11 Ocak 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

11 Ocak 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Lart Wile)'* "Hard Tlati At let." r* mel _ rboc?er ftehtfiga 4."] " In eighteen hundred and fiftj-nine, It m to me a ("lemn time; To a eort in Cnba I did *?; kuunxl there 101 eha.1 know. fa God would hirt it ao to ba, m oook on board the open eea ; m at work, the cr?w did know. And from n; lone* freeh b.ooJ di<l fl? Unto th? ear tain I aid go. He did lor me all ih?t t.e know; H? oaiied the mate aid ait the craw. And for thedoctor they did go. In da* t me the dootc came To etoa the Wood and mm m* pain , He Mid that I mnat ro oo t/.ore, Aad atop a day, or two, or more. And the Spaniah people th-re 1>id aee me well. i *a declare ; Fire data on ahore I did remain. Than want oa board the brig again. Mr captain waa e<> kind and goo I, He done for me all that h* oonid. He la a k<nd and ganeroua man. Would a! war a lend a piping hacd. Boott Cook eon wa* oar aeoond mat*. fa to my frienda I will relate; a waa loT<*d and honored too. y the captain, mate, and the crew. Rceooe, and George, ami Frederick, too. That was the nan ee of all the ore w; They were smart and coble boys. To r#ef topsails it vai their joia. When on- b i? waa ready to sail. We waa blast with a pl?aiaot (ale , As Qod would have it to to t*, W e a*me to Boston in America. When we arrive J in Boston town. We cot a bed lor to .Hdown. rnr I was tired a.id very weak. bad b??a taree days without sleep. The next morning at s?ven o'olook. We made bargain with the buck, * orosa the city for to so. To the Kasteru Mam Depo. From Boston to Camden I came. My lungs were weak and a~ked with piin. To gfa doctor 1 we.it straightway. He gave me soxe relief witkout delay. octm Camotna Ssid. She may see-seed, Then pro-seed, Bui can t sock seed, Must re *eed, Or tike grape-seed. iryQne of the Madrid journals savst hit Infor mation bad been received that 30,000 tracts aud other works defending Protestant doctrines had been printed at London in the Spanish lau*u*Ke. and that slity smugglers bad undertaken to Intro dace them Into Spain. try Soma English poachers near Ecclesfleld hot a gamekeeper dead while he cat at hia win dow He waa extremely vi^llunt, and they were atarving. while my lcrd'a reserves were alive with partridges, A.c. It seems justifiable borai cde. CT The Amerloan residents at Honolulu held a mock election crti the 5th of Novemoer, with the following resultLincoln, 131; Douglas, 110; Breckinridge, 33, Bell, 13; Brigbam Voung, 7 C7" Tlaaber-autting is reported to be a memvy making trade In Virginia; the lumber got* NTit as far as Malne.wnrre lar*e quantities of V irtrl nil oak ara used for sbip-bttllding and shoe-making rrr The expense cf maintaining the armv and navy of Prance, for the current year, is estimated t tlU?,400,0?>. IET There ara 103,350 Method' its In New Jer My. AKRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS WlLLARDS' HOTEL?Mrs Watkins,A Young,?; M! jSwIft. Mom; J P O'Su livan, ludi J T Burnap, Qa; P A liraadner, Pa; C J M Grim Md; A P Hocker, Va; J Cobb, do; R McDowel O: Hon J P Verree, Pa; L Andfrwn, O; J V Whlteonore. USA; R Smith, O. Mn Laje, ds; \\ T Mather, 111; G?n Garland. L'SA; A U Patt-raon Md. P Do Murguindo, do: S Evaoa, Pa; S Talbot Maaa, O A .??woil, do; Geu Haruay. USA; F ( Armstrong, do; A J Galther and lady, Va; P '1 Bristol and lady, do; Dr J later, Tenn; J W Will llama and lady, S'J; B Wt^gln, Me; E Birtlett do; P W Cratn, Md; W C 'Jenny, Pa; H Barnev NY; C Merrltt and lady, N3; 8 ? Darting, NV J L Harvey and lady, Pa; Arnold, de; J M Dun tar, MY: W U Darli, do; W Kent, do; JSJ Young, Pa, C M FaunUeroy, Us A, Mr* Dolanc Maaa; Mlaa Baker, do. NATIONAL HOTEL ?Dr M LatSaner, Md D King. Pa: J H Fay, Md; Mil Scott, SY; J ? Lacaa and lady. Maas; VV K inow, VijCU Hag lor, Texaa; R H Conrad. Ta; R B HI no. DO; J 1 Pratt, Md; A Slllinan, do; l>r A Mackey, Vn; J > B'.ddlehabm, SO; J 1) -aaboro. Maas; G T Moi rtll, R B Smith, Md; W H Muslin, Iowa; T I VMUlams, Vid. J Cameron, Pa; ?V D Cane, Mc W Thornton, NY; J O RowIh, do; J Flrtz, d< T P Snallcoos, Va; H Stocknrld^e, Md; C Wr ton, Va; W \Vorthlngton. Md; J SUbfield, N\ T Davis, Maa?; A B Cooly, Pa; J 3 Kalloek, Ka< J T do; W Glover, do; H Vand^rv^r an lady, NJ; J King and lady, Fa; M C Chapialo Va; ?> c Lah*r. Pa: Mtaa V Pbaro. Va; Minn Tbompaoa. NJ; W N Downing, N Y; A Jonea.di BRoW.N S HOTEL.?C Kidder, 3 Hil.on. Bevao, C Ruaa^y, M 5 McCoy and lv, Md; W Clark. P Denovm and ly. t Bui" Sought* W W Boid, J S? Sinclair, J Bib.., G Sinclair Walaton. M Taylor, E McOormlck, J Armutea. and ly, J Torn?. r. G Soott. J A Kent, H Ucrr. Hunt. D Hoge, R Randolph. >1 D, Va; L Gar brill. Ga: J su?l nay, i> Robinaoa, Pa; r? Prtato Ky; T Wtliaon. NY; S B Mard. >I?sa; M J one A W M< r^an, J S*nead. La; N C Winalowar.d 1 W G Wlnalow, O; B Herr, 111. WASHINGTON HOUSE,?J Boatuck, Kan; R Crawford. J Jaatarbrook, MJ; >1 ? Mout^om 2', Via* M Black; A G Eraoa. 9 Boatur.k. Pa; Hudaon and fain, MicU; G P Black. W Blac NT. K1RRWOOD HOUSE?D M Moor*, J Shai Md, T A Hunrd, W Uilpen, Kl; L Sibcrt, J Ouonrlt, R M Cockerlll. V?; W Burnett, Mom; DonaaU, Pa; >I?j Ruff, L'SA; T J Burcht*. DC. OCEAA STEAMERS' SAILING DAi Jf rom tbb r?iT?B Statu. Liar*. For. Dnyt aagaror ? .__.N e* Y ork... La ver p< >el Jan L uito-4 ?tai<-? ..* ?>? ^ ork. .UIa?6><w Jan \U4tra.a?ian Por-iAuo Liverpool .n...?n r? Mine. N?w<V <.ra... Livery oi ...Jan iremoc _? New York.. .Bremen.Jan No.a ?ootian_ P rt.and Liverpool Jau j.UfO* ...Now York?.Liverpool....Jan A ..or oa......... Rvttou .Liverpool.... Jan Cacad.an Port.ind . ....Liv. rpool.... Jan tdiuourj ...Now York...Liverpool.... Jan J uiin l*? u...?...iNew \ ork.. .Glaa?ow J?j tiA...? Now Yor*_ Liverpool.... Jan ?toc>a New York-. oouta'pton. .Feb '.tara.., Hn?r.m '.iver^oji Feb ?bo? fcraopm Am^nca- ? Liverpool Boeton Deo Teat?nia ... South pton.?Naw l ork. ..Jan Edinburgh*. Liverpool New York...Jan Oaaadiaa*... ? SoaUipton - Port'a id Jaa t*i* ?? .Liverpool New York....Jan ?dar.. .....?Liverp ol....New York....Jan Ara*o_ SouUreton~.New York ...J?r North Britou Liverpool Portland.... Ja i the Ca :forwa mail tteamer* leave on the 9 Itth, and Vfi olertry month. REGARD'.ESS OF COiT.-NOW IS Ti Guitars, Vio:ina. t?i feAoo<>^<l?ou . r&iuboriaM, Ki.pi,Mu ki, S."? Hooka, Piaco St >ol?. Piano Con *o.,*o. Remeoiber.at aaor;no*? r-jArd ats oto< JOHN P. LI.Lis, 306 Pa. a*., b*t. tii aci 10'h ?ti Great bargains la good aaoopd hand Ptanoa. di Wood c ? A L Pa. At., ?mjt v/ th aits 11th Rt*^ Mill and Wnarf foot of tovaotaaBth it, w ?/ a>i?? w>- r? i^tnmi ?U J. tfOVKK UUDV IMPERIAL WINS BITTERS te Great t all woo i iMirut. u t D V? mvMbi adfrom Maiceto t La**, ul malvaraal Tardiot of jfr?i niW as a or aa a ii< 2S2 wni5sffiaa?