29 Nisan 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Nisan 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR. , WASHINGTON CITY: April <n,lMl. || . Spirit of th? n?m(i| Frra. TJ?o> l?clltgenttr quote* from the writing* of Jrffer?o:i u4 Hatniitoo to ?bow that the Federal ' GoTerpmeiit baa tt? nme rlgbt to en/orce ebedlei>Ce to \\? Jaw* 'h^t ?oy State b*t * 'iitsn mk>i? io?i iur vi me VirgJMa Convention are guilty of treaaoa, not only U) t^e Fj-deral Government, but to their own 1 State; ?iirt If lb*y escape puoisLroeot by the UnL- ' ted States, thev wiU suffer at the bands of the ' p?t>ple of Virginia whom thay have illegitimately plprgm 1st? bankruptcy and ruin. ! THK MEWS HERB. Fobtt TMcux?VouxTiiit, TwisiT-rn Taowaa*? RESULAES, AWD Kioumn THorsA5D Su?Lx,rot TK* Tft**ATts*D Wa? ?ThePrea- , ldant baa this morning directed the enrolment of furtf thousand volunteers for three years service, and tk#*iirMfviflnt ?f *? ??i mmmw w *? ini'ROUHU It^UIOI troop? for five veers j |Ie hat alio directed the enrolment of eighteen ik out ami tailor* for the navy for five yean. It will be seen from this, that not only prompt and *1 pom tig action 1* to be taken by the Govern- | ment, but that it Is to be continued a? long aa in , Ita judgment It may be necessary. T?* Mij.ITa.BT P#wsa ?f tic I'iiitu statu < Just two weeks ago tbe President issued hli prociatpatlon calling out seventv-five thousand troops to sustain the rights of the Government, and defend this Capital from invasion. Already tbe i wbole number called for are in arms and in moHon; atd as many more bav.- offered their ser vires. There must bf- near twenty thousand here at this i t nje, aijid there are certaliuv twenty-five thousand t between this point and the l.akt-s. pressing for- i ward In thiadirection, while twenty-five thousand M tasliilo W-J ? A a,-a - " * ? w ..p.wj, v*lu^ nimn it.iira ou a line KOD) Cairo, Illinois, to St Loula, Mlsaonrl. By lone t>dds ihe lar^fst aod moat powerful fleet ever pent to sea by the United State* is rapidly fitting o it for aervlce along tbe Atlantic coast. Orders are la preparation Co Increase tbe regular army twenty fl*e thousand meu, and the navy from seven thousand Mafflea to twenty-live thousand; both of which will doubtless be consummated in a few weeks If the exigencies 0f tbe times require It, we presume the Government will avail itself of the rervJc?a .of. th*- so fax declined seventy-five thousand volunteer* thnt hr.vc offered themselves and not been a<eept*d. It Is undoubtedly true that there Is no division of sentiment whatever In the nop-slavt-holdlng SUies on the subject cf sustaining the Government The fact thstqulte three fourths of all the men from a distance in arms here at thfs time are drmncrats. proves the truth of this declaration, incontestlbly. : ? Ma*tlasd has, erideatly, already abandoned the idea pt sacetsion, that early last week seemtd to be ?a alj-pervatitng over the'inXuda of her citizens ea over thoa^ <>f the people of Laatern VI Klnla It waa evidently not more ttiau skin deep In the micda of the great a.as* of the Marylandera at the worat of its eruption; nor do we believe that it haa bee aor is much deeper in the mind* of t >t great mass of the people of Eaatprn Virginia, who have raTHed to it only iu obedience to the STth? Klcfcrmofld Convention, without atopri?e to reflect on the palpabTeand positive lnjnry 11 unct inflict en their own future, if persisted !n AU' Idea that the passage of troopia to relieve AVsaHlngton tbtvwgh Maryland will be interfered wKte, L-%? airvady >joisbed with the ?.elief th*t the Legislature now in aetslon at Frederick will peas a aecetaloti erdinnnee ; and the andden and <n?e*pec?ed change of Maryland'a front ia astounding the arreasioirlata of V trginla aa much as their recent birt too tardy realization of ttir fact that the Norttrlaa unit In the purp< ae of the defense of the liovemroetotof the I'mfrd states Both these Circumstances aerve to complicate the situation and defeat the plans of the Vir^iula secessionists immensely. W? tfott they b*??e-net trtmsp'.red too lat? to be of-service in causing Virginia to pause ia the mad career of disunion, into which her ! nrr? n -lr* J u ? ^Muvmwi uu?c piuii^ru art. 1 Miiiuit-?Ait tiie rumor* of arrests made by th?. .party of gentlemen sojourning bere who bave vulaaterre* under tbe name of ?Lc " Frontier Guards." except one. are erroneous Tbat arrest, road# on Saturday c:cfct. is said to have been ot &a Indlvliiual named I'ietaon, who was bsard to ItOMt t&at h? bad just returned from making an unsuccessful effort to tear up rei>? out towards filad>-nsburK?md tbat his cousin, a person em)>io) ed by tbe Aioyerruutnt to run trains between tbe National Capita) and AanapoUs Junction, had fntejed witu.buii into a conspiracy to destroy train bv rushing It over tbe portiou cf tbf rof>4 to been previously broken up with his connivance lie (Fierson) was promptly" h?ded over to tbe military commandant of this city, and bv the latter to tbe civil authorities. Npr have tb? Frontier Guards been patroling In Virginia or elsewhere out of the limtta of tbe cor- < pvrauon or Washington, as it being alleged by ] 'WM>r . ( < P**ste*stial Afpointmists ?This morning J the President msde the following appointments , A Jonas. Pos'nrrtst'T *t IjuincT, 115 ; Arthur H irimabaw. do. at W ilmington, 1/el ; Kdward B Taylor, of Or,to Register rtf the Land Office ?t I , Omaha, T T ; Robert Mr Britney, of Kansas, do i at Junction City. Kansas; r*a;iueli) Houston, of j Kansas Receiver at the same Land Office ; Cfcas ( W Adtnis, of Kanut. <to at tbe Fort Scott (Kan- , ?< ) Land Offi?*e; Pete* O. Elder, of Kansas. Agent | for the Ou^'i. S*?necas and otber Indians; Wm , W Ross, of Kansas, do. for the Pottowattomles, Chas B Keitb,'of Kansas, do for the Klckapoot; ! James B Abbott, of Kansas, do for tb? Indians of , of the Saawnec agency. -? Th* FiigitI Status.? Out of regard , fH be* fcimrv.tb* uaval rthcer* dispatched to fear* the United Wiatea ?htp? at Norfolk (if they \ ro?M oot Mvrtbem otherwise from fulling into tnehandao.ftbeV Irgtntv disunionista ) ?partd her; t it being utterly lmpoeatbl* tbart she can !>? ren- . (iered aeaworttiy. The diiunioniata, however. ( towed ber 4?>wt> to the very narrowest part of the s rnaanel of' Hliaabeth river and sunk ber; thcs \ ruining the only good harbor which the diauuion , r*rtoa of tbe b n4tvd (States claim# aa lta own?the , harbor of Norfolk, Va. Mm. Jaxis S. Wamwiiih, ?f New York, ar- ( j|??l here. yesterday from Auna polls, v. here he reaegtljr. arrived upon a strainer chartered and loaded w-ltti provisions by blrnseJf for tbe use of tbe troop*. A part of her cargo constated of forty borsea and sutBcient wh^ons to be hauled by them, tw?lv?. bundled barrg.s of sea bread, Jtc. He cbarteted tUe vessel, made bis purchases, and bad up steam for the voyage In ei^bt hours after making op hi* mind to execute the patriotic enterprise. .i . comma5dsb W W Hostkb, (t.s N.,ofVa.. a stort tiaie stocesent on bis resignation, and Instead of turning over bis charge?the U S receiving ship A iktihariv, at Hfltiinore?to the dis^411? M? -? -?- -1'?