25 Şubat 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Şubat 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS jjjr Thongh Tbv Stab la printed on the ftmeat trf-si prrm In uar tooth of Baltimore, lta edition if *o large aa to require It to be put to pre* at an c -ly br.ur, Atlvertiaementa, therefore, aboold be rut In be fere 12 o'clock m ; etherwlae they may ni>r?-*r nr?Kl the next day. Motmhti of Mm. Liscol*.?The ruah for the Star on Saturday, to get at tbe facta of the whether Mr. Lincoln was really In town or not, was something unprecedented In history of Ti?wsp?per sales But very man? of our repub lican friends, who had set their hearts upon meeting the President elect at the cars at 4 p. m , and nowtcre else, utterly refused, we regret to iy. to credit the report of his unexpected arrrival, despite our very explicit and circumstantial ac count of tkat afftir. No. indeed! They weren't to be sold, and Committeeman Schrelner and otters of the Republican Association delegation proclaimed their purpose to be at the cars In the afVmoon to receive Mr. Lincoln sccordlng to tbe'.rlns'ructions Hadn'tMr Lew Clephane and the Wide Awake delegation gone on in the morn ing train to Bnltimrre to roe^t Uncle Abe? Of course they had, and it was all right. The storv that l.lncoln was already here was a dodge to keep the republicans away from the cars when he rftrfarr've TfcaUwould'nt work. No, alr-ee! Meantime, Messrs Eckloff. Hodnon. and T B Brown, of tba Republican Association, might have been aeen mounted upon the top of a Big furniture wagon wending Its wav alowlv down Indiana avenue, said wagon being further laden with no end of flags, bannera, and other decora tions wherewith to ornament the "Wigwam" for the eye of tba President elect on his way from the cars They drove slowly, we say, as If aubltating whether to drive at all, '-halting between two opinions," whether Abe was here or there, and whether to decorate or no A halt was made and a delegation aent to the railroad station to get "the facta of the c?ae " There their souls were glad dened bv the poaltlve anurance from Gilbert that the Prtkldent elect bad not arrived, and to the contrary they were even then making the nec** aary arrangements for the extra train to bring him on from Baltimore. So the party concluded It was safe to unload their wagon and bang out their 'ba antra. On Saturday afWnoon there was a llf ljr scene In end about ih? railroad depot. It having been announced that >lr Lincoln would arrive by a special train at 4 o'clock p. m., and the report of his arrival by the mornlug train not being univer se.ly credited, at an early hour squads of the Incredulous were seen performing wonderful feats of locomotion through the rain towards tbe depot, all anxious to get a siiiht" at Mr Lincoln The stonecutters' sheds were even Invrsted by a regi ment of "irrepressible females;" disconsolate N. V s paced up and down the platform; truant urchins, with fearful visions of the wrath to come, si>d a tragedy In which they, with Indignant pjrlents," would piny conspicuous parts, boldly declared that 4 they'd see Linctum anyhow;" while here and there sauntered a hungry offlce s?tker, whr.se wistful glances at the cakfftand bore unm'stakeable evidence of a lean purse as weti as of an empty " yearning apparatus" >T?-nnwhile four o'clock arrived and passed, and ? no special train made Its appearance Presently mf ?un came cui one ny one, and aa tbe mlrris of tbe unbelieving became illumined, there vru a general expression of countenance aa though somebody hr.d been so]<}; but as tbe rain waa pouring down In torrents, there was no escape, end tbe crowd indulged in one or two jokes, a little whistling- and considerable swearing. As tbe Lour for the regular live-o'clock train ap proached. tbe anxiety was again manifested by ' scrouglng," on tbe part of those who were in the rear of tbe crowd, and the arrival of Mr. ?eward and Mr Washburn of ill , added to the excitement. Tbe train having entered tbe depot, four carriages were driven up to the rear car, from which Mr Seward soon emerged with Mrs Lin coln, who, with "Bob" and Kddie and Willie Lincoln, nurse, servant. 4c , became at once the target for comment and double-barreled stares. A few policemen opened a way for the party, who were Immediately passed from the car to the car riages and rapidly driven off. while tbe crowd plunged after through rain and mud, as if deter mined to escort a Presidential Dartv anvhow a J / ?" ? " AT WILLABD'S. Sc\ until the arrival of the afternoon train from Baltimore was there much of a rush to YVlllard's, and then the balls, parlora, and passages of that Immense building were crowded In a trice Con spicuous among the deeply interested ones during the afternoon was the form of the man who voted for Abe Lincoln In Fairfax county, Va , and was afterwards taken to a printing rffice by bis polit ical opponents, and daubed all over with print er's ink, and then rolled in a feather bed. He aeemed in fine spirits, and not particularly anx ious to force himself upon the notice of Mr Lin coln at present; doubtless depending on bis more superior claims to notice when he should think proper to urge them. Tbe Illinois detention called on Mr. Lincoln fB-1 body, beaded by Judge Douglas, about 2# rciocK p >n ; ana anrwirdi uen. Scott, who remained some time in conference with him |ft? was warmly greeted by the President elect, trbo expressed to the General his thanks for the 1 anny marks of attention be had shown him, 1 specially In detailing an escort from bis home the capital Gen Scott expressed bis great gratification st Mr. Lincoln's s<fe arrival, and ?pec?ally complimented him for choosing to avel from Harrlsbarg unattended by any dis play, but in a plain democratic way. Among the callers upon Mr Lincoln were the venerable Frank Blair and bis son, Montgomery Blair At a little before half-past five o'clock p m., the Fourteenth-street entrance to Wlllards' w>-s surrounded by qul:? a crowd of carious people, despite tbe heavy rain then falltn{{, anxious to ca<sti a first gl mpse of the Prrs.dmt's lady and **Bob" when they should arrive. Every carriage isti u uivif up woi atnniuiiru wjlD J)fCUiI?r ktrrrKt, until at last tbe usual clatter of railroad kches announced that tbe train bad come, and It tbe expected one? f-w minutes a carriage arrived, through UidoM: of which tbe feature* of Gov Reward aeen, and all knew at once tbat Mra. and faintly were there The beat of observed by all aa Mrs Lincoln, lean Be arm of Mr Seward, descended from ^rlatfe and entered tbe Hotel, wbere tbe _ rere received by the Messrs