22 Şubat 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Şubat 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS ?/- rtc^trfc "III ?T4* to ptlnted on tbe fnsVwt ? . *?> pre* In n?r ?n?th of Baltimore, Its edition ti ?o U?rg* m to require It to be put to pww at an bo?:r; Ad??iM?cmen?, tberefOrr- efcoald be iw-'t in >? ? !*! o'clock m.; athttwiae tbey nuf ot appe*r nntll tbe i*yxt day. Notici .?DMrlet of Columbia Admttwiwnli to be |p* ttrd in tbe Baltmori {*ci?at? received at and forwarded from Th* Snt 0?ce, Tin Twi*TT-S?rti!?e ?.To-day. oar clttxena celebrated tbe annlTenwry of the birth of Wub. jiigton. Many will doubtieaa compare the politi cal *10171) of the pwwrt with the quiet and na tional ffpne of toe country one yaar ago, and net a ft w prayer* may aacend that oor land may yet be prrerrved In all tb? glory and harmony of the raat. nut few placea of bualnew are open, and 1be outdoor attractlona of brilliant aunahlne and clean atrecta, together with the military parade, cauae the avenues to be thronged with people, a DIBAPPOISTMtMT. A numerou* company of spectator* bad gathered at Fourteenth atreet and Pennsylvania avenue, with tbe expectation of aeeing the formation of tbe battalion of U. S. troop* ordered to aaaemble at that point, and no Uttle disappointment waa eapi?'-d wbtn information waa received that tbe "Trter for tlie par*rtf of Government troop* bad l*<? countermanded T HI LIXB A TIT) PAKAPK. Tbe volunteer corpa of tbe first division formed on Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half at , as above indicated, and received the corpa of tbe s*rond division with the customary honors The volnn'eer corps of the second division xnarchtd from Georgetown, through Pennsyl vania avenue to the Capitol gate, passing the line of tbe first division and receiving the salute. Thf whole body then formed in column and marched through Pa. avenue by the President's House, where they gave the marcbidg wlute In passing, to Georgetown, where tbe aeeMid division formtd In line and saluted theflnt. The George town division there dismissed, and the first dl vUlon returned to the place of formation and dis missed TBI ORDKV OF MARCH The volunteer uniformed militia formed at 11 oVloek a m , in Pennavlr dDia avenue, the right of thf line restla^ at the corner of Four-and-a-half street, In the f*!lewir> ^ order: P re* i d* 111's .V wi u*.* <fU uard, Ca pt Owens. Qnar lerwaster Lieuts. Martin,' Kssex, Better, r a I?-,V X men 'n tbe ranks The Mounted Guam twss nr t turned out so large a company for a long UP^ at to-day. Their uniform* and ata looked clean and bright, and alto they made a fine ahow * isLington Light Infantry Battalion, Col. * ivit. Companies A, B. and C. Captains I.ein Towers, P M Dubant, and R. C. Stevens, I.leuta. Tucker, Powers, Fisher, Lord, Williams, Cas sin. t'termehie, and Clark?number of muaketa In line UHl Thta battalion wm pre?eded by the Marine Band, led by Prof. gcala, with Drum Major Koche Tiiis battalion made a auperb ap pearance, and reckoning as It doe* in its ranks a Lost of cur best citizens, in received everywhere on the march warm expressions of the good will ?f the spectators lu cheers and waving of hand kerchiefs. National Guard Battalion, preceded by Withers' full band. Col Tall; Company A, Lieut. Lloyd commanding, and Lieut Allen; Company B,Capt. King, Lieuts Leckey and Kane; ninety muskeis in the line This company was beaded by Plo i>-*t liwinn Harris, In full uniform and cap, tow ering full eight feet high. The National Guard Bartalion have good reason to be proud of their pionter, who is one of the ttnest specimens of bone and muscle in tb?> Seventh Ward This lutt.ilInn THE GEORGETOWN BATTALION. The Georyctnwn battalion presented a splendid appearance, and show that the military aplrit of that city la equal, If not snperior, to that of our own. First in tb? line was tb% Georgetown Mouuted Guard, numbering 60 to 70 men, Capt. Win. Stewart, l*t Lieut E?au Pickrell, 'id Lieut. Stephen Oougb. 3d Lieut Dill. This company Is a fine looking b dy of men, and bare tbe regular uniform of the dragoons In the army, w'th a few unimportant exceptions. The bat is quite a fea ture iu their appearance. This com pan v has been recently forneu, and tbe substantial appearance of tbe torses, and line proportions and marital bear ing ?( tb<- men elicited general admiration. The I'ntomac Llgbt Infantry, the oitlrst co:n panv In lieorgetowu, was next in the line and looked tlnely They marched with threat regu larity, and Iii their marching and drill movements how that they are among the first companies in <he District. They are commanded by Captain WcKenney, 1st Lieut. John B Davidson, M Lieut. John B Cralksbank, and 3d Lieut. Win. G. Itidgely, jr. They bad Ob muskets oat Tbelr uniforms consist of black pants with wide blue felpe, army great coats, ana neat uniform caps. Next, the Carrintctuu Home Guards, Capt J?s. B Goddard, 1st Lieut. Wm. Waugb, 'id Lieut Andrew Barbour. 3d L'.fut Benedict Hutchlns i on nnmnerea ? men in line, and is compcsed of good sized, substantial citiiens of George town It Is a new company, named after Gen. K C Csrrington, and Is a credit to tbe town The uniform 1* dark pants with red stripe, army gr? at coals and fatigue rap* A prominent feature whs the new and beautiful flag presented to tbt-m last evening bj tbe ladies of tbe Second Ward of 0?or*etowa Nest the Scott Rifles, Capt J Owens Berry, 1st Lient Burroughs, Lieut Lazenby,3d Lieut. Owens. Tbis is a newly formed and Ine looking company, and bas a uniform of dark blue clotb, neatly trimmed Tbeir appearance was excrlleut, and creditable to tbe cfllrers and men. I bey are armed with Alinie rflss and tbe formidable look log sabre bayonets. 