12 Eylül 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

12 Eylül 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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m LOCAL NEWS. (E^Tbonarb Tn ?t*? * prlato* oa tba MM Meant pr^r* 1a o*e acntb of RaltiMore, 1* edition la to large as to requite It to be pat to pre* at aa arty boar, AdTt-rtiaeaaeaU, therefore, afcouM be aeat la before li o'clock m ; Mberarlae they auy mot appear a*til tbo aezt day. PtoTica ? Dlrtrlct of Colombia Advertlaoaaen* WW vo ? 1 1 ova wc rrcci tow at and forwarded from Tn 9ran Office. < oil o? t*? f f. v's Grrsa "wiilim"J* eterr fr*? nil ?The celebrated Heights of OmaHevi range in a semi circular form from HstVHUl on the west through role H1U oa the worth Ik Henry hui on the east In the interna dial* localities aristocracy abounds, but at the extremities society la pretty well mixed, the wealthier classes alternating with the "m*4> sills," very often inducing the Utter to ruin themselves In the foolish struggle to keep up appearances. On Henry Hill, we shall aot any where exactly, there lives a good-for-nothing. Idling fellow, given to drink, who, like all socd characters, shusrs his wife Among his Intimates be goes by the same of "Tommy," sod by that name we shall call him Tommy la not handsome, be has s crooked nose; but he prides himself on being a Virginian, snd thinks that ought to compensate for all drftclenclss Whenever oe goes home "tight." and that Is pretty often, the following programme Is generally carried not. Wife, to her sister, "Msstba. he ia druak?gain " To Tommy. "Go way from me, go way;" when Tommy, striking an attitude a la Forrest, hlocougbs in deep base notes, "Go to h?1, mt dear." W tfe awoona, and the scene cleses. But u> our su?ry Not many days since Tommy'? wll? preaenfed him with uoth?r heir, which being the last of a ion* aeries of offences of the same nature, and happen tag In these bard times, waa very property resented by our hero as a downright Insult, and he treated the partner of his bosom very barsbly, just as If, poor thine, she rould help It," aa an old lady remarked One day last week the wife's sister entered Tommy's domicile carrying In her hand a stont cudgel?"Where's Tommy?" said she "Out In the shed, splitting wood," waa the answer. Going to the back door she called Tommy, who asked her what she wanted with him. "I want to give you a good whaling," said she. "Wbslfor?" aaked Tommy. "For abualng my sister;" said she, "so come right along in here." "You better not hit me with that stick," said Tommy, "I waa not born and rls In Old Virginity to be licked by a woman?you lem me alone " 'You're a pretty specimen of Old Virglnny, ain't ou, to whip a woman. Why don't you whip roe*" said she, catching Tommy by the collar and belaboring him with might and main. Getting a chance te put in another word be pleaded. "D? n It, don't bit a fellow In the face, please." "I want to straighten your noae, Tommy." said she, bringing down her cudgel with such force on that organ that it stood s good chance of being annihilated. By thia tinflthe neighbors had come in. and peace was restores The effort of this cudvellnu has hoen ml ram. Ions. As soon at Tommy'* wounds were healed be went to work, sad has not been on a drunk or abused his "old ooman" since. In fact he has twice been seen to kiss the baby, and once heard to tell tta ma be believed "It was aouie of the rale Old Vlrginny stock." Thb Mitropolita* Police ?After our paper went to press yesterday, the swearing-in of the police force continue**?the oath being administered to Ave at once, alternately by Justice Johnson and Commissioner Bowen- All on the published list subscribed to the oath, except the following persons. In addition to those named yesterday: Me?sr? Harper,Walker, McQuillan, and \V. F. Robinson, of tbe 3d precinct; Crump, of the 4th: Ellwood and Robertson, of tbe 5tb; Curtis and Sleffert, of the #tb; Allen, Peaster, Frailer. Howi?