^35ff-<8 mb? mm liflAiAnt ViScmtth?ir. BLOiitT %b<1 all drootta* ol Un^ruee u n* in Nuatinlu thaaa VegetsMe Bit for UM mmtiI MiiMi kBd Lift lb/ UK wwiriii Mjmj ??U wWtirili* tifi yith vtuofc Hi* co?iiv7T la flooded, ud thereby fwa^T Hd la h*ni?h>nc Pumi tod Drmnkec fc?hrt. Mlcoted mi mwn * gi'RpHF.i i aK^Eofti?h. D?teh, BvIm, IWim il""***"' KING * BUBCBKLJ ntFlk iiE??IXE ?IT$$ R 3. F* IWmubi of U? Kjlnjrt^Bladdw and Om mod Mfcwlj for F?ai? Obrtnotij Mv?r fail to so*. tod we nntottd to (! U nofi JHiZ? lARLES pro?netnr?. 9 GAS FITTING, Ac. pLCMBfcRS AND OAS FITTERS Wovld o*.l th?*Tu?nUotfoP?*ter ta!ksri to tbmr fail assortment of t-'ixtare* neoesaarv to Ito iutro daotton,asfol'ow*--KlTCHKN RANGEH.BATH TUBS;. WATfcR CLOSET?. HOT WATER BOILERS, KlTCHfcN SINKS', PUMPS, Cut If c Wrooiht Iron.l-ead and Galvanised W \ TEtl PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS. RUBBER HOSK. Ao Havmi. inferior advantages, with paction, kowledge, we ara prepared to introduce Water into dwellings with all the latest improvements, prompt.r, and at prices lust cannot rail to sausry. 869 Penn. avenue, bo 24 dtMar 1 bet 9th and loth Hi- south ilda A WM. T. DOVK & CO. , /\KK New presare-1 to exeonte any orders wttk wfi;eh they roar be favored id the PLUMBING, GAS CJIJ^KAM FITTING (IT* Store on 9th street, a tew. doors north of Pa. arena*, where mar be found a oomaiete aseortmenl ?A "vIP WO A 8 FIXTURES. K Have in store, and are dai y receiving, &AS FrXJrURES of entirely New Pattern* and Desicos andFijush. suser i?>r in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. VV e invite citizens general ly to oaH aad examine oar stook of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling oonfident that we have the bast eeleotea stouk in Washington. Ail Work in the above line intrusted to our ear* Will be promptly attended to, MYEftS A MoGHAN. mar 8-tf 37* D ureet. I SNYDER, . FI UMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the mo>t favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVK8, which he will eell less than oost. as ha wishes to get rid of them. no 17 QFF1CK OF^^rroH r|nd sealer Washisston', July It, 1860. NOTICE iS flEREBY GIVEN, That.agreo ably to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approved May 12. I860 the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever reeulred m writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inepeot. examine, test, prove, and ascertain tho aoouraoy of pa? i a v, r?f en a mn^ae i M naa 1 r\ Ih I a A 1 tw ' ? I vj 1*11 (tUt'Ii VI mil J |CW ?U MOU IU IN* VIIJi Every m?ter, iffonuU incorrect, -rill beoondemned, aftd another, sealed and marked as true, will be setini** p'aoe. If proved to be aoourate in its measurement of *as, it will be sealed accordingly, and again out in position for use. Offioe No. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .ow?' Hall ) ()pen from 8 a. m.. to 5 p. in. CHARL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, it 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Meters. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. t> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 45th, 1860, the trains wil. r?n as follows: J-EA VE WASHINGTON t First tr?in at f.JP a m. Beooiri Tram a t 7.4<i a. m. TaiH train a* S.10 p. ra., Exprese, Fourth train %t 6 p m LSAVK BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. n>.. Express. Seoond train at 845 a. m. Thirl at 3.l"p. m. Fourth a? 4 Jo p m., Express. The first, seonn-l and third trains from Wash iTigtin ocnneot through to Philadelphia and New Y^'k. The feoori and third oonneet at W*ihin?ton Junction with tr&ici for th? SVest. jj-uth. and N';rtwMt; a!eo. at Annapolis JunotuiE, for An D&polis. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. trai . or th? aooommouation of th? war travel be tween Wa^initon and Laurel, a pa*?fng?r car will be attached to the tonntge train whish leaves at S.*) p. in. Oa auurday the 3.10 p. m. train goee to Philadel phia onlv no 26 a T. H. PARSONS, Agent T?HE STEAMER I AS. 6UY Will return* hot 1 tripe on TUESDAY, 21et of JP? Februarr. IS*). Wl ieave WASH IN ?TON everr TUESDAY and?^"^^^" FRIDAY, ati o'olook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at hiS-paat 6 o'olook, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate L%ndinr?. On her return trtpe.ehe will leave CUKRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m, LUC IAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't. Alexandria. f?an rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEtrUtR 1 * anH k. Dn..l ? ..?t? ? , ? , * v/ i i vk^>v?H7u u/ a?ui?i Letter? Patent of Erne land, a^ rl tHpnrMl by the S*oas of the Koole de Pbarmaoie de Paris, and tns Imperial College of Madisine. Vienna No In >nvala?ble for exhaustion and natorrhea, and al physiaa disabuf'ies. No. t completely eradicates all traoes of those diieases that have been hitherto treated by the Kau senua aod peraici a? use oi copaiva and oubeb*. No. t his emirely snpplanteu the injurious u?e of meroury. therebr insuring to the sufferer speedy re tel. dispersing ail impurities, and rooting out the venom of disease. TKiE*E*taR, Nos. 1,8 and s are prepared In th- form of a losenje. devoid of taste and smel', and can b9 carried iu the waistooat ptoket. hud in tir oa?e*. a*>d divided into separate doses, as ad ministered or Ve.p*au, La.teniind, Honx, Rioord, 4to Price 43 cach, or four oases for ?9. which *aves 93; aod in ?il oases, whereb* tuere is a sav ins of $9 To bepad, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 104 Hleeoker ?tre?t, New York. Imne.ttatelv on reoeivir* a remittance, lir. Harrow will forward the I rieaeirfer to any part of the wor d, securely packed, and address**, aeoordmg lo the in struct! ns of the writer. The Hook,of ail o'hers, that should be read by men with rtamafed and broken down constitutions is "Human Frailt*, or Physioioiioai Kesearoties." It is Nsauiifully illustrate?1. and treats -?"nut-!y of alt tno synp om* that mvanaby develop th?m e v?*s. sooner or later, resulting from the fiaJties and vit atiog habits or e^rl< youth, inoapaoitating riiA vii't in frnn; dhiiriiif thff f ni'iuii of iVa maJri moms! sut*t aod. if no cnfck?d in tiire, c<e**ner arin* a.W t 0 fuiioti->nn <?f manhood ad hrimin* hihi. *tep by it*p ton itncring and untuufrlf death. Sold by Dr ??AURl?W, 194 ll!?**cker at t, fonr door* b >low MaoJougal, .