Willerd In I, and lmintdiateiy escorted to their apirt 'i tke peep afforded at Mra Lincoln In paaalng a$dtobbe carriage to tbe hotel, presented a cooie frTflktronly, ladv-l'ke fice bearing an aumis takwule air of goodness, strikingly the opposite ef4be Ill-natured portraits of her bv tbe pens of mme of tbe sensation letter-writers Equally mis taken were tboee who ripected to see In tbe young Rabert a pert, b'boylsh character, for, as far aa externals go, be seemed every way prepossessing, unassuming and amiable. At 0 o'clock the Secretary of tbe Peace Con |Mi presented a communication to Mr. Lincoln, aaaounclng that tbe members of tbe Cougres* ??re anxious to pay tbeir reapects to Mr. Lincoln, and requesting tbe Utter to name tbe time wien ba Would receive tbem. - At 7 o'clock Mr. Lincoln left bis hotel, and pro ceeded In a carriage to tbe residues of Mr S-w a*d, wttb wbom be dined. At ten minutes le fts* W o'clock Mr Lincoln returned to bis hotel, tad wss warmly received by tbe large gathering Maembled there At nine o'clock, according to previous arrange fcteat, Mr Lincoln received the Peace Congress. Tbe mvmbers formed in procession in the hull , a a i * . *? -? woere lory mm. ana procfOfQ 10 lot reception trior; ex-President Tyler, and Got. Chase, of Ohio, led the van The latter Introduced Mr. Tyler- Mr. Lincoln received htm with all the pywetdue hia position. The several delegates ^IpMXbeo presented to Mr. Lincoln by Ooveraor Ctata*In the usual manner. After the reception of t&e Peace Congress was VSluded, a large number of citizens were pre aaated. Mr Llacoln was then notified that the ante-rooms snd main parlors of the hotel were filed with ladies, who desired to pay their re spects, to which tne President elect very readily consented. The ladies then passed In review, ?ach being Introduced by the gentleman who ac companied her. Mr Lincoln underwent the new rdeel with much good humor At ten o'clock Mr Buchanan's Cabinet called and paid their respects, Jn response to Mr. Lin colu'i roup d'ttat at tbe White House in the moraine Their reception wu very pleasant The Imprrsaion made by Mr. Lincoln upon the niiidi of hie visitors of all classes w.s a very agreeable one. indeed Mrs. Lincoln did not receive callers on Satur dav night, in consequence of the fatigue from the day's travel. K1 LIWCOLS ADD Ml SKWAKD AT CHCBCH Yesterday morning, sbortiy before 11 o'clock. (Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Seward quietly emer^rd from the Fourteenth-street entrance to vVUlard*' Hotel and walked tow ether to St. John's (Epis Skpal) church, where Mr Seward is an attendant Bo unobtrusively did th*y enlrr, however, that A?gh Mr Seward's pew (No. 1, a ar tbe altar,) conspicuous one, not a dozen persons In the torch were aware of tbe presence of tbe Presl at-elect during the service Tbe rector, Dr. ..Pgao, was quite uoconaclous of tbe fact, and of c? hu selections for the service bad no refer OMce to it; but to some of those pre?eat who were aware of It there seemed considerable appropri ates^** In tbe Psalm selected, two rents of wn:ch M|M follows: DepeiiJ on God, and blm obey; Bo tboo within tbe land shall star, Secure from danger and from want: M?ke his commands thy chief delight: And be, thy duty to requite, -iS 8bail all thy eerneet wishes great. Ia all thy ways, trust thou the Lord, And he will needful help afford. To perfect a very Just deslga : He'll make, like light, serene and elear, tit with black whlakm and balr well trimmed, and wm pronounced br auch aa recogntied him aa different man entirely from the hard-looking pic torial repreeentatlona wen ot him Some of the laldlee say that In fart he ie almost good-looking. After morning aervice Mr. Lincoln apent some hours at Mr. Seward'a, and returned to hia hotel between land 5 o'clock In the evening, in the courae of which be received Senators Sumner, Wllaon and Hale. TO-DAT. At 11 % o'clock this mo'ninc aeveral gentlemen with whom Mr. Lincoln had appointments called on him. and dming the next hour he remained invisible to all comera aa*f au<-h aa bad special - - - ? _ * ? ? ru^^ruitiMwi'D nun. Aiierwarai, ne rectifea visitor* again till 2pm Among thoa^ who called on him to-dav were Mr. Seward, Gen. Caaa and ladle*, Hon Preston King, Senator Doolittle, Vice President Breckin ridge, Got. Powell of Kentucky. Commodore Spa aiding, and other* of note. Between 13 and 1 o'clock President Buchanan called upon Mr Lincoln, and remained *ome fif teen minute*. A throng of ladlea called during the morning, to pay their respects to Mrs Llncola, who held quite a levee up to 2 p. m. The dispatch to the Baltimore pr.pers that Mr. Lincoln waa to give a public reception between 12 and I to-day. caused many persons to visit the hotel, who were of course disappointed, as no such reception came off. The projected serenade to Mr. Lincoln, pre vented on Saturday night by the rain, has, we hear, been indefinitely postponed, at his sugges tion. PUTTY OOOD Mayor Berret was applied to this morning for a w^j vi iuc vpcrtu uc wcvii uavc lunue \o Mr. Lincoln at the cars on Saturday afternoon If the reception ceremonies had not been so wa-ceremo nio .sJr nipped In the bud. Mayor B. laughingly replied that he would comply with the request with pleasurelf Mr. Richard NVallach would con sent to furnish his draught of the route-pro gramme Mr. Lincoln teould have followed, nad those same ceremonies come off! Pkksixtatio* or Epaulets. ? Among the many incidents connected with the celebration of Washington's birthday, we noticed a very In teresting one In front of the Columbian Armory. The ''Waablngton Rifles" (formerly " German eagers") were drawn up and went through their drill exercise in a thoroughly soldierly manner After which Lieut Colonel Schwarzman, their former captain, presented Capt. Balbach, who is now in command, with a splendid pair of epaulets on behalf of the company In a capital speech he expressed high regards for his successor as a man, as well as a reliant soldier and scientific military otfl er. Capt. Balbach, In reply, thanked hltn. saying that he would try to show himself worthy of the honor bestowed upon him. Mr Balbach is the senior captain of his batalion, and has command of It as such He has been an army rfflcer in Germany, his native land, and is exiled for participation of himself and men in the revolutiona'y war for republican Institutions in Badin in 1S49. which was suppressed by an in vading ariny of Prussians His sterling company of seventy men represents, besides the industrious mechanic, the solid, quiet, order-loving, tax paying. business community of the Germans. These