13 Aralık 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

13 Aralık 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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0 \ . i- M 555!!555553!5!55552i55555H55!!S!3H^5^?Sfe5S^SS!^^SS8?8fiSS8Slj^J8fi55fi^^l8B^JH5^!jS|^B|Hfifi8Sfl!888!iS^5fi8958858B8SHBfiBSfil V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEiMBER 13. I860. N?. 2.441 ^ t " - > f .;.>** 1 '*"-# ? ] THE DAILY EVENING STAR PlfBUSHBD EVERY AFTERNOON, f&lNDAtfS EXCEPTED,) AT THE UTAH BMLDISGS, Center of Pennsylvania avtnu* and 11/A it.. IT W. D. WALLACH. r??*ra aerr*d in pe.ok&<M by c%rri?ra at < ft yni, cr T7 wou p*r mouth. To mtil booribars thf jnoo ia 53JO ? year, wi mdveuu*; ?2 for tlx Bi<~ntri?, *1 for throo mon'.Ut, ftnd for lou thfto threo inontha &t the r?te of oonta ft week. Sinfio oopi ostcciTi Lu wrftppora, two cb^ts. (IT* A Dram* kmbhts aoonld bo aent to tho ofto* bek-ro 12 o'c.ook m.; otherwise they n*r aot appotr until the aoxtdfty. '' The Rrirllti iu Hasten. (From the Boston Pott, December 10 ] The noted Frederick Douglass, of Rochester, IS V., appeared la Music Hall yesterday forenoon, by invitation of tbe dftth Congregational Society (or Fraternity,) and delivered a lecture on Self-Made Men " On concluding hit lecture be aaked permission to be allowed to make tome remarks There waa an instantaneous cry of "go on;" " yea, yea.'' Douglas nrOrreded to ley? ' Boston la a great city, ard Music Hall baa a fame almost aa extensive aa Boston Itself I rejoice to day that there ia sueb a place In Boston aa Muaic Hall, and tbat such nn a-ray of intelligence, refinement and sxcellence can be fcund in one place in the city ?f Boston as may now be fonnd In Music Hall " He proceeded to comment on tbe expounding of prin* ?1 - il? ?? CsA^Arn r.f ann?<?b i| Harlr CipiC- lir ??;u . xvuvx. vm ? f^ mud heavy here at the present moment. The world move* slow It moves, nevertheless, and Boston is like tbe world." He said:?'-We thon-M the principle of free speech bad been established?at least so far as Boston Is concerned." .After some comments on Cbannln^. Garrison, Parker. Charlestown and Bunker Hill, he said : 'Freedom of speech new lies prostrate.'* Voices?" No, no!" Douglas.?He referred to tbe Tremont Temple meeting He said u It w^s Invaded. Insulted, captured by a mob of gentlemen, and thereafter brok'n up by order of tbe Mayor, who was not able to protect It If It had been done by men wiio were m ddened by rum, we should not bave minded It [Couf ision, as somebody said sometl: fig aloud near one of the doors J But the leaders of the mob are gentlemen " Cries?'-Good!'" "Good!" " They are gentlemen" D>-u^la^ proceeded to commert on law and or <W. and afterwards saia " rnese men, xoouga they pretended to respect law and order, they by the r *cts trampled upon the law, sacred as the Constitution itself " Voice.?' liood !" [Confusion.] Douglass ?' Our friend* will keep perfectly autet i'ue law wkich was made for our protection was trampled under foot." Vulce ?" No!" Mr D30?rlass said the men who broke up the irrrtins were accomplished gentlemen in broadI cloth, but they were none the leas rowdies At 1*2 IS o'clock, a disturbance occurred, In consrq .' nee of some one kavlng made an lrrev erent r-mark. Cries , ho mediately arose to put bim out " As the obnoxious individual ceased his remarks, o der was soon restored, and some xcited individuals ceased giving a door an " ir reverent bang Douglass?" We find tbe Sooth undertaking to nv waa*. shall or shall not be spoken la Boaton " Voice?14 Can't "' Vciee?" Good." Douglass ? "And elsewhere " He referred to tbe *j>rrss and pen, and said they should never be duriib. (Applause ] Voice?- Never" Douglass?" Be the answer, 4 no.'" [Confusion] Here Douglass made some remarks about tbe Tight of asserting what oue thinks proper, and was loudly applauded. Douglass? - Men must be heard because they re men " [Applause ] boaie persons having attempted to interrupt the speaker with a flippant remark, cries immediate1 D..* W? ...? 11 m ...k ?nn#.ia(nn . IIy were rut uiui um,' aiuiu uiuvu tvmu?iuuj u great number of persons having stood tip. Although the confusion did not cease, Mr Douglass continued his remarks. Douglas*?There must be no concessions to the eneiny. [Applause J [Hisses ] At uilf pait twelve o'clock tLe Speaker ceased, and a general outbreak commenced. A man n-.med vVhite was grabbed hold of by a detective i police ofllrer and oae of the Fraternity's members. an.l un erern >niou?:y jerked out into the entry Th? act of course, occasioned great excitement. Sime people stood upon the seats, otberi rushed for the doors Mr White was hurried In the centre of a dense crowd to tbe stairs. tk>int cl dl* irienas tjoi in ironi 01 me crown >na endeavored to keep It back. Thi? occasioned greal squeezing, jostling, and like Mr. White wai p it down suirs and out into the street. The con yreeation rushed out after him. He qoietl) walked away. The congregation lingered arounc the hall In squids for a short time ?nd then dis persed. Natural Humiliation?The events of tb< Last imroth, s-?ys the Journal of Commerce, b?v< humiliated the American Republic before tbi I wnoie world. For the honor of the nation w ml rKt K*ttor h*? v* o * rw r i a n/>4^ ? nival Ha f-?t. or a nd reverie oa a battle-field. The vol& of Executive at Washington hu already lf? half of Its power We can almost bear the sup pressed taunt and jeers of European despots. 11 response to our demands for the redress or lndl^ mties suffered abroad, or depredations upon tb rights of our citizens The "stars and ?t ipes once rent asunder, we immediately sink to the (.< sition of a second, third, or fourth-rate power, air from the Canadas to the lower extremity of th So itii American continent, there will be present? a sorry spectacle of the working of our muct baaattu Repullcan system In the dreary pro* pe?;t, tt?