30 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Ağustos 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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( 1 1 =gjr==g=^fe=^==g=gg===^===ss=g==^==s (Anting Sta. i V"1-. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. AUGUST 30. 1861. N?. 2.661. THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (PUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT T^lK STAR BCILDIM6I, CWmt %f Pt?*tylo+?i* ivfMM d EUvtntk it. BY W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* asrred la package* by carrier* it Ml year, or 37 centa Qpr month. To mall aabecrlbera the prioe la S3 JO a year, u mdvmu*; S3 for all month*; >1 for thre? months; and for 1cm than three month* at the rate of 18 centa a week. Single coplea, ohb cbht; In wrapper*, two cairra. ITT' AnTnTiaiMBST* ahoald be aent to the o>ce before IS o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear until the next day. MR. RUSSELL'S LETTER TO THE LONDON TIMES Til* Retails ( ike Battle. Washisoto*, July 29.?On thia day week ike Confederates could hare marohed into the ' capital of the United Statea. Thej took no immediate steps to follow np their anezpeeted success. To thia moment their movementa hare betrayed no fixity of parpoae or aettled filan to pursue an aggreaaire war, or even "to iterate Maryland if they have the meant of doing so." And. indeed, their success was, as I suspected, not known to them in ita fail proportione, and their loss, combined, perhaps, with the condition of their army, as much as political and prudential motives aotvuting their leaders, may have had a fair share in producing the atate of inactivity with which the Federalists have no reason to be dissatisfied Let us look around, now that the smoke of battle baa cleared away, and try to examine the condition of the (pound First as regards foreign relations. Tne personal good feeling and perfeot understanding which exists between the representatives of the great European powers directly interested ia America are founded on an appreciation of the exact demands of the interests they represent, and on the necessities of a common honorable policy England, having avast commerce direct 17 involved in the contest, has naturally been the first to provide for it* safety in American waters, and has also felt it desirable, in the face of the desperate counsels which hare been given on this side of the Atlantic, to furnish a trifling reinforcement to her small military establishment in Canada. The fleet at present in observation is neither powerful nor offensively disposed, and no exception can be taken to the mode in which it has acted, by the most sensitive Americans, although attempts have been made to arouse vulgar prejudices by erroneous statements respecting the views and declarations of Admiral Milne. The authoritative aasertions on that subject in some of the journals here are destitute of authority, ezoept that of the writer. What is of more consequence, perhaps, in respect to the preservation of friendly relations between England and the United States, is the fact that a great change has come over the Tiews of the members or member of the Cabinet who was supposed to seek reconstruction of 1 the Union in a war with Great Britain, and that the most favorable disposition is evinced to eultivate our good graces, not by any sacrifice of principles, but by the adoption of a tone at once calm, iuat and dignified, which will b? appreciated by the foreign office. It is not probable either that we shall hear much more about the immediate annexation of Canada, and the fury of the 760,000 * better than French" soldiers with which we were threatened will be for a time averted M Mereier, the energetic and able representative of onr lllv. in uid t/1 rnitorUin mtmnir notion that the oontest now waging cannvt tern?inate in the success of the North in what it proposes to itself. M de Stoeckl. the Russian Minister, who haa lired long in Amerioa, knows her statesmen and the genius of her people and inatitationa, and ia a man of safaeity and vigorous intellect, ia believed to old aimilar views. Perhapa the only minister who haa really been nentral, observing faithfully all engagements to aotaally eziating powera, and aeauloual^ avoiding all occasion of offence or irritability to an irritable people, rendered more than usually so by the evil days which have fallen upon them, ia the diecreet and loyal nobleman who representa Great Britain, and who ia the only one threatened with a withdrawal of paaaperta and all aorta of pains and penalties for the presumed hostility of his Government te the United States. The world seea that the North haa not treated the aoathernera aa rebels?we will not aay it has not dared to do so. Bat the Federalists have treated the Confederates up to thia moment aa bellirerenta. Rebels are hanged, imprisoned, and shot at discretion. Their flags are not received; the exchange of priaenera with rebels is incredulous. A regular "blockade" of rebel ports is quite anomalous. It remains to be seen, after Mr. Davis's recent hints, what the Government dares to do in the ease of the "piratea" whom its cruisers caught in the act, red-handed, of privateering piracy. Meantime the arm raised to chastise and subdue has been struck down, and the attitnde ol the North is just now defensive. There will be on the part ef the one people, whom the American press has most insulted and abased, every disposi- ! tion to give fair play and to listen to the call for " time." But the quarrel most have its limits?the time must be fixed, and the sponge must be thrown up if one or other of the combatant* cannot corns up to it; nor dees it seem a case in which any amount of ' judicious bottleholding" can prolong the figat. Now, at the present moment the North is leas able to go into the eontest than she was a month ago, She has suffered a defeat?she has lost moral? and material. Besides killed, wounded, and prisoners, cannon, arms, baggage, she has lost an i army of three months' men, who have marched away to their homes at the very moment the capital was in the greatest danger. Up to this feriod the reinforcements received do not ring up the federalists to the strength they had before the fight. No one can or will tell Vinw minv have straved awav and iron# off from their regiment* since they returned to the camps here; bat the actual L imber of men who have oome here are leee than those who here gone away home by fully 8.00ft