19 Şubat 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Şubat 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR M fUBUSUED RVBR7 AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT YHK STAR BUILDINGS) C*r*i4T /F?nuii(tvrtaat*9*r.:t4 a/td 11 (A St., It w. D. WALLACO. ?'%?*? ??HTed 12 pMka>cea by oarrier* M < t y-*r, or Ji ??nt? r?r month. To mail tabMriban lb* fr?c? 5-v> liMi.m #2 for til *ontfc?, 41 for Ihree mr aid for lMa Uu %*??? months at thecKts of UoaoU a vetk, Siajia onucsitT; in wrappers, two r>?T*. IL/~ Apvkbtt^bvi^ti eanui?i bo sent to the o#c? bHoro ISo'oiook M.foth?! wise they may not appear anti! thenextday. V2i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 19. 1861 N?. '2.407 II invariably oontains the ?Washington N?*i Tk* IMUt IrniM o f?o?rally Uroi(koit Ik* ooiintry. ILySinc'.eaoptatOa wrappers* eaa bt i at Um ooaatar, I mmediat* y after Ikt imi* ef Ik* T1IE TEMPTRESS. [From the Diary of a Law Clerk ] Richard Pennon was a native ?f Westmore land, England, his place of birth being the amall Tillage of Bedstone, on the borders of Gilgraitb forest, some miles north of Appleby. Hit father had been what is called a "states man" in those parts?that is, he farmed hi* own land; but long-continued ill-health, the death of his wife, and other crosses and losses, so reduced him in the world that he died? when Richard, his only child, was in his twentieth year?in little better than insolvent circumstances. The sod, who, from his desul tory and rather bookish habits, had never been of much u*e upon the farm, found himself, after everything had been disposed of and all debts paid, the master of about ?200 only, and destitute, withal, of skill in either head or hand to turn his modest capital to account. Being, however, ao young, of stout frame and sanguine temperament, he might not for some time hare fully realized the undesirableness of his position and prospeots, bat for the light unexpectedly shed over them by the dark, scornful eyes of Judith Morton, a damsel of about seventeen, and the daughter of John Morton, a statesman of comfortable means, with whom, whilst his father yet lived in re putedly fair circumstances, he had teen on terma of sweetheart intimacy, or at least as much so as aome half a doaen other bovine youths whom Judith Morton's handsome per son and comparatively cultivated airs and graces attracted round her. The first time Fichard Penson met her, after the final wind ing up of his father's affairs, he was so thor oughly mado to understand that an idle, know nothing young fellow, with ?200 for all his fortune, wji no inat?h for Judith Morton, that the next half hour was passed in mental debate as to which of the three expedient* for ridding himself of hateful life?hanging, drowning, or poisoning?he should adopt; and he at length ilecided upon almost as desperate a leap in the dark as cither of them, by forthwith writing to a London attorney, whose advertisement, setting forth a willingness to accept an active, clever young man as articled clerk, at a mod erate premium, had strongly arrested his at tention the day previously at Appleby?that he should be in London for the purpose of having a personal interview with the adver tiser as uuickly as the coach, leaving Appleby on the following morning, would carry him thither. Three days afterwards, accordingly, Kieh.ird Penson presented himself at the at torney's offina That mnrth?'? Kmin. i~? ? - j ? ? ?- ? ? ?. ? ? - ? u vu-iuv cv inj chiefly at the Old Bailey, and ho was rightly reputed one of the sharpest, least scrupul ous practitioner* that classic institution could boast of lie quickly discerned with those keen, vulpine eyes of his. that there was the ftuff for a clever fellow in Richard Penson; and a bargain was finally struck by which, in consideration of the greatest part of his cash, and his services for five years, the young coun tryman assured himself of board, lodging, and a small salary during that period, and his ar ticles at the end thereof. Penson took readily to his new vocation, and ultimately became noted as a keen adept in the tortuous, shifty practice so highly appreciated by the class of clients with whom he had chiefly to deal; though I do not believe he would have lent himself to any decidedly unprofessional expe dient, dangerously near as in the fervor of his temperament he might at times have ventured near the faintly-traced boundary line which ir.irV* thn limit wKJnk overstep in defense of the most liberal and in teresting of clients. For the rat, Richard Penson was a fairly-conducted, pleasant, com panionable