19 Aralık 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

19 Aralık 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL MEW &., IZT'Tkmfb Tn? 8*4* ta printed oa Ik* ftilul una prcM in ue so?Ui of Baltimore, Its edition )? ? largr u to require It to be pat to preas at aa early hour; AdvertlaemeBtB, therefore, should be %> itIt before IS o'clock m.\ at bane lee tlMf My amt appear aotll the aext day. ? - Nottcb.?Platrlct of Columbia A itn itli iniall to be Inserted in the Baxtombb Beware received at and forwarded from Txa Utaji OOce. H Blow* Oct rn Gas ?The day before yea t< rd*v? geetleman n*me<l K. fla. U order, Irani Virginia, arrived at ttM Clarendon House la this r t v and wok lodglnga. He did not appear at the breakfast table yesterday, and at 10 o'clock a. tn., the clerk thinking be might be 111, proceeded to k's appertment, whirb be found locked. By ust rig a pass key be managed to throat out the door key and nnloek tbe door. On opening the <i?or he was nearly knocked senseIrt* br the odor of tr-s. but spriat>Lag into the room he H'-eeeded in railing a window and turning off the gas, which bad been whistling through tbe burner ail night The Virginian lay on the bed senseless, and it was at first supposed llfeleaa, bla features htdeooaiy bloa'ed. ana prreentlng every appearance of atrangnlatioo. As soon aa the room be< im relieved of the polaoaona gas, a slight twitching of the m iarles of tbe throat indicated that there waa still life in tbe mai. and several phvslrlans were Immediately summoned to hta Vfdside. H is caae waa proooaaced entirely hopeless at first, but no pains were spared In order to r*s>i?cltate him. AIL day long they practiced their art npoa btm, and finally, at a late boar last night, tweeded in restoring him to partial conariousnrea. and was proooanced to be In a fhlr vmv to Mrover. In bit ignorance of the nature and use of gas be had Mmm out the light and left the How unstopped. Tax CociADsa?We see in Mm? of the avenue bop-wlndftws tb? various cockades now In uae f?r ?ale We give a description of tbem for the benefit of oar readers: Sci'h Cmrohma?This cockade is made of three layers of very dark bine cloth, not/-bed at the edges snd fnVmd together hy a gilt button, on v-hirh the following appears in relief: In the centre is the " Palmetto," with two arrows ( rosaedj, end fastened together at the point of c rossing with a bow-knot of ribbon. The following ia the motto around the button:?Amimis opifctcfM parmti?"Keedy with our Binds and means " i ,rgiMt*.?tdi? cowra or aaoaoie roeeue or blue ailk, with a pendant of lemon *Tolor, tbe whole fastened together by a gilt button, on which appears in relief tbe arma of Virginia, with the name, of the state and iu motto encircling it. Tbe motto t?? Stt *f mjrrr tyramni*. Maryland?This cockade Is formed of a double roaette of blue ailk, with blue pendant#, add fattened tbe nine * that of Virginia, with tbe State button, with the simple word " Maryland" t?.ne?th the arms Tk> Union Cotknd'.?This is alao a double ro?-tie. tbe centre one being of red ailk, the inner on-* of white silk, and the pendants of blue. Tbe _ 4 ?ft Wi.ftt* ? *w.* #. ?.? 1- ? 1 ? ft ? ? viitiuu tuai irsirus ?uc wuuir fc '^nurr suuwi j ttif eagle of America. surrounded by the start of the I lilted States Mr Editor It is wi'h the greatest satisfaction 1 find that the Star chronicles every evidence of the devotion of the citizens of the National Metropolis to the IJulon We feel at the present time that we mn give no stronger evidence of oar love of the Union tban by oar reverence for the imbltm of the Union? The Star Spangled Banner, oh! long may It wave. O'er the laod of the free, and the home of the brave " Would that tt might float from everv house-top ?nd 'vnntayt- point" in our lovely city, reading a IrMon of rebuke to every disunionist! I propose to the ciUcena of Washington that th-y give to tb? country a strong demonstration of their <levotedura? to the L'nien in this wise : Let t flagstaff of magnificent height end elegant construction be erected in Center Market Square, and from its towering height throw to the bretze the starry emblem of our united country. Let it be of ample dimensions and elegant material, purrLised by Unlou-loving men. and fashion* d into graorfnl proportions by the willing fingers cf the I iiioa-k>ving wive* and daughters of Washington. Lot It there float to gladden the eye and Ik* k* ?<!( ?. ?k? m~A VI ?Ut V/tUKU j IUC I'jVlUVCI) ftUU the atranger. Tax District ir Congress ?In the Senate, on -Monday. Mr. Kennedy mo red to take up for consideration the bill to authorize the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company to extend the \Vaahlngton branch of their road to the rotomac river, and ar.reaa the same by an extension of the present structure known as the Long Bridge, for the purpose of connecting with the Vlrg aia railroad at that point Mr. Feaaenden inquired If It waa the purpose of the Senator from Maryland to act upon the bill at oMse. He thought it a subject that required much consideration, and he certainly was net prepared to vote before be bad made a full examination of the whole matter. Mr Kennedy was certainly anxious to have the bill disposed of, as ft waa one of Importance to the company, and had been pretty thoroughly discussed at the iaat session; but ss the Senator from Maine d*tlred more time for investigation, would move that it be made the aoecial order lor Wednesday (to-day) at 1 o'clock; which wai ajrml to A BiAtTTirrL Pikck of Work ?We yesterday fi>fi:ncd a chandelier la the Vice President') r-om. new Senate, roan 11 fartared to order in Philadelphia for Wm T. Dove, Eaq , of thii city, who superintend* the furnishing of gas fix tares for the Senate side of the new Capitol. Thli rhandeller e*ce-ds anything of the kind ever be foresees ia this city It is a twelve-light bur aer the material throughout being of superb gilt artistically embellished. The body of tbechaude tier has three admirably designed medallion headi of asblngton, and above this, there Is a tri po< of figures, exquisitely proportioned, symbolical o \outu and immutability. Each of these figure upporta a ct-luinn ?urmouot?d bv s finely mo deii^d oagle, bearing tbe shield of onr Nation Within toe >pa<-e formed by the three columm stands a