21 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

21 Ağustos 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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> m i i i i ii in > THE I:\K;MfS(j STAR. WASniNGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY Aip*t *1* 1M1. -?? m On Fbiktid* at the various military caanpa and positioaa will eonfer a favor by keeping ua posted u to movements and affair* In their vicinities. spirit t( the !*1?rnlB| Press The ImuU'gmtfr notices at length, the various questions arising from the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, and observes that " those who declaim most vociferously against the alleged usurpation' of the President in authorizing, in any caae or on any gronnd. a suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeaa corpus, are precisely those who look with the most complacency on the entire overthrow of the Constitution of the United States by toe insurrection of the seceded Ptates '? The Rej<M'jlica% continues its slurrinc abuse of Gen Scott, and goes on to volunteer advice to Gen. McClellan bow to conduct the campaign. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. AWOTHER BATTI K 151 M1MOIR1. FORTY REBELS KILLED, \e. C*l. Dtifkertr, (apt JtbaMi. mad Capt. Kibmu (I'aUa) Wsaoded. , ?t Louis, Aug. 90, l?6l. T- CM. E D Townsend Report from commanding officer at Cairo sayi that Col Dougherty, with 300 men, aent out yesterday at 7 o'clock, from Bird's Point, attacked the enemy at Charleston I,*200 strong, drove him back, killed 10, took 17 prisoners, 15 horsea, and returned at 2 o'clock this morning to Bird's Point, with a loss of one killed and six wounded Colonel Dougherty, Captain Johnson, and Lieutenant Ransom, are among the wounded. Our forces, under General Prentiss, are operating from Ironton in the direction of Hardee J. C. Fremont, Major General Commanding. a retrograde movement. At 11 o'clock last night we received Information, wbich we know to be correct, stating that pv..1 ? ?141 A ^ iiaiuiy nuu W1IIIUUI V1B1UIC cause withdraw n bis whole force at Fairfax Court House and in advance of tbat position, to a point tbe advance of which was a mile back of tbe Court House village, leaving but a picket guard there. Hts withdrawal of bis advance forces was so precipitate,- as that some of his sick being transported, died on tbe road. Tbe cause of this sudden change of bis tactics was doubtless the impression that bia advanced tfoops were about to fall into Gen. McClellan's banda. By this morning be has probably come p comprehend that he was more frightened than burl. AT IT AGAIN. The " forward to Richmond*' men are again undertaking tbe management of the war. though before their eye* stands out in glaring light the Bull Run result cf their strategy They are now demanding tbat the war shall be made, in effect, simply a cruaade to act free tbe four millions of slaves If tbev are to h? irniiitixi ?? < ?? j ? ? D) aim ?uc war proves a successful one, it* result In utterly destroying tbe industrial capacity of tbe South, and flooding the North, besides, with a hundred free negroes for every one now in tbe non-slaveholdi ng States, would prove a worse blow to northern Interests than even peace on tbe terms of tbe oligarchy. But success could never crown a war waged for any such end. Those who have just subscribed fifty millions to aid 'be Government, and agreed conditionally to advance a hundred millions more, would button up tbeir pockets instead of again opening them on tbe 1st of as not a man of them sympathizes with abolitionism Nineteen-twentietbs of tbe soldiers of tbe t'nlon now in tbe field abominate abolitionism as heartily as secessionist!!; justly regarding the latter as being a legitimate consequence of the former. We do not believe tbat a single regiment in ths service could be brought to fire a gun In *ny such war as tbe " onward-to-Richmond " press would make tbe current contest?not one. Fortunately, the Government is neither to be coaxed nor bullied into changing tbe character of the war, aa such r.ewsp ipers demand. Nevertheless, unless stringent me&sures are promptly taken to prevent aueh parties from doing further mischief by discouraging subscriptions to tbe loan and disgusting tbe volunteers with tbe service, innumerable and insuDerable emharr -??iwi?n?? ?? likely to arise to the w?r'i proper prosecution The loyal portion of the community who sustain the Government for the sake of the restoration cf the Union?nineteen-twentieths of tfcos?- who do sustain It?will hail with joy the moment when the authorities be^in to turn tbe attention of the Provost Marsha's to the cava cf the "On ward-to Richmond men;" who may n*t be permitted to go at large any more than those who secretly plot schemes for the defeat of tbe arms of the United States These classes are engaged, practically, In theaame work?1 n embarrass!ng the Government's efforts to restore the Union by force of arms?one secretly, and the other openly. AJtOTIIKfc TSH*ZS4EE MtMBEft OF COXGKK<* A FKisossm. We learn that about the time of the arrest by the disunlonlsts of the Hon. Mr. Nelson, of Tennessee, im Virg,nia, the Hon. Geo. W. Bridges, an M. C. elect from Tennessee, waa si so arrested sta Kentucky, and is now held, a prisoner He waa on bis way to Washington; bad proceeded some twenty miles into Kentucky; was overtaken by a fa se message alleging the Illness of bis wife, (who wss following him,) and thus induced to retrace his way to a point three miles from the Tennessee line, where be was arrested by an ambuscaded party of Tennesseaas Messrs Huunlcut, Thornburg, Langley, and other prominent Unionists of Esst Tennessee, were also arrested about tbe same time, by srders of tbe oligarchy. 