1'hen, tbe Anderson Rifles, Comp.my A, Capt C Henry Rodier, 1st Lieut David Mason, 'id I.lent K4 Krouse, and 3d Lieut Geo B Lips e?mb. Tbis ts a fine company decidedly, and witb tbeir d*'k pants with red stripes, gray built in.; eoats trimmed with red, and baudsome , latigue caps, were much admired. Tb?lr march lug. too, would do credit to veterans we regretted not to see in tbe line Company B, A.'ii-rson Rifles, but Capt. F. W. Jones assures ut max iDt-ir lauure to appear in me nne waa from unavoidable reaaooa We underatand that Mm company to a fine one. - Macular mention ought to b? made of the MBg Zouavea and Junior Potomac Rifles, from veofgetowa, the former commanded by Capt Rodirr, and numbering twenty-all in the rank*, aitd the latter commanded by Capt Libby, ana numbering aixteen in the ranks The Zouavea were equipped with muaketoona, and the Junior '.Rifles with little esrbinsa They made s flne appearance and maneuvered exceedingly well, * attracting crowda of admiring apectatora They were not in the line, their little leva not being long enough to keep up with the older ones, r , cscairoaMiD cavalkt. Following the regulnr line waa s couple of d?zfn of mounted msa, s portion of the new cavalry company just organized, and composed of citlzenaof Washington city snd county. This rompany, from wbal we can learn, will be s very larjte and flne one, and to to be commanded by Allan Dodge, Esq., of Georgetown THE NATIONAL E1FL?? SOT 15 LIMS. The National Rifles, Capt. Schneffer, did not f>?rade with tbe brigade. They marched by way ?f the Avenue to Georgetown, where, we under stand. they were invited to a dinner prepared for them by Mr. Berry, of Georgetown, an honorary member of tbe corps. The Rittn numbered aerenty men, rfflceird by Cap* Scliwllrr aod Lleuta Wilklni, Uivii and W ebb TLey were preceded by tbe Independent Blues Band of Baltimore, and aa usual allrartrd much attention by tbe excellence of their drill AT THI PlUIDIXT'l HOP CM A very large crowd patiently waited along tbe aveoue In front of tbe Prealdent's House until * about balf pjst twelve, wbeu tbe procession en trred tbe western gateway, and alter passing in front of tbe Executive Mansion, proceeded on Ita ?r to Georgetown M laa Le?iM appeared at Um window aa the com paalea passed by THK 0. I ARim vucrt. The battalion of Manors w?r drilled thia Morning, ia the barrack yard They numbered ? fw two hundred men on parade, and m?ie a Very Hoe appearance A military gentleman ae Cuatuuir-d torritklae tUe perform:ntc? of regular troop*, aays tbat ttje corrtrtneas and beauty of tbelr movements In the school of battalion w..? f?r beyond bia expectations It was a matter uf regret that I bay atso did not appear la line with i ta? Voiuataers; they Keasraliy taking part la all a?Uoi?i MkbraUoos with ttmn. ~ tl* ' ' marched admirably, and presented a moitscldicr like appearance Washington Rifle*, Capt. Balbarh, I.ts Ilaap, Lewtfier, and Miller, and sixty five Rifle* This company I* a line one, and for excellence In the manual of arms, as well as an average number of good looking men, will compare favorably \rith any of the volunteer militia of the District of Columbia Turner Rifles. Capt. Gerhardt; Lieuts Brown, Dilll and ^bamberger, and ttfty rifles in the line. This company la only recently formed and num bers some eighty men. all of whom would have been in the ranks but for the impossibility of pro curing uniforms. Their uniform Is grey frock coat, fatigue cap*, and black pant* with gold tripe Metropolitan Rifles, Lieutenant Gray command Ing, Lieutenants Lewis and Chauncey; 60 rifles la tbe ranks. This Is one of the new volunteer coinaanles. and tlicir appearance wts bluhly cred itable and tbe discipline good, considering the short time they hare been organized. Their uni> foriu tsa glazed cap, ffotlgae,) gray jacket with gold lace facings, and black pantaloons. Company A, I'nlon Regiment, Capt. Carrtag ton. Lleuts. Curtis. Sbellcroaa and Ward, nuin Bering eighty muskfts This company has been recently formed and bas uniformed, and made a very handsome appearance in the procession con> alderlag tbe short time they have been drilling. Tbtlr uniform Is of grey, with black stripe down tbe outside of tbe |>ants, glazed cap, and yellow facings Capt Cnrrlngton des-?rTrs great cri-dlt fi* tbe zeal displayed by bis corps in inakiug so creditable a parade t*i ?rA?ni!taV6* ?TATb* ?rK?k? tot "mack " For Mine tlnte tbe ladle* of thla city have been anktoui to elve afldM'.nnal point to (be celebra tion of the day by the dlaplay of aome appropriate devlr* *ta tounection with the Statue of Washing ton. Theronaent of Commissioner Blake bavins been gained, tbey to-day cacaed a beautiful silk Flig. Dearlng the worda " Peace! Peace! Peace!" to be placed In the rein hand of tbe Btatne In auch a nodltlon that th? Hfi rt'Ftf r\t All* nloalAna ? ? , ? ; ???- ??/ ?..? | wu? ^ IUI H"i? IIB" tlontl ehslgn fatli In loving and graceful fclds by the right band of the Father of hi* Country. OTHER FLAGS AND DEVICES. Among other beautiful flag* and itanners Hunt; out in honor of the day. we note one of Seventh street, befwcen G and H, bearing on one side the inscription, ?'God save the Union,'* and on the other, " We are for the Union " The large flag suspended across the avenue at Simpson's restaurant, and bearing the Inscription "The Union, Now and Forever,'1 attracted much attention The square below this was liberally sprinkled with flags; and, Indeed, theavenue was gay from one end to the other with the Stars and Stripes. FLAG FRESENTATIOHS. There were several flag presentations daring the day, Including that oy Messrs. Wall A. Stephens to the Infantry Battalion. POLICI ARRANGEMENT*. Great Inconvenience was experienced by the tronni 111 msrrhtnar (krAnnK (Ka f ... ?? >?IWU|^H > U<- *? ?VI" II VIII * V hides and other impedimenta. It was an tmpoa stbiilty, almost. when inarching by the flank, to break Intocolnmn of companies, or even platoon*, on account of tbe carriages, carta, wagons, dra vs. Ac , which were crowded Into the street. The police should bare taken care that tbe streets were clear of ail sack Impedimenta on tbe line of march. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS All tbe public offices. banks, and Northern market were closed. Tbe Navy Yard was open for such workmen as did not wish to lose time. A feature of the day was the peripatetic boy- I venders of " New Union Songs," aa large lettered placarda opon their breasts announced. By the market-bouse, the City Hall, and other points, the street-sellers of pig's feet, gingerbread, and other holiday luxuries, were out with their tables, and were surrounded by crowds, especially of country folks, wbo thus satisfied hunger at a cheap rate. THE SALUTES. At 3 o'clock, Immediately after the dlsminlon of the parade, a salute of thlrty>four guns, In honor of tbe day, was fired bv the batteries at tba followl 111? DlarPfl * Rv VfairrnHrrh*tt*rw In <Uw- I enteenth slreet, south of Winder's Building; by Harry's battery south and rut of the Treasury; and by the West Point battery at the City Hall. THE FARADE OF GOVERNMENT TROOPS COMKS OFF THIS AFTERNOON. We