2 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. I^Thi 8ta* publishes the List of Letters remaining In tbe Washington Gity Peak Office tinder the provisions of the Uw directing them to be printed In the newspaper having the largest elrealatlon within the delivery of the office. Its tatffi daily circulation is more than double that -v* Aik^. n*(u i. a/ II ?u J V?UCI l/?i ij pillllCU 1U MAC I/ltMIV/l Vt VW lumbia. Tbi l5AravBATio!f Cimixowiis.?Look oat for The Star of Monday, containing the fullest particulars of the Inauguration ceremonies upon _ that day Persons desiring to aend to tbelr frlenda t a distance an early, accurate, and readable ac count of all that transpires In connection with the Inauguration should, by all means, secure a copy ml Monday's Star. H*itT, LAST n*? mo?l obdurate and horn (except one) ever operated upon t? Amtrtca?An Immense throng poured into the National Theater last night, to witness, as they sup. poard, Mr. Rarey's last exhibition. Aa the spa cious room fllled up, the impatience of the audi* ence manifested Itself In repeated calla for the commencement of the performances; and when the ball could well bold no more, Mr. Rarey ap peared upon tbe stage. and in a few words ex plained the fundamental principles of hla system, with bis interesting narrative of his first meeting and subsequent struggle and triumph with Cruiser, and tbe sad fate of tbe Arabian horses Frrsrnted to France, whose limited knowledge of rer.ch brought down upon themselves tbe wrath of their new grooms snd Anally an ignominious death. Cruiser was led upon the stage. It did not seem possible that th* sleek and docile animal before us was tbe terrible Cruiser once penned up In a brick cell, and guarded like a wild beast? muzzled, yet unapproachable. After following Mr. Rarey around tbe stage, lying down at the signal from his master, and politely extending his hoof In a parting Mluta'lon, he was led out, and a n*w anbirrt Introduced to the audience. Tbla borae wu perfectly kind and peaceable, but was aubject to nervoua attack* whenever an umbrella appeared, and evinced a great horror of tbla tnrilaprnaable article when Mr. Rarey first belated It. The atrip waa aoon around the leg. another waa trade faat to the other foot and pas*? d Inaide the anrclngle?a gentle puab to one aide, one or two plnngea, and the horae quietly rolled over into the atraw. After careaalnx the borae a frw momenta, and convincing it of Ha belplesa ne*a, the umbrella waa then brought forward, Mid after the flrat nervouaneaa had aubalded the bora* allowed It to be boiated, rubbed againat and f?**?d over It without manifeatlng any alarm. A arum waa alao presen'ed to ita attention, and flnallv placed upon Ita back and violently beaten, the borae meantime evidently enjoying tbe fun, vnth an occaaioaal aly wink at tbe reportorial t>h?'anx. Mr. Rarev's little Shetland ponies were next brought In and honored with an Introduction to tfae audience, Mr. Rarey takinir one in bia arms as t lady would h*r lap dog, and holding him up to eel a good look at the crowd. Then came the struggle of the evening, with a horse noted for his kicking propensities, bis ab> horrence of horseshoes, and a particular regard for the comfort of his feet. Uefore the strap was applied, at the request of Mr. Rarey, Mr Green cave a short description of the horse's fallings Mr. Green said be had seen a great many bad horses, but this was the worst he had ever known. He bad conquered every borseshoer in Washing ton. and the only way whereby he could be shod at all was to suspend him by ropes in the air, and bind his feet f*st to posts driven Into the ground. k...i.... 1 *.l in \T t.i ..A ?A I lie uuiic uaviu^ wrrii icu in, imi. uaitj ?i itrvt w take up tbe horse's fret, but every attempt met with a fierce resistance. Tbe (trap was soon applied, and tben commenced astruggleIn which It seemed aa If tbe horse was perfectly frantic, with impotent rage, with flashing eye. dilated nostrils, and mnscles standing out In bold relief, nortlng. foaming, and plunging, tbe horse dashed around upon the stage, upon bis knees and hind feet, snapping up moutafuLi of straw and tan bark with tbe fury of a wild beast. After plung ing around in this manner for about ten minutes, the horse settled down into the itraw, covered with lather and perspiration. But he was not subdued yet. At every attempt to touch his feet he would commence kicking fu riously. and rising upon hlshind feet won Id again rear and plunge around the stage, dashing the traw and tin bark In every direction by> tbe hovelful, with an occasional lunge at tbe report ers, who were by no means tardy in getting out of dinner. All this time Mr Rarey was perfectly cool (Ueuratlvely speaking) and collected, and Kana^cd his straps as a skipper would the rigging fan unruly craft in a squall. Again and again 41/1 tha hnrtrf fill rrft tin r*ir inti nlnm/* >hmit 'whenever an attempt was made to handle bis feet, Md finally in an unusually desperate struggle, tbe girth broke, and tbe horse was partially tree. Aaathrr was soon supplied, and the strife waxed flereer than ever, until exhausted, and nearly en tirely subdued, tbe horse stretched himself out in the straw, while Mr. Rarey removed tbe (traps, k n ocked h!? hoofs together, beat upon them with Ills band, and flnallvlaid down in the straw with the hind f<*et of tbe horse resting against bis face While be was In this position tbe spectators held their breath, expecting at every quiver of the Olusrlea to see an Iron shod hoof driven against JHr Rarey'a forehead. Mr. Rarev did not b:>ve time to subdue tbe borse sufficiently to allow htm to strike his hoofs wltb his hammer, but it was perfectly evident that tbe worst of the battle was avas m >. si tliat n a inAVA l#MAn tVnul/l f c\ rr\ r\ 1 t a- ! tr V?tl , aim IUU? VHV ItlVI *_ ?\ ? VUIM J'l'. ? ? J turn the hoi* from hi* evil ways. Mr Karey tated that with but one exception, this horse was the moat obdurate raw be ever met with In Ame rica, and expressed himself as being perfectly confident of ultimate success. To-night, be will finish his lesson upon this torse, and will operate upon others of bad incli utions and habits. Dutsict Usioa Rifle* ?This fine volunteer caaipany held its third meeting un Tuesday night last, .et John McChfsney's. on the plank road, boot (our and a half miles from Washington It ambers about 80 members, all ardently devoted t* Ike I'nlon, and ready to defend it with their Mm, if necessary. The f&llowlnir is a list of its >itlir-C J. Morrison, captain; J. W King, 1st lieutenant; John H. McCLesney, 2d do.; P. N. McCbesney, 1st sergeant; George W. Thomas, 2d da - I F l.cwli .'{.1 do : F.dw'd Rrnu.