6I5I14L H'CLSLLA^'s Tbe New York dailies of yuterday contain what purports to be a list of Gen. McClellan a completed ?taff, which will doubtless be exten. sively copied by other journals. We have to say that it might have been better to wait until the completion of bla staff, before essaying to publish tbe list. He (Oea. McClellan) la now almost daily making aeerosions to it, as circumstances render such additions necessary. General (and Venator) Wilson, of Massachusetts, will probably go upwn it this week, as an aid. His position as chairman of tbe Senate'a Military Committee, his Indefatigable Industry, and his thorough knowledge of the New England troops in tbe service, will render his presence as s member of General McC a military family, eery serviceable. Indeed, to tbe cause of tbe Union BOSS ASD DASezaoi-S XBOLKCT OS THI PAST or BBOIMESTAL OVV1CKBS Want of proper attention to the health and comfort of the men of the First Pa Cavalry is intensely manifest to the nose of sny one venturing within a quarter of a mile (leeward; of their Saaip, where tbe atmosphere la aufflclent to breed a pestilence Their oflcers have evidently wholly neglected tbe regulations of the service with ref"T " " rt r puiHISD Mroliowafor their Information and guidance, aa well aa that of tboae who may be reeponalble for the conditio* of the camps of the other regimeota for which privy alnka have out y?t been excavated : Par. 513?Army Regulation! : "The alnka of the men are 190 pace* In froatof the color line?thoae of the odicen HO pace* la rear of the train. Both arc concealed toy haatoea When convenient, the alnka of the men may be placed la rear or on a fliak. A portion ef the earth dug eat for alnks to toe thrown back occnsloaally." These alnka are aim pie trenchee, excavated to A depth c4 four or In feet, the earth thrown out on the edge of one aide rr+Ay to be thrown back aa etieewtnwee may reader iM-ceaaary Decency, health, and cleanllnt*ae re^uiregnal attention ahtfold be given to thia aubject. rtoaee wboee oaalnee? tt may be to attend to , 1 aneh matter* tn the reglrilenti and fail to do ao hereafter, will aoon find IhemaeWea court martialed, we bear uiaracTios mavitwv A imoat dally Gen McClellan rigidly inapagta different regiment* of bla command In this Tlclnity, when on parade To-day he Inapecta one or two whole brlgadea located on tbia aide of tbe river, parading aa brlgadea. Tbe President and Cabinet availed tbemaelvea of tbe opportunity to witneaa tbe acene, and attended upon the field in person. Gen. McClellan waa attended by moat of tbe membera of bla ataff. P. 9 ?Ere going to preas, we learn that he lnapected on one field bach of Georgetown, tbia morning,ninereglmentaof PennaylvaniaInfantry, two fine battalions of artillery and a aquadron of cavalry?farming a portion of the command of General McCall. Their drill?company, regimental, brigade, and divlalon?did them great credit indeed, eliciting encomiums from a large number of experienced and distinguished military men wbo were present, as well ai the President and Cabinet. AN AFFAIR or HONOR. We learn that on Monday- morning a rencontre took place between two French offlcera?Mr. Tas liler. ex-captain of the French company of the Garibaldi Regiment, and Mr. Chandone, tbe present captain of tbe lame ccmpany. The diffl culty seems to have grown out of tbe dissensions In that regiment. Tbe parties fought with the saber, and were both slightly wounded Had not the seconds Interfered, doubtless oue or tbe other of the parties would have been killed, as they fought with no little animosity and determination. Tbe pltse of meeting was near Greenwood Cemetery. THR FIRST or THR N*W GUN BOATS. The firs- of tbe new gun boita launched for tbe navy, at New York, has been named, by Mrs Hamilton Fish, the*' Unadilia." from an Indian river falling into the Susquebanun. The "Unadilia" Is to be armed with tbe first of Dablgren'a 150 pounder rifled guns. CHARTERED The tow boits Edwin Forrest and Tigress, of Baltimore, have been chaptered by Government for tbe purpose of towing war vessels and barges up the Potomac. Tbe tug Erastus Herbert, of New York, has also been^chartered for the same purpose. A COLORADO REt. IMFST. Hon. S N. Pettis, Associate Judge of Colorado Territory, who is now here, has secured the acceptance by the War Department of a Regiment of Cavalry or Mounted Riflemen, offered by that territory. Tbe hardy pioneers and rough riders of tbe prairies cannot fall to become good soldiers. LATEST FROM WRSTKRN VIRGINIA. The War Department received a telegram yesterday from General Rosencrans, who, with his army, has neither been surrounded nor eaten up "bodaciously," by tbe disunlonlsts, as their sym. pathlzers here allege. KAVY TAID. Affair > Uotcn Rieer?Gun Boats?Arrival oj Mutineers of the Weic York Twenty-first?The other Mutineers, ifc , fc. This morning the James Jerome came around to the yard from Georgetown, on her way to New York, with forty hogsheads of rendered tallow, consigned to Smull Sc. Sons, froin J. Jonei, the government beef contractor over the river. 'I he Jerome expected to take on a quantity of ordnance stores for the Brooklyn Navy Yard to-day Last night the Jacob Bell, under the charge of Gunner David Roe, went down the river and joined the Potomac flotilla She carries an eight inch shell gun and one thirty-two pounder. The Underwriter is rn^ldly approaching completion, and will doubtless go down this evening. She carries a huge six-Inch rifled cannon forward and an eight-inch shell gun aft. The steamer Baltimore came up last evening, and again went down on business with the flotilla Lieut. Patterson has gone down to take command of the steamer Release, (Ice Bvat,) vice Lieut. Parker, who returns to his duties at the Navy Yard. The rhUadelpbt* iim! Mount Vernon arc at the Navy Yard, awaiting orders A large amount of timber, Ac , which had been loaded on board schooners at Blagden's wharf for New York, has been detained by Government, and will doubtless be purchased for use at the yard. Lait night, forty mutineers of the New York Twenty first regiment, stationed at Fort Hunyon, w?