2 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V2S. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 2. 1861 N?. 2.507 THE DAILY EVENING STAR IS PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY'S EXCEPTED,) AT THJ5 STAR BUILDING*, C*nnr Pennsylvania av*nus and lllA ft-, BY W. D. WALL1CH. eerred in rwkMM by oarriara it 14 I yea*, or 17 ctoti per month. To mail aabMTibara tfee pnoe ia #3jn a roar, m adw\nc?; #3 for aiX Baoutha; $i for throe monUi; and for Ins thaa ttiree mo&tha at'he r&to of lioenta a week. Bui|^ aopisa, oni c?i; ia wrappera, two cairn. R7*tADTi:9Tiasi(X!(Taai)oa)<l beaent to theofioe before A* o'oiook m.; otherwiae they may not appear antil the next day. Aaat Priscllta Petter'a Eleqneuce. It waa a cool, invigorating evening in au tumn. Aunt Priacilla Potter and myaelf were eated bj the open window, diaoouraing on arioua topica. Suddenly rocketa began to boot up from the Tillage common, and the music of a band, aocoinpanied by loud huxi&a. immediately followed. Thia brought to miud the fact that a political maaa meetinr waa to be held in the Tillage at that hour. Dur con versation naturally turned upon politics, and, after a long and amusing acoount of the "pol itieianers" with whom she had been acquaint ed, Aunt P. asked? "Did I ever tell ye about husband's being elected to the General Assembly ?" I replied in the negative. Well, then," continued the old lady, "I declare I must. You're noticed, I suppose, that all his letters come writ with an H-o-n right before his name. That is a title th*t the Assembly folks has. It means honest. They eall um so because they always pay the people they hire to rote for um just as they agree, and take good care of the publio money intrusted to their keepin'. ''Well, one erenin', after election, husband and I was settin' together by the fire. I was knittin', and he was groanin* and sayin', 'Oh, uiauuimugi UIICTVUt . VJ I aim1SI uer UTieV ou* " He used to make use of them words a g i k1 deal when he didn't feel very smart, and then he'd been unwell so he hadn't been able to go oat much for some time. Dr. Pettis said he had a liver in his side, and that It biled over, and made him have the jaundice. ' There seemed to be a good deal of passin' and confusion in the street; but there always is the night after election, you know, so I didn't think much of it. Husband began to aing the evening psalm, ' Hark from the tomb*.' Did you ever notice how sort of im pressive he sing? that psalm?kinder snorts it out so it takes right hold upon your narves. Well, all at once there was a whole lot of rnu sicioners struck up 'Hail Colamby' right in front of our house. I dropped my knittin', and husband ail of a sudden became still as a mouse. We both on us took hold o' our ears, and opened our mouths wide so's to hear. 'WaII. wArA litiin' in -?n attention, if ben. oh, my senses! such a bang as there came right out by our house, you never did hear My heart jumped right into my mouth, and husband's eyes was big as saucers. 'Murderation!' says I. 'What on earth'* to pay!' said he. Just then the front door opened, and Richard Bennett came run nine in all out of breath. He's high sheriff of Bushwhacker county, and I thought I was gone then. Oh, my. how scared I was' "You've got the election,* says he, as soon as he'd time to get breath. 'The independent ticket is elected.' 'Got the election for what?' saye husband. 'Senator to the Gen eral Assembly,' says Bennett. 'Hurrah for Zepbaniah Potter! You must come to the door and mako a speech,' says be; 'there's a whole crowd waiting for ye.' Husband laid his head right back, rolleid up his eyes, and began to groan, 'Ob, dear, what shall I do ? what have I come to? what have I come to?' Just then there came another bang, awfuler'n ever. I jumped and told husband, for mawy sake! to go to the door and speak. I told him he needn't be frightened, I'd stand right be hind him, and tell him what to say. Pretty 0oou there came another bang, and he started for the door, and I after him. Mr. Bennett he took the table and set it oat on the door top for him to stand on, and he scrambled up eft to it after a fashion, and I stood in the ?ntry close behind him ' 'Make a bow,' said I. 'Make a bow,' says be. I see he's so flcstrated that he didn't know what I ment, so I begun the speech. Fellow citizens,' pays I, in a low voice. 'Fel low citizens,' shouted he, just as hard as he could put in. This was followed by a tremen dous applause. 'I stand,' roared he. This was followed by a tremendous pause. 'On my feet,' says I. 'On my feet,' says he. This was followed by three cheers for the indepen dent tioket. 'And I move,' says I. "And I move,' says he. This was followed by a tre mendous pause. 'Off.'says I. 'Off,' says he. This was followed by tremendous applause. At that he stept right off the tabic, and I mounted it ia a hurry. I was great on speak x t\ ? r> ? i * ? jug, tvi i/gw;uu x>uiop uid?i useu 10 iaiK in (ho conference meeting, down to Byfield?and I wm determined to giro um a specimen of my eloquence, and let um know that I wad worthy to be a politicioner's wife. "M'0h, follow citizena ! fellow eitiiena!' afcovted I. and here my feelina riz up to auoh pitch I lost my idea. So says I, 'Fellow cituen*. you juat wait till I blow my nose, ad then I'll proceed. You may just cheer M ? little whila I do it.' They begun to NNr, and I took out my handkerchief, and an awful blow. 'Fellow citizens,' aiys I, low citizens, aomethin'a got to be did. Tallow citizens.' Here I lost my idaa again. Bo sara I, 'Fellow citizens, you must ezouse ?I don't feel wall. When I wm up to er Nancy's about a fortnight ago, she was afraid ono of her children was ooinin' down With a new-fangled diseaae they have got up lliat way. 