rank and file. And the change has been by no means for the better. The three months' men at least had been mree months under arms. They were probably at least as martial and as ready to fight as the rest of her people. Just as they are moet required and likely not to be quite unserviceable, they retired to receive ill-deeerved and ridiculous ovations, as though they had bean glorious conquerors and patriots, instead of being broken and routed fugitives, whe marched off from Washington when it might b? expected the enemy were advancing against it. In their place eome levies who have not had even the three months' training, and who are not as well equipped, so far as 1 an sm, as thair predecessors, to face men who are alated with suceees and the prutige of the first battle gained, and to b? associated with regimen<s cowed, probablv, and o?rtainly in ion* ii standee demoralised bv defeat. t The artillerymen who cut tae trace* of their korM from caisson and carriage, at least know mor* about guns than th? men who will b? put to th? new field batteries, which government arc gettinc up as fast as they oan; and the muskets, of the b?st description, left on the field or taken, cannot b? replaced for a long time to oom? In fa?t, much of this army must be reorganised in fae? of an enemy. That enemy is either incompetent or artfci; it isqaite certain h? is not actuated by clemency or a generous pity. Engineers are hard at work strengthening the position of the south bank of the river; but forts do not constitute safety. Without stout hearts behind their lines and breastworks, abattis and redoubts avail nothing. It must be that the Confederates sre in Ik* muni nf trinimrt. or in a?tnal fore* to make an attaek which U ao obvious. if th?y deeire to show the North it ia not poasible to subdue them. The eorpa which went from Win*h*eter to Muwu under Johnston is pat bj the Federalist* at 44,009. Let iu take it at half that number Beauregard and Lae are aid to hare had 60,000 at Manama, including. I presume, the fosaes between il and Richmond. Diride that again. There wer* certainly 20.000 betwaan Monro*, the Court, and Richmond, of whoa 10,000oould be vpar*d; and on the w*at?rn aide of the capital of th* . Confederate States there wai available at laaat . another eorpa of 10,000,which eoald have b*en readiij strengthened bj 10,000 or 16,000 more from the South in eaa* of a supreme effort. Thexp seems no reason, not connected with transport, equipment, *r discipline, why th* Confederatae mould not hay* b**B able last wa*k to take the field with *,*0 maa, la two .? % eorpr, on* quit* strong enough to menace the | force on the right bank of the Potomac, and to hold it in check, or to prevent it going over to the other aide; the other to croaa into Maryland, which it now in part* only kept quiet by foroe, and to advance on Washington from the west and north. In the event of success, the poiitioal advantage* would be very great at noma and abroad, and there would be new base of operations gained close to the enemy's lines, while the advantages of holding the Po- < tomac and Chesapeake Bay would be muoh neutralised and finally destroyed. The Nary 1 Yard would fall into the enemy's hands. Font Washington would probably soon follow. Fortress Monroe would be condemned to greater isolation. Philadelphia itself would be in imminent danger, should the Confederates attempt greater aggression. But, for one, Gen. Beauregard willconsent to no plan of operations in whioh sucoess is not rendered as certain as may be by all possible precautions, and he might not faror a proposal which would lead to dividing an array into two parts, with a river between and an enemy on each side. Monroe and Hampton, which are the true bases of operations against Richmond, have been weakened to reinforce the arm} covering Washington and Harper's Forry, and yet I doubt if there are on the south bank of the Potomac at this moment 40,000 men all along the lines who oould move out and offer an enemy battle, leaving any adequate guards in the trenohes^and garrisons in the tete-dupont and works. The Confederates, as you were Informed from the South, hwe enlisted men to serve for the War, and take no others. The staple of their army will undergo no change, and as it grows older it ought to get better, nnless it be beaten. You will pardon me for referring to a remark in one of my previeus letters, that there might be fierce skirmishes, and even sanguinary engaxuients, between the two armies, but that these would be followed by no decisive results, owing to the want of cavalry. Strange to say, though the panic and very discreditable rout wat caused by alarms of, and might have been prevented by the presence of, cavalry, no steps are taken to remedy that Ereat deficiency, The volunteers who were at [anassas will never stand the man on horseback again, and I believe the Confederated are quite aware of their advantage, though they may have had to mourn the loss of many gentlemen who fell during the day. The northern papers are increasing the amount of butter in proportion as they decrease the losses of their loaves, and they do not appear to perceive that the smaller the latter were the less should be the layer of the former?for it is no credit to an army to lose its guns, abandon its positions, throw away its musketa, leave its wounded in 1 the hands of the enemy, and run some thirty or odd miles from frent of Centreville, not ? merely to Arlington, but to Washington, without any cause at all; for without loss there was no cause of retreat; and therefore no excuse for panic and rout. Again, they say there was only a portion of their army engaged The greater shame for those who were not-en- J gaged, to ran, then. Bat before the battle, when McDowell's force waa enumerated t?i < lerrorem at 50,000, it waa said fifteen regiments j had subsequently joined. Now it is averred , only 15,000, 18,000, or 20,000 were in aotion. < What on earth were the reat about? And I am }bliged to amy that Mr. Davis's statements are ^uite as startling; for, while he declares the enemy waa 35.000 strong, he aatonishes us by < aaserting that of all his host only 15,000 took , Krt in ut battle. As to loaaea, of eourse it is i yond anything but imagination to give an astimate Regiments reported to have been an- 1 oihilatec have turned up quite hale and hearty, | neat aa imported, on the day of marching i borne?and fond parents, wives, and relativea , will be apared many pangs and a great