hear that the order directing the V. 9. force* here not to parade to-dav. mentioned above, was changed at noon, so that they are to parade at three o'clock this afternoon TO-NTOHT. The anniversary will be celebrated to-night by a Union l?at 1 of the Federal Rlflea, at Franklin Hall, an entertainment bv the Infantry battalion at Coomba' Hall, and a military and civic ball of Company A, National Gu ird bittillon, and an rxtra bill of entertainment at the Theatre. Doubt less many of the pleasure-seekers of the night will commence with the Theatre and afterwards visit the balls in turn. Wiowaji ? Last night, the Republican AsmcI ation of the city turned out as usual in creat force for their weekly meeting. The president of the association, B B. French, Esq.. was in the chair. The secretary read the minutes of the last meet ing, containing, amongst other things, an account i?f how a resolution had been introduced at that entirely disapproving ot the name of a prominent republican in the Metropolitan police bill now pending before Congress, aud bow the same reso lution had been laid on the table. [Laughter ] i ne lo!lowing namti were then reported for election: J. Miller, 5* Bulltnger, R B Hughe*, W C. Choate, P. Luras, T. K. Williams. A. Hall, T. Wilson, A. Leopolt, J. Wegner, J Stein, J Haggemnacber, J. I.rdever, J. StigofT, A. Schilling, and J. Johnson. The Cbair at.ited that unless there should be some objection raised to any of the namea juat read, they would be considered as continued Mr. Plant would like to know who K. B. Hughes wi s Mr. J H Wir ?I know Mr Hughes, sir, and he is all right. I'll vouch for him. Mr. Plant.?All right, then. Mr. Henley ?1 object to the name of W. C, Choate. Other Voice??Ob! he is a good egg?he's all right. And the Chair was about to declare the election, when Mr Henley again Interposed.?1 object to Mr. Choate. Mr. Blgley.?Will the gentleman state bis rea sons for objecting to Mr. Choate? (Sensation 1 Mr Stetmius.?Mr President, I would Inquire whether the gentleman who objects to Mr. Choate ia himself a member of this Association ? Several voices.?" Yes he is; he's a member." " I object to Choate, because he is too much of a Democrat. He is anything as circumstances dic tate." Mr. A. Hunt.?Mr. President, I have known Mr. Choate for four years, and rtin safely state that during all that time he has been a consistent re publican. [Cheers ] Air. Clements?Mr. President, I have known Mr. Choate for some years, and I know that when I was a member of the Know Nothing party, and Mr. Choate applied for admission, it was objected to him that he was too much of a republican. [Laughter 1 The Chair, (in an awful voice )? I hope the gentleman will withdraw his objection asv. [Another sensation 1 Mr Henley ?I withdraw my objection. And the newly-reported members were unani mously confirmed. rnl _ ?> _ a l ? ? ?? ? ?* * * i uc ^rcrtviry urre announced iaai lae Associa tion was in want of funds, and that inany mem ber# t>ad not paid up lately All present who bad not paid due# were r? queried to fork o?. r. The Secretary stated that be wanted to make a report In behalf of the executive committee. I he Ub of Man h 1# fast approach'nif, ?"d the execu tive committee hare been considering the proper programme for that day. They had been at a 1<>m, owing to the peculiar circumstances and condition of the country, aa to whetbrr they Should have a procession or not. It waa thought atone tiuiethat there would be no proceaalon, or if tk*-re should be it would be under the charge of General Scott. The committee bad waited on the General In reference to the matter, and he Informed them that tbey one ht to conform to the general usige He said that be should have nothing to do with the proccaaiou, and that they ought todoaa alwava L.- 1 TU ?-*> 1 ? - u<u utTu iuc hk up iwciiuun urre wdom party Is triumphant should take ?be wtiole matter into Ibelr band*. He should be readv with the force* under him to art In case 6f orczsion The executive committee bad therefore resolved to go ahead with the preparations for the inaugural ceremonies They had selected a chief marshal for that day in the person of the President of this association, B. B. trench, Esq ; [cheers;] and the committee are not disposed to allow this associ ation to be Ignored as republicans on the occasion. [Cheers ar.d appl*u?e J The programme of as sistant marshals will be ready for publication by next Monday. [Applause.] On motion by Vice President roombs, the As s.*-latlon unanimously endorsed the action of the ixecutlve committer in selecting B_B. French, K*q . for chief marshal on the occasion of the in auguration Mr French briefly returned thanks. Secretary Clephane stated that the President elect would arrive here next Saturday at 4 o'clock p m. It his been suggested that this Association take some special action with reference to his arrival. The executive committee have consulted with Mr. Lincoln's friends, and bv their advice (in which the executive committee entirely con cur) have determined to let the reception of Mr. Lincoln be tendered as is usual on such occasion*, and as has been done all along bis route hltber, by the local authorities. Therefore, Mr. Lincoln will be received on his arrival here by the Mayor and City Councils; and It is recommended thst this Associstion be present only as citizens, and not as republicans. [Applause, and cries of ' Good "J Mr. Pangborn, of Boston, made s speech to the Association, and was followed by Judge Kllgore, of Indiana. Mr K remarked upon the course of members of Congress from the border slave State*, In accu sing the republican party of being the sole au thors of the present difficulties They cry out that they are for the Union and the Constitution, but say If tha mw Administration shall attempt to preserve this Union which they pretend to love so well; thst if steps shall be taken by Mr. Lincoln to enforce the laws of the whole country, they will look upon It as a declaration of war, and will go off wltn their sister States that have seceeded, sod resist him. This, said he, is the course of many of the representatives in Consresa from the States referred to, and they call tht? loyalty to the Union The speaker alluded to tbe cause* of the preaent condition of National affaire, and aald tnat It waa tbe acta oi tbe party now holding the reins of the Government that bad brought about tbe preaent crlala In oar affair*. Hut be did not think tbe^resent a time for crimination and recrimination. He agreed with the gentleman who had juat addressed tbe Asao elation, that If anything could be derlaed con sistent with right and honor which would end tbe troublesome times we have unfortunately fallen upon, he waa in favor of Instantly wising upon and adopting It But atlll he conreeeed be could aee nothing He willing to refer this whole matter to the arbitration of a National Convention, aa had been suggested by Mr. Pang* born. He waa an re the verdict of the people would be right, and for one be waa willing to ab do by their verdict He attributed the great hostility of tbe people of tbe South to the prlnci pits of r?