** u..^ai d t ..j d uit, iauuirv nia^^uiu, uroue, auu ivuucj, ui tb? Tib; Copelaud, of tbeSth; Nokes. Cook, and Lusby, of tbe 9th; and McGe*. Lenoir, Pierce, Dulln, and Pumpbrey, of tbe 1Mb. Of these, icnx" were absent, aome decline the nomination, and aome were not admlaalble Into tbe force under tbe rulea. After tbe oath had been administered to the whole number, tbey were inspected by the board and Superintendent Webb; after which they wots dismissed. snd ordered to report for duty last night, which they did There were 1U5 in line, including tbe sergesnts, ar.d they would compare very favorably with any aimilar force In other citlea. Tbe appointments for tbe first and aecond districts (the county) will be made to day, probably, and it la understood that tbe board have a reserved list, from which to fill vacancies. Thk Asibst or J a.*. Dohsilly.?Mr Editor: It will be recollected that some weeks since Mr. James Donnelly, of Georgetown, was arretted by tbe Provost Guard His friends ebarge Mr. McQaiUaa with giving the Information wblcb led to bis arrest: hence the following affidavit, signed by Lleat.Williams,of tbe Provost Guard, who made tbe arrest: District of Columbia. Washington county, to-wit: On this 10tb day of September, In tbe veer 1NS1, before me, tbe subxcrlber. one of tbe J uatlees of tbe Peace In and for taftd cosnty, personally appear?d Thomas E. Williams, and made oath, on tbe Holy Evangel? of Almighty God, that be never received any Information from John J. McQuillan about James Donnelly, or any otber person that haa been arrested: and he hits not bad any conversation with said J. J. McQuillan on tbe present crisis of the country. All the information that be received about James Donnelly be received from a wholesale merchant in Georgetowa. Tho* E. V\ 1LLUMS. Subscribed and sworn before ma. Jtf Uimt Rbavir, Justice of the Peace. Assist or Secihsiohist*.?Yesterday. Deputy Msrshal Phillips and detective officer A R Allen arrested two young men?John W. Burton, formerly a clerk in the Interior Department, and Alfred Nettleton, formerly a messenger in the Navy Department under the late Administration?upon the suspicion 9f their being dialoyal and acting la concert with ths rebels. They were captured at Dor-ey's Hotel, on Seventh street; and their baggage, containing a large number of letters, was fonod at the house of a female named ?mlth on Klewnth street between G and H. The prlaoners were taken before Justice Donn, who committed both to Jail to await hearing. The opened letters were partially eismlned lust night. Several of them showed the sentiments of the writers to be Inimical to the Government, and all were of a character too obscenely Indecent to be made public. They were arrested st the Instance of the fnn it II Minn n I InvMticrstiner Paiw?vi<H? Thb Rivkb.?There i? considerable activity along the wb?nn at prnmt.. Among the vessels discharging cargoes or awaiting their turn* there are the following :?At Carter ' wharf, schr J.J Berrlll, Dewer. with coal foe Stephens: achr R oxana, Moore, coal for Key*; scbr William John, Gallagher. ro?t for Fraw; schr. Joseph L. Cator, , coal for Rocbat; achr Chirm, Starr, co?l fer Sheriff. At Riley's wfcarf. acbr Memento Mori, K'rwan, cosl for Sheriff; Fanny Stokes, coal for Warder A Stewart At Harvey's wbarf, achr Motive. McNamara, coal for Harvev, and barge Owen Gormley, with coal for Cattleman A Bro. besides these, there are at the above waarres five or aiz large schooners with wood, besides a great umber of small vessels. Roastav ?Last night, at a l?te hour, the window of Mrs Voss's Jewelry store was cut through by mne thief, wha succeeded In stealing two small revolvers and a Urge Msynard revolver, which were lying la the window The thief had grst used a large auger or bit to cot a bole -.? a a. ?