1 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY March 1, 1*1. IZT The ww L*t>llar Weekly Star, faller than evrr of Metropolitan newa and gossip, choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In lta enter - tabling contents are the following articles r Tbe T? mptresa?a thrilling atorv; Excursion from W ashing ton. No 10?very Interesting; Fashions f.\r Fahrnarv! Woff Flcbt In Freetown?8 Bide splitter; Poet Office Oddities; Mr Rare?'* Ei bibl'lcn in Wnsbiagton; The Peace Conven tion's Pi an of ?ettlement; Meeting of Working raen in Boston; Mr Lincoln * i'rogress to Washington, and Inci dent* at the Railroad Depot and elsewhere; Mr. Lincoln's Movements in Washington: Visit of the Municipal Authorities to the Presidentelect and Speeches upon the occasion; Leave taking of Mr. Buchanan by the Mayor, Boards of Al derman and Common Council, Levy Court, Judges of the Court of Claims and Clerks in tb? various Departments; Murder of a U.S Sol dier by bis Comrade; Programme of the Inau guration; All about the 22d In Washington; Full reports of Congressional proceedings, Supreme Court, Southern Congress. Speeches of Mr. Lincoln And Mr. Buchanan, Lecturss at the Smithsonian, 4c , Ac ; Teleg'aphle Dispatches from all quarters; Edito rial! upon the exciting topica of the day; Agri cultural Correspondence and hinta for Farmer* - on Gardening and Horticulture; Household Rsclpe* and Recipe* for tb? Workshop; Operations of the U.S. Patent Office, Army. Nary, Ac , together with several columns of Local News. Miscellaneoua Items. Sunday reading, Fun, Poetry, Ac., Ac. This is Just tbe paper above all others for per sons sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ( the iMirsIng Press ice inifmgtncer urges icai ?ne proposition* now before Congress should be immediately laid before the people for their approval or rejection, and if republicans In Congreas oppose thla plan from a fear that the propoaitlons may be aaaented to, the party will sooner or later be broken up. The Republican s9ys of the resolution reported by the Committee of Thirty-three, propoalngsuch an amendment of the Constitution as will pre clude any future amendment which shall put It In the power of the Federal Government to inter fere with slavery In the Stab a: " If this resolution stood by Itse f, unembar rassed by preference* for other measures, such as the assembling of a National Convention, it may 1* assumed that Its passage by the Senate would be certain. so far as the repuDllcin Senators are concerned.'' M*. Siwikd'i Joi*t Resolution.?The dis unlonlsts here are rejAelng over Mr. Reward'! failure to support the report of the majority of the Senate's select committee upon the plan of the Peace Congress. They are trying to mislead the public Into the impression that he hat changed his views on the subject, and tfcaf bis change Involves a change of what wis to have been the new Administration's policy upon it Now, it is as plain to us as plain can be, that he failed to support the report of the committee, only because realizing the now evident fact that sutUc'cnt Re publicans of the Senate cannot be brought to sus tain the action of the Peace Convention, to Insure Its adoption by the present Congress L'ndersuch circumstances, It would have been madness for iilm to have separated himself from his political friends, putting himself in a position of weakness that might have instantlv striDoed him of ?1! power to secure a conservative majority In the Cabinet, upon which, a* a condition precedent, the question of the continued connection of the border slavebolding Statu with the Government ?f the United States bangs, beyond all perad "venture. We are not prepared to ?ay that conservatism on tb? part of th? uew Administration will surely keep those States where they are, under existing circumstances But we are very sure that bad the ultras triumphed?cs they have not?In their late ndeavors to Inject a majority of their own way of thinking Into the new Cabinet, with the Repub licans of the Senate refusing to do anything mote to guarantee the rights of the remaiuing slave holding States under tte Government as it stands -with the Gulf States goue, sixty days would have aeen every border slaveholding State !n arms against the General Government. It Is clear to our mind, that realizing bis in ability to bring his party in the Senate up to the work of instantly giving the border States tbe guarantees they will secure so soon as the subject matter goes to the people of the North (through the results of their next elections), he threw him self upon tbe policy of keeping in his own hands tbe power of influencing tktm for the benefit oj the cause of conciliation and concession; which he can do, as the premier of a conservative Ad ministration, the opposition of the ultra Republi can Senators, each in his own State, to the con # trary notwithstanding. We may confidently add further, that his poli cy in the premises met tbe entire approval of Mr. Lincoln. Thk Stkcqglk roa Cab'.xkt Poa-rroLio* waxes warmer, hourly. The movement of a majority of the Republicans of the Senate, m .rte on tbe day before yesterday, has evidently settled tbe ques tion whether Mr Chase does or d'jes not go in. That majority virtually demanded for him, in wiiuug, iu< i icuury urparimen:; ana. !