24 Ocak 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Ocak 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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1 I.OCAL NEWS. I^Tboufch Tam Stab la printed cm the Mat Mmid pfT*a In oap aouth of Baltimore. Its edition It ao targe m to require It to be put to preaa at an rly b?ar; Adrntiaancato, therefore, ahould ba Wat ! ha?M> 11 ? " not appeal until the next day. NonetPlatrlct of Columbia Advertlaementa to be Inserted 1n the BiLrnoti Sun are received at and forwarded from Th* Sta* Office. Thi Railsoau Cokvkktioh, which baa been holding ita sraaiona in thia city recently, haa concluded its labcra and adjourned. Tbev *grr?d 'ipon a arbeduie of rates between all haat and west point*. which restorea nearly the rates fixed upon mi me si. AJcfcoiss and Saratoga meetings. It w?i agreed to have a uniform rate of fare* for passengers, snd dispense with runners The subject of the late decrease of soattaern snd southwestern freights, with the exception of cotton, was discussed Also, the proportlcnata Increase of the tame (principally produce) on the northwest and central sections of the country north of the Ohio river. Reports were read showing Increased receipt* on all the roads over last year. F.ven th? Baltimore and Ohio road, which showed the smallest Increase of all exhibits sn Increaae of eastwsrd freight of toi.VNi for tk? ??? wo da\i of the current month over a similar period of last year. This la the moat aouthern road of the Ave lines The Increase of eaatward freights over this road la accounted for in the enlarged ahinmenia at our Atlantic ports of provialons to European markets All the lines are ben? flttrd by the preaent diversion of rotten from aonth Atlantic and Gulf porta The heat of feeling prevailed between the members, who were present from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Maaanchuaetta, Maryland, Kentucky, and Inditnt rfurlawi -k- J j .wc WH fUlliUU, WUU ftU agrcru | that the prospect of business eastward was encouraging. The Crittenden propositions for a aettiexnent of our present national difficulties, were freely discussed, and fully approved by <11 present, and with renewed pledget to use their tw-st efforts to influence the members of Congress from their resf^cti vc districts to the end of speedy conciliation, the convention separated. Th**t*k?.Manager Glenn deserves a gold med*! for affordinsr the public surh a panacea for blues as is furnished by the reenga^ement of Jefferson. It's worth the price of admission to see the contortion* of countenance of casual visitors. victims of the times who i .. .... * iMUEuru before (luring the "crisis," who didn't mean to laugh now, but couldn't help it, "Jefferson w?s ?o funny !" Y?s. if there's any laugh in a man it's bound to eotne out when "Jo." Is about What mortal man could maintain his gravity last night, for instance, during Mr Jo. Jefferson Golightly's hard time to raise live shillings? But that wasn't ? circumstance, in uproarious, uncontrollable fun, to the great J? Jefferson Mazeppa ! Jo ,1s immense in this character, but all are good Miss *?baw is capital, and Raymond, a meritorious comedian, is an admirable second to Jefferson In maintaining the r?irtt ?r dm ? ' 1 1 * 1 ? _ ?. - vs aaav ^ VWl WUI lTr|UC. In fact the fun of the piece, with Its songs, dance*, drol'ery. and sentiment was maintained with wonderful ltfe by the admirable company. Toivight, a wonderful bill, with Jefferson in two t;reat parts, 4,Rlp Van Winkle" and "Mazeppa,"' parts that give the spectator a chance to duly appreciate his great vernatllity. Remember that Jefferson will positively appear but three nighta more. W*ST8 RirOIVIMfi ? drunken white man disturbed the p??ce of the vicinity of G street, between Eight and Ninth sta , sou'h, attracting by his disorderly conduct agang of bey* and negroea, who amused themselvea with hia drunkeu antica until he became too disgusting for the endurance of even this rough eatberlng, when he was taken away by the negroea. Soon after a drunken or crazy female visited the same 1opji1H? ?i.u BUi'^u^ak UVUC i acu> cf viol- ace smashed the windows of a b^uae, Dear tb?" ?pot where the drunken man was laid, with bricks a ndstones She then walked off Windows have been broken in the same square within the week, and similar misdeeds performed by a party of unruly boya, whose yells and profanity indicate their presence with sufficient distinctness to all but the police of the district. The residents would like to know where the polirecan be found when wanted, if thevdo not tnt?n<t ??"? larly every part of their district, day and uight. . Thk Colcxbia* Aixoir presents at the present time a veritable picture of barrack life. The United States troop* quartered there are making themselves va?lv popular daily with all civilian* with whom they come in contact. Chosen as they are from the beat men in the U 9 armv, and accepted into the engineers' corps only after the most thoronsb examination as to physical and Intellectual ability, they are an arm of the service of which the ceentry may well be prond Their efflsiency on drill ia'tbe admiration of our volunteer mllitarv. Vfhfi Iac# nft Anrv\?t'? n5?t? w rr? ?? wiiuiwr \ng. the skill with which the Hurdle maneuver* areexecated by them. We learn that the National O uard* meet at the Armory regularly at night, fur tfcepurpoaeof perfeetliigthemaelvealn the Hardie tactlca, under the lnatructlon of the drill aergeant of th? eorpa, who Is aaid to be the beat drill officer attached to the West Point Academy. frrazitK Court?Yt*t?rday.? Jtu. XV. Coffroth, Esq., of California, and J Howland, E?q., of Indiana, were admitted attorneys and counatllora of tbis curt. >o 49 Wm 9. McEwpn et al .plaintiffs in error, agt. tbe Lewe* of Charles Bulkley et al. Tbe argument of tbts cause was concluded by Mr. He'skell for tbe plaintiff* in error No 51 Cbas. F. Mayer, surviving p?rm*nent trustee of