-re taken to the yard, with an order from Brig Gen. McDowell accompanying the list of names consigning them to the Dry Tortugas for service on the military works^ Their name# are : Company A, John Farlev; company E, John Gray, corporal; Richard Eagle, John Obrlan, Lewis Strait, George 8. Cook, Chas Ball, John Dames, John Vallean, Alfred Warren, Thos. Gordon, John La Fevere, Geo Venable, Henry J. Ltnman, Henry Grun, Henry Clock,*D H. Yearman, company H, Silas Arnold, Ralph Arnold, Thomas Colter, Frank Sherman. The following are from the various companies: Eltsha R Ames, Conrad Alllb, John Bell, Ja*. Dyer, John Daw. James Fall, Egnatv Gangloff, George Hurley, James Hurley, Henry Johnson, Frederick King, Christopher King, Joseph Lee, War Lessicks, James 8. Mills, Patrick Mahony, Joaeph Miller, Charles Moran, Jamts McKane, E. Norria, Nelson Porter. AustiruSallsbury. Finley Spurrier (corporal), Christian Steinweigb, James F. Taylor. James A Thompson, and Wm H Watson Theae were marched ower last night, order company D, of the same regiment, and quartered In the mould loft of the yurd, formerly occupied by a portion of the New York Seventv flr?t Fifty cf the Maine Second hare been removed from the Powbatan and placed with these of the twenty-first; all of whom are now guarded by company D, under Lleuts Wheeler and Doyle Three of \b~ Twenty-flrat, claiming to be British subjects, were placed on board the Powhatan with the mutineer! of the Maine Second and New York Thirteenth. All the mutineer* are under the charge of Lieut. Prltchett, of the Yard, and their sick, of whom there are ssversl, are attended to by Dr Matthews There are now in confinement at the Navy Yard 140 mutineera, who are having a fine time, no drilling and plenty to eat. A term on the Tortugas will doubtles* convince them that we have a government and open the eyes of others who are e?pressing their dissatisfaction at they know not what. [Hpeclal Correspondence of the Star ] Poiht or Rocks, Aug I# ?Editor Star . The whole of Gen. Banks' command has left .- andv Hook, and will encamp for the time being near the mouth of the Monoracy river on the Potomac. The rebel pickets occupied Harper's Perry last nighr. There was firing by n1rk?t* ICtrKi I > - - -- * " - ?" " _ i wi, iuu it IB aaia I wo of tbe r?*bfl? were killed The work u|k>ii the bridge la auapended It wauled hut two spans to complete It Tbe Impression Is thit Johnson will tuove this way In force He will get a hot reception It la possible that aa Uarper's Kerry la not o?x upted, and but one regiment at Sandy Hook, they may turn tbelr attention tbat way. Aa we occupy the ratlroad not far from It, a movement to rut thein off tould toon be made Tbere la reliable Information bere tbat tbe enemy la concentrated at l.?*rabnrg, aome tbouaanda strong, ?rlth field plt-vs Tbe cool weatber and i tbe approach of September will aoou bring on ' movements In tbla region, and we abould uot be : aurprlaed If Banks' column will soon be In active work. H* la a man of excellent judgment, and j all bave confidence In him. All well and In good < splflta, aad want to see Johuaout 1 THE stbamh ?IPaKT . Bktaitowh, Md., Aug 19, '01.?Ediiot btmr: | The owner of the steamboat Olpsey complalua bitterly of the Inexplicable treatment ha baa re- 1 celved from the United States Government He la^a. himself iiul ??<? - ' , ?vtvw woe ua are in j the Union; and besldoa, honestly attending to bit own bMines; wu faithfully fulfilling a mall ? contract with the Government? hit boat wu < mornlnc and ores lag boarded and examined by 1' 8 oflcor at Fort W ashl ngton where ahe ' topped going to and r<turning from Ateiua drla Nothwithstanding, without th? remote* ( cauao, ?ald boat was tafcen by the Navy Pepart 1 meat, fastened to the brig Perry, the bar broken Into, books, accounta, Ac., amounting to over j ?400, thrown over board, and a day or so after < fore lag the captain and crew to narrowly escape with their livea Of coarse the owner's route, ' trade and travel are now entirely broken np and l destroyed. A Coriictiom ? We learn that John Thomas , Christopher Colum boa Clark, Incidentally alluded i to tn yesterday's Stnr aa being In tbe Confederate < army, baa done no such thing, and therefore take pleexure in making this correction. We are told that be is a good Union man. and are sincerely glad to be able thus to tell tbe public of tbe fact. We wish we could say the same of all the late "National Volnnteers " C7- To the publishers, Tlcknor & Fields, we are Indebted for an advance copy of the Atlantic | i Monthly for September, handsome, readable, and 1 up to tbe times We had supposed that the At- ! Ian tic ww at good as magazine could be made i to be, but tbe publtahera on their fonrth page an- < nounce many new features of Interest for coming numbers. [p* Se De Kay, the war correspondent of the Louisville Conrler, accompanying the Southern army, writes: " We of the Kentucky Battalion yet hope to place Breckinridge and Burnett In a triumphal i car when we enter the atreeta of Washington V Appointed ? Cbarlea B. 9baw, of Virginia, baa been appointed to a first-clan (SI ,*200) clerk* 1 ahlp In the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury, vice J. R. Younir, of Mississippi, removed. ParwMl. General J. M Denver, of California, la at Klrkwcod'a. .... General Lyon waa unmarried. He leaves three brothers and three alatera Later frsn Eaript. 8t. John*, August 20.?The steamer Canada pissed off Tape Rare yesterday afternoon with Liverpool advices of the 10th Inst The reamer rtaxonia arrived out on the 5th. European political affairs are unimportant. The aspect of American affairs claims undivided attention. Dr. Rusaeil, In another letter to the Times, on the battle of Bull Run, asserts that there were no during deeds on either side, and no desperate struggle, exc? pt by those who wanted to get away. The London Dally Niws defends the Northern army. The London Times In an editorial takes the recent speech of Mr. Valtandlgham as evidence ./ 1 ?