8 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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% THE DAILY EVENING STAK M f TUB LIS HED BVBHT AFTBRNOOlf, (WXVKY* EXCEPTED,) AT TILS STAR HLILDIXGS, J 4 I g===3!="!a?gggg? =">' -? -f~. >? ~ *$* ' * I 9 rr. t* ..- n Coming Slat V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 8. 1861 N?. 2.512. 1/ Arn#r of r*nvmvmut mnd lllA **., IT yf. n. wALLiCD. Pap?ra Mrr*d la fm^mn by oftrner? it 14 t y?*r, or J7 **cUi par moath. To mil aubaorlbars flh? yrroo la $xx ? rear, m mdr+mct; #2 for fix BoBtMj 91 for tliree months; ftod for Imi thftc It.rw monDtt W inarftto of 13o?cta ft woek. Sin*la ofica. on? CV57S in wrajpara, two cntTft. IDT Ar ry^Ti ok*5ts aaoB>d b? sent to the ot&a* Wtom ISc'eioek m.; otfcenrue they raft? notftfyaftf ftntft t*", nojitday. 0 i A Yankee la a Landen Pallce Caart Oa the lat alt., in London, Captain Rioh, a I' Tough, honest, weather-beaten mariner, of very I frank address, and master of the American ship John A. Parks, appeared before Mr Yardley to answer a summons taken oat by a ship carver, nnmed Jos. lledgson, who claimed a balance of ?1. l og. for repairing the defendant's figare-he^d. The eomp'4ainant said he had agreed with the defendant to repair his figure-head for ?3, and had. completed the job and only recoived 25s. rA the money. Ihe Defendant.?Yeufor snailim? mTfi*nr# >ad. Mr. Yardley ?You appear to hare a very good figure-head. (A laugh.) Capt. Rich ?Yes, my figure-head ia all right and taut?(laughter)?but as to my ship'* figure-head, no oue can toll whether it'a a bird or turtle. Mr. Yardley.?What ia the matter with it. Capt Rich.?He haa spoiled the wioga. Mr. Yardley.?Wings?what do you mean? Capt. Rich (loudly.)?What do I mean ? >*by, W. i, n, g, a. (spelling the word slowly.) Mr. Yardley.?Thank you; I am muoh obliged to jou, sir What is your figure-head? Capt. Rich.?An Amerioan eagle, and the bird lost one of ita winga on my voyage here. Mr. Yardley.?Indeed. I hone that is not . ominous of what ia going on on'the other tide of the Atlantic Ocean. Capt. Rich.?I hope not. Well, I engaged this man to carve a new wing for my eagle, and it ia four inchea too short and spoiled. Mr. Yardley.?It won't fly at all. Capt. Rich.?Fly, no; I should think not. If such an eagle as that attempted to fly it would drop to the ground. Mr. Yardley.?You mean to say it is lopsided. Capt. Rich.?It ia, and one wing ia shorter than the other. I daro not go Into an American port with such an eagle as that. I likemv wing carved properly. The complainant insisted that the wing was properly carved, but in this he was contradicted hv another ship's carver, who said it wns too short, and that the new wing was thinner than the old one, and cot artistically finished. One wing might be aaid to look free and independent like the northern states of America, the other was typical. Mr. Yardley.?Come, we must have no politics here. Which wing was it, Captaiu Rich ?the starboard or larboard wing? Captain Rich.?It was the nnrt win<? . I "* 14 " Mr. Yardley.?The port wing. Wecallthat the genuine bee's wing, [(treat laughter, j After some further discussion it was agreed that the defendant should give ap the new wing to the complainant, and the summons was, on this understanding, dismissed. The Complainant.?The wing is of no use to inc. Mr. Yardley.?That is my decision. You l?ave spoiled the wing of the American eagle, and the captain will not go into port with such a bad specimen of tb^ national emblem. A Los don Bankino 11 or s a?The London Banking House of Overend, Gurney A Co., fleems to be in trouble The New York Journal of Commerce says: Many of the London bankers had written to their correspondents here, advising them of serious complications in the connection referred to, but without giving details. The banking house in question does a business second in amount only t? that of tha Bank of England. Like other private bankers, these gentlemen have been in the habit, as is well known to all iamuiar wua tne business in London, of taking large amounts of money on depcfit, and using these funds to discount bills to an enormous extent for their regular customers. Whenever there was a pincn in money matters, these bankers wonli call on the Lank of England for relief, and the Bank would be obliged to prevent a general craxh by rediscounting a portion of these bills to enable the baLkers to pay off their depositors. This course has always been very unpalatable to the Bank, for various reasons It gave a efititious value to raw materials by enabling speculators, whose bills would not be taken elsewhere, to carry large stocks, and it worked generally to the disadvantage of conservative interests. Tbreeyeara go the bank concluded to stop it, and therefore notified all the bankera that it would not rediacount the*e bills for them on anv nretext I whatever. It ia well known that a certain house then nndertook to coeroe the Bank, but without buccom. It id now said the bankers above referred to, finding themselves pressed for money, and burdened with a load of bills which they cannot carry, have applied to the Bank for aid. and have been offered it only on the condition of going into liquidation, thus avoiding a repetition of the application. This is supposed to be toe cause of the sudden advance in the bank rate to 8 percent.: and it is feared 'he cause of the trouble is not yet over. If these bankers wind up. what becomes of their customers? They will be '-left eot in the eold;" and the acramble for help of such a lot of hungry borrowers ia likely to lead to worse complications. Yotrrarui, Bcrglars at College.?For several weeks, if not months, our oititens have been annoyed bj the depredation!of burglars. Some six weeks sinoe the watchmaker shop of Mr. J. U. Steel, on Hanover St., was broken open at night and rebbed of several articles in his basinet* About the same time the book and stationery room of Prof. Marshall, of Dickinson College, was forced, and robbed of