young fellow, except when, more freshly primtd than usual, ho got maudlin about Judith Morton?her charms, caprice*', cruelties. A detestable infliction, I well re member, were those obliging confidence*; but 'rested so slightly upon my memory that the t*>le and hazy impression I derived from them was that be had been jilted by a handsome - young shrew, who, most likely, on account of her brimstone temper, had not yet obtained a husband; when Richard Penson finished his time, aud inscribed his name on the roll as an attorney of the Court of King's Bench. Soon after that event he left town for Weatmore f land in renewed quest, I had no doubt, or his old flame. I neither saw nor heard anything _?f him airain till about thr*? nft?rarar<t<i - -^hen I inct hiia just by the Ureat Turnstile, IT_Jl<>lborn; but so changed was he that I for 'fcome moments vainly cast about in my mem ory as to whom the pallid.care-worn, poverty man. wbwyNAni hand I mechan held in mine, could be o mi? You do not remember me?" he said, with , fttfuli, wintry smile. The voice, and a pecu "liar north-country accent, enabled me to do so ^nstantly; and I blurted out, ' Richard Pen ^ n ! But, good God ! what has come to you? ?Why. you look like an old man !" 44 * au% on?>" he answered. " Age is not al ,?rVay? truly reckoned by years." 44 Barely." I said, after a Blight pause, "that ??XlJ - L-..i \IT a. 1 1 viu biu? ui jvmim >uviik mo )i Miui'ireiiinu spitfire you u?ed to talk of cannot have made such a wreck of a sensible man *" " Certainly not, or, at least, not in the way you suppose But come; if yon have an hour to spare, and will stand treat for a few glasses, ' I will tell you all about it." "Stand treak for a few glasses"' The hot blood burned in my cheeks and temples as I echoed this sad confession of meanness and if? degradation from my former acquaintance; but ne did not appear to heed, or was callous to, the implied meaning of the exclamation, and jv>n my stammering out that he was welcome as many glajues as he chese to have, he ** brightened up into a kind of sickly gaiety. .{Mytng "I was always a trump," and led the .war to a tavern in Chancery Lane. There, and at subsequent interviews. I was made ac Acquainted with the following strange and warn f iag storj Mack of the dialogue, which be had a morbid tenderness for repeating, he had -^lritten out. JMWhen Richard Penaon, after an ab??nee of _5tf#e than five years. revisited his birthplace, he found Judith Morton still single; and t bough jln her twentj-third year, as beautiful, to his ^tnind, as when he had last seen her. He soon terf'found, however, that it was quite out of the T**?ueetion that she should become his wife?al beit the refusal was this time more gently in <wT*4imated than on a former oecasion. According to the gossip of the neighborhood, one Robert Masters, a thriTinr"iUtAimin." hut thnnt Un years her senior, had been courting her off and on for a long time; bat somehow the affair seemed u far off or farther off than ever from a matrimonial termination. It was also re ported that a former beau of here, Charles iiarpur, who bad emigrated to America, and greatlj prospered there, with whom she had constantly corresponded, was shortly expected to pay a visit to England, and of coarse to Westmoreland. Thus admonished of the folly of farther .indalganoe in his dream-fancies, Penson turned bis lingering steps, first towards Appleby, where, however, no opening for an additional attorney presented itself, and final ly he oanae as far southward as Liverpool, onened an oflioe in Scotland Road, and dili Kntly strove to edge himaelf into the legal sines* of that flourishing city. The result f?u so diaheartening, that at the end of about Ik months fruitless endeavor, he had made ?.?, up hia mind to sell hia office desk, atool, chairs " .and brase plate, and return to the service of ?*"h?s old master, who woold, he knew, be glad -*4 to employ him. when an opening for the exer jt> t rise or his peculiar ulents suddenly presented * ' itself, and he wis tempted to venture upon m ,?the perilous path, the noar and of whieh was <*dj destruction. ** He waa sitting, he told me. in hia offiee, one wot gloomy afternoon in January, before a kandfal of Are, alternately revolving in his mind hi* own dismal present and future, and two or three startling paragraph! that had jn*t kMO copied into the Liverpool journal* from the Westmoreland county paper. To him the/ were of great interest, hat In kmm degree an Intelligible. Robert Matters, the qaondam bachelor of Judith Morton, before spoken of, bad, it appeared, been