figure of a North American Indian driaatd in all the paraphernalia of the aborlglos warrior, liamedlately above tbe three column* i tbe cornice or crowning piece of tbe whole work embellished with tbe coat of arm* of tbe thirteen original States IsycmsT.?Yesterday afternoon, an Inquest wa held by Coroner Woodward over tbe body o , Jno?ph Snyroke, a prisoner, who died of wound received while resisting an arrest by Mr. Win Jonn. open whose premises the said prisoner wa discovered ma king a burglarious attempt. Am a careful fiamlnatlon oI *11 the evidence, tb jury relumed a verdict of justifiable bomicldf Mr Joatf and hia wife, from the time of thei first right of Bayroke yesterday mcrrUjig, who brought oat for trial, exhibited much aistress i tbe condition of tte roan; and this was greatl increased by b's death, notwithstanding the cti cuiustances connected with It and the justifyin verdict of an intelligent jury. 1 hi Cosiest Mil eibibitlou of St Pa a Pi Ln term i?hUth School took piace oa Moada :<igbt. as pw snoonDcement. Tbe church wi V?tter filled than any of the member* rememN ever harieg iwa it before All th?- j?arts wei w?-U performed The audience app^artd partlct Urly <t?lljf hted with tbe performance of the chol tutir piacea were well selected and admlrabi performed. The jjem of toe ereelng waa 9a Autumn Winds," Mlo, by Mrt. Seiffert, wit bummiu chorus by the choir. The"P&rtell Children"' and Amphloa Quartette.'' desen nr**t credit for the manner In which their plea were sun? Miaaee Conner and Ixrwrey Mas tl " Cottage br the See" in axceUent style, ulib did ail lUe children. Thsatu ?Mr. E. Eddy appeared lmat night 1 fata bvorlta character at tfa? greet Cardinal Rlc etteu, and waa race! red as on th< previoua lilt wttfa otlnml Caver and appieclttlM. A fa i aed'.ence welcomed fata appearance wttfa beor applauae, which waa repeated frequently durii tha performance. Onr citlzena aeldoui enj?y tl pienau'e of aeetng a play better put upon the atai i tkan tfaat of Im night Mr Kddy ta wlnnii golden opt atone See him to-nlgfct aa Hamlet. Manager Glenn ta Making preperationa to brti oot aome new ptaoea at the Theater, repairing large outlay and no little labor He la catani liberally fee the amusement of a NVaafatngt pubUe. add should faava the eaeouraganeat I tood faoaaea __________ : Riuhui the Fair of the I,adlea' Uni Benevolent Society tor the Omtil bear It of 1 poor cbildrea in tbe Fifth Ward, ope?d 1 nljibt at tUe room* of tbe Young Mart Chrtstl Association, opposite Bwva'i Betel Tbe lad of Capitol HiiTneee* fall to formal. agreeable ? urtiiMM?u ?f ttu tort whca ttey engage tiirm, tad weIntel ibolr hoaaaaeeCbrti wlllm with adequate Mpport from ail taterarted In noble a caoae aa tbe oae they have espouaed ?*rlf? aad ge with a full pocket, a liberal be* and a willing haadPolicb MiTTtH ?8?/tr? Jn*ti*4 Clark.A. Prtadie aad Edward Good wen tried or c barge of gambling. and were each ftaed*iO? , tmlM JoacDb colored waa arrMni opea profanity and obacealty, aad alao for wb pin? Ha wtH. For tbo former etaH bo 1 flo?4 93 08, mad fcf^o#JottrrJw*d to bait to k< Lajib Wman ua Mom?Tboprleoi laa* warraataaro xboot Mm mow as laat We law, llu, ui 80 acre war roots buying ttKtti arllta* ot M emrtK 4Ta boring at 76, miiloff a I eoatr city baas aotm lat hM. 3 par ee f Virginia ?, Marylaad, Pcnaaylraoia. u4 Obi Booth Caroliaa M; North Ca/oUaa 8; Now Y } ?lty par, State #?.. Ci ' < & aui FA mxh* *o a'JT44 A AVOflJJt TM T 9vfbbmb Cocbt? Monday ? Isaac I. Wiatar, Km , of feiMTlmli. was admitted ? attorneV ana counsellor of this Court. i- !fo 233. Henry T. Bil>l?y, tklaint of the basque Kdwta. appellaet, a^t. Tbe Nssifcng Steam Cotton Company. The cisn w*e submittal to the consideration at ths Coart on the record and prlaMI irnMtt, by Mr. Lortng for tbe :ss?5i L"1-""" No.fi. The Hatted States, appellants, Claude Chana et al. This cause was submitted to tbe miuaiun Ol UX uouri OS IM rtcorfl IH printed argument, by Mr Attorney General Black for tne appellant* No. 1? W'm H Phillips, plaintiff to error, agt George Pago. This cause was submitted to tbe consideration of tbe Court on the record and printed argument, bv Mr Keller for the plaintiff in error, and by Messrs. Latrobs snd iemdjr Johnson for fho defendant In error. Mo. It. Edward Cretgbton, appellant, vs. Jobn Fitch This cause was submitted to tbe consideration of the Court on the record snd printed arguments, hy Mr. Cook for tbe appellant, and by Mr. Swayne, for tbe sppeliees. No. 12 Ttwsis A. VVslton vs. Fltzbugh A I.lttlejohs, Is error to tbe Circuit Court of the United states for the northern district of Ohio This writ of error was dismissed st tbe costs of the plaintiff In error, upon the stipulstion sf tbe respective parties nie<l. Mo. 16 ?mwl Phillips, lessee and plaintiff In error, vs. George V. Howk et si. This csase having been called for argument, tad neither partv being prepared to argue the same, It was dismissed with costs, under the 19th rule. No. 17. Angelina R Eberly et. al , plaintiff la error, vs. Lewis Moore et al. This cause was argued by Mr. Win. 0. Hale for the plalatlff la error, ana submitted on a printed argument by Mr Bailloger for the dafcadaat Id error Adi d T*tsdaf.?Wm. Rtbe, fcsq.of Ctl.; Simon Grata, Esq., of Pi., and Tkot. B. Monroe, jr., of KT , were admitted u attorney* and counaellort or thta Court No. 18. Henry A. Burr et al , appellants, agt. Geo. E. Cowperthwalttfet al. This cauae having been called iJf argument, and neither party beini prepared to argue the same, It waa dismissed, with costs, under the 19th rule. No 1?. Christ Chureh in trustfor Christ Church Hospital, plaintiff* In error, The Countv of I Philadelphia. Thla cauae waa argued by Mr. Reverdy Johnson for the plaintiffs In error, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr. King for the defendant In error. m.r _ oa n ?? * ?? a _ * ? ?