Official ceremonies were conducted In the common language of our country, which shows that the parties concerned are up to the mark as American citizens bv aaalmilatlncr thpmu>lv?i with ui, even whilst cheriabing traditions of a beloved old home. Orphaxa' Court ?Thecourt on Saturday took up the case continued from the previous sittings of Henrv Larker. who was bound by two sets of indentures by different magistrates to different masters. Messrs. Toombs and Roby. Judge Pur reil set aside the Indentures, and bound him to Mr. H 8 Johnson, to learn the tradeof a snddler. The Jndue had discovered that he had been a wilil boy, and advised him togiveuphisold com pany forever, and try to make himself useful to society The bov seemed to be much affected, ihed ter.rs. and told the Judge be would try to do better in future. Th? will of the late Second Assistant Postmas lor J * * vn-.ai, .. n i/unua, was proved oy Philip R Fendall. Ksq .and other wltti(w?, and bit widow qualified as admtniatratrlx with the will annexed The court derided uponthecaseof Dr. Ritchie, administrator of the estate of?. G Deeth.dec'd., overruling all objections of counsel agilnstthe administration, except one of minor Importance. The court stated tbat be doubted If be would pver appol nt a non resident administrator or guard* Ian, because such are beyond the reach of process ( to enforce the administration. He believed it to be the true spirit of the law, If not the strict letter. This declaration was brought out by a question ] relative to non-reaident guardians. Introduced in rxamtnlng the petition of Jas Owner, for the guardianship and custody of a small boy. The Pbacb Co5osrss?At the night session 9n Saturday night, held by the Peace Conference, , the following substitute, offered by Mr Franklin, j at Pa , for the report of tho committee, was 1 adopted by a large majority : Article 1 In nil ih? nritiPn f*p*ltArv r*t I United States. not embraced by the Cherokee treaty, north of the parallel of thirty-six drgrees and thirty minutes of north latitude, involuntary servitude, except in punishment of crime, is pro hibited. In all the present territory south of that line, the ctatus of persons held toaervice or labor, a? it now exsta, shall not b? changed by law, nor hall the rights arising from aaid relation b*> im paired; but the sun* ahall be aubject to judicial cognizance in the Federal cour's, according to the common law When any Territory, north or south of aaid line, within such boundary as Congress may prescribe, shill contain a popula tion equal to that required for a member of Con K'eaa, it shall. If its lorm of government b* repub lican, be admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original States, with or without involuntary servitude, as the constitution of such State may provide. Odd Fm.nwi' Ham. Tn-*miiT ?\T ?... in question were negociauie, ana were regularly negotiated; that all parties who bad received theni la K??d faith were bona, fid* holders, and could not be made to deliver them up except in due course of redemption. The temporary Injunc tions were accordingly abandoned. The Photographic Cards now the rage all over the world, have just been pressed Into new service. Whltehurst, who Is now turning them out by thousands, has recently had calls for num bers of them to be used ss addresses to letters, the " counterfeit presentment" of the person written to being pasted upon the letter envelope, accom panied only by the name of the residence of such party. Quite a number of letters so directed, Ml rtiit't Cabd?Parties owning vicious or badly broken horses, snd feeling Interested In my system of subjugating tbem. will confer a SMC 1*1 fsror by sending me their address st Mrs Weedon's 821 Peon.avenue 3t JoBH 8. Rakbt. 8?* *dvbkti?imb*t of concert st Rrland Chapel to-morrow evening. We can promise all visitors soma good music and a pleasant time gen erally, as the Ryland Chapel folk* know bow to do these things ap handsorooiy. ic iui wees, uftn icni 10 psrim 1(1 neighboring cities, Baltimore and elsewhere, and In no case nave they failed to reach their destina tion By the way, we are glad to see our band some friend Golden back at whltehursfsgallery, after his trip to New York, from whence he brings all the late wrinkles in the photograpb'.c art. Among the photographic novelties at this gallery we notice some new styles of backgrounds of great artistic beauty. Zouatm.?This corps held another adjourned meeting at their armory on Seventh street, on Saturday evening, and received another goodly accession to the membership The meeting was spirited, and a determination Is evinced to make the corps creditable to the Light Infantry Battal ion. and wortbv the Minfliinirji ?n<l nmnnrl nf T ?? f * v* our citizens Tbeir organization waa farther ad vanced by tb? selection of the following otBcera: lat Lieutenant, J. Tyler Powell; id do , Cbarlea Kmrne'??n, 3d do , Walter Benner; Cbarlea Bar rett, Orderly Sergeant The corpa has already entered upon tbelr drills. Thb ruxiftAL of Mr. Benedict Random waa attended yesterday afternoon by Friendship Lodge No 13, ( O O P., and Hiram Lodge of toe Masonic fraternity. After rellglcoa aervlces at the late residence of the deceased, the corpse waa taken to Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, and ia terred, after the services of the two orders were performed by their respective chaplains. D'jprei & Green'a Original New Orleans and Metropolitan Minstrels, will commence this eve ning an engagement of aix nlghta at the above Hall The Natchez (Mlu ) Courier hat the fol lowing article In relation to their performance!: "The Institution Hall waa well filled last evening bv an appreciative audience, which was made hilarous by the capital singing, instrumental ex eelience and aide apllttlng humorlsm of this far famed and unrivaled troupe of negro mtnlstrelsy, beaded by Messrs Duprez and Green. We con cur with our contemporarlea elsewhere, that '-the troupe la a good one, and well deserves the patro fi?2c ct our citizens n > wen during mese melancholy time* to have some place of amuse ment to attend to while away an hour or two and forget our troubles " We commend the troops u irtms of merit, who deserve tbe liberal patronage of tbe community, and to-night we nope to see tbe Hall filled to overflowing." IXTSKZSTtNO DECISION in TUB CASK OF THK Abstracted India* Tbust Bond* ?The Govtm tn??t B nten ?On Saturday last. In tbe United Mitt* District Cou t for tbe southern district cf New York, Judge Smalley delivered an oral de cision In tbe case of tbe United States agt. Godard Bailey and tbe Bank of tbe Republic and others. In this case It w<-.s attempted to compel tbe de fendants to surrender such of the stolen bonds as tbey rulght bold In possession. Tbe parties thus proceeded ngurst were the Bank of the Republic. Clark, Dodge & Co., Thompson Brothers, ana Rlcfcard Schell Tbe Judge said that the bonds T*eat?