5 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

5 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. (rj?*l"fc*n*b Thk la printed cn the fosteat rteeir. in n?r ?nth of BUtimoee, lta edition ) ?o Urge m to reqolre !t to be pat tn pren at an mi'.i bonr, A?lT??rtl*>raeHt?, tt< refore, ?hould be eni in before It o'clock m.; otherwise they may ot appear until tbe next day. Npttc*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted In tbe Baltmcork are received at and forwarded from Tax St** Offlce. Thi Rr*i for tbe Star yesterday, with its six columns of Inaugural proceedings (Including the Inaugural Address,) was tbe most exciting we bsv? ever experienced Tbe jam in front of tbe ffflrs was such that door-panels, saah and glass gave away at tbe first onset, and tbe Incoming rmurd was parked upon tbe crowd then Inside *")tb such force that those who bad alieady erured papers were unable to emerge or make inv dlinniltlnn nf th?tr hnrdlr-earn*?l fir! TM otber than to bold thrm high flfeoee their out of harms way of the rarenout boat about thrm. Tb? rapid Star presses working to their nlmott could not approximately feed the demand. The Impatient crowd meantime overrun nearly every rart ot ,tf> ^tar Building In the wild hunt for eoples of the paper. In auch sort that the em ploye** of the office had rather a time of It to get </n with their business. It la possible that In the ruab an<* confualon of yesterdsy tome portion of our mall edition turned up misting, and Ifao, our *acbangle will plesse accept oar regrets with this explanation. ViaiTiae DxLiOATioBi?The New York, Penn ylvanis, and other State delegations, last night marched about the streets, railing upon seversl distinguished Union men for speeches The* tint visited Gen. Scott at hla headquarters, and called the old veteran out, but be only addressed them briefly, and made no allusions to the Ma tional dittlpnltira Ha fftngratnlata^ oltlvsns on the peaceful termination of tbe principal events cf the day, and bade Ma friends good Bight. They then proceeded to the rooms of Hon. An drew Johnson, of Tenn . st the St Cbarlrs Hotel, when, in response to their calls, be appeared, and aiiwi tbem with great lorce upon the topic of the day, and took occasion to pltcn Into the sece ?lrrs In pretty strong style His speech was most vcciferouaiy applai.dtd throughout. Ttae crowd then moved acrosa the street to the AVaahington House. and aVouted for "Hamlin." A gen 1 man shortly appeared at a window and atated that Mr. Hamlin was not in. Calls were then msde for Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts, who appeared on the bMcony. and addressed the crowd below briefly. He said that be took It aa a high compliment for the New York and other delegations to call upon him after the eloquent address tbey bad just received from Mr. Johnson r?a the other side of tbe street. He thanked his friends for the tribute of approbation he had seen them pay to Mr Jobiimn for that apeech. They bad brxrd blm to night; we of the Senate have liatened to blaeloquent and patriotic word* during the araaion just rloaed f equentlv, ar.d with aentf tnenta of gratitude and respect for hla noble and hi^h-tuinded efl'orta for hia country. Loving my country, continued Mr. Wilson,and ray whole country, and willing to do equal justice to all, from whatsoever section of couutry th?"y may be, 1 certainly aball always cherish the liveliest senti ments of respect and cordial esteem for Hon An drew Johnson He baa represented that glorioua old State In which lie the bones of Andrew Jack son, (appiauar;) and be haa spoken out In this crisis aa years ago Andrew Jackson spoke out against nullification. Fellow-citliens: We have got a Governm*nfat last?[cries of "Good!" "That's ao:"]?let us sustain and maintain that Government and the free and equal principles which we advocate [ We will v'J Let us diaabuse all minds In alt ae<-tlona. of the notion that we are sectional In our MlnoinlM I o( !ia analsi n tKn r n iraimvi^cvw. >"v f.uiv pi IUL 1 LHv o v| our fathers, and prove to the .North, tbe South, the Kast and the West, that we will aid the new Ad ministration we have to-day Inaugurated, by words and by defds, to accord to all their just and equal rights' If there are complaints, let us meet uch cases ss statesmen and patriots, and do all in our power to consolidate our beloved country and transmit it unimpaired to tbe generations which shall follow us It is our bounden duty to listen to all complaints, and accord justice in all cases where there Is wrong Tbe speaker said that he did not despair of seeing those of our brethren who have gone from us return again in kindness and love to tbe Union. Let us then show by our acts in all cases that we love our whole country, and that we are willing to maintain Its honor and Integrity, and to vindicate the rights its demo cratic institutions guarantee to its citizens. To this end the speaker pledged himself and all his powers At the close of bis remarks tbe crowd gave three hearty cheers, and then proceeded to W11 larrt's Hotel, where they called loudly for tien Wool, Clemens, of Virginia, andoth-r gentle men of aoie: but it belntr snnoiine.Mi th?t ik?v were at the inauguration"ball, loud calla were Bade for Gen Nye, of New York. After repeat ad calls. Gen N made bia appearance In front f the main entrance, and received three hearty cbeers. H spoke as follows: Mr fellow-cltizcns of New York, and else where? I feel to-night that tbere Is In times like tbeve an eloquenceln silence. The poet has truly aid ttat "the heart feels most wurn the lips move not " [Lauifhfer] Sixteen years ago I promised In this city that 1 would never pause until we had achieved the victory. I feel to-night that I *m blessed beyond the prophets of tt? olden time, for 1 have lived to tee what my heart moat de aired [Cheers J I believe that this day a putrlot Jsm has been rekindled In this country which Will make all true hearts?North, South, East and West?leapwith glndness My heart to-night Is big enough for all. for I believe that the doc trine* we have heard to dav promulgated from the east front of yonder Capitol, will find an echo In every heart iu our broad land; yea more, that they wll 11 find an echo In the hearts of all who itruufflina fnr frmt+Anm In *11 Un^a I strength of a republican government than ever before. Tbes? political atorms are common to M( form of government. They are as neces sary to tb? political world aa are storm* of rain to the natural world. They leave aome ?' families In mourning, but the living ilona breathe the pure atmosphere which follow* Such storms are requialte to bring us I tack to a remembrance of the priceless boon we h?ve so long enioyed, and ao ungratefully for gotten A period has arrived when it ia neces sary to alft out our great nation and separate the fl*ur from the bran The aieve la about to move ad the line flour will be saved, and those among , you who are bran will be blown away. [Cheera and laughter ] There la a man at the bolt, I aaaure you, who will save nothing but the fine flwir. 