deal of j mourning. I think my estimate of killed and i wounded waa nearly correct. The prisoners J may amount to more than 900 or 1,000, but the Federalists have lost more heavily than 1 the totals under these heads would show, perhaps. It wou'd be rather ridiculous to call it either a hard-fought, a bloody, or a glorious field; but it was an important one; it was a moat trying one to the Federalists, who were oaaij iea and bard-worked, in a waterless ' country, on a July day, for 12 hours; they J were exposed to the demoralizing effects of 1 long-continued artillery fire. In spite of their j want of discipline and the very unaccountable rout, the Federalists at first showed alacrity, but after a time they beoame torpid and dim cult to handle. No one questions the general \ bravery of Americans, native or adopted, on either side; but defeat is rendered worse tban J ridiculous by attempts to turn it into a triumph. Let the unfortunate brave rest oon- i tent with the sympathy they deserve, and shun the ovations which are the due of the J oonqueror Praise and flattery oannot retake i a gun, nor save a standard, nor win a battle? even if it be frem vox populi in Broadway or Bowery. < The more closely the consequences of Manassas art investigated, the more serioas they mm to be. It must b? granted that the Confederates feel their looses more severely than the North does. Their colonels and officers are men of mark, and even of privates killed or wounded one sees notices implying that tbey belong to good families, and are well- J known people, xhe O's and Macs and Vons (few of the latter), the Coroorans. Camerons, ..j ??? > ? ? * uu uiuggvio, piiauuen, wuuuuca or <1110(2, re of less consequence to the social system of the North, than the Hamptons. Prestons, and Mannings are to the South. If Mr. Davis and a few of the leaders were to fall in battle there would be leu chance of the south continuing ] iu struggle with the same heart and confidence; but if all the cabinet were to go tomorrow from Washington the spirit of the Northern States would not be diminished one iota. From the South, as vet, we hare only a J few scattered details of the fight and of its | results, but it can be seen that there was no ery great exultation over the viotory. 1 One class of officers in the Federal army did their duty nobly?the surgeons remained on the field when all others were retiring or had left One 1s reported killed; six are prisoners in the bands of the enemy, engaged in attending the wounded on bath sides?an invaluable aid to the soanty medioal staff of the Confeder- 1 ates. Thar* is no reason to believe that the treatment of wounded or prisoners was what I it was reportad to have neen. There may < have been some isolated acts of atroeity in the heat of battle or pursuit, and it is only too likely that a building in which wounded men ware placed was set fire to by a shell, but it is only justioe to the'Confederata authortiM to say that they seem to bar* done all they could for thoea who fell into their hands. Much irritation has been created by tbefalaeatatementa circulated on thia aubjeot, and the aoldiera on guard over Confederate priaonera here wonld not permit them to receive aoma little luxuries which had bean ordered by sympathising inhabitants, on the ground that they did not deserve them after the treatment given by their friends to the Federalists And as I have us?d the word "sympathisers," let me add the expreasion of my belief that there is scarcely a department, high or low, of the publio service of the United States, in which there ia not "treaaon"?I mean the aiding and abetting the enemy by information and advice. It ia openly talked in aociety?ita work ia avidant on all aidee. I want into tha Sri rate department of the post-office the other aj, and found there a gentleman busily engaged in sorting letters at a desk. The laat time I met him was at dinner with the Commissioners of the Confederate States at Washington, and I was rather surprised to see him now in the sanetnm of the post-offioe, within a few feet of Mr. Blair, the sangrt azul of abolitionism Said ha, "lam just looking over the letters here to piek oat some for oar Southern friends, and I fofward them to their owners as I find them;" and if the exeellent and aeate gentleman did not also forward any little scrape of news ha oobld collect, 1 am in rm. Again, a series of maps prspared with great oare for th? use of General McDowell's staff are given out to be photographed, and arc ao scarce that superior officers cannot get them. Nevertheless, one is found in a tent of a Confederate officer, in the advance of Fairfax Court House, which must have been sent to him as soon as it was ready. It is also asserted that General Beauregard knew beforehand of McDowell's advance; but the Confederates left in such haste that much credenoe cannot be given to the statement that the enemr were fully informed of the fact any considerable length of time beforehand. The battle having been duly fought and lost, the Federalists are employing their minds to find out why it was fought at all. The convulsions into which the New York press has been thrown by the inquiry resemble those produced on a dead frog by the wire of Galvani. "Who cried 4 On to Richmond " Not I, 'pon my honor. It was shouted oat by some one in my house, but I don't know who. I never gave him authority. I won't shout anything any more " ''Who urged Gen. Scott to fight the battle, and never gave anybody any peace till he was ordered to do it f" "Nobody." "It was that other fellow." ' nease, air, it wasn't mo." "I never approved of it." " I'll never ssy a word to a soldier again." "Mr. President knows I didn't." It is really a moat curious study. I begin to think that the best possible instructors inay sometimes be in the wrong at this side of the Atlantic. The Tribune declares that Gen. Soott, being absolute master of the situation, is responsible for the battle. But the New York Times gives a statement of what took place before the battle at the General's table, whioh, therefore, is probably published with his sanction, as it is impossible to suppose a gentleman would print it without express permission, from which it would ?ertainly appear that the veteran commander was not, as I ninted. a free agent in the matter. It remains to be seen if the plans of General Scott can now be followed. The reaction along the Mississippi will be great, and Major Gen. Fremont, with great respect for his courage and enterprise, is not the man, I fear, to conduct large columns successfully. Missouri is anything but safe; Cairo is menaced, and ray friends at Memphis seem to be stirring from their rest under their General. General McClellan is doing his best to get things into order, and the outskirts of the city nnrl tho a t roofj ?