10 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Ağustos 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVKN1NG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: BimOAT Awp?t 10, 1961. Fktb^c* at tbe various military campa and ToaitloM win confer a ftvor by keeping u? posted - to moTromti and afffclra In tbelr vicinities. Spirit sf the Mirilai Press. The Intilligemeer this morn log hat one of Its elaborate and exhaustive articles, (nearly six colnntna.) treating npon the various question! arising from the blockade of the Southern ports. The fitpubhra* advocates an early occupation ?f fcastern Tennessee by the Federal troops THE NEWS HERE. How th* War Krmrn N*w Yoaa JoiixaLIsm ?If onr friends of the New York Erprtss will take the trouble to examine, they will see that the budget of Washington news items, military end others, they are in the daily habit of crediting to the New York World and Tribttn', are filched "bodily from the Star, day by day, and telegraphed to those New York journals as < Special Telegraphic Correspondence " The H$rald, Timts, Post, E rprtss, and other New York papers,^eep corps of active, welltrained correspondents here, and those papers can thM well afford to be courteous in giving credit for what they copy. M -r. * . . ... ..... si a ? as '?? ? a a ? wvuiu attiu, uuwcvpr, mat ior iDf woria ana the TtU,u*4 to do this act of justice would be at once to expose the fact that they have no working correspondents at this point capable of furnishing original matter It may be that the World is not aware that its Washington new* matter is thus , specialized" from the Star, day by day; bat the attention of the Tribune has been called to its peccadilloes la this way too often to permit us to believe that It sins anwlttingly. " SacsssioH Cciximc t "?Merchants' Bank of Virginia, Lynchburg, Si notes. Bank of the Commonwealth, Richmond, SI tea. . Farmers , Exchange, and Bank of Virginia, 91 ud 93 note*. foontlcollo Bank, Charlottesville. 31 and 9*J mo*t?. Bank of Valley Bank. In Virginia, 91 and $'.2 notes Corporation of Richmond, SI. 5" and 15 cent Corporation of Leesburg, $1,50and 23 ct. notes Corporation of Lynchburg, 50, 25 and 10 cent votes. Corporation of Winchester, ft 1,'50, 25 ard 15 ct. rotes Corporation of Charlestown. Jefferson county loeent notes. Josbna Gunnell.of Fntrfax Court House, 5" and ?5 cent notes Notes of private Individuals and counties and corporations of all kinds badly printed, if th is is the result In a little over ninety days, what will it be In one yeer 7 Niwly Appointid Cos?cls ?The following Consuls have been appointed : John E. Newport, of Pennsylvania, at Turk's tsiand, vice Andrew G. Carothers, removed. Jno T Nelll, of Kansas, at Kingston, Jamaica, vice J Wenstern, of Virginia, removed Franklin wetMter, of Illinois, at Munich, vice Ten Brook, of New York, removed. J H. Armsby, of New York, at Naples, vice A . Hammet, of Maryland, removed. Lutgl M-ontl, of Massachusetts, at Parlama, vice H H Baaton, removed. C \V . Godda;d, of Maine, at Conatantinople, vice D P. Heap, removed. \V. L. Baker, of Maryland, at G jaymas, vice Lewia Dent, of Missouri,removed O Hogg, at Trinidad M M. Jackson, of Wisconsin, at Halifax T. H King, of Rhode Island, t Oporto J. G. Bowman, of Indiana, at Mitaazis. David H. Wheeler, of Iowa, at Genoa. L- Pierce. Jun , of Texas, at Matamoraa. Arthur Fulaon, Commercial Agent at Cape Haytlu, vice J. B Hubbard, removed. Apfoihtsd ?The President baa appointed W. T Smith, Esq , (son acd confidential secretary of the Secretary.) to be acting Secretary of the In. terior during the temporary abaence of Secretary Caleb B. Smith, who leaves Waahlngton this afternoon for a short visit to bis home in Indiana, made necessary by the state of his health, which am suucriug iowwqii rrom the laboriou* oflitial duties he has been performing. Removal*.?There have been sixty-four c hauges 1n the offlce of the Auditor of the Treaaury for the Poet OJflce Department *loce tbe 4th of March The following person* have been removed during the put two day*: P. A t*chulze, of Pa . salary 1,400; A. H McRea, of La., salary 81,400; J R Young, of Mias , salary SI.**), and L. Welacb, of Pa , *alary 81,600 Cubical Chassis iji tub Post Ovficb D?pattmtit ? \Vm Gerry, of Wis , has been appelated to a 81,400 per auaum clerkship; T. A Rhelld. of Mo , has been promoted to a 81.600 per anauna clerkship; and W m J. Crandall, of Tenn , has reflgned a 81,K00 per annum clerk, ahlp?all la the Post Offlce Department. RiTrtxiD rxox j**cs?sia?Prince Napoleon and his suite duly returned from his recent brief visit to Seceasia last evening. We hear that be bas Instructed his traveling companions of that occasion not to converse with any one concerning who or what they saw while within the disunion DM. Rossxxv or Dead Lkttxxs.?A clerk In the Dead Letter OfBce bu been dlfm.ssed for alleged tampering with letters containing inclosures of valoe. The accused party has figured heretofore with considerable prominence as a political writer and as a preacher. Nsw Ptblicatioss.?From Taylor A Maury*, who have the work* for sale, we have the following late publications of the Messrs Harper*: "Tom Brown at Oxford; A Sequel to School Dav* at Rugby.'' Fart Second This continuation c?sd conclusion) of one of the famous books of the year will speedily find its way amongst an ?dm of the Initial volume. "Loeretlu*,'' "Cew," sud "Cicero. De S*nectute, De Amicltla." Ac., of the Harpers' clear type and flexible binding, " Greek and J^aUn Texts." 11 ?Mmm r-^ T\1 * ? * " ? ?