John Gooding, appellant, agt Robt. Rivers' executors Tbv argument of tbia cause waa commenced by Mr. Mayer for the appellant. t Adjourned. f CirtBTT?A cltiien of the Fourth Ward, neir { ^fourth and G sts , inquires if the firing of plstois rHnd guns at night in that neighborhood indicates ' - * * r|aim.u ui btavvu ui n?i 4itu witi:nation, as it has done In several years pa?t* Hp delebfri tbat the volleys are alarming to th? timid f ales of the vicinity. If the old excaae la el Ten. It la only certain official* disrharziug the old la from their revolvers, it won't do, for the pie reason tbat the firings occur in too mauy ; directions at the tame t:ine; and even if it were * so. the ' Ittrtals ought to be dlstnlss^d for dlaturb' ?ng the peace and alarming citizens at such late hours uiscc.T l otir -To-day, Wm H. Stout, now \n tbe jail of this county on a charge of larceny alleged to l ave been ommitted in the State of Matjlmd, wu brought before the Circuit Court on a writ of habeas corpus, issued on the application of J E Norris, F,?q . the prisoner's counsel, to be discharged froin j ill on tbe jjround that tbe alleged offense was not committed within tbis jurisdiction, and that tbe mltliuus was defective. I'he Court decided to remand tbe prisoner to jail for ten da; in ordf*r tnalv# th<? i Ha?mau imr to notify the authorities of the ?tateof Mary|ia4 CSAN?M IX THE OlOlOITOWS P'?L1CE FolCt The following channel have b?*n made by Mayor Crawford '.n theritrn police force of Georgetown, which waa appointed a fewdiya at nee by the late mayor: John \V Gross, vice Caleb !*eb?a?lan, re moved; W. T. Crale, vice John Donaldaon. re moved; John Knight, vice J'flVrnon Robinson. rrmoT^d; Baki-i Thorn, vice Waiter fomeroy. removed. Tbe force was appointed to aerve until tbe 5th of March, and the changes were probably nude altogether on political grounds. The Leader?A dispatch to a New York paper a?y?:~Col Huger, <f the army, formerly of $outh Carolina, la th* chosen leader of the party of gentlemen of be Flrti Families of Virginlawho hive formed an organiEition for tbe purpose of aeizing Washington by ? eoup d< main. How fir the purpn?e ia tiecwu oj mc preparations made by lien Scott, my Informant does not appear to be advised. Addition to thi Capitol Police ?The names of the extra police employed at the Capl1 tol are. Morris McConnell. Jacob Flelshell, S C. Watles, Moses Foster. Joseph Reese, Isadore Morrlce. F. A Klopfer, Robert For, Thoa Lambert, B. F Beverage, Joseph L. Wright, M. N Baasett, George R Wilson, and one other whose name baa not yet transpired. Thi National Volcstems, to the number of thirty or forty, met last night at Harmony Hail, but did not seem to be in tbe beet possible soirlts. and adjourned early. Tbey propone to wail upon <>en Weigbtaian to make application for arms, but we dare say tbey won't be exceedingly surprised IX tbey don't get 'em. WillaBDs' Hor.?Last night, a very pleasant company tmt In tbe Concert Hall, at Willards', and enjoyed tbe bop wblch was arranged for tb? evening Tbe ball vtaa filed witb ladle* and gentlemen, resident and aojourntng gurate of tbe booae It was tbe mod brilliant affair of tbe season Taa'BotToa Oiii?*Tiui.-Lut<T?iit( th? Hon Edward Everett, R C Wlatbrop, Ainoa A. Liwreaca, E ft. T*br, and C L Woodbury, of Boatoa, Mm., arrtred lu tbla city, and are at Willarda' Hotel They bring tb? moaittr Union petition with 1U 16.000 name* Bill'aim. Billiaem ?Amtutmtnt ? Peraona wUbing to piav bllilarda will da well to nail ia at Miller k. eluipaoa'a Albeaaaam BiiUard Bilain. their pricea being reduced aaa third from ? J ..?* t ka #4 Hiaa ||? tue r' l, r~ ^ ? ' - ?T*L*? <i?nM ?A rerj In* silk mantilla aud ra budwof bTCMtpU, gold ivrlM. Urge, hay lato tbc DOMMlM of Oi?| AU ""lea and kewWii leflal JiuUre Doaa'a offlr* tor ldeotliraUoo Notici?Tk? conceit to tmgiw.by tb? Cbolr ?_^_ Ckxybal Gcasdbousi Car vs.?This morn Ins the following eases were dlipoid of Edward Duffr alias Ned Duckett.(free rol'd, )wa? brought up for a burglarious entry la to the dwelling of B. F Howard, on 6 street, upon a Sunday night In November last, and stealing two keys. The caae waa fully atated la the Star at that time. He waa found under a bed la the hooae, and In his fKK-ieta* oox ot mtwDM, a candle, and tbe keys referred to The watch taking him to the guardhouse then put nipper* upon bla, hut on the way Le resisted, broke the nippers and escaped. He was fully Identified, and committed for court by Justice Thompson Geo Williams, (col'd) stealing a lady's dress, a child's under-dress, a bedtick. and a Shanghai fowl from F. Frailer. He would have been releaaed after bis capture and commitment for further hearing, but for the fact that the notice in tbe Star was seen by Mrs. Frailer, who appeared and Identified the goods. He was fully committed for court. Rachel Hlne*, (col'd) brought In drnng for stealing a flat-iron from P. Knox. OMtxnltted for raurt. Pink Conk ley, (col'd.) was arrested for stealing four bushels of oata and two chtekaaa In tb? market; the wit. dwh were slaves, and the case was lost, but Plak was tent down for 9U davs as a suspicious person oat after hours. Peter Wilkinson, brought In by the patrol for betn? drunk and dlsorderlv. and knocking a woman" down, who he (aid had the mania-a-potu. He waa sent down for 3? day*, in deftmlt of the fine and coats. Cbimikal Covet.?Yesterday, John Connell, tried for an asaault and battery with intent to kill John Allworth, was acquitted by the jury. James Alston was placed on trial for an asaault and battery on one Norton. The case was not through whan the court adjourned. To day?Charles Johnson, colored, was placed on trial on a cbarge of stealing three chickens from Stephen Hertbrecht. Verdict, guilty as lndirted. The jury in the case of John Alston, tried yesterday for an assault and batterv with intent to kill, to-day returned a verdict of not guilty. Thi Pirn ff aid Ujiioh Compant, lately organized