*e?r York, l'rice 25 oei.t* Ssut Ire* every where. Hold aUo nj &. C. Ford, Jr., Drug btora, WmIi ioftuo. D C. de 29 6m ^eeman|wo^ extr/J* OLD :AMliyRYl msw. Th? above PURE W H1SK Y, Corrn Diitulu nui Malted Geaih, being superior and uniforn in quality, am1, highly improved by age, i* preforrec t?y consumer* to all other Whiskies, and partiou Larly reoomm?nded by tie beat physicians ant uoMetsing all the rMuir?ments of I Tru4 Ttmic I*ntorator and Remtdial Agmt. TheS^hujikiu Watwr ol Philadeiphiav used Ii uio uwNufk'vu vi M&i* tt amy, ib proTea 07 MlMy la to be tae acftoit and pnroat water in the Unite* BUtea ^ ?nd to tlua may, in a great degree, be at If. wu" ma.j , 1;; m ? root u trlbcted the exoeil^noe of thi* Whial Fox tale bj FREEMAN 4 91 .1 PheLlz Diatillerr, On the Brhcylkili river, PhiladelpjiW Offloee?9ft wall atreet, New York 5 109%utl Pro^t atreet. Philadelphia. *ri>r ?.ir Illustrated bookb FOR PRESENTS. We have now oar ataal l?rge ana m*gmhoet aeaortraeuto'Me-antW boundaud i:la-traied Hook for Preeeuti for the Holiday*- The eew tlooka fc this tear are very beautiful. Our Juvenile D^pnrtmeotoompri?ea all the latei o'd onea ad: I tab 1* for ohil Booka^ut and al the drea. Tne Dissolving View Pio'ure Book la anei thine f>>r the little one*. Our *.?aortmont < f Writ int t>e?kt, Portfoilot, Pap^r Tioe?, Papier M*oh Uoxe*. Fanov l'ik*tan'a, Gold P?u?. Fancy an all other atylae Penknivea. Pap?r Folder*, Cutton *-o , ho., la large and varied, and will be told pr.oee to auit the timea BLANCHARO& MOHUN. de y> cor. Pa^v and Eleventh at. F. ..... CQ.A... ? bvun a.u' ur-.ntRMj UUMJ1IWIUI MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEBD, CORN A1 AL. ft., te? Corner of lith and b streets, Washinfton olty. ITT Cash paid for all Innds of f>r?tn an V?tn Have YOU SEEN the ao o-nt Children's Uo?i at FRENCH A RIUHSI KIN'S. 8TS P avenue, selling for 10 pent*? Have you seen th elegant Ml Annual* fo. N?w Year presents, i FRENCH A RlCHrtTElN'S. seHin< f r only # Call and make your purof>ases before they arc a cone. At 1-aE.NCH A RICHSTEIN'S, <1e 29 87fe Pa- avenue. DUPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, Por.sal* at maaulaoturers r\ w9 vi * ? ? *3 r ~ ^ tm, on . and, *nd Jlelivered free to all'parts of the Di t sot Orders ean also be left at tnenffio* of Adam Comsasv. Waahmgtnp. D. O. ftMawl City steam &V?wood mills an COAL DfSPOT. Foot ?f SivmimsU ttrul, btloxc War Dtpwrtmm WOUD prepared, any length and aiie, to so tho vtntf of ?ieh pnrohaeer __ CO A -KIJ'T IS i!OAli HOU*KS, protect* torn the wwiiw-dellr??r?d fr*e fr~m elate, du slid other impnntiee. J.J4" .be. t?> the ton. TTj. A W. M HALT, no IQ 'f 9M Pa. *v.. fc-tw. llth and 12tn ?U, 12,000 the attention of the p>:blio to oarjarra and wall leoted alook of OiaaipMM aaa Crab Apple CJdi vhicn ?e f nar*, tea to ba aura imoa, and vul I Mid oo re^aooable term* fn order to make roo for oar a?rtu? etuok. Give micm at the Onion Botmnj Depot, /? a No. IT Br** r? RvinWuwti, B""Tfc?i!aX?K,? INIMITABLE HAIR DYJ and a!' nr?t-o;ae* Touet Artieiea, for aaie Wii^Braid. and Carl Maaathotor^, 1 , I I w. I .],f I ? MISCELLANEOUS. I ( INo 673.] gY THE PRB?ID^Vj^gOP TEH UNITED 11 leelare and inaka known that >ub ic talei wi.l h? -ia1 H ftt tfciA utulArmAntinniWI I.Anri OAa#i in tka Stat? or CALiro&xiA *t the period* hereinafter leugnaiod, to wit: # ( At the L*nd Olo* at M aits villi. oommenoing an Monday, the 3d day of June nex;,for thodiapo a ofthepublio lauds heretofore unnffered, aituated , in the following townships aad parts of townstnps, i ris: Sorth 9/ tkt ban I in* and ?att aftki Mount Diabla meridian Townships 8 and 9: the N W of section 2; the N H and the sW K ot section 3; aeotiona 4, ft. and 9, oi town?hip 90; the 8 W X of aeotion the 8E \ of section IS; the 8 W M or aeotion 17; aeotion* 18 to S5, lnoluatve of township SI. of range 1. Townships 9.10, and 16, of range 2. The N K of the the 8R * of NK *, the NF. M of the SE Jtf, andjh* W X ??f aeotion 4; auc tions*. 6 7. and I; the SEW of the NK X, the SE \ and w^of amotion 9: the w X of th? N w X. the \V X of SW M', ?nrt the 8E X of the 8W X olaeo tion 15: aeot oi_* >7 to 21 inclusive; the N VV v the N X o? theB\V X,and theSW MofSNV *,of aeo t 00 22; the W X ofjhe N\V X Ana 8 W X of eeotuta i7; seouoT* 28 to S3 inoiuaive; the 8 W * of the NK X, the NW X. and the 8 X of aeotion 34, of town anip 4. of range 3. 8eotiona 1 to 18 inoiuaive, oftownsbip 10, of rang* 6. nor in qj me oate line ana trexi <y in* mounia ut til meridian. Townahipa 8,9 and 24; t 0 >\V ^ of aeotion 6; the W X of Motion 7; ihe 8K of eeoaon IS: the f>W j^oteooti jn l?j the S K of aeotion 19; the 8 X of section 20; the 8 K of amotion Jt; the 8 % of aeotion 22; the N E V of the 8 ^ of aeotion S3; aeotiona 34 to 35, inoluaive. of townamp SI; aeotiona 1 to 90 inclu sive; the N W % of aeotion 31; the NE M < faction 33; aeotiona 34 and 35, of townahip 32. of range 1. 8ecnona 1,2,3, and 4; the N r. \ of aeotion 9; aeo tiona in to IS, incl uai vt; the N K \ of aeotion 22; aeo tiona 23 to 8B, inclusive; E % of- eetion 35 ottown ahip 8; teotiona 1 ?o 4. inolusive; the Nb3(ol aeo tion 5; the 8E \ of aeotion *; aeotions 9 to 16, inolu aive; the K X ol aeotion 17; the EJi of aeotion 90; aectmns 21 to28, inoluaive; the N* 3i of sect on S3; aeotiona 33,34, and 35, of township 9; aeotiona t to 6, lnoluai v?; the N w of amotion 7: the E X of aeodnn 9; aeotiona li*. 11, and 12; the NE Vol sta tion 13; the N W of section 14; the N % ol a etion 15; the 8 H "f auction 25; the 8E \ of section W, the K S of aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of township 31; the SM \ of auction 9? the E H and the SW J^of action If*; tne 8E oi sention 1*; the E X and SW of seo tion 13; m" 8 !i of aeotion 14; a otioa 15; the 8E V of aeotion 17; the 8W \ of aeotion '8; aectlona 19 to 35, ino naive, of townatup 32, ol racee 2. . Township* 24 *nd 32; sections 26 to Si, ino!u>ive; of to ?nship 33, of ran?? 3 The h\V H of section 7; aeotiona 19 to 35, inolu aive, of township 29; -eotions 1 to 5, maluvive; aeo tions 8 to 15 inoiukive; sections 17 and iO to 89, in olusive; aroio a 32 10 35. ino!usive. of townahip 32; sections a, m, 77, n, ana s>, luciaei ve, 01 townahip 33 of ran*e 4 Townahi p 29, of ranee 5 At the Land Office at Htmboldt. oommenoing on Monday, the lOih da* of J une next, f.-r the di* poaai of the public l?nda heretofore unoffWei, ait uated in the following towuahipa and parte of towuahipa, vu: Worth (if the base line and writ tkt Mount Diablo meridian. The W J?of aection7: the S X of ae-tion 13, the VV X of ae uon 18; the ,N X of ae tion i9; the N vV X the * of aeotioo 2": the S X of amotion 31; the ? Hof awcuon .2; the :* X of auction 23; aeotiona 24 to 2fi, ldo ualve; the E H of amotion t); the E ^ of amotion 33; :eoUons 34 and 35, of tournahip 8, of ranges. The 6 VV X of amotion 1; the S E X ar.d the W H of aeotinn *; tne K X cf section 3; a< oMona 9. 