* V- * * * * ~ ' im ur i uau'i mm will uf orougni aijainsi t'resident Lincoln If the South la succenful It aaya { that only a victory by which the stain of Manama . lay be f-tt'aced and the South Induced to come to terma ran aecnre the I'realdent from the cooae- 1 quenrea of having begun civil war. The London Globe obaervea, with regard to the blockade question. that a blockade la a right of war; but bv what right, whether of war or peace, can Congresa empower the Executive to draiat from the blockade, and aubatltu'e the levying of official dutlca on gooda about to be landed In terrltorlea where that Executive can attord no protection to them from further execution or speculatlon in any abape. The Shipping Gazette <<>m plains that the blockading squadron on tbe coast of America appears determined to interrupt marine commerce In defiance of the beat underatood maxima of international law, and at tbe riak of a collision with the forrea of the maritime powera. The London Post, In an editorial on the blockade question, aava if unfortunately England ahould be compelled Into a quarrel, the blame will not reat with England, but with the government which baa endeavored to effect the ru n of Innocent commerce to enforce tbe validity of a blockade which It la manifestly lncompete.it to I maintain * | Tbe Times of the 10th inatant remarks that Americana of the North even take pleaaure in tbe aenaatlon cauaed by their recent unparalleled de- i feat. Another letter from Mr. Ruaaell aaya, he hiving : acquired further Information reapectlng the Ijiht, | baa come to the following conclualon : " There waa not a bayonet charge made by tbe Federal j infantry during tbe day There was not a caarge j of any kind made 1>V the Confederate rjvalrv I J ? * J upon any regiment of the enemy until they broke. There wu not a hand to band encounter between . any of the regiments There wsi not a lattery j charged or taken toy the Federalists There was no maaked batteries in play by Confederate!. There was no annihilation of rebel horse bv the Zouaves or others A volley fired by one battalion ' emptied three saddles among a bod v of horse who j approached at some distance, and the infantry t wtljrti prrformed ttie execution then rt-Uied, and i there were no desperate struggles except by those t who wanted to get away " He then alludts to the approach of the Confederates towards Washington, andsnys the Union < troops were complaining of nothing having been paid them, and about bO.OOt) of the three months ; men had left, or were about to leave. The Dally News wnrmlv defends the Northern j army from tbe malignant attacks made on account of the retreat from Manassas?the estimate formed f on the tiightof a mere panic stricken mobofcamp I followers, and eulogizes th? gallant y of the Union troops. In tbe same article the News says that the aim of the South Is to extend and perpetuate , slavery. . COMMERCIAL. I Liverpool, Aug. 10 ?Breadstuff's?Flour Is dull at'ifes Wheat is quiet and prices barely main- i talnul; red Western ta3daI Is; Southern lls'tdalls J tvKlto **/ ? ?.*? w 11 " * * ?, n?.?i cncm oouuiern us*i-ss(><l Corn ' infirm; mixed 30sr3<? 6d; yellow 30s t>d*30s yd; white 31s Gd. ] Provision*--Beef ! steady with a decllns for lower qu ihtiea. Pork has a downward tendency. : Bacon'i-i3s. Lard It dull. ( THK L.atkst via Q0if**town i The Aula arrived at Queenstown on the 10th. The Liverpool cotton market closed quiet on Saturday, but firm, with sales of*,(Ml bales. The breadstufl* market closed heavy. The weather has been favorable for ths crops Provisions closed dull but prices unchanged. Consols closed at , ' Art Important SmztJnm?Reported Capture < / tkt Sumter?She t* Trapped at Curacoa ?Bv the arrival of the schooner Haoilbal at New York from St Thomas, we learn that news was received at St Thomas on U 3d of August that (he rebel , privateer Sumter had been captured by one of our men-of-war, said to be the Niagara This report was received by a steamer which had arrived at St. Thomas from Curacoa. ( It Is stated that the Sumter had lost a man In Curacoa, and being unable to find him, left for a cruise, to return In a few days Meantime an American man of-war came Into port, and lay In w?it for her. When tbeSumter returned ?be fell | Into the hand of our frigate and wan at last dates lying in the port with a Union flag flying. < A NoBLK-hkabtkd Lady.?A young lady of ( fortune, belonging to our city, Is now In Washington, and has tendered her services to the Army j Committee cf th?* Young Men's Christian A mod- I atlon, In their attentions to the wounded solders She also desire* the coniniliua t? -? ?? _ ___ ..w ~ "** *" of it> agents, a young man, a graduate of the Union Theological Seminary, whw whole ex- i penaea she will poy while engaged In the inta- . aiou.? yew York Trtbun? A Noblk RmiMtNT? A Chicago paper says: "All honor to the First Iowa regiment! Their J term of enllatment expired aome two week ago, , and although living on half rations, exposed to peculiar hardships, without pay and without decent clothing, they volunteered unanimously to remain In General Lyon'scolumn ao long aa there waa any decent proapect of a light with the rebel. " 1[7~ Arcordlug lo a proclamation of Gov J Brown, of Georgia, that State baa furnished seventeen thousand troops for the rebel army, and I equipped them at thecoat of nearly three hundred thousaud dollars, exrlualve of the arms, which, ! of course, coat nothing, aa they were atolen from the government Gov Brown says that all the arms at hi* disposal are now exhausted. ( Cj"The Sprlngfleld armory Is helng filled with ] workmen and night work Is to be done, when < the production of rilled muskets will amount to j 300 per d?y Four new shops are to be erected as ' soon as practicable, when the amount will be ! largely Increased and the cost of the arm* reduced ( to about *10 apiece IH^The money which It waa reported Geueral Slegel took with him In his retreat towards Holla, * belonged to the Springfield branch of the State Bank of Missouri. and amounted to about ?