-- -? "? - " VI auHJcimi aiic nrvu^a ?oe fUUifccrr. BOQ lOfn smashed the glass Th? object, no doabt, wu to obtain the vslaablewatehee displayed there during the day, bat they bad been removed to a more aecare place when the store wu cloeed. Cbntbal Odiraoiil Casbs ? Btfot* Tkompsom ?Thle morning, C R Bella and Mary Lynch, arreeted by Metropolitan Police oAcers for being drunk and diaorde'ly In the afreet, were committed to the workbooee for 30 daya. In defaolt of Ine and coeta Matilda Wade, for the aame offensa, was fined Ti W. which being paid, be waa released, after a night's lodging In the gnardhouae. Tsi Ciitrmi'i! Tib Campbell's! Thb Campbell's:?T?-uigkt, to-ntgkt, tomgki?At 0<id Fill*ei1 H?H, 8?r*ntk $trt*t ?Boy yotir ticket, walk np stairs, get a front seat, loceev yonr eet bead, and lay beck for the heartiest langh experienced in y<mr lifetime That's so! N. B ?Twelve alar performers. P. S ?A great bill to-alght. Fatal Accidist ?On Tuesday, shortly after the flair presentation by Gov Curtln, three metn ben of the Lecbanan Rifle Gaardi, Seventh Pen a sylranla (reeeree) rejlaaent, were examining a ; utoL when It was accidentally d lac barbed, and dm of the m?a, named Matthew Roche. waa tartan Uy killed Tbe hell pmsed through his head Otumas ?Oa Tuesday afternoon a (rt?nmeat teamster drove bis lead horses Into the canal near Faaby's sh'p rard Tbe wbeel horses roecumbed ts e'reamstoaees ud followed, aad tbe wipi, lseded with flour, was ''auapended" oa tbe aetak Oae of the harass waa hail* Injured, ths others ware extricated without damage. Dibs m run I mama r ?Mr ftaaktf a Reader, of Company R, Thlrty-slitb Nsw York Reglmeat, died la tbe R sir est Hospital, Tuesday malag, aftar a short Ulaesa Aaatraa at Carter's wharf ifoot of Tbtrteeath nd a half rtreet.) arhoooer Oharu., Starr, from T** *r?ont frummi lire Im'iGimMm.? Editor Star 1 am Informed tbat theachool NMIttee hare ordered this grammar t* be Introduced Into the city public schools; If ao, the public baa tome claim to know npoa what ground tbla change la made. Every one who b*t to pay the constantly increasing "book bill," will unite In saying tbat nothing less than an abaolute demand can warrant axbaage of tut books at any time?much more at tbe preaent If the previous text book was fkulty. It was auffclent ground for setting it aside. If tbls Is Introduced, It must be from Its being more desirable (In tbe estimation of tbe committer on text books) than in* nntar KsfnM nn hi I r? M? < Mil J MVV* WV?VI? >UV Let u? look ?t the primary work?a book for beginnera?for (mall boya and girls The fourth aeatence la aa followa: "Always read the eiample carefully, reflecting upon each, ao that you may learn clearly and fully what la meant by the definition or deacrtptlon." Now, will the fatktn and m?th?rs of <beae beginners read the following sentence from the preface, and, after "reflecting," aee If they can determine "clearly and fully what la meant"In newly all the Uttle bookawe have noticed, paplla are required to memorize much extrlnalc matter, and then to gueaa the prlnclplea from It On aboat a page, for Inatance, of a clever little grammar, claiming to be very popular. the pupil memorizes?Or. No. No. Yea. Will go. John or Jamea will go. A conjunction. If. No. Because bo part of one aentence is like th$ other." And, after "gneaalng" aome time, thev mav very likely come to the conclualon that, If the paragraph means anythlng.it la ltaelf a tlaaue of error*; and If it la correct, it ia atlaaue of nonaenae On the 2d page we find a "familiar rrplanatioH. I might preaent to vonr mind?all I have ever aeen. To do this I w?