- - - - - v aojuu," oy jaeon ADOott; illustrated and with Illuminated title page* "Seasons with the Sea-horse, or Sporting Adventure* In the Northern Seas." By James Lament, F. G. S. Something Cresh, this; opening ?piM? field of adventure, and telling an animated narrative of sporting experience of quite a sew order. The lllnstrationa are characteristic ud spirited. " Carthago and Her Remains; being account ?f the excavations and researches on the site of the Pbmalclan metropolis, In Africa, and other adja?eat places." By Dr. N Davis, F. R OS, Ac. Tao author, thoagh going over stereotype ground, %as certainly managed to keep np to the standard mt excellence prescribed In his preface, for the indent of the present day??. " Knowledge and Information must be communicated In a conetoo h well aa In an attract ire and fascinating manner.'' The letter-press Is capitally supported by the Illustrations, (of the higheot order of merit,) maps, ground plans, Ac , Ac., which, in connection with the vivid narrative, place the acenea described actually before the reader with photographic Uteralneaa. miliary Object Leeeons for a Gradual Course of Development;" by N A Colklns This work Is designed as a guide for the teacher Id preparing lessons for a systematic coarse of development la training the faculties of children to habits of observation and ike acquisition of knowledge from the objects around tbem Framley Parsonage," a novel; by Anthony Trollope. Mr Trollops (son, by the way, of Mrs Frances Trollope, who one* upon a time showed up the "Domestic Manners of the Americans,'") Is not only popular writer, bat a proline wrttei, and bis "Doctor Thorne," -The Bertrams," "The Th?s Clerks," "Orley Farm," Ac , have succeeded sack other In rapid succession. "Framley Parsonage seems about the best of the series Uy The Income tax Is In sddltloa to the dirert tax o4 twenty millions, aad not s part of it, as ?WS?s?jy isptrttd by many newspapers. _ _ _ OI R MILITARY BUDGET. thi s*cissity fob rmoPEt Disc'rus*. In addition to the letter from Mr. Muinon, of : Fairfax county, Va., which we publish to-day, we have received complaints from other equally j ardent Union residenta of hi* neighborhood,?between Bailev'a Cross Road* and Fall's Church? of having been robbed and plundered moat outrageously by some of our troops stationed In that vicinity They unite in crediting these outrages to the New York V7th for the most part. One of them, a g?n'l?man who tied from his residence to avoid seizure by the disunlonlsts, bringing bis Umiiy here, baa had Ms bouse brokaa open, and has incontrovertible proof that articles of his furniture have been ottered for sale In the neighborhood by Union soldiers. His house has been stripped of such of 1U contents as were to be easily carried off. The depredations most complained of are laid at the door of -tbe companies sent ud?a different one every twenty-four hours?to guard Bailey's Cross road* We hear, too, of uiost infamous rowdy demonstrations on the part of Union troops In Bladensburg. Whoever the officer* of the regiment* behaving thus may be, they are certaintly incompetent and unfit for their several command* With *uch officer* and such men we may never eipect to be able to beat (he enemy in a fair Held on eqnal terms. General McClellan Las cleared the *tr?eta of Washington of loafing officers and rowdy soldiers But it now appear* that It la equally necessary for him to rid the army of them. Otherwise, our every battle in this quarter may reasonably be expected to be a Bull-run affair over again. CKNKEAL LYOM. The Government here have received no lntelllence whatever concerning the state of things around Springfield, Mo., since the day before yesterday. Their impression is. however, that Gen. I-von is so posted near that town as that he may defy any attack that the combined disunion forces under Ben MrCullogh and Claib Jackson may essay. Gen Pope is in Northern Missouri, 110 miles distant from Sprlngfield.with a much larger force than be absolutely needs there just now, and may easily throw l.tioo of It there In time to aid (if>n Lrnn If Ho J , .. W..UUUJ iirrua irilliurucilicim COL. WILCOX OF MICHIGAN AND CAPT. KICKKTTS OF C. ? A. AVe have s^en a letter from Manassas Junction, written on the *2>th ult , saying tbat at that date the woupds of Col. Wilcox and Capt Ricketts were doing well. The former received (in the battle of Bull Run) a severe wound In the arm, and the latter, one in the thigh Neither was then expected to lose a limb. Both were receiving excellent medical and other attention, and were expecting to be forwarded to Richmond as soon as they might N? able to stind the journey, by rail. COL. T. t. MEAGHER. C?l. T. F. Meagher having bern Invited to ac cept tee command of the Third regiment of Irish volunteers, has replied in abritf letter, expressing In modest terms his inability to command a regiment, and station further that his attachment for the New York Sixty-ninth is far too strong to allow any inducement, however powerful, to induce him tr> leave It. ARIIVAL or THE CHESAPEAKE. Last evening, the steamer Chesapeake arrived at the Navy Yard, from New York, with 149 seamen for the new steamer Pensacola. She also brings a large barge and a quantity of supplies. Everything is reported quiet down the river. 'The steamer Yankee has come up, and anchortd off Alexandria, with the Pawnee and Perry. KK3EKAL WOOL. Yesterday, Major General Wool, U. 8 A , wss ordered to the command of the southeastern military department of Virginia. Thus, he relieves General Butler from the chief command at Fortress Monroe. General li.lsto remain there for me present. affairs ovkr the river. Military AJtairs in Fairfax?Wker* the Pickett Ejcteni?Another CKast after Ab. Minor?IV'Ao get Captured note?Improved Discipline of the Union Army [Special correspondence of Tbe Star ] Fafrfax County, Va , Auguat 9, 1MH.?Tbe disunion pickets in this vicinity extend to a point a mile below Gargua'a, on the Alexandria and Fairfax Court House turnpike, and those of the Union army extend about half a mile (on tbe same road) above Cloud's Mill. TLe strip of country about four milea wide between tbem it, as usual In such cases, tbe scene of exactions and outrages perpetrated by both sides?one side maltreating alleged Unionists, and the otherj persona and families alleged to be aecesalonlata. Thus, everything in tbe way of provisions or aught elae that might be useful In the disunion camp, which was upon the farm of Mr. Wiley, j of Alexandria, has been swept ofl by foraging and plundering parties from Fairfax Court House. The aeoessioniata remaining at home In this vicinity apeak with great confidence of conten#plattd movement* on your city?one army crossing th? Potomac above the Falls, and another somewhere In the vicinity of Aqula Creek. How ever, iney talked as boastfully and as surely of what their ermy was about to do In the way of occupying Washington, months ago, aud I really tee no reason to place more confidence In their assertions now. than they deserved then, as experience has proved. It is very certain that wc do not see as much r?f their straggling troop# be. low Fairfax Court House and Vienna, as before the late advance of the Union army to Bull Run; and, indeed, no considerable bodies of them, as were frequently seen then. From th? be# Information within my reach, I believe that the neavy army suddenly massed at Manassas Junction to oppose our friends'advance ha* been greatly lessened by the return of most of those drawn from positions of defense elsewhere. 