14 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Ağustos 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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i W 9 * i . ^ . ; ^? ? bmm% Slur. \*K XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 14. 1861. N-. 2.647. the evbning star u rUBLIMHBD BVSRT AFTERNOON, (?*UNUAT BXCKPTBD.) at TI1B Itili ilmoiiiat, p?*?r of Prnntfloantn www mmd Bkwntk tt. T W. D. WALLAOH. Pspen terred In paokagea by carrier* MKl y?r, or T cente pfc month To mall aubecriber* p/lu? U *9 ? a year, tm mdmmm; t* for ?tz montha; 91 for three month# j and for 1cm than U>r*e month* at the rate of IS oenta a week. 81agie coplea, owi <m?t; In wrapper*, two cbkt*. <T^ A thou Id be aect to the r?re before li o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. AH EXTRAORDINARY STORY ? LOVE A!fO MIRDER. London bu bad two horrible secretions to oocupy lt? Attention daring tbe pact month? one the Vidll case end bj the last arrival we have tbe oonolaeion of another affair as strange aod fall of pMeion < any that haa been reourded In the ai?als of crime ?n the lJtb of J0I7, Major Murray, until recently an officer of tne Hussars, and now a Pirector in a wealthy Stock Company, waa aeooated in the publio street* br a man who was an entire strac eer to him. The new comer Introduced himself under the name of Qrey; aaid he wanted to loan money for a client to the oompany of which Murray was a director; offered ?60.000, and requested the Major to walk into bia (Grey's) office, it waa up one pair of staffs, and in a back room, in a public and reep-jetable afreet, but Murray bad nerer before been in the house He followed, bow- | ever, into the office and seated himself, when aome unimportant business conversation took place, occupying not more than a minute or two. Roberta (the real name of tbe stranger) roee te get his card of address, which the other had asked for. Tbe doors were closed. Murray sat with his back to Roberta, who pretended to be looking for a card. Presently Murray felt a alight touch in the back of his neck, there waa a report of a pistol, and he dropped cff his chair on the ground, perfectly paralysed; in a moment Roberts came up and seeing that his riotiin still lived, fired a pistol into Murray's right temple; this did not kill. ibut he pretended to be dead, and when Roberta walked awHj. seiied a pair of tonga lying near, sprang to his feet, and struck at the wretch He raised his arm, and a terrible struggle enraed; Roberta fell nnder, and Murray hit him several times in the face and on tUe bead with the tongs, getting his own kneee on Robert's eheet. Thea Roberts got away the tonga, and Murray seized a black bottle, bnt it was smashed to pieces in one blow Tu.a two wounded men, both atreaming with blood, eontriTod both to get to theirfeet, and another straggle took place; finally Mur ray got possession of the tonga, by a succession of heavy blows thought that he had killed his adversaij. knewing that his own life was at stake. He then found tbe door locked, and elambered oat of the window, to a policeman, ignorant all the time whether he should not m?et confederates of his would be murderers. (Help was got, Murray taken to an hospital, and Roberu discovered. Por nearly a fortnight the mystery remained Unravelled. Roberta did not die for a day or two, but nothing could be learned from him; Murray persisted in declaring that they never had met before. Robert's family could furnish no vlue to the affair, but at last a womau who had been supposed to be Murray's wife, she |f[ave information that explained it all. She is, n reality, and has deen for years his mistress, although this fact has not been generally known. Roberts has been in love with her, an i the supposed Mrs Murry haa paid frequent visits to him in the very room where the frightful fight occurred. Roberta waa jealous. and anxious to have the woman elope with him to the continent, proposing to desert his own wife Mrs Murray (so oalled) declares that she feared rather than loved him, and refused. Robert* never threatened Murray in her preeenoe; bat learned from her his rival's babiu, watahad hiu in pnblin places, aad rot Information of hia business. On the public examination the woman was produced; she is toonf and verv pretty, and oried bitterly when revealing her double shame. It was believed, however, that she was innocent of all complication in tb? attempt at mnrder; and the verdict of the Coroner's jurv was "justifiable homicide, and that Major Murray slew the deceased to save bis own life." There can be no doubt that Robert's passion for the mistress of Marray provoked him to the endeavor to get Murray out of the way. So wonderfully can even phlegmatic Englishmen be stirred by the emotions which women sometimes inspire. Adopted Citizens ?There having arisen among adopted oitijens some dissatisfaction at tt; rrcert order of the War Department in relation to the enlistment of foreign-born citi*?ns who could not speak onr lau^unge, the Mayor of Buffalo, N Y., recently addressed the Sacreurv of State upon the subject We published a day or two since fc.a official order from the War Department explaining b the misapprehension which had ajiseu We now place before our readers the reply of Secretary Seward to Mayor Alberger: | Dbpart*km or Statb. ) Wasktngtoti. Aug 8, 1841. t To F A. Alb*rg*r, F.tq , Mayor of tks it* of Buffalo, N. Y.?Dear Sir: I h?ve to acknowledge tbe reoeipt of your letter of tbe 9th instant, and to state in replj that the order to which it refer* was officially explaioeA a da j or twe sicee by the Secretary of War, bnt baring still Men a subject of great misapprehension. it has now been entirely rescinded and a? a ted. Consequently there is no obstacle whatever to the aeceptanoe of the services of volunteers on the ground of their natlinalitv or language The contest for the L sion is regarded. as it ought to be, a battle ef tbe freemen of the world for the institutions of self government. I am, very truly yours, William H Seward. Tajkbis Filli*? thh OpriciK at Richs?o5D?The mode by which such a number of Yankees have screwed themselves into the departments of the Confederate Government U not a little curious. It is an instanoe of patented combination, aouble-aoting toadyism, quite worthy of the Yankee invention. We are fully advise4 of it. A discarded Yankee from Washington, trained in the subeervieat arts and dirty dodges of office-seeking there, and, perhaps, representing himself as a southerner to the manor born, when the old editions of the ''Blue Book" shew him to have L n nnmifioaVinkiui Jfert/I annMstd fnr offloe in some department of the Confederate Government. The toadyiam oommence*; the dirty dodge of nativity suoced*; the oheap