12 Aralık 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Aralık 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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***>*-. ^ f-| li.r.iM i>i nil i * ^ ' * * f bmrng Star. " 1 ' . . i . v^- XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 12. 1860. N9. 2.440 mmmbbbbwbbbmimmmhwbwmmmmmmwbbbwwwwmmmmbmmmmmbm>WBP _ . THE DAILY EVENING STAR U PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY* EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDnOS, C'r??r o/i'nn^wnM ot?ik< W 11/A T W. D. WALLACH. Pxpore ifrwd in p?ck&?ee by oarrtare ?t |4 ? y*ar, or St ocnti pw month. To Mil abeonber* the yrioe is f3J0 m year, ? mdv+mc*; ft for six mocUat ft for tar** months; and for leu than tl r? reouihe at the rate of 12 oent* a week. Sini> eopi-i. on % chit; in wrapper*, two osst*. (l7"Adv?ktmki?bht<i enoald beaent (othe oMoe before 12 o'ciook ia.; otherwise they may not appear anlil r A av THE SHABBY \ OUHG MA'S. Brooklyn, which now forms an elegant and retired suburb of 2iew York, about the end of the last century consisted of a few country houses scattered like a sort of hamlet alonr the banks of the Hudson, and built by loose wenlthy citisens whom fortune enabled and taste prompted to retire from the crowd and bustle of the town. The families Resident there were all of the same grade in society; their habits and pursuits were similar. The greater pun were more or i?m conueciva, ?nu, ? auun distances produced greater Reparation in those days than long ones do in ours, the litlle corninanity stood in genteel isolation from the neighboring city, lired on its own money and importance, maintained colonial etiquette as established in the time of Governor Keith, and believed itself of great consideration in the world. Among the old gentlemen who looked after tbeir gardens and gremhouses there, got their letters and papers once a week frum towto, and spent their time in disousuing the "War of Independence, (then but * few y?ara over,) there wad none who stood higher in his own esteem than Sedley Small, Esq. His family had been among those early set tiers woo formed ine J*.ngusn town 01 new York oat of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, little more than a oentnry before the period of our story. His father was one of the first booksellers in the eitj. He made a business for himself, whieh his son inherited, and Sedley Small, Eaq., had gone though an easy, prosperous lifo, with no struggle, no difficulties in its course, and very little distinction, except in his own opinion. He bad married well, and perhaps wisely. Hid wife was the daughter of a flourishing merchant; had a dowry equal to his expectations, understood all manner of colonial housekeeping, from the making of buckwheat cakes to the scouring of old silk gowns, which, however increditable to the ladies of modern Brooklyn, was then the in ile on the banks of the Hudson. Mr. Small k%d brought up sons and daughters with as little trouble as any family man could expect, lie had portioned and settled them all?some in the city, some in the neighboring townships ?and gathered them round him in Thanksgiving week, the anniversary of American Independence. his own birthday, and such like seasons of high celebration Mr. Small had lived in troubled and chanceful times, bur got through them with little riik or loss. He was not a man to peril much for the public weal. Whatever was uppermost had hii support for the time, thongh he never went further on any side than a friendly neutrality. When the tea from Sandv Hook was thrown into the river. he thought it * dangerou? proceeding. When bear's Association declared for independence, and General Lee with his Connecticut militia, marched into New York, Mr. Small considered the Union was decidedlj right. When the British troop* took possession, and the Americans were defeated at Long Island, it was his opinion that rebellion never prospered. But when the Peace of Para was signed, when the patriot soldiers were returning to their homes and farms, and Washington was taking leire of his officers in front of Francs' Hotel, Mr. Small occupied a rery respectable place in the crowd of spectators, and said it was the proudSk*t innmnnt fkf nil lift. With thia quiet imitation of the Vicar of Bray. Sedley Hmall. Ecq., hud come to repose, not under his laurel*, for he was never the man to win them, but in his handsome country house, with everything that dol'*-s could purchase about him, and in a higbl. satisfactory state of mind regarding himself, s doings, and his consequence. In common w'th mint men who have never tried the strife, Mr. Smail had a mighty admiration of success. With him it was the proof of talent and the evidence of desert. Men who had achieved power, plaoe, or popularity were the saints of his calendar, and at the head of them all stood Benjimin Franklin. Whether becauso the printing business, which the famous doctor had followed in his unknown dajs, was in same decree related to bookselling, or that the lightning-conductor, which kept his house safn in .1 1 . v.j - J - *?