( is un derstood, that a positive pit-dgeon bis part that bis friends will cordially support the Administration even though it be conservative upon tbe great question of tbe times, determined Mr. Lincoln to accede to tbat demand Mr. Cameron was for some time with the Presi dent sleet, last ulght, on tbe latter's Invitntion. Hs (Mr. Lincoln) insist, we believe, that Mr. Cameron shall take the portfolio of tbe Interior Department. We apprehend that at an Interview which they are ? have to-day, Mr. C. will yield to tbe wishes of Mr Lincoln, so great is the pres ore upon him from tbe conservative interest to Induce him to do so. That interest certainly re gard his acceptance of a position in tbe Cabinet as being of vital importance to tbe future peace of the country; and though Pennsylvania as repre sented among the Cabinet makers now assembled acre i? oouing over with Indignation at Mr. Lin cola's failure to tender tLe Treasury Department to him, in accordance with the now clearly ascer tained almost unanimous wisn of tLat State, we have every reason to believe tLat for the sake of preserving the peace of the country he will go Into tbe Interior Department. It hss been positively determined that Mr. C. B Smith, of Indiana, Is to be of tbe Cabinet; and tbe chances are now four to one that Mr. Mont gomery Blair will also be one of its members Tbe earnest labors of Horace Greeley have trans ferred to htm tbe support of the entire Republican party of Msryland as represented here, leaving Mr. H. Winter Davis only the support of Gov. Hicks so fter as Maryland la concerned. Tbe Maryland Republicans among us came hither to Indue* the appointment of Mr. Dsvis, but have changed frost, as explained above, under Mr Oreeley's manipulations To sum op the case as It stood at 10 a m. to-day, wv mar write tut tbe Cabinet It probably to rtaad aa followa Viz : State, Mr. St-ward; Treasury, Mr. Chase; Interior, Mr. Cameron; "War, Mr. Biair; Navy, Mr. Smith; Po?t Office, Mr. Well*; Attorney General, Mr. Bates There may be some changes la the poeitlous respectively assigned to these gentlemen, but they will all doubtlees be of the incoming President's official council. His Time!?Tbe Cablaet-makers who have been dlssppolstsd la getting their favoeltea into the new council board are "taking on" dreadfully to-day?dreadfully; awearing awfully, and threat ening to work the direst conceivable calamities upon the fortunes af the new Government. We beeaach those gentlemen to take matters more ^/wtllw I n't < 1 * i iuwiviuuai tujiitn noi yri t>elng hopeless Nine-tenths'of the solicitude on the subject they have manifested baa really been with reference to their own prospects for oftce only We bare to remind them that It is customary to soothe the lacerated feelings of gentlemen In their flx, (ss tktf desire to be sootbod) and doubt not that the policy will be duly carried out In their liy We are in receipt of the entertaining and Instruct! ye "Household Journal" for February, jrubllabed by Harthlll 4 Co., Now York. # CONGRESSIONAL. Pihatb?After our report closed yeaterday? Mr Trumbull, on the part of the committee ap Cnted by the Senate to Join the committee on i part of the Houae to notify Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin of their election to the olficea respectively of Prealdent and Vice Presi dent of tbe United State* for four yeara from the 4th ot March next, wished to report that they have discharged that duty,and that (n response thereto Mr Lincoln said " (itmtUmea .?With deep gratitude to my countrymen for this mark of their confidence,wltn a distrust of my own ability to perform the re quired doty under the moat favorable circa instan ces, now rendered doubly difficult by existing national perils, yet with a firm reliance on the strength of our free Government and the ultimate loyalty nf| the people to the just principles upon which it is founded, and, above all. an unshaken faith In the Supreme Rnler of Nations, I accept this trust. Be pleased to signify my acceptance to the respective House* of Congress " Also, from the same committee, to wait on the Vice President, reported that thev had performed that dnty, and that the Vice President replied as follow*: "Gentleman?You willJ>iease communicate to the respective House* of Cod grew my acceptance of the trust confided to me by a generous people. And while It Is a position which I neither sought nor desired. 1 am truly grateful for the confidence repoaed in me. and, deeply sensible of the obliga tions It imposes. It shall be my earnest effort to discharge my duty In that manner which shall subserve the interests of the whole country." The Post olllce appropriation bill was then taken up; on which Mr. Gwln addressed the Senate at considerable length. The special order, being the recommendation of the Peace Convention to make certain amend ments to the Constitution, was called up. Mr. Hale objected to their being taken up, as reports from committeea must lie over one dav. After a protracted debate on Mr. Hale's objec tion, tbe peace proposition wai postponed till to day at half past twelve o'clock The Senate then went into Exe?utlve aeaalon, and after tome time apent therein, tbe doora were thrown open, and tbe Senate toek np the Post Office appropriation bill; pending the considera tion of which the Senate adjourned. Hocfk ?When oar report closed? Mr. Hickman was addressing the House upon the vote whereby the amendment to the Constitu tion was adopted. After seme debate, cn motion of Mr. Sherman, the amendmenta were postponed. Tbe House then took up the Indian appropria tion bill; some of the amendments were agreed to and the b'll returned to the Senate. On motion of Mr. Colfax the Senate's amend ments to the bill providing for tbe withdrawal of tbe mail service In seceded States were taken up, and. after brief consideration, were concurred in. Mr. Morris, of 111., chairman of the committee. to which wai referred the Investigation Into the abstracted Indian bond*, reported a joint resolu tion appointing Mr. Pugh of Ohio, Mr. Harris of Md., and Mr. Case of Ind , commissioners to make full and equitable adjustment with W. II Russell and others, on account of abstracted Indian trust bonds. Rejected?yeas 19, nays 134. The House then wmt Into Committee of the Whole on the civil appropriation bill, and, after some time spent therein, the committee rose, and the House adjourned. Friday, March 1. A large number of memorials In rela tion to the pr<?setit condition of the country were presented by Messrs. Bigler, Wilkinson, Critten den. and King. Mr. Wilson froin the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported a bill to incorporate the Metropolitan <Jas Company of Washington; which was DUMPll The Senate tben passed a number of private bills. The resolution authorizing Com. Paulding to receive a sword and a grant of land from the Re public of Nicaragua was taken up?the pending question being to strike out "grant of land " Mr Seward and Mr. Mason supported the amendment, which was adopted?yeas 25, nays 1C Tbr resolution as amended was then adopted? yeas 34. ?ays 7. Mr. Douglas called up House resolutions to amend the Constitution of the United States. IU present consideration was objected to The Senate then took up and passed a bill for the relief of Com. Paulding, paying bis expenses in a certain suit against him by one of Walker's men. The Senate then took up the special order, being the Peace Congress propositions. Mr. Seward offered hisnational convention res olution as a substitute. Mr Doolittle's amendment was also read by the Clerk Vr Hunter, of Va . moved to amend by striking out the first section of the peace propositions and inserting the first article of the Crittenden propo anions. Mr Uollamer rote to a question of order, that aa thes?