22 Şubat 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Şubat 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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'Illi: EVENING M'AK WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Febraary 88- 1MI. IET The new Dollar Weekly Star, faller than er of Metropolitan new* and goaalp. *nd choice literary reading, 1* now on oar counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In Its enter taining contents are the following articles : Tb* Mat field Mv*tery?a thrilling* talr; Jane'a valentine?pnoo Tor rruruary, now iur i Uvea were Outwitted; Hydraulic Mining In California; Conspiracy Agsinat the Capita); Gov Hick*' Testimony before the Investigating Committee; Maryland Convention, kc ; London TlBieaon Secession; Address of President Jaunty before the Virginia Convention; Portrait ?4 Count Cavonr; Corrrapondence from Penra cola; Route and Speeches of the President Elect; laaugaration of the President and Vice President of the Southern Confederacy; Presentation of ?* |V- c??liKaAuiai?' Vf Anfuftmirv Pnn. gre??; Lecture* at lb? Smithsonian; Inaugura tion Ball. Ac., kc ; Editorial* upon the National Difficulties; La teat Telegraphic Dlspatchcs from all part* of the country; Full reports of the proceeding* In Con preaa, yupreme Court, Peace Convention. Mil itary meeting*. Association*, 4c.; Agricultur-1 and Horticultural Correspondence and Miacel lany; Recipesf< r the Household and Workshop, Ac , 4c., together with several columns of Mis cellaneous items, Local new*, Prose, Poetry, Fob and Frolic. This la Just the paper above all others for per sons sojourning la the National Metropolis to Mad to their friend* at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 81.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Soma Sscobd Tboushi.?Arkansas has fairly Inaugurated the coming counter revolution In the cotton States, In her recent election. Contrary to the expectation of our correspondents by telegraph from two wide apart points in her limits, she has very probably not only elected a considerable Union majority of delegates to her proposed con vention in caae that had beea ordered to be held, but, as Tennessee did, has voted down the propo sltlon to hold a convention. Her industry is de ?UVCU nillJWk wuuujr IU lUC piuuut nuu VI tvuuu, In which she It progressing much faster In pro portion to -"ggregate population and wealth than aay other of the cotton States Her people have had (thanks to the conservatism of ber Legisla ture) the opportunity to reflect before being hur ried Into extreme measures; and the result of her lection tells how that opportunity has operated Though the lllegnlly called Texas Conventii n has resolved that State out of the Union, and although Texas may nominally vote to be bound by the action of that Convention, yet It will be /oil nit thflt th# VnU> In f^VAr of h?f r*An v*ntinn' edict will fall far belo w haf the vote of the State polled la the recen popular election?perba(S below a third of It. la each eaae, the Union party of the State *111 at all bazardi resist, wltL arms If need be, the revolution ber Convention baa esaajred to make We bave private aasu rancea if this important fact, from parties In Texai on whose advices we bave reason to rely Implicitly. Prom time to time, of late, we bave published convincing proof that tbe border slaveholdlng States are moat anxious to remain la tbe Union. Now, the qaestion to be solved Is: will tbe domi nant party, that of tbe Incoming government, aid In making the counter revoluion at the South a successful one, and also one accomplished as swiftly aa the disunion ftr st leaders accooip ptlsbed theirs? Will they aid the Union party of the South to workout. In three months, a complete and bloodies* victory for ?he integrity of the Union?driving Into political eilleevery pestilent politician who has been engaged in tbe secession work of treason* What Is required of them lu doing their share of the patriotic labor, is freely and frankly to accord to the Union party of tbe South every necessary concasai an, to enable It to overwhelm disunion In every coming content. The Instant It is known throughout tbe South that the border States are flxed ill th?! r nnrnAU nf rejecting tbe overture* of the dlsunlonlsts, the friends of the Union will commence to organize la every seceded State. They now outnumber tbe disunlonU's In all of them except South Caro lina, and, possibly, Florida. Tbt* It true beyond all question They are kept down In them now, *WWWC ?e*v dtvuuiwuleai . - ??? IUV aacea of governmental power la their hands. In thla country and era, those appliances can hold tbe majority In subjection only so long as tbe latter refrain from making sn earnest and genersl effort to assert their rights. On the Instant they (tbe Unionists of the seceded States) realise that the victorious party in tbe late National election have proved that thev ?? ?' the enemies < f the real righW of the South they have been charged with being, that effort will be made The success of the incoming Administra tion depends wholly on the destruction of the ascendency of the dlsunionlats In the secedrd States; and that depends as we have frequently ihowD, upon the substantial aid acco ded here,? by the Peace Convention and Congress?to the southern friends of the Union. Ths Pkack Cosv**tios.?As anticipated in yesterday's Sfr, to-day has been fixed on for commencing?la the Peace Convention?to vote upon the various