11 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

11 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?! ! II II I l?IW ? MIIIBIM?III LOCAL NEWS f Tlfnj?o Tm W printed en the t uv*t ?*n-?u r*r* in pjc r"-itL nt iMOMc, lta edition i* tofjt ? *c r*^"!rz Hbbc pat to pren at an ho??; \^tny.w? 'enta, tbertfor*, nhon'.d be ?--.t Jn b??frrr m .; *tb*rwl?e tbey may ?*c* a.pp??w TV n?>it Hay. i><'Tio.?-rWftrlrt of Columbia Advertisements *o b* inserted in tbe Biltwoii Htrnare received at and forwcrded from Thk Sta? OSce. CaiMlKAL Cocar ? Trtal qf the Alleged WigHiotftt ? Saturday afternoon, Dr Reuben Cleary, Dr. J E. Willett. Ringgold Browning, Charles O^noboo, Henry Dudley, Jamea L. John on. and Joaeph Creager were placed on trial on a charge of attacking tbe republican wigwim (old Era office) on tbe night of the Presidential election. Mesara. Davldge, Ward and Bterty ?ppe?red for the defense. Tbe ev'.drnca, ao far aa It proceeded, elicited natblng material beyond what baa already appeared In the Sfnr. We give, bo\frerer, the toubatance of it for tbe beneUt of those who may not hare read the report of the trial before tbe magistrate aa published in the Star'* columna. George W P?tr\xm tes'iHed that he waa prevent a portion of the time that the riot waa going on. Before he arrived there be beard tbe rvporU of lire arm* nn?t the noiae of itonea beiag thrown Kernel th* building. Tbi* waa about 14 o'clock ?< Bight. When he Kot tbere he aawalargecr^wd vn P'xrond atteet, opposite the Wigwam buildIntT-aav between 400 or &M) persons?some of wVirvm WPP o hullnina Bfift aulkl n,. ^ _ ? ... ?. .u ui.vi iQiaiu^ pccunor crin. s.iw Dr. Cleary. Dudley, and Dr Wlllett there, v>nt did not ?o? either of them participating actively in the riot, though thef were in front of the < rowd and quite near to the building. Did not recognize any others Heard Cleary lnqyire what ihe crowd had come there for, and remark something about tearing down the building. Afterwards Cleary ordered the crowd to fall in. which tkey did, and marched off under his comm >nd. Cn>?s-exsinlned?Witness went to the Wigwam from Pennsylvania avenue, by the way of Four and-a-half street and Indiana avenue. FolInvi'oH lVi*> r?AUr<l trK5*?K # ? 41 * ? * ? ~ ?? ?? ??? * *?hi iru iruui iuc A ?cuur The election returns ww rt?d out r.t the Wigwam Was standing within ten or fifteen feet of Cleary while he was talking. Have converged with nira alnce nbout the visit to the Wigwam, but never told hi it. that witness had not seen Willett there. Thinks i'? was rather a dark uight. Willett and Cleary were standing in the middle of the street In frory*. ?f the Wigwam. Jnhn Clary test ,fled that he was present on the m^ht in quest_on; went there to hear them read out the elect t0n returns; went In company with Mr. Bizlev and Mr.Cbai Lammond. When they got to H Edwin's corner, heard some one say that a rrov~.d of four hundred were coming to attack wigwam. Presently saw the crowd come **.onrd Birth's corner; when they got half way from litrth's rorner to the wigwam tbey rame to n sort of bait, and then passed on down to the . wigwam. Ileard the firing of pistols and the V?reakineof glass There were some thirty shots fired In a few minutes saw tea or twelv officers come around Birth's corner, and heard cries of 4,Wach! watch;" from the crowd Witness was standing at Baldwin's corner when the Urine begun, and remained there till the command, "Men /all in line, you've done your duty," wns ^iven I)on't know who gave t'ue command; there was much noise and many shouts. Witness soon went *?iown to the wigwam, and saw Browning, Alcorn and Burleigh brought out by the officers; raw La rnite also. The crowd remained at the wigwam fifteen or twenty minutes Jo* L Pearson testified that he got there near the termination of the aflair; went there with his >r?tlier. Heard pistol shots when on his way there while opposite Bls^den's Row. Halted tbere and went down to Birth's corner, where he baited again, and then went down to the wig. warn. Was In the crowd part of the time, and ran of tbe time ouUlilP of It RecojjnlZ'd DwdL-V. firi?rd Clrary give tbe order to fall in something like this: " if you arc not going to do what you came for, fall in." Witners is not crtain aho.it tbe exact words, but tbat is their substance. Dudley wm talking loudly, aa were nearly all In the crowd, and there were cries of " tear tbe building down Did not go inside of tbe building at all, nor see any fire-arms. Left at the same time tbe attacking party did. They marched off two or three abreast. Luut. Alt Henry testified that at 12 o'clock the night in question he wzstold by officers Asbe and Donaldson that a party >#as going to attack tbe Wigwam Immediately went tbere,andsawthe crowd, heard some say, " Look out, tbe police are?comlng " Wltness went in tbe building and up stairs, ordering the doors to be closed and locked and all Inside to be arrested Saw a man coming down tbe steps with a bust In bis band, wuo, seeing witness, jumped over the bannisters and fell. This was tbe last man that rune down tbe step*. Witness arrested a young man named Cloary?not one of the prisoners?and handed him ever to an officer Saw Johnson outside of the building; he appeared to ?>e ordering the police about Witness put his hand on Johnson s collar and told hlin to be quiet. Saw Charles Don* ? boo arrested; when witness got to the watchbouse DonohoO was not there. Saw Browning end Harrington inside; there were eight men inside who were trying to get out. Gave the order to have tbe gaslights r>ut out; a watchman in trying to execute the orai-r received a severe blow on tbe arm Suppose a dozen or two stones were thrown after he got there, but no shots were fl ed afier he arrived. Did not know who Johnson was at the time. There was much noise and confusion. The parties in tbe middle of the street left in about ten minutes after witness got there The court here adjourned. ' T<> ri"y, John B. F loyd, late Secretary of War, charged with complicity In tbe abstraction of the Indian Trust Honas, appea ed In couit and gave security In the sum of *8,000 Tbe st-curities are Thomas Green, Wm. T. Smltbson, and Robt 11. Hughes. The Court thin g?"