22 Nisan 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Nisan 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. APRIL 22. 1861. N?. 2.550 THE DAILY EVENING STAR IB P JBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, 'SUNDAYS EXCKPTKD.) AT THK STAR. BUILDINGS /" Ptxnsylvam* mvenu* ?nd IliA *i > ?T vr. D. WALLACD. **?P??? wnrsO hj tMU(M by o?rri?r? M K * ya*', cr J7 cents per month. To mull ??b??nben the ^ice it ?s.*> a year, i* *4vmnc?; S3 for ?ix axjttts, 91 for throe month*; and for less than Mire* rnorthi at th? rata of 12 eenti a week. Smjle ep'.oe, om cx.it; m wrappers, two cktts. taould be ?eni to the ofioe I V*tor? 12 o'daok m.; otherw.se they may not appear intli ttva vt /^e * ? mmr** uva? <?a? THE OLD GROWLER. I Tr anslntfd frem tkt Frtnrh, by Jamtt CltpKani ] I Corporal Ploquet, of the gisty-flrst regiment <French), was. undoubtedly the greatest original of the grand army which invaded Russia under Bonaparte. It was from his snarlish Imposition that this regiment received from Bonaparte the soubriquet of the Growlers. Ploquet was a good comrade; but more, he -whs a brave soldier, having no fault but that cf never being pleased. He oomplained of everything, at atl times, and in all places. l?urine the four years I was his bed-fellow. I never t?*ard ?>ne approbatory word escape his lips?never did his countenance indicate the lea?t bign of satisfaction, even when a victory ww gained, and booty was certain to be had. Whilst he was in fr^rriaon ha notnrlninf 1 of "*5nt of sleep, ancfwhen on a march he w?s fati^-ved; when his knapsack wai well garnished, he complained that it was too heavy, vrticn empty, it was too light; and fretted that lie had cot the nenni to replenish it. From hia habit of always being dissatisfied, the soldiem would remark to hioi that if a regiment of Malcontents should be raised, he would certainly be choseu Colonel. But. after all, This failing of bis never caused offence to l>e tnken, for the soldiers would but laugh at his ccentricities; and even the officers would overlook his cross answers on account of bis otherwise gwod conduct, and in consideration of bis many feats of val?r in many desperate conflicts, and the many other good qualities he possessed. It was more especially during the Russian campaign that this monomania was fully developed The long and fatiguing marches of the aruiy through a sterile and incendiary country. was a fertile source of indulgence for tbis penchant. He would remark, ' Ths-.t we had nothing to expect lierd^ but to carry our bones to the end of the earth. What can we do in a country of savages? Wo have already uarched a hundred leagues without seeing a tingle potato: it would be some relief if we could bat hear the crack of a cannon, as ?m)Dg civiliied people?but no, wo never hear even the puff of a priming, though I have carried at my back four packs of cartridges.' He dwelt particularly 011 tbis point, as it these cartridges were a grievous trouble to him and he believed they never would b# used, but would still continue to bo a heavy load At last the two armies came in sight of each other, but seemed to avoid an encounter. The KllMiSTlA ftf. f1opini#1w n? In r M viutiu&ij vii vn ujr 1U A1 'JUI of our troops Two days before the battle of Mojkawa. the Emperor inspected the army, and our Colonel rode from rank to rank of the regiment to inspire them for the coming conflict. ' Soldiers,'' said he, "the Emperor has given us the glorious mission to attack one of the redoubts which the enemy has raised to arrest our march. Long live the Emjieror The. regiment received this information with loud huzza*; the only exception was Ploquet. who was heard mattering through his teeth? " Pshaw, tneso Parisians are all alike?they tea us the greatest favor they can confer upon us. is to order us where we may be cut down by the balls of the enemy." How is this, Corporal," said I; "are you not pleased to see these bravadoes so near us ?" "Yes! so near us; when after we have marched an hour under this stiff harness, and entered their battlements, more than half of us will be cut to pieces before we know where wc are." " But look at the glory," said I. " Olory?death ! The glory is neither for you nor me," said he; "it is all for these Parisians, dressed out with glittering caps of general officers, trigly appareled, their noots shining, and who feai?t three times a day." The army wits then ordered to advance; in the space of an hour we deployed under the fire of the enemy's batteries, which swept off wh?la files of our men. Our regiment being exposed to the destructive artillery, suffered m >*t dreadfully. For a moment hesitation prevailed?a panic had seized the new allies, who were on the cvo of retreating Ploquet, who was in the third rank, immediately threw his uiu^ket across them, and swore he would spit the first ui<tn who would attempt to leave the rank-i. While thus acting, a ball struck his cartridge box, and carried part of it awav. which caused him to make one of the drollest grimaces I ever beheld. " Fire packages of cartridge.' lost," said he. gnashing his teeth; "after carrying them two hundred leagues without firing oue?it is aggravating:" The regiment then rushed forward at double quick time. The Russian artillery soon ceased hricg?it was awful?it had a solemn effect? the oldest sighed adieu, and the officers raided their hands in supplication. Ploquet seized his musket, bis brilliant eyes flashed like lightning, and after muttering a dreadful oath, be rushed impetuously forward. Suddenly a blue light was seen to rise from the redoubl?an awful explosion had taken place, which made the ground Uyhake like an earthquake; then a dense smoke enveloped the whole battle field, and hundreds of shattered bodies were Mrewed around. Ploquet wrs no longer near me, and I thought he had been among the slain. When the wind had cleartd away the smoke, I saw the lower part of bis body entering the breach which had been iaade. He was easily distinguished by the remnnnt of the cartridge-box, which still adhered to his back. I hastened to his assistance. and although I followed the s*me way, he was not to be seen. True, the carnage which was going on in the fort, did not allow much time for search. T'e assault was continued unabated, as the example set by the Corporal stimulated the other braves to follow to his support. Powder was useless?the saber and bayonet alone glittered in the melee, which was dreadfully ?evere_ The battle was fought man t?