* ?To-night the bill ts (rood old F.nz Hih comedy,garnubed with * touch of American patriotism Sheridan'* brilliant comedr, "The School for Scandal," la to be pat apon the stage In fine style, with Miss Joey Goagenhelm as "Lady Teazle." and a eood caat otherwise. Fol lowing tb!? the '-Star Spangled Banner" will be aung by charming M1m Marv Shaw, and the per formances will conclude with the allegory of "Washington," which will be one of the moat striking spectacle-tableau* ever witnessed. Guard Hors* ?Pbllllp Henderson, suspicious vagrant; sent to the work house for in day* S. Mcuarihy, profane and disorderly; lined 93 94, and In default committed for (Hi daya. Jno Wll on. drunk and disotderly, fined SI 94 Thomas Doner, profane and disorderly; S3 91 fine and costa, and in default committed to the work bouae for 60 daya. Jaa Fitzpatrick, swearing and dis orderly; sent to work bouse for SO daya. Jas. D Connell, drunk and profane; fined S3 91 l.iAv* Taeiso?President Buchanan has sig nified to the City Authorities and to the President of the Levy Court, that It will be acreeAble to him to receive them and exchange the usual leave taking courtesies on Wednesday next,at U o'clock a in. Accordingly those bodies will call on the r^tirlno >?? WKU* ?* ^ umwuvi ?v., ?uv *f ui it IIVUBC, Kl the hour above indicated next Wednesday. Police ?Befort Justiet Donn?Morris Raaar retted Saturday by policeman King for being drunk and disorderly, and sent to the workhouse for 30 days Anthony Overton waa arrested by policeman Yratman for like offence, and sent down for 00 days.. Is akothkb COLUMN will be seen the programme of the Grand Musical Soiree at the Smithsonian to-night, for the benefit of St. Matthew's Wash ington Infant Asylum. Those who attend this soiree wlll^iot only enjoy a rich treat, but will aid in a commendable work of benevolence. hb blblhu.-i utui|(cwitu ia |irwwuin({ quietly, but conalderable Interest It felt In tbe result, and tbe friends of each of the three candl dates appear aangulne as to the success of their parties. To iiioRT, Rev. Mr Lord commences a course of historical lectures on great representative wo men, at the First I'r?*Bbyterian church. The *ub ject tbls evening Is i'aula and St. Jerome?Chris tian friendship. Rkmkxsck the exhibition of tbe pupils of the Columbia Institution, at the Smithsonian to-mor row night. The exercises, doubtless, will be of an exceedingly Interesting character. Robbkkt ?This morning, between sunrise and 8 o'clock, tbe passage of J udfe Purcell's residence 1 ' (No 318 Delaware avenue) was entered bv a thief 1 and a black cloth cloak atolen, valued at S30. Billy Cokk would inform hi* old friends in Washington that hyreauest of the propriet< r, he will asrve one of his ola fashioned Lunch's at the Kxchanre Restaurant. 266 1'a. avenue, near K^rk woods', from 12 ta 1 oo.o;k to-morrow, Fabruar 36th. It* Trk Grand Inaugration Ball. Ladies in want of Wl io Kid Gloves. Wristlets, Sleeves, Flowors. Hfad [)re?s-?, Ac., Ao .for the above ball cm Ret them at Mm. R. (i. Ktrkifon's, No IS Penn. avenue, between 8th and 9th sts., who will, ?>n the 1st of Maroh. reoeive a large con signment of the above goods, all of the finest French material and the best quality. Espeoial attention is called to the assortment of Flowers and Wristlets. Also, real LaceSets and Co lars. fe 25 6t WASTS TO Dt* III THK U*10W. I shall hn n I t.? H.. in it.o n.ui ?f ?t.:. IJiroii all colors on a 1 kirds of iadiei^ and gentle men's apparel. VV. H Whkatlkt, Dyer, No. 383 souMi side Pmn. avenue, between 4}* and 6lh *t*. Lo-sk out for the Bluo Sign under the window, fj 23 9i Dtbiho to Ltvx. Gentlemen, if ?ou wantadynng man to live, have jour coat*, pants anil vests nioely cleaned or re oolo>euatw. H. \V h?atley>, M*am I'yer and Scourer, No. .183 south side Penn av cue, bitween 4>4 and 6th sts. Look out far the Blue Sien under the window. / _ 4 f<J23 9t D*. Wiiitah's Balsam or Wild Chekrt. VIRGI NIA TKSTIMOST. Ortifioate from .Mr. Norborne Norton, of the Examiner Office, Richmond: K iciixo5D. Va., Feb. 23, 1860. uirxxT*. o. rr rnwie er 10.. Jioston (jentlem-n: I with pl-aaur? t?*tify Urth* grnat m??rit <-f tout invaluable lung m'dicn*. Dr. Ifi.i tar's Bi.snm of Wild Cherry, which is likew.se highly valued I t manr of our esteemed oit:ieas, who have tested its virtue-* by trial. I fii it made use of tha B <l*aii tome three ye*r* Binn> lor a vi?>l'Tt a d dutiessing Magi, whioh baffled the skill of physicians ard torn/ joy,ex peri?noed such gratif> 'ng I* . I as to induce me to p raevere in its use. I always keep it b* me, a d ever find it to be unfailing in its effects. No inedi Dineth.a'I have ever used has given cuch ?pe >dy relief. Yonrstruy, Norbornk NoRio.t. Prepared hy Seth W. Fowle ft. Co., Boston, and for sale in \X ashington oit* 6. Stott, !?. B. VVaite Z. D. Oiiman. John Sohwarze. Nairn A Pa.mer, John Wiley, J II. M?ore, and II. H. McPherson; in G-^rgetown by R. 3. T. Ctss'll, and G. *1. ft J. Bonthron, and by druggists everywhere, fo 19 \-rnj Kraces, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Kea>' it; it will interest you. au 80-eoly ? Pinnies. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Offioe counter. tf To th* Affllctit" !? He sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and BI<>od I'uslfier. in another oolumn. tf DIED, In Washington, on Sunday, 24th instant, WIL LIAM R KK>K, in the 56th year of hi* age. '1'he relative* and friends of the family are in vito to attend th-? funeral, from hi* late remlenoe, on Fouiteenth st . he'w?- n H an-l streets tuu'h, Island, on Tuesday, at 10 o'oiook a. m. * In ?ieorsotown, I). C.,on the 24th instant, at 8 o'oiook,aft?r a lonjE a d painful iilnosi, whi"h he bore wiih christian fortiHide, GE' 'RU K M GAIl K LT. in the 22d year of In* ag?. The lo?? of this younc man is seve ely teh b? his relative* and friends, and is deeply r? retted t>y all that ki ew him. He possossej an excellent unde-standing. a high sen?e < f honor, and an enterprising spirit He has fa'len n the h oom of life, when the highest expectations were formed of hit future usefulness Tins melancholy event has overwhelmed with an guish a berea\o?l mo'her and relations, and oruelly b asted the fuidest hopes that were centered in this younc man. May he rent in peace. Tnf?u art roue. *nn?