? a decision upon the pica of the counsel for th^ defence in the case of the United states ngt. Wm H. Unwell, charged In several rases with complicity in the abstraction <>f the Indian Trust Bonds. The plea, as will be remembered, was, that Kussell was granted im11.unity from criminal prosecution under the v statute, which provides.that no man shall be Cieeuted for a crime touching which he bas n examined i.efore any committee of Congress. Tbe decision was in accordance with tbe Slea of the counsel, and tbe indictment was orered to b? quashed ~ The trial of the Wiewam cases was then re Moied. by calling to tbe stand for tbe proaecuy Hon? *" Alfred Htnning, who testified that he is an officer Was present at the riot at tbe wlgwatn. Went over with tbe rest of the ofli> ers; went in tbe building with several others, and meta crowd coming out IVlcHenry was abe?d, and be gave word to tfose tbe door. A light was burning iu tbe soutbea*. corner of the room on the lower * floor, snd some one put it out. Witness went in and relit the gas. Si# nothing Inside except this * -* ma tka ctaM T Kaw -ail sIvannoM IA truwu VII IUC m ?v j ??v i v Uli Maiij^tio tu witness but Creager. He waa standing on the steps aud doing nothing. The door waa closed twenty maiuiri Mchenry went out, and gave . orders for all in the house to I e arrtsU-d 'i hey were all arrested Witness took Burleigh to the watch-hous". but be turned out to be an employee of the wigwam, aud waa released. Creamer said whatever the police were going to do he wanted them to do It, for be waa tired of waiting. There was great nois* on the outside, and stones were ttirown through ttis wiutlow wnilc wituess was relighting the gas. Saw no man there with a bust. Cross-examined by Davidge.?Witness made -t?o arrests onUide. No shota were fired outside ' while witness was there. Some eight or ten were arrested and taken to the watch-house ? - ? ? - W.JJ Aa l*t ! L*aA iiIsa Haum Tk? rosy were uciu w wi?u v/ a/viiu. a uc poly language Creager made use of was what wltJ'fctss baa referred to. All Inside wasTerr quit* C,?7?4s Aleom worn, and testified that be knows JrikiMtblog about tbe riot on tbat night. Wltneas blks at tbe Wigwam till tbey sdj^urued. After ' 4ptt crossed over to Second street and stood a - While, and while there beard a shout One of tbe J^?en woo was with witness told two watebmen Sflko came along Just then to go and stop tbe riot. Be said be would If tbe man would go with him. -MTte man went off with tbe watch, and wltneas Wiit among tbe crowd wbo wefe throwing stones I the Wigwam. Some were going In, and wlt%hi followed la with them There was great noise, snd many exclamations which witness eould not understand; recognized none of tbe - crowd outside Inside saw Creager with a piece of a transparency coming towards the door with it. He was then la tbe middle of tbe Wigwam room Tbe transparencies were kept la this room. B-Wltneas hesrd these transparencies were all deatruved, but doat kaow It of bis own knowlflftdi/e. Wiui-ss stayed there till tbe watch flaw*, and w--i? taken to the watcbbouae. When Kriuteea flr?t f?*w me crowd at the Wigwam, be waa at the corner of Second and C atreeta. The fl'tt thing that called bia attention to the crowd, wja the firing of piatola *ud breaking of glaaa at $aMb? wigwam. ,?w Croat examined by bavidge.?Heard tUoU flrrd * Tbey were at tbe wigwam tome ultnulea before ? any abota were flrrd. Recognized no one in th; crowd outaide. People were ruining into tbe wigwam, and witnem followed in. Creager aaid wotbiotf lie bad iu bia band a piece of canvaaa. t. It waa five or aiz feet wide, and tight or ten (tM , long Me waa bringing it from tbe aUnd bi t of If toe platform, to tbe front of tbe building. Tbe J t lection returns were read out at tbe wigwam t doriag tbe evening. Tbe room during tbe even I ag was open to all comers W ben witn>aa left, ft be diMi't remember wbetber ligbto were burning aLit *M Tbe night waa rather dark. When wit H as went back to tbe wigwam two ligbla were r:ug In the Mrfood ?tory room. fjfTjnim Tol$0?, awr urn ? Waa on the avenue tbe of tbe election, at the room where the M WPLu*. toe ciim in and aad, "One of our um Uaa * Itrm tmpoaad upoa." The crowd euraed, and %oa? boilered out, "Let* sboot every aou of a ? > ?< and tome Hid lal'a burn Um wigwam daw*. Or. (j WJiktt u4 Dr Cfearjr wff? all w|po went t^at f witness kne*jr> t\xy all went down and over to *be wltfWiirt. fend witness followed them to Trinity church. After the watch came, witness went witb them over to tbe wigwam. Heard stones freaking gla*s, snd pistols fired Saw Willett and Cleary at the wigwam, and beard one? either Cleary or Willett?aAr, "Fall In. Volunteers, we have done our duty.'' They moved fast from tbe Breckinridge headquarters to tbe wigwam. When tbe order wss given to "fall in, volunteers," witness left Cleary said, "Burn tbf> wlpwam" or unmclhl ntr tn ?K?? ?? ?? At the avenue meeting Cleary said let's take the wigwam. Many others Mid the same thing. There waa 150 or ;JU0 people at tbe Breckinridge headquarters, who went to the wigwam. Cross-examined.?Witness had' been half an hour at the democratic headquarters when the maa came in and said, 44 One of our men has been imposed upon " Witness was near to Cleary when he said, " Let's take the Wigwam *' The other exclamations were made in the room of the Breckinridge club. Witness followed the crowd to Trinity Ctonrcb, where he stopped. Don't know who was In the crowd at that point but Wiilett and Cleary, and that crowd started from the democratic rooms to go to the Wigwam. Witness followed the police from the church to the Wlgw?.m. Witness didn't hear Wiilett nor Cleary exhort the crowd to quit the place and disperse. W itnew was sober that night; had been drinking one or two drinks, but hut enough to get drunk upon. No one asked witness to appear and tes tify here First witness beard of It, he was nrnu.oned to go before the Grand Jury. WltneM told Vernon one day that be h*d been told to go to Cleary and W lllett, who would give him mohey to go away. Never said be would go away for 9*23 and a suit of clothes John O'Bryan and Cornellu? Desmond told wttneu to bo to Cleary and \V lllett. [Here our report closea J Thk Fdktrkr Heabixo in the Case of K. W. Claff.?Saturday morning, the counsel for R. \V. Clapp, Mr. Dillyte, of New ?ork, having arrived, Justice Donn had the prisoner brought out for preliminary examination. Mr. Davidge appeared for the prosecution Clapp was arrested i in New York, as heretofore stated, upon a charge of obtaining a large amount of money from L. Jobnson & Co., of this city, on fraudulent paper, and committed to jail here, upon his surrender by the New York authorities, for a further hearing. Tb? first witness Introduced was Mr L J. Davis, of the firm of L. Johnson 4c Co., who testified to the presentation of the fraudulent paper, a certificate of deposit In the bank of J. \V. Rumpsey & k Co., of Tarrytown, of 94,939 by the prisoner. and bit obtaining the money for It. Clapp wa formally Introduced to Mr. Davis by Mr Jno. Larcombe. of tbls city. Mr. Davis also gave a statement of bis visit to New York, and his conversations with Rumpsey, In substance: that Rumpsey admitted that his bank failed In November; that be issued several certificates to a Mr. True to raise money on; his entire ignorance of Clapp prior to this transaction; that he knew nothing further of the certificates until h? heard one was negotiated In Washington; be recognized the signature as his. Rumpsey has no bainc; bis place is a butter store. A R. Allen, who was the detective In the case, testified to his presence in New York with Mr. Davis, and corroborated his statement of the conversations with Rumpsey. Jeremiah Lawson. of New York, who co-operated with Allen 4 Co , and arrested the prisoner, also corroborated the statement of Mr Davis of what occurred In bis presence, and added that Rumpsey naid the certificates were blank except the signatures, and were given to True to negotiate in Providence, and seemed surprised that True bad not done to Clapp declared to witness that he was not the guilty one. and complained that the Trues had not used him right; that be got none of tbe money, but others had. lie said that one draft was taken from him in Wheeling; ?hat he bad paid to Mr. Wendell through John Larcombe S.'XiO to credit on his account The evidence of the prosecution having far ended. Mr. Davldi;-' moved for a continuance until Rumpsey could be obtained, and the (oiiimitment to bail of riapp until that hearing. Mr. Dillyae resisted the motion on the ground that whatever bad been elicited against others, 110 proof of guilt rested on his client. J ustice Donn said one of the Messrs True being present, he would he glad to have his testimony It ... 