23 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

23 Ağustos 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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? ; TilE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: y HI PAT Ao(i.t 93, 1861. ITT Tb? new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller thai ver of Metropolitan newi and gossip, and cholc< Mterary reading, is now on our counter ready fot ?leM rsry to the public. Embraced In Its enter' talnlng content# are the following articles: Hallow F.Vn Frolic, an excellent sketch; Matrimonial IuMlcitles. by an Irritable man; Prae tirsl Joke of s Chicago Fire 7.onave?rich; Ar Englishman's views of the American war, R us sell's letters to the l.ondon Times. Jl!?hly 1n'er?si1ng ard Important military budget; Full details of th? battle at Springfield. Mo , sod death of Geo Lyon; John Bull at the battii of Bull Run; The condtt.on oUbe army hospitals; Treasury Extrrslon: Young Men's Christian Association; Arrivals of Confederate prls oners; Melancholy suicide at the National Hotel; Meeting of the new Police Commission' ers, and refusal of Mayor Berret to take the oatt of allesianre: E*smln*tlnn?!ttt?i? s?ti. of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools; Disposition of th? mutineer! of the regiment# Criminal Court Executive, military, and departmental appoint menta, promotlors, and removals; Affairs In Fortress Monroe, Cairo. Missouri, and Weaten Virgin!#; Movement In Fairfax and along the Potomac: Mattera at the Navy Yard, and opera tlena down the river. teat telegraphic disnitcbes from all quarters; Agricultural, horticultural, and gardening mis rellanv; Household Recipes, Ac., 4c : toeethei with aeveral eolumna local news, general intelil tenre, poetry, select paragraph*, and general Information Thla la J cat the paper above all others for peraona sojourning In the National Metropolis to a'ad to their friends at a distance Price only three eenta per copy, or f 1.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit af tba n?rali| Preaa The IntilUg'nttr arguea that If, according to et of Congreaa, the President should by proclamation cloae the porta of the seceded Statea, there would be no relaxation whatever of the blockade The Ji*f>ubltcan asserts that, as soon aa the wai la over, Norfolk will be taken possession of by northern emigrants, who have been heretofore re< polled by the institution of slavery. THE NEWS IIKKE. A Sasssrroji us Nkwspapbidom ?We've an army of professional wr ters for the preaa in Wash* u ? ?- ??-* ? ?y-iua\m uunarru unM as many as are to be found In any other city in the world of like population Tbe occurrence of the slightest unusual matter In publir affairs nat irally sets the bive in motion, and the public places sf the city warm with them, In consequence, for aa hour 01 so. as the bees gather on and around the hive at the beating of a tin pan Last evening, when it became known, per telegraph, that the usual day'i bundles of New York papers destined South had been seised in Philadelphia by direction of the Government, the hive swarmed as hardly ever before, and br.zzed, buried, and buzzed over the wonder until it had been turned, twisted and ' traasoiagnified" Into all inconceivable shapes? some comical, and others hideous, and all ol Jtugely elaborated proportlona. To-dav, however, the ravstery Is unfolded. . The futhirlttes responsible fur the proper conduct of the war for the restoration of the Union, bave at length come to comprehend the fact that tliry may no longer safely permit the country'! enemies with arms In their handa to be openly aided and abetted by Its enemies with pens and type in their hands, worth more to their cause (in the way cf raising recruits, money, and popular sympathy fcr their treacheroua schemes) than an dditional army of fifty thousand well appointed troope 9c, they have determined hereafter te protect the public Interest against the great danger thereto, Involved In the treacheroua use of the public preas in the preaent crisis Orders were given to prevent the circulation of notorious traitor New York newspapers where their treache ry migLt do most mischief?in the Border Statesarid all the .New Vork papers of yesterday coming In this direction were found to b? so packed together as that it required time to separate the ahaff from tbb wheat. So the whole were detained one alght In Philadelphia?and after taking out the bundles of the Day Boi k, iV?tr*, and a traitor so-called religious weekly, the rest were duly forwarded this morning to their several destinations We have every reason to believe that orden hare been .asued to prevent the circulation In tb< mails of those papers, tbe Journal of Cotnmerc< and all other New York Journals notoriously striving to aid the purpoec of achieving the per manent destruction of the Union. The country at large will hail this energetii action with Joy; because long since aware tha the grea'cst element of the strength of the disunioi oaus*, was the immunity with which its actlvi supportei out of Secessla have been permitted t( preach treason, and spread falsehood, to aid 11 hrMdrlit A*? th? lurid- - -"ll J ? ?? T.MI.V UJWUCI9 W11Q11 Secrto the newspaper tbat ventures to spea] above lta breath in favor of the cause of the Union la sf course instantly suppressed. Miss Wi*dlb Ridivics?Our old protege Miss Wlndle, the well known authoress of many works (by Mrs Gore; has turned np again Of course our readers have not so coon forgottei the gifted Miss W. and her felicitous literar achievement,? her charming "Letters from th Springs," ffcr Instance,?portions of which strucl the reader* of Bla< kwood's Magazine as identx ca.'Jy as good aa column after column of tha magazine;?or, again, her remarkable "Life 1; Washington," whole chapters of which provei to be word for word the same (as we did Mil Wlndle tha justice to point out at the time) ylt chapter* In Mrs Gore s novels, of ten years ante eedence, showing conclusively-"that perfldiou Albion in lta envy of American genius couii stoop to aarietpsM thus unfairly what ou gifted fellow countrywoman waa going to write Other discoveries of this sort thickened upon th readers and (idtm) admirers of Miss \V indie, an with all their appreciation of her talents the ?ould not be expected to go on buying and readini h?r "twice-told tales !