'Tis dreadful catchin', sure death, ??' tu? fail Mnrl T T A ?? I ' ?? m ? ^ ? ? *? * v?vwi??w & ViUU V AUUI* UUl !' eomin' down with it too.' Massy ! such a ssatnperin' as there ?u for the gettin' oat Blsce as soon u I made that remark ! Went i though they'd been shot oat of a gun. Ivery body took?ight bold of their nose and Started. Some vent right ever the top of the ttmm elear, tome one way, and some another. IjA'in a minit or two I was left there, stand U^fall alone. Bat I didn't stand there long, I toll you, when I come to see they'd left tbbir bangin' machine behind am. When I ?ome to see that, I come in pretty shortly and shut the door. Nobody never come alter that Machine in six weeks, and, in the meantime, I kept my head pretty close within doers." "Then, yoa didn't come down with the dis fete. did yoa, Auat Priscilla ?" mja no! That story abo?t Nancy's ehild, tab the truth wan't exactly so. It troubled mj jonscience terribly afterwards, so that I eonMn't sleep nights. But I was so diseom tofcerated that I didn't know what to say, Mi so I said the first thing that come into my Si" i#*Well, how did Unole Peter make oat as an jiUmbly man?" ! *K)h' beautiful. Made out so well that they Mi l have to elect him again !" Aa L Blacky Appeal A eerreapouden t write* to the Knickerbocker Magazine, from Boyle county, deacribing the following aa a veritable fact: I will aet down, m well aa I can, an incident Which occurred in Uarrard county, in thii Bute (Kentucky,) aome twenty yeara aince: Major Daniel and Father Schooling bad, aever al yeara previoua to the time of which I apeak, tn candidatea for the Legialature, (lower ee,) Qarrard then being entitled to two rep rtseutatiree. By arrangement, Major D. aud Father S. were to help each other. During ie canvaaa it became neeeasary to aecure the endahip of an old fellow who had aereral fee, ana all roter* Now thia oould only be fece by lending the aforeaaid "free and inde f^^dent citizen the loan of a -"double aaw Ik"?in vulgar parlauoe, twenty dollar*. Ml Major D. lent him the money, and Father vent hit security. All waa done in due n. The election passed off; Maior D. waa )ted, and Fathers, waa not. When the fell due, the voter waa unable to ' liqui date;" Father S. refused to settle. Major D. warranted," and brought him up to the rack. Xqjpr D- being in the "line of safe preoe deats," in the coarse of a few years was again '^Aaodidate?this time for the Senate. He waa sed by his opponents of having swindled ler Schooling out of twenty dollars. The iment was, that if the voter was unable to the lots at lea?t should be equally divided 'one oooattoa, when the Major waa ad dree s a large number/)# voters, Father 8. was on dead ^eg, peaking it with a hawk bill knife; biahead somewhat hang down, but paying close attention. Here was a chance for the Major to clear himaelf of the charge of swindling. So, in tonea of injured but easily vindicate innocence, he called upon Father S. to remove the aspersion which had been caat upon hia character. "Here, Feller-cititena, is Father Schooling as boneat and upright and truthful a man aa ever God made; ask him if I ever cheated him. Stand up. Father Schoolin', and tell these voters if I swindled you out of twenty dollars." "I? rayther?think?you did?Major!" drawled out the imperturbable Father b. still pecking at the log, and squirting out about a half-pint vt IVV?WV juivo BV IUD OUU Ul IQO BOQICUOO) DV way of emphasis. "Hush up, Father School in'," Mid the Major; "how dare yoa interrupt me when I am diseasing the (treat constitu tional questions of my country!" The scene whioh followed may be imagined. Aaaaaiag Games. A few evenings since we saw the following games played at a party, in which old ana young joined. They crcated much merriment, particularly the latter. In the first, called "Find the Ring," a ring was slipped on to a small cord long enough to extend around the circle of players. Each person took hold of this cord, the ends of which were tied together so that the ring could not drop. The players siooa near enough together to pass the ring from the hands of one to another. One of the party stood io the middle of the circle, and all together commenced moving their hands back and forth, as though passing the ring. The one in the middle endeavored, by watching closely, to detect which hand contained the ring. This was not always easy, as the players all tried to conceal it by passing it slyly from one to another, and also to attract the atten tion of the "finder," by pretending to pass it when it was not in their hands. The person in whose hand the ring was found, was obliged to take his place in the middle; if the "finder'' selected the wrong party as possessor, he must try again, and perhaps submit to some penalty. The second game, called "The Voyage to India," was calculated to try a person's power of kaeping a sober face, as every one detected laughing must be counted out until the next game. All took their seats in a circle. One commenced the play by saying to his right ..i.Lk a\l-l 1 ? uauu uoiguwir, - jiy oromer aac returned trom India." His neighbor asked, "What did he bring you?" "A fan," w?a the reply; then the first speaker waved his hand as though using a fau, while his neighbor held the same conversation with the one on his right band, and then commenccd waving his band. This was repealed all around the circle, until each one sat fanning himself with one hand, When it had passed around, the leader said to his neighbor, "My brother brought me two fans," and at the same time commenced fanning him self with both hands; and