recommendation of "southern lettera" predUpoM the goed-natured Baoretarj to favor; and a few well-pat adaiationa eeoare. from the vanity they solicit, a prominent office for tne inreoion* toady?Richmond Ezami u*r. Huw BorTHEKS WAM COKBBSPO.VDIXCB IS ma?i rr.?The Cleveland Leader *tata* on the I authority of one of the membera of the Claraland Artillery, lately retained from the army ia Weatarn Virginia, that among the latter* found in the rebel eamp, h? saw one written to the Riehmood Enquirer, evidently by the correspondent of that paper The racy writer went on to give a detailed aooount of the doing* of the Confederate force* in that locality, and their anocesee*. "The Yankee abolitionist*," he remarked, "are within a mile and * half of oa, and a ficht is hourly looked for." He alao gave the Jetail* of the skirmishing during the last two or threa day*, in which the veracious statement wa* made that "the Confeder t? lou bad been two, while 100 x ankees nave kit the dust, and it wuott probable that they coald itaad it much longer." At th? bottom of the letter, however, was private note to the editor, in whioh he " ratner thought the } ankees had got the be*t of them so far." ILr A Rochester mer bant left his bouw on Taurvliy evening to "correct an error la bis trial halaece ' Hie wife followed him, and found that tt required a carriage to Snd the error She V<ok a vehicle likewise,and pursued to "deep hoi" There the driver of the 11 rat carriage wa? Celled to stop?the wife ran to Its door, and opened It, found the handsome and richly drtssed m?r" lodde The account was Immediately aqoarad and the balance atruck ITT Man* artlclee4? the New Orleene market iW eoodauod upwa'd tendency On the &th it 1 or was selling wholesale tot ftf 00; corn Bfi wot. a bnaheL oats. 9) oenta, pork, Ml AO p* wrel, hams, 1^ cWii a pound, and csfte atS casts ~ .v;*-. j Or?p? Wine. Win* may be made from tbe Isabella grape od a small scale, bj picking the fruit in olear, dry weather, when perfectly ripe, and after picking oat all the immature and unsound oerriee, pat them in a tight box or tab and mash them with a pestle or poander, baring the lower end arnuire. Reduce the fruit in this mannar to a one miu, bat do not break the seeds While pounding. The next prooess is tbe extraotion of the juioe, which may be done by plaoing tbe mass in a coarse bag saok, and submit it to pressure. If a cheese or portable cider-press is at hand, maka use of ft; otherwise, place tbe bag between planks, and lay stones on them. When the juioe ceases to ran, remove the pomace to a tub, and after breaking the cheese fine, sprinkle on a quantity of clear, soft water, to dissolve and draw out tbe remaining juice. When all tbe juice is expressed?whieh is usually from 12 to It) quarts per bushel of grapes?to each quart of the juice add half a pound of white granulated nugar, stirring and shaking it until the sugnr is completely dissolved. Put the liquor into a ea*k, (cican of course.) which should be full, in order 'h*t the impurities may flow over *?y fermentation at tbe bung. Some of the liquor should be reserved in a pitcher or bottle, to fill up as often as it sinka below the bung. After it ferments eight or ten days, put in the bung tight, and let it rest in a oool, dry cellar; there to remain until March, when it should be racked off into a clean cask, well sweetened with a brimstone match burned within. As it undergoes several change* the first year, it is well to lot it remain in that state until late in tbe fall, when it should be again racked off into a ca*k. and if it ie not fine and bright, it wonl i be well to fine it with sweet milk, or with the whites of eggs beat up with ean<i. In tbe course of a few weeks, if everything works favorably, it will be fine and bright, and fit for use. C. N. UrmnNT. ' A Siawbsk is thb Zoological Garpejs.?A good joke is told here on one of the Siamese Embassadors. A number of tbe embassy were walking together a few day? ago, in the Zoological Garden,when one of them strayed away from his oompanions, and was accidentally mistaken by & keeper for some animal that had escaped. Away went the keeper full tilt after our poor Siamese, who. beholding this strange onset, took to his heels and ran for dear life; with such speed, too, that the koeper was entirely relieved of any misgivings he might previously have had. lie was, if possible, still further convinced of his suspicion when he saw the unfortunate Oriental leap like a wildcat into the branches of a plane tree and clamber to the top. There the two remained for a moment, the Siamese above and the keeper below,*staring at each other. There they might have continued all day, too, had not the orowd of saunterers, attracted by the noise of the race, gathered aronnd and pointed out tbe ludiorous absurdity of the mistake. The keeper, who was at first obstinate, was at length convinced, and very patiently beeought the noble stranger to descend. Not a bit of it! This worshipper of tbe white elephant, with a very expressive gesture, merely got up a little I higher on the topmost branch, which he sue bwvuou iu ir?uuuug, ana more neia on until an interpreter arrived. After an explanation his highnea* cunoluded to deaoend. He left th* garden still trambliog, and hy bo rattans relieved of hi* dread of hi* purauer.?Paris P?P" A 9tkahoi Statutist ?A letter from Louisville *ay* that Jamn Rewett, Eaq , ef the firm of Hewett, Norton ft Co , of Liverpool, New York and New Orleans, haa lately arrived from Richmond, and la authority for the following strange statement, now rumored extensively about the city : Since the battle of Manassas the utmost demoraHzattin and dlaorganttatlon among t'.e army and financial dlatreao among the people have existed. The city waa filled with men and women from the more distant State*, hunting information of relative*?information which, owing to the *?creey maintained by the Government, they culd not obtain No report of the killed and wounded, have been made up, nor waa it likely that a-v *ver would be The grest?