*2sn - ' iw i( was placed In General Lyon's charge for ?afe keeping by the directors. I Claiborne Fo* Jackson. who was elected c laat year Governor of Mlaaouri, but subsequently run away from the State In petticoat disguise, haa Iwiied a proclamation from Memphis, Tenn , de- ] r.larlng Mlaaouri free and Independent, and no J longer connected with the United States. U7 It la reported aa a fact that a member of tbe J Iowa Leglalature made thirty-four thousand dol- , lara profit out of the contract to clothe the State ] Volunteers Tbe name of this smart operator ; ihould be known to the world. j (D? Boston la expanding Itself In every dlrao- f lion. The Directory tor 1853 contained 38.000 6 names?that for 1661 contains 00,000. I.JT The Totedo Blade la Informed that over ] 1,000 sharpshooters will be raised in the States at Dhlo, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. 07" Thev are forming rtfte cooapanlss la CantJa The Toronto Leader calls tm 90,000 mora Britlah regulars before winter sets la 1C7" Tbe Confederate chief announeas that tbe i ?ttctal report of the battle of Boll Ron will not be published j V 0 i THE WAR IN MISSOFRK. St. Lons. Aug -A) ?Gen 81 gel, Major Conant, md several other ofBeera have arrived from Roll* wltk a large number of wounded of the different reg'menta In the late battt?? napt M aarlce was del Vied to procoed to Springletd, onder a flag of truce, to bring away Capt Cavaader, Corporal Conant. and the body of Gen Lyon. JxrvKit>on Citt, Mo., Auar 19?While Col SDpela, of the Fifth Missouri Reserve Corpa, and Rat. Wortbington'a Fifth Iowa, were coming dcwn the river on the Government ateam?-r, they were frequently flred upon with cannon and amall arms by the secessionists from the banka. killing ore and wounding seven or eight of the troopa lao5Ton, Mo , Aug 17?A messenger brlnga Information that Col Hecker, who left here on Thursday with his reeHnent. surprised a body of rebels 100 strong, iu*r Frederic klown, early y?s tcrday morning He captured all their camp rqnlpage. bud bis men ate the breakfast whicn b?d just been prepared. Twelve prlaoners were al?o taken Gen rrentaaa has arrived and taken command of all the forces in 'his section. Holla, Mo., Aug. 18?Captain Emmett McDonald was In town to dav He reports that Captain Charlea R. Rodgera, ild de-camp to Governor Jackson, aud Captain S*fepLens A Golmes. both of St Louis, were killed in the battle of the 1Mb. Also, that General McCUlough's force before the battle, was *2 000 strong, and their killed and wounded was 2.500 to 3,000 General Slgel received hlscommlsslon as brigadier general on Saturday..and assumed command cf the Federal forces yesterday McDonald was escorted beyond the Udps yesterday, and sent on bis way to Sprlngfl^d Our wounded at Springfield are reported to Be doing Wetter The correspondent of the St. Louis Republican

furnishes the following: Genera) Sterling Price has Issued a proclamation at Springfield, to the effect that a great vlc'ory has b<*en won, and the northern oppressors of Missouri hnv<> ktfn driven back; that every one belonging t<Wbe Home Guard organlzitlon will be regarded and treated s an enemy to the Southern Confederacy, but that the protection would extend to such who quietly return to their homes and allow the sou' h^rn sway to prevail, and that whoever recognizes the Provlilcnal Government of Missouri will be considered is an enemy to the State, and dealt with accordingly Captain McDonald reports that Generals Price md Clark were slightly, and Brigadier General 'lack seriously wounded in the late engagement Also, Colonel Bay, formerly Captain of Jacksou's bodyguard S S. TROOPS FIERI) CPnN AT A R A ILF O ADflk ATIO*. JFFPKkso7f, Mo. Aug 20 ? Inform^on has 'eached here that Warsaw, Bolivar and Osceola, Dolntfl in th#? innfKwMtAm r ? - ? ???VI ?v l ?IVII ??? ?UC uave been occupied by portions of Gen Price's lecesslon army Also that the secessionists under Dol Staples had gathered in considerable force q Pettis and Johnson counties, and taken possesion of Warrensburg In Johnson, and Georgetown ind SedelU In Pettis county Squads and coraxnies are constantly le>vlng the northern coun;ies and pushing Southerners to join the secession 'crces. There is much excitement among the !>eople west of here, and many are leaving their lomes It Is stated that Col Staples can concentrate a force of 3(KK) men. and will co-operate In a novement upon this city, should It be deternlned 01. As the train which left Syracuse this morning K ith 25 passengers and 250 U S. troops, passed tear Lookout station, some thirty shota were ired at it from behind a wood pile, kklliug one loldier and wounding six?one fatally k. FIGHT AT CHARLESTON?TtlX CONFEDERATES UOUTEP St. Locis. Aug 20?The town of Commerce, VTo., about forty miles above Cairo, which was aken possession of on Sunday by tho secessiontts. who planted a battery there, was retaken last nfcrht hv Si nf IT a ?* J ? J ? '-! w ?? ?nrv %J O - 11 VUI * ? fill UUW|| 'rom Cape Gir ^rdeau by order of Gen Fremont, rhc rebels mad* no stand, but retr?ated with their battery on the approach of our troops Tbeir torce wa? about 150 infantry and the same number of cavalry Cairo, Aug 20 ?A tight took place last nljjbt it 1'2 o'clock, at Charleston, on the Cairo and Pulton railroad, between a Ft:ieral force, eonsistng of the 22d Illinois regiment, under command >f Col. Dougherty, accompanied by Lt Colonel Rawson, of the llth Illinois regiment. The rebel 'orce was estimated at from fi'Jli to TtH> men, comiianded by Col. Hunter, of Jeft Thompson's irmv The Federal force was victorious, completely routing the rebels, killing 4 and laklne 17 prisoners The loss on our side was only one nan killed, Wm P. Sharp, of company A ys3*OFFICE METROPOLITAN POLICE U? BOARD, Washisstoh August 19, 1861. Wotxtr ?All applioat'ons lor apf oirtmont-i in th? 