book*, paper. po*uge-stamps, Ac., to the value of about *100. Win Wetsel's carpenter shop was subsequently robbed of numerous <tools, and several students lost articles froffl^their rooms. No one could oonjecture who the robber was, as no trace of the stolen goods could be discovered At lut, however, the mvsterv ?u explained, and the burglars were cfiacovered. A atudent of the college waa auapeoted, nd during hia abaenoe on Saturday laat, (he vii on a Tifit home,) hia room waa aearohed by n officer The oarpet being removed, a looae ~"board or trap door in the floor waa diaoorered Tbia waa raiaed and the atolen booty found? watchee, jewelry, cigars, books, carpenter'a tool a, piatola, kmvea, Ac The articlea were all identified ay tboee who had lost them. In addition to the artielea, a complete aet of burg. . lar'a tools war* found secured in the aame ptaee?niRftt keys, skeleton keys, nipper*, tfhitels, Ac. This student had accomplices One of these (a son of one of our most respectable citiiens) has confessed that he assisted in the robberies. Other* will be implicated, we presume. We suppress the names of these coilty young men for the present.?Carlisle Volunteer. O.n Shbovi Tcjisdat, the usual time honored custom of "tossinc the pancake," took place in WeetminsUr school The chief oook of the college was ushered into the school-room with U honor, attired in kitchen dress, by a verger of th* abbey, about 11 o'clock. The boys were of courae engaged in their usual studies when this annual apparation in the shape of the ckrf an tmrmA t h a slrtnm n r\f fKo Paw P B Scott and hi* aaiiatauta. The cook bore in hi* bend e farinaceous compound of peculiar appearance, which popularly were a up posed to be a pancake, bat looked sa.ipicioasly like a very aged crumpet. Poiaing the pancake on a fork be cleverly threw it over a bar whieh neper a tea the upper from the lower achoot, and thea withdrew. Aa he waa tossing the pancake all the boys rushed to clatch it, and as it fell a atruggle took place for ita possession, a ? glorious game at foot-ball, shining, bullying, 2c., ensuing. Thia eoatom ia provided for in the atatatea of the school. The cook reoeives ^ ~ - m -/.?.awaa A# tkia /I ntv anil (# "j *% [W IW UN l?liumi?iv? ? .m. - ,.v, MJ bor can oatoh the pancake and preserve it whale id apita of the attempt* of the ether boy*, he la entitled to a guinea from the Dean of Westminister. ITT ftenator Benjamin declares be will proeoeute tor libol aome of those who have published m \\m m ihiof. lefts' fc Tb? United States Seatte. The mem ben of tbe Senate of the Tbirtjr-seventh Congress are as follows: Opposition?Roman. Republicans?Italic. Number of Senators 68 Term j Term ALABAMA. MIXNBSOTA. Vacancy (seceded) .1865 H M Rice 1863 Vacancy (seceded).. 186? Af S W\lkm*on 1?67 AKAJIi * 8. MISSISSIPPI. W . K Sebastian .. .1865 Vacancy (seceded).. 1863 C. K. Mitchell.... .1867 Vacancy (seceded)..1865 COltNBCTICUT. MISSCEBI John Dixon 1863 T. Polk 1863 L S. Fotttr 1867 Vacancy 1867 CALIVOBNIA. K*W K AM PS HUB M S T.?tham 10A') r d Lr? i- i^e w. ?? **> iwwj j . x low Vacancy 1667 D. R. Clark 1867 clliwakl. sew tobk. J. A. Bava d 180.1 P King 1863 W.Saulibory 1866 Ira Hirns 1867 tLombk.. mwjiriit. Vacancy (Mcrded). 1863 J R. Thompson....1863 Vacancy (acceded). .1867 J.C T?n ?yck ... .1865 gbobsia. north cabolssa Vacancy (aeceded).. 1865 T. Bragg 1865 Vacancy (seceded) .1867 T. L. CltnKman....l867 isdiajt a. )_ ohio. j - u. nrigai ivtan t~ W*at lflB H S. Lan? 1867 j Vacancy 1867 ILLINOIS. | ORBOON. 3. A Douglas 18(15 ? D Baker 1865 L. Trumoull 18670. W. Nesmttb.... 1867 IOWA. | PKNNSTLVANIA. J IT. Grime.* 1865!Vacancy 1863 J. Hirlan 1867 E. Cowan 1867 KENTUCKY. BHODB ISLAND L.W. Powell .1965 J. F Simmont 1863 J. C. Breckinridge. 1867 H B Anthony 1865 KANSAS SOUTH CAROLINA. Vacancy..... i Vannr* s^i h.i. .11 ism Vacancy Vacancy (secedfd)..l?6o LOUISIANA. TENNKSSKK Vacancy (seceded) 18fi5 A. Johnson 18(53 Vaoancy (seceded). 1867 A.. O. P. Nicholson.1805 MAINS TEXAS. L ilf Morrill 1S63 Vacancy (seceded) .1863 W. P FtssenJ- n.... lrsfiSi Vacancy (speeded)..1SG5 MASSACHUSETTS. VKKMU.M C Sttmntr 18(53 S. F ot 18(53 If llr? I ?/>? II r ttuo-f mm " 4? vr. I JUil : J . I. I maryland. i vixginia. A. Kennedy........1865, J M. Muoo 1863 J. A. Pearce. le67;R. M.T Hunter..... 1865 michigan. wisconsin 7. Ckmlltr 1863!/ R Voolittk 1863 K. S. Bingham.... 186?>jr. O Hove 1867 Discontentment Among tux Florida Volunteers ?The Pensacola Observer. Feb ?'0, has considerable to say of the shameful manner In which the Penaacola company, on duty before Port Pickens, have been treated by Gov. Perry. Sa^s the Observer: iuore capeciauy nave ibe Kltle Hangers been the object* of hi* displeasure Theae men turn now been in active aervlce alnce the 12th of January, without relief, without proper arms, and we might aay without provisions, saving the silt pork and hard biscuit left behind by Uncle Sam's officials In the hurry of removal. It costs each member of the Guards and Ritlea 75 centa a day to live, iu addition to the ration! they receive This expense has been cheerfully borne by them; but when lnv'.duous distinctions are made in favor of later organized companies, in the distribution of arm*, then we do not blame them for grumbling. Had they disbanded on the receipt of the intelligence teat the 6 ) Mayaard rifle*, for which tbey had waited so Iodjj, were for a cavalry company, every right-thinking person would have sustained their action. Many of these men have left their families almost destitute in their zeal to s?rve the State; and how bave they been requited? With indifference to their wants, to say the least of It, in refusing to furnish them with proper arms wberewith to fight her battles. Florida will soon be called upon to furnish her quota of men for the regular army of the Southern Confederacy Thlsqaota ha* benn put down > ivw unn. WW i*u wi empty ucaaury, we ran tot Imagine how she ran enlist, equip and arm tbia numbrr. If our State Is bankrupt at this early stage of the action, we