_ c__n iauuaor siorius, u*u uiauo jii. uiuoh jcumuic of the service done to the world bj the Philadelphia!) philosopher. certain it was that, nest to himself, Franklin occupied the highest place in Mr Small's esteem. lie quoted nil maxims on every possible occasion; their sound worldly wisdom cast a reflected glory on the prudence of the ex-bookseller He k*pt his complete works, I mad in morocco with gilt edges, in bis best bookcase; and showod with special pride a eopy of his first publication, the essay on "Liberty and Necessity," printed in London, in 1728. All Mr. Small's friends were 1.4?i _>ii. .v .. .L.... k. IClJ'iSiUMU nuu mo gui ivua buauw %tj Tfuivu the now highly-prised pamphlet had come into his hands. He was in the habit of rehearsing it regularly to every visitor at his house, and also that the essay had remained on one of his lumber shelves fully twenty years before be knew it was Franklin's. That was the first edition ever printed There was not a copy so early to be found in all the Uaion. Together with all the treasures of his honse, it ?u prepared for bigb display, one clear winter day in the beginning or 178V. when an unusually keen frost bad made the Hudson fit for sledge traveling, and down that crystal highway the whole North and W eat were pouring to New York, to see the meeting of the first American Congress, and Qeneral Washington sworn into the offlcsof Preaident. Among the gathering members, Franklin was expected PWiUJnlnkift kti] him ODAi BIAPA though fall of years m well u honors; the man of to much work and fame began to feel his energies flag under the burden of age, and talked of retiring from publie life. It was known that Franklin was to come direct from Albany, where he had been visiting an old friend. The sledge* were to stop at Brooklyn for the accommodation of passengers. There wu yet a day to spare before the meeting of Congress, and Mr. Small was not only moet forward in the erowd which assembled to meet the philosopher, bat, by dint of influential in a. J t * irOflUCUUQ BUM UWpiLAVIV luipul lUUII^, CUUtrifid to make him accept an invitation to spend that evening at nis houae, and proceed to New York early on the following day. The entire tlite of Mr Small's circle were gathered to dinner that evening. The mastei of the maneion sat in a triumph resembling that of the Roman conqueror, with spoils and oaptives following hia chariot. The quiet, enaible old gentleman who had signed th< peace of Paria. and won himself a nami throaghoat the world, was at times half amused and half provoked at the boundless fuss mad< about hia; bat Benjamin Franklin was aocua tomed to sueh doings, he let things take theii course, and the dinner went off as other ahoi dinners have done before snd since, till th< gentlemen joined the ladles in the drawing room, and Mr. Small took the opportunity t< ditolaT his librarr. which opened convenient!] from t\jat ipwtatat. The but of his book bad been brought with him when be retire from boainaea. and few collections in the Unite* Bute* could eaual hia at the time. Franklii admired the booka and their bindings, up I lauded Mr. Small'* Uate till that gentleman eing la a flaah of eathaaiaam, whinh the clara had probably hightened. brought down froa iu high place in hia beat bookoaso, the long treasured pamphlet, named in thefeahion of It publishing time. A DiaaarUtion on Libert and NeoeaaitT, Pleasure and Pain;" and iatrc <iun?<l it to the Doctor's noti.u with a rnnaid orable lonriab about the more then half a ?an tu+j It bed been in kia poejeaaion, and hoi mueh ha prisad it abort hia an tire library. " It U the London edition,' aaid Pranklir tnraing the roufh page* with an abient Uok Perhapa he wee thinking of the time wh?n Si William Keith sent him to England, with *1 manner of promiaea. not one of wbieh was kep ud he, an Americaa-bred yenth. poor an friendleaa, in great and boay London, workc M * j >ur???yiiian printer in Bartholomew Cl-ja iviog money to pny hia paaaaga home, an writing the ^DiaeertaUon" after bnaineaa hour -There were bet few printed,'' bt oontinuec 44 not above two hundred I was not aware that anj had J>een sold iu New York." " It was never sold, Doctor," aaid Mr. Small, catehing at the glorious opportunity to toll his story, for which he put himaelf in the accustomed attitude, by thrusting his hands deep into the pockets of his buckskins, and sitting exceedingly upright. "It is almost 60 years since that work eame into my possessiou, I may say, of my family. We lived in the old Slip then?it was reckoned a highly respectable plaoe of business. I was very young, bat had learned to assist my father