1 believe there la an ordinance of this Corporation against blocking up the public streets, add I therefore now advise von every man to ho! tent, be sOem and glory In the events of I , ad may God bless you according to your severs Twi Mitt wns nnder the sen ..I D. ?- - it am4. A# fl-i 1 D. ? -> v>? 'Jliltl U uaiuil, wau was sapported by Major* Wall, Watt, and Morgan, ta4 Brigade Major Everett, and Brigade Quar termaster Bartbolow. W? hav- never ae*>n a pande of militia in th!? District which did ua inor>- credit, and certainly none upon a similar ton characterised by such admirable order a ad such success In carrying out all the move ments without hitch. The several companies looked laely snd marched well, though the rear of the line labored under the disadvantage of having no mua c to march by, and would occa sionally get out of tup, a* might have been ex pend Every parade of oar citizen soldiery iMfc tu? new organisation of the mllltla ahowa wVHVas been gained by placlcg thorough-going oaSers at tho srsd, and we do not despair of I* abort time here, a volunteer militia is efflslency to none in the country. Ekoii or Mk Brciiiis av tub #? *? Bat ralios ?Thla battalion, ronalating of < thMe torn pan tea, and numbering one haadrtd and Mt*ty-flre men, were ordered (aaataUd yraterday) mm doty at tb? Capitol, taking poaltion directly In #?at of the aland, where they remained until the \ inaugural ceremonlea were concluded. They were then ordered to eacort the ex-Prealdent from I Ma lata reaidence to that of Robert Ould, Eaq , < which duty they performed in apirtted atyle, urchlng from the Capitol to the Prealdent'a ! Home In tbeabort period of Sfteen minutea Tbey 1 were oUlcered aa followa: Colonel, Jaa. A. Tail; Adjutant. E 8. Allen; company A, Lieut. T. E. Llord, commanding, and Lieut. McCartney: company B, Cap*. P King, Lleuta Lackey and Kaa?i company C, Capt McKim, Lleuta Llgnt- I Mr and Clarke. i Csarn Maikit.?Notwlthatanding the ex- . eitement of yeaterday, there waa an average at- , tendance of dealers In the market thla morning, an excellent aupplv of provialona. and a Air de- < Mid, with aalea la propo tlon at the prlcea of i tfca paat week'a quotntiona In the market may ha aeao the Index of feeling after erery inaugura tion Thla morning there waa no excitement, tha people of our own city and tbe fkrmera of aa . \ ~J J tTl I _X ...J ? tLU. , uiu * ir^lUK nin auu npmvru iu?n view* U each other The sentiment aeetned to Wfinl that tba President will ootutrtlc* ? - " tbe Ui country for party, and that. u some of II kiocn phrased it, "be would do the rigb! thing ft TliOiruTMiof Ex-Pbhibut B*ckajia>. gyfrwUtut Buchanan departed on his journey fee Wheatland thle aflernooo in the 3 o'cloec SbV' ft rat exchanging roan^r^ farewell band with hl? numeroua Mends He to the railroad depot by tbe Prealdeat'a d Guard, Capt Owena, numbering sixty k and ftle, aad tbe ft rat battalion Unlea >nt, Major J O. Jewell, wbe fare thrae cheara aa tbe train left. the card aft tea ta aaother celnma the eat ttai beard for Mawtf ud Tn Ixavoviatio* Ball last night wu aoe cni In moat particular! The crowd waa not ex ceaat ve. and yet the Imramx ball room was well filled with ladlaa and gentlemen, who kept the dancing ap till 4 o'clock thia morning. At 11 o'clock President Lincoln arrived at the all, accompanied bv several ladles and gentle men, and, accompanied by the Mayor, entered the ball room. Mrs Lincoln waa escorted by Judge Douglas, and Mrs. Hamlin by Senator D.ko> Tk-.. -? At - - n<*vi iuci nuini artMiua iuc room, receiving the congtatulfttlons of the assembly, and *fW wards took seats at the upper end of the room, where tofafl had been placed for them. The President remained In the room some two boars, and daring his stay held quite levee,and was introduced to a great many notable per soaagrs who were present. The foreign legations were reprcsented fcy Baron Stoekl, Lord Lvons, and other diplomats and their ladles, all of whom wrre presented to the President, who conversed with them for sometime, and made quite a favor able Impression on all. Vice President Hamlin was present; alto, Senators Preston King, Came ron, Reward, Dixon, Ten Eyck, Rice, Train, Hon. Mr. Wilkinson, Harris, Kellog, Boyd, An derson, Boaligny, Ex Gov John A King, Gov. Yates. Col. Taylor, U 8. M C , Hons. Mr Conk ling, Sherman. McClernand, Gen. Lawson, Capt Co'ii*tock of the English steamer Adriatic, and hundreds of others of note, whose names do not occur to us The ladies were brilliantly dressed, and the tout enstmblt In all respects complete Gautier exhauated th? ? ry " "B ana convenient branch, he perched himself upon it, and drawing a package of manuscript from hla pocket, began with many oratorlal flourishes to deliver an addreaa to the crowd below. His ec centric and somewhat perilous gyrations attracted the attention of the several thousand spectators there assembled, all of whom awaited to see blm tumble headlong What his spet-e.h amounted to no one could tell, beyond the fact that it appeared to be a d scnrsive homily upou the vices of the times Several persons, among whom was a special policeman, mounted Into the tree to bring down the ambitious lecturer, and the policeman being a first-rate climber led the van, and got so near as to grasp the crazy man by the foot, when be, looking down and seeing his danger, mounted nimbly Into the very topmost branches of the tree, far out of the reach of those In pursuit. Here be ensconced himself, the little branches swavlng to and fro with bis weight, and resumed kls lecture, which be concluded to his own satisfaction, and th^n ' * ? i j mi niwnc? iur manuscript among tbe audience. He then pulled out a packigeof tracts, which L" bestowed upon those who were nearest and could seize upon them. By this time his pursuers had (given up the chase and returned to terra tirma, where tbev awaited his df scent. After bestowing a moat fatherly benediction upon bis heirera: the lecturer d>a^end*d with great dignity to the ground, where he was instantly capturea, and ignominlcusly marched off between two specials to the Capitol guardhouse. Axrkst in Nxw York ?A month ago, or more, Capt. Allen, of the detective firm of Allen &. Co., was called upon to go to the North for the pnrprse ?f arresting a person who It was alleged hsd obtained several thousand dollars by means of fraudulent papers, of L. Johnson 4. Co., bank ers, of this city Aftt-r a long search, Capt Allen discovered that the purpose of his mission wu not to be obtained then, and so left, having ar ranged for his customer's arrest should be return. Last week Capt. Allen received ? dispatch from New York requesting his early attendance there. He went, and found his man in custody. His name is J. W. Clapp, and he Is venr respectably connected. He was arrested by Officer Lawson, wltn a warrant, but his friends immediately ob tained a writ of kabeat corpus, returnable before Judge Leonard, of the Supreme Court of New York, In chambers, and who dismissed the pris oner, id toe meantime Capt Allen applied to Judge Betts, of the U S. District Court, and made oath to the person a a a fugitive from Justice 'n tbla District. a warrant was laaued, and Clapp rr-arretted by Offlc?r O'Keefe, and remauded to the Marahal for delivery In this city for trial. But the friends of Mr Clapp obtained another writ of kabtnt rorjtus, which was made returnable before judge Betts yesterday, lttsprobnble that the pris oner will be remanded and put la charge of an officer for delivery here for trial By a private dispatch, last night, we learned that the bearing of the habeas corpus case has been deferred until Wednesday. Opkiations or the Pickpockets.?While the President was delivering his Inaugural address, the light-Angered gentry were operating in the crowd Mr. Joseph Aldrlcb, of thlsclty. bad hia wallet stolen from his pantaloona porket, and with it seven or eight dollars In gold and silver. Be suspected a young man and (minted him out to the special police, wbo arrested and aearched kin. ? > r??