16 Ocak 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

16 Ocak 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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M "V ?~*\ A r Ihl n tl? i. I l.ut AL JL v? ^ . k y.7* Tiicufth The la printed on the foatect team ;<r?sa In tjk aonth of BaJtlmore, lta edition la to l*rg' u to require It to be pot to pren at &o e*rty hour; AdT^rtirementi, therefore, ahoald be ttftf In )xfnra 1*9 #**r asw^V m (h?tr man ih it ivi u mm ' IU f oiuimifC M?c J m?j not appear until ;ir? next day. Noticx ? lMstrl-1 of Columbia Advertisements *c b? In the Baltimokx Srsare received at and forwarded from Thx Sta* Oflte. asxivxxs akt or thx auxxicax colosiz atioh S*oci*tt ?The thirty-fourth anniversary meeting r*1 tb<? American Colonization Society was held at the Srolthapn'.an laat night. The Society Was somewhat disappointed with thelt audience, aa they bad hoped to enlist the services of represent arre* by exciting their interest In the matter, but the disagreeable slate of the streets and weather prevented a Very large turnout. At half pact seven the President. Mr. i H.B. l,atrobe. called the meeting to order, and Rev. Dr Parker, late missionary to China, offered an Impressive praver. The President then, In an eloquent address,said they had met to commemorate the thirty-fourth ar Llversary of their society?a society that bad Ita origin on the tlrst of December, 1810, the early days of thia Republic The coontry had Juat emerged from a war with Great Britain. Victoria* upon these* and upon the land had chaTacterlxed ?iS as a nation, and the people had escaped a common danger which hurl nnttxl !! hvt just been elected President After his inauguration we prospered In the quiet of peace?a peace better appreciated after a long struggle?and wf found ourselves a proud, happy, and powerful nation It wet at this time that this people attracted the ph laithropy of scholars and statesmen. Clav, Randolph, Madison, Mercer, and Key?orator, statesman, philanthropist, scholar, lawyer, and poet;?these were the men who perfected the plan of the home of our colored people of this continent upon another shore In all that was done in the peace of 1815, in all the progress of arts and sciences, In all the unequalled growth of this glorious nation, there was nothing more worthy of man than this great undertaking * Hittorv has not yet spoken of colonization, but l.lb^rV?a nation among the nations?will not sufler her founders to br forgotten. In their society all political discussions had been vvoidfri. Occupying as thev do a position between the North and the South, tbev had invariably omitted everything that would lead to sectional strife Nor would they depaK from it in referring to the hallowed memories of their cause. lie said, when we think of our position one year ago, of the prond and glorious future of this nation when last we met. and that In another year there may b? no America, we may be permit^*! to look back through our tears to that day when there was no voice of dissolution. We may permitted to recall the reininisrences of the past, if It is only tocompar^tbeui with the present, and as they are common to the people, the hearts rf the people may swell at the thought of tbem. Come what may, thw importance of colonization to free people of color can nottffimpalred. Should our jjlorlous confederacy be split In fragments, should this threat Republic be divided and subdl mm miriy-ioree repuoilcs, and free and independent cities spring up around us, colonization will not be impaired. Should the example if Arkansas, of Virginia, or Maryland.be followed in the free States, then Liberia w511 be what it was intended to be, a place of refuse for the fleeing free man of < olor. Africa stretches out urr nanas lor Celp. > dtlons rite and fall, and colonization shall have its turn. While they cherish the memories of a united people, from whl';h colonization sprang, we must also aid our yeuug sister republic if we sre surprise d at the growth of our own nation, how much may we ex?<et of Liberia, if she has the aid of our experience and our strong arm ? The full extent of her growth, the full development of her bring, may beenjo/ed by her people when tlie nation from which she sprang is no more The secretary, Rev. R. R. Gurly, then read ex tracts from hit annual report, but as they are very lengthy, and much of It now known among tiie people, we will not give a very comprehensive ey no pais. B The Secretary read notices of distinguished men formerly connected with the Society, prominent t among whom was the name of our late fellow. townsman, Mr Gales Letters were also read from l)r Breckinridge, of Ky.. and others Interested in the cause The ship Stevens, owned bv tbe Society, bai carried several hundred to Liberia, aud la the last year about 4.000 recaptured Africans have been sent there The report that had been circulated here about those sent over by the Echo having been sold into slavery on the African coast was talse. as they are now in Liberia alive aud well The statistics of popdfction had pot been collected, as the officers of the colony are so busy that they have not the time to engage In tbe wcrk. /Cotton and coffee are raised in large quantities, some of which is used in this country A fund of S^O.OOU is established for a college, but owing to unavoidable difficulties It had not yet been carried into effective operation. Much valuable information was given In the report?which our limited space will not admit of publishing?clearly proving the success of the movement. AfW the report, Kev Dr Sunderland addressed ? ' -at _ j - l l _ _ * %?t # * .* -? * sue ^ocieiv m a lew onei dui eloquent remark** ,.Ju bisallusion* to the bright future of Liberia and ."the possible downfall of our own nation, bis re*. ?rk? were particularly affecting, and drew tears ^ from tbe eye* of luany. At tbe closc of Mr Sunderland's remarks, tbe So< iftv was dsm!?sed with the Bensdiction, by . Rev Mr.Uurley. [communicated THBGBFMAM REPCBLIC* Ax association?We noticed recently au article in tbe column* of the Star, under the head -'Breakers Abead !" which. whilst ridiculing to a ^reat extent tbe ludicrous proceedings of the German Republican Association of tbis city, throws an unpardonable reflection upon tbe entire German population of this I District The tone and spirit of the article referred to, would lead one uriac(f>ia!nted with the merits of tbe rase to indulge In the belief that tbe few individuals of German parentage composing tbe so-called German Republican Association i constitute tbe autbori*"d an<l duly elected repreh Hutativvs of the German inhabitants of tbe District, or at least that portion of the same beInn^lng to the republican nirtv. Tbis Is a great error Upon proper and reliable inquiry amongst t our permanent resident German citizens?inen of influence, property, and supporter* of families, who, before *11 others, are interested In the welfare of oar country?we find that none of these belong to the association In question. Tbey disclaim all affiliation in connection with the same, and condemu in the strongest terms the actions on tb? part of a few Individuals who, uncalled for and without authority, would take it upon themselves to represent the citizens of German extraction of the District of Columbia! In fact, the German Republican Association repres nts nobody, except, perhaps, the few members of which It consists, and it appear* to us that the Wigwam Is badly soid if its members are under tbe ui;press on that a handful of Individ uaia who so boisterously urge tneir claims (for what services *) under tbe auspices of an empty and silly pretext of being tbe standard bearers of our solid and respectable German speaking inhabitants The Association represents nothing at all of consequence; audit is but too often the case that tbe public mind is tortured and led astray by the publication of rodomontade resolutio s, prorosed and endorsed by half a dozen persons unknown to a discriminating rommunitv Mo mnrh for the present. ' Brkaukkk ahud " SrrEKMK Coc*t?Tuesday ? No. 27. Christopher G. fearce et al , incorporated and acting under tbe name of "The Nilea Work#," app?*liauts, agt Jesse W. Psge st ml., claimant* of the ft tea ir. boat Dr Roberston Appeal from the circuit court of tbe United States for the district of Kentucky Mr Justice McLean delivered the opinion of tbe court, reversing the decree of the said circuit court, with costs, and remanding the cause for further proceedings to be had therein in couformlty to the opinion of this court, s No. 45 George H. Kyle et al , plaintiff In er * ror, agt John Mac Rat et al The argument of ' v Itis cauae was continued by Mr. Geo. Vm _ J II _ mil m " - * J A__ l Drown alia Air uut lor mr utrirnuaiii* iu error. 2 ?nl concluded bv Mr. Wtills (or tbe pUintiffi In error. Adjourned. ,? New Fairfax Cavalet Cohtasv ? At an adjourned meeting of tbia company, held at Mount Fierce, Fairfax county, on Saturday laat, S K. Jobnaoo, Peter Hanney, and R. R. Fowle were appointed a committee to prepare * constitution fur tbe government of tbe company. Tbe committee at the laat meeting to obtain memtiera, retK?t th#v KaH h?Vfinf) ih#ir ?*_ pectatlons, forty-two having already signed the roll li?t, and that a number more bad al^nlfied their intention of joining at the next mretlng, which take* place next Saturday, at 1-2 o'clock, at Catts' Tavern, West End ?AUr. Gat. ro-*tr.nT. at the New V'ork a venae Presbyterian church, the concort under the direction of Mrs. kv Cecelia Young will be given. The well known talent engaged for the occasion, and the aelectlnu J of pieces, will render it a rich entertainment look at the notice for particular*. ,, Audi Kssdall's Uttim or Sicsssioft.? Our new edition of these valuable papers will be ^ ?ut on Friday morning next. Those who have , feibecrtbed for copies of tbem will And them *' frady for tbem at the Star ofllce counter on Friday 'tiaralif ________ CsmiXAX Coum*.?Yesterday, James ruaniagham was acquitted of a charge of rioting at a *^1"- - ? ">? -mmm nf John McCbriater. for aa i "ifBualt ud battery, was submitted to the court, r ppA ww pending when oar report dosed l < Polics Mattiii ?Btfort Justin Thompson Budd w. s tried on s charge of stealing a i^Vbcasant from L 4 ward 0 Butler. In default of bail the defendant was committed to jail to await tbe action of tbe grand jury. [Fom thk 9ta?. i A ViftftiMiAX Bonn, who la well acquainted with General Edward C. Carrlngton and the hlv tory of hla family, who la In favor of the Union, the Conatitutlon, and th? faithful execution of the lawa. and who Iowa hla rmmtrv nnH h?ti?r than bla party, observed with aurpriae la the Statrt the following card: VSc?r?4.?E C. Carrington, a small lawyer of W aahlngton, (the abolition papefa call him General Carrington.) la maraballm the ofceeaeekera of the Dlatrlct of Columbia to do aomething terribte in behau v'the Union CkarUttoa yurcurf. Who la thla i nail lawyer T The aatne who, in the twenty-flrat year of hla axe, appeared upon the application of the dlatingulah?d divine, Dr Win. Hummer, aa junior connael to Meaars. Taylor and MrParlanrf whether the Virginia legislature had a right to tlx the salaries of mtnisters of tbe Gospel. This argument was pronounced by the Richmond bar one of great eloquence and ability. The case was decided in bis favor by the General Court of Virginia. The same who argued a case of gteal importance before the Court of Claims, and which was published in pamphlet form at the special request of bis clients, and which speaks for itself. The same who received a fee or one thousand dollars from the general Government for bis argument in the rjkmm nf tK. /I*?? P.ll. u1 r> - ? .?v -W* a V?? t UK* mwiUIObiUIIUK VUUIpany, and which wn pronounced bv all who neara it, among the rest Capt. M C. Meigs, one of great e'oqneoce and ability. The same who waa prosecuting attorney in the 26th year of hit age in bia native State. The flrat Whig who represented the strong democratic county, Botetourt, i n the 24 th year of his age, rti n ni ng some 200 votes ahead of the vote received by Gen. Taylor and George VV. Summers, who was never beaten in hla county, although opposed by the strongest and most influential democrats in the county, who, while a member of the Virginia Legislature, moved an Investigating Committee In the affairs oi u>e James Kiver and Kanawha Canal Company, denounced their tardy movement*, and Imported new life to that great work of internal improvement. The little village of New Castle, which he represented, wai illuminated in honor of hi* fidelity and auccess. Served through the wholie of the Mrxican war aa a Captain of volunteers, and Was presented by the citizens of Richmond with a aword. Comrr.and^H th#> W??v.Ir.<T ... <Mia pc, * c> k VVVCI1III1CU1) WUICB lllCl r defccmlant with all other true patriot* are now trying to save. Ou hit mother's side he is the descendant of Patrick Henry?the nephew of the Hon. Wm C. Preston, deceased, once the Senator of the United Stites from Stuth Carolina; the grand son of (jeoeral Francis Preston, deceased, once a Senator of the United ?tate?from Virginia, and a great jjrand son of General Wm. Cam pbell, the hero of Kind's Mountain Gen. Carrinston it lhe devoted friend and admirer of Gen Scott. He met the Hon. Henry A. Wise in discunton when General Scott was a candidate for t&e Presidency. and if the reports which were given of hit speeches by those who heard him and by the Virginia papers at that time are to be believed, bta euiogium upon the old hero would not have done discredit to General Carrlngton's distinguished uncle, the Hon. \Vm. C. Preston. R?n I. - -I-?1 ? ?