9 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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# ; / ? . / V?. XVII. i WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 9. 1861. N?. 2.513 I THE DAILY EVENING STAR 1 u TUBUSHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cm mi- ?/"Ffin*ylvMMim and llNk #1., v w_ n. wiiJ.trn. ww w ww ? ? ? ? ? Pm^rt iwtwI to paokacee by carriers at < a Jwr. or 17 08tu per month. To mail anbeorlbara thft pnoe ia 93.W a year, m a/irawc*; %i for ail (nonthe; 91 for three mouths; and for leaa than throe moot.* j at tae rate of 12 oenta a week. 8ini le oytee, o-.a cants ia wrappfta, two ckits. HJ~ A.rvu:ng<MT? soonld be aent to the oflce beforj 12 o'ciook m.; otherwise they mar not appear ant*l the next day. * Visit ef Geaeral Beaaregard te the Charles* tea Fertlficatleaa? Fort Sumter. On Monday last Brigadier-General Beauregard. the newly appointed commander of the Ptate forces in Charleston harbor, visited, in company with Governor Pickens and his Aids, Yort Johnson, Cumming's Point and the Morris Island battery. The Courier, in noticing the visit, says: " Gen. Beauregard was very much struck with the great amount of work that had been /ifinA ftnr) ff?n*n1 nPAtrroaa tnH itronvt^ r?f ww *-w www gwuvi <?i 1'ivgl vuu WUV* Oil V Kg Hi V* the fortifications. They did sot visit Fort Moultrie, but Gen. Beauregard expressed per* feet confidence that Fort Sumter could be reduced. and that it was a question only of time." The formidable character of the undertaking may be well gathered from the following graphic grouping of the "obstacles" to success hj the Charleston ?nrrMpoad?al of the New Orleans Delta, who writes on the 26th ultimo: Very few, I apprehend, realise to their full extent the almost insurmountable difficulties which lie in the way of the reduction of its maesive granite walls. In truth, with an adequate garrison, it can hardly be doubted that the fort would be altogether impregnable to aujr ivrco ujit me owie 01 ooaifl W0I1D1 would bo able to bring against it. Even with the eighty-six men who now constitute the garrison to oppose them. I doubt whether there are many volunteer armies in the world that would not quail when brought face to face with the terrible fact that those towering ^ parapets have to be carried by assault at the point of the bayonet. For the benefit of those 'who have sever seen the position which the Fort occupies in the harbor of Charleston, I will recapitulate briefly some of the circumstances which combine to give it so formidable a character. Fori Sumter is a perfectly isolated work, the nearest point of land being three quarters of a mile distant. Its walls, which are built of stone, brick, and concrete, rise abruptly from the waters of the harbor, to the height of sixty feet. The faces of the walls are pierced with two tiers of heavy casemate guns, while a third tier, eu barbette, may be seen with their black muzzles peering jealously from the top of the parapet. The first great difficulty that stares us in the face is that to take these walla?unapproachable by land?we haTo no nary. Storming parties then would have to approach the witlls either in steamboats or row bouts for a distance of full three quarters of a mile under the fire of -hell-. red hut anlifi ahot and >r>na ? , ? V-K"Bat, suppling this ordeal pas.-ed, and that the assailants have reached in safety the foot of the walls. Amid the unpleasant concomitant* of showers of hand grenades and volleys of musketry they must elevate their ladders, which, being more than seventy feet long, nut necessarily be very heavy and very unwieldv. Now comcs another and very serious trouble. Where are they to plant their scaling ladders * The water adjacent to the walls is too deep, and, to prevent all chance of the ladders being hooked on to the edge of the parapet, Major Anderson has cunningly had his , men at work sloping off the edge of the ma* ?onry. and removing every ledge of oruamen tal brickwork which might expedite the pro, .ee*s of fixing the ladders. Thus you see the . only chance ia to have the boats or rafia, upon ] which the storming parties approach, or sufr ftcient strength and solidity to sustain the foot f the ladders while the men ascend. How " fir it is likely that sach a solid structure could be brought uninjured under tho walls, after baring passed the discharge* of the eight-inch eolumbiads in the casemates, I leave you to are onlj a portion of the discouraging I facta which render the assault of Fort Suuitcr a rather serious matter. I have detailed them ' merely to explain why it has been necessary that the preparations should hare been correspondingly elaborate. The annals of warfare present few instances where so formidable post has fallen before meaas of attack so entirely inadequate. And yet I believe that . the impetuous valor of the Palmetto regiments , will atone for every deficiency, and that the Federal flag will not fl<>at much longer over 1, the bulwark of our harbor. iHeanwbvie X may mention the great point ; Which the State has gained. Notwithstanding i - the blustering of the abolition papers at the Id Worth. which pretend to believe the oontrary, I it is now utterly impossible to reinforce Ma^or Anderson's garrison without a fight, in whioh Cncle Sam would be pretty oertain to get worsted. The ships or boats which bring reinforcement* will hare to run the gauntlet of line of batteries which are certain to sink wen the largest ship. If an attompt should to Made to send the reinforcements by lend, Jfcen we shall have a pitched battle, and the .totwery of men defending their homes and