-l * - * hiu*, ?u? dvuuu Hutuiiit; ne |(Qve CIS t)&mP &i Joseph Jones, from Baltimore. lie ia a pood looking youngster, about 2*2 years of age: but be bad a change of bead-dress?a cart on his bead and a slouch bat in bia bosom. He wu taken before Justice Donn, who ordered bia retention for further bearing lie had a companion who unfortunately escaped In the afWnoon, when the Star with the In augural Address was about being given out at the counter of tbis offle-, the pickpockets found an opportunity of operating in tbe great crowd cong egated. A gentleman lost his pocket-book, containing a small sum of money. Movkxikts or P**?id?st Lincoln ? On arriving at tbe Executive Mansion yesterday, Mr. Lincoln held a brief reception, but being much fatigued, and the crowd Irrepressible, tbe doors were soon closed, and Mr. Lincoln was shut In with a few intimate friends As General Scott left tbe President's House, escorted by bis aids, be was followed by a Urge crowd, all eager to bake band* with blm, many of whom did so Upon entering his carriage three hearty cheers were given for blm, and with a hasty shake of tbe band with one or two, toe carriage was driven off, with th? rrnwH fnllnuri n?v nn?ll ?* ?? 1 * ? ?uuui <? wu icii xar behind To-day. at 3# p m , the citizens of Illlnola now in Washington will proceed to the Presi iential Manalon and pay their respecta to Presi lent Lincoln. Alsxabdkia Items ? From the Alexandria papers we glean the following : The cart and boats running between this city and Washington were crowded while making their morning trips The Orange and Alexandria railroad brought down yesterday evening an Immense crowd, and the Alexandria. Loudoun and Hampshire railroad this morning 330 passengers. On yesterday there were a great many Yankees In town who were ansble to get lndglugs In Washington. Hon. John Sliaell, accompanied by his family, passed through this city yesterday morning on the way to his home in New Orleans f!ol Dnflkv D -1 ? . j . *%ibuniuuu wuny four boxes or grape and canister for the Alexan dria artillery. , TiiiTii?To-night. the admirable play of "Jeannle Deans," which haa had neb a run at the Theater, will be presented for the laat time. It la put open the stage and performed In a style to make It one of the moat life-like ?nd thrilling dramatic representations we havesver witnessed. The charming Miaa Gougenhelm wins all hearta In her great part of Jeannle Deans, and Indeed tbe caat Is almoat equally effective' throughout The amoslag comedietta of "Dying for Love," la the afterpiece to-night. Evbkybopy wanta to get aa much as they can for their dollar, and If they can get any more at any place than at Evana's, 476 Pennsylvania ave nue, the ladlea have not found It out. Call and examine hla beautiful seta of iewelry, plated ware, krwhich he is always pleased to show you whether you wish to purchase or nut. He is closl ng out a laage lot or books of all klnds cheap, and everybody ought to replenlah their libraries now if ever. See advertisement. Drrmaz k Gasan continue to draw the largest kind of houaes at Odd Fellowa' Hall. Havlnir contented to remain during Inauguration week, the crowd of citizens and stranger* who flock in at the ball is astonishing. Those who are tor mented with the blues will find an unfailing remedy at Odd Psilowa' Hall, and thaw who ds siie to avoid this disease will not fall to call at Duprez * Green's. Paimiiid ?The man Hanrahan, who was con victed of shooting Magrader, a clerk under Cap* Meigs. about eighteen months ago, and wss sen tenred to Imprisonment In the penitentiary, was pardonod by the President on Saturday. - Riliaiu ?Joseph Jones, wbowas arrested on flnspicion of complicity la the robbery of Mr. lxirich at the Capitol yseterdajr, was dismissed by Justice Ponn, the evidence being insufficient to bold htm hot trial it fovrt. furnishing forth a supper, which everybody pro nounced perfect. The table* were loaded down with pyramids the moat elegant In design. In the center waa a bnge pyramid, which challenged the undhrtded admiration of the company; the design waa unique, and It wu surmounted with thirty-four flags, each having stamped upon It the coat of arma of a State of the Union. About one hour after the supper the President left, but Mr*. Lincoln remained In the room aome time after be had retired The band, led by Prof. Weber, wa* compoaed of forty-flve pieces, some ten of whom were picked muslctana from Baltimore, and many of whom were the bfst musicians In the Marine Band. The music gave decided satisfaction to every body preaent Much admiration was expressed at the hand some and tasteful manner in which the room waa decorated, and the brilliancy of the light?the former the work of Mr. John Alexander, and the latter that of Mesar* Thompson & Brother. \v? *v - ? ? - * ' .. - .ud> >uc ubu wai a success, financial It, fact uoon which the committee of arrange ment* may oe congratulated. Th* "othim" liTAVacKAL A ddi us ?About half an hour before the procession reached the Capitol yesterday, a little man in large red whisk ers, and dressed In travel-stained attire, who bad been lounging about the edges of the crowd for some time, mounted into one of the tall trees in front of the east portico, and selecting a s'ronc Rtin'i Ex?t?itioii.?Last Saturday night ' Mr. Rarer gtn another exhibition of hla horae ; taming powers, at the National Theater. Hla opentions were prefaced with the usual explana ( tions and brief narration of Cruiser1* reformation. I Having exhibited Crnlaer, together with tbe iron muzzle and beavr halter, the first aubjcet of the erenlng was led in. Thia was a trim little ?orrel, wboae only f?nlt was nerronsneaa and timidity, but perfectly kind and reaper table Tbe strap wae nlaMrft ? **?