23 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

23 Ağustos 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I 111 mmmmmmm?m I f/o C A L IV E W 8. ?^T*a 9ta> publishes tbe L1?t of Letter remaining Iff tbe Washington City Poet OOc ander the provisions of the Uw directing thei to he printed in the newipaper having the large* efcculatlon within the delivery of the oflee. II tottf dally circulation is more than doable thi of an? other Dally printed In tbe District of C< *ambla. Though Tbi 9tu is printed on the torta vara preae In aw aoatL of Baltimore, Its edltlo la to large is to require It to he pat to press at a early hoar; Advertisements, therefore, ahould b lent in he^in.1* o'clock m.; etherwlse they ma not appear until the next day. Notici.-District of ColamMa Adyertleeeen e he inserted In the Baltimosi Hon are receive at and forwarded from Tas Stan 0?ee. A Wnftn wi*n ma Vni r?T*w*s P/smnlili aa to the quantity and quality of th? ration* fu nlihed by Gomnnwat, are and alwaya bare bee commoa anonvit volunteer troop# It will gei e rally be fonnd on Investigation that where jm eaoee for complaint exlata It la owl eg not to an fruit of the Government, bat to the Inefficient-.] mod aometlmea, It la to be feared, to the diaboneel of regimental or brigade quartermaatera; and again, the food la aeldom properly cooked. T1 proof of what we aay la In the fret that regulai are contented with and grow frt oa ration* that volunteer grumble* over, and perhapa reiecta The reaaona for thla areobvlooa. Reg u lara drai mil the ratlona to which they are entitled; and w will ahow directly that there la more variety 1 Uncle Sam'a bill of fare than many peraona aui poee Having drawn their full ratlona, It wl alwaya be found that there la a amall aurplua i many artlclea, aoch aa nit, vinegar, aoap, candle and aometlmea pork, beef, or hard bread. Tht i nateed of lading lta way into the pocket of tb mterer, la aold and goee to the poet, company, c regimental fund, aa the caae may be. With tbl fund can be furnlahed butter, egga, aalada, an many other artlclea, which, aet on a table wl! the ordinary ratlona, properly cooked, (and thei la aa much variety In cooking aa In talnga to t cooked,) makeaa meal which would be rellahe by an epicure Of course on a march no tri aoldler will grumble at blacuit and aalt meat I/et ua aee now what la the ration furnlahed to aoldler la the U. S. Army, and if thla meeta tt eye of a grumbler who haa drawn auch things i we enumerate, be will perhapa be enabled by thi aetting there before him to find out bow unrsaaoi able he haa been. If he haa not received then then the writer?can aaaure him that he ought i have had every article, and the aooner hit reg roent or company geta a quarteriraater who ui otniuai ail ounneM, mu win uonesuy swen to It, the better It will be tor him*If and con rides \Ftist as to breed. The ration or allowance I uap for one man one day ta one pound of bar bread or twenty-two ouncea of flour. Thla hai bread grievance haa been a terrible one with tt voluateers, although many peraons prefer It 1 freah bread. If It la too aard, by holding It < the Are until It la warmed through It becomt thoroughly softened and la then very palatab i However, a 20 ounce loaf of freah bread la no furnished while the mer are In camp la lieu i the bard bread nearly every day In the week. The ration of meat la I % pounds of salt or fret beef, or \ pound of bacon or pork. Freab be la furnished to men In camp seven days outi tea. Tbe fat pork grlevauce baa been anothi bugbear, but tbe pork aerved out bears a vet small proportion to the beef and bacon. An ol soldier, but a young man yet, aaaurea ua that on lAog march, auoh aa those over the plains, nothln la more nourishing or pa'atable than a tbln allc of said pork, raw, aandwichcd between tv? biaculta With tbe hundred railona of beef and bread furniahed eight quarta of besuis, or In lieu tbereo ten pounds of rice or hominy, and one pound i potatoes three times a week, or a aubatltu veerefor At tha commissary store will no be found desaiccated potatoes and mixed (d sicca ted) vegetables. Of these an ousce an a half of potatoes or an ounce of other vegetabl are allowed to tbe ration, In lieu of beana or rto Any ane who knows anything of vegetables thi prepared ia aware that such a quantity will ma] a rich soup and more than enough for most mei Tiie potatoes are also " very nice*' fried In ama cakes W ith tbe hundred rations are alao furnlabe ftfteea pounda of sugar, ten pouuds of groun eoflce, [or la lieu thereof, eight pounds of bun eoffee or one and a half pounda of tea,) four quar ftf kinaoaf fwn nn*?ta aV 11 fn ? w* ijwHiiavi ?ui|iuui pvui'ua vi aua and one pound of (perm candle*, (or tn 11? thereof, one and od? quarter pound of adcmantli or one and a bail pound of tallow candle*.) Ext laeues of molaaeea are occasionally made Let ua eee now only a few of toe plat neat hon dishes which might figure on a bill of fare at an rneae table Baefeoup, roaat beef, broiled a?eal aorned beaf, bollad bacon, fried pork, bak? beaua, (witb tbe Invaluable morceau of pork boiled rice, fried potatoea, Jtc We have a xbauated tbe ?abject, bat thia will eutHee. iumi bt the PxovoeT Scabd ?Tha fc lowing prraona were yeaterday arrested by tJ Provoet Guard, and are confined la tbe Centr Guard bouse: C R Hunden, a colored boy, for faat drlvh and rafuaing to atop wben ordered by tbe guar aiid for drawing a piatol on a white boy. Tboa Kenaey, for being drunk and dlaorderl and aaaaulting a aentry on bia poet. Enoe Miller, a aoldier of Company E, Secoi Delaware Regiment,for aaaaulting with bla bay net T R. Roby, hotel keeper, No 457 Seventh i Patsl AccidIiit ? Laat night, about 8 o'cloc colored man named l>odaon,wbo reaided in Fl teentb at., fell from a borae which be waa rldin at tbe corner of Fourteenth and F eta. He w picked up and laid tn a convenient place neaf b and a pbyalclan aent for, who promptly arrive* and after examining tbe body discovered that 11 waa extinct. It waa presumed tbnt the neck the unfortunate man was broken by tba fall, i that tbe borae trod upon him afterward. A pc mortem examination will probably diacloae tl cauaa of death Assacxt and Battbxt ?Yesterday afternoo T. B. Robey ?h arrested by policeman King f aa assault and battery oa an old colored ma who had beea sent to Robey's house for baggaj left there by a lady. Tbe warrant was issue upon the oath of a witness who thought U aaaaolt unprovoked. Tbe case was examined t Justice Donn, and Robey was held to bail f court. The conduct of tbe accused to the srre? lag oftcer was reported to tbe Justlce, snd M Robey was required also to give security f Rica, Ckasb A Co , 41 Rica, Chkks Ac."