1 am happy to have It in my power to nay, that the discipline of the Union army on this side of the Potomac lsgreatly improved,and its Improve* ment, which is well known, doubtless, to the en'my hereabout, has caused the latter to be far more guarded in their movements than before. The better discipline of our army has thus put a stop to the loss of out men by capture while " fooling" outside of our lines; all the capture' now being made coming from the other side Thus, a party of our scouts a few days since caught four at or near Daniel Minor's farm, missing Ab Minor (whom they were after especially) by hot about teu minute*. He got wind of their ..J * 1- *- ** * myyiva'U, auu MIUK 10X06 OUID just la time to save hit neck ; aa. If be had been canght, the chances are ten to one that he would have been summarily dealt with, because half the Union picket (booting In the night that has taken place in Pairfex in the last two months is charged on him and his gang of bush prowlers. Latest raoM wester* vikgixia. W>?* tkrrate ?< to return and take Wkttlxnf?The Mountain passes Guarded?7he skanujml Stat* of Otn Co or'* command. [Special correspondence of The Star ] Whiiliss, Va., Aug. 8 ?Our latest information, here, from Wise and hla runaway command, Is that he alms to return to Western Virginia after Joining General !.? ?* and the troops that renegade may bring with him to Staunton. Ample preparations, however, have been made for the defence of the different passes through which be might otherwise cross the mountalna. He professes the intention of occupying this city? an experiment which, ten to one, he will not venture upon. I believe Ronml o ??? --a " - ? ?uM.ui/iam i? ?i i/iarKionrK) with the great body of bit command, and Gen .Cox with his In Kanawha county, near Oauley bridge. Cox's command Is Mid to be In a moat shameful condition of dlaorgsnlxatlon, owing wholly to want of discipline. Such troopa always Inflict far more Injury on tbelr friends tha* tbelr foes Can nothing be done from Wsahlogton to correct this crying evil In Cox's command ? tbs "Miasms" or thb michioas rissT ssoimsrt accovmtsd for at last. [Special correspondence of The Star ] Richmond, Va., July 39?There are now here fifty six of the First Michigan Regiment, prisoners. Jo all the Calon prisoners here number hundreds, thirty oflcers being among them Col. Wilcox. Capt. Butterworth, and Ltsut. Mosx ai?t prisoners st Mantissas; also, Capt. Wltbfne ton , who Is not Wounded Among those here sre l.lsut M A. PSrks, and Geo Phillips, Murray Baker, sud 6h>. Baker, all (our of Comply 1st Michigan Regiment, affair* IN rmilllKD?iiciii WOFLt bftx thi iow5, iv it coitld. [Speclat?orre*pondence ?f the Star J Cvkbulavs, Md , Auguat 6 ?John MeFalg, jua , of thla town, baa bffn detected la writing to Dsncan Mc Blair, aaylug that tbere are but alngle Union company here, and that It la time, now, to bnrn thla town. It wsi loat by McRaig'a mraacngar, and fell eventually Into tha banda of tbe Union commander bare McF baa been taken tntocnatody. anient for trial to New Creak. Bit arreat appeara to have been tbe aignal for tbe diaappearanre of Judge Perry, Peter Derek man, and Francla Off-it?all rank aeceaaionlata. Colonel AlcCook,. with tbe whole of bla (Ohio) regiment i* dally looked for to arrive here from New Creek. THK KRKMY RBAPPRARINO IN SOM* FORCK AT *ARTHIBCRO, VI ? H1STORT Of A FLAG IHERI {Special correspondence of The Star ] Sasdt Hook, Md , Aug. 8.?You will recollect that on the 4th of July, under the protection of tbe pretence of Patterson's army, the Union flag was formally raised In Martinsburg It floated 1 without molestation until four or five daya ago, | when straggling dlsunionists from Winchester who went there essayed to take It down. Tbe Union citizen* of the town however armed and prepared to defend It, which deterred those who proposed to destroy it. We hear to-day that 900 disunion cavalry are now at Martlnsburg, and have taken the flag down of course. infamous outrage* now being perpetrated bt umon troops in fairfax. Editor Star:?I am a resident of Fairfax county, near Bailey's Cross Roads, but have been compelled to stay here, with the exception of a few short Intervals, since the war commenced My son, during my abtence. has had the care of my farm. If any dout t may arise as to my being a Union man, it ma^ be sufficient for me to state that my vote last fall was cast for Abraham Lin. coin, which has been the cause of my involuntary I eille. I wish to bring to your notice the fact that the Federal troops have been recently committing the most wanton depredations upon my property, ar.d the property of other Union men in the vicinity. They have already taken 8&J0 worth of peach* s from me, coining with the most unblushing impudence directly Hnder the eye of my son, in broad daylight. I pon bein? remonstrated with, they reply "that their Colonll told them whenever they were short of provision* to help themselves wherever they find it " One day this week, during the absence of my son in Alcxendrla, a party of soldiers came in the pasture, took n valuable firm horse, carried it Into their camp, reporting that they had taken a horse from a secessionist living outside of the Hues About the sim? time they shot one of my sheep and ca'ried it off Parties frequently come to the house and order dinner, without any show of politeness, aud withont any offer of compensation. These depredations are committed mainly by the New York Thirty-seventh Regiment, hlsh volunteers, stationed three miles this side of Alexandria. My God' How long must these things continue ? We may well exclaim, Save us from our friends:'! I am, sir, yours, August 10,1sw1 . T. b. MunsoN. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. HampUn Burnt by the Confederates? Five Hundred Homes Laid In Aihm by a Force I nder the C?inraaiid of Gen Itlagrader. Fo?trr*? Monroe, Aug. 8?The town of Hampton has been destroyed by the Confederates Scouts and fugitives brought word yesterday morning of the approach of a large Confederate force from Yorktown. The rumors were confirmed at 5 p.m. by the arrival of an Intelligent deserter from the Seces-1 sionists named E A. Mahew, a native of Maine, but a re?:dent of Georgia until impressed Into tbfe service, who furnished your correspondent an account of the expedition. Mr. Mahew has be*n | stationed at Yorktown since the 1st of June. On Friday last General Magruderleft Yorktown with a force of s< yen thousand men, including two hundred cavalrv and eltrht ? ' . ?- V* UI lillCI three Parrott guns, four howitzers and one rilled cannon Part of these troops were from Williamsburg. On MvuUay nigni me foux eucauijieU at Great Bethel, which had been completely deserted On Tuesday night they advancea towards Hampton, and at noon vhterdw^ook up a position on Bark river, some three nmes from the town, where Mataew managed to escape through a corntleld, swimming a couple of stream!" and Anally reached the Fortress He says the object of the expedition was to draw out our forces, attack Camp Hamilton or Newport News, If practicable, and at least to destroy Hampton, so as to prevent the Federal troops using it for winter quarters Gen Butler repaired at once to this end of Hampton bridge, where he remained until 11 o'clock. Col. Weber erected a barricade near the Hampton end of the bridge, and placed a strong guard at various points this side or the creek A few minutes past midnight Uen Magruder. with about live hundred Confederates, some of then) belonging In Hampton, entered the town a<td Immediately fired the building* with torches The greater part of the fine iiundrrd holstes, being built of wood and very dry, there having been no rain lately, were soon in flames and the strong south wind quickly fanned them to a terrible conflagration. There were perhaps twenty white people and double that number of negroes remaining In the town from inability to move away. Some of the houses of these poor creatures were fired without wnklnir tlium The incendiary soldiers gave Carey Jones and bit wife, both of them aged and infirm, but fifteen minutes to remove a few articles of their furnltute to their garden. Several of the whites and al?o of the negroes were hurried away to be pressed Into the Confederate service. \Vm. Scofield, a merchant, took refuge In the swamp above the town, and thus escaped. Four negroes were dflowned while attempting to cross the creek. A companv of Rebels attempted to force the passage of the bridge, but were repulMd with a Ion of three killed and six wounded. The tire raged all night with terrific aspect. The greater part of the Confederates withdrew towards morning, and at noon to-day, when 1 visted the place, but seven or eight buildings wtre left standing. The destruction of the town was a wanton act of cruelty to the resident Unionists, and moreover entirely useless, as lien. Butler intends to winter army ma*$r mile* beyond Hampton. An attempt will be made to fasteh this act of vandalism upon the General, but after ten o'clock on Wednacilatr ?!? *?* ??? * ~ imiui mere mi not a Kedenl soldier In Hampton. A tl jg of truer, Just in from Norfolk, with Miss Mayo, a niece of Lieutenant General Scott, on bet way from Richmond to New York, states that the Confederate attribute the act to Gen. Butler. General Matfruder baa encamped near New Market Bridge He will hardly venture to at> ta< k Newport Newa. Mr Mahew aava there have been about 7,<>00 Confederates stationed at Yorktown gome ten daya ago a battalion came down to the outskirts of Hampton and carried away one hundred and eighty m-groes Provisions are abundant at Yorktown, and moat of tbe regiments are receiving new uniforms for the winter campaign. Tbe Baltimore American haa the following farther details of tbe affair at Hampton: I Tbe steamer Adelaide. Captain Pearson, reached bcr whvf yesterday about eight o'clock, and brought up about fifty passengers, nearly all of wboin were either officers or privates of tbe army. A half dozi?n. hnw?? ? " , , ?v.v ?.*up;iron IDC little village of Hampton, which ia now In ruins, having been burned by order of General MagTuder. We have converted with tbe refugees, and they give a moat distressing sccount of affairs which have occurred within the past two weeks. At the commencement of that time several of the wealthiest I'nloo men of the place, anticipating tbe destruction of the town, wisely determined to leave, and after gathering np their portable goods, consisting in part of merchandise and household furniture, removed to this city, where nearly all of tbem have relatives or friends. There yet remained, however, at least sixty persons,.two-thirds of whom were negroes, aud the remainder men of business, who have been residing at the place for tbe last ten yesrs or more The first positive Information which the whites had of toe destruction of tbe place was bv an advance guard of tbe Confederate troops. who sfter letting a? - , , ? m ? *? *v a number of bouses, proceeded to the occupied residence* and told the families that they bad liberty to leave the place, providing they would do ao in a quarter of an boor Unprotected by the military, and acarcely knowing what might be tbe conaequencea If they remained beyond the prescribed time, a general stampede took place, and but f?w minutes elapsed before tbe entire place waa in flames, and out ef at least 465, not more than ten have escaped at least partial destruction. Among these are about fifteen public buildings, Including three hotels, ttve churches, a lecture ball. Ac. Of the churches, three were of the Methodist denomination, one being rebuilt one Baptist, and tbe other Protectant Episcopal, which had stood for more than one hundred years. Concerning the valne of property destroyed to? the Are It Is almost lmpossltole to tell, but surely It can scarcely be leas ttoan ***,000 Some ef tbe / ; bonses entirely destroyed bad been erected by opulent Virginians, who bad spared neither pains nor eipenae In their erection ?nd decoration. One alone. 