10, 11. aud 12; the N X ol action :3; the N X of amotion U; thJ N X. the s W k, and ;ne W X ?f the SK X oi auction II; the NI5 of amotion 21; the N W J* and the \V X of the Nh X of aection*2, of townthip 10, of rau<e 4. &oot;ona 1,2,3 4, and 5; the N? At of ceotion fl; th* SK X of auction 7; aeotionsS and 9: the NW\ of aection in; aeotion 17; the NE X of a<Hi ion 18, of townat ip 16; the S W of aection 5 tne r- }* of <j?oiion 6; aeotiona?, 8, 9, and 10; theMVVjWot aection 14: aeotiona 15 and 17 to ft, inoiuaive, u( townahip 17, or ranae 11. Tne 8E X of amotion 1; cectiona 11,12.13. and 14; theNE Af of aeotion23; eootion 24; the NE X of aeo tion 25 of townahip 17; aeoti'>na 3 to 10. . nolusive: the s VV * of aection 14; aecti ma 15 and 17; the N E X of aeonon 18; aeotiona 2", 21, 22,ana 23; aectiona 2b to 23 inoiuaive; aeutiona U y*. and 34: the NW X o f aeo tion 35, of townahip 20; the 1\ W X ol aeo tl?n 3; aection* 4 to 9, inoiuaive; aeotiona i7to 2 , inolmive; sections 28 to S3, inclusive; tlr> 8\V ^4 of eotion 34, of township 2i: the N VV X of eeotion 1; *o'ions 2 and 11; the N w X of Mat on U; sections 27, 23,31,32. 33, and 34, of township 32; t ootioas I to 18, inolostvei seotions 2>i to /7, inoiuMve; seotion SS. of township 23, of ranre 12. Section? 3 aud 4; the N E X of section S; section 9, the N NV X of sec'ion 10; a-ctiou 13; the 8h X of seotion 14; the i*W X of seotion 15; sections it to 2?, inolnaive; sections 33, 34. and S5. of townshii) IT; the W X of section 6; sections 6,7. 8, 9,17,18.19, 80, ar.d SI; tie S W X of section 22; sections 2> to 34, Inclusive, of township 18^sections 3 10,16,22, a, 26 77 34, and 3ft, of townshiptt: the ?E X 01 .eotion U; seotions 13 ?nd 14; the ?Ki(of Mouon 22; see Uons 23,27, and *4, of towuship 23, of range 13. Seotions 1 and 8. the SE X of section 3; tie NX of seotion ID; seotions 11,18,13.14, H 84. 85, ar.d W; ,h" ui srotion 34; section 3ft, of township 18; the N W\ section 5; sections 4. 0 nn<i 6: the ?*15 X ol sectNu. 7: seotions 8 and 9; t'ne MA' M of section 10; the VV X of section 1ft: the K X of section 17; the NE X of section *>: sections 21 and 22; the HW X ui section 23; the W X of section 2ft; sections 87, 23.33. 34. and 35. of township 19; theSW X of seo tion 7; th? ?\V X of section 17; sections U to 3ft, Ln olusive, of towuship 21, of rar.ee 14 S otions 1 to 5, inomyve; the N E X of seotlcn 8; sections 8 to 16 ipclusire; the N E X of section 17; sootion* 81 to 27, inclusive; the X E X of section 28; tho N E X of section .34; section 36. of township ii'; sfotioas 1 t'i 4, inclusive; the NF. X of section ft; tne E X of section 9; sections In fo 15 lnc usive; sections 2" to 23, ino.uMve; the ?K V of section 31; section* 32 to 3ft, inolosive, of township 21: section 3; the K X of section 4; sections 8, 9, and nt; tne SW X ot section II; sections 14,1ft, and 17; the N F X of section 2"f, sections 2), 22, and 2-1; th? SW X ol i?ntKin '21' aAntinnfl 77. urui 7ft- lit* SV W nl j s*ot!'>n Si; section* 33,34, and 3i, of to^nahi p 22, ol range 15. ! North of th* hart lint and taut of tht Humboldt mt rid'an. The W X of aeotion 3j aectiona 4,5,6,7.8,s, io 15.17,18, If. *>,21, and 22; t.n N X of aeotion 27 aeououa 21 to Si, luc naive; the 8 X of aeotion 3t, o to vriihjp 4, of tange 2. North of tht bast kin* and teett of the Humboldt m* ridtan. The 8W X of aection 7; the 8W X of aeotion 17 aection 16; the E X of aection l-?; aoctiona 30, 21, U. and J3; the W X of aection 34: the W X of aectloi 36; atvitiona5K and 27, the NEiKuf aection A; tm NK X of aeotioa 34; aeotion 3S, of townahip 1, o range I. Seotion* 1 to 23, inclusive; the N X ?f aection 24 the 8 X of aeotion 25; rectior.a 2C, 27, 24, and 29; tn ! N X of f-e tion?.!, ftownebipl; teotiona 1.2, and 3 I the N W M of the N W X, the 8 X of the Is \V X 1 and the 8"X of aection 4; the NE X of lijA N E X I the S X 1 ?NKX.thet?tiXof theNWX. ao< tho 8 X ofaection 5; the 8 X v'the8E X - of aeotioi ! 6; the N E X? the s X of the N W X and the 8 X o ! ???oUoq7; a^ottona 8,9,10. and 11; the N X of t-ec l tion 12; tfte NWMof aeotion 17; aection 18; the k m.n<l thft SK, W rifaAfition 111 thrt SW W ctf tim ! 29; the KM of unotion 90; aeodonaSl.S?, and 33; th< BW X of amotion 31, "f townahip 2, of range J. The St \ of keotion 1; aeotiona to, II, ?nd It; th N X ofaeouoti IS, auction* 14,15, 22,au'l 23; th-< 5 } of aeott n 24; the N H of eotlon aeotion* 20. 21 28. and 34: the N W M or nation 36, of towc? hip 1 j fr?oH?nal townahipz, of range 3. At the Land Offioe at Stockton, onmmenoinc o . I Monday, theSd day ol June neat, for the <napo?a | | of the public lande, herrtefore unoffer-d. situate I ' in the follo wing towxahipa ami parta of townaiupi i viz: I North of ttu ban line and 'ait of the Movnt Diabl h North of th4 bate line and irett of tht Mtvnt IHtl i mtTiduin TownalupaS aad 7, oi rwir J. Section 9; Uie N E 3* of aeotion 3; the W H of ae< Hon S: aeotion A; neouoi. 7. exoept tfte 8 )% of tt HW J; the N w \i and the ?Ta of teotion 8; the W of section the 8 % of aooiicn 10; a?otloa 11; {ti W >? of anotioi IS; aeotiooa U a-d U; aootiun 1 exoept th? 8 H ofy*e BW J<; the E H of the JSiV W. the K H "I !h<- 8 W Vt, and the K H of aeetio fl; soot na 22 and 23, the W X of section 14; th \V H of aeotjouS-j a?otiona 36 and 27; the Nh 1 th? E H of th* N w M. the BK * of the N W J the N h of the 8E M. th? BE of the 8 E V oi aw t on 3<t; the K K of the NK i(, aod the K X oftt BE W of a?atlon 3S; aeotiona 34 a d 36, of townah " aectiona 1 and 3; th? N h % of aeotion 3; the 6 of reoiton 10; aeotiona 11, to 15, icd uaive; the 1 of the N E of aeotion 11; t h<> N H of the N V , and the K ) ? of aeotion 22; aoctiona S 34 24 ar _i the E M of iheBW H and the E k of aeotion 1 the W H of Motion 35; of townahip 7, of range 2. Bottlk qf tkt batt tin and ?att <J IAt Mount Diah Beotioaa 1 to 77, inoiumve; the N M, tha N M tfebw Htu(Jlhr,8^ H?? ?i tl c,?fc;^05w * 01 in" " w *. ?ao we or II Si. M of HeQoi 2'; the Mi k ?cd the N Q of tJ ?E 2 ot wot.oi. I* the NK M of eeotion 34; Hot leotion3S of townahi*3,ofruiii. 8eot?oae ft. K. 7.?, ai.d 17 to f|, IB ln*i ve; h? k and the 8 K of eeotion *7; Motions 2* to 34 ino! ei*e; the W H of eeoUon 35, of township 3. range# r *raotional eeotione 1 and 2, eeotioot 3.4.ft. and the NK Jtf ?t section 7; sections 8,?, 10,and Usfra tiooa eeotio?i IT, sections 13,14 a^d 1ft; the iNK k motion 17; the NKk of eeotioa *1. sections 22 to J luolutiv*; the NE Jk of eeotion 54; section 3ft, toT?h,|5-^ eeetionel, f, 11,12. lj, 14, t3, il, ft/ j and ?, of tovnshio 6; eeoUon 1; the NK M 01 ? tion s. inUou IS,'IS, St, and 25, of tovaahly' 7, '"tae'rtW V and the W K of the # < K of aeotii it; Motion i#; the W K of stotio* 29; Motions I SI, nod 32; th? 8 W j* of Motion S3, of township townabipa 6 and 7, arotiona i to 5. lool naive; t S- k ?* a<*tion 8; rectionaSto 14, lnoiunte; t E 2 of aeotion 17; tho N E M ol aootion 21. m Uona 22 to *7, looluklvef the 8E k of aootion SS; a< tiona s? nnd SS, of towuelyp ?, if range I. Townahtpa7. S, and 9. of rant*9. Tovnthipa 6 and of ranee 10 Tovnanipe 6.7 and t, of range U. Townakiea 6ao<l 7; townahip I, exoept aeotio SI and SI, of raoca tt Townships 1,1, and t, of ran?e II. of i h' pnblio lands hereUrtore nnoSeryd. aitnnt uj tbe following townanipa and parts of townahli Bmiuk tf tkt Un Mm mn4 ffst tf tJU Mmmt DM vaari .