-n 1st rnr. ral: Joseph Cook, id do; Jerouie Fitnam, 3d ; Nelson Perkins, 4th do A con.mittee on uniform* was appointed, cons!stint; of Lieutenant McCheanev, Serij't Lewis, and Corporal Fitnam Thomas Fitnam, Sr., was, on motion of Lieut. McCheaney. unanimously elected an honorary member of the company. The company, before and after the meeting, drilled for an hour each time, and went through the evolutions In facing wad marching with wonderful precision for the rtirt time it has been organized. It is expected to Minster one hundred rank and file on lis first parade. In April or May. The uniform la to be groy.trt mra?d with red. Before adjourning, the eowpanygave three loud and hearty cheers for Ibcil officers and the Union. tlMPiovzMa.iTs ?The working season is fairly, and much of the work laid over oae of the lost season will be speedily re The flue alley in square 677 has Deen ed, and ha* more the appearance of a Mat than an alley. It h?s brick foot-pavemeuta five feet In width on each aide of a carriage-wav of twenty feet width, equal In width to some of the streeU of London. The work on Seventh ? . __ _ i k. w . * * Knn mr in; river, au ue?n resumed, ana iwo sqeares between F street and the river have their Wkk aide-walks laid. The heavy cutting, about tn feet to depth, near the southern terminus >et. will be soon completed. If {be weather jus opening a direct and ag- *able road the business portion of the city and the The city surveyor has as yet had bat official calls on account of private lmprove i, and but little la doing In thia department oflce. Ciowd ?Last night the city waa crowded rfloqring Bleeping apartments were In de Ifrom sundown to IS o'clock at all the hotels, bw arrivals of strangers with carpet bags, , i, and smsll bundles seemed to pour In at I Ices of the public houses every ten minutes. _ [say who supposed they could get separate rooms t any moment were sadly disappointed when they ascertained that the only accommodations tfeftt could be afforded them were with the mutual agreement companies occupying the balls and Riors and sleeping on cota or carpets Up to 3 lock thla morning the atreeta were aa lively as they usually are at daylight A Gbaxb Militabt Ball raopoass.?A num b*r of our eltlsena bare suggested the propriety of J grand military ball, in tbe inauguration-ball mm, soon after that event. In bonor of tbe volun tas organization,which has at laet been perfected Us manner satisfactory to oar cit's*ne generally. flU suggestion Is made to give this bull as aoon Mr the Inauguration as possible, to be under tbe cement of tbe volunteer brigade, aad the a, after paying all expenses, to be appro to a?me charitable or useful institution In tbe District >eovt for tbe Inauguration soiree of com A and H. Washington Light lnfentry, to Lbctvbb ?On Wedndiy evening, Rev. Mr. Lord delivered a lecture on Columbus, at tbe Smithsonian, to a crowded borne. The lecturer gave a concise description of tbe orlfW and rlae of tbe people among whom Columbus was born and raised, and graphically portrayed tbe vari ous Incidents attending tbe strugglea-and triumph of the ffrrat discoverer About 1300 years ago, Attllla, a Hun, breathing vengeance and deatb, compelled some of tbe people residing on tbe coasts of tbe Adriatic to fly to a few Islands on tbe boundaries of that sea. They at Ural obtained a livelihood by fishing. bat aa their numbera Increased they connected th?ir little talanda with bridges, and aa yeara rolled on the city of Venice roae In all the glory of Its pride and beanty The minds of the people were daz zled with the glowing accounts of oriental mag nificence, and aa the trade in the gorgeous allks and prlcelesa jewels of the Kast increased, the difficulties of transportation more folly engaged the minds of navigators and phll sophers, and merchanta eagerly sought after a more safe and expeditious route than that along winding coasts and across barren plains Columbus, then a young sea captain, was the first who entertained the idea of reaching the Island of Marco Polo by a direct westerly route, and after a laborious and protracted study of every work treating upon geography or navigation, be made up his mind to carry out the great undertaking of a voyage out upon an un known ocean. In 1471 he sought the convent of a Franclacan monk, who became to well pleased with Columbua that be introduced him to the nobility, and finally brought him into the notice of (^ueen Isabella. Phe entered fully into his prnjecta, and the great aim of his life was soon put into execution; and he started from Palos with IhrM ? ! ? ' ? i?.v ?vii^i?uci vi wuitu were uTcr iw tuna burthen, to trek cut a new route to the LI Do rado of the East. Isabella's motive waa to open up a way for the conversion of heathens to Chrls tlanlty; nis wna a deal re to extend commerce and develop civilization. It la needless for ua to follow theglowlng narra tive of the lecturer of Columbua' hopes and fears, hla promlaea and disappointments, his indomita ble perseverance and hla triumphant Rucceaa. They are known to the whole civilized world. Ills discovery affected the whole commerce of the world. Trule expanded and prospered to the fulleat possible extent, and dlacovery after dla covery marked the era of tbe new Impulse to navl sation The full extent of bis discovery on the affairs of mankind could never be fully realized; but if nations were to rise and fall like the swing of a mighty pendulum, and the earfb was but a vast stage upon which empires were to spring up and then pass away in a see of human olood, It were better that Columbua bad never left the shores of his native land, for be had only extended the fields for tbe operations of human passion and added to tbe horrors of human strife. He (the lecturer) did not believe that such was the case. but considered the present prosperity and glory of the civilized world, whicn are the legitimate result of Columbus' triumph, as being only the precursors of those greater developments which await the progress of civilisation. The lecturer eloquently alluded to the distraction of the coun try, and expressed a belief that the Union would remain firm and unshaken His earnest manner and glowing eloquence made a deep impression, and his allusions to the continued existence and prosperity of our nation were received by the audience with repeated de monstrations of applause. Scprkmi Court ? Friday.?Hon. John C. Burch, E?q., of California, James Foster, K?q of Missouri, Cbas. W. Tuttle, Esq , of Massachu setts, Jacob Butler. Esq., of Iowa, and Dwlght May, Esq , of Michigan, were admitted attorneys ana counsellors of this Court. No. 1M. Arnold Mldbury et al., plaintiff* la error egt. the State of Ohio. The motion to dis miss this cause was further argued by Mr Stan ton in support thereof, and by Mr. Pugh in oppo sition thereto. No W. Wm C Reddall, plaintiff In error, agt. Win. H. Bryan et al. The motion Urdlxiniu this cause was further argued by Mr. Attorney ireneral Stanton In support thereof, and by Mr. Tyson and Mr. Mayer in opposition thereto. So. *29 The United States appellant*, agt. Frederick Hilling* et al. Thta cause was argued by Mr. Attorney General Stanton for the appel lants, and by Mr Reverdy Johnson and Mr. Vin ton for the appellees. No. '29 The United States, appellants, agt. Frederick Billings et al. Appeal from the district court of the United Stites for the southern district of California The decree of the said district court in thia cause was affirmed No 103 NVatson Freeman, Marshal United States. 