1be property of Mr Philip J. Glbaon. coat S28 000, being a three-atory brick with ma<ble portleo. and extsnslv* nutgroonds. Mr O. waa a ttroag tln'on man, ard lent; aioce left tb? place, carrying all bla furniture with blM Another gentleman Mr 9amuel Currmiags. for twenty veari a realdent of the place, and well known to Baltimore aa a 11 rat rate business man, loaeeat leaatel^ht tbouaand dollara by tbla act of vandallam, aa he bad destroyed two handsome buildings, in one of which be resided and In the other conducted a hitherto prosperous business Previously he bad taken the precaution to remove the most valuable part of bis stock to Baltimore, where he Is now temporarily residing with his family. The man who aeenaa to have suffered most severely waa Mr. James Srofield. who is most favorable known in thi? olfw mnA wKa ... | ? -iiu *?!?*/ ? ?? ?n7*r?? living at Hampton for many year* Hp was la b"d whem he beard the discharge of firearms, and suspecting something wrong, jumped up and toon a<certalnrd the eause of the alarm Hastily providing a vehicle for the conveyance of his wile and children to Old Point, he reached tbat place In safety. Severnl Confederates roldiern panned and sbot at him, but this was without doubt an unauthorized act on their part. Mr. S. is n^w here, with but five dollar* in hi* pocket, but like a Union man "designs going back to Hampton soon as the war U settled." at least such is his language. |?7~Tbe Secretary of the Interior has directed a Convention of the United States Marshals to be held In the city of New York. The Convention will consist of the Marshals of the States of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania (Kastern District.) New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine, and will be held on the 15th

instant. The object of thl* meeting is to concert measures to prevent the fitting out of steamers and the carrying on of the slave trade. \T~T From our neighbor Metzerott we have the following new and popular mnslc, from the press of Dltson, of Boston : The "Ne Plus Ultra Polka tiuadrllle," by Knight; "Castles in the Air," by n i< ' ? ..mm - - - -- iiiier r nzgeraia; "H idou mutt sing to-n;i,L! ' by B. Molique, "Thoughts of Thee," by Julius E. Muller. 10"A young married woman whose husband ha? "gone to the war," beard in conversation the remark that tbe Government wanted morecavaUy and more infantry. She replied that ib" knew nothing about the cavalry, butadded witha sij{h, that if more infantry was needed, tbe Gwvernm**nt had better send some of the volunteers home again.?Albany Ar^u*. lO"The travel through the White Mountain districts it beginlng to bear some proportion t# lhnt of former prosperous years. One hundred and llftv persons were at tb? Profile House, Franconia Notch, Sunday. A DbxiaL ?The New Orleans Crescent savs there is no truth In the story Set afloat that fifty thousand stand of arms bad been received in that city from Europe. ATTENTION!?'I he meirbers ol Compary I D, b'nion RpKimer.t. are requested to ireet at Winder's Buildiu? on MON ilA V, the 12th ins', at 11 o'clock to rooeivn thoir pay due by the Government. Hy order Paymaster. It r5?THK REV, H. M. 8BUTB Will preach k-j iu .numiutv llth nmtont in the Western PreFbyterian Church, on H street, between 19tfc and 2-tth streets west. The tervioe to begin at '1 o'clock preoisely. It* -yip*the Hoard of assessors wjll J_3 meet at their Room MONDAY, August 12. a til o'clock. K.aoh member in requested to attit.d at business o! importan oe will be brought before the Board. JU geo. t. 9tewart. Sec. rg"ATTENTION. ANDERSON RIFLES !? JJ? Keeruitx wanted for the Wot.?Twenty ood able I odie<1 men will be reoiuited for the war in Captain C. II Rodie-'s '"ompan?, District of Co imi ia Volunteer*. Office Forrest Hal , Georgetown. 931 bounty extra for reanlistmenti, #100 at end of enlistment. au 8 St* j^?notice to tax-payers. . Collector's Of pick / IFaj/buMtoM. August a, 13ol { The taxes for 1861 have been fixed at fift? oents on the one hundred dollars. A discount o{ neeniy per oent. is allowed under the law for prompt pa>nenL "Coin and due bit's, or certificate* of indebtedness of this Corporation of the denomination five dollars," are alone reoeivable in the pavmmt of taxes. WIlLIAM 0IXON, au 8 6?eo Colleotor. I>1' THE UNDERSIGNED ARK A DKLEII 5t KRtion fiom the New Vork Young Men's Cnristiiu Association to visit tlie hospital*and oamps i" the vioii.ify forthe parpoieof niiuiit'>ritig to the spiritual wants of the soldiers? and, as far as possible, to their liodily comfort '1 ha have full authority f>om the General Comrranding and will be happy to oo operate with >uu uiuiirii ig^oima in me welfare of ti e Army. P. HARWOOD VERNON, Kev. F. S RISING. NOBLE HEATH, Jr. au 7 4t* 851 F street. Wa?lrngton. [ftm the union prayer MEETING \L3 will b? holden every day in the e street Baptist tJiiuicn.o ini:.r' ci;.g at 5 o'clock p. in. aed to be continued an hour. Stranger* aa well as oitizens of all denominations are invited to attend and take part in these social meetings. m 1 SAY, STRANGER. WHERE ARE UJ? tou going! Yon seem to be in a great hurryT* "So I am. I am going to SMITH'S, No. 4 60 Seven'h street, to buy a ?uit of Clothing. The people sar he has a very nice assortment, and they say he sells them so cheap." yote.?The last we of the stranger, he was running np Sevenih st "at singing ont "SMITH. N?. 4PO." m 21 3m I n hollars a day Made by eel ing a populvl lar o ltion of 1 actios in th? Camps. A?enta ?uppi?<1 a' the store 2&I Fa. avenue. It* Avery nice iron plate piano FORTE for sale for ?50at M KTZE-?j?^ R< (TT'8 M usic Mo e hMB Tuning and repairing of Pianos fai.hfu!-**' ly executed. au 10 f AFAYETTE INBTimR. i_j 4 school for youyo ladies. 367 J street, between 3 h ard 14th. Heaal n will commence on MOMD<V. ber 9t . Ciroular* at Rookat -re? Reference it inad?? to re?Ment Clergymen, fenatora Foot. Foster, llama, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan. ant othera. L. C. LOOM 18, A M., an in 8, TftT, 1m Htjroipfci. THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXlating between James W. Dredge and J E. DeVaughan ia thia day diaao ved by mutual o"naent. J. 10. DeVaughan ia a one authorised to uae the name of the late firm in liquidnti- a. JAMKCW. DRKD? E, JOHN E DiVAUGUAN. Waahington, D. C > Aututt let, 1881. THK UNDHRSlfiNED Bega leave to return hie thanks to the piblio for the uulim'te.1 patronage h*ret if-ire exten<*e t to the ta'e firm, and rtopea. by strict fide'itf and attention to buain^aa. to m<*rit a oontinnanoe of the aame. Hordes chod aocordins to the natural formation of ?helr feet, hj ? akiWul hoer. a? the old and well-known ata"d. S. W corner of I9th and K atr<?