* ? - ..u..? vi iiwi tnjr, irronjin? lO IC* lilUlOfl to * prevalent among absquatulating otttrers now. previous to leaving bta pott, carried the ship over to Fort McHenry and anchored her ma the prop rty of the United states under the protection of T?guM! ? _ - A Comxittkk vrom Naw V?u Citv. consisttag <*f Win. M. UvnrU, Ksq., Judge Edwards Pierpftflt. *?d J-odge Vanderpotl, reached here \eaterday evenlr g, via Annapolis, authorized by the city to tender to the rrraidient, from Mew York, 75 OH) additional men aad one hundred milliou dollars, to be used in open ng and keeping open tfce highway between Mew York and the National Capita*.-U>r?ugh Baltimore?or to take that work > !}' th^ uovernmeul'a bands, If that be judged beat by tUe latter. r . ' * , A u, a A**oat,.?The Government Is preparing to establish Immediately an U S. armory, s mllar to that not long since existing at Harper's ^erryx at Rock Island, 111. Thevlr? glnia disunion authorities have already trans* (erred the r*mains of the Harper's Ferry armory inacj^u<*ty mH to Richmond. Mo Harper's Kerry ,1s soon to become, as the result of seces. tnn an nttwrfv min.J I'1*"* p, _ ? mm " ?J > MitiVU Yhe Roctk Thbocgh Baltixobi ?Ad appli- c cant for a consulate, wbo applied at the ?tate Department tbta morning, was informed bv the I Secretary of Slate t\aYno uiore consular or diplo- * n>atlc rppefntmenta win be made, and no consideration gnren to ttte subject, until aU tbe avenues lrodtnv from tbe National Capital totheno:>- t l?l?rU*ied States are opened for the passage of tbe r ft) ten's and tbe troops of tbe Unitaa Stales, A Naw Militaby Comxasdii ?Col. Mans eld, U. ?. Engineers, late Inspector General of tbe Armf-ef tbe Vittted etatea. be*been ordered ' tb^VrrtltttHf eeaiinnnd ?f tbe troops now hers, ' ?lr?l Col IX r Bnnta.snisMi to Mmtm in i York Col. M. aaaurued tbe aeounaiui ber?t?u t*attr Jay l*?t ? I ' ! 1 '1 >'. I? - I Grs Htaui ?The last we beard of thli gea- I tleuian la ibaJ be w? *t Gordonavllle, V? . a ! prlao-er to>,f?ft?lni Virginia, troops?who were 1 probably G0%*e>lj)g blm to RiclimoMd. i?. ~r"> * >. . . < ( III Wa t ?*!,:??. is 0KIO ?We bare lean *, 1 letter from a youug man in Cleveland, Ohio, ta J bta father In thla city, wbicb state* that aeven < com pan u? bare i?ft Uiat Place for Wbahlngtoo," t au4 that 3 COO are encamped, who are to be joined '< In a fW d*ya toy t UOO toote Fifty tbooaand mm have already been arcepled by the Governor, had lUU.UJli more could be bad If wasted; tbe only , juration belnr."ml wIw ahail go, but wbo will r rut tin at boan. '? 1 r >( ** * ? 'n * ? ?* ?r. tTHaa. Jobn 8. Caillle waa aomioaUd for ; CoA^reea at Farkaraburg, Virginia, oa Thursday i Pr*elMMtUa by the Pre?t?eat. Sjr tk* Pruid*nt of ttu Umiud Slant jimtrico. A PROCLAMATION Whfnu, for the iMiori aalgned lattfPfO;lamatlon of tbe 18th lnaUnt. a hlnrkaAa at Mia x>rts of the States of Soi.th Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Louis ana. Mississippi, and Oxa* u na ordered to be established : And Whereas, since that dste, public property >f the United State* has been seized, the collec'.lon of the revenue obstructed, and duly commlsiloned officers of the UnIV*d states.white engaged n executing the orders of their superiors, have t>een arrested and held In custody as prisoners, or bave been impeded In the discharge of their offl:ial duties without due legal process, by persons Maiming to act undrr aothoritles of the Slates of Virginia and North Csrolina, an efficient blockade of the ports of those StaWs will alao be established. In witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set my band and caused the seal of the L .itted States to be affixed. Done ?t the City of Wefhington. this twenty* seventh day of April, In the year of our Lord r. i"ne thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, L 'and of the tnd?jiendence of the Lotted States the elgbty-Mtb. Abraham Lincoln. By the president: William H. Siwai d, Secretary of State MARYLAND LEGISLATURE. Satckdat, April 27 ?The Senate ha* just passed i bill repealing the 19th section of article xii of the code of public and general law, and enacting the following rs a substltu'e thereof: ?? No bank shall lusm- any note, certificate, or sther device to be circulated as currency of 0 less ienomlnitton than one dollar, under the penalty prescribed In the article on currency, tba act to take effect frntn the date of Its ps??e." In the Hojse cf Delegates the nb.ive bill wna referred toa committee* oniisting of Messrs Pitts, I Harrison, and Brtseoe On motion of Mr. Wallls. the above commlltee iva 1 Instructed to consider and report in regard to the legalization of the existing suspension of ipecie payment by the banks. The Sennte has nlso adopted an address to the people of Maryland stilting that the Legislature will not pass an act of secession, but if they believe tbe people desire It, they will give them an opportunity of declaring for themselves their future destiny. The Howe has not vet acted on this iddrrst, but ha*e appointed a committee to report in act for the call of a c onvention of the people of HI *?FL-lanH TH? COVERXOX't MKMA0K. Governor Hirk* transmitted bli mMM^e to the Legislature to-dry. He brltfiy details the startling venti which lnducrd him to atsembl* the Legislature. He aavt he labored earnestly to indnre the president to forego hit purpose of passing troops through Maryland, but the reply was that 1 military necessity rendered It unavoidable. He lays he refused Genera! Butler bis content to land bis forces. He protested against bis taking potie?slen of the Annapnl.a railroad, and In this cor nertion savs: "Notwithstanding our most learned md Intelligent c!tli?is admit the right of the [iovernment to tnnsm.t the troops over the railroad. It Is evident tfcat the feelings of the people Maryland are oppt<and to the exercise of the right." The Governor's convictions are that the >oly safety of Maryland lies In preserving a neutral position between our brethren of the North ind of tbe South /laiyland has violated no right jf either section, and we bave done all that we an to avert the Imnetidln</ vr?r Ha h*? Knr ;hat .Maryland might have acted as a mediator Me cannot counsel Maryland to take sid"? against he G"ii*r<l Government until It shall commit >utra^<>s upon os which would justify us In resistince to its cuthoritv Our geugrnphlcal position forces us to this Thlt has been, he says, nil the while the srround-work of his nollrv t? mn. /lncfd that bla policy bas been warranted by a arge majority of the people. He appeal* to the Lieylslature not to be swayed by parsion, but to ict wltb prudence and Christian-like temper. OTHKR MATTERS. The members of the Legislature manifest no Imposition to exercise the powers of a Convention, ?y pawing ari act of secession. They aeem to be ;overed by the moat prudent counsela, and will probably provide for the call of a Convention of be people. The Legislature will be likely to act promptly upon the subject of banking and currency of the State It is thought that some mwHires will be brouett forward looking to proportions to be made ib-ougb special committees of ihe Legislature to Virginia and the Federal Govirnment for the coaaz'.Ion, for twelve months or 10, of all lostillties l>etween contending parties 'or the possession of the National Capital. 