*- - to a vunauau ^CllUCUIttll, WDO loves truth and his country better than party. The writer of this article can furnish (if necessary) record evidence of nearlyevery fact herein stated. Union inen !?htar one who knows? you have In Gen. Carrin^ton a leader worthy of the cause In which you are engaged- Stand byAi'fli to the last! His sentiments, I believe, are endorsed by a majority of the people of Virginia; and if politicians will only allow the question of the Union to be referred to the people, the truth of the opinion I express will be fully vindicated. The people are now demanding it, but the dlsunionlat* and traitors, who were elected before the Issue urai vr.aHa i?? ??*?? '*? ? 4 * * ? ?- j ??iv hvtt ?ry nip jirrvrni II. % I IIP States and Charleston Mercury, If they are willing to do Justice to a brave and bonest man, will please copy. (It*) A Virginia* Horx. Tkmpfrancf Hall, last sight?This noted place for the meeting of various organizations was occupied last night from garret to cellar, and the rooms were all Illuminated In the upper hall the National Rifles were engaged in their regular drill. ' The Metropolitan Rifles occupied the east room of tbe first floor, and were engaged In squad drill; the company was divid?d Into four armaria each In charge of a sergeant. The hall Is not large enough to accommodate thru), and they have engaged the basement of old Trinity church, on Fifth st , for their meetings and drills. The Sons and Daughters of Temperance occupied the west room of the first floor. In the basement the officers of the Union Regiment met for consultation, having In view the adoption of a uniform ton Light Infanty, the oldest and one of the beat companies tn our city, and which inarches at the right of our regiment. Appointed a General of the District Militia upon the recommendation of distinguished democrats. To show General Carrington's standing at the Washington bar, the writer points with confidence to the dockets of the Circuit and Criminal Courts. He is the eldest son of the hero, patriot, and philanthropist. General Edward C. Carrlngton, deceased, late of Virginia, who was twice wounded In the war of 18i?, and breveted for hi* gallantry by President Madison, and spent bis life and a large fortune in the cause of religion, temperance, and learning. The grand nephew of General Edward Carrington, General George Carrington, Col Clement Carrington, and the grand son of Judge Paul Carrington, Jr., and great grand son of Judge Paul Carrington. Sr., (who was Judge of the Conrt of Appeals of Virginia,) all of whom offered their blood and treasure in thl. n? ?w?_*. for the regiment, and alto the obtaining of arms. Capt. Kelly, of the Fir?t Ward, wai called to tbe chair, and Lieut. Haden appointed secretary. It was agreed to recommend to the companies the adoption of a prey jacket (similar to that of the Metropolitan Rifles) and ?rev pants Application for arms will be made to-day, and the result will be announced to the regiment immediately. The companies of the First, Third, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Wards were represented by their officers. It was stated that th?re are several military organizations la the Fifth and Sixth Wards, one of which Is a disunion company. Mors Thirvixg About thk M arkets?Ixckndiaky Attkmpt ?Last Friday night, tbe stand in Centre Market occupied by Mr. F. M. Bradley was broken open and a quantity of fruit stolen therefrom. Extra precautions were then taken to prevent another entrance of the rogues, but on ^nniltfv niuht th?v strain viiitoil tV?? nwnnlsos broke open two padlocks, entered tbe stand, and helped themselves to aa much as a dozen men could conveniently carry. An overcoat belonging to Mr Bradley, which had been left in the stand on !<aturday. was also stolen. Having met with so much success, tbe villains concluded that they would call aga^n. So, during last night, they did so, but were unable to effect an 9trance. Not willing to be foiled in thla manner, they attempted to fire tbe stand, but it is presumed were frightened away ere tbe Are bad made much prozreta. Paper tilled with campbene, and partially destroyed by tbe Are, was found scattered atxTut. As the stand Is adjoining tbe old guardhouse, and also connected with the lower part of tbe markethnuie. which li rnmnns^d uf litihi material probabll'ty ia that a destructive conflagration would have resulted from tbia incendiary attempt if the perpetrators bad not been driven off. Washington Theatre ? Undoubtedly one of the most remarkable theatrical exhibitions ever witnessed ia this city la that announced for tonight. We have here a company of Zouaves, members of that wonderful band who performed surh prodigies before Sebastopol. who, to lighten the rigors of that siege, formed themselves Into a theatrical corps, and alternately, as the occasion requirea, iook part in me mimic or real drama with equal spirit. Who would not travel tlfty in ilea to fee a live Zouave? Here we have tbe pick of them, undoubted participator! in tbe stirring eventa of tbe Russian war. and, moreover, see tbem In tome of tbe moat effective and brilliant pieces upon tbe French stage. Tbe capital regular company of the theatre also takes part In tbe entertainment of the evening. RlAtllST AND Ritdii OI ii Riri?n Pnw. vict?About four montha ago two prisoners, Johnson and Small, escaped from the U. 8."Penitentiary Every effort was made at the time to trace and recapture them, but without success. Yesterday morning Deputy Marshal Jenkins, of Philadelphia, arrived In this city, having incustody one of tbe fugitives. Small, whom he recaptured In Philadelphia. He was immediately delivered Into the custody of Warden SengsUck, and restored to bis former place In the prison shops. Land \V*iiA!iTi and Mosiy?For land warrants tbe prices of dealers remain about the same as during me pad wwi, ror wnrranu or 100 to eO acres buying at 50 cents, selling at t?5 cents: 40-arre warrants buying at 85 oenta, selling at SI;?little doing. Banks?New York city, par. State, X per cent; New Jersey, 5; Delaware, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee. Ohio, 5; Maryland, western, 5, eastern, 3, Baltimore city, Ijf; North Carolina, Illinois, and Wisconsin, 10; Indiana, 7; Louisiana, 2%; Virginia, 3%. Look at D. W. Kiddle's advertisement In >another column, for Information concerning an investment which yields nothing but profit to the purchaser, and apparently positive loss to the seller. Tbe sum of one dollar Invested with Riddle will Insure the possession of jewelry in many in stances of the value of from five to thirty dollars. Remember D. W. Riddle's, 30*2 Pennsylvania avenue. Ciaccn Covet?To-day, the cane of Spain agt. Hamilton waa suspended temporarily by tne habeas corpus case of Arthur O. Smith, an Inmate of the 1 nsane Asylum, application to be discharged on tbe ground that he la not insane. Tbe cans was pending when our report closed It is BsromTso that the Mayor has written letter to the War Department protesting against < mii l?n a# atma (a wsfinna ?