'Metiop.- litan hilioe of tae District ot OoiU'ni.ia" unMunftuurcginawi;*' roiiaet'om lSSIotlSrs, in writing, ami filed wifh th? Clerk of 'lie Board, it their t.ffioe in 'he City Hal , Washington, bewe?n the hours of ? o'clock a. hi. and ? o clook p. n , naMI Monday, the Sbtn instant; after ?bi h, hi ipplica it n wi I t>? r?oeived. Br order ol the Boar?*: J F. BROWN, an SSMit Acting Secretary^ vT^-COMPANY "A/* U. 8. ENGIN?KRS.1 9 Fifty intelligent and able bjdi*d mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max mum fix?a by law?I5n inen. Inquire at !So. O street Pay from SflS to 33t P?r month. asides food and clolhirg. an 17 tf Tj|=? NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. Collector's Orrir* / ir<j*Aintrp? .<???/-( 8, a?il \ The taxes for 1361 have been fix?d at fifty cents >n th? one hundred riollara. A discount of tiernty }"r cent, is allowed under the law for prorr.pt payment. "Coin and due bills. or certificate* of indebted less of this Corporation of the derrmmation five lol'.ara," are alone receivable in thepavimiit of ?xes. WILLIAM 1)1 XON. an H-6'eo Collector ) THE (JNION VKAYKK MEETING 15 will l>o hoiilen EVERY DAYinthe E aueet B&piiat Ctmrcli^comirienciiic M S o'clock p. ni *?>d ro ub cunrti/upa an hour. !*tranjor* as veil as aitixeci of a I denomination* are invite-l to attend in<!i_talr? part in theap gooial meetings m 21 (Y?p? *1 HAY, STRA*GKR. WHF.RE ARE LL3 you going ? Von *et m to be-in a grant hurrrT "So ! am. I am go nr to SMITH'S, No. 4*0 Seventh street, to bur tig t ?.f Clothing. The peop f gat ho has a very ntoe aavrurent. and tliey say he aella thorn so cheap.'' ,Yett.?The la?t saw of the stranger. he wu running Seventh street aingin* out''S^tlTH, N-?. 460." m21 Sm F'OK ?A' K?A ap.en 'id new n<' top IH'GGV. mads Oy'he mo't cejptirai) (1 manufacturer in Raltimo.e. Apuy a' W M C. M 1,1.KK'S ''ale, L'vfry, and Hiring-table, oornei of Sixth a'd C strata. au 21 3 *_ NOTICE TO CO^MGNKFS?ThesteanrrC. C. Alg< r. fror.i Philadelphia. hai ^ arrived, and i? di?chargiiig cargo.^^^jto*^* liooda readv fordflirery. HYDE A DAVI'^SON, Agsnta, It Georgetown. D. C. M NOTICE. R. M WIL'.IAN r??pectfull? mforma h?? [VitnJa a d tSe pul> io general ? tt-at he has ?pene.1, in association wrh Mr. OTTO >*GHLOKMER. of New \ ork, at 301 HkH>?TLVA?SIA AVKWr*, Between 9Ik and I ik streets, sou h sid*. \ 8to <? lor the sate ol the choio-st WINF8, BRAND I.S, eta ; alio. HAVANA ( IGARS, BOLOGNA SAUSAGE?, WESTPHALIA HAMS,?all of their o*rn imoortation. M. VVII.I.IAN, OTTO SCHLOF.MER. Washington, Augnat 20,1*6' (Int.) an21 3w r\DnD/lk!t t 43 f?/>n n/v * t ? ?'" iwi voAuo run A U W UUU? Department op the Interior, > Auiuit 10,1861 < Sealed proposal* will be received at thia i?ejarimer.t until IS o'c'ock in. on Saturday, the 31st n tant, for furnishing for the use of this Depart meat and the ditfereoi bra icies thereoi? 41 o toni best White Veh Coai, 80 ton* beat R< d Aah Coal, ion oorde Oak Wno1. 12 oord? b-?at Baker'* Pine Wood The wood to be delivered at suon timea and in tuoii quanti lea aa ma he wanted. Bids lor the ooal a,d wood will be oonaidered teparate'y; and satisfactory arrangement; mast ?e ?iad" for the oorrect measurement of eaoh. The Deparim nt reserves the right to ordar a greater or less quantity, at mar be required. The proposals to be addrersed to the Sdperin endenl or the Departmei.t of the Interior, and etlorited. 'Proposals for Coal aad Wood " au il-wtAu31 r< . R ECEI VE1>? Lt 'I.DKN SYRUP. NO. MOLASSES, Brown. Yellow, aud Coffee SUGARS, Crashed and Powtier?d SUfiiARS, 3A1S1NS, CI'RR ANTS PIGS. fRli sK-* BARLEY. SPLIT PEAS. JHEfcSKan'l MACK! R KL, f?u'e t;i DER VINEGAR, Pullman's FLOUR and other ohoioa quality Flours, in barrela and Bacs With a good assortment of Family Groceries, or as la for oath, at L. A. DELL WIG'S, au to3t* Beyenth street, Nary Yard. T*0 SUTLERS m AND PED^ERS We havejnat r*o*iv*<i on c<>naunment lOftdoicn ium POKTEM ON NAIL'S winch we will sail iheap for rMh. BONTZ k 6RIFK1TH, Auction and Cnmmiasinn Mercliaote, ?ni l9 St 3697ih at., Iwtwwn 1 and K ?U. I> UTTER, CHEESE, L> AND KtiOft. 4/WO pouuda Freah Batter, New York Qoahen, >eat quality Freeh Erg? arriving <3ai y, for ??! 1 the loweet rate Cooling Butter for eaie che*p It No. 440 Eighth atr-et, between Pa avenue end Jetrret fail iM/) PE. DUTROW. f AROK INVOICE OF TIN WARE JUbT Li received and will be eold at a great eaenfioe or the eaeh oompriaing? 0 doaen J, 4 6 10. 12 and 16 ^uart Tin Pans, 00 do Tin *iot Cues, o grose Tin Plate*, lleo, Tin nana. Water Buoke:e. Butter RetAuotion and Comoueaiou Metetuuits, aa .1*97th at,, betwefa 1 aodg ete. Tuningaptl repairing of Piano*fcitUal-'^VJ' I SICK AND WomDED MLOfKEI la Haspltal. Aafiat 1* 1M1. Fubhtktd ui cmfermiif with th* ritnlmi-m / th* StnMt o/ July It, IMt. A* GtUlfl on K tlrttl. bftrrern Ftmrth and Fifth ftrittg, ITutMflM. 1st Rep SlcklcaRrtjr. - 2 Tammany Rep....(rf) I 2d do d* ( ) ?fc Mass. Volon'eers.. 1 1st N. V Zouam.... t ad Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do Voluateers.. 1 3d do do.... 1 7th do d?.?... l 1st Minnesota Vol .... > 14th do do 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 1 15th do do ..... 1 3d do do.. 9 17th do do 1 5th do do.. 1 IH!h do do 2 6tb do do.. & 21st do do 1<l?th do da.. * 22d do do 1 '/7th do do.. 2 24th do do 3 M New Jersey Vol ... 2 25th do do 1 Sd Mslne Voluateers . 2 27tb do do 12 3d do do 0 28th do do 1 1th do do ..(t)S 31st do do.. (?) 3 5th do do. 3 334 da do 2 2d New Hampshire .. 6 35th do do f 2d Mtchtfsn 2 3fl'h do do 2 4th do (/) * 37'h do do 3 2d Wisconsin 3 3Sth do do ljl&th Indians 5 69th do do 111st California Vol 2 Ail. -? - ? - I I'JIU go ao .. (C) 2j ? Mozart Regiment l| Total 90 ta) Including an officer (b) One "(Brer (?) One officer, (d) One officer. (?) Two officers (/) Two officers. At SiMMVf Htspital, Gtorgttoicn. lot Artillery I 7#tbN Y Volunteers.. 