uuderthe name of tbe Union Cadeta, have completed their organization, and number aome one hnnired and thirty men. They held a meeting on Tuesday night last, when It waa reported by their committee on armi that they would receive the new Minnie musketa In a few dayi. Large contribution* have been received for the purpoae of purchasing uniform* for tbe company. Th* A**ociatkti Sto** CrrTKa* and the Me- ' fr U ? I - J - -- * " v}whmiu tiuuk aiiu ii iuupr company luniHl out 1 V iterday aftemoon >n masse and attended the I funeral of their late fellow-member, Mr. Heury 1 Rork The deceased was hurled In the new | Catholic cemetery at Mount Olivet. t Thk Kinpkmcr of Hon. Jacob Thompson, late Secretary of the Interior, was discovered to be on Are on Tuesday ni t?t?t. The proprietor and bis servants succeeded in extinguishing It,with slight i damage to the furniture. | Johti C. Hsknatc. the renowned prixe-flghter, la in WmKI??*?. > |_vi . j ' ? ... ..?m.u^wu ? itj, wcikuiii^ iwu uunurea and twenty-flve pounds, and looking in very good health generally. All military .m*ji should goat once to 0 G. Kvans' Gift Dooks'ore and provide themselves with works treating on their profession. See hia advertisement in another column. j Th* Concert of Prof. Francla. announced for to-night, has been postponed until Monday night next Hollowat's Pills axd Oistmimt Diptkeria.?In th? moct virulent stages of thia malignant disease of the thrca'. these medicines experienced the nrttet uaw ?fiii ??w.i? t rucanda auooumbed to the violence of thie disorder, n .t a mule d-Ksea.se occurred am<>ng thoao wh* u ed theae remodiea. thus pr?aenting an "oiaia" < f p experience, ini<1 the de ert of tieath of speculative theory. TlieRojal College of i?urgean? awatd-d th?m the palm of victory as the only antidote for this ?i atom per, by introducing th''m into the new edition oi their pharmacalogia. In ScariaUua, Mump*, A.C., they ?' equally efficacious. f-oid by ail Druggists, at 3j eta., 62 eta., and 91 P?r box or pot. ia24-lw Timelt Cactio!?. The following letter from a gentleman in Phila- 1 <Mphia, who came near being imposed npon by a 1 worth'ea* artio e, and who. knowing by experience , the vwtaea of 1 tie genuine Wistar'* tialxam 0/ \ mar- 1 * /-ii * ' ?ti a < net- >j, wudm 10 caution in# public against , similar imposition? Philadslpima, Jan. an, leeo. t M'tsrt. Setk W. Foirlt f Co Boston . I My wife, having i>?*n afflicted with aver* severe < ooutchfor nearly two years. was induced by a friend i t?? try XVistar'# IU u ii of Wild Cherry, and, find in* great relief in i?, she persevered in it* use with the most beneficial results. My obisot in writing is to inform yon that you would advanoe your own interest.as well as that of th? suffering community, h? advertising such retail drarguts as k'ep it for sale. Being on one occasion out ol the Balsam, I called at a drug store in this oity to puroiiaee a bottle, when a sp?rions and worthies* lmitttiou was offered me as the genllinv Rff rtlainw in !. t in*' ?? _ - . ar/ ? ? MltV IIIWBUWI ? 1 VU Will |?IU* teo thepuhln from imposition tad aiv%noe your own interest* as a m*diome having the ineatimable virtn?a cf Wntar'i Hal>?m of Wild Cherry should never auflV in reputation by ooir.inf in ooiu 1 petition with woitlileat aiid deleterious mixtures. With respect, yours truly, CM Hallowkll. j Prepared by Seth W. Fowle & Co., Boston. and for Mje in W aahin*ton qity G. Stott, 9. B. Wait*Z. D. Giiman. John donwarie. Nairn & 1'a.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, an-1 H. H. oPtierann; in Oeometown by R . 8 T. Claa Tl, and G. *.ft J. Southron, and by dnuiista everywhere. ja 17 lw j Couoas?The audden changes of our oiimate are acrceiof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Ai'hmntic sfecuoms. Experience having proved that aimple < remedies often act speedily aod OTUibl? when tak-n in the earlv ?ta?ea of the disease, recourre , s'tould at onoe t?e had to " Broum's Bronchial Trochts." or i.oaea*f*?, let the Cold, Couch, or irritation of the Toroat r>? ever *<> alight, aa hjr thia preca:iti"n a mora aeriou* attack ma* be cffna'ually warded off Public Speakers and Sinfert will find tliwn effectual for oiearinx and atrengiheninc the voioe. Bee advertisement. del-lj homeopathic rkmvdim ? All of Dr. Humphreys k. Co.'a *peoifio Ho neopathto Ren???<tio? put up expreasly forfaraiiy nse, lu boxes, at iS and art oenta each. Also, in case*. containing 30 vials, from ?4 tn ?A eaoh, with book of full directions. For aale by Z. D. Gilman. 340 Pa. ?t?iii?i. wholesale ami retail a*ent; W. A. FitsxaralM, 353 north F street; also by F. H. Winter, ooiner o( Massaobnsetts avenue and Sixth street. Alan, Pond?* Extract of Wxtck Haztl. for internal and external inflammation* of til kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- ly To the Afflicted !?He sure to read the adverti?emer.t of McLean's Strpnzthraing Cordial and Blood Purifier, u another ooiumn. tf PlKNill. Person* desiring pennies will always find th*m for exehange at the Star Office oeunter. tf Kkadh, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise went in onr paper. Rea>' it; it will interest you. an ?>-eoly DIED, On the 23d in?Unt. CHARLK8 HENRY, only sob of Andrew J. and Elizabeth Hoofn&gle, aged 4 y/art and 1 mouth. Hit iune>ai will IBM plaoe to-morrow (Friday) afternoon, at 9 o'oioak, from hia father'a resi dance 'n G?orfotown, January 6, 1MI, JAMES A. WaTsdN , a native of Knfland, but for the la?t even year* ? rt sident of tliia town. Of hi in it may truly m said that he waa an he nest man. * W l.ADIES HO R eally wish to economise in these hard times o*n have thtir old wearing apparei nicely oleaa*ed or reooiored at W, H WHEAT' EY'tf PREMIUM KTEAM DYEl-NGand bCOURlHli ESTABLISHMENT, No. 383 south aide Penn. avenu*. between 4>* aud 6th streets, Washington, or 49 Jefferson at., tieorgetoww, P- C. ja ? 