1-1 4 -- " it mc uciciibt wouiu put Dim on in* siand Mr. Diliyae consulted, and H. M. True wai sworn. The examination in chief was convicted by Mr Oillyae. The amount of True's evidence ( was that he knew J. \V. Rum|??y; that K had | Issued certificates and drafts to blm; supposed this one of thrm, though he could not Identify It j by any mark, they were Issued on Jan II; all in , blank; there were ten or twelve of thcsi; they were issued on discounted piper delivered t'i R at the time; had no doubt this la one, i>nd If so, witness gave it to bis brother, C F True, t?? bo used by him; witness had no kn iwl?*dge of the failure of tbe bank of Rumpsey A Co , and did not believe It The severe cros* examination of Mr Davidge elicited that 11 M. True for six if eight mon'hs b*s been an employee in a grocery a* acent, hut has hern In mercantile business and failed la 1810. His brother, C. F. Trus, is a note broker in Nsw York; that he gave the pap*' his brother In blank form. Th^rp w?i no en. A nraar am #h*? *.? ?**?? d ? ??-* W?I ?UV IH'V p;i ?cw ?w UUiiipBCy, IIU LUIlttleral security. His brother ?ai not cogniiant of the transaction with K. The knowledge of tbe parties RumDsey, tbe True*, and Clapp. and tlielr ousiness tririsictions, were also admitted lie aid hi* brother Cyrus never told him tnnt Clapp paid him money Don't know what became of the money. Witness gave Kumpsey notes to negotiate before the ceniflcitea were to be used The contract was the notes were 10 be at two or three months Witness gave his brother two or three of the papers and he returned all but one Gave Kumpsey some; be returned them, and witness had tbem now. \\ ltuess refused to show j them. Mr. l)avidge waved tbe demand, and called the justice to note tbe refusal. The witness became troubled, and of his own accord exhibited the papers-tbey were two draft* HileJ. Mr Davldge asked if his brother fliltd those drafts liness said he did not know if tiiey were In hi* brother's band wr.ting. ,Vr DavIdge?" Do you Itellcve It?'' Witness?"! have no belief about it " Mr. Davidge now moved the continuance of the case, and suggested the detention of True in Knottier rh*r?flff than ?h*t nf wltn?M Mr Dlllyae hoped tliat the evidence would not be construed to the disadvantage of bis client For himself, he would say tluit he did not hear of those blank certificates before* coming here He knew of but one; but ttls testimony ou^ht nut affect bis client Justice Donn said. "Although I shall require bail in S5.UUU of each for a further hearing or for court, I confess 1 regard Clapp as but the dupe of the other parties B'it I believe the interest of the community calls for it, and I shall demand resident bail In earb for further bearing Mr Allen will tike Mr. True Into custody " The commitments to j ill were both made out Immediately, and CI ipp ^nd True were taken In charge by the officers, Allen A Co. On Saturday aftkrsoow, the officers, clerks and employees of tt.e 1'ost Office Department convened in the principal hall ? f that edlflce. The Hon. Horatio King, the retiring head of that important branch of the Oovernment, then addressed them cs follows: Mjr Friends: You have nnsembled to be Introduced to your new chief, but before zolne through with this ceremony I wish "imply to remark that, although now serrated from you officially, 1 cannot brin|? myself to pronounce tbe word ''farewell " Intimately associated as I have b* en with mmy of you for more than twenty year*, wore I hencefo th to b? separated from you socially aa well aa officially, 1 abould feel sad indeed; but expecting ai 1 do to remain la the city, where 1 hall doubtless have the pleasure of meeting you frequently, the unpleasantness of severing our official relations is thereby greatly softened, and 1 ' do not, therefore, propose to take formal leave of you. I need uot say, however, that 1 shall ever remember with gratitude your uniform kindness towards me in all the positions 1 have been called to till In the Department, and you have my beat wishes for your prosperity and happiness. The Hon Judge Blair, Postmaster General, was then aanounced, when Mr. King, assisted by Gen. Skinner, of the appointment, E. L Child, of the contract, and A. N Z-vely, K*q , of the flnancc divisions, Introduced each employee by name. Judge II courteously received them, one and all, expressing a hope that he would havetheir hearty co-operaiion in carrying on me important nullnessof the Department Immediately afterward*, Dr. Tate, Auditor of tbe Treasury ffr>r tbe postal department,and H. St George Offutt, chief clerk, were introduced. Ah Imfuoknt Stkaxgih ?For several days paat, m woman haa been constantly annoying families in tbe Seventh Ward by htrcool impudence. No one knowa her, or where she balls from. She roves about from place to place, and when meal times come, she enters tbe first house at hand, takes her seat at the table, and helps herself. She has been ejected from several houses, but not arrest?d. no one wishing to complain, supposing her a-lunatic. Recently, however, the loss of various small articles Immedistelv after her visits nmitoned the belief that she is not exactly a i luatic. but a puH|># thief of considerable nerVe. She is a abort, stout woman, about thirty years of ItcMoiKD DriL - It was currently reported last night that Senator VVlgfa.ll bad l?tt the city, for the purpose of sending a challenge to Captain Jackson, or Kentucky The dlfliculty grew out of the bet that, at a dinner party, Senator W lgfhll became very abusive of Senator Crittenden, when Captain Jackson, who Is a warm friend at Sana toe Crittenden, resented the Insult by slapping the Tezaa Senator la the mouth.?Htpublic**. To-meVY, lev. Dr. Lord cloaca his course of lectures at the Pink Presbyterian Chnreb. The subject for this evening (Galilee) to a very interesting one, end those wno have ew heard the distinguished lecturer will not toll to be prrecnt. Amnt Airs Battbit?John Batebsa waaar I retted by policeman Bright, for an uuult and battery oa Mary Wbltaker Ha ww takes bertre Juattce Doan, ywterday, an# committal to *0 lor court. ? I *!V t ' M % Rauoioca. ? Ths churches yesterday were ' largely attended by congregation* consisting of stranger* in Washington, aa well u tbe resident congregatlona. East Washington Af E. Ckmrth?Rev. Dr. Ryan preached from Acta20 33 In bidding farewell to bla congregation, the Kev speaker siid hla case was not dlaalmtlar to that of Haul when ? - s a a * ?