propositions for a settlement be fore them. At I p. m. to-day, all general debate closed, In pursuance of a resolution adopted yes terday, and amendments commenced to be pro posed, discussed in five minutes' speeches and voted oa. Probably fifty of such DroDositiona ? to be so dlapoaed of ere they can come to a final vote. If that be not arrived at before Monday next,whlch la notimpoaaible,we ahouid not be air. prlaed to find the majority In favor of an entirely aatlafactory aettlement to tbe border State* over whelming?thirteen Statea to aeveo; the latter being all statea far north of the border. If the vote be taken to-day, the majority will be leaa. doubtleaa. We are very aure that the in fluence of the President elect will be exerted earneatly to procure a report, auch aa indicated above, from the moment he reachca tht? ?? doubt not that it* power will be shown conclu. vrly, in the final determination of the Conven tion if that be postponed until Monday next. We can now confidently assure tbe public that, come what will, the Convention will make a rt port on which all the border alaveholdini; SUtes will at once take their stand for the Union, and under such circumstances as will instantly force upoa the public mind North, South, East, and West, the Irresistible conclusion that in due time tbe recommendations of that report will be In corporated late the law of tbe land?rxnstitu tloaal and statutory, as that (the report) may sug P. S ?Some time since the opponents of any compromise sent to Kansas to secure tbe attrnd nc? at delegates, who, they hoped, would act witn (Mm. To-day. * Kanaaadelegate appeared, atking ad alaalon. It being suspected that la getting taim here the eatl-ccmproaiiae men have caught a tartar, they wore oppoelag hit admission to take part la the nmlalag proceeding! of the Convention, aa we g?^pnm. Tn Ou Rati 8imli EascoMciNo Thik iuvu m tan Naw Cum .'?Washington city anlekered outright thla morning, on the appear, a nee of the telegraphic diapatch announcing that bo ether than Mr. Philip C. Clayton of Georgia, had been elected Assistant Secretary of the Treaa nry of the Oovernmeat of the aeuthern oligarchy of the Galf States ' 44 la It there ye are, old true penay Yesterday evening brought ua a similar tel egram announcing the appolatmeat of a tot of elm liar old rata?eaclal?who haveabaaaatalated from the (hell of the old cboeaa ber? mad rlw wbere?for ther bad fairly eaten oat ?U tbc lij aide, rr? aoekmg barrow* la the new oiw-iu plicn la the Southern Cabinet; aad ntheraaaylng that Mr. Kaltt la to bar* Um niaalon to Spain, Mr Slide 11 the French ntaaion be coalda't get attdrr the Oovarnmeat of the United St* tee ft will be !! ?tiarad aad Mr Yancey aome European mlaalon or otbor. How plain do aucb appolntmonta abow that theaa dlaunlon conapiraton uaurped the govern* meat of theOulf SUtea only to tba and of korpta>t tbrlr bold oa piece u< power nmImw and acmewhere, it barlag become certain, beyoad prredeeature, tbet In tbe torn of the poll deal wh?*j tbe people of tbe United Stales bad decreed * *? ?* ftantMif M* faciei pe*tteae ! * CONGRESSIONAL. Pknatz?After our report cloaed yeaterdav? On motion of Mr. Blight, the ~enat* went Into executive aeaaion, and after aotne time apent therein, the doom were opened and the !*enate took up for conai deration the Clrtl Appropriation bill, mod after the adoption ?f certain amend ment*, took a receea until 7 o'clock; wbea the Senate waa addreaaed by Mr. Wllaon, and then adjourned until to-day at 11 o'clock. Hovas.?When our report closed, the Houae * ? ? *?_ a U * Vlil naa unaer contiafrmoQ nr. ^uuioo Army uui. After apeeches from Mr Bocock, of Va., and Mr. Howard, of Mich , the further conaldertUon of the bill was postponed till Monday next. The special order, being the report of the Com mittee of Thirty three was next called up. Mr Barrett, of Mo , addressed the Honae, con demning tbe republican p?rty, but protesting against secession as unjust to the Border States. On motion oi Mr Stanton, the House wrnt into Committee of the Whole (Mr. Bocock, of Va., in the chair,) and took up the Oregon war debt bill, and after aome time apent therein, the committee roae and the House adjourned. Friday, February 22. IfUt (Ko nMMntetlAn rmft tMV V?^UH?*tVU * * V?V?V"VV of sundry petition*, and tb? passage of several private bills, the post route bill was taken up, and Kir. Latham addressed the Senate In opposition to the motioa-of bla colleague for a Committee of Conference, contending #300,(X>0 was a sufficient sum for the overland dally mall. Mr. Gwln replied, urging the necessity of the Senate Insisting on its amendment; claiming that the flouae amendment would endanger the meas ure. At half past 12, the bill authorizing payment for the suppression of Indian hoatilltlea in California (being the special order) waa taken up. Mr. Latham spoke in favor of Its passage. Mr. King opposed the bill, claiming It was not sufficiently guarded Mr Maker addressed the Senate earnestly In favor of the bill. DEPARTMENT NEWS. Cm. Meigs at nis old Post Aoaii*.?The fol lowing orders are of Interest to ou'r citizens : Engineer's Dxfartmkst. > Washington. Feb 21, 1661. J Capt. M. C. Meigs, Corps of Enginetrs, Washimgttm, D. C: Captain : By direction of the Secretary of War you tire assigned to the charge of the completion of the Washington Aqueduct, and you will enter upon the duty without delay, relieving Lieut. Morton therefrom. Lieut Morton h-s been instructed to denes!t all