*t diatreaa pr vailed and complalnta were loud, deep and earne*t Soldier* were demanding their releaae and their pay, refnatng to fight again, and exp*e*ing their determination to return home There waa no money In the city except current note* of the State bank*, coin, especially Brltlah, being a particularly acarce artlrle To theae murmuring* of the mob of Richmond cltv there were added other murmur*, not aoloud nor to luaolent. but murmura diatlnctly uttered and <i *tlnctly beard, that were coming up from every ^artof the Confederacy, complaining of the eilatlng state of xlfatra. Theae complalnta and the financial troubles of the Government were having their effect, and learning of a scheme it had on band. Mr Hewett telog-aphed to Richard AtkliMon, of this city, his agent, to write bv the ant iiwnifr i&e r.ouse in Liverpool to sell all the cotton on band at existting rKt#a ai soon at possible Mr Hewett ban since reached thia city, a>id hla agent haa V:een hurriedly dispatched to New York The plan of the Confederate (iovernment, which had such an effect on Mr Hewett, was that of reconstruction A proposition la to be mad" In a few days to the lTnltea States Government for an armistic* for sixty days, during which time It 1* proposed to hold a Convention at Louisville. Kentucky, for the purpoae of reconstructing the Union. Avfaik* t* Richmond?A letter from Richmond, dated July 2*, to the Memphis Argus, says: A feeling of morbid sympathy has begun to spring up In some quarter herein behalf of the cut throat scoundrels who were captured at Manassa? Ely, the Abolitiou n -inber of New York, has already several sympathizing friends, who think and try to make others think, that be went over to Manassas Just to see the battle, without Intending to take any part therein They do not know of whom or what they are talking. This Elvis the most.contem ptl ble Abolition, small politician In Congress. During the recess of Congress a Military Committee was left In Washington to advise with and coun?el General Scott in every movement he might undertake until the opening of the extra session. He helped, as a member or this committee, to mature the plans of attack on Maaassas, and, la his official capacity, he accompanied the army to see? perhaps to aid in direft ing?-xneir execution I hare learned from aource* Co be relied upon that General Beauregard In advancing one or two reglmenta dally lathe direction of Alexandria He baa already occupied Fairfax Court Houae, Fairfax Station, andaever&l poeltlona till nearer to Alexandria When bla poaltloua are all taken be will then advance with bla whole army, retake Alexandria, and uniting Into a column wblcb may came around from Leeaburg, upon the left bank of Arlington eabankmtntijbli march upon Waahtngton will not long be delayed by the font reglmenb occupying Arlington Height*. Should a greet battle take place It will be between Alexandria and Waahtngton, for wblcb event Presl. dent Davie will oe telegraphed In time to be on the ground. n~r An Improved knitting machine has been Invented by Mr. Joseph Daiton, of Brooklyn, L 1. It contain* from 90 to 1?3 needles, wblcb are not liable to break, and takes from 19.000 to 15.000 atltcbee a minute It* price la conaiderably leaa than that of other machines; it la adapted to family as well as factory uae, and will take Its place by the sewing machine aa a labor-saving invention It makes stock:nua, shirts, cpata, and 11 kind* of garment! that art ordinarly knit. A State Convention ia called to meet at 8t Paul, Minneeota, on the 4th of September. The call Ignore* all party linea, and looks only to the Integrity of the Union |T^ A correspondent from the war aaya : "Our soldier* are charmed every night with the laya of the nightingale " They would be a good deal more charmed with the lava of a hen. (JT Polaoned bulleta were uaed by the rebeia at the battle of Rich Mountain. A chemical analysis baa disclosed the fact the bullets were covered with poisonous paste ICTThe Mlaslsslpplaa -arna that the Bon. M. Suratr, a member of the Mississippi Legislature i from Tishomingo, and long a useful member of that body, Is among the tlaln at Manassas. [ jyTbe eelebrated steam gun has reached , Lowell, and is to be delivered over to the | se?Mechanics' A?ocl?Uoo I % ARMY SUPPLIES Proposals for army wagon and 1 AMBULANCE HARNESS. J off7c1 of armt Clothika a*d f<{v!paob,/ ,, Corner oj Hvwnrd and Utrter ttr'Ht, ) J; Nkvt Yobk, Augvst 3, 1961. s ~ proposals will be reoeiven at this cffioe for far- T nisbing, by ooctrset. Army Wuuo Harnees: ? The proposals shou'd state the price at whicn k they oan he furnished at the places of roannfaoture, j and the prioe at whioh they oan be delivered at <j ?ns depot, the number whioh oan b? made by the ldder within one npnth after receipt of the ordei; r, ais" the numt>er whioh hs oan deliver within one The harn'ps mast exactly conform to the follow- . Ing speoifioations, and to the estab ished patterns : Pour-mule harness as follows, to wit: t, WHEEL. U Tfo Quilort. Breech straps Sfeetb inohes lone, 3>* luoiies widi', sewed no 14 inoh rings of S inoi iron; hip straps 8 feet 11 inottes lone 2>* inohes whir; stay pieoes2 feet long. 2H inches 9 wide, with IS inch buoic es; cross straps to back e vi into ?ta? pieo?s, 5 f? et Ion*. IK inoh wiue; side stiaps 4 foot 1 -nr, IK inoh wuie; tie strap* la T inches long, H inoU wide, tapering to a point. in Two Billy Band*. Long Mde 2 fret 8 inches long, i* 3 uio'ifs wide, with a two inoh buokie; snort side ? 1 foot s inoh?* lone and 2 inohes wide s* Two Huir Cotlar}. 18 t.. ;9lurhealorg. with double . straps and Kate leathers and buosles % inoh > wide TVu Pair of Strong Ham's to suit, made of white ? oak root, iront d wr h nooks, breast rings inoh square, staples aad line rings. Two Pair of Hame Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 nohea lo-.g. S inoh wide; uppor one 4 feet 6 ii.oh's long, >k inch wide. 1 Tiro Bridl'S t'row.i piece 2 feet long, IK inoh * vide; < heck pieces e*oh 1" inches long, ljg men f n 1 On A 1 1 L' Iirtkr.a lnx* ' 1/ * ?. ? II v>l? KIVVW * I/M iUVHCO I "^| ttlOII W I Jfj " stay pi??o?e. From Minus o orowa piooes, 16inohes ione, i>i inch wide; nose piece 11 inoh?s iou$, 1 M iuoh wide; bin d; 6 l chus long. 5H inches wide: w reins, ong bide 4 f*<-t long, i inch wide; thorl side 2 feat Ion*, 1 moh wide, with 1 inch buokle; * butt*, tinned mullen, to weigh * l>?s. to thed'->K?n. "] Two Pair Chun Pip**, 2 feet long, 2>? i- ohes wide. 01 Tiro Pair Trare Chain*, 7 feet loug, 16 links to the H loot, of N i. 3 iron, with T on one eo?1, weight 7H m to 8 'b*. oer pair. Twisted or strairht One Pair of Bren.it (hams, 22 inches long, 14 links 91 to tne f iot. cf No. 3 iroc. Iwnud. ' Tteo yeat Straw*, 3 feet 1 inoh long, 21f inches wide, with inoh buok e. Two Nerk Chains, 4 fe- tj> inches long, 14 links to the foot, .xo 4 i on, T And loof to be riveted on _ to the neck strap, 'i'wisted. One Saddle, mule on Aitakap&a tree, head gullet I and cintie, iron, oovered in the usual war with ^ haif tanned horsehide; flnps 20 inch s long. 10 w inhes wide; suroingie 7 feet 3 inohes lotg. 2% inohes wide with a2jf inch buckle on pne end, to be fastened to the saddle by being riveted to two curved straps IX inch wide; these strapj V are plaoed one on eaco side of the saddle tree. ?J ore end is tied to the front part ol the b*r. the _ other end f the extension of the bar behind the ? oantle, Spanish saddle fashion; sturup le\thers | 4 leet 7 inches long, 13a i?ch wide, witu l'?'in^h buckle;stirrups, m\li-able iron, tinned, bolt eye u pattern, to weigh 13H lbs. to a dozen pair. ^ LEAD. Tiro Collars, 17X to 18 inohes long, made the same a-j for wh' e! harness. ^ Two Pair of flames, to suit, of same material as _ lor wn?el harness, ironed, with hooks, breaet % rings, and line rings, with straps as in wlieel har- < ness y Two Bridles, same as lor wheel harness. M Tu>n Neck Straps and Chains, same as for wheel oi harness. 