1 caniot learn that any movement will be made to d surb the official position of Gov. Hicks.?Bnltinor I Clipptr. Ecurmg S'tsion ?Mr. Dennis reported a bill a ratify an amendment to the Constitution of the LTnited SUtes. recommended by the late Conjrrert. *h!ch was referred to the Committee on Federal delations A bill to authorize the Mayor and City Council jf Baltimore to rsls-s and appropriate money for be defease of the city, was passed, and is now a aw A biTl to ratify an ordinance of the Mavor ml ?lty Council of Baltimore, appropriating five hundred tbonsand d>llir? for the defen*e of the :lty agalnat any danger that may arise out of the iresent crlala, and to provide for the same by taxitlon or otherwise, iu they may deem advisable, #as passed. and is now a law. A message waa r-celved from the Executive >nclo?ing the correspondence between tbe Gov rnor aud the Sheriff of Frederick county, In *Lich the latter emJosed a dispatch from C F Wenner, daUd April Jt, Ir-til. stating that his )oit. loaded with grain, bound from Berlin to Georgetown, ia detained at Point of Rocks by >rder of the offlivra in command of Harper s Ferry, and hla grain la being loaded in the cara '.o go to Hirp^j's F?*rry. I demand, te *avs. your presence at thla point, and will bold th* State of Maryland responsible for protection and dam>ir^* .Mr Wenner states that he made tome resistance intil the officers ordered the soldiers to fire after i minute's notice. The me?*age and correspondence wa? referred *> the Committee on Claims Mr Wortbinjjton offered an order requesting he Governor to inform the Douse of the number ind quality of arms in the armory at Frederick :1ty; the number of troops now In service at said trsenal; whether said troona are to be paid or not, ind what amount ?f pay they are to receive; why laid tro ps were ca.led into service and what ne:esslty there is for continuing them in fervlce; idopted. Both branches adjourned to Monday at ten >'clock. Fr?m Frederick Frederick, Apr l ?Senator M son, of Virginia. who is the guest of Col Kunkle, the repreiP_nUtlv? ftf Ihia l?* * * .... ~ ,v>, IU >uc inr V UZI^ICU was erenaded here laal ni^ht Mr. Mason responded >y saying that be wa? here accidentally- He :culd not with propriety sp*>ak of Maryland polllea He could apeak only for Virginia. He :ould aay, however, that tbe reconstruction of tbe 'nion was an firpossibility. Virginia sympahtzed with Maryland, and be intimated that Virginia waa disposed to exhibit It pradtcably. 3ol. Knnkel aaid that the N?rlh denied Chriatian ellowshlp to tbe South Tbare was no social or >olitical sympathy between the people of the two ectiona. Tbe people of Maryland would auhinit o be Kove'ucd by the action of her legal repreeatatlvea. Mr. Hrooke, President of tbe Senate, Speaker (llhourii and otbera were also serenaded, and eanoudt-d thereto Hon. Reverdy Johnaon ban in b!a peaaeralon a ftier relating to ait armistice of sixty daya with he United StaUs. A courier arrived here froin Virginia, cominu* ilc&tlng the fict that the bed, on Friday last, by ictlon of her State Convention, in practical ctfect, miud herself with the Confederate States, under President Davis i ue rx-nave Das nithe rto acted u a unit, and rill probably continue t > do so. ia the H*>use there Is considerable diversity of rplnlon. It la urged tbat it la necessary for Maryand to secede before she can claim the aid and protection of tbe Southern Confederacy. Among the measures suggestr-d Is tbe appointment of a Committee cf Safety with powe>a simlar to those exerclned by the Committee of Safety n Maryland at tb?? commencement of the Revolulonary War. Governsr Hirkt yesterday appointed Grayson ?iche!ber^er, Ksq , a member of tbe bar of this :lty, Secretary of Statu The Governor attended the Methodist Episro>al Church to-day lu company with reaident Senitora The eiMiens of Frederick are extending all ocial courtesies o the member* of the Leglslaure The Senate Committee, consisting of Mean, k'ellott, McKaig, Whlttakcr, Walklns and 11 H. Joldoorougb, appointed to consider and report kniurn moat important for Immediate action, uid to whom tte Governor1! Message and all ltber important matters have tbus far bren referred, an considering and maturing farther apensures for the tctiou of the Senate. Tbe address to the people of Maryland, onanlmouiiy adopted and published by the Senate, bas been received In Western Maryland aud relieved t?e public mind of much anxiety from the appribenafou of rtsh ueusures on tbe part of Legislature. Reports of a very large accumulation of Uovsrnment troops it Annapolis bar* reached here, bat t&ere M aj present a dlsposttioa on tbe part of hei^sglslature to offer tbeui nv molestation. The IretM are reported, by certain parties, to have tiefrTwtJ vsrv arbitrary powers by dispossessing citizens of their farms and property, which has much Indlgnatlan. . cr At a meeting of members of the medical r? tfesslon, held at Cooper Institute, N. V , on Totsdny event rir, resolutions were adopted pledgIhy their prof * atonal services to tbe fSmtllw . f ahsetit snldi^/s ifee of charge A committee wis n'opo'nted to'whom applications for surgeons In Iks army n ay te made AFFAIRS in ANHPOLIV I Tbe Annapolia rorreapondent of tbe Baltimore * American writea April 27th: n Yr*trr&*f morn tog: about aeven o'clock four more ateamera entered the harbor, with three thouaand troopa on board. They are principally from New York. The landing oftbe Sixtv-otnth regiment waa first perfected, after which tbe other ateamera were brought np to tbe wharf, with troopa from New York State and Maasachuactta. .. - . J Jill 1 A_ I A #> aauuuvu iuur sauiuonai rrgimrna idi iw Washington vesterd;iv morning and two more tt.ia morning,tb? Naval Academy is ye* awarming with troops All tbe handsome rea'.denrea in tb* yard formerly occupied by tbe famillea of tbe Pro fesaora and Lieutenants ere now thrown into quarters for tbe troopa who call tbem barracks, and Indeed they begin to have that appearance. The artillery ana cavalry have not yet left the Iard. The former compose eight field pieces and ae latter one huadred and twenty boraea. When Governor Sprague'a regiment, from Rhode laland. left for Waahlngton, three negro men belonging to tbe lion. Geo. W. K ugbea, reaidlng some ten miles from thla city, attempted to follow tbem and escape Aa aooti as the Governor, who was In command, was npprised of tbe fact, be had tbem arreatedand conducted to their wiiurr. In addition to tbe garrison of Fort Severn and the embankment! on Horn Point, tbe troop* have taken possesion of Judge Hunter'* farm, directly opposite tbe Naval Academy, were tbey Intend to mount heavy guns on the iilirff on tii? northeast lde of Severn river, commanding the city and harbor The old and naked harbor of thi* city now pre?enu a lively and bu?1nf?* view. Th?