*o M\m Wlndle came t grief and paled oat from the literary sky Bt sow she looms tip In vet statelier proportions an In a new capacity. Bora in tbe matter cf fat Sta'e of >ew Je;aey, sbe buata oat as an Irreprn Bible seceeh sync pel Direr. with " prccll ritlee, Ac , and u each, according to the Alexandrl orresptcdeat afllw Associated Prm, Laa arrlrr t tbe distinction of a military arrest But whs |j to 1? done wltb ber* la sbe to be Provoal Guarded, or how eared for * It aeema to ua tba tbe partlea In poaeeaelon nave got theineelrea int aerape The maa who won a giraffe?or ai lapbant?which waa it, In a raffle eeeme by co temporary hlatorr to have had a time of It; bo hie tx wa should aay waa a mild oae compare* to that of tba authorities having thla 11 erar *>a!den en their bands. Meantime she gets a fret rate notlee. Htm c the Aaeoe'ated Preee at Alexandria, a gallant Msreptible swa'.n we have to presume, canaa eery paper In the coo a try to publish and pay fo his elaborated trash enumerating the llterar "warfcs'' aad attain men ta of lb Is "educated lady,1 Jto.Jke. By the way, we aoe that a cotemporar misprints her " Legend of th? Wsldenses" "Leeendof th? WiW??? ?? " _ .mvnciKIOOUll ha ixnclwd la her cm* A similar mtsprln night make b? MIm Svrtodls Clbbical CiiMM -Thi following clertra abangea ware made y re tarda y In the office of tb Auditor of the Treasury for the Poat Ogee Da paetmeat: John Kearne, of New Jersey, pre noted to a third-claaa clerkship, salary ?1,800 f. A. Uoidea, of Virginia, promoted to a second alsss clerkship, salary tl,400; and Joba Lynch a# Indiana, appointed to a first-class clerksblf tlary tl ,'J00, vict V. A Holden, promoted. a Rsaorua ?Joba Tbaw, of California, a third a I? dark la tbe office of the Auditor of th Treasury for the Poet OAce Department, has bcei Patrick J oordan, clitef m was eager la the Wi Department, was yesterday removed from office. Kaawaaa ? Mr. Wan. D. BetL, a clerk In tb y?|iiias?i General'* office st the Wax Depurt mmt, resigned yeeterday, rather thaa take tb. aath of allegiance. Be xealdee la Georgetown Mr- Kim mi Brapt# hw heaa promoted to #1 . * It . ' ii M ?ta .!r - ' A f OUR MILITARY BUDGET, j FAME* FOR ALEXANDRIA!** We axe authorized by Provost Marshal Oen. Porter to stata tbat citizens of Alezandria can, for the present, receive passes from Brigadier General 1 W.B Franklin, commanding there, to coma up > to Washington and return home. CKXimAL M CLKLLAX'S STiff. Headquarters Army of tke Potomac, l Washington, August 20, 1061. > G titer al Ordert, No. 1. In accordance with General Order, No. 15, of Angu?t 17, 1961, from the Headquarters of the Army, I hereby assume command of the Army of i the Potomac, comprising tbs troops serving in J the former Departments of Wsshlngton snd Northeastern Virginia, In the valley of the Sho nandoah, and in the States of Maryland and Del aware. The organisation of tbe command into divisions , and brigades will be announced hereafter, t The following named officers are attached to 1 the Staff of tbe Army of the Potomac : ' Major 8. Williams, Assistant Adjutant Gsneral. Captain A. V. Colburn, Assistant Adjutant i Gen?ral. 1 Colonel R B. Marcy, Inspector General. pa1?.*1 t m u... > ij wivuvi a . m. ncj , Aiu-uc-camp. Captain N. B- Sweltier, 1st Cavalry, Aldda; camp. Captain Edward MoK. Hudaon, 14th Infantry, Ald-de-camp. [ Captain Lawrence A Williama, 10th Infantry, Ald-de-Camp. Major A.J. Meyer, Signal Offlcer. Major Stewart Van Vllet, Chief Quartermaater. Major H. F. Clarke, Chief Comniiaaary. i Surgeon C. S. Trlpler, Medical Director. Major J. G. Barnard, Chief Engineer. Major J. N. Macomb, Chief Topographical Engineer. ? Captain C P. Ktngabury, Chief of Ordnance. Brigadier General George Stoueman, Volunteer ? aervlre, Chief of Cavalry. Brigadier General W . F. Barry, Volunteer acrf rice, Chief of Artillery. G*o. B. McClillas, Major Central U. S Army. 4 'claim#1' to militaet com.ya.fDa. According to aome of the uewapapera, three or four gentlemen are being urged on the Executive for 8DOOintm#nta in Rrlofi??n..i.Ki ? ? r w ? ? ? ?v *? ^vcucioiauipSf (ill tbe ground that tbev have been more successful , than others In raising volunteers for the war. \V bile we by no meant aim to detract from the public gratitude to wblch they are entitled for such services, we mutt protest that they by no mean* serve to make it plain that they are therefore better qualified to make the best Brigadier t Generals. What the service urgently require* is, t the best brigadiers obtainable. i ftine-tentls of the company and regimental officers who behaved so shockingly at Bull Run obtained thflr several commands upon the principle of having succeeded in inducing their men to enter the service; and nine-tenths of the officers of the for-the w.-r regiments who have resigned since the battle, obtained their positions precisely ' on the same principle. If it be prudent to clothe a man with the responsibilities of a Brigadier General*h!p because he has raised many men for the service, it Is but Just to select our Major Generals on the ground that they have raised more men than most of the applicants for brigadieri ship* basing their " claims" on snch a plea And, if one aspirant can be found who has raised vastly more men for the war than any other aspirant for command, of course he is entitled, by parity of reasoning, to demand that Major Gen. McClellan shall stand aside and permit him?the most successful raiser of volunteers?to be commandt r-ini chief of the department of the Potomac. ?? vui uu**.ci?, grnn as well &S SCO All, 8f4 i to be made on such principles, all our battle* may i b? expected to be Bull-run affairs 1 imm DOWN EIVER. The schooner Free Wind, from New York, was fired