18 Mart 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Mart 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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^BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSpSSSSSSSSSSS^SSSSSSESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS^SSE . # M K ^ / H I X pg H| frs E5 h ^ n I I H H H I u y \ Bj ^ . , I V?i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. MARCH 18. 1861. N?. 2.520. ' TUK DULY EVENING STAR u r CH l.isn BJ> EVERT AFTERNOON, (HUNT/AYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDIKnA, t ir ?f f *?**!* mi* itvcr.ut and llfA H., IT W. D. WALLACH. ' ? ^ P*??r? wrr?(l in rtckun hr o?rr1?r? it |4 I y*?r, w St oecta p*r month. To mail b?orib?r? tt>? irHM la MX M mamm ? ??.?... -> '?? ?'* month"; 41 for three month*, and for leu than Wirer m?nih? at me rate of Uoenti a wwk. Sing* aopi<??, oj? c?3t; in wrappers, two cznt*. fir Knvxxttkixknt* ?nou!d be lent to ths oftce before 13 o'ciock m.; otherwise they may not appear mutil the next day. Ju((liBg Extraerdiaary a brass c0i5 changed into a livingsbrpb5t. xv. r 4 -? n.i?i.. 1- i ? tuc lull >1 vaivuaa, uviauiuuij Known as Fort William, is one of the most splendid and convenient military establishments to bo found In any quarter of the globe. It is often the scene of animated festivity, from the presence of native jucgiers, renowned for their surprising skill and dexterity. The performances of these strange people have been so often described that I shall only mention a few, for otherwise I might tire the reader. The particular trick alluded to is the apparent conversion of a brass coin into a snake. Ihe iuftrler crave me th* coin tn linlil ?nil iti?n seated hirn*elf about five yards from me, on a small rug. from which he never attempted to move during the whole performance. I showed the ooin to sevoral persona who were close beside me. on a f. rm in front of the juggler. At a sign from him, I not only grasped the coin I held firmly in my right hand, but crossing that band with equal tightness with my left, I enclosed them both as firmly as I could between my knees. Of course I wag positively certain that the small coin waa within my double fists. The juggler then began a short incantation, accompanied by a monotonous and discordant kind of recitative, and repeating the words, ''Raui Sainmu," during some minutes lie then suddenly stopped, and still keeping his seat, made a quick motion with his hand, as if throwing something at me, giving, at the same time, a puff with nis mouth At that instant I felt my hands suddenly distend, and bccotne partly open, while I experienced n sensation a* if a cola ball of dough, or something equally toft, nasty and disagreeable, was now between my palms. I started to my feet in astonishment, and opening my hands, found there no coin; but, to my horror and llirin I Tew nf all AraaftJ kir??a T U? ^IVI v? nil viCMiVU lUIU^O X uoivav ouu loathe the genus), I saw a yeurg snnke, all alive?oh ' and of all sinakes in the world, a oobra-di-eapello, folded, or rather coiled, roundly up I threw it instantly to the ground, trembling with rage and fear, as if already bit by the deadly reptile, which began immediately to crawl along the ground, to the alarm of every one present. The juggler now got up for the first time since he had sat down, and catching hold of the snake, displayed its length, which was nearly two feet?two feet all but an inen and a half. lie then took it cautiously by the tail, and opening his own mouth to it? widest extent, let the head of the snake drop into it, deliberately commenced to swallow the animal, till the end ot the tail was only visible; then making a sadden gulp, the whole of the snake was apparently swallowed. After this he came np to the spectators, and opened his mouth wide, permitted us to look into bis throat, but. no snnke or snake's tail was visible?it was seemingly down hi? throat altogether. During the remainder of the performances we never saw this snake ?g-m. nor am ine man protess his ability to make it reappear. But ne performed another snake trick which surprised us very much. He took from a hag another cobra di-capello, and walking into the centre of the room enclosed it in his hand* in a folded state. lie waved or shook them for some time in this condition, and then opened his fists, when, hey ! presto?the snake was gone, and is its place appeared several small ones, which he suffered to fall frum his hands, when they glided, with their peculiar undulating movement, almost like the waves of the sea, across the flo?r.?A Britiih OJficer in India. A Qi ker Pbople.?Chambers'Journal, discussing n recent book of missionary travels in Africa, thus alludes to one of the tribes which are found in that./*rr-i incognita: But th* s;rangett of all are the stories told of tho Dokos. who live among the moist, warmbamboo wo.,.h to the south of Kaflfa aid Susa ' >n:y iour leet high. ot a ilark olive color, savage and naked, they have neither houses nor temples, neither lire nor human food. They live only on auts, mice, and serpants. diversified by u few reots and fruit?; they let their nails grow lone like talons, the better to dig for ants, and tne more easily to tear in pieces their favorite snakes. They do not marry, b'ji. live indiscriminative live! of animals, multiplying very rapHly, and with very little maternal instinct. Iho mother nurses her child for only a short time, accustoming it to eat ants and serpents as s<-on as possible, and when it can help iise'.f it wanders away where it will, and the mother thinks no more about it. The Dvkos arc invaluable as slaves, and are taken in large numbers The slave-hunters hold up bright oolored clothes as soon as they come to th* mnilf "rtrm KatnK^v 'VivJa ?aL ' Ui Muui V/V W IICI O IUCBO human monkeys live, and the poor D?kos cannot ro-ist the attractions offered bj such superior people. They crowd round them, and are taken in thousands. In slavery they are docile, attached, obedient, with few wants and excellent health. Tbey have only one fault? a love of ants, mice and serpents, and a habit of speaking lo Yer with tneir heads on the ground ana their heels in the air Yer is their idea of a superior power, to whom they talk in this comical nature when they are dispirited or angry, or tired of ants and snakes, and longing for unknown food. The Dokos seem to some nearest of all people yet discovered to that terrible cou?in of humanity?"the ape." Diversion or Kei> River?It Propose* to Flow to the Gulf by a Nttc Channel ?It has. for some years, been evident that by a ?urc ami rtniH nrn^Aja u ~a _ .?