* ?5-W4' iL >??va www uh? vvv9 ai c (jUiClCI al u ig U I, UUb IUCT6 is rough work with Zouaves and others in Alexandria?booses burnt, people shot, and such like sports of certain sorts of 'citizen soldiery.' They will soon be shouting ' monoy or blood,' if not kept in order and paid. These inen form a marked exception to the general behavior of many regiments. SUMMER RETREATS! BATHING AND 8AFK RKTREAT, At Point Look-Oot, Maryland. This ce ebrated Bathing Place, situated at the junction of the Potomac River with the A . . A Chesapeake Kay, will be opened bytheY(fTW^W undersigned on tho l"th of June, in th* JJ?'TO I very best style, for all persons who ma* wish a ?&fe and ?uiet retrent, where they oan)iave the i>enrfit of the best salt water bathing and enjoy the ieucaoies of the water, suoh as Fisfc of all kinds, Uysiers, Crabs, Ac. Kvery description of fishing tackle will be kept Tor the accommodation of guests. A fine livery stab e kept on the /arm. Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with til other amusements usually found at suoh places. The Uble will be supplied daily with freah vegetables froin the garden op tha premises and from .ha Baltimore and Washington markets. The heat Liquors and Cigars will always be found it the Bar. Board, 92 p*r day; one week, 912; aeoond week, |1<>; four weeks for 935: ohildren and colored aer rants haif-prioe. The steamer St. Nioholan leave* Washington rueaday at 6 a in. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. n. The half past2 o'olook p. m. train from Waanogton will oonnect at Balti more with the boat*, eaohijpK Point Lookout daily ; a ao, a tn-weekly Ktage from Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, 1) C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWER & CO , Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. JH. PEABOUY, M. D., Suhoical a!?D MI nuKirxL Dwtiu, having taien^^M^ onmn at No, *2T6 Pa. avenue, lietw^r Ukjl Ith and 12th sts., two doirs east of the^'1 LJJ Cirkwood House, respectfully solicits a share of he publio patronage, in the various branohes of us profession. jy 15 2m* [VI TEETH. L 1? LOOM IS, M. L>., the inventor and patentee >fthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at lends personally at his office .n this city mmtsaf Many persons can wear these teeth who^*' TIP sannot wear others, and no person oan wear others rho cannot wear these. Persons oallinc at my offioe oan be aooommoaated with any style afid prioe of Teeth they may desire; Dot to those wno are partioolar and wish the purest, sleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that irt oan prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this orty?No. 33$ Pa.avenue, between >th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aron street, Phi ad el ?hia. oo U tf GAS FITTING, Jc. Awm t. dove * co7 BR Nr<? rilBar?i tn ?TMnta m wriftk Vhioh they may So flavored*in the PLUMBING, ?A8 OK STEAM F1TTIH# BUSINESS. m~ Store on >th street, a few doors north of Pa. i venae, where may be flout J a oomalete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other 0As, STEAM an* WATER FIXTURES. latr-lv 1 SNYDER. . FLOMBER ASD GAS FITTER. Haa removed to the oorner of Twelfth ana F eta. He it prepared to introdnee Water and Gaa neon the moat favorable terms, and guaranties enure satisfaotionHe haa on hand a lot of COOKIN6 and other BTOVES, which he will sell lees than oost, as ha wishes to set rid of them. do If VI7 6AS FIXTURES. v E Have m store, and are dai.y receiving, 9AB FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs ind Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offw <1 in this market. We invite citixens ceneral ly tt> sail and examine our etcok of tins ana Water Fix ires, feeling oonhdent that we have the beet eleuted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line mtrasted to ear oare will be promptly attended to. MYERS* M06HAN. mar I-If 376 D street. qf ?cb staler WaaHUMTOR. JbIt la.iaae. notice 18 fiereby qiyen. That, aire* ably to the provisions of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May IS, Ufip, th<i underlined is now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and n pre- payment of the fee of fifty oenU, to inipeet, examine, teat, trove, and asoertain the aoonraoy of reciatTatio?or(U meter in nee in this city." Every meter, if found inoorrect,willbeoondemned and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set in i*s place. If proved to be aoea-aCe in its measai cment of gas, it wm besealea acco-aingly, and again pnt in position for nee. OAoe No. *10 Seventh street, (near Odd FelIt l>-tf Tnspeotor and Sealer of was Mslra. > pROPOBALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. DBrA.*TMKKT OF THK llfTIKlOK, I Ant uit 10,1861 \ I 8ka.lsd rnorosaLs will be reofived at thie Department until 12 o'olook m. on Saturday, tbe 3lat inttant, for furnishing for (be uae of thia Depart ment and the different braiohea tbereoi? 400 ton* beat VVbite Aah Coai, 80 tons beat Rfd Aah Coal, 100 corda Oak Wood. IS oorda beet Baker'a Pine Wood. The wood to be delivered at aueh timea and in suob %uantiiiee as may be wanted. Bids tor the ooal and wood will be oonaidered separately; and aatufaotory arrangement i must be made for the oorreet measurement of eaoh. The Department reserves the right to order a iretMror ieee qaaouty, aa may be repaired. The prnpo?&i? to be addressed to the Supenn tendent of the Department of the Interior, and en doreed, "Proposals for Coal and Wood " an H-Wt^all T CARRIAGES. . B E Subeeribor having made additions to hia &efrn r.'iva paaaed, aad from hi* Ion* experience in the bnei^^'JHswsnsn^ aIT^RE PAIRS BMtly dono, and all order. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. Ia Hsspital, Aagnst 83, 1M1. Publttktd t? conformity with tki riiW?tl<M of tht S?Mtt if July 18, 1861. At Onutal Hospital on E strut, btticetn Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington. lstReg.NYF.Zouares 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol.. 2 1st do Excelsior.. 3 3d do do.. 8 'id do do..(a)14 5th do do.. 1 3d do do 2 6tb do do.. 4 11th N Y.Volunteers.. 1 13th do do.. 2 18th do do 1 23d do do.. I '21st do do...... 2 47th do do.. 3 22d do do 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 2 94th do do 4 id Msine Volunteers.. 1 25th do do 2'3d do do 8 2?th da do 814th do do ...(c) 4 2sth do do l|5th do do 1 31st do do ...(6) 312d New Hampshire... 4 33d do do 3 2d Michigan 2 35th do do * 4th do (/) 2 36th do do 7 2d Wisconsin 2 37<h do do 3 19th Indiana 3 6?th do do 1 1st California Vol 2 79th do do., (e) 4 1st Kentucky Csvalry. 1 Tammany Reg....(d) 1 S^ragues' Rifles 1 9th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 D. C. Volunteers 1