upon from the Virginia abore coming up the Potomac on the 31st. from a place called the Dlprel, owned and occupied by Ellas B. Hooe. This point Is opposite dandy Point on the Maryland llde, ardten miles above A^ula Creek and two ' from Qoantlco Creek. Nine muaket show were fired. It Is said a battery la erecting at Cbappawamlck, a short distance above this point, where | the river Is from 1 to ljf miles wide. , 1 f HI ISSCK or CLOTHINO. TINTS, KTC. Captain George Gibson, Eleventh Regiment of 1 Infantry, has been attached to Gen. McClellan's 1 staff, and has been ordered to report to Major Van Vllet, of the Quartermaster's Department, for special service. We understand that he Is to su" perlntend the Issuing of clothing, tents, etc , to all the troops st present concentrated hers He 1 has had much experience In this business In c future he will be found at Maj Van Vllet's office. > a !?ARXOW K9CAPK. We learn that the baggage of Mr. Gllmor, " of Rait)mom r th* nwn?r ?f ^ - ?V. ? ?m* ?'Ml 1UI U|( iUUWU k aatheGUmor House,) waa followed and over taken near Port Tobacco, it being understood by the authorities that be was sending it secretly Into (j Secessia, proposing to follow it in person. In it o waa found bia full secession uniform, a magnlflcent affair?as he is great on display. Last night n an effort was made to capture him in Baltimore; y but the bird had flown. e arrested k Mr. James Donnelly, of Georgetown, D. C., i- charged with serving in the ranks of the enemy tt in the battle of Bull Run, having ventured to ren turn within the llnea (to Georgetown) of the d Union army, waa duly arreat"d last night. He is now Id the new military prison at the corner of h Pennsylvania avenue and Thirteenth atreet in thia ! city. If It la proved that he really was in the bats tie on the aide of the enemy, he haa run a risk of d being executed for a spy. ' ARRRST OV SBCKSRIomSTS. On Monday night last,about 11 o'clock, thirteen e In number of the Seventh Massachusetts Regi ment, arreated two brothers, named Nolans, near y RockviUe, Md , by order of General Wilcox, K well known aa secessionists and men of Influence o They were brought into headquarters and com>* mltted for hearing. d thi iirniiRcn of a Dnnrn :t Thne 1* now at the Central Guard-house in tbla city a man by the name of Auguatlne Johnson, who waa formerly a cltiten of 8teubenville,Oblo, where be baa or bad a few mootha since a mother and four children living In the last four months ll bta experiences have not been of the moat agreeU able bind, aa will be aeen on reading the follow. lt Ing narrative of bla adventures during that time. 0 Ha la quite Intelligent, and gave ua tbla morning 11 a detailed account of bla " moving accldenta by " flood and field," hla " hair-breadth 'scapes," Ac , '* from wbicb wa condense the following aUte1 ment: * Early last aprl ng be embarked on a flat-boat for New Orleans, where be arrived after a trip abound. ' ing w|tb tba usual lncidenta of life on the river. ^ Ob the 25th day of April laat he and many other * Northern men were lmpreaaaft into the rebel ser* vice. To distinguish theae Northern tolchtibxs f from the chivalry their bead* were closely abaved, ' eo that they might be easily spotted It waa Mr r lahi>iAn<ihUb>hni>ulk. ?- - " - ?* in opQCMl Dlllti* Ion of New Orleans, M?Jor Wheet commanding * After much Buffering for want of proper food and it clothing, tbe battalion found themselvee at MaMM Junction, Mr. J. Buffering more than bis comrades because he was suspected on account of hta northern birth. We omit an account of many e painful Incidents and come at once*to the battle ** of "Stan* Bridge," or 44 Bull Kun." Major * Wheat's battalion was stationed on tbe extreme ' left?our extreme right. Near blm waa a South Carolina regiment under cover of the pines, sep'? arated by an open space from the Federal infant' ry, also under cover. Major W beat advanced his tea Into this opaa space, and waa fired on by 1. the Beftth Carolina regiment. Somewhat con0 fused by this unexpected attack from frlendb, tbe a battalion wavered, and a deadly fire waa than poured la by tbe Federal troops, Major Wheat r being tbe first to fall. The loss of Ufa by that fire waa terrible. Near Mr. Johnson ware two other northern men.. One of them, David Vance, e of Philadelphia, waa instantly killed. The other, , comrade and warm friend of Johnson's, an 1111t nolalan, named Jaaaaa H. Hutchtnsoa, was shot . under the eye. He waa In such agony that John1 eon carried him from tbe field a long way to the < J4 ^ ' J a * at>r?) , man'a bead on bit Up. After taking b!? frleni to tbe hospital, be thought the time bad come T1 try an eacape, aa in tba confualon there were n no picketaout. He took bia (an and atarted weal no ward, np a ravine. After getting a conalderabl fii diataneo from tbe battle-f eld, be threw away hi ge gun and cartridge-box. Tbe uniform of th? bai In talion waa cotton panta of tbe mixed color know po aa pepper-and aalf, and a red ablrt. Under tbl la red ablrt Johnaon bad a checked cotton ahln eo He now changed theae, by putting tbe checket th ablrt outalde and tba red one under, expecting id atant death if he waa arreated ae a deierter. H : beard the tiring all day on Sunday, and traveled away from it in a northwest direction. At nlgb ln ba took two ahocka of wheat and made a bed, o| which be alept soundly, and waa awakened b; bl the rain on Monday morning. He shortly aftei 1" wards reached a Quaker settlement in Loudoui P4 county, where be found a haven of reat, beini kindly taken care of for soma weeka. Belnj pr anxloua to reach bia home, ha left Loudoun o< to Friday laat and came by way of Harper'a Ferry U cr thla city, where he la waiting for a paaa to enabl m him to go over t|p roada without interruption, b la having no funda to defray bia expanaea by rail re road. Mr. Johnson sayt h? did not receive one cen ^ of pay whllat In the Confederate service. H y says that Loudoun county Is devastated, as if I jn had been overrun by locusts. The horsea ant y wagons have all been