- #5Anr?? ? ? Art n? loner with ua here. Where thy lightest tone or whupnr Wag to eacrt than earth more dear. Thou art gone, but not where d?arer Nor"where fonder h*art can be*t, And th- u wilt forget them never? They who watoh thy vaoant seat. The relative* and frienaa of t'?e family are re spectfully invited to at'end his funeral, from hia late residence, on Frederick at., between lat and 1'roapeot ata., No. ii3, on Tuesday evening, at 3 o'clock. * MOS KENDALL'S LKTTERS ON SECES SION, Prick Thhek Cents, For sale at the STAR OFFICE COUNTER. fe 23-2t N AUGUR ATION NOTICE! MARSHALS' SASHES, BATON", GILT ' Ad (Ttt MD^&UU i!li rl' * ? /? La H I UC t^DL' a ill i rl' * n/\n *to ? *-<m ?_ ft i/mvo uilil AV/VAilOt n LI ShTTES, BADGES. Ft.AGS, &o., Ao., will be furmahed br MRS. F..-LOWE, Trimming Manufactures, 397 Pa. Avenue, south tide 29T N. B. Saddle Clotiu trimmed tojjrder. Ie23-lw yyE OPEN THIS DAY Our trail assortment GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS, Svleotsd with o&ro during the paat week, vi? : Silk. Wool, and Gauze and Merino Under iiirtsand Drawer*, in great variety, Also, Kid and Thread Gloves, Castor and Buck do. Buok Gauntlets, Canes and Umbrellas. Gents' Neck Ties and Soarfs, Perfamerv, Ac Buting as -jsua exclusively for cash, we offer the newest and best goods at the lowest prioes, at 8 tv fe 23 6t Salesroom, Brown's Hot?l. ?ddov/I'u a DAU- o iv??IiCiOIlA ITill MA Li TIMOR*. tomatoes* can now be had at Stall* No. 333 Center Market and 93 Northern Market Look for the flag. f? 21,23 2S* Prepare for the fourth or march by laying in your supply of? IJlanksts, Brd Comfort*,Quilts, Linen and Cotton Sheetinss, Pil'ow Cue Linens ard Cottons, Table Cloth*. Table Napkin*, Tab e and Towe;ins I'tapers. Curtain Daraack. Curtain Muslin, Oiloloths, Car peting*. All selling at reduced prices at henry EGAN'8, 333 Pa ar., south stds, bet 6thai.d7th*U ,

f*21 It new Iron Buildings. |}ecided sacrifice IN SILK goods, Ac. IN regard TO SILKS AND SILK ROBES and WOOLEN dress GOODS, ladies in pur suit of anr of the abova articles are r'*ue?ted to xamine the largest and o? eapeststook in thi- oity, uio wnoia <n wmon ia put flown at "pitoio p io#s," ia order that we may have room for spriug supplier, ( man j items of which we are now opening ) Our stock of DKY GOODS STAPLES, for the very day wants offamiliea, is now oomplete in all departments. C A* PETS, CURTAINS. OILCLOTHS, ?UOS. PIANO and TABLE COVERS, MAT IN GS, <ka , upper floors. 117" An inspection of stock solieited, it iaenrs no ODlication to purchase. PERRY * BROTHER, Pen*.avenue and Ninth street, ftg-Jt **Perry Baildiag " pOR BALLS AND PARTIES. Ladies' Wkite Kid Gloreeat75eenta, ? lifkt co ored Glovee at Slii ana SO e*nts, Genta' While Rid Glovea from SO out, t> *i " ?il* tad Cottjn from Uh n? M!;.. ?.u J2tS?\a?tEL fa ?-lOt n?r Iron h. at*. frl? 306', washington thkatkr! . m le?*pe ...... f*. w. Glikh ao inc manager J. T. Raymond tuta rurvivr. < UiO Kt ? * ?? ?i* U * gtooGd week of the oelrb-ated and talented Com? dioi.i.p, _ MISS JOEY GOllbKNHEIM. Who will appear aa LADY TEAZLE, In Sheridan'a anocerafnl Comedy eatitIM THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, With a Powerful Caat of Charactera. After which, br reqn 'at, THE STA* SPANGLED BANNER, Sane by Miaa Mut Shaw, Aaaiated by the Entire Cempany. To conclude with THE ALLEGORY OF WASHINGTON. Grorge Washington ?... Mr S W.Glenn f^RANU INAUGURATION UNION CON " CERT, TVSSItA V. Mnrrk V at thi INAUGURATION BALL ROOM. For mtioulaf i?ee future adwrtiaemfcu. f?25 QDD FELL O W DUAL L! Sixteen Performers, Unequaled and Incom parable 8IX N1GI1T9 ONLY, Commencing MONDAY EVENING, F<6.25. Chasgi of Pbogkamxb Nightlt. Double Troupe and Brut Baad of Duprez X Green's Original Hew Orleans and Metroool itan Burlesque Opera Troupe' Will *ive Six Grand Ethiopian Conorrta at the ' above hall, introducing eiuh evening an en'ireiy new selection of Aota, selected from the (em* of Ethiopian Min?trelay. Grand Serenade each evening in front of the hall previous to opening the doora, by the New Orleans , and .Metropoli an Troupe'* Brasa Band, led by Mr. J Pkitt. D-'t-rs open at 7; Concert to oommenoe at quarter , of 8 o'clock precisely. Admission 25 cents; reserved a*ats Sfl oenta. C. H. DUPREZ fe 23 7t OLUMBIA INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB. AND rrtic* nt tvn i nci Diiinu. An EXHIBITION of the pupils of this In?titu tion will be given in the leoture room of the Smith sonian InHitulfon, on TUESDAY EVENING. February 26th, commencing at half past 7 o'clock. The public are invited to attend. ft 23-3t G RAND MUSICAL SOIREE. For the Benefit of St. Matthew's Washington In fant Asylum, At the MONDAY EVENING, February 23. Prporammk?Paut I. 1. Sextett?Oveiture of l?on Juan Moaart 9 Parit* e-? vyv>< >vu vj uwi auu v/iiur uu lur io male voioes Ross;ni S. Non fu Sojcr.o? Solo from 1 Lombard! Verdi 4. Quando di Saeue tinto?Duet from Belisario Doniietti 5. Belli Figlia? Quartettefrom Rigolotti ..Verdi 6. Crowned with the tempest?Solo and Chorus lrom Hern&ni..... Verdi Pae7 II. 7. 8ext?tt?Instrumental 8. Ah tator?Duet from Luoiaoi Lainer moor ......Donizetti 9. Ces?a una volt*?Trio from Eliza e Claudio Mercadante 10. Miserere?Solo and Choras from II Ti ovatore Verdi 11. O'er the forest, o'er mountain?Solo and Chorus from Moses in Egppt _ . Rossini Tickets to be had at the uiuaio stores and at the door. Doors open at 7 o'clock : nprform?.n?? In ?r?m rtionoe precisely at 8 fe 19/1.23.25 <Intel., S'ates, Confed.) JOII1V 8. RARE! Respectfully Announces that he will Rive HIS FIRST LECTURE AND EXHIBITION OF HORSE-TAMING In Washington On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Feb. 27, At ha'f-past seven, In a Mammoth Building Nov being ereotsd express1; for the occasion, at a great expels*, on the sit* of the Old National Theater, E street, near Pa. avenue. No pains will be spared in renderinc the hiiiMin* itroko,convenient, sad COMFORTABLE. It wli ' t)3 perfectly water-tight, WILL HEATED LIOHTBD WITH OAS, furn??HBD with THE most :omfortabli hat", and properly ventilated j Tbe Carpenter'! Work under the supsnnnend snoe of .M?nr?. Kntwistle t Barron ; Gas-fitting 1 ind Plumbing by Messrs. Wm. T. Dove & Co ; Water-tight R' ofin* hy Mr. Parker ; and l'phol- ^ iteritg by E. W. Simmons. This Leoture will be practically illustrated | by tbe introduction and subjugation of the most a iticiocs aid danubkous horses which cam be PRODUCED. | 'l'he Horse"LRUISER," formerly the property jf Lord Do'chester. of England, and oroe renowned e is the most unmanageable horse in the world, hav- - eg ^ofied and suooessf lly resisted for years the ^ sllorts of the most celebrated hor?emen, but tamed [ b> Mr. Rarey, an4 by his system now reduced to i perfect tractability, will bo exhibited. Also, the < imallsst Shetland Ponies in existenoe. mr. Rarer ccarantiea the nerf?nt nrd?r and A*. jorum of this lecture. A fail oorps of oshers wi!i be engaged anjj every &tt?ntioi paid t j the oomfurt of ladies. Admission? Parquette 91; th? rest of the house 50 o?nts. The tale of reserved seat tickets for Mr. Rare;'! first leeture in Wash.ngton will ooramenoe Monday morniig, February 25 at the office ol the above building. K st.. near Pa. avenue. fe 22-5t* ?O' nnik Ann -BLUK BOOK -Inform. <?OtJjUUU?UUU? ation as to all the Offices in the s?