this was passed around the circle from one to the ether until all were industriously using both hands. ">ly brother brought me a boot," said the first speaker, swinging bis foot baok and forth, which went the rounds, then two boots were swung; thus all the hands and feet of the party were in motion. By this time the scene was so ludicrous that most of the company had ioined in a hearty laugh, and were obliged to leave the ring; but some five or six yet re niftinfid- 44 Mr KrAth?f K?aii?K? ?? ? " j w.v?wv> vavsvagub uiu a uut, said the leader, shaking his head, hands, and feel, and all followed the example. " lie brought me a cushionthen, hands, feet, head, and body, were all set in motion, and the gravest of the company could bold in no longer, and so the play ended wirh a shout. If this had failed, the leader intended next to mention a whistle; if any could keep from laughing after that, we think further trial would have been useless.?American Agri culturist. A Niw Axti-Plavibt OxoASiztTio*.?A Re publican meeting in Cbic*go, on Tuesday night, passed resolutions In favor of coercion, commend atory of the Tribune, denunciatory of Kellogg, and against any compromise or concession The meeting was addressed by Ichabod Codding, among others. The temper of this patriot may be Inferred from the following: ' Mr. Codding said he h^d been made ac quainted (or as nearly acquainted as be could i>e wttbout actually joining it) with the existence of an organisation more radical on the subject of slavery than anything yet known to political movements in the L'nlted States?which organiza tion was Intended tn nut i?tn wii w;~~ ? ? w ?V>I*V WWIKI1IK order jaft as toon ai the Republican party should recede from lta principle!. This organization dif fered from Garrlsonianism only in the fict that lta ends were practiral The speaker did not refer to it as approving of it, but simply to point out one of the results morally certain to follow from an abandonment, by so much as a hair's breadth, of the Chicago platform " Seckssiox i* Niw York ?The New York World says: It la thought that there la a large body of men In thla city who are making prepara tions to act In concert with the Secessionists, and that thev are under the control of a gentleman of high official position. Already the Superinten dent of Police has Instituted Inquiries to And out where their armories are located, In order, no doubt, to act promptly should it prove true that a mall army la quietly drilling In our midst, in order to seize the Federal property In this locality. IH^They think in Paris that Mme, the Coun tesa of Morny, leads the aristocratic crowds of 1 I -1 4 ?_ ? ? * * tauy >ater? m poini oi grace ana (kill. She comes the Russian very captivatlngly. The Km press. It Is said, makes a poor figure as a skater, in spite of her handsome costume and her handsome fe^t and ankles. She got herself unin an exquisite costume, and her skates were miracles of work manship, but finding some difficulty In striking out, she retired soon disgusted. fjy Sunday travel has commenced on all the Middlesex, Massachusetts, horse railways. The Boston Transcript says the accommodation has long been desired, but was defeated by the illibe ral action of the late city government of Charles town. Sunday travel entered largely Into the ele ments of the recent municipal election In that city, and the present authorities throw no obstacle in the way of accommodating the public. Goviasoa Hicks Bukxt in ErnoY ?The valorous denizens of the Chapel, Talbot county, Md., satisfied their warlike propensities on Satur day night last by ceremoniously burning an effigy of Governor Hicks. The effect of this terrible de nunciatton upon hit Excellency baa not yet b?en ascertained ; It la hoped, however, that even that proceeding may fail to lndace him to convene the Legislature Nokth Alabama ?Oar friend General Hick man, from Huntaville, Alabama, called on ua yesterday. He say* that North Alabama never will submit to be dragged out of the Union, and that th? Union aentlment la predominating in that region The General still honors the flag under which he marched to victory at his country's call.?Aatkville Democrat. IC7"An episcopalian minister in England was recently prosecuted for aelltng an old lead cotfin which had been discovered while digging a grave. The bones were decently reburled, and as it was proved that be had purposed putting una tablet in the church, whicb'would coat many times the amount, the case waa honorably dla mlaaed. IP" A moat singular elreumstance'oocnrred a few day* ago at Hull, England. A child ten week* oid, had been left In the crmdie by the ser vant girl. Some time afterwards the child waa crying, and on going into tbe room it wma found that u rabbit had eaten off two of its fingers on one Land and a linger and thumb on the other. tCT" Whales, it appears, have got into Behrlng's Strait*, after escaping barpoontng In Baffln'a Bar. In one or two instances, a flsb harpooned In the Atlantic haa been captured soon afterwards In the Pact ft-*; and there can be only a abort distance be tween them, as tbe whale cannot remain long under water. Ixpoitait M?vkmk*t ? It 1? stated that the Grrmani la the Interior of Tnu are preparing to leave the State on account of aeceaslon. The moat of them will go to Central America, particularly to the plateaus of Nicaragua. IC7"The Board of Police of Baltimore glee en official denial to the stories that have been set aftoet by the New York papers In relation to Mr: Lincoln's passage through that city, the abeence of police protection, *e. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THK INAUGURATION or THK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, Olf THK Fourth ( March, 1S61. The doors of the Senate Chamber will be opened at 11 o'clock a. m , for the admtsaton of Senators, and others who, by the arrangement of the Com nrittee. are entitled to admission, as follows: Ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents. The Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the Supreme Court The Diplomatic Corps, Heads of Departments, and Ex-Members of either branch of Congress, and Members of Congress elect. Officers of the Army and Navy who, by name, have received the thanks of Congress Governors of States and Territories of the Union, and Ex-Governors of States. Assistant Secretaries of Departments, and the Assistant Postmaster General: the Comptrollers, Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of the Treasury, Treasurer, Com missioners, Judges, and The Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, and the rrporters in the Senate. All of whom will be admitted at the north door r\4 tViA Porvi?#?l The families of the Diplomatic Corf* will enter at the north door of the Capitol, and be conducted to the diplomatic gallery. Seata will be placed in front of the Secretary's table for the President of the United States and the President elect; and, on their left, for Use Com mittee of Arrangements. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Suprame Court will have seats on the right of the Chair. The Diplomatic Corps will occupy seats on the right of the Chsir next to the Supreme Court. Heads of Departments on the left of the Chair. Officers of the Army and Navy who, by name, have received the thanks of Congress; Governors of States and Territories of the Union, Kx-Gov ernors of States, Assistant Secretaries of Depart ments, and the Assistant Postmaster General, Comptrollers, Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of th? Treasury, Treasurer, Commissioners, Judges, and the Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, will occupy seats on the right and left of the main entrance. Members of Congress, and Members elect, will enter the Senate Cbamlier by the main entrance, and will occupy seats on the left of the Chair. The galleries will b? reserved for ladles, who will enter the Capitol from the terrace, by the principal western door of the central bullaing, and be conducted to the gallery of the Senate. The Rotunda shall be closes, and the passages leading thereto kept clear. The other doors and entrances to the Capitol, except those to be open under this arrangement, will be kept closed. ai u o clock ttie President and the President elect, accompanied by two members of tbe Com mittee of Arrangement*, will proceed In a carriage to the north door of the north wing of the and entering there will proceed to the President's room. The Vice President elect will be accompanied to the Capitol by a member of the Committee of Arrangements, and conducted Into the Vice Pres ident's room, and afterwards Into the Senate Chamber, where the o'?th of office will be admin istered to him by the Vice President. The Diplomatic Corps and Justices of the Su preme Court will enter tbe Senate Chamber a few minutes before the President elect The Senate will assemble at 12 o'clock. The Senate being ready to receive them, the President and the President elect will be intro duced by the Committee of Arrangements to the seats prepared f >r tuem in the Senate Chamber. After a short pause, those assembled In tbe Senate Chamber will proceed to the platform on the central portico of tne Capitol, In the following order: i ne marsnai or me District of Columbia. The Supreme Court of the United States. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate. The Committee of Arrangement*. Tli* President of the United States and the Pres ident elect. The Vice President and the Secretary of the Senate. Tihe Members of the Senate. The Diplomatic Corps Heads of Departments, Governors of States and Territories, the Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, and other persons who have been admitted into the Senate Cbamb?r On reaching the front of the portico, the Presi dent elect will take the seat provided for him in the front of (he platform. The Presldeut and the Committee of Arrange inents will occupy a position in the rear of the President elect. Next in the rear of these the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will uyy iw on iue leu, ana me Vice Presi dent, secretary and Members of the Senate those on the rig ht . The Diplomatic Corp* will occupy the seat* next In the rear of the Supreme Court. Heads of Department. Governors, and hx-(iovernors of Statet ana Territorle*, and Cx-Meml>er* of the Senate, Ex-Men.bers, mud Mem??ers, and Mem bers eleot of tte House of Representative* in the rear of the Members of the Svnate. Such other persons as are included in the pre ceding arrangements will occupy the steps, and the residue of the portico. All being in readiness, the oath of office will be administered to the President elect by the Chief Justice; and on the conclusion of the President's address, the Members of the Senate, preceded bv the Vice President, Secretary, and 'Sergeant-at Arms, will return to the Senate chamber, and the President, accompanied by the Commltte? of Arrangements, will proceed to the President's House The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, with the Marshal of the District, are charged with the ex ecution of these arrangements; and, aidsd by the police of the Capitol, will preserve order. AU horses and carriages will be excluded from the Capitol square. Should the weather prove unfavorable, the cer emony of the Inauguration will take place In