think the sootier she sells out the better If the State government cannot be carried on for want of funds, let Florida be divided between our stsWr Stat* s of Georgia and Alabama by the line of the Chatt-<hooche river The sooner this is done the betttr, for to this must It come at last Souther* Postagss ?The editorial correspondence of the Mobile Register from Montgomery savs: 44 Tbe abolishing of the franking privilege (under the new post-1 act) will glvs general satisfaction. Members of Congress will not, as under the old government, lavish such enormous sums in public printing when they nre compelled to pay two cents an ounce on the books they send tfcelr constituents, and ditto for their speeches. of which, likewise. they will be morecLarry. The frank Is properly restricted to cfllcial business, and is no longer a personal privilege of those who exercise it on such business The doubling of newspaper postage I do not think necessirv. nor that on printed matter generally, though I should ball with unqualified satisfaction a dlcriminating ro?tane against northern papers and periodicals 1 would charge them five cents apiece, and twonty-flve cents for illustrated ones, or b^tu-r still, subject tbem all to letter pt?stage The ridiculous failure, the registration of letters, is a good riddance, and ne one will regret It under the new postal system." At the opening of Parliament. H*r Majesty wore robes of state, her dress being composed of silrer tisane, striped wltb gold, and a superb train of crimson velvet, lined with ermine,"and embroidered with gold, which waa carried by the ladle* in watting and two page*. On her h^ad waa a deral-crown of brilliant*, and with it were wore en auite a necklace, ear-rlnj;*, stomacher, and bracelets of diamonds The l'rlnce Consort wore his uniform as Field Marshal with the riband of the 0 <rter. The Persian Ambassador, who wo* the flr?t diplomat to arrive, created quite a sensation In the house, which was by no means lessened ;by this distinguished Oriental s Indecision as to where to go. He waa finally relieved from bis embarrassment, being shown to his propt-r seat His costume was rich,qaalnt ana peculiar, ms Breast bein^r covered with jewel* of exceeding brilliancy, and bla features almost concealed under a fur-covered steeple hat. Wbat shall wk do so w??The dastardly manner in which Tennessee baa acted leaves us very little hope of a Convention in Arkansas. The interests of the major portion of thia State, are, unfortunately, too nearly allied with those of Tennessee to warrant the expectation that she will join the Southern Confederacy. Had the election In Arkansas takes place a week earlier, there was a possibility that she would have risen from the thraldom which a continuance In the Union must entail; but alas! delay has been doubly dangerous, and we have little now to hope and much to dread.?Lak* (Ark.) Village Prtu, Ptk.il. The Rsgisoi.iq or Thads with thi Japaxksk. A S<?n Francisco paper reports the arrival at that city of a Japanese merchant, who came to purchase goods to be told In hi* own country. Mr. Sawyer, an American merchant residing atKanag?wa, states that the Japanese are fully cognizant of the events which have recently taken place In China. They know all about the war and the capture of Pekln, heretofore as ezclusive to "outside barbarians" ss their own Island Empire, and are not little disturbed on the subject. They dread the English and French, but repose confidence In Americans. O-At a camp meeting recently held near West ^1 Anf irnm*?u <?Aiinlir UlsKnn Lf?iMiiiuiC| inwuif;viHii j wuaswjy \yUiW( Ru*s<?ll forbade any one^vlth hoop* on to partake of the aacramcnt, aArmlng that they would Dot b? welcome to the table of the Lord Two or three vear? ago a Western Conference passed resolutions that - the wearing of hoop* by females Is Inconsistent with a truly christian character, and Is by some considered as Indecent, and that therefore we, as a Quarterly Conference, disapprove of the wearing of hoops by our female membera." I]y The Postmaster of New Orleans hss Introduced a nsw plan, actlntr at once as a check on dtihonrtt clerks, and facilitating the transactions of merchants having boxes at the post office. Counters of three different colors are sold at a window, near the private bo* department. The** counters represent all values of postage, on taking their unpaid letters from the.r boxes, or In purchasing stamps, merchants p*j with these counters avoiding making change, or leaving deposits on account of postage* due CT' A pickpocket la Mid lo tave been doing a ljood bua1n>aa on the liars of the railroad out VN <-at, bv gotnz into a car, refuting to pay kia Mr. and picking the conductor'* pocket aa be la putting bfm off |?7* The amount of Northern manufactures asld to the South In ISM If c?tltMt?d at*MO,u()0,000 MISCELLANEOUS. C DINNER PARTIES. IT1ZENS Acd Sojourners in Washington are respectfully reminded that the puhscnber is prepared to furnish DINNER ENTERTAINMENTS. for any somber of gentlemen, in a style equal to that of any similar establishment in the United States, and on very moderate terms. His suites of Parlors and Dining rooms for the aooomm >dation of Dinner and Supper Parties, his Table arrangements. Cooks, Servants, tto., are unsur pwiir ; h nil ?b in* win?, wnion enjoy muoti oelebrity. He respectfully asks a oontinnanoe of the patronage of the pubhe heretofore so liberally bestowed upon him, and pledges hit best exertions to rire entire satisfaction. fell lm C 6AUT1ER. /Ov The old established PAWN OF- /0\ JL JLF1CE, formerly on Penr. avenue JlwJL O ?between 3d a"d ?