-r? is not a citizen who does not frel pei sonaily hutnili tW.d. The tyrants of the old wori t will take courage. A Hi?iv BiiDiQioox.-On no occasion, m the Springfield Republican, do people teem moi prone to commit blunders than at a wedding. Tt *% folio*lng actually occurred at a neigbixmn town; In tb<* midst of a crowd of wltnws the clergm i 11 aad just completed that Interesting reremot which binds in the ailvef bonds cf wedlock tv wuiiug hearts, and stretched forth his band to la plore the bleasl?g of Heaven on the union J tais point the groomsman, seeing the open ban< reached out, supposed It was tbe signal for biro surrender th? wedding fee,which was burning his pocket. Accordingly, just as the clergymi < closed bis eyes in prayer, he felt the prmure two swetty half-dollars upon his open palm. T1 Kood man hesitated a moment, appalled at tl ludicrousnessof hit situation, but coolly depoeiu tne money in bis pocket and proceeded with t devotion. Excitsmbxt is Chiiiu Cocjut, Motreating was held at Bean town, in Charles count Md , a abort time at ace, when resolutions w? adopted request!ok two or three peraons who hi rxpresaed sentiments hostile to the interest oft South and derogatory of Southern insttutlons. ai who bad voted for Lincoln, at Dufteld, to lea the coantv by the tret of Januarr. The action the meeting waa generally acquiesced in by t titiiens, bat nothing further was dono in 1 premises until within a few days part, whet letter waa received from one of the parties by 1 prtrrwr* tu mc ujro.iiijc uiciiiiuiirv*, in wuicu suiting language and Ihrrmti were used towai any and "U concerned in the meeting. The let eauae4 much Indignation and excitement and waa rumored that measure* would at once be ttl , to rid the county of tbis man and bis siders a > * abettors Union Movemmt is New Yonn ?Tbe fler of Tuesday save: A number of our toflueo merchaata assembled In tb* Mayor's office ysa day and held a private meeting for tbe purpose considering wbat action. If any, tbe ctty of N York should take In view of the present peril condition of our national affairs Although meeting waa preliminary, and/the proceed! were prlneipallvcoaftaed to suggestions and < sulfation, there Is reason to believe that the m< men I coatem plated is of an important charac and wben fully natared and announced i prove of invaluable service In reoorlng harm and penes to our distracted country. The in ing waa strictly private, so that its proceed: cannot now be publicly made known. V?nw.A?T _ The ? Vf rinn ? ?w-* ? ? & uc tcin i? vi tuc vicv" Plate 1* at length complete, and shows a pop tion of 314.17U souls, bring an Increase of 4 ).&>7 la tbe past tea yr?r? Addison. Caledo Cbltfndea. Franklin,Grand Isle. Windham. Windsor counties exhibit a dec rem*, as folio Addtaon,il,S35; Caledonia,53?; Chlttenden.il, and so on These count es are all traversed important railroads Addison, Chittenden, F n lln, and Grand Isle constitute the whole L George region The decreasing counties t the majority of the State, from which it mi be Inferred that during the last ten rears the gratorv spirit has been quite general In Verm A Bvattteboro paper says, "too many of our ye inra have gone West to eaable us to hold our politically" x fOTTheNew Orleans Delta speaks of th rest and Imprisonment of a man In the p. prison, as an tbolltiontat, as aa "abuse It \ not so much denounce It because there ii evidence aga;iv*t the man. aa t*iat he Is hei 1 7 lroaed and roer-ed to glee Information It Ui tl.ey will have occasion to Imprison and pv for Crimes of like kind without resort to 1 mi ary cases, and to punishments unknown to la Ext*ao*di3ary Docbl* Elopexkst.?The Holinea County (Ohio) Farmer teUa this ?tory of curious elopement and Its consequence : On Tuesday of last week, while standing on the ftlatform of the depot building at Crestline, waltntr for the train to start eastward, we saw a train arrive from the East. The first persons we recognized getting from tli? train were W. R. Scott and the wife of Levi L. Johnson, of Marlboro', Stark county. They readily recognised us, came up to where we were, and after the usual salutations Inquired when a train would leave for Bellefontalae. At this moment Mr Johnson and the wife of Scott also unexpectedly made their appearance. The women Instantly recognized each a! K m rt/i twithAiil nvinrr a urnr/l i I wl t/? K IrIaM V?M\ | WIIW *? I VUVHl W? J IM^ ?? VI V? J'l UU\t I U ?V one of tbe liveliest free fights we have ever been called upon to witnras. Tbe way ribbon*, bonnets, collar* and fancy fixings flew,was refreshing to milllneri and mantua-makers. This excited Scott and Johnson,and they were so so relv grieved at each other for running away with their respective wives, that they went into pugilistic exercise with a hearty good will. Many persons gathered around, bat no one caring much which of tbe parties whipped, they encouraged the tight and laughed at the sport. PnnitiSmith itnnrv^ Ihn ftaktinor >n/1 tn<>k tbe parties before the Mayor,who lined them each C5 and coats for breaking the peace. Scott and Mrs. Johnson,who have for some time been suspected of being guilty of intrigues, bad planned an elopement, and Johnson had also I planned an elopement, to take place on tbe same diy with the other parties Both couples slipped off clandestinely from Marlboro' on the some any. One party took the cars at Alliance, and tbe other got 011 tbe same train, though in adifferent car, at Louisville station. Neither couple suspected tbe other until they met at Crestline, when the feelings they enjoyed may be imagined, but cannot be described on paper After paying their fines, which satisfied them that fighting was an unprofitable way of setti ng the dlflfculty, they indulged