* <! . Akkivid this morning, at Shtlllngton'a Bookstore, Harper's Magazine, containing a new story by Thackeray, entitled the adventure* of Philip on hli way through the world, showing who robbed him, who nelped him, and who pasted blm by. ? | ... ? Homofathtc Rkmkdtxs All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'t Honipopathio Rein-nliea put up expr*ntljr for tenuis use, in boxes, at 25 and an cents eaofe. Also, in oases, containing 20 rials, from 94 to #f each, with book of fall directions. For sale br Z. D. Giiman, 340 Pa. avenue. wtolesa]* *nd A Fitsseraitl. S/i nortfi F itrrft; al?o h> r. B. Winter, oorner of Maasachutetta avenue and Sixth street. Aieo, Pond's Eiirntt < Witch Hitel, for internal and external inflammations of an Kwaa. sola m >wve, ma 9- ly Ftox B. B. Hazakd. Ksq. Washington, D. C? Sept. 26, IMP. B, W. Fdwli * Co.?1 waa for a long timeaffuoted with i>)apepai& in it? werat form. My appetite waa con*, and what little food I took waa lhr*?wn ? after remaining in tha atomaah a abort i time. My abdomen waa vary rauoh bloated, in fact there waa complete derangement and proatration ofthedigeative powera Several very eminent praioiana attended ine at vanoua timaa, but their treatment gave but little, and that only temporary relief. My auiTeringa were lnteaae, and I became rednood to a mere akeleton. At thia time one of ?>ur uruggisi inuuoeo m? 10 i rr uie csieoratea f/ryKtnattd Bitters, which I did, though with little faith and great reluctance?for I had tried ao many tnat 1 had oome to the ooncluaion that a'I proprietary medicinee were alike worthle*?-hut aft?r taking the first bottle I was ao tnnch relieved that I continued tho uae of them until a perfect cure was effected. I now moat oheerfully rcoonimend the BiUera to all aa a certain oure for Ikyapepaia. H H Hazard. 41'2 I'eunaj|vania avenue. Prepared br Seth W. Fowle & Co., Boa ton, and for eale in Washington city G. Ptottv S. B. Waite Z. D. Giiman. John Sohwarse. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H. H. MoPheraon; in Georgetown by R. S. T. Ciaa-ll, and G. M.t J. Southron, and by druggiata everywhere, ja 7 1 w,r Hollowat'r Pills axd Oi*tm?!?t Facts for the Million.?By a recent enactment of the trench government. theae medicinea are admitted free oldutjr into all porta of France. They are extenaively employed in all the publio and military hoapitala throughout the Kmpire. Tbe Kmperor haa signified his appreciation of their virtaea in an autograph letter, to Dr. Holloway. During the late Campaign in Italy, largequantities were ua<d for the wouna<d at Kreseciaand Montechiero. rold by all Drnggiata, at 25 eta., 62 eta., and 91 per box or pot. ja'J-lw Couohs ?1The eudden ohangea of our climate are aourcesof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Af kmatic Aff'.ctiotu. Kxuerienee nvim nroved tha.t aimnle remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early states of the diseaae.recourse should at onoe be had to " Brown's Bronchial Trochesor Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a mora serious attack may he effectually warded off. Public Shakers and Sinrrr* will find them effectual for olearing and strengtfieninc the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly It is A commox obskbvatiox that there are more Ruffdrflrs from debiiltv. &mnnf A H??n rtftn be found among any other oivilixed nation. The reason it obvious. We take too little exercise, and forget the want* of the body in the absorbing pursuits of business. In all such oases, ordinary medicines can do little goid. What is required is just suoh a tonio and invigorator as Dr J. Hostetter has given to the world, in hia r.tltbrated Tlio weak and nervous denizen of the counting house, the exhausted toiler upon the shop board, and the proatrated student of the midnight [amp, have found a wonderful regenerator in the Bitters, and prefer it to more pretentious, but leaa efficacious medi o nes. Hut it should not be forgotten that the a;ent whioh is so magical in its influence upon a frame i m mApol? /iflKi) ? * ? nmwi IUOIOI1 Ubiniihaiou, IB CUU4H7 WUWOriKI lit assisting nature to expel the most terrific forma of disease. Who would not Rive it a trial ? Sold by druggiata and dealera everywhere, ja 15 ec3t To thk Aftmctbd!? He sure to read the advertisement of McLean's S*tren?thening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf MARRIED. On T -eaday, the 15th instant, hv the Rev. Mr. Rhine, GKOKGU G B. MICKUM. of Washington D. C . to Nim ELIZA PARKKR, of Montgomery ouunty, Md. * DIED, A t the residence of Andrew Tinney, No. .114 3d street, between O and L> st*., Capitol Hill, in the 7n:h vear of her aire PATHARINK RUTI.KR The friendi of the family art- respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow, the 17th, at 2 o'clock p. m. * JN PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR. Just received hy expresii.and will be sold at a very imaH a-tvanc*. a laje assortment of COLT'S REVOLVERS, i-harp'*. Smith Jl Weason'*, and Other riBTOLH.DrabltudSingleSHOT GL'NS, RIFLES, Colt's SHOT GUNS. Alko l(vo,o>.o Musket Cai>g Klly'i A Br..ther? Double Water Proof do. 25,fluo Co't'i Caps. 20/00 O. D. tlo. And all Itinda of Field Ammunition. JOS. L. SAVAGE, Penn. ave., l.et. 10th and Uth eta. ja 14 lv (States) Sir" Gilt j?w. IMPORTANT TO LADIES! I have just received a lot of Sable Mink MUFFS, ruvle from ?kini caught this season. which I wi.i ben ii"!\rly l|WWBC^jW^ ha f their uaual p.ioe. ^<aF* - #?* Alto, on hait I. French SaMe ar>d z^SWhbSB \V'at?r Mink MUFFS, pnoesfrom 'half*capes and victorINKS of various kimUof Fh' extreme!* 'ow. A few more Chi.dren* I-1'R3 left. MufTa'j oents, ,*l and #1.25. MmcpK' JOOKKY HATS in Reaver and Felt, for S2 aud $?!? less than cist. Terms cMh, II. H STINRMKTZ, Hat Store'^Ts fenn, avenue, ja 14 between 12th and 13th ?ta. C' RKAI SAUKIFIDK Jf or PA II IS IAN GOODS! Having a very lar** stock of the 6n?