>? its., haslateljO Q b>?en removed to 3T1 C St., betwoen aud 6th sts., hick of Ute National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 10,000 to ba loaned in sir all mmi on Uold and 81l?er v* atohes Jewelr*. and all nthar value. Bqmdo'i atrictly and confidentially done. Don't forget to oaJl at No. 351 C at, between and 6th ata. fo27-3m I. HERZBERP. D~ ~ REiMOVAL. MUNSON Has removed hia Office to No. 304 Pemayivauia avenue, ne*t door weet^-aac* of Lllia'a Music Store. fe 5 ? > f ADIES THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid 1 A Mnriinnn H.iaf . Qb.f m." Buttoned, Laced and Velvet T rimmed!??! AlfP Mi??es Boots cf the same style*,arerWl jelling from fiO ofnts to if l. per pair, lower* t tan elsewhere in the nty, *t J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space .... . Pa. &v. bet 8th and 9th streets. White Kid Slippers, with and withort heels. 1% 3-?o OHN F. ELLIS, ~.?OLE AGENT K OR IIIK Stl.k ?M1 BPMT or CHICKERING A SONS' PIANOS, 306 I'rnna. Avknuk. Between 9ik and I'M StreetS, ma 2 __ North Side THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenW*%Y greatly improved reoei.tiy and nn* offt-riijAAfgHUL greater inducement* for the patronage ofoiMzeu* and tracg?m than any other pubtio hoime in the city, his price* being lets than those of any other kw.?r.i ?r, - T. ... J L! i V?M i etui. r?f*uo, obiia uio r*u ?mmnamiona for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The l>ar and restaurant arraneements of the I European Hotel have aireadv beooriie very pop a lar. b> ing all that oau t>? df sired i>j the mo? las tidioua. Tne proprietor pieces unremitted attention aud continued liberal expenditures to givesati'faotion to ah, and thus renews hi^ invitation ??* all to (tive the J-.nroi.<??.ii Hotel a call. de4-ti JBBUST KKCKIVKD AT FRKNCH ft Rl^H riTEIN. S7 8 f<*na.avenue, Washington. -'Tha Pickwic* Papers," bem? the first of the elegant h<>u?ehould edition of the work* of Char)e? Diokeus;illu?trated by T. O. C. Darle* and John nil. hort. Hi versicie pr-rs, Call ard exvmr.e them. Also, & njw supply of t).\rley's Illustrated Cow per. the finest edition published. fe I k2 GAUTIF.R'S RESTAURANT. HOJOUR N KRS In W n.n>tiuKt'Mi are respeotfully info.- n?'-d that (ivL'TIKR'S KKSTAt; A . . A RANT, on Fa. avenue, between Uth andTcTSky 13th streets, is ono of tho completes;, mo!<tel9rant r.nd agreeable estab istunents or its kind in tlie t'nit^d States, bei g at al times provide with the beet to o oi tamed in the markets oT ail the large cities, forwarded to him regulariy l?r c r nrrti Hu arm." ?? ?1 - , . ..... r.>v mv Ht'.uo.wo B1IU ins noo >mmo4ations to furnish Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and >uppe:s to geutleTien rootling out, are iaequalled br any others in this city. Ih nddresaea this n tice e pecialiy to st angers, an all citiieus and frequenters of Washingt n know w< li the superiority of h'.s house, tie is prepared to aco>>inmooate to their entire satisfaction any number ot gei.t eir.fln who dtsire to take their Alea a away from where they lodge. fe 11-1 m THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 3300,001*. Insures Merohandiss, Buildings, Household Furniture, &o , against loss or damage by fire. HEATH t KNOWLES, Agents, Office?Room 16 over Bank of Washington. ja 10 I? D. L. MORRISON A CO.. lour and general commission merchants, Ana whol^KAie dealers in MILL FRED, CORN MEAL. ft., jr., Corner of 12th and 15 atre?ts, Washington city. fTT* Cach pai'1 for all kinde of flrain. au 25-6m t* FroglamatIon I o the citizens of washington, georgetown, a3. Wktrtat, At th? present sraeco o ths year cholera morbus, III A ft R HI" A - DYSENTERY, CHOLIC, DYSPEPSIA, , DEBILITY, Ac., Ac., ^r?T?il to an alarming extent: And whereas, It mint he of the . FIRST CONSKQUENCK to overy fe'iuly to know ?f A REMEDY - .. of Pllll, . .HAPfl k i miraculous fain killer &h tlio moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE AIJOVE COMPLAINTS ; In order to aatiafy THE PUBLIC thai no impoaition ia intended in the aale of Uua Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED ut all ca?tt irhen the medicine faila to give entire aatiaf&otio Aaki then at any Drug Store for dr. montar pe'b miraculous pain kiiler. |.Vl mm I .t ? ?l ? ? > ?uu ii uui (iDiimju; wuinm Return to onr Ag6n!, D. B. rr.ARK. ESQ., 4K Street and Pennnrivania A*enoe, who will refbod your money. Prioe?8ft aud 60 Cent* t*>r Bottle. For aale at all Drn* Storee every where, JAB. MoDONNKLL, General A cent, Jyll-eotr Baltimore. UTOPHAM'S KJTS PREMIUM TRUNK %&1tD MANUFACTORY, 499 8irsxth strkkt, Washington. n. o. Silver Medal awarded hy Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, l:ieo Aleo, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanic*' Institute Washington, D C? 1&57. I am constantly making, and elwayn have on hand. of th>? b*at material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladim' Dreea, Wood Box, and Paok'D* Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet, and Canvas Traveling Bags, _ School Satchels, io.. At JLote Price*. Member* or Congress and traveler* will please examine my etook l>efore purchasing elsewhere Trunk* that ara made in other oities. Superior Leather and Dress Truck* made to oHer. Trunks oovered and repaired at short notice. Good* delivered free or charge to anyfoart of tlie city. Georgetown, and Alexandria. jaC-lyeo JAMES 8.TOPHAM. ROUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, 4c. COMPO UND SYR^P of QUM A RABIC. This peasant and popular Ooorh Remedy has been so long known and extensively u?>d, that moat persons have beoome familiar with it* extraordinary rffioaoy. It oan be had at all the principal drag stores at 25 and 50 oent< a bottle. e an rzm?*OMi~ CUflffiBn AHv to inform hia friendi and the pui lio^^ #_ j