?A day or two since, we noticed tbe selzu of a box at tbe depot as contraband of war, bes ing aa old address of Rice, Chase A Co., Ball more, Md , and redirected to A Maffltt, Waal logtoa, D C. "Catoctin" of tbe Baltimore Cll per writes: "A large box, containing con'rabac goods, was recently detected at the depot, bai lag from Baltimore, and directed to 'A Maffl Washington, DC' It baa an old stamp i * Rice, Cneeae, Ac., Baltimore,' on It " Tbb Cavalbt Stablbs ?There seems to 1 considerable dlflcolty in keeping the stable* I Jadiclarv Sonar. trnrallf fa*tnnn<< atlUM tW WfM vacated by the troop* there Several Um. the atobles have bees opened at night, and U suspicion to that they were opened to afford cow owned by private partita an opportunity of feet Isgnpon the hay, Ac, which la there for the u of Government horses A worthy citizen haa take the t/onbU to nail the doors op aeveral times, an as often fouod them open again. k Bvvrmn Chbck ?Charlee Roberts and WalU Bundy, two sprightly colored bo ye, were arrest* by n Midler of the aecond dragoon*, and take before Jostle* Dona thta morning, for fast drt< lag la the etreeta, cursing, swearing, drawing pistol ts white persona, and breaking the aire lamps Roberta, being a slave, waa sentenced I twelve stripes, Bnndy, being free,waa sent tojal SkTMoek, Dvpoht. akd Gatlobd have atlrre np oar Inogfcler-loving cltisena to an unpree dented degree unaccountable to all who bai mimed the aide-spllttlng entertain men to of tl Campbells, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Only a fe' more nlghto, and the treat will be over. Don mlm the programme for to-night, by any msnnt of means. RbLBaSSD ? Yesterday afternoon George \> Smtlh, of Bryantown, Charles couoty, Md , an Klrhv g\t Pr!n/>? <*m<ntu RJ-* two of seven ?rreated on the 90th instant by tb Vat tod States troops la Prince George's coon t and sent to this city, were released Dy order < Brl|(. Gen Porter, Provsst Marshal of this Dli Cbxtbal Gcabd-bousb Casks ? Web Sprlggi brought la for safe-keeping, was released thl moralag Jacob Dlggstcolored) was arrested h Policeman King upon a charge of stealing a watcl valued at gfi, the property of Joeeph Howard The watch wss recovered and the accused wi committed to jail ? iMraovanarr Commbrcbd ?Mr E Owes ban evmmeaeed work oa the aew building ti proposes to erect oa the site of the ola oar, at Joining the W iliard Hotel The carpenters aa bricklayers era at work Mr William Cbapla I toe carpenter and ooetraeter and Messrs. Wb I Callahan the bricklayers. Pouca CoMMiseioasaa^?The Board of Polle Commissi oners bad a meeting at their room at tk City Ball yesterday afternoon, at 3 o'clock?held as usual, with cleeed doors At tu UtroT.?Several hundred horses, tc Ooveramaat, have arrived at the depot wit hi nT^rf 11^?*^ y j T*t Lissom Law?Some of th? jnaticesof tb? peace are at a lota bow to act tn caaea brought be fore them under the recent act of Congreaa to prevent the aale of intoxicating liq'iora In certain caaea. The question la, ahoala the fine be twenty or twenty-five dollara The original act fixed the b D fine at twenty-five dollara; bnt an amendatory act o it paaa^d lowered the fine to twenty dollara, reducla lng It below an appeal to a jury. The two acta n t were placed In the aame package when aent to the President for approval. The amendmentcomlng *" first to hand waa approved on the 3d instant,when there was no law tn txiatence, and was thaa of do effect, it la held. The original bill waa not reached ll till the 6th, and la the law. The law, however, ? makes no provtalon for copta, and the jnstice may only Impose the fine of twenty-fire dollars or " commit to jail. No provialon la made for the * money paid in flnea, and accordingly the maglay tratea receive and retain the amount of finea until provialon ahall be made for lta diapoaal by another act of Congress. Another question la ralaed by the ofllcera, they aay that the law doea not apply * to them, but only to privates. Sxiztrmu.?Yesterday, the military authorities _ detained in Georgetown 150 barrel* of flour upon - a achooner lying at the wharf. Theae were con aigned to Jamleson, baker In Alexandria, Va., r* but It waa a u? pec ted they were to go further. n Twenty-eight barrela of Government pork and l~ beef and aome Government harneaa were detained " at Grlmea'aatore, near the Aqueduct, on the canal. T A hundred and fifty aacka of aalt were detained ft on a canal boat. All theae will be detained tor ;F further consideration, and If all right will be reI A 1 A_ At I ' lurnea to me owner*. >e ? Arkitkd at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thlrteenth* and-a-balf street,) schooners Elmlra, Cunning, ham, with coal lor G. Bogus; Chas. Heckshlre,. w Boyle, Philadelphia, with 200 tons of coal for T. p? Drury ; Champe, Robinson, same p?rt, with coal n for H. Roc bat ^1 Assistant Paymaster Appointed.?Mr. 8. 8. of Williams (brother-in-law of Capt. F. A. Tucker, S) formerly of this city, and now of the Secession lt army,) has received an appointment as Assistant Paymaster. ' Hollowa^'s Pills and Ointmbht.?Palpitation ' of the heart is frequently caused bj indigestion or d. relaxed state of the nervous system. A oourseof ;h a few weeks of these invaluable medicines will re diminish the irregular thrwb'ing and, by removing ^ the souroe, restore its catural pulsation. To assist d the funotions, not to toroe tnem, is the true se cret of suocess. Ho loway's medicines and treat18 rnent are l>ased on the simple laws of nature-by ai;aihilatin< the oanse, the eifoct disappears. Sola a by all Druggists aiSSo.,62a., and 91 per box or pot. ie an 2" lw * Coi?hs.?The sudden ohanges of oar olimate are apjiroee of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Anhmatie ri* Awutum*. Experience having proved that simple i, remedies often aot speedily and certainly when to token in the early stages of the disease, reoonrse I. should at onoe be had to * Brcitn'f Bronchial TVocAm," or Lozenges, let the Cold^ Cough, or IrA ntation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by thia precaution a more serious attack may be effectually u- warded off. Public Sptaktrs and Si*t*r* will find < them effectual for oleannj and atrengthening the ( n voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly d | d R?A.d?m. have yon seen Prof. Wood'a advertiao. | le went in oar paper. Reer it; it will interest you. lo an 20-eoij to To Tiis Afvlictbd .'