10 Ocak 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Ocak 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THUISDAY Jaaaary 10, i?i. fcpirit ?| tbe !*loraiac Pmm The Coniti'*tion recommends to remove all likelihood of civil war by abandoning tbe Idea of collecting tbe revenue in arreding States, and by surrendering tbe Government property to, and withdrawing the Government troopa from said States. Tbe Rtfwtlirmn comments upon tbe sdmltted fact, in tbe debates In tbe South Carolina House, that *th? lalim' ar* to b* hied in that State to furnish revolutionary funds. The Imttlligenetr is devoted to newt. T?* Paooast* or Kvewts ?Daily, Intelligence of important events revb every portion of the country. Thus, this rooming we hava news that South Carolina has fired into the steamer Star of the West; that the Governor of Alabama has dis patched Ave companies to seize U. 9. forts in Florida, under Invitation from the Governor of that S*tate; and that a party professing to be North Carolina State troops had gone to seize Fort jonnaon, in .North Carolina; ana rurtber, tuat Virginia, ere the clcae of tbia week, will have called a State Convention to meet on the ISth of February, under clrcumatances rendering it cer tain that If thinga remnln here ca at present, an overwhelming majority In favor of Immediate action in connection with the movement* of the extreme Sooth will be elected to that Convention. We have for a month paat pointed ont the inevi table feet that unices a aeitiement be apeedlly arrived at bv Congreaa, tbe 4th of Mnreb next will And seven States seceded, and the rest of the slaveholding States prepared to follow their ex ample, unless ample constitutional guarantees be accorded to them. And that the North will then find themselves compelled to elect between per mitting the whole fifteen to leave the Union peaceably; the acceptance of the propositions of the border States, to keep them In the Union if that be possible; or civil war between sixteen States on one side and fifteen on the other Does anv man Still fail to comorehend that affairs are promptly drifting to that condition * The idea that the Republican party in Congreaa, while remaining in their present attitude, can hope to eacape responsibility for it equal to that of the diaunlonista ptr ft at the South, ia preposterous; ret they are evidently still playing with the diffi cultyaa though not aware that the country knows well that It la In their power to settle the whole trouble la twenty-four hours. Win the Alexandria Ssntinei anxious, as the Star is, for the end of sectional estrangement and the continuance of the I'nion with the many bleaalngs It has undeniably' secured for all tbe citizens of all the tttates, instead of being bent, aa It has been for a month peat, on aidin? the conani. racy for IU overthrow In accordance with South Carolina's declared purpose of thirty year'i stand ing, aa far a> it could do m with safety to lta pros pocto In the conservative community In which it la printed, it would not have taken occaalon. aa it did a day or two since, grossly to misrepresent the Star'j labors to preserve the peica and restore harmony to the country Were it capable of be ing actuated bv a sound public spirit, ratter than by blind and short-nig tted political partizanshlp only, in times like the present it, too, would rejoice over the presence of any min in \\ ssh lngton notoriously of great influence with the North In Congreas, which influence he is using to inttttcc it tioe norm; u> accora to tne South all that her repre*entatlTes not seeking to destroy the Union for tbe sake of Its destruction, ask. Tbat in assuming to denounce tbe course of tbe Star In tbe name tf Virginia, tbe Stntintl is sim ply arrogating ridiculous pretensions to Itself, it erldent In tbe fact tbat on tbe very day after tbe publication of tba article against which It thus protests, fifty new subscribers in Alexandria added tberrsei ves. entirely unsolicited, to th? Stars sub scription lists; a number doubtless greater than tbe Stnttntl baa obtained In Alexandria In the whole of tbe past year, though It Is printed there. Akkivals rao* Chaelestos ?Tbe wife oj i*iajor Anderson arrived in this city on Tuesday and left this morning for New York. Last nlgbt Mr* Foster and Mra Doubladay, wive* of officers at Fort Sumter, arrived by the southern boat. We bear that the Charleston people refused to harbor them in that city, but can hardly believe this of a people so proverbial for gallan;ry ss the Sooth Carolinians. It may not b? generally known that Mra Foster is the daugh ter of Weir, the artist and painter of the best national picture we have??. t, "The Embarkation of the Pilgrims"?at the Capitol. ASOTIIK* MisaKFKBSE.-CTATlOX EXPLODED ? See the President's reply (In another column) to the tetter of th? Hon Jacob Thompson resigning the Secretaryship of the Interior, for a complete explosion of that gentleman's insinuayon that Secretary Holt deceived him as to bis purpose o 1 reinforcing Major Anderson. Few can doubt, after reading the correspondence between the President and Secretary Thompson, that the latter threw np his portfolio simply because its retention would not euable him longer to aid the schemes of the conspirators against the Government ol which he was a member. . . i Thk Skc**t*ktship or the Ixtbbiob.?Gen. Dix, Postmaster of New York, is hers. Simulta neous with his denarture from \?? v?.w ? a rumor that the Secretaryship of the Interior Department has been tendered to him. We believe that be rmme hither on the President'! Invitation, bat are satisfied that ?