* were reaoluttonaof a committee, and being proposed as a whole, could not be amended, though they might be substituted. House ?The Speaker laid before the Ilouae various communications from the several Depart ments; which were laid ou the table and ordered to be printed. Tbe H ouee then took up tbespecfal order, being a bill fixing tbe value of Austrian silver florina in the I'. 3 custom-houses at 46 and 19-100 cents; which bill was read a third time and passed. Mr. Tappan called for the regular oraer of busi ness. (conslderatloa of private bills,) and Insisted that it took the rr*ce?'nce of the report of the Committee of Thirty-three Mr. Washburne, of 111 ?I demand the regular order of business, which is the report of tbe Com mittee of Thirty-three, and move that the report be postponed till the fourth of July. [Laughter.] Mr Babbitt called up from tbeSpeaker'slable a bill dividing thp Stat* nf P<.nn?ul??nU ? P, -? ?? W?-w wa t iinay l TUII la I tl W WJI cc judicial districts and establishing a United States District Court In the city of K.rie; and called the previous question on the passage of the bill. Mr. Mayoard moved to lay the bill on the table ; which motion was lost. The bill was then read a third time, and put upan its p?ss?ge, and defeated. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the House went into Committee of the Whole, and took under consideration the army appropriation bill. Sexatok Camkrox.?The Washington public were, yesterday, shocked and Incensed beyond expression, by a virulent and flithy personal at tack upon Senator Cameron, appearing in a Wash ington paper, which, not long since, was redolent with praise of that gentleman. It was doubtless designed to aid the plans of the Republican party personal enemies of that distinguished gentleman, who are striving, orally, by such means to preju dice him In the eyes of the President clect. As a matter of course. Its only effect will be to waru Mr. L. against listening to the counsels of such persons; which cannot possibly be done without encountering the certainty of losing the friendship of all but the very vilest in society, of all politi cal ) arties. Mr. Cameron bas been amongst us for many yeirs in his present position, and has won the re spect, confidence and regard of all here whose good opinion is worth bnving. This city never had a warmer or more effective friend than Mr. Cameron In the Senate of the United States, and we rejoice to see that the memory of bis many of ficial actsof kindness to the District bas generated most inteuse feeling among all respectable per sons here, against the wanton and malicious per sonal assault upon blm referred to above. At it Already?Captain John Tyler and Mr. J^mes A. Seddon are already preaching disunion P*r te in Richmond. The former on coming here to attend the Peace Congress bad not made up bis mind where be stood upon the question of the times. Unfortunately, while here be had Mr Wigfali, rather than Mr. John Minor Ootta, to sleep with him. at of old. That la to aav: he fell wholly into the handa of Mr. Wigfall, whom he really repreaented In the Peace Convention, rather than the State of Virginia. Oil reaching Richmond yesterday, the dlsunion lsu p'r i? Immediately serenaded them?Messrs. Tyler and Seddon?and they made dlaunlon speeches in retnrn, to the motley crowd which Hector Davis Si Co. get up at will; aa on the re centoccasion of their Indignation-meeting against Mr. Moore, of Rockbridge, who exercised his privilege of telling the Couvention some home truths about secession. fp- From Messrs. Fhilp k Solomons we have " Phtlp's Washington Described," a handsome volume of 339 pages, undoubtedly the most com plete and valuable guide to the Americas capital yet Issued Its sppearance Just now, when so mtni' nrrAM ?-?14 * 4 * ?J -as inns lirntlUg jUK alien I Work , is most apropos. ET" From Kills we bare " Gay and Happy," a lively s'?ng ; and the " Union March," a spirited composition by Uaoa K ruinroacher. Prrtsaal *"*Tbe Hon Sam Smith, of Tenn.,1aamong the distinguished strangers now hero. Col Fremont sailed for Kuropeon Wednes day, In the steamship Africa. * The Buffalo Courier savs notice was given on Sunday, from the pulpit of St. John'a Church, that HLstiop Do Lancey was quite ill, and conse quently the rlto of conflrmatlon, la which he was to have officiated, will bo postponed till farther notice DEPART*! EST NKW9 Riiisxid.?Fi ?t Lieut. Edward F. Falter, of Grorvii, an(* Second Ll?*ut. A. B. Montgomery, of Georgia, (both of the 4th artillery,) (J. 9 Army, have resigned. lt?u Telegraphed from Waihlagtoa. W4ihinsto.i, Feb 28 ?The Postmaster Gener al was this morning advised by telegraph from Fort Smith that the Overland Mall Was stepped Y>?* I ?<!( na ?Mil aaA W? Tava ns mm li*J V ?. i/v I ICU The Poatmaster at Madison. Florida, is using domestic raanufreWred postage stamp* contrary to law, and the Department has bean furnished with a specimen In consequence of Gen. Twiggs' lata conduct In Texas bis name is to be stricken from the army rolls aa a coward and a traitor. Adjutant General Cooper received despatches from Major Anderson to-day, and the story about the gallant Major's illness was all a fabrication He Is not only in good health but ready for any emergency. Major Andrrson savs that work Is still going on in the erection of the bomb proof battery on Cummlngs* Point, but that it is all la bor lost, as he can sweep away the entire work with a few rounds of ahot from Fort Sumter. Visit or Jetf. Dans to Majok Andxison ? A gentleman who arrived here by the steamer Columbia, and who professed to be well informed on the subject, states that ahortly after the arrival of Hon. Jefferson Davis at Charleston, it was arranged for him to pay a visit to Fort Sumter, which was accomplished privately. The inter view is represented to have been an earnest and prolonged one. but all not immediately in the aecret were left wholly to conjecture rs to what took place between him and Major Anderson. It haa, iiowevrr. b?