W naive; a^otidna 3f7 to M. lnotaatT*. of to vast ? 0 i i do o vv * 01 wonun i?; me a w m 01 lection w seotiona 29 to S3. iboIbsit*; the 8 W Jj of s*otion34 of townahi# fc tow ntmpa 10 and 11; **otioiia 1 to XI tno asira, of township % of rajur* tactions 7 and IS t?? 85, icc nive, of towtship loj sections 1 to 11. inolasir*: section* 15 an<i I? to 33, inolaalve; sections Jr to 94, inoluair*. of townsHp 11; **otiona5.f,7,12. U,14, l|,|o4 8, ton. too in sit*; Motions 35, ?, and as, of townahip it, ol nuts* 10. At th* Land Ofio* at Visalia, oommenoirf oa Monday, the lath day of J uae next, for the disposal of th* publ o lauds heretofore a offered. situa'.*d in the following towns.Mps and parts of townahipa, ns: South of tkt ban lint and mm of tkt Mount Diablo mtridian. Section" 1 and 3; the nK of see:ion 3; Motions 11, IS, and 13; the NE \ of sootion 14; Motions 94 and 29, of township 17; Motions I toSinolusire; th* N K of section ft; section* 8 to 15, inoiasiv*; th* NE V of seotion 17; the NE H of section 23; Mo tions 23, 34, atid 3" ; the N E 3< of Motion 38. of town ship 18; Motions 1 to 6, ino'asive; th* NE of seo tion 7; Motions t to 13. inolaaire; th* Mi J( of section 14; th* N K X of auction 3t, of township a. of ranee 1*. Township* 17,18,and IS: sections 1 to 37, moiu sive; the NE W of ;*eolio?38; the bK of seotioa 33; aeotions 34 *nd 35. of townahip 31: sections I and 3; the NE W of seotion 3; fenUo,.s il, 18,13, and 1C the NE \ of seotion 23; seotion 84; th* NK A< of amotion S5, of township 33. of ranx* IS. Beotions 1 to 27, inclusive; th* NEAf of section 28; seotions 34 and 35, of township 21; amotions 5,3, 7. and 8; the SW % ol seotion 9; the <W of aeo tion 15; seotiona, 17 to 22. inotaeiv*; 'he #ff of antirin 99- *a/itinna *H tn W ivtAlmiM. nf l/twnarift amotions 1,2. and 3; the NE X of seotion 4; the ME X of section 10; aeotiona 11, 12. IS. and U: tbe NE \ of aeotion 23; section* 24 and 2ft; 8E X of seotion 32; aeotiona 33, *4, and 36, ot-townahia 23i seotiona 1 to 5. inolualve; the N h fractional \ of aeotion 0; the NE X of aeotion 8, aeotiona 9 to 15, inclusive; the NE X of aeotion 22; aeotion >23.24.25, 26,and 35, of townanip 24; afotioua 1. 2, and S; the NE X of aeotion 4; tn? N E X of ?e?tion 10; aeotiona 11,12, and 13; the NE .W of aeotion 14; aeotion 24, of townahip 26, of ranee 17. Township 21; seotiona 1,2,3, and 4;the NE of aeotion 5; the NK\ of aeotion 9; aeotiona 1m to 14, inclnaive; the N E i of aeotion 15 the N E Jtf of aeo tion 24; the ? W X <?f aeotion SO; aeouon 31; the 8W X of aeotion 32. oT township 22; awtiou 1 and 4 to 9. ino)a-ive; aeoMona 12,13, and 17 to 21. motuaivo; the 8W X of aeotion 22; thefE X of aeotion 23; aeo tiona 24, to 3^ ino'usi ve, "f tow..ship 23; township 24; aeotion* Vto 15vinolusive; aeotion 17; the N fc. X of aeotion 18; the NE X of aeotion 22; aeo iona 23, 24. and 25; the NF X of seotion 26. of townahip 25; aeotion 1; the S>- 3<?>f aeotion 2; the 8W * of seotion 3; aeotiona 4 to 18, moluai^e; the NW X <'f aeotion 19; the N E X of aeotion 30; sections 21 to 26 inolu rive; the NE X of section 27, ml townahip 26, of range 18, fractional townships21, 22, and 23; townships 24, 23, and 26: aeotiona 1 to 6, inclnaive; aeotiona 8 to 17, inolnsive; aeotiona 21 to 2*. inclusive; aoot ona 94 and 35. of township 27; aeotiona 1,2, and 12, of town ship 28, of range 19. Hraotiouai townships 23 and 24: townships 25. 26, ?I1U <(, 'UUW1" I WW 41 lUUiUIIVC, VII v 11 r. ^ "I r-v lion 91); th* Nh Mo 1 eeotioi 34; section 35, of town hip 38, of range 20. At the I andOffiaaat Vhalia, oomm^noin* on MondaT, the 2\th d*r of June n^xt, for the dispo sal of the pnbuo lands, heret 'fore uuoflered, situ ated in the following townships and parts of town ships, viz: South of thi base line ant rati of the Mount Diablo meridian. Township* 27 and 28; s>*oM >ns 1 to 6, inolosr e; th? NE % of seatioc 7; sections 8 to 17, inclusive; the S H of section 18; seotions <9 to 2ri, inclusive; th* N t. X of epotion 29; the N K \ <-f section SS; section 34; the ft W \ or section 85, of township 29, of range 21. Townships 21 and 22; fractional townships 23 and 24; townships 25, 2?. and 27. of range ?4. Townships 21,22,23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 23, 29, and SO, of ratige 25. Townships 22, ?3, 24,25, 26,27, 28,28, and 90, of ranse 2& Townships 22, 23,24 , 25,28,37, and 28. of range 27. At the I.ard Offioe at San Frajcuco, oom mfinrinf nn Mnndnv. thA 10th rim of JnnA nfit. for the aispona< of the pablio lauds. heretofore an. offered, suuated wuhin ?ho following townships and parts of townsnips, vis: North, of the base line and w *t oj the Mount Diablo meridian Township 6; factions 1, i. and 3; the NE \i of ? <* tion 4: the W H of seotion 6; section 7; ti SW ^ of seotion S; the 8 E of seotion 9; sections 10 to 25, ino'usive; the E X, the N#)< and toe E X of the 8 W .*% of section 26; seotion# 29,30, 31, and 32, of township 7, of range 3. South <J tke base lint and east of the Movn^Diablo meridian. Township 90 of ranee 9. Township 21; seotions 1.2 and 3; the E X of seo tion 4; the E X of seotion K?; sections 11,12 and 13; tne K K of section 1*: soction 24; tho NE M of sec tions; section 25; the 3E if of seotion 2b; t*>e?E JW of section 34; seotion 36. ot townrhip 24; the 8 VV if of section 14; seotions 15. 21), 21 ami 22; the W % aad tho SE \ of seotioaSS; the 8 X of seotion 24; sections 25, .6, tl a^d 28; the N E % of section 2?i th# N K W of section 34; section 35, of township 25, of range 10. Township 24; seotions 1 to IB, inclusive; th? N H of seotion 1"; sections 20 to Si, inolusive; the NHa of section 29; the 9b K ul seotion 32; seotions S3, 34 acd 35 of township i5; township 2b. of range 11. Township 2T; fractional seotions 2 and 3; seotiou 4 to lo, iiiofusive; fractional sections 11 13 and 14 sections '6, 17 ana id; me w w k oi moooo i?; uii NE H of seotiou >2; section 23; fractional taction! SM a no Vi tiia N lb H of M4boo W, of township a, o; range 13 Townships 2.1. 2?5 and S7; Motion*? and 2; frao tiona sections 3, 4. 9 and I**; sections 11 to 16, inolu sive;~fraotlonal amotions 17,19 and *>; amotion* Z1 t< SB. inoluaive, th* N K Jf of s.otion ?7; the N \V \ o section 3". of township 28, of range 14 The > W \ of amotion S; sections 4 to 9, iuolusive the S W X of section lo: sections 16 and 17 to ?t. in elusive; sections i7 t<> S4, inclusive; tt?e 9VV 1$ o Potior. 36, of township 29; townships S?an1 31; tec tions 1 t.i 18, inclusive; the NE M of section 13, o tovnih p 32. nf range 19 The $ VV a of section 27; the 8E Ai and the W > of section 17: sections 18, H and aO; th? HW ko i section 21; the SVV J* of seotion T>\ sections {* V ? 34, inolusiv*; the SW* of section SS, of townshlj ?