-*fleet lying In the hirbor and around tbe wharf ralLer resemble* that of btaMUmL Baltimore, with Its nmi:trou? steamer* and buy craft. Carts, wagons, Itc., are constantly employed in conveying tbe provisions, baggage and implements of war from the Naval Academy to tbe railroad depot, preparatory to being ?ent by rail to Washington. A Yankee brig came In last night and U now anchored off tbe harbor, beavily laden, supposed to he provisions and ammunitions of war. Tbe troops have taken possession of Boone1* saw mill, In Broad Neck, opposite Annapolis, for the purpose of getting out lumber preparatory to building quarter* at Fort Severn and other place*. The total number of troop* who left for Washington up to tbia morning 1* said to be thirteen thousand three hundred. Important from the Confederate States. [Special dl*patch to tbe N. V Ilerald ] Cincinnati, April 26 ?1 arrived here thi?mn?n. trig from near Pensacola, Laving beeo stopped on my way to that place and ordered back. I derived accurate and authentic information, however, as to the condltioa of the Confederate States armv and their defenses near For! Pickens Up to tLe -J 1st inst no action biu taken place between the opuo?ing forces Since Fort Plckeni baa been rein/orcid. tieu Bragg hat Intimated to hi* officers, despairingly, hit utter inability to rediiee Fort Plckeus Tk- -* r? n ? " - ur. oucuKiu ui ucu. i>ragg s worn, ana tbe calibre of his guns, have beeu exaggtraUd Hla largest guns are forty-two pounders, and he baa no coiumbiads. Hla supply of ammunition Is mall, and his army of 5,1*0 men are poorly mij>plifd and thoroughly demoralized He has also fntimaUd that he will act purelyon the defensive Eight United Slates vessels were off'Fort Pickens oa the'21st Inst , with their sjuih readv r> immediate action. A l'nited States land force of i 5,000 rtirn is to to-operate with Fort Pickens It is believed that the fleet would be able to scatter tbe revolutionary army to tbe four wind, and be j able to retake t^e navy yard and forts near Warrington. 1 passed tbroueh Montgomery on the ?2d, at i which time President Divis was making active i preparations f'r his attack on Wasbiugton. I i passed, eu route, volunteer troops from Alabama and Georgia, destined for R'chmond They passed through Augusta, where they received I their arms and equipments. | General Rennn. of Tennessee, was at Montgomery, concluding arrangements for seading two thorsand d-eperadoes, in Citizens1 dress, to secretly operate ia tbe attack near Washington. The Confederate States are in a state of anarchy. Buatness prostrated Thinking people are less ronttdent, and tbe country in a state of mob law. People are availing themselves of every opportunity to escape from the country. I escaped only with my life by assuming a disguise. Numerous outrages on northern travelers have re cently fallen under my notice Send me instrur.ttnn* tiom ?? ?wv_ _ ? ? ~ ?v j/i wccu. i ut; telegraph and postal facilities are denied correspondents of the presn, they being under th? espionage of Davis and bis Cabinet. Japah ?We have received a quantity of correspondence from Japan, which is necessarily crowded out Dates from Yokabama and Jeddo are to February 5 Difficulties with the represent titives of foreign Powers were thickening every day, and war 1* said to be inevitable. The British, French, Prussian and Dutch officials had struck their flags and left Jeddo?tbeonly foreign I Minister who remained be in;; Mr. Harris, who appears to be the only one on anything like good | U-rms with the Japanese government In the meantime the British, French and Russian fl?tu were on the way, and expected wltbin a week [ from latest date. All this trouble grows out of < tbe murders of foreigners by the jsaiuu* and treacherous natives, (Specially a party called Dunloe, who are vlolenty opposed to the government end strongly averse to anv treaties with any foreign nation. The government, on Its side, is w< ak. and, in its anxiety to appeef the failings of tbe Damios. has cofttiived ut if uot iiutl^awd the Assassinations complained of ?A' V Herali, 9Oik. _ - Uaio* Mketiso in Baltimore ?Tbe American of this morning siys: An impromptu meeting of the Union men of Hast Haiti more was held on Htturduy night at Franklin Hall, on F.astern ?ve. nue, near liroadway Although no public notice of tLe meeting bed been given, yet ibere were over fonr hundred assembled, who, shortly after etgbt o'clock, organized witb Judge Jose ph [I Atidoun as President, Louis Smith, Esq . as Vice President, and Jobn ? Wilmot. Ksq .Secretary. Spirited address's were delivered by Messrs Jo an W. Rudolph and James N. Muller; after wbiib a committee of five, consisting of Messrs. Samuel M. Kvans, JohnW. Randolph, James N Muller, P. Collins Smitb, and Stephen Whalen, were appointed to draft resolutions to be submitted tu a meeting to be held to-nigbt at the same place. The addresses were received with great applause. After the adjournment of the meeting, the Star Spangled Banner and other national airs were sung with considerable enthusiasm. Fhom Vera Ceuz ?Advices from Vera Cruz | have been received at New Orleans. Tbe Macedonian was at Sarrificlos. There has been another ministerial crisis, resulting in the resignation of Senor Prietor, and the appointment of Senor Mata. Minister of War. Typnus fever prevailed at the capital. Mi&lsA 1ST .11 ? ? * icra ?? r-iirr aim mauufws were down with it The Spantah bark Conception, which had been declared * Government prize, had been condemned. Gold mines of fabulonsextent were said to have been discovered in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. The M' xican Con^rtss wai to meet on tbettlst. Juarez would doubtless be declared elected President Dklawabs.-*A dispatch dated nt Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday, says that Gov. Barton has Issued a proclamation calling ont troops to defend the Union. A letter dated at Mllford, on the '23d instant, says: L ? There Is no disunion sentiment expressed I here. Our people, those who express themselves, ' are for the Union and support of the Government, | notwithstanding Lincoln is President We have no militia In this State for the Governor to eall out, but understand that he will encourage volunteer companies to oflVr tbelr services. 1 have no doubt our State will furnish ber quota of meii." JO- On Sunday morning, Lieut. Col. Prtrsey arrived here in the train from the creek, and reported that be hud safely brought up the Georve i rage irom Alexandria, under the"gum of Fort Washington, and tb&t she was then lying at the creek, and requested Major Birion to ??nd an officer with a detail of ten men to hold her, whlcb was promptly done Tbedetacbment wblcb went over likewise selied and delalned a Ysnkee v?