*ld have to use nouns," which ia not grammatical. On the same page are the following question in* rawer lor tune urjjinnn#?ii't* lime hubs: " Since the world furniahes thousands and thousand! of objects for ua to consider, and since we never speak without having something In mind, what la essential to every thought or aaylng?" Now, gentlemen of the book committee, answer that simple question for beginner*, if you can'. I am willing to give either or all of you twentyfour hours to " gueaa" or " reflectand then, I undertake to Bay, not one of you will have accomplished what you have here set children to do, on their aecond page. And tbla la but a fair specimen of the whole work. Page 4, "A common noun la a generic name" Messrs Committee, please define generic ao that a small boy can understand it The explanatlona to adjectives and verbs are equally faulty; and in like manner throughout the book, the deflnltlona are entirely unauited to the young mind Moreover the style of the book shows that the author himself has a loose and Inaccurate mode of thought. His sentences are so modified, and patched, and amended, as to indlcate that eit^r his tboughta are very Indefinite and uncertain, or he knows not how to express them. Did space permit, a few examples would satisfactorily settle the question of style?one must suffice: ' To give the synopsis of a verb, Is to express It correctly, In a single person and number, or in a particular form, through some or all of lta inooda and ten?e*'' To aura up the whole matter, the book la ao wholly unaulted to beglnnera aa to cauae ua to aak wbat could have Induced a committee to throw out any reapectable work and adopt tblaf Waa It being fingered by aome amart bcok agent, or to be thought up to the Improvement* of the dav, or w?a It utter incompetency to judge of the book ? Whatever It may be, it aeema eminently *uggestlve of the fltneaa of the committee for their place. To prevent any miaapprehenalon, I will add. that tbla criticism la made upon the merit* of the book itaelf, not from intereat in any other work, fol 1 have none, direct or indirect; not from peraonal motive*, for I neither know the author, agenta, or the book committee; nor from aelflab fet-linga, for 1 have no children In the public rhooia It la written ?olelv bacauae an examlna. tinn of the book satisfies me that tbe people are beiog served with a want of ability or of good filth. Sknkx. Casks bkfobk Justice Dom.n ?Daniel Quinn, who was arretted by the Provost Guard for selltog liquor to soldiers, had a hearing this morning, and was fined f'25 Yesterday afternoon two boys, John Daeey and Daniel Buckley, were arrtsted by the metropolitan police for fighting and general disorderly conduct They were taken before Justice Donn, who committed them to jail for court Stbali5s Equipments ? Yesterday, Justice Walter issued a warrant to search tbe premises of Wm. Robinson, cord, for Government property stolen from tbe quarters of the New York cavalry. The search resulted in the recovery of a fine army revolver. Robinson gave security for a further hearing; and In tbe meantime efforts will be made ?u icvutci uiuci uuniu^ aniii ana equipments. A Ncisaxck ?The attention of the proper authority* is called to a dend horae lying in the street at the corner of D street south ana Fourth street east. It baa already tainted the atmosphere in that vicinity, and la very offensive to tbesursounding residents Coxxittsd To-dat?Charles A. Nayle for stesilng s revolver from s member ofCapt Sauers New York Cavalry Company was committed to jail by Justice Walter, and Robert Garcia for sU-aling an overcoat from John G. Relslnger was committed by Justice Clark. Habkab Cobpus ?Deputy marshal Phlflips bas a writ of habeas corpus to serve In the case of Dsnlel G Armston a private In Sickle's brigade, be being a minor and In delicate health. Whitkhfbst, 43t Pennsylvania avenue, furnishes superior Card Photographs, suitable for sending in letters. Sew all nt A guiihed men, view* of ramp*, etc. Photographs in oil and water colon and pastel, from miniature to life size. aa 17-eolm Is it possibli that any Soldier ran he so foolish a- to leave ?he city without a supe'y of Hollnwar'a Ointment and Pills ! W hoever do's so will deeply regret it. These medicines are the only crtain cares for Bowel Complaints, Fevers, Sores anl Scurvy. Only 25 cents per b z or pot. sel2-lw Kudu, hare yon seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in oar paper. Rear it; it will interest yon. an 30-eoly Praam. Persons ilesinni pennies will always find them for axobauce at the Star Ofhoe ooonter. tf To th* Aftlictip !?Be sure to rea'l the adver.seir.ert of McLean's Strenctheninc Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf DIED, vn i nur aay morning, lltti instant. af'er three week#' painfui illneen, whiah lie bore with ohru tiA? fortitude, THOMAS K. BAKKR, in the61ft year of h?