?Be aura to read the adver- i * .sorcert of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and J b Blood Purifier, in another column. tf j rf IIIKD, \ h In Georgetown, D on the evening of the 221 i . mutant, LOUIS KKITH, twin brother of Albert J , Dulany. and ton of Bladeuand Mary Helen For- I 01 rest, aged 18 niontha. I sr There attves and friends of the family are invited I V t*? attend tne luneral, from Firat atreet. No. T8, I id Coa'a Rr w, on Saturday, 24th, at 5 o'clock p. in. * I a Th>a'Friday) morning, Auguat23,1861, ANN R., j 1K daughter of Thad. Storgia } Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend 1 her funeral, from her father's residenoe. No. 3l? ? Ninth street, to morrow (Saturday) evening at 4 o'clock is ? ft f IBRARY OF CONGRESS, ^ Lj August 5,1861. ^ Notice ia hereby given that the' Library of Con w gresa" will be closed on Tueaday, the 13th da? of ? Anguat, and will not be reopened until Tueaday, id the 17th day of September. ee au6 JOHN G. STEPHENSON, Librarian e. * (III ill kM WtiT CV1I Hnnt Dnnun, m ivl w 01^1/ ou ma ruuil a. 10 is Ifl in nil I operation, dispen*inf puu Carbomo te Aoid Water, with nioe sirups of different flavors, u to tait hit patron* n In addition to a fine stock of Medioiaes, he has a cetera! assortment of Toilet Articles. tii e Cigars, d la. ?t? ?w id I?OR 8A1.E?One fine iii yf?f-o!d HORSE. T BUGGY and HARN KS8 (nearly new.)g\ . . 'I he horse racks. paoe?, and trots v# ry jL%n w fa t gel'.in* for no fanlt; the owner P> coing ont of the eity. Apply at SHREVE'S Htable, Seventh at., between H and 1. au 23 at* J? IT 8. MAI". HTAGK LINE Between Washr* U ington and Rookville leaves M?< tin's Hotel, cor. ?th and D ?U Mm ? KVKRV NORNING (Sundays iy ceFted)at7oVook an 11. C. Conod? a. oor. tiigh w and Be% I sts , Georgetown, at 8 o'o ojk; returning ?? daify On IViondays. W'dnesds.ys, and Fridays, . thronch to Poolesvill#: Tuesdays, Thursdays a d '' Sa'nrdajs to Frederick; retorninr next days. <* au 52-1m' BKNJ. ? QliI.EY. pRorotSAm FOR WOOD. k" D>partmtnt o* f*tat*. f ?? Angnst21, If61. S Skalbd p*opo?als will be received at this Department until 12 o'olock in on ^turdar, the Slst >7 in* ant, for furmshisg for the usn of this Departri mention cords Oak Wood best qui ity, 12 oord? b*st Baker's Pine Wood. 7: The wood to b? delivered at such times and In su' h quantities as mty be wanted ; and satisfaoto>d ry ananR ments must be mads for its correct mriunr?.nan? it i ke Department reserves the right to order a greater a les? quantity, at> may be required. k Th* p-opo?al> to be addressed to the Superintecdent of the Depa tment of btatc, and endorsed, 1 r" ''Proposals lor Wood." an 22 td u POR SALE?A splendid new no-top BUGGY, F made by the mo?t celebrated manufacturer in J' Baltimore. Apply a? WM C. MiLLER'S Sale, Livery, and Hiring rtable, oorner of Sixth ard C fe streets. au21 a" of 1VI NOTICE. ItIr. m WIH.IAN renpeotfollr informs his *' friends and the public renerai 1 that he has opened, ie in association with Mr. OTTO SCHLOEM EK, of New York, at 301 PbJITMTLVAWIA avxncb, n. Bttwern 9tk and lotA strati, south fid*, or a Store for the sale ot the ohoio st WINKS, D BRANDIES, eto. ; also. HAVANA CIGARS, ,1 BOLOGNA SAUSAGES, WESTPHALIA ?"r HAMS,?all of their own importation. d M. WILLI AN. ?e OTTO SCHI.dKMER. >y Washington, Angnst 20, l?6i. (Int.) au21 2w !!r QOft BMILK DUPRE lu Oau Pb.instlvamia Avbhdi, Ibok Buildixo, Importer and WkoUtal* Dtaltr ?? or FINE WINKS, BRANDIES. Sfc'GARS, SARD!NFS, PICKLES PRESERVED FRUITS, CONDENSED MILK, ASSORTED JK, qvd 11 uo /"? a aM o annni ? VI ?VI O, ?u? vnttir Ci-rruito, re ____________ f- IUST RECEIVED? ?- J 100 CASES OLD BOURBON (1838) 1- AT p- EMILE D OP RE'S 'j* Ikon Building, 330 Pa. Avinui. H FOR or r FREDERIC TU9TUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, The Beet Artiole Ever Imported, Goto " EMILb DUPRE, ^ I Eon Bcildiso, 330 Pi. Armt * l? IUST RECEIVED? j J 90 Ciiii Ihpoktbd \i SELTER8 WATER, In Orlginftl Stone Bottlee, id ^ M IS lm KM 1I.K DUPRE'* .. T*?14 EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY f, A 1 EMRICH. at the corner of Penn.R . ? A tTtoii and Eleventh street, hM beenlCTfcw * greatly improved recently ud now offer*JUX ' greater inducements for the patronace or oitisens a and strangers than any other public house in the et oiti, hie prices being lees than those of any other to hotel on Penn. avenae, and his aooommodatioBa {or permanent or transient boarders nnexoeptionaj>lo. The bar and restaarant arrangements of the . European Hotel have already become very popn tar.being all that oan be desired by the most fasf tidlons. Tne eropnetor pledges unremitted attenre tior and oontinned liberal expenditares to (ire sat,e tsfrction to all, and thns renews bis invitation ? w aiI U> fi?e the Karoeean Hotel a eall. ?ie 4-ti " * "We'at lqBEZEN GLAM4ES, *' 1 evld at tli* lowest Eastern prioes.by d M. 1. FRANKLIN, OrriciAii, , . 44 4 Pa. av nue. te Jj l"" between Hth and 13th sts. j G u N B ? A T * ' Quartermnter OmtraTi OJU*. I h Washington Ciiy. JuiyTt. 1*61.\ . Plans anb Specifications for hulls of 6 an { .' Boats for tho Western rivers are on exhibition at ? ' this oflo*, and tl offices of Quartermasters kt ? 1 Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Louis and Alton. I, Butts to be delivered *t Cairo. Bids should be f I. sent to Ua%rt?riu*st?r General of the United States f is Ariaj, it WMhiogtou, by 1st A^u^t.^^ooc. jj Jy 1* Drif. 6?'1 and Qsartermaster C?n'l. ji ' flGAES AND LEAF TOBACCO FOR SALE h * AT AND BELOW COST. ; To close oat, 1 otter m? entire etosk, ooropristni * d sowsM".0pt? veil-mads CIGARS, of all sias? ai? * I I?? L EA P*T n B A C C O!*YA RA nF.^.ete. I for cash at and below soot ' P. WUILBACHER, of Baltimore, * - " aas-rararam i ' s?WA?'rM?S^ji | has just noaa received.?Persons la search * ? of i reUaNe instrument at a low >rios w"111' ? ' ?A?OW ssrajji I LIST OP LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFPICB. WAtHlMaion ClTT, August S3, IKK I Ordered to be ineertad in the Erixine 8tu, i sing the newspaper having the largest circulation f any daily paper published in Washington.! try All persons applying for letters in the followg list, will please say they are adtutiskd. LADIES' LIST. ivery. Mrs S A Laoey, Miss Virginia Alexander, Harriot Mile*, Miss Mary b mderaon. Mi?s >allie May, Mrs kugvst, Mits Hannah Moore, Miss Sarah trmrn. Misa Virginia Moore. Maggie t* 11, E^iza Mahon, Mrs (arae?, Mrs Mary Mirrick, Miss Mary A Jell, Miss Mary Marden, Mss M C lurch. Miss Fannie Morton, Miss Mary (ell, Mias Jn ia R Mnrphy, Catharine Irown, Miss Laura Macouey. Miss K Irowo, Miss Lanra B Magruder, Miss N C lames. Mrs Mary A Merruk, Mrs VV W tell, Miss Louisa Murray, Miss M A Sutler, Mrs Martha Mor ey. Miaa tt tergeo, Miaa R J MoKissi< k, Mrs Irewen.Mrsfl McCoy. Leanco Inen, Mrs C MoCristal. Mra F inhler, Mrs MoClnre, Mrs W 9 Jryan. MmML MoDuffee, Mrs L iritcoe. Miaa 8 A Mcl'heraon, Mrs S A Sntton. Mrs Enmoe Nourae, Miaa Mary ieebee. Miaa M Naylor, Miea Blanoe :hase, Mrs Mary Orriaon, Miaa I. L <i..k u... I..:u II n "MM rfULIUU V WrUB, ill I B II I liar*, Misa Virginia Osborn, Mra Mary Hark, Mn Luoy A Peal. Mri Caroline :uh, Mra E J Peak, Miaa Ann ;ash, Mra T M S Paina, Mra ;hi!d, Mra Catharine Pluraley. Mra G 'lark, Mra John H Poaey, Mra Mary Campbell, Miaa Carrie Patterson. M s Mary A lacail, Miaa Mar* Powell. Mrs L M-2 Carroll, Miaa Ginnie Patrick. Miaa Carrie Crawford, Mra C M F Paaaisault, Mra jf Connelly. Miaa Clara Pollard, Mra