-s el from "away down In Maine "-yredtrxektbwg Keiet. Sentiment in Maryland ?At an enthuilastlr. Union meeting held la W llllamsport, Aid., a few davs sine, the following resolution wm adopted: Reset red, That It la the determination of the Union men of District No '2 to stand by tbe I'nloi to the last extremity, and that we will never t*ice up arir.t against the Stars and Stripes of the United States as lone as they Haunt over American oil Also, we join with all good citizens to maiutaln the laws of Maryland. A gentleman from Charleston, who left last Thursdav, s ivs that the Southern troops were in most excellent condition nod discipline Itwss the Intention of the Southern Confedersry to inarch Nortb with an armv of 50.000 to 6(1 men, and they expect an addition of at le?s* mea In gola^Jthrough Virginia ? Alex. Oattte, |^7"Oa Thursday nljjht last, a serious tffrsy occurred at Warrenton, FaiquW. betwtcu Coprtney Brent, of Alexandria. and Malcom tt'ttlm-A a "nephew of Judge Tyler Washngh received five wonnda from a bowle knife at the hands ?f Brent, and, at laat accounts, ?u in a dangtrou* condition. PATiiotic PoLicixn ?Several of the polio-, men of tha southern district of Baltmerr bav? reatoned tbelr poiitions in conaequence of the duties devolved upon them in taking down the American Car. Tbey atate that the vfagea tLey receive tot their services as pollccmen will not Indtjco them ta offer indignity to the flag of tb?lr country. \TJ" A Rochester sfeoo-deoler Offers to P"Sen| a I pair of gaiters to tu wife of every man ia that | city who will lontoor to defend his oonntry 4 0 Frt? | ?t Louis, April.26?Tweatj-two thousand ifcind of trow, wijti ammunition, were sent from 2e United States Arsenal In tfaU city Jo Alton u?t ffbt, whence they will b? forwarded to the ^>rlnj(fleld Armory for tbs Illinois troop#

Rumors being current yesterday that ?he powder magazine of Messrs Lafln. smith * Boles, Are miles above the city, would be seized by lrrfspotmlble parties, Mr. Laflln railed on the PollpA ? J - J - ? >i*w vviuiiiiMiviivia |nw?rc? u, anu a uriaco* nifnt of the state militia w?i ordered out to guard II last night. To-day all the powder was purchased by the State Government. The Evening Journal learn* by letter and private aourres, that two Germans were arretted at Wentavllle, Mo., who confessed that a p'an had b?en latd to burn the bridges on the North Missouri, pacific, and Iron Mountain railroad, to prevent the concentratlqg troops In St. Louis from the interior. Volunteers continue to enter the Arsenal, under the President's proclimstlon, and there are now &tK?tt 3,000 troops there undergoing vigorous drilling. Several companies of State militia are recruiting. and a strict guard Is kept over their armories eve** night. . Kenneth Mr Kenzie, one of the oldest merchants 4f St. Louis, died this morning. Wa*?aw, Mo., April 2? ? A large Southern Rights meetlnir was beld ?t Clintnn H?nr? ^ , ?? ? > ? 7 eounty, yesterday, and resolution! were parsed tondemnirg tbe coarse of the delegates from this district to tbe State Convention, and fa.voriruj Immediate secession; also recommending the L?giilatnre to pats a secession ordinance. Tbe following Is one of tbe resolutions : That we request our Governor to repel, by tn'litary fbhW,' any alterapt bf tBe Kepubllcan Administration to march troops through the limits of this state for the purpose of making wsr upon the Southern States, or for the purpose of reinforcing the forts or arsenals in this State. Another resolution compliments Gov Jackson's reply to Lincoln's demard for troops as the proudest and noblest act of hia life. A company of cavalry has been raising. At a meeting at tielmount, Henry county, last Wednesdsy, tbe Southern Hag was hoisted bv fU-en voun.' ladies, aaalatfd by forty o'.bert Tbe feeling It overwhelming in Benton, Hf nrv, and 8:. Clair couutiet for tecetaion, and meeting* held daily. Hannibal, April 25?There it but lltte nympathy in Norihern Mlsaourl with the Serration lata, and reporU thnt cur railroad* and o'ber public conveyance have been, or they are likely to be Interfered w.th, are wholly unfounded. menace efOeverntr Mirtia ( Indiana I jcdi a?i atolis. April *Z5 ? Governor Morton delivered hit metsage to the Leglalature tuis afterBoon He recommend* the appropriation of one million of dolleri for the pnrchate of armt and inunitioni of war and for the organicat'on of tuch portion of the militia at maybe deemed necetaary in the Dr??ent pm?n.?n/<? He recommends the enactment of a law defining and punishing treason against the State. In alluding to the present troubles he siys we ball approach the present crisis not as partisans but as patriots who cast askle every selfish coniid(ration. When danger threatens the country the voice of party should be hushed and forgotten Let us rise above these paltry oonfcMefatior.s and Inaugurate an era when there shall be but one party and that for our country. The struggle Is i ne Into which we enter with the deepest reluctance. We are hound to the people of the seceded States by the dearest ties They are our brothers, but if they regard not those tender relations ana put tliemtelvu In attitude of public enenvits they must bear tLe responsibilities. But while we deplore deeply the character of the contest we are unpaged lti. we shall meet It as men To our lister of K^ntnrlru uro ? ? --J ? .... j ?.v u ?uu uvjn; miu admiration. I appeal to here by tbe ties of common kindred to maintain the Constitution and tbe Cnlon Tbe Legislature to-day appropriated ? 100,000 for present exigencies. Impertaat frsin Texas New Orlxass, April i.'fi ?Houston (Texas) adv'.cf s say that a courier had arrived from Indianoh. stating tbat tbe Federal troops bad encamped at Grf-en Like, taken ln<iiano!a, and cnmmei ced fort fyin themselves Tney perba;* numoersix hundred, and au additional six hundred Mere expected f om Sau A'ltoulo. Judtre Ha vs. with a party of Teransattd two fuces of artillery. Is fortifying himself with e t>n bales and sana bigs In Dog Island. He { ared that te would be attacked by the Federal forccs. A lette-- from Brownsviil* savs tbat news b<id been received that Corter.ai, with GOO Mexicans, Lad rro*a?d the {Mo Grande at Roma, laid the town lu ashe?, and killed eighteen Americana. Two companies at Ringgold barracks had started in pursuit. Impohtait Postal Notice ?The fellow!ns? telegraphic d'-spatch was rerelvt-d at the New York Post Office at 10 p in., April l^til: Philadelphia, aprils w. B Taylok, Ksq , Postmaster New Vork? The route to VV asnington via Annapolis is now open, and we shall dispatch atralu from h?*red:il!y at half-past 11 a in., and a lln? will be started dally f om Annapolis to connect with our hi: ht line up, which will arrive here at half-past nine p. in The malls can be taken by this route. 8 M. Filtoh, President Philadelphia, Wilmington ai.d Baltimore Railroad A dispatch from the Philadelphia Post Office to the t'osxiiaster of New York, received there yesterday afternoon, states that the mails from Philadelphia went south et 11 35 yesterday (Friday.) [H7" The Philadelphia Kvenlng Bulletin states that Col. Fremont has arrived from Kurupe. and Informed a i>entlMniii In n ?LMlt WWj'VJ stand it arms have arrived lu New York for Philadelphia, and that i">n.ooo more are on th-ir way Tbe same authority a bo itites that the Feaernl authorities in Philadelphia hav<) completed arran^-monts bv which 'hey can move ten thousand troops per day from that city to tbe scene of warlike operations. Difficulty at Besiwood, Va ?The Wellsburg (Ohio) Herald of Friday mentions a rumor that a man at Kenwood, Va., opposite Oelalr, ra sed on the dny before a Palmetto fl*g, wbhch w?s Immediately torn down by an excited crowd, who warned btm not to holtt It again. He however paid no attention to the warning, and a riot immediately occurred, during whlcti the man was shot dead [?r"Tb? Richmond city Council b*s passed a resolution "that the authorities of the State of, Virginia be authorized to connect tbe railroads rnminti ln*A rUi? a? ? ** 4L 1? *?