* 1*? ? * ..Wiuvcw upirn ?ur irj;, ?uu id a JCW {ir>'?ru a sorrel meekly laid down in the straw, with an appealing look of injured Innocence at the par quette. Haying convinced sorrel that she was completely la his power, and tbat be had no desire to abuse tbat power, Mr. Rarey removed the strap, aud alter playing with ber feet and rolling her about a short time, sorrel rose up wlrh an affectionate demonstration towards Mr. Rarey. A saddle was then brought in and Mr. Rarer de scribed bis plan of saddling and mounting horses without alarming the horse or turning the saddle. Sorrel was then convinced of the barmlessness of an umbrella, and was Anally led out an accom plished and desirable little nag. The next horse was the one belonging to Mr. Green, whose faith In bis reformation was ex ceedingly weak. Those who witnessed the fierce and prolonged struggle of the previous night with Dan, expected to aee no little fun, and wben Mr. Rarey. without applying tbe strap, coolly lifted Dan's feet and hammered away with a hammer, tbe astonishment of Mr Green was complete. It was perfectly evident that Dan had been deliber ating upon the subject since his first lesson, and use a sensible nag, bad concluded to " mend hla manners and bis morals too." The next subject was a mate of sorrel, likewise affected with that feminine weakness, yclept ner vousness, a fidgety, harum-scarum pony, with an exceedingly limited Idea of dignity or self-posses session. Sorrel 2 came upon the stage with an air of bewilderment, and forthwith commenced a "jig," as If anxious to getsome dance "ahead" in case anything unusual should present Itself Her sense of propriety seemed terribly shocked st an attempt to place the hand upon her flank, and when Mr. Rarev hoisted an umbrella, sorrel shuf fled off a quickstep, differing materially from Professor Marinl's rules?a quickstep, the like of which dancing traditions speak not off Sorrel's fore legs were soon secured with the indispensable straps, when a series of Pegasus-like flights en suea, first routing the reporters, then scattering upon the other side of the stage the inconsiderate individuals who were so hugely enjoying the dis comfiture of the press, and finally subsiding into the straw and tanbark. The struggle was soon given up, and an umbrella again brought for ward . Some considerable fear was at first mani fested upon the part of the mare, but this gave way as norrel found that It was nothing danger ous, and Mr. Rarey was soon able to rattle it over ),?r hi?j tU l? 1 ?- ' ? mv.u, >uiv? i% a^ainvi uer, ana sanse 11 upon her back without startling her in the leait. The mare was then permitted to rlae, and a drum waa beaten upon her back, showing that there waa a complete understanding between hei and Mr. Rarey. Rarey Last NionT.?Last evening, Mr. Rarey gave another exhibition at the National Tbeattr. After the usual lecture and exhibition of Cruiser, a horse was brought In whose only fault was shy ness and a propensity to run ofl? whenever anything unusual presented itself. This horse was soon taught the harmlessnrss of an umbrella and a drum, and was led out perfectly gentle. A horse was then brought out and exhibited that never had been ridden, until Mr. Rarey had given him one lesson, but since that time he had been per fectly manageable. Tbe ponies were then ex hibited. and after a few remarks upon the effect of climate and soil, a large bay. in tbe service of ?U a*-*? * * .... .u. i/micutwa iruuj>?, wu miroaucea to tbc audience. This horse became perfectly frantic at the approach of an umbrella, and plunged around the stage at a great rate The straps were toon applied, and aftrr a brief struggle the horse rolled over into the straw. Mr. Karey then convinced the horgp that be was in bis power, rnd after pull ing and rolling him about, Mr Karey removed the strap*. The umbrella was then rubbed against and shook over theborseuntil he found out it was barmleaa, when he waa permitted to rise. A drum was then beaten upon his back, aud the umbrella hoisted before him without exciting any alarm, and the horse waa led out apparently cured of his nervousness and evil ways. Visits to the Prisidkst?This morning, va rious delegations from distant States that came hither to attend the inauguration called on the new President at the Executive Mansion. Secre tary Holt at the War Department, Gen Scott at his headquarters andMr Seward at bis residence. One of them embraced some three hundred Penn syivatiians Secretary Holt's brief speech to them was one of the most eloquent and touching things of the kind ever spoken in this e.itv Hi? ih?nr>~ wi\* the danger of the I'nlon, and the necessity for 1U pre?ervntion. Among these delegations was one numbering perhaps a hundred and fifty men. from Massachusetts On reaching the Ex ecutive Mansion they ranged themselves around the E*st Room, and on the appearance of Presi dent Lincoln, the Hon Mr Train, of the House ol Representatives, introduced them in a few brief remarks, merely stating that as many of them proposed to leave Washington this afternoon they bad called to take leave of him, and to express their gratification with his inaugural. His reply was substantially as follows : " I am thankful for this remewed assurance of kind feeling, and confidence, and support of the Old Bav State, in so far as you, Mr. Chairman, have expressed, In l>ehalf of those whom you represent, your sanction of what I have eliminated in my inaugural address This is very griteful to my feelings. The subject was one of great delicacy, In presenting views at the opening of an administration under the peculiar circumstances attending inv entrance ujton the official dutlis t*r\rt ^ ?? --1 * ?* *" * n..u ?un wmciuiiirm i siuatea ail the point* with great anxiety, and have presented tbem with whitever of ability and sense of justlie I could bring to bear. * If it meet tbe approbation of our good friends In Massachusetts, I shall be exceedingly gratified; while 1 hope it will meet the approbation of friends everywhere. I am thankful for the ex fireskions of those w bo have voted with us; and ike every other man of you, I like tbem c rtMn lv as 1 do others [Laughter] As President, In the admiulstrailon of the Government, 1 hope to be man enough not to know one citizen of the United States from another, [cries of "good!"] nor one auction from another 1 shall be gratiflea to have the good friends of Massachusetts and others, who bave thus far supported me In these national views, ati 11 to support me In carrying them out " This afternoon another similar Masaachusetta delegation Is to visit him lit the t me way. Arbival of Wkston, thi Bostos Pidks tiuk ?Edward P Weston, the young man who waa to walk from Boston to VVaahlngton If Mr. Lincoln was elected, arrived in this city yester day at h:ilf-past four p. m. H e com plained some what of being sore and weak, and delares he would not undertake the journey again over such roads for any sum of money. His walking dress was a petr of blue woolen knit drawers, fitting tlvht to the limb*. anrt * hln?? *- L * tons He states that three horws were worn out on tbe way by the u committee" of two who sccom panlrd him to see the job done, and qpe of the gen tlemen was compelUd to take tbe car* at tbe An na polli junction and came to this city by railway. Weston applied at the Clarendon House for rooms, but being full thev directed him to a boarding house, and at night, accompanied by tbe Massa chusetts delegation, he attended tbe Inauguration ball. He baa rather a youthful appearance, is of light complexion, and weighs about 145 pounds. Probably he will be careful how be bets next ttm?. Thi Pknnsylvania delegation called at the War Department this morning to pay their re spects to Gen. Scott. There was a large body of tnem,and the veteran officer received them on the portico of tbe building He gave them a cordial