Presides will be tested acainat the grim and Mis charge of Soott's disciplined Hirelings. . . / Ccriocs Fcgitiv* Slav* Cask?Mar Mals Outwitted?On Monday evening citisens in the vicinity of Third and South street* were alarmed bj hearing loud noises in t! t < wards U the rear of their dwellings. They Jvcorered two men scaling fences and otherBf|. vise demeaning themselves in a very erratio ai, and inexplicable manner. A gentleman of that jtiAietrfct, who had been thus awakened from sound sleep into visions of burglary and mur der. seised a musket and drew sight upon the intruder The latter oalled out that they wera not thievee, but United States marshals on the trsck of oertain English housebreakers. The musketeer thereupon descended to th?j yard, awlwu made acquainted with the following * fins: A confidential female servant in the ??Easily of a gentleman of Washington, D. C.. roaently escaped from her owners, and was reT<?GP(vad into toe family of a oertain high constable ot this city. The woman was said to be Marly white, of some personal attractiveness, Ad intelligent beyond her raea. She dwelt the high oonstable as aforesaid until llonat boob, when a neighbor. Mnlont that igBPud been a slave, appeared at the boose to apt* b?r that the m*r*bals were upon her track. She wu forthwith removed to Third agMoath streets, and afterward* to a remote S*mft of the State. The marshal* had assumed ^ ikreeapture of this woman aa the crowning iS|Roii of their term of administration. HavT^ig traoed her to Third and South streets, iter imagined no difioulty in the labor of the | might, but extraordinary vigilanoe upon the rftrt of the slave frustrated any attempt upon fier freedom ? Philadelphia Prist, March 6. Revolts or Cokvicts ?On Monday, 11th %l(., the eonviots in the Chatham prison (Kng ** laid,) numbering 1,1M men, suooeeded in overJrering their keepers, and for a few heurs I undisputed swav. Upon being orderad return to work after dinner, they turned tt their keepers in the yard, whom they i overpowered and drove before them, er rancs of oonviets then Joined the muti ?Oft?rr and th? keepers on duty, to the number ita*Wiboat on? hundred and fifty were driven oit 4? tb? prison by the infuriated oonvieU The tefc aiUoMn in the sella wore then liberated. *nd * iaeeae of the utmeet confusion ensued. After gaining their liberty, theouorieU immediately teniae need i wM?*le work of deetraotion in WDifce interior of the prieon. A large number of ie .L.J I.U (Km nftn. nt *.n> D?_.M i* ^* > 11 iwwi ?"w v? * VNUII, we*ers they oommenced destroying the booki Vaad pip?ri. and every other available article m which they oould lay their hands?deaka, trtlir chaira and everything which eould be Mea np being qatchly destroyed. They then | todeavored to eel the priaoo on lire, and the 4?A0iiaK wae actually Bred ia two e< three ( fjfupa. from which the flamea began to pour j *?* 'PA, bat were extinguished from the oataide. faMfeatioa of the revolt was sent to the gar,Hhb. and one ihuaanad treope were toon en the ground The eonricte were driven into ? their eel la at the point of the bayonet, and S. .fljler o?ee mere restored. The next day, "Mordared on abotjt uinety of tfe wv m_ _ a _ _ ? _ tr a a _ m W a v? n*ituie &uiib| la r lanaa. The folio wine is an account of the tragedy which occurred in Sumter eounty, Fla.. on the 13th ult.: "The Rev. George Andrews, of the M. E. Church, killed two men and woanded two others. He was accused of seducing a young girl 14 or 15 years of age. a relative, living at his nouse at toe time, lie was rurtner accused or severely whipping the voung girl, and acknowledged as much to the cituens. For these misdeeds a summons was issued for him to appear at the Court House, at Sumterville. before the people, on Saturday, the 16th inst. Having heard of this, and of the Darties who were to serve the summons, Messrs. McLendon and Lang, he proceeded to tho house of the former and took dinner with the family. After dinner, they went to the workshop. Andrews asked MoLendon for the loan of his horse, to go to Adamsville, which was granted. He had in his possession one double-barreled Kn, one yager rifle, two repeaters, and two wie-knives. While the horse was being caught, a conversation arose about him (Andrews) being summoned before the Regulators. Whereupon Mr. Lang said, "Yes, Sir; and here i* the summons for you." During this conversation, McLendon was mending a pair of shoes. Immediately after Lang's answer, Andrews leveled his gun at McLondon, shot him in tho side, and killed him instantly. Turning u? i i~.1 L:. iuuuu tjuiiftij, IIC IUVVICU ins gun u? PUWI Lang with tha other barrel. Lang knocked ap the gun, and received the load in the pslm of his right hand. Lang then picked up Andrews' yager to shoot him (Andrews.) but could not cock it on account of his shattered handHe threw down the gun, and ran. As he ran, Andrews shot him through the left wrist with a repeater A Mr. Hyatt, in the shop at the time, picked up the yager, ran off about thirty yards, and leveled it at Andrews, but the lat ter was too quick, and shot Hyatt with his repeater, grazing him on the shoulder. Hyatt shot, but missed. Hereupon, Andrews took after Lang, and pursued him 200 yards. Not being able to overtake him, he returned to the shop, reloaded his guns, and proceeded over to Mr. Condray's, about one mile distant. At Condray's gate, Andrews met Dr. Mcllenry, whom he told he was tired and very thirsty, and wanted a drink of water Stepping inside the yard, and seeing Mr. Contfray talking to a negro boy, be observed, "I h?ve commenced my work, and right here I intend to finish