19 Ocak 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Ocak 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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? 9 fit < * " A A _ " "" "" ^^^""""""""""" M.HM1HMHHi?...?^^?^^^ ? dfrmittjj Jtfaot v?^. XVH. WASHINGTON. P. C.. SATURDAY. JANUARY 19. 1861 N?. 2.471 ? ^ THE DAILY EVENING STAR L rUBLJZHBD EVBUT AFTERNOON, iSUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDING*, C: of P*kK*v/v<$nia av*nu4 and 11*4 ?f., BT W. D. W4LLACD. *>?"* ffrr<?1 In paokacoa br oarrlers it |l I **%x, or 37 o?bU >or month. To mall Mbwrttoora ths prico it a fear, m? adrmmet, #3 for lis toathai ?! for throe montfca; and for leo? than vnree mcniPi at taerate or 12 cents a w*f k. 8infi? e?pi??, oyg c?st; in wr*ppera, two cbmts. Ar. gax;?KXi5Ts iaould be sent to the oAoe b?l< >rr 12 o'otock in.; otherwise they maj not appear actii ?he oextday. - ~ A STRUGGLE FOR LIFE. [COICLCDED.] III. The Rev. Paul Clifton ro<e early on thia Sonday morning, and was the firat man?after the aaxton?to enter the oharch. To say that be inn ovmiormoie wooia M to mtkt Rim oat a f 'Ol, which he was not. It whs a novel situation; and I dare saf it cost* a gentleman more jerioos thought to preaoh to a congregation of Indiana farmers than it does Peter Cartwright to expound hia Gospel to a Fifth-avenue audience. When he had seen his church (or meeting-house)?when he had made the acSiaintance of the sexton, and aome others of e leadiog members ? when he had slept upon his impressions?and now, on this bright Sunday morning, was arrived at the climax of his troubles, the reader who can realise that At T> i r? ? - * idc rvererena raui was not only an Honest ? young fellow, but also a in&u who though modestly of bis own abilities, will not be surprised that he sat in uneomfortable anxiety for the resul t. F'?r to f-*it here wai to fail utterly. I am a.?hamed to refer again to Mr. Darwin, (whose philosophy, by tho way, I distinctly repudiate,) but here whs what that eminent naturalist very Dronerlv calls a "strusr^le for lif* " , . . ? # - " DO*" "" *"*" It was or.lv in these two days that the solemn question. - What is the fall force and meaning of thi* oflise I have taken upon myself ?" began to crowd upon him in all its wide and serions bearing*. And wh*t, indeed, is it to be what we call indifferently preaohcr, pastor, missionary? The Natural History of tba Clergyman is still to be written. I do not intend to~Bore the sufficiently impatient reader by interpolating in this place any attempt at so important a work I.at pending the advent of tho great ecclesiastical Agasaiz, who shall prevent me from sitting down here my little preliminary ' Essay on Classification ? See: there is, 1. The wishy-washy young man. who would starve in any other calling, and therefore literally "preaches for a living 2 The fiueot young man, who preaches be e?u?e tbat is the most impressive way of saying nothing; 3. The ambition* young man, who sees that the pre5x Reverend gives, even in our Protestant America, a certain power and influence to its possessor; 4 The wide-awake young man, who knows thit for him thero is no such ea.*y way to gain bre*d and batter and honor, (and a rich wife,) as the pulrit: S. The studious young man. who turns clerSyman that he may gain leisure for hi.' favorite onks and studies ; 6 The young man who has a certain intellectual theory of Christianity, wilh which ho thinks it desirable to quiet the world. This p one. I sometimes think, lacks only a little true piety to be indeed the model clergyman of the And, lastly?net to make this list too lpnz? there is your man who, feeling not only nis neighbor's but his own pride, and selfishness, and arrogance, and forgetfulness of God, and of all good words and works, feels also that above all mere dickering for place, or power, or superfluous bread and butter, or any low ambition whatever, is the divine office of leading his fellows from these abysses, where devils lie iu wait for their souls, to those green fields where Christ the fchepberd ever waits His sheep. To such men, He said of old, and says to-day, ''Go ye into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature, beginning at Jerusalem." To juch Christ is He who "came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief' These are they, the true ministers of His Word, following and teaching Him with that divine love and charity which compels the rudest souls Shall we complain it any such go forth comprehending their groat work vaguely ?looking out upon it a* through a^lass, darkly' Doubting?hesitating?in faar and trembling7 Like * i id eon, the son of Joach, asking vain signs of their Lord? I think few men set out on their like-work?if it be anything higher than mere selfish toil?with any clear ideas of what they are to do. Your logical man is our thorough rascal. So let us not doubt of Paul Clifton, if his heart sank down into bin boots as he sat in his pulpit on that Sunday morning, watching the en'rance of his congresation. who now beiran to aliiln in in lirrln ward squads of six or seven, bashfully examining "tne new minister 'as they pushed up the aisles into thrir seats. They need not strain thefr eyes to seo him. llere was no dim reiigioua light, such &a some of our city churches affect, and which is so admirable an anodyne that I don't wonder wearied Wall street cultivates it. The broad, pleasant sunshine poured in bodly through that part of the open and curtainless windows not obstructed by the opaque bodies of sundry llooiitr l*<i? who nr?fi>rr?