* ... ? ?V V.KT, on; ?i IU?UI "If lUTing trai kt through the aUeeta of the city; rtid track* to t>e u*ed only for tbe purporeiof the State, or <<f the Confederated State*, daring the war. and to be removed when no longer required far those purpote." North Carolina Troop* Ordrrbd to Wiuhington?"l"he Goidsboro' Tribune of the 'i4tb *a>* : "We understand that Duncan K McRae. Esq , who came here last night, bear* a sptcial order for one regtment of North Carolina troop*, to naarcb to the city of Wa*hltit;ton. Thev are t>> be reedy In forty fight hour* from the notice. Thi? la by order of Governor Elli* " Tii* SrrpLY or BiRADsTcrrs ?The memberf oftiieCorn Exchange presented to the board of police at noon to-dav a carefully complied atat? inent of the quautitv of flour, wheat, corn, &c , nnw In our city. It appear* the *'ock of flour i* tome 30,000 barrels, ana that it can be increased to 75,0- 0 by reducing the wheat on. L*nd.? Baltimore Patriot, Saturday. ; ^ . fjy A little boy in Sfw Yori, named Normal Mcbeod. pulled over a large kettle of melted wax from a (love, which pouted out upon hi* bead, and killed him; and the was cooling Im n-.-i- -- ? - - iiicuiatciy* an impress 01 nis Tenures, contorted la agony, was left In the shall thus formed. - < Chbaf Silvkb.?a German cbemUt professes to have discovered a new mode of manufacturing sterling sliver for sevehty-flve cent* per ouuc#, and has formed a company to work it extensively. The only appliance* used are a few chemical preparations, operated on by galvanic batteries. U7~The Boston Commercial Bulletin's list sf tho business changes gives sixteen failures and suspensions in New York, twelve In Boston, and nineteen in other places, being a total of fortyseven for the week ending the ;Wtb Instant. UT" A son of Gov. Wise, who is an officiating Episcopal clergyman In West Philadelphia, w*s driven out of his cbnrcb, April 31st, fur omitting the words, "The f resident of tbe United States," in reading tbe prayers as set down in tbe services |XI7" It Is stated upon good authority that the government at Moutgomsry have determined to issue no commissions authorizing reprisals until after the assembling of Congress on the 29th last.,* (to-day.) (?7*Goy. Letcher has ordered a large size flag' ot tue Confederate States to be mad* for tbe Stale, and It will be dtsplsyed from the southern tisg pole on the Capitol next Monday. No Flao to bs Rajsxj).?The authorities of Baltimore have issued a proclamation that to flag of any description shall be raised la any place, or carried through the streets during this session of the Legislature Tboors is Richmond ?There are now qusrtared In Richmond, Vs.. thirty-two companies of voiumeer intitr.a, beetles about 500 Carolina trrtpa. making In ntl 3 0 V men |L7"Thus tar 39 000 Pennsylvania!!* have responded to the call for volunteers, and Governor t nrtin stab-a that he la literally mobbed with offera of more. He has accepted 19,000 . M ! ICTfl* ToVk pn^ert are cl?morpu? ft, a puaago to be forced throu*a Oaltimora. and say that 100,000 men can laatanOy bexaiaadiai that particular ? >? ..ii p*?YH ?*?4,Ti*a WtraiT ? ({uestfon for dtacuuidn?** Can a big nan ache baidcr than a little one*" t . ' = Aitxlmu Amnr-Pnc the Otittlt mt thlnnoraltf: A battery of l>r*?* fJMd pierea arrived bare ftwn Richmond, aa ttatordav. *"d w?*e seat iaiwdiitrty ni)dn u recert to the LotdMn Arttlliry, It LMbarf. - - ' Tbe Guard* which arrived here an Prtday, wera amoag the flr?t troop* at Harper** Parry Tbey hron*bt to tbli city I reproved arm* aad immamuoB rw id* AiusMrit toldlri Ittsaaid that Pre?1d?nt J*ff. D?tH !*to eoroe on to Richmond tbie *?k. Vtoa fntldent Stephen* bM returned to No^fWnwr * Large q .isat tiee of ahad and herring* am now caught at the I'otomftr landlnge, tod are aeltlng at tbe Hah wharf here.a t com pamtt *rl r low price*? abad at li per hundred?bfrr.ng at tO to 94 per tbouaand. Tbe flub gentrnllv. are large and fat Tbe demand <a not m great at nioal. owtrf to tbe unaettiod atatr of tbe country?and but few conn* try wagona come to town More than a nanal quantity of tab tt.ia year will beaarted down, nod barreled on tbe ttahmf ahorea and at the Alexandra tirh wharf. Tbo beautiful little flag of tbo Confederate 9tatra which wai preaented to tike t-urgeon of tbo Mill* tary Hcapital la tbia citjr, or one nf otrr patriotic young ladies, and which wkj ft**tln? from tbo Hraprtal on IMindey taortiif, waa removed by Bom*- tboughtieas boyn, who were pnrndiug the atrrt-u W e are reaueeted to eiy that a liberal reward will be paid for tla return. > ne /sanonai voiuntee.s, toree companies. toft jf-tterda y mordWijr lor Culpeper Coart House They ?re ? MM looking borfv of men Company A. of tbe battalion, have elected tfce following eAcers:?Or Boyle, CapUIr; C R. Hberman, 1? Liriitrn?n^ R Cleary. 2d do ; ? Barker. 34 do ; W . Maxwell. Orderly Herjreant. A cltlsen rf this place, recently Irom Harper'i Ferry, report* that ttie troop* there, some 4.UU0 la BumWr. are in excellent condition. Lottie even* in^savo.an alarm waagiven. and the wboie furrt t trued nut in live minutes. Mr Geo. E Stewart, late of this place, la conmUnry of subaistenee la charge af the pott A meeting for tbe purpoar of organising a new volunteer company was bei?i at tbe armory of tbe Alexandria Riflemen on Saturday night last. Over thirty names were enrolled, and the meeting adjourned until Tuesday eight next, when the company wHI be orvanlard. L)?ath of a MiioriiriiiTi Soldisr ?Private 8 H. N wdbim, of (kf Maarartmat-tu Slltb Reftinent.wliooe skull wis fractured hy a parlrg stone In Baltimore. on the 15th lint., died it the Lombard-otreet Infirmary last f*? twdiy morning Hit funeral look place on the afternoon of tbat day, and the body wm deposited in the mausoleum <>t Greenmount Cemetery, alongside of tfce two others of that regiment now nwaltiBg tb? order of bnr Andrews, of Massachusetts, or the o?oers of tha regiment. jv^nAKERS' NOTICE.?BREAD?On *nd IL5? *ftor Wednesday, in? 1st cf May, Broad Will ho ?<> <1 at 5 cents per 1< hf apg-*'* THE BAKFR9. NOTICE. It ? Thefollowirg order, issued by th* Navy Department on the 36th iu#:?nt, la now roe le pub lie fot tbe laneflt >( ail irk n it roar coroern. Navy DirtaTMBRT, April 86,1M1. To the F,v*tk Auditor / I he 7 rtatiry Sia?Ttio wtt'iii it? foaud to b? <hie to reatfaed Navy Offitxra from the Sftatt a which r^imh hare coeded will hereafter be paid them frofflth* United B'ateg f'inda heretofore rent to or deposited fa tho*e States, except in oaaea where the Depait<arnt hall otherwise direct. 1 aai.reifectfully, your obedient aenraat, GIDEON WELLK8, ap il-3w Sacretary of tbe Nary. (Yj?