-en knowingly given out at Phnrlo?tnn that tViovo will >???? a ? ?. ?? ?HV?V m? MV (IV u^ut ?? 1 MI I cum* ter?great stress evidently being placed upon the fact that these two old acquaintances In tbe army cannot be brought Into bloody conflict with each other.?A'. Y. Timts. Pedestrian Feat.?Mickey Free? tbe great pedestrian, left Jersey City Wednesday forenoon for a walk to tbe city of Washington, Intruding to arrive there on Sunday evening. In order to b? present at the inauguration of tbe President on the following day. Mickey, who is an enthusias tic Republican, was attired in a Wide-Awakecap and continental coat, the same as when he Intro duced himself to the President elect at the recep tion at the depot in Jersey City.?IVtic York 2>i bune. Launch of thh Floating Battert.?Tbe structure building at Marsh's wharf, by J. Marsh A Son, was launched this morning at 1 o'clock, In presence of a laree number of sneetators It descended Into Its destlued element wUti i.o acci dent or mishap whatever, and now oily awalU ome few Additions and the placing of the gum to be in a state of< ompletenGtsfor action.?Charleston Evening Xeivs, Feb.15th. Cl7~Tbe Pennsicola Tribune,of the 2ist ultimo, Informs ua that the Orderly Sergeant of the gar rison at Fort Pickena was arrested ?t the Navy Yard on tbe day previous. He was found tber. without the protection of a flag of truce. The Mobile Advertiser questions wh-tber tne rckless Ser>;e*nt ran properly be held as a prisoner of war, in theabseuce of any formal declaration of war. Cy South Carolina appears t(j be recruiting briskly from those Stat?s west of her who hive not yet pbandone.t the Union. A few da\sa?o we noticed the departure from Tei.?rs*ee of a number of recruits for the army of the Palmetto Stite, and the Augusta (tfn ) papers of Sunday announce the arrival of thirteen more from the West. (Y3=*ro.MPANV C \V. L. 1.?Meet at your ar LkJt inorr at 7,4 o'clock. By order Captain Stevens: It _ K. C LEWIS. O. S. ffS?ATI'BNT|t?N.< OLlMBI\CAVAl,RV 'J*f V'ou will nif et at the I -lchan Hoote "n SAT URDAY, March 2d, at 7 o'c'oek p. m. A full meet ing is desire*! upon important bu>iEi?as. Bj order if the Oaptsin : mar I 2t" JOHN MICKY. Hep. fr-==? DUST, DUST, DUST.?NOTICE?All Lk_5f persons doing business on Pen". **'?nue are requested to meet in th? room over Gait A; Bro.'s Jewelry Store, on SATURDAY EVENING, 2d inet.. at 7% o'o'oek, to adopt aom? plan for scraping and watering the avenue. ma l-2t fY"5=?UNlVKRSA' ISM ?Rev. John M. Acs 1tin. editor of tho New Yo>kCh'istian Ara b*s?ador, i ne cf the most taler.ted Clergymen in the Un' versaiint Dfnorrinstion, will preach at the Old Trinity Chuoh, Fifth street, on SUNDAY EVENING, at7>i o'olock. Statu Tree to ail. Tho publio are invited to atten I ma 1 St* BANK OF THE METOPOLJS. Makch 1st, 1861.?As this Bark will not be oDen KF iur tonerai Doinni. aocording to cuctom, on Mon day, the 4th of March, (irauguration day.) it is re quests! tliat parties having note* than due in Bank will attend to thein on yaUrday, afu iwaruh. An officer Wtll, however, ran.am in Bank to reoeive payment for euoh notes as may not have bean at tended to. ma 1-tt ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD LL3 BATTALION.?Meet at your armory ?-n ?- HI DA Y, the 1st, at TX o'clock p. m.. in full uni form. By order. fe 28-2:* J. A. TAIT, Col. Commanding. YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SO^I tJJ? EI' Y.?Th? r^guiar monthly meeting oft^e Society will be h?M in the school room o? fct. Pat rick's Church, SI'NDAY ASTERN* ON. Maroh 3d. at a o'clock The seirn annua, report of the So oiety wili be lead. _fe28 P. J. MoHENRY. B<-c. rr5-UNION INAUGURATION BALL.-On UsJ an>t after Saturday, the 2d of March, tiokets to~he Ina'igurati'in Ball wi 1 be tor sac a: Wn la'ds* Hot^l at d M H. St'Jvem'sO'r.der Hruwn'i ) nn.u. -- ...? W-.I-1 v*..v. ??' ico iiwnun uukci" wi i m&KO recnrus on the morning of that day to the Treasurer, fe 28 4t II \|' ATTENTION. UNION KKGIMKN ' !? Lf_5 Compii iea A, B,C, and D,( Federal Rifles,) Fir?t Battalion, Union K?giment. will form li&? for pa.ade <n MONDAY, the 4th of March, in front< f Temperance Hn I. on E street, promptly at 9 o'clock a. in. By orntr : J. GREY JEWEL'., MoJ. Jamkl P. HutLLCROfi*, Adj. fe 23 3;* r^5?MASONIC.-A special oommunicatioa of Federal l.odge. No. 1, will be held at i eu tral Maiot 10 H*ll, corner o/ Ninth and D s'reets, on SATURDAY. March 2d, at 7 o'clock p. m. I'unotuil att"nd?no? of the monitors is earnestly r<*qu*sted. M??:or *l&s< ns in regu ar standing are cordnliy invited to attend Bv order of tba VV. M.: fe28 St J. F. I. MoCLERY, Beo. rTHE INAUGURATION. The Marshals npp inted by the un!er .u- :-ZT. :? ' nKiiOU v / ncuioi IU CliO J UQUK U TI?I IUfl OI inO fTPBl" dent elect, can app'y to 8toohena ft Co., near Krovn'i Hote., f.ir mich acarfs, baton a aadole clotha and glovrs aa ? ill l>e wanted, and which the mil Stephana fi to. can d?aoribe and furm<!h at fair prieea, if applied for in proper timt. The Maraiiala, being well mount d and equiped for aervioe, will at 10 o'clock a. in., on Monday next, asaemble in front of my d w< lln g, No 418 on Sew York avo:.uo, between 13th and 14th atreeta, a'd be ready to prooeed in order to the fcxecutive Manaion, there to receive Preaident Buchanan and auite, and to conduct them to Willarda' Hotel, where they will call for the President elect and auite. Then atrictly follow in the published pro gramme of the Senate Committee and >! Marshal French, they wi I unite in the general proceaaion, and attend both Preaidenta to the Capitol. WM. 8ELDEN, U. 8. Marahil for fe V7 3t Diatrict of Columb'ft. ||f YOU NO MFN'8 CHRISTIAN ASSOCl UL3 ATION ?Hall Penna. a>tHue, eppo'ite Broim'i Hotel.?Union Prayer Meeting evry day th week, at to 5K o'clock p. m f- 26 5t* (V*=?"I SAY, 8TRANGKR, WHKKK ARK UnJJ you goicg ? You a ein to he in a great hur rvT* "Mil IVm I ?n .nln. tnuHITUlS w - a ???? M. ?