seicd, and the grain am y, other provisions carried off, barely leaving tern w porary subsistence for the old people and chlldret left at home. HAVY TIBD. M Arrival of the Ynnk'.t, and other ttiamert?Riflt ^ gun Practice, fe. tc Last evening the steamer Yankee (flag ship * came up to the Yard for repairs, having Injured * her rudder on a shoal off Pocomoke river, a weel or two since. The command of the flotllli ^ devolves upon Capt. Rowan of the Pawnee, row ti flag ship of the squadron. The Yaukee also a| brought up a couple of the launches recently sent y down with 12-pound boat howitzers for service it ? the boys and Inlets. Last night the picked up i darkey, endeavoring to cross the ri ver in a ski ft near Potomac Creek, and brought him up to thi fi Yard. He states that his master, in Maryland * ordered him to go over and work on the batterln 3 on the Virginia shore; and also that there an about 700 Confederates In the vlclnJty of Aquii ^ Creek. The Yankee this morning discharged be heavy guns and was hauled up on the ways,whan ^ she will have a new rudder put in at once. Tht ? vessel Is still in good order otherwise, and wll t soon join the flotilla again. ] The Mount Vernon also came up last evening, from Fort Washington All are well at the For. and in good spirits 1 The propellers Tigress, Capt Luke League, F and Edwin Forrest, Capt Thomas Tolley. of 4 Baltimore, arrived last night, having been chsr- F terfd by the Government to aerve in the transportation line The J T Pni#>v *Onr>? Ha?? j, ?r-- ? i i >"| | of Philadelphia, alio came up, the owners being desirous of disposing of ber to the Government, t for tbe aame purpose, and was tbla morning laying his case before tbe author 1 tit a The Tigress towed up two acboonera captured some ttmetlnce r by tbe fleet, and since used as coal tenders to tbe \ flotilla. c Quite a number of visitors were at tbe battery tbla morning, witnessing experimental firing with a new rifled six-Inch cannon, under the supervision of Capt. Walnrlgbt. These guns require 1 five pounds of powder, and tbrow a shot weighing about seventy-three pounds. Tbe practice j tbla morning was simply to teat tbe carriage, Ac, e tbe range having already been established, as In the <wse of that of tbe Ice Boat, which threw a ball from tbe yard over on to tbe Virginia abore, a distance of 7,000 yards. These splendid guns J are being manufactured with great rapidity, four now occupying lathes In the machine shop from which the engines for tbe Pensacola were recently turned out All tbe lathes In tbe ordnance de- ( partment are full, and bright guns, from tbe neat j fx nAiinH#v nn tfl th? hiicrA t -r ? ?? ?v?i wtiuvu? ->ucu fjy all the available apace, notwithstanding the number dally lesvtng the yard. Outside the abopa | workmen are fitting op nine and eleven-Inch ahell < cam pi-ted. -J r tbi lats co**-fid stamp1db?what sbouoht t ? it about. | [Special correapondence of the Star.] ? Nxab Fall* Chubch, Fairfax Co , Va , Aug. j 23v 1881.? We have juat learned the cauae of the , sudden stampede and conaequent instant with- i drawal of all of Beauregard's troop* from east of Fairfax Court Hoaae, that took place a few nights ago, aa you published. ^ It seems that two of his night scouting partief, both pretty numerous, who were out, one from the force of near three thousand at Vienna, and the other from the force at Fairfax Court Houae, accidentally came Into collision In the dark, and both fired away for some minutes with hearty I good will, as each mistook the other for United States troops. Both, however, got away aa aoon as poaaible, and hurried whence they came to give warning of the approach of the Union army In large force. The retreat was at once ordered, from Vienna and the Court House, to a defensible point two miles back of the latter. The mistake was not ascertained until after they reached that point. On the next dsy they returned In the same force to the t iddenly absndoned advanced position, mlnua i few of their lately very alck, who died on the swift and rough night inarch back toward! Manassas. affairs at thi junction. [Special Correspondence of The Star.] Asnafolis Junction, Aug. 22.?Yesterday, a ery large and beautiful flag vraa preaented to the battalion of Pennsylvania troopa atatloned here, by the Union ladlea of Prince George and Montgomery counties. The ceremonlea were very Idtereating. Jamea Crelgh, Eaq., made the preaentatlon speech, and Capt McPheraon the reception apeech A large number of peraona were preaent. Tbe Union men of tbla neighborhood are atannch and unwavering. The troopa are upon the moat pleasant relations with the people. A.N Berry, Esq , of Baltimore, who waa arreeled tbe other day,waa aubaequently discharged upon taking tbe oath of allegiance. Albert Brummell, of Baltimore, taken with tbe contraband goods seised some days ago, baa been removed to Fort McHenry ElcdIWo tub Ehbakoo? north Carolina Tutpint me by Way of Bermudm.?The British schooner Prince Leopold arrived at tbla port today from Bermuda, with a cargo of 507 barrels of spirits of turpentine. It la supposed that tblacargo was run over from North Csrollna to Bermuda, the government embargo having been eluded by roaatera The turpentine to In charge of a supercargo. The vessel has no man 1 feat for the revenue officers aa this port. She now lies off the Battery. The temptation to thla sort of illegitimate commerce la no ordinary one, when It la conaldered that spirits of turpentine has recently been advancing In thla market at the rate of Ave and ten cents a day, till the price la nearly treble wbat it waa three montba ago The speculation In this article haa been very active, and the fluctuations even more ra^ld than what occur In the moat mercurial stock of the Stock Exchange. Some daya last week the. pice jumped twenty and twenty-flve cento. Sales hsve been made aa high aa f I 70 per gallon. which la a ris? of nl nety cento In about a fortnight , Nearly aa great ^n advance haa taken place In raw turpentine, rosin, in fact In nearly all desert