>nntry, aad salary 37>4 contains the um? matter as the Great Klue Hook costing $3 5n. Omitthg the nam's whioh are not ceoes?ary. Cat alogue of Curiosities at Patent Office List of Pat ents. Old Books bought and s^ld C'ata ojuj fur nished. ALFRKD HI'NTER, Booksei!?r, fe22-lm* Willards' Hotel ^uare. W k VTH ft AJLA1 JLtJt 1*7 ANTED?By a youn* lady. a SITUATION a. "" chambermaid or ohild'a curae. Apply at No. ITS Second at., between H and C ata. fe S5-2t* %*/ANTKI>? By a reapectable woman,aS1TUA ?' TION a? wet nurie. Apply at No. 4*0 F at., between 21 and 31 ?ta ft 25 2t* WANTKD?A competent GIRL to do general homework. It vi!l l>e u*?leaa t > apoly with out the heat recommei rtatn.i.s. 164 fa avenue, between ITtti and 18th ata fi 25 2t* WANTKD?By a respectable young woman, a SITUATION aa nura* or to do s?neraj hou?? work. P;oaaa addreaa Box 9. Star Olfiaa. It* WANTKD? By a renpectahH woman, who un derxtanda her bunneia thoroughly, a MTL7 AlIrtN aa cook. Adureaa Box i. Star Oflioe, (or tw> daya. tf iniNTL'n u. .nnn. ..,i aiTiiiTinv aw LIv ' M j"uu^ sill' ? t vn l IV11 BB " ohanibermaid and ae&in?tresa, or as nur*e. I Tb? best reference can be giv?u. Icquire at No. l 38> Sixth lit , between G ami H ata. It* j \)L ANTKD-A child'S* NURSE, that under " stands her business and oan do plain sewing. A white woman preferred. Pa'iafactorjr reference required. Inquire at No. 433 Twelfth at, b?twe n G iud ll. fe \ATanted? By a reapeotable young woman, " who underatanda dressmaking, a sitl'A TR>N a? eainstreaa or t-< do light chamberworc, Aft?ly at No 433 Ninth at., between t' and G ata ; or address Box S, Star ??(Boe. It* Wanted immediately?From *6 to 1 10.000 worth of second-HAND FURNI TUR E or all kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay th? highest prioea, and, aa usual, at the ahortaat no tice. R. bcchly. Dealer in Furniture, Stovee, Ao., >o 9 408 7th at.. l>el. G and H ?uK a>de. FURNITURE, or having thiaiar ?t. k. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. REWARD.?A lady loat her picket* in *0** Waahiugton on the 21st instant, containing a 1 \r*e bra** key. Th? above reward will be p*id for th# key, on being left with G. F. GlLBtR r, K?q.. Atent at the Depot fe 25 3t? 09T?Going from the corner of Thirteenth and i K ?t?. to New Yorkavenne and Fifteenth - L, along CASHMERE 80ARF, wi?h black oert?r and gold end*. The finder will he rewarded by leaving it at 362 H at, b tween 13th and 14th ata. kMt* L BOARDING. 4 PKW TRANSIENT BOARDERS CAN BE A *ooommoq?ted at No. ' i'* <K ?tre?. f? ii I w * I WILL T?k?'?a kuidTof Vi?$uft n?<>n<>T for hi book debu ud for Boota, ?:io~?, and Trunk*. All pcraoaa indebted tb im wnl pleaaa oa 1 and arttla VF< ?fl ba oomjB1 .?! to ?l*a thair aoooiinta ?n ASSSSsakaRftv GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Rsroicrtoii 1b relation to the Tobacco Wire houaea Reiolred hp tk? Foard of Aldrrmm and Board of Common, Comma! of tk* Corporation of Otorfttotrn, That In oiw ?ffk (roo the passage of thia resolu tion Gilbert V&ndtrwerkea (ball per to tbe Clerk of the Corporation bit note of forty dollar*, with interest to date. and alao on tbe lat of April next three hundred dollan, with Interest on 93.000 to tbat data, and quarter-Yearly thereafter a like aum of K)U>, with Int-rrat on the whole amount due at each payment, nntll the entire cum of *3,000, with interest, la nal<t Rfolr*d, fvrtktr. That upon tbe fSUnre of G'l bert Vsnderwerken to make any of tb? aforesaid payments and Interest la the time prescribed tn the foregoing resolution, the Recorder la hereby Instructed to foreclose the mortwe on the prop erty acid by thia Corporation to Reeslde A Van der'werken. [Approved February 11, 1MI A Resolution making an spproprlatloa for fuel for the outside poor of the Towa. R'solrtH fejr the Board of Aldermen and Board of Camrron Council of tki Corporation of tifornrtcnm, That the aum of one hundred dollars be. aad tbe same la hereby, appropriated out of tbe general fund, to be paid by tbe Clerk to tbe Treasurer of tbe Union Benevolent Society, to be used by said Society for tbe purchses sad distribution of fuel to tbe destitute poor of the town. Approved Feb. 16, lf<61. A Rb'olvtion In ffivor of Win. U. Fletcher Hetolred by tkt Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Cotmeif of tkt Corf oration of Qtorgttoym, That the Clerk be. and be la hereby, authorized to pay to tbe order of W. U Fletcher one hundred and all dollars and aeventy-Bve centa, In full for three bllla rendered for guttering and repairing gutter*, dated Oct 1SS6. Aug. lS50,and Dec. 1MU. Approved Feb 16,1S61. A Resolution to pay certain claims. Retolved by tkt Board of Aldrrmtn and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of (iMTfdMN, That tbe Clerk be. and be la hereby, auttiorlaed to pay tbe ium of one hundred and thtrty dol lars and a!ity centa to tbe order of the neraona hereinafter named. In full for their reapective bills against this Corporation : Joseph Llbby A Son, Dill of lumber from Anguat 6 to 11th December, 1861 >99 10 Waters & Hunt, for printing 300 copies of Clerk's report 21 00 John J McQuillan, three coffins for pau p?rs, in August and September, 1800.... 10 50 Approved February 16,1961. S13U 60 A Resolution to pav Asaeaaora Rtsolvtd by the Board of Aldermen ond Board of Common Council of tkr Corporation of Georgttorm. That the Clerk be, and he Is, herebv authorized to pay the sum of sixtv-elghtdollarstothe order of the persons hereinafter named, in full for their bills for services In making poll lists. M V Buckey... John E. Cox George W Beall 34 00 *4 00 10 00 Approved Feb. 16, 1861 ] #66 00 nUnDnwmATlT?T . vixL.v/rvv*riAU vv AUViiKIAllS GEORGETOWN, FIBBUA.ET 25. 1861. Lk_3 Per?< ns supp led from the H igh i^ervic* of the Aquedoot in Georgetown are hereby notified that their hydrants must not be Buffered to waale, or th* uppf? will b? out off. fe25 31 KDMUND T. D. MYERS Ecu'r. GEORGETOWN MAVORALTY.