*p?ibllcanlssn to tbe nei mat umm prin clpt> a bit. and hnv always two. misrepresented tu those people by their party leaden Alarm ?'This morning at daybreak an alarm of Bra w?a given and the bells were rung; but It was originated probably by the custom of ringing the alarm bells oa opening tad closing of all national holidays. ' T Ildfr >? ** *. *" ' Anhcal Commkxfbmiht or tmk National Mbdical CoLLiiik?The lecture room of tb? Smithsonian was packed to IU utmost capacity last evening, upon tbe occasion of tbe awarding of diplomas to the graduates of tbe Medical lie' p?irtmrnt of Columbian College. After a few stirring airs from the band, tbe faculty of the col lege and the graduating rlaaa entm-d th<- ball and took their respective stations, tbe faculty upon the stage, with the. class seated in a semklrcle Immediately in front. The President of the College, Rev Dr. Samson, men opened the exercise wlih prayer; nftor which Prof. J. J. Waring delivered Ihe val?dirtorv. The diplomas were then awarded by the Presl dent to the foil wing gentlemen t A. J Borland, Washington, D. C ; U. D Brown, Va ; W. Brooks, 8 C; George Dutton, Vt; C. G. A. F.ayrs. Maas ; J R Fraley. N .C.: Albert F. A. King, Va.; S. C Hancock, N. C ; Joseph H. Little, Pa.; Kdwin S Matthews, Md ; Edmund L Maasle, Va.; Wm. D Myers, Ind : B T Owzts, D. C.; Peter Armistead, Md ; Kben J Russ. Pa.: Samuel C. Smith, Va ; T A. Stewart, Ohio; J W Strickland,Ohio; T.A.Sutherland, S C ; V. B. Thornton, Miss : John W. Wil liams, Mtss; Wm T Williams, N C ; R. H. Wilson, Mo ; and Thomas A. Wilson, Ind. As the gentlemen stepped upon the stage suc cessively, and received their diplomas, they were greeted with rounds of applause, differing in vehemence according to the section of the country represented. When the students from South Carolina ascended the stage the applause from the secession squad present was particularly noisy, rendering the woros of the President Dtrfectlv Inaudible. Dr Samson said that time would not admit of his delivering an address upon the occassion. and In a few word* bid farewell to tbe claaa He ex pressed a Lope that tbe bond of sympathy between them would strengthen and endure, and finally bind tbe Union In a mutual bond of peace and harmony. Tbe President then dlamiaaed the audience with the benediction, and the crowd gradually with drew from tbe hall amid hearty greetings and congratulations. Albxaudkia Items ?We glean from the Alex andria papers the following items: Tbe arms for the various volunteer companies of this city, arrived this morning from Richmond, by Adams A. Co.'s Express. They are an lin provtd style of percussion muskets, and will see tbe light for the first time to-morrow. The Artillery,Cant Kt-inper, will fire salutes at * - Al ? * J I A xuuiiDC, uwu biiu Binivri. ai it inecun^ Dfia iam night they concluded not to take part in the pro- 1 cession. This Is to be regretted, but doubtlcaa < they have aufiiclent reaaona for not ao doing. I The realdence of one of our citizen*, residing i In the aouthern part of the city, waa entered on i Wednesday night last, and a valuable gold watch chain and a amall amount of money stolen. As ( this ii not the fir?t occurrence of this kind tnat we have noticed lately, we again warn our citi zen* to be on the look out for these rogue*. ScrREMR Cotft? ThursdayNo P2. George W. Dayetal , plaintiff* In error, act. Washburn etal. This cause waa further submitted to the < consideration of the court on the argument of Messrs. McDonald and l'ortcr for the defendant* I in error. No 74. Richard Gregg ctal , plaintiff* inerror, I iigt Robert Forsyth; and No 73 John Dredge et al , plaintiff* in error, , *gt. Robert Forsyth. The argument of the causes < was continued r>v Mr. Williams for the defen dant* In error, and concluded by Mr. Ballance for the plaintiff In error. No. 76. Charles Ballance, appellant, agt. Bobt. Porsyrth et al This cause was argued by Mr Iftillance for tbe appellant and by Mr Williams lor tbe defendants In error. Adjourned until Monday. What's i* It! ? Yesterday afternoon, the Ad;t>us' Kxpress agents delivered to the Hon. J. Holt, Secretary of War, a small box, consigned it Klngsville, South Carolina, to them, for him. Its sides were pierced with holes. Not knowing from whom It came, or what Its contents were, Mr. H. declined receiving It. To-day It was oj>ened at the I'.xpress office, and on top were most beautiful Mowers. What may be beneath them Is not known?possibly some exoloslve m?. tetlal or other that will lgulie whenever the flow- ' ers may be disturbed. Hcjsiliatimg.?For the first time we believe In , the history of such celebrations the occasion was taken at the commencement of the National Med- J ical College last nipht by the professor delivering ^ the valedictory address to introduce partlzan pol- J ltics therein. Mediocrity of thought may need .' some such condiment to make itself listened to, j but in the rase of the spokesman of so able a body | as the faculty of the National College Is supposed 1 to be, such an excuse will hardly be offered In 1 defense of such a palpable violation of the proprl- J eties of time and place. ' Cxhtral Gcardhocsk Cash.?Edw. O'Brvan j was arrested by a citizen. John Milan, for stealing ? a wagon from George M. Miller. The wagon J was in front of Miller's door, when Milan siw J the prisoner get In the wagon and drive off sua- , fill... V? ? - J_? 