C W Jrawford, Miaa Maggie Pierpoint, Mra Julia Carroll, Miaa Mac ot PillaoDry, Miaa E R Jollins, Mra W F Ken. M n 2 Joorer, Mra Sarah E Rees*, Miaa Christena Cochran, Miss Anna M Row, Mra M A Creaaman, Mra M J Riddle, Miaa Mar? S Carroll, Mra H Russell. Mra fc. Jane-3 Chamberlain. Mrs J M Ready, Marv Jronin, Miaa Mary Raymond, Miaa L Joffee, Mies Mary E Robinson, Mrs R W )elahey, Miaa E Renshaw, Margaret A )orman. Madame Reeder, Miaa M >oran, Mra K C Robe*, M Anna Svans, Mra8 I< Steel, MrsMattie ir.twisle, Mias V Sinoot, Mrs L Elliott, Miaa A Smith Mr* Kanioe N iveng. Miss A Shuuk. Mrs Wm "ield, MrsMM Scott, MiasCG Jreer, Mrs Satan Scott, Mrs H C >%tea, Mrs Maggie Soott, Miss Agnea iibba, Miaa Mollie B Sauh.Mrat* ?ray,Miss Jennie SteCs, Mrs Kate >rey, Miss E Sanger, Miss M L iopkina, Mra O J SmiTer, Mra H inrbert, Jennie Sanno, Miaa B 2 lolland, Miaa Sarah Stevenson, Mrs Wm iurler, Mrs A M Snllivan, Mary O loweil, Mrs E J Steph-na. Miss K C lodgkin. Miss Ada Sasser, Mrs H M iutonison, Miss C T Switzer, Mra S iifild.MissA Sell, Miss Marr lunter, Mias Alios Turner, Miaa J W iill. M'sa A'iee A ToriII, Mra R A lays, Miss A M Terelaine. Miss Su*ao Iall, Mrs Allen F Taylor, Mrs Jos Jail, Mrs Mary A Toison, Miss Rell lata. Mrs Mary Taylor, Miss C J lodge, Mis* AC Taylor, Miss Kate le?s. M'rk Soohia Taxman. Mr* \follio Jail, Mi?s Mary Turner. Mi?? J W vm.MihD A 2 Underbill, Mrs A ngram. Mrs Mary Will am*. Illiii M J larrett, Mrs C Watkor, Mrs W E fohn'on, Mrs Ellen H Wilson, Miss Addie loyce, Mrs C H Wayaon, Mrs M A Cent, Si :ss F F WhitWm, Mifa A 8 time, Mrs Sarah Wi! i?, Mss Ann* ?ing, Mrs H 8 Winter, Misa Sufan D iummer, Miss Bertha Walker, Mrs Jenn e (autman, Miss M E J Wetmore. M'S* 8 E Cutler, Miss Jane Wiijun, Mrs Ellen lellv, Miss M J 2 Winn, Mrs R-i.eo^a ,u?k. Mrs D H-2 W*'?h, Miss Mary j<ird, Mrs M C ^'iiht, MissC jeminons. hiiza White, Mrs A 8 ..axman, Mrs H Weils, Mrs Ellen Miscellaneous.? Miss Fannie. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. IpplegateWmHButler BsnC DeVecher A Vustm V G Brown Ken T Ed red K faMiiwterlJSA Bigely Bernard Elder R iddiaon Win T iiennett Alex Ecenolf Peter lyers Capt K B Britain A M E<% F F Vrno.d Capt R Brann. r Jerry Eastman N Vdams T B M D Carnart Thus F Ewer *Vm Mien Lt B Oomns Sainl Edwards Lt J?i *very J A CandlerCapRobtElliott Ja? llleam John Clark R M Edgur J<vs R Mien J B . C.ark J no H Ewald Jno MiamsOaptH A Cronm J B El iottOol HHH MlenCaptWmCCamp Jacob A Ellison GeoC Mdrioh H A Chapman Dr JB Edwards Geo H tdanisJnoH CraaeyJnoS Eantes F P?2 ihoynder H H Conrad H A Earle Ed L?2 lluwidn G W Ohilds Geo A Ewing E IrmstrougC&pt Coake Geo Elweli k W?2 F E Carson Geo C gvans David-3 ^ ?o j rimi 4# VidiK v/avt r u p.no? ii ij WeresD-2 Co I in* CapCHTKdie Chaa *dams Caleb Cut er Ciim S Evans Com M \ugun Maj C C Chaever U H Khren A %ix^nderCoiCA Ciilt Wm Hlery A fcich Chat Chapii.au WraH Fossenden Wral \dainsonas Coyne Wm Flinn Mr Alexander J W Cunningham W Fowler Walter jriamaCoiH I* 3 Candor Wm Finney Wm O Alexander Hy Carver W B Fowler Captain oigeiow IU ( arnngton V Wm?2 Bunovrs W Cieinsuu I'GV Finne- Wm Baker Wm M Casey Thos Fargher TliOi Bel; W m W C jiemau T P Fori "rVo? i Bjjdlii-Ji laae LtT L Sankey Bookman LtS D Coselo Sargart Freeman Ol A gr*watfa?l Coffin fc-S Fo" Michael Burt Oliver T Chorohll UrS Fri-bee Mr Brair.hail M B Craven Rhi<da Feriuion M R tfened.ot L ir Coanrli Kioad Fairchild Capt L BellomejrL C heater oapRo'tp.,,,!,, j M BuhupLue Clark Robert R Fa.ss j,,* R BrainardJ Carpenter R H French Jas A Beioher Jas b ofley f eier Faulkner Jas ttige.ow Jno?2 Curtis Capt NM Fraz-u Col J R Bonamity LtjA ConklinU D Freaman Sergt J Bond Capt U Clea'y Michael Poster JO Hrfu H Una"vV>ajn M FinkleJno W BardWoilCptbHcamp Maj Farntworth J brocks (j B?4 Culiane u Foster H F u*V.r ^wLs/jt ?}"'*r Co1 Lu Florence G W BellL.tWH Ctagslon H Fisher L,t G ^ Chamber linJA Fisher Dr K W Bell W H Camp Jacob A 2 Farnswoi th E 2 Baoon W P CoDb Jas H Franklin E C ?{ ' ? ** Cnuroh Isaac M Fitagerald E B akfordHonW Cook Jas Feruey Edw Blaoking W A Cam# Jacob A-3 Forr l.K W Berry Wm P Crosby Lt Js Fom C B Blakeir Cast WClean Jas n Brougnton VV Cosgrove * Co Flagler D W Baaii W D J no 8 Foster Chas U Bey mm W Ciawford J R Farreuoe K Bardsiey Win Cusiok Jno Farr C G? 2 Burke Win cranueli J W Fletcher Capt b.acnall inoa Ca.lins Jno F Fuller B A G tfumga ten lira Carson J U Frub^e A L?2 ver VV F Cronther J 9 Fuller A Bryan Tnoi R Crofoot Jaa Freeman A M-i Brudenon Thos Carrol Ja? Urant Gen N 8 Bates 1 C Curtial) Josiah2(jriggs W Bruoe^andersD Ciany Jno 8 Gage W H ttriggs s*ilas J Ca inoUy J G'overFG Bruoe Coi 8 M Coty Jos Green F W brooKe Robt Gurus Or J tfrar S?aml P Beirnard Kich'dcaldwell J P Griffith 8 R B*rn? Kiob'd-2 Cooper H A-2 Griffith 8 A Bigeiy Rioh'd Clarke Hi>F UreenSS Baden fairlok Cla.k tt f . GoiiSSW Burns Patrick Cnapman G H-2 tjraut Robt Boiton Patriot campbel G J (jreen P t>?3 Barrett U i> Cottingliam Geo (j raves O P BengermiuO A Capler Gao Griffin O ' Brow* tioa >1 LCvaaeGeo Grovs Otksn Brod M B Cains J A Granon L Boms Miohl Cregler F Uould icaao Brown Ca.e F M-2 Gannon Jas Bell I)r L V Cisseil t 8 Gibson Ja?F Bargiuan 1, M Cia'kdF Graham Jas U S tieil LVM D-2 Carstens K Given Jno B Brigfs J H ir-2 Curtis E B Gregory Jas Bureijuot Creagle F GieasonJoaH Burd Maj J D Crawley i) L tiibson Jno Brown Jno H Campbell Ul) Gia am Jno W M?<?>/i> r.? < >?- i?.-i "--.i- j krvn uua ?*<? > WUUJ 1/dUI UftlUBra Li Brown J 8?2 Chapin B 8 UibaonJoa Uowen J W Col? Bant Gib<011 H R Uuok Job VV Ciiihmaa C 8 Gibbine J * UuellJnoL Crosa C K Grofl Gt-o B UrownJnoH ChapnCB Geruhard) Geo Sell JuM Cowan B K Goes Geo G ilriuBjoel Cozens ts F Greeniea/GR irown i?2 COiDuroA V UrahamGW iarrett Joa Coloord A Gettj G VV kin JoiW Chipmin A J Gil man K P Benson Joa H Dixon Win Gnawold C E 3 Jrainard Prof J Diti W J Gilman A irumaiinJY BawltonVTm Gerdmtn Aza Juokintnam JnoDunham A ttiiwore A irady laiafl Bunoan/Wm Garrett A Jouvier Iden Bavia W C Gaaton G G Janinger L>t J WBowna Thoa Harvey Wm {enter Jaa K Bauiela Tft'.a?2 Harria Wm lartoleit la IMaly Thoa Harm Rev VV A iennett Jno )avia Shepherd HiUretn W H lower J C C Davie 8aml Hart VV H Jar be r Joaiah Bailey ? 6 Hameu VV A ieloher Jaa Z Boremoa R O Hatch W iavey Julee Bowline P Hatohicfa Wn Srennac Jaa F Dowie Pat Hail VV tlanol&eic Jaa Belaney P * Hippie W H tikloard Jao W Barta O H. uaton 1 hoa iennemano Jo- Dunham O H Hinton Thoa hannere uevetajeM?8 Heath T P lyron John Denntaon Mr Heath S A itnay Jamea DewdJaa Hi'lmea Thoa Jerrt Grinder 8 Bean 8 Hopkina Br 8 W towlon Coi H Bow Lorenzo?2 Hopkioa ? M LlVniAnAanl?AAliDrli>.>l -** U?i; lir f r> t NMVVHVVW&' ?| UUfeUWWtU UWI *? Li W Pay D P Hail Gen K C tond H O Duubar L B Ha.l Riohd Irentano Henry Dunbar Lyt'r Haves S V lealvy?.dHli>mPrake Jno Hildretn 8 M tartou Hev H B Dock Capt J Halbert Aaim towie Harry C Diminiok Lt J E Houter 8 |!a?ser Miona?i Dorsey J*? Hartley R H labbitttienry WDunyre J W Hunter K h Irown Henry jr Devell J to Harberger Jno H Inggs OilbertM Daly Jno Hoooley JLno C IridgeeHonSWDjffy J Hioktnan JnoL2 [right G?nGo WDu?all Jaoob HirraerJno laUttonGideonJDuiey Jae m or. a man JasW (right Geo DumoutJaoC Hickey J.m F tallaxd Geo Diiworth Joe HanspergerJnoS tuokman GeoR i>e Long Jno L Hyatt J A__ lender Geo DocohoeHiuh Hao Jas W liafce f N Donne.1 H Humphreys Jno logue Col F 8-2 Douglas Henry 3 Hawkins Jno P laidwinKph'eS Da? Geo K H-S Horigan Jno la eon Knouk DeloyneeGeo Henry CaptJatL term Edwin T Dow Goo Holmway J a lasoom Kline Dorr F . lading Jae per lat reti Dan L 8 Dodge Frank Hassey J no tarntti DavidG Davie F Heyworth J letdir oansA Co parting F B _ Hatohineon Jno taileyCP DokinChaeB Hunter Jno C tart Cromer Dundy K 9 Hlllen Jno Crii.k C H povene jrChae Heusbergisaaot Iramaer C p'?oh Casper Hamilton Jro