10th Mass. Volunteers. 1 nJ it ? a - " * tu t ciuiuiii (Diunuxra l| idlU ...124 lit Minnesota Vol 2| fa) Including an officer. (6) One officer, (t) One officer, (d) One officer. (?) Two officers. (/) Two office ra. " I At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown. lat Artillery 1 Excelaior Brigade.... 1 < 2d do 1 Garibaldi Gutrda 1 2d Infantry 1 Minneaota lat 14 | 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 7 Pennsylvania Bth 3 3d do do 7 Do 3d U i Oth do do 4 Do 11th.... 2 1 4th do do ..(a) 1 Do 12th.... 1 ! lit Mus. Volunteera.. 1 19th Indiana (6)16 Tib do do 1 2lat do 2 3d Vermont Volunteers 5 2d Wisconsin 3 < 25th N Y.Volunteera.. 1 Penn. lat Artillery ... 2 1 33d do do 13 Tea miter 1 3d do do 1 lat Michigan Vol 1 TUth do do 4 2d do do 14 13th do do 2 3d do do 15 { 14th do do 6 4th do do...(t)26 Mozart, New York 10 j Tammany, do 1 Total 174 I De Kalb, do 4 (a) One officer, (ft) One officer, (t) Twoofficera. J t At Union Hospital, torner of Bridge and Waj*. I ington streets, Giorg* tcnrn. , 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4[2d Maine Volunteers . 2 . 13th do do 8 3d do do 10 < 14th do do 9 4th do do 2 17th do do 2: Oth do do I 19th do do 1 j lit N. Hampshire Vol. 1 24th do do 2; 1st Connecticut do.. 1 , 25th do do 1 i2d New Jersey do.. 1 2?>th do do...... 1 3d do do.. 1 1 33d do do...,..12 IstOhlo do.. 1 ' 69th do do...... 1 2d Michigan do.. 5 \ ?9th do do...... 8 3d do do..19 < Mozart N.Y. do 4 4th do do..16 1 Tammany do do 3 19th Indiana do.. 3 J De Kalb dodo 1 21st do do.. 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 2 2d Wisconsin do. .11 , 8th do do.. 6 1st Minnesota do.. 5 10th do do.. 4 2d U. 8. Infantry .... 1 11th do ' do.. 2 5th U S. Artillery 1 26th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 2 i 27th do do.. 2 8t urges Rifles I 2d Vermont 1 Teamsters 2 1 3d do 14 . 4 1st Massachusetts 1 Total 179 1 9th do 2 " At General Horpital, No. 360 C ttreef, Wa*Axngton. ^ 1st 1J 8. Infantry 1 [5th U. 8. Artillery.... 4 ' 2d do 3|lftt do Cavalry 4 , 3d do 11 j2d do do 12 i 8th do 4 2d do Dragoons. .. 2 1st do Artillery ? 7 Recruit 1 2d do 5 ? 3d do 1 Total.... 55 DESIRTXD. Pn.nAMi r r? " " ? ' vvi uomcuuo A/Wydj l/VUipttny U) OIU i Artillery. At Honpital at Columbia Colltxt, H'a?Aii?fffow. '2d Maine Keg Vol.... 4 34th N. Y. Volunteers 2 3d do do 9 35th do do 1 5th do do 10i36th do do 5 7th Mats. Volunteer*. 1 37th do do 2 10th do do 17 79th do do 2 j 14th do do 8 Sickles Brig N Y Vol 4 I 15th do do 1 iTammany N. Y. Vol.. 6 I 3d Vermont Volunteers 2 Garibaldi do do... 2 2d Conn do 1 De Kalb do do .. 4 1st Reg N.Y. Cavalry 8-2d New Jersey do... 1 2d N Volunteers. .17 ;3d do do ... 3 Sth do do 3|26th Penn Volunteers. 2 J*h do do 3 1st Minnesota do 4 i Uth do do 1 2d Wisconsin do 1 { 12th do do 3 2d Michigan do 3 > 14th do do 4 3d do do 8 ] 18th do do 2 4th do do 6 . 21st da do 2 19th Indiana do 20 , 22d do do 8 1st California Vol.... 1 k 24th do do 9 1st Reg U S Cavalry.. 4 I 25th do do...... 1 2d do Dragoons 1 27th do de 3 1 I 32d Ho dn 1 TVI.l an 6 | 33d do dollllllisl * J Waahlngton papers please oopv and send bills to the W ar Department. aug 37?d,tr ?T?HE SUBSCRlBKRS RESPECTFULLY ! 1 invito the attention of the Array sad u I Navy to their full ?uppl* of MILITARY^M I aaa NAVAL, FURNISHING GOODS, WK I saeh m Indigo Blue Cloth* and Doenkim, wW * Cap*, Epaulets, Laoes, Shoulder Straps, Belta, Sworda, Sword Knots, Caps, Hata, and ail k respeotive embroidery Also, th* oelebrated PAT ENT FILTERING CANTEEN. J Order* in that line respeotfullv solicited. 1 H. F. LOUDON A. CO., Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, f Jy W-eoSm 3HU Ha av.. under Brown's Hotel. ~ /Oy AT THE OLD FAWN OFFICE, /Or\ C Stkskt, ??\ " 9 V B-ck of the National Hotel. O O Moat liberftl advanoes mad ?on tiold and .-ilv>r a Watones, Diamon ia, Jewe nr. Silver ware,Cloth ing, Pistol*, and all kinds of Merchandise. Busi- r neaa atriotly ounbdential. h ISAAC HERZBERG, 331 C street, C au 1-fm Between 4K and 6th ata. Home-made boots and shoes, For ! Lain as', Missis' and Chilsim's Weak, At Extudimtly Low Pritts. . At J. ROSENTHAL'S. No. li Market Space, ma -e# P? a*.. M *th atwi 4th (?, | ?|7ATCHREPAIRING AN I)SILVER WARS * tv manufactory: < 1 have on* of the best establishments, and 'w mined with a complete set of tool* for repairlag every description of fine Watohes, and M] C particular attention give to the same, by &4HB (bo ?<h oompetent workman And a. work juSc u tied Alto, every deecrip ion of standard SILVER Wj HE. plain and ornamental, manufactured onaei my own supervision, whioh my customers will find f Car superior in euality and finish to northern ware sold by dealers in general and repreeentad as their " ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ! wl ?? Pa. avtme. ?*! ?fc CUMMER CLOTHING r o At R?dcc*? Paicis. * \V e offer our large assortment of thin 8U M M ER ! CLOTHING at reduced pri'ee. Our stouk embraoes all styles and qualities of Gentlemen, Youths, and Boys' Weannt Apparel, of the most deei'&ble and fashionable styles. A If". SHIRTb and FURNISHING GOODS in great variety. Clothing made to order at the shortest notioa. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 333 Pennsylvania avenue. Jy H (IntM. A Rep ) b?t. 9th and 10th iits. a a/|a lbs. rough tallow and * OUUjUUU grease wanted, for whioh j the highest pnoe will be paid. _ . Also- 190,000lbs of cOAP and CANDLES for f sale ohrap for oash at the National Soap and Candle Works, Green street and the Canal, Georgetown. D C. au 1 lm_ C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. " GIBBS' HAIR STORE. * No, 448 Pa. iv.. ?rr. 12th awd 13th ?t?. t 3PERFUMERY, te BRAIDS.CURLS WIti*. ALF WlUtt, FR1ZETTES, Ae. A full too* vara on hud. or maae to order at the hurtetl a notioe. Hair Work repaired or exohaajed. i N. B.?Uaaiee' Hair Dred in the moit na'mral i, aam?. w? ? tm A^Lotinwwts?iBAis:tf;!;! Stiek* and Snaree. Brae* and Copper Bailee, Pifee, u Flmtee. Baajoa. Saltan, and VioHm, at Tow prioey, iact amved at the Ma no Store of W. 6. MET- a ZKRuTT, eoraer of Rleventh treat aad Penaa, I arwi*. H \tiW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?Tha Aiohemiat, or the Hoaee of Claea; from the ? Prenoh of Hoaore d? Balaao Free by mail, SI. Sitae Marner, the Weaver of Raretoe; by Geo. I - ?? B1?R JOHNSTON, ALTIMORK LOCI HOSPITAL, Hmt dttto**r*d tkt mil CirMw, Srttdf mmd ?Uy Effectual Rtmtdf m tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FRETENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WtikDiM of 'Ji? ts-zt, 3ineiy??, ifictitni of tha Mtdand Bladder .snnun uitcM[(?, Impotaact, Gin Oral Dtbility, Nir.?ouanaaa, Dyacapay, Lanraor, CMfinea af Ideal, Low 2-1 r.J. ? :f.uuou V Ua Hurt, Timidity, Tramfcluifi, ChrantM ol Sijot or tiiddiutaa, Dinui of tha Haad, Throat, Noaa or 8kin, Affacuona of tliLunri, S'.onacb or Bowl I ?thin Timbla Lhiordin a nam; Irani Solitary Hibiti ol Youth?thin Driad/ol and Dutrnctin Pracucaa which randar Marriaga impoaaiMa, and daatxoy both Bud? and Hui4. YOUNG MEN Kapaeially who ha?a bacotna tha vicuna of Solitary Tica, Ikat draadfal and daatracuva haUl vbKb uaadl; awaapa to >d inumil; |r?( ihooaanda of Yetu g Mau of tha Baal xalttd ulaau and brilliant mtallact, who might otharwiaa ha?a antrancad Uataoang 8?nmi with thfl thandari of alo. aanca or wakad to acataey tha living lyra, may call witfc rail cooldanca. MARRIAGE. MlRltlBD P1KS0!??, or Yoong Mao contatrpiaucf Mart'KJt, bring awara of phyucai waaknaaa, orgaxic dabihty, daformiuaa, 4c , apiid.ly cared. Ha who placta himae.r nndir thi eara af Dr. J. nay roligiamir conoda in hit honor aa a rdy'upon bit (kill a* a phyticiau." OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Itft hand tid* rouif froat Baltimore ttr**l, a ft w door* froia Lht corntr. t til not to obterTt name and camber. Ltutrt ut bt paid and contain a tump. DR JOHNSTON, M*mb*r af tht Royal Collar; of Barrton*, London, f r*datt* from on* of th? moat (mutant Colltftt in th* United Bunt, and tht riaattr part of whoat Ufa baa batn apant in Jht noapiula of London, Paria, Philadtlphia and *Ia*wh*r*, bat afacttd totnt of tha moat astonishing carat that vara t*tr knows; many trouhltd with nnr.ur ta tha kaad and tar* whan aalttp; graat a*raoa*n***t btinr alanr.ad at addta aoandt, bathfulntt* with freqaent kiaihing, attandtd torrittimtt with dtrangement of mind, w*r* cartd matdiauly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young M*n ana other* who ha*a ia]artd therae*l?** by a serum practic* indulged in whan alont?a habit freooently l*arn*d from *?il companion*, or at tehocl. th* *ffecu of vhicn are nifhtly felt e*en when a*l**p,andtf not cored, r*nd*r* marriage lmpoatibl*, and dtttroyt both nund and kodr, ahoald apply inuiediaielr. Trie** ar* *oin* of the tad and melancholy effe'tt rrrjactd by **rly habit* of yoath, : Waakne** of th* Bic* and Lunba, Paint in tka Head, Dironett of Sight, Lot* of Ma*ca>ar Prw*r, Palpitation of tn* Heart. Oyap*p?y, Nervoat irritabiiity, Derangemeot of th* Digeiii** K auction*, G*n*ral Debility, Symptom* of Contempt ion, Ac. IVi k Vtallt.?T*ie fearfal effect# on th* mind ar* math ta t>* dreaded?Lott of Memory, Confaaioo of Idea*, D*rre*tiru >f Spirit*, E?il Foreboding!, Aetrtion of Society, 8elf-[>,a iraat. Lot* of Solitadc, Timidity, *tc , ar* torn* uf th* **il* produced. NlRTor* DKBILITT.?'Thnaaand* can now )adg* what i* :h? cause of their dtcLimng haalth, loaiog ?b*ir ?igor, bceooine weak, pal*, ueraooa and emaciated, hating a lingular ippaaranc* about th* *y**, coagh or symptotc* of coosamp jon. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin the mieguidtd and irrprtnlent votary of pleaenre Snde le hue inibtbed the tee<i? of thu piuiful dieeaee, it too often lapper that an ill-li-ned aenae of ahame or dread of diecovery latere hint from applying to thoee who, from education and reepectability, can Iwie betrvud tuna. Re fa.Ua into the iaj.de .>f ignorant ant1 deeigniug pretendera, who, incapable tf carinr, filch hie pecuniary eohetance, keep him triling nooth after month, or aa long ae the amalieet fee can be obained, and in deepair leave him with rained health to eigh iver hie railing diaappouitment; or by the m of that deadly Kxeon?Mercory?haeten the coneutauonal eyrnptome of tfcie errible diaeaee, each ae Aflectione of the Hear .Throat, Head, Ikin, Ac., progreeaing with frig hifal reridity, till deatb paia a ?enod to hie dreadfal eofferinge by tending hi ml ifc?; anliecevered country from whoee baurr.e aa traveler retarna. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOK ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thu great and important remedy waakneee af the trrana ire ipeedny cared and fall eifor reetarad. Thaaeande af l&e aaet nervaae and debilitated, wha bad laat all bapa, have leeo immediauly relieved. All impedimenta to Marriage.Pbyeiaal ac Mental Dieaaal cationa, Loaa af Procreauve Power, Nervaae Irritability. Trembling and Weakneee ar Kxbaaauan af iba meet fearful rind epeedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Til MaKt THOCItKDI eared at thia inetitatien wlthia be laat eeventeen reare, and the nameroae important Sargi- { aI AfMMHnat* pa rfor V ^ fV lakaaiaei, aeiUeeetll Kf tL? epartere et the paper* aad many other reraone. noucee af rnich have appeared again and again before the pablic, beidee b:e etandmg ae a gentleman af character aad reepaoei>Uity, ie a eiCcient gaarantae la the aSicted. mar li ly D?. J. fl. McLKAK'B 8TREJGTHEHISG CORDIAL APID BLOOD PLRIFICR VHK GREATEST REMEDY %n ikt WORLD, and the moit Wm&V P?L;C;o?? and JfrJr iSifc J)MTBR TA.XElf.*&M^mjL \jT i? iUi?tlr * ??iF'fcf I ^ aaiila aid taftuKk\ kM CaBptad, ?r?jVMkJ ?