1.1 l < - I'lviuun j. Ifiuau uau a uug V?UICD DC Kill IOT the party, and the dog caught tbe hor?e by the ncse and held tiim till O'Bryan wji arr*sted. He was committed to jail. Ann;i Nelson. drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, ?3.15. John Kemp, do ; do. 13. Charles Kane, arriston suspicion; dismissed. Theater.?MissGougenhiem, the bright par ticular star at the theater now, appear* to-night as " Capitols," In the play of tbe " Hidden Hand," from Mrs. Southworth's notM story of thnt name The entire company, led off by Miss Shaw, will also appear In full force in " The Star Spangled Banner;" and in virions other ways the anniver sary of Washington's birthday will be dulv em phasized at the tbeaU-r. Altogether, tbe bill is a great card, and should draw a big house \i7u? n ..... o?? * **** 1 - - ? ?? nu nibi. n uri i uik'mis :?i in w asn Ington who di-sire to rent rooms to peraonsroming to attend the inauguration should t?nd their sd vertlaementa to the Star aa s?k>ii as possible. We have already had many implications for surh in formation Kverybody, strangers aa well aa riti. zens, read* the Star, and those advertising thiir accommodations ia it will be very certain to aecure occu|>aiits for them. Rakkt, the jjreat horae tamer, will lecture In this city, commencing on next Wednesday eve ning, In a building to be erected for bim on the alte of the old National Theater, by Mr Job W. Angus. The building will be large enough to contain aome four thousand peraona.and waacoin menced to diy. The curiosity to see Rarey Is at fever beat here. Pat dat at tmi Navy Yard?Yeaterday was pay-day at the Navy Yard, but, in tonaequence of want of funds, the employees did not receive their wages. Two pay-days have passed now in this manner, but it is expected that at the next tbe cam wm ue ionn< omiug Ma Earkv's Camd ? Parties owning vicious or badly brokeu Lorg-?, and feeling interested In my system of subjugating them, will confer a special favor bv sending me their address at Mrs. YVeedon's&l Penn. avenue. ( 3t John S. Rarey. < Have you seen those Album Cards, taken with i a beautiful fancy background, that Wbltehurst, 434 Pennsylvania aveuue, is daily miking ? Iteraeotber bis prices are arranged to suit tlie times. at# KConoekss ?The House of Representatives was not in session to day. The Peace Congress met as usual VIED. rk_ sl> as -4': a, * at at t n \? tAannmsin I wn ins <tiai<miuinii miii nun i JI II1.1 r, McCAK'I'HY. in the 20th year of her age. May the leatinpeac*. Amen. Her friends and acquaintance* are respectfully invited t > attend her funeral, on the 23 I instant, at half patt 3 o'clock, from her mother'* residence, corner of 13th and C sts , Island. On the 21 at instant, BENEDICT RANDOM, long known as a residt nt of the First Ward. Tl?e mends of the family are invited to ait nd his funeral, from his late residence, oorrter of I and 21st streets west, on Sunday, 24th, at 3 o'clock p. in. feS-2t On the 21st instant, ANNA EDOR A,only daugh ter of Orlando H. and Catharine V. Donn, and granddaughter of Thomas C. Donn, aged twenty Her fuDfral will take place from the residenoe of ner parents, on 4H at., between F and (i sU south, on the 23d instant, at l p. m. * I?OR TWO WEEKS LONGER WE SHALL r oontinue to run off our whole stock of rieh Dress Goods, Shawis and Cloakr. in fact, all Win tor Good* at oost. m*ny at less, for oastKjin o der to oiose out this month. Call at once if t*>m wish the article* at the lowest prloea. J. W. rOLLEY A. CO., fell aw 323 Seventh st.. ahoy* Pa. av. ' SOAli l'IKR'H Rfc?T?UKANT. I OJOURNKK8 In Washington are respectfully informed that GAUTlKR'd HE?TAl)-j ^ .A RANT, on Pa. avenue, between Uth and 13th streets, is one of the oompletest.JJ^H^ moatelecant and agreeable establishments of Us kind in the United ptates, bei;g at al t;m*s pro- ' vided with the best to < * obtained in the markets 1 of all the large oities, forwarded to him regularly 1 by express. His prioes are moderate and his ac- 1 oommodations to furnish Breakfast, Dinner, Tra and huppe.s to gentlemen rooming out, are un equalled ny any others mthiseity. 11 ^ iddreuses this notice especially to strangers, as all oinseas

and frequenters of Washington know W: II the aperiority of his bouse. He is prepared to ac commodate to their entire satisfaction finv .\umx-r oi gantlaman who 4?urt to take their Mm away from whara th?y lod*e. ft 11-1 m Ofloa. 1? ? 6w A NEW LOT OF, S^RINO HATS JUST /V raoairad and for Ml* at vary low pnooa, at No. 4441 gwwu?tn?t fo? >w. r|>HE ttORUKK STATES: THKiK POWEK 1 and duty in & pra?oat <Tiapr4a<Mj ^udition of tha ooantry; by tlw Horn. John P. K?un?4y. jvs" "&s?? in sesms jra* rei com? f?. w.?mi ??tmUh(, I ? AHUSMfKWT8. WASHINGTON THRATRR! I wum 9. W. 6lim Ae'inc Manaser... J. T. Ratmons THIS *VkPHNO, Third Ni?ht of Oi^Grrat m?di*no?, MISS JOEY ttOlT6EN!!E?M, Who wil! app<?' ? CAPlToTjA. la he laccMsful Sensation adapter? from Mi*. Soathworth'* Olobrated ledger Slory, Entitiw) THE HIDDEN IlAND. To oonclu<]e with THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER, Sung by Miss Mart ?haw. Assisted by the Entire Omp&ny. In rehearsal JENNIE DEANS. It JOHN 8. RAREV Reepeotfnlly Annonnoei that he will (ire HIS FIRST LECTURE AXD EXHIBITION OF HORSE-TAN INQ In vVashixc.ton On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Feb.27, At ha:f-past seven, In a Mammoth Building Nov being erect xl express'* for the oocision, ?ta great expense, on the sit* of the Old National Theater. V > ? r>. ? No pains will be spared in rendering the building (TBono,coitvkrhmti and comfortable. It Vll] be rurKTLT water-tight, well heated, lighted with GAS, FCEMISHED with TRK MUIT comfortable seats, and properly ventilated Tbe Carpenter's Work under the supermnend snce of Messrs. Kntwistle St Barron ; lias- fitting ind Plumbing by Messrs. Wm. T. Dove St co; Water-tight Roofing hy Mr. Parkn ; and I'phul itering by E. W. Simmons. This Leotare will be practically illpstbated ~>1 the introduction and scajroATiOH of the most minors and dangerous horses which tah be produced. The Horse"CRUISER," formerly the property >f Lord Dorchester, of England, and ocoe renowned W the most unmanageable horse in the world, liav ng fiofiad and suooessf ?lly resisted for years the tirorts of the inost celebrated hor*emen, but tamed by Mr. Rarey.and by his system now reduced to perfect tractability. will be exhibited. Also, the una!lest Shetland Ponies in existence. Mr. Rarey guaranties the perfeot order and de iorum of this leoture. A fall eorps of ushers will be engaged *nd every itieMtioa pud t ? the comfort of ladies. Admission? Far quelle ?1; the rest of the home i<> oents. The sale of reserved seat tickets for Mr. Rarey'a irst leoture in Washington will commence Monday n'ruing, February 25 at the offioe of the aliove >uilding, E st., near Fa. avenue. fe 2J-2t AfkJl (Win -BLUE Book -Infnrm ?rVii,UUU*""U? ation as to all the Offi es n the eonntry, and salary. 