| .? ^v-?o auw vvmutviiv/u mvinvvu 1icu River and the Mississippi is feeing cut off The of the complete consuuiiuaWori of this } r eeiM, dow going on with extraordinary and alarming rapidity. will be to divert Red River into the Auhaf^yla, which a tu rds a channel for i n water* m.d compels it to fl?w to the Gulf at Berwick1* bay. Thus the whole of the immense and productive region lying in the valley of the Ked River will suffer the embarrassment of being shut off from communication with its natural market, while New Orleans will lose the rich trade which the river country annually pours into her lap. These contingencies are not remote. Thoy will surely happen within a few years if something be not done to obviate them. For some year* past the connection between Red River and the Mississippi has been growirg more and more precarious, till, n low water, it is almost entirely lost. In the high water season the vol am* of water which poura down the Atch- I afalaja exceeds the flow of Ked River, as the MiaaUoippi actually backs op through Old River, to that the current sets from instead of into the main stream.?N. O Delta. 'Artemis" o* the Unto*.?I'm a Union maa. I lav the Union from the bottom of mi % v * . nan 1 iuv every noop-paie in Maine, and every *heep ranch in Texis. The kow pasture* of Nu Hampshire are as deer 2 A. Ward as the rice pltntasbunx of Mi<wisaippy There is mean taters in both them are States, A thar is likewise cuud men aid troo. It don't look well for a lot of inflamitory individuals, who never lifted their hands in defenoe or Ameriky, or did the fust thing towards sekowerin our independence. to their baok>? up and sware hey 11 dissolve the Union. Too much blood was spilt a com tin' and marryin' that highly respectable female, the Uoddess of Libcr^, J* Kit a divorse at this late day. The old cal be h?T?d berielf 2 well 2 out her off now, at th* request of * parsul ov addle-braned men A wiinmio. who never did nobody no good, and sever will agan, I'm sorry the picture of the Goddeae never give her no abuse or atoekin'a, bat the band of atara around her head mart kontiner to shine briter so long u the earth koBtinera 2 revolve on it* ?xeltree. E7* A Gerrnaa newtpaner contain* the followl.? 44 a it 191 a# ana\A wtTnincwpn - n. K<?* *?a w WHVVH'JU , of atrlet moral*, be lag extremely bandaom*. and of a*|lal?4 manner*, ronveraant with tbe keeping of botal and tarem account*, aod apt la aervlag at table or behind the bar, wlfbea a situation aa barmaid or waitr*** in a railway refreshment room. N. U ?She can cut piece* of bread and batter, of ntiafectory appearance, out of oae ponad of bread and two ounce* of butter.r* Amislni Blander *f an American TeurUt. Ralph Lasel, the clever correspondent of the New York Express, tells the following laughable story in his last letter* A rather singular story hag been related to me, by a professed eye witness, of an American recently arrived in France by one of the New York and Havre steamers. I won't vouch for the entire authenticity of the anecdote, but it certainly has a probable look, and my informant is a gentleman of high respectability, though unfortunatel v addicted to iostinz Ac cording to his statement, then, the American in question, immediately after leaving the steamer and getting his baggage through the Havre custom-house, took toe first train for Paris, lie brought with him into the car a small valise and a copy of Murray's guide-book for France, which, from its dilapidated appearanoe, had doubtless been purchased by some transatlantic tourist and carried over tu America,where it had. perhaps, been presented to a friend, the actual proprietor, about to set ont oa his travels. As soon as the train was in motion. Jonathan Dlunired into his I - - ?* ? c O guidc-bcok and carefully examined the particulars related of tho route from Havre to Rouen and Paris. Among the rest was, of course, the information that the longest tunnel in Franoe is on this line. A thought seemed t? strike the stranger. Leaning toward a passenger seated opposite (no other than the gentleman who tells the story), be itammered, in a very limitod French, "Tunnel?comb ien do t^pips"' meaning ' how long are we in passing it'" The other supposed the question to refer to the time whioh would elapse before the train reached the tunnel, and answered, "Half an hour.'' Tho American took his valise from beneath the seat, opened it, and drew forth a change of linen, which he coolly proceeded to unfold, to the intense astonishment of the other passengers?among whom, fortu nately, there were no Indie* In due time the train entered the tunnel, and the car was plunged into Egyptian darkne#s. relieved only ny an occasional instantaneous flash from the airholes. Presently the train again darted into the open air, and a roar of laughter burst from the fellow-ptissengers of our Yankee aboard. He had understood that the time occupied in passing the tunnel was half an hour, and hid determined to avail himself of the opportunity to make certain changes in his dre?s. The time aetu ally consumed is four minutes; and. as the light of day again rushed in at the windows, the free and independent citizen was discovered. Do you remember a pictorial history, stolen from the French and published in Amerioa some years ago. under the title of tho Adventures of Bachelor Butterfly? One soene represents the bachelor " turning over a new leaf '' I refer you to the caricature Tne Late Intsdations in IIollavp.?a letter dated Amsterdam, Feb 11, says Thank God the desolation of our inundated districts begin to abate, and the waters are returning to their natural channels. But what scenes ot -- i 1- ?i? i i? UIOVIW3, a^uuj nuu j'ouurjr uu IUOJT leave IJChind them. Some village* are entire destroyed, not a vestige of a habitation remains to show that they were the dwelling-place of man. Nearly 40.000 acres of cultivated land have been submerged, and their cultivators driven from their dwelling:* to seek shelter in arbooU and churches, and to eat the bread of charity. The number of cattle drowned and killed it is impossible to state with accuracy, but it is said to amount to several thousand. This, however, is a slight calamity compared with tho lofs of human life, which, notwithstauding eveiy effort made by the authorities to render assistanoe. has swollen to a hich fiarur? When the _ ? o " ?o " dyko broke at Leeuwen the waters rushed through with such fearful violence as to carry all before them ; hou=os, burns, and trees tumbled down at their