fun>ls In hi* band* belonging to the Aqueduct with tbe Treasurer of the United States to the credit of the appropriation, and to send the re ceipt therefor to this office with bis final accounts. Very respectfully, Captain, your roust obedient, Joseph G Tottes. Brevet Brig. Gen. and Col of Engineers. Item* Telegraphed Irani Washington. Washisgtoji, Feb 21?Official advice* were received to-day from Fort Sumter, but nothing of especial interest is therein mentioned. It appcats, however, that the garrison Is in want of money, but there is no convenient means by which the Government can supply this demand i ne senate w-aay went Into executive session by tbe casting vote of the Vice President. A large number of nominations to which no objections were made, including promotion* in the Army and Navy, and deputy postmaster*, were con firmed. Alio that of Representative >iiblack, of Indiana, aa Chief Justice of Nebraska. A motion was made to take up the nomination of Judge Black as Associate Justice of the Nn preir.e Court, but this was disagreed to by three or four majority, while several who are opposed to the appointment voted to procred to its considera tion. A similar course whs pursued in relition to that of John Pettlt, as District Judge of Kan sas. It Is the opinion of some of tbe Senators that these will be no more Executive sessions during the remain^ r of the trrm of the present Admin istration. Personal. Major Selden, U. S. A ; Capt. F D. Cal lander, U- 8. A ; L>r Jarvls, USA . and ladv; C. D. Nye and lady, Shanghai, are at tYlllsrds'. Obstruction or Cbiilktom Hakbok?A late letter from Charleston mvi: "One sad accident baa been the result of the foolishness of tbe State In putting out all tbe lights at the entrance of the Larbor. The brig Janus Madison.from A:taWr?pa?, with a cargo of sugar and molasses, bound for natumore. in attempting to make thla harbor 011 the night of the 11th Instant, Id distress, but not seeing any lights, got among the breakers, struck, and aoon went to pieces. The captain and four men were lost, only one man being aaved. The harbor la an difficult to enter that moat r.f the goods that come here are shipped by the way of Savan nah, as Insurance cannot be effected ou goods shipped directly here " IV* u>u UiNIIITlt ?lit i\ek N. J., a Mr. Oobbs has recovered 82U0 of a den tist named Ruasell, for Improper dentistry, ,'1'he Judge stated, as a principle or common law and common reason, that any person claiming to prac tice any particular trade or profession li responsi ble for failure to exerciae sufficient skill In th? prosecution of bla business. ' ' 1 i . ThkFloatin* Battery.?The Augusta (Ga.) Constitutionalist of Tuesday, contalna the follow ing special dispatch, dated Charleston, Feb. 16: The floating battery is nearly completed, and will be launched to-morrow at 2 o'clock. It is said to be a very complete work of its kiiid. The ex-Duke of M odena recently an nonnced to bis little band of troops at Bassano that be would soon need their servlc** for re-entering bis former dukedom. He distributed arms to them to be used for that purpose. WORSHIP AT THE CAPITOL,.-By tiivine porinisMun t?i?- Kev. Thui. U. ptiti tui win preacri id th? Kepreaeutat vt"' Hall en 8AHBA1H MORNING, at II o'clock. Lnion hymn bcoln mei. fe 22 2..* !Y"3=?CHAR1TY SERMON.?The Rev. Wif P. 'Jof Clabki.8. J , Preaident of Gor.sva ? ol lege, wnl pleach a or arity jfrmon in !*t Ma.thew'a Cfinreh ? n SUNDAY. the 24th instant, at ?he 11 o'clock rnas , in aid of ili? indigent ?ontn<? who are in charge of the Youag Catholica' Friend Sooi ty. fe 22 2t J. J KANE, Cor Sec._ /Y^=?L,N1VKRSAMpM -He that Beieretknot thai' be D*m*rd.?TitiopHiLr* H?kb w II pr ach at the old Trinity Oiniroli on SImNDAY EVENl.MG.at7K o'clook, from Mark 16:t?? lie that brlieveth and U-ipni -<1 aha I !>? ??v?d; but he that believaih cot ch&ll b? dunned." Sea'? free 1 O. O F.-KKIKN1K-H1P l.ODGE. No 1Tha inemb r? of Frien'li'h'p Lodge, No. U, a^e re^ueated t') meet at th?ir Ha l on SI.1 N I>AY, 2*th inat., at half paat I o'clock, for the pu% p?*e ? I attend ng the funeral ol onr deoeas*.! t<> %H f* ^2-2t* ootn and Ham in for iU standard brarer*, about ?:,om fidelity to the cause there ia no mnm of dia 6at* are roapect fully icvit <1 to meat at bearha>t'a lota',on C .treet, nexts * TU ? DAY E v KMNG, at o'clook. to tak* maaaarea with a view to maroh in pi ooasa on on th? <ia* ? f the luauguration, with an appr< pnatebadgeot designation. that their nom bart acd States may la known to all and every body. to prepars for t^e inantarm'ion ball and for other prudent and proper purposes. . All tboaa in tflioe.or ? ho a e auxious to get in, who ran ?h>>w no ataring evidenoe of thru devo tion to the Rrpnbii' an oauae, and ara aiming to ao 001:1 p i?h their e eventh h?nr deairea through petti toat wjltunue. n?ed Mi attempt to attend the me t jo?. for they will b? spotted, every man of them. fe 19 dt* 8AM. HTRONG. (V^CITY HALL, Fkbecaet 9tH ?The Aaaea LL5 aora having finished their acnual aaaesa ment of icsl mil ? ' * . ... K2" ' ^r? *? *'?? ' wj Will IIIoeI fti tfcMr room.tCitjr Halil <tamr.?? a Board of Af p-ali, from th-- lOtb to the 2StIi of Fetruary, inclu sive, to hear all oompl&iats and to make iaoh oor rectiona in over assessment as they may deem neo GEO THQ8. STEWART Bo?. rfW?l SAY, STRANGER, WHHRE ARK I < you goits t Yon a^em to he i n a great hur ry" "So I am. I am going to SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothes. The peo ple ?ajr be has a very nice assortment, and they ?ay lie sells them so oheep. Not*.?'The last we hv of th* stranger h* was running up Seventh street sinking oet? SMITH. No. 4?0?r f.e-e THK UNION PRAYER MEETINGS . frill be holden every day tbia week, in the ucliak Latk?r?a Church, corner of It tb and H rMti, to flomum U 4 o'clock, ami to continue ET. itrMt* hour. ) a 7 >i> Pa. An , U nroir.er, j;R>KD-CT KaNDOM. M#mb?ri of Uttrt Ithlifa are fraternal'; invito) to at "rid. fmZi fAMUKI. K DOl'G LASS. 9<*o ryS^MABONIC-HIRAM LODOK, No. 10 I.U? A oaileit ins tin* of ihia Lo-1ee wilj held at tli9 Hal'. on Ni iftaMth ?tr?et. h'tw?en H and 1 U., on fUNDAY, th?2Uhinst., at 1)? o'c nek p. m., for th" purpose of attending 'he funeral of our late Brother, Bkxed ct Kaiimix. Bre?h'?