3t m T a u o ? ?" | J. ? <T. ID. VALit A Duliu 111 WOOD AND COAL Ol all kind*. Offioo?a*?2 Penn avenue. Ja a between l?th and 12th >tre?U. COAL FOR ? PER TON.?Jast arrived front Philari* ?hia, br ttraiaer S*?ymoir.? cargo of R*d and TViUt * A ?h OOAL. whiota 1 will aalT, for oa?h?fled Ash.ZJtilba. to tHoton.at 9^35; Whit* a?b, 2,20) lt>?. to Ui? ton. at AS. SOLOMON8TOVRR, OSm oorner 21 ?t and I trt*Ca, ji (Stat?,i Firet Ward. NEW PAWN OFFICE. O 9 F.. WAR D, Dttiir in N??0 Q a id i ?*t Off Cinthing, reaaectfnllT inform* th? puv>no that he haa opwiwl a LlfKNSIfiD PAWN oFPlCK U No. 76 Loumut iraia, between 9 h and 10th ate.,a ? ? door* mt of the new Ceo tral tivftrd-iiooM, where ha wiM he at all timea prepa-ed to wait on hia patron* with promptneaa, attention and the trio tee t jeaUoe. !% B<?Jewelo, Drf 6ood*, Clothing, Mechao ioa' Tool*. ?>n hand at pcivaie aale. ja Id la' *. WORTH OP BO$TB?SHOES an TRUNKS. Of mil SnUt mn* Oualiti *. AT A OK VAT iACEIVICK OK CO*T. Si art Jtr Rmt and FixHtr*! Jar Sale. - All the Stock ib % PTHOOVER'S STORE, nmlrna H?U,OnionSnc vary nriatr Milot l-Adi<*\ G'nit', ChiMren'ii andttHfl zhuez/K. the pttblio u solicited, m i*?t ibliiiWithU will be mAd? to arohMbr*. J ' T ^ Th* ?t>ore oaprtM* * l*'t* ?tobk<*f the finttt Iualiiy Frenehaud Air.ne wn6aitM?^ho?<,Booti, lb i A?J N. B.-TIX ?kow stooii, MtMvja whole or la put, iRll W <>i4?t rnvM?M]*r fiiBfOD# do S?S&i&'"'to?' Jc,t jiw tta^nKS2ar.i?i I by Mil. TM ami hMfT dftMount il'ov lim. I J It??M- J * The drops of oom* Oil n>? Cas?. As through oar Avenue triers pas?'d A rustio youth, who, strmnce to toll. At crer? *t?p ?? heard to yell, RIDDLE! Hia e!oth*a wer? wet, but *11 tin while O'w hia fair fao* there wm a aaaile, a nd m he walked, it vu hia ohoic* To aLout with hi* atentoriaa voio?\ klDDLE! On, oahe went,till heat laat Tenth 9'reet had almost pti??'d ; A nd when he eaw the "One Dollar t*tore," Tiaa rattic )ad did ahout th? more. felDDLE! The ea<er crowd now came aronnd And ailed, "Why thia tern to aound .w ?a. ?w ? i.-J ?n* yMi jv Ml lop.iru, LAJ yv no* ud The man who sold the ohsin to ? RIDDLE' ' '!*? here, yon hoy," raid the police, "You mint your constant bawling cease "But,"answered he." 'twould not b* fair," And theu crird through the startled air. RiDDLE ! "This noise must *toe, I'll hare you know, Or else I'll take ?o? 'down below " Yet the brave lad held not his tooxue, But with the loudest aooents sang, _ RIDDLE! The "Stars of day" our boy bow seised. Which caused him to be sore displeased ; And as they took him to the station, He loudly oried, to their vexation. RIDDLE! Soon ia the atatinn-houM ?n he. An honent tad, who should be free ; And while n?on a henob he lay, With cheerful voioe they heard . When before the magistrate he came, The police were aocnsed of blame; And then did he cry oat the moie For him who keeps the "On* Dollar Store," RIPDLK! A orowd had fathered round to see Whether ou' lad wonld be set free ; And, when 'twas known, then one and all, U7 i*L r i ?- J 1 A " *? ivn in7?icaiu| bhoqi, am oinmei cnu, RIDDLE! Now, this pleasant storv *oon is toid: Go where you ret the R??t of gold, Which is 30tf Pennsylvania avenue; And when you get there you'll find it true. _ RIDDLE! CAUTION. As several parties have a tempted to imitate my lystem of One Dollar Sales, and in many cases representing themselves as conneoteri with my estab._u ?? ?* l *l: ?* > ' * " " iiiunut, i ui&e imi mcicoa 01 informing the pub 10 that I am in no wise connected with any other tiouiea than thore at 1 71 Baltimore atreet, Baltimore, 308 Penn. avenue, and 869 Main street. Richmond, Va .and all other* are mere imitation! if my orifinal One Dollar Store. jaa tf D. W. RIDDLE. HJiL, MRS. M. 8. BISHOP Mh, M'SSaK.dGAIR. uf Mo. 101? ChSt., Philat>klphia, Have opened a fashionable asHortme.it of PARISIAN MILLINERY At 384 Pennsylvania Avknuk, im OO ? ? f\ ni ** e a* jau-jt uvti vjIskhu a .111; l. T?LEOANT CARPF.TINGS AT GREAT 8ACL R1FICE. We ati'l hare on han<l and for sate, some very superior and beautiful VELVET, WIER, BRT&&ELS and TAPESTRY CARPETING!*, which mutt bo ?o|d off at Home price; and. in view of the state of the tim^s, they will be sold out without regard to ooat. Member* of Congress and others in wantofruch goods can be tailed by ui now at a saving of thirty per cent, lea* than elsewhere. CLAGETT A DOl!SON. ja22-10t No. 4 second door east of Ninth at. g 1 C. KVIM? Ur. *T6 PEKNA. AVENUE. Ha* jtut reccivoj a large number of Military Work*, amo' r which are: HARDEE'S RIFLE AND INFANTRY, AXD SCOTT'5 INFANTRY TACTICH. Also, the 'ar?e?t stock of CATHOLIC BOOKS south of Baltimore. ja 22 3t I^F.AUTIFUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, Th* stock now on hand at the old store of CLAGETT A DODSON of all kinds of pretty and desirable materials for Parlor, Drawing and other room Curtains is still very complete, and in view of Lhe state nf the tim?n wi.l ntr ?? - 9U8 sacrifice. Membtri of Congress and others who would add to the beauty and comfort of their homes will find i great savins and advantage to make their purjhases here, as the concern mast be closed out to wi'h the estate of the late deceased pa tncr. ia ?3-eol''t CLAGKTT & PODSON. 