it." Whereupon tie leveled bis gun and shot Condray through the bowels, who only lived abouWfour hours. The Rev. Mr. Parker being present, seised the wretch from behind, and held him fast until McHenry came to hid assistance. As the Dr. caught hold of Andrews the latter presented his gun at the Doctor's breast, who warded it off. and the load went into the ground. He was then tied and conined until next morning, under strict guard. The news having been circulated in the neighborhood, a large number of citisens assembled at Condray's house. After due deliberation, he was adjudged to be worthy of being hanged, and about 12 o'clock m . he was hanged accordingly. sixty or seventy citizens of the country signing his death warrant. There was not a dissenting voice on the ground. The last words of this hardened wretch were, 'I am only sorry that I did not kill three ?r four more.'" Ik tbk autum.x os 1847, a venerable old gentleman. bald, with thin silvery locks falling smoothly round his head, sat in a box of the old Park Theater, accompanied by two young ladies. The first act wiu over, and barely had the drop curtain touched the stage,when a gentleman arose in a box a little way off from where the venerable man sat, and in a loud voice shouted: " Ladies and gentlemen, I announce to you tho presence of Mod. John Quincy Adams, ex-President of the United States." Instantaneously the audience arose, and three hearty oheers greeted the patriot, statesman. and sage. At the instant, too, the orchestra ceased their usual theater airs, and gave in glorious style, "Hail Columbia." "Yankee Doodle." and the "Star Spangled Banner," in rapid succession. The audience remained standing until the last note had died away. These demonstrations were roceived with that serene modesty which ever dwells with true greatness?by a low. graceful bow, and without the utterance of a responsive word. The cxPrcsident sat out the whole play. The next session of Congress witnessed the close of his memorable-life. N?w ?se for Photographs.?A Western correspondent speaks of having seen "season passes and "commutation tickets" on the Chioago and Milwaukee railroad, bearing the photograph of the person to whom they are issued. This is a capital idea These photographs are now furnished, about the size of a postage stamp, at the rate of from thirty to one hundred for a dollar, alreadv summed: and when the applicant wants a pass, or commutation ticket, he incloses his photograph, which being placed upon the card when issued, enables the oonduetor to tee at a glance whether the ticket in being preeented by the original, or, as is too often tne case, by some one who has borrowed | it. By adopting this plan the railway companies will enabla the conductors to enforce the following rule, always printed upon parses, but heretofore a dead letter: " If presented by any other person than the individual named thereon, the conductor will take up this ticket and eoilect fare."?American Railway Review. The Jews, it is said, have not preserved everywhere the primitive color. In the northern countries of Europe they are white; in <Jermanv many of them have red beards; in Portugal they are tawny. In the province of Cochia China, where a number of them have settled, they have black skins, though they do not eontraot marriages with foreigners. Pritohard says that there is also at Mattacheri a oplony of whit* Jews; and lastly there are black Jews dwelling in Africa, is the Kingdom of Haousaa. Thus great varieties of color have been produced among these people during eighteen centuries, but no change has oocurred in their cast of feature, habits, or ideas. Under a black skin or a white, (observes General Daumas.) in Soudan, ia the Sahara, or the seaooact towns, everywh*r? Jft? hnro the nam* inatinntj iml th? two-fold aptitude for language and commerce. | The Navigation of tbs Mississippi.?'The act passed by the Montgomery Convention entitled ''Ad act to declare and eatabllah tbe free navigation of tbe Mississippi river," establishes tbe free navigation of the Mississippi to the citizens of any of tbe Statee upon tbe borders of upon Its tributaries, but prohibits, under heavy penalties, tbe disposal at any point of any portion of their cargoes. If tt Is desired to enter tbe goods at any port upon the river within the limits of tbe Confederate State*, the p.lvilege is granted under certain forma. Vessels anlviug at the flrst port of entry In tbe Confederate States having on board gooda subject to tbe payment of duties, are rrqared to deposit with tbe Collector a manifest of tne cargo, and said Collecter may, if be thlnka It necessary, place an lnapector on the vessel to accompany her to the flrst port of entry to which her <^argo may be consigned A failure to furnish tbe manifesto or to receive tbe inspector it to be vlilted with a penalty of Ave hundred dollar*. IP- Dr. Malllier states that he hu cured a baker, horribly burned by tbe fire of the oveu, by k<<epl?K him io a bath of cold wat-r, In the open air, during eighteen hours roayacntlvely Tbe temperature of the bath waa kept vary low by the fr.quent addition at water from a well Tbe pitirt fel' no pain from tbe time of hla 1 unmoral oa; when removed from tha bath all trace of the hnrtis had disappeared, and bo waa able to be at wo'k again la Mve days after tbe occurrence at tbe accldaot. a* OvaaiEsa Killed ih Akamai ? Laat Tueadair u owumi an the nlaatatlan i f W <r> n Finney, in Drew county, Ark , while attempting to chnatlae a refractorr negro, w?? murdered bf i tie ?L?v?, who turnej upon bin and^ with a club, i arretted wd ootwiaUM to *b? MoqUcvlio j*4. MISCELLANEOUS. C DINNER PARTIES. IT1ZENS And Sojourners in Washington arc respectfully reminded that the subscriber is prer.H tn r?n..l. r? I V M IS 0 fVTtDTi^lU r?? *y ?