4c., plaintiff in error, sgt. Jalx-zC. Howe et al The argument ofthlscause was commenced by Mr. Parker for the plaintiff In error. Ad journed until Monday. Paradkot thx Martkrs ?Yesterday the bat talion of U. 9. Marines (four companies) paraded under command of Maj. Terret, Lieut. Nicholson acting adjutant, and march- d from the barracks .i _ it i * I ? ?? io me r residential Mansion, fty way of Pa. avenue, to pay their respects to tbe President The bat talion waa accompanied by the full band led by Prof. Peals, and the drum corps conducted by Drum-ra^jor Roche. The day was very warm, and tbe duat waa blinding to the eves, yet tbe bittallon made a flue appearance, marching well, and paying particular attention to dress each pla toon by lta guides, so that at no time on tbe march were they out of line Marching in at the west gate, the battalion halted In the carriage way until President Buchanan appeared and took po sition on tbe pavement approaching the portico fro in the west The battalion was again formed Into column of platoons, guides right, and marched In review before the President, (who stood uncovered till tbe column passed.) the baud performing "Hall to the Chief' wltb magnificent eilVct. The battalion then moved Into line, and marched by the flank to Madison Placa, where a bait was ordered to rest tbe men. One of tbe men was tak-n i iddeuly sick, after the halt In .Madl kou Pisce, and was promptly and kindly cared for by his olllrers, who orderea a coach and bad blm conveyed to tbe barracks Tbe battalion was again put In motion and returned to their quar^rs bv the sains route, attracting very gensral atten tion. T heath .?The "Heart of Mld-l.othlan" would suffer much iu dramatization, were it done by a lest skillful baud than Dion Bourclcault's. We have all read this wonderful novel, and in im agination pictured its beautifully-described scene* with such vividness that disappointment on see ing them represented upon the stage would se*-tn too probable. Miss Gougenheim agreeably dis appointed us. Her excellent conception and per formance of Jeannle D^ans, who loved truth even inore than her sister's life, added luster and gave mellow tints to the pictures already drawn by the imagination. Miss Mann sustained the part of Ktfle to the fall of the curtain. In a truthful and becoming manner, and proved herself worthy of the high favor in which she is held by the play goers of Washington. The other characters were well supported throughout, all being versed in their parta and appropriately cast In the trial the tableau la the realization of Lander's celebrated picture, "The Doom " Several of the scenrs are new, and In f<tct the whole representation lacks nothing to make even the most critical feel pleased. Mr. Glenn to-night offers still another opportunity of string it, aud no doubt will be rewarded with an overflowing bouse. Thi Baltimore and Maryland Cosrsm kncks ?The members of the Ninth street station Methodist Protestant Church met laat night, in their church, and voted for a delegate to represent the laity in the Maryland Conference at Newark, N J. Willard Drake, esq .was chosen as the delegate, and Charles E Waters, esq., alternate. The Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Kmarnnal f!hnreh m??ts at Stanton V. thla month, and as the Interest* of the churches in the conference are to be fully considered, com mittees or delegations have been aelected by most of the stations and circuits to represent them at the conference. The following gentlemen have been appointed . Foundry Station?R Rickets, Rutherford, esq. Wesley Chapel?C. W. Boteler, Wm R Woodward Rviand Chapel? Ephralm Wheeler. McKendree Chapel?J. C. Harkneas, J.N. Davit. Loot m another column for details of the grand Promenade Concert to come off In the Inaugura tion ball room, City Hall lot. on Tuesday night next The programme, as will be seen by refer lnK to it, abounda with choice gema of the most celebrated composers, and will be performed by a company of srtlsts second to none lntbiacoun try, composed a< they are of the principal mem bers of the late Oermanla society, the Beethoven society, snd a powerful orchestra under the con ductorshlp of Prof. Charles benschow, the popular Imprcst&rlo Metier ott Is sparing no pains to make this affair the great feature of the Inaugural fetes, and will succeed without a doubt. The ball room will be especially fitted up for the occa sion, and to thoee who may not attend the inau guration. will be worth a visit of Itself Tbb Isacbcial Paocsasion.?In addition to the uniformed companies whleb were out on the ?td, the following new companies will make their tlrat parade: Company B, Union Regiment, (First Ward.) Capt Kelly; Company C, Union Regiment, (Sixth Ward,) Capt. Arnold; Company D. Union Regiment, Federal Rifles, (Second Ward;) Capt. Dubant; Putnam Riflea, (Island.) rapt Tblsleton; Company C, National Guard, (Navy Yard.) Capt. 9. A. H. McKIm; Washing ton Light Guard, (Nary Yard,) Capt. 8. A. H. Marks; Henderson Guard, Capt. Fox well, and Company B.Anderson Rlflaa, (Georgetown ) The Government troopa will also be la the lloa. Iv akt or oca biadbzs have a " weakneaa" for elegaut jewelry we weald ad viae them to drop lis at " Riddle "a." 303 Pennsylvania avenue. Hflftuniai m? ireuere going ok uk? not cakee for one dollar, mod the ru?E of eltSwna and strangers la Increasing. Call early, take your choice for one dollar, and go on your way rejoicing with the crowd who patronize " Riddle." Miuni of rn Tbiktt-bixtb Coweasss can obtain photographs of tbeatealves at W hltehurst's Gallery, No. 434 Pennsylvania avenue, tor oh zszxrs j'sf Th* Yocms Catholic's FuxkbSocixtt ?The em I-annual mating of this useful society la an nounced to be held at St Patrick'* acbool room to-morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock. From the pres ident's report, a copy of which baa been laid on our table, we learn that 12S children are now being educated by the society in the different parish schools Sixty boys bare been