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Vn tbe Board of Common Connetl, Mr. Stek* iiiu?M a cartifled copy of the wrtt served om Mr. Addiaon, which waa read, and Mr. Stake waa proceeding to naln a motion, wbenMr. Tenoey rose and asked, "WL* doea that paper aajr Mr. Crawford waa elected Mayor ! I hare a paper I dealre to have read." Mr. Stake said before Mr Tenney's paper waa read be wished to make a motion for the appointment of a committee of two Mr. Tenney hoj*d the irentletnsn wonldert*nd the same con rteay to him.he had himself received. This paper might have a baorimr mm th? m?H?i it was then read, W.n* a wrlu? n opinion of the Recorder that Mr. Crawford being Mayor by holding over, It wit not neceMary for him to re prat tbe oatb. Mr. Stake said there might be no actual necessity. He would not aet up bit Judgment against tbe Recorder's, but there bad been one. two and three swearings In of tbe late Mayor?tbe people's Maror, a* bta friend (Mr Tenner) called him; *nd It was an act of courtesy to Mr. Crawford, who was elected by tbe people, and his right confirmed by tbe court, to Inatall him In tbe presence of tbe two boards It was a mere form to give dignity to tbe aflce. Tbe late Corporation, acting under ! tbe advice of able counael, had administered the oatb to Mr. Addison once, twice and three times. ' Tbe last time Mr. A. was so excited that he (Mr. Stake) dreaded to see him clasp tbe Bible. Mr. n? ?? * ? ~ " v>rawiora wui aigniaed, high-toned gentleman, not likely to be excited. He (Mr 8.) bad a high regard for Mr Addiaon He waa an able man, and aawell fitted to he Mayor aa any other; '-but," aald Mr. dtake, " Mr. Crawford has tbe aame capacity In my judgment He then spoke of the action of the late boards when he waa in a minority, and had to remain allent; bat aaid that by no act of hla, then and atnee, had be recognized Mr. Addlxoo aa Mayor He then argued that Mr Addison not being locally Haver. ht? legal; that tax' payer* bad refused to pay taxes while be was actios; that Mr Crawford would have to legalize all Mr Addison's sets, or the Corporation would get into trouble; and that Mr. Crawford therefore ought to be recognized by this Corporation as Mayor Under the provisions of tbe charter, according to eood l*gal advice, we ought to loviteMr. Crawford here and swear him in In preience of the two hoards. A higher court than this had decided in his favor, and we must humbly submit Mr. Tenney ?Must kvmbly submit ? Mr. Stake?Yes sir, humbly. Mr. Tenney ?I will submit, no* humbly, but because 1 can't help It. mr. ??ie continued at some length, laying be would ma readily contend for Mr. Addison aa f >r Mr. Crawford, If their poaitlona were reversed, and arguing that Mr. Crawford should be sworn in aa a matter of courteay not only, but of right, and to save the corporation trouble. Mr Hill asked if Mr Crawford bad not been acting aa Mayor for tbe last two days Mr Stake said be (Mr. Crawford) had been careful to do no act to bind tbe corporation, until be was recognized by tbe Boards. Mr Teaney wanted to know If Mr. Crawford W.J - -- - ? uau imu ncacu .Tinvor 01 Georgetown since be wa? sworn In in IS57T If ao, where was the proof i of it ? Not in that writ. Mr. Stake said that was a larre subterfuge, and went on to compliment Mr. Tenney for hi* astuteness and readiness in debate; thankiug him | for what be had learned him since he had been < here, and then proceeded to argue tbe caae again i at some length, when?? ' Mr. Tenney rose and wanted to know what ' was the regular otder of business; whether we had t met for any special business; if so, be did not know it. Petitions and memorials were first In order, fce believed. < Mr Stak^ hoped the gentleman would not per- ( sist. He then moved a suspension of the rules; which was carried If. ?*? ' mi tcaiiey now rose to speafc, when tome confusion ensued?cries of Question! question! order! being heard, and Mr Tenney, in an angry voice, ( contending for bis right to tbe door and to speak 1 Order being restored? Mr. Fearson moved to adjourn, If we were to 1 listen to a long speech. Mr Tenney having agreed to occupy no more time tban was allowed him by tbe rule, said It made no difference whether we swear Mr. Crawford lo, or not This was the Recorder's opinion, j which accorded with his own before be bad con- j suited anyone. Mr Crawford was mavor since < 1B57; and that paper from tbe court does not say be was elected in 19?9, nor did the derision of ? democratic jury aay so Mr. Stake.?Were they all democrat*' Mr. Tenney ?All, or so near it Mr. Stake ?They were honeM men, then. ' Mr Tenner said the declalon of the jury waa ' that there waa a tie vote. The court had overruled J tbe deeialon of tbe people and the representatives of the people of Georgetown. But we would have to aubmit. aa we did to a dismemberment of our town by Congress, without rebellion and without revolution But it waa some alight con- ] aolation to know tK?i t>>? ?< ? j ? numbered, and though not a member of the party coming into power, be hoped their flrnt act would , be to reorganize the Circuit Court of the County of Washington. Mr. Hill asked for Information, whether our act* here mii?bt not involve rr?nvn?-< ? .w w?l UVlUtlVll pay lug two'salaries? .Mr. Crawford had been acting as .Mayor two days Whjrsw^ar htin in? He was willing Mr. Crawford should get bis salary, but not out of tbe Corporation. Mr Stake said It was a question be bad not 1 wished to raise, and spoktt of Mr. Addison's , necuritlts being responsible. ; Mr. Dunlop sild hy the record of the court Mr. ] Addison was prohibited from acting as Mayor. We were now, therefore, lu the samf position at ' at the beginning, when Mr. Crawford presented himftelf before tbe joint convention with th<- certificate of the judges of eiec.tioo. "I was willing < to swear him In then," ssid he, "but was overruled by a majority of the convention I ?m willing now " After tome irregular discussion by Mr Hill aud others? Mr "Tenneyasked what election was Mr. Crawford to be sworn in on; that of 185? or 1859. Mr. Stake said that of lsj'J Mr Tenney wanted to know where was the proof of bis election then. Mr. Dunlop wild the certificate of the judges of i election that Mr. Crawford brought with bim i here before. I Mr. English said that Mr Hill's petition was not tenable, and went on to line that the CorpoL xiv- - " * ? itinu wiii rt-sponsioie i?r .Mr. Crawford'* salary, as be wag Mayor l>y holding over, and if .Mr. 1 Crawford did not get indemnity when commencing this auit, we were bound to pay twice, and could not help ourselves. The rote wai then taken on Mr. Stake's motion, i and other proceedings bad, as stated in our tetter < of Tuesday 1 After being sworn in? Mr. Crawfi-rd said this was* memorable occasion The current biennial term of the mayoralty of Georgetown expires in a few weeks The 1 whole or this period bad been occupied, to th? 1 present time, in contesting the election in 195<J to that efice; and as but few of the meinlwr* l.ave bad an opportunity of pursuing the controversy mrontfb iu sticcewive ata^es, in order tbat it* merit* might be more clearly understood, be In- ' vlted their attention to a brief and temjwra'e review of the cane He tLeu read the official notice to lilin from William l.alrd, Clerk of the ; Corporation, dated March '?. 