4 2d do 1 Do Tammany .. A 3d Maine Volunteers .81 l>o De Kalb 4 3d do do * 1st Michigan Vol i filh do do 1 id do do 1st Mnso. Volunteers.. 1 3d do do 4 Ttb do do 2|4tb do do 23 3d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st Minnesota do 12 llth N Y-Volunteers. 2 Kicelslor Brigade.... 2 2d do do 1 8th Pei n?\lvanls 1 31 do do 2 lUth do ........... 3 10th do do 1 19tb Indiana 3 llth do " do 1 13th New York 2 25th do do 1 Teamster 1 33d do do...... 1 Total 103 At Union Hospital. corntr of Eridgt and Washington streets, Georgetotrio va Y. voiunteera.. ? 9?b Maaaachnaetta 2 13th do do 1ft14d Vermont 1 14th do do 9 3d do 18 17th do do 2 ?th Pennsylvania Vol. 3 19th do do 1 9th do do.. 1 22d do do 1 10th do do.. 4 ilth do do tilllth do do.. 3 25th do do l;'?ith do do.. 1 Sfi'h do do 1 '27th do do.. 9 33d do do 9 3d New Jersey 3 69th do do 11 l?t Minnesota ? 79lb do do 11 |lat Connecticut 1 Mozi't N V. do 6 lat Ohio 1 Tammany do Ho 4 lat New Hampshire .. 1 id Michigan Vol 3 3d do 1 3d do do...... 6-id U 9. Cavalry 2 4th do do 1? *thl'.8 Infantry .... 1 id W'lwonain do 11 19th Indiana H 'id Maine do 2 9turjr1a RltleCo..Chl1th do do 3 cago I fith do do 2 lat Ma*sacbusetts 1 Total It:9 At Hospital at Columbia College, Washington *id Maine Reg Vol .. 3 79th N Y. Volunteers. 2 3d do do 9 Tammany N Y do ... ( 5'h do do 15 Garibaldi do do .. 2 iii) *1 n \r?t *?? u oi ?-i? ?. ** ?? ? ? *u . it. luiunnxn.. c ?icKlfVltri2 ^ 1 > OI n 3d Vermont d? 2 IttReg N V Cavalry ? v!d Tonn do 1 10'b Man Volunteti* 11 'id N Y. Volunteers. .15; 15tb do do S fth do do 3 3d N.J. do t 11th do du 2 3d do do 3 ; 12th do do 2 27th Peno. Volunteers i . 14th do do 6 29*h Indiana do 19 | 18:h do do '2 let Minnesota do 4 '/id do do 8 2d Wlaronelndo 1 24th do do,.;... 7'1st Michigan do 1 I 2-Vh do do...... 1 2d do do 4 26th do do 2:3d do do 10 27th do do 3 4th do do 6 32d do do...... 111st California Vol .... 5 33d do do 14|lstU 9 Cavalry 4 31th do do 3 2d do Dragoons.... I 3Mb do do 1 3d do Infantry..... 1 36th do do 51 ? , 37th do ado 3| Total *>7 I At Gtnrral HotpUal, So. 360 C ftrtet, IT*thing ton . 1st Reg U B.Cavalry.. 4 5th Reg U 8 Artillery. 9 ! 2d do do....14 1st do Infantry.. 1 . 2d do Drajfcoaa 1 2d do do-... 2 } 1st do Artillery..12 31 do do....14 i 2d do do.... 4 8th do do.... 6 1 3d do do.... 3; ? | Total 7t) At General Hospitml, Amgmet 9 1st Cavalry Ij2d Maine t 'id Cavalry 2 -Id do 5 lat Artillery 1 3d Michigan 2 12th New York 3 2d do I 1H L do 3 tat Maasachuaetta 1 3i?t do i nth do i 27th do... 11 Mozart 1 3-'h do 7:lit Minnesota ? 32d do t|2d Wtaconaln 3 79 h do 2 2d Vermont 6 37ib do I lat N-w Jertrv 2 69<h do 2 PI re Zouaves 2 7lat do 1 2d New Hampshire... 2 4tU Maine 7 Tean.ater, U 3 A.... I 5th do 3 ? Total 75 Sick remaining in the Hospital far Eruptive Dtfastt 14th N Y Volunteer*. 1 5th Wisconsin Vol. .. 4 I 31st do do I 1st Minnesota do.... 1 34'h do do 2 2d Cavalry 1 8<h Pennsylvania Vol . 5 leth Artillery 1 tuti do do.. ?|3dInfantry 1 llth do do., ft 8tb do.. 1 Pith do do.. 1 Regiment Gov2d Vermont do.. 1 ernor'a Island 1 10th Maaa do.. 1 ? ToUl 37 lf~7~ Washington papers please ropv and send bills to the War Department aug 21?d.'r NOT ICE.?Br order of the Board of Trustees of the Public s-oIh"*') o' th.? city, pr^p >s?U will be rff-eived by ??<e underaig^ed inti M n ay. au gu*t 26th. for ih i ?upplr of auoh Statione r ?n1 ex -Boks fur the to?obers a-.d vndig?*n pupiis uf the Pubiio r>cho<ls a? may b? reenir d forth ensuing coho a tic y.^r. rn ing July Stat, 1862, to be furmah d intuoii quantities a* may be n^cetaery f om amo to time. PeibOua desirixc to bid fo th* above Mill be furnished vithaliat of U>' books a d oth-r articles requ red upon app i? a on to t underline 1 V. HAKBAUUH. &u 19-MWF Treasurer^ A notice. 1.1a Persons indebted t? R. Bnoe Fa'l ai* reauebted to coin fnrwara at an early day and settle t.eir aooounte w>tfa the un<lersiio?0. Truate of th* said ha 1. for the ben fit of his oreditor?; otherwise tn^r will be pot in & proper train foroolleotion aoeord.ng to law. TULO. SHUCKEf.S au 16 6teo Truaeefor R. Bnoe Hall. ATTK^TIOX, FlRMhRA! -FOR 4 L E? About on* bundled 'WINK, large^^^TW and small, inoctl* of the pure Suffolk and Chester breeds. Amor g >h "ni are a Sul lULi f<> k Boar and three sows, rqusl to ani in me I lilted State*. The ho;s may ne a en at the place of Mr John Douglas, near the Eastern Branch B idee, east of the Caeitol. Inquire ot RU?BEL PRI8LEY, in whoeaolre the hogs are, or to ue subscriber. an 15-3teo* N. 8ARQBNT. n D N BOATB. VJI ? Qumrttrmmster OtmtrmTi M?, I Washimgtam City. Julf 18. 1K1 ( Plaj*? and SriciricATion* for kails of 9na Ra&u for the Westernnvsrs are on exhibition at this office, and at offioea of Qaartermastare at Pituburg. Cincinnati, rtt. Loaie and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo Bids akoaM be ent to Quartermaster General of the United States Army, at Washington, by let Hvl* Brig. Gee*1 aad Qaartarmaster Gsan. STE1NWAY * SONS' AND RAVEN * baCON'S PI AN OS.?A largs assort mt haa jnat been reoeived.? Persons in eearoh|HHB| of a reliable ititru rnent at a low priee are ITT IT! Ktoft'""" ? ?? ?" " ??" Orders reoeived lor Mr. MARCUS REblNK Piano Forts Titiw. n 11 "ClOLDIERS AND FELLOW CITIZENS." O Come to SMITH'S, No. 4*0 Seventh street, onsosit* PostOffioe,and bar yoar CLOTHING, Furnishing goods, TauSk*.tali**?, H ATS ar.dC* PW. at Norths n sness. Jt Il ls W HOYS' CLOTHING. E Have rsosived within the last day or tvoa large assortmsnt of B0Y8' SPRING CLOTHING, smbraemg all styles of low-pr.oed, mediam, s:S5 fine 4 sail ties, which we are selling at VWT low ?rtoee for oash. _ WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. S9fl P?- sr. kstwMr. <*h RfXlMk sL ib tl < luf Oir?T)?n?r'>mt" *** "^* ' TDEATH-DEATH-DKATH! O KomIim, PUm, Aats, ft*. Um Umur^tor. LarreaarfftnaralatookofMadioinM, '^"S.