ptlona of naval stores, and It behooves our public officers to keep a scarp lookout for enter- , prises of thla kind, and the penalty needa to be very severe, or this violation of law will be repeated ?N Y. Pott. 1 Gait Bu-ri-sa ?The Fortresa Monroe correspondent of ths New York Tribune writes that Gen. Butler will leave there this week His destination to not known. As yet no orders have been j aent to him, and now that Osn. Wool haa upon ma amies u commanding ofllcer of this department, he Is without command or posttlon. If he does not resign, It Is probable that he will retire for a time oa leave to his own Bute. Tn IxrasssiCBiiTS M Vinomia.?Under the 1 proclamation of Governor Letcher, of the 19th July, eighteen different rendezvous were selected, at which the drafted militia are to assemble. Richmond city is to contribute 9,439 men and I Augusta ronotr 2,157- Warwick contribute* only 66 men, being ten per cent, of the population of 1 that county. -? ( JET The Sixty-ninth Regiment decided last 1 sight to volunteer for the war, and to srooat under < Lieut. Col. Nngont. It Is probable that Captain I Thomas Francis Mesgher will accompany theta 11 ?a. r. m>mm. 11 f rai LohdomTimk* LsTTtma VkoM tuSovtb. T te special series of "Letters from the South,'' w being published In the London Tim**, are li t written by William Howard Russell, LL.D , irrlater-at-Law, bnt by Mr N. A. Wooda, tbe f1 n tie man who accompanied tbe Royal Prince J bla A merle , n tour, and embodied bla correandenee thereabout In a volume. At least, auch tbe atatement of tbe Liverpool Pen, by way of tl rrection afer attributing tbe first "Letter from e South" to Mr. Russell. [17 The ateamship Susquehanna la now at tbe illadelpbla navy-yard ready for aea, and awaitg ordera, her broken abaft having been reaced by a new one. She carries twelve 8-iaeh 'oadslde guns, three traversing guna, one rifle t-pcunder, and two boat howitzers, 13 snd atHinder*. 07 Gov. Morgan, of New York, bss Issued a oclamatlon urging all good and loyal citizens use all means In tbelr power to sustain tbe edit of the State and of the national governent, aa well aa furqiah an ample response to the te call of tbe President for men to crush tbe bellion. Wednesday afternoon, aa a North River wtman while grappling for an anchor near New ork city, hauled up the akeleton of a human beg with a rope and atone attached to tbe neck, pon reaching the aurface tbe rope broke, taking 1th It to the bottom all save the skull, which r i it secured. C7" L,ast Tuesday morning tbe wife of Prof. ^ Itcbell died very suddenly In an apoplectic lit. ,

er busband bad just departed for Washington tenter upon his duties as Brigadier General, 1 rhen abe waa stricken down, and continued la-nslble until ber deatb. , JET Tbe Union Defense Committee of New 'ork bare made a report, stating tbelr expendllres at *<88,298 24, aid of regiments $531,700 37; rma and ammunition $22fl,589 24; aid to families 230,000; leaving 911,802 of the 81 000.000 not ac* ounted for Iff tbe report. J?3"From J. Shilling ton, Odeon Building, and rom Hudson Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania avenue, re have early copies of Harper's Magazine for epteraber, a number of extra attractlona. Also, from Shllllngton, we have the auperb September number of tbe Atlantic Monthly. On Wednesday Messrs. Thomas J. Carson, iVilllam N. Pegram, and Waller M Kelly, nercbants of Baltimore, were arrested at Harris >urg upon tbe charge of being Confederateaples. They are now in jail. [ry Two new steamera art being built In Engund for the L'. 8. Government, which are to be dated wltbateelof four Inches thlcknees. ren. lerinir these vessels shot and bomb proof, and rotectlng tbe boilers Farmers report tbe appearance of frost In be vicinity of New Bedford, Mass , on Tuesday light, in sufficient quantities to be scraped by he hand rr7?Flv#> mfmh^n nf th* Ww Vn?k S??nth eglment left New York yesterday for Virginia, where tbey are to be engaged aa drill lnatructora if new volunteer regiments. ID*Hon Andrew Johnson., of Tennessee, h?a lec lined a public dinner tendered him by the Common Council of New York. rrr- Yesterday, Orafton Bandell waa arrested n Baltimore and held to ball for court on the 'barge of participating in the 19th of April riot. PerMaai. Hon. W D. Kelly, of Pennaylvanla, and Lieut. Hall, of Sumter renown, are at the Wllard Hotel. Frm Far tress Alanrae Fortress Momoi, Aug '21 ?Major General Wool held a grand review and inspection thla Horning. He examined every musket belonging to the garrison. The misunderstanding aa to the two years acd :hree montba men; which haa cauaed ao much trouble, la how pasaing away, and those guilty of Insubordination in consequence of auch misunderstanding are now for tne moat part willing to return to duty. Burning Norfolk.?At a council of war recently held In Fortreaa Monroe, a nlan wm nm. po?ed and discussed for tbe destruction of tke city of Norfolk, by firing It iu two hundred different places. General Butler, after careful consideration, expressed himself in favor of tbe suggestion, irid it was communicated to tbe War Department at Washington. With what result the Troy Times, which Is authority for this story, does not say. GT General McCulloch was married three or four years since, and a characteristic story a tola of htm when his first child, a boy, was born, that h? insisted, to tbe ^reat horror of his young wife, in having the youngster christened "Buffalo Hump," in honor of a particular friend, an old Indian chief of that unique name The general Is a thin spare man, of great inuscle and BCtlvlty, and Is now about forty-seven years ?f ?*? Mechanics Misskd.?It Is humiliating to se? tbe railroad track In Main street, which was laid in so great a harry, remaining unused, and to be reminded that tbe reason why It Is not used Is tb:it no person hereabouts can make a car adapted to the transportation^ passengers If suitable run oannnt Ha ?t?Ku i - ?- ? ** "J ?"