in the store; he was a prudent man, Doctor, and never allowed muoh play. Our storeman had gone off in a pet, because my father would not iucrease his salary; and it was not easv to fill his place, for he had been seven years with as, and good storemen were not plentier at that lime than thej are now. We talked to all our friends on the subject without success. At last my father advertised in the Amerioan News Letter, the only paper New York hftd; it came out every Saturday; and on the^fttlowlng Monday?a wet, cold evening it was?just when we were going to shutup. and my mother was lajiog supper for us in the back parlor?let me see. I think it was pumpkin pie we had, Doctor, my mother went ahead in housekeeping?in walked a very shabby-looking young man, quite below anything we could think of employing. His hat had no cock, his hair looked m if It bad never been coed, and he had not a morsel of ruffle; in bis one band be carried a penny roll, and under the other arm two books. All these he laid down on the oounter in a deeidcdly vulgar manner, told my father he had seen hia advertisement for a storeman iu the News Letter, and came to apply for the situation. Of course my father could not engage a person who carried a penny roll and chowed do ruffles; but ho asked the youDg man : if he had ever been in a bookstore, and if he oould show a testimonial of character from any man of stntion in New York. Those questions seemed rather to wake him up to the knowledge of his own presumption. He said, with a good deal of summering, that he had never so; ved in a store of any kind, but he knew Momething of books, and would endeavor to learn the business; that he was a stranger in New York and knew nobody; but there were respectable people in Boston who would rucuuiujcuu liim. jij iamcr cuuiu not n?*ip smiling at his ignorance of th? world. He advised him to go horn* to Boston, nod get a situation there, tor he would receive no man into hi* store who could not produce testimonials, and did not understand the book business. I suppose tho poor young man was ashamed of nis venture; he picked up the pennj roll and the largest of the books he had laid down, but in his oonfusion forgot the smaller one, which we did not notice was out of sight?and it proved to be this inestimable pamphlet.'' " Did you ever see the young man again ?" inquired Franklin, who had listened to the narration with hts usual grave and placid look. 44 Never, doctor: he probably west home to his resoect.able friends in IloaLon. and no um for the book he forgot. Indeed, the wonder if, how it erer came into such a person * hands." " Would you know him if you saw him now?1' said Franklin, half smiling. ' I can't say that I should, doctor; It is almost sixty years ago; I was a boy uot above fifteen." " It is sixty-two years ago, bat I remember it wall, my friend, for I am the very man that came to your father's store that oold wet evening," said Franklin. "I bad returned from England, poor and disappointed, unwilling to go hack to Keimer's printing office, in Philadelphia, which I had left with such high hopes; I lingered about New York and searched street and store in vain for employment, when your father's advertisement caught my eye in an humble coffee bouse It was like my last odnnce, and I went to apply before the store should be shut. The penny roll wis bought on the way for my supper. The larger book was a volume of I>*toe, oontaiiring his 'Essay on Projects,' which first turned my attention to science and philosophy; it was then the only book 1 possessed, and with it I carried this pamphlet is the vagua hope that your father might be induced to purchase a few oopies, and give it a chance of circulation in New York The repulse I met with on iny application for the office of atoreuian, made me not only abandon the attempt to aell, bat also to forget my book?the mind ia easily confused in youth." " But dootar, if we had known, if we had dreamed, tnat it really waa you?" gasped Mr. Small, ready to drop from his chair with ahame aud embarraument" No apol<9gies, my dear sir, tney arl quito uanecedottry i w.?a nobetfy ror job to know or dream of just then." And the old philosopher looked both merry ami wiae. "It wag my own fault, to come looking for a genteel situation in a hat with no cook; what could any man expect ? Sixty-two yoara mako great changes in this world of ourt. They nave made us a flourishing Republio of what George III. and his ministers called a seditious oolony; and you see that in the same space of tiifle, a tolerably respectable member of Congress has been made of a man who carried a penny roll, and wore no ruffles." \f r Si m m 11 fl?i mnri n a var nn<4 anr) I how he recovered his composure on that trying occasion, but he did, his distinguished guest hating contrived to turn the conversation once more to his books and bindings; and the rest of the evening went off vonderfully well. Next morning he accompanied Franklin on what proved to be the doctor's last visit to New York; saw him take his seat in Congress; saw Washington sworn into the Presidency, and returned to his oountry house in tho accustomed glow of enthusiasm for the suooessful . and established. How far be protted by the lesson of that evening could never be guessed by his most intimate acquaintance. Besides ' the long treasured pamphlet, he was accustomed to exhibit the chair on which Franklin x 1 ?