killed at a place in Gil gratb forest by a pistol shot; and according to one account robbery mast hare been the mo tire of the assassin, as the deoeased'r pockets had been rifled, and his gold watch carried off; ! whilst, according to another and later para graph, Charles Harpur. a person of good prop erty, recently arrived from abroad, had been fully committed for the murder?the suggested cause whereof was jealousy with respeet to a Jemima Morton, a young woman, the paper stated, of great personal attractions. "The mistake in the Christian name, Jemima for Judith," mused Penson, "is obvious enough; but how comes it that both jealousy and plun der are spoken of as motives for the crime? Charles Harpur is not a robber; and yet both money and watch weremiaainir T mn?t Soor as I am, pay a visit to Bedstone. Ha! Tell, this is strange!" A slight noise at the window had caueed him to look suddenly in that direction, and to his great surprise, almost consternation, he saw the handsome and excited countenance of Ju dith Morton just above the dwarf Yenitian blinds?the dark, flashing eyes peering eagerly into the office, wherein she yet, he observed, revealed him to her; a kind of wild smile of recognition glanced over her features, and in another minute Judith Morton waafaco to face with Richard Penson?she, this time, the sup pliant for favor. Miss Morton was habited in deep mourning, and her appearance and manner evinced much flurry and disquietude. Hastily seating her self, she drew forth a sealed packet from a large reticule, saying, as she did so, in reply to Penson's questioning glance at her mourning dress, "for my father; he died about three months since." Holding the packet or parcel in her hand, she gazed fixedly for a moment or two at h??r mtfinijnuJ > :f ? ? ? ?~ .vuw uuunvi f oo 14 iu iim'oriiiiD if the influence she once possessed over bim had been weakened bj time and absence. Apparently the scrutiny was satisfactory. A bright gleam of female pride danced in heri eyes, and there was an accent of assured con fidence in the tone with which she said: "I am here, Richard Penson, to retain you profes sionally in a matter deeply affecting myself, with the full persuasion that spite of?perhaps in some degree becange of by-gones, you will not fail me in this hour of need. '' Penson'* heart wa3 in his throat, and a few broken words could only gurgle through to the effect that he was soul and body at her service. The prideful smile shot more brightly than before across the path of the temptress, and the voice was gentle and caressing which re pnea?"i knew that would be your answer, UieharJ." After hesitating for a moment, she took a note from her purse and placed it before the wonder-mute attorney. It was a Bank of England note for fifty pounds ; and in the ex citement of his chivalrous enthusiasm he re jected it, almost indignantly. " Nay, nay," said Judith Morton, "you must accept it. My father, as I told you, is no more, and I am tolerably well off," adding, with in sinuating moaning, ''and, better perhaps than that, I am now my own mistress." Penson took the note thus pressed upon him. and an embarrassing but brief silence ensued, broken by Judith Morton, who, haying unsealed the packet of papers, said?"These ara office copies of the depositions made in the case of Charles Harpur, of which you have doubtless heard." The attorney's oountenance fell as Judith pro nounced that name, and she hastened to say? "It is not, you will find, for his sako that I am chiefly interested? but first you must read those papers. I will go and take tea while you do so. at the inn below, where the coach stopped.; 1 8ball not be gone more than half an hour." The peremptory manner of the young woman forbade reply, and as goon as the street door closed behind her, l'enaon addressed himself to the perusal of the depositions. Jt was some time before the palpitating bewilderment of hi* brain so far subsided as to enable him to distinctly seize and comprehend what he read: but professional habit at length resumed its influence, and by the time Miss Morton re turned he had thoroughly mastered the case as fnr as it was disclosed by the depositions. 44 Well." said she, with becoming calmness, "your opinion upon this sad affair ? ' There can be but one opinion upon it," replied Penson. 