< noon to-day tbe President bad not concluded to whom to offer the Secretaryship above referred to. Neverthe less, that will probably be determined on In Cabinet council to-day, and if It be General J no. A - Dix, the selection will be a fortunate one. Tat Mifsi**irri Dix.ieA.TioH.?Immediately after the receipt thia morning, of the dispatch announcing the formal passage of the secession act by the Mississippi Convention, it was said around the Capitol that the delegation from that State would formally withdraw from Cong rem ere the close of to-day's session We however doubt the fact. Tbk Kisdall Lbttiks osSkcissios.?Order* continue to pour in, daily, for the extra S:ar to contain the whole of this admirable series; and that none nay be disappointed in obtaining tbem (as we shall issue only the number actually erdered),we have concluded to dtfer the republi cation for a few days. All who wish to secure copies will do well to promptly leave their orders at our counter MiMiMirri Bbcu>u>.?To-day, about noon, tel egraphic depatches resetted Washington etty, an Bouncing that yesterday the Miasitslppl Conven tion peswrt the ordinance of immediate aeceaaion by an overwhelming majority. (]T Viee President Breckinridge has written letter to Gov. Magottn. of Kentucky, endorsing the Crittenden plan of settlement of national Air. flcultlea, and recommending that Kentucky ?hall hold a State Convention. Tu Wunn.?The following report of the vntbet for the moraine la made froca the Amer lean ConaoUdated Telegraph Line to the ttmlth aonlan lnaQtnt'.on. The fame of obaervatioa la oboat 7 o'clock. jamvamj 10,1061. Burlington, Vt. overcaat, -js?. New ^ork, N. ? cloudy* n *? V/ cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va. cloudy, 41?. Petenbonr, Va. cloudy, Slf. Norfolk, va cloudy, 56* Auffuata, Ga clear, warm. Itntuk, Ga. clear, iSP. Nkod, Ga. clear. Colombo*, Ga. dear. Montgomery, Ala clear, cold. Jaekaeo, Am. cloudy. Mobile. Ala cloudy, UP raoM tub w?T Frederick, Md. eUmim ?** Md. cloudy, cold. Grafton, Va.... cloudy, cold Wheeling, V*. snowing. 32?. Parkenlnug, Va (sowing, cold. Ctaciuitt, O cloudy, cool. J"?ab?irK, Pa Knowing. at tb* Smltbaonlaa at 7 a. m., (cor ? noon, ?,u<i dnrln/tthiun^tJSUgh tu m 4* J, 9V\ minis oawjfv " CON6RKNIONU. SuiTi ?Yn'erdiy, after our report cloeed? Tbe Prealdrnt'a meaaape, after a protracted debate, waa made tbe apecial order for Thursday i one o ciock Mr. Crittenden called up bis resolutions pro Tiding certain amendment* to the Constitution; which were postponed for action to-day ?t half put twelve The Pacific Railroad bill waa then called up; and after a lengthy diacuaalon, the Senate ad journed. Hoc*!.?After the clow of our report Mr Howard, of Mich., proposed a resolution referring the President's message to a special committee of five members, with instructions to Inquire? 1. Whether any Executive officer of the United States hita tven or la now in treaty, or bnldln? anv communication with any person or person* con cerning the surrender of any port, fort, or fortress, or other public property, or whether any demand for any snrb surrender nas been made: and, If so, when and by whom, and what answer was given thereto. a. W hether any offlrer of the Government has at any time eutered Into any pledge, agreement, or understanding, with any person or persons,not to send reinforcements to the forts in the harbor of Charleston; the particulars of said agreement. pledge, or understanding; wb?n. where, aud \%tti whom made, nnd on what consideration. 3 Whether any demand for reinforcements for aid furts was made, and the reasons why such re inforcements were not sent. 4. Where the ships of war of the United States are now stationed, under whose command, and the list of officers 5. Whether the custom-house, post office, arsenal*. or other public property has been seized and held In possession by any peraon or persons, snd the particulars of such seizure and possession. C Whether any revenue cutter of the United Slates baa been beld by any person or persons. and tbe particulars thereof; and whether any stforts have been made by tbe bead of tbe Treasury De partment to recapture and recover possession of said vessel. And that the committee shall bave power to take teatimony, and to aend for persons and papera. and to report from time to time as farta material to tbe national safety may be diacloaed by them. Mr Howard called tbe prevtouaqueatlon on tbe sdontion nf his rnaolntinn- anH afl?-r a short it wai passed?yeas 133, nays 02 On motion of Mr Sherman, the Houk went into Committer of the Whole ou the itate of the Union. (Mr Burnett in tbe chair,) and proceeded with the consideration of the civil and miscella neous appropriation bill. A protracted debate followed; after which the committee rose and the chairman reported pro grew Mr. Leake, of Va.. moved that the committee to whom the President's message was referred should be further instructed to inquire whether any arms had been ordered to be removed from Harper's Ferry to Pittsburgh or other places, and, i f an Ki> ii?via?a ii ov, uj ?t uuvc uruci On motioa of Mr. Grow, the resolution was mended by including all the United States ar senals. Tbe resolution as amended was paf*ed. The House then adjourned. ? Thcrsday, January 10. Sk*ate ?Mr. Seward presented memorials praying the preservation of the Union Mr. Sumner presented a memorial from the Syaodof the Presbyterian Church, praying the recognition of God and Christ in tbe Constitution of the United Mat**, and the prohibition of sle verv in the national domain The credentials of Hon Daniel Clark. Senator elect from the State of New Hampshire, were read. Mr. Brown presented the memorial of Rev C. J. White, pastor of St Matthew's Church. Wash ington, praying authority to dispose of certain lots. pur< haaed from the United States, for specific purposes >lr. Slidell called up his resolution as to the Secretary of Warship, and who tills It. j Mr. Slidell said he believed that the provision* of the Constitution of the I'ulted Staates had not been complied with In relation to this office. He referred to the constitutional provision in relation to appointment* to office, which he contended had been violated. If public report was to be relied on as to the gentleman who now filled the position of Secre tary of War, he feltsure he could not be confirmed by the Senate Mr. Higler said that the President had labored under peculiar difficulties in tilling that office. s uv i vwiutivii r? ao U^ I CCU IU. House ?Tbe Speaker presented to the House a communication front the Postmaster General, or dering a deduction from the expenditure* of tbe mall contracts for the year ending Juneftttb, 1960. Laid on tbe table, and ordered to 6e printed After the transaction of unimportant business, on motion of Mr Shennau, the House took up i the regular order of business Mr. Carter reported a bill from tbe Committee on tbe District of Columbia to Incorporate the j Washington City an^iieorgetown Railroad Com pany, and moved that it be put upon its passage. Mr. Burnett opposed the construction of a rail way along Pennsylvania avenue, and oflered a luhatitnt* nfnwlHInr* #?? #Ki? a - ?. ? 