in the application of a goodly number of bard names to each other, and Anally separated, Scott and Mra Johnson taking the U. and l<! Railroad, and Johnson and Mra. S the P , Ft. W. and C. Railrond. Since then, nothing La? been heard of their journeying*. RKrrsijfo to Give Up thk National Sojio* ? A correspondent of a New Orleans paper announce hia determined opposition to the ab*nHnnutont nf aiip Inna 1 Unnna mm I ??? ?' M ? "ui > ? uiiv/um cvu^a. u# iiiuiLnwu 1U the action of certain public gatherings In South Carolina and Georgia, confrsstng to a peculiar love fi?r the brave eld strains under which our fathers fought and won, he naively adds: I sincerely believe I never could learn to get entirely over a certain moisture of the eyelids that always comn to me when listening to the sweet and stately melody of the Star spangled Banner, whether issuing from a company of mimic soldiers In the broad glare of day, or whether at nightfall, gently swelling over moonlit waves from a far-off llne-ofbattle-sulp. Nor do 1 think I could easily conquer a certain tingling of the fltigerends, and a peculiar combative tendency which will creep over my usually quiet nature, when the soul-stirring notes of Hail Columbia, march'ng onward like an army to the field, suddenly breaks upon my e*r Much less, in view of the fact that even Yankee Doodle, ulaved on a tvr" ?t'i fiddle bv a negro boy, seated upon a cotton bale, will cause emotion* patriotic In character, would I guarantee to nerve my heart to utter fo?getfulne*8 of any other of our national melodies, endeared to us bv so many recollections of bravely-fought fields and hard-earned victories T*_ . ? Tki. .J X. I - M T I BA3SCBSD1.1TALIB* & Ul? wuru i? ill irrquent as", but it 1* not always correctly understood. Anything which Is peullarlv abstruse or aUsrrd. which Is highly metaphysical or Intensely si'iy, which is so profound that no bottom ran be discovered, or so shallow that It cannot even be 1 summed, which coutains tbe best l?sson of wisdom or the shabbiest philosophy of the pretender, wuich Is expressed in the simple language of Plato or the bombast of a modern newspaper 1 s rlbbler, la indifferently called transcendental 1 But the true signification Is this: The basis of LockVs philosophical system is that all knowledge is received iuto tke soul through the medium of 1 the senses, and is to be judged of and analyzed by 1 the ouderstauding. Tuis may be called the sensueus philosophy. Kant, ou the couXrery. denies [ that ail knowledge Is received through thesens's, l and maintains tuat tbe highest and universally - - ? *?a?a *_ ? is received trums are cumiuunicaKu u> a within the soul transcending the mere under atanding, which he denominates pure reason, dist t.n^ulahing it from the understanding. Accordb ing to this system all perception* of the true, the g beautiful and the good am revealed to the purr e reaaon; while it is the province of the understand. ing to determlue upon external thlnga, auch at e facts, scientific law*, etc. This philosophy li it named transcendental Rkvolstiosakt OmvoBMs ?The Dec em be nuinlx-r of ;he Historical Magazine contains i a valuable naoer l>vMr. Thompson-VVestcott, o: Philadelphia,'correcting erroneous notior.i whlcl H are prevalent relative to tlie color* and material] of the uniforms of the continental troop* duriti| e the revolutionary war Tbe popular notion 1 ^ thit tbe regular color* were blue and buff duel undoubtedly were tbe eolors of tbe Commander k in-Chief and bis staff; but toe rank an<l tile rart-L p_ wore these color* Tbe prevailing colora, say J Mr VVestcott, were brown, mixed up with red o white, and green with like trimmings. We bav in our Atlantic cities certain companies of voluu leers called "Continental Companies" whtc f th o j(b ignorance of this subject, have adoptei re uniforms such as tbe private soldier of the revolu tiooary war could never have wo n; and indeei K ia these modern companies, eirb member appeal ? 1 -? 1 ?> --<? ..,..11 wiid diut; ana uuu <> db, uuu uicc^uvo, aim u?UU44 V- top boot*, rocked hat, and ruffled ?hirt. *ucb I 'V VY a*h njjton and the major-generala uaually wor ro upon grand pa-ade daya Tbla ta very absurd t ?" the b storical atudeut. Mr. Weatcott gives d< scrlptl na of the uniforms of many of the romp * nlea vrttch served in the revolution, and -'Cout ,tJ aentallcrs" would do well to look them over. 1 n >Q A Romantic Tai* or tiiauttrcl Sistkbs.of Three sisters, all fast, recently aet up a gamblin Le hoasc In St. Petersburg, Huaaia, and being vn be pretty and clever, amassed much money, an ed married men of poaitlon. Growing weary, an lis having obtained all they desired of their couni bial partner* by tbe matrimonial relations, th< AkHfaiM a it a I ant ih^ir LUM?I I ? W J W1V* ^ .. . ... 9 -A lords to make It *PPt*r that ttey were plottir ty, against tbe Cxar. rhe buabanda were, therefor we irBt ta Siberia, and tbe wives managed to aecu ?d a good put of tbeir estates. Thev then went be London, liming to be Rnaalan Prlncsss m, ar id are now there, intriguing In politics and makli ve a sensation by their beauty and their admtrab of coquetry. Tbe* gamble extensively and w be fftbulous sains of gallant gentlemen In high po< be tloa. who become fascinated by their charm > a \\ bat will be the end of tbe glittering career the three Clrceen sisters, tbe correspondent who i In- lites the above Incidents dues not prophecy, rda . >r A Lake Micbica.ii Sinsatiom ?The rival i it between two steamers on Lake Michigan, t ten Dart and PoreeW, la so great that on the 3d Ini >?d the Forester endeavored to ran down and destr the Dart The Forester first ran into the Da and stove In her bulwarks; shortly after she i aid peatrd the experiment, tearing away toe Dar tial stern The Dart mansged to get into port ter- Vlcksburg, where, as