centrally that ho hu takes and 'yi iff up in a superior manner th? Restan- W rant at the southeast corner of . nn, *venue and Sixth street He vill at all times bo prepared to serve al who mar favor him with a air/with the beet W1NJM, UGUORrt and CIGARS. ae well aa OYSTER** UAME a dotte deheaoi eg of the seaaon. fe 4-1 a H ONE PRICK nvi v CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Shut, Bttutt* 9tk and 10(4 Strut*, We have iu?t finished a number of first cImi fARBUclfd 1- -- * ? ? Wifimj, Park Phcatotu. Fnmtiy Cnr-Q8?&&i rifts, and Burnt s, wb tea we will m! I at * ' a nr? small profit. Beioc praotical mechanic* in different branches of in* biMiueee, wr flatter oureolvea that we know the atyiea acd qn&ktj of work tnat wiil fire satis faction, oombioing lightness, oomfort ana dnrabill tf. Repairing promptly and oarefnlly attended to til* sLortosl notice and most reasonable charges, WALTER, KAKMANN A BOl^, Coachinakera, successors to Wm. T. Hook. a? T7-diy THE 8*b#ortbe?AbtT^iVt ^naHe additiena U kl JaeJory^malricg H now one jf thejargest - .?!? iu> iwiimoa maculartunaf CAKRJAtfE A L1GHT*^*= WAGON'S of all kinds cannot be surpassed, an4 (ram hit lone e*p?H?ne? in tka bacnew, k? hop** U five (*noral satisfacuon, AU kinds of CarrikcMaaa Jklfkt Wniu kcytcE Ait REPAIRSM?tlr4a??,?a4ftllaT*0rt>r*M?t I7 itttoM u, &??#*4-ka?4 Oairiaiss taksn in axekanxe !?r Mr EM. AMDREW TTOACE, 4 la-tf Mra*r af lit! a?4 K (U. Wood and Coal. GALTS' CITT 8TEA9 FIREWOOD HULLS a no COAL DEPOT, Foot op Ssvbntkknth Strkbt, Below War Drpartm-nt, ICT WOOD AND COAL of nil ?inds. Wood prepared to suit tho wants of each customer, or de livcrfd cord lencth. UjT1 ( oalkrpt m Coal //ow.<o, delivered free from slate, dirt, aud other unpuutics. Personal attention given to all orders. fe lVtf T. J. A W. M. GAIT. Birds, birds fur salk.-i have j??t reooi ed a splendid assortment of Birds fron\$* ? Kurope.nfGerman fnna l*s, Kn^liph R ac?. Birds, Thrushet, Hull Finohes.Oold Kinones,''*Lineta, Skjr Lark*. Yellow hammers. I have f'anoqu?'?, Java Sparrows, Starl^-ns, tli? K.M Moosw Parrot and green aro grey. I hive M eking Birds, R-d Wing Black Bird', R'*l Birds, Doves, aud BobnUnks; also Trained ?*irls. I'ric-? 25 cents to g.V< Cues o* a!l kinds f oni lo oont-" to ?!H,a; JOHN o'.mkar a S Bird Store, No .><?<> Pa^avenue, at the Capitol cat*. fe9-lm Firemen's insurance company or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ~ ..f-.>on,ooo. Oilet corn r C *tr?ct and Lomttionn at?., ortr Bank of Waikxatton. INSURE HOUSES ANlToTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dikkctobs. Geo. Shoemakar, Samuel Redforn, Samuel Cropioy, William Wiist?:i, Riohanl Jor.es, John D Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwoil, Thos. Parker, Riahard l>arry, B. B. French. I No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, Preeidont. Ab?L G. P^v:g.S*Hsretary. oo 10-006? AYER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA. No one remedy ib more needed in this oonatry than a rel a!>l* Alterative, t-.it the nok have neen I ?o ontrat sously cheated by the worthlen prepara I tioiido' Sampan la abroad, that thoy aredu*uited even witu the r.a e Yet the drug cannot tie t> wred for th* imposition* from which the* have (ufiVred. I m.?, ,.r I..,. - .uvrovmiou . . ityaiillM in m>iri?i ounUun 'ittle of the viitues of ?arsaparilla oc. any mm* else. They are mere slops? inert and worth less, wt.i a cos odntrate'l extract of the active variety of Sarsaparil.a compounded with Dock, Stii Itngis. Iodine, e'c., is, a* t ever wiil be, a powerful alterative* and an effeo'ual remedy, such la Aver's Extiaot of Srartaparilia.as its truly wonderful cure* 01 the great variety of oompiaint* which require an alterative mrdiriu*, rave aliundai.tiy howD. Do not therefore, riicoardthis ii.vali.&bl* inedio'ce, because you have been imposed upon by some'hiiig pre endin< to ix? Sarsapanlia, while it vm not. When you havi? usod a ysb's?tfcen. and not tili then, wil1 you know tho virtues of J?ar*apari'la. Kor minute pa-ticu.ar ? of the diseases it ourea, we refer you to A yer's American Almarao, which the arert bHow uauied wi.l furbish gratis to a 1 who call for it Arta's Cathartic Pn u?, for tbecureof Co*' tins?.<i, Jaundic, l)y>p*psia% Indifrxti.n, 1/yi'n (?ry. Foul Stomach. Kri,sip*la%f Hfaita *r, PtUs, f? k*%tn*nt i ?* ? A n * I .... .... . iro n j/itw-tmi Stomneh, Paix, or Morbid Inaction of thr l<cu>tls, Ftatulmry, Los* of App'titt, Livtr Comp.atnt, I Dropsy. Worm', Gout, Sevraifia, as a Dir.rm Pillf a.ld for Pur fivinf tM Jtlood t iie? are fug r com- d, ?o that the most aenaitive can tak* thcin pleaanr.ty, mid they are tho beat Aperio t in the w< rl<1 for ah ;iie pmpoaea of a family phisie. I hick 23 cents pkr Box; Five Boxb* lai ?' l>o not be pat off hy Hnprino'p'ed dealers with other preparation* which tney m*ke more profit - n urtn aad Avki:]?, and take no o'hers Th? want the b. si aid tliei e is for tiiC.u, and they should havo it. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR A CO., Lowell, M*'i . and auld by Druggist* and deaUra every where. . fe 18 eolm ~~ THE ONLY PBEPARATIOH worthy of UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE k PATRONAGB FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERG YMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in a I part* of ih" world testify to the efficacy of TROF 0. J WOOD'S IIAIK RESTORATIVE, andjtentlmnen of the Prrgg are unanimous in its praiae. A few testimonial* olIt omi be here riven *ro ei cuie.r for rooro.aad it will b? impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall Ht&eet, Nkw Vobk, Dec. 20. !SM. (imtUm'n: Your note of the iMh icst/int has beeu received, raying that too had heard that I had boon i*?ne|ited by lh? use of Wood's Hair Restorative, an ? re^uestinr in* certificate of the (act II J n?u Bootqaowon to give it. J award it tojou nhee fully, b?oaoM I think it duo. My ago u alioiit SO inn ; the color of my hair unburn, and inolin*d to ourl. fire or tiz yearn *iuoe it berau t> turn gray, an<1 th? eoalp on tuf otown of my h?