>; town, hip 31: sections 1 to 18, inclusive; the N \N f Ag of seotio 19; tlie N K % of eeotloe 21; se^ticu f 22,28, 24 and 26; the N X of section 25; tho N E o t section 2*. of township 32, of ranse ao TherE 3< of se<iti?n 17; the SW of section l? sections li and 2?; the W % of section 21; the SV J* of s?otior V7; reotions 28 t > S4. indnsive; the S ) i,f section 36, of township 31; township 32, of rang 21. t North nf tk4 ban lime and wtt of the San Bemot dino TfieriduML* Sections 3 and 4; the N KM of seotion 8; the NI V ol seotion 9; seotion 10. of township 8; the N W } of seotion 5; sections 6,7, 18, aud 19; the 8 W * c ? u^r>n<?n 9ft- MAtinni 9) Hi. SI unH 35: thA HW W CI Motion 33, ol township 9; section 1: the H X of im J tiuo 2; the S K ol section 3; the SK \ of section I j. section 10 to 35, laciusive, of township 10, of rang Section* 1 to la, inclusive, of township 9; the 8 V ' \ 1 section 7, sections 13 to 36, inclusive, of to vi * snip 10, of r*tige rs. 1 he Sh. X and tno W X of section 4; sections ' to 11. inclusive; section 12, exoept the iN X of tfc J NK *; sections 13 to 36, inolusive, of township 1< J of range2ri. } sections 1 to 24, inclusive. the NK \ of sectic ' 25. of trwnsmp 10, of range 27. Soctiooe I to U. inolu*:ve, of town*hip7; the 8 V ' X <>f section lf>; the ? X of section 25, the BE M < "! suction 28; lections 2R to S5. inolusive, of townsiii 8, of ranee 30. Township 11, of ranee SI, , Sections 1 to 27. inclusive; the NK V of Motic 28, the N W J4 ol section 30; the E * of section 3 ! ' otiou V, of towus&ip 10; township 11, of range a Lands appropriated by law for the nee of school military and omer purpon , or uioaa oortrot t ooi.fir mod private land ol&imi, together with tl gvr&inp or overflowed lacds, will be exeludsd fro the sales. No ' mineral land* " or tracts containing mil era! deposits, are to be offered at the pubiio sale uch mineral land* being neieby exeressly exoept< and exolnded from sale or other di'posa, pursoa to the requirements of the act of Coi.gress app'ovi Maroh 3, >U3, entitled Ad aot to provide for t! survey of the pablio land* in Californi', the fan lDg of pre eruption rights therein, and for oth puTr offering of the above lands will he oor inenoed on th^ days appointed, and will proceed the order in whioh they are adve tised until ti whole tha'i have been oflored, and the sales ih closed; hut no sale shall be kept opon longer thi two wbeka, and no private entry or aqr of the Ian will be admitted until after the expuation oft two woeks. Given under mv hand,at the Citv of Waahlngtc thia twenty second day of October, anno Do mi one thousand eight hundred and sixtv JAM?.8 BUCHANAN. By the President: joe. o. vi U.BOW. Coinmiaaioner of the General Land Offioe NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMAN1 Every nerton entitled to the right of pre-empti to any of the land* within the townihipa and pai of tt>WD?hip? above (numerated, it required to i tabiish the aame to the eatisfaotion of toe regie and reoeiver of the proper land oSoe, ana m< paymtnl there/or at toon m v utitablt afttr ttei Ikn nottee, and before the day appointed for 1 oommeuoement of the pnblio tale or the landa e brnoing the traot claimed: otherwiae anon c.a mi.. be forfeits^. JOB 8. WILSON, CommiMioner of the General Land OA Not*.?Under the regulations ofthe Depart me aa heretofore and now existing. no payment oan made for arivertiaing proclamat on* exoept to av pub'iibhera a* are iT*c\*lhautKorix*d topobliah the ? ommf aaioBAr of the General Land Ofioe. oo 25 lawlSwjT QLDR.CB, MELLOW AND PURE MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Burnti of Allegany Count*, Penna., in tha old-fashior honest war, from the choicest and most oarefu seleoted Rye. and in no mm ev?r offered (or a until adapted to vkoleaome um by ate, It is on os the most palatable, as it i? emphatically ^ ones the most palatable, as it i? emphatioaly< of the parest beverac?s in the reach of Um pabl To the Invalid, as veil as to those in fesalth for its nnriTalled qualities a lafest. sorest, and most benefioi many of the most distingnist um it in their praoOoe vita I aemmends itselr for its nariva hed qualities a stimulant of tha safest. sorest, and moat benefioi description, and mar u " physicians are nunc gALTlMOE?B<;1 jawasf ItM Hlislisan FUss. IUMsmh 275 ALkE" 27 JACfBON, / I AST 9 M M M 8. B^VMB^Aa^TRhatrMta ?J MISCELLANEOUS. ? MM MiTMWf ll ryiy wrn I4Mf ? * irrM. TH jrant of land to Wlaoonain br Ml of Cob graaa. aparorad a agaat 8. IMC. "to ua la tk? ! - pro~*maatof the Fox and WUoonnia tiTorv mm to eooB??t the ?aire by a MMl in the 7V?~ilenr ?t VUcaiajm,'* and the MU luyplementa thereto, havinK N?en to far adjust*] u to aatfeorive the r*?u>raUon to market of tfca lamia Leretaafter de acnSed? Hotittit Ktrrby ?/rn? fhat a'! the follovtn* ra oant and anapproynated lande wbioh wt* aahloot to private ectry at the data of withdrawal, will ba reatorad to pnvata Mtrj oa U? daye and at U? piaoea herauialW specified. at Ui ordinary mini mam pno* of 81-2S par acre, or at the prieeeto wtuoh that may harp graduated at tha data of wittdrawal At the Land Oftoaat MtxaiBa, oa Monday, the Slat da* of Janaa.-y next. North of tkt lam h*i and mi! nf tkt/mtrtk rritui JHli yflffldUM. NK fraction N tux River, of aeotioa la. toww ahipW.ol range 9. N W h * K V N E ? N W *. and N W H N vv \ of eeou>n 4, tovuahip tg.raaie 9. NWKWK* ??** Nm,NW^,*)(,pW tf.awl KrfHK w.of ar?uoi X; the N vV * gw * oi aeouon 4. tha t .&oUon on tha aaat hank of Foa rivar ofeacuou S, th? NK ^ SW k cfeeutioa 10, the 9 S 8Kk ol Motion It, tha W \ N W \ a d NW(s*W * ofaecUoa U.theNE \ nV fc N E \. ar>d N VV H of aeotioa ?4; 'he \ ^ ..j war vs at1 i/ f M vtr iy air ["be SVV % NE S? of Motion It. And Um NW^ ! V of aeation 22. township 19. of range 15. rne NKkNWk of Motion 4, the w E H 8K fc. 1 the W H SE jf of section 6, tovnahip 30. <>f ?uu ? ?f ^ r-d ?'i irvnuu ?o, ?uu Ml*" .1 ?? \ O" X and HE H S?V^ of section 9, tovnahip 14. <?f ttfltL The i*>k!*F. ^ of action J? the SW^NE^itk* 9E N W nw1 gps NE * SW % of sroti >a s the &VV isw Vof Motion x, the ?WJ( N W k, and NW\ SWf\ of Motion lfc the Nls % N W \ of seotion < ; tue ? H N E V and the W S NW \ of aeotion Six and N E \ N E \ ol aeotion *). town hip 14, of ranee 10. Tite E H NW )i of Motion IS. and lota?.7.acd Motion 18. towLSir; p U. of range !& The SVV % NE 3*of Motion 18. and the NW fc and ranee li. _ T*e r*E H' NE ^ of >00000 an, township 19, of ranee 16. Tne E H N E 3% of Motion 8, tovnahip 30, of rang' 16. The NW H of fraction west of Pox river, of M tioa 10, township#'. of range IT. The NEX SE >? of Motion 6, township 33 of range 17 1 he NE Af NW X of section 94. tovnahip 15, of ranee IB. The N X NW X of leotica It, tovnahip 16, of ranee 18 "l_rUt Mo. 1 of amotion 14. of townahipS', of range U. The 3E i* N \\ }(, and tne E H s W 4 of amotion 14. township 23, of rw-ge li. Ttie sii \ s\V \ of Motion 14, tovnahip 16. of fie \V % SW Si of a?otion M, tovnahip IT, of ranee 19. 