she lay at the dock, t f of Forester came down and, aiu.lng directly for 1 ew stern, ran Into her with tremendous force, cuttl ous aheer tbrougb tne aiern, ana peaewaunir ?oi the sixteen fret Into the bull The rudder was c Dga rlad away, the eablna were wrecked, and 1 on- bull waa cut dowa to within twelve inches of I >ve water line Three peraona ou board the D :ter? nmo > ly escaped death by the coll talon nay ouy HudTixii in Richmond?The Rlchmfl *et- Whlgaaya: The gloom wtrich for aeveral wei n^R has hung like a dark cloud over the bualnea the city, aeema tor be deepei tng, and all claaae the community are now beginning to feel tain pressure. The screwa, which were relaxed tc ula- while, are tightening,'"and, at preaent, we i my wily ioq? lurwaiu w gmwr iirioiciicir iu la, money market than baa yet existed. Tbe deini and for Northern Lie hangs has Increased, and wt: broken' rates for checks on New York we nov 839; 8 per ct; on Philadelphia 6, and Baltimore S. | by ink- HIT Senator Latham gives it as bis opinion t ,ake there would not be ivs hnndred men In Call nrm si* favorable to a Paelflc Republic, and that C ty It fornU will go with the Northern states t?e mi- al of the Missouri delegat on claim that tl out dtate will decline uniting with either section, mrtv will establish an empire west of tbe Mlssissli own to absorb eventually all tbe Territories. A give out tbe idea that New York will declare independence, and set ?p a freeclty, and still i * M- trot tbe Southern trade irlsh . does The R Ichmoad Eanuirer of Monday i 1 "o "A lot of beef uttie (from Pulaekl county) i ?"ily Mop-d on Thursday last, over tbe Orange inks Ateiandna Railroad for the Baltimore mm mish This is tbe irst lot of cattle which has sought i#in- route to mark* from the western portion of w. Stote " MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE,. AT 476 PKICISYLVANIA AYEPICB, Next door to Olay'* (late XT. S.) Hotel, beHw?n Third and 41 streets. O. 6. EVANS, in order to aooommodfcte his legion* of ouatomera throughout the United St&tM, hjLM loCAtdd A BRANCH STORE of hia widely oelebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washiniton City, at 478 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, here can alway b? found a ooraplote stock of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATKB AND EUROPE. Every bo?k ia nold at the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty Cents to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS is preirnted to EVERY PURCHASER at the tbn* of the sale. Being extensively enured ourselves in the PUBLICATION OF BOOKft, %nd from our large *?lei enabled to purohase entire edition* from other publishers, we oan offer lnuuuMDEinio to oar patrona not elsewhere to b? obtained. niTR BIVTH ARE ORNAMENTALrUSEFUL, AND VALUABLE, Comprising a Thousand Varieties ; Among whioh we name? Sold and Silver Watohes, Gold Chains, Ladies' splendid Blaok and Plaid Silk Dress Patterns, Parlor Time Pieoes, Silver Plated Ware, Costlr Seta of Cameos, Mosaic, Florentine, Coral, famet, Turqnois and Lava Jewe.ry, Lookets, Pencils and Fens, Ladiea' Neok. and Chatelaine Chaina. Gent*' Hoe- *n Stud* and Sleeve Buttona, Pooket Knivei, Port Monnaiea, &o., Ao. The cldzona of the Dietriot and vioinitj are respectfully invited to examine our a lock of Booka and Gifta, whether deairoua of purehaaina or not and by eo doiug will be enabled to jiidfe of the advantage t? be derived from our popular ayatem of conducting Bouk aalsa. try* Call for onr new claaaified Catalog ?e,wherein omr method of doing boaineaa will be found fully UCWICU* C^Pereona Bending for booka from a distance wtll receive nine attention aa though at our atote, the gift*, in all oaaca, aocnn,ponying the purohace, G. G. evans's GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM. 476 PBNNA. Avxhus, no 10 tf Waahmxton, D. C. D~~ CASH! UR !NG the pa*t week we have made large additions to <>ur atook of gentlemen's belongings. and, buying therr. undei the heavy preaaure in the mo-ay inaraet for CA.SR.we ?(Ter them to the trada a~d at retail at a email alvanoe on our purchaae prices. for CASH, knowing tnat it ia lea: than at wtiick first olaaa WARDROBE ARTICLES oan be purchased. Oir atook. alwaya oomplrte, ii now mooh larger than usual in Dreis Shirts, Under **hirta and Drawers, Gectle^ni'a Dreaaing Robea, Kid and Warm Glomes, * i m _ _ neoaana uvor i iei, Stooka and Soarfa, Perfumery and Soapa, Walking Canea, Colt'* and other Platola, Ao. Whioh we offer at much lower pnoea than nana for CASH. We wi?h, however, to i? un<leratoo< that oar ealee are oonfin*d to the neweat atylea o gooda and the '"loweat prioea," at ' STEVENS'S, de 1 lot Sale*' Room, Hrown'a Hotel. Dr. schknck's pulmonic syrup, l)o. SKA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE P1LL8, Fo' eale by 8. B. WAITE, ooraar of Sevent r atreet and Louisiana avenue. i Pno* of Syrnp, per bottle. r Pnoe of S*a Weed Tonic ?l per bottle. Prioe of Mp.otirake Pitla, 2S o^nta p*r lx.tX Those afflicted with dm*aae? of the Lunr*, Liv< 1 or ^tomaoh. aooon panied with patra in the BaoV { Hrnaat or Hid*, ahoa.d trj Dr. Sohen< k'a Med: a oine4 and are ref?rre<f to the followina oertilioaW nn* of the in%nv te?Umoniala of complete ourea i i)r. Schonck'e poi>s?ei? on. No. 407 W?t Fifth ctre?t, ( WA.HHIK9T01*, D. C., Nov. 21?t 18G0.S * D?. Schick?D ar Sir: I ?nf!V??d much f> r wvera! niuiitaj with Li ver oumplunt, I wm pri 0 auaded t>jr a fri?o.i to try tour Pulmooio Syrui . ani Mandrake PiK?. I am now quite well, an h believt your mrdicine ?eat tkt mtans of re storm . mf to hnitlik an t vigor. 1 Therefore I ukn much pleasure in rnoonimenf ' in* it to the Putoho. M. 8. S?? d no 22 lm * A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS " ANY One ae??rine Freitht?raaoh or little? 