* -? * - * no w nuwn ^[ar|(ii, citimini 01 me ne<mtug Hector, Ac , Impleaded with ship Wisconsin, Jte., sppellants, agt Herman Boyer et al , owners of fhe lighter Republic, llbellants The argnment of this cause was commenced by Mr. Benedict and continued by Mr. J. T. Williams for the appellees. Adjourned. CttMiftAL Court ?John Williams was tried on a charge of stealing two gold watches and a chain from Mr l^nge The jury found a verdict of gnllty, and the prisoner wss sent to the penitentisry for three years. Cbarlet Blue was tried for stealing a pair of shoes from Francis Frott. lie was found guilty, and sent to iail for six months. To-day.?John W L*e (colored) wu arraigned and tried on a charge of stealing two pigs and nnesai.k.of the aggregate value of S3 *25, from Jo*eph I'ouletti He was convicted. Thomas Fletcher (colored) was then tried on a charge of stealing 70 lbs of beef and a basket the whole valued at $3.TS, the property of John H Hurley. The jury found the prisoner guilty as indicted. Samuel Barnes (colored) was placed on trial on a fksrna nt ???l i ... U ml u. '?? I ?- "* *.??! iMjc. "ire jic*c? w VI ?u .jti J); 11 "ill Kenan* Stanton. This case wu pending when our report closed. " Uxion Shxbld?" and th* Fair.?We noticed last evening, fit ?he fair of thr Methodist Protest art Church, at Thorn * Hall, a number of gentlemen with these beautiful shields on the lapels of their roata; they are made by the ladles of the church, who are unanimously in favor of union and the Union. So great was the demand for them last night, that they could not aiipply it; but will try and supply the demand, however great It may be. every evening hereafter dnrlng the con ti nuance of the fair. All in favor of the undivided Pnlui nf tk. tfrnt ? .k^.lJ -*t?A . I? r.i. a V V M ' WM " vmruiu aHTUU HIT la.i aiiu uu V one The ladies bare also a large sssortment of f*ncy goods for the holidays, snd correct like nrssrs of Rev Thoma H. Stockton, Chaplain of Congress. J Scascr fob Stolrh Goods ?'This morning, the detective firm, Allen Sc. Co . proceeded with search warrants to look for goods recently stolen. At noon thev made a return of a lot of jewelry, consisting of bracelets, breastpins, lockets, studs. In cases?Many of the articles very beautiful; a large silver butter-knife snd case, a small rosewood perfume case, containing four bottles of perfumery; three fine coats and a pair of pants. All these were taken from a bonse where they were left In pawn The jewelry was especially admired by those who saw it Persons who have lost such articles would do well to examine the lot at Justice Donn's office. Laoiks, the beat place to get your Christmas presents is at Mra. R. G. Etc bison's, No. 1*2 Pa avenue, who has just returned from the North with a complete assortment of Fancy Goods, all of which she hat selected herself especially for 1 the approaching holidays Her stock of real Lsce tUl. 11- .J L... kU/. U.I1* ^r,(..nu.r^4 VWI??I *? l|BUUftCIV/UIUI| f CI1B. CUIUIUIUCIW and plain Linen 5ets, Freuch worked Sets and Collar*, Hrad Dretin, n^t SWtm, Fans, Portmonaies, Linen Collara and Ilandkerrhiefs, and a i large Stock of Fancy Articles, (any nf which will maaea very handsome present,) will be sold veui eheop Weadviaeyoa to go at once to No. TC Pa arena*. and get your preaenta before they are | picked orrt. f i Ckrtbal GcAKDHooas Cahbr ?John Murphy - was brought out and charged with being drunk i and disorderly. Having no defend to make, be - wn arnt to the workhouse for 90 days Mart , Doonev was found in a almllar condition, with , an addition of filthineaa that waa peculiarly off-n slve. She also waa sent down for 00 daya Chaa i Spettz and Ann Green were diaorderly; for whirl] 1 the lirat paid 9*2 t.vAie and costs; the la?t S3 15 f Henry J Thomi?oa was taken away from tb? i Catholic fair at Odd Fellowa' Hall for behaving - very Improperly. He was fined S3 IS. TiasAPiN.? Hammack'a cellar haa in ft jua now the finest lo? of fat terrapin ever brought t< 1 Washington, and Hammack's terrapin rook ii g more famous in that particular line than any othei f in the United States, except the celebrated one it i Annapollt. Md Hammack's supply of game o every conceivable kind ia one of the remarkabli itohti of the Federal Metrnnolla while his wlnei * and liquor* are equal to those of Delraonlco. I f you don't believe It?give them a trial. i. The Umios Mcit and Shall Rr Pkkrkkvid i Volunteer* wanted for the Third Grand Cotillm r Party of the Franklin Active Association, to bi e held at Franklin Hall, O street, near Twelfth. 01 tbla Wednesdayevening, December 19,1080 Tb r committee pledge tkemaelves that no paina expense shall be spared to make this the party o it tbsrwn. Tickets 30 cento. By order of Com y mlttee of Arrangement!. It g Tom?Have our readers all seen blind Tom and heard his astonishln<j r>erfnrmanr.es on th piano * If not. embrace the last occasion, to-da i- and to-morrow, to-nl^ht and to-morrow nlgbl y Tom la something of an actor, and a great mimic too. and will amuse the children Take them t r the matinee tbla afternoon and to-morrow, re ??????? j. Fiaa?Tbia morning, about tl o'clock, tb r; fire bolia sounded an alarm, aad tbelremen, wit y tbelr apparatus, proceeded to the eouthern part < d the city, from whence the alarm wasglvea. The i. Kiktfl not p?tnrnMl m w? writ# Commsncbmint or run Smithsonian Lki m tctu.?Prof. Fslrmsn Korsrs, of Phllsdelphii M lectures st the Smithsonian Instltutlon to-night Rnnm the ladies' union festtrsl in Thorn Hall to-night. It was crowded last night. Ti in night is their last. h- T it, / BURR1ID. lr On the 14th instant, by the Rsv. Father Kmgh ty Mr. A ? NORTON, to Miss H. E CARICO.t ?K ofttasodtr. * lie 1 ' * * * ni at n |C ig la <hi? city. on the morning of the 19th inrtant, rturrh fever, MAKY VIRGINIA G1BSCM ai[ <!a-i|ihter of Capt. Jothna Gibeon, in the?th year * bCH?r fiiwral wi take piaee from her f?th*r*ir? n8 idenee, corner Seventh and H ?U., to-morrow i on ternooa at3 o'clock. The nietde and aoquau of aeoea of tke family are 'eapeclfuily invited to I tend. without further notice. Suddenly, on the morning of the 19th inatai 12 KfiEMrWE?*2 ist The friend* of the family are mrfted to atte her faneral, from the resideaee of her parente, n ie# as ?aat capUol au, on Friday next, at * o olo Tj la "It tfftir*?jmvurkm. < Uwfrt*MUMdlb?rriMdai^th? Cunilf ftr?j .p 'J MRS JOHN CRUIT wS^dfMMotlUlr ,?Jfa in< , tlM p&troua of h?r l?U kaabaad that ake A ? will co tiuMU? boauiaaa at Ut*oid Hand. Mb tip No. 4i4 S*?anlfa iU??l. Harm* Meirad ffv ra i tae ??rvioaa of a ooropotoiu WatphmakerdMi .e ao<t a Javelar, sho ia prop?r*4 to do all work ia Watchmaking and Jowvlr? lino in tho boat man . - > <> hi" ifyi>?" ?f wmiyw nrpr it l 3 0?un a ??"5rrr - c:^w<mz~z I- whi a^m .