>n ia ioo-t standing are l aitrna! j iuvi e<i to attend. K> order of tiie W. M. t'h 2- JOHN .M J E WFXL. Seo. fY^y^NUTlCl?" ?Oa Thura ajr, *-'ebruarjr 2l*t. 'J.3 'he orgamz vik.u of a < avairy Corp* was C" vleted by the m ection of the iiaine ei "Colim Diauavairf" Tit Ofitm vj: C&p'ain?Allkn Ih>po*. I? Lie?t naut?Wm IIickkt, Jr.. 3<l do Wm H. Williams, 3d do. N. Boyd Brook*, fentirn?Jamv.s K. Kk/.i.l, Qutrtermanter?Job* E. iiach, Sureeon?N. Urat Palmer Pi>ano a) Secretary?Oh*?. B. Matey. The Company ia onmpoaed of memtera within iLe Uiatiiot and citi limita. Hy n-der: fen rt* JNO. F. HirKKY. See. (YTT* ATTENTION, Rt PUBLICANS - All L9 those votera in Mi* Uiatrict of Columbia who left h?re to vote in either of the Statea, and apen d time and money i > th? KepuS io\n cauae. with ? PROGRESS OF THE PRESIDENT ELECT DarARTCRK FROM NlW Yo** Tbe President elect left New York ycsterdiy morning about 9 o'clock, amid cheers from the multitude and salvos of artillery, upon his route for Washington. At Ellzahetbtown and Princeton, N J., great crowds were collected, and Mr Lincoln made a few remark* from the platform of the rara, but were drowndl bv the applause and ch?ers. On arriving at "Trenton, tbe Philadelphia coun- 1 cilmen and committee, with the constituted an- 1 thorlties oC Trenton, were admitted into tbe 1 depot, and ibr gate* closed ana guarded by a strong police fore#. Mr. Mills, Mayer of T;en ton. received Mr. Lincoln with the following address: Honored Sir: In tbe name of the clt zens of 1 the Capitol of tbe State of New Jersey. I have t^e 1 honor to extend y?n a hearty welcome to our city. It will afford us great pleasure to do all in our power to make voir stay with us as agreeable as possible. With jour permission,hono*ed s r. we 1 will now escort yon to the State Capitol, where the members of the Legislature and Stale officers await tbe pleasure of dolng*vou further honor. Mr Lincoln briefly replied He adverted to no political topic, but stated that he was prond to ac cept the hospitalities of the State of New Jersey. An immense procession was then formed of uiiiiMiiy auu raiiic^cB, wuii u icu i?l r. L*III coin to the Capitol, where the President was re ceived In the Senate chamber, Hon Ed. Perry, President of the Senate, addressing Mr. Lincoln as follows: Sir?In the name and on the behalf of the Legis lature of New Jersey, I welcome you to the capi tal ?<f our State. Elected to the high nnd respon sible office of President of the United states, you are soon to tnke upon vcurself the solemn duties to which you have been called. You go to preside over the destinies of this vast country at m time of great distraction and eminent peril, when the hearts of all true patriots are filled w'.th anilely and solicitude, when the true ions of liberty stand appalled at the Impending crisis. That you may receive from on High wldorn to direct and strength to sustain vou In the dfsrhnrre of the laborious duties of your^>lgh office, andtbat you may so succeed as to merit the universal plau dit of Well done, good and faithful servant," is, I aiu sure, to-day, the prayer of millions of free men . Go, honored sir, u> your great task, and may God go with you. Mr Lincoln responded as follows: Mr. President and Senators of the State of New JerseyI am verv grateful to the President for this welcome to your State. 1 cannot hut remark the exalted character of the place. New Jersey holds a noble position in history In the Revolu tionary struggle few States had more tields of battle than she. 1 remember reading, when a very small boy, '-XVeems's Life of Washington," an old fashioned book, such as youo? rren now sel dom see. It detailed thecrn?slng of the Delaware, the triumph at Trenton, and other noble events in the History or ibis *tate. Those great men. who conquered the Hessians In this < ity, must have been animated by a great idea They fought for something niore than National Independence When we remember them, are we not prompted to promote the liberties of the whole people by preserving our Constitution in its Integrity? [Ap plause] 1 appeur before you, geotlemen, as the exeentive oCeer of that Constitution. The wel come you have given me is a patriotic one; fer a majority of you did not agree with those who thought me beat man for the Presidency. I take your rec*ption, then, as an evidence that you wish to see the laws carried out and the Govern ment preserved [Applause.] As such. I am proud to accept the Hospitalities if your State. What capnoity I have s.h?ill be devoted, so long as I hove life, to the T'iiIop, the Constitution and tbe a.nce of (tl??