*t Parisian Goods on l and, which I muet stli undor any circumstances, I vi|. intka 'h< sreatent racrifi e that ever was offered to the pubtio id tt kit* ofl 25 p?r nt ol the regular pnoe. My goods being marked in plain ngurea no on# win r>* ae ;ei veo. 1.ailies in p'iraiiit of gooda aa Cloalc*, Frorch Uonneta, Einb oidenes, Fa'ty Drta*??, H#-vl l.ressfs, Fiowera, Wrfatha, Kibhoba. Fan?, l.acct and a greftt variety of articlea generally kept 111 a Fanny and Trimming Store, will do well to give ir>e & calibefor* they pnrohaae any whore e ae. Ladiea will ple&ae >>oar in mind that all my gooda are bought t>> mv?e f in Fans, conatqut-ntiy are of the lateatatjlea in th? market. At. WILLI AN. Importer, j* 11-lw.if 32 Market Space. P" 1ANO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS ?The uuderalcned. lone well known to the? Wahingtm pubic a* a teneher of theJMDBpK Piano. beg* leave to state that he is pre '111'' pared to rake scholars on terms to suit the exigencies of the t'tn-s. Harm* vacancies in his time just now whioh he is anxious to fill up, he will teach a few scholars, f desirable to their parents, and take hi? pay in such merchandise as may be agreed on when they are entered with him. He u williftg to make sunh arrangement*, knowing the inoonvenien^e many who desire to have their ohil dren taught the Piano experience now in getting monfT. Mis method of tuaohmr has tie??n hi?h * appioved for yars, and bis reference* ar" heads of the best musical families in Washiogton. Hit terms are exceedingly in derate. JOHN E. SCHELL, ReKidence? '299 G street. ja6-lwi or apply at M?t?erott's. W COLT'S AND SHARP 8 PISTOLS. E Have received a fmth?r supply? Colt's Improved Navy and Pooaet Pistols, Sharp's d? do do Also, Balls, Taps, Cartridge*, fto. OAMPBfcl.L & 80N, ; o * i u. BIBBS' Witt. BRAID AND CURL MANUVI FACTOR Y, 242 Henn. avenue, near the oorner of Thirteenth street?A very oomplete assortment of Braids, Curls, Frisettes, Bandeaus, Ac., now on hand: also, made to order at the shortest notioe. Hair Work repaired or taken in exokange. no 9-Sm VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! T Fo* 1861 !!! The triui# aunnhod a.t the 'invent N? Vnrlr nrmm A beautiful assortment of Sentimental and Comio of all styles and patterns, at FRENCk A RICHSTEIN'S, fa 9 278 Kenn. a*enue. NOTICE. ^9 Wanted immediately, i.nro men to bo>^9 Military caps, as cents a piece. \v?^^ jasc received irom nammore, irom our iaetory, 15" dozen Military Olaz-d Caps, sold at wholesale and retail. Military Hats and Fatigue Caps made to order at the shortest notice F DITTR1CH fc BRO., No. 424 7th ?t, ja 15 St* near Patent Olftoe. \ UTO BIOGRAPHY OF THE RKV.ALKXt\ ander Carlyle. Minister of Inverwk. containing Memorials of the Men and Brents of his Time, 1 vol.; pnoe f i W." , . , ? Personal History of Lord Bacon, from unpublished papers, oy W m. Hep worth Dixon, or the loner Temple, 1 vol.; priee #1 2S. BLANCHARD k. MOHUN. iSg^JSS?S?S& W*ri d*liver?d in the oity and Georgetown immediately after the ar| rival ol trains. ja IS I WILL Take]aU kiwis'of Virgurift moner for tnr book debte and for Boote, Shoe*, and Trunk*. All persona indebted to me will please oali and settle up. or I shall be oompelled to (ire their aooounta into the hands of a oolleotor. _ S. P. HOOVER, Iroa Hall. no 21 Pa. ay., between 9th and mh tits. pURB OLD FOR MEDIPrict ft per gmllm or 80 ctnii per hot tit. eTbe nit horn# and foroim demand har? for

art 101* tnfficiently attoMa ita panty and exoal iga. Morsow it ?*ay b? mjrotionod in thi? oonllamk. .... BOWASD HALU | Funil >"11**0 "^<3 term0"?' # >ur IMUIIIg ui mi UM ? .UV .witvu* ??u I I mi m I associations lately formed to this city. Mi. H. Gbttikk Informs us that b? was not l>rraent at the meeting of tbe national Volunteers oa Monday night last over Buret's stable. Glad tehenrlt. * ?? - I # J- - AMU^MENTS. \y A g H I N q y O -N THEATER! Third . . THE ZOUAVES WEDNESDAY, Jsnimy 16. IPG!. Th? performance viJ] vith the farce of . m BI!W IN THK DAK*. .Altar which, the French Pr?.>r.!rbt in one act. LtS PKTIT^S MISER fcS UE L.A VIE HUMA1?K. La MimiUiiii, en- * by 7,oaare Futfrux*. To b* f?>i!nwe<) l?f LE3 DEUX AVEI'ULEJ?. After wh ch. an Ambuscade im lsnuiis. .Military Show in one scene. Forty Zoeavea in fall uniform will apprar in thu scene. During that fitht, one <>f the Frenoh flats having i e*u taken by the Rn*?iana, Zoaave Seba'tit* er ragerf a BAYONET KIGMT wi?h the l>earer of the flag ?ad retook posteaeion of it. This fight will b? performed a* in Crimea. To ecnelirte, the Zouaves will aing their own song, "LE RONUEAU DES ZOL'ZOU!" Hff ft.ll thi Pnmhinr G&AJiD CONCERT Will be jiven at the IViie York Arenmt PmhyUrimn Church, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING^ January 16th, Under the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNG. Assisted by eminent Vooal and Instrnmsntal Performer*. Pko?ka>?-???Past 1. t. Voluntary on the Or*in. 9 H*.f Hnln anH r.knrna f?A??i ? I m? a# Bell ... .^Romberg. L Soprano Solo," Hark! 'tis wmn Birthday."* 4. Scprano Solo. " Jerusalem, thou that kiliest the Prophets.".... Mendelssohn. 5. Bats 9o(o." II Mafico Honto." Mozart. 6. Soprano Splo, with Flute ob:igato,fiom Preeios*. Von Weber. P*?r II. 7. "Inflammatus," Soprano Solo and Chorus Rossini. 8. Tenor Solo. 9. Soprano Solo, "Gratias arimus tibi," with flute ob:igato .Gurnelmi. 10. "Peaoe, Sweet Concord." Quartette and Chorus from "The L*y of the Bell". Romberg. 11. 'Gaudeamus," Quartette Diabeih. Tickets SO cents; to be had at the stores of Meears. Hutchinson A Munro, J. W. Nairn, W. G. Mstlerott John F. Ellis, Tajlor & Maury, W. BalTan tyne, ana at me door. Concert to commence at 7>4 o'clock. ja 14 St BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. , RAND COTILLON PARTY VI or TUB HERNDON CLUB, ? To l>* given at rtm i STOTT'SHALL, U| Corner Twentieth St ami Pa avenue. On THURSDAY, Jan. 17th, 1061. Withers' celebrated band is encaceri. Tickets 50 cent*, admitting a gentleman ana ladies. Manager*. E. P. Piggott, J. Murray, J. Bury, S.Brady, ja 14-4t* WANTS. I ARE9PECTABLE YOCNG WOMAN wishes for a Situation as cook, vuhar, and ironer Tiie most satisfactory recommendations. Apply at 340 Fourth street, between ii and II sts , Washington. ' ' 1 WANTED?By a respectable young girl, a SITUATION a* nnrie or chambermaid, Reference if requir d Inquire at .No 2*5 13th street, O'trrer of I) it , south side: or address a note to Box 18, Star Offioe. ja It-tt* WANTED?An experienced NURSE, co ored or an American, tf> take charge of nn infant, who can com" well recommended. App jr at No. 455 12th street, above G. ja 14-3t* WANTED?Bv a e?mpetent and steady colore<l M*n. a SITUATION as waiter or driver, or to do any kind of work. lie can give references as to his character and captunt? that will >atisf> nn* one wist i' g to employ such a person. Please addresa ! No. 3. at this office. ja U-3t WANTEI>?A NURSE, one well experienced in taking care of an infant. None hut such I Hu nan fnrniah t Ko ea/t/inntnen.)a??/vna ?? ' ? I ?- www > timn ?IIV irvnit I 11'llP li rc?I (|0* p'y, and to such, most liberal w?*e# will be paid. Appir at No. 309 T street north, betwe-n 11th and 12th streets j* iMw* WANTKD 1M MEDIATELY?From 95 to lO-ono worth of SECOND-HAND Fl RNI rt'RE of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pa* the highest prices, and. aa usual,at the ahorteat n<v! tioe. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stovee, Ac., oc 9 403 7th ?t., bet. O and H. east aide. WANTED-SKCOND HAND FURNITCKK. Persona dec Ining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain therath and lair prices by applying at 369 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND POUND. fcJTR K\ Pll IIN> STU f .F M ?A Kluk tan TCP RIER I'l'P, la ge sine, a scar on the Kide of hi* right ey*. esrt cut close, a lonic^^^tf tail; had on a red cotton collar. The??