- . ? _ - Sk * m sat id ma norary, many a year aner me inmous doctor bad gone to the house appointed. But nobody again heard bim rehearse the atory ^ of 41 The fehabby Young Man." The Homestead Bill ?The Homestead bill which passed the House of Representatives, on 1 Thursday. Dec 5, and la now before the Senate, ? provides that any person who la at the bead of a > family, or who bu arrived at the age of 21 year* < and U a citizen of the Uolted Statea, or who aball I have filed bla Intention to become aucb, aa rei quired by tbe naturalization law*. aball be entitled to enter, free of coat, one hundred and aixtv " acre* of unappropriated public landa. upon which aaid peracn may bave filed a pre-emption claim, ' or which may be aobject to pre-emption, at SI 35 1 pti acre, witn the further provision that, If the or* emptor reside* upon ana cultivate* the land s for five yeara, It aball become bla or her property, j on the payment often dollar*, and be entitled to . a patent, aa in other caae* provided by law. If a the pre-emption la at 50 per acre,'then only J eighty acr?a can b? entered under the provision of this law a Pbkvbktivi roa OtTTHUi*.?Tbla alarming t dlaeaae. which haa prevailed throughout Central t Kentucky for the past twelve month*, and haa i ciuard conaiderable coaateraation alone the line e| the Kentucky Central Railroad, haa been checked. . The attache* af the accommodation train, comaaaaded by the urbane Waodal, have diaeovered ' orcTf nttee for It, which la to burn Cayenne pep" p?r upon the stove la the baggage ear, the imoii of which la very uaplaaaant to thoae who are aol k accustomed to it, bat nevertbeleaa It has the do. r aired effect Port Mo^tric, according to a writer In a J' South Carolina pap-r. ia not neglected.^ DnrUji IQ pOilUCV vuvtmcnw ?uv k?( I IWH m bur IW ? bavr ,rr?U* Improved the exterior defence*. ap " parent I v In preparation for the day ofactlon Th? tf aair- writer aa%* that tb? puhllc la not admitted rt wi '.hi it the fort, a ad hence nothing can be knowi <4 about the Interior defeneea. Cj lO^OnMnmoOrr.?Th? cltlsena of New K?n can ntr.Va.,or d*f*dallaiMttaiber calling Yanke< I; nanaad Peter Lafkln, fo lM^e in th? moat unc?r? 1 mcmiom manner. MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 4T6 PENNSYLVANIA AVINCB, Next door to Olay's (lote U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. ?? 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Throat, R'litrt tht ] Harking Cottrh in Comwtnp lil'Iil'llliliill t*on. Broneh'ti*, A:*ma, UUliyiMU 4" Catarrh Ci*ar an4 tit* WflHrW/ ttrrntlh to Ih4 rotct of XCffltQQT PUBLIC 8PKAKER8 , ANI> 8INOER9. Few *re ?*?r? of th? inoport?no? of aheokiu ft < Cou?h or ' Common CoJd in it? fir?t iuh; tMt ( whioh in th? begining wootd ji?ld to a mild r?>m? ?jt, u nogiaoieo, eoonattaoksthe Lunta. " Brotm's Bronchial Troches* oontain'ng demuloeftt injtredi { onta, allay Pulmonary and B.onehial Irrititu>n. | _ . ? " That troaMe in my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "TretJke*" area specific) having made me often a mere whi?- ' TROCHES perer/ N.P.WILLIS. rrownn "I reoomraend their uae to Public t MRUWW B 8PIUUI." . t TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. i I "Great servioe in subduing Ho\m ' 30WN'S wbsi." REV. DANIEL WISE. { nnoDa "Almost instaot relief is the dia . UVHB5 fewinc labor of breathing peoulia* ttnnwvs to Asthma.." HKUWN ? KKV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain do Opium or anything \ injurious." DR A. A HA? ES, BROWN'S1, Cumiit, Boston. " A simple an<l pleasant oombina- ( TROCHES tion for Coxrsn*. ?o." nDnnr*?d 1IR. (J. F. BIGELOW. r BROWN'S Boston, a Ttsrtruvn " Beneficial in Buosrnrr's." TROCHES DR. J. F. W. LANE. ? BROWN'S i Boston. } ) " I have proved them excellent for t TROCHES' Whofpiwo CoceH." KEV. H. W. WARREN. ? BROWN'S Eo*t<m. 1 TROCHES Up'UBk,?:?,*h?" CU BROWN',. AB'.S-VP.ASDERBO^ ; TRnruy? '* Effectual in remoyinr Hoirw . n*?s and Irritation of th? Throat. *o f OROWN'S common with grtaixns and Sing- J TROCH Ff*I***Prof M.STACY JOHNSON. 1 TKUCUKl* L? Ormmre. Ga \ BROWN'S TM?%?ife..^tb#rn i TROCHES " G^sat h?n??fit when taken b#fore> an<i aft?<r preachine. as the* prevent j BROWN'S Ho?rsen*?BB. 1'rom their pant eff-of, I think thftv will b?of oermnn 'at ft:!