1* Two Bel y Bands, *' ** F Two Pair Chain Pipes. * " gt Two Pair Trace Chains, * ' Two Crvppets and Hip Straps, Back strap 5 feet w Ion;, taper ne from inches to HK inones wide. Hip ^traps eaoh 2 r?et 4 inohes long, IX inoh wid?- eaoh with a hook at one end. Tiro Buck Bands, 3 feet 4 inohes long, 8X inohes f wide. V. Two MartingaUs, 4 feet long. IS inoh wide, to buokte int > t: e oit. On* Coupling Strap. 5 feet 6 inohes long, H inoh *i WIUC One Check Htin, 4 feat long, 1 ir.ob wide, to buckla T into the bit at eaoh end, with a ring sewed in the r oentre to receive the lead line. Or? LemJ L+ne, *1 Oat long, Ji inoh wide, with a bues.e at one end,and an inch loop at the other. S One Whip, heavy flatted horse hide, 6 feet 8 inohea 5; lona. On* Horse Brush, oral, of bristles, ? by ? inohea. zl On'. Curry Comb. No Z12?H bar. rl The wtiole to be packed in a box about 18 inohee wide, 17 inohea deep, 34 inches long, n a-'e of 1 inch stuff ooopered, wood hoopa or iron, as may be required. Four-Horse Harness aa foliowa, to wit: WHEEL. ~ Two (Jutlors, Breech strap'8 feet 8 inches long, I 3H inch wide, sewed mio 4-inon rings of \ inch iron; hip sti aps 4 f- et long. 3 inohes wide; stay f iecs * feet 2 inohes long, 3 inohes wide, with H inoh buckles; oross straps to buokie into stay pieces,^ feet long, IK inoh wide; aide atraps. 6 m leet 6 inches iong, IK inoh wiCe; hip straps 15 0f inohes long, IK inch wide. tapTicg to a point. tK Two B?lly Band*, l^onc side 8 feet 4 inohea long, 2 ln inohea wide, with a J-inoh buokie; short aide 1 P< foot 6 inohes long and 2 inohes wide. fo Tiro Haxr Collars, 22 to 23 inohes long, with don th ble Hiraps and safe leathers aud buoklea K inch wide. aa Two pair of Strong Flames to suit, nude of white sa oak not, i rosed witn hooks, hreast ringa IK m, icob square, s1 aple* and line ringa. Two pair of Ham* Straps. Lower one 5 feet 6 inohea lung, inoh wide; upper on* 4 feet * oe inches long, >* inch wide.oi alum tinned leathei. Tic v Bridies. Orowr: pieoe 2 feet 2 i no ties loiig, IK ( I in jh wide; chetk pieces ench 10 icohes loag, ,l inoh wide; front piece 12K m^hea long, lKinoh th wide; stay piece, from bunds to oiown puces, pci 18 inohea io.g, IK inoh wide; noae piece 12 inohes UI long, 1 inoh ?id.-; bunds 6 inohes long, 6 mohrs wide; r--ius long side 4 fret 2 inohes long. 1 inch ,e wide; short a de 2 feet lor g. 1 inch wide, with 1 pe ii'Oh l>uck!e; bitts, tinned mullen, to weigh 5 Its. 35 the doxen. D, Tu>o patr Chain Pipes, 2 feet 6 inohea long, 2K _ inoh-s wide. Two pair Trait Chains, 7 feet long, 14 links to the |. loot, of No. 2 iron, sriated or s;raight, with T on v one end, weight 9 lb-, per pair. On* pair of breast Chains, 28 inches long, 14 iinka to ll.e loot, of No 2 iron wuted. . Two Neck Straps, 5 feet 8 inohea long, 2K inohea wide, with 2S inon buck'e. Two Neck Chains. 4 foot o inch a long, 14 linka to jn the loot, twisted No. 4 iron. T and looo to hs 1 rivet d on to th? neck strap, swivel in the chain. One Saddle, inade on Attakapas trea, lead, Kullef 01 and oantla ironed, ooverrd In the ueual wnj with hall tauned horse hide; flaps 2i) incite* long, 16 0< tuohes wide; suroin le, 7 (Vet ft inohes lonjc, 2S _ inohes wide, witi. a 2K moh buckle on one end, to be fastened to the sadd e by being nv el a to two I ourvod straps, 1'* moil wide; these stiapa are 1 piaosd one on eaon side { the saddle-tree, one end is tied to the iront part of ti e t?ar, the other ' enti to the oxtemton ol the bar behi:i'l thec&ntle, 6' Spanish saddle fashion; stirrup leathers 4 fee' 7 *j inohes lo.'g, 1\* inoh wide, witt 1\ inoh tuokle; ? s lrrups, ma It-able iron, tinned, bolt-eje pattern, P' to weigh 13>? lbs. to a uoz n pair. Lh A D7V>o Bridles, same as for wheel harness. If Tiro Collars, 20 to 22 inches long, made the same ? as for whe?'l harness. v Two pair of Hartus to tutt, of same material as for " wheel harness, ironed, with hook", t'rea*t rings * and line rings, with strips as in wheel harne s. ? Two NecM Straps and Chains, same as for wheel I harness. ' Two Belly Bands, came as for wh?el harness. ?J Two pair Cnain Pipes, same as for wheel harness. " Two pair Trace Ckawu, same as for wheei harness. X Two Cruppers and Hip Straps. Back Strap 6 f-et ~ long, tapering from 3X inches to 2X inohes wide. JM Hip Straps with buokles each 3 feet 8 inohes long, M IX inoh wide, with wrought hooks. Two Bads Bands, 3 feet 7 inohes long, 3X inohes _ wide ? Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inoh wide, to {* buokle ii to the bit- Bl One Coupling Strap, 6 feet 6 inohes long, \ inoh g One Cktdt Rein, 4 feet 1 inoh long, 1 icoh wide to l buokle into the bit at eaoh end, with a ring sewed t> in the oenter to receive the lev) line. One Lead Line, 21 fret long. X inoh wide, with a bcokle ai one end, and an 8-moh loop at the 11 other. L On* Whip, heavy platted horM hide, 6 feet 6 inohes A !<>bg. t< One htrit Brush, oval, of bristles, ? by ? inohes. Ont Curry Comb, No. 222?8 bar. f< 'I he whoie to be packed iu a box aboat 21 inohes ? wide, 18 inohes deep, 34 inohes long, made of 1-inoh stud, coopered, wood hoops or iron, as inay be re I quired. A j he whole to be made of the best material, sew- * mg to be made with good waxed thread, and sob- r ject to impaction during the prooess of manufaa ?! lure aid also when finished.' When 6 horse har^e.s is repaired, the lead oo!lars, bridle*, h&mea, neck straps. belli band*, chvn pipes, trace chain, crupper and hip strap*, % back bauds aud ooupl ng strap* are doubled; one J bearing ehain S feel long, 14 links to the foot, of 01 Co. 4 iron, with a T on each end ad d-d, and lead * ne to be 90 fact long. A The whole to be made of th? best material, sew tl ng to be made with food waxed thread, and boo ei jeot to inspeetion during the process of manufao- u tare and atio when finished. When t-mu'a harness is repaired, the lead ool- lars, Indies, hames, neck straps,belly bauds, chaui S pipes, trace chains, cusper and hip straps, back ^ bands, aad oonplmg straps are doubled; on* beir- hi ing chain, Sfeet loaf. 14 links to the foot,of No. 4 o; iron, with a Ton eaob and added; and lead line to U be 28 feet long. ... * J'roposal* will a'so be rtoeivad for tasking and _ lvering am balance harness for two o four mule " or horse teams?a specification of which will be hereafter f inished. | Porms of Proposals and gaarantaa wllloeforn lsbed on applioa'ion at tk?s office, and none will be ooniiriertd that do aot ooi form thereto. The privilege is reserved by and l?r the I'nted Statac or r^jeoti' g^ any proposal luat may L* Proposals wHT be lodot**l on th? envelop* it* * ol-Htng them, "Proposals for tarniahuc Ar.y SUMMER RLTREATS.