furnished, during the past six months, with full suite of substantial and genteel clothing, and about seventy-five more furnished with such articles of apparel as their necessities particularly required. The number of members is stated to be 239, of whom 128 pay promptly, the remainder being "alow." The receipts for the past six months, from all sources, bsye Deen S579 93, and the disbursements $635 17. Of this latter smount 9367.59 baa been expended ror schooling ana 8259 5^ for clothing Additional clothing, to the amount of about S300, remain to be paid for. The caah balance now on band la ?300 20. It is quite consoling to know tbat ao much haa been done in our mldit to ameliorate the effecta of the crlsla upon our deserving poor. We would rejoice to hear that thousands were en gaged in this noble work. The Dupbkz and Guir Trocpk continue their inimitable performances nightly at Odd Fel lows' Hall, and the rush there to see them is some thing unprecedented. Hundreds go away night ly, unable to gain even standing room inside. Everything they do is perfect of its kind, whether of the pathetic, comic, sentimental, or burlesque order. In tact, the company is the very pick and cream of the best Ethioptsn bands that have ap pearrd within the last half dozen years. They give an afternoon and evening performance to day. . a.... ?*?*? ?% vvBiLi oru*T.? x wvcruay,a yoang genviem&n, who gave his name as B. P. SllichHi, was ar retted by Guardsman DIgges for profanity and malicious mischief. He is evidently a country man, and became excited on some subject that engaged bis attention at a barber's saloon on Lou isiana avenue, near Ninth street. In the excited moment he smashed things in the saloon window and used bad words. Justice Donn ordered him to pay for the damage done, and also lined him ?2.15, and he was released. At thk staiiways leading to the Llncolnlan cbambersgat Wlllards' Hotel, this morning, were posUd placards bearing the following significant notification: " Positively no persons admitted to the halls above, other tbau guests of the bouse." In consequence of these hints, or from some other cause, the hungry crowd did not throng the ball in froutj of Parlor No 6 to-day, but contented themselves with hanging on round the edges, eyeing each other with envious looks. National Guard Battalion ?Companies A unH R ?KI? ?? ? > ?l -i-l'. ? w V* lUiK cuii* ?UIUCU uut 1(181 MJ^Ul 111 IU11 uniform, and paraded through our streets, making a very floe appearance; after which they marched to the Navy Y ard and formally received Into the battalion Company O, lately organized in that vicinity, and under command of Capt McKiin. The battalion thus augmented then paraded until 12 o'clock, attracting a large crowd about them. Compart D ?A meeting of young men was held at Potomac Hall. Island, last Thursday night, for the purpose of taking Into consideration the propriety or forming a new military company, to be called Company D, National Guard Battalion. A Urne number of names were enrolled, and the meeting adjourned to Tuesday night next. Metropolitan Riri.Es ?This company, at a meeting held last night at their armory, elected William H. Nallev captain, vice A. R. Allen, re signed; and I Knott first lieutenant, vice W. A Gray, resigned. A. W. Fletcher was elected quartermaster; after which the company held a very fine dress drill. Another Petition for Favor.?Horatio R. Merryman, of Capitol Hill, well known in days past as a constable, a policeman, and In several other capacities, Is up for appointment as a justice of the peace. A pe'ltlon is circulating for the signatures this morning, with what succea we are not aware. Programme or the Inauguration or THi Presifrjit Elect ? We learn that a large num ber of the order of the Inauguration Procession Viaa h??on nrint^ tr\? th? afl/iAmm/ul.MA- -UI |a?H(V?a IVI *UO BVWlllllIVUailUll U1 CHI zen* and stranger*, and left at Snilllngton's book store for free distribution. It Special Ditty.? In order to prevent any mis apprehension of the reason of the absence of the National Guard (Col Tait) from the escort on Monday next, we are authorized to say that the battalion, with the two volunteer cavalry corps, have been assigned to special duty on that day. Attkstio* Is called to the necessity of dis criminating between tb^^sro lists of advertise ments of letters. Frt^fuent applications are made for letters at the Wa?hlngton office, that have ap peared in that of the list of Georgetown letters, as uu'.u usis appear in ice star. Prof Marini announces In another column hi* last term for the season, which is to be the pre paratory term for the romlng May ball festivities. Consult the advertisement for details, which will be found Interesting to all concerned. Comiso ! Comixg'!?As we go to press stran gle are pouring into the city bv every mode of conveyance. Hundreds are dod^irtg around l->oklng for quarters, and find great difficulty in securing them. Gpard Housk.? Before Jut tie? Clark?M. Wall, profane and disorderly; fined SI and ?1 17. Jas. Bradford, do , do ; fined S3.19. Mary But ler, do., do.; fined S3 19. Jas. Sherwood, do., do , fined S'-i 94 Loo*Oct ro* Pick pock kts .?Under the above bend we notice, to-day. placards posted up In the hail of W illards' Hotel, cautioning the guests against those Industrious light-fingered gentry. 5r Emrich. n*xt door, we see, Is making prepare tlons for the accommodation of visitors at Inau guration time by furnishing meals at all hour*. Go to Bachkr's, on Pennsylvania avenue, be tween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, you who want capital segars and chewing tobacco. Ladiea in want of Whi'e Kid Glovea. Wriatleta, Sleeve*. Flowera, Head Drera'a, Ac., Ao .forthe above ball oin got them at Mrs. R. O. Etckison's, No IV Penn. avenue, between ath and 9th ata.. who will, on the lat of March, receive a large con aunment of the above gooda, all of the finaat French material and the beat quality. Especial attent'on la called to the a?*^rtinent of Flowera and Wriatleta. Alao, real Lace Seta and Collars, fe 25 6t Wa*TS TO Dri III THE 17*10!*. I ahall be pea*ed to dye in the Capital of thia Un'on all oolora en ail kind* of ladiea' and gentle men* apparel. \V. H Whiatlkt, Dyer, No. 393 aouth aide Penn. avenue, between 4k and 6th ata. Look out for the Blue Sign under the window. U 23-9: Dteiho to Livi. Gentlemen, if vou wantadyeing man to live, have your coat*, cants and veata nioely cleaned or re ooloreuatvv. H. Whiatlit'*, bteam Dyer and Hcourer, No. 393 aouth aide Penn av nue. between 4>i aud 6th ata. Look out for the Bluo Sign under the window. fe 8S-9t DIED, On the night of the let inatant- after a lone illneaa, i" the 45th year of hia at e, DAVID ARMOUK. Ilia funeral will take place from hia late real HpnrA nnrtrnr nf Tw?nlt M imr--u melon oity, at 4X o'olock Sunday afterroon. The friend* ot the r&mily ae respectfully invited. ^g0 SEVENTH STREET. 