* OlilW. -BVV Seventh street, to buy a auit of Clothe*. The peo ple say ho has a very nice a*sorti:ient, and they eay j? sells tiiera so cheap." Note.? The last we of the stranger, he was running up Seventh street singing out ?8MITH, No. 460 " fe 2-6 w rv-Sr-dempsey a O'TOOLE. LL3 WEDDING A.VD VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS. Importers of^ne WEDDING STATIONERY, wedding envelopes, the most beautiful styles. 396 Pa. Av? between 9th and 10th sts., M27-6m WAsniRSTOR. Madame goddard. Thi A*t*olooist, Can lie consulted on the Pa?t, Present, and Fu tui" Events, at No. Aft Graham's Alley ; entrance on C st , Dct wi en >2th and 13th hts. mar l-3t* B UGG1ES! buggies ti BUGGIES!!! I have on hand ami constantly putting up first ola?s Buggies, whioh vill l>e sold to suit the times. Al'O, several good Second-hand Burgles. * marl-lw' ROB'T H.GRAHAM,8th st. FOR AALE LOW?Two young COWS, with Calves. Also, spring WAGON.^hril HORSE aud HiKNESS. Will be sold' separate if desired. P r terms spplv tcJKadl^ JOHN robertson, Agent, No. 60 Protect t.. Georgetown. D. P. PER80N8 W??hiiif^iirmt'ur? and Heavy Arti cle* Removed can, at all time*, hy cei.ing ua J. A. b'rEPHENSON, At Railkoad Depot, Find Good Wagons and Careful Drivers. near 1 lm IMP?R^*NT. NOTICE^TO^BTKANOBRB A View of th* National Capitol Will as Peksxntkd To every purohaaer ot Booke, Stationery, Ao. from the welt knows establishment of FRENCH A R1CH8T"'JN. BookssUsrs, Sttationsrs, and Pe riodical Dealers, No. 2T8 Pa. avenue, near the Itirkwood House, Washington, D.C. marl INAUGURATION NOTiCR! * MRS. E,LOWE. N. B. ??ddl* Cloth* (ri?Md to ontar. AO-lw j wv * s1 1 ' > a Aitou41rg Dtscleeagct r*? Afjrilmm Or|?*iM(im at Baltimore, for tk* Assassination of Mr Li*ttf?, Erpostd ky f*? York PoHcr?Thty Join tk* Band of Assassins to Bttrmy The in?Signs, Gript, fe. Some months or 10 ago, it wai privately whis pered to ?ome prominent Republicans (to it U aid) that secret organizations existed In Balti more, united for seme mysterious snd perhaps

11 purpose,?that of the asMssinat on ot the President elect kelftg the principal. The um ber increased rapidly, and the story reached the ears of the New York Police. It was not at flrst credited, and many laughed at the idea se an ab surdity; but the mere knowing ones scratched their bead*, thought the matter over, and finally concluded there wu more truth than poetry-in It. Thereupon two of the shrewdest detective* were called up, properly Instructed, and started for the city In question They were careful not to make themselves too conspicuous, taking board In a private quarter of the city, and succeeded in dis covering the organization or organizations, of which they were in quest The next thing was to make themselve* acquainted with the object of the organization, which was only to be done by their becoming members themselves This thev resolved to do, and boldlv gave in their pro positions, were balloted for, elected, and notified to present themselves at the next regular meeting of the organization, the name of which has not yet been ascertained, as the detectives are still acting under orders, and consequently are unable to furnish the reporters with an account Mich as they desire to present to the public On the evening specified the two detectives proceeded to the place of meeting having firmly made up their minds to penetrate to the bottom of the mystery. They were Initiated, lnstruct-d in the sii;ns and grips, and latterlv the oaths of the order, all of which were very binding. Some of the most awflll thev declined to t?k? crlvlnir ? ?n f icu?c that they would rather have a flttle time to consider them One of the**, it la supposed, en joined the naawlnation of President Lincoln whenever and wherever be might be met with. In the way of conversation, tome one of the member* Informed the .New York Detectives that there had been a Detective from Washington who gained admission to the organization, and who narrowly eicaped with h!s life, when it was ascer tained who he was. They further learned that the order numbered upwards of 5.000 men, among them, many eminent and flrat claaa citizens; that they had entered into the arrangement with heart and soul, sparing neither money or labor Ac cording to ac.cour.ts their arrangements were well devised, and their vigilance untiring. Every movemont made by the President was watched? the assassins were constantly at his heels?private dispatches were sent over the telegraph In cyphers, ana In noway could he have reached the capital had be traveled publicly and taken the route marked down in the programme The detectives were, or thought they were, suspected as spies, and Im mediately made up their minds to leave the city, fearful disroverv. in which case thev mii/ht !?# tmde food for jthe tlshes. They arrived in this city on Wednesday, and are now engaged in watching the movements of certain lV bankers, merchant*, and eminent statesmen."?A'fto York Express. Ex-Srcretary Thompson's Stathmkst ?A few days ago, Mr Jacob H Thompson, late Sec retary of the Interior, made an address to his friends and neighbors in Mississippi, mnintnining the action of Mr Buchanan's cabinet in regard to secession He sild that there was no serious trouble in the cabinet until it was known that Mr. Lincoln was elected; then arose r discussion upon the rights and powers of a State to secede, the cabinet split at once; but on the right of the general government to coerce a rebel, all agreed in the negative. Thompson held stronglv to the right to se? edc, but kept his place in the hops, as he says, of preserving peace He agreed with the President that it was bis duty to enforce the laws and hold public property; but held that the army and navy could only be us**d as a posse to aid the civil authorities, and as all the civil executive officer* in South Carolina had resigned, there nnnlH ..? * ?i?u ** wuiu uc uv a.vcujpt lu upuoiu ICC I3W1. 