> man, and th? slain on both sides lay together on the spot where they fell. This skirmishing lasted more than twenty minutes, and seldom was a duel fought with more desperation and obstinacy. When the skirmishing had ceascd, the cry of victory was heard?the redoubt was ours, and the eagle was placed on the walls. Over the noise and confusion which then prevailed, a voice was heard calling on the uruui uinjur iw luwer me nig, uui iDero wnf no answer; the drummer was called, but do drummer appeared?all were slain. Out of no army wbtch had mustered four effective battalions, of eight hundred men each, four hundred aloae remained. Very soon after, I found Pioquet leaning against a wheel of the advanced train, endeavoring to staunch with his shirt sleeve the b'o'jd which was flowing in streams from ? wound he had received on his head. I hast euoa lo n.i reuel, and aaw that the blow which he bad received had split his shako. 44 It was lucky" said 1,4 that your head was so well protected." 44Ah! my friend," said he; "do you call that lucky, when I have lost two bundle* of cigars, such as you never have smoked, ard such as I do not expect soon t* find again " lie then showed me the bundle of cigars, which the saber bad cut in two. 44 But," said I; "these cigars must have sived your head, probably." He replied very brieily, 44 It might be probable." "* Happily his wound was not a very serious one, and he refused permission to absent him a] f t mm /I ntw but Ka a?*I? ami* *>..1 VI "Vl? VIM w mj ? MV V'lil J HO* CU l||Ol lit? services might be dispensed with for twentyfour hoursNext morning it was rumored that the Emperor had received the portrait of bis son, and that it was placed outside of his tent, that all might see it. I proposed to Ploauet to sccomf any me to see that portrait. He very reloctntly consented, and we proceeded to the tent. Many of the superior officers were there, and the name of the Corporal was soon whispered around, and the croup gave way to bin*. The Emperor soon after made his ap pearanoe nt the door of his tent, and looking round, perceived the wounded Corporal, whom he at once recognised by the bandage around hU head, tied with a bloody handkerchief. Ho beckoned to Pluquet, who stepped forward without seeming to be the least abashed " Corporal Ploquet," said the Emperor; " I am told that you were among the first of those who entered the redoubt yesterday." "True," he replied; -'but that ought not to afford you much pleasure, fur it was dreadful hard work for those engaged." A look from the Emperor put an end to his murmurs. "Ah! then tell us," continued the Emperor; "would a promotion please you?" "Thank?, my Emperor, but that would not buii mc, i nm cunieni wi'o iue Dars on iny arm already." Perhaps, then, the Legion of Honor would heat please you?take it, and we may remain friends." Then untying (the crow from hi? breast, amidst a general acc'ainatiou, hu presented it to the Corporal, who received it with one hand, and with the other he gave a military salute. He then fastened it to a button of hia coat, very leisurely, without any sign of * T_ * ? n . ? . emuuoii. inaeeu, 01 an tnose wDo were present, he seemed the most unconcerned. The Emperor, on entering his tent, coolly observed, " Behold * growler, who never was satisfied." A few days after this, there was read to the soldiers h proclamation, beginning?"Soldier?, the battle you ?o much desired," Ao., (Moscow)?41 Desired !" said Ploquet; ,4there need be no haste to beat the empty wind." 44 Corporal," said I; *'you are excused from serving on this occasion, you had better go to a1 mo rear." " What could I do there?" "You would then be under shelter of the canrnm." ' I don't wish to be there. What* under shelter?that would be amusing, indeed, to bear, but see nothing I atn rather curious." He was determined to share in the fi^ht which was about to take place, bappon what would. ]>uriog the night he suffered much pain from his wound. In the morning the Major declared that zanzrene would h? anr? tn place, if he shoul/ get himself overheated. In despite of bis anxiety, ho had to remain inactive during that memorable day, (the battle of Mi>soow.) It is well known that Bonaparte easily recognised tho countenances of those ho had onco seen, and that he h>id the remarkable ficulty of n-membering proper namui During tho fatal retreat from Moscow, a little on tho other side of Smebcnski. as the Emperor rodo past the regiment, which marched in concert with the guards, he recognized tho old Corpora!?-'My poor Ploquet," said he, to him; "vou now have some reason to be dissatisfy " 1 " Yes, my Emperer, I think you must be a little more than we are " We hud now to pass tho Berisino river. Ploquet aui I had passed over about two-thirds of the bridge, when tho crowd precipitated themselves like an avalanche, in order to pass over, and wo were pushed into the river. The Corporal, who was a good swimmer, placed his lcjffc hand limiAf mr nl??? u~ '-*1 ? u<j vuiu, ouu mm iuc uiucr bore us along; dashing away the ice which threatened to cut us in two We suaceeded in reaching the opposite bank, where the Ku.sian cannon were playing on the retreating soldiery. I felt a great inclination to sleep, but Pkquet declared this to bo dangerous? that if we ccased marching, in half an hour we should be lrozen to death. He b?-gnn to run, pushing me before him. We had advanced about a hundred steps when befell in the snow, a ball having fractured both bis leg*. I turned to assist him?"March on!"' said be. ' But Corporal, you have just saved my iife, nnd I cannot leave you." "March oh?I am happier than many others. In five mtiutes I will feci do longer cold." This was perhaps the first time in his life he was content with his fate He expired a few moments i?fter, pressing the cross to hi- lips which the Lmperor had given him. A Ssoriso Wife.?Talk about your scolding wives and your smoky chimneys, but they ain't nowhere?they ain't a circum.nanoe! I would rather have a chimney that emits smoke enough to cure the whole family, and bo furood to live with a dozen Xnntipes all together?let thcui be ever s<> much predisposed in favor of "sprinkling*' with (un) '-holy water"?than to huve to "nut no" with a snnrimr wif* Tl>?? B very idea mokes a nervous man tremble from the top of bis stove-pipe bat to about a foot below the soles of his boots! A snoring wife! Boo-o-o-o! But