1U| ?Ut I IIV^UI p\'iai.Uil OI II Railroad Company who should extend a railway from the outer limit* of the District of Columbia to the I'oint of Rock*, ia Vtruima, and moved 1 ti reference to tbe Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union. Al{. Drjarnette opposed thesubstitute offered by Burnett, upon the ground that Virginia was about t* vo out of the I'niou, and further, that Congress had no right to incorporate a railroad company in a State. Mr. Dejarnette wm speaking with frequent In terruptions when our reporter left the House. The Resignation ( Sfcrftiry Thompson. The Intelligencer of this morning baa tbe fol lowing corre?pondence: i Washington, January#, Is^l. Sir: It is with extreme regret I have just learned that additional troops have been ordered to Charleston This subject has been frequently dis cussed in Cabinet Council; aud when on Monday i night, 31?t of December ultimo, the order for re inforcements to Fort 8um>r were countermanded, I distinctly understood from you that no otder of tbe kind would be made without being previously considered and decided in Cabinet It is true, that on Wednesday, January ad, tbe subject was again discussed in Cabinet, but certainly no con clusion was reached, and the War l>epartoient was not It)*titled In -1-'t. ? ? ... .. it iui?'i iiini? " i?u out something more than w*s then s*.ld I learn, however, this morning, for the first time, that the steamer Star of the West sailed from New York last Saturday night with t.vo hundred and fifty men. under Lieut Bartlett, bound for FortSnm Ur. Under these circumstances 1 feel myself bound to resign my commission, as one of your constitutional advisers, into your hands With high respect, your obedient servant, J. Thompson. His Excellency Jamis Bcchanax. President of the United States. Washington, January 9, 1H61. Sit: I have received aud accepted your resigna tion. on yesterday, of the ottlce of the Secfetary of the Interior On Monday evening. 31st December, lf60, I suspended the orders whlrh h??* 1 ?v\ ii iMiiru uy the' Mar and Navy Department* to send the Brooklyn with reinforcements to Fort Humter. Of thla 1 informed you on the same evening. I stated to you my reason for this suspension, which yon knew, from its nature, would be speedily removed. In consequeuce of your re quest. however, I promised that these orders should not be renewed "without tielng previous ly considered and decided in Cabinet." This promise was faithfully observed on my part In order to carry It into effect I called a special Cab inet meeting on Wednesday,'2d January, lMSl,ln which the question of sending reinforcements to Fort Sumter was amply discussed both by your self and others The decided majority of opin ions was against you. At this moment the. answer of the South Carolina "Commissioners" to my communication to theui of 31st December was re ceived and read It produced much Indignation among the members of the Cabinet Afier a fur .uci unri conversation i employed the followlns< language: "II is now all over, and reinforcements must be sent " Judge Black said, at tbe momrnt of my decision, that after this letter the Cabinet would be unanimous, and 1 beard no dissenting voice. Indeed, the spirit and tone of the letter left no doubt on my mind that Fort Snmter would b? Immediately attacked, and hence the necessity of aeudlng reinforcements there without delay Whilst you admit "that on Wednesday, Jan uary 'id, tots subject was again discussed in Cab inet." you say, ' but certainly no conclusion was reached, and the War Department was not justi lied In ordering reiuforeeuients without something more than was then said " You are certainly uiimien in alleging that '-no conclusion wai reached " In thla your recollection la entirely different from that of your four oldest coileaguta In the Cabinet. Indeed my language was so un mistakable that the Secretaries of war and the Navy proceeded to act upon It without any fur ther Intercourse with myself than what you heard, or might have beard me say You bad been ao emphatic In oppoalog these relnforcementa tbat 1 thought you would resign In consequence of my dectalon I deeply regret tbat you have been mlaUken In point of fact, though 1 firmly believe boneatly mistaken twill uu -- w?iwin yvu U?*C not the leas been mistaken. Youra, verr respect fully, JAMtis Buchanan. Hon Jacob Thompson. JJ~f It I* proposed to build a circular railroad around London, forming a complete cordon, at ?n average of 16 Hi 11m from its center, la aaciaut times s wall would have been proposed. I[T The wLole nnoiber of boraea taxed in the State of Virginia la 358,0W), and tbeli v*lu* la esti mated at ?24,0U0,0UU. IET Mr Oouglaa received In Michigan Just aa? vote mere tbunhe did la Wtaconala, : Mich igan 06,(109; Wisconsin 85,081 Sr Tbs New York Assembly bare tabled (he utloa giving a sword to M*j Anderson Flaw Htardlrt State CnuitUai Concoao, Jan. 8 ?The Republican State Con vention waa held bete t*-d?r. Tke Hon N. 9. Berry, of Hebron, waa doidI nated for Governor, aad T. T. P. Hunt for Rail road Commlaaloner The reaolntiona rebuked treaaon. and ate? li Indorsed tbe Chicago platform, demanded tbe enforcement of the u?i and the aupport of tbe Federal Government. The venerable Ex-Governor Colby Introduced a resolution approving tbe course of Major Ander aon, and recommending a aalute of 100 guna. which were fired, while everf bell In the city waa pealing. The Democratic State Convention waa held in the citv to-day, and nominated Gen George Stark for Governor, ltalao paaaed reaolutiona ap proving the conrae of Major Anderaon, and recom mending a aalute of 233 guna In hia honor. Lr|Ulatarf ( Nfw Jersey T?kstom, Jan 8.?The I.eglalaturemet to day. The inembera of the House were all aworn in; after which, they adjourned to meet to-morrow morning without electing offl.