roner Cbae Dejardln C Hamilton F H lueher C C DeHass Gen Ck Hawkin* J k* UragaCF jjilton H ?. low i.ao LtC P Datrey B T Hwoktnvn H iron Cba* DononaeA , _ Henry 0< ? Iraok-tt Capt i-fm ohery A Jt Henr? Guy V / Hargrarea R Mi'ler Clwa-S Sweetier CaptN H?3 P.P . Com q B-2 HsrdfNicn M?'r?l C Smith L Harly N R Mowry R 9tookto? L W t JJiJj D Moeller II Mawyer J*? i S1 1 ' j X MiHttkA Smipeon J H 1 H?ivd Mr Maok A S!o er J O H??t? M W Mayer A 9oottJ\a?er . Il?rn?k L M Martin A E Mnim J Geo tlall t. W?2 Mtrriman A. Smith Iswuj Hall J no R Maok A W Stewart J 11 HragJ^e Muzzy A W t-ni?ad Capt J R Hoove 'on p Miller A Smith Jaa G Hrii J V MoKee A R SUelJno Hilt^ a* F MoClaine A Smith Uriel Hinab rgir Jno MoHenry B Skeel Ji.o Harmld Jaa A Magmre II Smith J M Harding JnoF MoCalloigta C Shunemaa J no 3 Hunt H 8 MoGiUC Su ffel J Maikins H D MoClure D Slatery M Honkonga U MoD-rmot Dr Sherman J H Harriaon H MoPheraon E St*phen?"n J no Harbin Geo F MoDona d F E Savage Joa M Hinnman G P MoKerna F Sherwood Cast J Hepburn Fred Mo Adam* F Spangle^ J W Har'iog'oo FC lIoLelland Q*o Bower J R Hudton M F?2 MoDoonaGeo Sullivan Ja? Hill Lt E MoNielGeo Sullivan J J Harta E L Mcl.ellan H Skinner J A Hartv fcd 9 McKay H 1> Bieaater J O HutoniaonET McDowell HV Bwagler J 9 Hinohman F. H McDonnell H L Spalding Jaa Howard E D G "cKlnnanJno Siarr Henry nuucou v apbiu i?ljdo suiiwaceu n 9 < Hopkins E McKinne* J M Shawg H L Hiokling D P McKaan J J 8locum H W Hoimes D V MrManusJas Shield Geo Henderson D C Motiundee Jaa Smith tfeo How* LtO McLaugh'inJH Scott Geo Hamilton Gen Mai'unn OoiJH Shern an.Geo F Chaa S MoKay J W Smith Geo W Herina U W IVioUilvery iu Suborn beo W Hoi!liter C K McDonald Jm TSohaeffer G A Hoopmorris C McKrath JmE SHeven? Geo Hammond Capt MoGill J no Sherm\n Gen Hall Ch&a MoGeady Jno Htable?Ju? Hungerfoni C N MoAdaras M Shid Ge<> K Hays B E MoGizmt Mr Swam F L. Hay* A MoClure S A Staunton F P butohins B F Mol.augliJin P Smith F G Harria B F MoCiil R C Soherf t Harris A L McGenty Robt Snowden R Harden A Mackenzie R S Spies E Haskina A MoCabe Thos Stanhope E Hopkins A MoLanihlin W SpioerE Innes Col C H MoClu??;Wm Strong E Ives A V McDowell WH Smitn D G Inman H McKlroy Wm oaokett i> B S logman Thos A Nobles W H Sine l> W Inglseon J K Noble Thos B Smith 1) E Jordan L.t W H Newlan Thos Smith D J add W S iNugen Robt Schandm D Johnson S L Nolan M Shrodh Chaa JohntonS W Neisser M Summer C A Johnson Jaa Nowell J M S aiter Chas JaoksonSAl Noble G Sawtell?CaptCC JadkinaRC Norton EM ?t Clear c lias C J onesA Mitchell Nutter C J Stroup C F Jotes Jos M Niekerson B R Saxton Capt Jones J P CgdenWm Saunders C K Jones Jno H Oakley Theo Snow C H-l James Lt L L OrrJasA Smith C Jerome Isaao O'Neal J as Stout C A Jennings Jno Olmsstead J H Sn?w B F f - . ? (i > <\tn 1 ii d VMitiuu n a u lyBDUoii J qu rpai imw & lj r Johnson Henry OdhnJnoW Smith A W Jofmon H M O'CsnnerJ C Mlubnry A Johnson C P E Orleander 6 Summer A Johnson C E OrtOh&sH Small A F Johnston C O'Reed A Smith A H Junkin Rev DX Pomroy ffm Spofford A R JonbertA Parser W H SemnerA Kingsley Wm Pikel VV T.mberman W ! Kephartft Yovagl'ettit W V Trine Wm KmffinWm Phillips WH Tilloy W P K'-owian Wm Piuney W S Tibston W M King Wm Poultn^y T?i Tanner Tneo Kennedy Tim Perry F S Tueit S R 2 Kennedy M Pagett Thos Torbei t Saml Kelly Robt P?op!eaSa!rJ Trowbridge R t Koeler N Phillips Pat Taylor N Kerns LtM Pitts P 'I hompson M Keys M 8-3 Phelps jr O Tonll J P Kurtz J O Pauiding M Toole J P W KtarnJno Perkins M J U Thomas Jno KnightJos\ Pinner >1 'I ayior Isaac W Kent Lt J F Parrott M J Tucker J H-? Kent Kinsey Patrick M K Taylor J H Ku p Jno F Psrker Levi Talion J no K?y?Jno Powell L M Titoumh J as Keasley DrJnoB Prester E S W Taylor J F Kiuzte J H Price Jas Tyler Hugh notuianok Jno PeokJoaA lhvmpioa H n Katsch H FratfcJos Tyner H Kincannon H A Pieraon Jno Tiliaon Geo M KenselGeoA2 Parker JttL 'laylorET Keiler G Pandler J<>? Toader E A Koonsman Geo Pearson J Thomas D G Kuapp F N Perry Jas B E Tolles O W Keeuy FranoiaF Phillip J V N Tal.y B KerchoffF O Phillips Jos d TenEyck A Kiuiiey Cootea Phillips Jno Tonner A C Kuppler Chaa Palmer Jno H Thompson H l.att?op W K. Pershing Job Underwood JELevere W F Paine H E Upp E E i Lester W H PenninctonH B Volger Theo Lang ley Win Kriughara H Van Luen S Z Lynch Wm Prinn II VanStrandsi s<l Lynne Thoa peraonilesG VanVleetS * Love Thoa Preabury G G?2 Van Volkenburi Love Jno Parker Oapt G K Lang hoi Porter Geo P Vandegrift R i-ampheir S E Parker F H \ ollara O tent 8aml E Porter Jno Vaik L acgd n Saml Peroey E A Vansick'e Jflo Langdon P Plowman E?-3 VaultneJ LeetgT Piper D Vanderbeok J C Lea'ie S^ml Piicher C H Vang aider li 1 aBille R H Palmer C A Vanover H Lowry l,t R B Peper C Van Renth F Lynch Peter Piatt Don?3 Vivalo.i F Laj*u .g Peter Peterman C Vanderhill E F I Land Rev M Perkins B W Van Ripper B f Lawue Mr Peeatnn A W Woodward J J Leech Mr Purdy A 8 Webater W Lipper Mr Pickard A Worth Lt W 8 Landon M D Pearson A W ilnama W m Lyde L A Parker A WiliamsThos L'toke Lou Qntnn Pat Westbrook W J Lu lis L KiohardaAW WolizTN Ltoh Col J F Flutter WF Wilson Thoa Leveraugn R Read W F Weed S H Leech Jno L Reid W U Waiker ?an?l Lynch J no Rapp vVm WitmerSH Loud J D ReyuoW* W H WukersonSam Long J Rn'? Wm Walter Sanu < Leech Jno?3 Read Wm WoodournS Louthry J M RodgersWm Webster;* Larkm J F Radford W J Wainright R A Lc.ne J no RiceV M Weosr Peter Lacey Capt Jno Remney R Wh^eiock R K Lawrence Juo Richardson F J Washington Rl I Livermore H M Ryau Thos Wrifht f L-aripnes H A 2 Riley 4 Son Wrignt P E Lyon H W RosenbackJaml Wright J as L?! Lynns Oaleb Rainey Kobert Wright ira Lester H C R<>thwell R Wilson Lanman G M-8 Risling P H Wood it Martii Lownan Geo Rijter Peter WentworthM] Lighter Geo W Richardson Ai Willard M LawrenoeGeo Roberts M V WinchbergerLi Lewis Geo W h ivers L Wile Isaac Lewis B Ritz Jacob Wright Jno Lacey F E Ross J Wood J H La-donD Rolling J 8 Wilkerson Jno Lindsay D Rowland J A?2 Wadswor'iiJasS LarrabeeCH Ro'ertsonJas WelerJno Lyon A 8 Ramsey J 1) Warreu