I started out to tell a story, and I am going to do it. Well, " in life'* morning march, when my bosom was young," I wooed and won the beautiful and accomplished MUs Ann Dash. The difficulties of the courtship I will not here enu merate, for they will not weave into the plan of this story, which is intended to be short? very short. The appoiuted time for the wedding arrived, and hundreds of young people, from far and nolli* ut fKa mun^iAn - ** ^ ~ ? ..V? , ?... UIHUOIUII Ul I HO Oia XJiaU Dash to witnesj' the ceremony, and "trip the light fantastic toe " It was a brilliant wedding, and "happiness?our being's end and aiui '?was our* When a couple really love. th?.!r wedding day is the happiestof their lives; and if they should be unfortunate in after life, they look back to that day as a bright oasis in thedeaertof their memory. About 2 o'clock in the morr.iug the company broke up. and we went to bed. ***** jjefore I got to sleep,Nancy began to snore' I was dumbfounded. "'Jreat God !" I mentally ejaculated, "is this n reality ' Is it possible that I am hound up for life to a woman wh* snores?" I was miserable. I thought over Pope's couplet: "iiJh: thougtatle?? mortal, ever blind to fate, Too soon drj?cted and too soon elate!" Here I had been just a moment before in I ecstasies over the possession of, as I thought, m treasure! Can I Jove her? I asked of my heart. Arid the answer instantly came : "It is impossible !" I debated with myself whether or aot I should ;'secede," but snoring was not a ground of divorce. It ought to be?"you can bet." I sat up in the bed, and from thinking I went to tailing : ' I can't and won't stand this. I'll just get up and leave, let the oonsequenoes be what they may. I loved her, I know, but I did not know she snored." About this time I noticed that she bad quit snoring, and was shaking the bed with suppressed laughter. And I began to see that I was sold. Thero never was a poor wight before nor since that rejoiced more at discovering that ho had been sold. "Why," said she, " I thought you promised to take me for better or for worse, but here you are raising a row, and threatening to leave me at the first little fault you find about me." "Well," said I, "I will make the same premise again, if you won't snore ; but I'll be banged if I would lire with a snoring wife ten minutes!" A Rich Stout.?Some time since, when Jackson county was in its infancy, and the . . _ ? a * -? - ? 1 natives were governea oy laws Dy mem enacted i and enforced at will, there was a character among them known as fiddling Joe. This man Jo? was a character not at all known among the "cane biters" aa being devoid of fear, particularly upon the aubject of futur* punishment. being the offspring of rough though Christian parent*. The Methodise Church, with its usual care for thftM who are unable or unwilling to employ ministers or purchase Bibles for the dissemination of Christian truths among them, ent a missionary to furnish the inhabitants with Hiblfa and preach the Gospel for their benefit. On a bright Sabbath morning, in the pleas-1 ant month of May, the minister, in parsing from one appointment to another, came upon the aforesaid Joe. sitting astride a log, playing a favorite game of " Soap Suds over the Fence," to his entire satisfaction and that of Old King, who wagged his tail in appreciation of his master's endeavors. The minister approached and quietly addressed the fiddler: " My friend, are you not awarg that you are doing wrong?that you are violating the.tenchings of the Bible by playing your fiddle today'" ' Well, I dun' no," says Joe. 11 rpi i.i -! ;_r /? 1 * iuou ici uib lui-jruj you, in,? lriemj, mat you will be called to account for this violation of the ordinance of the Libia at tho jiay of judgment " Joe (excitedly )?Hold on there, pnrstjb. you have bir on the verv thing I want to n}k you about. I want to know is there but oao day of Judgment? | " 2Co, my, friond. thoro U to bo bat oije (ilj when all men are to be judged accoriMng to the deeds done in the body." Jee (resuming his favorite pastime.)- Well, dd boss, you can pass cn. I am ssfe naou^h if there 'aint but one dav of iuJeaie/it. for ?r - y O ? there's an old cock-eyed Judge for the County Court in there parts, who has the brown critters, and will die just afore me, and I'm ready to swear nis case will take up that day, sure. The parson, of course, passed on. A Safety-Raft for Seafaiiixo Mex? Mr. S. B. Broad, of New York, has invented a safety-raft, intended for sea-goingcrafty which is worthy of description. Three pontoons, or india-rubber canvas bags, of the ler^th of about 21 feet, similar to those now usrd*.oy the army, are inflated with air by meansof Ji .-mall bellows, and arranged bv the side of <*?? nn other in 8'ich a niHnner as to form tho Apport of a r<?pe not work and piece of canvaS 21 by 11 feet, forming tho floor of tho raft. T^a pontoons, canvas, and not work constituting tho floor and lashed to several spirs crossii*; each other, called spreader* and stretchors .-which hold the several parts firmly in their plii^.v An IS-fo<H boist or mass may bo raided at o>,o end, and a sail attached, enabling tho crew < mako a good headway, and the raft can bo ..teered aud managed with the case and almost tho precision of a sail boat. The water d< os not strike over the raft, as is tho case with a wooden one, the esnvas being fitted up several fAftt. Th i?J rnff will *\o ja c??? _ _ w auid ? utt vim |r<i :o oiIC (UIUU^U IUU I breakers, and, it is said, will ride upon any sea, even in tho heaviest g;ile. It was tried several weeks ngo in tho roughe?t water, off 8amly llook. by officers on board tho cattcr Harriet Lane, who speak well of it. Its lightness and compactness, when folded, other merits bciDR djual. commend it to the attention of sea-faring men. Another trial is to be made with it in the open sen, tho more fully to lest its merts. When packed the safety raft has the appearance of a roll of canvas. A STARTLING DISCLOSITRK ! L) rri. A h A TTOX OF WA K ' 1 GREAT OIJTF'OUKINl? OK THE PEOPLE! 1 Hegixninr or xn?? Homtist by "\STI NPS< )K & KKOl HER,:<39 Seventh ?t? m&t* ?oi ?n* ROOTS, SilOKS, ty .jL* A CAl'b, \c , a' a rrc-a' sac-ifi""" ou ri?r UL 6 raer rat"?. Good Men's VVork.iiK^^ 1 - hoeg . cent" : M!????' M. r,.? oo Hoots 87>?, we i worth 51 ; *i:d a te era! a* ortmeut ol Gouts', Ladie*'. Mte*oe'. hdiI Ch:loren's Shoen, very cheap. \V? wil; eo;l a* low any ?u?. au<l t&ko olf 5 per cant, discount for oaati < in current lunda. _ ap3-eoliii_ I CIi. Farre's Cliamimgiic. US Hh J.R.GLON1N6KR k CO., A'o 7, iVor/A I'harlts street, Baltimore, Having b?