approach. How, then, could the laborer? on the dyke, and their families resist the crushing strength of the fl jod and the ice males' The descriptions seat me from the scene of desolation are really shocking What the poor creatures, whose homely dwellings but recently afforded them a comfortable shelter, have had to encounter in the form of cold, nakedness, and starvation, is almost incredible. Truth, indeed, in this case is stranger, much stranger, than fiction. A Bcll ?Two men, with exceedingly rich brogues on their tongues,entered a itore yesterday, and each called for a gallon of whlskv. There wa? nothing strange In tbat, butone wantrd a first-rate artirle and the other a cheaper article One con eluded to pay seventy-five cents for a gallon of Bottrbon, and the other twenty-live cents for a gallon of tangl?foot, and they had but one Jag between them, and wanted all the whiskey put Into It, which wm done, the clerk merely asked them If they didn't want a paper between the lots. "Oh, no,'' said one, "1 can measure out his gallon when we get home "?St. Paul Ftoneer and Demotrat. Ilow to Makk a Coal Firk?If everybody knew Low to make a coal fire, there would be more comfort inside, and lets smoke outside the bnus?s. In cold weather. Before you throw on tbe coals, pull all the fire to the front of tbe grate towards the bars, fill up the cavity at the bark with the cinders or ashes which will be found under the grate, then throw on the coals The gas evolved in the process of roasting the coals will be absorbed by the cinders, and render thein !n an increased degree combn?t%le. The smoke will thus te burnt, and a fine, glowing, smokeless tire, will be the result. !?7"As a steamboat was about to start from Cincinnati recently, a young man came on board, leading a bl-.ubtiig damael by the band, and approaching the polite clerk, said in a suppressed vuio : ' I say. rot and my wife have just got married, and 1 am looking for accommodation#." "Looking for a berth?" hastily inquired the clerk, passing tickets out to another pas*-nger "A birth' thunder and lightning, no!" gasped the astonished man, "we halnt but just got married; we want a place to stay ail night, you know " Sikoclar Accidental Ccrs or Crocp ?A country physician having, in a case of croup, attempted to cauterlte the false membrane by stick caustic, the patient somehow or other swallowed the whole piece. In an agony of terror the practitioner forced a concentrated solution of kitchen soda (bydrocblorate of soda) down the patient's throat by way of antidote; and to his surprise, not only saved him from the effects of the oaustlc, but also cured him of his croup by the sama simple remedy ?blayttxllt EagU. A Qcrsr Frog ?On the Island of False River Is found a frog whose peculiarities, we balleve, have hitherto escaped the attention of naturalists. It Is called the "egg frog." from its great hankering after "hen fruit," and Is a great nuisance to farmer* In conae^enre. Being "unable to break the ahell of tlie egg. It la swallowed whole, after which the frog clTiriba a tree and then precipitates itself to the ground. THie fall break* the ahell, and tb? frog spits It out pie?e by piece. Queer frog that.?Biton Hovge (l.a ) Sugar Flanltr, in-Horticultural^, and pomologists will be i? ...il tn Inrn that hv thp new nnitiil nrranfffinvnti pasted at tbe lste session of Congress, ?eed or cuttings are classed a? mailable matter la package* and are t<? be charged with pottage at the rate of one cent an ounce when sent un<ter fifteen hundred milea, and two cents an ounce when aent over that dtaUnr*. The package tuuat not exceed {Ight ounce*. A Park Falling In ? Laat fall the city of Roxbury purchased a lot of marsh land on Ruggl?* atreet. to All up and layout aa a park. While filling It up, however, with gravel, It waa fouud In a certain part all the gravel which waa carried on immediately sunk, and though for severaldays it baa been brought on at the' rate of 600 or TOO loads a day, nearly all has disappeared from s ght. If^On a Winter's night, when the moon shon* bright, and tbe mow wma crnsted o'er, with a wftlil ?- lata u Mfanhfi Iff I lIM ffftm m Kill lower Kre we reached the base, (like horses In a race) our swift sliding sled careened, and with, tresses Mr, streaming back onjtheair, twitt Sally *r?Ml tend ov*t tend JETMatthlaa Leach ner was suffocated Instantly, on jfolnp into a malt cistern at 8t I-ou 1 on Tuesday; Christian Reioeke at once jumped In U> his rescue, but shared the same fate. IVbeu help came, they were takes oat dead. MISCELLANEOUS. /fK The old eetabiiahed PAWN OF- <Av JL WA"ICK, former.* on Penr. ?venu?.,XwJL O ? bet wren 31 ft"d ?K ?ta., haa lat?lj? Q b )?n removed to 351 C at., between and 6ui ata., book of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 910,000 to te loaned in airall sums on (iold and Silrer atohes. Jewelry, and all other artiolea of value. BuRine?a strictly and confidentially done. Don't foreet to oall at No. 351 C at., between 4X and 6th ata. ffl27-3m 1. HF.RZBERQ. CWOOD AND COAL. ON8TANTLY On hand a larpe assortment of the very beat quality of REV and VV HITE ASH COAL of all sues, whioh we will doliver to any part of the oily at the shortest notioe and at moderate prices. 2,24" pounds to the ton in all ' asea. AI*o, HICKORY OAK and FINK WOOD in ooid length or sawed ?nd spli' to any aia? required. SHERIFF & DAWSON, South side Pa. av., bet 3d and 456 *ts., fe 27-2w and west aide 4!t at. and the Canal. JOHN F. ELLIS. SOLE AORNT ? ? b-np Till.' Ill I L- iVil nk'MT or CHICKKRING * SON9' PIANOS, 306 PKNNA.. Avhnu?, Bttteun 9ik and loxA Struts, ma 2 North Side. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMRfcH. at the oorner of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh afreet, ha* greatly improved reoajitl* and now offer*'jl&gBU greater inducement? for the patrouate of citiiflna and *trangera than any other public house in the <MtTthia prioea boing leaa than thoaa of any other hotel on Penn. avesue, and hia accommodation* lor permanent or tranaient boardera unexceptionable. The bar and reataurant arrangement* of the European Hotel have already become very popu far.betnic all that oar. be desired by the moat faatidloua. Tuc proprietor pledge* unremitted attention and contianeu liberal exaenditureg to give aatiafao'.ion to all, and thua renew* hia invitation all to give the burop^wji {Intel a ?