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I? # * U _ to step#, Hosiery. ?o.. ?o. aii 01 winoa w. offering at f-iir usual lew jrioe?. ,a inr Clothing m\d? to order m the most suferi * mii^er 'WALL. STEPHENS A Co.. le no 16-tf 1*8 P*I TAKE NOTICE!. u* i WILL Take a'I kiods of Virginia money fori '* book debts and for Boots, Sno*s, and Trunks. , ?? persons indfb'ea to me wi I please oa I and eet * _ 1 I I __1 I ?.A ?A .lira tkAlr ftilAAIIl e- up, Or M* 1 iwpuilipniiiu mi |it? into the haods of a oollector. 8 P. HOOVER,Jron Hall, ry no21 Pa av., between 9th and 10th sti IXJOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILOI l> AT HOME AND ABROAD. n> The following iaa oorreot list of the employ rt, who pay the bill prioee ol, and are reoomiieu re- the Society, to wft: t'g W.H.Stanford, Mat look A Griffith, at 4 Bro., Matlock A Herbert, w. Wm. Tucker, Jamee l acker, "e o \v. Hint"n A Co., J. T. Mcintosh, ier Loudon A Co., Thos. K. Gray, ug E. M. l>rew Va .doran. se27 eog U? HEAVY CLOTHS "r n AND CABSIMERE8. lbe\~ lh? \ ?4lk fhut* D Dr?wert. d Dr*w??

gS^B'^. ??' 1 jj til ? ?" "VK*^. IJUt?ilil ""'~'r.r tbel bTHA^U \a8#?S hat | ?o??r1 *cW ^ 5V- "tr***.bftym DUd Ix>msiaaa? . mi K GV&SW. and aer of THirta?ntn itrML-A very ooraplete asi ppl, m' it of Braids, Carls, Prisettea, Bandaans, BOW on hand: also, madn to order at the sho ihef ootioe Hair Work repaired or taken in exam #on w S-Sm (VTitTBa ON ANY GOOD sou TIII tR a^d ^ H.-Boots soM at off asaal iow triors. ket A TRW Wr*? PI ANOS FOR HKNT BY thla A riyias eyi?. Alao, a new lot of Chioken Sons' unrivaled Piaooa JOHN F. RLL1) " _ m ?0? Pa. Mr., tat. 9th and loth i Two Pianos for rest at 1 per oath. i MISCELLANEOUS* #Ourt Covuh. Cold. f/Mrinwu InJht-nta any Irrtiation or Sor*n**s of tkf Ti'Hli Rtiuvt tk? Hacking Cough in Const mr turn, Bronch'tit, Arhtna, t Catarrh CUar and fin Mtrtntth to th* roitt of PUBLIC ?PEUER8 asd SINGERS. Few ?re aware of the importance <>f ohecKinr a Cough or ' Common Cold*' in it* #<-?t ataire; that which in the begiainc won>d yield to a m?W rem*- . fir, if noitleoted,io^qattack* the Lunca. "Brovn't tfronrKxal Troches." containing dernuloent ingrtwi enU, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN S whioh the "Troth*?** area ?p?oifio) _ having made me often a mere whiaTROCBES perer. N. P. WILLIE rrdwn'it "I recommend their useto Public ? spkai**.." TROCHES REV- E- H- CHAPIN. "Great aervioein subduing Hoar?k BROWN'S mm." REV. DANIEL WISE. TRnrnRs "Almost instant relief in the dm T treeing labor of breathing peoulia* rrow\'a to Asthma." BKUWii ? KKV a c EGGLE9TON. TROCHFS " Contain no Opium o* anything injurious." DR A. A HAVE8. BROWN'S CktmiH, Bottom. ' 'A simple and pleasant oombinaTROCHES txo?. for Corsns, to." nDf,?IVI,4; DR. 0. F. BIQELOW. BROWN'S Boston. TDnrnco " Beneficial in Brokchitis." TROCHES DR j F w LANK) BROWN'S MW. . .. *'\T" I have proved them exoelleot for TDnrDCQ Wuntoioa f.nnow " A IVVVUdC j ? ? ? *? -?- ? ?. * _ | REV. U. W. WARREN, BROWNS) Boston. TBnnH,? " Benefioial wh?n eomrl!?d to I RUiHh? ?p*ak, offerin/t from Cold." uoiiwm. REV. S7j. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'.- ) st. Louis. THOmps " Etfkctwal in remonnr Hoarse iftuutiE.. neM%ud irr,tat>onofihe Throat, to BROWN'S 0Om ?A *>th SriAins And Si50 TROCHES "#Prof M. STACY JOHNSON. /.* Grant', On BROWN'S Teaeher of Muaic S-uthern 1,1 s Female Collet*. TROCHES* "Great benefit when takm befne And after preaohing. aa they prevent BROWN'S Ho%rien*aa. Fro in their paat effect, i think they will be of penn*a?nt adTROCHES vantage to roe." REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena College, Tena. TROCHE? inrSotrfhyalinrpggiaUatTWFN. VXr DIUB PENTi A Hi IT /"ft I A X n * U v. Uii * w ? de 1 ty Gas Fixtures, THE BEST ASPORTME *TKVEK OFFERED IN THIS CITV. , Thoxe who d<-ure to seleot from new patterns, with the ?'tvsnUne ot a reJuctun in price*, will call early aiul "xami.i*. Wa would also call the attention of prions ab*ut introducing gas i> to their dwellings to our inor'ased faoilities, and oonsequeut low prices, for this branoh of our tra4e. In* itini all who desire their work done promptly, and free from ga* 1 akag?s, to ca t at Pa. avenue, between liith and llth ?t*.. south side. - a n/\ i no 21 tj an I J. W. THUjirBv.^ es Furs! Furs! AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I have with atriot care personal y attended to the >uanuf.toturing and election > f the following Kur*. Mt long praotioal know ?dge of the Fur Uusiceaa ena!>!ea me with oeitainty t<> invite the 'adiea to go?da made from fine and freahoanght ikina. Suoh * _ . ? ., Tanada Mink Sable, Ro?*ia Fitoh. Siberian Squirrel, W>tar Mink, ? French Said*. Childress' For* in great variety. Fur rriinmings of all oolora. Prices very moderate. W. F. SEYMOUR, i no 19 lm Georgetown (CSfc NOTICE! I wiah ai: gentlemen V CrrB&fl to boar in mind that gS ,? the pLaa which 1 ^w |?Bi^Optwl, ?i* a*o, of selling ^S^w^FHAI 8 and BOOTS at greatly re dnoed pnoea for oaah ia in anoceaaful , operation. Juat reoeived a full ruppiy of the latest J New York styles ofDKRSS HA IS The very ' finest Hat 93J0; a first rate hat 33; ana very f good, fashionable Hat Jft 50. All of the latest at) les of aert HATS and CAPS, at the very lovest pnoea. I am oonstantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine DRF.SS BOOTS at 93.75?which 1 have - been aelling for many yeara?aa well as the very beat aual.ty of Patent Leather GAITKRS at S3 CO. Fine Frenoh Calfskin Gaiter* from 92 to 9150. Terms oaah; no extra charge in order to offset t? l>addebU ANTHOinY, Ageut for tlie Manufac turers, Seventh atroet, second nai siore iroiu me oorner, opposite Avenue Rouse, No. 640. ? 