50e Provisions dull, and quotations generally are nominal. Coffee ha*declined H?\c; Rio I3al4e. Whlaky dull at 18?lh!#e. Mew Tark market*. Nia- York, Dec. 6-Flouriaeasier.bat not quatabty lower. Wheat la dnll and drooplag. Corn ruled dull. Whisky dull at 19)fe. riuKiti. Niw Vokk, D?e. 6 ?Woeka are dull and lower: Chicago and Rock laland4?Jf; Comberland Coal Co t*; llllnoU Ceatral aharea S3 l.arroaae and Mil. t; New York Central 71X; Reading it#; Va 6'? ??; Mo ?'iC? I HAVE NOW ON HAND A COUPLETS BtookofLadiaa' K d and Lartins Vo ret Trimmed BHI i Ladlne' Kid and l,a?tmr Bnttoeod Bocta. vhb Ladiaa; Morocoo and Ooat'kia Buttoned B^ota lAata* iuoi Mo rir jicoK, i Miwei' Kil V*|r, t >rim?ird Rooti, i Kid Moroooo aod boat* kin Bufd Beets, ia-ii w' and Mitsfw' Rubber Lou* Boota. Which 1 am ? lint from ioc. to 91 pair lover than the same Reality ean bs boug tit e'eewh^re 1a tin* oity. A!?o, a fall aenortirent of Boot* and 8ko?? for . getta', ho?a\ andycatht' wear. > J. ROSEXiH A I.. No. 1? Maket tteaee, <lc ) eotf Pa ar? tiet. 8th aod 6th m. ' 512 GUTTA PEBCIU^AINT AND f HAMILTON BRO. A CO.'S, No ?1S Sr .. ia the p!aoe to find the oeleDra"**! Gutta Peroha Rouhr.iand Pauit Aleo, a general aaaortment of H<>u?e Painting >lAV>tia s. Painting in all ite braonbee exacted with d>? patch and on rcaco* able term. Mixti Paiate a< wars on hand and for aaie, wi'h boeket and brwak to ioan free nf charge A'l o<der? l?it at tke etore for Old Glazing or Job Work of any kind will be promptly attended to 5ia PLTTY IS DOWN. *19 no an - WtGARS ANf> YotjACCo fuR Tilt MIL O uiy.A: Tha underaicnad woald * ;>?> tfu.. t ir,form hi* nun)?rou* friend* aud the public that the on part " narahip here'ofore existior under the firm of _ Bxhrkhk ft WirsHtMi.hai hoen dtaaolvol by * " tual ooaa^ut. a> d that ha haa op*Md a ttora on tho I corner of C and Bovaatii fta. w<?*t, oppoiiU the Bask of WaahincWin, where may bs found a ehoieo asaoitmeat of 8EG A&? and TOBACCO,?f direct importation, aa vail aa domeauc raaaaiactare. ' SSK.re'pw. u ^ inf aad atriot attention to the want* and tatarsata of the publio la hi* lino, to merit a oontinaaao* of tha patrona#e ao libarttfly bestowed *p*i tha Ma h fiaoai-la? P. WIBOMANN. rp NOTICE. l_HEUXnEa^GNKp u*yu ? run> ?IIU M? fHUltv * law ? . -a r-? ? r, earp'na atoek at motion. he ku ra opened with an | extensive stock of the finest ?e:e?te?i FRhNCB b confectionery. his luioi ud suppjr m Rooma h*?s beec thoroughly improved, with ad>e ditional rooma and newl* faruahsd. Ha is now 1, prepared to lurnish private and aublio pamss at ths shortest nntios. and flatter* himself that, with t??e addtioaal faoiliUes, he wili t>e eaabisd to ex ? eel hia form-r reputation. _ , The anderttcned feala ooa?deat that a'J that la Secessary to aatiify his old aad new saUena will e a oali. The oho.oast that the markef aflorda aad v a l the ioxanss that can be obtainad fro** otaar S d?l Iw 1thaad lltti strsets. sa?a dde. ^PKCIAL NOTICK TO KVE1VJM?DVH?? 3 a to FRENCH 4 RiCHSTKlN*.Ne.ftffcf1?. avenae, aad [?t your eard snrranu do as. amp ins tistr aamp as and yoa wiU not nil to hs satta? had with prioes and sty Im Don't forget the ? ass. an FRfcJcH * RlCjsfEJS. a matt No. 979 Pa arenas, washtngtoa. t- IBliferl Sevrlnf MacklMi. 3?B PKNM. AVCNtB. NATIONAL HOTEL BVTLDINQ. W? invite the pa b'ie attenttogjto oar asw ?ja FAMU.n RKWlNe MACHINE firi^ Waebu.e is M*iriNM*?4 IB tk? |? rtn tmooU 4- ?o4 ;wifc; tmmt, krm*. fdlt m%4 tmiktrt, viU ?? the finest or oloift |mi ?trr ihtak, tod ut Uu nc kWMa tft? tTOfl&MMI, u ft MMtfal Mi ? ^fBSerjB^SrSWK', ("?K^iKGAreS DtTbZ^ V . JE KT ass- ssr s?s c:.{?ri l&Z ?Wl00 E'""? ?"~ i -? .fi?as^ .: ; iwnm^rs?