*?ll. d* 4 ti Il'BT RECK1VKD AT FRKNHH M Riril. J s*Th!N. 978 Penn.avenue, \\ aahincton."The Ptokwio* Paperi," boinj the firit of the ele^ai.t houeehould edition of the work* of Charted Uiotten?: illustrated hr T. O. C. Darler and John Gilbert. River?i<1e pr**?. Call acd examine them. Al?o, a new iupplr ?f FKrley'e Illustrated Cn* per, the finest edition published. fe 1 THB 1N8URANCE COMPANY or THK STATE or vtiinivt * CASH CAPITAL 3.100,000. Insure* Morohandise, Building*, Household Furniture, &o , againat loss or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLES, Areata, Office?Room 16 over Bank of Washington. ja l" WATCH RKFAIRINOHNDPIIiVKR WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the l?eat establishments, and furDished with aooraplete set of tools for repair Jtc in* every description of fine Watches, and /3U Particular attention give to the saini, t>y ftfaEK borough competent w.i kman,end a. work guarantied. \leo,every descrip ion of standard SILVER WAR.E. plain and oriininf>rttaI, manufactured under ray own supervision, which my customer! will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware Bold liy dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, s?^6 "3* Pa. avenue, near 9th at. fP? I). L. MORRISON A; CO., 1 LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in Mt 1.1. FEh'D, CORN MR At., *r? corner ol 12th and JL) itreeU, Washington oitr. IC7' C&?h p&id for all fcint!? of Grain. an 25 ?m Ti PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZEN? OV WASHINGTON, etORftKTOWN, *?. Whtrtat, At the prwent o the rear CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, OHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYBPE-P31A, DEBILITY.AO.. Ac., jreral' to an alarmiiij ox tent: And uhtrtn.', It most he of tho FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to ka>>w <>l A REMEDY at once Sift, Sprdv, r-nA DR. WONTARDE, OF PaJUS, offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER a? tha most SF.RTAIN AND KFFECTUAL Y TOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In ordor to anttsfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition la intended in the a&le of Uua Uroat MedtOine. THE MONEY WILL HE REFUNDED m ell can* when the medioine lails to give entire aatiafactlo Aik, then at aDy Dmg Storo for I?H. MONTARDE*8 mira.ci f.ouft pain killf.r, take ?lirfotoJ, arid if not perfectly satisfted Return to our Agent, D, D. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who wili refnrd your money. Prio??iift and SO Cents per Bottle, For sale at all Drug Stores erery where. jas. McDonnell, General A cent, jyll-eotr Baltimore. B?a TOPHAM'8 KTOS QQlfi PREMIUM TRUNK Qtllli MAS UFACTOR V, 499 Sevknth strbkt, Washington, D. C. Silver Medal award*d ?>t Marvlard 1 nitihitA nf 1 Haltimore, Nnv?mb?r 7, 106n Alio, Medal b; Metropolitan Meohatios' Institute, Washington, 1). C., 1457. I am oonst&ntly making, and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladiet' Dross, Wood Hox.and Packing Trunk*. Pellisier, Carpet,and Canvas 'i ravling Bags, Sohool Satchels, 4c., At Low Pncis. Members of Congress an t travelers will plsase examine my stook t*?forc purohr.siiic elsawhrra Trunks that are rnvte in other oitios. Superior Leather and Dress Trunk* made to order. , , Trucks oovered and repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free of charge t j anyfpart of the city, Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja23-1yeo JAMKS S.TOPHAM. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND TUHE BUKNSIDK'S MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James ilurnside. of Allegany Conr.ty, Penpa., in the old-fashioned honest war, from the ohoioast and most carefully setooteU Rye, and in no oase ever ottered for sale until adapted to wholesome use by age It u at onoethe most palatable, aj it is emphatioaDy one of the purest beverages in the reach of the public. To the Invalid.as we'l as to thoso in health, it commends itself for its unrivalled qualities aa a Smnuiaci 01 me u;mi, surest, aad moat hpn^fic^it ?seription, and many of the moct dietinfiiist.M thysipians aro nuns it ia their practice with the ippiest results. OLEKY & 8TOCKDALE. Proprietor*. 39S Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proprietor*. Pa. nv., se 3t <m opposite Willarcts' Hotsl. ROUGHS, ?OLI^HOAIUJENPBt*, 4c. COMPOUND SYK UP OP GUM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Couch Remedy has been so lone known and extensive.? ustu, that most persons have become familiar with its extraordinary rftoaey. It oan be had at all the priucipal druic stores at 25 and 50 oents a bot'le. se a <,2m*,e<>4m* 2TS . A?LkK.N. 275 ' 4 A i; It B U N , plasterers, Pfnwa. Avmi, ?Mwo?p loth and 11th ?trwU. Ii? It U ONE PRICK ONLY! TRIMM} NGS^lf o*? ^ Cub,ami One Price Only. _ R. C. 8TKVKNB, 336 Pa. ? ., bo ?-ti M*mb 9th ftnH loth at*. tonId oome to SMITH'S, No. 460 Peventh at f?S-?w Mnmrnoa t. 'CARRIAGE FACT0RIE3. WASHINGTON CARRIA6E FACTORY. " D Strut, ttotxiten 9tk and 10(4 S'.riM. We have just finished a number of firat c.aaa CARRIAGES, auevh aa Litkt Watoni. Park Pkeatons, Family Ct >aOy: riaxts, and Bitmts, whioh wo will k?11 m-HC=*3 ft ver* amall profit. Beina practical meehanea in different branchea of the Duair.eaa, we flatter ourselves ;hat we know the atylea and quanty of work that wiII tire aatia fafiUun, oombimug lightness, comfort and durabili ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the KhortMt HAI.1A* mA-? ? -t-' * ~~ uv,4>.v auu I.IVDI. 1 VOBUIIAUIO 0'l.irr WALTER, K ARM ANN A BOPl\ Goaohmitkara, anooeaaora to Win. T. Hook. if r-Uly T carriages. RE Sibssriber having made addition* to kl teatorr, making it now one of the largest ia the Diotriot, whsre hia faoilitira forilfsJaK irana'actiinrjCAK IHASK A LiGHT-?-=0Er WAGONS of aU Kinds c*naot l-o ?ufp*nM, a:.* from tiia lone experience 111 the baaineaa, ha L"f* to t its ganenU aatiafaotiou. A!* kiwla of Cwnusi t.^1 Ltgk! Wac99*k*?t*B kuo. At! repairs CSftt'.y 4iH,ax4ai! ordara praapt 17 atienda* to.