* - - ? ne oane aaien 10 ?ne innsuanj ai fcpb-sus He bad come imong tb??m a straneer, bitt tbfv bud learned to lore one ano'her. and work! ng together band In band, tbe work of the Lord had prospered in their midst Thi-v had crown from a mere handful to a Christian community numbered by score*, and in leaving them be felt tbat be was bidding adieu to tbe b-st friends of hia life Cut though he was compelled to go, tbe work of the Lord would continue to prosper among them, and he humbly prayed that they might ever grow In grace and knowledge of theLord, even more than tbey had in tbe past two years It was better tbat the parting of pastors and people ahonld be so djt i% me cuurcu uaa toe oeoem oi iLip various talent* within the conference, and the preacher wa? kept prayerful by the change* and partings through which he was compelled to pasa lie urgrd them to omit none of their religious duties during the interval in which they would have no Treacher, and expressed his confidence in meeting lem all in heaven. Wetlty Chapel?Yesterday was theclosing f*ab" bath of the conferencs year with the ministers of the Baltimore Conference, and on Wednesday they meet in conference at Stanton, Va. Rev Mr. McCaully. the pastor of this station, delivered a practical discourse in the morning service from the text of John, 1 11. At nlg'ht, Rev. Mr. Cramer, quite a young minister, preached an eloquent discourse upion the " grsat day of his wrath"? Revelations, 0 17. *jg- D r*k- L. i L n n * ? * ? in. a . 1'iK'tn, .nm/i I\t?V. r. LjlgQl Wilaon ended hia pulpit aervice of the year by dlacouraing in the morning from Proverba, 4th, 11 rat p?rt of the 18th vera*: aubject?"The ju?t man." At nigbt. from the 'atter part of lamr verae: thtme?"The pith of the just " Assembly's Church ? Rev. Mr. McKalla. of the Baltimore M. K. Conference, preached in the morning?text, L'.ke 1 78,79, At night, the Rev. Dr Sllllman occupied the pulpit, preaching from the text of Samuel 3.19. M. E. Church Fowh.? Rev. J. A. Proctor, paator, conducted the aervice of the day, and preached in the morning from Hebrew*, 13 13,14. At night, from Acta, 26 28. Sunday Scuool Akxivkrsary ?Yeaterday afternoon, the anniversary exerciaea of tbe Sunday - # ?3* At * ? * * ? ? p uu<i in ok Aiuynui i^uurcn, were neia lit ia.il church In the presence of a dense throng of spectators. At 3 p. m the Hunday school attached to the church, nnsembled in their school room, and bearing banners and streamers marched some 7t0 strong to St. Patrick's Church, under the superintendence of Father Wlckett and his aids. There tbev formed In the church enclosure, and were shortly joined by the Sunday school of St. Peter's, (Capitol 11111,) preceeded by Prosperi's hand. Delegations from St. Mathew's and St. Patrick's Sunday schools then joined in the profession, Increasing their numbers to about 1.200. They then marched up Tenth street to New York avenue, along New ^ ork avenue to Massachusetts avenue, bv Massachusetts avenue to K street, and through K to tlie church of St. Aloyslus, where they were alt seated in the body of the church and the gallery, making a most interesting appearMice. They were then happily addressed by Rev. Father Hoyle. of St Patrick's. At the close of the addr>ss. Father Wicket distributed premiums to a large number of the pupils. Drfht of Gkrtrudk Argyi.b ?The appearmice of this charming and brilliant debutante at our Theater, announced for this evening, will gratify her numerous friend*.who have lone been tnxlous for an opportunity to witness her extraordinary dramatic, talents. An unusually graceful and attractive person, with a mind richly stored with intellectual a< qulriments, and possessing rare talents for dramatic; personation*, this estimable young lady?whos? early years w.-re spent in this city?promises to take rank at once as a most brilliant and successful artiste She will open In the part of Hianca. in the deeply-thrlllInti tragedy of " Fazio," and well deserves to be greeted with an overflowing audience,which will lurelybe charmed with her histrionic excellence. The Talkbd-of Di:el ? It Is generally believed that the difficulty between Senator Wigfall, of Texas, and Captain Jackson, of Kentucky, bas been adjusted. 1 he friends of Senator Wigfall s-iy that the difficulty originated in a misunderstanding of Mr. W.'s language, which, wh<n explained to Captain Jackson, was at once acknowledged. and the affair thus quietly settled. C.w h r r k i. fJtr a b nunrav r???a r? - .. . ? ? vn? V ? w I- u vy fl BO i/e / wr *> ? ? H I ? Down ? Hundiv, Matt OBrlen, drunk and disorderly, Unhand cos's !#3 15. Henry Allen, (col'd,) drunk and disorderly; twelve strips William T1 omas, Jas. Thomis, Jas Ross, Jo* Hutt and John Kobinsou, (col d.) unlawful assembly; line andctsts ffi 15 each l)r Love, drunk and disorderly; flue and costs $2.15. Inscltins I.adik* ?ThU morning, E B Hughes was arrested by detectives Husher and Allen for following and insulting respectable ladles on the streets fi* was inken before J ustire Donn, who fined him S3 "27, and yave kirn to uud?-r?tand thai a repetition of the offense, if brought before him, would consign too oQender to the workhouse _ M* Thomas Btrns, an old and w?-U-known ritlzen cf Alexandria, died suddenly at his residence in that city He was stricken down by apoplexy about 11 o'clock and died from its effects I b o'clock tula mowing. IIostktt-r'h Sti-mach FJittkrs.?Tiie general ell'-ot ol this rie'ulittul tome, in ail complaint* in ciitt.'ht to frma e<<, i as given>t a wide pi? ad cele hrity amouR tho ? x. Lady invalid* have b-<?n doctored a' <1 tlritk rul overmuch. They have h?en vietimix'it in hea tt> aidp>mehya !"*i?tii of uea*.rnin im>neers; but it may be .' aid with confidence ti at in fhu> rin e invitorar.i th3> have found exactly the *timiil\ntviap?*d to their delicate orK-iii'zvion and peculiar fun?tion?l disturbances. .\t. t!,? dawi' of womanhood, in tho *?AK'in of ma t 'rnitv.in th? ciinis <;f'ife, and yh*n eufeeb'ed by a?e. the Kcniler *ex may rely upon the renivatiuc p-.wer of tliiH exc silent and paiaialt ? pre|.nrnt on in every ex^cuT. A? a cure for Dyspepsia And Ml ourrplaiiiti of tho Htoma^h and bowMi, it ha* taken the 'ead of all o'her a t?*rative? and tonica. do'd by druKsitta every where. ma 11 eoit Fbom thk Pobtmasteb at Limbos. Ms Lisbom Post Ofpick, Mb.,Nov. Uth. 1860. Setk W. F.vclt 4" Co. t??-ntlenien: Kor the la't three or four years! have been stiff ring f'om colif. and pilet, atiperiuduced by a >.ed 'utarf occnp^ti ^n. I have tried va nous thing* with indiff-r^ut success. A few m-'ntha ajo your agent came round here, and aakt*l me to try the ? ?xy p?:iatt d Hi tera. After using ou? h t1<\ I hail n"iiie byinptoma of returning colio, but inr/tout pi n. A ctrui?le commence 1 between the Hittera and tie <iaeaio. but I kept takiog the Bitt rs regularly, and the disease k pt ou? of th ? war. I have had 110 colic awioe, either with or without pain. I ahall, h?w?'.er, kocpon to a third bottle. The pile* have not returned eitner. I frol ?ure the Oxjgenated lii-t- rc ika aluable in- dicine for oisea of Ind'gcftinn, and there is t.o doubt tliu is a fruitI'll *ouroe ol ninny painful diseases. 1 would rec oiiraand all tho?? ? li?t? hea'h ia impair*<l to try he Hittere, for hall oar complaint* may be traced to L>y*ptpaia in aome of ita multifarious forma Thomas Lccy, Po.,tmaat?r. Prepared by Seth W. f-uwlefc Co., Boston. and for sale iu Waahington city G. 8tott, V. B. H aite Z. 1). Giiman. John Schwarzc. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wiley, J 11 M<>ore, and II. H. MoPheraon; in Georgetown by R. 8. T. Olaa-11. and G. M. A. J. Southron, and by drumiata everywhere. mall Iwjr Luisii -1 n? aunuen cuanem 01 our aumato nre onroeh of Pulmonary, Bronchial an?l Asthmatic Ajfections. Kxperioncrt having proved that simple roinodies often act *p?edihr and certainly wlien taken in the early utatoa of the diHeaae, recourse >vould at onoe be h&d to " Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Loiengea. let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat h? ever to alight, a* by this precaution a more tenon* attack may be effootually warded off. Public Speakers and Stnt'rt will find them effectual for olearing and atrengihenine the voioe. Bee advertiaement. de 1-ly Hokkopatqic Rixdiii All of Dr. Hninphreya A Co.'a speoifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expreaaly for family uae, in boxea, at 25 and to cents each. Also, in oaaea, containing SO viala, from $4 to %i each, with book of full direction*. For sale by Z. 1). Oilman, 340 I'a. avenne, wltoloaalo and retail agent; w. A. FitzgeralU, 3?3 north F ntreet; alao by F. B. Winter, corner ofMansachuietts ave nue and Sixth streot. Ala??, PomPs Extract af IViicA Hixel, for internal and external in U animations of all kind*. Sold aa above. ma 9- ly To thk Afflicted we sure to read the auvertiaeineot of Me Lean'* Strengthening Cordial and Blood i'unfior. ia another column. tf MARRIKU. (?n the 7th of February, by the Rev. Mr M ont"n, at the reeidenoe of W. K stauabury, Esq , |>r H. C. MIDDLETON to Miu LAURA J. PAR OTT. I Fatal Bkidal Tou*?Among the unfortunate paaaengrra of the ill fated ateamer C'-armer, burnt en the night of the 10th inatant, below Donaldeville, La., were a young married co-iple. about whom no one among the aaved peraona could civ? the leaat information Itianow aaoertained that the huakand wai Dr. H. C. Middleton, of Holmea county. Mint , who waa married but three daya be loretoMiae Laura, tne daughter of Wm S. Parrott. Kaq. formerly Conaul General of the United S'atea to Mexioo. The oerf inony took p ace at the re?iarnce 01 nr. r. riansoarv, t?q , 01 union

Plantation, and. immediately after. th* you g oonple started on a bridal tour. They left lor Tehola, where they embarked on board the steamer Charm, whieh connected at Vicksburg vith the i harmer. boand to New Orleans, on vhieh they were to find nacon an untime y grave. Has th? awful line, "In the midst of life we a>e in death," e erreoeived a more touching and sadder 111 a ?t rati on.?X. (j. Pit yax.1 DIED, On tke morning of the Uthiiateat, after a brief illnfM of pneumonia, Miss HARRIET C. CRU8 ?KLL. in the?Kh year of her age. Her nineral will lake plaoe to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the residence of Mr. Ueorge Miller, on K street, be.ween4th and.Sth. Her friends and aeeuauiUaoes are reepeotfnlly invited to attSOde ^OnMomlay morning, Uth instant, ELIZA. JAN^J, ^jjhty^oMajne?-B.^ and Annette Bbm^I" . v 1 -I' . % f I AMCSMHh!Nl> i WASHINGTON TIIUTI!*' L?? s W. Qlw*V Ac'inc M&U{ci J.T. Rwmokd THIS EVENING. f?'?t A pppsrsnc" of th* de'mtante. MlfiS GERTRUDE AR6YLK, Wbo wiil aprra' as Bi am;*, In the Beautiful of FAZIO. To eonc'nde witU 1 he favorite Farce entitled ths MAID WITH THE MILKING PAIL. /.IRAN D CONCERT AND PK ESkNTATlON of coior? to th? Washington light GUARDS, at the Odd Fellows' Ha l. Navy Yard, on THURSDAY K v en Ing, M aroh 81 at. 1W1 on w! ich occasion tome of the brut vocalists of the city wi'.l acpear. Particulars In future alvertisemect. By or^er of Committee. mar 9 St.* nnn nnn -blue book -inform- 1 at!on as to all the Offices in the country, sad salary. STH cents. Contains the same matter as the Great Hiue Book costing 93S>. 1 Omittinrthe names which are not r.eces?ary. Catalogue of Curiosities at Patent Office List of Pat- j ents. Old Books honeht and sold Catalogue furnished. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, feiH-lm* Willarils'HotH Square. WANTS. ! WANTED?By a respectab'e woman, a SITU- i " ATION as oook in a private family. Good ( reference. Apply at No. 253 Twentieth st, he- i tw en I. and M sis If \ WANTED?A resectable lady wishe* a SITU- ' ATION as housekeeper, finol references if ^ required, Apply 44 i Ninth street, between F and t G at* nir 11-21* | WANTkD-? a respectable young woman,a 1 SITUATION as cook, chambermaid, or nurse t in a small private fair.iiy. Go d r?comm?ndat'or.a can be given. Address Kox S. Star Office It* t WANTKD-By a youns girl, a SITUATION as * nuree or chambermaid. Has no oi Jeetion to J go m the country. Can come well reoommended I a A J in f? n A r ./* n^WI CNB Vy, (> ,UH?rRCTl?Wn m*l 1 ?TIIOC 11" I AGF.NTl EMAN DKSIRKS I'OARD IN A ' private family for himsel'. wife a d nurse. / Uiexcepiiorable reterenoes given and requi'ed. \ Address ' William," 3tar < >ffi?e mar 11 St* WANTED TO IURK-A WOMAN, to cook. f wa*h and iron for thre? in fairily. App r No. f 3.'?3 I ?treet. between 13th and 14th. mars ?t* j WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From ft 5 to t worth of SECOND-HAND Ft RNI ? TURK of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to par 1 the Inchest prioes, and, a* u?ual,at the shorten notioe. ' R. BUCHLY, \ Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac,. ? oc 9 40* 7th st. bet. G and H ea?t side. \*7ANTED-PKCOND HAND FURNITURE. " Persons declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Fnrnituro on hand,?an obtain theo&sb ' and fair prioea by applying at 3fi9 Seventh ?t. <no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. ' . h ? e T i vn T?nTivn uvo a dii u r UU i> XJ. LOST?M the President'* Leree.on KridirlMt, I a CORAL BRACELET The Sorter will he r rewarded by leaving it at 4 5.5 Twefth at. It P I^OUND?At the Premdetit'? I.evee. a BRACK- o LET, whioh the owner can have by describing t tlie same and paying f.-r this a<lv?r'j??ment. 1 A. B BO AW MAN, ( mar ll_3t^ Bank of Washington. h ? JT REWAR D?Lost, at the Levee, on Friday ? ';? > run. a black beaver cloth OVERCOAT, J without skeves. if the person who t<>ok ?sM c<st l will lsave it at the Telesraph Office, ths above re- # ward will be paid and n > questions asked. 11* f OS T- On Friday ni*ht, at the Levee. a French 1a heaver oloth OVERCOAT, tight-bodied, with 7 i>la?k velvet collar; sleeves lined with brown and ? wiiite p!aid ?ilk ; a sinal pi?c? jet in on the lefthaad aide of the ?kirt. Auy information respecting it will he thankfu y received at if6t F st. It* ] Til F. GENTLFM A N WHO TOOK a - O VKR j COaT anl HAT from Box No. 19.5, at ihe President's House, on last Fri-lay erfinni, can, br leaving t-ie same at No. 74 Missouri au*nne. have the coat and hat left in place of them. Tnecoat . left has a small a-n.utit 111 oaf h and a considerable number of due bills and other papers, which are of ? uo use fo me, but may be of value to the owner, marll^t* A SOJOURNER. I OST?At the President's lev->?. i?st Friday I.* night a snufl' colored BEAVER OVt.KC'lAT, with satin lining, oontainine pocket bo-k wi'h raluab'e pa^rs, consisting of note* in f-.vor ? ot G. M- y?rfi. AH' Cin. Michigan, and o?her*. The pe'son having said coat -aril! rcmive 91?reward for said pocket b'-ok and papers b* returning the s\rne at the oflne of the National Hotel in this city, rare <>f Hon. 7.. ('handler, and no questions asked, or I through the Post Offioe. 