- . TROCHES vantajce to me." REV. E. ROWLEY, A M. BROWN'S President ol Athens College, Teco. TROCHES ir7"Sold by *1IDruMiet? at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX..O] de 1 ly Gum Fixture!, THE BEST ASSORTMENT EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Those who de3ire to neieot from new patterns, with the airantage of a reducti >n ia pnoea, will call early and examin*. I We would also rail the attention of pereens abwut ? . , _ - i J 11; ' * . inir-'-nnoinc (iu li.io ineir awi-muga iu our ikorcaseJ facilities, and oonaequcnt low pnoes, for tiiu branch of our trade. ln? itinr all who deaire their work don# promptly, and free from aas Irakmea, to ea'l at 51*9 Pa. sveuue, l>etw?en loth and 11th at*., south side. noZl-tjanl J. W. THOMPSON A. CO. Furs I Furs! AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I have with strict oars personally atten led to the inanufooturinf and selection ?f the {oil'win* ' Kur*. Mr Ion* practical know odge of the For Business enables mo with oertainty to invite the '(Miie* to Ro -ds made from fins and fresh oaoght skins. Snoh m , ? . _ .. J r&nada Mink Sable, * Russia Fitch, J Siberian Squirrel, ? Witer Mink, < Frenoh >abl?. Childrsna' Fars in great variety. For Trimmings of ail colors. W. F. SFYMOUR. MA to 1 ftAilfffAtQWn. uv iJ im ? ~ N O T 1 C E! . S^rag I wish all gentlemen Kfx&J to bear in mind that the plan whi?h I six ysar* aco, of selling %KBHBrHAT9 and BOOTS at (.really re duoed price* for oa*li is in sucsessful operation. Just reocived a full euppir oi the latent New York styles of DKE!?3 HATS The v*ry finest Hat a first rate Hat 43; and very good.fashionable Mat S2Sf?. All of the fateststy !es t of seft HAT? and CAPS, at the very lowest price*. I I am constantly supplied with a very largo stock of I tboao fine DRESS BOOTS at 43.75?which 1 nave been tolling for many years?a* well as the very best qual tv of Patent Leather OAITKR3. at .J3S0. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to $2 50. Term* cash: no extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHOftY. Ageiit for the Manufacturer*, Seventh street, seoond hat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. se 14-3m * PU UKK OLD RYkl WHISKY.-On hand sever* j brand* of Pure Old Rye \Viii?ky. Copper Dis- ' tilled, made by the most rehab e distillers in Pe^n- ? ylvanta. Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure. r Also, Imported Hrandies, Hcineoey, Otard. Dupuy fc Co., Jules Robins, Ao. Also, Peaoh arc Apple t Brandy, pure Holland Gin, o!4 Jamaica and St Croix Run, and Winea of every variety. ah of , standard brau is. A choice lot of Cieats and To- / basoo. YCHJNG A KKPHART, Arents, J ap 14-1 t Pa ar? betw.9th and loth sts. ( CEMKTKKY NOTICE. jj H E Subscriber offers for sale his *t<ck of M A R- ? flf.E MONUMENT?*. TOMBS. GRAVE i TONkSand MARBLE MANTELS at reduoed n - * ? ? r.a??a Am aarl* aaII ia 1 priOBB Id] UMU Ul o/yiUTUu u</vv?< ?? > v?. ? ? v.?i 4 ? , solioitcd. WM. RU I HKRFOKU. Marble Work*, 334 K ?t. north, no 17 3m between 12th and 13th. WGALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICK a?U Pa. At., Hbtw. lira Utb Sts*, North side. Mill and Wliarf foot of Seventeeuth st, IDS 17 ff R?I?W W[ftr WM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepared tc execute any orders with which the? may be forored in the PLUMBING, ?A8 Og^KAM FITTING rrr Store on 9th street, a. few' doors north of Pv i PURS _ ? _ _ , F*URS! r FURS! ? On* of the large at and finest at"oka ever offered < jn VVn?hjnj'.on^, itojai Krmine, ' Ru??ian Fitch, ^aMp/*f Sib?r'n gqnjriel, I Also, large ttook CAR Rl AGE ROBK8. ' Fur* Repaired and Altered at short notice, by an old, experienced hand, all cheap. A* mr "took it very large, al 1 a#k it a oa'l. All Furt sold at my eslabuahinent warranted as represented. HOPKINS'. Corner of Sixth et. urJ Pa. ay. JET* 810* Whit* Bxa.k. bo 27 2w TRAVELS IN THE REGIONS OF THE X Upper and Lower Amoor, by T. W. Atkiieon, ' with a map and numerous illustration*; pi Me Lionello,a sequel to the Je# ot Verona, by K. A. . Bretoiana, 8. J. ' i Uaau.ii Abdallah, or the Enchanted Kera, and i otn?r Ta'et, with an introduction by Mite Pa-doe. i Volume one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a a*quel , to Tom Brown at Ritfby; oheap edition 31 cents. Our Year, a ohild'sbook in pro?e and verse, by the author of John lla.i'ax: ?'.oe 75 oonts, BLANCAARD* MOHUN, de 9 oorner Eleventh at and Pa. ar. O N E Y! MONEY!! M O N BY"! 1 Notei of all bank* taken at par for Goods, and a 1 complete supply of Fall and .Vinter Wear ?n hand ~-w ,rfcti i htvpueho i(i I ivi V?BHl VT AUU| UA w ? ?' >1 Clothiers, no U-tw p?. avenue, bet. 9th and lo*h eta. * RANKING H O U 8 E ' ..8yEENY. RITTENHOTOB. PANT * CO. ^ W1M open for oastomere, epeois, onrrency, and r V ir<tnia money accounts. Bay and mII ooin a-d exchange at the most farorible r&te*. Currency and Virtinia money wanted, no M la 7l F>IAN09.