&*aaid-kaad CarrlagM tx*an ia Makacre far HV km. amdrew j. joYok, 4 1? if Mntr mf Utk and K id. FIREMEN'S IN8UF ANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 1200,000. Qfirt corn r C ttreet and Lovifian* av? oitr Bunk Of WashinKton. INSURE HOUSES AND"OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Directors. Geo. Shoemaker. Samuel R?*1 fern. ?amuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay. Jaooh Gideon, Andrew Rothweli, Thos. Parker, Riahard Barry, B. B. French. No oharge for Poficies. JAMKS ADAM?, Pros-dent Abkl G. Davis. Secretary. no 10-eo6m P READER, ERUS1S The following statement and then judge of it* facts for yourself ABRA.M CULE, of Brooklyn. N. V., a well known citizen there, had Buffered from Dpprpua f'T (M?m? years, wiHwit permanent relief, until he tried AYKK'S Pll.LS, whioh taken according to tlie direction* for tins ooinp'.nnr, restored linn to h'-alth in a few weeks. After an interval uf some rii'>n'h s he has lud no return of his cinp an.t. GEO. NV. "f Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on his n'ok, shoulders, taek an-l le*. whioh covered at?out one third of his body. It kep< ?L..IT..1.J ' * ' - vie pMm uimini u'lvcrm wmi A eoao. and MtUg oiten a raw rore, was of coyr?? vorv (root l?fome and (ii*t>os*inx. It ?o much unpaired hn health as to unfit him tor buaweixs and kr-pt In in in rnnatAnt siifTerinK. All medical aid f%ile J fcim I'litil ha took AVER rt Cl?M|*UUM> EXTRACT r*AK^A PAKILLA, which cured him. His rkm still &h?>w? ??'iu? acara fioin the ulceration, bat it is otherwi-e m clear a* an infvn'a. JOHN It. SHOOK, K*i . an eminent lawyer of Richmond, Va.tooka cold wlimh afftUed on lua iiines. A severe pain ait in on the left mde. with a bi'i cough, whioh waa soon fo'lowed by the inmm tak&ble ayitiptom* of consumption. \\ h?a reduced v--ry low he commenced t*kin? AYER'f CHKR KV l*KCT'?RAL, whioiisoou at:ipped thecounh and OomolMei* cnre<1 linn. Prepared by* UR.~ j.C. AYKR A CO., Lowsl!, Mui ma 13 wolin THE OKLY PREPARATION WORTHY <>r UNIVERSAL CON FIDEN C E A PA IRON AGE foil statesmen, judges, clem; ymex. ladifs, ??.i of.yti.emkn in par?? of ih* world tentify to tho efficacy of PROF. O.J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and gentleman of tue Pr^ns are unanimous in its prame. A fow tf?Rtiini>ni?l? <;n!r can be hero Riven s>?? ci'cuar for more, nr.d it will l>? impossible for you to <lenbt. 47 VV A t.lj f*TRFKT. NFW YoM. D?C. 20, l?.M. tjcntltrmn : Yonr not" of the 15th loatant hnn been received, ?.\>ir,r that you ind heard tbat i had been benefit*, ny the imeof Wood's Hair Kf Morative, &n? ro?u?sf;nc m? certificate of thelvt if i k.,l II ft IIITJ "J fC I W ft-. I award u to ron ohee: fully. !>evaua? I thMilc if due. M? *8f is r'wmM w> ye#.rs; the nolor ?>f .u? hair auburn, and i!ioiin"d U> curl. S"m? five <>r six T"?r? suio? it hceaii t<> turn fray.and th<* 8<*%'p on tue o row it of my head io 'oh* its i>en*ibi itr and Jandruif U? form ::j><>:i it. K&oli of thc?edteftftrt>oabiiities inoransed witii time, and aU'iit. 4 month* since a fourth w.v added to them, by iiair fsliici o|! tho top 01 ir.f ii^art and threatening to mtvkri iuc bftld. In this ur.p'rvant predicament I was induced to trr Wood's Hair Restorative, n,?i2ly to arrest the 'a line off of m> hair, for i h?ul rea!!y no expectation toat gray hairoouid ever be restored to it* orielna! color except from dvo*. I wa<?. however, r reatly aurpt -aed to find, after the nee of two bot Me? only, that not nuiy was trie failing off arrested, bnt the o-'ior wis 'eatored to the gray liftir* and euMbi'itr to the soaip &ni dandruff o?ii*?d to form on ray heftd, very mnoh t?? tite gratification of pit win,at wii-ise nlimWioa 1 was indunsd to try it. h'or this, auione'!:e maoy obligation* 1 owe to l:9r iex. 1 stronirlr renninnfliH .!! nuah*ni!a whn va.ue the admiration of their wives to profit by mi example, an*l nsoitif growing grar or gettant f>a'd. Very resp^otfully. Ukx. A. Lavkndkk. Ti> Q. J. Wood St Co..444 Rro&dway, N. V. M7 family are absent from the city, and 1 atn no longer at No. 11 Carrol F ace. Ala., Jul* 20,1853. To Pkof. O J.Wood: l>"i r 5?r?Your "ilair Restorative" has done nijr hr.ir s<> rr.ueh good smco I oommenoed tl:<* usoof it., that 1 wish to make known to the public of its eff ects ontht> hair, whicn are treat. A man or woman mar beucarly deprivwi of hair, arirt by a resort to your ,4Hai- Restorative" the hair will return more beautiful than ever; at least this is ir v ojperienec. Believe it aU Yours truly, Wm. II. Kenedy. P. S.?You can pul '.tsh the above if you like By publishing in oar Southern papers you Will get more patronage South. I see several of jour certificates in the Mobile Mercury, a strong fv ulhera paper. W. H. Kenkht. WOOD'S IIAIR RKSTORATIYK. Pnn? II J- VVnnn ? fZir H?uin# K?H #V?a misfortune to lose the hsrt portion of my hair, from the effeots of the yehow fever, in Now Orleans in KM, 1 was invJuoe ! to make a trial of your preparation. and found it to answer an the vary thing n&?<led. My hair is now thiok and glossy, and no word* oan exprese my obligation* to you in giving to the afflicted such a treasure Fimlkt Johnson. The Restorative input up in bottles of three eiies. viz: large, medium a*d einaM: the small hold half a pint, ai:d retails for ona dollar per bottle; the medium uolds at leant 20 p?*r cut. more in proportion than the small, retails for iw? dollars per bottle; the large hoids a quart, 4<> per cent, more in propor tion.and retails for Suit. J. WOOD Jfc CO., Proprietors, 44 4 On ad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Loan Mo Sold in this o ty by C. STO TT, 37 5 Fa. avenue, an 27 eolr alw f^RKNCH FLOWKRSOF TilK VKRY BKST quality, and an extensive variety. ngk . At stkvkns'9 slams I F&noy Store, ^SS23 B?. ? t 3.16. >?ry.9f;i an<i IQ'h nt?. Doromt's gunpowder, For saie manufacturer* price*, by john j. bofilk, ukor&ktown, i). c? Sole Atency for tkt District of Columbia. a larre aunp.y, embracing every variety, always on hand, n<i delivered tree to all parte of the Diat lot. Ordera can also belelt at theolfioeof Adams' kxpreaa <?oinpanv. Waahins ton. 1). c. fe 3-lawlv Best fancy goods, AT PRICE8 to suit this times, And Onr Prick Owlt, At stkvf.ns's fancy stork. do 22-tf Utw.<m|i ?nd loth ata. Lincoln as he is. Stkel Engravrp Portrait. Tlie lie?t Portrait vet published of HOS. ABKaHAM LItiCOUNAwith ichisktrs,) Ai KHftNOH A RICHSTEIN'S, No. W7* Pknna. Avknpe, Washington, D. C. ...... Bttpyil TM M? W fl IU'-B III.1*! # 1MPORTAN r-NOTIOE TO BTRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A view n| the Na'i<>?