greeting, and being called on for a speech re pouueofin eloquent ana patriotic terms Ilia speech was a brief one, ana be was warmly ap plauded by bis delighted bearers. We are In formed that some little commotion was discover able among the Department clerks In consequence of some practical jokerof their number circulating the report that the visiting party was an army or offlce-seekers come to take possession in the name of " Uncle Abe." Thb Gkkat PmoMXNADK Conckkt at the Inau guration Ball-room to-night will undoubtedly be a most brllllsnt affair, rot only as a musical en tertainment of the highest order, but as a really magnificent spectacle. Nothing can be finer surely than promenaalng to the exquisite and Inspiring strains of the " German la," with such a leader as Lenschow. And then there is the luxury of taking one of those commanding side seats and t.njoylng a view of the superb room, flooded with light and gay with a brilliant company. The programme, elsewhere. It will be noticed, is made up of the very geins of the whole range of rau lcal composition. A Fuss.?Last night, some excitement was ere .*.4 .? * ? * "" avw. uic iiiuuuu outei, oy a oeauKl discussion between gentlemen of opposite politic*, one of them a resident of this city. Tbe crowd blocked up tbe gangways of tbe hotel, and for a few min ute* there Kemrd to be a probability of a fight Justice Donn arrived, and with Williams, tbe hotel officer, succeeded tn opening the way, and Policeman Ymtman arriving soon after, united with the others, and quiet was restored. Militast ?Therewere nine kettledrums with the Potomac Light Infantry of Georgetown, la the

procession yesterday, being tbe complete drum oorpe of the Baltimore City Guard Battalion, making excellent marching music, for which the Infantry are Indebted to Major Warner, com mander of tbe Battalion. Mrca caiBiT is due to Capt. Dunning ten. Chief of tbe Capitol Police, for the excellent order which was maintained in and about tbe Capitol yester day daring the inauguration ceremonies. At such times It Is a di th-ult task to perfotm, In a manner satisfactory to all. . I # T!tmf Paoro?ftAPBa of the present Cougnw ; alao. 11 tbe prominent men of thla count*; for Mle at Whltebarat'a 6atlery, 434 Pmnayl^nla avenue. See ltkenea of Prince of Walea lid autte. Also, photograph In oil ud water. Album Cnrda, Ac 3t* Hmtittu'i Stoxac* Ritiiii -Th? itomaok ta th* fountain head ot too-?? of diMuet which in f- tthe human ayatam. Indirection. b. d eruuih f r ?t, generates diarrhoea, djsTiteri, faint esa. ma, mr% JUilU OOQW&rSB. IX&1TI1 ft F*&.n)6f9 tjohn Wlley ,J B Moore, and H H. MoPberaon; Georgetown by R. S. T. Claa'll. and Q. M. k. J. athron, and by draggieta everywhere. ma 5 lw,r . ? Wawtb to Dti ih thx Uxiok. I ahall be pteaaed to dye in the Capital of thia Union all colon on a>J kind* of ladier and gentle men'a apparel. W. H. Whxatlkt, Dyer, No. 383 aouth eide Pern. avenue, between 4H and <th ate. i?ook oat for the Bine Sign nnder the window. ?23-?t Dykino to Liri. Gentlemen, if von waut adyeing man to lire, have your eoat?,?&nta and veata nioely cleaned or re ooloreaat w. JH. Whiatlit'*, Meam Dyer and Soourer, No. 383 aouth aide Penn.av cue, between 4H> and 6th ate. Look out for the Bluo Sign under the window. f?83 9t Cottqhh ?'The andden changea of oxr olimate are aouroea of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience havint proved that aimple remediea often act ap*edily and oertainly when taken in the earl* at&rea of the diaeaae, reoourse ahould at onoe be had to * Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Loxengee, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever ao alight, aa by thia precaution a more aerioua attack may be effeot ually warded off. Puhlif ?? - ? -r ?MW?BWO Will UUU them effeotual for clearing and strengihenin* the oioe. See advertisement. de 1-lj Homiopathic Rxmzdiu All of Dr. Humphrey* 4. Co.'? spooifio Ho meopathto Remedies put up expressly for family uao, in boxes, at 35 and in cents each. Also in oases, containing 9) vials, from 94 to $s each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilinan. 390 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitxgerattl, 353 north F street; alao by F. B. Winter, corner ol Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth atreet. Alao, Pout's Extract <J Witch 3***1, for internal and external inflammations of 1 kinds. Sold as above. ma 9-1 y Rkadkb, have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Rea/ it; it will interest you. au 20-eoly To th* ArrLicTxn!?Be sure to read the adver tisement of MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood PuAfier. in another column. tf DIED, At Brooklyn, N V., on the ZHh February, Lieut. HUDSON M. GARLAND. U.S. N Hi* remains will l>e interred at the Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, at 1 o'clock p. m , on Wednesday, the 6th instant. The relatives and friends of the deceased. thn?? nf hi. Gen. Garland, are invited to attend. (Intel.) pOR THE INAUGURATION BALL. f adiea' and Gentlemen'* be?tquality WHITE KID GLOVES, all siiea. Sellins oil all Fancy Ureas Silks,Poplin*, Merino*, acd Dela ne? at lets than coat. J. W COLLKY A CO.. fe?7-lw 583 Seventh street, above Pa. av. /Ov The old ettab ished PAWN OF- /Ov JL WJLFICK, forraeriy on Penr. avenu?-JL WJL O Wbetween 3d ard ?,S its., hfislareijQ 0 baen removed to 351 O st? between 4H aad G.u sta., bick of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! f 10,000 to be loaned in su all anras on ??old and SilVer atches Jewelry, and all other articles of value. Business strictly and confidentially done. l)oa't foricet to call at No. 351 C st., between 4H and 6th sta. fe27-3m I. HF.RZBERG. TO STRANGERS AND VISITORS.-Viewa ofthePublio Huildin**. I.attar v.?. of the Capitol and of the President's Hou?e; Uni. n Note faper, Hand rook, Umde and Cata ogue of WanluDgtoii, Map of Washington, for ** FRENCH A RIOHSTEIN, fe 29 Wtnhii),*ton. P. C rpHERE'8 A BETTER TIME COMING^ Viotinraof Self Abase and Secret Diseases shonld apply at SHUMAN'S Southern Medioal House, under the Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth street and Pa. avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Southey'a Celebrated London Modioines. They are warranted to cure the most virulent forms of Gonnorrhira, Gleet, Syphilis, Nocturnal Emissions, Strictures, and Weakness of the Bladder in from 3 to 6 days. The Remedies oan be sent by mai'.. Office hours from 9 a. in to 10 p. in. fe 18-1 m 3 nrTn choice butter. ,Ul)U IAS. GOSHEN BUTTER cf the vary best qua i y. AJ?o, PENNSV LVANJA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT S HONEY. KINO A BURCHEI.L, fe 36 c>rnor Vermont av and Fifteenth st. ?EVENTH_STREET. ?g0 REMNANTS paper HANGINGS. In quantities suflicient to paper an ordinary sixed room or passage, at o^ e third leg* than th* usual prices, a; J. MARKIUTEK'S, ITo. 4^6 SeveDth st.. 8 <1 org ab v* fe 19 1?