4g0 REMNANTS PAPER HANGIN6B, In quantities suffioient to paper an ordinary aixed room or paasage, at o^e third lew than the usual prioea,at J. MAKKK ITER'S, No. 4^6 Seventh nt 8doorsab>ve fe 19 12t* Odd Fe lows' Hall. IPOR TWO WEEKS LONGER WE SHALL r continue to run off our whole itook of rioh Dress Goods, Shawls and Cloaks, in faot, all Win ter Goods at oost, many at less, for oash. in o>der to oiose out this month. Call at onoe if T*>u wish the artiolaa at the lowest srloes. J. W. COLLEY 4 CO., fe 11 ?w S83 Seventh st, above Pa. av. PREPARE POR THE FOURTH orMARCH Ml by laying in your supply of? i>."j f -? r?i._ KWV* , UOU WU11U! V(UIIM| >inen and Cotton Sheetints, 'illow Cu? Linen* and Cottons, labia Cloths. Table Napkins, Table and Toweling Diapers, Curtain Damask, Curtain Muslin, Oiloloths, Oar 393 Pa av., south side, bet 6th and7th sts., fe2I lot new Iron Butldinge. pOR BALLS AND PARTIES. Ladies' White Kid Gloves at 75 oents, ' light oooredGloves at CTK and 50 oents, Gents' White Kid Gloves from 50 oents to 91J5. " Silk and Cotton Gloves from 12K oents to #1. HENRY EGAN, 323 Pa. av., south side, bet 6th and 7*h iU? feao-lQt near Iron Buildings. HAT THE LADIE8 WANT TO KNOW. Where they oan bav Jo*van's Kid Gloves, white, black, and oolored, at 7S ots.; good, quality Kid LIST OP UETTERS remaining in the post ofpice. WAiaiKATojf CiTT, March 2,1161. (Ordaradto be inserted in the Ktuim 8t4I, beioc tha mrififff h&nn| the larcait cirou ?u< of anj daily paper pahliahed la Washington.] UjT All persona applying for letter* in the foiioi ing list, will pleaae ear the? are isruTiin. LADIES' LIST. a.riU, M.d Ford, Mr. E P Moor., Mr. C W Brjw? Mr* J a w, MM A M-, - M...k ? j Birch, Mr* Jan* C GibSi, Mm EluVi Maort, Hiuih Biitii Miaa Cord'a Gtnrierilf, M?n? Moort, Mr* B R Brook*, Mrt Jaaa Greta.Marri Ellen Nichalaoo, Mr* M Biruat, Mrt M G Garwood,MitaAbbiaO'Latrir, Jim Br ihan, Mi** (Lillic Hawk*, Mr* B P Prytr, Mita Katt Booaa, Mr* Jut E Hnrh**.Mi**Mollie Parry, Mm V I Brent. Mrt iai R Haya, Mr* H H Pearbare, Mi** T Brandt, the Miaae* Haduo. Mrt Ellea P*rk*r, Mm M Barclay, Mia* Jan* Hamilton,MratUrab Filaoii, Mia* E BoUford, Mia* A A Jo?Dtoa, Mrt A Roach, Rachel Boltoa, Mia* Pru'i Johnaton.Mia* Pig* Race*. Martha J Bryan, Mrt M A Jone*, Mi** Annie Ro**, Mm Rata Broauao, Marrarat Jonea, Mary Roby, Mr* Mary J Cook, Mia* M C Jodd, Mia* Mary RtaJy, Miaa Rata Crown,Mra8utanna Jabot, Mrt Mary E Raicliff, Barak Aa Crow, Miidrtd C Ktnoedy ,Mita C?tb 8laJe, Mitt Loam Cadwell.MiaaM'yJ Kin#, Mrt M 8 Shaw, Miaa Annie Carico,MitaM*ryE Kiuf. Mrt Sarah A Sit aeutcn.MitaM'i Cunningham, M A Ltwit, Miaa MAE 8t?wart, Miaa Lmd Corcoran, MiaaAnn Lalner, Mrt R R Saaltwood, Mrt M Couar,Miaa Katt G Lopea, Miaa Panny Tappan.MiaaSanai Cull, Mrt McKtitir, MraJ Tarntr, Mrt Jane Ctaaidy, Mrt Mackaa, Catharint Tucker, Mrt V Claactr, Mrt McCormack, M L Tanlialur, Mrt A F Colliat'.Mita Mar ft McCarrou, Salne Wright, Mra M A pownt.Miat Marrt MeCarron, Bridfei Wall, Mra Cath't Doaaldaoo, Mrt N McDowell,MrtKM W hitner, S.llia Dyer, Mrt Eiita P Mornaaej, Aaaie Whitney, MiaAnai Dofttrtf.MiaaM'yH Mitchell, Mra D Whitney, Miaa M r? 11 aa.?o?" * -- - ? ? t.r??? ,?'iiMiMtnti iriBDaerTiiio, A D?u(las, Mri A<11* Mortell, Mr* A E'nn.oo?,Mr? Mary Mmo, Emily fan*, Ud; C O Morie, Mr* Si Pal**, Mr* Almira MHCELLANKOl'8-Mn. Ella. WHIM, MlUlllUCb Warren, Mm 1>U Walllnr, Mit* Har WhnJeman, Mi* H Armstrong, W P Anfeli, W O Andrew*, Win E Applelon, W? Ait under, W C At.T M Anderson. Tho* L Ancouo. S Arnold, Riebd Atkin*, R 8 Arin?trotig.Gen R A It l*udcr, 0*?ar AUtou, Ju P A*kc?, J B Arcbcr, Or J Ally's J H Arto*. Prank Allen. E C A bell. O H Aahlord, A Boler, Wm GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Uallefan, E?2 Green, Dr D K Greetiau, DAT Or^hun, C J Uoddard, C W?1 Huston, Wm-i Howard, W Hall, Wm K Hay, W I How, T C Hoyue, Tbo* Honicdin*. T L Hamill. 8 8 Hull, S Hansel, ST Hemaiead.tf H?3 Hard, Seth T Hutcbisou, 8 P Hu'iter, 8 T Hind*, 8 A Harrison^ R J A Phieps, Tbo* 8 Pomeroy, T M?8 Peter*, 8 T Peyton,8 O Pre?cott, N B Phillip*, Mr Purnell, T R Palmer. L O Pool, 1 no W Pratt, Joo O Pool, Ja* Pattoo. J no Pratt, Juo PittraJiiO?i PeuderTn*. Juo Porter. Isiiali J Pittoa, Gen J no Pbillip*, H M P1-.U, Henry P*ar*all, Pranc Pe*r**ll, P c.iuin, n in Barlin, W R Bo.well, WHS Buckingham,W A 9 Bown, C*pi W V Bell, W M Barnett, T J?2 Bucey, Miiiir T Bowler, S P Brook, Theo Be ran, T Bell, Thoe H Bell, S W Bulcom, A D Bell, S?4 Be?n, 8 A Boiterworth. S F Banka, 8-iml W Browu, 8a in I B.mer, Peter?t Brown, R G Blum, R Blanchard, Peter Bergman, Peter Bow en, O Brown, O D Browning, O H?9 Bneman, N Borne, Jno F Brigge, Ju A Bell, J F Bell, Jno Blood,leaih B iker, ]u H Buley, J Bryant. Jno G Brannan,Jno Barboer, J Bartlett, J L Bloom, J M Browu, J R Baker, J H fluglll, I Heard, M Hall, M T Hinchett, L?14 Hawki, Jaa A Hay, J no Hunt, Jaa H Hough, Jaa H Herd, jno Hill, Joahua Hatteracheidt, J P Humphrey*, J J Hinckley, J C?<2 Hortou, Jacob Hernck, J Houaton, Jno W Hooper, J H Hedremau, J D Hackey, Jno G Henry, Jo* 1-1 Heuderaon, Jno D Hartley, Jno Holland, J L T Hodge boom, J T llilburn, H Hart, Henry B Holden, G B? it Hopkma, G Howard, G W?2 H titard,G W Haywood,(ito Heatnn, G Harbin, Geo W Hurd, F J Hood, Pred Howe, jr, E Hadduck, E H Hunter, Maj O Harria, D L Hickcy, D C Haueir, J 8 T Henaley,C B rierce, frank Pickup, Capt Prist, Cha* M Pendleton, Chaa H Percaa, C H Phillipa, Chaa Z Pnngle, B Perkma, B Pollard, B Pennington, ACM Parker, A U ftoinn, Pit Roaa, Win Ricbweye, Wni Roger*, W 8 Richard*, T Rater, 8 8?2 Rlioadea, N?2 Randell, Lt Rheno, Jno 8 Reed,JT Rtcaud.J B Rynard, J 8 Robin?on, Jno T Reuearson. J U Rooker, J B Roger*, Jno E Roaekrana, 1 A Rich*rdeoo, Jno M Rolliua, Jaa 8 Rotmaon, Jeff Reilcy, Jamea Randall, Horace Roberta, H M Rapp, Ernat Riddle, E Reynolda, E T Rundell, Chaa Rcbineon, C E Rmer, Chaa R Rbaaell, C W Roger*, C H d .ttftoa, J an Biktr, Jno B Beckley, Jno Bouieru, H B<*i 1, HO Barron, H A Burnh.im, U P Bridget, O W? 3 Biker, Gto C fiirigli.m.ti I Banerf, Gto Buke, F Bradley, F M Bierer, ? Billing*, Fred?3 Bate*, E?6 Beatty, E A Beyard. K Bukee, D A ?U Becker, C L Beckveth, C?9 Brauacomb, C H Bcardslej, Or C Browning, C H Beardtiey, C Bell, BuU Bartholomew, B W Barlow. B R Bridfeu, A Bebynt, A Beaie, Alex ? Crooiu, Wat Cowan, W in Clubb, Win Chriety. Win H Hemei, u Hail, Clark Halpine, C U Hatne, Beaton Hamburgh, B