*l Oap:to| will b? or en ted to a'! puronassia of Bonks, stationery <fcc , from tlie woii known oatablUliment of IKENCU & RICH9TE1N, 279 Pa. av., i* 2S near K rkwi od Houae SILK ROBES, MOU9I.1N ROBES, LAWN ROBK9, HER AGE ROBt.9. Weare aelling at half their original prioe Al other goods of every Ueror.ption we aie still *eilir,f at oust Our ito.kia .arge and well aaaort*! iu e*ery department. fe81 TAYLOR & HVTCH??ON money for my I book debts and (or Boota, Sho^a, and Trunka. AM peraona indebted to me will pleane oatl and aettle up, or i ahall be compelled to giv# their accounts into the handa of a ool lector, a. P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, W >'*. av..between ftth and 10th ate. nuk BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the V rver7 'ateat ttylea.arui in all eaaea made^gk or the beat material. Call at onoe and let^BI * _ .trfiit i r k k 11? iB ouvico, AT DiUt V no25 tf <36. Let w. 3tb 4.0J Ifltli ?u. h CLOTHING, &c. ? N MERCHANT TAILORI>'Q. | EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSl I MERS. A N 1> V ESTINOS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3)14 Pernor* i nia Avenue. ii&ve ju?t received * l?r*e variet* of nrw Kail Goods, to wnioh they invite t.ne attention of their friend* *n<l Oii?t<>mer?. *n an- tf i JENTLEMEN'S vJT RE VDY MADE CLOTHING. ,?ur present n-ssortment of GI'.NTLK.M KN'S RKADV-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizeus and stranrers wishin* an immediate out fit ?upe nor inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Drees and Hu?ine?s Garments and OverooaU In all varieties. Fine Shuts * and Untie*-olothin* ut all kinds. Kid and other * Gloves of best qusity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, U, Stoeks, Hosiery. Ac., Ac. Aii of which we are H offering at our usua! low pricAs. jrr Clothing mail* to order in the most super ior ,, manner. \\ AL! , STEPH.KNS A CO., n? lb tf 3'2'2 Ha. avenue. t d ^OTO THK ?'K()PLK8'Cl OTHING ST< i B F, > No. 4HO ?*evonth St., to set tour CLOTH- . 1NG. FURNISHING GOOl-S, HAH* and c CAPS. fe2 w 1 WViKRCUANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, anil citizens general- u ly. to an inspection of our present new, at tractive, and eie?ar.t ass.>rtxn?>rt of^^B CLOTHS. CASSI.MKRKS, lA>K3KINH( WK r, VIt STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. ftf a which we will make to order m superior"- " style at very low prioes. 01 WALL, 8TEPHEN8 ft CO.. r. oc 25 tf 322 Pa. av.. i-etw. 9th and Iftth sts. I* #Cttrt Couth, Cold, Hoarsenest, /?- ,h /utnxa any Irritation or Sort*?i of tk<; Throat, Rtlierf the Flitkint Couth tn Consvmp- N lion, Pronrh'ttf, A thrr.n, ?t t Catarrk, Clear and firs Hi *tre*ftk to the rotee oj ,h PUBLIC SPEAKERS ard SINGERS. I, Few are aware of the importance of oheoltine a ,(i Cough or 4,Conim''>n Cold" m its first stare; that ?" Which in the bogtning would field to a mild remo- di dr, if neglected.soor.attarksthe Luncs. "Eroten't BrontKxal Trt\rkrt," containi ng demulcent ingredi ett?, allay Pulmonary and Bionohiai Irritation. c? "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which tiie "TroeK**" areaspecifio) * having made me often a inere whia- ' TROCHES perer* N.P.WILLIS. bt Rnnw\'< "I recommend their use to Ptblic h Sruixu." ij TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. ' ''Great service in subduing .. BROWN'S sess." REV. DANIEL WISE. " TDoriii.-ii " AUnost instant relief in the dis h? iKi^nr- trofsiqg labor of breathing peculiar *' nnow\'t? toAaTiiM*." HRUWISS KKV. A. C. EGGLESTON. *" TROCHES " Contain no Opmm or *n*thing injuru>u?." DK. A.A HAVKS, brown's! Ckrmut, Bo.-ton. ?r A and p>ntaat cniVina u< TROCHES ti?n for Cot'fcHf, ?c." dr. (j. F. wcelow, brown b Boston, >? ..nroVH ?* Beneficial in Br?*chitis." TROCHfcH 0R. J. F. W. LANK, ? R'ldWN'C hi | havn prpTH them excellent for oi troches whorrm* Cop?h." m< mm nr.. , ? r KEV. II. W. WARREN. brown's Bona*. <* when compelled to f,, trociils B.enk.riifTerins from Cold." 'J aev. s. j.ivanukrson. BROWN'? 51. Lomtt. T?(lrHM " K*7K?-TV*T.?n rewoTint Hoarse TRUv/Ilh'v | n<*?r ?*ul Irritt-Hnn nf f kr?a *' vwv.^-1 v? ?>IW a UIKVH I.U BROWNE coaii.ion wita t*i itakspm and Hi*? TROCIIFS Prof. M.STACV JdHNHON. ?r l.? Hr*ntf, (ia. "? Rf (iWN's Teacher of Muiio. Southern * ? Female Co!I?*e. ' TROCHES! "?rMt benefit when takes before ? snrf ?ft?r preachirs. as the* prevent k? BROWN'S Hoireer.ess. From their past effect, I think th?y will be ol permanent &dTROCIIE8 *ant?.?o to me. RKV.K. BOWbKY, A. M. "" BROWN'S: President of Athens College, Teton. J* TROCHES ICTSoldbraHDinMistsatTWKN- * ^ ^ TY FIVE CENTS A BOX.?(J| *, Dr. J. H McLEAN-S I STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PLRIFIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY ?a tkt WORLD, ft r.nd the most 0j ? P v.?r?.t ri v f EVER TAKEyQ^^&k. th atrieil^ia^ Bi?Ck R ~oi; |?ri?f^ ^HWH ef aach lajraiiao^ia^^"?^^?*^ J* Before taJdiift7^taking. ? tlaUl'icf, pradieiB' * dalicioua, aifci:?raunf apirtl, md U? BNt infallibia r?a.?-7 f?T rana??itii.j ha diaaaaad g" and raalarmf iha al-?, aaffancf, tod dabihla'.ad la?ahd la "c baallh and traaftb. M(LEA?TS STRFXOTHFNINa CORDIAL 7? Will aaaeiaally emia U.?ar Cair.fUmi, Dyapapai", iaae- tfi Oraoic ar Sarnaa DabMiy, Diaa&aaa tttfia K.dnara, OB anl til diaaiaaa ariainf from a diaotdarad Urar ar BtMcr-iS, iE r. a..^k._ !.?? ph.. a.Hh. ?t-a. . " Ua i-'i.ach, Pallnau ' Bkoi t? i>,? H?*d, D?i! Pnio tr aj, 8*imrr.\ g In tha llaad, Falrr.iUca af tbt H?\r. Falluasa a' Waifiit In tha tam*lh, *ow Kracuuocia, Chakinf tr 1 afacaiiuj rt unf whan lkT.i.f .'.twB,Urynaaa or YallaV- be o?h af Ita ik-.n and K*??, TtifV Ivuu, Inarard F?*<n, Fun ia (*> ln?!> af tk Bee*, Choi, or Silt, iB^iai. f icahas of Isai, D?pr??foc of fp>nu, rrifhlfW Dimoi, 9t Lmfa.r, iHiPaodtacy or ??; i.arTott dtumi, B?r?? ti tri Bl UII IIU, ui Ft<ti Uid Api (or ChiUi aud | rim.) ? OVEK A MILLION BOTTLES H h?T? haan Mid dBrinf I'.B list ? I icaotha, ud la na In- * ituti ha* u fiiUd la aotira *ao*facU?s. Who, than, aril! lafar froui Wnlmi; or liability *b*u MiitARf ! TREIICTKENlMfl COKUIAt will ear* jaa 1 Sr Ha luirufi cau Mo'iy au adaqaat* idaa af tha lmjaadl- In tit ud tic mi rinraealeat ehcr je ^tidiciJ by lakin* thie CfrdiAl la ubi diiiutd, dakihuiid, tod ibiuirid d it?u eyetero, vktlkn breken ?*n fcr ucna, ?i?k ly lmim, ( la^nd by ilicsiia. tf>e reltatd and ?:.?iren urui j, HtiH U rii^lld U .U priauu* health it l ?ifw gp MARRIED PERSONS, el athtrt, aencieat af inability from wLturlr liui, will m ad McLBAHt TKKHftThL'VKB t;URU!Ak a Ua- T* n?p rtfiiitraiar ?f the lytttm; aud all ml* mi bare la til !