-To I H prevent any doubt, at the instance ot my friends, I here">) tive notice that I shal not wih draw as a o&ndidat" for toe mayoralty at the ensu ing election. fe 14-tf RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. PJU8T ARRIVED. ER Propeller 8. Seymour, from Phi'adelphia, 75 barrel* and 1<*' half_barrels of Ma?sey, Collins A uo 'a ruuade.phia DRAFT A LE. For ?!e by fe? ARMY * SHINN. FOR SALE AND RENT. SEVERAL COMFORTABLK ROOMS MAY O be obtiined at c\o. 4o3 Thirteenth ?t.. between K and F. <e 25 4t* 17<OR SALF.-The GOOD WILL and FIX TUKE?* of a restaurant and a boardi&f house, ntnnted on Penu. avenue, No. 54*, b-tween 1st md 2d sta. f? 2? 3t* f COMFORTABLE ROOM-F >R RENT.?For U rent, on K atreet, aouth tide, between 6th and rth at*., two large and comfortable Rooina. with or nthout Board, durini the Inanruratior. tiitie Tf 25-1 v MRS. T R.GARCIA. |7>OR RENT-A hacdaomely FURNISHED r HOUSE, with a I the modern imarovementa, n a central locat.on, will be rented for one year, or i term of yeara, on yerj r(Mnul>le terira. Fr>a teasion given immediatly. Apply at No. 404 E at, >etwean 9 h arid loth ta. fe 25 ) w l^OR RB NT?Several fine ROOMS in houte r over DoocUm's green house, opposite the f*ta ? Department, corner Peon avenue and G street. The number of Rooms will accommodate a mesa riahinn t > be together,or ring e g?rt emen The nmvvwa V'luiiiauu lull fWW UI ft I VIIO ODJ?*CW OI nterest, proc???i"c?, *c., placing on th? *v?nu? rith or without B?>ard. f?2S-3t* EpOR RENT?Six larceianfurnnried1 ROOMS, r over oar ?tore, 309 Pa. avriiue, between 9.h tnd 1> th st?. fe 23-lw JOHN R. El. VANS. li'OR RENT?5 large, nicety famished CHAM r BERS Aid two PARLORS, at No. 443 fev in?h at. between 4i and H ?u., veit tide. f* 2Ht' L^OR REN r-Thefour ?tory BRICK HOUSE. " No.443 Fifth st, between E and P. in exoel ent repair, with modern improvement*. Inquire in tt-e pr mi?ea ; or of DUV AL.L BROTHERS, H4 Pa avenue. fe 30 3t?o* l?OR RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS " and STABLE, near Wiila^dn' Hotel. Apply to CI DWELL k. LAWRENCE. Drugemtn, r? av. md 14th gt. fe ll-eo2w' pOR RENT?A three atorj hriok HOUSE,oon ?. twuiui o iviiiui, in |u<xi uruer, wiiu can bx ures complete, on H street. between 4th and 5th. Meo, a two-?tory briok COTTAUE, with iarce rsrd attacliod, earner of F street north an : 14t!i ?t. tut. To punctual and reliable teuauts the term* nil be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, >etween O a 3d K. no lS-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build in* immediately opposite the weat wine of the 3ity flal.,reoently oocupied by Chaa. S. Waliach ks an olfioe. Alao the front room in the aeoond itory and the third floor of the same bvildmc. Foi ermi apply to R1C1IARD WALLAOH, No. i -omsmnft avenue. la 13 tf FOR RKNT?The fine BRICK HOUHE No. 100 Weat it., Georgetown, at present oooa >ied by the subsoriber. it haa 12 roowa, with gaa md water throughout, a fine yard, stable 4c , and a in acood neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A. MA 3RUDER. oc 25 tf One Dollar. Sl-Sl?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI! SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?91?91?SI 5 176 Pa. At. EVANS'S. 476 Pa.Av. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Eles*nt CARBUNCLE ? ? Seta for #1 Elegant LAVA..? SeU for 91 Slegnnt GARNET S?U for ?1 ?l?*ant JET . .?.Brtlfor 91 Siegant CORAL and GOLD SeU for f I Elegant MEDALLION SeU for 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC SeU for 91 Elegant PLAIN GOLD? SeU for 91 Ludiea* GUARD CHaINS for 91 Ladiea' CHATELAINE CHAINS, for 91 Ladies' NECR CHAINS for 91 Gent'a VEST CHAINS, (10 differs: t pattern*) ? for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, oonaiabnc of rABLE.TEAaad DESERT SPOONS, FORK*, CRKAM PITCHERS, CARE BASKETS. CREAM LADLES. TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES. CUPS, Ao., *o. M?o; A Larpe Aaaortment ol JEWELRY, vhiok we can m!1 at 5ft oenta t*t arlirk BOOKS-BOOKS. SLOS'NQ OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. 11.00 BOOKS Soiling for. ? JO o?n?a ILSS BOOKS Soiling for AO to 75 o-nt? 12.00 BOOKS Soiling for #1 to f 1 25 NOW IS YOUR TIME TO OBT BOOKS and JEWELRY LOW KK rm? KVfcK UhKORK. CALL EARLY AT 116Pi.Ar. EVANS'S. fa U tr fVFlCEK*, PETTY OFFICERS, AND Si KJ mm who wer? on board ot aay U. 8. skips the captare of any slaver Ml have their elaims captor* of any slaver ou tore tbair c.vmi for i: >ai ty and Head Money promptly attended to by ixpljini to or sddreaetnc C. P. WALLACE. Washington, D. C. in l?-t/ EVERYBODY IN WANT OF CLOTHlNtf, FURNISHING GOODS, HaTS and CAPS, t oald ooma to SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh at. feS?w A| RARH CHANCE For barcaine m ?euool I Books Blank Books. Mieoeliaaaoes Hooka ?nftn.3s Hli*g oht to r?<"oo? stock- jt It-la ^5K^8:0V?SiS sja THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. iMHrttat trM Tuu Just as the Stsr gomU prmm to-4ay, Wf hear that the War Department ktti ad rices that Uan . T wig if* bu surrendered to the revointlonl* mt Texas, all the Gorernmeat Military ptopwH la ... (nnimuaer c* iotl p mui??ry department of T<xv. If thia be true, be de ittm b?aging higher than Himu. far the pal pable treachery and barefaoed robfearv of the Government Involved 1b the act Saallcra < tacrm. Moitgpmiit, Ala , Feb *1 ?Tba CnvmUm met to-day at DOOM. The Journala of yeaterday were read and eon firmed. Mr Chilton, of Ala , aa'.d be had two commu nication!. aent to him by a aclentllc gentleman? one In relation U caat-lron cannon and the other In relation to patent! Thia gentleman baa a ptaa bv which he rmm ~><U. equal to and perbapa an perl or to iba armatroog gun He dealrea la try the experiment and do monatrate to tbe Commltta oa Military ACblra.tb* excellency of bla raat-lron (una Om of thoaa communlcatlona waa referred to tbe Military Com mittee and tbe otber to tb? Commit lee oa Paten U Tbe referencea were made Mr Fearn, of Alabama, peaaentod a communi cation from Mr Man ball on tba aubject of mbl < aatlnea ; which, without being road, waa re ferred to the Military Committer Mr T R R Cobb, of Georgia, offered tba fol lowing reaolutlon, Inquiring Into tba expediency of an export duty on cotton Hftolrtd, That tba Committee on Finance bo lnatnicted to Inquire Into the expediency of lay ing an export duty on all raw cotton walcb may be exported from tbe Confederated Stalaa to ear foreign country, by any olber channel than tbrougb tbe aeaporta of (bla Confederacy Mr r.?hh >t<1 1 ~?>- ??