*ad to lose its snneibi it* and landruff tn form upon it. haoh of these di garroeabi'ities increased with time, and about 4 months sipoo a fourth was addrd t them. l?y h%ir faflin* otf the top of my head andthroatoinng to make ine bald. lo this unpleasant predicament I wu indaoed to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the tallinc off of my hair, for I had really no expec'a tioa tnat sray hair oon!d over be restored to Its original color except from d?es. I was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot uei urny, u.ai not 01117 wan inn i?:ui[ or arrested, but the c<>lr.r wsi -estored to the jray hair* and eutibtiity to the ooalp &n<1 dandruff c*?ied to form on my head, veiy inuoh to the n ratification of ray wife, &t whose solicitation I was mduocd to try it For this, amonc the mary obligations I owe to her sex, I strongly reooinm"nd all nushande who vane the ad mi rati n of thHr wives to profit bt my example, and u*eitif growing gray or *et*ur f>a u. Very respectfully, Hrx A. Lavtkder. Bo O.J. Wood A. Co. 444 Broadway. N. V. y family are absent from the city, and 1 am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Plaoe. SlAXSTnM, Ala., July 2", 1859. To Phot. O J. Wook Dear sir?Your "Hair R* storfttivAn hil.1 (innA m* liiir 10 ii.nnh mf\r*A au.na i oominenoed th* u*? of it, that 1 ?ish to make known to the puMio <f its ffl ects onthe hair, whica are groat. A ru*r. or woman mar benearly deprived of hair, and bv a resort to your "Hair K^storaui e" the hair wi>l retard more beautiful than over; at least this is n:y expener.oe. Boi'ere it ail Yours truly, Wm. H. Kkkkiiy. P. 8.?Vou can publish the above if you like Py publishing in our Southern papers you w:ll sot m'>re patronage Soutn. I see aeveral of roar o?rtihcates 111 the Mobile Mercury, a atrong Soutni-rn paper. W. H. Hkskdt. WOOD'S HAIR RKSTORATIVK. Pxov. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Havinr had the misfortune to lose the best portion of my hair, fro;n the efffots of the yel.ow fever, in !>*ir Orient.s in 1 51,1 was influood to make a trial of jour preparation and found it to ar.swer as thn very toing ne>-ded. My hair is now thiok and (lossy, and no words oan express niv obligation* to tod in liviin to the afflieted auch atreasure Fislbt Johnson. The ReetorattTe i* put up in bottle* of three eiae*. tz: large, medium and email; the an.all hold haif * pint, and reta.il* for one dollar per bottle; the medium hold* at leaat 3D per oent. more in proportion than the amall,rrtaii* for ivo dollar* perb'-ttle; the large hold* a ?nart, 40 per cent more in pro?.nr tion, and retail* for 9' O. J. WOOD 4 CO-, Proprietor*, 444 Broad jr&y, New York, and 114 Market afreet, St. Louia Sold in thia e ty by C. 8TOTT, 373 Pa. arenas. an TT eoty.alw I^RENCH FLOWERBOF THE VE*Y BEST a tnalit). and aa extenaiT* variety. aA At BTKVhNB'B M.9WK. gtSX FANCY ?OOI*. TO SUIT THK TIMES, CLOTHING, &o. NMERCH.i>T TAILORiyO. EW FA LI. STYLES of CLOTHS. CASSI MEKS.AND VESTING8. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., S3? Pnnertvania Avenue, hare ju*t receive.! a large ranetv ol new Fall Good*, to wmch they invite the a'teatioc of their friend sand ouctntner*. au set/ GENTLEMEN'S V* re\DY-MADK clothing. Oir irtmt aaaortisent of gentlemen's readv -Made clothing < ff?n to citu^M and stranger* wishing an immediate oat fat ?up?nor mdu^omenU, embracing, at this tin?. all styles and aaahtiea of Drew and liusiness Gar nients and Overooats in all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under otothing of ail kind*. Kid and other Gloves of best tialitr. Scarf*. Ties. Cravau. Stocks, Hosiery, Ae., fco. All of whieh we are ?". r?K at ?ur ns"al low prioea. IL/~ Clothing made to or**er in the most superior roannrr. WALL. STEPHEN* * CO?, no 16-tf 328 P?, avenue. (.20 TO TIIK PEOPLES'Ci OTHINOSTOM K, No. 460 Seventh St.. to ret tonr n.llTII. ING- FIKNISHING GOAL'S, "HAW "aid CAPS. fegfiw W? . MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invito ?ior caatoniera.and oitixena tenerally, to an isap^o'ion of our presert new, at tractive, and elecant anortm^nt "f^M StyiH?. CAS8IMERK8. DOESKINS, WK VhSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. W which we Will make to order in auperior"-^" etjle at very low pnoee. WALL, 8TEPHFN8 A CO.. oo 25 tf 333 Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and loth ata. dr. j. h. mclean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE (JKEATJTSa iKt WORLD, jnffri mt? lift c#m]M5ejkdF office u?fT?<ii?i>: It Before taJuji|.^^^v^VfAftcr tak?Dgdwtillinr, prr^aeiar * rf?l:c;o?, itilarwiiif ?ptnt, And tfc* m??t iufitlibl* r?tn#iy'?* rtno?aunf :k? <mu?d ijiltn, atid roiannf titi alii. ??f inr.f, acd dakiUuiad lavtild W haa'lh aad atzanf l!?. McLEArrs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will *f*eta*lly ear* Liver Cwr.pUtnt, Dyaa*p*t*, handles, Chr*nic *rN?TTosi Debtn-.j, Dieersss oube Eidnevs, and ell disease* artstr. j trrm e dito-dered Liver *r _oc.*cb, Djepepsu, earibaru, Invard l-iiss, Aeidltv or Sickness e! Ue Stomach, rallnass ef B!;od tiis Hsad, Pall Pun *r Swimming in the Heed, Kslf'tauen rf the Keen, Fallnsss T Wsight In the Ru-iiac!;, Wncr Krwcuttone, Cb??irg or B*#scaur. j Fsehof ?hen i?*wn, Drynsts or VelieW. nees of the Skia and Eyes, iJig'.l flwer.ta, luw rd Fs'iri, Pain in the mail ef the Eack, Chest, or tide, SaddsD riashee e( Beat, Dsprsssiou of Spirits, Frigk-Jal Drsans, ks. f?sr, D*si?*nd?-.ejr or u; rsr?e*s dxeass, Borse m Blotches oo la* Skin, and F??sr and A( as (*r Ct.n a .d "T*f ) OTKR A MILLION BOTTLES kav* kten sold darirf U.e la*', sit raoaihs, and in a* In? ? nti Kai il MlaJ in fTfin# Ilin B?f iatmrfi??i k' vtll ?!?? fr?m Viunin or Dthilur vi'?n McLK&K'rf rr*.<Ci??T??mne cordlai. via car* 7*1? k* I'-r.fatff* can coet?t an ?<1*<;as'.* idoa of th* iicinodiat* at 4 al?o*t n-iracaloa* ehiu-.f* prodaeod by takinf t.',.j Cordis.) in lb* dlitasod, d?biii:<;*i, ?nd taau*r*4 tnr?*a? 1 Tlt*rr, vhalhtr brokto dowu br ticcu, **?t by natara, a> liaft'nd by alckntai, lh* r*':-nd aou ar.tiraor orgui aUaa U !