* Odd Fe lows' Hall. PREPARE POR THE FOURTH of MARCH jL bj laying in your supply of? Blankets, B-d Comforts,Quilts, Linen %t d Cotton Mheetincs, Pil'ow Case LinensR"d Cottons, Table Cloths. Tanle Napkins, Table and Tows!inn Diapers, Curtain Daina^k. Cuitain Muslin, Oilo'oths, Car peting*. All selling at reduced pnoes at HENRY EGAN'S, 323 Pa av., south side, bet Orb and 7th sts , fe 21 lot new Iron Buildings. pOR BALLS AND PARTIES. Ladiaa' White Kid Gloves at 75 oenta, " light oo ored Gloves at 31% ana 50 o*nts, Gents' Vf hii* Kid Gloves from 50 cents to 91?S, " " Silk and Cotton G ove? from 1SH cent* to $1. HENRY EGAN, 901 Pa * . anntk ?i/4* c* I. l. ?* ? <r?u ? mm. ?ti| vvhvh ???, i/vi Ui 11 QWU f II OW.f fa 30-lot near Iron Building*. HAT XHe LADIfcS WANT TO KNOW. Where they oan bu? Jouran'aKid Glove*. whit*, blaok, and oolored, at 75 ota.; good quality Kid Glotea. S7H.S0, and 62K ota.; beat Kid Gaantlata, 91; beat Frenoh Coraeia, 91 45; all the beat qnal itiea of Engliah ar.d Germai Hoaiery, for ad tea and ohiidren;Silk Li?le Thread and Cotton Glove*, of ail aisea and qua'ttiea; Linen Cambro Hand kerahiefa. at 75 ota. per-dozen; fine embroidered and hem atitohed Haiulkerohief*, at reduced price*, Bonnet Ribbons, at hail price; B aok Lace K&lla an t Veia, at low pricea; triik Robea and Far.oy Si'k* at half price; all woolen Ure?? Gooda, at greatly r ducen prioe?; Parabola and Snn Shade*. Cloak* and Shawla.all ae| i*t at reduced prices, at HENRY EOAN'i1, S9S (couth aide) Pa. av., bet. 6th and 7th ata., 1*80 tot New Iron BoiliMna* C DINNER PARTIES. ITIZENS And Sojourner* In W aihington are respectfully reminded that the cubacriber ia pre pared to jTarni.h DINNER ENTERTAIN MENTS. for any number of gentlemen, in a etyle equal to that of any aimilar est&bhahment in the United Statea. and on very moderate term*. Hia oite* of Parlor* and Dining room* for the aooom in Nation of Dinner and Supper Part lea hia Table arrangrmenta. Cooka, Se vanta, are unaur paatet!; a* well aa his Winea, whioti enjoy much U ?/-" ? - " uo.Di'iitj. no ru?pe<:uuiij ivfcaa t codhuu&noe ('I th? patron&ce of ihe public heietofore ao liberally beatowed upon him, a<.d plages bit beat exertion* to iiva entire aatiafaot.on feli lt C 6autikr. Important "notice to strangers VISITING washington. A view ni the Na'inqal cep.tjl wii! bepr'aent'd tolu wplnwoof B oka, Stationer; ao , from tae wsli knowu ??tabli'limeut of (khnch a richstein, 378 Pa a*.. i 25 near k rk?tod H< uae. BLANKKT8! BLA n k e T 8 !! If you went Blanket! cali at WM. ft. ril.ky A No S? Central Storea, they are ee'licg <liotn rtri tow for oath. fe K 6tif |?EST NORFOLK oystkrs.-The under o auned reapootfu'ly informe the^^ pub io ttoat hit ee'ahliahment will be^^ft /_ J open night and day uiy.il after the 4thm?k^av or March. He can farnnh any quantity of oysters from one pint to a thon a?nd callona. Alao.lohstehs.ci AMS, FISH. jtoae i vered to any part of the oity free of oharge at tha loveat market prioe L<*t ma hear from you in time. T.M.harvey. . No. 981 C el, beC 10th and 11th ate., fe* tf oppoaite the Theater. K " " " ' "TO SEVENTH STREKT. We hare removed our entire Hook of goods to *S1 Seventh street, a ftw doors above th? Avenue Huu?e,<between D street and the Avenue,) where we w?ald be pleased to mi oar friends ana cus tomers. We are now reoeiving a large lot of SfKlNO GOODS to aeit the times, bought oheap and will be sold low lor oash. '|M?" *" ""jOHNSON A SUTTON. PR E*S GOODS. J QREAT SACRIFICES A full stook of General Sapls aVus es aJapled to the wants of famines, all of the beet oiaee. and " ?"TW. COLLEV fc CO . f? r-u ?33 SerenU street, above Pa. av. tuf". p?ipiiauon or the fceart. cen'ral de'i Uy, kr. Cot rid of it, then, at one1, by going thromh a c<>ura "1 Stomach B>ttrrt, a palatable a*<l refreshing preparation, whion as snrely re'ievea s'l romplai'.U of the at'imach and its dependerciea ? th^ sunshine mel'a the snow. A eoare* of ib? medioin* aw not perhaps bsneo^arary. One bot tie frequently accomp'ien^a a complete onre. tfoidDy draggiata everywhere. ma 5-eoSt Cocstiufht WisTAE'a Balsam. We woa d caution the parohaaera of the Balsam of Wild Cktrry against au imitation artiole which haa made itaappearanoe in many places, and which might deoeive the unwary by ita reaemb anoe to the feunme bottle. Of the mixta we need not > peak 'npnucip>d rooundrela oaa alwaya be found ready to oounterfeit any thing, by whioh they oan pat maa?T in tksir ?1 ' w rwaas??, f?UM OtP |"IO IW the d O't popular and wfll known article on whioh to praoMoe their villainiea. It ia a lamentable fast th't there are also dealers w mediants who are w Line to lend themaelvea to oarry rat this impoai tion, by sailing iuoh ?r?Ma? tenaine, because they can bay it for leaa than half tne oo?t of tfee rea' ar ticle. Avoid anoh a man aa you would a dealer in counterfeit money, for he iathe greater aoampof th* two. They hare never dared to forge the written ata ri atu re of 1. Butu. having a wdoleaome fear of the Stat* Prieon before their eves. Ft turt that yaw find on tka out tide wrapper the written signature of J. Butt*, and you mar rely upon ita being genaine. But none othar. Prepared by 8eth W. Fowle Jt Co., Boaton, and v&ahington oitj O. Stott, 8. B._Waita GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tko Stor. GtoMiTow*. March 5.18tl Th? ball of the Georgetown Mounted Guard at the I'nlon HoUi last evening wu a delightful affair. Pompei? Hall, In that building, levn In lu palmy Hart held (hirer women or braver men within It* walla, or wltneaard more real en joyment Our Georgetown military were all rfPrnrnlMl ?llk v"~? * ? ? ** ywwi cny, including Watt, the gallant Capt. Own, and those clever fellow*. Lieuta Allan and Ro dier. Col. Coi. Capt Steuart. and other* opened the ball, and after a dance or two. the Captain of tbe .Mouated Guard formed his men In line and prepared for tbe reception bv tbe company of a beautiful ailk flag. tbe handiwork of two fair ladlea, Mra. and Miaa Davia. a wife and sister of one of the officer* of tbe Gnard. Walter 8. Coze, Eaq .In presenting the flag on behalf of the ladle*, said he could not better per form that agreeable duty than by expreasing the sentiments of loyalty and patriotlam which that flag should awaken When a new Government la formed, iWnaturally follows that tbe people adopt some motto or rallying cry, asms emblem or sym bol of their power, and what symbol so potent to touch the patriot1* heart as the flag of hla country Mr Coxe then eloquently alluded to the trl color of Prance and tbe St George's Cross of England, and spoke of our own proud flag, "tbe bright cluster of stars forming one glorious constella tion"?of its origin, "baptlted in blood"?of lta history and triumphs on our soil. In Canada, and nam?ma iimr, oi the men who fougLt beneath It?"and," asld be, "remembering Its halcyon days, who would with to are one star dimmed or one stripe erased ? Rather let tb*re be Inscribed upon its folds in character* of living light, 'Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable."' [Applause] Mr Coxe then spoke of the troublous times, and said It was the duty of a patriot to uphold the Government trans mitted to him bv his forefathers; we should rallr under this srmDol of the Union, snd defend It until you and I each have no country, but, like a glorious dream, It shall have passed sway. Capt Steuart eloquently responded, and said be was proujl to speak in behalf of