1 ma ll 3t* G. MOVERS. * Q 1 nn R EWAR IV?Ran away on Friday nightIUU th? 8'h instant, fr>nr. the estate of J? | thMateR H Eversfield. of Prine* George's oouhty, Vd a bright NEGRO "WOMAN, ' at>oiit 5 f-et 5 inoh?s high; lor.g back hai ? ?& 1 sn 1 dark li??- A reward of $50 will be paid*3*-" IfMMUirn?1 George's < ounty; I"" if taken oot of the c"u- ?y and in the 8'afe or ImtMCt of <'o- J hntia and SI.si if tas*n o'sewhere, in either case t j be sccuren in jail ?o tnat I oftn get her again , M. fc. DUVALL. Ad mini ft rat or of ma I1-1W B. H. Evs'?69?d. " LO*T?At the l.evee last night,aroft HAT, and \ a heavy grey heaver ?;'? *li caped OVr,R? O\T (without sioevea.) The finder will oonfer a favo> ? by leaving theni at this office, or by leaving word A where they may b? not. mar 9 tf |?OUNU ?Takon by mistake, in the ?><Taint>!e at J 1 the Levee list iiight, a back cloth OVfcK<'OAT, containing pacers douhtlf-ss of n-ine vale? i to the owner, It has been l?it at this office for r>x- t change. mar 9 2t " LOST?At tlie F evee last night a French braver * cloth TALMA Had in one ride pocsh a ha .d- , kxroiuel, aud i i another a pair of liusd thread nlovea. Th" person having nMd coat will pltase . erive it nutiu* Tel-graph t'fhce, Fa. avenue, l>e , iweo 4>* and 6th ?ts., in the care of J. T. Cald- , well, f >r she iiuderaigned. marj* 3t R. C. FOX. ] IOi*T?Last nizhf, at the President's Levee, a ( j darfr ribbed elotn OVKBOOAT, with ve vet o..liar and facing* the fimler wi 1 aonfer a favor on . t li:> o * n?*r by oavint U at No. 324 6tn St., I?etw?f?n , I and K sts . or at the Maible Works corner New , York av. anil Filteonth ut. mar 9 2t* THOS. H. DORIAN. * L?P1? IM Dt ? PL' /il.? If t M t' A HT /\trt.?n I i.Ciri i LjAVyrj ur .Hi.ir,, a.i wvr.n- , CO \T. The owner oan have the 'in-* br calling at the Ma. hie Works ooruer of Ne?r York avenue | and Fift-'enili at., proving property, and paying for J this advertisement. ; 11* TUPS. H. DORIAN. TAKKN BY MISTAKE At the fresMent's 1 J. levae last niphl.au OVKKCOAT containing , a letter, some vi.iting car>l* and handkerofief The ?'wn?f can hr.ve the coat by canine at 404 Eat., no th, proving pmperty f.ni raying for this adverim-?iiie> t. A lac, I >*t samo night, a&ine place, a Inset broadcloth Overcoat; velvet ool ar: lower button oil' on letl hand aide; a net wo : sted oap 111 ] the pocket Any person having a Ooat ai ssrenug ? this defoription will O'inffr a favor by leaving it at < 104 E atreot north, between 9th and loth sta. < IT1.\ !l -ft" jj'OCJN O?A GOLD BRACELET, at the Inau*- I 1 11 ration Hall, which the owner can have by i proving property and paying ehargoa.^ mar 8 St ( ???????i? t "boarding. ! BOARDING.?A few pleawnt Roomi, with Bo\rd, can be had at No. US 4>? at. n.ar 9 lw* j J FIRST IN REASON. J IIST Received froin Norfolk a iupp v of HARD CR ADS, at T. M. HARVEY'*, mar 8-3t_No. ii^l C ?t., hatw^en UUti au<Vllth. RIDDLE HAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST ; FASHIONABLE STOCK ?F i EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY, AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE \ OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLKADID ASSORTMEKT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Seta for $1 Elejjant I.AVA Sfcts for 81 Kiatant GARNET Sera for $ 1 E eflint J E 1' Seta (or si EWaut COR At. and OLD?? -e*? for 51 K>*?nt MEDALLION Seta or 4l Elegant HIM MOSAIC .Seta for #1 ! E.egant PL *.IN OOLD ....Setafor |l I adioa' GUARD CHMNS forfi I adifVCHA* ELAINE CHAIN*..for *1 Ladiea' NEOB CHAINS lor Si Genu' V KST CHAINS.(luciffereut styles.) ..for $1 Also, a Large Asso'tmeat of JEWF1.RY, which we oan sell at oenta ptr article. J ii at SMALL LOTS?F BEAUTIFUL FTRUS*CAN BLACK LAVA Seta ENAMKLEDCROSS Seta ETRUSCANXJARB UNCLE Seta PEARL AND GOLD ETRL'SCaN ONYX 8M?U N. B ? Ptraona wishing any of the above Good* hcuiO call at once aa they aoon vill be gone. We have on hand, and ere receiving every day. Urgt invoioea of THE FiNEST PLaTED WARE. * obnciating of Breal/aet and Tea Sett; Card and Catce Baskets; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; Table, Desert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoatu; Butter, Fruit. Tea., Pie, and Fish Knives; Foris; Napkin. Rings ; Casters ; Salt Stands ; Plain, Chased and <iilt Lined Goblets and Cruses. ALL rot BALI AT LOWMT WHuLIml.l Mini. GOODS WARRANTED AS RKPRKSKNTKD. REMEMBER : RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, l?" ?0S? P*. Av 30* *' ' ' ' " \ " > % GEORGETOWN'. Ccr'tipondmet /" The Stmt. Geouitowd. Mucb 11. K?t Our floe company, the Potomac Ll*ht laftntrv. had their regular weeklr drill on Thursday Might last, and matrbtd through our principal street* The ranks were quite roll, aun, from what we m ?. ! <im ir itic;vrn:riii? iwilBOV IB? IIS ot moonlight), w* j'dge tbey well diwrrre tbe credit pi?en them bv the Nfw Vork papers in their notice* of the litaugural procession. The loading ai d firing while perf< rnilng the usual company evolnUnns at a "double quick" waa a noticeable feature of tbe drill, and vraa well dooe. The commendation tx stowed on our new cavalry rorp*. the Georgetown Mounted Guard. Is lucreaatDg its popularity and applications for :mml>?rsh1p are made dally Tbey number -I men. and before tbe close of tbe month there will pioltablv be Urn enrolled. We understand Iber bare their first drill for sabre exercise at the armory this eTenlng. Our newrompanlea of Infantry all have frequent drills, and are making decided progrtsa Apropo* of military matters, we respectfully uiri:**** u> me proper authorities the propriety of relieving our efficient and loyal volunteer compan lea from part of the burden now resting upon tLem The Columbian Armory, In Ws?h1 ntiton, is guarded by tbe company of Sappet* tnd Miners now stationed there, and tbe Government, understand, paya for the lighting of the building and otber necessary expenses, including the salary of a superintendent: while the Armory in this city, (at Forrest Hall,) confining. if we mistake not. property of greater ralue than is stored In tha?oluml>laa Armory, Is guarded altogether by the volunteers ? twelve [officers and men) being on duty every night, without pay. Thev D^rform the <lntv >ut think the Goverument should at least brer be expense of gas-light. and pay tbe watchman who Is hired to guard tbe building In tbe day Ime A meeting of offlcera was held to take the natter into consideration, and their demands are to reasonable tbat we bare no doubt they will neet with prompt compliance Tbe many friends of Mr. George Hill, jr., Will >e gratified to learn that be has received his comnisalon (dated Msrchftth) as Major in tbe Eighth ieglmentof Mlllttaof the District of Columbia its appointment dates from tbe 13th day of Janlary last. 3EORGETOWN~ZPVERT7MTS NOTICE.?'The first annual meeting of the West End Building Association of Georgensrn will be held at the Council Chamber, on ilONDAV next, th* ilth inst.. at 7 o'clock p.m. revious to which an election will l>e held for o? era to serve during the enduing year. The J udgea nil l>e in attendance at 4K o'clock. By order ma8 3t WILLIa.M KING. Sec. [GEORGETOWN FISH WHARF FOR L? RENT. M . V. ^ ? " " ? i vm a \/ w r iVB) U CUTI '"WJWIlf Lf ( M\rch 6th, 1W1. S Proposals, in writing, will be received at tlua of loe until the 16th inttant for th? reutirg <>l the reorgetown Fiah Wharf for one > %? lrom the l?t rlontay in the present month. Trixn caan. Perona making bida will pleaae aeal the mine, and udorae them "Proposal# for the Fiah Wharf." mar6-tl6th HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. POR RENT OR LEA?E-A v?i-t denrabie Market or IHiry FA KM. in perfect *rdrr, for ent or ]ea>e. Th?re la on it a coirf>rtahie ano caacioo* brick dwelling, with dry ce'.la a, and a pump if good water at the door; aubatantiai atali e? ann iut-bui.din|ta. It la 01 the Highta above Georgeown, adjoining the northern boundary thereof, rh-buildmcanr* in''x'-eUent order, and the land Mxtv acrea, or leaa if required.) la in a fine and lighfy cultivated condition. The dwelling and tarIon would he rented separately to a re>pectat> e md prompt tenant. Application to he n.ade to 'HAS ii? >M ll<LER. at nix ataiid in Center Mar. ;ot, WaeHugton, or hia dwelling, ou the Hielra of Jeorgetowr.. fe J#-2w Pi' JUST ARRIVED" I'R Propeller S. SeTiwuir. from Philadelphia. =, 'rl !