<'NK HUNDRED VIILDNTKKRS 'J_5 waited f<?r aertrioe in f>?e Di at not of Columbia. Apply to the corner of Tenth and is, old Magical College, first flior. ap 17 ? in REWARD PGR PROOF St'FPI"IENT #1^ I II trt a?? ?? * - **" v v wh*>w. aur ?? *ii wi iwj I'M wiling pape or opening cur bunnies. >V.1 KUBNOH it RICHSTE1N 4 1UL.U ttlKRhMW A\U VIRGINIA ll MONtr rURCHAOKB. Nortt.era L'oonrreo: Mnn'j *inl?d SWEKNY, BITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO.. >p 23 lw Kar,fc?r?. ANoTIOK. NV -P*'e- h tenxrvint temporarily froift tke ci.v aij'1 .idivin* a furu-*haJ iiouse can bave it t?k*n charge i/f by a r*?p< aaih> gsi.t ?m*n with a mall ftvmtfy. Apply at the t/Tice of JAMKi* C. MfrQUfKK A CO-. Aacti?'W*era, ap 29-3t \K\V VOLU.Mb BALZ&C*tf NOVELS^?The ' ~ A ch' tniBt, or lite House of Clans; fr??m the French <f Honors a?- Oa r%e Free t y mail, SI, !<rla? Marner. the Weaver of Rsv.loe: br Geo F1 iott. ttis author oCAf'n.m Reite " Fre? nj mat', 74ow_i?. FKKNCH A KiCHs>TF.lr?. i . apscj U7*> Penna aTen?-e. THE WaHRENTON SPRING?. Fauquier county, Vf. illi^op-n d c th>- 15th A . .A mi May. In t*r n?-?nti?ie ? n?H-y<p?ky bar of vi iton will ta reo-Mved. Te.mt o:4?JBU> I), &r<l; $J> per ; $ :j par wesa ; a> d ti r t?r day ; while rervasta thr??-f 'ur?he_; and ehildr'n under K-and over 5 yata, half prir-e. Hor?e* ?0 OfutM>fr(!?). Addreaa KO.i T HUDOI.N. a;w Jra Warrrnton Sp'itja^V* WTKAVKLINf* TRUNKS. I* offer for aaie the lareat ?a*-ortment ol TKAVElINO THI NKS to be found inavrM file oitf. eoitiprtmni hut So,'e LeaiberJMHW l^.iien' Ore?a and Paokini; T unica, Va-^^** licoi. Carpet Hark. Ac., which we ara aew ee Ua< at vary low price*. WALL. 8TEPDEN9 k. CO., ap 18 ' K8 Pwn.avwi^. PIANOS FOR RENT.?A c.-eat number of Piaooa. anibraciux *wj alaee ac4? e'.yle ana prxoe. lor rent hy the ^eek.fi'Ta(^n int iith or year, at reaaonable rate*. ' ' ? ?* JOH* F ELMS. ao 17 *06 Pa., e.v., bet f?th and l?tn ata. PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD.. Orncl SbcBITaKT OF f**RAT* U. ?.,{ April 1?. 1861 j Sbalro PaoroaaLa will be reoeivec at thieomoe till 12 o'cioo* on Mnnc?*, the 6ih Ma? next, for furnishing, f r the me of the Senate, feve hundred tona be't?hite aahfurn%ce Coal (email ?teaml*>at a>*eI and seventy-five oorde heat dry apruce pine v? o->". i n- wnoie to tie packed mr ib the no ti of the Capitol, ir plaooe wfcKsh will be ee>wii on applicfiti^n ?o tne Kocineer 10 the terrioo of tlio ti-'unte : and to be delivered by the l?th June next. Bond* for the faithful exeouUoji ol the contract wVI be r^qirired. Btdt lor the ooal awt wood will be ormnidered aepvat? Iv. ai*l aatiefaotury arrangement" in oat bo d ado fjr the oorreot measure ei.t of both. ASBUKY DJCKIN3. ap 18-'ltMay< secretary of the .fenata. W SPRING CL,OTH*NG. AL1,8'1K1'HKN? * Ot> are thia da* in raoept ot their aecond anr/r of SPRING CLuTHINij ami m%t*rial 'cr their ca?tom trade,oonaiatiug of New Cicthi. Caaa.mern and Veiiir re. o> the latest atjlta, wiaoh the* will make to order in.aufre ioratyle at very R.w r I _ GenUmuen within* m immediate on tt I will find in our Heady made !> ; artm?-in ev? y aruo.e of Wearing Apparel anitaMa to their *?a ta. ? WAL.U. STfcPUKNS A COap IB 3414 ?reiii:. avenue. STEINWAV * SOfs?' AND RAVEN * BACON'S PlANOS^-A large assortme!.?*^^ ha? jnat hoen received.? Pe-sona in s*aro!i|E3M3l of a reliable inatrurr.ent ita low prioeare'Ii *? inn ted to esti ard examine at the Mas<o Store ol W.tf. MBT?KHOM'. Orders remit*! for Jlr. MARCUS RElilNE, Piano FoitaTun*r . . ap U MEW ARRIVAL OF ?PltING AND SUWIn MKH CLuTHlN??, FURNISHING vOODS, H ATS and CAPS, at t?# Pe?>pie'a Ciothini Store, No. 460Seyeuth at., opposite PoatOflioe. near K street. np & Tib rf^IBBS' HAIR 8TORir ' r~~^. VI No Pi. ay . bit lit* isp ma im, PKRPVMKH \\f MAIDS CURLS WlttS, HALF W1US. FRlZKTTiiS, Ao. A tall eteelf a.wsjg on hud? or male to order at the hortaat notfoe. Hair W ork repaired or exctianed. N. B.?Ladiea' Hair Dyed In the moat na'uxaj manner. lAaltim . SV OATH OFBO?rft?SIIOKS airs TRUNKS. I . , Of a:: Slifii 1 and > ???* r^uwil* OH (PIT. . Start jfer RmUmmd Fixim** for SaU. . .. A1J th#Wock ito 8. pTHOOTER'S STORE, Mmlrnn l.rnnbra- rr ev?rj nnitt^Hi? mjfflof Lafliee*. Oects', Ci .dron's BUflB?! ^M?SerYanta' SHOES Ala?, TRAV-fWl ELING TRUNKS ar?< now bein* aoid./w* W? taskjU irMt nltil MlhiiprioM, indeed ujuca Mo^ otutnal ooaU Tbe ttSSmm of the pubbo la e<>,.oitad, aa K'Ht mduoeatecU will be made to pi rchaaefS. The abov* oompnaer a large ftoek of the fic*at Iuahtr Frenfk and Ait.ericanU?Jtcr*,Sh<^?>. .0., Jce., tor ladiee an< (mt.emen. The Store la for rent aad the Fixtures for sal*. Apply on t*e premieee. Iron Hall. N. Tbe afcore atoek, c. titer in *rbol?or n part.wiUbe aold at private eai?. To any ??i>e d* air una ofentei.ac th<* Root. Shoe and Trau Burineaa thva afford a a *>?tt?!r opportunity Uan may iflnlw preefcntad,. Peraona inde: ted V"*l oonfsr atkvor bf protUfdy oailinc and aetthnr ti eir aoooemta. laT tf PERSONS HAVING GOLD Tnatthay wteh to A oonvert into Dr* Gt<oda oaa do ao u> treat advantage in making uwur a^iectiuna f oat our stock. A11 tales exclusively for ovrti. PERRY * BROTHER, fa. a venae and Ninth 1 'I ?p ?mi n "Perry Bui to? 3r*? " "'Ks'tSr' NKW ROOKS. T] 1 TORY of tb? IJmitMl N?&riMds. by Jnkn Loihrr y Mollar ;Trola ; fje? by mul,ii *Th? Mi"** "i ?*< Datah R??ob if, ? hutory. bfJohn Lothroy Motlaj; 9 rot*^ oiotn, trw by imt, M?nt?r. tb? Www ~T R?r*H?l. by tb? - mumr of ' Alius H?<U eiotb 7S#bmM t y*y?rA> ?T!f. end C*r??r of \faoor Ajtdr*, by Wintray BarcaMi; fljo. " ^ y (J S?MKK Tf!RAT*iP H. IlLiirDuU W. WfTKlti. J? . .L? F Aoil*< ? 4? ?Vi4 TK. Co^^^TiTo. .? vkt* Mmim BlixdmI Hon Mim alicb Placti Mix*. Mrs fun, Mr?. ?na?T?r.c Mr*. Maw* Wlil T?aaaata4e wit* ?F.TSV BAKK.R ?r?i?c? P? CM P'lTtt* B?(M |1 Orc.tMUi Chair? 7&o?iU. ,a4y in) t' ?!?Ml #1 - . UfMi Circle acJ rtrqaetta???nt!ae>aa ? ' "fla. ' . tfOll WA\TFT)-By a r? p?cyoung wiwm. ? 8iTU*TlON M auok. ruW or ima?r,or ? > 4o houMarnrk foi a ?ai*l. fa??.i y Gtond r?f?r?ic?f*nb?ti???. mr Of to* If W4J'.XPQrRl?a J*"*?* vnmUl a " ?IIX ATION M pur.-a. itdunWmiai.ar ^arInrMid.an* tojomrini N* obfeat'oa to t*a*al. G ^^ciU^ rf^rgree oaa ba given. AC4r*M B * . AN1EU TO RKNT?A ?tnai. FURNISH K|> FlOt sK is this eity, by a ?r-<nan - lamily aontainay four p r?on? ; or tha 6r?t flo-r aatf kitebta of % la-te htmaa. 1a vlnsk t?*y won\4 att-rd u< r?ra?? th* r*Mir4?r. K#nt mint M y<*tt ?n<4 - fc- an.l ,<>cat;?n *ood. AdJ m* K. C. I >..HIo*of tt>?rt ar af ;? if WANTED.?A thoroetMy eo^aoUnt ACCOb^l ANT aid oUKK.?i.k*B4?i id rafareraaa, arou>t<*m?>l to tha aarcba?a ?f a J a r da of army aapplira. ilc u Iidi hor.f?. oatlla. bar aaaa, bay. o**a. pr laina*. Ac.. *c? ia op?v lot an at>ra#rinant AddrMa^Kn oat," g-.ar C ftoa. 1>t? 3ao* VjL'ANTKU-By ar??^cUl? ??( tn *m*f, a SITUATION aa naua ; iiaa no otj?otiont*> t-arel in tha country. Any prrton viahiuc to ki>* Cilt *laa?? *ddrea? a not* to No. 98* on F atroot, ?M?a?n l*U? and mh. ay 7T ? \XJ A N TKlKBf a YOnn. ir.an of 9 > mamA?m " from eolier?, Mrf f)%vini o*f?'iene?- ?? <*iiu>r CI eonatrT p\p*r. a SITU A t MlN u p -1 r?t? ire f"t* y, t* wrher, c erfc. or ?n? ?ll??tion ilt*r?ry or ?o tn OT P?nr v\ * hmrton For pftrtira .ma, ?.? \ II, (i>?? WlfbllHlr.il. I) C M<? It* WHlANTKD?A c -tpr*t*n? Cl.KRK Atp>* t* Lwar, BKOKW1TM. V. H A.. at the H-adqn%rt*r?, of \Yaahinctm>, ou Tktrtoen'h *L, cpaoait* U<? War IVpar wueot. lw RIN!W<NG HORM WANTED-Wnnt-d in pur <> ?