44 The fact lies in a nutshell: liarpur met the deceased at a farmer's dinner, alter whiefe, both being elevated by wine, 11 a ? i- f -* iinrpur wuk vuoum II SVDieiOIDg?11 18 not 1 stated what?that Masters said respecting vou; and a violent quarrel and fight ensued. Three nights afterwardt Masters is found dead, with a ballet through his brain. James lilundell, a respectable man, whom I know well, swears positively that he heard the report, and about ten minutes afterwards saw Harpur running from tho spot, not far from which the body was next morning found?his face, clearly visible in the brilliant moonlight, as white as chalk, and holding a pistol in his hand. Tbore can be no doubt, therefore, that Harpur killed the deceased, though perhaps under eircumstances that, if provable, might reduce the offence to manslaughter." " You noticod that the man's watch and money were not to be found?!' said Judith Mor ton. ' Yes; and that is certainly an odd circum stance; but Drobably, as I Me is suspected, they were stolen oy some person who discovered tho body earlier in the morning than Blundell and the constable did." " Is there nothing which in your opinion af fects the credibility of Blundell's testimony?" " Not essentially; to be sure there appears to have been ill-blood between him and Mas ters, but the fact cannot have any weight against the " " Not if strengthened?niade weighty?" in terrupted the young woman with suggestive amphaii*. ' I?I do not comprehend you," stammered Penson?greatly startled, as he told me, more dy ner manner man words "You mait then, and thoroughly," Mid Judith Morton, who was now deathly pale, "or nothing effectual will, I see, be done. There ia no one within hearing?" 'Not a soul." " Draw your chair closer to mine, however, that I may speak the secret, which, will plact mm in your powr, in a whisper: it was I slew Robert Mastera!" ? " God of heaven?you!?impossible." " It is true, and therefore possible, as you shall hear?but first let me ask you this ques tion: With all my faults of temper, caprices, vexations, follies, was I not always a truthful girl?" "Certainly; you were ever sincere and plain spoken." [TO ra CONTINUED. J 0~ The frozen pipe* of a cooklnje range ex" plodtd at Warehouse Point, Ct., on Friday. Mra' Barton and tier two children were knocked aenae" leaa. The range waa a complete wreck, burning coala, brlcka, atove covers. kettlea, and hot water, being thrown in all direction*. IE7*A westerly current and a westerly wind having almost constantly prevailed for two roontha In the Straits of Gibraltar, "2,300 vessels.of all nations, were unabled to get to aea until the luth alt. C7" Immense quantities sf Swiss watches are exported to China. In some of the Chlneae dwel lings the whole side of a room Is covered with them. 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DOVE * CO. nLRE Now prepared to execute any orders witk irhioh the? may be favore-i in tlie PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING RIlSINEHa 117* Store ob Sth street, ft low doors north of Pa, ivertoe, where mftT_!>? fonnd ft eomsiete Assortment >f CHANUEI.I KRS ftnd other 6AS, STKA M ftn< WATKR FIXTURES. iftiff It WG A S F1XTUKES. K Have in store, and ftre dfti y rrceivir.c, HAS P/ X T ORES of entirely New Pfttiernsftnd J>?*i?ns ind Finish, superior in *?j!e to ftnyi hi ok heremore tfered in this market. Vvo invite citizens cem*r&i j to oftll and examine our stock of Gas and \\ ater - ixtures, feelinz confident that we have tha l-eet lelected stock in Wa?hini;ton. All Work in thea!>ove line intrueiexl tooui cart nil be promptly attended ' >. MYKKS & MeGHAN. war 5 it .'tTK I) street. I SNYDKK, Is n. UMBER AA'D OAS HTTKR. Has removed to the coiner of Twelfth ftnd F sts. Ie ia prepared to introduoe Water ftnd <;ft* upon he moat lavuiftble terms, ftnd gu&r&nltes enure ftUsfftction Hehas on h&nd ft lot of COOKING and other ITOVKS, which h* will sell leu than cost, as he risliea to cet rid of tliom. no 1? wool the most intallibt? remwiei) of the day,and 10 f&m11r should be without them; and besides, he? are no cheap a* to bo within the reach of ail. We do not ex poet strangers to h>6hev? what we rrite in recard to our own medicine*, consequeut t we refer you to the following well known gen lemen's certificate*, whioh c*n be seen at the <'rug itoref where the articles are Tor sale; the* *ay the* ire the bent Couch and Sk>re Throat Medicines he* iiaweever known: Rev. Jm H. lirown. Rev. (jeorge Hildt. R"ev. Pani'l A. Wilson, Rev. Win. A. Hicks, Kev. Wm. A. Snively, Rev, John Foley, Kev. Ja?- 8. MeMtirr*y, K?v, Wm. R. Mills. Of the Baltimore Conference. Each article ib ciiU a tiottlo. Wholesale by W. H. Read & Co., Druggists, 63 Broadway. Baltimore. At retail by K. S. T. Ciscel & Co., Druggist, Seorgetown. Charles >*tott, Druggist, 37# Fa. avenue. Wm. 8. Thompson. Drnsgist, Fifteenth st. and New York avenue, Washington. John E. Bat*s, Druggist. Navy Yard, ja /* Im 1'HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY F. EMRICI1. at the corner of Fenn.A . ? 