* Sutler will be rewarded by Waving ??'d f>og at Brown'* Hotel. ja 14-3t OFFICIAL. tiu'm department,/ January 9, 1W1. \ Noticx i* nrreev sivkn that sealed propoaala will he received at thia Department until th* l^th day of January mat. for the lsrue of such ba!ano? of five millions of dollars in Trea-ury notes as inay then lie lawfully issued in exchange for gold coir, ol the United States, deposited with the i reasurer 01 me cniiN Mates, the rreasnrer ol the Mint at Philadelphia urthe AMmtant Trearttrers at Hoston, N'ew York, or St. Louis wi'hin fire <ia>? from the aooept&i.ce of suoh proposals under the authority of tlie act of Congress entitled "An act to authorize tin irsus of Treasury notes, and for other purposea.-' approved December 17, V>60. Suoh Treasury notes will be issued upon the receipt here of ocrtificates of deposit with those officers to the credit ol the Treasurer of the United States. They will be made payable to the order ot such bidder or bidders as shall offer to make suoh exchange at the loweet rate of interest or. suoh note*, tod they will carry that rate of interest from the date oftuoh deposit The proposals must state the rate of interest without condition ard without reference to other bids, and contain no other fractional rates than one fourth one half,or three fourtns of one per centum. One per oent upon the amount proposed to be exobat-ged roust be deposited with cne o 1 the officers above er.urrerat*d, whose certificate of such deposit must aooompany ca?h proposal as seourity for its fulfilment. If the proposal is not aocepted immediate directions wiU be given to return sueh deposit. Should the proposals vary from the provi sions oftheaat of Congress or of this notioe they will not be considered. All proposals under this notioe roust be sealed, ? i :% -M 11 A I. ai n * m ana micrinea on ine ouisiae - rroposais ior Treasury Notes." They will be opened and awarded at this Department at 12 o'olook, noon.on aid 19th day of January. PHILIP F. THOMAS. ja 10 Secretary of the Treasury. Rob't coltman takes this method of informing the trade and the punlio ren-rally that he will reopen the MKTROPI.ITAN STEAM FLOURING MILLS. 12th at.add canal, on Thsrsday. Jan. 10,1861, where he will be pleated t? nerve all who may favor him with their patronare Family and Extra Flour of an unsurpassed quality will constantly be kept on hand at the ow kt prioos. Also, Corn Meal, Rye Chop, and all kinds of Mill Feed. A nail respectfully solicited before purchasing elsewhere. ja 10 lw M notice to the public. OGRE'S Squill LtropB will stop & Coach in five minutrc Moore'a Comp. Arnica Liniment will cure Ch'INiain*. Frosted Feet. Puns in Faoe, Sprains, ike. Moors'* improved Beax>ne will remove Paint, Oils, flr?*?e. ao., from the mo*t delicate ooloird ailk or wool ?n roo'i without injuring the color or texture. Prepared and *o d at MOORE'S West End II ng Store, tie 31-2w 113 Pa. avnue. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. U8T Opened for the Christmas and New Years Preseuts, all marked down at the lowest prices to suit tn? times, for oaah. ii*i<? J vv Vni.i.KV * (<n TNEW RESTAURANT. HE Subno.iber inf >rma the oiuxsns of Wuknifton and the public in iteneral that he A . , A baa opened the Restaurant No. 499 Sixth street, between C and Louisiana avenue, (formerly kept t?jr Jaoob Smith ) A new and clt.?ioe assortment of L'UUORS, CIGARS, Ac ,on hand. Pin* fresh OYSTERS served up in every style at all hours. deg-lm* F..O. ROHR. r\UR BONNETS. HATS, and FLATS ol the U very latent e?jie?, and in all cuei made^A of the Mat material. Call at dnce and get^E* ohoio*. At STEVENS'S, pog-tf 336. hetw. i?th anJ l<Hh nto. REASONABLE DRY GOODS! Cloaks, Shawls, Flannels, Merinos, Ottomans, Dl&nketa, Full Cloths. Linaeja, Fancy Silka, , Bilk Rob*, Poplin*, Valencia*. Reps, Yarns, Hooped Skirts. Irish Linen*, Sheetings, Napkins, Beaver Cloth, Sack Flannel, White Good*. Linen Sets, * Embroideries, Homltaxioex, Alpacca*, Cosnteroane*. ('oinfort*. TowHinca. All of which we ott er at prices to suit the time*. de? TAYLOR fc HUTCHISON. rpHE THIRD VyiDN^iSDaY OF KVKRY Dr. SCHBNCK, of Philadelphia, hod a it impoe ibie to vieit Washington every ?wk. and baa made arrangement* to positively bo in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He haa % a nit of room* at the A venae ffoaao, where patients oan obtain adyta* free. He only <*ktrrM ?kmt it lit nm>? tn mAlra m. tliAr>tia#k ximinahonofthi LonjtVith thoRoi^ircTOetor. 8- B. Wute M acont for s<chpnck'a Pulmonic St nip, price 91 per bottle. for the ??r? of CouiA, ('olds ud conanmption: Sohenck'a Sea VVe?d Tonic, pno? 1 par bottle,for Dy cpepaia; Sohenck'a Manarake P.U*. prioe 25 oenta ber box. for Limr Bilious Complaint* and Constipation of th* Bow 6i. Dr. Hohenok wonld be rmefal to thoM who r? baaa oared b? hi* remedie* if they woild Mr MrtafoatM of tmn with 8. 0. WAITK, oor**r8*r#nth at aad La. ar, 4e 19-am f * GEORGETOWN. Corrupondtnr* / Tk* Star. GtoiGirowx, Quinary 16, 19CI In nttidoc tbr ImproTramti la our ritr ? hare heretofore omitted all mettlsi of tbe enlargement of tbe fine dwelling house on Prwpect .HHI, formerly tbe ihMmof Df Mann The prrsmt owner (Captain Teaapleton, late of New Orleana.) baa added a lofty atory to tbe main building, and an octagonal projection oa tbe east Mda. which, with tbe interior adornmenta and arrangement* for comfort and convenience, will make it one of the in oat capacious and baadaome dwelling! in the District Tbe a;te la a Ine one. commanding a view not only of Washington c'ty but of oar noble Potomac for aeTeral mlTea of It* course, roe work nasi all been done In a manner creditable to tbe mechanic* engaged thereon Messrs 8. A K Wroe were the bricklayers, sad contractor* for tbe whole work; Mr. Clamplt, carpenter; Mr Ryle^ plasterer, Measrs ClemenU k Bro , painters; Mr Snyder, pi timber and fas ttter. Another Improvement la the large building erected by Mr. Boucher at hi* wood yard, far a team engine and machinery for aawing and (putting wood. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A notice. ll Person* indebted to tbe andeetigned are requested to o?me forward and *et:le tbeir bill*, by oa?h or note*; if not ait?nl<d to, tfeeir bit will be pet in the hand* ofan otfccer for eellec ion. wit' oat retard to person*. J. M. BELT. Georgetown. Jan. H. 1861. ial< 1920.000! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduce our large and well assorted took of DRY GOODS we will, during the next SO day*, deduct 10 per cent, from all cmtk purchase* of #5 and orcr. Hare your idhdm and oall at Bridge *t._ for hurraniB XPIf Mi\ * ni'VT ja7 eolrn U^onwown, D. fc. JUST RECEIVED? 10 bhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 150 bbla. o.d Rve WHISKY, W> f?hl?. HF.RR1NG u>d ALEW1VK9. 40 hbl?. Crushed and Refined hUOaRs, 90 hag a Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(low priced) MOLAb&ES. For gale hr JOHN J. BOOt'VI/ ? 