*,? fed* jiJtU ^ 4sitasuK?i* *"*.?? THE PAPER FOR 1S61 AND '62! THE PAPER*FOR1M1 AND'W! THE PA^ER FOR IM1 AND'M! THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR. THE rfoLLAR WEEKLY RTAR. THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR. _ w r AHlLiI BHUUliU KB WITHUt I' IT in ( THESE EVENTFUL TIMKS. NO FAMILY SHOULD ? ? WITHOUT IT IN THESE EVENTFUL TIMES. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT IN j THESE EVENTFUL TIMES. < ITS ANNOUNCEMENTS OF WHAT TRANSP1RE3 AT 'AE SEAT OF GOVERNMENT ARE NOT THE RANDOM GUESSES AND SURMISES OF THE SENSATION PRESS, BUT CAREFULLY VERIFIED STATE ratals, fKUUlKbl) AT MUCH PAINS AMD EXPENSE. THE SUBSCRIBER TO THE DOLLAR STAR THUS GETS NOT ONLY THE CHEAP- i EST WEEKLY PAPBR IN THE \ WORLD, BUT THE MOST SATISFACTORY AND RELIABLE NEWS FROM THE VERY FOUNTAIN HEADS OF POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. LOOK OUT FOR THE DOLLAR STAR OF ' THIS WEEK WITH ITS GREAT EXPOSE OFTHESCHEMESANDSCHEMERS WHO ARE PLOTTING DISUNION FOR DISUNION'S SAKE; ITS CONCLUSIVE ARTICLES UPON SECESSION FROM THE, J pvv nv dan tuna vi'nnii i - its i <? U V l* vrw U4 ? VK LJ L4| I 1 U UWCAL BUDGET; CAPITAL STORIES; PIQUANT GOSSIP; ITS RICHLY STORED AGRICULTURAL COLUMNS; HOUSEHOLD READING; AND RECIPES t OR THE MECHANIC. IT IS THE PAPER FOR THE MILLION ! ? de 19-3t ^UCONDVISIT IN WASHINGTON CITY OF DR. M. BCHLOS9BR. the Celebrated SUROEON CHIROPODIST, or PARIS AND HAVANA. EFFICACIOUS AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. AKDXLL DlSXARIg OF THE FEET, Without Cutting or Causing tkt Least Pain. Dr. SCHLOSKER would, in the mo?t reepeotful manner, announoe to tbe Ladies and Uentiemen of Waahincton and iU environ*, that, at the argent ?o'jcit?ti"n of many families, he ha? been induoed to reviut their city, FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY, and may to consulted in erery department of Pedal 8urgery ; especially m , n/\n ua niTK?inatt> Dtil lUil ? , And EmT Disease op the Feet, all of whioh, however long atandiog or bad, h? ourea in & few ir.iDutoa, without fie alichteat pain or mo. nvenieno?, either during their removal or alter warda. Dr. SCHLOSSF.R'S great aueoeta among the first familna in Amcrica.ai well aa among aeveral of the imperial royal fami ioa ef Europe, liaa gained for him aereral thouaand teatimoniftl* ; of theae he Mga to appsnd the following to hia preamt announcement. AMERICAN TESTIMONIALS. hom Vfm. nice, nx-rropruior oj rennsyira Man Dr. 8ohl">*eer haaeatraeted two onrna from my to?, which were extremely painful for many year* The xt'nordtna'7 ease with whioh he operate* i? remarkable ; and 1 ehee fully reoommend him to all who are troubled with c>rne aa the only, peraon I ha< sever known to perform the ?P? atiou aoientifinally a d without a partieleof pun Philade phta, Sept. 33,1M7. WM. RICE. From Hon. Ckarlet C. fan Zand', R. I. Or Sohlover ha* to day operated upon a very ptinful oorn of mine with p^rr*>t aucce*?, relieving alt pain and remo'in* it without eulferinc CH*S. C. VAN ZANDT. Providence. R.l-,Oct. 28, 1Hj9. From J VT. Gran, editor Ptaindealrr, Cleveland, O. Dt Pohloaaer hat extracted imn tronbleaoma coma f >r me vithoat pain and with era y p'o<peot of a permanent our# I can ohaerfullr rec>ram?n<l | him to the public patronage. J. W. GRAY. i From Dr. S. Vtrdi, At D. I certify that I hava baen Terr luooessfu'ly operated upon by Dr. 8oh!o??ar without an? pain, i W aahington, Jan. 7,1858. 8.WERD1.M D. From Prof war D. (Hlbtrt, Philadelphia. 5r. Sohloaier rnmovad four oorna for me without n.and satisfactorily. D. GILBERT. M D. 1 F. om Dr. S. M. Landit, Phil*. City Water Cur* Inst. m - - - ? - Dr. Pohlosaar hu extraot?<l eight painful corn* from my feet without ih? lea?t pa a. and the great' eat satisfaction 10 myself. I would by all in-ana f r?oommend him to evary body who i? to merted s with theae evils. H. M. LAN D18, M. D. f From Rev. Ckat. IT. Quick. The operations of Dr. ftohlossar ara anattendH with pun, and remove the oorna eOeotually. Ha - removed several for me to my entire satisfaction. Pittsburg, May 27, 1858. C'HAS. W. QUICK. i Prom W H. Tirfklep, M. D. Dr. Sohloeser hu removed several corns from my r feet to my entire satisfaction. / W. H. riNQLEY. M. D. IIn addition to the above testimonial*, several thousands more are in Dr. 8ohlos?er's possession ^ amoim them from members ofthe Imperial Royal Auni ies of Europe, and also frnm ladies of the t highest standing t-oth in the old and new worlds >, which may beaeen at his offie*, ? 2i7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,(South side, be twees 12th and 13th street*. ,e ^ _ J h Consulting hoars fran 10 a. m till 4 p.m. <f Notic*.?N? praftstxemml co*nutio? with an] ~ tiu detf A FINE TOP BUGGY, as good ai new. (oos' ?5.) will be sold Cur 980. Address ' 'ash,' ?, Cltj Post Office. do 17 -at* H A CARD. * HE Bubsonber would ie er the many icquireri * for hla delioioua V1JKQ1M HoNEY, mute in hi [>- Bm Palaona, a truly fine article, to tteorge an< Thoma Parker A Co., No. 334 Pa. a*., itinc A _ Burohell, ooraer V^rmoat a*. and 1 at., and B. J ~ Neale, No. 61 La ?v-, between 6th and 7th at*. GEO. CALVERT, it. fTTThta Honer Mm no equal in pore aod deli ill cious flavor. Pupplj yuurwlvei at onoe. ?i?-ir NoTICE.-MTIMP.SAtV>*^BROTHER cv of ecpeetal attention to their present aa*ortinent c N. Newaod Beautiful 13ooda, selected with a i pec it or view to the holiday trade. Dy All of the above are offered at m?cn lowc - tku their usual rat*a. ? W. a ALTIk BRO., it- Jewelers, 3M P? avenue, * ?l? t7-?t 4 doors *Mt of Brown's Hot*!. ? FLB?ECARN8.%f/LT^.UVgJSf<o4.P,a',?.! 