1 Lvenue and Eleventh street, lias I'A?iiW!H|V ;re*tly improved recently and now offers Jy^SHLl ;ieater inducements for the patronace ofoitizmTS ind strangers than any other public h<*useiu the Jity. hi* price* being less than those of any ot'ter }otai on l'enn. avenue, and his accommodations or permanent or transient hoarders unexoeptiou ibl#. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become veiy popu ar, being all that can be desirea by the most faa idious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and eontiBued liberal expenditures to give sat KfMtion to all, aud thus renews Ins invitation <* til to give the Kuropean Hotel aoall. de4ti IP YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HA R V E Y'9 Who hM just received a large mpnly of fresh LOB STERS, FISH, and fane OYSTERS, rhioh he will serve to easterners at the^^ZZSf ihortest not'ee and on liberal terms. P. 8 ?Oysters served to families and hotels are lot no&lded. they are only scalded for persons eat nt them at the saloon. d?8 T. M. HARVEY. /QV NOTICE. /<K IWA REMOVAL. jTWJL W V I have lemoved my V V PAWN OFFICE to S51 C street, between and 6th streets, imine liateJy in the rear of the National Hotel, where the bunt.ee* will be oontinued as heretofore at the lid stand. I no 15-6m] ISAAC HKRZBKRG. H U E W A R D, Dealer in New? U bad Cast Ofl Clothiac. respectfully inform* the pnMio that he has opened a f,li-ENSiiD PAWN OFFICE at No. 76 L^uiciaoa avenue, between ?th and 10th sta., a few doors eaat of the new Cen tral Guard-houae, where he will be at *11 times prepared to wait on hia patrons with promptness*, ittentiwn atxl the strictest justioe. N. If.?Jewelrj, Dry Goods, Clothing, Merhan ios' Tools, ?.c.. always on hand at private sale, Ja 16 tm* __ NEW FAWN OFFICE. | ADIKS THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid Lj Moroooo, Goat* Skin, Laatinxi, Ac.,? Kuttonod. Laced and Velvet Trimmed. MB] Aleo Miiwi B<>ot? i f the nm? ntyle-.arer lelunc from V) o^ntg to 91. per pair, lower" |i?n else where mtUe *i it, st ' J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 1? Market Spx*e j, . ^ *** *T- h*,t" 8th M<1 9t*' *ree??. Ladies' and Misaea' Lone Riiblter Htxili. ja ?eo W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have jn?t repwvwl the btr^Mt Miortment *nd now offer the most exten?!ve varietignra ? Wlf.B LKATHKR hAPJFS'JlKK^BgSX Mid PACKING TRUNKN H AT BOX 1 VAI.fSES, OARfKT BAfiH, SATOHK 1.8,*0.. <Vi ?-tf sua p*. ?T?n??. d?8 KING * BURCHELL. OFFICE OF INBPKCTOR AND SEALER J OF OAS METERS. W A9Fir?oro*?, July 18,1W0. NOTICE IS HEREBY U1VEN, Tuat.actee .Mr to the provisions of the oidiuauoe of the Cor oration acpioved May 12.13C0,the undersigned > iow prepared, "whenever re?imed in writtnc, and n pre payment of tiie foe of fifty oent.i, to inspect, xamin>-. tesi,prove, and a.'o?riain the accuracy of eg titration orany gas meMr in us* in this city." iyery meter, if found incorrect, will he condemned, ,nd another, sealed and marked aa t?ue, will to etini'* place. If proved to to accurate in it* neasuivniont of km, it wfll to sealed aooordiuj'y, nd a?ain put in position for use. Oftce No. *10 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel jws'HaU.) Open from 8 a. id., to 5 ?. m. CHAKL.ES VV. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Insjoctor and Sealer of 6a.s Meters. r U. O. DKMUTIl & CO., IMPORTERS And VVh?.ie*ale and Retail Deal ers in IIA VAN A CI0AR8, fOREI(iN WISES, BRANDIES, GINS, tc., No. 40 North Charles Strbkt, ^tn doors above Ltunttcm St., no S ly Baltimore. WASHINGTON W AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take otic*. as it will he to their Interest to do ao, tliat V. H. READS COMPOUND SYRUP OK AVER WORT for Cougkf, Colds, Hoartentss, \oup and other affection* of the throat and cheat, ,nd also hi? SORE THROAT PoWDER. are CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " V Strut, Miimm 9tk mmd lot* Strut*. We hare juat fiuabed a number of firat-elaM CARRIAGES, ruoh m Litkt Fmtkcy. Watont, Park Pksatous, Family f?r l FVHf vnt| j i?t> 4 Mutum i l utu, ?