37 2 oontains the ?ame natter as the Great Blue Book costing ?3y?. Emitting the nanus which are not necessary. Cat ilogue of Curiosities at Fatent Offioe List of Fat >nt*. Old Books bought and sold Catalogue fnr ii-lted. ALFRED HUNTER, Bm-kseller. (eZl lm* Willarda' Hotel Square. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. Y'| I Ll TAK V AMDC1V1C B1UT11 NIGHT BALL < moit A Company A, Nat'i Guard Battalion, To be given at th? ASSEMBLY ROOMS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY ?2d, 1S61. Company A, National Guard Battalion, l>o< mnit enneotfuIlT t<> announce to tlieir many friemls kD<i the public that their Annual Hal will ake place at the Aaseinbly Rooms, FKI JAY, February &J. The Company piedce themselves that numing hall be wanting on their part toinakethis one of h? most agreeable and pleasant Balls of the *ea on. Mnnrngrrs on the part the Citizens. tan G Berret,Mayor, Ja? Skirving, Yin T Dove, J no A Stephensou, irafton I'owell, H H French, lichard Wallach, G Cameron, ><?orge \V Rirkk, James Brown, >r Jog Borrows, Thos |' Morgan, li>iir; W Mart<n, B I* Smith, Jr Corneliu?Bo>10, Win A Mul oy. 3 B Clark, Dr J R Willett, InoFEilis. AdamGaddis, Jr R Cleary, J no 'i* Given, Jtho Bosweil, GeoJillard. I'hos McGrath, James Gordon, u? F Clarke. * Henry Polkinl.orn, ?Mni fj imuf ui, I lines G F.I I is, loseph 1. l'a*rson, A' in H Wa.d, I no H S?mmei?, >' .\loNerlian>, lob W Angus, H O l>yer, IVm brown, 3has Al?eit, I F Hoone, jr, ilfj liulij> \\ G MUzsrott, lluison Taylor, Win F Bail;, J K Hoi mead, Jim Kedfern, Thos J Ft^her, Win B Webb, Sainl Pnniplire), Keuben Clark, J no C (Jook, Ge<> H riant, J F Abell, F Mohun, Titos Lewis, J McL War son. MnnnKcru on tkt pnrt.of (he Military, ktaj Gen Weightman, Coj Middl ton, Wsj Gen Force, ttng Gen Hickpy, UriK Geu B icon, Uris Gen Ould, tfrig Gen Capcrton, krij Gen Jones, Inspector Geu Stone, >[ Tait, 'ol Davis. 3?>1 Coxe, V.l f L* Mn?.?n Ci?nm\tt?t of Arrangements. l,iout T E Ll-yd, Lient Kan<\ Lieut E S Alien, rapt MeKnn, 'fcpt Kmc, Lieut Barter, Lieut L?ck?y, Lieut Lighter, I.ieut Claik Executive Committft. Knnikn B F Lloyd, l'riv.v-e J no Holbrook. Jergt Bartle, Private I'hos Lar combe, Private John Crook. Sorjt R. H. GRAHAM, Treu. TICKKTS ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentle Ban and ladies. fe 1VH WANTS. |*7ANTfcD-A good COOK, WASHER, and IRON KK. ?it 340 Ne# \ ork av. GoimI reo inwaeudatioiiis re<|iiir(d 16 22 2t* U7AN1KU?An expciouced COACHMAN to "I go?outh. No>~.e but tiiuae who oaii ?ivo the ro^st faluUctorx rei-iorioe n?ed a?ply at to font Dffioe of the United Statea Senate. f-g-2t W~ANTED?A WOMAN to wuk, w?uU and "? iron, at No. 361 C street, nearest. toai-at* WANTED-A WOMAN to oooic. with and iron, Slis inu t be a good bread baker Rtid soinpetent cook. Al?o, a vi ur.g Girl aanuraeaiid ^hamb^rmaid; family small luqune at No 114 lir en atre.-t. Georgetown, D. C. Recominenda ' >on? required. fe 21 2t WANTKDSOON-siHIKI'AGKOK PIRNI TURK, d'ract to Traatoa, N. J , via lie.a ivma vivArin'l I^alawa a ani tfantan i'anal A... lanv propeller, or o'h r t-ailiug conveyance, ;hat will take ?aid freight to above point on her re.urn t<? New York, will apply at the Post Offioe Department, Washington, i).C. Je2131* BENJ. X A A R. WANTED?Br a young girl, near M years old,a SITUATION to do chamber work. She in ible anil willing to work, and will strive to picas*) m emp'oyer. Slooan be well recnirraeiided. Pleate tddross a n<>to to Box No. 17, Star Otfiae. fe an 3t WTANTED?By a girl, near 13 yeara old, a Plaoe ' ? as a nurse or to do any thing to be repaired of >ae of her ag?* in a family- She will call t?< bm any ;>ne who wants suoh a girl, if leaving a note, stat ing where to call, in Box No. 1?, f tar Office, fe 10 St WAITED IMMEDIATELY?From as to T* |K?,non worth of SKQOND-HAND FURNI TU RE ofall kinds, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prioes, and, as usual, at tne shortest no n ennui v w# n. ouvnui ( Dealer in Furnitnre, Stovea, Ac., oc 9 inn 7th at., bet. 6 aua H Nit aide. VVantKD-SECOND hand furniture. " Peraona dec ining housekeeping, or having % aurptua of Furniture on hand.oan obtain the cub ind fair prioea by applyin* at 319 Seventh at. no IT BONTZ A 8RIFFITH. ???????? LOST AND FOUND. 17STRAY.?Came to my premie**, on Ridge ?t, Ci between M and N ita , about 9 -*-tt mgttM U?, a aniall rel (horned) COW. TheKT uwnor will p'raae oome forward, prove&aJfe* property, pay charge* and take her away. fejl 3t* MICH A Kl. LYNCH. 17STRAY.?Came to my premieea on the plank S-J road, near the aecond toll gate, two roung SI'Er.KS, anke in oolor and enrVU^ mark*. The owner or owners are requeat xltocme forward, prove property, pay clia'gea, m-l take them away. faat-3t* i.rwna i iibiivptt BOARDING. SEVERAL GENTLEMEN OK FAMILIES ?7 aui be too mm<Mja.t**l v ih lltutuit Room* and Bo*rdatMra WKSTS.ClIf H it, hetwn ?th Mid 7th A Ian, Table Boar>i?ra. fe 6 *.ou?o* DOARDINO.?Feraona deairou* of a oomforta II kc home can obtain food Hoard and f leaaant Apartm-nti on F ?tr?N-t, No. SS9. between <?;h and lothst*. Table B<>ar<iera oan aisu be accommo dated. Terma reasonable. l*5-2w GEORGETOWN. CortispoHdmc* of Tk? Star, Gcoisbtowk, Frbroinr ?1. IWI A rrry Interring apoctacl* waa the drill of th?- Plrst Oforg^UHri Battalion, laat itghl, in which the f-llowlug compaalra p*rtlcipaw*<l ; Potomac Light Inf.intry, Cap* McKennc>, An drraoa Rifl.