*m<1 theauelTte by lupreaer indulgencee *111 lad Is Ule Cardial a atrial" and epeedy rti.tdy tl, TO THE LADIES. *' HcLRAIIt BTRCN6TI KN INti COklHAk It a ea?er- 10 !rn aad tpeedy car* far Incipient OaoeamFtieo, Wl'uea, 71 Obttrac.ed ar Diaeaii Meaalraauea.l ncentinetice af Urine ?ar InTelarUry Ducharge ihtreef, Pallli.f af the Wank, 81 iddlneee, Faicuuf, and all dieaaaet incident ta Femalee 10 THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT f* af tr ua lenfer. Take it accardii.f ia diractiene. li will il tllu-altte, etrenf.heu, and inngera'.e yea and caaaa tba hlaani af health ta meant year cheek again. Krery battle u "! ararrauled la (Ire tatiefaciian. * >T)K CHILDREN m If yaar child ran r.ra aichly, pwnr ar ??ictad, McLEAHt n CORDIAL will maka Iham haallby, f*L, aa>d rakaat. Da lay |t at a U7 it, acd r*" will >i MtMwi It la da- ?J Uciaaa t* laka. __ a? A UTION, ?, vara af dr?f fteti ar tf aalara aba may try U pairs tpao tb ;ai aama biuir ar aaraaparilla trath, which thay can Lny m cbaap, k? MUDf ? uput a? Mod. A?aid aach man. Aak >< (ar McLKAlni VtRKHUTHKNIIIO CORDIAL, and taka hi naUinf aiaa. It la tii* anly rarrady that will rarify (ha 4, iaad tbaraafhlr and at iha axma una atraiifthan Ua ayatam. J Oua taaapaanral takan arary URiinf f.?Or.g ia a caruiu M praaantira far Cliatora, Cfcilla and fi<ir, Tallow Faaar, ar idt praaalaot diaaaaa. It ia pat vp la Iarja batilaa Priea j_ anly |l par battl?, ar t battUa far j4. ). H Mi LEAN. 15 ala propriatar af tkia Cardiai; aiaa, McLaan** Taieame Oil _ ktsitaanl. Principal Pa pat an Ua car oar af Third aj>e j nit Itrilti, it. Laaia, Ma. 1 McLean's Tolcanic Oil Liniment, b (TME BUT LIK1MEHT IN TIE WORLP ) 7k Mai7 ufi and etruin ciri for Ctntin, PIIm. Tm- tvi Ivallinrt and Ifwekili a* ? I? talfia, W?akn****f lh? MmcIu, Ckraaic ar iji/tramatery , llxiwuw, Sufnaee af lb* Jmu, Caotraeted Mucin ar C| k|tanu, EutikiwTiMkttlM, Brwu, Ipruai, FiiU Cat*. Wanda, Clean, f*?*i Sere*, C?k*d Braaav, Bar* Nlppl**, Barn*, Scald*, Sara Threat, ar any mlamaaiioa a* f Man. oa difference h*? ee*ere ar for Ua diar*** aat *iit* amiaud, MCLEAN'S CELEBEaTEO LINIMENT ia " a eeruin remedy. 1 Tkaaauid* af kamaa h*lnf* U<* fcaae eared a lift af die >' repitade aad ml**rj hy th* a** af tkia lattlacfcl* remedy. w MtLEAirs VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT ?! Will rail*** paia ajmaet ioeUMineeaely, aad U will cltaa, fc parify aad ktal th* faalaet aaraa ia aa iacradibla abet! una. w ITOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ? McLEANY CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* lk* ealt aaf* U aad reliable reitedy far th* ear* af Sparia, Rtaftoaae, Wiadfalla, if ant*, Uaaaiaral Larepa, Nada* ar Swalliar*. It aarer faued ta car* Bif Head, Ml*ri., Ptetala, did Eanalaf Saraa, at l?i*?j, If pieperiy eppbed Par Spraia*, Braiaee, Santahee, Crackad B*eU, Cbif**, Saddle aa Catlar Qui*, Oat*, Saraa, ar Wa**di, iti*u itfallikl* raiaady. Apply It aa tUraciad aad a ear* ia cattain ta *?*ry taatasaa. p Tkaa trite aa laager wteh tii* many war'tlaei Lh.tmeau (J efered ta jm Ubiatn a eapflt af D?. MCLEAN'S ?"Li_E n< kEATEi) LINIMENT It will care ??*. 1 J. H. McLEAN, Sal* Prapriater, Center Third aad Ptae eu., Su Lean. Ma CBAELES STOTT, Rl P?- If, eai| iftel ia Wuehina" ?atE,aT.CMSEIi,eaaaieiaw. ^ **M-DAW1, THE WEEKLY DOLLAK STAR. tan Neva Jwnil a itMiir wiftr of iDteroBtiaf raadOi u omt. w oun is UJ ?iaw-u I1D.MM M Fruity isotonic. TuHn-Cui, wnnitir,? i<<mm Sing; oojy, par ant am., #1 M iWWnplM t v> Tm oopi? a nn T??rlf.Hv?rr|t| > > It mnatM; oonfeina tba 44 WMhiaftoa Nrwi * thfct tu Dtd< Tk* Drntly Cmwt Sim otrwiitM ?e (?D?r?.ly tbrcughoat ILe oornmn. * aoyiea <la ? ou ba proaared kt tha eoactar, ImmadiaU y aftar Ua iaaaa of Um *p*r. Prio*?TF1RLE CKNT8MSDIClNJESb Buk joh*sto*, ALTIMHRK LOCK HOSPITAL, f/a? dttewrtd tkt m?*l Ctrlaim SnmrAt, m.mM ?J Ejftrimal Rrntdy m tkr Wot id, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMTRUDENOB. LET AO FALSE DELICACY FRETENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. I CURE WARRANTED, OR KOCHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W'ab.caaof tbt Dick, Stnctar**, AIkimmW lb* KM' *)* >bd BUd1*r, irtTolantirir Diacfcarj**, lmfoiiK?, Oi?. ral Debtlttf, Naa*ouaa?a*, X>y?p?j>?r. Lti rvvr, CmJMtm r M<aa, Ljw Sptriu, PaiiHtiuui or tli* Heart, Timdiiy, riniUmp, to ir '><> at S (H or OiddmtM. OuriH if Ilk* ?U, Tbr**(, SsM or Hk iu, AI *< lion* *t ibi Lufi, kua:ti ?r Bo'li?th**? T*rriil? Diaordtr* *ri*tnf IVra Balirr H .l iicl Youth?th*a? Draadlul *nd l>*atrucuT* Piacce* wt'icb rfinler Mirmp iw^milil*,i*4 daatroj Mb od? and Mn.d YOVKQ MEN jpiriilir *kc bin t.?c ?m? tb* victim* al Solitary fit*, i?t drc <dfut and d*ltructl*? bat>tt *bicb i?*wU; *?t?p* l Blitimll; froi th?u*tt.d*ol ViKif Mlk if tb* Bolt t?lt*d talent* and brilliant lutaiiact. aba narbt ?it*r?ia* ?*? <ntr*nc*d iitteuinf arattr* aitn tnt tnBnarr* ? ?iau*ac* or ? ak*d to *c*ta<y tb< li?iaf lyre, may call itk ill coutdcac*. MARRIAGE. Pl>luHl,0( Vouiij Mti coatemf latiuf Mu aft, leiuj aware vl | ?i>kutM, eifuic debility, tfarnittw, Ac., ? Jiiy cured. He who placet hinaaelt nidar ttit citt of Dr J < 1 r coi.t )< in hie honor > i feulleaaau and rly upon ln> skill at a phveician. OFFICE Xo 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ft hind iiJt f?n( fran Baltimore street, a few dooca from i* corner fail not lo obttrtt nam* a ad number Uu?n uei be paid and Cotilnu a ttamp DR JOHNSTON, lemhar of t'ie Royal Coil*;* of Sorfeone, London, rrada c Iroiu one of the mini eminent Collefta in the raited atra, and the rreMer part o( *hoee life hat been apert in thoapit.laof London. Paria, Philadelphia and elsewhere, > effected aomi ot tht mitt attanishng carta that were r?r known; many troubled with riafinf in the head and irt ?iiea ?e>ep. great ner'onaneea. being alarmed at ddtn aiinda, laehfuineat with fre^aant blaeatng, attended neumee tritb dtrangrmtni of uiii.d, ft era cnied name tely TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and othera wlm ha*? injured tbataeeWee ?>t a main practice indulged in when al"nt?a habit Irejuently arned troin evil companion!, or at echaol, tht efeeia nf hicii art mgLily fell eten wnea aalttp, and if tatctuad, ndere mrruff impoetiMe, and dttiroye both nuad aad Ida, ehntild apple immediately These art some of tha aad -nd intlaneholy tfrcUfrtdatrd r tarlr habits of vtuth, ?l? : <Vt?knett of tht Back and iinbt, Pau.s in tht (dtad, Pfimiees of Sifkt, Lota ef Maacuiar i?ar Palpitation of ttif Heart, Pyspepsy. Nttteas Irrna Iity, Perangeineti: of the Oifettna Kunctiooa, Geaernl fbi ity, Symptoms of Cocitnmpnon.de M [M?LLV ?The fearful effects on the mind art titck ta dreaded?Iai ot Memory, Confuaioo of Ideaa, Ptpreaaana Rpiiite, E'll f'orebodinge. Aetrtion of Society, If P? i?t.Lo*eef Solitude, Timidity, etc., are tome ?f the e?ne oduced NEBsoi ? PrmuiTV ? Thoaaande een new )ad(t ?ki! i? t Cfltw of thf ir declining heultli, litmr their ?i|or, becom P v?