-rty. | Applaiwe J .Mr I.lncola tli-n proceeded to the Chamber of Assembly, where he was formally welcomed. lion F. H I.era. Speaker of the General Ai?em hlv, then welromtd the Pr?s!d'...t in a short g(>f?ch, aiid assured him th;*t New Jtvaey would heartily o.o ope rate with him in every constitu tional elt'ort for a speedy and hanncnioue adjust ment of ih* rational difficulties In reply Mr Lincoln spoke as follows: Mr HnM.llror sa iri fjontlo m<.n a# tK/? iaaAmKln. I I f.-v?a?x ? '? V>\ |I*1C MIV. II VIA ?UV ncot U4UJJ. 1 have just enjoytd the honor of a reception by the other branch of your Legislature To you, as to tbem, I tender my very grateful toanks. It comes to me as toe representative of the Chief .Magistra cy I will reitTate to you my devotion to tbe Constitution, the Union, and tbe perpetual liber ties of tbe people. You have b?-en pleased to al lude to the ditticultles which liehefcreme These difficulties are my apology for entering ioto no eucidation of sentiments or my future policy. I hope I sball be under no necessity of swerving or depaiting from the laws I b?-ar np malice toward any section. My prayer is to promote peace. I nave no aemre apart rrom peace and harmony. i<urh denires F hope may meet with peaceful re sults It mav be necessary, however, to set the foot down firm. [Shouts of applause, prolonged for mauy minutes ] It may l>* necessary to take a stand [Renewed shouts and cries of 'Good."] If you think I am right, you will stand by me, won t you? (Yes! yes!] This Is all I ask If 1 weather the ship through the storm during four years, you may get at the end of that tin*# a better pilot. [Mr. Lincoln closed amid immense cbe*r Mr. Lincoln was then escorted to his hotel, where a collation bad been prepared, of which he hastily partook The shouts of the crowd in front were so continuous and loud, that he wns finally obliged to present himself oh tbe balcony, and address a few remark* to them. Tbe enthu ?ia?m knew no control. At half-past 2 o'clock tbe cortege wai under way eu route for tbe depot. AkBlVAL AT PHILADELPHIA. The train bearing Mr. Lincoln arid suit arrived In Philadelphia about 4 o'clock yesterday after noon. They wereescorted to carriage* in waiting, tbe one allotted to Mr Lincoln was drawn bv four white horses, being conspicuous by tbe gay plumage on tbelr hf*ids. A procession was formed n? adi d bv a body of mounted police, followed by a cavalrade of citizens, representing all party politics The Pennsylvania Dragoons all partici pated In the procession The President elect, accompanied b/ the Chair imn of the Con mitteeof Arlanirements. the Pre*. idents of the City Council, bin suite, and tl^e Committees of the New Jcrg-y and Pennsylvania Legislatures, proceeded over the route fixed upon. He was hailed everywhere with patiiotic em blems fend manifest.lions Probably not less than one hundred thousand pe? pie were gath ered Along the line of march. The weather wua cold, threatening snow On ar iving at the headquarter* selected for him, the Couti .enUi Hotel, Mr Lincoln was con ducted to the balcony and introduced to Mayor Henry. The noisy multitude below greeted his o|>|?wiiii'n who i>ojsieroui cwrrliif; but both the .Mayor's welcome and his reply were tinbeara excepting by those iu the immediate vicinity. Mr. Lincoln displays ureal earnestness in bis de livery which caused the mast to reflect bis patri otic views in deafening applause. Mayor Hesiry, in receiving Mr. Lincoln, re ferred to tbecalamitous condition of a&Viirs, which left but few firesides without its dreadful visita tions. The masses, said the mayor, are weiry and sick of the seltisb schemesand wily plotsof selfish pol.ticlaiis, and trust In the statesmanship and pa triotism of {'resident Lincoln to restore peace and prosperity. He regrftted that tbeshort stayof the Presidentelect precluded that lnteu:our*e with the merchants, manufacturers and mechanics of Philadelphia which would aflfcrd a clear discern iiiein 01 meir gre.ii mieresuat stake in tbe present trouble* Mr. Lincoln replied that It was true that there was anxiety amongst the citizens of the country, liut tbe dissatisfied, be said, are unable to point to anything in which they are being Injured or about to be Injured Iience he felt justified in concluding that the crisis was artificial. Let th"se who differ ffom ire po'.nt out a substantial difficulty He did not deny that this artificial panic Lad done considerable harm. He would be most happy to fulfil the hope of the Mayor. He had brought his heart to the work before him. it was useless to speak about plans and purposes, as be would sp?ak officially 011 Monday week. When he speaks be would take such grounds ts were best calculated to restore peace, harmony and prosperity to the country, ana tend to the per petuity of tbe nation and the liberty of these states and tbe whole people He assured them that he should do nothing Inconsistent with th* leacain^aol tue Constitution ajjd the Declaration of I adept nee. Mr. Llucoln then retired, ai d after tupper held a levee. OPEN Tllld DAY Our ntu*l Maotinent GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS, Selected with care during the past week, yi?: bilk. Wool, acd G\uxa and Marino I'nder hi'taand Drawers, in great vaiiety, Also, Kid and Thread Glover, Castor and Buck ao. Buck Gaui tleta, Cauec and Uinbrellaa, * r.enta' Naok Tiea and Scarfs, Perfumery, A.c Buying aa uaua: exclusively (or caah, we effer the newest and beat gooda at the loveat pri<v??, at 8?EVENh? fe 22 6t Salesroom, H.cwu a Hotel. Ark wrigut SHIRTING "COTTONS. Those of oor cuat^mera who have b??n waiting fo- noma