jka bathing and safe hktrkat. At Pomt Look-Oct, M-vktlawd. Thia oe ehrated Bathing Plaoe. situated at the motion of the Potomac Ktver with th*A . . A hesapeake Bay, will bo opened hy theVc?# nderaimexl on tho loth of Judo, in UieJUiJLL ery boat stylo, lor a 1 persona who rimy wiili a ife and euiet retreat. whore they omi have t? e enefit of the beat Rait water baiMng and enjoy the ?iioaoiea of the water, auoh aa Fish of all kinds, Sstera, Craba, to Ivery description of fishin* taokle will be kept >r tne aooommudationof guests. A fine livery atabe kept on the farm {lait, ten pmaUeya and billiard saloons; with othsr amusements usually found at auoh plaoea. he table will be auppiied daily with fresh ve*piblea from the garden on the premisea and from ip Baltimore and Washington markets. The test Lieuoraand Cigara will ai way a be found t the Far. Board, #2 per day; one week, &13; aeoond week, 10; tour weeka for 9S5; ohiidren and oolored aer- I aot> hb'.f-prioe The steamer P* Niobo'aa leavea Washington u?sday a: 6 a m and : 'a.timore <>n Friday at 4 p. i The half rasM o'olook p. m. train from Wa->higton will oonneoi at Balti m?ro with the boat*, xwchinr Point Lookout daily ; a ao, a tri-weekly *rsfrom Washington, by "way of '.^onard:. wn Ann ess iti? proprietors, at Point Lookout, lTaslu:igton. D C , or Alexandria, V?. m 31 HEFLKBOWER * CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. i? TEETH. '1* LOOMIS.M. D., t^e inventor and patentee rth? MINERAL PLATE TKETU, at ind? personally at his offioe in this city.mfSSaf M%nv persons nan wear these teeth who 1 '" inuot wear others, and no person can wear otliers ho cannot wear these. Persons callijif at my oflloeoan be aoeomraoaated 1th any style aid price of Teeth they may desire; at to those who are partionlar and wish the pnrest, eanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that t oan produse, the MIN ERaL PLATE will be ore fully warranted. Rooms in thisoity?No. 33? Pa.avenue, between h and 10th sts. Also, 90T Arch street, Phi atiel iia. oo 14 tf GAS FITTING, &c. kWM T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute any orders with tloh they roar be favored in the PLUMBINd, 6AS O^B^EAM F1TTIN# Store on ?th street, *. few doora north of Pa. renue, wh?re may be found a oomelete assortment r CHANDELIKR3 and otner 9Jib, STEAM an* fATKR HXTIWKH iatr-lT SNYDER,_ ? PLOMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to Jheoorner of Twelfth and F sts. eia prepared to introdooe Water and Om hiod ie roost favorable terms, and guarantiee enure ktUfiMtion. He hi* on hand a lot of COOKING and other TOVES, which he will aeil leee than ooat, ac he ishea to get rid of them. no 17 JU OAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai y reoemng, OAS IXTORES of entirely New Patterns and Designs ad Finish, superior in atvie to anything heretofore rered in thie market. We invite citiiene reneral to call find examine onr stock of Gas ana Water ixturea, feeling oonlidect that we have the beat elected stock ;n Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrustod to enr eare ill be promptly attended to. MYERS * MgGHAN. marjktf 376 I) street. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SKALER 9 OF CAS METERS. WASBmeroit, Jalr ll, 1*6. NOTICE IR HEREBY Q1TEN, That.agree>ly to the provisions of the ordinanoe of the Cor>ration approved May 11, lago, the undersigned is ?w prepaid, "whenever retired in writing, and a pre-payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inspect, uunlne, test jrove, and aeoertain the aocnraoy of >S>a*i*to?u uruif |ll Uldier lu up* is uui v.f, very meter. 1/foand lnoorreot, will beoondemned id another, eealed and marked as true, will be itich plaoe. If proved to be aoos~aCe in {U easai?sment of gas, it will besealea acconungiy, m! again pat in position for aee. CHioe No. $10 Seventh street,(near Odd Felts' HallJ Open from 8 a. m., to I p. to. CHAKUKS W. CUNNINGHAM, tr II tf Inspector and Sealer of 6as Meters. v p p l n i * ^ r r i v i a Ui DBPAKTJtR"?T O* STAT*, / TPaMrnirlon, July 26, 19Gl.f Information has been received at tin* DepartentfromMr. R. N. Shufeidt, the Consul General the United states at Havana, of the inaue, on e 15th ultimo, of a roya! deoree by whioh all lHint duties on ownmon ship's bread are taken off* r the term of fourteen months from the dste of e publication of the royal deoree in Havana. The une deoree also reduoes io one-half, during the me time, the import duties upon oorn and corneal aud potatoes. rhe duty by the tariff* upon oorn Is SM< p*r ntt'm upon the valuation of 94 per barrel of aw t&msii pounds, when from torei^n ports in forru bottoms; upon oornmeal S5fc per Cfutum upon e valuation of $5 per barrel of 2Q' Sparmh unds, from foreign porta in foreign bottoms; ton potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign ves1b, 39K per centum upon the va uation of .%2.50 ir barrel; upon foreign bread, in foreign vessels, K per oentum upon $2 for every 25 Spanish mnds. J UN BOATS roa Trf? WESTERN RIVERS. qcaitbrmant5r sksmi'l officb, < Wa*ki*Ktim, Jun> 17,1361. Proposals are invited for constructing Uun>ata upon the Western rivers Speoihoationa will be immediately prepared and ay be examined at the Quartermaster'a Offioe at inoinnati. Pit abu>-*a. aud at thia office. Proposals from bo?t bull- era and engine-build ? alone will be oonaidered. P ana submitted by bidders will be taken into (moderation M f!- mw-.ikh I* '? Quar'ermaatar 6?n<T?l lTiitt*d Statue. put EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. L EMRICH. at lite corner of Penn. A . . A renue and Kleverth atreet, baa f-eenWffS^w reatly improved rec* .tly and now o!.re rkjlAUHU. reater induoen-.er.U for t ue patror^je of oitixen* id rtrangera than anj other pubiio bouaein the ty, hi a prioea beinr leaa than those of an? other atel on Penn. avenue, and hij a.^oommodationa ir permanent or trr.natent boarder* unexoeptionble. The tar and roataurant arrange.a jura of ihe iuropaan Hotel hive already become very popu ,r. being all that can be doaired by tu? moat faadioua. The proprietor pietigea unremi;ted attenon and oontinued liberal ex>enditures to fire satfaction to ail, and thua renown hia invitation 1 to rive the F.mt >aean Hnbd a call. de?