1 nta Ma f knH A tf aaAtlnn 1% an/4 IaI> N2a A aiw) ? "im i?v/i i?u>? w vi ac^)?ivii iw. mm ivm v? w wuv 8 of amotion 14. township 19. of i ?nge 19. The SE H 8E % of section 22, towc?hi? 90, of range'19. T etK SWJi, and the 8E Jtf 8E S( of section 12. township 21, oi range 19. Lots No 1.9. and 3, and the 8\V "* N K V of seo tion 10. the HP. J? S\\ J% of aeotion 14, W KNW"( a <1 the W )4!>'v <4 of section is, and the iC H ftfc. j^, and the S>E \ of section 3S. to wnahip 21. o( iange The W X NW J* of Motion II, townfchij 21, of range 20. The whole of 'eetion **, townanip ti, of range 9\ The \V H 8VV of amotion *r, township a, of range *>. At the Land Offioe at Falls or St. Csoix on Monday, the 28th day of January next. North of tkt bast line and mil ?/ the fourth r?Kt pal meridian. The W K8E*.f>eSE*8E *.and the BW * of section 2; the M X of seouon 4; the ? H an. N VV 5%, aud 8 S of MK V aecOou 6; the whole of eotion 8; t e 8 H of ?ect or, 1??; the won't of see tine 12; ihe E H of aeolion 14; the BE J* of section 18; the whole oi section 99; (he W S aud .ME Hi uf section22 th* H H "f section 24; the E S of ae t,on %, the N h ofaeonon 28; the E S *nd S>W \ cfaee ?. . <m ^ I . > i / _ J s air < . r ?_i ^ . L . i l lion inn r. a:.a r? ? v? 01 uonnn 91; >ne r, and NW *4 of teotioo 3S to#u?Rio 27, of rangers. The K * N W X and N \V* N W \ and lot-1 8 and S 0/icc'IodH; the wholeof amotion 18; theN W % -nd the ?K, \ of amotion23; tn? W Si of aertton 36; the fc X of iiwtiKu 38. the HE of eotion 3 ; the whole 1 of aeotion S3; &ud the whole af aeotion 34, township 28, of range 12 1 h* W >4 acd SK of section 2; the whole of eo tion 4; the whoia of >-eotion 6; the N % the *K and tne NK SW k of section 8; the N K K, the E H SK *. tne NW\ sKV, and loU 1. 4 s"l. and 7 01 aeotion 10; the who e of amotion 12; the whole ?1 aeotiou 14, the N K% the E X ?E J*. and lots 1. 2. 6,6,7 ai.d 8 of section 22; the Vv X and the NE % o< ; aeotion 24; the S X ana the W X X W \ of section ; ?; and the K X of aeotion 35 tow ship 27,of ranae IS. 1 he whole of aeotion 2; tne E X and NW \ ol neottor. 4; the whule of seotion6: t"e W X of sec i tion 8; the whole of amotion 10; tie whole of motion 14; the vbole of section 18; the E H of aeotion 21 t tne N X, tne N >, 01 5>h V end th? N X of SW X of aeotion 22: the E X N f- X- the N X 8E X- an J 1 the K S bW X of aeouon 24: the W X and the Nil ; X of aeotion .tit the whole of aeotion 30 the whol* ? oTaeotin Si\ theS\V X N W X and iota No 6. T ? and 8 of ?6?ttoh 34: and the N X of aeotion 3ft, town f sh.p 23, of rac(e 13 I hesO.V \ or aeotion 28: the NK X NE X of eeo - tion 30; th* x X ,NK X of eeotion a; the N X- tm N X or !*E X, and the i*X 8W X of section and * tne wholi ol section 36, township 2R, of -amte 14. f The S X 8E X, the t X SW fc, and tne NW t) 8VV W ol aection at: the whole o{ aectinnSP; tin L. . ..I t. . _ t> _i. i ? ' ? ,V \1* 1/ Ik. L 1 / L. d L r uuir w nrviinn ojjh uic ' ** ^ " r iuo o 7t Nh the NWV and the 9 fc yf aeotioa 34, town hip 26 of range 15. The N >?, the >fc K.theN % SW *. and th?8E X 8 W of aeotlo* *, towraliip 28 of range >6 The wnoie of amotion 14; the whole of a*ot>on 18 the whole of aeotioti 2ii the w?>oie of aeotion 24; th< whole of a?otiou 36, tae wirnlo of aeotion ?&; tl * NX SI- \i of a-cuon 3* th* whole ot section 04 ana the W >? %ik1 HK V uf aecUi>E38, towuahip dt >f range 15. Tfie whole of teoMoB2; 'he NF-Vwdlli' N >i SE % of ftion 12; th* K %, the K )? ?*W Jf, aw the h H NW of notion 14; the Nt. Itf of e?"Ctioi ?4; the iM X of neotloB 2fi; the Whol? of a?otioc 33 the W H a-ouon 34; and the F >? ao<l N W 1* o aection 36, towcanip ?i, of range 17. At the Land Offioe at Eac Claixx, on Monday the 2la: dar ol January next. North, of tk* bat* lint and tr**t of th* fourth print* pal mtruiioM. The whole of aeetioo 9; aud the NEW NW J and W h NW^ of aaotion 36, townaBp Sf7. c range ll. At tho Land Ofioe at 8TErxjra Points on Moo day, the 33th day of January next. North of ths bast lint and m?t qf the fourth princ pal MffVikM Th?Wk?K)( of afcuoii 4: the N)?NE!?, It. 8E % NkV th" \V fl S NW *,th?, SK M S* %, and the > ? " % BK \i of ae-:Uon ft; the K\ Ml X NKNWV and the 8W K NW W of amotion I tne fK. \ \ <*f arotion 34; the K. % W %, ac N W H ? W Jj of asotion 38. townahip 15,?f range! The 8 K ?VV \ of ao?tion 32, township 18, < range 2 The N W \ NE X of arctlon 88, township 11, < ranca 2 The W X N W fl. of eection ; and the 8E ] BE X of atoiiouK. towcanip 19, of rang* 2 Tb N fc 8W H, and the (v K HE w of aeotioa: the N S oi aooth.n 4; and N E 1% 8E 3^ of eeotiob 2 towtmlup IT, of range 3. The w % N * the W X seot'or, and the W J 8E Vt of aeotion 3, the E K ?W 1% and NW 8 k of aeotioo 4; the W U H of aoction 6; the E bE V of auction 8: the N VV kNW k and the 6 W n\V V cf aeetion >2: the K 5? NF. k of aeotion 1 and tne S W k ^\V 3? of Motion 36,lowaahip U,? range 5, I h?* K k 9W V and the SE k o( aeotion K; the k NE k.the K * 8W &, and toe BE ^ of afotk S4; t'?? NW k N K Jn, the NW >4, and the ft k 8 W hi of aeotion *. towcahi p 19, of ranee S. T1* NW IjvW V. and ttte >\ fc 8W 5% ol ae. tion 10; and me BW \ 9E k ?f aeotion 14, of towi |ii> IS, of rv g? 4 ^hssSW \ !<WJ( and the 8WV of ?eo?ion tit* N E k Nr, k'. ai.u the N E % bE \ of amotion the PE k 11 etot'.on ?, t; e vV k sE V of a* tion 10; lot >10. S, and 8 W )?NW k o! Motion I the W kof a^c'ioa.and tbe E k bE M of aeetw 1?; the W k NW k. aod the NE V bw % of a* tios as tot 1X0 3, o amotion i4; lot t*o. 2. ot eeoti. 9b; an'< the NW k NE *. the HE k ?Ek. ai the 8W k |\V * of aeotion ?,towcahij 17, S. the WkNW*,andtheWK?W ofaection 4; ine HW k and the 8 k 8E k of ae tion 6; the K_k N W k and the K k BW 3 of ae tion 8, the 8Wk N E %. the k k N W U. IoU N< I and a, and the tfWjU NWkof aeotion l?;t N k N W *, the bW\ KWJ<, and <he 8W 8W w of aeotion 14; th" aE k NK k ao? the E BWm of aeotion 30; th? whole of aeotion ?; t v &K h, the 8E k N W V and ihe N W 81 M of aeotion 34; the N E % > W 14 and iota Noe. 3, a, and 4 of aeotion ?: the N K k of aeotion 28; t f XNWfr,l(and the N X 9K jJof aeotion 9h tl NW* N1*V the 8H NwVthe H k ?W and the NW if 8E k of aeotion ?; aud tue N 3% aeotion ai townahipII. of raaae4. fhe 8 k of amotion S3, townahip M. of raore 4 he who e-oflractiona' aooUon 4; the 8 k BW and the 8 k 8E k of a< otu>n i0; the NK k>* k irotign IJ^the NE k 8W yV ? the ~ SI aeotion 34; 1 u nf t / ai nvr ? n r< urn m~ 11 n ^ am J% 01 H?uog n?? ? nc> J*, mm in" tuwnthlp It. of range 5 TheNTXNw * of ton*; tlwNKNWWJ SWnVV rHj ?jfi &tts l?'i fevva tioo 22: tb? R H !iwku4 SW Mb W J% olfroti tion 3; tb? 34: th < ? K . N W *,w?<l o >Ml|Ott 3? o MHJllOn .T , i rr A Cj ^ "I ?ouwhm wx NRKj*W>\NKr?tV* NK the bW \BCk of ?roti<n?*,to?n?hij 17, oiitn 5 Tt* NF * *?