< ftge. 1 he relative and frier dj of the family are requested to atten I his funeral, to-morrov (Friday) lorei oon at in o'clock from hi* l%t * residence, I4'h. at. r at, north of Commb an College * FOR SALE?An elegant dipple frev HORSE, 8 years i>id,15H hand* high.'oni lu 1 tail. <?v table f.ir a field or staff omoer. Also ' Tr-iy or 4 good. elieae Horses for sutle ' ?M ons. Apply at the private stables 15th *t., between K and i se 11 2t* ^?0 INTERIOR DECORATIONS. PAt'KRHANGlNGS, all grade* and prices: WINDOW SHAI'KS, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS, 81LTOVAU PICTURK FRAMES, *o.,at J. MARKRITER'S. No. 496 Seventh st., 8 doors above se 11-lOQif odd Fellows' Hall. THEABUKY nuTKB OK ALL DKNOMINAr 1 TIONS BOUGHT AND SOLD. Wa will depoait ia the United Statee Treasury here or in New Y?rk, without charge. all mm* not lee than Fifty Dollar* f>r parfea winning toinveat in Three-year Treasury Notea, bearing 7 3 10 intereat. SWEENY. RITT EN HOUSE- FANT * CO., ae 11-lip Banker*. No. 353 Pa avenut. WCOAL AND WOOD. H Have on hand and o nuantly reoeiving large quan ltiea of all kinde of Coal, whioh we are te.iing at low prieea for caah We have now afloat foar oargoea We will aell i* at 3S oenta per ton leea when taken direct from veaael. Alao, Oak Hiokory and Pine W<wd, at low pnoaa WARDER A STEWART, ae 11-tf Corner H and Twe'fth ata c WOOD AND COAL. SEALED PROPOSALS will be renewed until 3 o olock p. m. on W*dneaday, the ?Sth inatant, for aapplying the Washington Aavloni within tona beat White Aah Coal, furnace aiae, 50 onrda aeaaoned t ak Wood au do. do Spraoe Pine Wood. to 09aeiivrrra at%mm Aijrium, ?ut>jeot to uie in paction of the Intc- dint, and f nut approved hy bim to ber*ieottd. The Wood moit be corded and raeaenrsd at the Asylsm The whole to be uelivered by the 15th day o' October n?xt. Proposals to be addres??d to the anderaignan andoraad 'Proposals for Fnel," en1 may be left with the Intendant GEORGE MATTINGLY. LEONARD HARBAUGH, JAMkS 8. HOLLAND, a 10 entao Commissioners Wash'n Asylum. ENEW O-PICE . H. BATE*. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, fc??h'h street, bat wees Lonisiar.n av. and D street. Hatinaaaof all kkod* raaairloc a maiutrata will be stnetir att?dwd le. ? IQeolw* Dr. CHARLES R ROTELER, DzmrnaT, No. 3S6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth aad Tenth Straeta a aZoD*: - tomTu Sf hit roods it York jnow I ONIONS?ONIONS?ONlorvtt. J L'8T R?Miv?d on wBMiomnt lj*? u oobM KuMOawa% .FocMtoiov. mtTmrmw,^ i * AMUSEMENTS. Q DD FELLO W^8' HALL! SKCOy^WESK WOR LD-RKNOWNKD CAMPBELL n?8TRGL8( TWKljVKSTAt FKHHORMKR'! , The most Accomplished M'nttrel IUnd in the World, oomprising the very Flower of the Ethiopian I'ro'esiion. NEW SONGS, ACTS~AHIO RURLESCJUES EVERY NIGHT. Ad mi talon Twenty-five Onta. ?e 10 Iw ; 1)R. FORD, Agent. " WANTS WANTED TO RKNT-A oomp'etely furnished HOUSE, with 8 Or in rooms Addrea* G. F. 8., thia oftoe. ae U 8t? 1X7ANTED-A WOMAN ae oonk; one who v v thoroathly understands her business ; none other need ap?ly?399 F street, between 11th and 12th aU. aa 12 ?? . \*7 ANTED? A HOUSE, with or without Fnrni ture, central, modera'e rent. Address "Maris," thia offioe. ae 11 at* |?ARM OR SITUATION WANTED-A praoI tira' farmer and gardener wants to rent or work a farm by shares. or take a plaoe aa overseer or gardsner. Best of reooromendationa given. Address H. KOCH, No. 294 Seventh street weat. ae 11 2t* \17ANTED-A FURNISHED DWELLIN6" HOUSE, having all the modern improve