-0ne very fine Rosewood Ch'okerinj e Piaao for sai?? apoa moaitilr p?ymenU_? jaat h*-ea received. Thr-e rianoi ivre now enatid ered the toeatma-afaotureil. PoreaJea'ihe >we"t - fr^tor^ prices at tne Mu*ie Store of W.O MBl'Z'* NoW 18 T&B MS BARGAINS!Great ki'iuoemenUare new offered to all persons la wa*t?f CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOD8. HATBand CAPS.at Ue Peopie's C.othint^tire, >y No. 4$0 Seventh it Coma oi.-a, donw alLaa* bay yoar Clothiag at fready rednoed prtoes. at aoivm J. H. SMITH'S, 460. DENTISTRY. TKKTH. LOO MIS, M. D.. the imntnrwd of the M IN F.RAL PLATK TKKTH, %i ^ i tends persor.a iy at his office in tint city g>fTi?T? Many persons can wear these teeth Iran*** IP jsonot wear other*, and no person oan w> ar other! rho cannot wear these. persoqt calling at itit office eaa keaeoommodated with any style and prioe of Teath th?y mar desire; Sat to those who are particular aad wish the purest, Meanest, stroncest. and most perfect dertare that i krt can sroduse. the MIN KM A.L PLATE will be sore fully warranted. Rooms in this otty?No. 338 Pa. avenue. between >th and lOtb sU. Also, 907 Arofc street, Pkiiadel thia. oc 15-tf * D DENTAL CARD. R. Ml'NiON Ha* returned and resumed his roWPtion. Off a# a.ml Kahm m.t IT - - .bird door mat of Sixth. In addition t> v irery o'her approTod Dr. M. kw ?1' ? ? ??th on vnlo?nit? Due for th? lut thiM year* md, from expenenoe, knows it axat.i ft 11 others, krd is one-third leee in price than gold. His old >fttron? of Washington. Alexandria, and Georieown are respeoutally aoloited to omil. aa ? oly "CAfiRlIbE FACTORIES. r 117ASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ^ "" li Strut, txtw ?s 9tk and 10U Streets. WJ have just finist??d a number of irat olaaa Carriages, auoh as Li*kt >*sm<jBA ITmm), Park Pktalcnr. Family Car vSufiRf a and Burnet, which we will aelia>B I a k v?r* until profit. Kftat praotioal m*ch&moi in different branches >f the Business, we Qatt-r ourselves that we kno? $ he styies And s u-*l 1 t j of work that will gire uta t vitioc, oomLiniDi lightness, oomfort and durabih > Tke?ftir.?>* promptly and carefully attended to 4m shortest m tie? and rpo?t reasonable ohanrea. ? WALTER. KARMANN * BOPP, I Ceaehnakors, suooessors to Wnu T. Book. ay 27-dly rGARRLAS KJ*. HE Sabaeriber baring made additions to hi aotory, making it now one of the largeetAAM^M, s the Dislrioi, where his facilities forv^E^Hc - unw W ltwkXi ' ii-'Ji VA "V |%I nor. at I 1 A"AGON3 of all kinds c*nr->t Ne nrftiNd,u< ram bis lore expen?oo? in tlift bmauMM, ha koyaa ? civfl c?n?rx! Bfttiefaotion. * All kiad? of Carriatfta an4 Llgkt Warou k*?tM f 'aSI'r K pa IKS nftatiy <?u, aa4 all ar4?ra ?rmatf 7 aU?nQ3d to, sr'-'^-^aaisn'^msssgr ft lft ? Mntr *f 1Mb u2 K ftts. l f ft t t, l3? w j pilF, GEM OP THE 8EAION. i I have this day reoeired, per KiDr?M, th? Latest f lty < of GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRK-R ? HATS : also,* Iar?e and fail sappy of FR* NCI1 * K)FT HATS, cf aJ stTles, lor Men ai-d Boys, y \s my sstortm*nt <>f these roods is iarre, ishivl >eil at fxaecwlincy low prie*s. A ca'l where yoa | ?au set f xaotiy wut yoa want is solicited. HOPKINS, C Corner of Si ?th s\ &"<< Pa. ay a no 77 "w Sign gf tkt Whitt Bear. s D?. J. H MsLEAN'S J STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AM) RLOOP PURIFIER THE GREATEST REMEDY ?? tk* WORLD, ^s^. J *t ? ? tioo 1 A and b>rh Ytllo* VS ? W '^&l l>-?tt. Bluot F jot, VM yftik ritU, Wild Cherry V iWB B?rk, sod Dandelion h //jn Jf ?:iri into tta com- > If Tb? ?niir? ?cut? ^ B| L tl rtoudUl pnacipit 01 T" flXMT of ??ch lrprtdmu is (j Beforelakiag. lUtilliur, prndactn* d*UCMM, ?*hilar*Unj spirit, ltd U? f, bok inAlibU r? ? 'y fo' rtiio??tu.|r tb? 4:*?u*a (yMom, ,| .ad I?it?ru>| lh* ?Uk, inff?ru>f, ud dtkiiluud itruM U , nallh ud irtuffth r, a? r n j in m c???*D r* V/! T tJ r VI Vi3 />/! D H r i r BlCUAJk.fi a jjnmiuijir.iu,ii7 ivni/jii. o Will af?ctaa21y car* Li?*r Complaint, Djapapat', JaaoIlea, Ctjonic er Nir?o?i l??bility, lhaauaa of tha Kidctya, |J nd all diaaaiaa ariatnf fr? a diaordarad Livtr or RtMoadi, F )yapapaia, Haart saru, Inward PiUa, Aeidur or Stcknaoa of ? ha Stoaack, Pal!i>aaa cf Binod to tb? Ilaad, Daii P*u> or t Ivimuiuf in iha llaad, P.lpiuticn of tha Haart, Kli'lr, aaa v r Waifht in tha Stomach, S.'or Rraeuuoai. Chokinr or t lafocaunf Paaliaf wha:i *?> '( down.Dryaaaa or YalloV- i laaa of tha lUa ud Kfaa, Nifht Swaata, Inward Farm, V, 'am to tha Baail af tha Back, Chan, or Sid*. Baddan laat-ta of HaaX, Dapraaaioa of 8piriia, Pri/Lt/al Oraaiaa, .UfBor, Daapcndaocy or aay i.arvtaa diaataa, Sorai or ilotchaa so tha Skin, tad Fa?*r and Araa (or Chill* and ' r?T?i.) u ???o < ?