the Senate Chamber. Solomos Foot, JiMii A. Pearck, Edward 13 Baker. fe 23-d Committee of Arrangements. FOR STAMP1NS NO PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES YO MATCH, at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, ^HARGEJ PHI LP & SOLOMONS, A tints tor Laurtnti's c*Itbrattd Linen Pap*r$, "MetnrcHtan MUlt," *e? ft. m 94 lj 339 Pa. av? bet. Btb and 10th ita. 1861 ?i 1861 Commence the Year unth a Diary. A valuable Pocket Companion for regjatering event* paat, present, and future; containing rates of poa*ige, almanac, a blank apao f.ir memoranda for evary day in the year, oash acoount for eaoh month, annual summary of oa4i aooount In.Is payable and receivable, Don't be without one of theae useful little eouvenira. The most ooroplete, elegant, and deairableaaaortinent ever leaned,onm prtaiug twelve aizaa and upwarda'of fifty styles, at BHILL'NOTON'S Bookatore, Odeon Bunding, oorner ofi4H street and dean Penn avenue. WATCHREDING A^U^VER WARE I hare one of the beat establishments, and fur nished with aoompiete set of tools for repair ing every description of fine Watohes, and #7bJ particular attention give to the same, by thorough competent workman And a. work guaran ti. Also, every desonp ion of standard SILVER ARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my onstoiners will find far raperior in enalityand finish to northern wape sold be dealers in general and represented as their own man ufifco tare. H. O. HOOD, ?4 *3* P>. avenue, near 9th st j^OHOOb AMI) OOLLKflK OlTHtr. Youths' and Bo*u' Clothing for School and Brest Wear. Parents and gvardians wishing to tarnish their chi dren and war4a with School and College On tfiU for the eoming season, are invited to examine oar ecwwks. W-ritsra .frs-aw .te WISJg&WSi: Gvajasr"' -~ Inauguration of the President elect THE ORDErToF PROCESSION. Aim. MAKtUAL-ix-CHiir. Aim The Military earort, the commander of wblcl will issue his orders of detail, Informing the of fleer? of the District and visiting corps at whs place and hour be will form his line, and to whon tbej must report. A National Flag, with appropriate emblems The President of the United States, with thi President elect and suite, with marshals on tbel irn, and the Marshal of the I'nited States for th< District of Columbia, (Col. William Selden,) anc his deputies, on their right. The Committee of Arrangements of the Senate Private Secretaries of the President and Presi dent elect. Ex-Presidents of the United States The Judiciary. The Republican Association. The Clergy. Foreign Ministers. The CWps Diplomatique. Members elect, members, and ex-members o; Congress, and ex-members of the Cabinet. The Peace Congress. Hesds of Bureaua. Governors and ex-Governors of States and Ter ritorles and members of the Legislatures of th< same. Officers of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, anc Militia, in full uniform. Officers and soldiers of the Revolution, of th< war of 1612, and of subsequent periods The Corporate Authorities of Washington and Georgetown Other political and milltarv tmrr the District and other part* of the United states All organized civil societies. Professors, schoolmasters, and students, withlr the District of Columbia; citizens of the Distric' and of States and Territories The various organized bodies of citizens, civil and military, who '.ntend to participate in the cer emonles of the inauguration, will, at their earlicsi convenience, report to the Marshal-in-chlef lr what force and of what description of force the) will be composed, and when they will arrive here tbat the Marshal-ln-chief may assign them proper positions where they can form,- preparatory U taking position in the column of march. Tl,? 1 -- ?HI *? * " * " - " uc piiPtcHiuu win oe iorniea in ironi 01 ID( Citv Hall, and In the streets adjacent thereto, at i o'clock a. m , of the 4th of Ma:ch next. At It o'clock a. m the procession will move from the parade ground, by Louisiana avenue to Penn sylvania avenue, thence along Pennsylvania ave nue, and so far past Willards' Hotel (where the Presidentelect will be) up Fifteenth street, as will enable It to countermarch, and halt on Pennsyl vania avenue In front of the hotel. The entire column will, under orders, left face, and the military will present arms. The President and President elect will then be received into the line, and the column will, under orders, right face, and move, escorting them to the Capitol. Banners ana adornments maybe borne in the procession; but no offensive emblems or device* will be permitted to disturb the national cere mony . After the President elect reaches the Capitol, the various portions of the procession will wittiest the 1 ntnimMllnM -- ' ?- _ - ?uuii?uau*ivii aucuiuili^ lUClT piCSBUTC, care to rr?pet t the programme,which ha* already been published by the Committee of the Senate. The Military, the Marshal, Auiitant Marshal*, and Aid*, will cooperate In the execution of the arrangement* of the Senate. A* toon as the Inauguration ceremonies are con i luded, the Military, with the Marshal, Assistant Marshals, and Aids, will, as the tlnal ceremony, escort the President and his attendants to the Ex ecutive Mansion. The Marshal-in-chlef Las appointed the follow ing-named gentlemen as Marshals, Assistant Mar shals. and Aids, to assist him in carrying out the arrangement* of the day: Marshals. J. J Coombs, George H. Plant, James W. Deeble, \V. Krzyzanowskl, John L Hayes, William Simpson, I.ewi* Clephsne. Albert O Hall, S. A. H. McKltn, Foster Henshaw. Col. John 8. Keyes. N. A. Thompson. Assistant Marshals Representing States and Territories. Lucius I Goodrich, Connecticut. Richard Chenery, California. A. H.Grlinshaw, Delaware John Wilson, Illinois. Solomon Meredith, Indiana. Henry 8. Jennings. Iowa. Henry J Adams, Kansas. Alexander Sneed, Kentucky. Samuel P. Brown, Maine. George N. Heale, Maryland. Maj.?r Charles O Rog?rs, Massachusetts. Colonel Charles Dickey,Michigan. W.S. King, Minnesota. Thomas J. Bovntou. Missouri. General Joseph C. Abbott, New Hampshire. VV S Pennington, New Jersey. Major Alanson Welch. New ^ ork. D R Goodloe, North Carolina Joseph K NVlng, Ohio. Doctor Thompson, Oregon Theodore Adam.*, Pennsylvania E.J. Nightingale, Rhode Island. Humphrey, Tennessee. Georee Chiuman. Vermont George Rye, Virginia. General L. E. Webb. Wisconsin. Henry A Webster, Washington Territory. Coionel Nathaniel V Jones, I'tah Territory. Hou. 8. H. Elbert, Nebraska Territory. Assistant Marshals. Martin Buell,