*. C mi pa a In A and B. Captain* lo dl?r and Jonea; Home Ouarda, Cant Uoddard. and Scott Rtfl.a, Capt Berry?a!l ondff command of l.Uut Col llolllngeworui It wu a fln? tight Tbc national fl-tg li lylog from alt potnM hffe (hla morning Shop* are cloatd ana Uualneaa ?n?pcDded, and there ta a general dlapoaltlon to do honor to the tiemrrv of Waahlnirton. Thla it a? It should be. The patriotic member* of tbe Vigilant Fife Company b??r erected near tbelr engine-house a fine flag staff, mi whtch the Mar Spangled Banner is di?pliyrd Company B, of the Cnlsn regtment of Wash Incton, visited our city last ereiilng, and at tracted much attention. Messrs W. H. Tenner and T. A. NeWM*, are on the Addison ttckst. In place of Messrs Dtivall and King declined. Our companlea bare formed and gone oat, and from tbelr soldief-like appearance we expect the* will Mgijre prominently in the procession, aa sucn a flue body of local military waa Qev?r sno In our city. The national flag la floating from a line acro*s Bridge street at the head of Jefferson street, and Mr. Robert King, manager of the water works. una eigm or ten naga and itrmineri at the George town >td? of the aqueduct bridge acroaa Rock Creek In fart, our city wean a gala appearance, and all bua!ne?a la auapended The Interesting flat; prAentaMon at Forreat Hall laat evening we will notice at length to-morrow GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS MAYOR'S OFFICE, lil >EGBTown, D. C. In accordance with the central with. J hereby re#peoifuUj recommend that the ciiiz .?a of George town unite in the pati ictio observance ol the Ud of February, the birthday of t??e Father of hiaCoan try, a* a rational hoifiay. Given nmler my haad this 2"t(i day of February, Ifitii. feflgt RICAARPR CRAWFORD. Maror. ~ - MITIfL' ' ' - - PROCLAMATION 11 n v t ivui?i uo uQurrsiguvu DIB L3 name in the paper as a candidate for the Bo%rd of Common Connoi! of theooiporation of Georgetown. tenders his thank* for the honor con ferred, bat must resrrcttu'ly d cm*. _lt Henry bairron. rre? TO the voters of george IL5 TOWN, D. C?It having been statH T>y oertain persona that I did not with to be a candi date for the oftioe of Mavor. and that I did not oare whether I was e!ecte1 or not, this is to state that I dii y acc-pt*d the nomination which waa made by the only convention that I hare heard of making anjr nomination at all, and that I am still a candi date and will he sure to remain one until the oIom of the election. In all auch matters 1 speak for mf solf, and give no authority of the kind to m; ene inies. (Ie2l-3t) henry ADDISON. (V^^*TO THE people OF GEORGETOWN. 'J.? We, the undersigned, members ofa conven tion winch laUljr a???-ml>Ietl to nominate candl oates lor the Mayoralty and Board of Common Council at the ensuing municipal election, tmiy believe that there are many vote 8 who are desir ous to hrrak down part* lines in our towr tovern trent, and destroy, if possible, the acerbity and bitterness of feeling which has characterized our local politioa for soine yea s past In this belief we acted, but a want of harmony in the oonvention, and the subsequent withdrawal 01 ?ar conserva tive otndidat* for the Mhtoraltv. Mr. Rol>ert P. Ho.lt-. rendered further action neoessary. Mill ^nteriaininc the belief that agrfat masy good citi soiik denire to vote for candid?t?? because of their litoess for ofTx-e irronp?c'ive of part? divisions, we re?pe<-tful y ?iitinut to the people cf Georgetown, for their iav rable consideration, the "Conserva tive Union Ticket" hereto appended. FKA?Ct* WHI ATLEY, JOHN FOWLER, JOS }? SIMME9. Kli.EV A. 8HINN, THEO. F BOUCHER, JAMKS H. KIDGWaV, JOSEPH REYNOLDS. MAM'L CROPI.EY, JOHN 8. HEKKY, CHARLES M. MATTHEWS, C. A. OFFUTT. fr 21 -3t THOMAS COWLING. uniyi' vu.isr.n v Alivt llt&t. I' h'or Common Council ** III If 'J 111 CJ ? Jam?t 1. Birre;t, Joseph i.iliiwr, Sr John T HsiiKa, H.L. Offutt, Win. H.Godey Esau Pickr*il. I. Tlion ? Davis, F. W. JtinM, John Stakes, **.'1111 CUlkTB, W illiam L. Dunlop James G< ddard fTy" We are reqnest?d to state that the above Ticket was intended for publication, in connection with the Card in the Star of ye?teid?T even in*, hut, by dome 'nadvertenoe, was omitted by or failed to be tent to that paper. fe 23 2t rr%?- GEORGETOWN MAYORALTY.?To K ? prevent any doubt, at the instance ot ray fiiei.ds, I hereby tive notice that I shall not wi>fc riraw as a candidate for the majoralty at the ensu inr election. PJl'ST ARRIVED. ER Propeller 3. Sctirmur, from Philadelphia, 7S barrels and loo half barrels of Maaeey, Collins A Co 'a Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For aale by fe22 ARUV A SMIINN DSOOBBl.b PRIME CIDER AILY Expected per schooner Mary Ann MeGee from B<>?ton Thia Cider is A No. 1, and is lor tale RICHARD R. CRAWFORD in iom losuit purchasers. ARNY k. SHINN'S fe 2i Union Bottling lt?|>nt, Georgetown. |\1 ACKEREL, HERRING. ItI AND ALEWIVE5*. 5 barreii Extia No. 1 LACKADOR HERRING, SA do. No I do. do. 117 d*. No. 3 Small .MACKEREL, Ti do No 3 Medium d<\ 15 iilf. blilt. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 do. A?r btvs No 1 do. WkiUNo. 1 do. In small k'ts No. I do. 10 do. No. 1 SALMON In kits No 1 do. Ail of which we look for neil week p*r oh'^mer Ma:y Ann Macee, aid will l>? sold ou p!ea-in? teun? ou or liefore arrival. Also, in store? Eastportand Boston Herring, Gippod Herring, Maiemiohi Extia No. 1 Alewivr* App'y to HARTLEY ft BRO.. fe 11 2w 99 and 101 Water st. Georgetown. Ladles, Call Early AT RIDDLK'!1 ORIGINAL it I STORK. RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL Si store, No. 302 pknna. AVF.NHE. No. 30* PENNA- avenue. Additional invoice* met received of New and Beantiful Jewelry. From Oca Kntirk Stock you can TaKE vour CHOICE for ONLY one dollar. CORAL, and GOLD sets, ENAMELED twist sets, MEDALLION SETS, REAL roman MOSAIC sets, RUBY ard va8e sets, LaVA mid bead SfcTS VASE and brilliant sets, k uin MOSAIC t?ets, CAMEO and gold STONE sets, CAR&U *cle sets. Pi.aln GOLD sets, boquet ai.d RIBBON set"?. La DIES' NECK I. aces, I ADDP' \?-CK CHAINS, children'S NKi'I CH ains, i:hii.drk vs armlets, gents' VEST chains. 8EIMTS' WATCH keys. ents' SEALS and CHAINS, gents' ?Lfc EVE BI ttonr and STUDS. THIMBLES. PENS, pencils. RINGS, silver Pi.ATED spoons, GOBLETS, Ct PS, to. e.verymitg in me store new an<i perfect, and guarantied to be such m represented 117" Erery article mauufae urtd /#r 144 wrular re.nil trade, and warranted to b- the Mine quality as is retailed from fire to thirty dollar* each YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. Rksakdl*** or Cost. As this great tale ooLtinue* but a short time, pei sons desiring to supply themselres with Jewelry at these anheard of prioes will please call eaily at ?"r ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. HO'J Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 1MH streets D W. RIDDLE. H7" R'member the Number?30*?as we hare do connection with others, professing to eell at our prices, in this city. Received this day a large tnvoioe of SILVER WARE, consisting of Breakfast and lea Seta; Card snd Cake Baskets; Patent Svrap Pitohers; Hutter Dishes; Fruit Knives* Tea Knives Forks; Table. Dessert.and lea Spoont; Tclmeco Boxes, Sucar and Cream Spoons; Napkin Riu?s; Butter Knives, in sets awl single; K. ir's and oik*, in sets: Ice Creem. l ie and Fish Knives; Breakfast and