<l ???t ? ? -!? dow ledges?a luxury refused them on week day?. when slab-sided Jehoram Baker, tba Ynukee pedagogue, hens taught the y*ungidea how to snoot. And now as Miranda, her face composed, and her hand holding her brother's arm. marched that reluctant youth up the aisle, her dress caught one of the intellectual popguns which lay at random about the floor: whereat a small boy. coming behind with his mother, gave an anxious glance, then dove down desperately into the crowd, crying out in a shrill treble, "Dug on it. that's hit sneller " Th?n hnnJ. ished aloft the precious dog's-eared volume be had rescued, and was incontinently suppressed by hii irate mother, who locked maternal tnunders at the unlucky urchin who had dared to "holler in ineetin'." Paul smiled as bis eyes took in the fcene, whose erotesq-ie humor relieved him for a moment from his load of anxiety. A man who baa really a laugh in him never oarries it nearer the surface than when be is thoroughly wretched. And now the service began If yos think I am going to give you the sermon?or any Dart of it?vou are mmtikcn A mare sermon dnn't often convert anybody? not even the preacher. Old John Wesley augured hadly of the man who told him that he (Wesley) had converted him; and begged him to pray the Lord to do it over. Webater defines a sermon to be a pious and instructive discourse Now, it can't be pious without being instructive; and moreover, Dr. Webster's definition excludes a considerable class of sermons, which are neither pious nor instructive, but oaly logical, or theological, 2- ? i?? t *- ? ? w UKll IS wuns. ruri oeneTO, WHO One 01 OUT jjr?ate?tt preachers, that all theology oomes of the devil; aod when a man gets into his pulpit, and begins to lay out the Christian doctrine to me by rule of thumb, or by any other rule but that zoldeu one of which Christ said that he who seeps this fulfils all the law and the prophets?then I try rwry hard to run my thoughts off on some little side track of my own where they may quietly take another train and go to a quite different place from the preacher's. W hen Paul rose be read aloud those beautU ful promises of Christ on the Mount. And a< V- ---4 w;? L .;?k C u _ UC I C?U, UIO UTTOI W, 3V lUlig UUUiU TV I I U IOAI uc* I fore thi? ".range people, grew strong and full with the dear love which speaks in every line of thoee blessed worda. It la not to "much word* a speaker needs aa tbeugbts; and not ao much thought* as the one great inspiring thought which ahall bind hia audience to him, and make him and them from that time kindred and of one spirit In thia sign we eonquer. And t&is sign ? We oall it sympathy. * * ? ? ? !l*i * !??? in skit manner iKaii)/I ka HO Vduvu ?vav?w. ?? speak * llow should be manage to please tbem ? bad been Paul's troubled thought. But now they were no longer they. No longer farmer*, 'rude, uooouth, peculiar, different? bat men and brethren, of the same thought*, the tame hopes, the same fears, the same heaven-4>orn aspirations Not strangers, but kindred, saved by the same blood, reapibg the same promises, te*upted in all things, evea as was He who suffered all thftt we might follow him '-Bo yom *11 things to *11 mon," Mid the Apo?tlr, to whom thia command ?u doubtless plainer thin to some of hi* suocessors. Do yon think words fail the man whose heart is full to burning? Words these were of Paul's, neither brilliant nor line, nor profound, nor trasby; but Tory simple indeed. And though tbij young man had satisfaotorily disnlflTAri Kifl tat Anti KaTafa /tIvam va f as! Aifv I grm? j m IB vu VD WiVIV V?? ? V? VUI VI ? ?VWI \J W J congregations, this was Id truth the first sermon of his whioh went to hia own heart. Do joa know what Chriat meant when be anid to them, " Go je and preach thia Gospel to all the nationa, beginning at Jerusalem ? ' Jehroam Baser, the callous Yankee pedagogue, who could atand more bard preaching than any man I ever knew, waa cheated of hia customary nap that morning. The people were very much surprised. They didn'iquite nderstand it. That is to say?they did. When Paul came among them after service it was not as " the new minister," but as an old friend. He needed no introduction to men and women whose hearts he bad touched so nearly lie was one of themselves. No fine city gentleman come to teach rough Hoosier* what they knew perhaps better than he. Nor any rude soldier of the cross so overwhelming them with the thunder of his Gospel artillery as to leave no hearing for the soft leving voice of the great Captain of our salvation.who wills /-?J 1? u?