<*? l.-ir K.- ? I__f ? ' 1 ^ ...IM . - -I?u i-rt- . v'-iij <v ;o 'n Pbilade.phia DR AFT Al.K. For t.? Jo 22 AWM\ A SHINN. |\ 200 BBI.K PRIME CIDER I 'ATI.V Fxpeet,<?<1 per schooner Mar* Ann McOtx rom i>">?Uin. This Cider ie A No. 1, and is lor i.alo n lots to suit purchasers. ARNV A SH INN'S fe 22 I'nion Bottiing Depot. <ieorcetown U8T RECEIVKD? 9 l" hlids. prime Porto Rico SFGAR3 ?>id RTeWHIfKY. 2V> hbl*. HER H ING and ALF.\VIV F.*, .V* M?If. Crushed and RcfmM >l'GARr, 3? l>ac* Rio and Java COFFEF.. J" h)idg.(|>>w nrtoed) Moi,ASSES. Forealobr JOHN J. ROGUE. ' in FOR SALE ANI) RKNT. riOOM S TO RENT At tbe sout>ieM? corner of LV Thirteenth an<t D ftre-ts and part f a ?tore, ui table for % furniture ?hop ?r shoewakei's *hoj. nqn.re at the grope y ?tor~. No. It* FOR RENT? A new thr"e ?tory Brick DW'F.I.I I \ < II??ITSK, containing li rooms. Mo. 3**# , *we* i, near i onri^enth- p ea*anUi Fit??'?4. in[Ui'? of CAMM.UK,Jr,31'iF atrest. mar II 3t kJTOHFi FOR RR.Nr.-* iar|? Storr-room on ? Pa. avei.ue, adi mi t our auction room*. U t ent. Arp t to W ALL 4. UAKNAR it. Auction ind foir.miMion M* chanta. o?>iner Ninth ?tre<t md eonth aide Pa *wi ue. mar li LM>R RENT Th? BRICK H Of SE on Tenth r rtrcet. b?t?een K and K. It ha? ten r<>- ins pith s>? Apply to P. HMDEK.on Seventh et., vio. a?to. Ke~t < ? per m >>:th V g??id tenant, ["he ke? ? at W. Pete rsor.'a, two d'?ota tbvva, ma 11 3t* L>OR RENT-Th" north HOl'SE of t!i?. row cf r now fiKir atory houaea on Fon<tn it , betwen i and E sta., No. 3*?, fronting the Cit* Hail quare P-innn-ion fiven imm <1ia>*lj. Apply to IVILLIAM II. PHI L<LIP, Attornfv at-law. No. IO I wiMUMMMa uia 11 eotf l/??ft ni.NT A thr?o fturT Mown f or.t l>rick r |MVh|,? ING, ntuate on ihirr^enth e'rer*. <rtw?fn L and Ma?>a jhuaettk avenue, me aquaie lorth of Frank! n How Said ho i? i* furniah'd ntli Ra? and water-h ?tnr??* : with hath-rf.oin. I :[iiirnat WM P. SH EDD'S Fancy Store, No. 30*2 eleventh at. m?-r R-3t* _ l/OR RENT?The ROOMS rcoeulU cmM " l?y the Hon J S. Mil'ron. 'I h? ? iwvolte* us lied ft'.d ? urpiied with all the tteoea^ery co;i*e nences,Incli din* l<ath roomi with Po?om*c water) bdjt'iitinK the bfuroom. Peraon* having their own took can have the u-e i f the kitcheu. urew they >an t-e aoo mmodat?d wit i m*ai* in the ii>MKhtH>r lood. AddIv to 6 I'D. VVII.l.NER- ifil Ninth it.. betwwou'I) and E mar 8 2w I^OR RENT, SALE. OK FXCBANGK FOR P OTHER l'HOI'KRTV?A FARM ..faln.ut S*? acres land, situated about mien i.ou:h*aU rum the station. Ueit?vi!><>, Pr i.oe <it-or*e's ooiidv, .Maryland. There is about ffc? acre* in woodglance olfared Irik! and in der cultivation ; t a? a mail ilT?llir?! in u?e ; t-arn ,t' b? t;> feet, and < tlier >ut buildings, and apple and poarh orchard J. K KENDALL, rrar 8 tf No. 5 F?-ur_and a-halfct. LMiR RKVT OK J*A'>K~rhe two five ?tory I1 t rick DWELLlNU-HOU^KS situated cnaud itju.nint the corner of F'ourth a d D Hieets, a<t of the Citji flail. Apply to JOSKP11 FLilTT, No. 90 Louisiana av. n ar & tf [i'OR RKNT-The desirable and convenient R EVIDENCE. now oocnpied by Senator Kenlfdy.ou Sixth ?treet, jQst north of the I nita ian Church, will t>e tor rett after the adjournment of he Uoit'd States Senate. Apply t? THOMAS tf LAG DEN, No. 499 Seveath street west. P' lt-2a? 3w arun Kr > i, in uie r irii wara?three squares r weit of the War Department?a small OFFICE, with back room, or the former may aniver for a shop; and Parlors and Chambers, separate, or uits of Rooms, furnisned or unfurnished ; close k> the Avenue. Inquire at this orfiot). _de3 *awtf FOR K KMT-A three story brick HOUSE,containing 8 rooms, in good ordor, with gas fixtures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with large rard attache**, oorner of P street north an* 14th st. sast. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will t>e moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, t?etwoen G a 3d H. no 13-tf FOR RENT-The F1R8T FLOOR of the building immediate.* pp .site the west wing of the City Bal.,reoently occupied by Com. a. Wallaoh M an ofiioa. Also the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same baildinx. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. t Louisiana avenue. ia U tf CM)R RENT?The fine BRICK HOLME No. r lOO \V???t et., Georgetown, at preaent ooen pied by the aul>aoril>er. It baa *2 room*. with (u and water throughout, a fine yard, ataMe A o , and la in aguod neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M AGRL'DER. oc? tf IMPORTANT NOTICK TO STRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A view o 1 the National Capital will be er~a*ntKl to all puro?aaeia of Book*, Stationery to , from the welt known eatabilahmentof . t RENCH k R1CHSTEIN.?1S Pa av., t* 25 near K rkw. od H? nae. IVfOOKE'S WEST END DRUG STORE, 113 1*1. Pa. AVZ.1DI i"octh aid*.?Sirangera a<.d^^ others repair n< Mediome Congress Waier.^V T oth Bruahe*, Nail Uraahes. Hair Hruaret^B a' d Comi a, Farina Uolocnea, Luhin'a Extras a. Toilet Soapa, Pona'ea.llair ? na and Dyes, or an* a.tio e in the Drue l.m?, should patronise the above well known eatahliahmont fe 25 2w gCHENCK'S PULMONIC BYRUl*. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, find a it impos aibte to visit Washington every week^aad baa made arrangements to positively be lb the oity the uiuu m ruiivau*/ VI OfOFJ raUDM* He hut (nitof rooms u the Avenue Houm, where patient* cmi obtain adnoo free. He ouly charges wlien it it nnoossary to make a thorngn examination of the Lungs with the RM^iroMtor. 8. K. Www h Moot for So bench's Pulmonic Syrup, prioc 91 per bottle. for the our* of Couchs, Colds six1 Consumption ; 8on*nek> 8?s WW Tome, prioe 81 per bottle, for Pypsssia; Bchenok's Mandrake P.TlsJprias ?oents ber box. for Lirss Hi lions Complaints and Constipation of the Bowels. Dr. Scbonok wonid be grat*fc to thoee who hare boon cured, by his romodiea if thej would leave their certificates of ear* With M. B. WAITS. ornsr ?*v? ntto it ud U. ?t. 4c ll-ki Of the 6?.i jAficV K\^"5* wa-? w^W-wkwrfi#** m THE LATEST NEWS. TELBQR APHIC. I.*i?r If lartyt. HALIFAX. Mtrch ? ?Tfcf MMBW Niiftn.from Lt'rrpooi on tb?