116 also remarks: "As I was writing my resignation, I sent a dis patch to Judge Lo? gs'reet that the Hint of the West iras coming with rein/orcem'nts. Th? troops were thus put on their guard, and when the Star , of the West arrived, she received a warm wel | come from booming cannon, and soon best to re I treat. I was rtjolced the v^nel was notsunk, but ! 1 was still more rejoiced that the concealed trick, ! ilrst conceived by General Scott, adopted by Sec Iretary Holt, but countermanded by the President when too late, proved a failure." I - I SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS.?FANCY NO O TIONS and TOYS, cheap for oash, at fa 28 3:' LA.MMOND'S, Seventh it. TiO STRANGERS AND VISlTOKtt.-Viewa of tns Public Buildings, Letter 8h?et Views of the Capitol and of the President's Hon*e; Unii a Note faper, Hand nook, Guide and Cat* ogue of Washington, Map of Washington, for sale ny FRENCH V RIcHSTEIN. f* 28 Washington. D. C. CALICOES AT 3 CENTS PER YARD, do at 6 do do do at 6 do do uo at 10 do do Suitable for making Cot forts. Also, 15 bales Cotton Wadding, 5? realy made Red Comforts, 75 p&ir Bed Blanket*, bo.ling at reduoed prices at HENRY EGAN'S. ji.i south siae ra. av., bet 6th aud 7th st? , fj23 3t New Iron RuUtlinei HE?T NORFOLK OYSTERS?Tne undor i.-ned respe tfu ly informs tl?e^~^ /r-. pnb io that in* establishment wili t>? /_ J open night and a ay until after the 4th'^?l^B?r of March. Hecan ftimUh ar'7 quantity of OYSTERS from one pint to athoa and gallons. Aso, LOBSTE?tS?,Ci AM8, FISH. &o , de ivered to any part of the city free of charge at the lowest market price L^t me hear from you in time. T. M. HaKvEY. No. 281 C it., bet. 10th and 11th sts., _fo 23 tf opposite the Theater. NOTICE. HAS. WERNER, No 3j.> Pa. ave'.ue, oppo site Brown's Hot? , will feed the huncri f and quench the thirst of all oomers during' the inauguration of the {'resident e:eet , His house has been refitted throughout, and for comfort and aooommodations cannot be beat. His tSaioon up stairs will belun isned with the t.est of Eatat>les, olioiot Winos. Ale and Segart, and the K btau'ant with eve y ihinr tho appetite can oiave. Ca I as:d see hitn; ?'harley is a clever lei ow, and supplies all with Fish, Fierh and Fowl, as well as \V ino?, Ales, Beer and Liquors. This House always open lor the early trains. fe 23 3 * c HENRY SOHAEFER. BARBER AND 11 AIR-DRESSER, E Strkkt, nkar Sxvkhth. Opposite the Post UJfite Department, Ms fitted up, in connection with hia chtahlishmrnt. convenient aoooininodations fur aflor 'ins to hi* cuftoniPr3 and th- puh 10 the luxury of COLD or WARM HATHA, at any tine during business hours His charges will i?o moderate? twenty-five oents lor a sin<io hath, or five baths for a dollar when tickets ior that numbor at* purchased and paid for in advacce. Mr. Schaefer takes this opportunity to inform his customers that tin* desirableaddiUou to hi* r?tal> lshinent will in u>> manner interfere with hi? rogu ar professional business. On the contrary ,h" hopes to add to his present fncilitus for insuring prompt attention to h a nurnemu, patrons in the line of SHtVlNtt and HMK DRK*?ING. And to the La<-iirs who patronize him in the line of Cutting or Trimming tbeii',?w n or their children's hair, h? begs to ray thit he has provided for thcin b tier aocomm* datious, in having titled u - a sraMi ioom a> d appronriatod it exclusively to the.r use fe 29 1m pOR THK INAUGURATION BALL. I adies' ard Gentlemen's be t quality WHITE KID 6LOVK8. all >irs. felling o1 all Fancy rre*s Si ks, Poplins, Merinoa, acd Deia ne< at lets than coat. J. W COLLKY A CO., fe 27-iw .Vi^ Seventh street, al> <ve Pa. av. /Ov The oid ettab uhed PAWN OF- XK Jlw1PICE, formery on Penr. avenue.JL A @ ?.fstwr-en 31 ard >ts., has late!)? U l/t-en temoved to 351 C it. c.k ?U., bvtW of the .Xatiou&l Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 910,000 to be loaned in m all mini on (mid u<l Bllfer ?vatehes Jewelry, a<~d all other artiolea of *.lo?. Bufine i strictly and confidentially done. Don't forxet to call at No. 331 C at., between and 6th at*. fe27-Sin I. HERZBERG. CWOOD AND COAL. ONSTANTLY On hand a large aa? rtinent of the very be*t qca'ity of RED ana WHITE ASH COAL of all s zea. which we will deliver to any part of the city at tne ahorteat notioe and at mod erate prices 2.240 pound* to the ton in a'l' asea. Alao. HICKORY OAK and PINE WOOD in oord length or aawed and ?pli' to any a'>sn required. SHERIFF * DAWSON, South aid* Pa. av., bet ad and 4>* ata., fe 97-2w and weat aide 4>i at. and the Canal. N. B?We will unload a carro of Bad A ah Nut Coal in a few day*, which will M aold at 2S oenta per ton l<*aa than our uaual prioo if delivered from the veaael. (fe il-it) SAD. I A CARD. BEG Leave to >nforri the publio that 1 have takennha'c* of the BOOT AND SHOE^^* BUdlNEsS formerly conducted by myBtHjl deceased huaband, Jamea McDonald, anilf W| hop", by atriot attention to huaineaa. to* SML. merit a share of patronage from former friends and customers, and the public gener* ilf. As I am entire); dependent on them for their sym - pathy in aiding me in my undertaking, I shall en deavor to do all in mj power to suit those who may favor me with a oall. I take thi* opportunity to return my thanks the liberal patronage bestowed oa my husband for a period of seven yw?u and hope a opnttauaaoe of the same. MR6. R. A. MoDON ALD, fe"7 St Corner of Tenth and L rts. J 8 L A M D EMPORIUM. BOOTS, SHOES. 8ATB1 caps. BKADY MADE CLOTHING, furnIshIng goods At Pawn to serr thb Tixks, FtrCmak. 10 collars for M CENTS military naPB a?r as nsMva ?rn si t HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WERE LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD' ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUAL LED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED V THAT OK ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST KACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Ifwi, to k out on Fri day Morning?prioe Throe Cents?will bo a rtmariably interesting ono. Every Person at a distance ?cho would ieep Posted with reference to wfuit u retell f going on here in these interest ing tiniss should receive it Ttgm any. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. AM i) SJBMi&NTiS. WASHINGTON THEATER! L?ai90? ... .8, W. Olvrn Ao'ing Manager J. T. RitmOkd THIS EVENING, Benefit of MISS JOEY GOUGENHKIM. First Niyht of th9 proJuotion of th? (treat Potteh Drama of JEANN1E DEANS; Or, The Heaxt of Mid Lotbiak. Produced with New Soenery. To oonclude with The Popu'ar Faro* of ?ET8Y BAKER. N E\V NATIONAL THEATER ! JOIISI 8. RARE! Has th? honor to announoe hi* SECOND LECTURE AND EXHIBITION OF HORSE-TAMING IN WASHINGTON FRIDAY EVENING, Maroh 1st, At ha'f-pact seven, li i MiMaoin Bcildino Ereoted exprcrsij for Mr. F AKEV'S Exhibitions, on the site of the Old National Theater, E at., near Pa. avenue Th* buildwiK n ?t?o!(g, cosvii?ii?t. and com FORTABLE, fekfectlt W at KX-tight, WELL HUT ?1), L'BHKP with Oil, rrKNISHID WITH CUM mtaBi t skats, and properly ventilated. !>t*vcra! Hors?s of the moat Vioioas an4 Unm?n areable Nature have been scoured for the Practical Illustration of ihis Lccture, and will be introdao?d atd autjugated in the preaenae of tr.e andienoe. f euTser" And the Smallest Shetland Poniea in the World trii 1 al?o be exhibited. Mr. RAREY guarantees the perfect order and decorum of this Lecture. A full corpa of Ushera has been engaf^d, and every attention will be paid to the comfort of La dies. Admission. Parquette.. - ... ?1 All the rest of the houae. ? 5> cents Seat* may now be secured at the Box Odioe of the above building, E ftrret, near Pa. avecne, and at Met zerott's music store, Pa av. It M AMMOTH PROMENADE CONCERT, TUESDAY, Mar oh Mb, AT THB IKAUG17 RATION BALL ROOM. Hr the PkiitcirAL Mfmbek* or the LATE GKRMAMA SOCIETY. The Beethoven Society, Together with an IMMENSE ORCHESTER, Under the direction of Charlis Lbiuhow, E?q. Mr Le ->ihow will play Boethoven'i Adelaide on th? Tro?nb?n*. Tiokeu Fifty Cent*, for n!e at Metzerott'e Mu eio Store. Door? open at 7; to commenoe at? o'eiook. mar 1 QDD FELLOWS' HALL! Sixteen Performers, TJncqualed and Incom parable SIX NIGHTS ONLY, Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Ft*. 25. Cha-ok of Fkog&amms Nightlt. Doub'e Troupe and Hrate Band of Duorez A. CrAfn'a Original New Orleans and Metropol itan Burlesque Opera Troupe Will (ire S?ix Grand Ethiopian Co o#rts at the above hall introduoi> g each cvning an enMraly rew (election of Aota, selected from the genu of Ethiopian Minstrelsy Grand Serenade each evening in 'root of the Kail previous to opening the doorg, by the New Orleans mi'1 Metropolian Troupe's brats Hand, led by Mr. J Putt. n ore open at 7: Conoe-1 to oommenoe at quar'er of 8 ?'olo< k precisely. / dinitsion S5 oents; reserved seat* >*e?nt?, C. H. 1>UP*KZ. f? 23 7t Manager and hustows A.gm% nai\ (mn ?BLUE BOOK -Inform svlU?(/UU? ation aa to all the Oifioee in the untiy, sad salary. 37X cents. Contain* tne san e matter a* the Great Biue Book oosting #3 SO. Onu tirg the n*m?s wtiioh are not neoeeaary. Cat a.ogue or Cariosities at Patent Offloe List ot Pat ents. Old Books Irooght and sold Catalogue Pu nched. ALFRED HI'M KR , Bookseller. f??22-lm* Wiliards'Hotel Square. balls, parties, &c. Grand miutaky complimentary BALI*. The member* of the G E O R G KTOWN MOUNTED GUARD wou d respectfully in it? their fri?ni? a-.d the pul>l>o gene, a ? to jh a ?,oniplimer>u'y Ra'l, to be giv?n at POM /w. i'ElAN ha li. (Union II t?i.) on the NigbtUMfc of the Funrth of March. 1861?the ocoation being th? Pre?*n auon of a Fla* The I'ot mitten pledge tnrm?e rea to lea re noth ing undone to tender it the moat p e&saat of the at won. tickets One Dollar, to be had of the Committee. Committee. Lien?. 9. Go ugh, Corp'l D. Co'lina, Li^ut D. l.ian, Private J. L. Carberry, (Juarterm r J. Harbn'ir, ; we Jno. a1 stake. j?erg't J. A. Nevmm, Private oi a?. Wood. serr't P. Dill, Pnvat" J. B. Turton. fe 28 4t LOST AND FOUND. i 08T? Laat evening, either on the At*bu? or Li Seventh ?treet. a GOI D BREASTPIN. Tim finder will !x? reva-ded by returning it to R. C. bttvens'S Fhhat Mlnre jifi P. ? ? ? f OST?On the 87th ol February, ln (<ni| from L the corner of4;h at. to E. from E to VI and from 3d to Data., a GOLD CHAIN vith a locket M taoh*d. Whoever will return it to 460 D at.. be tween Id and 3d ete.. will be rewarttad. It* OST?On Monday, February2S; on Hif k street. a the Caiaajand Bridse, Georce- Iv , one open faae GOLD WATCH #7lj will be lib*n. lj rewa-ded by leaT-#|B ing the ume at No. 45 Montgomery itxeet Georre town, 1). C. ma 1-Jt between town- D C. The finder STRAYED?On the 33d instant, a medium use red and white ocw, with awhiteaeot, on her face: white on her left shoulder.' flat ka and leg a; horna atandtng oat audi. np; deep cheat; ahort leg a and neck, an<J wi lplit underneath. A auitab e reward will be a irao or her return to 369 eiith street, belweea 0 and I atreeta fe 27 e<?2t* Mrs. C. D. SANDY. is the ommbua I i in REWARD.?Loet, is the qp 1U Ge<>rg?trt*a and Seventh iSUAKDING. BOARDING?Strangers visiting Washington oan be accommodated with Rooms, with or without Board, on ree onabls terms, at 3?? D St., csar 7th, one square from Pa. ar. |??-? PERMANENT Oft TRANSIENT LODGERS oan be aooommodated 2 3W1 E street north, b'tween 9th and loth ita., (in the eentral part of the city, aad near Pa- areane. > fe ? af BOAR ring -Transient and ?sr?set board ers oan obtain pleasant Apinnti aad food Board on F street, No ?39. between tth and l?h to. Table Boarders Also accommodated by Ue day. treek,;or month. ls? tt* A SI V&& R E M O V gKy KWTj| I^RE^T. We have rsmoesd oar entire stssi goods to 891 Sevsatb atreet, aievdoors above the Aveaae ioaee, (between D aUset and tte A venae,) where we woaid be pleased fc? see our friends aad eae T..^:v,s-r bias, isuf i ^'oKKfoif ik tmrxpN. I AUCTION SALES. By 0RERN * Jf? 4S6. WILLIAM*.* 7r* mmd D $ I Cfci3r?Ti Moroooo, Kid.Blaok lad Colored Lae* _ iaf Bch'U, F?m; Boot* and 8ho??. OMti?a.*n'i Calf and K if Boot*, BrwtM Boot*. <ja f, C'oth and Patent L'ath*' Gaiter*. CaJfand Patent Leather Oxford ne*. Ac. Men'? and Boy*' Kmtana, Bo a* Calf and Rip Bo t?. Oxford Tiea, ? Call aod Pa-^nt Leather Outer*. Yoathi' Ca f end Ki? Bo< t*. * Ihoaa M Cloth ?aitfra, Ca'f Gaiter*, _ . Oxford Tie*. Ac , *?. Tog ther with a large a?wrt??rt of BooU, fhcM. . aad Gaiter* ton n m*r< n to ention. Also, Genu', and Children'* Soft Hat*, Clotfe a- 4 Navy Cap* Wevca d ?a'.i the *j?eei\! a'tenton of ahoe deal - era to the a oveaale, The eioek la ry rail and oomplete, and ha* n?M j all he?a pnroha*?d vitku tne pat t twelve month* Term : V and nnder oa?h: over that eaw a credit of?i and days, for *aM?f wotorilf # dor?