1HW, tbat be waa "returned in the ottlcial report* of tbe judge* of election In ibeaeveral prer iixtnaa bavinir r?v?-ived a majority of votes over every other candidate for tbe mayoralty, and aa elected Mayor of tbe town " and (equating hi* piesenoe in the Council Chamber "for the purpose of qualifying;" and stated 1 that In consequence of auch election, and returns I sod notice, he presented himself at the appointed ! timo and place to take the oath of office, and claimed that the same should be ndmlnistcred to him, but that the Hoard*, alleging that there was a mistake in the returns, and that there waa, in fact, a majority of one in favor of Mr. Addison, who was the opposing candidate, caused the oath to be administered to him, who took possession of the office and exercised it ever since, till the Inth inst Mr C. then stated, that, at the next ensuing term of the Circuit Court Mr Add'son waa required by bira to show by what warrant he claimed to exercise this office, Jl M--. -? - * * ~ ana icai iDf isaue neing tried, whether Mr. A<1- , dlaoo had, ti allied by hlna. received tbe greatest number of Irval votes for Mayor, it m found by tbe jury, duly eaepeneiied and sworn to try tbe mow, tbat Mr A ad las* did ?t receive Ibr greatest cumber of 1??*1 votes f. r Mayor; tbat judgment of ouster against Mr Addteoa waa the* rendered by tbe Court; tbat Mr. Addlaon'then < sued out a writ of error to tbe 8apreme Court ?f , the United States, tiled a bond and caused a citv , tion to be served upon blin (Mr C ) to appear i and iAtwcr tlif itiH writ nf rw^k^ term, I860 Relief was tbee pnyed by Mr O by a m*jidamu? from the Supreme Court, but this wM nfuwd, the Court, however, saying that the bond eod security given on the writ of error were designed a security to Mr. Crawford should 1 Mr. Addison fall to prosecute with ef$ -c< his writ of error. Mr. Crawford, u cited by Mr Addison, appeared by counsel In the Supreme Court on the 11th d? of last December, tad moved to have Mli ?* -? Mt - K * * * " mu aom wtn 01 error uumMt, WQICD motion waa granted On Monday, tbe 17th day of December. Mr H WinterI>avia(ofcou?aei for lit Addiaoa) m*."r?d the Court to rcaclnd and auoul tbe judgment, il?miaalhg tbe writ of error; hat tbe court unnwered that, " tot being auSrientljr eavlaed what order to reader In tbe premlaea, It abMld take tiiue to confldft " After mature deliberation, on the 26th of December, 1880, nine day* (ftervruda. with tbe rrt-ucu oerore tuem containing ?U tbe controvrrWfl potato,{including the p*pcr-writing, which Ut* Circuit Court certify to the Ntr?ne Court w* rrj^-cted. with the concurrence of Mr Addison's amrd twict to atoet Mr. AddiaM mayar, an election obviously roid.) It wm ordered and adjudged h? the Supreme Co?rt that the aatd motion to annul the judgment entered In thlacan*- dla.ta-1 ? writ of ?rror, " be, and tbe wm U hereby overruled l? Tbie wae aeoo followed bye mandate from tbe Supreme Court to tbe Circuit Court, " command lag tbat each execution and proceedings be bed In aaid cauee ae. eccording V> rljrht end juetice end tbe Itwi of tbe United states, ought to be, tbe writ of error notwithstanding ? Whereupon tbe Circuit Court ieeued to the Marabal of tbe Dtatrict of Columbia a writ, ooeamandtDs tbat, without delay, from tbe Mid oAce you cause tbe Hid Henry Addison to be ouetrd end excluded-" which writ wit executed On concluding the narrative of tbe caae, Mr. C. aid. tbe vigor of the law. after inlnlte trouble. ana rtim of delay* that bad nearly eouwiMd tbe ten* of service. bad final It vindicated hi* perfect and Indefeasible title to the offlre of Mayor of tbe Corporation of Georgetown. under the contested election. Mr Crawford all tided U tbe ftct that, two of the three Judges of the Circuit Court, before whom the caae waa tried, had been Recordera of tbls Corporation, and bad a special knowledge of tbe charter, under the provisions of which | the conteated election waa bad?and which provisions, they were called oa. judicially to 1?terpret Mr C. then touched upon tbe value and Importance of the principle that tbe councils bare no jurladlctlon over the election of Alaror. lest thev Ma> ^ partisans, and re mi ad ed tbe cntcdUor tbat bit antagonist eoitnidfd under tbe aumploaa of the two Bosrds of the Cor port Ion of IRS?, they baring tkret timts administered to him tbe oath at office, upon two of these occasions during the progress ol the trial, and they taring also passed i resolution, April *, ls69. to employ eoonael to inswer and defend tbe quo ?rrsoiegled by blm, ind a supplement thereto, on May *, ISSB, appropriating firr hundred dollars to pay the counsel luthorlzed to be employed Mr. C. then ex jrrtsed satisfaction tbst, controlled by high coalideratlona of public policy, be had pursued a onservatlve coarse, and appealed So the courts for the means of redrtsa. and that hliMiw* force and dignity from bit restoration by the pall Dr. ario of the civil magistrate, by the mandate >fthe Supreme Court of the United State*, the niffnst repr? sen tat; ve of the people in the exposition of the laws. Mr. C. then saidGentlemen I resume my teat at a disastrous era In our national history. Karnrst solicitude for the future depresses the aearts of patriots throughout the land; but let us mt despair Invoking for oar country so dear to is all the benign care and gracious Itenedlctlon )f tbe Supreme Kuler of tbe Universe, with filth rlnmphant over our fears, let us rather cherish tbe tiope that the wonnds of the Constitution are net #?