>en appoint*! Aienu for ?h > sV<? <T the fhovn brand ni CHAMPAGNK WINK, it ^ for sale, relying upon ltn merits to establish hare the re paction it has already acquired in our Southcin cities. ( i Kesitio* o tMnms a first ol&3? Medal at tii? ' French Exhibition cf 13->5, dr. Farm hit* beni d appointed Purveyor to tue Courts of Spvin and " Prus?ia ai?6 e.>Sm l JPHOTilORAPIIir At.Ill A1S. UST Root-ived hy HtKNCH A KiCllfTKIN y a ia ar.tl splc-d:'t R??vrt<ri??nt of "PliotO( rrtph: ? Allium*," tor Cartes de tw* nty < tfi-reut patterns, rangit.* in pno? fromTScsntato jc). , A fo, a fini ?it<??i Purt'ait ol Major hob it An ? demon, .ar*e and snia i tize, i5 cents -ach. Will be received this evening an rxtra supply of the New York Daily Times. Herald. and I ribana. A Uo, a I the Philadelphia and Baltimo.A paprrs, ' Papers from all parrs >1 the oountrv cou'tsn? y on hand. FRENCH 4 KICHHTKIN. ap 18 (Intel. At Kepub.) '2Tr* Pa. a enue. J P HEADER, I ERl'SKThefol ?>wu>r eta* mentandthen judge : of itn faot? for yourself ABRAM CUl.E, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. a wall ' known oit>l?n there, had nurtured from 0)spepsia for oin* \ears, witho it pe n:*nent ie:ief, until be i tried AVER'S t"llilj8, whioh taken aooordinp to the directions for this c<>mp'aint. restored him to health in a few week*. After an internal of tome monili u lie has had no return of his cornp an.t. uEO. \V. CROSS, of Harmony,Ta^as, had an eruption on hm n-ck. shoulders, hack an<i leg, whio'i eo\erfdalx?ut on<? third of nig hody. It kep' the parts atfeoted covered with a ?oab, and hem* oiten a raw sore, ?a* of course very troublesome * and dist-ei-.in<. It so muuh impaired his healt'i as to iinht him lor business and kept him in conhtant uthrii.e. Ail inedica1 aid fsiie 1 him until he U)i>k I AYEK'S CiAiTUlNl) EXTRACT >.\KsA PAR ILL. A, which curel him. His skin sti'l Gh->ws som? soars from the uioeration, bet it is otherwise ] as c'oar as an infants. I/IIIV II ^unoir LV. ? -?: ?| ?*. Tirt) . o?u viuiliciii <t\V7 J Of UI ? Richmond, Va.tonka o-rld which Getti?*.t on hi* , lungs. A severe pain n*t ih on the i?A biiip, with a , bad cough, whic'i wis sjo.i fo.lowed f.y thi unnnatalcv 1? ayinptom* of O'-Bkumption. \\ l?-?a r^uoml Vi-rjr low'he ooinmeuoei tak.it; AYKK'S CIIKit R\ PKC'I't iRA l?. which aoon ?t pped tiieoo.urh j and completely curei him. i Prepared by 1>R. J. C. AYKR Si C?? Lowell, | Mi's ma 13 I'olin j ^ ~ hHI?|f?RIVS Annihilating1 la the oalj ki ovd and i fff jflMiwMmW best a, t:o e extenn.;at? Roacho>, K><l Hn<s, ^ Ant?, Vfotiir, Fi<e?, r-'-' v '^r^pl?..* ,i!l",1f' W?*-nu SaM*^', V.noB?i..ar. ?- n Jt co/t:a,n.i M(, poifon. SCHWKRIN'S PILLi* are bum <!?at i to Kats and Mice. M t-'chwerin ha* rAseived ce tifioatoi from the Pr*niderit of Girard Colte*?. lut-rotom of Houie of Refute, Pennsylvania Hoapital, aid other Prominent Institutions of Phi adrlp ,i& ; II, 8. Jail, Washington,!). 0.; and Cha: ity jloypUal, New Or:e\na. I-a The origin*! certificates can be s?<jn at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 1SI4 Nortji Seo?>nd treet, Philadelphia, and {jt sale in this c$ty t-y J), B. CLARK, corner Pn, avenue and 4Jsi #t?., a:, i by all DrucKli-ls au'l (iroO'Tl. BK WAR K OF SPURIOUS IMITATION*?. 10" Remember to a?k for Schwe :nV Anuihi latin E Powder None genuine unless signed M. Sc^iwtRiN. ma 15-6meo ' wntr^ topham'S PREMIUM TRUNK us.id MANUFACTORY, 499 Skvknth Struct, Washington, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Baltimoie, November 7, i860 . Also. Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, Washington, D. C? 1857. I am constantly making, and always bave on hand, of the best material, every description of Pine Sole Leather, i mvm pea ma ' Lailief9 Dresa, Wood Box, and Packing Trunk*, Pelliaicr, Carpet,ami Canvas Traveling Hag*, School SakjUels, fto? At Low Pr%ces. MemNerg of Cnnsress and travelers vrjiH p'aass examine nij stock twfore purchasing flseaiiere Tracks that are made in other cities. , Superior Leatner and Dress Trunks, made to orrfar. , ... Trunks covered and repaired at short notion, flood* deli vered free or charge to anrfpArt of the airt. Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja3-Jjeo S.TOrWQt. The nicest clothing, ties ha is and HAPS, at SMITH'S, No. 464 Seventh st, near F. ay 5-lm < J * i i 4 DENTISTRY. Dr. CHA^r" BOTKLERSURliEON UKHTIST, Having loo*te<l himself permanent y in WMhmiton, oUen hi* prolenti na servioes to Qiti zen.* anil sojourners, in a 1 the var;ou>m4*i'L?? branches cf his prof-ss?>n. u?>n ihe most^* ? 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TEETH, at tends p^raona.ly at Sis oSc3 in this oitT.JfcfirrtJ W.ny person* can wear these teeth Wii<^' ^ oar.not wear oti erg. find no person can wear othors who cannot vear these. Persona calling at my office can be accommodate*! with any style and price of Teeth th?y may desire: but tothoce wboj.re p?-.rtiouiar and wish the pjrent, cleanest, etroni;e?it, ai d rr.or.t perfect der.tnre that art can produ??, the MINERAL PLATE will t*

more fully warranted. Rooms la thi? citr?No. 33* Pa. avenne, between 9th aad 10th ata. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi'atel phia. oc 15 tf nr /\m rtTim ? V>1AJ1 illiNljr, &C. 8EVKNTH_STHEKT. A1 WAYS AHEAD. I have iu*t reoeivtx! & nice stock of SI'RI S'i CLOTHING. K V K N I J? H I N ? ? O O U 1* . TRUNKS, HATS anil CA PS. to whirl! I invito Hie atteiitioTi ?>f all in want of Mien arhcle*. My motto is "A guiek ?'ipci:ce is he:t? r than a *low nailling." Those in want cf Clothing we invite to come and io >k at our gc< ds ar.d prieoa ; ?ndi< yi.u want a ni>j* Shirt. a >d a nre'ty Tie, No 460 };<?v ecth ?tre*t m the p!ao? to set f hem. I have a very large K'.ock of 81'KlNli HAT**, Which I (tin selling at ZS per cent. t?;low their sctcal valne. For those who want to travel, I have just r*owvf(l a targe lot of THl'NKS, VALISK8 and CVRI'KT HAUS, var? iiig in prices from #t si to 58. If you w*ntar?>oif rrunk, Clothing. Furnishing G<i<>!*, Hrts, or Capn. thera i? no In)r t*ifjn as~:ow as at the !'<? 'p:o's Clothin? St<>r?, No. 4 tO Seventh et., <>ppr>?ito Most Oifioe. J H. SMITH, O olliier. marl4-lm N?> 4*>0 Seventh "t.. l)ft K wnd V*. rp L. A. llKALIi ,1 C<>. , J AKK Pleasure in inforoiicn their onctnm^r*. , And ktr<vm-?rs, that the> htwrwvMtoNo. 