>'* opposite the Firat Ward Ma>k*t Houae, Firat Ward an in-at* JOHN E. DaVAl'GHAN. ??ORPS OF MEDICAL CADETS. SrROBO* GB5ERAL> Offick, i August 9. 1HS1. f The follow n* act of Congress in relation to the Torpa of Med.cal Cadets ia pabliahed for the information ol all concerned: "Sec. 7 And b* it further enactut. That there be added to the Medical SafT ol the army a ? i>r,? of Medical Cad eta, whoae duty it sb&r be to act a* dreaaerg in the geneal Hospitals, and aa \mbulaaoe t'iat <)antu c 'J ? ' " *" ? ?. tu ii?c urm, ur uor me aireonon tno codtrol of the Medical <-ffioera alone. - Tli ahall have the same rank and par ae the Military Carets at West Point. Their number ahall be deeignated by the "X'genoiea of aervioe at no time to exoeed fifty Itahaltbsco > po?ed < f young men of1 t>eial education, students of mrdi< ine, between the agea of eighteen ai d fw-n y three yeara, vho have beea reading medieine for two yeara, and have attended at lraac one o mtie of leoturea in a medical o II ge. They ahall enlut for one year, and be aubj*ot to th* rulea and artiolea of war. On tne fi tem h i ay of the laat month of their aervioe, the near approaeh of their discharge ahall be reported to the burgeon Genera!, in order, if deaire-1. tt at the* may be relieved by another detail of appltoanta." Applioationa muat be made to the Surgeon General tor admia?ion into the Corea in oonformity with the above act, atating Vie date and plaoe of birth; place of re idence; p nod of medical atiuiea ; a'id moloaing tbe certificate ol the Dean of the College, (or when not at unable, other aatiafjctory evidence of the tact.) thai the applioant baa attended one fall oource >n a inedicaJ oolleg*. Theae applioationa moat alao be accompanied with tettimoma a of the good moral character and physical condition of the candidate. When an application ia favorab'y contidered. the candidate will reom*e a letter authorising him to appear before an Army R ard of Medical Examiner', who will make aapeciai repirt in e*oh caae. From among thoae approved l>* the Boa d the Surraon Gnnnrtl will ?!??< ??> ? ? ?. ? 4 ?~ . >avu v uuiliUOI M IIIO service may require. , a* the aervioea of Una class of raedioal and aurgioV aaaiatanta ar* at orwe required, appiio&tione, to b? aucotarful. ahou'.d b? mad* promptly to the Surgeon t?en?ral, who wiil direot thaoacdidate to appefr before one of the Arm* Meoioal H >arda, now in enaaion in WMhiogton oity, and ih<* city of New York. R CTWOOD. aa 10-3* Aotina "urgeonCeneral. gROUKKVILLE ACADEMY I The next aeeaion will ooamonee September ad. Boya are prepared for ooHef or for haaino?a. J or oataiogaspleaseaddreaa, at Brookeville, Md . , i E. tt. PRETTY MAN. A MJ *u<w*tn (lat?M Fnncipal, I 1 AAA Uir*RKi.a : 8HIP8TLJFT, S'i,fe'?STTiiE. /i-ife*" tn4mt"W i.Luutoa. Thf Dntricllta ( Ut PrlrtlMT Petrel. UU OFriCUM AMD C1IW PttlOKI** IK rHILAN BEL PHI A . Tba atory of tb? priTau-er Petrel, lat* |j. 8 revenve cutter Alkrn, waa briefly told in oardlapatchra Tto# pirate attacked the frigate 8t. Lawrence, eff CharUfton harbor, ra!a taking that veaaet for a merchantman, and waa Immediately blown to pieces bytja broad aide from the frigate. The Philadelphia Preaagtvea the following In trreswng acwuoi 01 imr pirave ana ner omrrri THt ATTACK. Ai the stranger came down, the St I,awrence hoisted all sail and affected to be anxious to get out to tea. In reality, however, (he waa edging cloeer in to ?fcore and making arrangement* below to recelvc the reckless visitor* with appropriate largeness Directly a shot came skipping over the water, falling into the sea a f?vr rods ah*ad of the frigate, and a number followed It in quick aucc-aaion, but nearly all either striking beyewd or pnsaing over. The final discharge conflated of grape ana c in later, which made some little dalliance with the frigate's rigging, and admonished the commander tuat the play was growing serious. At this time the vessels ware within speaking distance, and a man In uniform was seen mounted npon the pirate's deck, whe shouted to the 3t. Lawrence to lay to and send over a boat. The crew were distinctly ?een flourish ng their cutlassts and the gunners ramming and pointing their guns.. She carried three guns, supposed to I be rifled cannon Then the J*t. Lawrence threw up her port* and disclosed a whole broadside of cannon, with the gunoers at the breech of the i guns, holding lighted fuses. and directly the | broad deck* were filled with wimen in blue jackets, armed with muskets. who sprang into the shrouds and ran out the yardf, laying prone in the maintop, on the breveprit, in the forcastle, and at every point where aim could betaken with advantage. In a word, the ugly merchantman waa metamorphosed into a bristling war chip with a man at every point, and a broadside looking into the eyes of the pirates The latter, taken aback, recoiled a moment; but before they had time for action, even for thought, the guns belcbed forth iron and fire, splintering the masta. cutting the rigging and sails as with knives, breaking the spars and the booms, and literally carving the schooner into pieces, and opening gulfs into which tne waters rushed, as through sluices, filling the hold, and admrnisblng the rebels that their sole hopes of life lay in the ships boat or ia wrestling with the sea The tire still continued, and the water was fall of driftw ood Many of the men jumped overboard.and the rest, launching the lifeboat, jumped in and held up a white handkerchief as a sign of surrender lint one man had an opportunity to go dowa into the cabin for his property, and he was the lieutenant, a fellow named Harvey, formerly a midshipman In tbe i n!!td BMB rrrlce, under command of Captain Sartor!. Harvcv recovered bis trunk. THX 8CRRE.M'EB . The St Lawrence still continued the fire with mall arma. but. directing their aim at the bulk', and not at ihe small boat, the crew, excepting four men, were not injured In ten minules from the time of the discharge of her first gun. tbe vessel wayd heavily and went under, carrying 4nwn four men, one of whom, named Carpenter, waa a former Philadelpbian. living in Souihwark The ? Ulcers of the St Lawrence row discovered the life boat and tbe flag of humiliation Ther dropped a boat and made out to the rebels. and finally pawed tbem on board ahip. where they were ironed a? fast a* received, and securely confined below In the engagement the St Lawrence received two shot*; one in tbe foresail, the other in tbe quarter deck She transferred her prisoners to tLe Flag on Sunday morning, and they were at [ once brought to this port. I ? ??????mmmmmm?w? ? ?