Woodford Stone, John Hines, Job W. Angus, J. F. Hodgson, James Lynch, George R. Wilson, Henry M. Knight, G. A. Bassett, A C. Richards, Edmund Flagg, J. L. Henshaw, J. M Lucas, A. W. Fletcher, Francis O. French, James Kelley, i e Unx<<? A. Duvall, 8 V. Stilllngs, T. B Brown, John Parsons, George C. Harkneas, Jos. M. Cowell, Jos P. Loughead, E. T. Chase, B. Franklin Guy, John Alexander, John M Keating. G?orge 8 Kraif, Thomas Wearer, Michael HomilUr, C. M Keyes, O. Marsh, The Marshal* will be designated by blue scarfs and white rosettes, aud white tsddle-clotbs trtminrd with blue They will carry a baton two feet long, of blue color, with enda gilt about two Inches deep The Assistant Marsbala, representing States and Territory*, will be designated by pink scarft with wi .te rosettes, ana white saddle-covers trimmed with pink. They will carry white batons two feet long, with pink ends two inches deep The Assistant Marshals will wear white scarft with pink rosettes, white aaddle-corers trimmed with pink. They will carry batons of pink color, two feet long, with white ends two Inches df?p. The Marshals, Assistant Marshals, and A'ds will meet at the Cltv Hall on the morning of the 4th of March precisely at nine o'clock, fully eqntpprd, where they will hare appropriate duties aaaigned them The Mnrshal-ln-chlef particularly desires that the Marshals. Assistant Marshala. and Aids will wear common black bats, black frock coats, black pantaloona over boots, and whlt?* or light-yellow buckskin gauntlet gloves B B FRENCH, Martkal-in-tkitf. Washinston, Feb ?}, 1861. Note.?It to suggested that Bteren* k. Co. (an der Brown's Hotel) will furnish scarf* and batons C5P* """ ~"*k* - ?Vi,T Phineas B. Tompkins, David P. Brown, W W Baaaett, Charlea C. Casey, James Nokes. Nathaniel C. Towle, Charlea 8. English, F A. Soulfc, Hannibal O Addlaon, Hugh G. Divine, Samuel Strong. Joshua Howard, R. C. Stevens, W. C. Dodge, F.J. Sey bolt. u. niDv, Lewis Parker, Alexander Clements, William Hendley, Z C Robbina, Dr. N. S. Lincoln, Dr. W. E Watera, John T. Clements, ? K. White, Richards, Jacob B.geiow, Daniel Breed, A Eds?n, G. W. Garrett, John H. Wise, Amos Hunt, #uuii * . ciiusuriu, nr. ? III1DI, Edwin P. Bridges, M. M Ward, A. J. Laruer. W. B. William*, Theodore Wheeler, Joseph Heyse, P. Crowley, Louis Baker, Itaac Strohm, S*. J Bowen, V. Pulizzl, William J Murtagh. Aids to the Marshal in-r)U?f. William Rabe, Rob'tJ SU-veos.of Cal John W Jones, Clement L. West, Ira Qoodenow, Z. K. Pang born, Nathan Darling, Isaac Bassett, G. Alfred Hall, Reuben B. Clark, John P. Hilton, Maj Thos H. Bates Gen *De Witt C.Clark, The Marshal-in-chief and his Ai ds wi 11 be deal g nated by orange-colored scarfs with white rosettes, and blue udHln-rlnthi with ?rllt tHmmliiM UNION INAUGURATION BALL. MARC H 4. 1?61. MANAGKR9. Hoi Jeremiah 9 B uk, Seoretary of KU'4, Hon J A Dix, Secretary ofth* Treasury, Hon K M >tant<.n, Attorn*) General. uon norai.o tun*, i*'>?:ma?ter General. On the part Hon Wm H Seward, " I. W Powell, " W Sauiibury, " KSBingbam, " D Clark" " W P Fe.eenden, " J F Simmon*, ' M P Wilkmmn. ** Andrew Johnson. M cru'kM. ? 8PW' :: umnai. ** Solomon Foot, r\y% *L+ ?i< TT, of the Senate. Hon Stephen A IVhirIm, ' J C Ten Ejek, " H Wile^n, *' Wm Bijcler, " HM Rice. " MS I .at hum, " K D Baker. ** Simon Cameron, * J l'ixon, M PKier, M I. M Morrill. ** John R Thomson, " 7. Chandler, " L Traiahull. m _ jf n . . - - V #? w jn* r * vy Utc c Hon Wm Pennington, Hon ? OoiJax, 1* K G ^pauidinc. I 4 Robt Mcknight, II I AHRIm, II I* A B Olin, II II T D Fliot. 4 II C B Sedgwick, M II w KHIoga, I* II W B Maolar. II o T Oorwi*i, M *1 J F Farn?worth, II I W H Hooper, A J Hamilton. ? ? II fl H Winter Ditir, a* 4 i) l.ooima, II 1 r; ra?*. II II J R Woodruff, M M J A MoClernand, M la C B Coohrane, H I P B Fouk">. II II w g Hitman, ?? it W WinHom. M la Cjrna Aldrich, , II II Green Adam*, ?l II II W A Howard, <" 11 a a? II L C Carter, W Vandever, E Jot Morns, K B ? a*hburne, J K Barrett, J C RoHinaon, T M Fdwarda, J (t Davta, J Craif, J no A. G lmfr, C Knhfnion, D W Gooch, O A Grow, A Fir, J H Rejnolda. J R Alley, J H Campb'II, Johti Sli*-rman, John t'onide, G*o Brigic*, F W kA oec, John Cochrane, K B French. j iv .moo;head, "RE f*>nton, " G W Palmer, * J C Bureh, ' S R Cnrtie, " JN Morris, " A Fran*. "WE NiMack, "88 Blur. Army. Col 8 Cooper. Lieut Col I. ThomM, Lieut Col E D lieyee. Ma.i G D R*mi*y Capt VV R l'aimer. u n nurvn, " J E Bouligny, " A Uu'linsa.ne, " R Conkling, " HL IHwm, " JA ?url?y, " M F Cor war, G AIar?ton, " W 8 Millward. " C R Train Lieut Gen 8oott, Gen Wool, Col H K Craig, Col J F Taylor, Col E V Sumner. Navy. Commodore Stewart. Capt C Ringgold. Cominodor' Jo# Smith, Lieut Woodhull, 8 Archhold, eng'r-in ch.tCol H?rr<?. Marine C'p?, ?'apt K Fnchanan, Maj W W Rumell, Capt L >^Fowell. Surgeon W Whelan, Citizen*. Mayor Rerret, Kobnrt C Wmthrop, Samuel Hooper, II C J'ary H O Kn<t, G'-<> Op't?V?. J Virortnt Brown, D Field, J T IWd. K H Ro tins, VV B fhonma, Keverdy Jnhnron, Hudson Taylor. j T Wan cworth, T^uriow Wend, A H Hallow*, Wm Kpih, F \ S*?ard, ffl * 'i*- !l ?