->efe The demo crat! and Americana have a majority, and have aome difficulty In arranging the officea Some excitement took place in the Senate. The republicans had a majority of one. and yet tbe democrats elected all Ihelr officers This was done by tbe republican Seuator of Burlington ottng with the democrata One of the reasoas alleged la, that a brother-in-law of the Senator wa? elected Secretary of the Senate. The follow ing are the officer* elected : President of the Senate, Kdmund Perry, of Hun terdon; Secretary, Jo?. J. Sleeper, of Burlington; AsMatant Secretary, B. Q. McCleary, of Mercer CitaBLl?TO!i Affaiks.?We gather tbe follow ing from the Charleston pnperaof Monday: Fort Moultrie ia being rapidly put In order by a large force of workmen. There are over forty South Carolina Rail Road hands actively and constantly employed under Mr. Bryant On the 4th instant twenty beartv, strong negroes were sent down by the Rev. Mr Prentiss and set to work, and did work aithfiilly all night upon the ram parts There Is, or has been, some Illicit communica tion between this city and Fort Sumter. All in terested will look out for blue lights or other ir regular signals. Mrs Major Anderson arrived in this city on Saturday evening last. and. bv permission of Gov, Pickens, in now with her husband at Fort Sumter. Cost of thk- Cattle Diskask ix Massachc UTTt ?The Beaton Transcript says that the amount of money paid to the owners of cattle slaughtered by the Commissioners on the Pleuro Pneumonia, is about 000 The extra sewlon of the Legislature. convened to consider the mat ter, coat about #U>,000, making the whole expense of stopping the ravages of the disease about I5J, 000 The Commissioners are conlldent that the malady has been enidlcated 1C7" A meeting ol the Jackson democracy of New Castle county. Delaware, was held on the &th Instant Resolutions were adopted endorsing President Buchanan, Hon. Mrssrs. Bayard and Whltely, and Senator Crittenden's amendments \ salute of thirty- three guns was tired tn honor of jaciin;i, r.ucnanan, ana tte Crittenden amend ments Maury, C. S*. N , does not think the long delay out of the sloop of-war Levant juatlfles the supposition of her low Baffling wind* off the west co*st of Central America frequently detain vesseb longer than the Levant Iks bten absent. Furious gales and hurricanes seldom occur in that part of the Pacific through which lies her route {?7* Commodore Kearney has withdrawn hit resignation In a private letter he says? "Since the course pursued by Charlestonians, I have changed my views in regard to matters in that quarter and elsewhere, and I have asked to be allowed to withdraw my letter of resignation in the Navy." IX"7~Tbe first Methodist church in America was erected in 1760; there are now It f*)0? an average of three a week. BANK OF WASHINGTON. The Trustees of t)iib Bank have declared a divi dend of thres per cent out of tlie profits of the last six months, payable to itself holders on demand, i a lo-St J AS ADAMS, Cashier. ,'y"ijr?N'OTir'E.?The partnership (teretefore ex 11. *? iiitirs bet yean J. K'ilin-Ui ainl A. Bie aiki under the naine and style of J. Kulinsti A Co., has b??n this day dissolved b? mutual consent. A. Htelaski is also authi-riced t" eolleot the drhta din Ja>ta*7 8, 1861 the Mid tirm A. BIKLA.-KI, ja 10 at J KULINSKI. YTf^SIXTH WAKD.?The member# of the IL9 Military Company wlnati organised on Wednesday ulrlit at the room of the East Wash in<ton Library Amoci ition.are earnest y requested to meet in"tlie north ?oom of Odd Fellows' Hail, ( vavy Yard >.on*TO-MORROWtFidav> NIGHT, at 7 irclook-for the perfecting of the organisation by the e eotion of offers. A full attendance is re quested. K. A ApA.M9.Chai man. ja l?-2t* rf^l. O. O. F.-KA9TKRN LOIX.K. No 7, ATTENTION ? Membera of Kaxteru l.ntice No. 7. I. O. O F. a?e hereby notified that the uodge will m?et on next FRIDAY NIGnT, 1th instant, in 3<1 story of Potomac Hall, oorner of 11th and Maryland ave.. Island By order, ja9 3t? P. M PEARSON. Rep Sec'y. rr*-ATTK.N TION. NATIONAL DEMO JJ CRAT1C VOLUN t EEKS!-An impor fant meeunr of the above Military organization will 1*5 held at HA KMDNY HAUL, on D i rf', near 12th, on THURSDAY EVENING, at 7K o'clock. I.et evei j Member l?e preeent and all who are de?irou? cf joiuini? the organisation are invit d to attend. R. CuEAKY, Captain. J H. liANTT. Rec. Soo'y. ja?-3f rTy-TIIE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS 11 ? will be holden every day this week, in the English Lutheran Church, oorner of llth and H streets, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to contr ue one hour. i*' [V*i* COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, CITY HALL, UJ5f WA*mjmTO??, Deoember 6,I860. TAXES ON PKR50NAL PROPERTY, SLAVKe*, Ac.?N??tio? ia hereby *iven that the tax lulls for Household Furniture, Stocks. Slaves, Ac., for the year I?tc >, and previous years, are now ina-ie out arul ready for delivery, and are pa>aliie at this oline, Tho e who do not oall and cetile their bills within twenty days from thin date will l*> ca'led on hy one of my a**i*t&r>U, ami if the hills are not paid within sixty day* from this date I *h\ll proceed to enforce the oolieotion in the manner roquired Uy law. J AS. F. HALIOAY. de Collector. JJEMP9EY A O'TOOLE. WED DIN (I A\D VTKTTfKI* . . ?? card knur avers, hTtT,ONFB *> j96 p.. a,-.. : " an 77sm U'uhinstox. W COLT'S AND SHARP SPiHTOLS. r. Have