3*1 , Seventh *?*0'"t, between I and K,jlist m ove R. ;{ ( Hail'*. We have in t received n, i.?w supply of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOO!)?, TRUNKS HATS and OA I'S. which wn < ff ?r to | rnil at very low prie**. Oall and *ee u? t??for* buy- i nit eisewner??. as we know that we can seil vuii goods at less than any other store in the citr. , L A. HEALL ft Cn, Clothier*. I _mar 14-1m No. 3<>l Seventh at. bet. I ar.it K. < JUST REOfclVKI), a lot more of the celebrated J TKN CENT Tl K"?; alto, a very lare* lot of < SPRING CLOTHING. FURNISHING GO DS, , TRUNKS, HATS nr?l <"APS, at the Pr-op.e's ! Clothing Store, No -tfiO Sevenih at.,oppon:t? Hi-et i Office, between Kand F sts. ap5-!m i Nkw akr7\ al or spring and SUMMER OLoTHING, FURNISHING ?,OOD9, HATS and U M*S. al th? P'-'pit's liotti. ; Store. No. 460 Ssventii st., opposite post Office, n?**- F street. apilm i 1A t'ARI). ' WOULD Respectfully call the attention rf the i Mtizoa and stranger to our new lot of Men's and i Hoy*' CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOHS, t Ha TS and CA P^. I c*n *a;ely say that 1 am now ircpared to sell jooda on belter ternm t!i\n evei. Don't f i.-RCt to ci.! and lo<-k at cur ;in w?op<1?. H. SMITH, OU.ttlier, pp Vlin N?i. 4(0 S 'v?nrt> t . rear F. Wood raid Coal. A No. 1 article if WOOD on hand, prepared to iuit the wautt i f aacli customer. Wood fold cord er.ktll albo, or in any way or any quantities do ircd. \l~7~ Coal kept h? Coalv."i, screened before do iverins. j 117* ?2+'> 1^?. to th<* toi. 113" Parson.I attention *o every order. T. J. A W. M. GALT. OJBoo 2?U Pa. av., bniween 11th tad litli ?ts. rVood Mill and \V1 arf foot of Seventeenth street, bolow WAr L>?pat in r*nt. ma 23 t/ r 1KKAT NUMKKKS OP PIANO KWTR8 L* f??r xal* <-r ren* a* all prioea. Also, t?". Msln . leoaa ot iifwwt ?Ihi tot mil or sal*. New | ilusic received frosa a!! parti of the ooi.i,t'? week- I y. JOHN F. El.LIU, m%50 300 Pa. av.. bet. *>th unt l"t h ?-#. ILK F.OBKS*. AlOirsi.lN KOHK8, 1 AWN ^ ROBF.S, UKKAGK F.OiU.S. \Ve?re aeilingat half their original prioo Al t'her roods of every rie.'or p.ion w* are stili saiunf it cost Our fto.t is iar-,e ari veil &seort*d in < >v?, * department. I lezi TA V I,(IH ft HI.'TOmSON- | rAYLOR A HUTCHISON, j No. 4'2 < vnti.r Market Space, VVniiM call the attention of pnrcha*erN to our itook of 9KA80NAliLE liKY ?iOOl>S.eomprisnc some of the nawo-t and ir.oit dosirs-tile iniporti i- na ol t' o ?<?as< n. Our stock of Domestic*, l.iocn lad White fi'ioiis will te found very complete, lad will he offered at prioea tr.at cannot fail to tive iati?faotion We as* an examination ap 3 JOHN E. ELMS, J SOLK AGENT hOIt THE SALE AND RENT OF CH1CKKRING ft. SONS' PIANOS, 306 I'knna. Avbt*u*. Between 9ik and l?rA Streets, ma 2 North Side \ I A ti NOLI A HAMS ! i 1 M mv/u it n i uun i n 11 ai*io .. g We are row receiving oar Crst supply of Miji ola H m? for tliis sea-'o-. i'bey ownnt i? *ur- t ??i?*ed. KING * Hi ROHCT.L, , ap4 oornrr 1Mb ?t and Vermont *v. * COMK r.ii>'G NKW * ON FHKK KXMIli! 1 I^TIO.N.'?A very Ur^e lot of CLOlHlS'i , . Fl'KMSMlNU tiOOl)"-, HATS and CAP?, at ? So. 460 Seventh fit N. !t ?.Ml of tlie ai-ove goods , for Hale at v>?ry h>w prise*. a*. SVI1 lll'S, No. lb{J t Sevanth .it., betweu Kj?no H Pts. ap5 lm ? (TA1B NOTIC$! WILL Talce ad kinds of Virginia rnopey for rnj book debts and lor Boots, Hhoi-s. and Trunks. All I pernona indnb'od to in? wi'l please cvi aud settle r up, or I sba!! be compelled to givo their aaco-iute I LuU> thu bauds ol a collector. v S. P. HOOVKR, Iron Hall, en 21 1'*. *".. Iu?t*i>?n 9th and loth *r?. N|) ?The undersigned bets to inform t! ? ? ?) r>ubhoth&t he fmaon )'\nd a'a-g? stock ' cf MONUMKNT*. TOMHS. HKADSlO\K>, ? fco., at Ha'tiinure and Philadelphia priosa. A'??>.a. ' n?w i?yi?of UmwinKEcan bo gren nr. ti e j srd.and a new S'jriAof Marble Mantels. Table Top*. 4o., , kept >%n han't. Hrown Stono *nd tiranit* wi rk , promptly au-'udea lo. WM. HHAULKV. I in* IS e<>tim H*- av., l>et Ifttii ard 19th Ma. , 186.1 ?.,Ai-,Ii9; .1861 i^ovimence the tear w.th a Diary. A valuable i'oofc"t Companion for registering ' events past, pi es^nt, and fjiure; containing rates of postage. aimanac, a blank spaa for moiuoranda for every day in the year, ca<h account for each month, annua! summary of account bids < payable at-1 reoeivaMe. Don't be without one of tnese useful little souvenirs. The u;ost complete, | ei^gaut. and detirabijaseoitinentever issued,cmprising iwetv* Fix?* and upwards ?>f fifty styles, . at SHI^LINOT??N'8 Uookstore, ! Odeon Uuiidias, corner of?<)> rtreet and a de2t> renu avonue. i PUKfc. OLD RVK WHitfKV.-Onhand severs brand* of i'ura Old Kye Whi?ky. Copper Distilled. roarfe by the most reiia1 le distillers in I'eenST'vaaia, Mary and and Virginia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Hrandies, Hmoessy. Otard, Dupuy h Co., Ju.r>s llitiins, A-u- Also, Peaali and Apple (JratJy, pure ilolland ?in, old Jamaica and St, i Urcix ilum, and Wiaea of sverj Y&ri?tf,alt oI i itandard brands. a choice lot of cjcbtb and "Wo- i t*eco. YOUNG 4KK! HMtTJ.rnU. I a?Mi? 'J*?J P* **.. 'xn-w ch *o<t t"'?h *tn. ( f 1ncoln as hk is. jli stkki. e3gravkd portrait. i The be*t Portrait ret publiahedof i HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (frith tckitkers,) At FRENCH A RICHSTElN'b, i No. 2TS Prssa- Avkkci, Washington, 0. c. T^arfe aneplied at )ovr imiya. mar 7 HOME-MADK UUOTS ANi> SHOES, For I'APISa'. Micsrs' and Chh.orex'8 AVrab, I At hrcfdinK'v l oir Pritef. At J. ROSENTHAL*. No. 16 Market ^pac?. * mr. 8-e<> Pa av . bet. ?th and "th fcta. A very nice prince a co.melodeon ^tiiob has b*rn u?e<1 a short *' "* !! ' for tal* vary low at MET7.KKO 1T'.-?KB MuaioStoie. Ai?o, several Beoond-lu.nt!*" * ' Pi an "a wiaM T'he prince of wales has gonk. hut , thaf'r in OK OF waiksc >I.l,AKSha?e arrived at SMITH'S, No. ??0 Sevettn at, ap5 lm . - ^ T ; MEDICINES. Bl?R JOHISTOI. ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat d>sroi-?r*d tk' most Certain, Svtedy aiid only Ejftctwil Remedy m the World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET AO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMED1ATULY. A CUKE WARRANTED, OR SO CHARGE, JX FROM OXE TO TtFO DAYS. Wexkntt* of the B^ck, Bwit'irfi, Alctiootaf tht K'J ni?i 0Bd Bladder, in?olMi.\rv Piechargia, Impotence, (ieu rd Deuilitj, Neiiv?)