daya for the celebrated aRKWKIGHT SHIRTING COrTONS are now int >rmed that we have just received several cases. ana aa they are very ic%roe (the miUa not being able to supply the demand) we would advi ae thoee who want ttiein to call on na early, as we ara the only paities who wViwa'o'/'waroautta Mills 4 4 Cotton. N?v York Mills and Knglish Long Clo'h, 9 4.10-4 and IS 4 Hamilton Cotton Meetings. Extra heavy and fine Brown fehu tings and Sheet all Linen Towels at #1 ?n per doxen, . Damask Napkins, beaaUfu! quality at 01 and $lji per doi?n. Table Daioask, brown and white, 5-4 Hhirtiog Cam? rios at all prio?a, flrilhaou, Dimiuea. PlaidI Cainbrios, aooneu and all other kinds of w ?hl?A n. f iy<w m f%. *&\ 1 * # i ARRANGKMF3HT? FOR THB IM ACQIIR ATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, OS TBI Fvartk *t March, 1*61. The doonof the Senate Chamber will be opetud if t 1 aV /V> V m Mm m - " ?* * - vw? a. SSI f 1V1 IUC aUHimiUIl u? iltMIUII} ind others wbo. by the arrangement of the Com mittee. are entitled to admlaion, u follows: Ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents The Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the Supreme Court Tbe Diplomatic Corps, Heads of Deportments, Hid Ex-Members of either branch of Congress, ind Members of Congress elect (J fit errs of the Army and Navy wbo, by name, hare rece'red tbe I hanks of Congress Governors of Mites and Territories of the Union, and Ex-Governors of States Assistant Secretaries of Departments, and the Assistant Postinsster General; the Comptrollers, Auditors. Register, and Solicitor of the Treasury, Treasurer, Com missioners, Judges, and uc iui;u? u> nMuinKwn ina ueorgfiown, and the reporters in the Senate. All of whom will be admitted at the north door of the Capitol The families of the Diplomatic Corps will enter at the north doorof the Capitol, and be condacted to the diplomatic galWr. Seats will be plactd in front of the Secretary's table for the President of the United States and the President elect; and. on their left, for tb? Com mittee of Arrangements. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the ouuicuic i/uun win ubtcKav on idc rigm 01 idc Chair. The Diplomatic Corps will occupy seat* on the right of the Chair next to the Supreme Court. Heads of Departments on the left of the ('hair. Officers of the Arrov and Nary who, by name, hare received the thanks of Congress; Governors of States and Territories of the Union, Kx-Gov ernors of States, Assistant Secretaries of Depart ments, and the Assistant Postmaster General. Comptrollers, Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of the Treasury. Treasurer, Commissioners, Judges, and the .Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, will occupy sAt? on the right and leftof the main

entrance. Members of Congress, and Members elect, will enter the Senate Chamber by the main entrance, and will occupy seats on the left of the Chair The galleries will be reserved for ladles, who win emer tne iapiu-1 ironi itie terrace, bv the principal western door of the central bullaing, and he conducted to the gallery of the Senate. The Rotunda shall be closed, and the passages leading thereto kept clear. The other doors and entrances to the Capitol, except those to be open under this arrangement, will be kept closed. At 11 o'clock the President and the President elect, accompanied bv two members of the Com mittee of Arrangements,will proceed In a carriage to the north door of the north wing of th*; Cap itol, and enteriug there will proceed to the President's room. The Vice President elect will be accompanied to the Capitol by a member of the Committee of arrangements, ana conducted Hi to tbe Vice Pres ident's room, and afterwards into the Senate Chamber, where tbe oath of odl^e will be admin istered to him by the Vice President. Tbe Diplomatic Corp* and Justices of the Su preme Court will enter the Senate Chamber a few minutes before the President elect The Senate will assemble at 12 o'clock. The Senate being ready to rectiTe them, the Preside nt and the Presideut elect will be intro duced by tbe Committee of Arrangements to tt^e seats prepared f >r them in tbe Senate Chamber After a short pause, those assembled in the Senate Chamber will proceed to the platform on the central portico of the Capitol, In the following order : Tbe Marshal of tbe District of Columbia. The Supreme Court of the United States. The Sergeant at-Arms of the Senate. The Committee of Arrangements. The President of the United States and the Pres ident elect. The Vice President and the Secretary of the Senate. The Members of the Senate The Diplomatic Corp*. Head* of Departments, Governors of States and Territories, the Mayors of Washinuton and Georgetown, and other persons who have been admitted into the Senate Chamber On reaching the front of the portico, the Presi dent elect will take the seat provided for him la the front of the platform. The President and the Committee of Arrange menu will occupy a position in (he rear of the President elect. Next in the rear of these the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will occupy the seats on the left, and the Vice Presi dent. Secretary and Members of the Senate those on the riaht Tim Diplomatic Corps will occupy the seats next in the rear of the Supreme Court. Heads of D#?rvJ*rtm#?nt finv?pnnr? ?i- * _ _ uiai UA'UU*C? UUI> U1 States and Territories, and Kx-Members of the Senate, Kx-Men.bers, and Members. ?nd Mem bers elect 01 toe House of Representatives la tbe rear of the Members of the Senate. Such other persons as are Included in tbe pre ceding arrangements will occupy tbe steps, and the residue of the portico. All being in readiness, the oath of office will be administered to the President elect by the Chief Justice; and on the conclusion of the President's address, the Members ?f the Senate, preceded by the Vice President, Secretary, and Sergeant-at Arms. will return to tbe Senate chamber, and tbe President, accompanied by the Committee of Arrangemtuts, will proceed to tbe President's II once Tbe Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, with the Marshal of the District, are charged with the ex ecution <>f these arrangements, and, aided by tbe poiice of tbe Capitol, will prfserve order All hr.rspa an/i Par?Ui.?