_ F.dward Ererett, C A Dana. J C A t.t-ott, M O Knlie t*, M VV Miot<ae!, J A Duncan, K Puidt*, J H Pa>Bt*c, Z K Pan?burn, \V Curtm Moyea, Hw H Plant, Filxhugh Cojle, C. H F taker, D^an Richmond, Timothy Davia, D 8 Dickinson, 8 U Andrew*, Amoi Tuck. u i mioQi, A M Clapp. CT Vinton, J K Havby, N B Jadd, 6 W Gage, 1 Perley Poor?, J W Simnnton. V W Smith, W 8 Wood, W G Sneef hen, Kich&rd Waliaah, J T Mitchell, J F Coyle, Nathan Sargent, J J Coomhi, Joseph F Brown, Andrew Wyiie.ir, C W Boteler, jr, A 8 5*olomoni>, V B aiifchard, Montgomery B air, Geo 8 Foe*. Thoa K h ratikhn, AmasaG Parker, J51S Wi'Ii&ms. K Corninr, Moaea H Gurnell, S?iineon draper, George P Fisiier, ^Mon w aril, Wm ?uttoo. Franklin Philp, J C Willard, Wm Wall, J H MoBiair, weo Hinton C B Smirh. J N Arnold, J Grime haw, Wm Kabe, T G A vera, Alpheua Han'fy, J W Tillman, A W Hotelier, B B f're-oh, George Pa'k<?r, B ' .owe ei J.vitoeon, John L H?W(, M H Srevena, J C G Kennedy, John Sat age, H G Faut. J W Thompeon, John A Lintnu, W D Wa'lach, Gen R O Wfiintinaii, W H Corwin, \ Swebt, V B Ogden. ue ir|? as ill? an, Kz a Lino?ln, \V W Beaton, M Brown Win Schoi ler, Horatio Seymour, I* V Keiiog*, Thutnaa L Smuli, Thomas Berry, K C Oarrirgtoo. J H I.athrop.jr.. J W Forney, Jot Mednl, 3 P Haneeoftih, Marshall, >v A Washburn. G C Davidson, A B D ckinaon, John A Goodwill, 1. Clephar.e, !* A H McKuu, John P Km.in, \V B Phtw. Th'olore NVhetler. J VV Angus, George A Ba?8*tt. W KriyuDovili, I, A Kobrlrllt, \V S Bartlett. G^veruor Spraguo. Jo* Gerhardt, The several CcmrnitWes of ReoepUon, 4c., will hereafter lie announced. <>ertlemen desiring invitations for Ladies, will plea*e leave their name an-i a<!d'e-? et Gautier'r, I'h:lp & Soiomon's, or Stevens' Fu nishing tfloa. Subscriptions received at these p a.es. fa 2U-dut.MUt.td CLOTHING, Ac. iV MERCHANT TAILORING. I>KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, OASSJ MERS.AN1) VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., 324 I'annsylva oia Avenue, h\ve just received a large variety of new Fall Goods, to wnich they invite the atteatioc of their friends ud nustomera. au SO-tf GENTLEMEN'S VI HE %DY-MADE CLOTHING. Onr vreeent assortment of GENTLKMKN'8 REaDV MADE CLOTHING rfferi to eitiaeua and stranger* w'shing an imm?diate <?ut fit supe nor induce men to, embracing, at this time, all stylesard eualitiee of Dress and Business Gar ments and OvcrooaU in all vanities. Fine Shirta and Lnder-olothinc of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qua ity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravata, Stocks, Hosiery, fto.. fto. All of which we are offering at < ur nsual ww prices. 117* Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS ft Co.. no 16-tf 394 Pa. avenue. /20 TO THE PEOPL1 S'ClOTH iNfi stob f VJf No. 460 Seventh *t., to f? vour CLOTH ING. FURNISHING GOOi-8, HAIf? and CAP!*. f?2 6w WM MERCHANT TAILORING. K Invito oar ouatomers. and oitiism null It. to?n nafM*MS of oar irrMat new. Ml tractive, and ?lecar.l MiorUiunt CLOTHS CASSIMfcRKS, DOKSK VKSTINGS^ OVERCOATINGS, Ac. 1 whioh we vt'll ma ire to order in superior tyle at rery low prioea. wA LL> STEPHENS k CO.. oo 2S tf Pa. av.. hetw, 9th and loth at*. CARRIAGE FACTORIES (1 7 Aflkll PUCFnW HA DDI A OD OA D Strut, Bttwttn 9tk and 1 fttk Sfrnii, We hare jaat fioiahed a rnm6?r of first e!ui CARRIAGES, moil u Lt*kt IFMMi, r*rk Pkeatonf, CW ?KJIC< ruuu, and Bmgnu, whiek we will Mil a vort email profit. Beinc praouoal m?ohaiuoe in different branor>f? or the be sine**, we flatter oureel vee that we knov Si? at? lee and qnahtj of work that win cire eaue tction, oorcbici&x lie htceee, oomfort and darabili ^kerairtut promptly and oarofally attended to * k ?n * s'swr CoMhutera, eoooeeeore to Wm. T. Hook. a? W-d11 TCAr*lA?E!?. HK ??heorlbcr havint tpac? additions to kl lk<rtorr, mfckiBg it now one of th? iariMt^jMUi. intbe Dietriet, wbere hie fartlitiee f<>- xa3K^ cinitilMfi'TiiitCAI' Rl A Li6HT<JK5SBI WAGONS of aJ: k?ad* cannot be rnrpaaMd, and ton bie Iocs expenonoe in :Le bu.aeca, ke r>?poa U ?ne fe? e.al aatiefaotion. Ail k adf ofCSarnaceeand tight Warou kept Mod. A:' KFCl ? JJEST FANCY ?OODS, M AT PRICKS TO SUIT THE TIMES, _ _ " ki O; BAnyEVENS*S F. inttBU. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAK. TveBtrinoofM It llVIMbif WBlUO that hu mad* ru Mlf. o federally throathoet t*e ooutry. II78incleeotie?(ia vra?pera> Mil aX the ooanter, Immediate y after t*e inm of fee Pnoe?THRKfi CKNT8 TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. CHANGE OF HOUI Ob mm) after BUN DAY. November tttk. 1 tnuua will ran aa follow* : _ LEA rg WASHINGTON t First train at fjr a. m. tJ- Tvei- em ? ? * I wU f .W >1 Third tram at S.H p. aiTE] Fourth tnun U (i . LEAVE BALTIMORE: "ir?t train at 4 IS a. n>? fcxpr 1 tra: n at 8 J6 a. m. _ <>nrth at < The first. e*o<?id and thlrJ train* fro? Wash o Pkiladelskia and New hud at S.10 m. m. * Jn * in.. r?d and | usfton ottfaect Lfirouf hi o Philadelphia The Moond and third aonaaot at Waakiagtea Junction with trams for tK? West. J<ooth. Mi Nortnveet; also. at Aaaafolia fsnrtina.1? > na?oh?. For Norfolk take the '40 a. m. traie? T?r the aoaoauaoaauon of the w+r tnr? be tween Washington and Laarel. a ear will l>e attached to the toaaage tram whiohleasee at 11 a m. On Saturday the U0 p. m. train got to Philadel phia only. no 96-4 T. H. PARPON& Acent. DENTISTRY DRS. I OCKWOODu* DARREl.L AR pared to inaert TfcETHon VULCAN ITE BASK, a new and improved anode RPRE mm M MMMI When n.ade on thia plan they a'e com for table to wear and moon cheaper than any other. Aleo. Te?tb 1 ritei ted on Gold Plata, a.