<1 tk? BW J*i 8K *^of MoUoe *M, the N H N W J% and the s^K N W fc ofaeotl 3;, towmnip )?. of ranee 5. Yh?ww * a wi Hh k! m ^ _ _ #cik>d 24; ?ud the JfEl(~SW k 0E K of aeotioo 36; t >wn*mp 15 ofr%of?* Tit* wboie of fractional Motion * fraction*) ? Uon 4 toe W)<of th? W W M aiMMha W K ol ' rtW M of "Mtiun C; th? N V.1< N K fc o| aeotiu u * *w* * ***xi. frtHl1*1 oa * J* ^ uj vvhjuod i?; uiv pn a m afflViwiV; s* r?fe Kh?nst? X of Motion ?;ib. tis M N E K.ud to* K ff I Y.&T&- it^&A'nVVnw (?! ttje t-? % ft W k of mooab Jfc mm! to* W Is *?WVSS*S! 5OT5 of. >4 ,U>wl?riip !,<,of rMftl ill* KH >W <? Zr?~><u>m m. towvkt, is, of ranee lu. At tht LudUCwti l iCiixii,oi Moater, the 71 at day of Juttr; neiL Xtrrtk nf i hi *??? If *<U ??at ?< tht fturtk fT?X? f?l mr?haa. Tm N S *f NBfttf eotjo. fc Uh? PW k NW V ofeeetr-n M; townj-hit Ik t4? N KM o? the NE V of a#'t?on *i the NW \ of the isW\ MtWtloB ; the Nh * of the K W CofMtio* I* ud UoSR V* ~ r - a 1-1 X: I n _/ a "I 1MV K7Ef 1 UJ ?'M 'U ?"W it mm I r "1 ' * Gleen icderitij band, a' thae'ty of W too, Uu 11U 6a> of Dewew???f, 1?\. . J 8 ft. WILSON, ComniiiuoMi of Ui* UHtrtl Lud Otfcoa deU-wiwK THUMBS, 1MHJTS A^ 1) Mi PES. OOT8 AND fBUES TO 8111 BOOTS AND Wfgfa Wiin nnv m*nof%otona? aU kinds of ihOKP, fcn l oo: itant/V sad VHOK0. and oor (Cactir r?Mriu * R^'T of eut?n made work of mr*r fa? , acoftior, m*()f *x?reeaty to order, ul wi!i he eoid M a meoh io*?r ?Tioe than hti beee heretofore charged ia Qua oitj lot i TS city is atoreand ta tut of floota aa4 tlboae of ?iUn ct work, will alwaya find ajood aaearfa id at tBe iowt prioee Girt aa a e?U. %R.1FFIM A BRO, a?t-r 114 PoaiiaylTania anew. KjMVK Hl'NDRKD TRAVELING TRUNK.8 r arrived tk:a dav, embraAiac a.) eoa.i awm tiea and aiaea of sfc.i* Leather, La<h?? BIW Dreaa and Packing Tranka. Oar tr?nk^ ealea ro<>n exhibit# at thia Urn a the ir?auxt ranrto of traveling re*niaitea at moderate prioaa. tt> Da for i WALL, xIiTpI. ? ??< ?t-?f SULTANA RAISINS, L.ATJKR RAISIN*. SEfcDLESS RAJS'NS, BORDEAUX PRUNEfe, CA^froN GINGER defi KINO * BI RCBELL. SPECIAL NOTICE TO CITIZEN? AND STRANGERS.?-RENCH A w'CWSlEfvl 27? Pa aveca*, la th? only piaos in tte oity *ti?rt duly paper* oar. be fotinu from evary ottj tn the I'nion. New York. Phi!*de.phia, and Ba ti more p%p r? drliv?r?d in the city a.-d fteorg.i, irr, immediately on the arrival of thetraina. Ail the Monthly aud Weekl* Paprraand Macat.nea. Nov is the time to anbaerlbe. with the b?ficnm?; o{ t>? New Year. Sole agents for the Char'.ea'on Mer cury. de f PUKE OLD RYE WHISKY.-On hand sev^a brand? oi Pure Okl Kye Wbt> gy. Copper D?? ttljad, made by the ojoat rel.ab e Jifcti'terair Peun sy Irani*. M?n and aid Virginia, warranted xur?v. Alao, imported Kr?aiea, Il-cceaey, Otard, Irbpny A Co.. M. ?e R"bir.?, 4o. Also.Pearh and Acale Brandy, pare llol.ai:d Gin. old Jamaica and St, Croix Rum, arl W mes of every variety, ail ?H f-aodartl brand*. A choice lot of Cigars ami To baooo. YH'NS A KKFHART. Ageuts. ?? U-W v?*0 p* *v.. ?th and lota at*. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO Ah F. AFFLICTED READ9 APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE fx HEALTH. Friend, do you Buffer.' Are yoi the TietUn oi aay of those nnmerons ailment* viuoh arise iron Un porir* of the bioo<t' What are u,r?, do yo? aak t Rather a*?. what are the* not/ The blood u the eon roe of life aud hoalth. and it la the brat element of our be:ns to reap >nd to any oaaae Wuioh *ffeot* tb? pystem, a* the pulae mfvlib j atteata Tbe ersr prevailing Neuralgia, U.e irritating Eryaipata*. tbe nhf ? A th? R h^nmRhflm \m oca Deb.'utr, bytpepaia. hirer Complaint with iU fcoreor an.: <>i^oiion, uo the r.nmh?r.iM ills that flee b u heir to.dwire *beir hideous oniin from the blood. 1)?*. kindiy then and genty with the Wood. U?? the Tit*li*in: reeoareee of Mtare for ita M. and suffer us to oonsme.if. to roar eoLf.denoe aad in that tra'y vfttaabie merfioair.ent knowx as INDIAfi rriort. With retard to tLis el inr>?t mfa iible i??llo popular eentiment lias upoken in decided term*, and the erKteroea of tfcia jk? efRcaoy are m tajned br oonstant ito*ih of o% retire effegu aiul the !.ap?ieet reealta f* >oi its ?ee are after a-' other remedies and the best raedioal akil. hare failed. Let ?! say,in eonclBeion, th*t cert. f>a*ti?s cure* are not ocufht from the illiterate a&d iint faoial, but t'?;ey are rolnnteered from the moet rf aeectabie source* and jnatify the h.jhest term IB which it la potsiwe to commend ao rateable a Ft- .ho to paVic approval. We may add alao that the od rati re sropertieaof the medicine are e* nailed pnly by iu restorative efl-ctm, the system reoorer inx fromdlsoa*e vita receded oocsOteVonal ri?or. For aaie bv ai: respectr.ble DruftuU i c this city,and by trie proprietor, MRS. M. COX. None tecum? unless her name la blown on the bottle and her see-' qa the cork ITT* Pnoe SI parbottle, six bott)M for fti. WioletaJ* Affnt. R. *. T. CISSKL,. f?ru*fi?t. Oeirtetown. D C.. Whoieuvle Ajen; for the Dli triot, and will tc^plr the trade at my pnoee. an M-tr ( & DISPATCH 2 lilt tU Plciei! * Al iMtfmi kUI kmrr**-, '** i* ?*?U it la ?;i inu?t!i to hava aome oh?a? ui ?oBTenisnt nj ?ar rortlrini Parutar*. Tora, n?fc?rr<At, irALO(X8>3 r'tfARII) eui all auoh naerc?at ir*.acd no hmffchoid oan aflord to b? without it. It ia aiwa?? ready ard ay to the BticktEt foivL Ture 11 bo iOBf*riD?cw aity for Hmym* cBaira. epimlo'aJ ?*ne*ra, b?adjea? dolie, and broken eradlea. It la last the article f< r ?one, aiieU, aau other orraiftectal work. ao popalar With ladies of rs?rvon,-pt ac1 burte. This adai'rat.ie p:?para*ion la cand cold, hping obemioauy held ia aoiutior. and M<r.M*i.E| all tha aiuabif 4canities or tiie o&bfaet makera' ilae. be caod in U<9 p.\~e ol ordinary icaeUac*. _ n>UT more i^' eaive. " VBBFVL IX E7ERT H098M. PrUt, ti cecta. N.B.?A Braaa aooompar.iea each bctt a WW**+i4 D*?*. Nr. 49 Cedar a treat, Ptrw Trt. Addrasa HIiMRT cTbPA! DIN? A OU Boa No. 3,000, New fork. Pat up tor De*lera la Caaea ooptainlpf Poar, "it fit, and Twelve I>v/it.n?a Nrsmufu, L.Uorrapb <rw Ca>d aooctnfacvirc eact: packaca. SJAlttllfQ'S PRE *" tiicea ita aoat as BWS 17* A tattle of fWJ PIKED OLVJi will aare tap naafiy to artrrr iiaaaohcld.^/ll Bold by all iroTr.iaeot MatlocTv I>rcffit<?, Hanl?*are atd Kb mi lure Dea>ra, Sroowa, atd Fancy Morea. CoactrT merchant! anould make a tote of SPAlr Bixtrs PREPAHFT) GLUE.whem making op tnejr Hat. |? will atasfl any oiima^e JULW'T^ AJ^OMATJc Tk?% M ? .? '?<-tKTf tIjg [ ??W?r/?e m* I* (ti? /.?**/ ?? \Jr tit VmTer tf t\* M -9) f - ? ; '5 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULI BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS iDfluiTini/iiacv u/uiovrv fUlUHftllU VALLLI nRIO!\Li WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY WMJLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SHTU WlLiiAM S! MEWTQRL to* BALM IN WASHLNVTON MY I My MUOli * II