/v luc ucaiu ui sixiucrBj ^buu sureijr iiovcr wished to see them damned before thej were doad.) Nor, lastly, was he, to their conception, any theologieal mummy, stiff with the wrappings old formulas, and with dry husks where live men keep their hearts. Only a gentleman. I hope nobody will ask me to say "Christian gentleman," booause, then, I shall think my corrector does not know what it is to bo a gentleman. ? And do yon think a gentleman cannot prevail with such plain folk as these without bluster, and casting away his own true nature? Does not the greater contain the less ? And who told you that this old Hoosier farmer, in cowhide boots and homespun clothes, slow of speech and awkward in manner, is not the : .n - 4 1 - n.J J- -? Li uodi gcuusuiau ijbu over aaae : IV. " Father says you must come homo with us," said Miranda Leighton, pointing to where ' Father" stood before the moeting-house door, holding the mare, who was restive for her dinner. There was invitations a plenty to "come and stay with us;" but Squire Leighton carried the day, and bore off raul, who found himself presently in a comfortable farm-house, whero his host nresenteil him in finn?r fkahi^n 14 This is the old lady; this is Mirandit; and this is John, my boy. I wish he wasn't such a bad boy. Make yourself at home, and try to like ns and our ways. They ain't very fine; but we mean what we say." 44 In what way is John such a bad fellow ?*' Paul ventured to inquire, by way of getting himself at ease with that young man, who looked at the minister with a certain degree of suspicion, as one of his natural enemies. Whereupon John's mother made sorrowful confession of his tricky propensities, of his dislike to church, of bis fondness for other boys, who wero just like him; and Miranda completed the display of John's utter depravi'y by relatinff innM?nf of r> V? w"vAt which the Rev. Paul laughed bo heartily that even glum John ventured on a smile, and Miranda had her fun all over again. When dinner was over, and while the old folki amuked their pipes, Paul persuaded John to ?how him over the farm. The consequence of which showing wa* that John returned to Miranda with a puxzled look, and the remark that " that thar minister warn't a bit like any other he ever raw." "Why, Si?," said the poor fellow, '-ho laughs just like other people; and made me tell him about every thing on the plaoe. And he likes fishing, and I'm going to show him the creek. And he didn't know what a harrow was till I told him," added John, with a chuckle, "and I'm to show him how to plow." " So you think he'll do?" queried Miranda, naietlv. "I ?* ? 44 I dtinno yet,'' said John, rasuming his cautious look; 441 dunno yet?but I thins." Having won over John, Paul's fame soon went through all the country side; and as he proved himself a tolerable shot, a good fi?herninn, and a sensible fellow guuorallv, the boys who had been so long the plague of SLottover mcetingbonse, presently made him thuir hou ored captain, without whose presenoe or countenance no fun could prosper, while tbey delighted to bo for him a guard, often more zealous thuik-wiso But what avails to reoount at length the peaceful triumphs of tbe Rev Paul Clifton ? His first victory decided tbe campaign; and he snrpriscd the brethren at tbe next annual conference meeting by requesting(unless some one else wished the place) to be continued in Shottover another year. | " What Paul Clifton oould have found in Shottover7" was a question which puzzled everybody but Paul Ulifion himself, till ono day? ? Pair, and gentle, and dearly-beloved reader, you guessed It long ago, didn't yeu? And I am not auoh an uigratefal boor as to disappoint you? ?till one day the bishop was invited to dedicate a new meeting-house in Shottover; and, this dnn? *a? rMnMtn/1 tn 5*% 1K0 KaIw ? 7 - ?? 'I ? ~ X" ?V < ?*! W *U ?UV MVIJ bonds of matrimony" (wbich bonds they bear lightly to this day) THE RK VKHE.NP PAl'L CLIFTON and VIS8 MIRANDA LEIGHTON. John was present, in a jfFeat state of mind and shirt collar, and, after tbe ceremony was over and the company had adjourned, privately bestowed his blessing on Miranda, declaring that ''she'd got the best feller that ever lived for a husband, ef he was a preacher." Harper's Monthly. Important Chaidiof Jddoe Smallzt ? In tbe meagre telegraphic announcement published a day or two ago that In New York "Judge I SmaJey, of the I n 1 ted States Circuit Court. In a charge to the grand jury declared South Carolina guilty of high treason,'' a fact of no little Interest ?nd importance was omitted, and which we now supply our readers Judge Smalley declares In tuc lunr^r rrinrou 10 iuji lunar prrwui who aa umlng to act under the authority of !