/>r r fav D/iwr oc It'l baan aold Awrii'f th* Inst tit moi.thi, ud in laU>ll hu it fatlad la *i?tng (aura miiIicikw. Wbo, than. rill aatar from Wwiuiu or Dabilit/ vboa MCLEAN'S rTREffOTHENIIf0 CORDIAL will car* yea 1 Ho Ui f**j can eoi.?ay aa ado^aato idaa of lb a liaiaadiLta aad alnoat rairaeaioai cbanfa prcdaead by ukief ibia >rdi?l in Ua diaartad, dalnliutad, aad abauarad aar*oa? lyatam, vbathar brokaa dcara by aictaa, weak by aatara, 11 Unpaired by eiekreaa, the related and anetrunf arf-alauoc u raaiarad to iu prienne t.ealih and *ipor MARRIED PERSONS ? othera, eaaeeiaaa of inability from whatever eaaaa, will lad McLEAN* BTKEHGTllENINQ CORDIAL a Uo ara'd tkaniaalraa by iir prarar lodaljancaa Till det is thk* XU1 a uruu u4 (parity rarnady. TO THE LADIES. MeUEAWm STREHGTHENING CORDIAL U a M*?r>i|T, and ipith ear* far Inctpiaat CtamptM, Whim, 3ratractad ar DiBcait MaottraaUou.Ucoouaaac* af Unaa ?r lr.r?ltiittn DUebarra tbaraof, Falling af tha Womb, fliddtnaaa, PthUif, ul ali IInuii tneidaat ta Paaalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT \ ifar m lanf ar. Taka it aeeardinf ta diraetiaaa. It will | luaalat*. rtranftbaa, and in*ijorata yea aad eaaaa tba <j ta af baaltb la mmut roar tbaab afain. Evary bauit ta ' warrantad ta (Ira aauafacuoa. FOR CHILDREN ( Ifratr children ar* aicklr, pan* or aStetad, MCLEAN'S . CORDIAL will ntaka tta>a b*?llhj,f*t, aad rabaat. Dalay 1 not a raoaem; i:j 11, ana job whi m w*io?u. ? ? [ Cleat i* uke. OA UTION. Btvtrt af drsffuu or dealers vh? may try la pais wm " jo* eome bitter er eareapartlla traeh, which tbay eta bay cheap, by earing it u Jaat aa rood. Avoid each Baa. Aek for McLXAKD oTRENOTIlKNlNG CORDIAL, aad lake | aotkinr elaa. It i* the oaly ramedy that will panfv the Blond tnoroaf hly eod at the same time etreafthea the eyalen. | Oua tesjpoonfal taken every morning faetia; to a certaia c preventive far Cholera, Chills aad Fever, Yellow Fever, er lay prevalent disease. It I* pat bp la larre bottlae Price otiiy 91 per bottle* ae 6 bottJee far #5. JT H McLEAK, . ? ? 1.-1. .I? M.l .,.1. nil t DOia prBprnuir in wis - ? Udntat Pmtiptl Dapct an the corn?r af Third tad FUa atraata, It. Lamia, Mo. I McLean'! Volcanic Oil Liniment, I (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD > Tha only irfa ui cartain car* for Canaan, Pltaa, T*. sera, Sartlliufa aad Brocehila at Caatra, Ptnlrau, Naaralfia, Waakaaaaaf tha Maaelaa, Ckrania ar lalaaintary Rhaamauam, Bufoeaa af Oka Jeaata, Contracted Maaclaa at Ligamaata, Earacha or Toulhache, Braiaaa, Ipnua, Freeh Cau, Woanda, Clean, ruar Scree, Cakad Breaet, Bora Nipplee, Barna, Bealda, Bora Threat, ar uy loBaweauee ar Mia, ae difaranea ko? eeren or bug tbe diaeeee may | Lwi atiatad, MCLEAN"B CELEBRATED LINIMENT it , a carlain rartady. Thaaeanda of Yemen baap here been aand a lifa af dia | erapilada and rauary by tike aaa of thu invelaaMe remedy. i#,r rd ws ymxiahtc nn. ltntitknt Will ralia?a pain a I nana l inataaiuiaeaely, w< it will elaaa, partfy and baal Ua fNltM iovm IB aa iaeredibla abort UM. . FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN"* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia Uka mIt nft u< rtlubli rtmlt for iki ear* of Bpavia, IiuWm, Wtoigelle, Bplta ta, lieo i tataj Lamp*. N?d? ar It m<? failed to em Bif Head, MnO|#Ma, Old R annua kru, or if miti; applied. Par tirtui, Braieea, cratabaa, Cracked Heal*, Ciafaa. Saddle at CoUar C.a!la. Cmu, Boree, ar Woooda, ituu iafclliMe reaaadj Apply it a* directed and a can la cartaia la every j Tfcaa trtda aa teage* tke auy ararthleae I hiai^i farad la pes. Obtala a iBffir af OB. MclEARI CELEBHA.TED LINIMENT. It wifl ear a raa. J. H McLEAN, kit rraprtatae, Coeaer Third aad Ptae m., flt Lc?a, ita CHAR I. EX rrorr, IT! Pa. ??., aaU araw taTwaafcia* taai R.8. T CWflEL.Uaarratava. aa M4MkWtp Go rSViS^SI HftMttV*... I'ena Ereasa. aad ex Amine their aztrwMii Iwf* ftnd br?u?UBl Auortment of Children's ? ?* ? SS*r,iS!5B?!tV^ VSUjRBS H&sst* # wl#u ~MmT*rtsr * i ?' V # "<?L jAMe ** ??????? THIS WEEKLY DOLLAR STAJL Tin CKMUwIFMllyMt NMM JWMI-Mttnuc ? KTMMr nnny of lilliwtn rmJUm tfcaa MB b* fcui is MI M reblMBei ? Fndij Bormtsc. Tyvhb OM^? luiitoorT.nrusu. ?? ti ? FIT*tofm ... ? ? ? ? Tta twotriw wh? It iramk! ooottutLM t%m -WertuagW Haws" o (?wr?Uj tkroifhost Um BBUtry. CT'auis;# eeyiw (U wm^wsi *b bB preeerBi m uf?atw, lBawlnt?ly iftvlM immW UM MUr. Pnw-THRK&CENTS. wood and opal. TO THK PtILlCI 90 WHEKK YOU CA N GET VOUK MONKY-S WORTH 1 tyTRY IT! PROVE"IT KNOW IT '^JPI tryivhatf ?> 41 _ n i < iiT * ? ? ?* " * " " ij 7b"" r>v'^bE'11 |ta?iiii Mr r*v PROVEWKAT? C7" Pr?r* t \.\t job o*u ? ?? your WOOD Uf >!*> ' than ip?her* in U* *ity , u4 Um* yvt KNOW WHAT* 1LT Know titt yon r?t GOOD IK EABUlf Md he very bM ?>f WOOD for )?m money, Crt, iTLIT, ANS DSUVEKfti* FrBIOV ClAMI. _ Call at t?*. _ r i u N t fc H MILLS! SIGN OF THX BLUJI FLAG STAFF. SOCTHWMT SavKsrr* *r. ABB Cabal (South of 14? Knitc*.* BO 1? GKORMKPA&B, Acbrt D" MO,",.VT" JJ0 Inlon Fire-Wood Mills. PINE. OAK and HICKORY WOOD ftavad ,nd Split at any i?