*a But tut, whion we will eel 11 "L maohanioa in different hranobea i Ten amali profit. JMiMMMttMla >flhe huineM, we flatter oar wires tbat we kooW he atylea end *u*nt; of work thatwiH i aabi action, oomLining lithtneaa, comfort and darabili 7Refaidnc promptly and oarefally attended to be ahortest notioe and moat reaaor.aMe eharree. WALTER, KARMANN & BOIT, Coaehmakera, auooeaeora to Win. T. Hook, ay n-dJj rCARRIABCS. UK Subscriber kantc made aridities* te kl Mtory. making it now one oftfc* a the District, where kis facilities forUK^Bt lanofacionnzCARKIAQE & LI?HT*5BE VA6ON8 of a51 kinds cannot be surpassed, an4 row hla long experienoe in tke basinaaa, ks kspse (ive general satiifaotioa. All kicas oi UarrucM ui Ligkt Wir*u k?ft e? jClR LP AIR8 neatly 4*M,ud all orders preupt ratt ended to. DENTISTRY. ) RS. i OCR WOODy* DARRELL ARE PRE pared to insert TtETHon VULCAN-^ TF. BASK, a new and improved mode.ffsf^iar ? urn iniug on mis p.an they a*e oom " >rtable to *w and mush cheaper than any other. lUo Te?th inserted on Gold Plate, and all Pent*l 'perations of any kind that may be desired Of ce Room No 5. in the Washington Building,oor Br Pa av. and Seventh <t. ja 10 2m* if TEKTH. ?1 LOOM IS, M. 1)., the inventor and patentee rthe MINERAL PLATK TEKTH. atrmu mds personally r.t his office in tins oiit.MBBj} Many persons can wear these teeth who^*' ' " innot wear others, and no person can wear others ho eannot wear these. Persons oalling at my office can be accommodated ith any style and price of Teetlt they may desire; it to those who are particular and wish the purest, eai.est, strongest, and most perfect denture that t can produee, the MINERAL PLATE will be ere fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa arena*, between h and loth sta. Also, 90T Aroh street. Phtladel 11a. oc 16 tf TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. J ALT! MORR AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGK OF HOURS. On and after SIJN OA V, November 2>th, 1880, th? aina will run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at ?.2f?a. m. Second Train at 7.4'i a. m. Third train a? S.IO p. iu.f Expreaa. Fourtli train at 6p m LEAVE BALTIMORE-. First train at 4.15 a. m.. Expreaa. Second tram at a. m. Third at 3-Ki?. m. Fourth at 4.2"i p. m.. Expres*. The iirat. secon i and tiiinl Iran.a from Werh glon c-mueot ttuouglp o Philadelphia and New4 mk. I'hr ?eoo:.d and third connect at Wanlnncton inction Willi traius for th*? Wei-t. South, and prthweet: also, at Anuapoiia Junction, for Au inoilfl V*<ir TWorfrtilr talrn !?"> 1 ' < ? * ? V. " ?r.WIV ?*. Hi. Wl HI . 1-or the accommodation of th? waT travel he reon Washington an<1 l.auiel. a car ill l>?> attached to the teenage tram whioh loavee 11 a hi. L>n Saturday the S.10 p. m. tram no*m to Philadal iaonly. so 26-d T. II. PARSONS, Agent. 'UENCHFLOWERSOF THE VLEY BEST qnality, aod an extensive v*ri?t?. At STEVENS'S .na lur 'aj^ Kane; Store, no 22 tf S.lfi. I>etw. ??th aiul loth *U l/ATCU REPAIRING ANl)SILVER WARE ? manufactory. I have one of the tieat establishments, and fur she*l with a complete set of tool* for repair e ev-?ry <li?*oriptiou of hne Watches, and rticniar attention give to the *ani>\ by a< [)roui'.hoompetei:t vorkman.K'i<l a work cuAin-. d Ali-o, every desurip ion of standard SI I.VER ARK. p'.a'uand ornamental, ruauufactu<e<i nmW f own siif?rvii>ion. whioh my customers will tiud r superior in quality and fim?h to northern ware Id by dealers in general and represented a* their rn mauufactnr?. H. O HOOD, *6 33^ Pa. avenue. noar9lii st. ?EST FANCY GOODS, AT PRICKS TO SUIT THE TIMES, Asn One r*RicB Ohly> At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE, 10 .42-tf 336. b*tw. IHh And loth at*. I/ Sio.ooo ? ORTI! OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS. Of all Style/ and Qualities, AT A GKKAT SACRIFICE OH COST. Store for Rent and Fixtures for Sale. Ml the Stock ito S. pThOOVER'S STORE, CTTOlrnn HaiUenhra'inc every prwlof l,adie?', (rents', Children'! ar.-tlBj *?Userv*uls'SHOES A'no.TRAV fll LING TRUNKS are now !>?!ce sold./?w .?k At treat sacrifices on osuai retail sellindpnce*. deed much below original oort. The attention of e public is solicited, as coat inducement* will i ma.Ik to purchasers. f'he above oomprises a large stock of the fine?t lality Frencli v/1 American <>aiters,Shoe8,Boots, B.. Ac., for ladioe and gentlemen Th-Store is Tor rsut and tho Fixtures for sale, nplv on t>>? premises. Iron Hall. N. H.?The above stock, either in whole or in ,rt, will be sold at private sale. To any one de roii* of entering the Hoot, Shoe and Trunk Busi es tins affords a bettor opportunity than may ,ain b? presented. Persons indebted will oonfar a favor by promptly tiling and settling their accounts. ja 7 t' [REEMAM & SIMPSOKJ EXTRA* OLD [FAMllY KWHIi EXTRA OLD FAMICf RYE] OTIS] The above PURE WHISKY,C*rm Dibtillm ton Maltsd OmAi*, bein* eveenor end nrf< rro i ?u?lity, u?d Wihly'Wprowdta m*.m r oon?umei? to %U other Whieiiee, ?nd p?rtioo ,rly reoommenaed by the beet phreiote.ne wmI irmituiinMHuiiii we re?itr?ra*t? or a V?? Tonic iinvic*rtuer mmd Remedial At tut. TheSchnylkill Wi>r o| Philadelphia. uae<1 m ia di??iHation of thia Whiaky, ia proved by ana'y ia to bo the so float and puree t water ia tho United tatea ; and to thia uiay, in a great decree, be at rtbuted the excel lenoe of thisJSVhiaky. For aaleby FRfcEMA^ SIMPSON. Pbenix Distillery, On the SchaylkiLi river. Philadelphia Oftoee?96 Wall atreet, New York ; 10? South ront atraat. Philadelphia. t T COST! 1 A T C O 8 T ! In order to rednoe oar stock ruevioua to layir.r i our apriog euppli'a, we will from tins day until it Maroh, ?ell oar entire nook of DRY GOODS t coat for ca*k. Farey Silks and SilkRobea we offer formueh leaa inn ooau juouiiio, Barege and Uvb Rob?? at tlf pt Bay era wouM do well to examine oar atook be >ra rurehaoini alaewhore, aa ve are data* mined to ITer treat induoementa ?o pnrchaaera la 8 TAYLOR & HUTCHISON. ? F? la?.a. uxai< ?. h. Ken. I. k Ami. MMTS AT-*AW AMAR.MOTY A AUTKY, ATTOkl ;jsfcSrarrfs'jbw.mAr lalaat Jackfton.ths Federal Coart at Pontotoa, >e Coarta of the Seventh J ndioiai Distr.ol of Mia mi, and will attend to Iki Colleatiea ?f Clauaa im'kciIlM Nnnli Mnawwt aaM-tf J WOOD AND COAU L OU Will Bii-el* cot yonr ironey'a worth by illini at tn* rin.NKKR M 1 LLS, tor tr if Ferentk *trtrt am it Cannl, iUKO PA*iK, rent ) They sell eheeper aaH cive better?mii? ian any othera in the city?col, split, and dehv -ed free of charge. If T<>a oon't bebeve it. cive ? II i M.uwrr nun* a trial, and fee satisfied. j? 17-1 y.r >UY YOUR StatMiwrf and Hohool K<<oka at J r*H hPH KR D'f>. while yon tare ? ?U?M u? WtniirnioiMf. i% > ? Iw iRhAT BARGAIN* IN GOOD SECOND J H AMI* P1AN?'}*. *Iso, new Ptaro* at fnot* i rait thet ihmi. Call and JOHN p FI.M* f? IS 306 Pa ar.. Nit HA a?d lotfa ?U irRlGli r PiYnOS-A wt prett* Piano for j .-a p... Vn>linoe>loa. M?k> i* n*. Ac , lor rent. fe 11 - bimuam VDii A EDUCATIONAL. Those fS&'iVSS^i c?iv? a thorough and yrtemftbo duration. wb*r* th*ir phjHeftl training will r*o*lT? d*jlT to?4 bmcm.. itrntion, under Um moat tppror?d uttMofWit tftemoaud GymnufiM. *r? r*?r*otffcllj inviUd * it the Union F?*ma ? AoA.ie?f, corner Fomr tMcLb ?L tad N?v York ? . MR. A MRS. Z. UC|ARD?tf _ rnamfmn* 1? EM A LE BOARDING AND DA Y8CII00L" Mr*. P. J^MoA^RMftffc. ^anacini. The thirteenth annual mniod of toia InatiUtMW wiij oprtiwionoe on Taeeday, September 1M h. is the hooae recently ooo ; p-d by Syireater Seotl, No. ISO Kick atreet. The court* of study piiraued will oompriae all the branchea rejuiaite to a ti?oro??h Kitfliah R4a cation, and Maaio. French. Latin aad Drawing, if deal re?l. la addition to day aeholar*. Mr*. MeCorirnek la prepared toreoeirea limited namher of pupila aa boardara, who. conatitntinc a part of tier owa mi Uy.will be ?aiw bar iiwahria ?ar? ?a? ??M"' ion. Bk? will eadearor, aa tar aa poeaibte te aar round them with lite comfort* and kindly inflaenoea of Home. mifmtnof - Key. Geo. H. Norton. Rer. Dr. Kiiaa arnaon. Rev. D. F. Sprig*, William H. Fowle, F.<1 tar Snowden, Kaa. Edmund F. Witmer .. Henry Marb?ry. E??.. Lewia McKe*?ie Robert H. Huntor, Ei* . W D. WailaaJ. JSreni nr Star, Benjamin Water.. Km ..Jaa e, Jr-Eae.,Col. John W.eiaer, Lo?d"ur. a. il.aok<ocV * Marehall. Meaara Cot Brot iera. Board, with Toition'in a^'thn Engliafc RranchM, #2?'for the annual mhiod-payable Mini -aaanallT, in arir&Rce. Kuaie and Laa*nncne at Profeeeore* prione. 7" No extra charge*. an Curt Ctmtk. CM, H?rtmtlf. i% Jlutnz*. any Irritation ? Smi mtn of the Tkrmt, K*luri tkt Htfkint Co**k mi Gmmm*W Hon. BrmmfhUi*, Athmm, t Cn ntrk. CUmr mnH it*r* <rrnM(i ( Ik* roict nf PUBLIC SPEAKERS awd SINGERS. Pnv are avari of the imnortanoe of oMeRsi a Cough or "Common Cold" in ite ?ret iiaceTtitat wium in ui? ben mar woald yield to a mi id dr. if neglected,aeon attach sue "Ihm'i Brmukuii T> contains* i.enmToent iafratfi enta, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. ** That trouble in my Tfcroat. (for BROWN'S whioh the "7\ockf" krc a ifMiitl havioc wads nie often a mere whu TROCBEii Krer* N. P. WILLIE. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S M I reonm Brutui their aae to Prblic RET. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioein iibdiiini Hoabfs nim." REV. DANIEL WISE. " Almoet inatant relief in the d? - . t'eeains iabni of breathing to Arthma." REV. A. C. RG6LE8TON. 44 Contain do Opmm or anything iiganou*." DR. A- A HA> ES. Ckrmist, Jle*ta?. " A iimple and aleaaaat oombma i tion lor Corsn?, 4c." _ DR. d. F. B1GELOW. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHE* BROWNS TROCHES BROW N'? TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES " Bencltcia in Rkonthitis." BR. J. I". W. L.ANK. Btt*m, ** I h*v? proved then exo*l lent for Wnorr'ww REV. H. W. WARREN. M Iton?h?>*.! wh*n eo?ur?i '?<< to UDII1WC 14 ,* r rprAk , niflonai from C?Ln." &EV. S. J. r. ANDERSON, St. Lom\;. " Kri w HU in rn?nrin* H<*rt? n*M *i.<1 Irritation of th?i Throat, mo eomfri'>n with Speakers and^m? "' Prof M. STACY JOHNSON. L? Urmmet, Um. Tracher of M to. Si'uUioro Coti?f?. "b"?l l>#ne{it whtti taken boforo And after pr?*rni(.c. a* tk#r fr?T?l .. i.* UHV TT 11 c ' r? ? 1 I think they will b? ei permanent aJ TROCHES rant*** to me." RKV. E. ROWLEV. A. M. BROW N'i? ; Preaulent of Alb-ns Coliefe, Teun. TROCHES irT8oMhy?!l Dm?i?U at TWEN - TV FIVE CENTS A BOX.^jf tie i It 'j^HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEtfEMAR.l.S and S-Pr?te?ted by Royal letters i'at?:it oi England, a??l secured hy the Sea'* of tu? Ecole de Pharmacie de PCh?. and tna Imperial Ooile*eot Medtsine. Vienna No I i* invaluable for oxhauatum and natorrbea, and al1 phyaioai diaabiltttee. No. 2 completely eradicate* all traces of tboee diccaaea Ui%i l>a?e been hitherto treated bv the **u seco* and pernioi-a* ?i?e of coaaiva and cnbeha. No. S Mas entirely ?nyp!anted the injurioas u?e <?f merourjr, thereby luaruin to the sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all imparities, and rootinc oat the venom of dieeaee. TRlEKEViaR, r*/o*. 1,2 and 3. are prepare* in th? form of a lozenge, devoid of taste and amal1, and oan he carried in the waistonat pocket. Sold in tin caaea, and divided int?> separate doses, aa ad miniatered by Velpeau, LaPemand. Ron*. Rio*>rd. ho Price 93 each, or foar oas"? for 9*, which m m irAf i r *>" a A aAe ?hai ahi I hAM t m m mm % ?a*r? bum iu u t w uwi ? ?hvi v t? ? ? - inc of fO. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Or. HARROW, of 194 Bleeoker street. Nnr York. Immediate;* on receiving a remittanoe, I>r. Harrow wi!! forward the Tneeemar to any part of the world, securely paoked, and adureesec according to the m etructi in of the writer. The Hook, of all other*, that should he read by men w:th damaged and broken down eonstit?t?on<i ii"U>iinan Kr?iltt, or Thraio o?i?al keeearohes " It ie beauiifally illustrated. a?d treats *?aatelr of all the Kf trip om? that invariably develop the ?e ves. pooner or later, retailing from the rrailP*? end vitiaUnc habits of early youth, meapaeitating the victim trom sharing the fiaition nf the matri monial slate, and. if not checked ?r time, dacener ating all t' a functions of mannnod. and bringing him, step by step t?a ling*r'i?g and untimely death, bold by l?r. 'AH ROW, 194 Blanker street, four doors below Maodoncai. New York, friae 2> oer.ts Hen? free every where. Hold also i?y 8. C. Fond, Jr., Drag Htora, Wash ington. D C. i?8 >s> FOR STAMPING A II A ?kP 1> A DkB JO. NO IAR6I ? i Av. nai vr ai k< AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. Mtfel METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS. Afttut for L*cr?Kl'i etitbrnttd LuMM Mill*," tc . i*. mVIj 33'i Pft. a*.. 1861 c D1 A ?_I ES. 1861 (A? Ytmr mntk m Dimry. A Tft'oabl* Pocket Couuioi for register iri? eyeaU past. ?r(wat,ko4 ftaUrf; ?r>vtai' - ol poaUc*? tlmute, ft hlmk ipte for a pokia??. aliMiiM.a Muk ipte r<>r aMMrand every d?; ii lk? year, ?ik Mcnunt for eao oth, unni uaMt; of oaafa aeooant bill paj?hl? andreonvabla. Do?t b* wiU>oi? ?m r i,rt - Tn MLJUt ?n??lfitl Mill of deeiisweeeeerlmentever ieeied.er?* >n Banding, totMr of>4k ?tran Mk *i< rant.Mi Od*om Bu..Cing, oornar oO?j? itrMtud da an p*nn ?WH Diaries: diakiii" utiBia ? 1 ckBAFKR*fHAN SrS*IL *' W# will tak? fta utrt ti.>o->iiat of ItptrML off of n mtriM MrakHHt f>MR II r?f oMb. waaro iiMircii r>r?lo?iDK out Um ifindf of ??r terra took of Divm O?ail kirdi for (Mi FRENCH * RICRSTBIN. iaS *7- P?ur *?, its_P??. I il At fben^Ii * rici?!<teVv avaoaa. Marion 6 rah mi, or Hitfcar U H JS M**r Um., ofoik; aoat fty Stbme'i Not*# oa Da?la ftad Daaliac ; 1Sm?? , clock; #1* mail. ^Hitournaj' tllaatrfttad Powm. aioth gilt; Lft?b'? Emri oa balift: 13*".. o'otk portrait; TO'HSlMf-* ? * Ik* Mil"! w? k? Our ?a]h*?Ty diacoanton Book* from Utf p?\. ? iFTTTfam^ mimii, i. | JaT <t* Pf:? ??'!>??. ^HOOL iNO OOLUMt OOT>II> Youtks' mnd Bf' Cloth?o# ft rtWUW ??* Urt*? Wtmr. I?*n? visinat *n Nro??b Uiw with 8?fc?*?> ar-4 C??' ge 0*K.t? . rf im'?4 t?mw(r??r m BOVV" fit <*t tbni ?itwr*ii Wot "nu^T* C 4*r**U?niity.at * , w?? ^e*meM. ^ JMrmUti*U I

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