?in(ta, Dyapepejr, l^npor, Confui ? of Idese, 8pirita, Pnlpit*U\Mi at ihn He.'rt. Tividitj, Tremblings, DimoeM vf S?gM or Gi4diot?, Diae*ae of the Head, Throat, Noat nr Skin, Affectum* ol the Lun*a, 8to*?acn ur Boveli?thea? Terrible Dia->rd*rs mining from Hohtary Habit# of Youth?theae Dreadful an?t D*atructi*e Practices which render Marriage impoMit.i( t tad destroy both E^dy and Mind. YOUSG MFX Kapecially who have become the victim i of Solitary Vsce, that dre ?4ful find daa.rtictivr htbit which a?mia!l|r twee pa to ?n untimely ?t* ? e thcunadi of Vou ( Men ul the Ml eaalted talents and briSinnt intellect, wr.e might otherwise have entrance4 fiatenmg 8*nates with tie thu?4er?u( ei ?outnee or waited to c cetacy the Imng i *te, niay call with full confidence. MARRIAGK. Marriid PER'ONi,or Young Men c *?terriplating Marriage, being aware ol pliyaicai wcaknee-1 orguuc debility, detormiuea, 4c., epeeriil? cured. He who placea hiina ill' under the care of Dr. J may religtoutly emit Ml hia kiuar aa a gemiem i and coidfideutly my vp*m ma mi.i as a pnysici-n. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Ifft band iidi f>inp from Baltimore street, few doors from the corner. Kail MM to observe name aui number. Letter* moit b? paid auJ Con tun a tamp Vh JOHNSTONf Member of the Royal College of 8ur?*o? s, Lnndor, rr^duate Iroin one of the i lost eminent Colleges in the United States, and the ?ie ter part of vbue lift h .? ; een spent in the hospitals cf LonJou, P*ris, Philadelpi a and elsewhere, has effected some of Ike in 'st Mtv.nh i.; lU.ei that wer* ever known; many troubled with ringjn'in the head and ears when asleep; freat nertn osneas, rein* alarmed at sudden sounds, tosht'ulneas with frequent I lashing, attended sometimes with derangement of u.md, acre cua?i iinmediatelj TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Younjr Men and others who hwe injur sd ^*i*.s*Nes l?y * certain practice indulged in when aloiie?? Mat.it frequently learned from #v?l *** ** - -**- - * ?? si / 11 ? n ?uc via ?'i whiCO are mghtiy fe.l e*eu when islae? to?l il not cored, renders inarnare impomMf, an J de?uo)? belli mind ai.d bodv, should ?p{ly in mediately. AM are some f ti e sad mm rnelinchd/ eff?CAs produced by tAZlI ImImH of vouiii. *11 : Vtaki ' ! 'Alt Bi' k LialiiMm mtk< He|4?Dnmcm tf Gi ?l t. L"?? of Muscular Pevev, PalpiutMi IM lle.trt, DytpeJ"#N*r? us lnr t bility, Derangement of the Di^eitive J\iiiCli<-i??, General Debi ity, SymptotM of Cot'sumption, Ac. M E > TALL% Tne : earful ertecia on the n:'nd *re mu<*h to be dreaded?Loss of Memory, Coiilotiou c f Ide <s, Deprea*im? of Spirits, F!*ii t'< rel'odii.^?. Aversiou (?'" Society. Self Distrust, Lore of Solitude,Tir.udi:y, tic., art i ?ir.e oi t\e e*.it produced. Mrvors Debility.?Thontands cai now]o ijr? *h%t u tbe c ;u*e of fheir declining he *lth, losing Lieir r, lee >i im * weik,pi>, iier?? n? it* J. laMi.p ft ungulit i|; lint! about the eyei, cun^h or syu (torn* if cousuoaptiou. DISEASES OF 1MPRUDESCE When the biii(u:d?<l mid imprudent vol try ol pleasure ftidl he Iimk imbibed tne i?rdi of tine p*mtul dueiie, it too often happens that ad tll-timcii sense of shame or dread of discovery icier* him from apply mg to tliose who, ficm educmou and respect-il ility, c^n a|>ne befriend h:m. fie falls IMI : * Jand? of ignortttt anc4 designing preiei.d- is, who. incapable >f curing, filch his pecuniary substauce keep him iriflinf jiuuin auer niontn, or is icog <ts the tui&iHsi fee C-in be cb?iucd, mid in dcep.tir leave biro with ro ned health to iifk >ver U* ri!lmf duippoialDiciit; or hj the use of that de.id y poison?Mercury?hi*ten the constitution il ijrmploina of this errible disease, inch Aff?ctJon? at the Hesrt, Thtoat, Heu.l, Skin fc-., progresswith frightful rapidity, till de uh puf.a * period to his dreadfct sufi'rings by ?c.iJ.i ? h:m to that undiscovered couuuy from whose bourue uc traveler returns. Dii. JOHKSOS'S REMEDY fOH ORG ASIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPGTEHCY By this crett ir<l important rccirdy wo of ill* orr?r? ire ifseil.'.j ctffd Ju l full vieor rtt'.ored TIk-q* ndt of the I uost i?*rrot<s aid iai Vilit^tcil, who had est ail hope, taaM >ten immediately relieved. All impediments u> Marriage, Physical ?r *Tect*:l Pis^ssl* dcat.'jus, Loes of Tr*creati*e_P >w er. NT?* us 1 r i ' un-. \ rrniciutc i:<a ue >xue;? or "auto or iL9 uoc: ier.rfo] tiud cpre^ilj cuted. KXDOJISKMFKT OF THH PliFSS tki fttANV ThoI'UKDI core ! at this inautatMMi vithto he last veriteen ve&ra, and the r.orncro impJititit Sa;r??perations pertanufd by Dr. Joliuatot , wi;ue?ifJ by the eporwri of the paper* *t<d many other tertoM, l ticei cf fchich have appeared if un and ajaiu befcrt the j ut itc, bei lea hit tui'li- g as a ^rei.ilcmari of character and rerp??uet>ility, it a aoJEcient guarantee tn the uffiif (?d. nur 15 ly l>r.. J. 11. McLEAN'S CTHlFlEfGTIISNING CORDIAL AAU aLOOD fl'RlMLK. rilE GRrATEST REMEDY tn ?4? WORLD, J$b\ j CORDIAL i~' fii'fr* Ay EVER TAZEN llB: F&H I', ia I'jicOv c ?cl- f JSC? ^ ( En 2fur%# j.jijiMWi n?!a, TV"ild Chtrry r?ts?<iial pnn ' U--> /f kfore taking. "."Ji"^itr takiBg. .aullicf, pradati* '?- 4?l:c:o?a. ttbllniai nj (pirtt, u< Ua ini iufui!bU ft? ?''(*' hmnuiif ka luithd i?iti?, ad raaiarlnf iht ?I '?t aafarmf, u( d-.Wh-.aMd loriud yt aalth tad alrtDflh. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL fill afae'.ially e?rt I* ??t Ca-iUiru Dytpapaia, Jamaica, Cfcr?uic ? Nihim Datihty,l>na < arU:a ad all diaaaaaa anai-.f fr?ra a di??rdara<. Lirar *r B'.ainacb, iyipapua, Eaar.air , Inwtrd Fi'*?, Ar Jr? ?r Sicknaaa ( lit Bioitath, r?!lnai? ml L'irr.1 :? tba l> tea, Dall Palo ar Iwnominf :u tha ? .<1, r*ipit*U?B ?f liailaar;, r?ilnaaa t Wtight In tba l:?"usih, fotr ?rsct ritua, Gfaskmf ? ff?ce.iirr Paalin# ?M;i lav.iir (*awn. Iftrwn*** ?? V w i? af U>i Ikic ?a I J.'Mp Kwnii, Inward Faaara, 'am iu tna Small <( U)( Sick, Cheat, ar Cida, laddan 'lathtr af Baal, Oa">ren.ar. ?f f p.rua, Knjhtfal Drtama, I>umc4i<c; ar mjr i ti>ia> d:aa*at, laru > llatcbaa au isa fek^., "-i f"a?ar aid Ajn-a (ar Ck.Ua ud OYER A BULLION BOTTLES tti btto laid dariuf it* liat aix .:>* tha, xnd la a* lalinei hat ufMlt' iu ri,:nf anlira ar:aficuati. * ha, tkaa. rill altar fram War iu ar whan MckCAM't \tKK?KT?JCSl?a COfclilAL will cat* ;? 1 Ha liri(?a(a cm (ti tij an kdaqmaia daa ( tha liriaadtta and alrer-.l rmr*ca!aa? cht'.ja fraJaiad by taktr.f thia Cardial la tba d.aaa^id, d? biUuiaJ, and ahauarad caivaaa fa-.am, whaihar br?*ao dawn by axcan, waak by ot'.ira. r iiyirert ar !