* ? * v>v| u?v a viMutiun *1 vur imprnain^ rrlsls, upon a basis honorable and satisfsrtory to ill parties, is not Impracticable; and that tbe Republic established by tbe wisdom and valor of >ur fathers, consecrated by their virtues and rent-n ted by their biood. chastened and Invigorated t?y the passing storm will yet survive, the wonler ana admiration of each succeeding as of the present age After the joint convention was dissolved, the Board of Common Council passed the resolution >f Inquiry from tbe other board; and, on motion >f Mr English, the committee of ways snd Tiean* was discharged from further consideration *t? -?- a? -? ? " " u mr ciaim 01 .tir. wiuskey, ana It wu rrfrrrrA o claims committee. Tbe board then adjourned. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fyOKORGETOWN TAXES FOR 1??0.L? All peirons in arrears for taio* <or U6* are lereby urser.tl* requested to cal' at the Mar r'a )ffice ana p*y the fame to Mr. William I.aibo. :he <"lerk of the Corporation, who ta hereby au:hr>ris*d to receipt far me dnrinc my confinement to the house. I trust tha? this call will be responded to, inasmuch aa I am disapled, and will t>e for some weeks. CHARLES D WELCH. N. R. School Tax shonld be paid previon? to tne lay of election. jal9 yHREE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. MAYOR'S OFFICE. / G*o*orroiv?i, D. C., January nth. 1861 { The sub*Ar^er will give a reward of Tlire* Hunlred Dol.ara for au?ti inferma ion aa will lead to th? conviction of an) p-raoa or prraona who have *et on fire, or who aha!I h?re*fter aet on lire, any fiuuae within the Coiporatioa limits of tin* town. HENRY A DDIS'?N. ja 12-dltA2aw3w M*?or. ?* --A NOTICE. I.L Persona indebted to the late firm of T. O'Donooghue A Son. are here j notified that unleaa their aooounta arc ?ettl*d bv th* 15th iu?iant the? will be paced in the banaaof an oftioor lor collection. SARAH O'UU.NNUOHI'K. ja2-eo3w* liieootrix I $-20.000: MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduoe_our l%rce and well aaaorted took of DRY UOOD3 we *i I, dtiricg the n'xt S' lata,deduct 10 per csnt. from nil rati pu-cha^ea of 05 and over. !*ave jrour moift and call at 9n Bridge it., for hartaink. SP1LM \N A HUNT, JaT eolm G*o*tetown. U. C. LOST?A pair of GOLD SPECTACLES, la a tiff oaae open at tx>th enda. r k*_fW\r~L buder will be raitablv rewarded by 1^....^. ?? W- 1 ? 4 O?-A A ^ -? ic?? i ng vuom 11U. Ill OllUgO Sk.| UOUrgPIOWII, j& 22-*t I U9T RECEIVED? J 10 hlid?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, W> bbie. Oirt Rye WHISKY, 3S0 M>1?. HERRING and AL.EWIVES, 40 bb:?. Crushedand Rcfin#*! -UGARs. y bag! Rio and Java COFFEE, 10hhds.(lt>w priced) MOLASSES. For lalebr JOHN J. 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Iop? veil known to tha^^^^^ VV**kinKton pui> to m a tMohtr of th^KSMBl Piano. two ie*ve to ittt* that he is are "" *" pared tu take scholars on terms to rait t??? exigencies ol the timta. Hut in* nc>ac < in his time iu*-t bow wtriah h?* i* auxin** U> &!! up, he wtU t-*oh a few ac)K>>ara. >f deairah e to their pa rants, and i*k-? hi* p\? in saoh merchandise as mar he tgreed on when thejr are entered with bias. He m rillki to Bake aaah arnaisaasU. kso*i? tks ino?B* entente many who Ue?ire to hava theirehil <r?a taaf bt tt Piano Mf?ri*no? now in getting money Miametnod of teach in* ha* Im hub y *p proved lor yars, and hi* references are head* of the beat munoal familie* in Waahinctoa. His termi are exoeedingiy in derate JOHN K. ACHKI.L. &eaidenoe?fttf* G Knit. jaSlro or apply at Mit??rolt'?. 275 ALfcKN 275 JACKSON, rr i ?Trni*? *" "pittni. Am**, Between lrtn and 11th atrMts. 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Ju 0 ?Tbe State Cocm don bu determined to elect to-morrow at bom 10 ddffUrt to meet it Mwt|oarrT M Ike 4th of Februtrr The Member* are to be Icatrnctod, and ail Ibe Souther Stttoa are 1 art tod to aa?d del'^Tbe apeclal order of Ibe da?, being to oedlnaocr to rccud to tbe Afr-oan trade, waa air ended, declaring tbe trade aot to be piracy, bat ?u bati tutlng impriaonmrnt la tbe pea I tooll arv for rlolaUoo* i f f?raer Federal lawa on tbe aufeirct Tboa amended, It paaatd unaaimoMalr Mr. H1U, of Troope rounty, offered aa ordt bum. which waa referred, providing for tbecoa tlauaace of tbe preoeat postal reeeauea and otber law*, tbe oheer ranee of exietlag treatlea. aad la relation to MnMi4*>i> u- i~i?-? ? won 14 soon have tMlkrr Gomnnrii ?Ublltb?i Tk it* itwd J*dgr Bennlng efl-r^d u ord m*m lor oontlmiin* In operation ih# law* about (U lnkr< >tato lliiTf Utdr AIM, ? KtOltttiM wp?lltt*| comoiiMioorra to all Um il?T?bol4la| ratal Mr Cobb reported an ortliaac* revoking Federal jurisdiction over all la*da reded to tbo Oov| ernment. and authorising the p*T*?at tor font 1 rati on* and arsenals, >nd all Improvements and torea therein; laid over. I Many rumors are afloat about tW represents Uvea to be sent to Montgomery It ts genaraUv conceded that Messrs Toombs and Howell Cobb will go from tb* Mate at large There to much perplexity a boat the delegates N e regard arrms Is be paid to lbs claims oi tbo present Congressmen. General sstlsffcctlon Is exprosaed at the nnanlmotts paaaage of the antl-alave trads ordinance. it uu been raining trre all day and night. depart (r*a ftprlatftatd. Cmrt?o, Jan ? ?The 8prlnalel4 correspondent ??f the Tribune aaya that Mr Kelltcc, tb* member of Congreaa from the Fourth Dtatrict of this State, arrived at Springfield yeaterday. Rumoraaaignato hia inlaa'ou threeobjects One, that be ram? to urge upon Mr Dacota bla Immediate departure for \\ aahlngton. Another, that be li commtaaioued by the republican delegation tn Congreaa to preaeot to the State l^glalature the neccanity of endoralng the Border Pttte reaolutiona. Ana lb* third, that Le com* to make a Joint effort to prevent