10 MASSEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?W? are conattwtly receirinf fraah aupphe* of the above delightful b?TITACS. inVItA A.i I Mranna ?kn ? "^ ? ? fcdulterftted Ale, to tire it ft trial. ARNY * 8HINN, Afente, tel IT flrMs it. 0Mrc?ovii FOlTSALE AND BENT. [For o*4?r For Salt and Km" AiMrtuitHMli, i? Jim |?afi ] Market garden for rent-two large squares of Ground, ea?t of the Capitol, oontainin* about 8 acre*, well fenced and improved hy i g od frame ho uce. Ac. Rent will he low to a Ruactual tenant. Inquire of JOHN B. KIHBKY, lo. 65 Louisiana avenue, between 12 and2o'clock. ja 11-6t yOR RENT.?The STORE and DWELLING r No. S* Bridge street, Georgetown D. C., krown aa the oM confectionery stand. Possession given immediately. Apply to ARNY A SHINN. ja 7 1r?OR RE.NT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, oontaimng six room*, situated on Miu. ave quo and Filteenth atreet; pump of good ?it?r in the rari. j? 5 ETiURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D r atreet, t>etween 6th and 7ih eta. de 4-tf IjHlR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Went st., Georgetown. at present ocou pied.by the stihftcrilx*r. It haa 12 roome. with gaa and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and la in acood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MAORI PER. oc 2ft tf FOR RENT?A three atory brick HOUSE.containing 8 rooma, in good order, with gaa fixture i complete, on H atreet. l?etween 4th and Sth. a l _ a. a. i ; - ? - mrw* - - * a iwuniirj nricj v-u l lAUf... Wim aree yard attached, corner of F iitreet north an ' 14th at. Mat To punctual and reliable tenants the terma will be moderate. Applj at 446 Twelfth street, between tt a id H. no 13-tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR oftte baildini immediately oppoeite the wit winr of the CitT Hal., recently occupied by Cha?. VYallaeh aa an offioe. Ateo the front room in the second lory and the third floor of the eame buildinc. For terma apply to RICHARD W ALL AC H, No. ? Lomaiana avwnue. ia 13 tf FOR RKNT.-The HOUSE and STORE on Pennnylvauia avenn^.lit Ward, opposite the Seven Bu ildiucs, latol> occupied by Alex. Dyer, aa & nhae establishment, person* deairou* to rent will pleaae apply to Mr Carral, next door, who will bow the premise*. WM.EMMERT jaj eo2w RENT REDUCED.?That pleasant COTTAGE RiVIDKNCK, containing 7 room*, with front balcony, larirc *ard in fh>n: r.nd rear, f.ontm* H St., in Printing odce Square, l?etwe?n North Capitol and First sts.. will l.? rented for Q\G p<-r month to a punctual tenant. Addresr. hy letter or in person, WM. 9TIOKXKY.t deSldotf CH>R RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF r \ EARS?The HOUSE and GROUNDS iately OOCUIlMl hf PfidtintstAr IsAn^rRl Mm in ai.,1 rare recently held by Mr*. Smith an a female institute. For further information apply to C11AS. AllKKT, Ksq , or to the aul>?cril>er. THOMAS LAWSON, de4 eotf Surgeon General U. S. Arr> . For rf.nt-a i,?* brick house, with back building and cellar, having R roo;ns with gas, and ar o alley, mtuatcrt oa I. atreet. near Thirteenth. Rent moderate t<> a go?xl truant. Inquire of M. GREEN, Groc?r. corner of Thirteenth and L eU. Thia property ia near Franklin Kow. only a few mir uten'waik from the Trea?urj Builtiinga, and one of the healthiest loca.iomi :u \Vaah;ngton. de 21-lmeo* fjH?R RKNT-The large three etory FRAME HOl'^K on New York avenue, hetw en 4ta and 5th atreeta, recently occupied hy Ker. Mr. Carnth^r*. A .ml* tn JH?1 \ Vv M A \ lt I Vne ?a Mr. BOSv. u*xt door.where the ke? mar be found. A !to. the three three ??orT Brioka at the oorner of Nmth and N fta.. Northern Liberties Or for ?ale low for caah; or proaert/ in the connt* taken in exeliance. Apply at Mr HAGGEHTY j* ??"r? oppogite.for the term* and the Hey, or to DICK St?N k. RING'S wood and ooai jard, corner of 1 street and Vermont avenue, or to the aajtcnber, at Georietown. d- 19 JOHN OK'KSON. I7?OK RENT.?A three-atory BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, with back bmldinf.cu 12th at.. No. 470. between P and G atresia. Apply to J. KIRK WUOU. 4 76 Twe flh at. no 19-dtf THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 300,00?. Insurea MrrcltAodiae, Buildinga. Household Furniture, &o , &ir.at loaa or damage b* fire. HEATH & KNOWLE?. Agents, . Oifioe?Rootr 16 over tisnk of WMlunfto*. jfc 10 . WGALTS' OOO AND COAL OFFICE 9M Pa.. At.. Uktw. lira ins Uth Bt?h North side. Mili ?nd Wharf foot of Seventeenth st, m? If K Pwlnw W?r p?Mr<iTMHii SULTANA KAISINS, layer raisins. SEKDI.KSS RAJS'NS. BORDEAUX PRUNES, FIGS, cannon ginger <1*22 KING k BCRCHFLL JUbT RECEIVED BY FRENCH A. RICH8TE1N, 27S Avmi, HaMam'a Middle Acea.the new Boatnn Literarj Edition River side Preaa; ton?d paper; prioe 3a.75 by mail. Ttie uauai heavy diaoonnt at our etore. Alao, the ume ?ditio?a of MoCaoley, Ham*. Gibbon. Oarli?l?. I Shak?p?ej-. 4* 29 /"'ALVEKT'S^'ELEU RATED HONEY, Made v in the Xee niiaoea. A c>w *c1 delieiona artiela. (a*22) KING * BITRCHELU /^ R KAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-Ooe very VI niceMven-iio'&v* Carved Piano K>?rte,_^^^ having beoD in us* a short tune only. tbc|BpHHk owner leaving the city, for sale for |jn?.?TTlTl One very ai e Rosewood Gbtekeriug Piano for 136, at the Al asioStore of W. 0. M ETZER OTT, ?o!e Agency of Stemwaj k. Sons' Overstrung Piano*. bo ? 275 ALfcEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTEHERS, PSHNA. Avshvb, Between loth and Hth streets. fe lft TCEMETKRY NOTICE. HE Subscriber offers for sale hisstook of M ARBI.E MONUMENTS. TOMBS, (lit A V K STONKSand MARBLE MANTELS at r+duoed tl. oiW. HarbU nth m)> I fiSBB?*' |MJ*OtL'i'AN'A* TO UOt&th*KKl*klU!. E. R. DURlTfc^ A CO.TI ^ ^ fiitrutMd not only ABBOLPTELT AND PKKFBCTL Y/URK^ hut ground Iroin itwu cpictb. Mitci^j &nu c ml^oc s ST' # ss as??: uj??w an wu?i nuMawy, n?a wf VVTUI m % nul? trial will abnndantlj prova. II ? ?> ml oaiy by ! 19-tf.D6W.tr ^ m . V ? I I THE LATEST MEWS | T E L Jfi ORAP H 10. LiUr (r?w Car?p? New Von, Jtn 13 ?Tbe Hhim? Bwm?, from South*"Tiploa on tbe lit iaat , baa arrived She brtaga Ww.iHi la apaeia. The American ata'p Golden Star, from Mobile for LIwdooI. baa baa> wrcetad dmi She bad 3.76? bales of cotton en board The captain's wife, servant girl, and sixteen at the crew, perished with tbe '' it i The ?ste ??d six men were saved Tbe bonsbardnent of Gaeta continued op to last aocnonta Tbe King ?f Sardinia was at Turin . I Tbe French fleet had left Gaeta Tbe party favoring the annexatioa of Rome to a*roinia dm maae a wnmintmi la St Pdarl Cathedral Tbe Empfnr of Autrti aaactloM the lace'pr ratio a of \\ lru-odlna with Hu(try Count Reicbberg. Ibe Austrian Propter, It waa stated. bad reaigned, bat bla reatfOeflW hoi Dot ret beea definitely accepted Coaat Me nod erf would likely auocood him Tbe Emperor of A?otrta had perdaoed Dad liberated Count Teteki. China datea to the 18th of November hod reached Knrland wla ?