-t< r FEMALE EDUCATION. HOUE Parent* who wiah their daughtera to relive a thorough and ayatemat wo eduoauon, where leir phjMoal traming will reoeivedaily ana apeoiai Ctenoon, under the most approved ayatemof Calialewoa and Oymnaatioa, are reapeouully invited to iait tue Union Female Aoademy, corner Four?enth at and New York av. MR. A MRS. 7.. RICHARD#, an awj Principal*. JPECJAL fvOTlCE T" VOLUNTEERS^? ^ Jnat arrived at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh '.reet, oppoaite the Poat Offioe, a large lot of PRINGTand SU VMER CLOTHING, TRUNKS ALICES, CARPET BAOH, SHIRT COLARS, TIES. HATS and CAPS, B.-All of ie abovenamed good a for aale at Northern pnoea. ma 20-3m J. H SMITH. Clothier. LfOORE'S WEST END SODA FOUNT IS *1 in full operation, diapenaing pare Carhonio cid W%t?r, with nioe airupa of different flavors. > anit hit patroui In addition to a fine atook of Medioinea, he haa a sneral aaaortmeut of Toilet Artiolea. fii-e Cigara. ?. |y t-nr _ RESUMED BUSINESS. lwA TT>e Unu'eraijcued w. uid inform hiax 1 f wnenas atd ?he publia that he ha*? V ,ken houie on Ninth at., between D and E, vhere swill acain do bnaineaa aa a lioensed PAWNKOKER. Pair drallcj is all business transitions. je? 2na? ENOCH WARD. WOOD AND COAL. . I OU Will sure)* set your money's worth by allinc at the PIONEF.R MILLS, suutkwtst cor tr ?f S*vtnt\ $tft4t **d CfU-1, (GEO. PAGE, cent.) They aell obe&per and ai?e better measure tan any othera in the oity?out, a?ht. aod deLivred free of oharce. If too doc 11 eiiere . i w iePioneer Miilaatna.. aad beaasitfied JTKINWAY 4 SONS' AND RAVEN A HA} CON'S PIANOS.?A large a?ortmont ? ?:M jaat been received.?Persona in eearchByHKB r a reliable instrument at a low ynoe aretff 111 irited to call and examiae at the Music Store ( V.G. MKTZEROTT. Orders reoeived tor Mr. MARCUS REBINK lano r "rt* Tim*r as II .JOME-MADE ROOTS AND SHOES, Lambs'. Missis' ind Chil?**h's Wia, ?*?? v* t*> atn higa. _ 'UOt.DIERS AND FELLOW CITIZENS." J"* C??me to SM ITH'S, No 4?0 Serenrh street, W^K^ks.1^ A LISE^i IAT& aiw CAPS, K Northern pnoee. jy 17-lm Birn JOHNSTON, UT1NOHI LOCK HOSPITAL, Hai 4in?wt<4 tkt mou CotMm, Sr?i4v mU Miy Kjftttua.1 KtmtJf tm lit World, i FOR ALL DISEASES OF 1MPKUDKNCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PH EVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRAyTEJ). OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wukntuof "JS* Sick, Stricture*, Atfectj^oerf the Widneya and Bladder TOt.a:? Oiiciur^ti, Impotence, Gen eral Debility, Ner.e >e*neae, .}_??o?pey, Unn r. Onfoeion f Idea*, Low Spir.j. r-'puuin of tat He rt, Timidity, Trinblitifi, Dimnei* o* Nijrn o* UiddirMi, Di*e**e < t!>* Unit, Throat, Not! or Skin, AITectic n uf th* Lui.gr, at<? aca a- B weU?(hut Terrible Di*,>rder* trieing fr,>in 8<>lilary Habit* of Yoath?ihHi Dritdfil and Deetrac'.ie* Practice* which rendu Marring* iiapu**it 1*, and dtairoy bulb Body and Mind. TOUXO MEN Kep*ci*l;y who ha?* become iha victim* cf Solitary Tie*, th it dreadful aad Jae*.rocti?e habit which aimaally eweepe to an untimely grae* th nanndi of Yoitrg Man of tha moat salted ulcnliand brilluiiiiiHUaci, vlio .Tijfht otharwiaa I hue* enrenrad w?i?niriy Seeiate* with th* thunder* of da, i ?carta or wakad Co *c*tacy tha lieing l/ra, o.*y call with 11 cooidaoca. < MARRIAGE. I MaRRIBD PI?S0S1,? T .One Mao ConUmplauog M? ] riara, biiaf awira of physical waakuaaa, organic liability, < daforiottita, ft speedily enrad. I Ha who place* hnneelf oudar tha cara nf Dr. J. may r*ltgioualy confide in hia hoour &* a geuUemui an 1 cwiSdently ra ? upon t it akill a* a phyncian. OEFICE JVo 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide jrn.ng from Baltimore auaa:, a f-w door* froai the corner. Fail not to obeeree nam* and nan.S?r. Leuara nail be pad and contain a *Ump DR JOHNSTON, Member ef the Royal Collere of Sarf eon*, London, rr*d? a'* from on* of th* iMWt eminent College* in th* united Statee, and th? ft eater part of wlioae life hit* been *p?nt in < the boepiui* of London, Pane, Philadelphia end cieewbere, hae effected aorrte of the moat aat/tniahtr* aaria (hat war* ' r ki;?wo; many troubled villi nnfiuc ia U.e head and *?n when aeleep; *reat nerrouaoeta, t>*U>r *larn f 4 at ndden eounde, baalifuine** with frequent blaening, attended anmetimee with d*raj.f*rrent of mind, tin cored Intntdutllj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Ycunc Men ana other* who bar* lujortd theroeelvee by a I certain practice indulged ia when ai"?ne?a habit frequently learned from e*il companion*, or at ecbocl. the eneru of wbicu arc nifbtly felt e?en when aaleap, and if Dot cored, render* tntrnare impoeeible. and deetrcy* both mind ana bod*, ebonid apply immediately. Tbe?* ar* tome of the ead sod melancholy effecte pro-Jnred by earl* babite of youth, ?u : Weakoea* of the Pick and Lifube, Pain* in the Head, Dimoet* of Sijh', I-oae of Slot? n>ar i Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dytpepey, Nervoa* irritability, Derangement of the P.**?ti?e Fcucuona, General Debility, Symptom* of Ontuinptiofi, *c. aHMTALLT.?Ttie fcarfnl en>cu on the iciod are raaeh ta be dreaded ?Liea of Memory, Con fuel on of Heee. Oerre*??n of Spirit*, E?il Forebodinp*, A*ereioo of Society, Self Dietruet, bote of Solitude, Tir.,4ity, ete., are aon.e cf the e?il* produced. SnrorP DBBILI^*/.?Tbooeand* ceo una fudge what ia the cao** of their declining health, loeinc their ??frr, becoming weak, p^le, otr?on* and emaciated, baring a eiogB'.ar appearance about the eye*, coujh or eymptom* of coaeumptioo. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the niiegunled and imprudent rotary of pleaasre Red* < be h .* ioibU>ed u>e *eed* of thia painful dueaae, it too often , happen* that an ill-timed eenee ?f ehacne or dread of diecotery ( deter* him from apply in; to thoee who, from education and reepectabihty, can alone befriend him. Re fall* into the L i. . .. a a ; i ...... ii. ?. _ 1.1. \ usiiua ui ij-juikqi tuc ucii|uiug praicuuvn, wao, mtipni of Conor* Hlch hie pecuniary ectetance. keep hiro trifiicf month aft?r month,or ae long ae the emelleet faa can be obtained, and id deapair lea?e him with roioad he ilth to nrh rer bia railing dieappointmert; or hy the naa of that dendW poieon?Mercury?hasten the coretitmi-Hial eymptame of thfe terrible diaeaae, each >e Affectiooe of the Heeri.Throe'. Head, Skin, Ac . prorreeeuif with frightful rapidity, ul! death [ou a period to hie dreaafol eofferinge by e/hdmj fcimt o J.