\5SSb-? LpV.?aW^i^a5^*IK: ?lw r? fre?ti. Ai#o,freah ypjiaaof Pure NmI* MOOREHW-tE^I^ A aid W%ier, with aiM strap* oidiftraat UTort, ^la^&uratoa iaa agpokot If vdioiaaa,Mkui jeosral assortment of TotT* AmoUa. <^***> - ? t # W B A V 4 ' ^ AUCTION SALES. Br WALL A BARNARD. AaotooMm ~ By virtue or a dekd of trust.?aty raeorda*. A prlf 7 i?*> ,inoi| Um lo-d raoortf* ?f Wuktaftoi matt. D. ?tka 4*rii|Ml| XIMlail of lh# Tliirtl Hdi iUbc AtMtkttM" Of D. C.. wall, oa Aiiut i?Ui a*xt, at ? ? -. rxpoaa at Mblia Mctioi tha foilowinc fc??t?U,eitseiee ib WukncM Ci*y. II. CZ Ot the eorn*r of N ilr^t oorU Md Varaaoal aa. known u the w?t fcaif of Lot *a. t, ja fxtt&Ar.sfcrnsrTariaa raada known at a\l* A".."7,,T2r%??t*? M fart*??af. wa' tko cqx. i ? . CHAKI.F? M *ATTHFW*. T""^ I jylTJawAda WALLA BARNARD. Ai?H 1KaS<KSSSfS?pT?/i!*fiv\V 1 RNOON.ZM mac. atm hoar taditae* n.n go 3t wa1.l. A B A RN * RD. Aaota. : STWALL A bak > AMD. Amuo*mti 1l4>rt<k^.cabts. waoons. andotrkb i fl Woiiim broc *. At ArcrioK ? Oa THUlTsi D \ f, 22d mat . U in o'oiook. wa wiJ aail la front I of tha Ate ion Kooma? 4 Horaoa. CawU. \Va<< n? Hamaaa, VI ?rgc Track moB Arid Harr'aa, u?cy. Plowa Pi?ka. Awvrla. Hat Kmf*. FwJiea, BrW aa, Gn-ii|. Tool*, Laaferr, Ht?bt? I m'bi-ura. Aa , A<* Aa. Termaooah. WALL * BARNARD. OB 19 Aaot? n?r By WALL A BARNARD, n G^LJSHt'HSMKKW nASKRAX ??. i tv .? .?A'U VM l/A I July 3, wa will aril. :a front of oar aootaoo rooww1 Gray Horaa, warrauted aoand. kiad. t*4 |nd?, Mid works wall is harn*aa, 1 Sync Wa? ob, naar y new, aaitabia lor ft frooti or axpreaa waton Sa'e poaitiva. Term a ouk. ' an U WAI L A BARNARD, Aaata. By BONTZ * GRIFFITH, AMtMWtn. TRU*TBK*? SALE OF HOUSE *NP LOT m mi NomTMKBB Lmut m.-B; virtaa or a deed in traat hearing data oi> Um lU <'ay of t?e. tobo*, IW>. a'd ree rdad in Libar J7 A. S, No. 1M, folios ?rn. 304 and W. the aab?erib?r will aall, at pabiio aaJa on THURSDAY, tba fith day of Aujuat 1861. a* ? o'clock a n? the praaniaaa, a*ri of Lot No. 19. id anMiviaion of a^saraNo, 4R. fronting n feet 1IK inch's oa nth atraatwaat, ti hadepti ?' faet ;o an alley, with tba iawrovanianta oonaistinc of a two story and attic Frame l>we: ina Hoaaa. with oe lar. Tba above property ta eitaatad at tha aoraar af ?th street waat and M atre?t aor<kf la a raaidla improving pan of tha eitv. aid ?>ff < ra a favorable opaor'unty to peraena daairoaa of procannj a reside oe or making an lavaatmant. Term a oaab. If thatarma of aalbara not ooaip.i?t with ia Ira day a after tha aala tba proaorty will be roaold. ipoD ona week a' notice, at the riak and axpaaaa of the pnrohaaer. All ooaveyaaeiac at tha expaaaa of tha pnrohaaar. RiCHaRD a. KOMONSTON.Traatea. ul j?tdi hll\T7 > Oalf.lTb ? QOfl KM ILK DUPRK 0?VI PcilfiavLVAHIA Avi*n. Itvn Ividiiw, /niftrftr mmd Wk?U$mit Dt+lrr m KINK WINKS. BHANDIKS. SVGA RS, 9ARDlNKS.PirRl.KS PR K?ERVED FRUITS. CONDENSED MILE, AMoJPft'P SYRUPS. and CAMP SUPPUM*. JUST RKCK1VKD? 100 CASKS OLD BOURBON <I*S#> AT EMILK DCPRFS 1*05 BriLDiivs. 5)10 Pi. Avwrf. O R 1 FRKDKRIC Tl'STUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACVO, Tbe Bett Art.o* Kv?r In.pmt <1, <?o to KMILK DUPRK. Itox BriLDisn. 3U0 Pa- Arnri. JUST RKCFTVKD-" <0 Ca ?? larotTU SKI.TKRS WATER. In Original Store Bottle*. At aa >s i in km! le dupr e-g EfWl IUU\ LBS. ROUGH TALLOW AND OUU,UUll GREASE WANTED, for vkiHi the ?ne? wil' lie paid. Alao. I5flj)nn ibe of &OAP ud CANDLES (w ale oheap fnr ouh at the Nation*: Soap and Can dI* Work*. Green street and the CaoaJ, George town, D C. an l Ira C. R. JEWELL, Proprietor. Iibrary op congress. j *i6r?T j. I*i. Nr tioe ia hereh) tiven that the * I.iorar* of Co* : *:eea" will be ? n?M on Tneeoar the 13th fM of ADfuat. arM wili B"t be reopened until Taeettav, tne I7th day of September. mi John o rtkprbnson. u*?rt? THE ALEXANDRIA CHEAP STORE: 1 CAHPETISG PROM ALKX/tNDHW GKKAT HARGAINS : _ Onr stock of C* RPETING, OILCLOTH. RUGS, and STRAW MATTING ha? boen r?' moved he e f-otn A ex*ndriato beaoldoat to'e'hor I with our ibiek of Dry Ouodt, u?- a took of IV, tvtini oocsut of Braseels, Three ply. All-wool. ( frernin. W(x.|-l line Rac. and Hem* Carwti. w?ar* offering gr*?t bargaiaa. a* w? hire <m?t mineu to ael at and 1??? than ?oat, to eloM baaiiiMi 9 h W. MKVKKBKR8. auH-1 w 49 Market 9*aoe. ander Av?nue Hotw THK 9UB9CRIBKRS RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of tbe A'my aod Navy to their Tall mpal? <>f MIL1TAK Y^fll ana NAVAL. FliRNISH1NG G<m?DS, WK auoh at Indigo Blae Clothe and Doeakta*, WW C?p?, K.paueu. I^aoo*. yuoulder Strmpa. Be'ta, Swords. 9word Knot*. Cape. Hat#, and a'l I reepertive emiiro Jor? A ao. tla - oeiebrated PATENT FiLTK.KING CANTEEN. Ordera in that line rertMtfulIr aohcited. h r.LonboN ico.. Naval aad Military Mraliut Twl^ra. jy It aosni 3*9 l a at.. artdar Hrown'i Hotel. avondaTe flour" AVINO Made a'r*n?ementa with Meaara. Bakbocb A &bmmvi for the aale of my Hoar, they will a waye be pr*pa ed to eiioply my old frieoda am oaatonera. atd the trad* cere-VIv, at nuil price*. (fy?;m'Q? GF.O. WHKKI.KH. SELLING OFF AT HALF PRICE OIR en?ire etoek of ha-deome Floaneai B*reg? Rob**, in Hack at dco or*, all Lava and Organdy .V naliu Robe*. We deair* to oio?? out thia portion of atock at ouce. for ca?k, and ahaii offer great bargains to anrchaaera J. W. COLLBY * CO., J? X int*o fl83 H???nth atreet. above Pa aw. ClAL f* OTICE Ml VOLUNTEER*.9 .1 Vrirfl at SMITH'S, No.411 MfMtk atrat i.oppoaita the Port Ofu?e. a laraa lot of SPRlNGand 8UMMKR CLOTHING. TRIORS VALICE*. CAR PET BAG-, SHIRT COLLARS. TIES. HATSaid CAPS N. M.?All of the abovrt&iued good* for aaieat NorUWB price*. m>ar?-?wi J. W HMITH. CWkliiar. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Offer lor MJa tda lirnM uwrtanl TRAVELING TRUNKS to Ufommd thi? cit?. aumpr.aiiM b??t Sola UwbirHHM L*6io*' Draaa aud Packing Trunk*. uom. Carpst But, fct., which we are now M'Uag at vary lov prioea, wall.stepeens * co? Mil '90 Tlftvth&P^Ei 222^ KEVY X ENRIOQ* M tn? oornw o* r6niLM^? 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