- ?? -?? to refer that retoluftou to tbe Fluact CobbIUm at tbla time. I am not prepared to dlaruM tbe policy of levying ?uch a duty That we have tbo power to do ao there can be no doubt I appre hend that we are conarloua of tbe power we bold In our banda, by reaaon of our producing that staple ao necessary to the world. 1 doubt not that power will exert an Influence grant and mlgbtler tban armlea and navies We know that by an embargo we could aoon place, not only tbe United State*, but many of tbe European powera, under tbenecenalty of electing between auch n recogni tion of our Independence aa we require, w do mettle convulalons at home. Tbe Information In oar poaneaalon arema I* Joa tlfy auch an enquiry aa the resolution protiaaea It la a fact that some of tbe cotton now produood In tbla Confederacy la already aerklng a new channel to tbe ara We are Informed that nt Pit* burg. Pa., more than flU.000 bale* of cotton have already been received, conveyed thither up tbo Mlaalaalppl and Ohio river* We are alao In formed that more than flu,000 bales ef aottoa from n nip, ua , nave wrn Mnt by railroad to Mrk i port at Norfolk and Alexandria We are further Informed that the director* of the railroad* con necting with the principal Unea In onr territory, are now concerting srbemea for the purpoar or reducing frt*ighta on those roada. In order, la that way, to entice our cotton to markets In northern porta The reault of such a course. If successful,would. In the first place, necessarily be to make the block ade of our porta a matter of no importance to for eign nations; secondly, it would destroy all com merce with our own seaport*, and, thirdly, and most Important rt all. It would compel us to re eel re all the Imported goods we migbt need after paying dutiea on tnem In New York city. Theae considerations have Induced me to offer tbls res olution of Inquiry I do not tblnk that the rea olntion ahould elicit discussion at the preaent time, but after the committee on finance have made their report, it may become a grave matter for the consideration of tnls body. The resolution was adopted. Mr. Shorter, of Ala., Chairman of the Commit tee on (engrossments, reported, as duly enrolled and ready for the signature of the President, the ioitowing aru An act to determine the aalanea of tba Vice President and beadtof Departments. An act to or nan Ire tbe Department of State An act toeattbllab tbe Navy Department. An act to establish tbe War Department. An act to organise and eatabltah aa Executive Department, to be known aa tbe Departmoat of Juatlce. An act to eatabllah tbe Poat Ofice Department On motion Congreaa west into aecret awd?a. Congreaa adjourned about 3 o'clock None of tbe bualneaa u-anaacted waa made public, with tbe exception of tbe conflrmatlona of a portion of tbe Cabinet Tbere were no other nomination* made to Congreaa to-day by tbe Presideat, tban tbe following : For Secretary of 9tato?Hon Robert Toooiba, of Georgia Secretarr of tbe Treaaury?Hoa. C.O. Men minger, of South Carolina Secretary of War?Hon. L. Pope Walker, of Alabama The foregoing nomination* were con Armed. and Congreaa adjourned until to morrow o'clock. Montgomery, Ala., Feb. ti ? T be Congrew to day unanliuoualv paaaedan act derlaring tbeeatab Itahment of tbe free navigation of the Miwiaalppt rlTer. Tbla measure glvea general aatiafactlon Moxtgomikt, Feb "J4 ?Cong re held a public aewion to-day, but aothlu of intereat waa done A long arc ret aewion waa held aubaequeatly. Na further Cabinet nomlnatlona have been made Virgtaia C*areatt*B. Richmond, Feb. 23.?A large portion of the aeaalon of tbe Convention to-day baa baea occu pied In a peraonal explanation between member* Tbe reaolutlona heretofore ubled for ralalng a committee to Inquire whether aay movement of ? a ? a a /? ^ Briiis ?i iire-u uu urrii maae uj me uo?WDITfBI U> any fort or araenal In and bordering upon Vlr Kinia, Indicating a preparation for an attack npea or coercion of any State, ?u adopted. The Union men aeern aatliflrd that the iaraeti ration will pro re that there la no cauae of appre hension on tot aubject. Mr Bar boar, So perl n tendeut of Harper'a Ferry Armory, was among its adrocstes. Otbera argue that the appretmaiona are well founded, and that the facta should be known, so aa to be prepared. Mr. Flatoer offered a resolution op peeing a National Convention, on tbe ground that the pea pie of the South reasonably apprehend that each a body would reorganize the judiciary sytem, and make the judgta elected by the I nion, aa Mr Seward declare* that hi* party would do as aooa as the? acquired the power, and that sock a bode would make other innovations upon the recog nlred rights of tbe minority. A Urge number of resolution* on national sub jects were referred Trmm l alif?alt. Fort Kbabbit, Feb ' ?! ?Tbe Pony Express, from San Kranclaco on the 9th, baa arrived. No more fkllurea are reported. Tbe nextahlpeaent of gold will be light In the Legislature tbe Dong last tea had made a favorable movement for Mr Denver Tbe day for the election of Senator bad not been appealed. All tbe workmen at tbe Navy Yards, forts and other public works on tbe coast bad been dis charged. Baalaeaa Failares aai Sea pe assess Boston, Feb 3 ?Tbe Boston Commercial Bulletin publishes, weekly, a list of tbe changes in business For tbe week j ust passed ltglves the failures as follows: in New York, It; la B Stoa, 8: In PhllsdelDhls. 3: in Baltimore. 3. is Cineia natl, 3; In Detroit, 4; and In otlter placea. 91' lag a total of at) for the week . Tk? ArktaMi CmuiMm MKMFHia, Feb. 85 ?The newt from Little Reck Indicates that the aecenalonleti are In a majority The retnrna ahow the election of 30 aeeeaaioaleu, 25 conditional aeccaaioaiata, and 15 to 80 aubmla aioniata There la alao a majority la km of a Convention. HaI TIhoib. Feb 25 ?Flour atendy; Howard at. and Ohio *5-??X-#5 76?the Utter for choice. Wbm la Ira; red ?1 25al 31: white Si ?5al.?. Corn la active; frUow5???Je. Prorlalooaar* quiet; mraa pork !?. Lard la Irm at lUe C off re la krm. Rio 18 ? aide Whlaky la quiet at ia?lt)*c. New Vera Marktu N*w Yoke, Feb. 85 ?Flow dull lad droop ing W bent quiet and unchanged Corn aiendr. Pork quiet. Lard ateady, W a laky quia* nt 1?X al8c. Flanannl. Niw you, Feb 85 ? Stock* are excited and hi if her Chicago and Rock Inland MKj llUnota I 1 -? AMI/. J. V J _ M I y . a# i.Wi? wr-iai ""J*! ?" MSil Southern 34; New York Central 7H*. Reading 44; Hadaon Hirer RR 43*; V? ? 7* Me. % 65 JK. I rMMiry 1S'? 100. do Ml 101 * Woo* and Coal. OlLTf CITT ITKil riUVHI IllLI COAJL DENT, Poor or ET WOOD AMD COAL < all Mit. Wort ?> *** to Mit Dm niU of I Uti red tord It ,4irt,aad PtrioMj MMboa givMi to all [ fcu-tf ' T. J. A w. M. ?ALT,