*outh Carolina have levied war againat the United Htatea. have committed treason, and that thoae who tell tnem armi. ammunition, vraaeia, or anv material for carrying out their purpose*, with the Knowledge that they arc to be used forauch purpoaea, are guilty of gxving aid and tmfori, iet(At? the meaning of tk* Constitution, and art thus thtmselvs guilty of treason. This opin Ion doea not In anyway touch tbe caae of regular and Innocent commerce with South Carolina. The United Stat*? are not at war with that (State, and there la no auspenalon of intercourse or of ordinary buslneaa relations. The benefit rising from tbe Union, It la still within the power of ??utn Carolina to enjoy if ahe will; but refers ?otfly to the tale of weapons and supplies to Individuals In that State who are levying war ax&inst the Government, and to be.used in that war. Texas Appa(i? ?Advices from Texas show that Sam Houston is making a gallant light for tbe Union. li the question of secession'is once I .1 .. .??r U * f.ll ? 9 mil IV rA|firw?ru IU ITAia, ill" liraCUII UIUII 1AII VI incm before the people Houston, In hi* recent proclamation convening the Legislature imperial session, nave as of the reasons therefor the fact fh it the Irdlans were Invading her borders, and that the Treasury was destitute of the necessary-means of repelling their enroar hments. He evidently Intended 'he people should Infer from this the argument that s State which csnnot "protect 1 tself from Indian incursions is not in m fit condition to make revolution against the Federal Government which keeps an army of over $ 000 men within the terrier. of Tex.ii. for the purpose of protecting the frontier from the tomahawk of the laviK* Disunion accomplished, of course troop* would ill be withdrawn, to the great relief of the Federal Treasury, but Texa* would at once be plunged In into an expensive and troublesome Indian war, besides losing the large business accruing from the presence and movements of so large a military force. This and similar conaid..,411 * 1 - ~ - ' * ??W4I. <?U... ? ? CLOTHING, &c. PANIC TIMES! ? , PANIC PR1CSS! Wehaveiutt received a large lot of CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATB and CAPS, on oonsignment, whioh mn*t be aold before th? 4tn of March, without regard to coat. 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A large supp.y, embracing efery vaftety, always on hand, ?nd delivered free to all part* of the District Orders oan also bsleft at theoffice of Adams' Express Company. Washington. D. c. r?s1*wl* |)EST FANCY tiOOuS, D AT PRICKS TO SUIT THE TIMES, and One Puck ONLY. At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK. bo a tf 336. h?tw mh and 10th "til. "ETAVE YOU SEEN the 50 e-ntChildren'a Book# H. at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN *S, STS Pa. avenue, selling for 10 oentaHave you m^d the ekeant 9~ Annuals for N*?r Year preannta, at FRENCH A RICHSTHIN'S, Belling for only 9 . Call aod make y o ur_ _pu roij a ? o s_be fo r ?_t h e y arc a.. fOUO. At I1 HKNUH A KICHSTKIN'8, da 'iT8 Pa avenue. 1.AKAE. ?. E. KOTt. i.kiIflT< I AJUK, MOTT h AVTEYi L ATTORN* I&-AT-1A W BOUTSFEIM, Mm.. Will prEotieo in tie Hicn Court of Errors eoi Xf MEiiEt Jaofaon.the FederEl Court Et PonU>tr?? the Court# of the Seventh' J adieiEl Dutnot of \li?iiyyt.EQd will attend to the Coil*3ti?ii ef ClEima tkrMrknt *??? ?. M imihImI Te-*f WOOD! ~

WOOD!' WOOD!!! STOVE *nd KINDLING WOOD,** th?low* le ?no* T j t w M GALT, 999 Pa. ? ., between lltta ud lith eta., wit 17-tf north ?<i W traveling trunks. E Hftre jn?t received the ttrg eat wertnot V A I lb Kh. nURPKT RAftH. SATPPl'i a - WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Deliver*! to all part* of th? oity, at the lowest poeaible rate*. T. J. A W. M. GALT, 0?o? 283 Pa. ? ., between 11th and 12th ata., ma 17-tf north eiae. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND OAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON St CO. Would oail the attention ot watrr taker* to their ^ 11 MBortment ol Fi*turee_neo?s??rf to iU intro uywuon At roiiowat?KI I UHKi> R AJv G rJ*.BATH TLBS, WATER CLOSETS. i?f>T WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS'. PI'MPS, Cut &?ai Iron. '***i a"d W AThR PIPES. HV DRANTS and PAVE WASHERS. RJLB??ER HOSE. Ac. * Having superior uvtctMH, with prnotical k-owleoge, we are prepared to introduoe Water H.io dwelling* with all the latest lir.prviven enta, promptly, ana at prioea that cannot rail to natiafy. _ . 269 Henn. avenue, no 24 dtMarl bet 9th and b'th at*.. gouth side. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to ezooute any ordwn wlti waioh they ?nay ba favored in the PLUMBING. G>S OR STEAM FITTIN* BUSINESS. Store on ?th Btreet, a few doort north of F*V aveuue, where may be found a oomalete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other OAS. STEAM and WATER FIXTURKS. ia/My WO A S F I X T F R E S . E Have in atore, and aredai y reoeivinc, MAS PIXTURES vfeniirtl j New Patterns and De?:*n? and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore nfTAr<vi in th i mRrlraf \C a iwwrta 1 . ~ ? ... ..... ...... n < V 1U*I * ?? VUII.CUB fcCUDl ! It to call and examine our stock of Uas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the bast selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line lntrnsted to our oaf* will be promptly attended hi. MYERS A. MeGHAN. mar ft-tf 37 R I) street. 1 SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ?U, Hei* prepared to :n:roduoe Water and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction Hnhas on hand a lot of COOKING and other gFTOVKS. which h? will sell less than oost. as he Wllhai not ri/I '.f ? K ? ?