*> .aaa, tha ralaxtd ard iniu-uf aiftaiatlta it Mitcad ta ita ptlarma haalth acd ?if tr m MARRIED FERSCNS, 1 aiban, aati't'.w af inaW'.lY frar. wkttivar ? ? *, will rad McbB/.M'k FTtS>'GT*lCNilf? CKRDlAh a v-fH r>iti>an'araf lha ar.:am: and i I f > k>?> ?r?d tk*ui?!v*t >7 t.np/aaar i>idi;f?a:ta wUi tad la lila >rJUi a ttrum ;) <!; ratn^dy. rc THE LADIES. MciSAM'O Gf*r:MUT* IlK IN (J COKDIA L It a utlh iljr. cud tpatd^ eara far Ineifiaot C?*aanipuaa, H i iim, )'?airtc:tu ar M?o>irvLl:ao,l o vabtiuaiiC* of Urint 17 lnr,.gut".ri thtraaf, Paling af ;t? Wao.1, Itdui: ?m, Fatcunf, atd all dicaaata nsdaut to I aitalai. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ItRar na laryar. Tika it aeeardi-.f la diracaar.a. It will itircaltta, ?'.r?uftfc?n, and inviforaia yaa ai.4 om t!>a tlaara ?f haaith la r:?a-l j?ai cfcaak af am. Krary featila la rarrauiad ta |i'a aauafottiao. FOR CHILDREN If rami chiidran ui tiekly, p?r,? ar aticiad, McLEARt ^O&OlAb will naba than haaidbT, fat, and rakaaL lUKy 1a*. a rtamai.il Uj ll, aad <raa will bi u*ovtuaad. It U daliisu t? till. 0AVTION littTt af dnffltu ar dulin wha lity try ta pin tyw ram Mir* bittar ar nr?rp?ru'i? traah, w nch tbay can bay ibakP, by ?*Tinr it ta Jaat aa #rod. A'aid aacb man. Aak ar Mt LKAItl BTftEllGTHEJflSG CORDIAL, and laka a'.hlnf ? It U ita acly rainady that w.ll rarify (ba |!aa<t thoraagMy aslat tbi nrr.a tiioa r?i f.hari i.,a ayatara. Una tanapaaciml takan mi; iMnin| faatiuf la a caruia >ra?aMi?a far GhaMra, Cbilla and Fa?ar, Yallow Farar, ?r toy prai alaut <ii?a?*s. Ilia pat ap ta larja hoviaa. Prtca Kify #1 par baitia, ar t k.att aa far ?A J. M Mc LEA N. lata prapriatar ef lUa Carditl; alio, M :Lo.ti'a Yclca. e Oil LlDimatii. Principal Papal aa tlia wruai ?f Third a?d Pies iUatta, K Laan, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIK UNIMEHT I.ITKE WORLP.) Yha aaiy aafa aa* f artair car a far Caaeara, Pi!?a, Ta ara, Ivailliifa an I Brarcu.la ar Ca-tra, Ptrclraia, Naartifta, Waakuaaaaf Uia Kaaelaa, Chranc ar lr>%n nutorj u>a tm&uaim, bus taaa ? Uit l>*.tr*cta<1 MwIn > Uj -.'tauu, E?r?tha at Toathacha, BiaiMi, trraiiia, Fraah Jsu, Waitntfi, Ul>;ar*, Fa?ar Saraa, Cikad Ertui, Sort Nipplaa, Barua, Scalda, Bora Throat, ar uij u'i iimum m man, d;t?r?;>e? b?v aa*ara k moc lha <? ! m?j U?a axiaiad, Mcuum UELEB&ATEL) LINIMENT it l caruia ramadv. Tbaaaanda af imui batr.fa ht'i bami aavtd a Ufa af 41a irtpitsda and Btiaary *j tha aaa of U.u iavalaabla ramadp. McLEAPPS tOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rahtrt puis almoat inator.ta.caa? Iv, and U vtil cloaa. panfr vr.d hat] tha fonlaat itraa in an bicradibla abaft una. FOH HORSES AND OTHTA ANIMALS. MckEANH CELESR-ATKD UNirVNT la tha only uh u4 ralubla raroadr for tha cara af Spavin, Kwrbona, Windfall, luiinu, Ouiwtnril Lauipa. Hodoa ar walltan. Ll Dtiai hilad u ommm S? ?L- '* Emnuioc BcrM, *r tvirnr, U prtftrlj ecj.I.d Fm pnim, Brt,..., B;r?'.c6??, Cracktd 4hU, (?*/?*, Baddl* ar Oallar (Hit*, Ciu, Wrii, m Wm(i, kuu infalhM* ?*m*4j. Affl; H ti 4ir*cwd u< t M* M (tmi* tacrary lu'uic*. Tfa*u ml* n* laitftr vtlfc U? uii wankUaa Ualutot* r?r*dt*7*u. Obtain * f ? af Da. M< LKXIft cCLK LfcTKD UIKIMKHT. Ii wifl car. ???. J. H. MckJUM, M* rnfiittw. ChimThird and Fla ?u., ft. Uiu, Ma. ?ltWcSBEWl!-S:"" f t THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Ykia w< (? ? iwml iH tftiaiLf ? nnHj of Uterottiaf r?wt tec cm tw oaad is U! *th?r-M nMUM m l-Vd?j norciAf. Tuxi- hli, tlMrlrtlr, * StOfi* eo^y, p* tunam. ?? 91 * Fi*? ooyioa ___ _____ __ 4 TS TM aof iw ** T*?Otj bntOflM UN II lav?ri?My oontaica th? "WuhiLftoi WtTi" Itef hii mvl< rim Aim. Wm. ... i-1 - a.? ?' " ao i?er*i!y throng hoat the country. IZ^Sinj.? eopiM (in ?r%^r?> ou t* proaarad at theoonntrr, itr.aswliate.y after Ua uaaeaf U? pn.**T. Pno*-THKKKCENT8 I MHBnaMBaBBHMaiHBMBHi CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARR1AGK FACTORY. * ? D mrt*i, t*t tftn 9tk mmd lotk Stnma. Wi h*r?? jv?t finished a D?at>w of irmt ?>M? CARRIAGES. audi u Limki f??. ? Wm*on>, Pa-k Ptwtm. Fami.'tr (V MHK 'mui j, aw/f . wu?oh we will eei. * trcr? ?ni%^ rrnbt. B*irt pnotioal mechanise in different t of th? Emeiteee. we fUtte- oiru'vi that we know tlie :;( ? awl amhtj of work that wttl civ* eatia {action, ooir.ba m* l.tUtts**, octafort acd dnraUll tr. P.tninat yroa^t!? W<! oarefnliv 4 (9 the aLo.teet ntlne ana nrout teaecnat.e c ha. tea. WALTER, KAEMANN A Bortf. C ? . i aiere. ?jcoe?eur? to Wie T Hmk. M . T1 i l-AF K1A0KS. 1 HK STatonVe; h*rira sasa? arfteitloM * W V!o:f mUficc tc low ouonfthe - HWfcC, ali."* u ?tr:ct, wlnr? !?if R>rWgjwg? MsufiuttcrircCARHIAeU * LIS HT A' AtHiNJ* of a': cir.?l? car.not t>e r.rnwil, >U .ror-i hit i?rx r: rer>?>ii~? IB Im* L?K.fc*?v at lire ccneir.; **ticfjwU?fc. A.! k:..ic e! C?r"*tM?a4 Ui>t lUii. Ail RKI'AIK^tMtij <?? titt^trOn r M?-i. * ? i?, Crr ?i*< nr? ! NiMlcttwMV <t<f. U?l)JKWTJo\fiE, ' i?_t? tv ? iak ?W K Ma. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. JIR. SlllVflAN ha*, after an ?e cf tM If ??irf, estaMi'hed tt?e at ore r?fut? Iron quackory, ?e J-ia.hel?a Indian or i.e'inan d'clufi, And p oteudere of wiusacraft and impoeiofa in c?ocral. l iiu i?'he on') p im where a eure an epeedy curscnn lieol'tiutM id the wor.d lornli mpro?*r ai.<l evil ? fonorrh*. *:eei, ecakuese. ay ptul.m, primary aeooE.:ary. ai.d tertiary, otbiiio weafcnee*. paic? in tlie nine, etricturee, ecnerai debt it?, proat'atfon. nerron>n**e, ?eetleee nickie, pvpitatio ? flr? h?art nor mem theeare, losso* num '*, oor.furioc,iK?> a..oho'y,aflect'ona of th* >ua?, throat, no?e, anl akin, a <1 all thoae Pjcj'ijtr d.. or<1r> ? erier % I'- m the lodi'oretton of youth, ren<!crinc them 01 ht lor either Lueinece, ctu."jr. irt*. ^r nviiat'l>r. M. lift tl.e greatest reiiiedi"?jn th* kin** WorM f t uiei"*"e* ?.f th* h o?>d. goBor'hie. fWet, ?tr. r r??-. * j. , i-.i'.iMMii Wf: kne??, ae.J atmae. .Vc. Th is ij ?ca < r? wbc:< they (?.: to oure in fro-n 3 to 6 <!%* >. Viom; - of 1h>ee fcor eomnlairt*, who woo Id Wi- !i to ..c va "?! n.- i. * 'i'i < i; -ii-ieut* to eoeiet?, h"ii d <>tiih'?r-? t(i? .ipportu .njr lor reli'f Pr.y- un.a a- ! "<irtt!>?? mort oome e*eariau*e m"u18 f ir til" eor?f.>-r ..f k> ? - . .... r mi ?i? muvavmm i ".'n ? <1it>t?'.ce. Tn^y will m l*rui^ii*d with in -t pi-, t ati-i ??*!>! qua ?' , r:?o???arT iM<"t, ? n i in '1-hi coiii i<>r a * \s i hey wnuld b? at a !i> ft t.s-1 i t> I ? thin n* f th* co?t. I)i r:.?t t??'5 t try nAwm end tmn h?r. Dr ?h?man'* <fli o is <>n t .