^l, pilf. nfrv>w i?r.d ha?mg amfolir >p ?r4i?c? -boot the coo^b ?r ytnptooM M towutip DiSEASES OF I MTU UDESCE When the fj i?f til led Mud imprudent trir; of pie?eare it.da Iim* imbibed tne iffda ??l il.it puuiul dMfiM, ?i ton o?t*t? ppeue that en ill nm?d eenee of ehame or dre*d of discover? tera hur from apple lug :o ihc?f w^-", frrw education end ap*ct bility, can atone befriend him He fall* ml* the itde r f ignorant su** deaif mug prete iidere. erho, incnp>bi? coiidc.flch rue pecBtiiiry whiliiC*. keep him tnflmj with afier a or na l??ng < the amallee' fee f?n he o* ^d,tn(( in Wfptir leave bim vuh mined ba?lth t* aijrh er tu z liiippoiutmeut; or bf the uae o4 thai 6e?(fijr two-Mercury ?h-eter. ?he onet nuuoaal aenjnome of 1h?e rrtble di>f aeef euc h ? Afleettoue of the Heart. Throat, Heed, in. 4c , prog reean i with Irigfcifni rapitlity, till death pew m rod i" ht? dreadful at.ff?riu?a ^e aeudinf litm tc tkat qqico?ered couutry from irhcw brume no traveler retoma B. JOHNSOWS HF.MEltY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AMD IMPOTMNCY Br thi% ~reat *?.d important rerrede m eakuaaaof the ef*?tte ? ?pee Jifj curcd * ?a fall ?.gor reetored Thoaa nde <rt tfce wl nerveul nod debilitated, erbo had loet ail 4ape, ha* en immediately relieved III tii<pediii?et.t? ( Marriage, n jaical ur Mental Diaaoai :ationf, L?iea o4 Piocrtau^ Power, Nervoua lrriUlMUiT? emhhnf ?nd WMUeM or Lihaueiton of the moat feorrat ?d apeediiy cmed. k'SDOKSEMENT OF THE PRESS rill Ma"IV THOt lilODl cared at ihia ine*itufion l laat kffemeea veari, a??d the tunnertvue trrj-ort^nt Sura-* I cper ataooe peroruied be Z>r Johnaton, ?itueaaed t>; uia port-ia of the p?pere ?r.d many other rtrtoaa, notieoe of n:h h?ve appc ire J a|r in and again before the pnbiie, b%lee hit eta? u?g aa a gentleman of character aud reeponailie. it a anlLciei! $c. rantee tc the afflicted mer li-lv OV KOH THISglCK AND 3l'FFERJN?. 1ST ALL WHO A K F A kVf fWnn atmy rhlk^JtEvr A KJOICE iJ\P HEAL TH. fr"vc'. <*i? 7 a tur^rf Are you the fictin of toy tin *? rmwronf a '.m^r.u whJcfc ariM from imirltT of tut- blo<Ml.' What are Uier, do yo? aaKf KiiotKr*. wilt*. are tLcy not.' The blood ia tM arce ol .tie is J health, ud it i? tie first eiero net our bain; ( > respond to anr cacne wtiioh iffwu eyetem, a* the fu'eo Infallibly The eyaiua* omalgia, the irntaUcc Krya;p?tM,U>? Mir ScroJu!*, thn*t->Ui*;nt Rheumatism. Norms I?eriiity, t)T;f?rui, Lirer Complaint with lU r?oi aaa dcjooiion, aid tue samboriMs ule that mh is heir to, derive their hxieoui "r:r'.? from th* x?d. l>e*i fciLitly thos andgeUy vl?b the blood. " IS' Titaliritif iMoi-rcM of natare for iu aid. 4 ruJ'or u: to eommend to yoar o< t? and s ti.at truly valuable medicament kaewn as INDIAN TMGETAF fi *l)SKCOCTIOrf. With regard to this almost infallible inuIi Su.&r sentiment dm spoken in dMidMUfEiB the CTiderjjoe of thia great ?1omt are aneined t.y constant avowa.s of ourative effects and happiest resalts from ita use Art after all other :nMu a aud the beat medioal skni have failed. L.<-t u? t>aT, in ooneiuaion, tiia.t oertifioates ret are cot nought from the illiterate azd superiai, but ihey are volunteered from the moat renotable sonroes and justify the higheet terms ia r.ioii it is possible to oommend so valuable a eci*to publio approval. W e may add also that e ourativo properties of the medicine are a* sailed ily by its restorative effects. the system recover e frcm disease with renewed constitutional visor. For sale by all reepeotabis Druggists in thia ty, and by the proprietor, MlRS. M. COX, None genuine nniees her name is blown on the ttre and her seal on the oork [~r i'nce fll per bottle, itx bottles (or ?$. tfioUrmU Jttui. R. 8. T. CI88EL, Druggist sorgotown, D C.. wholesale A(*it for the VUict, and wul >uf pij the trade at my pnoea. n l?-tr r<HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR,1.2 acid S-Protected by Royal etters Patent of England, and secured by the 'a!s of th? Ecoie de Pharmaeie de Pent, and the nperi&l College of Medinne. Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, id al' physioal disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all trace* of those mie? that have been hitherto treated by the Batons s"J pernicious use of Oopaiva and oubebs. No. S has entirely supplanted the injurious use of eroury,thereby insnrioc to the sufferer speedy lief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting on e venom of dieease. TR1E4EMAR, Nos.),2aod 3. are prepared in e fortn of a lozenge, devoid of taste aad smelt, id can be carried in the waistooat pocket, t?o.d i Un cases, and divided into separate doses, ae aa mistered by Veipcau, l<a':einaiid, Roux, Ricord, o. Price 93 each, or four oases for #9, wh.oh ives Si; and in 0X7 eases, whereby there is a bbtg of %->. To be iiad.wholesale and retail, of Dr. ARROW,of 194 Bleeoker street. New York, nmeiiiatel* "t; recnvir.* a remittance. Dr. Barrow ill forward the Trtetemar to any part of the world, eurely packed, and aUdreseec aeoording to the irfruoti?>ns of the writer. The Book, of ai! others, that should be read by en with damaged and tiro Ids r. down constitutions "Hum&n Krm.ni?- nr Pl taiAlA*.Aai w ?L? ? 1? bo&ntifnily ilfuctratrd, and trwu "matel* of 1 tn* simp oni that invariably develop thetnilvee. eooner or later. reeulUng from the Traiitiei ?d viuatinc habite of earlf ?outh. inoaeaoitatinc iv Y ?V)Villi II vm BiiftiiQI mo ITUITIOD ni III# IMlTloniai state, And. if not cheeked in time, deteter in* all t* e function* of manhood, ar.d brir?i-ng im. step by ttep. ton lingering and untimely death, old by Ur. MAR ROW, 194 Bleeokcr it< eet, foer ?ori below Macdcucn'., New York. Price 26 >nta. t*ent free every where. Sold alto by 8. C. Ford. Jr., Drug Store, Waehigtoin D. C. de? <tm )R. J. BOVEE IK)LPS IMPERIAL WJlfM BITTERS, Are now being aeed from Kaire to the Great fla t ace, an the aci*erea! eidiet of all who nee lem either aa a or ait e/eerec*. im thai iey are m?*r>e*'? in tke world. Dr. Doda em eaeoe*e?*l?r n k?a practise for M year* before p?rcii?ee< ef kv~ ike eeie right to macuferiure id prcerat them t?r aale to the eab.io. forth* ire of Jae.pl#^* Cecavmalion, lidir^tien, !> weia, PLaa. Rerreaa D.eeaeee. Female com v.iu, tot aul earea reaunai atuua, they are N?mm doaht ariMl lsvalaah'e remedy. aidefroa e r osdieinal prepert-ea they ar^.a aare. who> >me Mfl c?lt(ktnt Brrorac*. ifodBclas iGlbi autr.l ?rhliorft**ag of Brndf or wise ithoct their Injirtooe reowlt* M ?li friesd* nf isiifcmtr ?rd eiTcoa.e* of ?? " in ti'*?e TI 'tUne >r the r?'?ri fc-id ?Mur?:j4 ith whv?b the eemntTT U ZnoifC, ?r.4 thert-Hr ef <Mna. !y ?.;d 'C btauklSC Duel if and Prant*?M?ea '^cfflSSS^ j*Plhji!?eVAE or D!hmm of Ibe Kid^era, JJ!swdd?>r and Oumiv *r.d eeMoiailT fw Female Oootmot* no, *<-r f*.l to K.n. ,%:.0 lie ?. '?I. 1 Ui five ? ?UCL CHARLKS WII?DIF1KLU AOO.. ,i wft- saBrifak?. )e 7 lj j Acect. Wiokitttoc, D. O,