*i iiirii A/ i 11 u % ctii inniaiti' MENT8, for any number of gentlemen, in a (trie equal to that of any similar establishment m the United States. and on very moderate terms. His suites of Parlors and Dining-rooms for the accommodation of i>inner and Sapper Parties, his Table arrangements. Cooks, Servants, Ac., are unsurpassed: as well as his Wines, whiob enjoy mush celebrity. He respectfully asks a continuance of the patronage of the pubiio heretofore so liberally bestowed upon him, and pledges his best exertions to give entire satisfaction. fell lm C OAUT1ER. /0\ The old established PAWN OF- /0\ X A"ICE, former.y on Penr, avenue.JLwJL V ?between 3d and cts., has lately ? ? been removed to 3A C st? between 4X and 6.h su? baok of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 10,000 to oe loaned in small nmi on bold and Silver V* atches. Jewelry, and *11 other artioles of value. Bn?ine*s striotly and confidentially done. Don't forcet to cal) at No. 351 C St., between 4H and 6th sts. fe27-3m 1. HF.RZBERG. D REMOVAL. R. MUNSON Has removed his Office to No. 304 Pennsylvania avenue, neat door west^^i^ of Ellis'a Music Store. mMSSf fe 5 eo ?1 Ji f ADIES THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid l_i Morocoo, Goats Skin, Lastings, Buttoned, I.aoed and Velvet Trimmed. ^Hl Also Misses Boots < f the SMI*Style*,arts ml spllinc from 50 oents to 91. per pair, lower* vQk tian elsewhere in the ?uy. at J.ROSENTHAL'S. No. 16 Market Space ra. av. bet. Pth and 9th streets. White Kid Slippers, with and without heels. ja 2-*o JOHN F. EI. LIS, SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND RENT CHICKERING ARSONS' PIANOS, 306 Pe.nna. Avknub. Between 9th and Streets, ma 2 North Side. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EM RICH- at the corner of Pf nn.? A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenvcaAV greatly improved recently and now offers greater induoemenu for tbe patronage of oitlcens ftod Btr&niflri t hn.it an? nth?r nuKlin Kam.a in city, bis pricea being leaa than fhoae of any other hotel on Penu. avenue, and hia accommodations For permauent or transient hoarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangementa of tha guropean Hotel have already become very piipu r-bt inp all that can l?e deoired l<y the moat fastidioua. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to gi ve satisfaction to all, and thus rcnewa hia invitation ?* all to give the Ktm>pean Hotel a call. de? ti JlT8T RECEIVED AT FRENCH ft RI<'H STEIN. siT8 I'enn.avenue. Washington. "'The Pickwicg Papers."' b?ing the hrat of the elegant househould *-?iition ?>f the works of Charles Diekena; illuniated by T. O. C. Darley and John Gilbert. Riverside pr<e>a. Call and examine them. Also, a now supply of Darley'a Illustrated Cow per, the Gnest edition published. fe 1 GAUTIER'S RESTAURANT. C5l)JOUR N ERS In Washington are reapectfuily informed tnat GAUTIER'S R ESTAU- A . . A RANT, on I'a. averue, between 12th aud VcTHk 13th streets, is one of the completeat, JfiJKELjl ino?t elegant and agreeable estab 'i aliments of its kind in tlie Unitad States, b?i g at al1 times provided with the bent to 'e obtained in the marketa of all the largo cities, forwarded to him regnlariy b\ exoreoN. Hia nrin^i ar? moHarata *u. - 0"miL.oilatiou? to furnish Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and huppera to gentlemen rooming out, are unequalled by any other* inthiaoity. He addreaaea this notice especially to strancers, as all oiusena and frequenter* of Washington know w<ll the superiority of hia house. He is prepared to accommodate to their entire aatisfootion any nnmoer o 1 gentlemen who dtair" to take their Mt?aa away from where they Indie. fe 11-lm THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 4300,000. lnaurea Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, fco , a<ainst lou or damage by fixe. HEATH ft KNOWLKS, Agents, Office?Room 16 over Hank of Washington. J a. Id FD. L. MORRISON ft CO.. LOUR AND GENF.RAL CO&MWSION MERCHANTS, ADrt wiiolewvie dealer* in MILL FBKD, CORX MEAL, fe., #e., Corner of 12th and H streets, Washington oity. try Cash paid for all Irinds of grain, au JS 6m T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, ho. W1ur$&9% At the present season o the jmt CHOLERA MORBUS. ^ CHOL1C, DYSENTERY, DYSPF/PSIA. DEBILITY, &o., ton rerail to an alarminj extent: Andwkmws, , , , It mimt be of the FIRST nOVSKOIlPMP* rtonM D1'.'MON^RDL, I O* ufferiW' 1paCULOU8 PAIN KILLER 1 I EMBgfU\,W?'?^tAU,T,l In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC . . that no imyoaition is intended in the Bale of toll Sreat Medicine, ' WILL HE REFUNDED m all casu when the medioine (aili to give entire aatiafaotio MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. J take aa directed, end if not perfectly aatianed Ret?mtooarArHntS| AQir ^ 4K Street and PennsjIv&nia'ATenue, who will refund your money. Prioe? 9ft and ftO CenU per Bottle. For sale at all Drug Storea everywhere. jAS. McDONNELL, General Agent, Jytl-eotr Baltimore. nTOPHAM'S gOTa PREMIUM TRUNK QLlD MANUFACTORY, 499 Sivinth Street, Washington, D. C. Silver Medal awarded,hy Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, lfieo Also, Medal bj Me'ropoliUnMeehanioe'Institute. ? Mnin?u?n' V. lMT- 1 I .TnA alwM" ? ?* on h>ud' 1 I ?* rafffiSt SffiSfc very d?.rif U?m of I I Fin* 9ol? 1 ''""lisrri*-.. , examine my ?tocfc_ before purohaaing el ae where Trunks that are made ia o;her ottie*. Superior Leather and Lrreaa Trunka made to or<*er. . , Trunka oovered and reaaired at ahort notioe. Goods delivered free of charge to anyfpart of tlie eity. Georgetown, and Alexandria. Jaa^lyeo JAMK8 S.TOPHA.M. ROUGHS, COLD^HOAR8KNE88, Ac. UP OPOUM ARABIC. pleasant and popular Couch Remedy haa been eo long known and extonatve need, that moat pereona have beoome familiar vith ita extra* ordinary rffioaoy. It oan he had at all the principal drat stores at 35 and 50 oentg a bottle. ?e c?s ^"4L-H.,fSiXANA t i inform his friends and the .ppiTiodKu f- -i ( nsnuiy inn nr> oh itiao ?sa ay in a superior manner the RmUirut at the aoutheaet oomar of . tnn. ar?uM and Sixth atreet He will at ail time* bo gafitesfiflM dehoaeioa of the eeaaon. fe 4-lm Kf ON KPR1CB ONLY! CARRIAGE FACTORIES.

WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. I " D Strut, Bttmm 9tk and 1014 Struts, J We havo just finished a number of ftrst-olOM CARRIAGES, raoh as Light Wturns, Park Pktatant. Family Car-1 rimn s, and Burgxtt, whioh we will sell it* * n ft to-? email profit. o B?nf proctiaal mechanics in different branches of tke business, we flatter onrselrea that we know 4 the ityles and ? oahty of work that will fire satis I faefcon, combining lightness, oomfort and dnrabtli ktvaidnc promptly and carefully attended to [ Ikt IhorM nnlin? Ann m"*' - * _ w_AT?K_i: : Cotohmtkers, auoooaaora to Wm. T. Hook. * 5IK SibMribw Awla* ^iad* additional* kl |j yasBsy $ssz re ? mwtiMtann| CAR RIAOE & WA90N9 of nllkinda o&nnot t>e aurpMied, tnd 6on> kia lone axjonaoflf in tka buineu, ka L?h> j i ciTOiraenl patisf^ction. I Allk?daofC*rn*c?*andLlgkt Wa**nak?ft*s ] ^AtlJLgAIRS KMtir <*M,u4all V?rl e Caooid-knad Garrlncoa takan in tcikuct (or m 1 AM DREW jTTOYCE, ,, 4 lft-tf Mrur of Uta u4 K at*. J> Wood and Coal. j G ALTS' CUT STEAK FIREWOOD DILLS AND COAL DEPOT, Foot of HKvxnTKKNTH Stkkbt, Below War Drpartmint. * 4 ID" WOOD AND COAL of all kind*. Wood prepared to suit the vanti of each customer, or delivered oord length. Jiy Coal kfpt in Cnal Houses, delivered free from slate,dirt,and other impurities. Personal attention given to all orders. felMf T. J. A W. M. OA l,T. J |> I K 1 > BIRDS FOR 8ALK.-I have just re- f 13 ctired a splendid assortmentof Birds from?Kj? f Kiiroie. of German Cana-ies, Knglish B'acki??> 1 Birds, Thrusher, Bull Finches, Gold Finohes,'^*i.ineti, S?ky [Arks, Yellow Hammers. I have Parro^uets, Java Sparrows, Stailens, the Red Mocav Parrot and green ar.d grey. 1 h*ve M >cking Bird*, Red Wing Black Birds, Red Birds, Doves, and Bobo'inks, also Trained Hirds. Price . 25cents to . Jin Cages o? all kir.d?f om in cents to 3 lio.at JdHNO'MKARA'S ISnil Muie. N" ftbo | Pa. avenue, at the Capitol ?ate. fe9-lin 3 FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF 4< WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. * Capital I77...?aoo,ooo. h( U#<? corn r C tlrttt nnd I.outsit** av., ovtr Bank * of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY {? AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. I - ? Dikbctorr. ' G??. Shoemaker, Samo?l F e?tfern, r< Samuel Croplof, William Wilson, *; Richard Jonos, John D. Barolay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, ? Titos. Parker, R mhartf Barry, ? B. B. Frenoh, * r No onarge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President Ab?1 G. D*vi?. Secretary. oc 10 eo6m AYER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSA- m PARILLA. J --- mu odp rpme.iT is more needed in thiasouctry O than a reliable Alttratire, but the slok have been iy so outrageously oheau d by the worthies* prepara > tioruu' da. a*pariila abroad, that they aredinusted s* ?v?nwitn k ? na >-e. Yet the drag cannot be b im>vl for rti? imposition* from which the* have suffered. ? Most of the to called f*ar apanlias in market oon- lo tain little of the virtue* of !<&rsaparilla or any ? thing ! ?. They are me>ro aiopa?inert aud worth i? leu, whi e a oor.oeutratei extract of the active va- ^ riaty of Saraaparilifc compounded with Dock, Stii lingift. Iodine, etc., ia, a* it ever wilt be, apowerfat alterative and an effeotual retn?dy. J?uch ia , Aver'a Extract of Sarsaparilla.aa ita truly wn^er- * ful oures ot the great variety of oomplainta which " require an alterative medicine, i-ave abundant'y a. ahown. Lk> not therefore, diao&rd thia invaluable medicine, becauce^ou have been imposed upon by a< methmg pre'endin* to be Saraapanlla, while it * was not. VV1 en you have used a yes's?then, and not till then, will you know the virtues of Sarsapariila. For minute partionlar* ol the diaeMea it *' oures, we refer you to Ajer's American Almanac, which the agert below tamed will furnish gratis to all who call for it C< At*r'? Cathsktic Pit la, for the cure of Cos " Irene.'*, jaunuitc, lfy^ptpstn, Inditestiun, Ityren U? tery, Foul Stomac\. Erysxprlas, H'Oila'he, Pile*. Rheumatism, Heartburn, arising fron Dtsordtr'A i StomaeJi. Pain, or Morbid Inaction of tht Borcth, T* Flatulency. Loss of Appetite, Liver Compiamt, eb Dropsy. Worm.", (iout, Neuralgia, as a Dinner Fill, '*i a.tdfor Purifying the Blood " The* are Mig*r coated, ?o that the most aenaitire can tak- them pleMjinty, and they are the heat Aperie<.t lu the w -rid for aii the purpnaea of a " family phyaio. Prick 25 cents r? Box ; Fivk " Box mh -91. bo not be put off by unprino'pied dealer* with other prepara:ion? which they make more profit ?m lfesianU AYKK'ft, au4 take no othora. The tick want the baac aid thero ia for tham, and they ahould have it. > Prepared by l)r. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Maaa . and aold by Druggiats and dealers everywhere. ffl 18 aolm m THE OBXY PREPARATION ? WOKTBT Or Ci UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE * FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, ? CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in ail part* of tho world testify to the effioaoy of u PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and sentlemen of the Pr?Bs are unanimous in its H praiso. A lev testimonium only oan be here given pi see oi'oular for more, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall New Yo*k, D?o. 9n. 1&9b. ? Gentle mm: Your note of th* 15th instant has w been revived, saying that you livi heard that 1 u had been benefited hy the useof Wood's Hair Ke- k.i storauve, an-i requesting ray certificate of thetaot ?f if I had no objection to give it. ar I award it to jou oheerfolly, because I think it r* due. My age is about 50 years ; the oolor of my bu hair auburn, and inclined to cor!. Some five or six years sinoe it began to turn gray, and the soalp * on theorown of my liead to iose its sensibi ity and ' iandniff to form up?n it. Kaoh of thesa disacreeabihties increased with time, and about 4 months sinoe a fourth wa* anded t'* them. by hair falling ( off the top of uiy head and threatening to make me bald. . ? In this unpleasant predicament 1 wu induoed to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling off ol ir.r hair, for 1 had really no expectation tliat gray hairoould ever be restored to iu original oolor except from d^es. I was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot \ lies oniy, inn noi only was me tailing oUanested but th# onlor was ?estor?d to th? grat hairs aud eiiRibility to the soalp. and dandruff o'??ed to form on my head. very much to the gratification of my wife, at vtaou solicitation I was lnduo-d to try it For this, among the mat'jr obligations 1 owe to bar sex, I strongly reooinrnend all nusbanrfs who V va ue theadmirati n of their wivea to profit by my 1 example, and use it If growing gray or getfcnt ba d. Very respectfully, B?h. A. L*vkndkk. So O.J. Wood 4 Co-444 Broadway, N. V . y family are absent from the city, and 1 am no , longer at No. 11 Carrol Plaoe. Siamsto!!, Ala., July 2", 1859. , To Paor. O J.Wood: Dear Sir?Your "Hair _ Restorative" has done m; hair so mnoh good smoe I oommenoed the n??of it, that 1 wiah to make I known to the puMio of its effects onthe hair, whioa irtw. a man or vonun in*? i>eue*rlj dep'iv^d I lair, and by a resort to your ' lk:r Ke?u>iauve" hair will return more beautiful than over; at least thi? i* rr.y experience. Believe it all: 0] Yours truly, W?. H. KknxdtP. P.?You oan publish the above if yon like By I" publishing in our t*outhern papers you will get ?n m >re p&tror.age South. I see several of your oar- H ufioatos in the Mobile Mercury, a strong:Southern paper. W. H. Kbhkot. '1 WOOD'S HAIR RE8TORAT1YK. Puor. O J. Woon: Dear Sir: Having had the misl'ortnue to lose the best portion of my hair, from the ?fl*ots of the yel.ow fever, in New Orleans in )w5l, I was in<1ueeri to make a trial of your pt*P*ration, and jonnd it to answer as the very thing 1 nested. My hair is now thiok anil glossy, and no ' words enn express my obligations to you in giving to the afflicted suoh a treasure Fihlit Johniok. ?i IB Th? R ctorstiv* ia pot ap in bottle* of three *i *e*. pi iB : Ur*#. medium wd email: the ?mall hold half ft a pint, and retail* lor one dollar per bottle; the me- w ritam holds at l?Mt f? per cent, more in proportion V than the mall, retail* for two dollar* per bottle; M the Urge hol<U a auart, 40 per oeat ?ior? in propor ft W i]$ufhzk?j5?4bllmb *' wij? I"?w i Ori< UKl II* MmKoIRiCOlt " ? LOull tMdl.Uu.a if by C.BTOIT.37# Ptwawa*. S aa tl eoly^lw .. , ? TCRKNCH FLOWBRBOF THK VKRV BK8T ??" -a-?r3?S&. |ffe , ..?t ?..*? & SffMS" S CSZ52-?, 1 .'i7"~atesrp " CLOTHING, &c. Nmkrcma&t tailoring. KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASS1 MERS, AN1> VEST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3?? P?nn?ylyatia Avenue, hare just received a larce variet? of ? Fail Goods, to vmoh they invite the attention f their friend* and ouatomert. a* Sft-u GENTLEMEN'S Jt READV-MADF, CLOTHING. Oar Brnannt uurtaaat BENTI.IfMIfV'B tEAD\-MADE CLOTHING offers to utiieoi nd strangers wishing an immediate oat fit upe tor lnduoemeots. embracing, at tin* time, all tyles and aaaliUee of Drees and Bucmess Garieuts and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shirts nd Underclothing ot all kinds. Kid and other 'loves of best tua.ity. Scarfs, Tiee, Cravtts, took*, Hosiery, tco., A.a. All of whioh we are fiorinc at oar asaai low prices. Ciothin* mvle to order in the isoet superior tanner. WALL, STEPHENS* * CO.. no 16-tf 329 Pa. avenue. "M)TOTHE PEOPLES' C t OTH IN G STORE, I No. 460 Seventh St., to get vour CLOTHNG, FURNISHING GOOD'S, HATS aad IAPS. fe 2 6w J{7 MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and citizens generair, to an inspection of our present new, at^am 'active, and elegant assortment of^BB LOTHS. CASS1MKRES, DOESKINS, W\ rKSTInKS. nvKBriu'rrNflfi w rhioh we wi'll make to order in ?iip?rior^^ ty le &t very low pnoea. WALL. STEPHEN* * CO.. oo 25-tf 344 Pa. av.. botw. 9th an<1 VHh at*. Dr. J. U. McLEAN S STRENGTHEKIN0 CORDIAL AMD BLOOD Pt'R IFIER. '11E GREATEST REMEDY m tk* WOKL1), f i?*1 * H V BWvI anile and V?!?' rtu fc? 'jo'-ifBi'i. t?r?d bt iha dutilltKEglk li?n af ran, . ?rb?, HP V B*?d R." ? 5 I | Black l?r?f IHBH Y'.'Srak mU, Wild Charry ? > B> rk, and Daudaltan , CTe ,u6~ I ___ Th? aclira Mtj'a _5PW z, &sLj? *^>HLr ' leta?ia^r,^.'2S3^1flfr taking. ; tillinf, pradaciar * rfalicicB,, aibiUratinf (pirn, J*d ?? | It uifnllihl# r?T*ly far r?n??Mlt)j k* 4i**?