? p?" Jfiwjr wagoui on tbe route, and let the people ride ! Richmond Whig. There is an evident scarcity of ammunition am<>nK thf rebel troops at Yorktown, If we may credit a deserter's story. He says no soldier is permitted to tire bis gun eicept in action, and If It is found on examination that a soldier his lost a cartridge, one dollar Is deducted from his pay No salute la permitted to be fired, and everything is done to economise ammunition both for smalt arms and heavy guns. A party of missionaries left Charleatown, Ma&s., on Saturday, for Iudla. It consisted of Rev. J B. Vinton and wife, Mrs J. M. Haswell, and Mlas Jane M Dawson, who go under the auspices of the Baptlat Board; Rev W . W . Hicks and wife. Rev J D Brown and wife, and Rev. D. W. Tnomss and wife, who go under the auspices of the Missionary Board of the Methodist Episcopal Church. A Hartford paper remarks: " In reply to a Kira> mauy ui uui cicaaufci ? no nave iUe question at the bead of their lending columns, " 'O My, does that Star-Span?led Banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave !' we would say, that up to date, It do." IO" When theSiamesewerebsvlug tbelr paintings taken for tbe Emperor Napoleon's gallery at Versailles, many of them had to be represented In the picture In profile. They were very indignant at tuts? asstred that they had two eyes?and only consented to be taken with one eye visible upon the srtlst giving them his certificate that tbe proceeding was permitted by them under protest. I|T The " Lspstone Rangers" Is the name of a Home (juard organised lately in New Orleana It Is composed entirely of shoemakers The "gentlemen" having all gone to tbe wmrs, tbe roVuiU Ks?o *? ?* 4 *~ A * ?_.c uc<u uuij^ru > uii iu put arm* mio the hand* of Ite heartllv-deaplsed " greaay mechanic*." flT Private letter* from Gen. Fremont apeak of the great saalatance which " Jeaale" la rendering blm lu tbla moat aerioua contest She acta a* hla firlvate eecreUry, reada hi* letter*, Ac which a no more than what all wive* would be glad to do for their huabanda. BjT The New Bedford Standard understand* tbat a propoattlon la entertained by the government, which la to be aobmltted to the merchant* of that city for the charter of a number of ahlpa to be fi:ted and manned at tbat port for the blockading service. |JT* An old maid, who he* her eye* a little ildew*)*on matrimony, aaya''the cane of this war 1* that It will make a* many wldowa, who will be fierce to get married, and who know how to do It. Modest girls will stand no chance at *11 ? JE7" On Monday night, fifteen car loads of muskets, as,000 In all, for Gea. Fremont's command, passed over the Rochester bridge, on the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad, a short Urn* before the structure was swept away by the flood. 07" As one of the good infiooaece of placing St. Louis under martial law, It is mentioned that two gambler*, who fired five rounds at each other from revolver* refiently, have been ordered to work upon the fortifications at Cairo. (TTQefl McCtellan forbids the purchase of jray uniforms?the rebels', oolor?and it Is detired that the States should no longer furnish them. 1J7" An old gentleman named David Tlflhay, of Boston, 70 year* of age, tmfctinoi the trt? of MCfndlBf to tL# lumralt of Mount VVuhlngfon, dr Thursday, with we and dd'ght trtitylMM i . rh?l Mr. AratU Harris Tkiaki tknt It. j Tbe Biltimm (woMk) of (Alt I _ ignya: Q We we permitted U copy tbe following letter i om Mr A. Herri*, who. It will be reco'.i^-ed. 1 atered tbe Confederate line* for tbe porpoee of btalnlng tbe body of Col. Cameron : Richmond, Jul? ?. 1961 Dbak : You will aee all aorta it versions In lie pa pen about tbe wreet of M&gra wend mveelf, antra apprehended on tbe battle field. Ac ; and ; wish you to bare tbe true version given, and at . "J be eame time bare tbe fac e herein mentioned ubltsbed Magrawand mywlf were not taken Brt aaplee We left Washington on Monday evelnjj after tbe bettle, end proceeded to Fairfax Jourt Houee, wbere on Tueeday morning, we ? raited tbe arrival of tbe advance of tbe Confed- inc rate amy; sought out tbe commanding otBcer, i old him our bualnew. and requested him to toteard a written Application to nermlt ua to croea be line He forwarded It to headquarter*, and ? ve watted four hours for the reply. It waa a efoaal of our request, and stated tost we must be ent as prisoners to Richmond. r|. This action of the Commanding General has ( >een In consequence of the position of tbe Gov- O0l I'nment at Washington hot to treat oe recogn's? a f be Confederate States as belligerents, by sending to lags of truce. Ac. The authorities here regard be visit of Magraw and myself as an attempt to ^ ibtaln an individual favor, whilst the Government rill not openly and manfully ask for their other CI ?riso&ers on any terms I have no complaints to um nake, though 1 have been a prisoner several da)s. * 3ne thing is certain, tbst If I had known that the 1., government at Waahlngton had determined to 6 a ;arry on thla war according to tbe old savage Hi )rlociple of no exchange of prisoners, no flags of t. :ruoe, Ac . I never would bsve ventured out, even ^ >n a miasion of humanity. I wlah vou bad been . nritb me on the trip to tbe battle-field and over it C twodaya after tbe debt I wlah all tbe North * who have sent forth their best men to Invade the ; * ?onth, could have witnessed tbe scene In my ^ bumble opinion no mere fighting would be done , For miles before we rescbed tbe field dead _ bodies were strewed along tbe road; five In one pot, three in another, two stalwart Zouaves In full uniform, swollen to the site of Falstaff and blacker than Othello. Close by, s young and |? fine-lookli.g i.ffl cr Ju?t breMhing his last, and an had been there two days without help The J Southern army first buried Ita own dead, but. In the meantime, sent all through the woods hunt- nf lng for the wounded, and behaved with tbe ut- (% most kindness to all Tbe reports of barbarities ~ to the WOundnd >n> all rala* Th?ilnuht?i?M L lmmenae 1 paaaed through one small Arid where jn 4(10 Norrbern men were