Dinne? Cactors; Double and Single r?a.ts, a large variety of Plain, Chased, and tint Gob.ets, Cups, *c. All the above articles to beeold with mui icgttiu vn ?ui|i* in ousi, at. irum 91 w # J', ana warranted to b? what they are tepreaenteri, and fully lit' per ooot. leaa than thoy can be bone lit. at.tr 1W Pa. aT.. hat tth and ]?th at? JMVST RECEIVED AT FRKNOH ft Rl^H ST I" IN 276 Peim avenue, Waahincton. "The t'ick wick Papera," being the tirat of the elegant bouaehould edition <<f the aorka of Cb*i la* Diek ut; illustrated br T. O. C. Dar ey aud John Gil bert. Kiveraide pr- aa. Call atd examine them. Also, a new supply of Darley'a It;unrated Cow per, the finest edition publiahed. ... f? 1 Cm 'DINNER PARTIES. ITIZENt* And rtttjoarnera in Waahiaftoa are ra faeifaUy reminded that the nhaodher la pre P'red to larntah DINNER ENTERTAIN ME.XT8, for any number of gentlemen, in a aula equal to that of any aimilar < atabliahmeot in the United X.atea aad oa vary moderate term*. Hia auitea of Parlor* and Pining rooau for the aoaai in dation of Dinner and Happrr Parties hia Tabla ariai>B'inenta. Cook*, ?ervaats, Ac., are aaaar p*a?e ; at w*ll aa hia w i?e?, whieii enjoy muck oeiebnty. He m?ej'f?ll; Mt? a continuance of th? patronage ol the puhtto heretofore so liberally beatoved neon him, ??d pled tee hia bast exertioai* toaive entire aatisfadt oa. felt im C. SAItTIER. (iVS^"8*9'8' ?" " *- ? % ? B. THE LATEST NEWS. TtiliKG RA r H 10. Virfttli < MTr?U?a Rirnw>KP. Ffl> 2'?M' #f RwImw ronntv ot?r*d rr\rm r4 rranlnttona la Cmih tloa to d?v arttinc forth that tbr alt??tMr? whirh ( - - '' ? ^ nc ruiirni cwf vo mr unirrai vPTfriwm If aubordlnaU- to that due to Virginia, and that it m*T hr lawfully withdrawn wbeuevef ah< deerra M fcrer duty, tbat In raar Virginia abould eaetrlao tbt* autfmrttf b?r rltlvna would be )>->uad to ren der alleglwe to bet alone, that Virginia rrroji nite* no authority of any government. Mato or Federal, to ?*?oe b~r to allegta**-,* to the Govnrn mra? of the Inttad ^?*tr?i(Vr *fca mar haw with drawn from tbt ( ft'e*. and ?tir regard* anr at tempt at coernoi a* fqllnlfiii to a dec laraU< h of war, tol?e restated at rwr hatard and to th? M rrUmiMf, that aevrn State* having aevcrallr withdrawn the allegiance of their i^opl* fromtbn t'nlted State*, a faithful and enrne*' deaire to avert civil war. and the aonnd conservative aent - OiMt of the country alike indicate to the Govern ment of the t'nlted State* the wn raatttr and pnlicv of acknowledging their Independence Referred to the Commit to* on Federal Relation* Tbe*e resolution* wrr* received with favorable manifestation* by the Convention, which aubae quentlr adjourned until Saturday Mr. Lltrtla'iftpfKk la Phllad?lpbin PniLACiLrHiA, Feb 29 ?Mr Line*!*, In pmb tbii morning In Indepeadence Hall, iwadr acme Important point* He a d tbe country onld be wired only on the principle* of the LWlnratlon of Independence, which gar* liberty not alone to tbr people of thla wunlff, but to the world for a'l future time, If tbla <-ouatrjr < annot be aav*4 without giving up thia principle, be would rather beaaaaaainated?even ahot ?than surrender It. I n tala view of the preaeol aspect of affair*, tb?m w. t no need of bloodshed or war He waa no* In favor of such a court*, and would uy in advtace that there would be no bloodaUed unless It waa forced upon the Government in tbe act of self defence He might have Mid woin Indlrrart things, but be bad aald notbluz that be would not be willing to live by and die by. Olrbratlaa la Philadelphia Philadelphia Feb ii ?Tbe celebration of tbe day began at riaellgbt Saln?ea were Ired, and ahorltv afW " tbe flag with thirty-four atara wu lioiattd by Mr. Ltnrold on tbe platform Is flont of Independence Hall, after an appropriate prayer and other reremonlea Tb* aquare ?m fflled with people, wboee entbwaartlr r beera were worthy of the occasion A national aelute waa flred aa tee *\g floated out In-the morning Tbe dar promiara to be brilliantly celebrated. Tbe worklngmee ere muttering In greet force for the nroceealon Mr.^ncoln lee*ea here for Harriaburg et a. m , woere be will arrive at I p m Nertlt ( eraltee Leglaletere etc. R ALBiea, Feb SI ?There la yet a large amount of unflnlabed bualneaa, and tbe day or adjourn menj has not yet been postponed Two more Rallroid bills bare been paaeed to-day. and tee Revenue bill with tbe >*enate'a amendments are now up In tbe Houee There la acme contention about the land tax bill. Much anxiety la felt here concerning the action of the Pence conference nt Washington Mean time Mr. Lincoln'a apeecbes are doing their work of darkening the proapecta of the I nlon Still ail hope ia not surrendered. ladiaa Traables Nk*b*?ka Citt, Feb 20?The chief and war riors of the Otoe Indiana arrived in town last eve ning. and ntade a peremptory demand for tiic payment of the annuity dut iu November last, stating that their women and children wereatarv Ing, and th* v would have their payment ? pe*rc ably If it could be got, and forcibly if nece*aanr The agent took the money away laat evening and aerrcted it. A large meeting of the citizens was held to-day for the purpose of taking measures for their aelf-defense The tsitkera < fedemcjr. Mostgomhv, Feb. Si.?In Congress to-dar. on motion of Mr. Cobb, it waa resolved that lbs Committee on Finance be instructed to inaulra Into the expediency of laving an export dutyo? cotton exported from the Confederate States to any foreign country. The President nominated and Coo great con firmed Mr. Tooiubs u Secretary of tHate, Mr. Memmlnger. Secretary of the Treasury; aud L. Pope Walker, Secretary of War Frtm lallfnaia, Fotr Keakkkt, Feb 21 ?TbeCalifornia Pony Express from San Franclaco, with dates to tbe Ktb ilist , bas arrived here Heavy failures of dry goods firms bad taken place at San Francisco Messrs Tsffee, McCs tiiU \ Co. for f 1.3UU,UUU; Messrs ttohen k Co. for foHl.uMt; also Thomas Brady, retail dry goods dealers. Tbe Legislature was doing bat little Attem j ts were making to bring on tbe Senatorial election. Cel'bratisa ta Haittaisre , Baltimore. Feb !fc? ?Tbe day is generally ob s<rved as a bolidftr. At Washington Monument a flag was hoisted at daylight, and the baae oi > h? monument w?a decorated with erergreena and brilliant flowera A baud of mualc waa In at tendance. Tlie military arc parading, and the treeta are thronged with people. Hrrrnnf < u.ter Daaae. 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