1 ' FEBD, Ae.?MO barrel a superior hraarfs Famil n(1 and Kxtra FLOUR. $ ^T's?rl' . s 4* fresh kit ed POULTRY, : SaStes. v, by D. L. MORRISON ft CO., U* <?1VR oorner Twelfth M>d B ?t?. rim OImi ui FUtod Wmn at tt? mot* ofCf*u? Guu. 1174 Pun. avenue. onuatiac of the hoc k and lAtMt atrlM of rr tking uaefoJ.and orn 3 bmbu! in that line, and wruch ? will off*r at pa fc t?0%a.tio? THIBCORNINGajdfc^KNIN?;? Ef. 4'ft&ftjgffD, Aucf '& REST FANCY POOPS. r. TO 8IHT THE TIMES, 'N- ^BJETENW d, w*nu f. -.1J 3M, *#v. fh ?r uk H! a _ >) 4 W t iiA /?rnil ,1?Y wall JMW ufo'J l? w i ?JL._ /MflgTOfftCF-. f yy AIRINGT ON THBATKR: Brillwat Rw^tto* OMto"";rs!lT,'^.r ? THIS EVlSttf^ 1 HAMLET. PRINM5 OP DKNMARK, Pap ported by th? folknriftf opt: ^ho^? > ? MI ^? | ?? ? ?m * * (?Jir? I llorjlioJ !r..; Mr. \y H. KarUi^inavrw j W *? ?w?w aniB"* . . !? > IVI # B ' v^ {U Grave Digger Mr. J. O. S-fWn i Kmc - , ilr. O. B. Cnllina I ) UW D. ? . I a ! n i M 1H AJkjs Placid* Mann 1 | Jpaeha. . Mia* Mary Shaw , [p- Will ahortly ha pr Tuo??i' The Deal Heart," wd "The Coraicaa firatbere." < Door? opee at 7. to oommeaoe at S o'aiook. I Oroheater chaira 91; dree* oircle aad parquet SO < sta.; private boxea 95 poaiTlVELY LAST CONCERTS 1 TOM, J THE BLIND NEGRO BOY FIAXTST! THE WONDER OF THE WORD! I THE MARVEL OF THE ABE ! A Lmii( Miracle ! Blind from birth, without dm moment's instruction, not even kcovnt the nam* of a single ker on the finger board, or the shape of a piano, incompetent to aaewar the amplest que* tion la regard to musio?yet master of the Piano; pl\ying from the operas or Norma, Linda, LuereUa H >rgia, Daughter of the Regiment, Trovato'e, Traviata. ana others, with a master hand and master touch. Here i? a study for learned men. A negro child, only ten years e>d, raised upon a plantation, simple minded,a ehiId in all his Wishes and van>?? ret master of one of the greatest scleases; p a?ing two pieoes of musio at once and conversing at the same time?ra producing the most difficult pieces after onoe h'aung them?playing the seoondo to an; piece without even hearing it once, then ({hanging seats and ra producing the primo correctly?perforins with his back to the instrument? ings in German and Frenoh, without understanding either language. AU of which will bs done on Pe stage. Concerts at Aaaemblv Rooms. TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY and THTRSDAY EVENINGS, luth, 19th ?nd 2 th in?t. I)-ors open at 6H o'elook, ooDoert oommenoing at 7>*. Admission 50 oenU ; children 25 cents .Matinees Wednesday and Thursday at 1 o'olock P Thi s being the only week in the oitj, this i? the I last opportunity of seeing this great Musical Ph* nomen on. de 17 4t* C. G. ATWELL. Agent. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. J^URRAH FOR THE SHIELDS BOYS! The Shields Beys tike treat pleasure in announcing to their many friends, ana the public in Ott ?en?ral. that they will give their Seventh at GRAND ASSEMBLY at the Washington/A Assembly Rooms, on FRIDAY. Dec. 2<st.VB^ 136 The members' pledge themselves that it will Ue one of the most pleasant and agreeable of the i iGKViB C7?? ucuwi| {Minni>4itiK a j;cuwcmou aiiJ ladies. Committee cj Arrangements. J. Flanejan, J. Harnjan, J. Hogan, A. Gleason. M.Harrt<an. den 3t? SONCE MORE. KIND FRIENDS! ECOND ANNUAL ASSEMBLY of the MKRRY SOCIALCI UB will take p!ao?> at gk Odd Fkllows' Hall. Navy Yard, on MON- '? DAY EVENING,(New Yfftr'a Eve,) De /B camber 31,1(W". UA See future advertiaementa. de 15-4teo* WANTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A white \VOMAN,ai nurse. App y at 3'44 M fct. Muit come well recommended. It* WANTED.?A respeotab'e la^y, in business, wiihe* to engage BOARD not far from Tenth treet and Avenue. Addreaa (atating tenna)"A B C," City Po?t Office. It* WANTED TO Pl'RCH A8E?A comfortable DWELLING-HOUSE, containing 8 or in room*, in a central D&rt of the eity. For pirtieii lars apply to THOS E. DADEN, Rea Estate Agent, No. 446 Eighth *t. del9 3t* WANTED?A SITUATION a* dressmaker in a private family, by a young person who undented* every branch o| her busi'ies* perfectly, bring as competent to cnt and lit any fashionable trie of dress a* a y other dro?*m%k er in Washington. Please addreas a nolo to Box 12, Htar office. del9 3t XJkT ANTED? By a young lady, who ha* entirely v v satisfactory references, a position a* companion of some laay. She is oomp-tent to assut in any literary labors, and her desire is to obtain a oornlortable homo with some lady who will appreciate one who will atnve to make her happy at all limit*. urnnpensauon is no oojecu rietie war?u a note to E. T. C., Stir Office. de 19-41* WANTED?By a French lady, a SITUATION &a seamstres* and chambermaid. B??t reference riven. App'y at the Bakery No. 169 Twentyaecond ?t de 18-1 w* WANTED TO RENT-A conveniently arranged mall HOUSE, with seven or eight rooms, and water in ya-d situated anywhere between H and ? ana Fourth and Seventh streets. Address E. S. Z , through City Post Office, stating locality and prico. del8-St* W/ANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE, vv Persons deo'ining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain theoash and fair prices by applying at 3G9 Seventh st. no 17 HONTZ t GRIFFITH. 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Richmond House, oornor Eighth and D it*., entrance on Dit. de 19 2t* MILTON GARRETT, 204 U atreet, returns thanks to the Franklin Fire Insurance Com pa " fnr Bf-mut BAvmAni ftf r!j?miLrA? h* the rftnent fa re, ancl to o'ur'frienda. neigh tors and' firoin?n for their kindness in oar misfor;une. de II 3t* THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing under tha firm of 1). J .'Bishop A. Co., expired by iiinitati .n on the lat ia?t , Mr. Bishop withdrawing therefrom. Mr J C. Moran will contiDD ? ttie baaiaeaa at tha old plan*, and la alons authorized to aett!e the affairs of the late firm. D /. fitwor. J.-C. MORAN. I Having pnrohaaed the entira in'erest of Mr D 1 t Bi?hop, in the late firm of Bishop A Co., I b * t. i'.form 'hepublic that I am preparM to anppl? tlien ' dcmandi, for lionka, Stationery and PerH.dical Literature, in all their varieties, with tha same promptness aa heretofore. Having an rxtensive ' experience in the business, I feel justified iu promiain< entire aatiatoction toaHwhn ma? favor mc with their patrouagr. J. C. MORAN. D. J. BISHOP will oontioue tha Book, J*tatiod, ery and Poriodioal Boaineaa at hia old eetahliahet atore, No. 916 Penn.avenue, uader Willaids' Ho tel. de 17-at ' ? BOARDING. , SUPERIOR BOARD.?A gentleman and wif< a O and two young men ean obtain fine rooms, goo< table, and all home oomtorta. in a caatraJ 1 oration t To persona deainng aooh, this is an opportunity aeldom offered. Apply at this office for further par * tieala a. de HKit* BOARDING.?A femily, or two or three gentle men, oao be aooommoaated with Hoard at No V i n?K at raat nnA H*vr?r a/lilOi nf P at TpriBl moderate On* of the largest and moat deairafcl ~ Room* in the Iiouae, furniahed with water and (U ,, la now unoooucied. Table Boarder* accommo dated. no a l9t? t LOST AJND FOUND. LOST?On Pridaj nitht. aamalltanTERRlRl SLUT, lame in n*lit leg; had on w I preen and white o?