*rad fc 7 Ul dlaulka- wdBT^kj nn n< nw In 4k Tillra ??tk, I.??d Mat, fji yM 1ML l:uklHt.llMfllUflK tlilt, Wild Ckarry iftjl MqM V Ink, aad Paadtllaa ffW\ ft ?a-.?r? law iU ^JT \W _ T?? aallM uux ? t. Wb^I. C MaadtaJ prtaaiplt Bvukf ( iuk i>r>tdi*B in Bon takgfcSriTJll'lVS^lfter ukioj. Jattlllaf, ftcdatl' ( a dalluaaa, iiiikiitlic iprx, u< U? imi tablilkla iiBtdt fat U* <iuui< ipita, i< raittrlaf lk* ! >, il(<iti|, u< daklltlaud linIM M Mlkk ul unafU MtLEAJfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL rui iliitullt tin b<? CaaaUiat, Dtimmu, J ? Bait*, Okiaaia at DakUity, Dlituia if?? Kidaayi, ad all dlaaaaaa utalaf Ina a dlaardarad falTtr at aiarnak. kyapaptla, laarikaro, lavard Pllaa, Aaldlty at Kakaaaa M II IUWU, rmi! m WM u tka liU, Da.l Pua M J ivUaaiif la til Baad, Palpitauaa af Ui Inn, rallaaM , t Walrkt U lk* Iwowk, bu ItiMUKi, Ckakla# M , Faallaf (ku dawa, Dr;D*a* > TtllaW. ' * af ik? Ikia aad l;*i, Ilfki <?uu, IiwiH t ala la U* lull af lk* Itik, Ckaat, ai ?1da, ddiii 'laakai af lilt, BipraaalM if Iplviia, trigktfal dnuh, i >>i(iH, Diimdiii; > u; iii'iii Uiiui. Iirn M 1 jlatakM M Ui lUi.utriniud ipi (nCHIU ul I * J ffll 1 MM!ON BOTTLE8 i tfi kaaa Mid dark?y ik? lut ati awtki, aad la a* lauuaa ku II fallad ta flViaf lotln aauafaatlaa. Vki. u*a. < rill tain f?a? Wi'Um > Dakillty vkaa MckBAB'f { runtnuiH coaoiAk ?iii un 1 I iujiif! Ul aaavay ta adaqaaia idM af tka ImmadlIt aad tlawi traaalaaa akanga yradaaad ky kkktaf tkla !a*d!al la tka dlMwid, daklUtatad, aad akaturad aarrau i fitaa, vkatkat krakaa dawa ky aimi, vaak ky aataia, i I lapaiiad ky alakaaM, tka ralaiad aad aaairwg atgaal- i itlaa la rMiarad la lla frlmaa aaaltk aad Tlfa* t MARRIED TEKSON&y ? I rikara, aaaaaiaaa ml laaailitr frana vkaMaar waw, vili ' ad HeUlll tTBBBBTIBBIBB COBBlAk a tkarag aa araiat rf Ika ayataa; aad all vka hi kaaa la I pad ikaaaaWai ky lapmar iadalfaaaai will tad la tkla l laidlal a Miula aad ipaady naalj. J TO THE LADIES. MckiAii #t*.bb?yb*bib? oobbiaw ia a M?*rIra aad ?f*4j '*? laaly'aei CauiaptfM, Wknn, laatfaatad m Dtflaali MaaitraatiaaJ ctaaUaaaa* af ana a \ r li'aintuT Duakarga Ulrta', Failiag af tka Wank, | Hddtaaaa, Balatlaf, aad ail dlaaaaM laaldaai ta raaalaa. ] THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT , alai h nafii. Ta?a It aaaardtng la diraatiaaa. It will J Llailata, avaagtkaa, ai.d ia?i|*r*i? yaa aad aaaaa tka J laaaa af kaaiu ' ? maaal yaat akaak afui. Baaiy kattla I* c ruiuud ta flat aauafaaoaa. WOE CHILDREN. Ifyaai aklldiia art alftkly, pan? ar aliatad, MckBABt j &BDIAL arlll aiaka tkaa kaaltka. fat, aad rakaai Dalay ' at a aaaaaij Us It, aad yaa ~vlll a* aaariaaad. I| la d?- 1 tlaMMlOh 14 WTlUtl, liviti af <n(|Uii ? (itlin ?ki u; try la ^tia im i Mat Uuii at aaraapanlla irtak, wkiak ikay Mia (it kaaa, k; Mjtif il tolw Ufw4. AwJ aaek A at i> MckiAai VrRni?TBXHii(? coaoub, u< ut> iklaf alaa. It la tka aoly ran ad y tkat will fanfy tka Uaad uaraafkit and at Ua aarna Ob* HiinfUli tka ayatan Oaa uupavral takaa i?a?j naruiif laatiu ta a caruu raraattra far Ckalart, Gkllla aad Fafir, Yaiiaa fa?ar, at a* praTalaat dlaaaaa. It la pat a? la lura kattiaa. Prtat aly |l par kaUla, at ? kattiaa far ft f M MckKAS. tola yraanaiar af Ik la Cardial; aiaa, Makaan'a Tataaata 01 klilBail Pitaalpai Du? aa Ua aaraai af TkiH aad I Flat rtraala, fc. bacla. Ma. I oLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (T? im kmiMtiiT n rit woun) Tka aaly aa.fa aad aartaia aara fa* Caaaara, Pllaa, Ta- J lata, awtlUaga aad Srancklla at Caitra, hnlrata, Maaalfla. Waakcaaa af tka Maaclaa, ( feranla at lilaaaalatl Ikaamauaa, itiffcaaa af tka Matt Caawaeiad Maaclaa at tip. man la, Kanaka at Taatkaaka, Brrtaaa, Baraiaa, ftaak < !ata, Waaada, Pleat*, fa?ar tar a, Cakad Bratat, lata 1 Itnlaa, Santa. Saalda, Sara Tkfaal. at aay mlaiamatiaa at , ala, aa difaranat kav aa*ara ar lao* tka diaaaaa aaay 5 ata axiatad, McUilV cuiiurts UHMDrr U 1 aartaia ramady. Tkaaaaadaaf kaau kalaga kara kaaa aavad a Ufa af Ala r?puau? ua m??rj wj wa mmm m ua rinitf, MtLMAIPS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT rut tail*** pua *! ?< Uimiuiwly, ul It will ?. i miity ind k**J tk* f*?l**t Mr** la u iD*r*di%l* *>m Urn*. " FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MckCAMV CKUCBKATKO klNLMEWT it tk* ?b Mft ad ralukl* f*?*dj f*t ik* iut at aparia, r tadfilU, BpUau, WaaattnJ kiap, Mn m (rtiUin. ] I *** fcilad U Mr* Bif ?4, KiJarti, Mmk, OM j ?*?.?SJZTbJLET.? ' * CMuHk,Cwlhra,iiV?h, ftteaa tafciliU* > tffljh n dtrnuri ii< i in* n **n*la < imj i ggj^^.^jKBsasrfas . cJA?"ftz&EEStfL. { THE WEEKLY STAR. TUt mlM Faaaily u4 Km JoumIeaatalaiag a variety if latwdn wilag than caa be foa*4 la aay Hhw Is pvfcUafca* oa Frttay noralag. Taaite?Gut, hi < >ly, to <** !? Siajle copy, par uuiui??>**t????t41 aa Five ooples ? n Tec copies.? ? ? ?. .? ? ? Twenty Ave copies ...... M ta It lavatlately contains tke?' Waafclaftoa Naara' tbst has made Tk* /wi. ??-? ? *? o generally Ummgheat the eenatry lT7*8t*fU copies (la wrapper*) eu be precurrd at the counter, Immediately after thaliaae of the paper. Frloa-THRKB 0ENT8. * J^AVY BEEF ANI>_PORE FOR IMf N*n DiriiTMnT, J Bmrtmm frmtiwn mmd A?m *, IML S Sbalcs Paopo?AL?, endoreed M Proeoaala to* Beef,'ra?d " Proyoeala for Pork," ae tike ?*? ?? be, wtli be reoeived at tkia oftoe autil I o'ciuak a. M.oa Wedneeda?, tha tMti day of September Met, fer farni?nicfaad dehvariai. free or all eeetaai riek to the baited Statee, at the following Nary Yarda: Barrel a Beet Barreia Fart. At Cha laetovn, Maaa... uan ?jno At Brooklyn. N. Y. ?J? ?.0M At pAiladelykia, Pean. l jm 9,00s 't.oao One half of aaid Beef a?d Perk mast beden*er?d at eaoh ol the above-named ra d?, reap'ei. relr, by the 1st da; of April, 18?; aod the remaining half by Ik. t? * r k w> umj ui jane, ima, od.mi Mrxr deiirertee ehould be reqaired by ?|je Chief of thi? Bureaa. Pajment to be made within thirty day a alter delir&idderm mm apecifr their artMa mmWy dimtitliT la eeparsae of ere lor the BmTm' Mr th? "drk.aod for e*eh o4f the ptaoee of delivery, covering ail expei;?e? and Ml charge* The Bset maet b? from ?a 1 fattened cattle, iMihtrrcd Utwei n the lit < ay ol Ootuber. IW1, and the lat day ol Janaary, IKS, acd weighing not leea tt.an ?ix iiaidred pounds, nett weight, each. '1 h? I?ts ano leg rands of the lund aoarters. and the aliine ai.J abomder oloda, the ahouidera of matton and end* of atiokiag pierea, and at laaat twe?T* Cound f-oni the neck end of each fore-q uarter. er If parte marked Noa. 1.3, S, 4, and 5. on t*e drawing or delineating cf the for* and hind qaartora of an ox which wtll be attached to and form a part of the contract, mutt be wholly exoiuded from rach Nn r? ; a t the other pieoea are t>> be packed, and. m.?lead of bung cut wrtk a tUaroe, ?ul (x cut tK'otnh witk a law mud kmift (e net ikt meal iquarf, meat, and tmootk ?y??rt?ti, %m pwmi ef net Ins than right ptwmdt, %m mm* !