^ r ARMY OFFICERS are regpMtfulir invited to call at the Star* of C. WOODWARD, No 318 PENNSYLVANIA IVE.Il'E, between 10th and 11th Sia * WASHINGTON. D. C.. and ??'6 the most complete article of C*A MP MESS CHESTS, WITH TABLE AND WRITING I)ESK COMBINED, EVER INVENTED. An article Officer* irho appreciate the comforts of Camp life should not he without. ALWAYS ON HANI). COOKING STOVES, ?t? , kc _au9bt WASHINGTON GYMNASIUM, w**.a Cm?" trf Mahk*t. Some new feature* have been added to this voit-xn-iva e< abiishmmt calculated to s *e it icoro&eoi popularity w th the public. The nervines of Mr. Henrj Naah. a practical Gymnast and a prof **or of Boxing, hare be?a tecared. and he will he oon*tantly 'n attendarioe to give instruction Pareuta can send their ohiidren to this well conducted eaUb'iahment feeling per feotly assured of their be*ng i n rood ha-da. t'erma pe- month. riptn trom 6 a ui . until 8 p. m. P. 9. The Stockho dera are part ou arly requeated?ome tat the Hail on Monday Kvering, at 7 p. in. an 8 St* Fp BCTTKP-BUTTER! ' RE?H BL'TTKR. in largeand amaM packagea, arriTi' g ever* day, for ta'e at the lowest maik't ! prioe at 440 Eighth atreet, between Pa avenue and Out. 0. E. DUTROW. j N. B?Cooking for fale low. au7 6t* (i CARD. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. Thia institution will b?op-ne<i Monday. Septem ber .id, 18si, by ? H EODORE McG"Wa.N. M. A. Theooura ^of luat'uetion w?'I include, in addition to the elements, all the brarches ncc's a'y lor a thorough classical aud mftih*ma'ioa< eduoation. Mr MoQovan h?a l>e?n ajtively engaged aa a tsncher during the ia*t mx y?? re?as Tutor of Bellas Lottres in the College of New Jersey at Princeton, a-d a? Prinoipal of th* Aoademy at Sumter, South Carolina. "CoLHto* or Niw Jbhset, Pricoeton, N. JThe underpinned take p'sMmre in exoreaaine the ^vora^ite opinion th< y entertain of Mr. Theodore cUow&d. a graduate of thta College, as a aoholar and a teacher?Mr MoGowau was the brat aobolar in hi* class; waa tutor in bellea :ettr?a, and, in the judgment 01 the uuderngi.ed, is w?ll qualified to five inatruotion in any tiranoh, a knowl^ge of whieh la requisite for adiniaaion into ooliege. JOHN MACLEAN, President of toe College. M. B. HOPE. Prof, of Bellea i.ettrea awl Pol. Ko. 8TKPHEN ALEXANDER, Prof, of Meeh. Phil, a- d Astronomy. L K. AT WATER. Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. JAM KB C MOFFAT. Prof, of Greek. JOHN T. DUFFIEl.D. /'rof of M?th. rof. of Latin." Reference m?? alao be had to Hon. ??o. Cbimjuu, J Hoi. James Nill, > Chamberaburg, Pa. H*H. A. K McLuki ^ Kcwud McfHtEsos, M. C , G^rftyabaix. Pa <u>in cteo enuueoaiM me.. Waebing too, D C. Oso. w. Bull, Georgetown, D-C. H. M.BwtuNT, an. 49. his J Dakby. do 4o. Term*. Taitioi, fcngheh, per quarter of 10 week* ...ft 00 * ' an i lugtiw math 10W " ? CUuiot.... 1XJO Fuel, let acd Sd quart*re IP avSSxWlm (Intel M&Thlm) fFamily carriage and apkals for SaLE -The adVertieer will eell at a ev very low prie* a fine Family ?'arrier*, ?nd T-TI* pair of ewJendidly matched b*?!,'*7' 16 hands high, bob-taile, fine style ard aot oa. The owner bavir.g no further u?- f >r them, ary ptnon deeirnu* to MrohaMi will addre**, by letter, Box 1972 Poet O&oe, Baltimore, for farther particulars. *? ITEKSH BUTTER. CHEKttE, N A VY r BEANS, u4 B^CON.on oontimment and for ulo by CLARK * BLOCKER. Commission M*roharU. No. 4?T 8*T*nth it. bitvMn G and H. B. B.?Batter M 12* outi ud ?pv&rda JH. PEA BODY, M. IX. SCMOiCAC 4*9 M* CHA.NIC&L OZNTUT. MkTltt* !???[. room* Kt No. 4T0 Ft. *t?dup, lith ud 12th ?u., two do*, wt <4 the1**''111 Kirfcwood Houm, r??p?ctf?ilj ?onoitt ? aWe of the public MUonage, in th? rtriou* t> miichM of hi? profsMioa. i? 13 lm* PICKLING VINEGAR. iWARKAffTED.) 1 000 gallons Par* Cider 1 isuftr for Mil WM. BKVAN. No, 44,op?otfte Coster M?rk?t, M ?-JUo MtvHi 7u> aitd *ih ?te. AUCTION SALES. ByBBEKN* WILLIAM*. TkwtSSSmm 17XCKLLBNT HOUPKHOt-O A*P *'TCRJu n fnmnii at ArcriM -oi MONDAY, tna Uth i n a tact w? mIImII. at the ofa rfnUawan dicliriBf *o?P?k*epin*. at l??Vn<ti a. m , oa Havrataaatk, Wtvatn _H a-4 I itf'ttt north, aa esoollent aa*ortment < f Faraitara, ru : Fine Vyalaat P?h ** ?er?J Kir or <?ft. Whatnot*. and other W<ItUi Doaka, Wa nat !*ide hoard*. Ihninc Table*. Ac., fi ilt-frameri French *tar? Mirror*. ehiaa, Glaav. Croc her?, and Sinn* ? arts ahotany Wardnbea, B d*te*d?, and Dree* n< Bar?a, Hair aad Pltuck Watt-o? aa, Cocking aai achat trtove*. Kitchen Itenaila. With nam other artialea vhiah w* <1 eerr n. liraMMrj to ens?eiaie, oornpi laiac ever* Ulu la tto t ousek**ping lie*. Term* oa*h insane en 10 it GREEN k WILLIAMS. Aseta. By WALL* BARNARD. Atotionwri t iROCKRiKf* AT A L*C I ItW.-On TI'MDAT MORNING, 13th instant, at loo'rlosk.we wtTl oil la front of the A notion Rnsms. a stock of Grooeries, Liquor* acd Segars, eomprieieiCincinnati Hams, Craoks-s. Ck*rM> Assorted Piekle*, in oa?eor b? tit* Hardred, Assorted Jars Pr?.cvei and firto j I ea^hes, Hf'xs* St?reh and S<>ap and Candles. Fid* Cit Tobsow, assorted Brands. Own Old Nmiv Whiskey, Otard and MarroU, Brandy, Sases ri?r?t, ask Branny, Old Boarboti, Pvktrl, Funk's, and other V\ hiskiss. Barrels Vinegar, w Ith may other f oada to oloro oonntnneats. Terns oaah. _au 9 WALL A BAIN*RD. AsoU By BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Asetioaesra Trustee s sale of house and lot ix ini Nourish Libbrt *?.?By <rirts? cf a d?ed in trast b?anng date on the ?th day nf 0< tober, i*5"?, a- d reoorded in Lib*r J. A. 8 , No. 1M, folios2<3,304 aid ?x. the ?ab?erihsr will sell, at aub ie aale on THURSDAY, tie i*h day of Amu?t 1861. at 6 o'clock a. m.. on the premises, pm of Lot No. 19. in salidivision of square No. 43&, fronting 17 fset 11X inches on 8th atrwntwest. wi'h a depth 9n feet o an alley, with the tae*x>vem"nU eonsutinf of a two story and attic Frame Dwelling House, with oallar. The above property is situated ?t the corner of ?th street west and M street nor' h, in a raaidlt lie aro*inK part of the eitv. ai d offers a favorabla opportunity to persons rl??ir,.u? of prooertsg a reside' oa or mating an investment. Terms assh. If the tsrnis of sale are sot complied with in five Am m m m tk. ? 