received & fu-th r nupp'y? Colt'? Impoved Nav? and Pocket Piato's. Sharp'i tlo do no ?OR PHILADELPHIA -The stfamer C. C. RAIjMN**, ORANRRH, Ac. ON CONSIGN MENT. We (ball receive this day CTi boxes of Kamns, wholes, halves, and quartern, bunch am) layer, in beautiful order, now landing frum tho vessel. a Alger, C'&pt. Fenton, will leav? for the above port or FRIDAY EVEN-* I >iG. She will rooeive freight up totb* tirm of leaving. Apply to IIYDE A DAVIDSON, Georgetown, D C It* lo om ?wo*t Oraniea, very fine, in quantities to nit dra'er*. MARSHALL* PAGE.Auota.. ja 10-2t Odd Fel owi' Hall. D~ RS. LOCK WOOD* DARRE1.L ARE PRE p%r*d to i aert TEETH on VUCI-^ac^ NATE B A ? E, a new and unproved mod-.mf&&3? W'h?i made on thia plate they are com p portable to wear and much oheaper than any other. Al>o, Teeth inserted ?n ti Id Plate, and all Dental Operationa of any kind that may be deaired. Ol fi e?Room No. 5 in the Washington Ua>ld>nr,o<>r ner Pa av. and Seventh *t. 10-3W* L~" NOTICE. COHEN. Boot and Shoe manufacturer. No. I IT Pennsylvania avenue, between 19th and 20th atreeu, hai a oompoaition with which he Half .-<> ? auu ncpsin inaia nuDber Phoeain a i eat and durable maoner. All person* having old c?*t off rubber* will find it to ibrir advantage to m*e himacall. Ha also k*ep* eonstaotly on nan . and ma'ub?tDrfi to order, BOOTS and SHOES of the bwgt quality. ja 10 3t* JUST RECEIVED ON CONSIGNMENT REVOLVERS, GUNS, Ac And for a?i? at very low price*, by MAR SHALL k. PAGE, Auctioneer*. iO'i Seventh street, under Odd Fellow*, Hall,? Colt *. Allen's, and Bea ' Revolver*, Fine Twist dou!W? barrelled Gun*. Ao? Ord -re filled to any extent at ?hort notice. j% lo-3t DOB'T COl.TMAN TAKES THIS METHOD ? ? ? nMUinuuk ?dv uwd ?uu iDc puuiio Kcn*rany that ha wil' ro'ipnn the METROPI.ITAN 8TKAM FLOURING MILLS. 12th at. and canal, on Thirtday. Jan. 10.IK), wears he will be pleaaed to ' rve all who mar favor birn with their patron age Family and Extra Flour oi an unanrpaaaed quality will oonatantly be kept on hand at the ow *t j>rioe?. Alao, Cora Meil.Rye Chop, and all kin<faof Mill Feed. A eall reapaotfnlljr aolioited before purohaalng elaewhef. ja 10 Iw THE INSURANCE COMPANY ov TU P STATE or VIRGINIA' CASH CAPITAL #300,000. Inm re* MarAhtndlM, Buildings, HouMlieid Farmturd, As , ftgalMt Iom or dam&f* by fr*. BKATM A KNOWLE8, i 16 orer B*ck of WMhinftoa. OFFICIAL. t yj Tiiiiru D*r ??r>ft!*T, ( Juatri 9, 1861 \

NOTICK U RUKBT 3.VBH that M*lod jropora!? ill be rooaivcd at this Department until the 19th dU *f Juun inst. Cor th? u na of ?uoh ba anoe of in m'lliona of drllara la Tnuarr nt*? aa mar then bo lawfully uaaed in ozobange for cold AnlR Ai (kA B?a*? Amtm m I ?Wa Treaanrer of the United State*, the Treaaarer of tho Mintat Philadelphia or the Aoaietant Tiiaur ere at Boaton. Near York, ?r St. Loan withia St* day* from the aooeptacce of aaoh propoaal* aader the authority of the aot of CongreM entitled "An tot tn authorize the Irene of Treaaary note*, and fur othtr purpo?r?.' approved December 17,1*60. Such Trracnry note* will bo toned apon the ( reoeipt here of oertifioatea of depoait vith thoao offioera to theoredit of th*T<ea*eror of the United State*. They -will bo made payable to the order ol auoh bidder or bildera aa ahall offer to make auoh exchange at the loveit rate of intereat on aaoh note*, and they will oa?ry that rate of interest from the date of tuoh deposit. The propo*\li mnit stale the rate of interest without condition and without reference to other bids, and oontain no other fraetionat rate* than one fourth one half,or three fourth! of one per oentum. One per oent upan the amount proposed to be *x chanced must be deposited with one ol the olMn above et. liberated. who?? certificate of oh de posit must accompany rash proposal m seourity Tor it* fulfilment. If the proposal is not aooepted im mediate direction* will bs ji ven to return such de posit. Phould the proposals vary from the provi sions of the aot of Concress or of this sotioe they vill not be considered. All proposals under this notioe must he sealed, and inscribed on the outside " Proposals for Treasury Notes" They will be opened and awarded at this Department at 12 o'olock, noon.on said 19th day of Jacuary. PHI LI r F. THOiMAS, it m Sni?rnUr? nf thai Tratsnrs rpo T II K P U I 0 . Having a large amount of money to pay prior to the Ut of March, anil ovine to the general stagna tion of business, we have determined to offer an extra inducement for purchaser* to bay of as for ouh, and we now propose to make a discount of in percent on ail oaufi *a es dm ing the next sMXTY 1)AYS*. in order to reduce onr very large stock of good*, and realize the money for them, previous to opening our spring supplies Cash customers wil' readily tee the advantages they will have in trading with lis, on the te mis pro posed .a* an examination of our stock and pr peg will snow for themselves whether or not we are uioprr 111 nor pruporiwon, ana m me gre*ier por tion of oar Fancy Stock has already been marked down since the ttni* began, we leel confident that the extm inducement* we n?w offer will he hishly appreciated by every one having goods to buy who are at all familiar with the prioes generally charged elsewhere. We need hardly add that our atoek, owing to the state of tie nm?* is now rrry lame, in manv kinds of Staple as well a- Fancy G>-od*. and purchasers will l>e able to supply tlipniselveK with almost every article in our line of business, at v. ry l?w prices, and in mi?v instances, at /?u than the actual eost. The lowest prioe will invariably be named at onoe. W. M. SHU?TEK & CO.. No. 3^ opposite Center Market, de t7-totde<>6t netween 7th and 8th sis. r;nn -a reward ok saoo will be JJJUUt Kiven for the arre*t and eonviotion of the pttraou or persons who set fate to my fctote on the ino'Licg of Januarv l*Sl,therebv dcstrojine my entire atook and other valuable property, 'a*) Iw U.C. purdy. \valentines! valentines!! Fo* 1*61 !'