the Mounted Uuard onlbta occasion. After beautlfullr allu ding to our country's flag, "a harbinger of glory to the world," he spoke or the patriots who have psssed away?the gifted Calhoun, the Illustrious Clay, and the god-like Webster, fie was glad to receive this flag, "the hsndlcraft of you, fair la dles, and lta bright stars are only rlvidled by the brilliance of your eyea, and Its colors by those which glow In your cheeks." Capl. 8 , on behalf vi uiuiicu ana company, pledged allegiance to bla country's flag, and said they atood prepared to realat aggression, let It come from what quarter It may, North or South. [Applause ] "But," said he, "Maryland contains the graves of my ancestor* and the homes of my kindred; and so help me God, my arm shall drop from its socket before I raise It against my native State " [Loud applause.] The captain again said the symbol of our Un<on was dear to him, and concluded by quoting the words of Morris: ?? The union of lakes?the union of lands? The union of States none can sever ; The union of hearts?the union of hands? And the flag of our country forever " Dancing was then resumed to the music of Ksputa's band, and kept up with spirit till morn ing Water has been let Into the Georgetown level of the canal, and we are Informed that navigation will be fully resumed in the course of the n**t two we ll, and that the canal Is in excellent con dition throughout Its entire length. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Resolution In favor of Doctor B. S Bobrei. Resolved by tke Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Recorder be, and he 1? hereby, requested to prepare, and the Mayor to execute, a quit claim deed to Doctor B. S. Bohrer, conveying all the claim and interest of this Corporation in that part of the lot of Doctor Bohrer'a on Hi?h street, Included within the lines of the orginal condem nation of High street, and now abandoned. Approved February 16, 1961. A Resolution in favor of Trinity Church. Rtiolvtd by tke Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of tke Corporation of Utorget own. That tbe Clerk be. and be is hereby authorized to pay to the order of Ke*. Joseph Ashwanden, or pastor of Trinity Church, thirty-six dollars and twenty-three rents for taxes erroneously paid on lots 76 and 77 for the years 1951 to ls6o inclusive. Also, fourteen dollars and forty-one cents, errone ously paid on Int'JTJ ia? ?oo-> ? mf nme ce none u\<i'T me supervision tf the Engineer at their expense, which expense shall be a tax on the property, to be collected bv the Collector, retaining three per cent, for bis ser vices, who shall close hts collection on or before the first day of October, lb61. Approved Feb 23, 1661 A Resolctiok in f*vorof L H k G.C.Schneider. Retolvtd by tke Board of Aldermen and Board ?f Common Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown: That the Clerk be, and he is hereby, authorized to pay to the order of L H AG 0. Schneider fifteen dollars and six cents for repairing fire en gine, Ac. [Approved February 23,1SGI. A R i-olctioh In favor of C. B. Claskty. Ktsolrtd by the Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk be, and he is hereby, authorized to pay to the order of C B Cluskey forty-eight dollars and sixty-nine cents, being the balance of commissions due him for superintending the im provement of the channel of the Potomac river. Approved February 23, 1601. A Resolution In favor of George Rhtnehardt. iir?ciicu wjf i/ie x)wura vj jgwirrmm and lyOCLTCL OJ Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk be. and be is hereby authorised to p?y to the order of George Rblnebardt one hun dred and sixty-eight dollar< la full of dredging wharf at foot of High street Approved February 23, 1861. A Resolution relating to the bridge on the east side of tbe market-house. Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Council of tki Corporation of Georgetotcn. That th - sum of fifteen dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be, and tbe sea* Is hereby, appropriated, payaDie to tbe order of tbe Town Surveyor, to defray the expense of removing such portions of tbe bridge over the canal, on tbe east side cf the market-house, ?s will enable him to ascertain what repairs are needed, aud report tLe same to tbe Councils Approved Feb 23,1661. A RisoLrTion to pay for repairs of county road Rttoived by the board of A Idrrmen and Board of Common Couneii of tke Corporation of Gtorgttowm, That tbe Clerk be. and he is hereby, authorized to pav to the order of f'eirce Shoemaker, twenty even dollars snd forty-one cents, for repairs on road from Pelrce's mill to Georgetown Approved Feb SO. 1WK. nTOPHAM'S gVTS PREMIUM TRUNK WD MANUFACTORY, 499 Skvebth ctkkit, Wa?hikotoh, D. C. Silver Medal awarded^ Marylard Institute of Baltiino.e^Novenih-r 7, 18Co Also, Medal b? Me rofo it-n Media ics' Institute, Washington, D C., I8V7. I a Anaatentl* Ilkiili AlftH eImm kaa* ? w?J Wood IIoi.ukI rul^W . , fcy%a?uSfe. ? , ,. il Lew Price*. Members of CoocrMii and travelers will ^1?m examine> mj etook before purchasing elsewhere Truths that are made in other oities. superior Leather and Dren Trunk* made to order. Trunks 00rored and repaired at short notiee Goods delivered free of cham to Mytoart of the eity.Georgetown, and Alexandria. jatHyao JAMES KTOPRkM. - r ? ?- ?. . j .*?? ??v jv??? nw %u ieuw in elusive. [Approved February 1#, 1S61. A Rk?olutio:i relating to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Rerolted by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That It shall not be lawful to place and leave material! upon, or otherwise obstruct that portiou of the soi'th side of Bridge street which lies be tween Llngan street and the bridge west thereof which crosses the canal?the grade of said portion of the street being several feet below that part used for travel, and having been improved by the Canal Company simply for its tow-path; provided that the owner of the lot on the east side of Llngan street shall not be prohibited by sild company from Ingress and egress to and from his property across said street, or landing from, or putting merchandize on boat*, provided be doea not In terfere with the towing on the canal. Approved February 23, 1861. A RKaoLUTio* in relation to the draining of vacant lota on Fayette atreet. Rrfolrrd by the Hoard of Alderman and Board of Common Council of Ike Corporation of litorgelovn. That the ownera of the aeveral lota on the weat aide of Fayette atreet, north of Elgtth atreet, where cxiat ponda of stagnant writer, be ar.d tbev are hereby, required to till up the aauae to a aur flclent height aa will prevent the collection of water. Br it fnrtker resolved. That notice be given by the Mayor t? the aeveral ownera to fill up the above deacribed lota by the 15th of June lfcOt, aud upon their failing to comply with auch a requcat, that ' - - - " ^ , V , - - 1 1 - g THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGEAPHIO. Acli?a ! U>* r?Blrdtral* CwyiM. NomoHUT, March 3 -Tb? I'lfrwi mt tbm CoaMmlc 9tat? now la Maloa barf emprtM the iblnt and moat eoaaarnUn mm* at iw tu. ton ittatee It to seldom that men of aek aktt. Ktn and each calibre arc fnad at the bead