>l!ar, with ?ilTerr^?^aa - buckle. A lib-ral reward will be tiven if???3 . returned to J. D. HOOVRR. de IB 3t* T f OST-A Touns black Newfoundland DOC Lj aarked with white at?e?k in the ?ao\?^__ . whit* breast. four white feet, and irhil'i JarJ on the end or the tail. Any person 'h%> ' will retnrn him will be liberally rewarded. ctol?-a* L. H, YOUNK. 43'2 12th U. Q r REWAID.?Strayed or ?to'en f on On* it Market, on Sunday e??nmf la*t, ? Cy /r'rrel MAR B, about 15 handi high,7 or tear* old, blind in the left eye, ana 00m on*^-*the left front foot. Th* above reward a ill b? pa {fc?2?s 'C ^de^S-St^***' ?PP?,lte tae Market. Georxetown. s nd avenue, aad get your oardeocraviae done. hxu ed inotbeir earn plea and you will not fail to t>? eali ftod with prioee aad rlee_ ? 9Qtf Wo. 2T8 fra. a van*. Waetungtoj Folkt Sonte. eloiaatly bound. prmted on ton 13 t > . . I * -i M .v \? *tfiTK J> I ,fUJ i '1 r'4i04 t .. ??'< !*<^nr,, 11 'n-fj .*? 4?"j >*p i ? t*S,.va ,*?t dot ft ?l m 11# in*-. -?<rt o?T THE LAT?ST NEW& TELBfrBAPHIO. lOlTH CAROLINA III iOMBNTIOfl. Rmfttra ?f tin- Dflriatn u the State *?U? ud Utabm ?f tkr L?|W*lirf at rktrltiua uBiuitToi, IMC. 10.?Tit* Botlb Carolina State Legislature and ''Joweign Convention" reached tbts city to-day at nan clock, aad were treetrd at the depot by a aalate of flflm goM by lb* Martnn Art'Herf, who bad two pleres of eanntn planted at tbe station. This company w*a la 11 Be In two ud a half boon after the first neaiber received notice of Ike intended parade. Tbe Bfte?l ft una were for tbe Southern States. In tbe depot, the battalion of State Cadeta, osier Alaior Sterens, was drawn np with open ranks, through which the delegates passed. MaJ >)???. a .1 _ _.r.i? - J uivuirwn iqc prauonn Ui iut aim creeted tb? president ( tbe convention h follows : ?? Mr President, on lsnrnlng that tbe coaveatloa of South Carolina was about to visit tbe metropolis of tbe State, as an oBcer of tbe State I could not resist tbe Impulse of my heart to bring young South Carolina, as represented by the battalion of State Cadets, to do nonor to tbe sovereignty of the Statfc and join with na In this testimonial of respect Von have been welcomed by the guna of tbe Marlon Artillery, which are as ready to derend the rights of the State as they are to escort vou.astbe representative of tbe convention, to your residence." Having concluded hia remarks, Major Stevens Bid to the President, " General. take my arm." Tbe battalion shouldered arms, and saw the President to a seat in b1a carriage. The eadeta and the artillery then escorted him to the Mills iiouse. He was accompanied la the carriage by Judge Wardman; ana after tbe soldiers had formed la line. General Jamison alighted from hia carriage. Tbe battalion presented arms; and tbe General uncovered, and, turning, said: | " Major Stevens, allow me. in the name of tbe Convention, to return you my profound acknowledgments for tbe honor which you have conferred upon me and tbe Convention in this escort. You will at once perceive the propriety that on thia occasion I should wr nothing bnf this?that in coming to your ancient and honored city, the Convention cornea prepaid to aivn an ordinance which la to inake the State free and Independent Thr?*e cheers were given for the Convention, three for the General, and three for the Cadets Reassembling op the Con vest iok. The Convention met at 4 p. m In the Institute Rail, about one hundred and flftv deleyatea betas present, and the galleries crowded by at least seven hundred spectator!, male and female. Prayer waa ottered bv the Kev. Mr. Furlan. On motion of Mr. Rh'tt, it waa resolved that a *' ?r*cu mruium oc ttfjpuiuvcu ?? prrpare an address to the people of the Southern State*. Mr. O.t moved that the Charleston delegation be requested to procure a more suitable hall; which was carried. Mr Mutaon offered a resolution that four standing committees be appointed for this Convention, each consisting of seven members, ss follows: 1st. A Committee on Relations with tbe Slavehold tng states of North America; 2d, a Committee on Foreign Relations; 3d, a Committee on Commercial Relations; 4th. s Committee on the Constitution of tbe State. This resolution was made the order for to-morrow, at 1 o'clock p. m. Mr Qiiattleb**m offered a resolution that a com mittee of thret Je appointed to receive proposals for printing tbe proceedings, and report as early as possible: which was carried Mr. Magratb oflWed a resolution tbat so much of tbe message of tbe Preaidsnt of tbe I niifd States as relates to what he drrignntes the property of the United 5?taU* in !*o?th Carolina he referred to a committee of , to report of what swh property consists; how it wai acquired; aud whether the purposes for which fc was aoacquired can be enjoved by tbe United Mate* after tbe C<at* U ?k f II l ? J?I *'i rvu%u vaiuuun bijou uavr srifutu, ruuslst?ntly with tbe dignity and safety of the State; and that the said < ummitte- furthermore report the value of the property of the L'nitrd States not in tbe Stat? of Houth Carolina, and tbe value ol the share thereof to which South Carolina would be enti'led upon an equitable division thereol among the States [Applause in the galleries ] Mr. Adams said: 1 will certainly move to have the galleries cleared, if there is any more such disturbance. * This Is a deliberative body." The President said: " I take this occasion to say that by a rule of this body it 5s mv duty to sup f rees every disturbance Id tbe galleries or lobbies t is manifest that this Cos vent ion cannot act witt due deliberation when its proceedings may Ik disturbed by applause or censare. The Chair re lies on tbe propriety of a Charleston audience and trusts it will have no occasion hereafter t< allude to tbe subject. This must and will be en forced.'' Mr. Moore moved that Mr. Magratb's resolution be a special order for to-morrow, at 1 p. m which was carried. Tbe Chair stated that he bad received a docu ment, after tbe adjourDmeat yesterday, at Colum bla, wbicb purports to be ail address from a por tlon of tbe Georgia Legislature, addressed to thii Convention. The