*it?r*rt to it* yr.ttui* h?a!t'i and ?tgor JIARRIED rERSOTfSi t ojhan, imtUii of inability Iran ?L.t*??r caaa*. wlU ?od 3tcLXA.ni rrREMuriicniHa cohulau ? aorvaah rtrauaraior of U>? T?U'?: and all *hi n.a? ban in I lajad Ut?n>s?lT?? ky InfttMr iudj gancai *11] Lit la tilt | Cardial a aarwic and apaady rauaadj. TO THE LAMBS. MrLBAM'l l7KEK9TIENII(a CORDIAL la a H.ir In and apaady ear* far Inci plant Catiaaoiptiati, Whiiaa, I Uktiraiitd ar Dtfleall Mabiuaalioi,,: ncentinatica af Un ,? r In?alanur? Dia&barga lharaa', Falling af tba Womk, Clddicata, Falotlng, and all diaaaaaa mcidaut ta Famalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT a.fir u? laog ar. T?.ka it accardmg la diractiaoa. It arill I iliarhn, alrauglbaa, and inrigor-ua y?m anj eaaia it. a biaara af haalth la ruaaut yaar ehaak again. Krary kaula >a warrautad ta gira antu'-ctiar.. FOR CHILDREN If yaar children ara aiekly, par* ar aBic.ad, McLKAIft CORDIAL will maka ibam baaltiiy, f?t, and rakaai Dalay na'. a mamant; try it, and yaa will ka canrlnaad. It ia da CA UTION. Bi??r* of rtr?{fl?u <r liaalara arl.a im^ liy te palm T?? aar.-e tular or o* ro*pari!1a Ireah, which Lb a j cut ba? i ehe?p, l> )ui u find. Avoid each man. Aak far McLEaN'M 8TRENUTHEMNG COBXHAL, end l-.ka nothing eiaa. H io lit* eoly rei.iedy that Till lanft the Bleed mareaftilr and el Jie mis* tire* etfenfthen the ay'atr ta. Out letepaacfal taken a?ery naming faaflnj ta a certain ft oeenliea for Cbalaro, Cbitle *.d favor, Y eilow favor, oc HIT preealeat dieeeee. llupr.ip In Urge bculee. Price amy 31 par battle, or ? baltlea for fS. J H MtLEAN, Boia proprietor cf tf.ie Cordial; ilea, McLeao'a Volcanic Oil LiouxeiiC fr.ueipal Depot an lb* cortiat of Third and Pic* alraeUi *t. Loeia, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BUT LINIMENT INTNE WORLfV) The only eaie end certain care far Cancer*, Pilae, T?aaora, Swelling* er.i Dronchwe ar ^Goitre, Paranoia, Nee | [Kv T< ?uu?w VI iu? Uiiwvxi, ^uroitlt w I' [ r - ' I n : 10 r J Ktvamaaiian), Btifeoaa of tha Jo...u, Corrj-actad Mucin or fcifaroanta, Earaaha ar Tfreihicf.a, C.unti, BrriiM, Frith Cita, Waar.da, Clean, Fa?ar Born, Ctk(d !r?tiu Sort Nirplaa, Bsrct, Bctida, Bora Throat, or ui; iriammi: or u|e, no difaranea Sow inri or lotif iho diaaaaa may ba*a oxiitod, MckEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT n r ruin ramady. Thnoauida of haman balrfa ha*a boon aa?ad * lift of dta araritada and miaary by UM ' lh?a inoalaabla ramady. MrI.EAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will nliOT* pain alir.oat inatantanaoaaly, and it will clou, parify and baal tlx foalaat aoroa la on wcradihla abort Uma. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN*B CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tho ocly nh and rilitMl ramady for lb* cora of R pa Tin, Kinrhoni, Winagalla, Sf.iou, Unnataral Lamp*, Nodaa or ??..in/r?. It rt?or failad to ear* Big Hoad, Polla?il, Ftataln, Old Eaaninf Borat, or Swaany, if proparly af|U*d. For Ipn ni, Braiaaa, Beratcboa, Crack ad Raatt, Ck?, Saddla or Collar O^lla, Cata, Boroa, or Woanda, it ia an ir.fa'liHo ran.ady. Apply it aa dtractad and a car* ta carta la IB a*ary iaataoc*. ? l" '? "iaoy larniMi LlmntnU farad ta ywi. Obtain a a?pf It ?f D? Mt LEAN'S CJLLEEftATED LIlllAlEMT. It will cwa ?<*. J_H MrLKAN, Ma Prapriatrr, Coraar Third and Piaa aU., It. Loan, Ma. CRAKLM STOTT, ITS Pl ir.,a*la uant in Waitun tan : R. S. T. ClaiaEL ,Q..,c.f wa ^ X-DAWl/ FOR STAMnne rr,^^' A I'ACKIlT OP TAPEK ^ _ I AND KNVKLOFK8 I NO i TO MATCH. I CHARGE! metropolitan BOOKSTORE. PHI LP at SOLOMONS, jtiinl) for Laurent*'* eiltbrnttd Lt**n Par*r$, "Mttreyo'itrm Mills," |rM #r. ae V. \j 33'i Pv IT. l>?t. 9tl and I nth ?ta. 1 : 1 DIARIES. 10/?i io?i . ? lOOl Lommnce the Year ttntk a Diary. A va!n*l>le Pooket Companion for registering vents put. lesent. and fntnr-; ooutaini?g|rat*s of postage, afrr.ar.ao, a I.lank spaa fir mew. randa far t*very day in the jear, cadi aoo-.unt lor eao.i mon'h, annua! mmmary of cash account btiia pa?a!n? and reoeivable. Don't be Without one c i these useful little souvenir* The ? < st onnplete, elersnt. and desirableastwi tmei.t ever ??ued. comprising twelve sizm and up?ard? of fifty styles, at S*HILLINOTON't* tt.-oksUue, Odeon Bunding, corner of ??% street and de2n Peiin avonue. WATCHRP.PATKINO*fD^LVK? WiKB I hare one of the hMt eatabliehmenta. and far niahed with a complete art of toola lor repair Iv ibk every dewiption of fine Watonea, auJ particular attention give to tlie tame by aAU thorough competent workinaajUKl a work guarantied ?Aj'0. every deacrip ion of b:andard 811.VKR WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own auperviaton. whieli my cummer* will find for upenor in fttaliiy and ftniah to northera ware eold by dealers in general and rearweented a* their own manufacture H. O HOOD, nvfnHfl. at, gCHOOL AND COLLK0K OUTFIT?. Ycutks' amd Bov^ClotKxn^ for SrKool mnd I for tu? oouuiic i?*ioa, ar* invitod t<> x?niio? oar gaSsawFr5? S*n7 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. * i m i Vkia uwMgI riBtlj tu N?vi JwoJ >M ?ic:af ? grmter variety ?f id*t ?Om rwihM Ami on tx ?u4 ! Mr *Ui?r-ia rabiiaM Fniaj n.>roiB(. mi iai^t Hinci* oopy, par rnia. ? #! ? yivanf.OM 4 VS Tn oopiM. - m Twenty ? ve oopiM *> ?r It tnvaaahly contain* tb? " Waahmr** Ptov*" that bat ma4? TU Dmtlt Xmmi Star airaaiai* . M Kaoeratly Ureac koat tb? aoantry. R^8iTv-*oofie?(lB wrawen) caa t* prooara* at tbaeouatar, Immediate y after IIm imb?*( Ut mhum cents TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALT'M^?Kw^B.j,K?>lfe?qAp. changk op hours. Od And Alter SUNDAY, N.tmImSKA, 1MB.U* trains wih run m follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Pirat tnun at?Jn a. m. maaabit ? Third train at S.10 p. m., Expraaa. Fourth train at 6 r m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First trtun at 416 a. m., Expraaa. t^aoond train at 8J6 a. m Third at S.10*. m. Fourth at Un p. m., Kxiraea. The first, aoonnd and V ;rd train* from Waati i of ton coimeot through* o Philadelphia and Now York. The aooond and third oopnact at Washiafton J n notion with traraa for th* VVaat, South, and Northweat; aiao, at Annapolia JiMtMa, for An napoha. For Norlolk tahatha t ?n a. m. tmla. For th* aoc.'?un'>oatu?n of Um wa? trarol ba twaon Waahiicto* and Laurel. a >am??ir aar will ba attaohad to the tonaage train whioh laavaa at 11 a m. fin H*tor?la.? *haa?a ? ? ??? - phi* only. " *" "" * no *-& T. H PARSON^ Ay?t DENTISTRY. D,R$. I OCKWOODu* DARREI.L ARE PRF.pvtd to insert TfcKTHon VULCAN-xm^ ITR BASK, a new and improved mod*S4SS When made on this pianthey ?'