Ha;i, Lt A J Haicall, A P?3 Hooker, A E Haacall, Volney Jewell, T K Jutt, Thoe E Johnaoo, 9 M Jtckenn, S P Irwin, Robt Jut, Jno Jetton, Mich Jooea, Mnon Jonee, Jae L Jocobue, J J Jacklon, C?Pt J 8 Jolinatou, J l) luilej, J A?t Irwin, J W Irwin, J H Jenkins, J D Jordan, J H Jackion, Jno Jxmei, Hear* Johnaan, H P Jonee, G Jonee, Gto W Jobneoa, Geo W Jickaon, C tl Jewell, Ch&? Jolmeon, C H Kogert, Carlton II Rundell, Chaa Reagan, A H Reeder, A II Riddle. A P Stewart, Wm Bchonler, Geo Wm Sandford, W E Smith, Wrn Btearu, Wif Steveneon,"- R Shepherd, T Smith, T I) ShalUberger. S?3 Smith, S A--3 Smith, P D Sch.iffer. P 8pruj, N D Scott, Jno W Speuce, J > Siuitb, Jaa C Stone, Cap J Sproql, J b Snow, Jno Smith, J B Stearne, J H Ssndereon, J P SulllTau, Jno Summer*. Jno Suodgraaa, Jno Sboeiuaker, J H Shirley, J K fcpr.igue, J T Snyder, J K Sboton, J L vurricit ww in * ! Clark, W P Conuer, T J Cowan, Senaton Clement, 8 H CoSeubtrry, Carter, Robt Coleman, Rich Crot ii, R Caruthers, R L Crawford, O Croft/, Miclil Cotteel, M Christopher, M Cooper, L SI Crandeii, L A Carr, Jno I Child*, l)rJR Chamberlain, J P Clayton, Jno L Chaphne, J A Cadding, Rev J Clayton, Jno R Caiidiofton, J W Curtin.7 R N Campbell, J U Cordet, H Corein, H K Corbttt, H W Ciaeell,Ci W Curtis, Geo Casaidr. lieo j 4111 r , v nil Jenuer, A ? Johnson, Albert B Keech, Win KeeUr,, W T Keunady, W II Kelaey, Win H Keller, W D Keller. T N Kinsry, Lewie Kmc, Joshua H Keye*. Jno 8 King, Jas Kirbey, J A K miner, Isaac Kennis, Jno Kelley, Jae Kinr, Geo W Kirk, E N Kiiif.C W Kncwlt in, B V Kendall, A L Kellorr, Danl Larimer, W W Latchford, W Lewis, W Lansing, W K?g Larimer, Gen W Lewis, W Lawrence, W B Lindseir, Thos Lain. Rami Bmeid*,u A S.utilli, G Sape.ti A Smior.df. ti B Schroedell, P Schmidt, K Seiu, Priceberf Smith, Prank Htixieraou, P W Sibert, K W Kilter, E II Stevens, E A bydner, K (i?I Siniih, E ti Sells, E??l Schuable, E B Stuart, E J -2 Shepherd, Edwin Staples, D J Suck, C Stewart, Chat Schmidt, C J Strauh, C M Stack pole, C A Snowden, Clue Saunders, B C Blunders, A L Snow,A P Steel, A 8el?>vr, A A 8nmh, Albert Rhur**.A n Cooper, Geo B Uuiiilf, lieu H Cullou,, Ueo Colleuder.K H W *2 Cowlee. K P?>4 Crowltr t Co, E Cowau, Eurene Carter, E r Collamer, D?2 Carter, I) K?4 Cleveland, C P Crove, Charley Carliele, C M Clemeou, B T Crane, Albert?3 Cuinimnge, Alei Deuiiieon, W?i Deno, W 8 l>ougherty, W Doliu, Wm Lewie, 8a id I E Liggett, P H Lieoii, P Leeruey, M Lindely, M Leeper, C M Lincoln, M Lewie, M LalliroP, L II Lane, L L?J L ine, Juo Loae, Jae P Lane,Jae Linaibaugh, J H Love jot, Joe C Love,H T Leake, Henry L*u, St Oeo E Low, K 8 Lock. Erie?3 Sunderland, Aea Hyiupaou, Alex Stewart, Andrew Spofford, OR Taylor. W B Torrey, Wm A?4 Taylor, W Tolaon, 8 Trow rid re, R T.iylor, Nelaou Tliurler, N W Tnthill, M T Tyrrell, Mark Trull, Mr Turner, Lt Taylor, Juo W Turner, Juo A Tetlow, Jaa Thompson, J M Talberr. J T DeLealo, L C Day, J M-4 Die hi, Re? J 8 DuBous, J K?S Dickorsou, J H Derly, J no DelaplaiDS, J C Durand, J L Dam, Jno T Dona, W C Dodft.H H Durind, H T Deas, Geo M Davis, Gso Daniela, Edw Dully, D 1 C M Dslaua, C Da?is, A J Ut?u, A L Drogusste, A Duunam, A T Dawson, M C Edmonds, W E Evans, T C Klbert, Sam I R Edmousiou, R H Ellia, Robt Enrifbt, Mich Endera, JuIkus Edwards, Jno Eckard, Re* J R Leonard, E W Leib, Chaa Lee, A L Morris, Wm B Morgan, W Monroe, W Middaor\ W H Mercer, W Marshall, Thoa H Martin, 8 E Millifan, Satnl Marcditli, 8 Mormon, R B Moore, O W Vorrison, O II Meyleri, Mr Miles, jas Mailer, J C Moran, Juo H Maury, Juo J Milburn, J A Meuler, Jno Middle ton, J B D Morton, J 8 Morris, Jaa Middletou, J 2 Murphy, Jno Matlocke, Ueo?8 Morrison Till*, E Miusr, ti T?2 Morgan, li W?S Marihaui, F V Tyree, Henry Tyler, Hugh Trash, E Thaler, Elijah Tildon. D R Tattnail, Com Todd, Cant?4 Taylor, Albert Thompsuu, Ales Turuer, Asa Ubderwood, W L Vsoardale, Ira Vorhees, D VV Vaoderslics, D Vibbard, C L'nderwood, Levi Webster, Wm C Williams, Dr Wm Wall, Wm?3 Wseks, W II Webb, Wm H Whitney, Wm Wallace, K Walker, TH Wheeler, T P Webstre, Tl.os Walker, Thos J Waters, Thos Wysk, Ma) r O White,Thos Wanner, Tliso Wsbb, 8 H?4 Edwarde, H B?* Edwarde, Henry Edgett, Geo W EniiriM, Ghae Edmoudi, Alfred Fiebcher, Will?S French, Thoe Fenn.Theo Foster, Itaail Fsfttt, Lt N B Flyaa, Mr Fowlar, Mr Freeman, Jas E t'ontr. Jaa P Fremont. J C? Floyd, Jno B?% Fox, Jno French, Jlo R Ford, Jo* R Footer, Jaa R Fiuhufh, Jno B Farqaar, Jno R Footer, J?e F*?cett, Jno F tmU,Bie I Fmeran, E C Fitch, D H Forbee, Chat Foard, A a?t Oil pin, W oo?i Ontfaridge, Robt Hurley,R R Giaf ham, Robt ftavau. Pal Meeaeufor.FraukA Morgan, 0 W Marroder, D E Ma Hoo?, Jaa Mitchell, C B McGartj, C Meyer, C G Martin, C C More ban t, C 8 Mitchell, CB?3 Morehead, C 8 Ma rod, A B Mateh, A J McAliieter, Co?8 McPamel, A E McDamel, Aaron McCabe, Archer McCnrdy. C J?I McAnUty, t McAtee, F McConoslI, Goo E McDowell, J?8 McHeorjr, J MeCstchon, J M McDeriu, M McDonald, M?8 McKibbia, Tboo McKenuao, W?3 Mcludoe, W D McCanley, W Nirht, Saul M Noble, W P?8 Neloon, Thoe 8 N?aitl TKna 12 Walker, Sam! Wooden, Silas Wolf, Saul Webb, 8 H Warren, 8 K Wyhe, Re? 8 Watere,R P Webster, N Weenie, K O Walee, Mr Wiliiarae, L H Wood, Jno Walker, Jno Wnkia, J A Whittea, J B Willi,ma, Jaa Wilitame, Juo 8 Wood worth, Jno M Wileoa, J J Wallace, Jno W Williams, Joe?8 Wi'aoo. Jaa E Wadeworth, Jas 8 Williams, Jeaaie L Walbridje, H Wilkiue, Henry White, Henry Walker, H S Wngbt, Dr H Warren, Henry Wbutiaftan.Geo ' Wootdridf e, F E Warren, r H GEORGETOWN. Ctrritpon&me* of Tks Stmt. Gmiiitowr, Much S, 1MI Two or three errors occurred In onr letter of yesterday. the moat ludicrous of which waa the printing of "admitted" for "acclimated " Mr Samuel Ka'.nev, an eld citizen, and a clerk to the Ww IVpartment for a long term of rearm, died here yesterday, af er a abort Ulneaa. He at tended church last Sunday. Our new Connclla n.eet on Monday next, at ?K o'clock wK?n t W* rst?e,4 ft# r?1 ?11' probably organize, after which the Ma for elect wlil. It U understood, be sworn In. The friends of the triumphant "Union ticket" have been Invited to meet at the hall mi the corner of Gay and High atreeta, (orer Strib'ng's store,) this evening, to celebrate their victory A colla tion will be prepared,and a good time is expected We again remind your reader* of the ball to be given on the evening of the 4th Instant, by the Georgetown Mounted Guard, Capt W m Stewart To all who know the members a hint wtll be auf fclent, as they never do things by halves See military notice* and other advertisements In Georgetown column, Including Joseph W. Boucher s steam fire-wood mill. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS -y-^-BATTALION ORDER-No. 8. Headquartrrt lit Grsrcitewa Vol. B+t'n. j (i*orgMow?,Jt. C~ Martk Id, IR6I.I The oompamrs comprising this Battalion are hereby ordered to meet at the corner of Dumbarton and Congress street* en MONDAY MORNING. March 4th. at > o'clock, for parade. Bv ord?r ol Lieut. Col. HOLLINGS WORTH. Com 1st Georgetown Voiuoteer Battalion. JOHN B. DAVIDSON, Adjutant lt? ATTENTION, POTOMAC LIGHT IN UJ[ FANTRY-?You are hereby ordered to as semble at your armory on the 4th mst., 7H o'clock a m.. in fall dress uniform < hlaok belts) for parade. N. B?As the wtnther may prove loolemeiit each member will nr.mn kmmlxi ?!