>*d irmn, id r??'?rtnj til* lick, ftneg, ud daklliutad inriUd i* laltb m?d (trtriflfe. I MeLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL rill af?ei?*lly e?ra i.'*ar ' mplfunt, fitt,c?, Corwie ar Narroa* PaMur, (!! - ? eftka Kitfraya, id all duaaaaa ariatnf from * die'nrdarad Li??r *r Uirnnntt, jipapaia, Maartksm, Inward Piiaa, Aeiditv ar icknaaa > l Stomach, Tallnaaa af Blrnd t? ifca Hand, l)all Pain ar vininiof in tha Haad, Palpttatian af tha Haa.r-.. Pallnaa* WaifM lo tha Btamacb. Boar Eraetatior.a, Che km# ar i 'facatlaf Paalinf whan layin? dawn,Drjntaa or ValTaW. i?j ai u<* mil ana *.? *, nif'.t Ir.wuJ Ft??r*, ' iln In tha lain af lb* Bict, Chut, or Mid*. Iiddla af !(, D?pr?Mi?t, ef Rpirita, FrifhtfW OriiiR>, . Duiw.luc? M ??J diMUi, *?rti l?;cb?? ao tha Pkln, isd F*r?r aad Af*a (at CbiUi and OVER A MILLION BOTTLES i?a baan Mid darinf lb* hit m tnd ta na In- J ata ha* It failed la riTinj our* rtiafaeuaa. Wba than. J ill aafar trim Wuknni or Da"ility whan MilEil'l rExavrvsmiie cordial win cin rni X laapkp can wn'iy an idiqtiu idaa af tha ianadl and almaal aoraealaaa cb&nga prodaaad k; taking tbia ' dial ta tb? diaaaaad, dabilitatad, and thauarad uarraaa tan, vbalbar brakan drva by aicaaa, vaak by oatara, tjapaixad by ateknaaa, tha ralatad and anatranf trfMtilaa U rcataraC ta iu prtatina haaltb aad ?t jaa MARRIED PERSONSi atbart, aactci?>> af inability frr.ro vbaiarar aaaaa. will id MckKAhi TaEHameicne coaniAk ?' iwaft rtfanaiatar af tht ayataia; and all vha m*j have in ^ ltd UtBNlTM ky Uaprapar iodalf an'.at wtll tad la tfcla 1 irdUl a iiruic and iy?(dy ramady. TO THE LADIES. , MckKAm rr*K*8TBrnmO CORDIAk U a HTir I p? and apaady ear* far lbtipiant Caoaucp-.iao, Whiua, Mtractad ar DiBcall Manatraaiian.l ncontinan-a af Urioa Inraimntary Ducburi tltaraaf, Fulltaf af U>? Wamh, . ddlr.aaa, Falntiof, aad alt dlumt ioeidaat la FidiIii. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT if?r na laojai Takt It accardiLf ta dirtcuana. It vtU iBBlata, airanf thar., and lnrifarata jaa tad UUI Ua mb a( kaalib ta aairt raar chaak afaia. Cvaip fcaula ia J kiraaud ta fi*a utiafar-iaa. FOK CHILDREN \ !f t?bi eUtdran ara alcklp. pnur ar aflictad, MckKAMI J KIP A L will isaka iban baallba.fat, and rakati. Dalay t a namant; trj It, and ram vili ka *ac?'t??d. It la Aalau uttka. CA UTIOff. ' law&r* af drvffUw ar daalar* wht may try to palm ap*a l a mis* kiuar ar aaraapanlla truh, wkiek th*y tu bay 0 up, ItHuf il iiliilunoJ. A*aid tack m*n. Ail j r sunt Alps VrRefceTlllailNa COEDIAL, and uk* t thing *t*?. It U to* aoly rtoxdy tkat will parify tb* Ml tboraafklr ?od U Ui? utti tin* i.ranfXhao iL* ayaiam. . On* unapoonfal uk*u mrj maruinf i* a ctruia 1 ?-*nU?* far Chakan, Ohill* an4 F*T?r, Tallow Favar, ar _ ? pr*?*J*ol diM*a*. It U pat ap In larra boc.aa. Prica ' It Vl par boula, or I houlaa far #S. JT H Sri CLEAN, la aropnalar of thii Cardir I; alM, McLau'a Voleanic OU I L ulir, dL Principal Da pot au tia tartar af Thud aiit Pina uriiu, St. koala, Ma. 1 McLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, 1 (TIE BUT UKIMKHT TIE W()RLD> 1 _ ? ? ?w a Tki only aaf* ud certain car* for Cudri, PiIm, Tm ri, Swelling* tn4 Branchil* at Coitr*, P?r?lrit?, Nam. lfia, Wnkctii af til* Mucin, Chronic or Intimmatory Mamatiam, Stifoa** t! lb* Jainta, Contract*'! MucIh ?' pmaou, Earaah* arTeathaeke, Brvnai, Inrtini, Tnih tia, Wean da, (Hear*, r*?*r Sere*, Caktd Braaav, Sara Irple*, lima, Se*:da, Bora Throat, or any inlatamuoc at id, na difaranca haw aarara or lea* tba diirmi may ,a exialtd, McLXAll CELEBRATED LINIMENT U :.* rutin remedy. Tbasaaada af nanian keiny* have kaan eared a Ufa af 41a epitade aad auaary ky tb* aaa af Uiia in*alaabl* raaaady. McLEAtrS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT 111 relieve pain alrceat inatanuaaoaaly, aod it Till dau, irify and heal tb* fealaat aaraa in an incradibla ahnrt time. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LiNlMENT u tha only aafa d raliabla remedy for the eara af Bpavtn, Huraoaa, in* full*, Splint*, Unnataral Lamp*, Node* ar flatllirra oarar failed ta eara Bif Haad, Pelie?ii, Ftatala, Old inouif Borai, ar Sweeny. if properly aj>)ltel. fa* raioa, Braiaaa, Scratckaa, Cracked Heel*, Cbaiaa, Saddle Cellar GalU, Cau, Bora*, arWautda, ttuu lafallibi* mady. Apply it aa diractad aad a eara ie eartaia ia (vary Kaataa. rkaa tnla na Wnfer witfc tba away wankleeo Ltnunente trad ta yna. Obtain a aappiy af na. MCLEAN'S CELEIATEP LIKIM fcNT. It wiU eara rom. | 0 Mnl Vlil -?- * .. ... mi? rr?pn?wr, C>rntr Third cad Pint at*., Il Low*, Ms. CHAR LEU tTOTT, 176 P*.. **., h!i &{*nt la Wuhinf i;R. 8. T.ClMKL,8**r??tava. mM-MV1; FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF FAPKft f AND ENVELOPES 1 M 0 I TO MATCH. ] at UM ' CHARGE! MKTROPOLITAN | BOOKSTORE, PHI LP A SOLOMONS, for Lattrtmti't Ltntn f(|Wi, "MtlroroHtan Mills," *., f-c. mV It 33)1 Pit. at.. bet. 9tl ud l<Hh ?U. 861 D1Ai-1ES- 1861 Comwunce tfu Ye+r ttnlk a Diary. A vain*hie Pocket Compauion fur repi?terin* rente put. ?f*?nt, and future; eontainint yatee rpo?ta*e, almanac, a blank spaa f >r m*tn- randa >r every aay in the year, each ao<*?nt for each on?h, annual eutninary of e%Mi aoooant tu ! lyaW* atwf reoeivahl*, Don't be witl>oat one of ie<^ useful littie *< ventre The moat o- mpiete, Hri.nL Ami r^Kl* Manrt Mi*r? ?? ?? ??- ' -?i;rtw5!~ ?i??? ar.d upward* of ftftf at?lev, t * HHIbi,IN*>T?>N> n<vkato-fw, Odaon Building, eornw ofjlM rtr*M Mil d? SB F??? tvosu*. yATCBRE^N^^VK. W?B m % ?