*: ?ndiecoeered cool try from wboee bourne ao tra*e!er reiorne DR. JOHNSON S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By this rreat and Important remedy wetkueaeaf the err an* are epeedUy cared and fail rigpr reetored. Theaaicda of the moot oer^oae and debilitated, whe had laat alt hope, Da* a been immediately relieved. All impedimenta to Marriafe, PhyeicaJ ar Mental Dieqaalllcatione, Loaa of Pr?creaU?e Power, Her?oe? Irritability. TreraWuic and Weakceee ar Bihawtiaa af tbe meat fearfal kind epeedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tub Mant Thoi'iiNDI cared at thla taetitauoo within eka I? *aal??u I a?aat U> ?. ma.. . wan* 1 r UUl I OBTfl* aal aperatione performed ty Dr. Johnetaa, witneeeed by the reporters of the papere ana many other career e, noticee of which hare appeared again and again before the public, tea'dea hie elandinf ae a gentleman of character and reapocaiMilty, ie a eaBtiect (aarantee to the aflicied. mar l?-ly Db. J. H McLKAN'8 8TRKJFQTHEJTIH0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PI R1FIEK THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tk* WORLD, gn and the moat WKa DlUCIOWS AND W*? DELIGHTFUL Jt c| ? ? ? ' ? ? w* I^^Kk 1 f*?*I \ g it u ?uicUr ? miV1' 1 y taola ud YtfttaMTU kit I'ofHid, pi*- *5|^ HSiJ cartd fcy Ut ditt:' 4yjpy Cm tf iM^.^irH, H jl ? ^Ijk Dttk, IM Iwt, V, ? WH miitftMi.liiufiTxjfijgv ttlla, Wlla Cktrrr UkAw W (ui, (ll Oii4ii1h mH 1 \Pf IHtri ibm l|? it* ^if 5>J; If Tki ihiiN uiifi _gw BH c r- -'I g raaadia! f n?tl>l? ?^AJW4^f ' ??! ufttdiat. ut77T^^^^*a^ Before ta h** * ? ?"* ? ? Jiter t?k i d c. miuiv |j b> n? mtim m 6 dltillliaf, prtdtt. f * dalttiaai, tiaiitiiUif afiru, ui Ut mi iBfaallkl* rtatrfr far moataunf Ut <uiut4 lymb, tad itutr'rf Ut -It*, iirirt|, u( daVlilttitd lartiM la kMlH ut (UllfU MtLEAN'S STREXOTHgNIWU CORDIAL Will tftttaally ?" .Vtrtr tjamplalat, DyaaaptU, Jtaa- f dlti, (jkmll ? H<r?iu Dikllny, DUiuia (Tut lliai/t, ' tad ali jimiH iriiLf ftata a d.tardtrtd btai at (uotak. yiaiptta, aankai-, Irvtrd Fi!tt, AtiiMir at Mlaknatt af E Ut Ctc.titk, f allr tit af Elaad ta Ua lata, Daii Ptia at itiaivjj ia Ua E?td, Fiiptinliaa af Ut latrt, raiuiatt t la ut Saar KratuuaLt, Chakiuf at Stf?*.t.?( Tttllag rs?? !arii:f <l*va. Dry ut at YtllaWant at Ut Skin tad Syaa, Wif at Ivttit. Itvui Ft'trt, F&ia U Ut Emtll af Ut l*-V, Uktti, at I <it, Caddta rilthtt af Itat, Dtyrtttlca af SjiUut, Fnjs-.'a! Prtana, Lii.(Ui, Dttcaudtas? ar tiy ntrtaat dlaatit, Battt ai ;>tiii au ut Ikia, aad Ttrti ud Afat (at ChlUa aao rrrt*') 9f ME A RJH10N B0TTLM8 ktra km tald dirUf Us Itat t!a aaaUt, tad la aa \m Uatt haa Is falisd ia fitUif autlra tatlaftttlaa. Wka. Uta, i tjM aaltt fraa VtuitN ar Oiktlltf vkta Mcuill > ITTKUIXTlJIRllil 1/UUIUk Will IUi Jtl 1 U>|u(t MX ?1'I? as adaatata Id?t af Ik* taaadJ- / ui ?<1 linMI almiMU UM|i pnlHtl ti tUUf tU Cardial h tti lilHUid, iaklll.'tad, and ittutiiil nr*tu aytitm, vkatktr brakao dac* .jruiiu. >>16 by unit, I lap* a? utUNi, It a iiltitd tid l jftirli| u|iiV. > Sktlaa u ra??attd ta lu prirttat kttJtk tad * fa/ HARRIED PERSONS* at Mkm, imhku >f [utility fram vUlt'H a*Bat. vl'l i Sad MiklkJTi OORDlAk i U? , Nlft H(U:nlltW tkt tyatars: and i!l wka Ml Url la n lirtd tktaailf at ?T taprapar Uat!|ta*ii ?UJ tad ta ikla Cardial a ur.ili ajad ?f?Hr nam;. TO THE LADlJib. MoLRCH'l ryKEMCTIKJCXC OOKDUb la a aartr aln ud tptajr aara for Latipi.oi Caoatnpt'aa, Wk tat, t batraa'.td ar ?t?i*u MaaatraaujbJ ccaoU&tBtt af Irlat t a* laT*luitrr Duafcarrt tktraaf, FaJlinf at U* Wank, 1 tdtlaaa., ralauaf, a ad all ilMuH lotldaat .a Faaalaa. t THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABO FT IT > hl*i aa iH|*> Tat* It ut?rlk| ta dlraaOaaa. It vtll r tiatltta, tiracfikaa. aad larlfatata ;h ud taatt tka c kiaaa a? kta.u ta maiai f*tt tkaak aftlk. Btary kauit to ' varruttd la fit* aatlafaaUaa. FOR CHILDREN, \ If aklldraa ara alakiy, pany a* a atatad, M ckliRI . CU&D1AW vlii aaaka tkta kaaJiky. fat, ud rakaai DtUy . a at a aaatat) tr* It, ud yaa-vlU kt uartattd. It la da- f lltlaaa ta ulk , AWT 10If, Itvir* af drif ftita ar daalart wha Mt trj ta p!a im j yta aarca kltttt at tire*parti.a traak, vkiak tka; tu Cat *i tkttp, ky tayiaf It la latt aa f*at Aftldiacl aaa. A at . (ar McLKAWt Vr*.l_-|I9TIII*11?0 COBDlAt, ud uka , aaikicf a 1*a. It la tba aaly rtmady tkat vill parify tka ' Blaad tbaraaffcl* and at tka Mima Una atraaftkaa tka ayataa. ' Oat ttupaaoral takan ttary mtuiug faatu.j u a eartala praTaotiTt far Ckalara, CkiTlt and Tatar, Tallav Fatar, at aay aratalaot dlaaaaa. It ta pat a a la lura kaulaa, frtta 0 aaly fl Bar kaula, at kat'.ita far ft T. H. McLKAJI. alt prarratti af tkia Oardla.lt aiaa. Mckau*a Talcanlc 01 f bialatal Fnoa'pal Da pat aa tka tartar af Tkird ud ' PUt atraata, St. baaia. Ma. MoLean't Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TM* IMT kiviMUTT mtb* woun.) a rki aaiy ?*! *? Hiuia tin Mr umii, niM, Tm. 0 an, BvaiUafaaad BrauckiW aa Caltra, Paralrau, Nil- I ralfta, Waakaaaaaf ittHiulti, OihI< m Inlaaaaaiaty 1 ItiiaiUKa, lufttH W tkt J?uu, OMUUtm Huclti M t null, ttruki ai TmOuUi, Iohh, Bpraiua, Fraafc | 1 Cata. Waanda, Clean, ra*a? Bar**, Caktd liiui, I?| | Ntaplaa, Bama, Baalda, Bara Thraat, a* aa? IdIuibiiIm a* Cia, >a difaraaaa kn win a* Inr tka dmui ail e t. tuaod, xckKAjft unimrkfl uxmurr u : tartain ran>a4?. Tkaiur.ji af Uau kilip ktfi Wm nn< itlfiaf tta liapHKa u< aUat; k; lk? (at af Uh linluMa nut}, 1 McLSAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT a wilt rail**# paia alaaat isatuluaadlj, u< h viU alaaa, ] partly u< kaal tka faalaat aaraa U aa I?HMl ah act Urn*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. M ckKAH'S CKLEB&ATBD UNIMOTT ia tka as); aa?a u( raliakla raretda far u? lira af Bparia, liAaii, Wodfaila, Bf-Uuta. Isulinl kaayt. Ba4aa aa Bvauian. It aavar fail ad la a art Bif Baad, Pallaatl, fink, 0U Banuinf Baraa, aa Bvaaav. If araaariT M|||t Fa? Byraioa, Braiaaa, Bcraukaa, Cnakad iaaU, Cfcafaa, Badd.a aa Callfc* ?aiU, Cata, Bwu, ar Vakada, II la aa iafclUMa ; raaady Apply It aa dlraaud aad a aara u a, Mala IB ?*arj l**VUhSS? Tkaa mla aa kaafar vttk u? au; awatkiaaa I latwaia aftrad la yak. Obtain a aappi* af DB. MoUUfl CSUB U*Vn UllHUT It vtll aara ym. * 1 THE WEEKLY STAR. This exoelKat Family u4 W?w? Jramlrontalnl^g greater variety of interacting r??4 ing tbu cm bo found la uy other?U pobUsbed on Friday morning. Tbbho?Cmtk, mvmimklf, im Uomm Single copy, per inn am .....SI <*> PItc copies 4 TJ Tea coplea do Twcnty iTt copies. WO ?n It Invariably contains tbe u Washington Nowi* that has made TV Itoilf Brm???* Stmt circulate so generally throng boat the oonctry C^Slngle coplea (la wrappers) can be pr? cured at the counter. Immediately after the lsso? of the paper. Price?THREE CENTB *tamft?# A PACKET OP PAPUA AMD KMTELOPES TO MATCM. MQ( KHTftOPOUTAN lOOKIfOtB. PHILP * SOLOMONS, Ajmti fm Lmmrmuft mitbrmttd Limm fwi *'M?i*vpe i:m tt., fa. mN It bei. ?tb tco Mb ft*. ivasbtnqton lock hospital Dr. 8RUMAN tu, *.1?t &a Mnnno* otum y**LT*. established the rNjts r?fu(? from utuskery. s?!f-lftM&?d ladi&b vr Cii?sii Mm. U'l pretenders of witohortft MM* .? posters it fee PTSi fhir ? Uie uu.j p.soe where s wr? nd sp?tfi sure oar. be nLt&i&od Ifl the wor?d for*:; improper ?nJ ?nl h?! its, tf-n'rhe, ? eet, sewd r??