% ?, a li->r??. M hand* hi* h. h*tf-?rad, a la.tr eftddi* barM, Dot u?m 9 (Mm uM : niuct ril at leant a two nna*u> ?t ok*: that <?ap? we*'marf u broken to arm* preferred. lx.anire at tbie o?c?. ap l?-tf WA.NTKI?-^KC<>NU HANI) FI KNITI RK. " faraoni d?e.iiitac houeekeepic*. or ha vine a aarp:aa of Fernitnre on hand, oao otitoin U^oMt and fair fr:o*? It appljin* at f*#v?nth rt. now BONT7 A GRIFFITH. boarding! OOA.RU AXC ROOM -Bo*rd withF?r?laMi "? P <v m oo th* ??TO' <1 floor, n.a? be Ka?l at Mo. 45* Twelfth >t., t>etr?^? <i an 1 H ap '.<> St* BOARDIN6.-A pr?rv? fnm- ? h*r??t f?m? large, air? if rant Roo.*' ???oaa*e<iaf? w?hi| ? reit them, with or without itonrd- *o ontont^n or ( ntVrnen and their wire* wi'hou* children. 44U Ninth ?t., aeoond door above |he F'at^t ??f uoe ay ZT DOA* DING?One or two email h\i'm and O aererM nrjrle irtlm'toto l>e accoinnodaied with t ro?m? in ? fine house, well lusted, and rood Board at 497 Thirteenth atre?t. ap??-eo3 ? FOR SALE AND RENT. j?OR Rli.NT?Aarnail BRICK HOLSK. *6* r Kigh'h e". '.ear the Nortlie'r L'Herte Market Host* onDt?iMin( (rotiri. Aiao, a Brick H eae, room*, 57S M ??re#t n*ar Seventh, next door lo the >ut>?crit*er, 57 ft M atrivt _ap?st JA?. M TOWKR* CJU.tiMKR RESIDENCE FOR RKNT-ItbC7 me neceaea'y (or me to 1-nve the titr.on a* ootid t of ril health. 1 air. denroua to rert fh? viae* upon which I now reaide. ai mated jnat on'Mda tho citr inula, at (M auraer o( Two: i -tret an4 B< unda-y atretta It oontaina 7 ac"? ol iMtd. whioh la lmarored w.u? !>??utiful a ft*aa1 frn-t treev grape vinse acd oth*r email froita; a * mail kone.iit rerr eonrerientone.conUiiurf 9root?e ?, (, ?-.l -rw-J J -I" * *" ' - * WIWTI j nuu I, UI T CT7I?T, Bk fin*? BTJ1 f arden*r*e house, and two w-? ;* of fin* water It is periec'i* hea t< r.eod i w n?w ta \arr beaat fa! aiisl idu?i bi*?e?ii t > be acaeciated. tiuniMiiili nt ?| e artiole cit?, Pot m%c nrer. and '?K?kia? into ar^and a d Virnn a A tool bnck p?vement i? l*i 1 to within 15' of the *?te attf it i? witl in tan m not ' w*,k ? Pa-n n^nue Ithaaall the adv*rt%res of * a uniry. wit* mort of th? con tci i noat of a ?i*r reeiJeoo*. It wtH be rented wi'h the houe* furjiaUed or Ui? furniture wiU be o d lu<r t- 'h? t-i ant. kquira on the p.aoe, of JOHN H RIBBKV. Th? above ?rop*rtr wifl be eo d if preferred. a??d #?Oi?ot f'i.W* worth of irrproved ci y prop-rt* tak"w m pert ex' barge. *p J7?0R SALf OR KXCHA.NOE FOR CITY f l>Df\ULwTV T ? ?-J _ . n VI ?#n I . ur wi ?I*"I " iri.^l will i^ll or rxoh?!i|rttl?lf FARM of JS6 TO r{ which l? in ??tu*it*fl ?n the river r ??d, ab >?t t?n milm from ?ieorret*wn, and 2H di Unt from the oa al. I'*reon? Tiklurt W- P*trohftaa mr willapplfto HUMILLLR ft. DIVAI.L. Hut. i* era. ap27 lw* rpOR RKNT-HOL*E No. 440 E atro*. tw??" 6u< an : 7th. a til'** ttorf br ck. ? U attic, oonvemont to th? Po?t 'lflioe, Patant Qfto*. fnd Cenier Market. *rp jtoLir JAS J. WaING. E etr?x>t. .No. 414 ftp X aotf f?OR K KNT-* d??i>ah KOOK.ti it l-cation. 401 Twr-iftn atra<t w, at. iietwaan I fc/Kf K atreeta nertn. Inquire of the occupant. up ? 7f ] CV>R ?ALE(?R RK\r-A FRAME HOUSE. 1 oontainmc *?r?j rooma, t *etb r witr the furniture, :tuate<1 <>nNew Jer*+r avronf, Mmui M ft' *! N eta. north Also, n new th' ??-?tor? brisk fconae, with b??k iui:d,.i<, on the earn* aquare. (Mo. 160 Fonrth at ) A e??i*o valuable LOTS, all of wii oh wiii be told ??rj oi>eap. Inquire of J, D. RYNaRD, New Joraey avenae, between M and N ?'a. ap 4-tj L>OR RENT?A BRICK H??U?K. oniamM I 12roomi, with Potomac water and iu. ?>e i treet, between IJth and l?th, upp'-elte Frank in b^uare. Ia?iir??t WARDtk k WfRl'8 W ourl ajj-i Coal Office, oorner of tt and Tar?*Cn ta. Aieo, bnok House oorner Twelfth and I. rm?3-ff Handsomely furnished r?><>ma.~ Four hardswne;? Kurs.jeh"d Rooma.auppuerf with ra? acd water. ?i:d oonveaient to ine Kate it and roat Office Popa-tinei u. lor rent. App'7 at 490H MaaaacbueeUe avenue, north ?t.i?. Ui?m? 4ta and 6th ate. 1 ] m%23 ^JTORF, FOR RF.NT.-A Jars# Storo-rooa on fa. %votae, adj<-inir.([ onr auction rooma, foe rant. AfP'? to WAI<t. A BARMAR1, a?9Q?i ?n<t ( omid!Mioii M<"6h?rU, corner Ninth ?treet fcDd i>outh ?!<!?> nyecae. IT*' 11 P>R RKVT-A three aWy brick HOUHE.eotvteinnkg room*, ta rood order, with ru is turea complete, on H street, betweea 4th 1*4 ?h. Akeo, a two-etory brick COTTAOK, with Imrgf yard attached, o<>rn?*T of F street north ui Uth st. Mat. To punotaa. and rtl?bK ?n*?ta tit* tern.a wHJ be numerate. App.y at 446 Tweiftk (re*, betweeu Q aad H. mo IS-tf f7*OR RtSWT-THe fine BRICK HOl'*E No. r 1M West rt., Georgetown. at preeebt omi pied by the aubtoriber. it mm IS rooma, with gas tad water Uirou*hoat, a fine >a?d, auMi ko , aad fcftVffj& -??'* * Ap;.; to JAS. A^M^AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. MaSUIRK * CO Aefltiomwii. TRUSTEE'S 8ALE OF PEAL KBTATK 0> K "?T ROtlH 1ITWIIR 15th A>? I6TH !*T?. wilt -on M"M?AV ?lKTMtNO'iN,M?r ru atto'aook.on thepnetnia'a. by virtMol4dM<?f Uual. ci&twl <,c otter 16'h, lftji . ai>0 ? ?? raooHlrrf m l iber J.A.*. So. 163, fnlux ? 9. M Be*,. ?ne of the 1%e<l reoort*? f r Waahtncion ooanty, D C.. and by the d?i;r? of *11 the pa>-M'? mt?r?U', I ball eeH the wee tern pnrt of lyt numbered thir teea. (U > in Heeare tempered ouMt ri^ and n nety nine, (>9S?, > frunUag ?2 feet cm north K. betweeq lsu ?> <3 IMJi aireata wr el, and raatant hack with that width > i feel 6 ioche? t? a wida a.iey, together trith the n?.p-o*emerit? thernoe. TWma: <?ne-htrd oaah; tffetaetrtue in? and It Months, with interest, -cured by a dead i f tml on the premieea All coa *ej anc;ug at the ooel of the porohaeer. B? oferef the Trtiet*. ap 26 eodade J C. <MoGL IRR A C? . Aneta. By J. C. MeflCIRE k CO.. AnetioHta TRUSTEE*' 9?1> Of FRAME PWhLLme Bore* akb Lot.- By rtae of a <? < in taut >e?nm data on the lKh day ??( Aaiut, mm, recorded in uiber J. A- tL.No. 1*4 Twm M. M eee .the aabeorjhera wilt eel.at pabl e aaie.oa TUESDAY, the >let dap of May. Jfcl.atl < \ look p. m. on tne p-etnieee, part of fxtt *o.?. mSqnare \o. SK7 Tontine 15 feet on North F ftroet, between l?t ul 21 at-eeta we?t. by 1M ie?* dee*. with the improrenieDU, e^naiitiif of a cenk>iat<M t*oetory frameewo4h?c Teriue- Oae third oaa. ; and baiaaoe la (aad 13 tooth*.fi r n- tee hearing interest from day of aal*. ae^ured by a deed in trnat upon t*>e pr"pert?;aad if not oomp iad with In 5 daya aftarThe aaie lb* property will be renold apor. oa* week'e no iae, at w? rim ana expe:.f* ofth? parchfeeor. Ai. oob**tBucinx tt the exeeae* of the purohner. g||*lL J WAU ACii -tK. C. MOEGAJi, \ rrweteee. Bp ? UwKl? J.C. McGllIWE A CQ -AboU WmI and Coal. A No. 1 article of WOOD on k?t4, y?p*wd to MBit Ul? jr?"U of ??oti onttoner. Wocxl eold oord length ot IB Bay w?j or tcj (Ui tittee 4e tfd. 4LT CM W m Cmi Amw,?rwM4 before Oe lire ring. IE7~ 2M? ltw. to Ue too. fTT PMtoMi attention to every order. T. J. 4 W. M. OALT, ' Ofle#?9t Fa. bt., bfrtree* 11th Bod IStb ate. Ta^Mas#1 * UiMeuiuwi P?M^ * fiL f CHKUU,