document was laid on the table The President named tbe committee on Mr Inglls's resolution of yesterday, vli: Messrs. In kMs, Rbett, Cbesuut, Orr, Gregg, Duncan, an< H itson ; and also on tbe resolution to prepare ai address to the people of tbe Southern 1*ate?, vix Messrs Rhett, Calhoun, Flnlay. Wilson, Oertaim sure, (foeeves, and Tracey; also, on printing M.?n t ) lilttlaKs mil ?11mninna ftC I nsLt s n<1 IV 1XVWI - . *1 W??IWVM MMM ?H MIWtHHP , nuwilll BUU Trevllle. A resolution waa offered that it la expedient tba a council of five citizens of thta ^tate be appoinl rd to art with the Governor of tbe fc*tate at coon cillora and advisers, to be called the Council o S.fety; and that It t?e referred to a committee o t*e Convention, to be reported on by ordinance o otherwise. Mt. urr movfQ 10 postpone action on inia resc lutlon until to-morrow, which wan carried. Mr Mazyck moved that the address from son of the membera of tbe Georgia Legislature b reaa, ana mr. ingut movea 10 reier 11 10 ilp loti mittee on Foreign Relations. Both motions wet lost. After the several committees were reqnested t remain, the Convention adjourned nntil 11 to-mo row . Affairs n CkarlMtoa. Charleston, ft CM D?r. W.?Nqjnerom freal ly planted tree* are seen in tbe streets, ontalde f the gutters Cockade* and Palmetto tisgs ar < 0 ?? 1 .4 4 l waving jrum crtiy pruuiiiirm paiui. JII u. left of the Merchant's Hotel is a aplended flag staff, from which waves a white flag with a jt ret t pah ?n<l 9 clnola vaH ?4a? It is thought the ordinance of secession will I passed on Wednesday or Thursday There wl be Illumination* and great rejoicings when tl act is consummated. The reports of Intended demonstration* again the forts are utterly false. No batteries of an sort hsve been erected In the neighborhood. Tl cneral disposition of the people to to exhau negotiation* before anting Mr movement to o tain poMMlon of the fort* forcibly. Some day* ago tbe commanding officer at F? ftumptar Inquired of the laborer* lately broug i from Baltimore If they would defend the pli in caae of attack. Tbey answered uaanlmoua tbat they came U> work, not to fight, and rath | than oppose the South they would Immediate return to Baltimore. Fire in Buffalo?Several Pcmai lajared Buffalo, Dec 17.?'TheAarern connected wl I the extensive cattle yard of Burn* Ac Dickey w entirely destroyed by fire on Saturday uigbt i the inmate* escaped bat two, Pbineaa Dickey, on of one of the proprietors. and Jane Burn*. aerrant. M :u Ellen Dickey threw heraelf Iron aecond story window, severely Injuring her *pir They were more or le*a Injured in escaping. a ? ail suffered Intensely from the cold, being oblig to remain unabeltered la their Bight clothe* I> r on building sod furniture about #6.000; naur - for Tkr St. Lost* Brigade. St Loft*, Dec. 17 ?The St Louis Brigade ; ? turned from the southwestern border vnkrd 9 morning. They were received by a detachm< ' of the National Guards rerosiniag at hotne. G? " C? *? t.?in/vmn)iin?.ntaru roa* M I I tru, in a viici vvwrfniiHtuwi j ? . iiim>-d the troops; after which they partook o! " aamptuona dinner at tbe National Guard Armc Barnum'a Uotel. aud other places. Tbe ocraal was replete with expresaions of friendship a t congratulation. >; ? . The Beck lalaad K atlrend tewpany ?. 1 W Btaael Chicago, Dec. 17.?Tbe case of tbe Rock Iaia >, Railroad eft. J. W. Blasei.foreooapirvy to bi ) th? r?ilroad bridge across tbe MiaaiMippi, at K< * I aland, waa concluded laat night. Tbe Jury turned a verdict of "not guilty " The ji*y uai ? ?ha ?.a?S.^ (ka ll.? . mrir mum wu ?ur krvuuu ?ua? ?uc wnu^c ? - erroneously described In the indictineat ttii ?r wu rearrested last alght for a conspiracy to b< that part of the avMce baioogiag to the R< " island Railroad Company, and waa bald to b ^ Which he rrfoaed t? f We, and ami to Jail. >a North Caiailia Let U'ature. Ruhigh, Dec 16 ?The blH Ibr amtng - SS&S&ft&ST VeWWW* >? biUcoom beCaca the 1 loose to-morrow, Tl * Is much anxiety regaadlug the poaftloa of F< , raJ relations. J. TheCotogl?oaara from Alabama sad Mil Inni h>?? an fail Wiia A Democratic caucoa Is to be held to- night. 7 mS (PliluiMa. T* Dm 17 ?Tbe Charttabto I rich Sot d held their tegnlar Quarterly meeting to-night pawed rtrong Union rtaoluttoni Intenw laU ?and teal tag vera nel/raml by thf menu Tue meeting was very large. A Wrong U 1nM? te?iaa other *roag Uaiou tpee ^ were the made >-n i pkih ID fl' auT<~i Bitt" *** IW bu* ? nwrla* ,.fi tot J N Arrival ! lk? AtluUc-ladu ( f Hiit Voi. rw I.au*?Q ^jR^>La;majrg>ja *? TOO In vmrtt on Amwtni >ee?I ?m4 <*> I uot or Freach nH-rrhtBdU* ud ? Death af t Naval < Mtirarur. Umtor. Dee I*?Saaieel H ?ftt. ami nmmatructor, and fonneetr ChW of the Birni of o?a fraction, Ecolpeient and Rep*Ira of the Navy Department, died at Wcttoa+e laat night Baxtixoi*. Dec I#.- Floor Meade; Howard at S5: Ohio ft ??; Ctte Mill* M ftt. Wbeat deli, mt fl fflal.17: white ?l <nal 40 Cera steed?; of 10.000 hosheU new white and yellow 4*a 5-1. Provision* dull, meat pork l<ard Hfc. Coffee doll at mife. W hlsky Mradr at l?e Raw York Iturkoa (Xiw Yoat, Dee l??Fleer Sal Or. h'ffhar. Wktat 1c. higher, erlth a Mr export demand Corn lrm. Provisions doll. Whisk? aeanlaal at IN:. Phnarlai. Niw Yoac. Daernber It ?Storks are active and better. Chicago sad Rock liland 47; IU1 no la Central shares tf? V 4o t?a4sfe; Michigan Soatbern y \; New York Oaatral ? %: l a. Coal Co. 73%, Me ra ?7 Prttiifis Ituss ?The papara by the at^amah Ip Bohemian at ?t Johns furntah the Mftaertag additional Intelligence: The Tlrnrs publlahee full details of the expedition of the Bulldog and Fox for aarertainlag the feaalbliiiy of the projected Worth Atlantic tale p(i?apu. lie IOTUUI ilT pi VUVUUI VII l?m f HHP factory and encoaragtasTbe Timet baa aaetber editorial on tbe political apUt la tbe United Statea. aad eipiiwaua tbe hope that tbe quarrel may rive way to a calm, la which tbe real dlfBcultlaa or tbe aUvery qoeartlon may be met and quietly aaawwed Tbe ateamer Atlantic, which waa to bay* tailed rtL U? X- ha AAA ^ n *- ? -? - Uii ?ur dUl. Lisa i Ify.lKK' iwriinc IB IfWClf There had been a fearful explnelon Ib the K)m coal mine, near Newport, W alea, by which mm hundred 1'. Yea were lost Marabal Valllant of France, baa been era*tod Minuter of the F.mperor'a Houaebold. Tbe Count of 9yracuM died saddaaly at 91a, on the 4th. of apoplexy. Poerlo wu elected Vice Prealdeat of tbe Cos*uha. after baring refuaed the poet of auaMer without a portfolio. Gen Beadek bad also aaeembled the oftetn at Venire and told them to prepare for the eTeatoallties of an energetic defenM Fear* were entertained of a general rlalng la Little Wallachia. Twenty of tbe principal merchanta at Cra)oM were killed bv tbe mllltla durtaa a dlatorbance The Archbishop and President of the Council had been arrested at JaseevWm. Moxan, an extenaive contractor, of London. had suspended. Thos. Piper A Son, an old and extensive build Inn Arm, were also In difficulty. The improvement and activity In American railway eecnritles continued on tbe 5th. IIHnala Central and Erie being specially In demand. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS RaPPLK#.ECEIVED, on ooaeicnaaent, by EVAN LYONS, fifty barrels APPLE!*. For sale low. ae i? at APPLES. ?WU BRI.H. No. 1 selected Baldwins, Sweet Gre??in*?. Koueti, Romans. M< todies, Pippins, Ac., in prim* order, just arrived per schooner J. \V. leaver. For sa.s npoc aooomnsodaunx torms by J NO. W. LCM0DON. do 1t-2t? No. 7 i Wster sU, Georfotowa. 1 J^EW DRY G OOP 8 STORE Th> undersigned, having taken tka Dry Goods Store on the corner of Hij n and Gay streets, (formerly W R Hurdle's,! will keep at all times on >ian<f a (rent va'tety of the newe?t and meet fashona' .e D*,Y GOOD*. FANCY GOOD?, DRk?8 TRIMMINGS. Ac.. As. which will be sold a. cheap as the cheapest. - "e H Iw Mrs FRANCE? PF.MAK . AAA APPLES. O" W BBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, , ,w?r schooner J. and N. Baker. Will be aold on reasonable terms bjr J G. WATERS, , tie 17 No. 100 Water ?<-. ?itur|['U>?B. cnn NEW HAMPSHIRE APPLE?. OUU BBLS. Prime No. 1 Baldwin's Noneenoh t Greemncs and Pippecc. Just arrived per schooner J. W. Nearer. and for sale in iota to suit customer*. . de 15-4t 99 sod 101 WtUffl. PlR K KNT-ln fi*ort?;uwn, ? h?r4?om ud convenient COTTAGE RESIDENCE. eoataininr 9 rooms, kitchen, pantry, Ac Th*r? u?lt&ahetl ? tarre and spacious lot. aad of ; aqueduct and pamp water on tbe premis** ltnm the i wined i?e viciuty of U>e College and Academy f the Viaitxnon, equl-distant from botb. Tm property is all in complete repair. Inquire comer ; dandllnhsts. de It-Mtv* ' FOH SALE AND RENT. [ [fW eOer S*U ami Rmu" erfeer?em?s, , m.<m |mf?) If"OR RENT?The large three ttory FRAME HOUSE on New V'ork mmh, ixtv e? 4th . and ath streets, recently oooupied by Rev. Mr. Las' rothers. Apply to JOHN VV. WANKI.X8.or to Mr. BUS'*, next door,where the ke* may be fossd. > Aiso, the throe three story Brio*# at the corner of , Ninth and N sts . Nortaera i^ibertiea. Or for saie k>?t for cash; or property ia tbe county taken in?xo*ance. Apply at Mr H AGGERTY 8 store '> opp' tile, fo* the terns and tbe key, or toDlCK>f SuN A JlNfi'Swood and coal yard, oorner <*f I ,r street and Vermont avenue, or to the sebienber, at Geor*etowr. K delt ei^w JOHN DICKSON ROOMS FOR RENT?Good Rooms, comfortably furnished, with or withoat Bor.rd, in honaee ? ,\os. 47 5 and 47 7 Thirteenth el, three doors from j. Pa. a venae. de It-tt* '? ?> AHA ACER8 OF CHOICE LAND IN ?,UU" Minnesota.lowasari Miseoari will beex y> changed for improved Waahiartos pit* property at .. fur prie?s. Addrese "Trader,'* Bo* 3K>fc City Post Offic?; tivini looattow of property. de IS-lw* THE stock and fixture?or a LARGE merchant tailoring k*Tab|jh? , mk:\ r urn ?ai The inhwrtMr n?ni|(?, teriuioed to reUrefrem bus ! *?, offers for ul?kii 11 entire took of ?re*h anil wHI i?!ect d Cloth*, 4 c. * The itnok if not rcr heavy, and w?ll aeaor'ed fn m e late importattoaa. The n'ore, which he h?? ooeur. pied for ?v*T lv?ntr ya*re, iean old (dibliaM aland, one of the heet on the Armm*. wad *r a iarm and woil patronized hot?i?UMUnu<<<l ^uum. tor _ t rmi, 4c.. app y tn P. W. BROWNING, *?<m * United States ft. tel. de It 3tawU?rJ_ le PA KI OR AN U CH AM BKR IM ir. t tioorI tut X K KN T. witii or without Board. Ei>om? spien. did)* furnished. A first class tab e i? ?et. ttou b" west oorner Ninth Md G sts., opposite Patssi OfT fiee. ? 1S.lt MM IT0R RENT?A thr?? story and IwMMSt , r FKAMKHO?>E, n*rP? ?? . # ' Tsrth, l?*b tw^i G and H its.. No 41*. Inqon* at MBl.F.Y k. GUY'S Ha^dwarsStore. Pa a*. de It tf L> KNT R F.DICBD.-That >1?ft COTT OB " U Rrl-IDENCK. eontaininj 7 rooms. with fWmt , baloony larpe ?ard to f ontar.d rnar,f ontui B at.. IT in Printing Ofioe Square. between North Capitol rt and First sts. willbe rented lor ?16 per month to ilv a sn^ctnal tenant. Address, by letter or in Kr><M. \vM STICKXEV. (Mil tf tRMSHKD ROOMS FOR RKNT,at 4MB street. I?atwr.en 6Ui and 7th sts- <le 4-tf th nOR RENT?A PARLOR on the first Istr. as F and three fine Reriroowe on the floor atoow*, at No *^?f> Pa. arsnue, two doors Mat or th? Kirh! yr.od Home. a rOR RENT?A ftr?s-st"n BRICK HWELL11 I1 INli HOUME, with haek building. on Ittk at-. ie No. 4 70. between F and G street*. A pplt U? J. nd K?RRVV?>OU.*T?TweftfcnL ? mo I%-4tf ed 17OR RENT?A fonr-atory brown front DWELms r 1 1NG, situated on TmrtnaU at. btwnn? L. Ml and Massachusetts a^tMol the most dHimkls I'Ksttionc in Ui* oity. The ko?M i> mrniaAM m marble mantles; ??eo, |M tod water fixture*, witfc hnrhroom hi?uireat WN P. 8HEDD** Fimj Mot*-, No 40* Eleventh at. mm 2M?* re- ... *y do TO MAXWELL'S, 'nt VI FOR 11AKGA1.V8 IN GOODS! Suitable roa PinuTf ! CLOAK*. CLOAKS, AND TANCY OOOH0.4*? rv To *?U tut Crtti*. bemrettp ?/ Momi fc. nn Wf l.ftr jn?t required *m~r+ Ct.OTH . CLOA K at wriuood pno?. to?it the pw?. OorMuitiWDti< au??oui|[ii*d of tbiawti new at*lea of P rcieh Md Kn* 1 ?h Aaoeuee Chee*??* -|j- A 1- t ' -- ? ? wiafe VkMlM. MM J. 1VUPHK nd wa&jfTtSzk Tit " In additio i to the *ho\ ?, ?i fc?r? matr-Mf a Ml rU Cro?M?t Knar*, fee..**. u?l *?iue*b?r,tkr MAXWKLIT* jrB M _ Ofifi?l CVoalt iwlnNr ?!w N B.-CloU P^pMoitl M to ?. d*W-y^ ill, ()L* B,0*?BT*? MATd. FUHt of ? , *2XJ At BTfcVKNS'fe, 1 ??*/ ?JW, bttw-IUOJlftn. f? 36 CgK r&AtlTvUS! gg rtw tlonraoii*' cloth cloaks l' i#fK _. ^ L. nt._ new cjou cmtk ?y v ci. u flwkf f>< b?w rtyke, , h fisw eood!^i>^^. ?**-?>**? i { '! kim. vklmou. menbm. ?ute, silt mm, ja-\sn<>?? utkef vpleeikurw Mo?d? ?... iwt ?t r* 4 ?>n id mm 5* ?rw?k itk* of* te? I

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