>* twelve pound 1 filf A The Pork mut be packed from corn fed, well fattened hoga, ?laa?hter<d betweep the lat day of Decern be--, 1861, and the 1A day of Jaaaary.UB. wu weitning DUX KM (DM IVO bUOdled loudl 8Mb. excluding the head*, jolee, t?cki. ibou'dara, . hama, leg*, feet, bntu, ramp*, lard, and all ranee pieces, and mxt be oat with a taw amd kmnf* ia Pieces weighing aot lea* than atx pounds, aor roors nan twelve ?ound? each. Both the B?f a< d Fork niwat be salted with at least one statute burhel of Turk's leant, Isle of May, Key West solar. OnoLdaga solar, or 8t L'be's sa!t; and the Beef must hare five oaaoea of tine pulverised saltpetre to eaoh uarret, exoaslva ofa p okle. to tie made from Ireeh watar as strong as ta t will make it,ami mast be perfectly bright ai<d (laar. Kach barrel roust oontain fall JOn pounds aatt weight of beef or pork,and no exoeea of weight ta either article will be said for. The barrels must be entirely new. and be made of the best seasoned heart of white oak ttavee and headings; the stave* to be not lees than fire eighths of an inch tttu k. and the heading* not lea* taan t.,re?-fjurths of an inch thiek; they mast be threafou-ths hooped over, iceiuding the iron h"ope, with L>??t white uak or hiek^rr hoop*, and each barrel must have on it four l'on ho >pe, th oue of one and a half laoh in width on eaoh bilge, and one of one and aa eighth laoh in * idth on aaah ohime, ai d ?ach to he cf oue sixteenth ofaa inok truck. Eaoh barrel must be of the internal oapaoity of thirty-two gallons am the iron hoops roast ba well painted with ted ler.d. t ach liarrel must be branded by turning oa its head " Navr Baei," or ** Navy Pork." as the oaea may b?, witn the contractor's name and the year whr-n packed, and weight; and thail also he btaaded on the bung stave with the letter B. or P., as the oase mat be. The t>eef and pork will, unless otherwlaa dlected by the Chief of this Bureau, be inspected by the iu?pwuiii umoin ai uie reapeotive >?n tarda afore*aid, it d b? toint "aworn inapectir of saltad proviaiona," who will be selected ??y lb* leepective commanding iffioera; nt their charge* for net inspection* matt be paid by the respective oon tractor! , who matt likewise nave the barren pat in good ahippinc order, to the uUifMDug of the oonni&dan a of the reapective Ntrv i ard? a/oreaaid, after inspection. and at their own expense. Two or more approved sureties laaina eqnal to one ha f the eeti mated amount of the eon tract wlii be required, and twenty per centum in addition will be withheld trom the amount of each payment to be made, aa ool.aterai aecnrity lor the dae aad faith.nl periornaar.ee of the reapaotiv* contracts, w * tub m u ??u no aooonnt t?-p\id ocQl theoonUaota are eomp.ied with in til ru^Mti i ud u to be forfeited to the Limed Mala* ta thr erect of faitare to complete the fehre'iea within the areaotibed penod. In caae of Caiiare on the part of the oontraoior to deliver all or any of the beef or soik above mentioned, ot the qua lty and at the tine and plaoee above provided, theoontraotor wi.l forfeit and pay to the Luted !*tatee, a* liquidated damatea, a aum of monev eeaal to twioe the amoant of the oontraot priee to be paid in ease of the actual delivery thereof; whioh liquidated danace* may he raooverec from time to tine aa they aoc ue Payment will be made by the Lotted States at the period* above cpeeified. <exo*ptia< t'le tweu'y per oentum to be withheld ULtii the Dompietion of the oontracl, aa bafnre atatad,) a/W the aaid beef and pork anali have been inepeotM and received, and bile for theaame ahal. have beea presented to the navy agents, respectively, duly approved by the commandants of the re#pnative nav? yards, aceordinc to the terms of us coa raot The parts 0/ t,t4f Is be exrludtd viU b* parftca I arty d i ignMed tn the engraving to bt attacked le ,ke contract teritm* interested earn obi aim tktwi m arpl\tat\<m at thti a&ct. Bidder* whose proposals shall beaooa^tad (aad wuv ?wri I win uw juiuiw in buuum. ?no M ?arlra* practicable a oontract will be tranemitted o them fur execution. whicn oontrMt mast be etarned to the Uureau within tec data, exolaaive >f the time reqaired for the regalar tranamiaeion >f the mail. Artoord. or duplioateof the letter informing a .older of the aooeptanoe of hie propoaaJ, will b? teemed a notifc auon thereof within lite Taniiir f the ut of 1M6, and hi* bid will be made and a* >epted in oonformity with this undemanding. Everj offer made mo.t be aoooiEpn ?d (ae directed in the 6th eeotion of the act of Co'greea rrnkinf appropriation* for the naval rervio* for IM6 '47, approved nth of Angaet, 1?4&,I fcj a writ ?o guarantee, aigned b? one or more reaponeibie lorton*. to the effect that he or they andertake that ,he b.uder ot b dder* will, if hia or taeir bid be ao>epted, enter into aa obligation within ten da;a. nth good acd euftcient aurebee, 10 farniah the wtiole propoeed. Thia ? ua an tee muit be accompanied bp the oerlhoate of the Uaited Mate* diatriot judge. United Mate* diatriot attorney, or navy agent that the [uarantore are able to make good thei r gea ante*. No propoea! will be oonaidered auleea aooompaued br moh guarantee. The biddera Lame and revidenoe. and the najte >f each memb e r of the firm, where a oompacj ofera, with the Chnatiaa name* writtan in fall, mm t wdiatinctly atated. Under the joint resolution of Conrreea.approved ?7th Maroh, 1(64, "ail bida for aoppliee ofprovi none,o otmdc,and null etoree tor the em of tw mvj, rnaj b? rejected at the option of the Depart nent, if made by one not known aa a maaifttarer of or recnlar dealer in the article proposed o be (arniabed. which fiwn.orthe reveree, meet >e distinctly etated in the bide offered. an 84 law4w pKHALK ^^2jwD'iifiJiDr1^AYRCHOOL Mrs. B. J. MoCORMlCK, Pamcifii. Il.e thirteenth sense. eeeeion of tail lnatttubM will oommenoe on T^r.aay, September lfth. in the sft&T&.vsr" *?? t".Tn.nhr.M.'^-^T'L yVgCTtf ?uoo, u>d Mi. 10. Frauh. Luii txTOnxai. II In addition to day eebolars. Mrs. MeCoraaiek la repe-M to receive a limited noaber of pspila aa *>a-v?r?, who. oor.it. tutii.? a fart of tier own mmJy.willbe seder he- .mmediate ears and espemuon. She wiii enceaTor.nafcp m poaeib.e. to ear olla them wiu? the oonlbrUand kiadlr uilsaas? Sssessassam ^^issiSSiss^tssasi Mo?ic and LumfM at P nlwin' yrtta. Cr NoextrathviM, m* f Aiao, Pocket Mmi of all kind*. ffi^egaasr^rgfc'tis *^?^Banner?<^Badfe?. Viav? of WiukU?oi^aMnou ud Foroiga Hmuibm, Dailj m4 W f PMWPRBNCH * BICHST KIN'S Nwioati ti.K>k?taro, 1 Hotal. It Eaaab.) ST0 Pa a?Maa g U N BO A T B Qmmrtm mattrr GmtrmTt QfUt. I W*tkuut? Cut. Juiifc. |?1 \ Pun AjoBractficfTioM for Iralia of 9oat* for th? Waalora nrort ara oa asJubiUoa at E^aj^Afa'sg^ wfsottaarweBater U*Ma^U? UuUd^MM Ira;, at WaakUftoa, by lat Ayaet, atawJylt Brig. G?*l aad Qaart>r?1>r frSfa. QKKSN COBN.1N CANS;PKT1TK PUIS, r?oJ?yiffSt*;of