> ? ? cover. By order of the'Captain" ~ ~ """" ~ It WM. CkuiKBHANK, O. B. Yf?GEORGETOWN MOUNTED GUARD. Assemble for parade in full aniform. armed andrquiped. in front of Lion* Hotel, Georgetown, at 8 o'clock precisely, on MONDAY MORNING, the 4th of March. By order of tne Captain. mal-gt JOHN H. NEWAN, O. 8. H O R T 8 F O R SALE. 50 buihela or more 14 oenta. No. 1 Market Spw# on Canal, ma 2-3t A. rt. BOUCHER. BOUCHER'S GEORGKTON STEAM FIRE WOOD MILLS. EWOOD p-epared to suit the wants of each iter, or tie ivered curd length The beU of measure guarantied. Sawing only 50 oenta per cord Give me a call and ratiafr yourselves. All orders will meet with punctual and perfonal attention. Office adjoining Kay's coal wharf, on the canal, and Dai iel Brown's grooery. Ho y Hill maa-oo4t J. W. BOUCHER. BOARDING.?A few retpeotable persons may he accommodated with Boarding and Lodging for a short or long time, if immediate application is made at No. 140 Bridge street. Georeetown. not one hundred feet from the Omnibus Stand. fe 23 3t FOR RENT OR LEA?E-A ver* desirable Market or IHiry FARM, in perfect order, for rent or lea?e Tti?re u on it a corrf >rtab!e and ca pacious brick dwelling, with dry eela e, and a pump of good water at thodior; substantial stable* and out-bui dine*. It is o> the Hights above George town, "ill.>ining the northern boundary thereof. Th* buildingsar? in excellent order, and the land (sixty acr<*s, or less if required,) is in a fine and highly cultivated condition. The dwelling ai>d gar den would b? rented separately to a recpeotable and prompt tenant. Application to be ir>ad? to CHAS H<>MI i^LIiR. at iii* stand in Center Mar ket, Wa'hmgton, or his dwelling, on the flights of Georgetown. fe 28 2w P JLSTA R RIVED, ER Propeller S. Seymour, f ?>m Philadelphia, 75 barrels and i?o half liarreiiof Massey, Collins k Co's Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale by fe 72 ARMY A HHINN. D'100 HBi b PRIME CIDER AILY Expected per schooner Mary Ann McGee from Boston. This Cider is A No. 1, and is ior sale in lota toauit purchasers. ARNY A SHINN'S fe 23 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. C DINNER PARTIES. IT1ZENS And Sojourners in Washington are respectfully reminded that the subscriber is pre pared to furnish DINNER ENTERTAIN M fnr Rnir ilimH^r nf rAntUman in a iexjb!?o wna i-e lows' Hall, f>eventh ?t. Wood and Coal. GILTS' CITT STEAM FIREWOOD DILLS AW COAL DEPOT, Foot or Seventeenth Street, Below War Department. IE7" wood and COAL of alt Binds. Wood prepared to auit the want* of eaoh ouitomer, or de livered cord length. JUT ( oal k'rt in Coal Hornet, delivered free from late, dirt, and other impurities. Personal attention given to all orders. fe l>-tf T. J. A W. M. GALT. Important notice to strangers visiting WASHINGTON. A viev of the National Capitol will be pr.-sented to all pnroSassis of Books, Stationery to., from the welt kn->wn establishment of FRENCH A RiCHSTEIN, 87S Pa. av., 1' 25 near It'rk wood Honse. Bed comforts. Marseilles quilts, table linen, towels, napkins. LINEN and COTTON shirtings, and all kinds of Housekeeping DRV GOO1 S cheap for o&sn. Call at No. 36 Cent al Stores, opposite opposite feZSCfcf WM R. RILEV A BRO. C- nter Market. ttif THE piano to be used at the Conoert for the Infant Asylum is ChiekermKs', and if sold within six days I will precent the profits to th* In stitution. <fe26) john F. ELLIS. BLANKETS! blankets!! 1 r * D1--L.... 11 - A ft? k* M ? si juu wakub Diooftmi CAii M n .U. Hi nibfi 1 4C BRO.'s*, No 36 Central Store*, tney are ealling them Ten low for cuh. fe V 6uf CHl.AKKNDON HOTJiL. K fc.31 AUK AN 1. BKXJAMIN H<?BUfc ?e*? leave t > iiif.trm hi* fr:ei>dn and the pu ltoi general j that h* haa taken and fitted np in a *uperU>r mann- r the Keatan rant at the voutheast corner of eau. avei tie ai d fcixth etroet He will at all t.m"? be prpar d to perve al who mar lavor him with a caT.with the l*et WINE#, \ IQUORS and Cl (iAR?.uvelluOY8TBKS GAME ad otne delicacies of th<" imhd. fe 41m HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! ViotlmeofSelf Abnaeacd **eeret Oiaeatee ehoeid appy at SHLMAN'S Southern Medical Hon**, Mucr the Clarendon Hotel, ooruer Sixth atreetacd P*. avenue, immediate y opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. soutney'a Celebrated London M'dioinea. Th*T are warranted to oure the moat virulent forma of Gonnorrh<ra. 6leet, Syphilia, Nocturnal Kmiaaiona, Stricture*, and W<akneaa of the Bladder in from S to6 daya. The Remvdiea oan be aent by mail. Office houra from 9 a. m to 1* p m. f* l*-lm ^IR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of fee v/ vary ?ij .? , ?r j in ?n nun maae^^B of the be*' material. Call at once and r-;CK4) ohotoe. At STEVENS'S, nog-tf 3S<. hetw. ftth an.l 1<?ti ?tm. \1 OORE'S WKi>T END DRUG STORE, 113 l"l fa., avikci cocth Strangers o'hera ?^ui' n? medieiue Cocjrrees Wa^st.V T otb Rroihea, Nail Braabea, Hair Bruebea ana uoui 'i, ranua (.vutnM, L.ub:n's fcxt'?o.?. Tmlet Son??, Fon?^e?.H?ir t !' and Dyne, or an? a.tia e <a the Drue Lint, ho aid patronise the abowe well known entahlUhmon t fen tw I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a'l kind* of Virginia money for bit book debU and f<>r BcoU, Shoes, and Tmnka. All pert ma indebted to me will pleaee aa.'l and nettle ftp, or ( ahall be oompelled to giv* their aoooanU into the b*i>da of a e? ilector. 8. pThOOVER, Iron Hall. no 31 Pa. a*- between *h aad lOtti nln. 8,000 f.S8.^J??HENLBU^rEE of the Tory bc*t tna'ity. Al?o, PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT'S HONEY. KINO A BURCHELL, frg eorner Vermontar and Fiftnontant. ^ /\ 4\ Yj a b V\A f Ifi Kl H A RI ** ft * ^ " Dill Ml i Aiil/D uivni *ny VAftft V/AL1" UWI cum, ffi^tMaWEWIKS. jftgk .wfl'rust? sotse (isnir1"*' WM. L IILEY 4 MO. Grtamtr, L M Of ft, Jm M QliMM*. J Goodwin, J H Glotir, J O Gillie, Ju L Oiuwtld. J B GrtUa.Ju Gilbert, Jao Gmlic, Ju Gi't a, J no P Onhnu, Juo A?I G*ab*n, Ju OmIj, Ju K Ciruj, Ju ' Griff. Jm M?t Ouod, J Still Gto Gw4mk, B O?