1 - it- ?' - ' * uo/> >1X1 MIC HUH vu? pniprrif will Df rHuld. npon one weeka'eo'ioe.at the nek and eipnn of tt>e?nrohaa?r. All conveyancing at the expense of the p urohaser. RICHARD A. Fn*ONHTOM.Tri?t^ tu >1-3 fnH? C) VTZ * Omv-'ITH. AicU. By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO Anoboueers. T'RUSTF.P.*? SALE OF REAL ESTATK-On 1 SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Auanst SI, at 6 o'clock, on tr e premises, by vrt?e of a deed of trust f-o?i \Varr?>n I,owe to the ssbaeriber, dated Jun?> 27ih, 1W0. and duly reoord'd in KSer J. A. 9 . N'?. am, folio 1TH et ?e?..one?*f the lan<1 reo<>rda fr>r Wa>nniton oonnty, D. C.. I 'ball tell part of tot No. 17, in square No, 724, hrf trninf forth* timeat the southeastern corner of said lot and thenc ?unning weit along the line of \ public alle* thirtytbreeiSB feet. Uienoe north nxn-eight < > feri three and one half incite*. ?3)t?tn*noe easiiiiirtythree(Ml feet, ?o ttie a teru tic* of aaid io', aid thence no nth to the plao* of Depitmi ig t"?-ther with the improvements, oo^iati t of a name it*ble. Terma of aa'e?~a*h. Ifth* te-ma of?a'e ?hon'd no' be complied with within five da?sth*reafter .the trustee reserves the rteht to resell at til* itk Md expenae of the di-."?a tint pu chaser. Ali ?ouvev ancea at the coat of the f urohaer. JAM! S QUIRK, Trast** au7 2?wAda JAS. C. Mr nil RE ? Co . enota. By WALL A BARNARD, Aocnon?ere. BY VIRTUE OF A J>EF.D OF TRUST, dalv reoorderf. April 7, law ainocc the land reoor?i? 01 W *utlin*fAa AAnnt r II ? ' A ? ? - .. - ? W a. " ' ! vuw uu WfH Trutteaa of Um"Third BuilJt"( Assoettwins** of G*c eetown, D. C.. will, o? 10th i"?t f'ejtunber, ?i % o'el' ok i. m., expose a? puh.K agetion ih? '?! lowing Real Est&U, situated in Waahirrton Ci r. on Massachusetts iveruc, Wwmd 4t& aid S'h atreeta known u th* wwt half of Lot No. 86. in Square 617. with nipro vemerts, oonaiatirg of a two ktory f-ane rtwcllirg bona:. Terina made known at aale. All oonv#?' ncing a*oo*t o! purchaser WALTER S. COX / TrnitMM CHARLES M. MATTHEWS, < Jyl7?awArta WAI.l. k BARNARD. Aucta. Br wall> a BaRNaRD. Auctioneers. BY VIRTUE ?>F A DEED of TRUST.daly recorded, A pril 7. i W . amonc the la'd record* of Washington oount*. D. the uud?rsifne<1. Trnateea of the' Third Building Association" o| Kfort^own, D. C., will, on Augaat I9:h n?xt. at p in., txpose at public auction the following Real Estate, cituatea Ir Washin(toc?i*y. li. C . at the corner of N street north and V#mont are nue. known aa the waet half of Lot No. 3. in Square US. and the improvements, oonaiati nx of a two sto'j brisk dwelling house. Tern s made known at sale All "onveratcinf at post of pnroh*ser. WA' TKH S. cox, _ 4 Tr?t*M CHARLES M MATTHFW*. \ Jt 17 lawAda WALL A BARNARD. Asota. billiards! i li li The lovers 1 1 *- of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find ia EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Cornarof Peunajrlvania avenue and lith ?treet, I south side,) two of the m?st adnuratls TABLES in tha Unit*J State*, with every oomfort and OOBTMiMM au 3 tf lor the CIGARS AND LEAF TOB ACCO FOR SALE V> AT AND BELOW COST To close out, 1 offer mi entire stook. comprising iom? son.ftoo well-made CIGAKS, of a'l sit** an* grades, al*o at-oot 10 aaaee CONNEC I'ICU T 8? ed leaf tobacco, vara ill, lor oaah at an-< balow oo*t P. WE1LB4CHF.R. of Baltimore, Store No. 5*43 Ha. avenue. au 4 Ut* Be'we-n 12th arid 18th sts. I IBRARY OF CONGRESS. I < a ror?T 5, IMS. Nr.tioe is hereby given that the' Libra ol Con gress" will be elosed on'I uee^ay. the 13th da* of August, and will not be reopened until Taeeda;, the l?th t!ay of September au6 J >HN G STKPWKNSON. Librarian ^JEOKGETOWN INSTITUTE. Th"/uties of this School will be resumed oa the .first Mondav of September next. It* advintages < both as to looation and faoiliuee for im?rovem*nt) at d moderate t*rm? reeommend it to tha patronage of ali. THOM??N OON?AD. M. A, JOHN S. CONRAD. au tSeptl Prir.eisals. IfkA MOSQUITO NET. 1UU PIECES Pmk Blo?. Ye'low. Green, and White Moss quo Net jast opened and for ?aie oy WM R. HllKV A BRO., , No. 36 Centra Stores, Between 7th and tth ate.. an 3 int.if Opao-ite Center Market OUR REMAINING STOCK OF FANCY and DRV GOODS, raoently brought herefrom Alexandria, w II he eold at a still greaiar redeot. ?n in prioes, to enable as to eio?eour ( usiaeas asaooi as poSMb e. We eel I good Straw MatUct 44,9* cuts, 5-4,25 rents : a few pieces Heirp Carpet l?fi, 13 oents per rard ; 13-4 Liaeu Sheeaac, 75 seats , Mil inery Goodsaa* iMottoasof every desc ption. at wholesale and retail : Ladt's' Dree* Good*. Embroideries, fhaw?, Mantillas, Bad Blankets. ? J ? ' * * ? ?. Iiiri nuuul, ?na ? IDKaud dllWMt articles, vi 1 bfl sold to *" ery one Call at 8. * W. MFYKNBERG'S.lor.reorntJv oa'Jed lj its repBlauonl ths A ?SMdrit Cheap Ht -re, 49 Market BpM*, seeoad door wMt m* *?>v nth st. M?lT CBAPT18TK PERDU I AT, HIROPODIdfTar nni, tei tS Wt t*or?r bis aervioes to Lb* ladns and genteroen of this oitr Be per'ortns all operations imn?7 for the EXTRACTION AND CURB OP CORN?*, BUNIONS, fto.Ao.u sractioed hy the Frenoh pedicures. Office, No. 1A 43k street, near the C'tjr Hall. a>Hp' Camp Oatflts. lifrGUIRE A CO.. lTl Cemur lot A it. mmd Pa. sr.. bar# an axle naive assortment of artielas aeeessarjr to Camp life, oomprisun: PARR'S AMERICAN CAMP CHEST, for a Mm ?i Fotff oDtainiDf Table. Cookisf and Tab e Parnitars, Tools. Table Cloths. T"W els. Ao.. ail eoata.nediB a nsataad strove Chest SI inches vios, and deep, veighiug only SO poends. FAVOR'S PATENT ARMY AND HOSPITAL OOT-th* strongest, ohespssX. aad ?o-t portab.e sJTur of tbs kiad in use. CAMP STOOLS, of every variety aad priee. MATTRESSES, PILLOWS. BLANRETS. SHt-.ETS. PILLOW CASES. fca^Ao. C7Sutlers ud others furnished ia quantities at rKluced prioea. jftUt J AS- C. MsOCHfel > OO. 17RK8H AND GENUINE T CUCUMBER, CAB RAO^. ^ Ajbo. BUCKWHEAT?TlMO IH Silo JkT For sale by J. P. BARTHOLoW, JyMeolw hASSevesth street, aear Ci~*' UORSE BUCKETS. TRACE CHAIN*, For ?U? bf Aff.em'iraJ Werahoeee, Jy?-?woo d>S Hore?th street, weat flaaaL Li m iT~i ' LIMB! rjjgtfiigSBliwt&x&fcliaei; 'i?-'? c??M.Tw^<.k^y'.M 6-\1. UOLOIKRS ? 8H?*T MAFTjf *.*t -4.01dm t0 ?* * *<>ET. iwkknv. RiTTt^gjjg ^yrco, _J? *5 Itti (Spnd Oftror 1 ntv BrcV^'* Bo'*.. A 6 DVrti a ?