- ' W IVIIVS HV - I IU *'i tlioilli U't I I OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. W ASIITrtflTON. July 1#, ISSO. NOTICE AS HEREBY Q1VEX. That,agreeably to the provision* of the oidinance of the Corporation approved iVIay 12. I860, the undersigned it now prepared, "whenever required in writini.and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oentt, to inspect, examine, test, prove, andasoertain the aocuraoy of registration ol any gas meter in use in this city." Every meter, iffound inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, seated and marked as true, will be set in i** plaee. If proved to be accurate in ita ii. '.' uri un.mii <m Kni, li w, do sesiea acooicmjij, &sd r.<asn put in posftios lor u?e. Office No. 610 Seventh ?tre?t, (near Odd Fel.ow?' Hall ) Open from 8 a. ra., to 5 ?. m. CHAKLKS W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inapoctor and Solor of 8>a Motora. ~CARRIAGE FACTORIE8. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. * ? D Utrtrt, Jjctintn dth and Wk Struts, We have irat finiahed a number of first c.aaa CARR1AGKS, such a? LitJkt Fan?y?.4HBJg. Ware?.?, Park Pktaitms. Fnm Uy Car-YSOtj&i riant*, and Buinut, which we wili ??Ilal-?- M a verr amai! profit. Beinc praotical mechanics in different branches of the buein?aa, we flatter oureelvca that -wo know the atylea and qu&htj of work that will five satis faction, oombiunc lightness, oomfort and daraLill 17. Rr>9aWn?? sroriDtiT and nurefnll* aH tn the ahorfeftt notioe and moot reasonable oharceo. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPV', Coaohm&kera, aaooeaaora to Win. T. Hook. ar *T-dly ___ TCARR1A6KS. HK Sa^aorlbAr having qiade additional* hi factory, making it now one of the largeet^jnUL In the patriot, where hia faoiHtiea fu-a^M? manufacturingCARRIAGE A LI6HT*=*= WAGON'S of all Jrinde cannot be aorpaaaed, an< frcm hia long ex^erienoe m the baaineea, he ho yea to give general satisfaction. Ail ktncU of Cama*aa add Litkt Xf agona keyt * ka.nl. Ail R.KPAIR6BMUy4*M,am4ail*r4araprompt ly attended to. * 1*-H unr ?f 14tk mm4 R rU. T PROCLAMATION 1 O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, ho. WThtrtat, At the prMSDt season o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOL1C, nvarv'Ti' o v v a uu*? a us% x DYSPE-PSI A, DEBILITY. Jto.,*c., prevail to an alarming extent: And wh*rrcu. It moat be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY at onoe Safe, Speedv, and Eff racxcmt, DR. MONTARDE, or Paxii, offer* hie _ MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER &s the most r.F.RTAIN * n EVlfBrTliil. RKMEDYF(> K T H E A UO V iTc 6 M? LA 1 NTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no impoaition i* intended in the sale of tola Grout Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BR feEF'JNDED in nil c&sts when the medioine till* t<> five entire aatiafaotio Ait then st anr Drur Store for I)R. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. t*ke m directed. and if not perfectly &U*Ced Return to our Agent, d. b. clark, esq., 4H Street and PennarlT&nt* A*ecue, who will refucd your money. Price? Ui and AO Cent* per Bottle. For sale at all Dtuk Store* everywhere, jas. modonnell. General Arenf, )Tl1-*otr f?a!tin-.ore. rnrrniai t. MunAAnU The above PURE WHISKY,Corn* Diitillks ?aom Maltid Qkiirt, being superior and uniform in amiiN A tiii kUKI. in.?r..?A.it . = * J iui|vvfou ui ?(o, ! proivrrou by onmumwi to alt other Whiakiee, and partion larly reoommended by the beet phyaiciant and ehemUte as poeecninj all the requirement* of a Tt** Tonic Imvitorator mmd Rimtdtal Ai*nt. The Sohupkiil Water o| Philadelphia, ueed in the duUHatlon of thii Whisky, ia proved by analy eis to be the softest and pureat water in the United i*?4 to t!?" m?T,ina treat degree, be at Miiiaiea mo ezceuenoe or inii.w in?ry. For a&le kjj FKKKHANf& BIMfSON. Phenix Distillery, _ On the Sehnjikili rirer, Ptu:a<iel>h:? Ollooe? 96 Wall etreet, N?W York ; 109 South Front etreet. l'h?'?<i>tphi>. m?r 9?-l? Flour, buckwhkat, potatoes, apples. ac. 160 bbi?. new Richmond Family and Kxt:? Floor, 5,N? lbe. Freth Ground Buckwheat Me*1, 8W) buehela White Meroer Potatoes, loo do. Blue do. do. u uui vu^vnaui. Received to-day and for m)? low in Iota toanit by D. L. MORRISON ft CO.. no Corner of Twelfth ar.d n (M MERCHANT TAILORING. I>KW CASS1 WALL. STEPHEN'S ft CO., JM PennayIrani* Avenne, hay* jnat received a larjte variety of new Fall Good a, to wmoh they invito the attention of their frienda and enatnmerm. an 30-tf ROUGHS, COLD8^HOAR8ENES8, fto. CQMPOUSD SYR UP "of" O UM ABA BJC. TUu pleasant and popular Ccnih Retiunijr ku beea so long known and extaaavalj utm, that moit h?T? bfxx>m<< fami iar with iU axrraordina ry eSoM^r. It oan b? had at all the prino pa: dru< >tore?at?3atidS0o??nUahot|l?. MM dftntMw' Pi.B*B wf W1 Omrl MaaafcoUn^ftVs DENTISTRY. r|RS. LOCKWOODA DARRFLL ARE PRE*J pared to uwrtTKKTH on rVM'fl * _ mt ? ITE BA?K, a new and improved When maoeon this p.an they are com D fortaLU to wear anj much C'ie*p?r than any other. Alio, T?