*t "T*v ?? ' nothing nt\?. ^ The King of Naples tabes refuge m bo*rd a Spnalab e?esel every nig fat. returning to Gatto la tbe morning. Virglaia Lrfttlttar* Richmond. Jan. 14.? In tbe Senate to-day Mr Neal offered a joint revolution aa follow* : \Vbereas. tbe sending of relnforeemeate to tbe forte and areenala of Virginia baa caused u a aval neaa and la a oonrce of d'.aquietode to tbe cltiieaa of thla Commonwealth, therefore? Kttolrtd, That tbe President of tbe United States be respectfully requested to laform tbe Government of this State of tbe object of tbe General Government In tending Increased forr?e as aforesaid. and wbetber, In bis opinion, tbe sb Cct of the erection of said strongholds for tbe denre of the property of Virginia Is llftwlf to be resitted. The resolution lies over. In the House Mr Patterson offered a joint resolution to appoint R M T Hunter Win C. Rives, John J. Allen, George W Summers, Commissioners to correspond with tbe Govern ments of all the Mat** to ascertain on what terms. If any. the present L'nlon ran he orrmrrwA ??<t If It'rannot, then upon what Wmt, and Wth what State*, a ipw Confederacy can be formed, which will aerure to the people of Virginia the fall enjoyment* of her riff tit*, and report Um reault to (be State Convention Referred to the Committee on Federal Relation* The Alabama Commlaaioaera addreaaud the Lteglalature today and were well received L'aiaa FmIIu > ??ik>n ?J Tirglata. Cciiiiilihv, Md., Jan. li?Tbe I'lloa foal Ing In Northern and \V?t? -u Virginia to regaining lta former atrn.gth. A Cnloa pole wm ralid at Martinabnry, on tbe line of tbe Baltimore and Oblo Railroad, to-day with every token of ootbusiaam There la to be a great public demonatratlri made here on Tburadiv, representing all of Weetern Maryland. Tbe Crittenden programme a*eina to have met with almost ? 1 versa 1 approbratlcn la thla quarter, North (aroliaa Lrgtalatare. Raliigh. Jan. 15 ? The l*enate has b#en mi jfa^ed on ti e Convention bill all dav No vote ha* been taken. The debate was mostly on de tails, and there are bo indications now It will result The House has b*en engaged In debating the non-coercion resolutions all dev Various amend inents were cfl-red and inanv speech** marie?all against coercion, but some agliiist the right of eeeasion Some excitement was msstfeslod la the debate Assembling ( the tteorgts CssTUtisa. MiLLDoBriLLB,6a , Jan 15?A large number of tn th# .HUt* nAnv?ntiAfi wklrk m. aetnbies to morrow, bare arrived be re Mr. Ne?bit, of Macon, and Mr Hill, of Atbena county. are spoken of in connection with tbe Presidency of tbe Convention Tbere ia an unuaoal number of visitors bete, ? among tbem tbe ablest leading men in tbe State Mr. Orr, Commissioner from 9outb Carolina, Is bere. Alahtma Legislators and Slats I caveat lea Moxtgoxxbt, Jan. IS.?Tbe Legislature met and orgamred thia forenoon It will con Hue Ita action* aa far at poaalblo during the ?eo*)on to bualneaa aricing from the action of tbe State Convention The Governor'* meaaage urge# tbc ceaalty ot Alabama being at once placed upon the moat ?Orient war footing and the appointment of a Military Board by the Legislature The Convention baa been holding aecret aeaaior.a. Both, however, have adjourned until to-morrowNew York LegUlatare Alt.a*t, Jan 15 ?In the (Senate yesterday Mr Spinola introduced a bill providing for submitting to the people, at an earlv day. the question of amending the Constitution of tbe United State*, k? ?? ? -J -*. -i? ??j ru^ibiiiii^ ?uc v>11uniurii ouiruuiiiriK. mimvt for the more perfect organization of tbe militia of the State. Suti B ABthcay at ttlca. Utica, Jan. J4 ?Susan B. Anthony. Berlin Green.and associates, came here to-dajr to bold an Abolition Convention, but were unaoie to obtain any public ball. There vrere indications that tbe Con vention would have been stormy, bad one been held From Norfolk NoaroLK, Jan. 16?Master T. B. Mills of tbe Brookivn ha* again tendered bis resignation. He ...111 4- *? O **- ? mil IMIUIVUIIKIjr go HI toe ODUUI CO IV aoccpi ance. Arrived in Hampton Roads, bark Rockawif, from Bristol, England, for orders. Hr* at Rfwbfm, N. C. Ralugh. Jan 15.?A Are at Newbern laat night burnt the Court House and other building* Kalttaan Markau. Biirmoti, Jaa 1? ?Flour doll Howard it and Ohio held at 85 to, City Mill* 5.50. Wheat firm, red *1 3oal 38; u nite *1 45*1.65# Corn Irm; yellow 6?a70.' , white T*J?75c. Provision* steady, MM pork 81? 50; rump f 13 Lard lUc. Coffee quiet at l*Xa!3c. W hlafcy dull at l?c FUw York HtrktU. > New York, Jan. 1ft?Wheat dull and e*>si#r Corn heavy Fork quiet Lard steady Whirky nominal at 19c. FlaaKlal. Niw Yoke. Jan. 18.?Storks are better. Chicago and Rock Island 55; Illinois Certial abares 82, Michigan Southern 30; New York Ceatral TP; Reidlng 40 H udson River K K 4?tf, Va 6 s 74 Mo 6 s te\. Th* W iithii .-The follorti; report*of (he weather for the mornt ng U made from the Amer tcan Conaol! dated Telegraph Line to the taltt sonlsn institution. Tbe time of oberrrsttoe bout 7 o'clock JmitT 16,1861 Sew York, N. Y rminy. Philadelphia. Pa. rainy. Baltimore. Md rainy* cool Washington. i>. C cloudy, damp. Richmond, Va. cloudy, cool. Petrrsborr. Vs. cloudy, 49?. Raleigh, N. C cloudy. 61?. WUaflagtM, N.C cloudy, wet. Columbia, S. C ti??T. pleeaaat. Cbarleaton. 8. C cloudy, 40 '. Au*uiU; 6* eiear, el twit Savannah, 6a. ...clear, fc* Macon, 6a. clear, ptaeaut. Cslnibui. 6a. clear, oool 6a clear, pieeaant iHont^ww^, Ala. clear, cold noi m wm. Frederick, Ml rainy, mild. Hageratown, Hd ntir, Mild Cumberland, Md. raining Grafton, V? cloud v. cool. Wheeling, Va. ratav, ? >. Parker*burg, Va. ...raining, wan*. Cleveland, D cveree*. ?*\ klngarllle, Ohio clear, in I Id , KarooM-ter at tbe Knntbaoman at 7 a. (corrected for tempera tare,) at noon, will Thermometer at 7 a^ aa . 35 ; ?t noo?_ JfT maximum auriag vc no 4n ma ug w m & io<Uf, 3S)f; Minimum >IV Kiot i* Cikctwkati ?Constance u4 Romaiit Lohrer, who atabhed policemen Long and Haliam t a bo IMF of Ill-fame on Wednesday nlvbt lm, bin baet arretted. There ?m eaaildorabh eidtement la nprd to the affair, an attaint vm waa Bade to take tha prisoner* from the tall by fart* Thla waa prevented by the Guthrie Gray*, who were ordered oat la protect tha jail. Haliam W dead. (f r Forty-ire hundred km of powder, worth about ?flipped from the Rant eta New Orleaaa to Laftla, Smith k Bote, of St Loula boa tan art Bed la New Or I?a by the wc#aaioaiei? Tbe correepoadeetaof Mraara L . 8 k I telegraphed tbe boaae at 8t, LiOala. deal ring the privilege te aeil It to tbe ttoli fer oaeb, j I fearing (bey vmM met get anything far it. Cotton Movim ?Oa Taeaday M number et ablpa were cleared at New Orleaaa far tardea I fd ilnnitic ports, MMft Wh ? of CoOaa During the two pleading day* m <m> bales of the Mote groat tapfe were mU, My* the Delta, at rate* higher thaa hav? beaa caaaiaA.il Si'iS ?TUf" *" k""4 I . I