- iJJ uU , h? ?n!v?4 her* t>b? called at Q nrenatowa on tbr 31th In the RrltUh Parliament the Oovcrnanoot do nlrd the ' hsrcr of Invading tbf rl^bla of Canada In the Anderaon ch> A bill bod been Introduced In tbe Italian Parll am?HBt making Victor F.mmanuel King of Italy^ New York la April St JoNsa, N F , March 9.?Tbe (Mlway Com pauy'a rt-amahlp Prince Albert, which left G*lwav on lb? r?Ml?| of Tocaday, February Wth, ?rtl?fd at this port thia morning. Th?- F.mperor of Aoatrla baa Irard the ?*? Constitution. which, among other thing*, grant* leglalat1*e power to the Diet Prince Nupolpon'a Journey to Italjr baa hern dr ferred. the Emperor having enjoined htm to remain in Parla for the present, on the ground, aa ta alleged, that the antl-clerical elewa of the Prli??? would give a mdf Impulse 1a Italy to tbeqeretran of the Pope'a temporal sovereignty. Rous, Feb. :M ?The order of the day of General Guyon t ensures the demonstrations made K the National Committee.and rejects tbe addrcaa of congratulation which tbe latter extended to tbe r rrocD; ana nn rerommend* the wM*(n of kit command to ?roid In future all popular nrrn biles Nai-lks, Fob 24 ?Tbe mppussloa of tbe Con ent* baa glTrn rise to MVtnl popular disturbances The rioter* at tart ed several rflnrrnb, but were dispersed by tbe National Guard. Tkr t ea federated State*. Nkw Obi.k*k?, March 9 ?Tbe Htate Convention ha* adopted an ordlnanre for tbe tranaf-r of certain funda to tbe Government of tbe Confederated States, now In the band* of tbe State depository. A private dispatch from Montgomery ears that tbe reveno* law* Uave been adjusted by the regulation of the Trr'asury I>epertinent to avoid any prejudice to tbe Mnnibatt interest The Alabama State Convention has adopted so ordinance transferring her military operations to ? w a awswivHWA W?CIUUICim WilU Sll *B^ TUll and munition* of wu acquired from tbe United State*, also, transferring authority over the fort* and arsenal* to the Confederacy. Fr? tallbraia, by Peay Kxpreaa. Fobt Kbabxbt. March 9 ?Tbe California I'oav Kxpresa, with advice* of tbe 23d, ha* arrived here The (teamer of tbe 21st took nearly 1,000,000, including ?615,000 for New York, aad 190 paa acacm. There was a fair State trade doing at San Francisco. at low prlcea Washington's birthday was unprecedeatly observed The Dou^la* Democrats In tbe Legislature have split on the Senatorial content, one portion bare nominated Mr McDougal. Denver's chancea are now considered best with the support of the Breckinridge men. Texas Formally Declared Oat of the Caisa. Gai.vb?to??, March 7. (via New Orleans)?On th?* 4th in?t ibe State Convention declared Texas to be out of tbe Union, and Governor Houston issued bit proclamation to that effect Incomplete returns give a majority of 2*."00 In 51.500 votes Ordinance* were passed autborltlng tbe delegates from Texas to represent tbe State In tbe Provisional Government. Vessels sent here by the Federal Government will not be selxed. Governor Houston, It is said, will not resign aor take tbe osth of allegiance Tbe Convention is discussing an ordinance defining treason A detachment has been sent to guard tbe upper Ferts. Pritrarltrr Fires. Sasm ?KT,Otiin. March f ?A Are this morning destrov?-d the buildings occupied by N U Olds, as a machine shop, and Norcrosa & I*pp. a* a cbalr factory, also tbc large building occupied as offices bv tbe Sandusky, Davton, and Cincinnati Railroad; the Toledo, New York, and Erie Railroad; tbe New York Central Railroad, and tbe Express Company, together with tb? Drovers' Hotel, and several other buildings The total less Is probably 955 000 Cikcii?5ati, March 9.?Messrs Emory k Sons' lard oil and candle works were burnt to-day I.o?* estimated at 9150,000. Insurance ot?t SlOn.OOO. Marine l?l*ait>ri Nkw Oeleaxs, March P ?The abtp Indiana brings the captain and crew of the brig Mary D Lane, from New York for Charleston, which was abandoned at aea during a beavy gale, in which she sprung aleak. Nosion, March 9 ?The abtp Victory, 92 days from Callao, is asbore at a point about 35 mtfe-s south of Cape Henry In consequence of the be^vy gale from East to day tbe vessel and esrgs will probably prove a total loss Assistantt has beej sent. The Msihera tss|rc?s Momt^ohkki , Mar> h 3 ?No business baa been transacted bv Congress in open session to-day It Is ucders*^od that tbe permanent Constitution will be completed tn-ntgbt or on Monday, and that a recess will follow The reported announcement of tbe Commissioner w Europe Is premature It is belimrt that none will be continued until the conference at Washington baa been cm eluded Final P.mll ?f the Ktrlk CtrtllM Elrrilt* Ralcigh, March II ?Tbe returns are all til, and the Convention la loa* by I ,U? majority It la (,?robible there will be no extra session of the I unleaa some new phase in Federal affalra presents itself. The Hatbsr Defense* nt lktrlsstsi< Chart ?to*, Msro.h 7 ?Tbe Courier ssy* tbe mllitarv works In the harbor hare made fermlde ble progress within tbe last few days under Geo* ral Bra u regard Misseart Lr|lilsisre St Locis, Marcb b ?Tbe lower branch of our State legislature baa passed a joint resolution to day to go Into an election of United States Senator on \Vedneedav next SUI1 Ashore. New Voi.a, March 10 ?The steamer Mount Vernon is still asbore on tbe New Jersey coest. The sea is breaking over her. (Vun< Srit U Tuu. Niw York, March 10?The steamer Kmpire City aailcd hence to-day for Texas, with ordinance, Ac. Alexandria Markets Alix anuria. March 11 ?Flour?Family 90 25a 7 Oti , extra *V7*at?, an per g5 l*a4 50 W b?a<. whita ?1 4?; red ft lOaSl S3 Cora?white 5-sj6"?c ; yellow 3?a60c.; mixed S6a58c Rye <i5afi6 Oate 2$a30c. Corn Meal ft9a79c per bushel Sred??1 imothy |3il3 SO; Clover 9* *JSa9f> fct. Flaxseed 91 4(*?1 49. Provisions? Hotter, roll, lOa'JOc.; Bacon llal3c.; Pork ?7 00af7 M. Lard 13a 14c. Eggs 14al6~, W hlaky 24a3uc Halttmra Market*. Baltimokk. March 11.?Flour ruled dull and cloaed drooping. Wheat eloaed leea firm. Corn ruled quiet, quotations nominal. Proviaiona qnlet and nominal, unchanged, Whlaky dull at ifyc. NOTICE. 71 ERHONS Wishing Furniture and Heavy Articles Removed can .at ail times, hy eal.ing oa J. A. STEPHENSON. At ftiiussa tost. Find Good Wagons nod Careful Drivers. rpHKKk*8 A BLTTKR TIME COKING! Victims of Self Abut# ud Secret DitMtMjhM.d app > at BHIMAN'S ^outnsrn Mea.oal Bom. under the Clarendon Hotel, ooraer Sixth street and H*. avenue, immediately opposite Um Natioaal Hotel, and try Dr. feoutbey's Celebrated Loadon Medicines. Tb. y ars warranted toes re tbe axwt viriier.t forms of (ionaarrbma. tletCinkiiii, Nootsrnal ^ miKPiont, Htricturss. and Wsakaees of the Bladder in fro is S to uays. Tbe Remedies ou be seat by mail. Oioe boars from a. m to 10 p m. fr 1>-Iw A Kww of tk* National Cajntol Wot ii raunrn To every psirhaser ot Boots, s*ia loner/. Ac , from the wel. kbown eetabliahm*et of FftKNCrf A RiCHST-lN Booksellers,Stationers, aad Periodical Dealers, No. 87? Pa. avense. near tbe kirhwood House, Washiairtoa. 1). C mar 1 3,000 ..-HfflSMfiot Um vwy buciw""t- J fr ? ??ni?r Vw"?t CoN^T^T^t^S,^.,,,-, o, tM rmtj bMt???liiy of BED ?nd wfllTK A!^H COAL of all mm. vhiofc W will d^lirw to My part of Ur 011j at tM shortest ooiiM and at aod WA\U"f?IClOTf,^VaH# wV? WOOP MU or m'&?hw t nikt" lmar^fe3KMpr-g up. ?.r I kiiai I* o.*up?> ,x u> |I?? tkMr aaooanta Runt hk okckiv d. but come to ?L ' - toll* . T r: \ .