menta, for tiie term of on* year or more, in a pleasant neich orhood and a healthy looahty. One between I and K and 12tu and 18th atreets would he preferred Inquire (by letter) of F.G.MURRAY. Otice of the Fittn Auditor, stating location, place of further inquiry, and terms. se ll-3t* WOOD CUTTERS WANTED.?The aubaonber wiahea to employ 25 or 30 Rood Wood Cntte a. for whioh he will give the highest price? ?? from 75 oenta tn 91 per cord. Apply to JOHN B EN N EXT. Fiah W h\rf. Georgetown. ae 10 ?t? \X7ANTED?A GIRL from IS to If years old, to " nurae and a*aiat in plain aewing. None need apply but thoie that*ean onme veil reoommended for honeatr. Such a g"l can obtain a rood place by applying at No. 33il Pa. avenue, or Si'J H atreet, between 6th and 7th. a* in 3t* WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU-E SERVANT; alao a MAN BKHVANT. Both muat come well recommended. Colored preferr'd. 1 quire at 433 F at. ae 9 WANTED?To have every body to oall at SMITH'S. No 460 Setenth at., opp alt* Poat Office,and pure*>a*e their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, at the very loweat prioea. Give him a oall. au30-lm WANTED?A weU furnuhed DWELLINGHOUSE, containing about aix room* exolu aive of kitchen and aervant'a rooma, well aituated, with a large yard or lot. and a gcod oarnage-hou'e and atable for not 'ess than three horcea. Peraona having auch premises to rent will p ease have written deaoriptiona at the Office of Solicitor of Coirt of Claims. with terma. au an 2w* \AIANTED. FOR THE CASH-AH kinda of ?? second-hand furniture and housekeeping articles. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to oall immediately. r. buchi.y, je a 4'i4* Seventh, between G and h WANTED?We are now buyins SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVES and BK.D DING, for whioli we are paying the highest oash prioea. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, jels-tf No. 369 7th st? hetw. I and K sts. LOST AND FOUND. Lost-a pair of gold spectacles, with octagon glasses, in a stiff har ^ ^ oase with the owner's "*me cut in it A nuitab'e reward will be given if left with the Teller a' Riggs A Co 'g offioe we 12 3t? ? C REWARD?For the delivery to me of a W't large black Russian III UfrP a i HOUND, lost on Wednesday, the 1111 instant A. COOK, 3*40 D street. ig vt* between 9th and loth ?ta. Rl1 WARD ? Strayed or atilen, on Saturday %j't "vfninc laat. from L.uui*iana tverue.WwM between 9th and 10th at* , a lie lit red lUr C'?W. with ?hort horns and wmte roro Mm kled hind auartem. The above reward will be paid for her return to DAVlH HARRINGTON. (?oulaiana av , oppoaite the Goard Hon go. ?e !?->:* ?Q REWARD?Strayed or atolenfrom the aubO aoriber, on Seventh at., near the Pa-k, cv a three-year old COLT ; never wan shod ; j-,p two white hind feet; white apot in hia fore ^^ bead : dark hay, vergii % into brown. 1 will give the ab ?ve reward if returned to me. ae 11-3t* WM. M. MaCHESNE^ TAKEN UP. ae an eatray on Monday. 9'h inat., a (malt aiied white and hiaok "nW with one horn orooked.braaa knob on eiwh vUf* hum. Thi owner will please come forward, prove property, oay charge* and take her away. Apply to GEOTPHILGlPSON, loth at . Navy Vard. near the Garriaon Gate, (formerly Hi'?? 'table.) ?e 11 3t* W ..... ?? l ? ?- * vwj ?? ? i/u?i. i?*i oyrnirr, s L* Colt's 7 Inch Navy REVOLVER, Iver mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomson, 1MI." The aimve reward will be paid to any pernio who ir.ay return the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 231 K ?t.. between 13'h and Uth ; or to Mr Chvlwiok, Willards' Hotel. se 11 tf in H EWAR D.?utrayed from the railroad ?IU near"t*old'ers' Rest,"one MARE (cv ?h? it a dark brow n, almost black, w.th no jf noticeable marks, excptasirall white spot in trie center of the f -rehead, and is ahont 13>? hands high. Anr pe>?on delivering said mare t-> the undersign* d at It Col. Cai ter's hea 'quarters of the 1st Reriment of Indiana