14-3m ,, QUKlv OL1) RYK WHISKY.?On band sever* 7 IT brand* of Pare Old Rye WM- ky, Copper Dis i tilled, made by the moat reliable ciatulere in Pennaylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure, * Also, Imported Hrandiea, Ilenacssy, Otard. Dupny " fc Co., Jules Robins,&o. Also, Peaob a::d Apple Brandy, pure Holland 91s, o.d Jamaica acut^t. Croix Rim, and Winee of ever/ variety, at: of standard brands. A ohoioe lot of Clears aud To?r . vniivr. * lEPfl AttT. Arent*. . UiCW>i I vvi.v ? ..... ? _.r T , , *? 14-1t W9 Pa ??.. hetw.r>th aid fftth tie. p; ? * CEMBTKRY NOTICE. * 1 HK Subscriber offers for sale his stuck of M AR, nr,K monuments, tombs, grave '* stonk8?nd marble mantels at reduowl prioes for oaeh or app'oyed notos. an early call is ? solicited. \vm. RL'i her ford. Marble Works, 35a K ?t. north, r- oo 17 3m between 12th and 13th. J.* U7 G ALTS' 5- Wood and coal so office, BB 8?3 Pa. Av.,Bprar.llTH *.hd 1*th t*t?? North side. e. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth st., i{. tn? It tf RaIow War n?wrtm?nl WM. T. dove A co. *? v M/- w Breo&reJ to execute an# orden vill ? whioh ther may t>? favored id the PLUMBING, a^^^E^EAM FITTING '8 JET Store on 9th street, a few doora north of Pa n? avenue, where may be found a oomnlete tvaeortmen & imBtewfese' e&- -%? ,r S F " " 8 r v R ? F u * S! t?, Oi? of the largest and finest stacks everofftr* in ^Wasliin^ton, is, Also, large etook CARRIAGE HO BUS. Pun Repaired and Altered at short notioe, bj a ere old, exp >r?eno?d hand, ai I olieap. l?T. As ntf "took is vary largo, ai. 1 ask is a ea'l. All Furs soli at my establishment warranted i represented. HOPKINS', Corner of Sixth st. aud Pa. av. IET 8io? Whitk Kbae. no 27 2w T'RAVKLS in the regions of th m I. Upper and Lover Amoor, br T W. Atki^?o With ft map and numerous ibnstrations; price Li 'dcUo, a sequ?l to Ute Je * oi Veroua, bj K.i B"soiana, 8. J. Hwmo Abdal'ah, or tho Knch\nt'd Keva, ai other Ta ea, with an introduction by Miaa Pardc Volume one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a a^n to Tom Brown at Rugby; oheap ediuon SI centa. ' Our Year,a child's honk in proee and verse,! the author of John Halifax; v oe 75 o^nta, BLANCAARD* MOBUN, de S oorner Eleventh at. and Fa.?? ,ofJVIONKY! MONEY! 1*1. M O N K Y Note* of all bank* taken at p*r for Goods, and ooaplete supp * of Fall and winter Wear on ha Bt foroash. WALL, bTEPttKXS A t'O., Clothiers, no I2 3w Pa. avesM, bet. tth and lo?h iti RANKING H O U a K 'fcf SWEENY, EITTENdO*Tt>E. FANT & CO nod; Will open for customers, specie, currency, a ink Virginia money accounts. ? _ i_tf Buy and sell ooiaa.d exohangeat tke moil fori able rate*. MU- Carreaay aad Vlrrinia money wanted, no >* K??t- DIANOS.?One rery #?> Rosewood t hicker jte., I ?"iano for sate npnn monthly payments,. M rte?t ?l A large assortment of feieinway^^ . - t noni' ?M K?T?B C own ? ri?nu? ??" - in?t b-?n received. Twee Pi*po? ?re now opn? ?r*d the b?et maiBfMturfd. Fonjl**'_,hJf'g* CR^I '^ff'941 *t M?*w Store of W. G ME1 if ^a,rr%.r?*w^isi'i5i'sss DENTISTRY. Mtbeth. LOOMI3, M. D., the mmtorud patent** of the MINKRAI.P1.ATK TEETH, tends personally at his office in this eilf Mtw Many persons can vMr these teeth who^* oannut wear other*, ai.d no person eu w< ar others who cannot wear these. Persons eallisc *t rn? office can be aoooflUMdatod with an? style nnd prioe ?>f 'I>eth th-y may dee ire; hut to those who are partion'ar and wish the psreat, cleanest, strongest, at a moat perfect der.Mre that art oan aroduue, the MINK&A.L tfXATE will be more fully warranted. Koonin in this oity?No. S3S Pa. avecne, between 9tn Mid lUtb ats. Also, **07 A rob street, PhllMai phta. _ 99 I6 tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNION Uh returned and retained hit Crofession. Or&oe mm! house at 463 K ii _ i mm ? urd door out of t>ixth. In addition t Mwv every o-her approved style. Dr. M. has set^?1TTJJ teeth on vuioanite Haee for thelaat three rears and, from experience, knows it exoe.s all others, and is ene-third leea in pries than gold. His old patrons of Washington, Alexandria, ai d Oeorgetown are respectfully eoloited to call, sa 25 eoly _ carriage factories. wr a utiTKirnikV n s n n t a o s n?rnD v ?*/ a jiiiii'T 1 uii ^AivniAvri rAuiun x , ? i> Strt't, H*tvrttn 9tk and lOtA Sir ft t. We hare just finished a number ol first olaaa CARRIAGES, auch as Litkt TTo(rc*.?, Fdrit Pkenitms, family Car VCfjjjffJ ruins, and But tut, whtoh we will a*L at ? ? ft vert small profit. Heine praotioai mechanise in different branches of U.e busineaa, we flatter onraelrea that wa knoti the style* and imM; of work that will fire sata faction, ocmtinmc lightness, comfort and darabitl Repairing promptly and oarefnlly attended to Uie shortest n< tie* and most reasonable aharrea. WALTER, K ARM ANN * BOPP, Coaehmakers, successors to Wm.T, Book, aptr-dly TCARHlAOK?. HE Sabceribar h^Tinc made additional* kl factory, making it now one of tfte largest in the Distriot, where his facilit'es forUMSBra u n a DDtiflr a. i niftUUlMkUIlUC VAUniAQD ? ? AilVXl WAGONS or all kind a cannot b? agryaa aed, ?< from hia lone Mjenenoa in tho bumsu, he hope* to rive ganonU aatiafaction. Ail kiada of C*m?|NUi4 kifkt Wu*u t*>i ? ^RE PAIRS noatiy 4oao,aa4 all ?r4*ra troayt If attended to, SMfa4 ia?< CarrUj'?taken in ejsJuwze for aoo ?t?. ANDRK ^nTTOYCJt;. 4 i?-tf MTwr *f lath u) K eta. w ^8811 JHK GEM OF THE SEASON. 1 bave this day r?o9iT?ylrper Espr^aa.the I?at*?t Stys. <.f GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRK-8 HATS; also, % !ar*eand fuil supp y of FRENCH SOFT HATS. ?>f ill styles, (or Men and Boy?. A> my a?for?w>?nt cf tii?