- ...sn i? ' * ' ?nui eiciutiea rrom the Capitol ?quare. Should the weather prove unfavorable, the cer emony of the Inauguration will take place in the Senate Chamber. Solomoji Foot, JaM'S A Fka\ck, Edwajid It Hakkr, t>' 22-d Committee of Arrangements. HAVE VOUSUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEK LY STAR, TO HE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ? iris THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON mavs is iiki'miiai LED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY* THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this U'tfi, to fit out on Frt d'iu Morni tip?nrirr TV. be a rnnurLably interesting one. Every Person at a distance who would keep Ported with reference to what is really going on here m these interest ing times should receive it regularly. 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J??h'i Sk?r John Cot. ?C0 Brigf* } W k?q Off, John Cochrane, i B Frer.ch, ,KMoo.h?4, .t E P?-n?on, G W Palmer, * r? n l. I* * VIIRIIII^i II L Dawea, J A B?rl?T, M F Conway, O Maraton, W 8 Mil!w\rd, C K Train, Lieut Gen Scott, Hen Wool, Col H K Craig, Col J P Tayior, Capt W R Palmer. j v Diicn, 8 R Curtis, J N Morris, A Kraak. W K Nihlaok, 9 8 Blair. Army. Col 8 Cooler. Lieut C?-i ?. Ti Lieut Co, EDKeyaa Maj 0 D Ramaey, Lieut J 9 Saunders. Navy. CoTinmlora Stewart. Capt C Rincrold. Cummodor* Joa Smith. Lieut Wood hall, S Arclibold. eni'r in oh .Co! Marrta. Marin ' J"' Buchanan, ' W W'R.VmIT, Capt L M Powell, Surgeon W Whelan, Citizens. M**or Berrft, Robert C Winthrop, Hamuel Hooper. H C Cary H O Kent, G??? Opdjke. J Vi'eent Brown, D Field, J T Hea'd. K H K<> lins, \V U Thninaa, Keverdy Johnson, Hud??n 1 ay lor. j T Wad a worth, T^nrlow Weed, * H Uel'owa, Wm K?jh. 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John Paiac*, 11 O Fant, J VV Thorr.F?on, John A Linton, W D Waiiach, Simeon Draper, rieorge P Fieher, George Athman, Fx a t.ino"i?, W W f*eatoa, M Brovo , Win { cho^ler. Horatio Seymour, H V Kellocr. Thomas L Smith, Ti-oiuu Berry. K C Carrirgtnn. J H Lathrop.jr . J W Forney, Jos Mwlill, HinfCiir h. ? n vorwn Ii Swebt W B . W A Ocden. W%shburc. G C D4' id?or, A B Dickinson. John A Uoodwie, L Cleph?ne, *A HMcKm, John P Knr.is, W B Shaw, Th oi'ow Wheeler, J XV Ancus. lieorie A W Krxysanowafci, h A (iobrirbt, 1> W 15 a: tlett. ? P . ?\ m L Marshall, The teveral Committees of Reception, Ac., will hereafter l*? announced ier.tif rneu <le?nids invitations for l?*diestviil plo%*e Irave their name and a?dre ? at Uactier *, Piulp & Solomon'*, or Stevens'Fu nishinj Store. Subscriptions received ?t ih??* ? A"ML>- WOOLEN 1>R G-?ODS, ladiee in pur suit of any of the above article* are r*que?t?>d to xant>ue the largest and g^MfMtttook i ilhi city, the whole of whioh ia put down at "paaio p ioea/' i j order that we may have rooa f jt spring supplies, (in&ny items oi whieh we are n<>w opening ) Our stock of 1>K\ GOODS STAPLES, for the eve y day want* of families is low oomplete la all departments CAM PETS. CURTAIN?. OILCLOTHS. RLGS, PIANO and TABLE COVERS, MAT TlNrt?, Ac . upper floors. iry An inspection of stook solioitad, it iaoars bo otTigation to purchase. PERRY A BROTHER, Pena avunue and Ninth street, fe21 -5t "Perry tfm'ding " r 1> NEW \ ORK SIEvMKRS 1 HE S<ea n*hip MOOT VERNON will leave Pier N??. 9, North Ri*er. New York, for Washington, on SATURDAY, the!*d instant. __ _ _ ;e 30-3t MORGAN A RHIN EH ART. Acta. pOR B \LLS AND PARTIES. Ladiee' WhiteKidGI?voeat7Soe?a, lirkt An Ar*<4 Ma-? ? * *1/ ? ? * "ms P?\v., south aide, fc ao-iot l.kdiM WlthlDK to DRESSES. ml also, eiecan and EM BR Clotk, """ MMKk fo an tMfcr4if PARTY Wood and Coal. GILTS' CITT STKAI rillWH? BILLS AMD COAL DEPOT, ? v?a vr oitihTHIITI ClftlBT* B4low War Dtpmrtmmn. 07- WOOD AND COAL ot all si Mia. Wood to eait the wuti of wok eutoMr, or do lirf red oord lengtk. Q7" CotU ktpt m Co*i 0mm, delivered free Croat Ute, dirt, end other impnriUee. Person*! ttteetion pvw to ?U ordere. T. J. It W. M. QALT. J)?,MUMON Sf^Mee^ed Us OftM to No. SteffiSSMr-'& ~?D H6 oo HI QREAT EEDl^T^N OFVTEICE TO 4VIT We in cfferiac imt in*mn1i tor eaeh, Oar entire ?t,?ok M a great rod iett?. Pali euta of B Mk. M kdl to AMI AT- ???1 * ?yt?Jmi r p uhlnj ti'oodt.. * fa2"-?oiJVll?t,td Inauguration Ball. TUCKER'8~COIFFURE8 ANI? GARNITURES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE COMING BALL. 759 BROADWAY, frJI-lCt NEW YORK. PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH n.ma am * l>y aying in your supplv of? Blankets, li-d Comfort*,Quilts, Linen a?(t Cotton Sheetirus, I'll ow C ?