Mounted Volunteers, situated about oi e mile northeast of the Capitol, will receive the above named reward, se 11 3 * Capt. JAP. D 1RV1N. FOUN D ?A lar*e bay HORSE, with whita star in forehead, and white hind le* ; whioh rv the owne- can have by provin? property and Saying a 1 expenses. Call at Government^^2-*tables. G st, above War Department. se in St* JOHN WAGNER. /UMETO THESTaBLESOF THE SUUjorU'er, on th 4 h instant, a young/tv brown HURSE, about IS nands high The JL-Jk owrerof said horse is requeoted to prove^^ZX property, pay charges, and take him ?w*t. THOS. SMITH, se 10 3t* Livery Stable, 19th at.. First Ward. RAN AWAY.?From the aubsoriber, on the 22d inot., NKORO BOY ANTONEY?oal* ^ himae f "Toney Crawford." He is about 0 nineteen Tears old, five feet two nr three inohe* in height, blaok, slender, thin in fl?sh jn and has a rough 'kin: grim countenance, with a soar over one of his eyebrows, occasioned oy the kiok ft a horn*. I will give fifty dol ara if seoured in jail so 1 get hini.or sixty dollars if brought home to me. For farther description inquire of Wail k. Barnard FIELDER MAGRUPER. sep 9 tf near Blsdensburg, P. 6. Co. QOA EMILE DUPRE 0?U Psnhstlvania AVXNDK, IKON BUILDINO, Importer and Wkoitnalt Duller in FINE WINES, BRANDIES. SUGARS, SARDINES. PICKLES, PKE*ER VED FRUITS, CONDENSED MILK, ASSORTED SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 100 CASES OLD BOURBON (18*4) AT _ H.W1 LIS UUPKE'S lion BUILTIIKS, 320 PA. Avbnb*. FO R FRKDERIC TUSTUS* HAMBURG CELEBRATED S MO KINO TOBACCO, The Best Artiole Ever Imported, Go to EM1LE DUPRE, Imoil BciLPiwa, 320 Pa. Avgtug. JUST RECEIVED? 20 Ciin Impoktid BELTERS WATER, In Original Stone Bottles, At an 13 1m EM1LE DUPRE'S. BILLIARDS! n!irf The lovers ?-=* *- of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania arcane and 11th street, (south side,) two of the most admirable TABLES* in the united States, with every oomfort and oonvenienee

an I tf tor the players. M. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From Pkiladtlpkia,) ??? renn'ft?t.,?noiUj side,) b?t. 12th and 13th its. Improved SPECTACLES md EYE GLASSES. ttiUd oorrectljr for every eye lint?mounted in Go d, Sliver. i?e ?t*el, India Rubber, or TurtoiM Stall. MMuary Field Ulattet, Mieratcopet, Ttlticoptr, Optra and Marine till*' it tntk the bett Achromatic Lmtet, Matkemntiea. and Physical Instruments, Compatset, Stereoscope* and SUreoseopic Fuwt in m t -ml variety, it tho laweat KmUtd prices talt-tr w empMona Hmi'dw TAL ?Th? ratmoriber will exchange fcr.e Far mine l,andi in Ohio and Miohij* n lor laeda within IB nilea of ttue eit*. WK. THOg. CAM MOLL. ?T? *l?d Kl>T?Qth t. ^ ? ? UMI' f j mm EDUCATIONAL. HOARDING AND DAV SEMINARY FOR " YOUNG LAD1K8, Comer af ProwI **<i Fred'nrk its., Gtort'toma. Mr?. Gen'l WHKhLKM, Principe. The dntiM of thia Inatita'ion will be reieml on the 6rat Monday in Sept'mbfr. A ?h%re or the publi * tatron&ge ia reaeto'fullj aolioited. m7 3teo? pLBASANT VIEW SEMINARY.?The riutiea ? of thia School will be r?miwd rm tha aeoond | Ifonda* in Peptem^r Terms 910n for board and , taitioa in the Kngliah braiihea for??ar of ten Bont&a. Addreea MISS M KEKCH < ae 2 Jw* Hvattaville. Pfino* Goorfs'ion - Mil ? 1 I^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Anno* Hmiioi vill oommenoe ' September?. For particu'ars inaiiire of tha Krin- I oipal- M'i. Z.RICHAKDS, , mO 1m Corner of Fourte* nth Md K sts. 1 l^AIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL. . r FOR GIRLS. I At Sahdt Spkiko, Md. < This Institution, which has bees in successful j operation for the past ten years, will commence its i suisk regular term on the 1st of thelA mo (October) next. For eiroulars.oontaming further iufor- ] m&tiou m regard to the aohool. as ply to R. *. KIK K. 1 \VM. H. FARQUHAR. 1 an 31-col m* Olney P. O. /GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. D. C. u acgcst, 1m1. The exeroises of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday o 1 September. 