* Nobli, Bil>? Noah, M M Nw, Jm W Nobli, G W Niulilaa, Geo E Orftn, W P Own, I W O'Briou, R 0*im, Robt Otmaoii, Jm Old., J C O'Niil, Qh H OXliry, Of anil O'Brioo, C Oiborn, A C?J Phillip*, W P Pop*, W B Pur;, W H H PlNM,W W9T n ALL cull W*d*wortli, E C Wilmotk, 0 Wileh, D Wbiu, Dr Wuihim, D A WbMlir, O Wale on, C P?3 Willi* n*, C C W.lton, Cta* W Wood, B Wilton*, B W.lUci, A W WiIImum, A W alloc, A mo* Wmt*U, Alci Wrirtt, A R WMb, AIwim Wkit*, A A? II Wirtild, Al?s FkUAis, anu onuuren; duj of iHiffseesnd iDiiK.taaie t , bSi#'8H jn?t reoeivad a tven at thHr n?w armory oa next Monday j. Tboee who bare attended the aoclal gather, j of thl? battalion will net fall to bofreoent on ccaaion, and tboee who cannot lnr-et 910 la atfuraUoo ball, wUl doubUeaa enjoy them leaa with our rouafr frlenda of Um Light Don't forget that It comaa off Monday ToatiMi of the pre?at Coogreee ; alee, prominent men of thla country; for aale r?t knrat'a Oallery, 434 PenneyWaala aveauo. .laea of Prince of Walea and mite. Alao, raph la oil and water. Albut Carda, jitiom la called to a notice alaawbara of a for aale at Rainey* i' pqoal to tfiat of any similar establishment in the United State*. And on very moderate term*. Mis suites of Parlors and Dining room* for the acoom m- dvtion of Dinner and Supper Parties, his Table arrangements. Cooks, Servants, are unsur passed; as w?-il as his Wines, whioh enjoy maeh celebrity. 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S. FOWLER A CO., wholesale and Retail Deal~r?, II I I THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. Jade* BrMktakr??|k'i PmJUh, fee. (!* pec 1*1 Dltpatrb ) Richmond, Va , Mucfci-Wi'if Stmt For tbe purpoae of rellevlag tbr ali4i ?T the aeceealoniata. It aaay be well enough to state, on the ^highest authority, that Judge Brockea brough*of Virginia, waa willing to voto for the Peace Convention's pro poet U one aa a whole, aad as tbev bad all been adopted, be caa be conn tod la, a ad Virginia alao. That the propeattloiM offered will receive a vote of two tblrda of tbe (Virginia) Convention la ecrtola, tbera ta vary little doubt, bat tremendous efforts are making here to bring everything to bear to prevent an de sirable a consummation C. North t are lima Electioa OoLMsoioros, March 9.?The oflelal vote of Wayne county is?far convention, l.SS<>; againet convention, sia Strong and Thonpeoa. aacse al on lata, were both elected by about the aaaoe bm jorittei. Naab county?Arringtoa. aeceaeiootat, la aloe tod by P19 maj For convention. 6M maj Wake couaty?Three L'n Ion lata elected, Ma jority for Convention, 61 county glfti large majority for Coaventloa. Person county?A I'nlonlat > elected, bat lW county gives majority for CwTPition Northampton county?On* seceaatontat u4 *M Unionist are elected The county give* a majority for Convention. Raleigh. Feb 9 ?The malt* and Marr ph report return* from 3T countlaa. of which SI at <t compromise delegates 13 aer?aslon delerataa and 3 are divided. It la probable that tba Stair wt 1 fo against a Convention by a small majority, aa many of tba (J a loo counties give aaajorlUss for a convention. Wilmibotoh, March t ?About twenty rovstlaa heard from, which give large Secession sad Coa ventlon majorities The middle ccunttaa ara largely Union, and agalnat a Convantlon. There la mnch doubt abaot the reaalt ia tba State, which now depends on the return* from the eastern and western axtremaa The Vlrdals ? R irBMOND, March. 1 ?In the CoitmUn to-day a resolution vu offered and referred, that aa or dinance be paaaed submitting to the voters of the State the question whether % lrglnla shall i fin wltb the North or swede andjola the South Another resolution was oflered that Virginia should nse her beat efforts to procure a vote of all the States on the question of I'nlon or disunion, on the bails of tbe Peace Conference propositions, and I will co-operate with the States agreeing with her. I Mr Baylor finished his Ualoa apserb aad en dorsed the Peace Conference propositions lis said be waa opposed to the right of secession aad also to coercion. Mr Turner, of Warren, made a spserh, la , which be aald be meant to use all efforts for an adjuatment. and If they failed Virginia ought to unite with the South. Mr. Goode. of Mecklenburg, denounced the npAnoal Hars I'VWW ?'VWI ! VUB> A long debate on a involution Inviting the Peace Commissioner* to address the Convention took place, and Anally a substitute merely Inviting them to seats was finally adopted The debate Indicated that toe peaoe propoaltloes are acceptable to the I'nlon men. The ffi issslon lata denounce tbem Some are undecided Eicitrueat it Albany? Dnel Feet Albast, Feb. ?* .?The Capitol i? fall of ei cltemeat again te-day. In the Senate, yesterday, there waa a bitter con venation between Mean Lawrence and J McLeod Murphy. In the ceurae of the debate Mr. Lawrence plainly Intimated tbat Murpbv bad told a direct falsehood Mr. Murphy, full of fury, declared tbat be would have the satisfaction of a gentleman for the fonl Impu tation, and retired to consult with his friends. TUa M ?? ..IU. - uivmiuj, uuuiug iui fummi uio Mr uvnism h.m??lf under the accusation of Mr Lawrence, Mr. Murphy prepared a challenge to mortal com bat. and had It duly transmitted to the offending Senator. The affklr occasions considerable talk shout the Capitol, but nobodv antic 1 pa tea a serious result. By sending; the challenge Mr. Murphy renders himself liable to an Indictment for a grave offense. Affairs Is Texas. New Oklbars, March 1 ?Harrison county, Texas, Toted 80S for secession and 44 against It. Cass, Marion, Rusk and Cherokee counties were almost unsnlmous for secession Capt. Hill refused the demsnd of the Texas Commissioners to surrender Port Brswa or the public property there, and sent to Ringgold bar racks for reinforcements to retake the property selird on Brazos Island Danger of a coUtsloa is Imminent k??tkrri (tifrrn. Moktcomkbt, March t ? Congreaa bu been la aerret irmUrn all da v end baa confirmed tbe Domi nation of Peter 8 T Brinrecvd. of Louialana, aa Brigadier-General of the Prorlalonal Army. Hotel Burnt. Niw Yoke, March 1 ?Coztena Hotel, Mar West Point, wm burned down tbla afternoon It wm insured l be furniture ?u nvra. Baluatr* SUrktu f iiimoii. March 2 ?Floor dull and bmry Howard at. and Ohio S5 25 \Vh^o? steady, red fl.'^&al .K). Corn active; yellow ?Ta90c. Prort* iona dull; nu-aa pork f 17. Coffee firm Whlakf higher, at 19^a&ic. Now York Harkttt. New Vobk, March 3.?Floor dull. Wheat quiet and unchanged Cora atoady. Prorlalona quiet Whlakydull. Ladles, Call Earlj E!B8fcK88BIRifc ti 17811: 5s? 522 ESK2i- fXESKS Va WV? Additional lnmioei ju?t r*?Tsd of Nrw ud Be%utifal Jewelry. YOU CAN TA?K K?VOL^R cfi?>fc R ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL ud GOLD SETTS. ENAMELED TWIST SETS. MEDALLION SETS, REALWA^O^JETg, CAMEO Mid GOLD STONE SE CARBUNCLESK "t.AlN GOLD SE'_-. OQUET and RIBBON IK NT?' 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Wit* an experioaoo of ftftoon j 1 flatter myself thai. with > sndiTidnd to baaiBioa, I ?u pieaee th? moat fkettdioos aay o her au. Am rof?'d? A'tnta aad Lnu< and Clear*, fez,*** 'oJ1yml5 ttMagew. ip ? hi Junn n nAmraAVR,