of revelation The prevalUnt cntlBrnt > an earnest deelra for peace with the United Statea, aad Mar aa ami cable adjustment of all qaeet'ena relating to for tlfleatlona. cuatom btuere. mlnta. aad all at bar nstlonal property, upon prlnel plea of Jaedaa. aad with entire re^rd to the obltgaUeea of aa'teaal good f|)th. At the eame time there U a tied aad laaimUe determination to maintain the penaanenrr of the Coafede acr at all basnrde. at whatever c*et. aad without etlcklng at aay extremity te which olr rumataneee may render it phi aaary to ge for that ^ETpropoeltlo na of the Waahinfton Peaoe Coe Ci will not even be takea Into cowetilaraUea ; aad la no event will the rule of Ltacola be aubmltted to. is now bring labor*tod, in order to be nbmttoi to tb? Congreaa ai.d to the States I sm mbitd. la idmcr, to state iomt of lta nor* Importaat features. It will provide that Booth of Kanaaaand of Utah slavery shall be established beyood the power of Congress or of tbs Northers Stoles ever to a bo 11 all It, or 1s say wsy Interfere with the rights It confers Tbe Ides which bss prevailed to some extent Is South Carolina, that only alave States oaa he ad mitted to tbe Confederacy, to repudiated by the controlling men. and by a majority of the Csa> greea Tbe Constitution will pro* d? for the ad mission of free States, of conrss with suitable guaranties. Pull powers will be fives to the C sag i ass to levy duties on Imports end exports. Tbs tariff recently enacted will Immediately he amanded. and will probably be made to lmpees as ex port duty of ose per cent oa cotton, tobseee sad rloe The datlee os meet Imports will be lxed at M bss coat , iM uni ritd will kt n<i to tote tAtl on Jsaury 1,1909 Meats, knidi', ji, tan, coffee and Jewslry will b? admitted free. The Tlritalt CMmttea \ RirHMORD. March 4 ?In the Convention to-day Mr. Cbambllas, of Greenville, Introduced n reso lution to the effect that tbe Pence Conference propositions fall to give anv assurance of an equitable settlement of the slavery controversy; that Virginia should offer no more propositions but should withdraw from tbe Federal compact sod adopt measures to protect her rights In eonoart with tbe other Southern States Mr. Chambllas made a secession speech la support of bla resolution. Mr Carlisle replied in a strong Union speech. He believed that the Peace Conf-renc? propeal ' tlons were acceptable to the people of the Mouth. Tb**e resolutions were referred to the Commit ter oil Federal Relation* Mr Mallorv, of Brunswick, submitted resolu tions In favor of a Border State Convention, which were also referred Mr lirown.of Preston, submitted a resolution renaurlujf Senator* Maaon and Hunter for oppos ing a reference of the Peace Conferenoe report I* the conaideratlon of all the State* of the Confede racy; which waa tabled on his own motion. Nfr. Wile?, of Monongalia, made a decided Union speech, opposing the rlfht of secession. The Seathera Concrete. Mostoomht, March 4 ?The flag for the Con federate state* has been definitely determined upon, and was hoisted over the Capitol at 4 o'cl'k this afternoou It originated entirely with the committee, and not from any of the models sent hither. Mr. Mallory, of Fla , was confirmed to-dav en Secretary of the Navy. Congress is holding a secret session to-night Ptrdsa ( * Furger. Philadklthia. March 4.?Judge Vondemlth, who was aeutenced to twenty yean' 1 m prison ment In the Eastern penitentiary for forgtng ap Clications for land warrants, had been pardoned y President Buchanan Mfsseart State < eaveatiea. St. Loris, March 4.?The State Convention re assembled here this morning The Committee of thirteen on Federal Relations appointed by the Convention have under discussion the propo sitions submitted by the Georgia Commissioners North Carolina Electlea. R at.ktor. Mar 5.?Returns have been received nviu ?< fuiiurB, oo LDinnilUina SI DltVBIOIUM are elected The vole in regard to a Convention of the people will require the official return* to decide the majority. Biltiatri Hart?M ? hiifiBoii Mrrrh 5 ?Floor dull and h??r Howard at. and Ohio IS 23?no aalea; Cltjr Mill* SS 00 Wbnet firm red 1.26*1 30; Whit* ?1 4Ua 1 03 Corn active and firm: yellow S&aflO, white C3^06c. Provision* doll and unchanged. Coffee firm at 12j^al3<^c. Whlaky firm at #uc. N?w Itrk Rarktto. Niw Vtn. March 6 ?Flour dull and lower. Wheat dnll and declining. Corn lowar. Pro Tiaiona dull. Whlaky quiet nt 16c. Financial. Niw Yom. March 5 ? Meek* dull and on*!er. Chicago end Rock I*landS7J(; Cumberland Coal Co. 111!noli Cert:al autre* Plfc; Michigan Southern 38; New York Central Reed% 44U; Hodaon River R R 45h; Canton* Co l?j 17. ?/ - ? - *? ' ? V <"J|, mo o > GEORGETOWN APVKRTMT8 POTATOES! POTATOfifir POTATOES H! 9>? baihe'a of prime N?w Jar?ajr WbtU M?r??'i snl Prftoh lilown jukt arrived per aloop Luoy 1m Ii*I, and fur ill* from veeee) in >uta to i?it tarete era PKTKR BKRKY. mar 5 St* S? WMar at, Georgetown. ^ II O K T S FOR SALE. 50 buifaels or m?'t *4 oenta. No. 1 Market Spao* on Canal, mat St A.H.BOUCHER. BOUCHER'S GKdRGKTi'N bTEAM FIRE WOOD MILLS. ITT WOOD prepared to amt ik? vuu of aa?h customer, or do lvered oord length The boat of raeuuM guarantied. Hawing only &o eanta par cord. Give me a caii at>d aatiafr your eel ves. All orders will meet with punctual and personal attettioc. ??lf.c?a adjoining hay'a ooal wharf, on the cm), and Da irl Brown'a trooery, Ho t Hill maa-M>3' J. W. BOUCHER. L'OK KENT OR LEAVE?A rar? daeirafce r Market or Dairy FAKM. in porta t ord-r. for rent or l**'? Th-re la on it a con f _>rtaMa and ea paoioaa brick dwelling, with dry eotla a, aad a pump of good water at the door; aubataaual atab'aa aad out-bai dinca. It ia o? the Highu above Georga town, rdjoimng the lorthera toundary thereof. Th? builoinci ar* in eacelloat order, aad tin lai.J (anty acrea, or laea if raqmrod.i ia in a fine aad highly cultivated oondiuon. Tha d wailing ai.d car - den would be reuted aeparateiy to a respectable uo prompt mbml Application to oa n,*c.* to CHA8. H' ?M I I.L.KR. ill hu stand inCnUr Mar ket, Wa%hiccton, or his dwelling, On th? Hichts of Georgetown. fe? Jw JUST ARRIVED. ER PropeU*r 8. 8?? moar, yam Philadelphia, 75 harralf and ion hall barrels of Maoaey, Colliaa h C? ' Philade phia DRAFT A LE. For sale b? f*g8 A?^V A BHINN D 300 BUi b PRIME CIDER AII.Y Kxpeot?d per schooner Mary Ann MeGaa from Boston. This Cider ie A No. 1, aad M fc-aa)a in lou to suit purckufft. ARNY k. BHIf fe 22 Union Bottling I UST RECEIVED? J as 85o bble. HERRING 1 50 hbia. tmahed aa . 90 bio K io and J arm 10 hna*,(tov ?rio*d) For Mi? by JOHN J. 534 *?SE?0?SSSBm 584 A freah supply of G^oamMjiM ttMivtd. A ?ood arlic leotBrovnftuiar UT?mU par pommi. 60 barrela extra Floor. be*t brand* at #7 par Wrai, A i a Family Fl<<ur. heat branda. Old ttoarbon vffciaky and Rye Wfciafcy tor aed Kinai purpoeea, Old F ranch Crawly. Port WjMt, Ma* ana Sherry Wine, pare arUole fo Cordials of va~ious kn.ds. Ana t f "ner?i UMinnmi m |wwi i * firrt olftM Groo?iy 9U?r? Ctluitj iwk akiTdei IN OTIC fc.. N View of tb* impt>rtADo? of Caetaac ftt fta Oftfir o*? ft Mittl#aK>at ?r th? ftffftiri ot Um firm M Clft<ett A Dodaon. 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