burled tbat day, and tbe v men were still at work by moonlight. ea We were confined twenty-four hours in tbe a* same prison wltn thirty three officers Among *.r tbem was Col. Corcoran Tbey bare no chance W of release until tbe Government at Washington r rec?Hnixea the Confederacy aa a belligerent la th the fullest sense That thla moat come ia Inevitable ; not only a belligerent, but a very pugnaclous one at thM Son.e of tbeae officer* told me that they were tired of lighting for a Government who cave them three chances for dea'b, vl* : to be killed on tbe field to be left to die If wounded, ~ or be hanged if taken prisoners; and only one \ chance for life, and that to rnu and escape from 1 tbe battle-Held For hanged they will be to a _ certalntv, unless tbe Savannah prisoners are ex- V changed. Of this t have no doubt My regards to sll friends We arj well treated; M it la so with all the prisoners here. g Yours truly, A Hare s i : o CT'Salt Is selling at aix to seven dollars In Richmond at present 1 ???????a Q^g^NOTlCE TO TAX-PAYERS. 5' Collfctoil's Orrici ( Wasktmttom A utmt R, 1311 \ I Thefax?s for 1*81 have been ftx?d at Sltjr cents on th* one hundred dollars. A dieoonot of rwewry 4 per cent, is allowed under the law for prompt pay- ? meat. * "Coin and due hll's. or oertifieate* of indebted- " n?ss of this Corporation of ?he der<-minaUon five a dollars," are a ten* receivable in tbe ps*m?nt of 1 taxes. WILLIAM Dl ? ON, 0 an 8-6(eo Coileotor. ji rTB"OFFICE METROPOLITAN POLICE * LL3 board, WashIssto!* August It, IM1. ? Notxt* ? All app ications lor apromtnieat* in the ' "Met. op 11tail Police of the District ol Go:uoibia" c rou't b?addr???*a tot^e"Polio*Com leaion#'*," T in vnitmg, anil filed Wi'h th? Clerk of'he Hu?M, at their rffioe in theCity Hal , W&nhinetoo. between the honr? of * o'olook a. m. and * o'olook p. _ m , um'iI Monday, the ?ih instant; after whuh. uo i application wi 1 b? r^oei?ed. " Ky order of the Boarf: J.F.BROWN, f au 2u 6t Ac:ia> gecretary. ? |Y??COMPANV' A," U-8. ENGINEER*- * 'J 3 Fifty ;ntelh(ert and aMe bodied meebanios * wiil be enlisted 10 fill this Company to the ir.ax imum fix?o' by law?150 mea. Ineuire at No 21-2 G stent P*y from $ 13 to fit per moi h, . bsriden food and oiothirg. an 17 tf if THE UNION PRAYER MEETING . 11 W nlJ In knl<l" K VKB v f)4 V w?u G ilrut C>-???*. ?uflilliom ?? b o'aivok p. Ui. tt'd to continued an honr. Stranger* as well ? 1 citizen* of a 1 denomination* are mviteo to attend J an i take part in tncee social meetings m 81 A SAY, STRANGER. WHKRE ARB ? IKJJ you join* f Yon te?ro to be in a freal hnr- . frT" "So 1 am. I am fo nt to SMITH'S, No. 460 f Seventh street, to bay a tu t of Clutiunc. The peo- ^ p!e hit he has a very nioe assortment, and they say . he mIU them so oh?ap." Pfof.?The last we uw of the stranrer, he wai rnnnint np Seventh atreot insinc oat "SMITH, No. 460." B< SI Sm FOR SALE?4 fine Kentiioky HOR8R. inquire 1 at the cavalry Slaves. Tr< aaury Bn'ldinf. 1 ao 23 2t* i THK MISSES FISHER WILL REOPEN I their Solio"! fo Boys and Girls, September *d, * at No 400 Maa?a)hnM ta avena*, near Tenm at j AltrDtioi will *'e civen to a 1 tbe ordinar; Lrar??hee of &n h n? i?h l>'iJ nriatinti ?? ? - . .. ?,WVWVM. W 1 I*fTF.RN ? AND"5 IN KX^HANGK FOR ' LANDS NKAR THK FKDBRAL CAPI * TAL ?Th<? #ul>?oriber will 'X'-hanre fine Farming . Landa in Ohio and Michif n tor landa within S.> E mi e< of thia city. WM, THOS CAKNOl.L. . Wa hington City, Anguat 23.1B61. an 23-eo2w 1 HORSE. WAGON, /ND HARNEf*8 FOR t 8ALK.?Wil' b-? ao'd at a aaenfioe. g*. (the ownrr having oo further uae for them,, jL-J* 1 a good Work Mare ?eoond hand W agor^^^ 1 1 ai d Harreaa. The mare ia wan-anted. lea aire at ( T DRLKV9 Wood and Coal Yard. Pa. av< nue, i between 17'h and 18 h Eta an a St* 1 NOTICE. 1 " ADAMS* IICRE8S iUMPAJIY " 2j Th e C"?ip*ny offera to the pnh'io "* Unequalled Advantages" for *he Safe am* Quick f?iapatoh of He?vy K eighta Paokaaea, Valuable?, Money, Jto. a Ao . to all parta of?he United "tatea. c Kxcreaaea to and from the North and Weet depart from ard arrive in Waahington twioe dally. All Exp:eraeaare in charge of cparwactrf and " ft liable Meea*neera. All Packagea f r The Soldiera carried at "out i HaL?*lon* B'ual rates. I Ail (io d? for me s^-o*lle?i "Confederate 9ta*a?" . an<i a'l Article* ** Contraband of War" wul be ? rifuskd. < On- hxpreaaei leave New York at 1- 5, and P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 6 31 i Pa M? Expresses lea?e Philadelphia at 8* A. M. and 11 P. M , arriving in Washington at 6an P. M.and ? ^ M Kip'MUi leave Baltimore at ?in A M. and 3 P. ' M . arming in WaaMngt* n at 6 A. M. and S? P M. Expremea for all aointa Nor*h and Weet lea re Washington at"7 ?> A. M and 2 90 P M. daily. Special Contrasts tor arge quantities of Freight oan be mad-^ or application to thia 'fioe. AH Good* sailed for and delivered ft? of Extra , ohargea. 8 P. MoLAUGH! IN, 1 Agent Adam*' Expreaa Company. Washington, Augna* at.?8ff? an a tf 1VTOTICE.?By order of the Board of Truataoa of I 1^1 the Pnblie School* of this olty, proposals will * be reoerved by t?e undersigned until M- n lay. An cost 36th, for the eupply of sneh Stationery aud f ex t-Books for the te*ohers and indigent pupils of the Pnblie Ho boo Is as may be reeuir* d for the en- j I iiimr aakili^A ? *??? mm 1 * * ...mj, .vuw<?*mv yvwi, en 'inn J a ij Jill, IBB, lO D > furnished in Sloli quantities M may bs psoesss n ' f oro ume to time. Peraona desiring to bid fo- th* ? above will be famished with alist of th? book* I and oth-r article* repaired uson eppi<-aton to t;.s undersicnad. V. HAKBAUttH. an 19-MWF Trssaursc. Louisville artesian well water, /Toe Lioh Water.aiid other MeOiomal Watari, *lwt fa freeh. Also, freak assies of Per* MediciDi'i received weekly. Ayer'a, ftchscck's, and "'??6a84j^w ^ . w 11 a Penn. avenge WATCHRE^RI^G Af^VBR WAE. ' 1 hare one of the best establishment*, and tm- k Biahed with a consists set of tooli for repair -*v w in? every desonstion of ine Watches, and ? s&rUaslar attannoo give to ths same, by *4|B ?' tbo ?gh oompstent workman .and a*, work jMh&c >' DM Also, every deecrtp ion of standard K Wi RE,piaiaandoraan??DUi..BanafaotaredniMei my jvii auperviimn. which my caalomera will had fkr sapenor in fuality asd fcniah to north era wars sotd sy dsaJsrs m gaosrai aad iapi sssa>s< as tMi wwu ?mmtii'ti H? O. HOOD* ** p*. m?