*th ilaerted on U><ld Plate, and all i>entai fperationa of anj kind that mar be denred. Olfice? Room No. 5 in the \N MhiLf tun BuUdmr. corner Pa. av, atd tfeveuth it. ja 10 3w* TKETH. LOCVMIS, M D.< the inventor and paUntM oftheMINKRAL PL.ATK TEKTH, at /A temta peraona ly at bia office in thia city.mJBB?* Many peraon* oar. wear these teeth who^**^-13 cannot wear otnera, and no person oan Wtar others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my office can be aooommodated with any style and price or Teeth th?y may desire: bnt to those wno are p&rticu'ar andw.eh the pur<*?t, oieaneat, atron?e*t. and moet perfect dentsre that art can prod see. the MINERAL PLATE wili be more fully warranted. fooma in thia city?No. 339 Pa.arena*, between and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh atreet, Philadel phi*. oc U tf D DENTAL CARD. R. W'NSON Haa retarn?d am) retained hit frofecaton. < 'ffioe and honae at *63 K at. ,/^Ca hird door eaat of Sixth In addition t> m4sp? every other approved style, Dr. M ba? ?^t ' teeth on vulcanite Baa* fur the last three rears and. from experience, know* it exoe.a all oth?ra. ard la one-third ieaa in price than gold. Hia old patrona of Waahmcton. Alexandria, and Oenrre town are respectfully so a 01 ted t? oali. aa as enTy T&AV ELEK^DIK ECTOR Y. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. O WASHINGTON BRANCH. Jiaa CHANOK OF ROl'RS. On and after SUN DAY, NoYeraaer 2Stti, 1880,the trains will run as follows: L EA *E WASHING TON : First train at ".2? a m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m.. Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. 1JTAVK kilTlttnRV First train at 4 15 a. m., Express. Sooond triun at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.1? p. m. Fourth at 4 an p. m., Kxpr*??. The fir*t,?sec?nd and third trains from Wa*h ington oonneot throng ft* o Philadelphia and New York. The second and third oonneet nt Washington Junction with trams for th? \Ve*t, South. *nd Nort iwrst; a; so. at Annapolis Junction, lor An napolis. Tor Norloik take the ' 4>t a. ia t'ai . for the eooominn lauon of the wa? travel he tw?en Washington and Laurel, a pa*sen(er car will be attached to the tonnage tram whioh leaves at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia oily. no 36 d T. H. PARSONS. Agent. HP HE STEAMER J AS. GUY Will reeume Lw J. trip* ox TUESDAY, ttet of E&TOJi ^w^i'uEsof^S fttftnrf FRIDAY, at| o olook a. m..an<t ALEXANDRIA at half-pa?t < o'olcok, for CURRIOMAN and th? intermediate Landinrs. On her return trip*. she will leavo CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and 8ATURDA Y, at i o'clock a. m. LUCIAN 8. PA6E. Projn-tor. NATH'L BOU^H, Ae't. Alexandria. f??> IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who haa just received a large ?urplTof freeh LOBSTERS, FISH, and fin* flV IIT which hp will serve to customers at the^^^Sl? shortest not ce and uc liberal t?rin*. P. 9 ?Oy*ters served to families and hotels are not scalded; they are only scalded for persons eatin? th*m at the saloon. _<!-J T. M. HARVEY. E/?k\ NOTICE. /Ov JLW\ REMOVAL. A X O O I have removed dit 9 W AWN OFFICE 5tw?en and 6th streets. inM. diately in the re*r of the NftUonal Hotel. where thf hgiiDMi will h? continued *n heretofore ?t the old wtiMid. (nol5^ml ISAAC HKRZBKRG. Dr. J. H. McLEANS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AXD BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn du WORLD, DELIGHTFUL Ef j?\ i cordial ? gsjjft, METER taken.j?M', :Im^ Cnnifcinil/prt. e?r? J by lb* disulU- k Uoo ?f wou, htrtx, H JK ?4 ?-?rki T?11tw Bf "i B.<ci Itirnp mam a ? ri, aim LfKnQliiMI Before taldn^^^^r-lfter taking. diatillinf, pr?d?cinf ? ?iieioM, i.'.i.-raunj spirit, tad lh? DMt faiiibl* r?a?? lyfor r?nu?Mii>* tba iutuM aytMin, and ra?'.?rmj th? !?, fftruif, and dabiutAUd laTiltd V? haal-.1': and a;:an*tb Me L EA ITS'S TR KXd THE XING CORD IAL Will afaelaaMy ear* L'?ar Complaint, Dyarapai*. Jaandiea. Chronic or Hir??ii Dakility, Diuuh of tha Kidnava, and *11 diaaaaaa anamg from a diaordarad U?ar cr Stomacn, Dyipapala, aartkam, Iavard Pilta, Acidity or Sicknaaa of tha Stomach, PalluaH af CI. od to tha Haad, Dall Pais or lw.turning la tha Haad, P*ipt:?UMi of tha Haart, Pallaaaa r Walfht in tha BiPfnaeh, Soir Eracuuooa, Choking or affecafing Faalinf whan larii.r o'owB, Drynaaa nr Y alloWnaaa eftba Skin and Eyaa, N-.ghi Svaau, Uvard Fk*ara, Pain Id tha Small af tba Back, Cfcaot, or Btda, Saddan Flaahaa of Baal, Dapraaaioo of Spirtta, Frifhtfal Draama, Linrtar n?>Mrdinff mr kit nar*n?a 4U?.aa >? * Blotehat Mt dt kin, *nd Fl'ituJ (at 6hI;U acd flTW.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLBS ba*a bate Mid dmrinf lha laat ill noniha, and to Uj UiiciVi It faiiad in fi*u>( antira tuafaeiiao. Whfc than, will aafar from Wattnaaa or Debility whan M. Lft-ANt rrRrNoraKNiiie CORDIAL ?ui can f?* t Ma l>n(u(a cu ewiaf an adaqvata idaa af tb? imiaadiala aad almaat ruiracalaaa chaitfa prt>dacad by ukinc Jitt Cardial in lb* diaaaaad, dabihtatad, and ahauarad n?r??a? ayatam, wbathar brakan dawn by aseaaa, waak by attar*, ar impaired by aiekntea, the relaiad u< acairanc ujuiuUM. U r??