-*e roods is targe, I shall ell at ?xo*cdinc y low prions A oa'l where yon oan got exactly wha. ynu watt is solicited. HOI'KIN*, Corner of Sixth sv. a"'' Pa. ** co 2w Sign of t ie White B"tr. T)? .T FT MoT.F! AV'S BTEEHQTHEIflKG CORDIAL AM) OLOOD PI'RIFIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tk* WORLD, fand the most DXLICIOrS A XT) DELIGHTFUL Ef CORDIAL ? EVER TJ.KEX.jkMlj<:J^ II SUIttiT * Mi niifia and TtftUbit Corapoaod, pro- 1THT card b; -ht dUulla- Url9| lion W won, fcarka, H,s md baikt. Tallow Br -*fi Dock, Blood Root, St "j| Black Ro?', Saraapa- > S ? riila, Wil4 Cherry tAJT B*rk, ud Daodalioo ituti ult iti cm- w dniilliujr, prodntm* a J?UciaB?, tcbil&ratinf spirit, u< tfc? bxm-infBlibit romi'lyfor rtnoTi-.iuj th? 4?ru?d lyttira, ud rtotorinf th# debt ng, and dobllitnud Invalid la btillfc and nrtiiftb. McLXAfTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will (iMtull; cmrt Ll>u Complaint, Dyiptpai*. Jmdiea, Chrome or N?r?<>a? Dabiltty, Uimw uftha Kidai^i, and all dinuti truing Irom a diaor Jirtd Uur or Slofaacfc, I>7*p?p?U, Haartturt,, Inward Pilii, Aciditi or Sickntaa of ik? Stomach, Failnasa of Blood to th* Ht?d, Dali Pain or Swiaiuinf in th? P?!pi:aUon of th* Hurt, Fallnaa* or Wtiftit in tha Stomneh, Soar Eraeutiona, Cbokinf or lifxiuof Fatlinf wban luiir d'j*B,Dr;a*? or YalioWn?M of tb? Skin anil Fjta, NifVt Hwet j, lnvard Pivrn, Fain in tha Small ?f ibt Back, Cfcatt, or Sitlt, Saddrn ?1? ' M--' I1.MMUMI Bf knli^fa. Prlrlitfll !)rHM. * isvnca 01 n?ai, ? ? - ? ?. ?r?? Lti.faur. Leei>on<*eiiC/ or aay jriosi duHii, Cor?? or Blotchee m the SkiA, tad Fever and Af*e (o< CluUa tad Vim.) OrrK 4 MILLION BOTTLES ha?e been eolJ daring the lax an mootbe, and in laeti>nce baa ll failed mi |?i*f enure aauefacuee. Who. tbea will tader froia Weakneee or Uibiliu whea McLUMI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL vtll car* 70a 1 Ma larif aaf a can coneey an adequate idea af tha immedi ata and ainioet irureeeloae change prndased by taking thu Cordial in the dieereed, debilitated, and ebattered ner*eai eyetera, whether broken dawn by exceae, vaak by netart . or impaired by eickiieea, tba related aad aoauaaf W(tu eatioc la reeiorad la Ha prietwe health and vigor MARKIED PERSONS at othere, ceoacieae af inability fn>m whatever ceaaa, Til , lad MckEAN* STRENUTItENING CORDIAL a tba [ reagh regenerator of tha eyateo; and all who rna? have la f |ared tbenieeWee by improper iadalgencee will fad la tbi Cardial a certain and epeody ram dy. TO THE LADIES. MckEAHl STRENGTHENING CORDIAL la a eovei eifa aad ^bedy care far Incipient Caoaanptiea, Wbttei 1 Ot?'rested ar DiScalt Menetreauoe, Incoouneaee of Uru? ar Inealaatarr Due bar re thereof, Falliaf of the Woml Oiddineee, Feinting, and all dieaaaae incident to Femalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ? ' ' r.h. It aaaordiar to dire c doc a It *i' Lima lata, atranfthan, *nd iariforal* yo? and cam tb bloom of health to aoaat 7m cbaak ijus. Krtrj bottla 1 warranted la giro aauafacuoo. i FOR CHILDREN t Ifroar children iri tick!;, pai.? or eBictad, MCLEAN' CORDIAL will niki them healthy, fat, and ntmt Dela Ml a moaictj tzj it, and 70* will b? Marine**. It i* di Lc.eae tatake. CAUTION % Ba?in of driffbti or daalera who may try to pala tpc 70a mm bitter or a.-re*p*nlla iraeh, which ihey caa be cheap, br earing It it ]aat it rood. Avoid each man. At for MCLEANS STRENGTHENING COKOIAL, and Ul nothing eiee. H it tht only remedy that will parity t> Blood t urnBfblT and at lha una time etreagtbeu the ayetai M Oca letepoonfal taken i??rj morning faatmjr la a carta preventive for Cholera, Chilla uid Faur, Tallow fr'eeer. 1 * 1 i?.. 1. _ lay prtvaliit Mull, u is pn ia . ... T*r batll*, ?' dtottlta for fS. V H MrLEAN, ? *o!t propria tor of thu Cordial; also. McLean ' Toicani'. 0 p Umn.eot- Principal Depot oo the corner of Third ai jT Pin* itttiU, Bt. L?it, Mo. ?; McLean's Volcanio Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LINIMENT lN"THE WORLD ) ^ Th? only aafe aad cartain ear* for Caaeera, Pilaa, T f am, Swallinf* and Brjochile or Court, Paralreia, N? 01 ralpta, Weakt.eoe of tha Maeclee, Chronic or Inlafomato Rhe arnauam, lufniaa of tha Jtlau, Contracted Maeclee "J Lifaaanta, Earach* or Toothache. Braieee. Bpraine, Pro Cute. Wound*, Clean, Peeer Soree, Cakad Bruit, 8c Nipt .ee, Baraa, Bcalda, Sore Throat, ar any inflammation pun, bo difference how eeeere or loaf tha dtaaaaa m ? U.. . net ad. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ! eartaia r*ir*dy. Thewaede W hunu h*u>ft hi>i biu HTtd ilihtf 4 I a erepHad* and mm ly by ih? ) at thi* iavalaabl* riaid] "J McLEASTS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will r*li*v? pain tloMM liummm?ly, ud it will el*i panfy and h*al tb* f*al**t *cr** la aa iacr* dibit hart tin L_ FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS ieLEAN* CKLMEATID LINIMENT i* (be Ml* m and r*liabl* r*n**dy fee tb* ear* of Sparta, ftjurtxx 1 Wind jail*, Splint*, Unaataral Leirpa. Nod** *r vallta 1j It M?*r bU*d to ( < Btf M*ad, PolltrU, Fiatala, ( h*il>( km, or !?* . if properlj applied. I praia*, Mm, lenMti, Cr*ek*d H**la, CImm, Bad yr' *r Oiler Oa*la, C?u, Born, or W*?ad*, h i* ac iafalli r*?*dy. Apply it aa dtoactad aad a ear* la eortaia la a*< ? * lajjeali ____ In* efM-td toTm ObtAia a pplr a# WcLKAjriTcE BRATKD UXIMEMT. h ewa ym. m J. McUCAll, Sot* Pronator. T? Caraar Tkir4 ul Piaa ml, ?_ Lavta, M ;d CHARLKB arrOTT, m p?. ?., *o(? ag tat in Waaki mnt t?: fc. *- T. CMBKL. eaarraw.. aa ?4-P?WI * GoT.cv?pfiimte4v.. 1'aan averine. indvxtmin* their extremely la I!? ami beautiful amortntrat of Ctildrea'a Bom ts. fcrs-as- sr,"sirErta^lr? E? ssyss55isscriwys? WSC3?3I .. TSLSZ" c"",~ " w THE WEEKLY 1HJLLAK STAR. mane i n?w wMr of inwim mittf Fnd%y aoruac. '^*!^Tizriiriiz *! w T?wP.m Z2 ? ItlBWttbir ooctatna Am "WmMHW m i?rally tkroag boat th* soutr;. nySlB|l? MpiM I in VTt| Ma to yiwil at Ut? oouur, lam?4iateiy aftar ta* >mm mt * ?a?f. Pri?-THRKECKWT* WOOD AND OPAL. TO THK PI BLIC! GO WHLKK YOU CA N OCT TOUR MONEYS WORTH qttrt it' pbovtiit ! know it try That' rrr trru? ^onee* mills,a* bar r?