! The trade (applied at the ow?t New York price*. a beautiful assortment of Sentimental and Comio of al! KtTlesand p?ttern*,at f RENcfl A richstein'S. j?9 2T9 fenn.atenue. Washington light infantry. AT TENTION ?The Piano which I have leaded for the Concert at Smithsonian. is on* ol Clii.~k?r ing's bast instruments. If told within five dais I will present the n?tf jtrhtt to the Washington Light Infantry. JOHN K. f-LLls, ta8 SOS Pa. av. l>?t. i>th and iOth ?ts. PWM. H. WHKATLEY'S KEMIL'M STEAM DYEING 4 CLEANS ING ESTABLISHMENT. Offices?So 3?3 sovtk side Pa. avenue between KM ft'k st*., Wask'nttvn, D C.. And 49 J'jftrson trcorreto'en, D C. Replete with every d'sirabe apparatus, and pro ... W W--* +- ! J ' ' * \ i-icru win mo urov utiriu anu nrusTic SKlll in America. tie subscriber i? prepared to demonstrate t I'" customer that pre-eminent as ma* have l*en hie previous repuiation, his motto is "Ex^elsi'r" in Dveint CltaHsinK and titjhniskinr 1 aJies' and t<entieineir> Appa-el ?bilks, Velvets. Satins. Me rino, Cloths, & He menus to stand unrivaled, anil he solicit* the onntiu&ed custom of the com munity. Goods received at either of the aliove named offioes. attended to with the utmost prompt itude and care. Goods receive! and returned 1?> Expre s with the utmost promptness and despatch. ja 8-1 w WM H. WHEATLEY, Dper. FI'ti romiin at rRiUKI* TO SUIT THE TIM ES.? Sale* inu?t be foroed: (tore too much crowded; now is the time to t>ur oheap JOHv K. ELLIS, de 31 306 Pa. &t., t>et. 9th end loth et*. u NPARALLELED SUCCESS. The great luaoeM which ha* attended DR. SCHLOS8ER during thia. his S?oond Viiil to W&ahington, and, also, being unable to fullfil all his engagement* during last week, compels 4iim to remain A FEW DAY9 LONOKR in WASU1NOTON. DR. M. SCIILOSSER lanes him npponnniiy oi retnruicf thai, ken to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Washington and vicinity, for their kind and liberal patronage bestowed on bim durrnj: his sojourn here, and, also, respectfully announces to parties vhn Uriah fn nhtiin A Permanent Cure of CORNS, BUNIONS, 80FT CORNS, or any othor DISEASE OF THE FKET. to favor him vith a oall without delay, as this may probably be hia Last Vint to Washington, inter,dun chortly to Retire from Professional services. Aa a direct proof of the extraordinary skill attendinr Dr. Sohloeeer'a Care*, he oan. with p'eaaure, refer to ^ rreat namtor of L&diea and Gentlemen in this oity, whom he treated three year* eino?, and who have all been eured of the Tarioas Diaeaaea of the F*et, to their entire aatisfootion. Dr. Behloaser't method has not only been suooes?firt in thia country, but also in Europe, a may be seen by several thousand testimonials, from whioh he quotes the following names: From His Majtity tkt King of Bavaria. His Imp. H. Print* Jerome yap tit on Bonaparn H H. H. Prtn.ce Alt zander it Wurtembtrg. H. T. H. Arek Duke / Autirim. H R. H. Duke of Saektem Metnimgen. H. H. Prtnet Rtektrd MttUmiek. H. R. H. Duke of Saxt-Weimar. t F. H. Cardinal Arc Kb ilk op of Parti. f Alexie, Bishop of Nancy, First Chaplain to Napoleon III. Marechal Canrobert. A H. Arneth, Physician in ordinary n the Duchess Helen* of Hussin. Bernard Hetfser, Physician in ordinary to the H. M the Queen ej Greece. Th* 8if nat?rM and &* ! of th? 4bor? bmbm, with Mveral thouMada more from 8t?te?*n?ii, Merchant*. DiitoautiiU. CHercrmen. Phruciut. Military Man, and Editor*, of ttta ooaatry and Enof*i ba mn at hi* olot from Ma. a. till 4 p. m., 837 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, <S??th aid?,) Mvm 12th and 13th atraeta. * ONLY A FEW DAYS LONGER IN WASH JaVtr I NO TON. / AMUSEMENTS. (j^MlTHPONlAN INSTITUTE. VOCAL A\D lySTH NTAL CONCERT KENBP1T OF Ti.Vi T_ r a irwuiiigvoa lagui lniauvry, THIS (Thnradar) EVENING. Ju M.MI. 0? which oooMioB th0diBt)D(uiili?d PrimtDoua, MISt Jl LI A V\ G. MAT. Tk* Minn* Band, ud *?v?r*l of bMt Amtlnn of W'MhiBKton, will app?*r. PRCM?RAPaet I. I. Orartur*? Muor.ie lo Aab r Mmxi Baud. S. Son* Mr j. B. L?aw?o!?. 5. C?T?lin?? Robt toi ?ue J'fti** EoH't L* Dtfcbl* MISS JULIANA 6. MAY 4. So'oaod Chorn??Yira l.'Am?nc? M. Mil ard. Mmn Moment, Hodo??*. Ball, Dawaoh, ami Tablsi S.Siei!ienne?Merci Sicilifno# Ml^H JLLIaNA O. MA V. 6. Drinking Song ? Duetto Travtau Militt Bash. Past II. L Duetto?T?;*?tti2 ....? KrcAni. .TlARINlt raid 2. Solo?Swm Eaho *?n* .Eckert. MISS JULIANA <tTMA*. S. Solo?The Tem?#?t-_? .N Barker. Sir. J. Tablik. 4. Quartette? Our Gloriou* Union ?. Me?sr?. Hon*on, Taii Kb, Utwim. 5. Cavatina?At'il* Verdi. MISS JULIANA 0. MAY. & Quartette?Quintette Martha. Maris* Raxd. Musical Director Prof. J.Coobmax Adam*. Ticket* 5*? cents: for tale at the \Inn.iard Book St'ies.and a: the Hsli on the tv.nm* of theoonotiL The Piano used on the creation is froiu the celf brated factor? of Chirkarini * ?*on*, led kim'h furnished bj >!r. John K. Kliis. Doors open at 7 o'clock, the toncert to commence at a quarter tot It P 1 P H A N Y F K 8 T 1 V A L I ST. ALOYSIL'S SUNDAY SCHOOL UT.il -- 4L - ?? iii ritw mfir 5F.COND FESTIVAL THURSDAY. January lOfA, 1*1. In the Basement of the Ciiuroh, I and North Opi tol Streets. PROGRAMME-Past I. ^ 1. Procession with full chorus, singing A He* to Ft deles. 2. Scene?The Three Kirns in th? Evt 2 See ainid the Winter Snow. sol<> Anil ehom? 4. Seen ?Kin* Herod, Hi? i o>d?. enter Hi?h P:i*?t Herod and the Three Kiiicr. a Prater from Moses in Eopt, solo chorus. Part II. 6. Scen?-8hepherr1esses. %hepheds; er.te- Kings. 7 Pr?cesMon Sin*>n*. ~t k<? St-ne the Harps. 8. i*cene--<.?llenn? ? i the liifts l>? the Km**. Shep herds, Jtc 9. Weliome Little Jrsu\ solo ch"ras. Part III 10. A'chancels, ent?r Mdiar.-i of Herod, 'he Moth er of BcflilehMii. chi dreu La-nentati'-c of the Mother*. 11. Live* on F.attn in* Hm an Eein;. 12. <i"d Savet.ie t'noa. Coir.inenctnc 7o'eI<?ck. Ticke's 10 cent*; chil dren 5 -ents. ia 3-it ~~BALLs7 PARTIES?&c * HA I.L< W ill. HK ftiven fok THK i"V BRN*Ftr*F a MRt*. M j. k0bkkt80n, At CESTH.AL AC IDEM y. Co'n-' of K anl Tenth street*. __ On I KI DA y NIGHT. '? uftry inn, IWI, Coninioi.eii'ic a* 8 o'clock. TickcU Fifty C'enu.a.imit ing & ientl"wftn snd ltdm*. ja l?t ?t* l^lRST grand fancy H SLL I TO BC "?: ?