>?r?d :? it* pnauua health and ? ( ? MARRIED PERSONS, f rjitn. Mniciw rf inability from tkiiKiruM, will tad Me LEAN'S STRENGTHEN 1MU CORDIAL a tbarHfh refenerntar of the eyeteia; and ail *b? nay btri ia |mrad theueelree by improper iadalfeacee will lad la Uia Cardial a certain a? J apeedy remedy. TO THE LABIES. McLEAH* ?TRE?GTHENIN6 CORDIAL ?e a e*?ereirn uid epeedy cara far Incipient Cooaampuoo, Wbitee, Obetnteted ar DiRcalt Manttraauon, Incontinence af Una* ar Involuntary Hutbup thereaf, Palling af tba Womb, tddutoee, r*iatiu{t and all diaaaaaa incidaat la Femalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT tafftr l?of?r Tikt it according W iirictiMi. It wtll atimalata, atrauftban, tad inTifoma Yaa and ciim tba blaam of haalib ta inoant roar chaak again. Bvarj kouia to atrruud ta girt aatiafacboo. FOR CHILDREN If ?o?r chtldran ?r? licklj, pan* or afllctad, Mi LKANI CORDIAL will roaka than fcitlur.ht, and rttaai Da lay nai a inomani; ifj it, and yaa will ka cacrtncad. It ia daUeioau ta taka. CA XJTION. a vara of druriata or daaiara wha mat try la palm apon - ..... k. _l' w*. ' V cboap, La aajunf It ii Ini! u nod Avoid asch'man Aak for Ml LtAfi'8 BTRENtiTHtN!N<? CORDIAL, and taka tMKklnf aiaa. It la tha onl? rair.ad? that will panfy tha Blood tVioroeghl* and at tha aama uma auaafUiau tha yatan. Out taaapoournl takau aaarjr morning faatinf la a cartain pr??tnu?a for Cholara, Chilla tad I'mr, Tallow Pa tar, or mot rravalant diaaaaa. It la pat ap tu largo buitlaa. Prtca only ?1 par bottla, or dboalaa for #1 f. H M< LEAN, Sola proprietor of ihia Cardial; aiaa, MtLiu'i Volcanic Oil kiauciat. Principal Dapoi ta tba corn a r of Third and Pin* alraau, St- LoKia, Mo. McLean'* Yolcamc Oil Liniment, (THK BUT LINIMENT IN THE WOfcLP ) Tfc? orly o*/e u< certain car* for Cancer*, Pilea, Tm. en, ?iluif* end Btoaiehilo ar Court, Parelreu, N?*. relgie, W?aki>*e* of (be Xaoelee, Ckroaic or laiammtory >U?m>u?m, tufnoe* *f th* Junto, Contracted Mucin or Liguaente, Kareafce or Toothache. Bratooe, Spnine, Preefc Cata, Woaade, Ulcere, Perer Bnr*e, Caked Brian. Sere "TP' ee, Borne, Scald*, Bore Throat, <* u; ial?i*<n>.t or | BUD, a* imrtui MV MMrt *r ku tl,i <)> ? aeay ETtt aaiatad, McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT M a certain remedy. TkMMU)4t af haaaan kataf* haT? baaa MTii a lift af 4 la Nfkati aad ajteery fcy tha aee aflia iavalaabla ramady. * McLEAPrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raltera pa;a aha at lniiuiuntaatlf, aad it vill eeaa, pirif? aad haaj Ua faalaat aorae in aa tneradibU abort uiaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ? the aal* eafe aad reliable remedy for tka ear* af tp?Tt??, RrrVm?, Wiadfalle, tpUata. Vaaatar&l Lampe, NoJae m arellinfa It aaver failed ta eara Bi* Head, hllinl, Fietaia, Old I Ranniof Soree, ar tweeny, if pnterl; applied. Far praiaa, Braeiee, cratefeaa, Cracked Reele, Chafee, Saddle ar CaUar Oalta, Cata, Soree, at Waanda, Ilia aa infallible mmwmmmy. myyiy H mm ?W??W? ?M I flH IS MVttH It ?? IbiUbci. Tfcan inla na iMnt vl* ifet mii warth laa? Li?l?HW Tmi la yoo Ohtkui a aapf.lt a( D?. MfLZAMV CSLXMUTKD LIKlMKirr It will ear* /t>? J. II. McUCAN, Ma Proprtaut. Coraar Thl?4 aod Piaa au.. fc- Lian. >U. CIAKLK BTOTT, m Pl it., wi i#mi a Viatat CIMKL.Qawratava. aa M-MVI?' MBAT, 3 fro- 5E5S 55* ? ? KING * BUBCBELL 1 % _ _ THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. nil UMUnt ruuli Ud Nm JwmMm toinint ft intM vmrwCy ot taterwtut rrvJin iku CM b* feud la Mr ?U?r?1ft ftMuM ? Friday aoruai, Tnn-Ckii teMrtaftJv, tm *??n. Buili eoyy K* U1IB. . |l ? FlW OopiM .... ... II . - , . 4 y* T*m eopiM < > It iavaruNr miiuh lk? "WwkiiftN Nm ' t&fct hM nidt 7V? IMtif Xmmm Star itmUX to geewsily UratfiNt u? toelrr. C^Stiic'**opiM (la vmpparai eu MfrNirM at Um oovatar. iMawllaf ly aftw Um imm ot lk? W<r. Pno??THRKI CENTS EDUCATIONAL. T?? MtT* a thorough and t*matie arfuoaiioi.. vkf? thairphrMoa. training wi i rao?ira<Uulr and ???oLa Utenfeon, yodar the moat a^rortd T*t*m of CaliaUtonio* and GymnMUoa. ar? raapaatfbwr iBTitod to n?it th? I'mop Famaia .Vttdta;, tor?r Foif* taenth aU?ad .N'w York a*. MR. 4 MRS. Z. RICHARD?, aa *>tf rrttink Female boarding and day school . AL&ymb* v. ?. mm vv> v l'? iV/lli ? fcl.lVj r JLi*. The t/urteenth annua* Muion of Uua InatiUitioa Will oommeno* an Tuesday. September IMK, iitk* h<>u?* raoent.j oooup.ad by Bylveatar ? ? * No. 1*0 Kid* atre*C Tbe ?ourae of atudy p ar?ue< will oompn?? ail the h rarehe? requisite *o a thoroajh Eacliab Ivdi cation, and Mukio. Fi?aob, Latio aad Drawing, u 4?I ww. Iu addition to day aaholara. Mra. MaCormiak U prepared to receive a limited number of pupilt aa boarder*, who. ronatitatiBc a part of her own fun ill. will be ander l?er iraiaadial* oar* aad aaperviaion. She wilt endeavor. aa tar aa poaaible. to aar round theta with the eomforta aad kindly intaaaoaa of Home. fUferencu.?Fev. Geo. H. Norton, K?r. Dr. K.iaa Harr,e?" . Rev. D. P.Stri|(, William H Fowla. Ba?., Kdcar Snowd?