J?s B Lewis A K Rahuasser Jno WtmerJa?B Lawrence A L Richards JOB Watson Jno Miller NF Redmond Jas-2 Wil ard J Murphy W W Reed H Whitney J 8 Moore W H Robinson H Wheeler Jas Montgomry WRReeseo H Woodruff Jno?i Maslott W H F:?id G WiokenhoferJw I Maroiu W N Rice G F W nnemore J J Murphy W >1 Robertson F J WireHC Morris W B Robb E VViisouJat Moore W P ReedES Wi:son Jas W Miller W Rainer C E Wilson J B Marshall W T Rutherruff E Wilson J MitohellTF R atherC Wtiitney O H Myers'Khos hocchiccroii C Wiggdner Geo M&gaw Sarcl 4 Reae) s C Williams Geo k Morse 8 N-2 Raukin A H Willard G L Meridith Sol RodsweliC Wilson beoT Murray WR Rsiney B W right Geo W Mang Peter Read A 8 Waies Geo T Morton O F Randell A W Woodruff G Mitchell O M-2 Kobinsoi. A Weieht ueo Mot L< Stewart Win?2 W&, a F Murray M 2 t<mitu W B?2 Weaver F Morgan M K-3 Hhannon W A Wampole K Mai re i, S Spronls W A Wo d M W Morris Cap L O Spaddmgs W Whitney EU 4 I Mountain Da Snyder w H Wilinnb MunshowerL. F Snyder W R Waliaoe E Mtrts J no S Smith W F 2 Webitfr B May jr Lt Jno A Spoffoid W J Wimon E C Moore J J Smith Wm William* I) MuokJno Sparks Wm WornerO 2 Murray J no B Smith W F Welch D MorrsJ Sherman FW?3 Worcester C Montague J M Smith Thos R Ward Chas Montg<>m?rt J Stokes S F Watson Chas MayoJasH Sellers Thos U W erg man 0 H Mansfield Jno Stetson T i> Waters ?:bas Marian Juuous Seldon Jrhoa W Woodward C M MoeltJnoF Sewell Thos R WilliamsCB S Mealy Jno 8prates ihos Warren CH MeianernJno Symp?onSA Wilson Chas E MeikerJau fckeel S E WickiinE Mookey ti D Sherman Sam I Waieon C B Mil.erH Simmons S Wh*i?rB6 Miner H DS SaimonrH Willinvton A A Martin Geo Baxtou Capt R W eaterWt A J Mitchell Geo Bauer R WoolaeyAJ Mi.ler P C Baiter R U Wilkin A Meara LtPO aemon R tJ Weatfall A M?jer Dr F Bawndesa R Waller A B Morrioe F J hmith M P Young Win So rang F Siotlj P Y eag-r M B eeoh r W Siveura P Youug J R-? arttin K ewain N L Young H Maaafield EMC Strong M M Young Kd Monroee C P Salomon Mr Yoang C B Maagrave K G Snjdor Mr YeaimtnA Magiuder 1> i.-*S<oiirer M Bearing Win MahanChaa Smith M P Zuiuoh M C Memrnst Chae Boloman M Zaoher B Mitchell C M Sherman 1.-2 MISCELLANEOUS -Proprietor of the Central Houae; Chairman uf Uie Congreational Cenfal Re viaii.g Committee; Box lit; J. >1. fc Con.piCum, Offioe ol the t.h Art;.. Com. officer of the 4th Carairy. (H^LXTTns Hf?T III ALL CUM M PK*P*.ID. Prop Letters, in all oaeea, muit be pre-paid. Aug a LEWIS CLEPHANE, P. M. rpHb SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY 1 invite the attention of the Army and NaTT lo their full iuidIi of MIL.1TAKA ana ~ NAVAL Fl/RNfsibiNG ttooiH. W\ ?uoH U lndiju Blue Cloth* aad Doetkiii*, WJf Cms, Kp&u.e:?. i>aoe*. Shoulder Strape.^^^ He.in, 5?word?, ow?rJ KnoU.Caps, Hate, and all reepeotm embroidery Ateo, th-? oelebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders tn that line rerpeotfully aolieited. H F.LOUDON A CO.. Naral and Military Merchant Tailors, Jy 11-eoSna S68 Pa. arM under Brown's Hotel. II AVONDALE FLOUR esSUGfeSRt ?%o%S2i will ai?ayi be prepared to eaeply my old frieadi In CaautHBMofllimnu'tD K (Hh for vasSs.'wie ass&as; i&S ^kssuvskkt I m' KjS&*5JX _ L 1 EDUCATIONAL. Borromko college. , NEAR PIKESVILLS, Bumoti Coustt. Murun, K Mam# the studies of its next session on Monday, Sil of September. e. q. 8. waldron, as 20-7t^ President. Em e r s o n institute, h stim, Between 12th and 13th sts., S*l'd Clatttn! mnd Mitlummttcmi Sckooi fir But Tb* eie'cises of tltiv School will be re*umod the first Monday in September. Address an in tf CUA9 B. YOUNG, Principal. |>hb union female academy. The Twelfth Annual Session will ootnmence September 2. For part:cn!ars inspire of the Pnn, oipai? mn Z. RICHARDS, an n lm Corner of Fourteentn aad K sts. NTH E WESTERN AC A DEM V, O. 97 7 I. corner of Seventeenth meet, recently nnder the care of Dr. Looms, will he reopened Monday, th* M of September. App i oat ion ma* be made at Dr. Towlb's, 490 Foaru street, iadioiary Ssnare. , an 17-3*' JOSHUA O. COLBURN. I DOCK HILL ACADEMY, IV Ellicott's Mills, Nd. Studies will be resumed in this Institution on Monday, 26th instant. Persons desirinf further information can have a pro*peotva mailed to their address by WTitinc to the Director of tha Academy. an is lw* T female education. hose Parent* who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic ednoation, where fthni r AhvwARl w.ll -1 - J ? ? r ? ? Ui?ft W?U I WOITO U?11T ftUU IW3I11 attention, under the most approved tern of Calitthemoe and Grninuboi, are respectfully ibrited U nit the Union Female Aoaderay, oorner Fourlee: th at ud New York & . MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS, _ ?-tf Pnact?ala gROOKEVlLLE ACADEMY. The next ee?ai?n will commence September Sri. Hoys are prepared for oolletce or for business. For catalogue please addre?s,at Bruokeville, Md, E. B. PRETTYMAN.A MH an ?-lm (Intel. > Principal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. The duties of this School will be returned on the first Monday of September next It* advantages (both a?to location and facilities for improvement) and moderate t?rms recommend it to tne pairon' ace of all. THOM?S N. CONRAD, M. A., JOHN 8. CONRAD. au 6 tSeptl Printpala. FOE SALE AND RENT. TO RENT?A handsomely tnrnished ROOM, on the eeoond story, front, large size, suitable for one or two gentlemen, without hoard. ?riT*?e family. A pp y on the premises, 34* E street, between 14th and 15th sta. an O-St* Furnished room for rent. at no. 4flO TweiLh street, between 6 and H sts. The Room is vary eomfortab'e and the neighborhood one of the moat desirable m Washington. batis ' factory attention guarantied. Terma moderate. No children in the honae. au 23-lw FOR RENT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, containinc 8 rooms. a tnated on Tenth street, between N and O ata. Apply to D. HAUPTMAN, 61 a Eleventh at , nwar Pa av?nue. >g it* ' t'OR RFNT, OR FOR SALE?The HOUSE r now occupied by Prealey Simpson, No. 4A6 Twelfth at anll-tf (BURNISHED ROOMS.?Very deairahle Fnri rished Rooma, with or without Board,(honae formerly oocupied by Ex-Governor Seward,) F st eet, between 13th and 14th st*. Warm and cotd bath- and every convenience ?uitabl* for nomfort. n. B ?A Furniahed Office, suitable! for phyaioiaa or gentlemen requiring a private offioe. au jl-lw* I70K RENT-A very desirable STAND for a i l? ardicg house, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth at., now oocupied by the Meaara. Joy, and has a'.waya had a full ahare of the patronage of the city. Poaaeanon given on the 1st of September next. Said honae fa in good order. For further Sarticulars apply to JAMES TOWLK*. Axent, 90 h street north ; or Mrs. JULIA KEEPT3T0 E ftreet. an 17 tf House on capitol hill for rent. The three story Briok Dwelling-houae on the 4 south side of Pa. avenue, at the c^rn^r oi Third s', east, a abort distance from th-Capitol fcquare. at present oooupied by G. S. Minor. Eaq. Applioar. ti ?n n-av b? ma/le on the premise*, or to TH- S. r BLAGDEN, No 4tt9Seventbst weat aul7 6teo s itOUSES FOR RENT-No. and No.J7.on II the south aide of I ndiana avenue, bjth of tb?m very large and oonveniect houses, with good stabling and oarriage-houses. Also, the commodious and large House, No. 398, on the north aide i f <1 atrMt . Apply to THOMAS BLaGDEN, No. 