> BV THE Georgetown Gymnastic Association, On monday fcVK*ING. Jan. 1*h. mi. At FOKREST HALL. This is to be the greatest Fancy Bill fv?r <iven in Georg town. The S???ie*y ii;vite? the ia die? nnd re t emen of Wash'.ugtou and oeorgot >tD, and p" imse theia an agreeable entertainment Fancy dress'** o???t?ima? for !a'i*?, gentiewea and children ian be had of Mr. R-uben Marshal, of Baltimore, wi-? vi.I be at Lang's Huirl, No. 1 *9 triage street, Georgetova. on the U'h and Uth mat* lick UONK nOI.I.AR. admit'ini ore i*n% min and ladies; oan he had of Mr Daniel * rfy, c ?rnarof pn-oroaeanJ fr-'np ct ts ,or ofMr.Chas. Metnme t, No. Of Bridge st No ticket* so d to masks at the door. A 1*8- 1,1 ll&fSt LOST AND FOUND. I OST?January Rth,? liver colored POINTKR i PUP. A libe.al rewft.d wiiJ b<? fiven, for tui return to No. 31*4 F fctre?t, lv twcen 11th and 12tli atreet*. j* "v-2t* I OST?On Thii"day ni?H, (Januarv 3J,)at*n I a eniertamnirnt at the hou?e { W. T. 'arroll. Km - corner P and Fight enth utreeta, a blue en ameled UK At'LI.KT. *ct with prarls. A ui'aMe reward will l>e paid on it* return to Mr CAR ROL1/S r*??dencea? above. ja9ir* ??OA REWAR I).?I.ott, on Tu vd?j M,oo P*. V'i'' avenue,* POCKfc r UO<?K,containing ?70 in Baltimore money,a d a ?o >d m*n? note* and d-aft*. The a'??ve reward will be paid to any one on returning it tu Squir<? CULL S lltfiae, Nary Yard. ja9 3** CAME TO THK SFUSCRIRKK ON TIIK nth inttact, one speckled Ml'FF AI.O rJ? HOW and one ?tra ch* h<"Ded i'rw; a m.lW fur others, two of thein In.ffal ?s Tlif AJk* owner wrj come forward, piO?-e property, pay o! arte* and take them away. J.B HA\V. ja9 3~* Boundary otTet. LOST?Between Fourteenth atreet, near G.and Eleventh ?tr>et, on Pa. avenue, a blaok L.aCE VF.IL, on Monday evening, the 7tn >n?t*nL The hnd^r ;eav:nt t:ie veil at the Mar OlEce, will l>e mitaMy rewarded. ja a-3:* PERSONAL. ADAMK CLINTON TRICK. This di*tin?nt hed Mfdical Clairvoyant can l?e consnlfed on I btrwur *?? ?? "- - No. AZl Twelfth tree:,2 i-no * l>eio? Pa avenue. ParMcn'ar attention pail to. and cure* made of, Chronic l'i? as>? Kiieuu.Mi*m. tea. \ jaS-1 * BiB Wa^hixc.ton, Jannary 7th, 1?6' B IT KNOWN tha-., on this itftoth day of Jvuarr, A. l> 1*51,1 have eonrti'uted and apoomt l,an<l<o iiertl>? constitute end appoint, JOHN SOHAI.L. Jr. my IswPm attorney, for me and in iny ttwrte to receive, collect, *ne for and recover, all mo'iie* duet lie late firm ol M?Cam!.t<c *rn*LL. for me nnd la ?oy name to rcoeipt (or toe -ani" and t??do any and everything ih*t may Its nececaary in . ?r pmiii"-', iirmnj miljinc HUJ CoDtirniint all thnt mi 'fti'i attorn#) may Iswfull) do for me in the premie**. j*8 St* WM H. SCHALL. WANTS. ANTED? By a r??prct.\ble woman, who nan "? coin* well reo.>mmeu<le<1, a. SITi ATlON as c ok. ws?b"r and ironer Appl) at N?. 243 Twn tiftn *t., hefwt-en L anl M *tr. It* WANTED? Ht a Rte?d), ludnstnous colored man. a SITUATION a* dininx room servant, or to wait on a gentleman; ha* good recommenda tions. Address Box 1 Star Office. It* WANTED?A good COOK who oan be reoom mended. Also, a Woman to do wasMne and ironing and chamber work. Inquire at No. 400 Eleventh at., between Pa. av. and E st. It* A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS HAD SOME expTienc* in editoiial life, and acted a< Wash ington eity correspondent for two prominent jour nals during the part four year*, is desirous of a SITUATION a? aaaiatiuit editor, or vould ingim aoleedit rahip lfdeaired. Add res* Box 806, Wub ington, D. O. it* WANTED?A PERSON to take charge of two young children awl i?v, Addreaa B< * No. 6 Stir Office j% 9-tf WANTKD-A food plain COOK and a WASH ER and IKO tEKIora aira l family, at Stt>! i street, bfiwwn 17th and 18th None need appl* un eaa veil re.ommendrd. co orfd girls preferied. J*?4V \UANTKD IMMEDIATELY?Fro? f& to flMM worth of SECOND-H AND FURNl TURK ofall kind*, for which 1 will fu&r&otr to pa? the hifhe?t price*. and. u u?ual. at tne ihoriest bo tiOe. R. BCCHLY. Dealer in Fnruiture. Slovo?, Ac., oc B 4 0*? 7th vt., h?t, G and H. ea ~ no 17 rpHE THIRD WKD??D?Y OF EVERY Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impci iKiA tn BUir U/ . J made ^r&njp ^?iuve!? to IB Ua city the HekUft emit of r _ _ where patieuu can obtain ad tee free. He oal? neoeaeary to make a thor- o?h room* at Uie A venae Hoaee, eharges vhen it ie _ exam luation of the Linn with theReeriroaetor 8. B. Waite m acent for behenck'a Pulmonic ty'"* ? tor bottla. for tto on re of Couthe. Cjoide and Coaeumpuoa: ?obeaek> Bea We?d i *1 per botre.for Ujepepaia; tjetonok'a prioe 25 oenU Mr box. for Liver nta and I'onttiMtion of th* h i i. J>r. 8oh?j?k ?nM * imHl> to UlU who har? te*o oarwi by hn rrmdm if U?r iMvi U*ir wrb&oMKOi our# vithS. B.WaITK, oorn?r *ev, O'h ?t ?rnl La a\ n# lHa Al'R BONNETS, HAT*, ud FLAT? of uji moatf m* m. CTSWMI WSfS^2?S4Sf 1 DO i J0IPI.IT.. AUCTION SALES. YO THIS NIU& AT PrtLtC AUCXJO*, Through Mnart. J. C McCiair* k Co., Oa WEBNMD4Y mm) TBl'ASDAT. JUHn >tr, ?-c i in. oosamciac n r >? ? ? , <Uy, All thoM MAONIFICEMT JAPANESE 0OOW*. Nov is ?or*M No. i<>? imit, r*it?r Wi!.??< ' H?m: rwnl order* frm th? o?c?i iktrMf th?r wj I h* ?old for what tt># i t-riac, ITmAmU wr fcilrrrilwt Tkia Ml* will afVwd f ati?w in a*ar?b of C?bi**i croaiuacU both a*?fal *n<l baaatifal, an ofpo^i nit), whisk m*r u#?m ooour M? a. l?> fareba>? U low irtAii. It J_ MA' XH.TF, Atmt. ICT THE ABOVE 8AIF, IS POSTPONED < ii S K i L' kDi V , the lit* >biL, ml umf tin* ?nd f;K?. ???entn? ? An f?Mr? ibt< M# of fORCE LAI.N WaRK Hi BON 17. k 6HIFFITH. AM io?Mrt. | ARGB AftWKTMKNT OP BOOT^Siou. M 11 . 4. a &. * i i- M A *1 D i k > v* Aft u <I?1I1||I, n l. *r ?un -J* ??*? ?! ?f I tRKuu.vJua.tn 12lk at SS and ?oa ti m(ni MuNU\Y MOHM>G,? I ?-' *ok. W will aal ob 1 tie 6 St fi.w%r of oar * Motion I - tka t?lkron t f the ?U> ^ in t-a ! of tpitifnti 4* c.ininc ba?in ?i,?ompti n? Uui i' I t f UooUa >tao? (tj Gtitfn, Ladici' Oa Uca, tMtppar* *nd featkica & it D <*?, S:>o? awd v'onsro?a titiiori, ' hl.'drm.'a Mnrocc iSh.