? som ^AUD fortable to wear and much cheaper than any other Also. Te*th inserted on Gold Flat*, and all Dental operations of any kind that may be desired Office Room No i. in the Washington Baildmg.eorner Pa av. aad Seventh St. ja ?0 M~~ TEETH. LOOM 18, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the JUINTKAL PLATK TEETH. at-, S . t-uda peraonaJly at hia < IT) e in thia eityfttJSnB? Many persona can wear tfceee teeth who^^TTlJ cannot w?r others, and do person oar, wear other a who cannot wear these. Piraeus railing at my oWo? ?ao be accommodated with any atyle and priee ef Teeth they may deeir*. but to those who are particular and wish the pamet, cleaned, strougeat, and moat ?<-TOot denture thai art can produee, the MINERAL PLATE will ba more fully warranted. Rooms in thia citr?No. 330 Pa.areoee. hetweeo 9th and 10th ate. Aleo, 90T Arch atraai, l?hliade. Nua n? i? ir EDUCATIONAL. T female education. HOSE 1'a.rent' vho wish their daughters to r? ceive a thorough and systematic MluoMion, wh*r? tiieir physical training viil rHeirtdult and speoial attention, uridor the igost approved svstem oiCiiiitffenio" and GrmnuUrt. are respectfully invited tn visit the Union Female Aaadeny, corner roar teenth st. and New York av. | MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*, auSMf Principals. 17EMALK BOARDING AND DAY klHOOL r ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICR, Pamcirai. The thirteenth annual session of tais InstAut, r Wllj commence on Tueedar. Sfitomh?r istK .? bl ST,V-Ur The oourae of etudy yirntd will eorapriee all the branohea requisite to * thoro??h Enaiiah Education, and Muuo, French, Latin and Drawing. ii Mini In addition to day aaholara. Mra. MoCormiok la Prepared to receive a limited number of uuaiia u boardera, who. oonstttuting a part of her own /km >'y. will be utd^- her immediate care and mpem son. Mie will endeavor, ai lar aa possible to tar round them with the oom>orU and kindly iniaecoet oi Home. *</>r?*e?s.-Rev. G#o.,H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kliaa feEsasEses? Tun. Board, with Tuition in a/1 the Enaiiah Branohea #anri for the annual aeaaioo?payable aemi -ai.tua.ly tu am vauico. Mntio and Langcacti at Profeeeora' prio*? f[7" No extra charge*. aa M-tf #Cuf Coutk, Coid, Hmtimmi. ImJhttnta. any Irrttaiim ?r Sort Ml of (*< nrMl, Rtluri tk? Harlnnt Ctmtk m Cmntmr t in, # Catarrh, Clear mmd fir* strength 10 tk* rout tf PUBLIC HP KA K ER8 and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importai?oe of cbeokini a Conch or "Common Cold1' la itc first itais, IMt winch in the begmin^ would ?ie!d to araila reme df. if neclcctad-imn. ?? ??*. ?? - ?- - " D- ' Brontkiil Trotitt,'" contain: >? d ?wuIeo?ttaare<Iente, allay Pulmonary and B >cohia1 Irritation. j "That trouble in uy Throat, (for BROWN'S vhioh the ~'J\-eck*t" area ap*c.fie) having mad* rue t fU>c a rnera whu TKOCEKS r?rr* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 reoompend tbair ?M to PrBLic TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great eervioe in uubduiug hotiilbrown"? rev. Daniel wise. tdiipul-u ** Aiirout mutant relief is the diufKULtit. trw*?M>e labor of breathing peculiar BROWN'S 10 A. C. EG6LE8TON. TROCHES " Co.itmiB no n?i?? m ?#s. iui?rio??." DR. A. A. HAVKS. BRO VN N 8 Clumttt, Bono*. TROCHES tooflVr't&rmaf. fir* omuBROWN'S DE* ^ BI6KLgW^ TROCHES " BeMEoiaUn Bbowc^TM/' BROWN'S Swmb. I 1 h%re ?roT??l then ?zo*liMt for TROCHES WporFinii Cowh." REV. ft. W. WARREN. BROWN'S jNM*. ::r" -^"RSKL" TRocnss BROWN'S' wiS Sruixu iad Bum" TROCHE? "*>"* M.STACY JOHNSON^ BROWN* TROCHES u?rMt b*Mlt vim tpk?a bmton ariri aft#r pra*cr cc. m th?y ?r?r*ri BROWN'S HmrmM. Fromtk?r ?ule|M(. i Ui.rk t&*y vi., b?oTp*'m*l*Et v: TROCHES! torn?. ' BROWN'S PrwidentofAu2^^5i>eeAteee. oc"ra!f?wrftt?smftca"<to 1 If . 'I'nii Aijii DtrriviDni inmcn. TRIKHKMAR.l J ud S-ProtMtid br Royal Letter# Patent of Baslarid. at a poured by the Seals of the koole de Purmtcit de Pftia. Mi the Imperial CoIIm*of Medisine. Vim* No. 1 is mvaluable for exhaaetios and nttorrhw, and alt phyaica. dieabiliMea. No.2ooraeteeety aradiaatea all traoee of thoee dieeaaea that have beea hitherto treated by the aaa aeoaaand penuci. nee of ?oeaiva and oabefce. No. S haa entirely supp.actad the injarioaa sea of merourr, inaanai to the eaJTerar speedy re lef, dispersing all imparities, and rooting oa the venom of diseaaa. TRlEtiK HAS, No*. 1, J and ?. are prepared la the form of a ioaeofa. devoid of taste aatf easel' and oan beca."i?*i it U?e waistcoat poekeC * < .d IS tic eaaee. ar r ei Tided into separate doeea, aa ad miLiiirrnu vj tifwn, LWKBMI) ? ? , &0. Prioa #3 rftoh. or Ion Nwfor 99. wtu?h MT?W #3; and IB f*T OHM, VkM^T UMT* ! k M* ins of #9. To ba taU, vMMBteMd retail, of Dr. HARROW.of IK B,tmk?T *r#?U New York. Immediately on raeemnca ramittanoa, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnninr to My part of the *nri, aacarely packed, aad addreaaac aeaordin* totta la?(j dati ni a| thf vritef. The Book, of all other*, that ahoald be mad by mm with damac ed aad broken down c ?Oftfaaf it "Hum?r Frailty, ot Phr?>oioi ioal Kmarak? It ta beautiful:? iliaatrated. and treats ? aataty of aJI th? ami Ami tK^t mv?rMM? iaaalm *L*? cveq. oocor ar later. rMilbci frvot Um Kaifcte* and vitiatinc habita or eaH? raatt, the victor from (baring the p-aitioa or m Mtri menial state, and. if not checked u> time. dMMMTMini all t fiirttini m Mikmid. M>d Mmmi blip, Heebj toa UncertRfaai aatuaeif death. So.d t>? T)r ''Ah ROW,) 94 Bleecker at e??tt l?nr doora b^low Mwlottgal, N? Yort. Prio* ? oaota. Scat fraa every vbera. Rold a'.ao bj 1 C. Fori, Jr., Drag Mora, W#?h tfoa. P C. 4*9 CJILK KOBKS. MOUfMIN JtOjBKS, LAWN ? KOBKB, MKRAGK ROBKft. Waara aailiac at half tWr ariftaaJ artaa A other |uod? of arerv da?er p.ioa wear* *tlleei Jag * > dtMrtawit. " " '***" " "" " TULIIM HVTC1iwr>N I? t >w A NEW lAtT or HP1IN8 HiTm MWt i Xugrffiipj/r mi*uytnUw i