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf l^OR RENT?The north HOU9E of the row of r new four storj houses on Fourth it.. Mtmd D and E sts., No. 3****, fronting the City Hall sauare. Possesaion given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP. Attorney at-Law. No, 40 Louisiana avenue. mall-eotf FOR RENT?A aubatantial three atory BRICK HOU^E, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third street east, two doora from K atree: nortli, ' on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of rent to auit the preaent times. Possession given immediate!;. Inquire of Mr. BACON, next door; or of Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. au IS lm?o* 2 \ FARM, of about 290 acres, with timber and Xa. c eared lands orchards, dwelling and barn, in Maryland, for aaie or exchange for other real or personal estate; United Statwa. State, and railroad, or other atocka, notes, bonds, or other aeoantiea. Inquire at No. 490 Massaotiusetts ar. jj 26-tf i IJANDSOMEl.Y FURNISHED ROOM9.11 Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied vith rid ILnrl wjit*r AnH Annmnmnt t>\ iIia PaUrt 2 and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490tf Maasachinetta avenue, north aide, between 4th and 6th its. ma 23 , GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS en BOXES OU PRIME CHEESE. 6 boxes French LEMONS, ; 10 hhda. P. R. MOLASSES, part suitable for bakers' u?e, Jfltbbls Refined SUGARS, *> bags Rio COFFEE, 5 tierces extra Sugar oared HAMS. For tale by ao 30 6t W. H. TENNEV. , |\| ASsSE Y, COLLINS A CO/S ? 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. J Expected this Uar. per steamer J. Jorome? 300 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale Terms aaab on delivery. ARNY ft SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhdt. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS 110 bbla. Old Rye WHISKY, StO bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. 10 bbls. Crashed and Refined SUGA KS, ri : . j X i i / k r < r> n au uses mo uu java wr r r<r., lo hhds.(low-priood) MOLASSES. For sale hr JOHN J. BOGUE. ee I* CBAPT1STE PERDRIAT, HI ROPODIST, of Ptrn, has the honor tnoffer Li* serviocs to the ladus and centieroen of thi* city. He perform* ail operation* necessar* for the EXTRACTION AND CURE OF CORNS, BUNIONS, Ao , Ac ,as praotioed by the Frenoh pedicure*. Office, No. IS 4>t ktreet, near the City Hal). auglm* RESUMED BUSINESS. A AwA The Uaderaixned womd ioform hi*IwA 9 wfrienda and the publie that be haa0 0 taken nouse on Ninth at., between D and E, where he will again do buaineea aa a lioenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all business transaction*. jell 3m* ENOCH WARD. Home-made boots and shoes, Par kANis', Misses' ajid Chilbekx's waal, At ExcMdimgiv Lo%? Priu.?. 1 a' i ma -oa I** a*.. Kwt. a?H aU. Soldiers si8ht DRAFTS ON THE NORTH 1 bought and sold in sums to suit Army Officers and Soldiers. SWEENY, RITTENHOI SE. kant * CO? Bankers. Pa avenue, Jy 23 1m (Sund.Chron ) near Brown's Ho lei. f^lBBS' HAIR STORE. VI No. Pa. av.. >rr. lira amd Itoa sts. i PEKPUMKHY.tr BRAIDS.CURLS WIGS. HALF WIGS, FR1ZETTE8, As. A HU tact always on hand, or made to order at the ehorteet notice. Hair Workrepa.'ed or exchanged. N H? I.I.1IU' flftirTWai in aalMlm) I piwr'. " ** *" ma??-din < SI CIAL NOTICE TO VOLUNTEERS.- ' I l? ri'arrived at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh tret (.opposite the Post Offioe, a iar*e lot of SPRING and SUMMER CLOTHI!*? tJ, TKL'.N Kti VAL1CK*, CARPET BAG"*, SHIRT COLLARS. TIES, HATS ana CAPS, ft B.-A11 of ( the abovenamed goods for sale at NorUera priaaa. i wia?-3tp J. H. SMITH. Clo&iee. j W ^TRAVELING TRUNKS. < E Offer for sale the larreet aeeortaaat a TRAVELING TRUNKS to be fouod iDM? Ladies' Drew acd Packing Trmakm, Va-^^ Hoes. Carpet Baca, Ac., whwb w are mow aalliag at Tory fow pnoee. ae It ^ALLt.TKi:HKNSA^ GELLING OFF AT HALF PRICE OUR 1 O entire etoot of handeoate Ftoaneei Barege Sobae. in Uao* and polore: all Lava aad Orgaady nalin Robes. We desire to close oat tfeis portion took at oaoa, for oaak, aad shall offer great bargains to Hrokaaan. RUMMER CLOTHING^ Kdwcd ^ Wi ogbr oif larf M?oif lit ofthia BDMMKK CLOTHING fttr?duoed pri*M. Our itook w , brkoM all atylva uxl julitiM of GiiUhm. Youth* and Boy* Wsanne Award. of tha aorf 1 i desirsbie ?na feehjonable emeif Aiki. SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS is III . - TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Tbe Wtr 1b VliMirl Jirmioi CiTT, Mo , Auj 11-flf* OnMi baa appointed a d vlolon ln*(>ecl??r la five or th? eeven mllltarr dietrlrta la the Htatc*, fnr Um purpoae of mueterlng mrn Into aervlce. Tbe Oirwnor calle upon cltlier* to com- forward peon?p?ly to auataln the peace, by tbe auppreaaton aad dieperaion of tbe armed banda now rommlttt of vlolence In different parte of the *tate noon aa tbe troop* arc enrolled tbev are to bold tLemaelvee In readineaa to march at the call of tbe Executive. Any regular organization will be permitted to volunteer In tbe aervlce of tbe United Stataa, If tbe membera ao dealre Tbe following la ibt form of oath to be ad rainletered to tbe militia 'You, each and every one of yrn, do aolomnly wear that you will boneatlv and faithfully aervo the State of Mlaaourl againat all her enemlca. and that you will do your utmoat to arista In tberonotltntlon and lawa of tbe United Sutra and of thla State; and do you do farther eerwer that yo? will well and truly execute and obey tbe legal order* of all the officer* properly placed over you, whtlav on duty, ao help you God Glinow, Mo , Aug tl ?About 1,500 rebela have aaaembled In Valine county, and are orsanixing either to loin Gen t*rlc-*a army l? tbe (South, or for local operation* In tbe aurroundlng countlea In view of tbe latter purpose, tbe Union cltisena at that place have aentto Gen. Fremont for protection. So Die thoutund nr ram MKnla county crowd the Misaourl rlrer at Brunswick, on Saturday, and marched southward to Jo! a Gen t'ncali forces In the southwest They took a (Ml Dttvibtt of boraes aad wagooa with ttM. Caxroii Coma Mints, Mo., Aug SO.?Tba correspondent of the M Louis Democrat fumlahca the following Intelligence: A sergeant t>elonging to a company of United Hut#* Dragoons, having escaped from tike rebtls. by whom ae wna taken prlaoner In tne last battia near Sprlngleld, reports that Ben. MeCullough waa mortally wounded, aad dl?d at Springfield the morning after the battle His bod* waa placed In a tin-ltned ouAn, which waa lUed with wuisKy ana closely senled i>4 Ml southward o* Tuesday evening. accompanied by Lis bodr-guard and a few companies < f soidless Be aiav anvs tuat Gen. Price ws* badly wounded, and tblnks be will not be able to late command mm Tbe rebel* were relnf.