*r W K rSZXZ to-M*. < MB fin* lUAhtiea, wjuch arc Mllinc ? * Wj j *"**" ?Vi?kLU STEPHENS k CO, 399 Pa. avT/bia^rMc 9tt and 10th ata. m n <lnt*Hia*nrto- anrf R*??W"m > W 0 B*ck 0/ tkt BtU. 0 0 I Moat hbarfU adYaoo* mad* on bold aid filw 1 E!PsiER^#itsaxz& ? Ml C .??. mlfci Btw?n ?X aa* ?k at* ( APwsrmmiBMR ht.cV-' M.d Snaraa. lira* aid Copper Ba* t>?. F fra. AMUSEMENTS. DP flLLQ Wl' HALL! CONINUED 8U0CBM ! IZTJti ATTAACTltN' VNBQVALKD AHD lacoarAKASLS. Eighth Night of UM CAMPBELL MI18TMXLS. THIS (Friday) EVENING. WL h? continued iiocm* oftfcia Trou?# h*? iawd tho MfH*r> to fro org IMr mutiMt litis aity. Tbmy will kiMftr m ? an urf vanatf gramma tr?rj sight this waafc. Nilsi 8kthov? m N?w Act*. OT.-oTodt Ldniiwioi-TWKNTY FIVE ha o r*?? d. k CoatraoUnf A|ML LOST AND FOUND. A KEN FROM Wll.l,AltD9' BOTKL A M A RINF. 6l *f*, handed ioer f owi the o?oe by w.iet*k*. Hewi'l ooafar KTor on Um Proprietor* by fTUrltac tk* *a?a Wil'ardi' Hutei. il*l PECTAC?.E8 L08T.?Wm d>opp*d n or imi the Wax De payment, on too . t ptir of ?<?I.O JPECTA-*^^? aE9, Ifl?>!lkttkiirln?.orfttS? SISIatraat, ? in^er will ba aaHobly aa ? Oirr-Oo the**) inatact. a MEMORANDUM i HOOK, containing % inU of R. C 9<mM,M a?nth?, for #60, payable to lb* oi?l?r of W. K. own. ard feaviBf a or*dit on the hack of RM. Alt ra^na are her*, y .'orrwe ned of rNMriM t ">w no?a A reward of #1 will paid npoa mnt the book acd paper* at th ? ofloe. aa? W* 'TOLEN?On tk* Mikt of tta'arday. the ITth in?tant, from Faahy'a wharf, a fiUNN'N* [IFF. pain tad l?a<i-oolor, linnet a'de*. bottom oped with boop iron. A reward of tea dol'a'a ill ha paid for iU ratarn to Eaeby'a lihip Yard, in 22 ljw kOY LOST ?A eon of Patriot Ktlir, (rirtla n Company G. Sd Taralry, 1' (? A . wai .? on a ereninf f Ja'y tth. I?8f. Hia mother waathea Mr*, fta livan'a oo C etreet. aear the L>?pot Ha eight yrare o d, b tcfc eyaa. aaJ' ow ^mp rm-on, id wore a gray jacket and panta Hia aaroe ta >hn. Any information a >naarmca hi"' wi I if raeted to Mr. Salhran. or tha Comai*n/>trf Ofl* of Cnmnny G. Jd ( a?a'ry. at tbe ?emiaary ar *'a*?.n<lrta, b? t^ankfaily raooived by hia ther-PATRlcfr KFLI,V. aa Q-1W j'STRAYS.-FoiwI treepawiof on t*e a a ban IJ bar'a premiao*. on Mo: day tbe l?th^??ift tai t. a arga o'd black and wbitaCO ^.KT ith io?c horna. an > a piea* aat ovt offlbJw ,ib ear;a! -o. a rad *ad?-it? row, wi'h Lf OaTT. out one yar old harm* a whiU?n ftoe ; aao a nail aorrel MARE- aiippoaad to beMinfcfthe |bt ete. Tb? three lattrr were p*t>:i?h*1 in Ibe ar of tha Ittba-d llth metant The ownara are rmM to evm* forvard, pay eharfsa e^d take em away. DAN1 EL J. OK A H A M . RH?? Read, an n-Jt* next Cart Ma Idox's farm. WANTS. , VANTED IMM KDIATELY- fteversl goo4 <1 VF.sT HAN 1>S. K. OWRN * CO., ii tS St Marahant Tai'ora. ?< Pa at?nu?. Jkl ANTED TO RKNT-A ir>ods-att aisad Inr n.shed DWELLING HOUSE Addra-t' M. v9? b street. ac li ft* JHTRVIfcHEO HOUSE WANTED, with six nr eight room* Add'**? Box fl*0, City Po?t flies*, statins t>rmi and l>?*ti"n au ?S Jtj A7ANTED?A MAN to work ' a farm?or a I* that la ao'us'nmed to t! a tare of &cr?ea, 00*1, d all kinds of ia'ni work Honest capable K' )ns onW twd app y. A ma'ried maa Itioatcailr n preferred Addreaa "X Y Z." at this oac?. an as St* JL1 AN ftii ?A iadyof Ba timor# wiiIim 10 par . ch&ae ladies and gentlemen's CA*T ? F PPAKKL AU ps'Wii tiarlnc such ?o<>d? to aaoaa of wi 1 he called nsoc at their reai<lrnee r>d reeeive oa*h for toe sama. Addrea* "A. G.,M ?ar Office, for ten aufl lw* JU ANTF.D?A DINING ROOM SERVANT. r? who uDfWatftrda hit bua'neea w? :.rn* ther ut+d ??piy Alao. ft ' 'fLOKEf BOl aS ct J reftra old. Arp T ft? F.MRICH'f1 tur p?aa Iob??. ?orner of Ll?T*atb streot ft?<i t a A?rr -a. xi 1> 1 w ll/ANTbD. FOR THKC19H-V, tinda of WW 8KCOND HANi> FJ*>rr; RP A N li IOUWEKERPING ARTICLE*. Far. leatoc the oitj or kavinf a aaraiaa ri! d? ? i > Mil mm?diftta3y. R. Ht'CR i Y, j* 9 48* Vmetti. bUfm 6 and H it*. J|7ANTED.?We are now b?rip? BECOND WW HAN D PKRNITl.'KB. 8TOVfi"? ftud BKD UNO, for whieh wo are pftjinc U)? hubeet Mb prioea. F?n?iS;ee deollftiag h'tBa^keepma, or a ring ft -orpin* of fariutara, will lc4 It to thotr AirHl!a*e to (IT* a? ft "ft!l. BONT7. * GRIFFITH. je tt-tf No. 860 nil at., botw. I mi K ato. AUCTION SALES. it* CBECVA UlbLlAMe DXTF.NSI VE PA I F. OF H'MSKHOLD AND Li K ITCH EH Fv?k:tc*?, 40 Bcxk ^tibch.Ac .. ic , AT Auction.?Oj. S?Ti'RLAV,Wi iratftc', re ahftll a-II. in front of oar A not: n fMore, No. '96 Seventh street, at 1? o'clock a on..ft la *r aril eaerjl ftneortnsont exo?lieat Mahogany ar <i WftliBt {-araitare Al?o, 50 b- set b?et P< a I rtarch. Vifh mtr* AlKor ?? i- u . - ./ ?> IVIVI, WHICH WW own !&& ?0sary to ! u 1 mi oMh iaaaacia Jit bKkLn A WILLIAMB.Aaot?. Bf J. C. MaGUIRK * CO.. Awetooewr*. HAND?*OME AND NKARLY NKW Fl'Rhitcki and HocatwoLB K?r>c r< 4 j Pre io lCrTiM-On WK PNKHDAY ?ORMN<.. AU uat 28. at i?? o'clotk. at the re?i 'uro* of Com. linrioid, U. 8. N , ?w Yor|[ %r noe. betwera 4fh a<.d 15th m? . we aba 1 a*il tin 1- u cilure and ffer.u ?oinpriaiD* ? landaome Ureea Silk Covered French Loucte and Arm Chair*. loaowood Marble-top Center TaMe. W natoot, )am&ak Wi'dow Cartaioe, Out Snadea, Corcioe and Fixtare*. )np*rior Walnat Can* and Rush -afat A nr. and Ka cy Cbaira. ixoMleut Thraa fly and VeneMan Carpeta, Oiicioth. Mattug. ronft and Ruga, >ak Pat Trae. Hall Ckaira, rtna Knrtannga. Vaaaa and Oroamerta, >V alant Marhl* to* 8idtb terd, with ?h?Uaa. Sztenaioa Piling Tab.a. 8id* and Roat Fabiaa, ?hina, Blaaa, and Crockery Ware. Superior Walnut E ?v<athao Beaatead. .V el nut Mart a Dreeamg Baraaa and WaaMtad. Do Waidroba, Toi et Sat. *iae Carlad Hair Mattreeaea, Bolaiera and PUiowa, fl ank eta. Spreada. 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