-d noUt, hearing mt? fat BONT7. * OKIKFITH. ma 1 -d A not* and O m M-rebate, *?9 7tli at. _ Br J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Auotioneert. Excellent FURNITURE AND HOUSE hold Errrrn at Prai-ic >*alk ?ObHATUR RW MORNING. Marobtd, W61 at 10o'cook. la f>nt of tb? A action K<x m*. w? aba 1 art', by ti? f?e of kdittiai" for r?nt. a lot of MMilwt F?rnitare and H>>u? h>ld Kff?ots, oomri'inf Walnut Plunta oovered Sofas, Arm and Parlor Chain, Marble top Carter and H?fa Tables, W batcot, l.ngi'tn, Easy Chvrs, Rocknrs. Can* ar.d Wood ???*t Chair*. iMeboartl, iiruMe i Carpet*. Oilolo'h. Kuc*. Buine and Side Tablss, Mirrors, arble lop Bureaus and Wanbstaads. Two handso Walnut Wardrobe#, Kedstes'l*. Toiiet Seta. Clock. Hair and Husk Mattresses. Bolster* and Pillows, BiaokeU, Comforts, Spread*. Oak Hat trm. Oak On in* Chairs. rookinf and otber St >res. Together with a **n?ral assortment of Kitchen UttaiiiiM. T?*rm* cash. fe? d J. C McGUIRE A CO.. A nets By MARSHA i,LA PAGE, Auctioneers. .Vo. 504 S'rtntk ilrtrt. ON SATURDAY MoRNiNG, Maroh 2d. at 1? o'cl ock. we will ael! in front of our store. a larre assortment of? New and Second-hand Furniture, Crookery and Gian Ware Aleo. &dozM> r>eat plated Spoons a"d Fork*. 25 dozen Ivory handle Knivee and Porka, Large lot of Tin Ware. Plated Castors. Fruit Baskets. Ac no pairs Ladi*a' a-d Gents' Fine Boota, It Lone Broone Shawla, 20' H acketa, Count rpanea and Mat raaeea, V' Cote and H^dateads. Large assortment Fancy Gooda, Lot of Clcthirg, Woolen Shirts, Ac. fen 3t (Int) MARSHALL 4 PAGE, Auote. MARSHAL'S SALK.-ln virtue of a wn? of 1*1 fieri faoiaa is?n-o from the Clerk a Oftoe of the Circuit Court or the Diatnot of O.urr.bia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expo** to publio aaJe. for oaah. in front of tM Court House door of said county, on FRIDAY, the fid day of Ma~oh next, IM1, oommenoiog at 1i o'elook m-. the following deeerihed property, to wtt, is: Lot No. IS. in 8<ua e No 4*. LotNo.S,ia Square 41, l/ot No ft, in Seea>e No. S3, Lot No U. infqnareNo *. Lot No. 10. in r^eoare No. C, ar,<: lyit Na fi ) U... ? *1- ? .1 - *' i-L -* : . . ?.?. MP IW * v. IV, M US hi*5 ??VJ W Waahinfton. D. C., together with fell mm aiaratar th? improraaaaaU thare^r, and lanad apoe aa tHe property of Brook M*ck&... aad will be aoirt to aatiafr jadioiala No. ?3. to January term, ?*T. favor of Hooe, Brother k. Co, { Ttbu W f>KLDF!N.U.RM??h?l. By ORKRN 4t WILLIAMS. Amotion VT8RY EXTKNSIVK PAWN BROKER'S ? ^iLjorUniDtiMi'' HLit<.*a at Apctio*. OnTrRSDAN Mi WEDNESDAY. Mareh Sawl 6, at 10 o'olook a. m.. we ahall tall at oar AaeUon Root *, oorner S?T?nth and D a recta a vary larva colirotion of noradeeired Pladrea, eofnprialn* in pit ? Extra fine G"M and Hi>er Hnntinc Caaa, Lever and oth?r Watohaa. Goid Neck and Fob Chtinaand Biaaat?iaa. Ladiec' superior Gold P.o? and Earrlnja, at of la or in aata. Plain and Fanoy Fi"ier Rinpa. Together with an extenaira variety of LAm' Waan^t Apparel, ?n-U aa? Blanket C ape atd other Shawl*, feilk and other Dreeer? Cloth Cap<-t a <1 Coata. Fnra, A e. Genleraen'a Wearing Apparel :n a treat variety. Ala .. Revoirera, Gnna and Pictola. And many ot?er art e ea too namercoe to enai fne rale will eo rnno io? with Watchea. erma on?h in tp#ei*. ISAAC HLRZftFRG, Pawnbroker. fe?6d GftKKN A W|l,L>AMS, iiotj, iy J. C. McGUIRKtCO. AaottoDMn. rT*RU8TEE'8 SALE OF SMALL FRA1 i D*ilu!(? Hocai u& Lot?Ob SATI HAY At-TLKNOUN, Ma. oh ?tli, at 6 o'? on *he b? ?irt?* <1 a<>?N of treat. < Oet' ber l<*h, 18?, and dnly rocordei 10 Lit A- S., No. 187 io 1 ii et ie? . oi of the laol I crda f'?r Washington oounty, Diatr otnf ^oam, 1 ahail ae'l Lot No. 1. in R*ifera'a aabdmnoe m Square >o. SUB, fronting 20 feet on aorta O "treat, at tue corner of Teut?i at. wHt running beok feet to an alley, together with the iataroreewotfe oonaiating of a iwt atory frame Dwelling Hooaa. cortiining 4 rooir.a Terma: 6285 of the pomhoee money in raaidaa in in .niii T lietalewela of RS5, with IB - t-re t. A 1 oontreyacoing ?t tae c >t of the par* chaa-r. B. W. RKKD. Tr.aW* fa ?K.4awW* f -rt nm ? ? ? * ? D?. MUNftON hi* Ofte* toJU. Jbntetesr- - ft ?swfr f ad1es THICI winter boots of KM Xiao Mimm Bck>u < 1 th? w ?tyl??. iwfBl "" ,o* . _ ^.viggfc, Pa.ftT.Mt RkUOMllltNtlh WhiU Kid Slipper*. vith ftad vitboot bmIi. )> Km ROUGHS. colim^HOARSEN KM, Ac. COMPOUND SYR i P OPOVM ARABIC. y Th.? ((luitud poMiti <;oftih Rainodr haft bwi so intf kiovn and ext*??fr?i? ft**#, Uat BMMt p?r?on? ten Wo<>m? f*<i>iti?r with Hi extrft ordinftryTZaftfty. Itofta bo hftd ftt allUo fftM4| mo4 * *"u * b*wi* yyrK open this uaj o?i ? taiai OENTLKMXH S BKLOSOIffGS, Botootod with oftre dnrinj tha put wa?k, na : Silk. Wool, ftiid Gum ft*d Martao Uaior hrUand i)r?*wi. ia craoi * Inauguration Ball. TUCKE**?~COIFFU*E? AND GARNITURES ARK NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE COMING BALL. T59 BROADWAY. frn-101 NEW YORK, ^ ^REAT SACRIFICE Parisian Goods. LadiM vtikiai to ??t hudtom* P. DlcSHES, alr?*4y made or in Drou L^'eVIroidiTr'kd' ZcJuaveS in & Cloth, tk.Mii MrohAM thoaa at grwtly r?_ ^.araagai jH'uble u4 Mo?i? HKiiiKii ana u>w, 40 Hintlf and D*?hl? Husk Mlttr**?M. Bluktu, rM<?Uw4 oU?r B?mibc. WMh'tands, WardrohM ?*4 I mum. 8fir.?, Glaaaand Cro*k*ry War*, *rp?u. 8tor*a uC nu; oU *f Artie)* ?ce n m*rrai to Miaa?r?i? Tt? ?k. Q>K|iJt k W1LU?M?. *??*? ? Bt CI.E4RY * GREEN. Aeetioiwers WF will W!| IB in?H VI VII y MA Ninth itrMt, I rood MtortaMt of KOcti, anoh a?? MUofUi ftofaa. Ckmj i Do B.reaaa, TablM. BMataada. Beds. Carpata. i'iic olM. Mntin*, Ch*ir?, Chita. Himi and Cr ekery War*, Lot of Ritcbin R< <tuiaile?, T?rma oiah. It CLEARY A 6RBRN, Ami*. Bt BONT7. * GRIFFITH, AmoCIom LA DI ES' AND *i sl U ? a _ mI Laatinf < Ladiea' Morocco Boot*. Blippara u4 WalkiM PEREMPTORY BALE OF _ 1 Guiilimu'ii Boon, moii **d On TUBBOAY MORNIN^. J*trnA_5U, *k, wt n?i H fm, 6111 Uditi' Hack aai'Ootorad Lasting Gnl?n ?. *a~?h No. M? t k.klard*ol Boota. , A* . t*io; the a'ock of a |N iriaaaa Wa Ban* is Hft o'clook, we will Mil at a to re No. ?S? I b-iveea H aad I ati Khoea, Oaatora, Aa. t ern in dec.mine biaiaa?.