* Lwensa^d Cottons, Table Cloths. TaMe Napkins, Tab e and Tove in* diapers. Curtain Damark, Cattain Muslin, Oilo'oths, Car pelinjs. All Mill eg at reduoed prioes at HENRY EGAN'S, 343 Pa av., south side, bet 6rhand7thsU , fe21 lot oev Iron Rn'ldings. |)KCIDED SACRIFICE IN SILK GOODS, Ac. INKKGARP TO SILKS AND SII.K BOBKH AUCTION SALES. ?T C. W. B<TfBLE? * VOX*. Ai COIfTINJIATlON fcALR OF CU?AW, Chester ft M?, Ar*b?, irii ' " * ^ mm1 * \.*< -*" \9? ?itHrr Mt Sk>f? Ch-J.r* wtvood Mir' ! <pifr vSw&aafc vaa*1' v.- --t., "-...jraaEfcu.. Vor?TFr?a?k plftte mum* gimr. i'i'dh Hatm Y IMmni T?Wf. Cue and Wood w?t Cfe*ir?. Rcokvrv R imI>, Tkr?-? i irflfif Cv???. Ck*at>?r StoTM.CiOflto, To4 ?t Wirt, 1 Mponor Cook Wo?- u *il?rai,I*d?H*?, Crockery, 0>m?mkI t War*, t Toxetker wilk a fM?ral WMrtMit of RuM** raraitaro, boo?wry to aaiooratr. oaak. z2d4kd? clf.ARY * GREEN, Am*. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. Br J. c. MoOUIRE A CO.. Autiomrt. CO nnn corporation of alrxan vO,UUU nu 8to.i at A?ct.o?.?On f*| O AY afternoon. F?br??T?*i. at 4 v'tU, at th? Atetion Room, we &?:! Mil, > mm to j 11? V I MO corpomum of almmduif Hot btoak. ' rmi cmh ill c??mis f?od? jo a J.i* moodirb * co., A?eu. C'uvkknmk.#r bale f s?ATl'kday moin.m lo o'olook, *t the Aaotio* h ay J. C. meol'ilk ft CO. A?o*?o? i.e of h0*xf?.-0? n?. fobraary ?1. at _ ftlooa*, * akaiiorll, for tsooiiit of tk' 60> >rnmi A wporior rorrol Horo?; ln? b?? mar* work* kind y id ut aboat y< ara *44. ?**?"**** J. C. meouire ft co? A?<u?. By green ft wili-iamt*. Aaetir Extensive balk ot housebolp ?*? kiiciiii traniivbi, fare* M*tt?k??e?, Hotu amd Bvogt at Apctioh.?on ha i di d a v, ui? m imt4it, v? ilmul nil, ta Iront of o?r aaouoa imorr, at lb o clock ?. iu.?a'i? ud (h erti orim ni or? ,\?w am S'O -ad-hacd Pern'ture, Ma'treeaet, Chin*, 6 !%# and Cmefcery Win, Dm fco? Horee ud But*', With mid' other arliolea which V* Ink him rmrj to tnaniNkt* Terme owh. MO'fl for horee and b?*f , which wi'l be on a oicdit 30 and W'daj?. with intereet. and >ro??i it eeenred . f??lo GRKKN 4 WIL1IAMS. A??cta. By J. C. MofeUlKK * CO.. Auctioneer#. EHXfcCUTOR'A SALE OF GROCERIR". Fixirae*. Fjimir??,*c ? Oa BATCR l?AV M RNI'MUi rM inr;2M at in ?'ci?,ck attheaee ton rn m?, w **hai. eeli i hef>'tonal fcff.-ctaof the AleStmiel J?me?,oompriain*? Small *t~ok rfGroceriee a*d Store FnUree, r*u?er v? ?mn,jr. Oliver r?p on*, Nuoiir; Secretary and HooIcum, 1 H-t of Booka and Hook 8k?i*M. Together with a (tsi-ri taaortmeat of Hom?Ik>14 EfNtl B* order of th? E?eoutor f*?d J.C. Motet IRK k CO. Aacta. FUTURE DAYS. fJH>R SALK.-The BITCHER t?TAt.L No. 49, lately occupied by T. C. Shoemaker m the Northern Liberty Market, will he <-W to the hick Mt bio.l-r for cuh on MONDAY MORNING next, m 10 o'clcok. t- 21 St T. A. BROWN. Clerk. By WAl.L k BARNARD. Auctioneer* HOU8KHOLD EFFECT?. AND 8TOCR OF Fancy tiooDi AT Accwo* ? Oi MONDAY MOKNIftG, February ZS.ooaimeooieg ?? lriv'c 'k. we viu nil. k( im it r* ?*>0 r??l?lei?oe CI ?* ata?. M?nt. hia entire Honaoho d btfenu. tuoh M? Mahojaay B fM ud Chaira, Piano, Braaaea and other Carpet* ??.Tab lea, large M in Bureau*, Table*. large ! K lci><-b F-rnif.r-. Au?. Lvteatoek ofFao?y Guoda and Mil Unary Goo4a. Hoaierf, Q ara Caaea, to Wits many other cooca pot here mentioned. 8?i? t >aitiv.V T*rma eaeh la Tl ii WALL* BARNARD Aaeta Br WALI< * BARNARD, AaeUoaaara. F HOUSE TrnTn^iSJ ?f an ordw ol w?(h i win vawr iur ?m. ?i pSDIlO acctioD, at the late rMidMM of Jwim Sib.oy, 4o OMMd. aitaated near turouroer r{ l?lb and L iti , Ib the Firn Ward, autfce * Bnii'ure. G<> -ct.a&d Household Fcf the said Sibley, daeeaaed, Mill Impitmenl*, Bon* Dust, (re. And od MONDAY, the2Mh met*nt. at lan'oloob, at Pe%r?0 ' Mill. ID the Coanty ??f Washington. ? ta.n Mill 1 implements, a quantity of Bono D-??t. Ac Twnn : #S\ oa*h; over that amount, a rriyi l of 9ft days. for arpr ved endorsed not?>, beanos la tereeL JOHN SIBLEY, Administrator, fe lb WAM A BARNARD, Aaota run SAiiE AM) KENT. TO LET-FURNISHED APARTMENTS-A F?r|nr *wl Ci?ml?r. or two ChkulMri ; loot tioa y*cy d??i ?hle aud piMicftnt?4*0 N>w York ?v. Kerond door from <Mh ?L. and netr the Pr??v dent'* Gronod* and atatf l)f pfcr'mrnt- fe tl X FOR REN i-Thef..?r ?tory BRICK HOUSE. No. 443 Fifth iL, between K and F. m exoei Itnt r?fft r, witii modern iiriror?ro?aU. Inquire on the pr miM , or of DL\ AlL BROTHKRf, 4*4 pfc iTMBf, . fe 2n-moo* tH)R KENT-TWO KlRMXHbU ROOMS r end STABLE. r?e?r Willid.* Hotel. Appljta KlDWELL A LAWRENCE. Dragnet*. K ?. and 14th pt. fell-ooSw* FOR RENT?A U?re? story brick UOL'SE.oon taiDinc * roomn. in good order, with (M ii tim cwrr.pleie, on H atieet, between 4th aari JtA. Also, a two-story brio* COTTAWK, with lirp j%rd attaohed, MM of F street north Ml l?th aut To pur.ctua. and reliable tenant* tbe terw will be Moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth it reel, between <? a ad H. no !?-<# E^OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the baiM r tag immediate t opyt>ei?e the weat wine of the City HalM rxwatly oeeayuxl by Chae. tt. WaJlaek aa an offioe. AUo tbe front rooai la the aeeoai atory and the third foor of the aarae Najdio*. Far lerva apply to RICHARD WALLACH7W l.oaiaiana *?onae. ta 18 tf LM)R RENT?The hne BR ICR HOUhE No. 17 100 Weatst., Ueorsetowa. at preeeat oeea pied by the aabeoril>er. It he* 13 rooaaa, with caa and water tlir<?uchc;it, a fine yard, a table ?oh~ ifiB neighborhood. Apelr to JAR A Sttl'UtK. ?Wi?r y^HAT THE LA.DIE8 WANT TO KNOW. Wkeretkey o%n bu? J >mn'i Kid Glovee, wkitr. blaok. and ?olorrd. at 75 eta; Rood quality EM &lo?ea. S7H. 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