-.d all Decia <>!?eratione of any kind that may be deeired Of fire K<M>m No i. in the Waahinrton Bui oiac.eor ner Pa av. and Seventh at. ja llta' \I TEETH. Wl. LOOM IS. M. D., the investor i of the MIN K R A L. PLATK TEETH, at tend* personally at hie cfioe in thia city J y.Kt.y pereone oan wear theee teeth who oannot wear <>?hera. and do pereon oan wear other* who cannot wear tlieee. H?raone ci 1114 at my oiBoeeaa be 1 with ar.y rtyle aud pnoe of Teeth they ma? c o?im bat to tnoa* wno are partioaiar and wieh the paraot, cleaneat, atrongeet, and moet perfect dentare thai an oan prod ace. the MINERAL PLATK will be more fully warranted. Room* in thia oivy?No.339Pa-avenie.betweee 9th and iota ata. Aleo, SOT Arci. atf et, PhiWlei phia. oc U tf EDUCATIONAL. Tfemalk education. hose Parent* who with ttoirduikUri to ra oeive ? tuon-vch and ?y?tem*ue education. wie-e their phyatoal training will receive daily end ape*-'* attention, under the rgoct approved ?atem of Calta tnenic? and 6> mnaaUc*. arc reapeeutolly invited to viait the Union Female Academy, corner Four teenth at. and New York av. mk. * MRS. z. RICHARD?, au 3K-tf Principal*. Female boarding and day school ALEXANUKIA. TA. Mri. 8. j. MeCORMICK, PyiMCiraU The thirteenth annual aeasion of tnia InatitotioB wijj pprnm*aoe on Tueeday, September IStfc. is the hnuSe rtoently ooovpied by Sylveater Scott, Eaq? No. 1*?0 Kir* atreeC The course ai tnHv the branches requisite So a thorough English Mi cation, and Musio, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing, if desired. fn addition to day seholars Mrs. MoConniek it prepared to reoeivea limited sautter of pupil* as boarder*, who. constituting a part of bar own faw l! jr. will be under her immediate oare and sapem aion. !*he will endeavor, as far a* possible. to ear round them with the comforts and kindly iniaeooM of Hon?e. Ktfertnt**.?Rev. Geo Jl. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kiss Harrison, Rev. 0. F. Sprigg, Wi.liaa H. Fowls, Ks*., Edgar Pnowden, Km.. Edmund F \V itmer is--. te, ."Was Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. Esq.,'** Brothers. Tums. Board, with Tnition in aJl the English Branehes, 92<n for the annual session?pa> a:>.e semi annual . in advance. .Manic and Eacguaees at Professors' prioas. 117 No extra onarges. as ?-tf Curt Coutk. Coidt, Hoar$tn*ti. Is Jtutnz*. mny Irrurnliom #r Son smi nf tut Tkront, Uu Hnrlnmt Ctmek m ( m??v Itea, ft-onrHxtis, A*km?, # Catarrh, fiear amd rift ttrmrth to th* rote? erf P K A K ERA GER8. rumic 8 ARB SING Few are aware of the importanoe of obeoKlnj a ^ouch or ' Common Cold'* in >u firat atate; u?i rhich in the h*|*uiur would field (o a mi id rome I?, if ne(:e?tted,sooj itutekathe Lanaa. " BrvwiC* &ro*tk*al Troth**," oortsiLu-ni CenuToent inrr?di >nta, allay Pu.monarj ai.d Bionobial IrriUtiun. JSOWN'S rROCHKS JROWN'S TROCHE8 JROWN'f r ROC HE!" JROWN'f* CROCH E8 JROWN'S "Thit troihle in my Throat, (for which the "Trockti" area apeoifeel havina made perer." me !% r. n lLUin> " I reoomaseiid tbei' aae to Prauc SriAKmaa." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. I "tireatftemoeioenfrdiimg HuaBfl* WEaa." REV. DANIEL WI8E. " AlnfeMt inatai t relief in the dje treeatnc lalmr of breatbinf peon liar to AaTHK A." _ REV. A. C. EG6LE8TON. Contain bo Opivra or anrtlua injurioua." DR A- A BavEp, A. A HA TROCHES IROWN'S PROCHE8 JROWN'8 TROCHES* JROWN'8 rROCH bkB IROWN' TROCHE? mowNti TROCHES IROWNS rROCH Eh IROWN*8 rROCH K8 JROWNf tion'forCorcVa*. K7* * """"" DR. 6. F. BIBKLgW, teiftl in Beohchitm." DR. J. V. W. LANK. Imw. * 1 htre p'ored than excellent for W,Hftt^EV. WARREN. MM M Benefioial whm oom?e!l?d to , ?ufferinc from Cola." 4eV. 87J. P. ANDERSON^ " EmrrvAX to renonnf Ho?tm d?m ?.iid Imi&tion of the Tbro?t. ao eonsjnon wiu. Itfmin tad Bim *"pr?f M. 8TACY JOHNBON. 14 (irmuMl, O*. Tetoher of Mjina Southern Prattle Coliefe. "Brett " tnd tftf r Hotrsrne? 1 think tk^ TljMt ROWLEY. A. M. President of Atkrai Ooliefe, Teu. benefit when taken before preaching. m ther prevent ?. Pro it. tb-i pmI effcot. ey will be of perrJM.': ! rRocHiaj R-f;'^!S?l1"6S755N' do I ly pUE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIHEMAR.M ?nd S-Proteoted by Rmj%\ otters Patent of Koi mfl. iud MurM by the >m of the Koole de PWntsu de PaTia, and the irrer.al Collfjre of Medisine. Vinu No 1 I* nr& u?h.f for rjUiaudloD tad BktorrkM, a! yhyaieal diaabilitiee. No. 2 o<-*rif)?C*ly enulioatea all traoea of Umm iiium (.oat ht*? been hitherto treated by tae m >oua and pernioiraa im of ooaaiva and oabebe. No. 3 haa entirely ?upp nr.ted the i^jiriow aaa of iMTpur*. thereto Inaannc to the eaffhrer ap?dy ? iei. diay^rainf all iBMntiea, im ? he venom ofdinaai, TR1E8EMAR. Noe.1,Sand S are he fona of a logence, devoid of " nd oan be oernr<l id the wi a ttr oaaee. a?d dinded into a tar oaeea, a?<] dinded into aaparaU doeea. m metered by Velpeaa. Lilleoaand, KoaiTV M Price #3 eaeh. or fuar oaeea for ff, itm ?S; at.d in #*7 oaeea, vberebv there la a aae nr of f9. To be bad, whoieoaie aad retail, of Dr. URROW, of 194 H eeoker atrert. New York, mir.eoiat-'j nnreoemojja remittauoe, pr. Bairov ouiu ibip wy n, r uiu, ?r?, LfTii cv?^, ?? acton. D C. < #??*? filLK FOB KB, MOTHI IN BdBFA U?N 9 ROBES, KKRAGh MuBt-ft. W*?r? wiling at bait Ui?- ong wml ? ?? A I iher good* of erf rT d*ror ? ?on ??:1 ?? ibg t co*t 0?r ?tn k is arg* ui veil ?*?o ? U fr*l TATLOE * HI'TQW'SON. CAPi?. Cat' at ?2MWCT!!W?Wrt_. fi i A NEW LOT OF SCRIXO HATS jr#T 1 nmhiTui for Ml# at wry lo* pnaca, at N?. fr t *

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