*nrth or aice repaired. aad Mitrod to any part of the City at ttj low priaaa. rrr Weo?il too particular attention of a?r oaa oniera and the peblio *tnara.ly to oar apie?d>d *ToCK OF CO A I., which we can eay, witfcoat tar of oootradieUoa. n *eaal to aay ta the City. iV> |uarar>te? to gira aatiaftction to all who My m re hat* of ae. 117'Oar SAWED awl SPLIT WOOD iikiyt icder oover, perfectly dry- and COAL on piar.k loora, olrao and in food order. Large aalea and m?: arofct*. CZ^Orders solicited at UNION FIRK WOOD MILLS Cor. ntn at and <'aaaJ, McKNEW A MAR LOW, Proprietors. nolS-tf LV O O i> J* AND U U A b Delivered to ail fftrU ? Um wty.t the H?l MuUtnlM. T.J. ft W. M. 8 ALT. O?o? 999 Pa. ? ., between 11th ul 12th it*., BOrlA FOR SALE AND~RENT. [?OR RENT-The lonr-.torr BRICK HOUSB P on Third ctreet. I) ?d? E ?treeU, (No l* 1) adjoining the residence of \V A. Maury, Ken, 'curxioa jiven immedutteir. AJ?o, the thirl lory of the B- own Stone Bailflinc Ne. 4?1 en ft. .ronue.t eeuin ciae* oetween 4tt and 6U ite. For arma.4o .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At?fn?T ?t-iAw. ?Q >* >TanB?. nol?ntf DOR SALE?A mw t??-iton hrwk HOUtfEot r Fourth ptreet, below New York tmw. TW ou?e i?3n leet front and 43 foot deep ; bM 5/'km a?<ace, parlor, dtninarooai. kfrhen. and fo?r hMtx>r>, with ?tairwajra idmuw* aad ki takes, nth jood cllw under tue whole bona* For term a n^ulr* at 499 Seventh atreet. oppoaiM Odd Faljwa'Hal. nol-tf JAS. 8. TOP HAM [7>OR REN P?The fcne BRICK HOUSE No. r 100 Weatat.v lieorcetown. at preaent oara ted h> the aubeoriher. It haa IS ro<-?n?. witk tea ,nd water throuchou*, a fine ya-d. atahle fce , aad i in a rood neighborhood. Apply to iAS> A. Mi Rt'DKR. oc8 tf POR RENT.?Two new throo-atory BRICK HOUSES with back building*, each Ihkn ontiiniiHC rooms, with ran. pdaaeaatly aitaatad ia *Ut street north, lx*t ween M and N atreeta. rent no-lera'^ Applrt > E. LAZKNBY. opposite, or n JOIJWT. LENMAN, Ohio Brecae. between IL'I nn" mn ?? r * OO ill [7?OK RENT-The FIRST FiXK)K of tAa b?ii4~F in| immediately oppotite ti<e wort wine of the Hty Hal.,recently oeenpied by Chae. tt. Wailaofc a an o&oe. A<*? the front room Ik the mmm lory and the third floor of tho r?.me bmloin*. For ?rm? apply to RICHARD WALLACE.Na. ^ lODiaiana avenae. JaUK EDUCATIONAL. I' rumibb buitAiiun. HOSE Parent* who wnb tnair Ob(Mara to re bit# a thorough and rratematio edaontion. ?hm neirphjaioa; training wi.I receive daily ud ?peoiat Mention, under the moat approved tern of Callenenie? and Gymnaatics, are reaneotMty inn ted to iait the Union Female Academy, corner Four eenth at. and New York av MR. k. MK9. Z. RICHARDS, an 30-tf Pnnoipala. FEMALE BOARDING AMI) DAY SCHOOL Mra. 8."j mdformISk. Atjtcipai.. The thirteenth annual aeoeion of thia laetltaton* rill oommcnoe ou Tneawa;. SoptenUwr Itth, id u>e ouae reo?ntt> oooupioJ by sjltactor Soott, Ea*.? lo. 190 King afreet. The oourae of ntydy pnmned will ootqpri** all lie brar.ohe* re<<uiaite tu a thorough Kn?hah Ml ation, and Aluaio, Ficaeh, Uattn aad Drawiac, it eaired. n addition to day aeholara. Mra. MaCormiek la repared to reoeive a limited numWcr of pupu* aa oardera. who. eonatifuting a part of her own faro ly, will be nr.ifor Iter iniiaadiate oare a ad auporvi iou. she wrU endeavor, aa far ac ?<>e?ib!e. t? aur nund tliem with the oomforta and Kindl? irf1 ueaoea Kifcremcr*.? R?t. Geo H. Norton, Ret. D*. Kliaa larriaon, He*. D F. *pn*s, William H Fowle. Ih., K?l*ar 9aow4?n. t.aa.. Kdmiind F Witonw. .mi., Henry Mar bur*, L**., L'jrn McKrna e. 1.2.. Robert Fie. \V D WaUaeh. Alitor Krentnx Star, Bmnntir. W?U> ?. Kiq .Jm. Inlwiele, Jr., K?o.,0?>l. i.?na \V. Minor, LouUoua, lessra. Black.oca 4. Marshall, Meaara Cor Irothera. TKBMO. Board, with Tuition in aJl the Knglieh Braa?k*e. raw for the annual eeaai on?payable eerai annual, i, i adraaoa. Mm "io and Laainacea at Profcaaora' pr,-**. IHT Noextractiarcee. aa ft-tf FOR HTAMPINfl PACKET OF PAPER . . | AND ENVELOPES NO I TO MATCH. LuiD^rl u? UlAKvU METROPOLITAN ^ BOOKSTORE. PR] LP A BOLOMONR, ilMUi ft* Lmwrmut'i c?U*rM?d Lmm Pmpmt, j? mix ^ ?t?. FAMILIES WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ' rHEY WANT IT P^gE^ TEMPERATE u4 ;OLINEAIT8 TABLE BEER IB THE THTNO > ?? ik*a aiii? RHJ ia ALT nnri W I H v_?? i vu > > ^ ?n? ? ? ? ? ? ptUtebl* *U?C(th^uiCi(. For Ml* by fell G rooera, J Mti a tlaaa ?H erata iiitrt mI4b w V I kn >?aof?d mr I# 0 PAWN OFFICE 0 *51 C atrMt, Mtv?*n ami Ju a*r**U. imi? liatf ly is the 'n?r of tb? Nat ona. Hotal vWi h- t tiaiiMM will b? oont-naad u hwrtoM at tkm ?tdfUiid. |>ol44wl IM'AO HK?^8Fte. W TRAVELING TRUNK*. E H?r*ju?t raoMr?l th? i^ceat seeertewl S? ta ?ra?y?d to mtr*4Ma W?t?r w4 Om ?p*? mo?M?To*%bl? Urma, ud (ntrutiw Mti ^1r?o,wJr.tV*?n wph? to f ? T* rf T^p ? rr /^RKAT BARGAINS IN PlAN(XL-Ot? Mt-I* 111 fV?wuH ?iv ? v. w. ?.-??> wWat?yn>l |<?W /ngftjM* K535Ee-a^E^S irirsiSiT! RT*- ? WBttu. *V *

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