<* corner ? ( Siiti atrret and Pear?? i vaoia vntf <' aren'i u H :?!, vp^ont* th* N*tioua. Hot*!, Washington 1) Pe-ntm ?.(* disti <5* ? '? <] ?nc o?# etairp f * re'iirn p OA ; i.oara,9 A. M to 10 K. M. Vf r ouh pvti"a liiv? t-c?*n ?utiK*d irom my i j 'itu'ion tir c?"t\ni tw:i.d>>a on beck airee'a id tii*a city. who wi.l ?? it i 1 th-> dM ol thMr d?atc. A w?rd to the wis* is eullioiet't ap 9 lv *?.. Cirt C<mtk, Cold, / Jliciitl nap o* S?rrA'sBul!A of tKf Throat, Rflt*v* 144 Hnrlant Ctwtk m Itfm. firvxrhitt*. ' ** '* ' met tf 'liiRiSr PUBLIC HPKAKER8 ?trt> LINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheeKiac a Coui:h or "Ccimbob Cold" in iu stace; ti.at which in th* bejpnmt wou'd yieM tr a milo rMBf d?. ifn*|ci(?ct*?:.so?>3at(AckgHiC l-uz.fi. "firtm't BremcktaJ TrotAe.".'' cor. tain af cernuioeot imr?di enta, a.ay Pnimonary aud Ilionohjal Irritation. "That troupe in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "T*otkt*" area ir*oifcel ! havinr matie a? o(V?n a mere ?h<? TROCHEB ferer." N. P. WILLI?. la**-- ~ khhwi's i rocoT.rnenC their iim to Pcblic s8ruiB?.'' _ TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. **G r**t?ervic.?in o'x.ulrt Hca?*S BROWN'? hk**." REV. DANIEL WISE. Ti,..rnrs *'A!ia?Mt inst\i.t in th? dl? ruuvuE.. c ot t.reciitinc p?onn&r HI? i IV*V's to A#fllTA." BROW N s UKV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Co,, tans do Opium or anytldna 1 Unjunoui." 1)R. A A HAk ESt CROWN'S Chemtst, Baton. "Ai.rapi'trd ?;efu*at 0 tnbiOA TROCHES* uonlor Cgr#as. tc." DR. <?. F. BISELOW, BROWN'S B?tm. _>ni,ai>K l?rnefcoiB in Brobchitib." TROlHESj DR. J. F. W. LANE. ouunns ... ... , ""T * I Mr* fotM them exoeHmt ftor TROCHES WaoffiRo CorsH." KLV. H. W. WAKUN. BROWN'S Bmf*. ? " vbM WtjBli to TROCHES +. guicriat Sroir Col?." BROWN', REV~p(inu?-c " H*f?ct?aX In rrmoTin* Hokr* ?RUOIiL. fru<1 Irr.iAnoD ol tie Throat, ?o 0'-til"^tOii vMAttti fcU*3 8lM' TROCHES ",,'PT0tM BTACYiO^22S,k. Tff- * -- -.< M a v\ UKU V. IN S * TROCHES "Groat t?neU whM taken before %rA r praacMaR. u Uiot prtml BROWN'S Hoa?-??D.,e. From tjiojr paat effect. I i ttnalr th?y will beef permanent a&TROCHE8 rautaie to ma. REV. iT ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President of A&en? Collate, Tour. TROCHES r-THoirf^nV Dn HiitfUTWF.Ni TV FIVE CENTS A BOX.Jj) _dej-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL *KD BLOOD REJTOVATEB Is preoi*"!* what it? um? i:.dicatee. for, whlla p ea?aut to thetMt", i? 1* revivify IBB. cxhi.?iatint, invigorating and strer. thermg to the vita power*. and at the >-%ine Unio revivifioe. restate#, a-,d re urw? m" d "v?j i . a i its ur:fci"a: pu lif , *<1(1 uli'f at once Tts:ort> and tohI'ti the system imrulmermbH to attack* qJ disease. It ia th o:.iy preparation ever offereu to the world. ao ctiewueiliy a ail ukilJfuliy combined a* to b- too w oat poWtrftal tunic, and at the same time ao perfectly aoop te^ to. as to act in perfect acoortianee w:t ti the iaws of oature. and hence wilt tootkt the weakest rtumack, arid tone up the digeetive organa, aim triu? aaa? Mi nervous a< d other irritation, it ia perfectly exhixra tine and at the same time it it composed cnUreiy of vegetable*, >et no oombiu^l an to produce the aiuat thorough toi-ic effect, without producing any injurious coneoqueueea, *->uoh a remedy haa lot a Dees leit to be a desideratum in tbe m-dioai w 'Id, for it needs no inedu?l >( il to see that debility I -liows atl attacks of disease, tiK* proceed and in deed lays the *y?t?<n open to th* 'i.n.i.ocs att?> ks ol 'nany of the Boat lata .such, for example, aa the following: Consumption. indigestion, dyspepsia, t oss of Appetite, t-aintccra. Nervous lrritatylity. Ncura gia, Validation oJ the heart, Melauonoiy, Nitht sweats. Langor, (iidd.neas, Ketentioc ot, aa well as Painful obstructed. too profuae, or too so*nt Menstruation, and Falling o( the VVotnb. Theae all depend upon general debility. Thi?pure, healthy tonic Cordiai and B ood RenovaU r is at sure to cure aa the sun is to rise anrtt.t Tl??re ia no tuitit it . But tin* la cot ail If Mie i* weakened we are open to hilioua attacks, the !iv?r beccinea torpid, or w<>rae diMMtd. the kidney rein** to perform th?ir function*. and we are troubled with scalding and uMMUami of nrine, or involuntary di?eiia'*e of th^^Lme. pain in the jack, eide and between toe eiioutdera ex oeedincly liable to slight oolda, oougha, *nd if an checked. aooo emaciation follow*,and the patient joe* down to a premature crave. Hut inm will Dot allow na to enumerate the mac* ilia to wbusb we are liable in a weakened condition ot tfte aretem. lint we wi.i say in thia Cordial aod Blood Keaova tor yon have a perfect aa;e pi taaact and effeotaal remedy for loas of Appetite, biliousness. Flat* IHOOD, wn&K ? ? HOC .-UI' IMII. LtUIVII, Coiitp'aiot, Chilla and Fetrer.or anv B .!< ?? attack Cottiveneea, Acidity ofthe St irtvch, Ni?rvoa?ue??, Neura cia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression ofSSpirits,Sores. Pimpien on the Faoc.oranv dieease arising from impure blood, neb aa Horofuia, Krysipe.aa. Bronchi tia, Couch, diftuuty of Breath iac, and all that oiacc of dia'aeee ca ed f?ir.aie weakness, and enumerated above. We willai?c sajr the traveler exp >e?-d t? epidttnnoa, chaise of oil mate and water, will find it a p,.*a?act. safe end aare remedy, and uo on? should ever travel vith Ct. Re*d?r, try it, for we aaeare ?o? job will d in it a friend indeed, aa w?ilas airr-ndm need. All persons ol sedeMary habita wiU fia'l it a fc- feet preventive ol, aa we.l aa a on re for *ho?e ait iitruva w uiwm lira; ?o f ?! - ? r - ? minister*. student#. attorne>?. litoran infl Ladies who are not aoosrt-med U> o.ooh "St door axareisa, will find it to their idri.Utt to keep k bolt e ooastasUy on haod: and above a?l mothera or tno*e hooomior such. trill to th'?iu? that most danterouc p*nnd n"t only witk ? i tn- ir aocustomed ?.t e:,gth, hut ?a/c and (r** from tb? thousand ailmeuta ao *rev>ilent ai* ?"? the iswa-e portion of the world. In short, la indeed a ?Mk?ire oordia . Try it old and v<ari. no U? f#r r?" riak of delay: it will relieveaod prove it>?fa?'<?hfciioally a Sulorolirr CorduU wm4 Ble** * ?. O. J. WtK>l>, proprl-tor. 444 ?roa(.M, ???f York, and 114 Market *traet. *t. L<??ie.V???~ eo dj?y all good l>rBg( lata. flMI 0m* Dot mi ? ? 1 *" PROF WOOD* restorative cordial b?ood renovator | Hold la this e:tr by C. 8TOTT. ST# Pa. araav*, an w-eoly.aiw