>rrad on Saturday night after tbe battle by 9 000 men, under Judge McBrlde, many of wbom had no arms. It wm currently reported among tbe rebel* tbat 11.U0U of their army would mabe forced marc baa on Jeffaraon city and Ufce It St. Lorn, Aug. 91 ?Tbe com ml Ban of safety appointed by Gen. Pope, ta Calloway, Lincoln and Pike countlea,reported a satlsfcctorr aroount of sffhlrs la their counties Many lswlees characters had been driven oat of tbat region, and tbe counties north of tbe rleer, being deprived of their presence, are becoming qalet and aetiled. IaoHTon, Mo , Aug 90 ?Gen.Prentiss has bee* assigned to the command of the diem on embracing Cape Glradeau and Bird1* Point. Gea Grsnt has been ordered to Jefiereoo city The Confederate* oa the 01. Pranel* flew sre aid to be M.OIO strong. Frea Aleiandrta. Al.lt >?TM" *11?T *0 V?!??! . Main ?? exertions of Malor Lmon, commanding tbe guard here, Mia* VVindle. formerly of Delaware, but more recently of Philadelphia. end of late a correspondent of the Southern press, was arreeled In the act of leaving Washington by the steamboat. She la a highly educated lady, and the autboreea of several works publlabed while she resided In Philadelphia, among which wae a legend of the Waidenaes; alao, A VUit to Melrose " Mlaa Wludle baa realded here tor the peet month, where her movement* have been clowly watcLed She boldly avowed ber eeceaalon proclivltlea. and made do aecret of ber correspondence with the leaders ef the rebel army. After a bearing abe wm eent to Washington Augustua Sc hatter. of Gloucester, N J., belonging to C*pt Tocn's Philadelphia company of cavalry, was severely wounded In the bend yesterday by a pisto. bail, while out with scouting pirty towards Fairfax Court House. Tbls has been an eventful dsy with the military men In tbe department of Alexandria, caused bv a review of the division by General McClellan and his staff The customary salute waa fired, and the new General expressed blmself ss highly pleased with tbe condition of tbe troops The new order in relstion to passes between here and Wsshlngton la now rigidly entoroed, much to the Inconvenience of thoee who are anable to prove their loyalty. A large number of Alexandria!.* wereun&oie 10 return notue to-night, a* Provost Marabal Porter, of Washington, require* all receiving pstses to bo personally vouched for as Union men. tMsUtra Nsws. Lovisvills, Aug. 21.?The Memphis Avalanche of the 30th says that General V. tUlam H Crowell, who r.as returned from a brief v:sit to East Tennessee, says that iirownlow had addressed the Bradley County Volunteers at Ksuville, saying that he would enlist end Ightsgainst the Fsderals Also that Mr.Ne:son would shortly Issue an address, advising acquiescence In tho will of the majority of the State He ilk-wise says that Brownlow will 8>>on issue the Whig, and advocate the cause of the 6oath against her oppressors 'l'he Nashville Gazette sev* that a number of Northern printers, engaged In tbs Southern Methodist Publishing House, had left for tho North. John Clark, s Northern roan, resident of Tennestee for some time past, now tho captain of a Federal company In Cumberland county, has been brought to Nashville for trial. The Memphis Avalanche strongly appeals for aid for the wives and children of voloi .teert. who are left destitute by the absence of their husbands and fathers. Travel from Louisville southward continue? uninterrupted, although energetic measures are adopted to prevent the transportation of contraband goods Seizure sf Newspspe s by the Government. 1'biladklpbia, Aug ? ?On the arrival of the New York train ttiia morning, Marshal Mlllward1* officers examined aU the bundles of papers for news agents, Ac., and ae'z-d every copy of tbe New York Daily Newt, lis sals has been totally suppressed In this city. The marshal also seized all the bundles of tbe News at tbe ezpress offices for the West and South, including over 1.UUU copies for Louisville, and nearly for Baltimore, NVaahiagton, Alexandria and Annapolis The marahal also took possession of lbs office of tbe "Christian Observer,'' In consequence ?f the publication In tbe last lssus of virulent article on .4 <1.^ L._l .. . It "lue uuuuit w?i Skirmish in tba Ktnwkt Valley?the C ?i(e4traU> Key a'sad CutciKHATi, August 2a ?A skirmish took place at Hawk's Nest, in tbe Kanswha Valley. Tbe rebela, aome 4,UUUetrong, *dveaced to where tbe Eleventh Ohio Regiment Uad wot Ud barricade, and were driven back wltb lorn of 50 ft 1 lied and a number wounded and tafcrn prisoner*. Oar lota wm only twoallgbtly wounded and otfBM lD^. Our forces captured quite a number at boraes and equipments Another report by steamer from tbe Kanawba river to-night says tbat O. Jennings Win baa been captured, but tbla Is doubtful Frem Mast*a. Bustor, Ad|. 21.?The steamship Koropa sat led this morning with fourteen passenger* tut Halifax, and dfty-three for Liverpool, sue takes out no specie Mr. Motley, our minister to Aostrla, is a pssasa ger by the Europe. Tbe Twenty-Ant Massac hoar tta regiment has been unavoidably detained la its departure tomorrow. A preliminary examination la the rase of Ittlng out of the ship Brutus ss a slaver resulted in the discharge of A. H Potter and holding of Aibart L. Blgelow tor trial PrlntMn aft lip* Utiurai. PHU.ADKi.rBta, Aug 2? ? The Brltlab brtf daft over re porta thai on the 17th inataat, off Caps Hatteraa, abe boarded from a privateer auomer, aide-wheel river boat of about M> too*, mount lug two kuna Her crew reported having aevoraJ prizea In Hatteraa Inlet, one being the I tear a It waa farther stated that Ihev Were hoping to capture a U. d brig of war The oAnera and boola' crow of the privateer wora apparently baetera The Cue of the Baltimore Felice C?uti< leoera. Niw Vou,Ang 2*.?'The kibMieorpaiaN of the Baltimore police coiibIwiiiih waa d)? pomed of thta morning, Judge U*jiW?? ?utMni Wag to tbe 1 Heritable nrceaalty aod tht pro:eedlB|? Ttranl PoiiUea Monrrauu, VI, Aug. 81 ?The Union Com veatloo to-day bonilnaU-d for Governor, Km.: Andrew Troey; for Lloaleunot Oo??mr, Im l^rrl Underwood, and for Plate Tremrer, J. F.' Tburaton Tbe oooventtoa wa? large, hnrmonloua and ? tbualaallc _________ Uwt| Bain at (mdanO. 6lffCIK*lTI, *1--TM MBTteM nil 09m kiwva |b ttia virtnUjr (Hi for en boar >< a hair tats toodtac ibertreete. tlUaf e*U??. vmuj. k gum 4n: rf ? S(4f. Noiwiu. Ceea., A?g. lly?The My fo<mA r? Nor walk Stands Is enppuaaA t? be tbet o< im taptalaof wkw *er*er e* en tbt Jack alow waa trt?4 aad kaa^. " Arrival ?f tbe Frt?ste i *?<rwt. IMTM. Auroslt* - I t>? U - lr iM C?*' ? ? 0