* - ? - * ' * * * " t ?my description of ine U atohee. and fTt) ' krticul v attention rWe to th# ?at*, b> ?m| oroueh oonifvM^nt workman .aud a. work cnaraned Al?o. *?ery dMcnp ion of standard hfl.V KR ! / AR15. plain and oruamentaltmaaufh<<taiad uodar 1 ly own ?upervi?ioo, whioli my customer* will bad ; .r avparior in f uafity and ftmah to orthrra wart >14 by dealers fa oner*! and r?pr<wnt?d m their 4 wa uwMlm. U. O K(H>r>, , ? 8 *?* t?*.a??r*e n^ai Otji ?t. ' jJCUOOL A.NO COLLE6E OUTFIT?. J utAs* mmd Boy*' Ct>tHnf fr 8eM mU X>ra?* Wmr. ? Parents aad roaniiana wi?n w? to fnrviafc their J kiklraa and wards wim s^ooi a d College Oatits >r the oomlaf se*eot. : are invited to wxaoua* oar KP?rfsB,w!^sri rsras jsss ^tftzs^Z'sssf^seSS i v THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Pn4ay mow^ ^ " Stn*ia mofy, par mi?. __ > M Flwooptea 4 1? Trn oopiaa t ? fTMtj ftra ooytM - V o* It lavaaably oontama tt? " W Mhioxtor Nava" Uat hM and* TV. M> Xmmw Smt airaaiaM o raaarally throagboat tba ooaatry. fT^Siaci* eopiM (la vnwara) mi fea proaara* at tha ooaatar, lramadiata y attar tM waaa of Ua payer. Prioa?THREE CENTS TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. O WASHIXQTON BRANCH. On and after SUN DAY. Noraaabar ?U. UH, the tniu wiL ran u foUova: LEAVE WASHINGTON t First trim at?jn a m. Second Train at 7^0 a. ml Third train at3.10 p. m., Rxpraaa. Foarth train at 6 a m. leave Baltimore. Firat train at?.!b a m., fcxpreaa. Second train at LS a n Third at Aioa.ao. Foarth at 00 ?. m., Kxaraaa. ffiZSiXXSL# raDRAnLTte; ^srArvjsrvvt a.'sstts Nortbwaat; alao, at Annaaolia J?noti<a, for Aa napoiip. For Norfolk take tnatdO a. m. traio. or the aocoBun<>ofttH>n of the way trarel batween Waahmtton and Laarel. a piwmw oar viil be attached to the tonnage train whioh laaraa at 11 a m. On Satarday tha SJO f. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. no 38-3 T. H. PARSONS Agaal DENTISTRY. D,RS. lOCKWOOM DAR RKLL ARB PR Kpared to insert TfcETHon VULCAfT^*^^ ITK BASF., a new and unproved NwdefefSS When made on thia pan they are ooaa ': " fortable to wear and math cheaper than any other. a 1.? ?*?-A *-> ' * ?' * * ? AIMI. I n-lB IflWTWl on UOIQ riw^t WQ ?11 U^OUJ Operation* of any kiod that rnr h? <lwirt4 Office Room No. i. in the Washington BinIdinc.oorMr Pa a*. and Seventh at. ia Nn' TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patent** ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at ^ ?r. tenda personally at hia oftoe in thia eitT.RaflBBi* Mailt persona can wear thee* teeth who'* t i.i ?> rannot wear ottera. and no person oan wear others who Cannot wear theae. Peraona oalling at my olRoeoaB beaocofriir.'vJnt^ with an* style and pnoe of Teeth they nay deair*. bat to those who are partionlar and wiah the psrast. eleane*, stronc eat. and most r*rfeat dentnre thai nrt can produae. th? MINERAL PLATE will ba more fally warranted. Rooma in thia city?No. 339 Pa. tvenae, between 9th and 10th at*. Also, 007 Aroh a treat, Phlladel a hi a. oo lA-tf EDUCATIONAL. Tfemadk education. HOSE Parent* who wish their dtuichtera to rooeive a thur<>a?h and systematic education, where their rlijmoa; trai ning will receive daily and special attention, under the i^ost approved ststem of Cain tnemoc and Gymnastic*, are respeotmiy inn ted to nsit the I'mon Female Aoademy, corner F oat leentb at. and New York a v. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. au an-tf Ftp, pt* Female boarding and day school ALEXANDRIA. TA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, rninnpaL. The thirteenth annual session of tois tnstitstioa will commence on Tuesday .September Itth, in the bdff r?oent!y occupied by Sylvester Soott, Em.< No. 190 Ring street. The course of study paraaed will noiMrive ail the branches reeainte to a thorough English Ed a sation.aod Music, French, Latin and itrewinj, if lesiren. In addition today ssholars.Mra. MeCornuck is prepared to receive a limited uuiiiberof pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own tarn ily. will be una?- her inuMdiale oar* and su per r lion. She will endeavor, as far as poesible. to sar -ound them with the oomfort* aad kindly inftaaasaa >f Rome. Rtfrrtwc**.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev, Dr. Klia* E en Mi tor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera. Ea^.,iM Entwisle, Jr., Esa.,Col. John VV.Minor, Loudoua Ua?- touAT^A. a- * " ? ? uiMkiuui a. jnvukii, lUMiri. Cor Srotheri. ^ Board, with Tuition id ""the English Bruohti, 1*01 for the annaal ?ion?payable mi iniimlT. a tdv&noe. M usic and Languagea at Professors' pnoee. ftr No extra charge*. aa ?-t# #(V? C*mtk, CM, Hmrstmtss, JmJtumza. /mioftM *r Swr IIcm, ^fircmciitu, # CMimrrk, cttmr mmd f*?s '" TiCsi&i"'' Few are avare of the importance of oheefttaf a /Ouch or "Common Cold*' 10 iU first ataae; that rhicii in the beg ming would ri?ld to a mild rama 'it, if neglected, eoon attack a the Lance. "Sr^wn'i ironckfi TrocJu*," containing dema :oectin?reCtiate, allay Palmonary and Bionehiai Irritation. I " That troable in my Throat, (for IBftlVV'O I ?w:-i_ u.. - ? " w hil'u uw -jrocjut" an t iMoikt) rR0CHE8 ?fSVmiSiF" JROWN'8 U<"M,to P**"0 CROCHE9 REV. K. H. CHAP1N. I "Orwt wrriM In ubduni HouuJROWN'f H?M." REV. DANIEL WISE. rnucBKs ^'rarrusss;? Site IROWN-8 u,a,v^:a.c.esoleston. [ ROCHES . ** Coctain bo O^im or urttiiif l>OWN*8 DR &AJ5*2S^ mocHes ft*** JROWN'8 ol ? * Bietbgw^ WOCHES " 5TWCi?B. JROWN'P B?tm, ?1 toT*yw** <% ? miimfcr i HAjBDO avrrim vosci. IIOWPC8 H LCH. W. WU^ rBnrn?s " Benefioi*.; vhm oonpollwl to r?0CHE?. IIOWN1 wlU< t?r?AMM M< Sm? rROCHES Prot M. STACY^JOHNBQN, IWWN-8 rROCHES us^t broait vImb takn h*f?r# - firaS3&33& rROCHKS nutuetam*. MOWN* riMwTlbu^lnTai. rmoc.ES d?Hy pHE AXLr SUFFICIENT THESE. TEIEHEMAE. 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