-o# and Boota, Toil With timo'tl ?u?ilaMi< of lloot*. H??t ami (ititrri, oeiuf lU* atoek of a retau dnifi. T*rmt c%ah HONTZ * GRIFFITH. A aofre. jn 1<> St No 369 ^*ra .th at , b?t. I aad K ate. Hi 6KKKN A WIlI.UV1!? AicUomm. RI'STKK*# !>ALK (IP ORUCKRIKS. *c. 1 ixti llci moi n ' rum i **.-By rirtaa ol a drtd kI tinainim l.otril h J^aMUtk* (iswh tx>r. and d'lly reo >i?iai <>l !.*) SU day ?>( JuvVT, isfil, I ahall ??ll at pul 'm auction on MoM'AV. ttix 2l?t <U? <4 ? inrt . at l? cl?c? a n.. at ih rra:danM> of h?i<1 on ??, rtfMt, Iihimh K and K 11* ao?i I ail >! t >e gooda, *ti>ck, a?<l ii turf? boaiwthoM a>i<i k'.tr*h??ii fjnuurf ireBtionad i aatd n*mr. confuting cfa larg?atork of Grnmrin.Litnori I a?. And an aatK* irtcf Parlor. Iisd-ro >m and Kitohaa Paraitar*. A i e*m? of atd an^r jy> caak; o*?r that kmiii' t. a c edit of an aa<1 fin days in notaa. aatiafaotorily endorsed, tearing iat*raat. ? t ir? a - k* r? <* - -? r.^if < r. i i rui:*?. j% ll-Mt HXKKN * WILI.IAMt*. Aacta THIS AFTKKNOON St TO-MORROW . Hf W'Al.L k. HARNARP. A(oti?w?ri. f?m/r8lJk ?frf( mmd n?th iidr P>f. ?r<a?r?~ PUI8-FUK&-FVKI* AT ALCTION. 1"<H UnTKK'H SALK OF A J ARGK AND ?rrj?ii Sjix-i or I'ri'.Hi.nr.n Ki>m? A< . ? .?<>* I IIKMiA V arrf W KDNKSPAV MOK N . Nli!*. *th and ir.s'ait*. at W k,*e *i:Im Ii)p? * "? u*.at tie A ac ti?n , an?1 onrtn n* antl ail i? dj?r?'?r<l of, % ?aprrh ssaortmert of anl * i-ona Far?. ti;d r<Mgh K ? '?? , of Ui? utoi*!) o( h New York I is L?fter at?U Manafaotaror, oom|>-i?;r* ? tree Hmk, llnOi"! Rid alter !lthl? Cinli Pain... I'm U U..*- ?J r>-? * t w*-1 vnj' ? ?VW? ' TT"T> ? m u U V ??TTU ' ' 1'Kl 1| !*U>b* ,\lirt?D, Miiift, Fitch and Rich %n I Mncls Fieora 5*ton?> Martin ant th?r Fura, W?tsr Mint, *I?w:f%n Murfen.Siberian K??irr?l. German FiM.Chm Marten, and Rojal Squrre! Se*?, Ott?r Caps. B^-wr and other r?. Al?o ?v^ry van el? of I adi?*' ard children*' F?r?, ttieir h Kc N*. to., Ac. Th? go-jd? wi'l l?e on exhihitioo on Monday mo nm? pr ceedinc rale.and th? prblie are invited to an eianintt on. Thr* arc fre?h made. eerfeot ana sound in ?v?r) rai a no aaawertnc dr*oripticn liven. Jfaie w'thoat tw t?. Term* oash. R? order of th? 1rn?t*e. ias WALL 4 HARMaRP. AiMi FUTURE DAYS. Hr CLEAR V A. (tKKK.N, Aaot nMm. JOfr Am.** nr??t. PVTKN8IVE SAI.K-HADDLKR'H GOOD>. JLj bi>ot? mo fnoE*. Hats, C*r?, Ciothi*^ ^oa? F;*Tr**?, *r., at Arc ti?* -On *A rt'R DAN MORNIXU, the 12th instant, it o'etoak. ftnd fron da* today until the atock ta diapoead of, weaual re la1.arc* and extensive assortment >( Paddlera' O?oda Boot*. Sheas, * c.. at the atora of W. Opp*i,heim?T. No. .WV Ninth itrMt, imaMdi a>l* opposite the 0 uter Market. The a took la large an<l comprises, in part F'ii?S iver p ated M:.? > and Double Carriaje and Bifiir Harness, Ftn? 5*;n*l^ aud i)oab e Cart, Wajon,and Ploafh Hkrni?, Fll P SllJdllO *?:H IlrldV'U f ?r ?? ? f'Ottig W \ a url',npr't?. ' ^ . A ia,?- |t 10*f r* To?l? *d<J |m. Lidien'ftidCh^liirf^i Uai**r? and Ffcnev 9ho?>f. L.a/i.e?' Gfatt, ai.<. Chi <l.ei.fc" Uum Show ar.d Swidtii. L M?r>. Yonth'ii, led Boya' HaU and C?p? of nli Kindt, Men'** d II Pant*, \>?U, Under G?r in?'M H??i?rf, Hat'dkerchivf*. Collar*, Siiawip. a:."! ??t ii*r \\ e?i i nc A rp&rrl, Cf?nnt?r, SnHviri, Lcnrigec, Sett?ea. and Sihvh. The attention of the trad? ia c*li? d to th? ahore aale. The nfock i? in cood ordrr and must he acid wi'hoi't rmerreto th* iij* hest t.md. r T-rm>> etah. j\ 9 <!tf rl.KXMV > GKVKW. A"o*a. By C. \V. BOTlvLKR A. SiiNj, Auctioneer*. HOU#K AND LOT AT PUB I.I aUCTI'?K. Ht virtu" of a dial oft'*?t, tx aring d?t?* Feh narr l*#*. *^>d rwiordtd i cli?rf J. a 8 . fo!ir?a 3o" at ???i*tor, one of tiis Land Kftoordaoi the c^iiity ?>f Washington, m the District ?f Oo Itimbia. I ?hal i?!l ?* puti 10 anclio-i on th? ftm iwi, <?n W F.l?N fc!*l>A * . th- Iti h day of Januart. at 4 o'oio k p in., *1 that lot, pieqe and rurc* < ( ground in toe ?-itjr of \\ achmtton, in th* Pi-tr>c?. pn't of Sq'.ar- N<>. W2. vr.ich m t>-nn1ed n? f<> iowa, to w t:? 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OORK'SS^mil llrop? wi l etop a Conch in five minntra Mnnrf'i Pnmi *rn?* I mhIbi cure Cfc fhiama. Krnrtwl Feet I'&ina in Paoe, Sprain*. X.S. Moo-e'? impro /e I Beit n? will re move Paint, Oil*, *o., from the ntoat deli MU ooloird silk or vnciti cool* without injurirt tii? ooior or Uxtur*. Prepared si.d > d at MOORE'S Wwt End l> uk Stnr*. de 31 tw U3 Pa. tr?n?. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST ()^?n?l for the Chrutmni *nd New Vatri Present*, all marked down at the lowest price* to suit the for oaeh. de H J XV COLI.KV ft CO.. Tk km ember, I1aT You *ave iu?r? than l<> p*r oent. on th* dollar by buying your DR\* GOOW at Store N? ft VI Seventh * .. a? the* are *eilin( off to mora HENRY E6AN.AJI Seventh et., da 13-lot Nwr Avenue fl6u*e. U ONE PRICE ONLY! * 1 AVING on hand a very hrav* stoek of DR FS* TRIMMINGS, 1 will cfl>r the tame very ebwiioir Cash, and One Pnee Onjr. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. ar . n?> 28 tf *?th ?nJ ?nth sjs JELLING OFF! SELLING OFF 7 FOR CASH-FOR CASH' Oar entire stook ot Winter Dress Goods. Shawl* in s eat vanet). 1-adicV r)oeke. Fancy i>r<?s? S. ks and Silk RnW??. Plain and F enoh Merinos. Porlits and Reee, Fine B*d Blanket*. *11 *t coet for rami . Ali<>, n, tul. ?l<K>k oTKi>n<?ritl Jftapi* G(?<-d? f<?r fam i j want*. A.I will heaold at r?^an<td p .cm for euli. J, W. CO? LEY * CO, d? 2h 2w tt'J3 S?v?ntb Pa. >r, REASONABLE DRY GOODS! Cloak., Siiawit, FImmU. Mwinot, OltMMM, BltnkrU, Full Clotfea, LuMyi, Fancy $dk?, Silk Robot. Ptfka?, VaHnoiM. R#??. rare*, Hoopad 9kirta, Irian Lipaiia, Hhertinc*. Napfciaa. Ueavar Cloth, Sack F.aaj>ei. White Goo;*, I.umc 9eU, ?mbrOMi**ie*. B<?ut>AZi>.ei. Alpaooaa, Cnimbi(f?iiM, Cf'Wiforta. Tuvuliifi. AIi of which v* offer t puo? to ia.t the tiitM. Jo*li TAY1.QK k HrTCHiaON. CH B () h N. No. iM Pes x k Avekle. 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