* WOOD tb*r?. PROVE WHAT? irr fror* tut t<m md nt jomr WOOD tfcam C nape. than where in the city ; iu taM ;? KNOW WHATf try Know that too cot uood MEtBCIKMl th- rxrj best rf WOOD fcr lee? m>M), CW, split, ihc dbi iv***i> fbbb or crabob. Call at tub pionkkr mills! S1QX OF THE SLUE FLAU- STAFF. soctbwktt coaitxr scvsxth ft. tan c*ju* (Soulb of the Br id if. f t * . i ? it a n n a - DO It ur^iKfir. A>WT. \w ?o VJhIob Fire-Wood Mills. PINE. OAK and HKKOEY WOOD Sawarf and 5p!it at any l*neth o* atse repaired. and daiiTarad to any part of tha Otty at *a-p low pnaaa. C^VVa call the particular attention of our cmatoinfr* and the public g*nerai!y to oar apiaadd STUCK OF COAL, which we can aar. wittioat fear of oortradiction, it raaal to aar in ?ha City. We Knaiantaa to fira aatiauotion to ail who ?ay purcaa* of aa. irV"Our SAWED an* SPLIT WOOD ?a kept under oover, perfectly dry. and COAL oa P<aik floor*. olean and in good order. Large aaiaa aad am*.' profita. no 15-tf WOOD AND O O A & Delivered to all part* at tue oitr,Htt? llim posaibie rate*. T. J. * W. M. 6ALT, Office S08 Pa. ? ., between 11th and lib sts , mal7tf c?tw t'Oi FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR SALE?A new two-etoiy brink HOUSE,o? Fourth street, below New VorrarAne. TW hou?e is an feet front and 43 leet deep ; has 5 foet (M-urr, parlor, dining-mow. kitchen. and fotr chambers, with stairways In ptwue Bod kitohen, with good er-liar under the whole trbnse ForUrm inquir-at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fe lows' Hall. nol-tf J AS- 9. TOPHAM. FOR RE.NT?The fine BRICK HOUSE Wo. 100 Wert?t, Georgetown, at present oeon pied by the snbeeriber. It ha* IS ro?me, with |M an<l water throughout, a fine yard, etable Ac ?nnd is in a^o >d neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. M^ FOR R ENT.?Two new three-etnry BRICK HOUSES with back buiidinga, each koiM ooitAitiirnc t room*, with cm, pleasantly aitaated on stii ?trtet north, Mvmb M and N itrwu, rout rood *> *.??. Arpi* * "> K JiAZKXBV. oppoeite,or to john T. LeS'MAN. Ohio avenue, between 12th ?n<1 1.*th OC 9X1 FOR RENT?The F1Rf*T FLOOR of the beilrfire immediately opporte the v?it win* of the City Hi , rooently ocouptixj ;.p C-^b. !*. Wkluk a? an off.oe. Aleo the front room in theeaooad lory ana the tfcird fi. >..r of the Mine b?i dine, Fat term* apply to RICHARD WALLACOia a Louisiana aveane. ja U tf EDUCATIONAL^ CCHOOL TOR SMALL BOY?*, ? No. 37T I Fim?r Wan. , Mim ANNIE E. PKCIv. TawWr. Number of pnpila limited to twenty oo H entni T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daathtera to re oeiveatborourh and STUtamatie edooation. where their pny woe* training wi~ reeeire daily and eeeial attention, under tn* nx?et approved ?tbt?id of Calle* theruo* and Gymnaatiea. are renpectfully mrited to viait the Union Femaie Aoauemy, corner Fourteenth at. and New V ork a v. MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARDS, aa 3h-tf PrmotpeJa. 1/EM ALE BOARDING AM) DAY SCHOOL mr*, s. pr'ijicjpaJU Tbe thirteenth animal iMnrni of thia ln?utnt?oo will ooidimim or Tueaday.SMtamber lath, id Um hpnae recently occupied by Sy ive?ter Soutt, ? ?, No. ISO Kmc afreet. 1fhe oourif of ctody pnraued will eotnpriap all the1 branehea reqtnmte to a thorong h English Education. aud Matte, Prcnoh, Latin and Diawiac, if M?l red. In addition to day aebola-a. Mm. MoCoraiat la prepared toreoeivea limited nuraker of pupils mm boarders, who. couatituUnc a part of her own family, will be under her immediate oare and aupervi ion. She will endeavor, as lar as poaa.hJe.to ear round them with the oomforta and kiadU infiaeaoae of Home. Rev. Geo H. Norton. Rw.Dr, MUaa Harriaou, Rev. D. F. Spri<f. Wllliaai ft Fowle, Kea., Edgar Snowden, Ea? . Edmund F Wiliwr, Kk?l.. Henry Marbary, Ee*.. Ujrii MoKrn?ia, Eaa.. Robert H.~Hunton, Kmi . VV. o Wallaeh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Wntari, E?q..Jaa. Entwiale. JrnEae.,Col. John W. Minor, l^>udo??, *?' A_!?\ u u C ,.r WPIiri, DlftCIiUCI CL .UO>i c it?ii, ? Brotlwn. Tumi. -? Board, with Tuition in nil the EnxUeh Brnnehee. for the nnnnal Menion?pnyabie Mm nnnnaii t. id advance. Miikio and I,antnace? nt Professors' prioos. ir7- No extm eharees. nn W-*l FOR STAMPING rSy A P^CKKT OF FAFBB ^ * wf* DMVVI n?M ; ] NO I , CHARGE) ^ BOOKSTORE. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, iinUi fm Lmmrtmct'i t*irir*ud lAmm fvuri, - "Metropolitan MiIU," ft., #*. |j ? 9* lr 33i Pa ? .. b?t. and 1?tk ate. ' 512 GUTTA FEKC^PAINT AND 512 *" HAMILTON, BRo. A CO.*8, II No. ?ia Seventh ST., is the plaos to find the oelet> rated Gotta Pr?hi Roofini and Paint Also, a general a?orfieat of H?u?e Pa nting Materials. Paiutmgia all iu branches sx'oufwi wiin disa patch and on reaaor abls terms. Mixed Paints a) . ways on haod and for sale, wt'h beaks* and fcrvsk h to loan free of charge A : orders lelt at tke store for O d Glazing or Job Work of asy kind will ba promptly attended to *'? BI TTV IIOWN. itB |Q * * V ? * ? ** ? j no an 'k /Ov NOTICE, . /V\ ; jy\ removal. A A ' U tt > !?* r ??m<i rod my ta PAWN UKUCb tr to *31 C rtreet, between 4H m.nd Clb atreeU, ihim: di?t*ly in th? rear of tke Ntt uoti Botei, where th? !>DUnMi will be continued m heretofore It tke ill oldaUad. tnolS-?] |^?AO HKHfim WTRAVKMN9 TEUNEB. K Have jact received tk? ? i?t MtoHmal ?nd now offer the most extend ve rerjft; ofPoiR j.eathk*.. ladTFsp r r es4 Wm ud PACKING TRUtfKft, H*T BOJ> *- VAI ISBS. CARpKT BAGS. *ATCflEl?, * in tkli city, whici-we *? eell njr ?t very k>w 2 ^iar?TK,,g??^v piX>UE, BUCEWH^T. POTATOES, AP V MB bbli. cew RichmondFanuly *<>4 F.xtrc FWer, " ? ^JJr^-40' 4o' " ^ L%rt?lTi!o^*A/X^bT i iararagn bU l/huoli h?n4* tot of COOKING fct 4 ottor *n aTOVKS.vkMlik* will Mil Iwu I tmt m iw ^ w.?W. u>fM J ?1? ^ EBAT BARGAINS in mi ANOA.?Om T*rr tfrI*cT'y. tor wET fcu ? |.^TS,%fe rt =25: asJri? IVI Ngj^gSd<fe^toiL RSi'ffrE ied E!??! 'I* tLy?W?. i2 ^