|. nets, srphiliis, prlnifci j seconder*. '.cijirf, >i|wi vroekuess. r?ji>? il tue .ci^s, suiotcree. lecorai debi dy, prostration. nervousness, "-est ees l11 Ms. palpit&iioL ol the hean^nccincin tbeetrs, lot 3 ofmepiorr, confut:<?,n.e.?'>ohorj. affection* oi in* new, tr.roat, nuae, and akin, ud ail th?ae psou. *r diaonWa ailaug troia ti.e UdiM^ot- >d of youtL, rendering them cr.fit (or either Lr ..r>*ee, study. society, or marriage. Dr. 8. bu the rwtott remedies la the known world for disease* of us blood. gonor*b?f. g.eet, stricture*, ayphillia, seminal vmIlm*. e ^ fce. There U Bo care IE wkich they oul U cure to Ctoit) a to 6 days. V .ctuni of thesa horrible oor.y'altU, who would with to be va uable mac and ornaments to sooiety. ahould embrace the earliest opportunity for rati?C Dr. 8 tin man ha# roadetbe B(Woom? it?"r?|fr merits for tbeoon tort i f Ma patients wui Ac me from a distance. I bey wlii be .'ur tithed with tM m<>at ?> ;?.: and s?re*elle quarter*, necessary diet, and made aa oomfortab e ac they would be a* a first r wi hotel at less aa he I the ?ml Do not forget the name aad number. Dr. Sheman's cAoe la on the corner of t* xth street Pennsylvania s^ecoe. Clarendon t utel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. B C Persons atadistancs should anciose stamp {or return poetare. Offloe hours, 0 A. M. to 19 P.M. Varioua parties have been ec r.cfrom my la htutios My certain swindlers m back streets in this oity. who will rue it till the day of their death. A word to the wise la soittolent- an Ht #(V? On|i, Coid, Homnmni. fa /un>i. may IrritMum m 8*nnui of tk* Tkroat, K?i\?r? the Wwhai Cr-utk M Co*firm?tum, Bront\iit?, A t CHtmrrk, Cl?m? a%d ftrt ttrtnrtk (a tkt rote* of Pew are aware of the Importance of ehaetini a Cocgh or "Common Co. J'' m ita first state; that rbion tn the begining would yield to a mild rem* ij, if neglected, soon attacks tha Lungs. "prvwn'i Bro*tki*i T*otk*t" contaitit-og demuloent Inxrsdi ?ou. ft lay Pulmonary and Bronchia! Irritation. "That trouble in nay Throat, (for BROWN 8 which the 'lYoeJUf" art a apeoifte) __ _ Havicr made ma often a mere whie TROCHES rarer * N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S , " I reooroinend their nee to Pee Lie j Sruim." TROCHES REV. B. H. CHAPIN. I "Great eerrioeln eebdning UoiEiv BROWN'S was*." REV. DANIEL WISE. Romi? "Almoet inetact relief ta the dteiRUUHtP treeemg labor of breathing peoailar BROWN'S *? Aiyt^; ^ c< E69LE8TON. TROCHES " Contain no Opinm or anjtting lnjarlooa." DR. A A HA v K8, BROWN'S OUimi, " A elmele and ilMuut eomblaaIROCHL8 UOglorOotiirko." BBOWN1 ?l <> * riocBKs "*^?!.T3f"r?V B.OWN-e n?,fc;z rKOCHKE W?TCI^g;^;. war.e?. BROWN'S B-Mb " Beneficial when ootnMlled le TROCHES apeak. Buffering from Colb!* iKV. sTY P. ANDERSON. BROWN'S 51. Lmmu. runm ?.-?* " EvrsrreAX In resoeint HoareeIKUlntp neee end Irritation of the Throat, ee BROWNE oomraon with Brutm and SirteTROCHES Prot M. "ACY srown'S Tmmk%i?\s3^mu TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and aftrr preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S Prom tbmr peat affect, I think thn Will h* of muaal mA. PROCHE8 nciu* tome, F.UCE8 ^J$r$SWTW22f"U 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RK*OVATER la praoieeij what u? bahu indicates, for, while ilMMmt to the tuu, it la rwrlrifyia* exhil^ratm*. nviforatini and atr?a< thewcr to Ur ntt. power*. Ad at the mud* f.me ravirlfiee, r?itc. mm, and r? i#?i the Blood in a.) it* ^nainal purity, thus .t once rut or*' ond rmnUrt i\t imntmrmbU o cutasJtj qf duMM. it li tk> only preparation er oflered to the world. ao ehmnlcall? and ?ki>r ally oombiced aa to be the .oat powerful tonic, ,nd at the same bine ao perfect:r adapted to. ae to .01 lb perfect acoiTdai o* with the or utur*. >nd hence will locttu tJU wurtit tomacA, tuj uuo up the di-eeti ve prjaua, and tiiui auay av tier ous aau -Uisr irritation. It la perfectly exhlia^v ice and at tr.e aame Ume it ia ooaipoaed entirely of 'ejetabiea, yet a.- combined aa to produoa the moct horonrh touic affect, without produoin* am m unoua ocn?e*uenoea. Miol a remedy ha# .ulj .*en (alt to be a desideratum 1b the c??3, oa, a .ukf. or it neada no medioaj * ' I to aae that lebilitp oLowsall attaoka of diaeaie. %.>d yr. -c+^c and tplead lay a the ayetem oven to tn* <naidiona attaoka >1 "?any of the moat fatal, aueh, far axainfla. aa th# ollowinf: Conaumation. IndtcaeUon, _I>yeprpcla? oh of Appftite, Funtaen, Nrioui Irritability. ^euraata, Vapitation of the b?art, MelaDohmy, sirht bvwu. C?-'for, Gidcinees, e Mention of. as reli an PaiafnT ol^r-je'ed. too proves, or o o?nt Menatruation. and rV !.i}t of tie W ?*ub. I liw all depend upon (?c?rv debility. Thie ears, i ?altliy tonic Cordial and Blood hanovatqr U a* iare to cure w taa sue wt o rise and act. Tn?re i* 10 imataks aoout it . Butthia u not all If MM ratem is weakened we are open U? bilu>n? stack*, the liver beoomee torpid, or worse rtieruwa, he kidney* reraee to perforin their faoobcue, and re are trochlea wtUi osjoiqc aaa inoon v uano* n inne, or icvo nntary dl*o barge of the eame, pan n the back, side and between tbe sboaidora, misedindy uable to alicat oc.as. oovf&a, at.: u ta Decked, soonamaoiauou IoUows.um tbe >atia?i ;oee down to a premature era**. Bat aeaoe will tot allow as to enumerate tbe many ills to wbiob w? re liable in a weakaoad condition o| tas mm. lot we will say in this Cordial aac B ood Meooraor yon have a perfect safe pleasant aod efiec'aal amedy lor loes of Appetite. Buionaaoss. Plataeooe, weak and siok Btoiaaoii. Laat o?r. Urrer ^omplauit. ChGls and Ffvsr.or aay fillloaaattack )o* tirenaaa, Aaiaitr or the Ptf n^cbTWervoasasss. iryaipe^fBronokftSa^&oafh.dySoalty olBreatb nt. atx> all that olssa of oiaeasea sa? ad ffapM ' rsakness, and aasjaaratad abova. Wa will ale* ifuuts ^iPaTun* urs raided y,T!nc?*o one ?bv>*.3 ever trare. wi t^Ind la Itamaadladeed. as watl aa a roodia aa?L All persona of aadeatarr habits wilT Sad it a pareot preventive of, as wall as a par* fbr tf ose ail - aanta wtuan (My arc HnmianT if 11?? b?m? ninlatora, atudenU, aftoroaya, ill?rar? iiatiwia, kr?J ladiaawhoara aot loaiitubm to mcJi o?iiooi exeroiaa, will tsd it to tSar adaantofa to f*r a bottle constantly on hawft and abora *[\ dte&'igs&ixzt area rouatomoa atraofth. bat mJ? im fraa from Um hooannd aiimenta ao yraraiant amon* U#fajnaJa ortion otjaa world7 1b ahort, la utdaai a notkar a lordiaL Try it old and yoang; ao lor jar ran tka iak ordaiay; it will rMiavaaaa ?ro*a itMii aaaahalold by all food Draft lata, rriaa Oaa Dollar put now woodv RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RBNOTATOR Bold In tkia elty by C. BTOTT.tTI Pa,avma. aa^aaly.a^w gOOT AMD TO 8IIV VU