-n, fc?a.. F.iirrund F Wit?er Em., Henry Marburt. Km I??i? . Kobert H. Hoslon. F.?^ . W D Wtlli?k Editor Ere nine ?*tar, Benjamin Watere. Km../u Entwisle Jr., Em-,CoI, J?hn W.MtRor, Limmi Mmik. Blacklook Jt Marshall, MMtri Cur Brothers. Tnn. Boa*d, with Taition in ail the Eiurlieh F ineh??, $3nn for the annua] MHioo-ftTtU* mu -uukllT, m a<hrano?. Muaio and l^aniuacet at Professors' >nm. lU~ No extra ohartes. an Ml Curt rWf4. Ct>i4, Wuriwoi. h /hunmn sny 'mitlM sr Se?? mm of fk'Mi, JUitr# tJU jWjHHMk Hiritiu Cnmfk m> C?mmr [orRillul |,M Biiwl'tw. WMKry to tk4 *?%t? tf p u B L I C 9PKAIKII amd SINGERS. Fev arc tv%r? of tk? import*no* of cbMtmi % Couth or ' Common Oflld*' ii lti |r?t itu'itm which in tha bejimn* would mM to a mild r*n?* dr, ifnecl?ot?d. soon attaekafh* Loot*. "Nr<nrm'$ Brmukial Truckrt." oonUanm* dMnnloaatTufr?di ?ou, allay Pnimonary and Bronchia) Irnuuun. _ * That troabla is my Throat, (for BROWN'S which th? "7V?cA?*" anatpw loi having mad* ma often a m?r? wnUTROCHES perer." N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S ?ik??Z*,m* th*r P?*,c TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN s^rrios in ssbduioc Hoiui BEO'VN'S KWH." REV. DANIEL WISE TBnrHKIl "Almost instant rsHs*In tks dl? TmHK tratmnf l?hor of hrettctnr * ? !? ? BROWN'S 10 A,TJCv.V C. EGGLMTON. TROCHES |||U|Nfcn DR.'A 1 rsrac* BROWN'S Ckrmimi, !???. "Asimpltud slesstnt oomttn* TROCHES uob for CorsH?, ??.** BROWN'S ? ME1JS2U. TROCHES * tn Bap^ris/^, BROWN'S .Bmm. ** I h?r? proved theai exoeUent for TROCHES WHorrm* Cores? KhV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bert** TROCHES SSLTSS BROWN'U -room i.-? " ErrErrrAL in wnorm H<?rw> rKUtUt. Be#g an(1 jrr,t?tioo of the Throat, eo BROWN'S "?V??n ?,U? ^ TROCHES ** *- TAO^OHNJMJ^ BROWN-* ' ?KJKSCT TROCHES; "Smt b?n?Ct *hM taken befor* and arar pr?a?hln?. aa th?? ?m?c BROWN'S Hi*rw??M. From tfc^ir I think th?y wHI b*of ??rir?Ltnt ad TROCHES m>tuetoB?,n TlEV. K. ROWLEY. A. M BROWN'S Precident of Atiiena Cuu?c?, TNB. trochk? lKtrwtmPnvzir d> 1 ly ^ run uti udima r v?i o m. * itiv A PACKET OF PAPER S r AND KNVBLOPB8 NO TO MATCH. I Mth? CHARGE METROPOLITAN Vll BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS. Atrmtt far fltbrafd Lwm " ' "MatrfHum MM*," #*., 4*. H V ly 332 P* av.. beU? and inu> ?ta 1861 D,i?."is- 1861 Commtnc* tht Year wtfk a Diary. A valuable Pocket Companion for reyistMlac event* put. present, and futun; oontaiuinfi rttM of posta*e, alrr mio. a blank ipu fir menrrmnda for ev?ry da* in the year, o??h aoocnnt for eaoh month, annua! ummary of oa?h aooonat ti la payable and reoeivabla. ik>n't be without one <4 these aseful littie souvenirs The moat oonpleta. *1X1 a?lirtl>l* v? , ' ruiif twelve ?ixA? ftud up?*rd? <>f nnr tjle#, It fHlLMNtiToN'S Booketore, Odeon Bun*dc, eorDer of,4* street mk) <)?? ?n Fenn ?ve?me. DIARIKB! DIARIK&n 1)1 A R I EST 1MJ. 1M1, 1M1. cktAFEB THAN EVER. ir> n r.ir. > itIUi ,uni nf ?s n?r n*nt- oil ** O W II. H>KV N M M ,u, _ ___ __ _ of a I DiiriM inrehuM from c> f?'r oa?kI ~Wr?rt de*irons of eloaicc out tho romniidM of oor tarr* took of Diuim of&ll ki'xl* for iMn. rKKSCH W"K I hare one of the best e?t*Mt*hment?. ana inrnished with aoomplete set of tools for repair uu ev?*ry description of fine VS ale he*, and particular attention *ive to the name. I . a^MB t' oroof h competent workman ami a. work jcuaran tied Ai-o, every desorip ion of standard SILVER WARE, pan and ornamental, manufactu ed niidcr m> own supervision, which my easterners wtii hnd far superior in ^uaiity and finish to northern war* old by defv, >rs m ceneral and reereeentao as Uielr own manufacture. H. O HOOD, e6 S3* Pa. avecue. near Rk st. A MUSIC BOOK IPTHE BESTCHRIPf'MAS . . GIFT. " a m ^ l^B Moore a iwe?oaie* t>eaauiuiij oovna. The Mui.oil Album. V et.de soho'a Song a, without word*. The Home Cirole. Al! the Opera*. with and withoat wordi, Beethoven's, Mozart's and Clementfe BoMtn*. Baoh'a Cbersbini'a, Mart and Albraaalabarcer's Theoretical Worka, All the Oratorios, Selections ol Mune with beaatiftil title pacaa Alio, a larg? assortment oi ^Uu.wai A aooa'aiKl Raven, Hao?o A Co'a Overst < fiuo*. doubted It the b*>at now manufactare?. A vefv large stock of Piano Htooiaaul Covert at ladaesfl puoes at the Mum $tor? (.f W e METZKWOTTi daC . oorwr Klmnh ?t and ?> AJUBT IBCmiD T FREN'H * R1CH*TETN'?, ?T? Pea*. avaniia. Mkrioi(ilka, or Bukcr Ui B?p?. n?M, f'? Malar LAnd#r. lim. ofotlt; Met bf man ( mIiim'i NoUt oa Dn#la ud Ditllai; ltnw. oloth; fliSh? mat t*i*ournej'a , ;l??tr???d Po*ma;^lotb fi'H ft tr> LMb'i E?a?ra oa Lalia; ltao., o'otb portrat*. mail. 11 of Longfellow's ao4 Ika Mkrvrl'a Wo l?. Oar aantl h?*ry diac.<?nt on Book a torn th* ft I. liabara pneea lor owh. FRENCH * RIOHUTFIN. j* 7 >73 1g. o. dkmi'th * co . MPORTKES And W i,olM*le ?nd R?Uil Du. FOREIGN wfivES* BKA\D*F&, GINF. +?. No. 40 Noiti r?**i ? prvrrr AM 4mti **rr* LtfiMi** M , no a IT _ ?j>CUOOL AND COLLWK OUTHW* fMrtti1 Mi Boft' Clotting f*r ftrAj?/ *mA Vrw Wmr. PuwU Md nn^iuii Tuiiitt hrutt ikM. sssszmgsw I llfMpf5 I pHEFSR^-K*i>irt Dwieb? ewieef ito im *?""n *IN? * ?U*Q?KL1. 1

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