Mr Judd'aappointmentto the Cabinet Horace Greeley, Gov Banks and Mr Ha tea art expected at Springfield tbl? week. Gentlemen wbo arrlvtd b?re tbla morning from Springfield atate that there it but little doubt that the Legislature will break up to-morrow, by tbo resignation of the democratic mem bee* The Convention bill has poaaed the Senate, and will prob ably paas the Houae to-morrow New Yark legislature. ALUmr, Jaa 22 ?The republicans held a secret caocua thla evening, to consider the action t. W. > *>-- " ? ? *u?i??wic w wr wmrn vu \UT ff pon Ol IU LOIHini't?r on Ffderil Relations Sen* tor Laphsm B?lded An effort was mtdrbT Mean Rlr?, Iwf, and others. to bind republican* to abide by the action of tbe caucaa, with a view to adopting a resolution to postpone action on tbe report of tbe Committee on Federal Relations Mr. Robinson made aa able (peach la support of tbe report, and in vindication of tbe policy of conciliation wbtch it contemplates He declares that tbe report should be discussed In the Bouso on Wednesday, what* ver the action of tbe caucus might be. fk. ? ? * uv urwtr wm woriu sou pruiraCVQ, BOG iio definite action wii taken Tbe general tmpm ton la that Mr. Robinson'a reaolutlona will paaa In the Houae. The New Mexican Mail Isdipespenci. Mo , Jan 22 ?The New Mexican mall, with dates to the 31st of December, arrived this evening, bringing all tbe back malla. Buaineaa In Santa Fe was dull. The newa froiu tbe Flalna la Important About elgh'een days ago Major Crittenden, with his command from Fort t nlon, came acroaan large band of Kiowa Indiana, near Simon Springs, end a battle ensued Fifty Indians were killed, and among them their notorious Chief Santa uc 7 t? burnt up one hundred lodges, and took all their horaea. provisions, Ac. None of Crittenden*a command were even wounded Weather pleasant to Council Grove; from there tb<* snow is very deep. The Large ( tllti IkipaeaU Niw Oiluri, Jab ?2 ?Tbe reason of tba clctrtiirt of K ltrg* a number of cotton t?mU yesterday waa la conaeauenee of the belief that the State wood be outortbe L'nlon In few daya, and it was therefore preferable to hare a clearance from L'ncle Sam vban to run tbe chances of Alff culty after tbe act of aecoaaloa bad beea paaaed There are but few vessels now ap at this port for cargoes, and rates of freight la cotton to Liverpool are held with great firmness at \ of a penny per ,-vuuu. XiHickawIti Lr|Ultlirt Boston, Jan S3 ?In tbe Senate a joint special committee Las been appointed to consider tbe expediency of ao amending tbe city charter tbat tbe police mav be appointed by tbe State authorities In tbe House tbe Committee on t-ederal Relations were instructed to inquire whether any uiu nitiona of war are being manufactured ana aold In 'bit Commonwealth to persons residing In, or to the authorities, as tbelr agents, of States naring seceded, or threatening to secede from the Union The Bests* (Jaisi Petttlsa Bostok, Jan 22 ?Tbe Union petition la Boston ha* rv.iv.>! ?<?'>- #?? * - * A special committee will leave to-morrow with Ue document foe Washington. The following gentlemen compose tbe committee :?Hon F.d ward Everett, chairman: Ho . Robert C. ft li throp. ex-Chelf Jnatioe Lemuel s?baw. Boa. Edwarn 8 Toby, Hon Amos A. Lawrence sod Hon Cbarles L>. tt oodbury K*rlk Ctrtliai U|tilaiirt< Raleioi, Jan 23 ?The Convention blU has been a4(1 In under dtacuaalon to-day, tbe question bein? In regard to tbe day for tbe meeting of the Convention. A r?eolutlon *?i offered to-dartoaend Cooimiaaloner* to Washington, In accordance with the Virginia plan. It wai made the apeclal order for to morrow. The paaaage of tbe Convention bill i> atill doubtful. Ia4iaaa aa4 the Iataa hcitMiroLi*, lnd , Jan 22?Tbe J?tara and 8kri pea wrre belated from the dome of the Capitol to-day. The entire military and Are department of tbe city, and a large crowd of lad lea And gen ueinea were pmenl Cannon were fired ii4 Union speeches madr by prominent men of ladiana. Caroline Klcbings sang tbe ' Star Spangled Banner," aad was greeted with rapturous applause. From MiaaeitU. St. P4iL. Jan. H ?la pursmace of laglalatlve resolution at meridian to-day tb? Stara and Mm were hoisted ??er tbe dome of the Capital la tlii pretence of the (jo?nn?f, beads of tbe depart ments, and tbe members of tbe Senate and Huns* of Representatives A national salute of thirty three guns w s fired amid universal rejoicing There waa nodistinction of party la tbe demon MaNn. The Avri<H 1 rtaklri U ruUi TuioiiTo, Jan ? Mr. Bowea. the oowly elrcti-d Mayor, in bia ipmcb last night to th? Council, aUIrd (bat Ur%r ??-c?aioaa to oar population might toon be expected on account of the troubles in the United SUtea, and rr ommesdrd policy t& ttgaid to taxatioa, 4.cu will enpe dally fa tot aucb emigration. ?BV iMUV fcAfriw ! ? BiiMiromt, Ju. ? ? The Umw tiprw t*b ben were U>-day arou-uoed b~ J udjf McCurd r to Atv years' bard Labor la Ike Scale prim Ibe fall statutory Unit. Keiare el Fe?tU ve Curium, Jm S3 ? In tbe caw et Ike fat1 ttveglrl L?ic?, tb? deftnar wea withdraw* te-dar, and ahr will be returned lo Vlrgiala to aernw moraiac. tfufimil, Ju 94 ? Flour U Ml: Innid itawl u4 Ohio S&4U; CUj Miliars * WWti dull; rod 9130*135; whit* SI.MmI.M. C?ra itoadf, rrllow 63?C&, whlto Ma74. Provlaloaa are Irn; meat por k ?l?. Larding. Co We* ataady u 1X.1 UK- TT uimmj nu w. Aow l?r BUrtia N?w Y?U, i??. *-PJwr k. Joww Whfi ibMl lc. towir C?rt to d?U u4 le.toww ProvMoM dull and uucbiugod WfeUky dud at lie. riaucMl. Nnr You, Ja ? -Tb? ?? ??kd U u?ckaar?d ?*o<.fcs dull ud lower, CW<?fO ud Rock l?l*nd S7; niltMte Cortial atam ??; Mlefcl CBoutkmmtk, New V?rk Central 7* d n K *_44, C?HU>M Co. Mfc. v*. ?' 71; MA 0'* ?*; Treasury It * lUS# pKKcat.,cn.rK.ft|spm At* *r t? for tb? Am km m* M k?Ck?ri?et?e Mereery. fce. S?tariw*i i?ti <iti ovnlK fr*M?v*r} w(V n UM n?l?N- J? M asaeg^sifflfa WiBf?5iSB^Kr )* 1MH , . nWArmt IMllli

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