'lerms for 1 Board and Tuition per annum, f.oo, payable half- 1 yearly, in advano?. , c/tr 1- 1- * - *1- ? j?* 1 ? w. iuiviici puniouiAn iippiT vo in? rrfnaeiix? ? au 18 lmto JOHN EARLY. 8. J. Scho?L for youno ladies. Miu M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the 2d of September next, resume her Sohojl at her reaidPDoe, No 31 Indiana avenue She h&a made arrangement* to receive a limited number ot pupila aa boardera. an 27-eo3w tVR SALJB AND RENT. U*OR RKNT.-A STORE and DRY CELLAR r fur rent, an l?y 61 feet, on ftinth at., between D a d fc ata. Apply to SAM'L 1>kV AliGH AN, 403 E atreet we 12 3t* Ir?OR SALE, OR WILL KXCHANGK FOB 1 IMPHOVKD CITY PROPERTY-A rood improved FARM, oontainmt IT) aorea, 12 inilea from Waahintt n.and 1 n its from the railro%d at 1i.li :u- ? A? - ? r?pii?Tii o. rnoe ?? > per &cr?. Apply lo H. O. 1 HOOP, :<3S Pa. avenue. se 12 3 ? 1?OR RENT?A STORK on Pennsylvania ave- 1 cue, and Fixtures lor tale. Apply at this rffire. >s ll-2w* I^UKNISHED ROOMS-A Parlor and Cham ' r ber, or two Chambers, on the first or prinotpal story, very ueatly furnishod ; location very desirabe and very plea-ant, very near the President's Honse snd Public Grounds? No..460 New York i av., 3d door from Fifteenth st te ll-3teo , FOR RKNT-HOUSF. 40a Pennsylvania av., I over the bookstore of Franck Taylor?a place 1 for a professional man- se 4-tf {fOR RENT-* handsome F U R N I SHED 1 HOUSE, with all the modern improvements, I in a pleasant looation. Inquire at the Star OJBoe. au 30 tf t L^OR RENT-A very desirable STAND for a I I boarding house, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth st., now occupied by the Messrs. Joy, and i has always had a fui. share of the patronage of the oity. Possession given on the 1st of September next. Said house is in good order. For further , particulars apply to JAMES TOWLES. Agent, 4 QA II ulr.lf n'rlk ?. \t.. I It I I ? IfUlJl, 1 ? " ?? ">?I vw? uui kit 9 wi 1UI S| JUiilA UCibrE street. an 17 tf I?OR RENT?A substantial three story BK1CK I HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated <>n Third street east, two doors from C street north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of rent to suit the present tunes, possession given i immediately. Inquire ol Mr. BACON, next door; orol Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenue, , between 9th and loth sts. au 15 Imeo* |_| ANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS.- I al. Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and oonvenieut to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490* Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 6th sta. ma 23 GEORGETOWN ADVERT7MTS fV"S?P09T OFFICE, 0EOROKTO\VN, D. C., < LL5 SbPT 8M B SR 10, 1861 Notice is herebr given, that a i perrons having in their possessisn Postage Stamps of the old issue can exchance the same for Stamas of the new iaaue for aix daya from thiniate. and not after that I time HfcNKt AUDISON, ( ae i0-6t Postmaster. IVfASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S I 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. < ExpectM this day, per steamer J. Jerome? 5<>0 barrels XXJJR AUGHT ALE, W UW- AAAA UO. <10. 6no hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale. Terms each ondolirery. AltNY A. SHINN, ' m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. | JUST RECEIVED- 1 10 hhds. prime I'orto Rioo SUGARS ISO bbla. Old Rye WHISKY, SfO bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES, 0 bbla. Crushed and Refined rtL'6 ARB, an bags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.<low priced) MOLASSES. t For sale by JOHN J. ROGUE. Mlt J WHITE MERCF.R POTATOES. ! > PRIME, RIPE, AND MEALY, AT IOWIKT MARKET PKlCfcS. , TO Qi'ARlKRMA*TkRs oar rroi_ ! MENT*. "You waat to keep your m*n healthy; ! you cannot uo tbia without givini (hem good Po I tatoes. Th??e you can go*, at Steel A Co's,5iG Pennsylvania avennn, oorner of Seoond street IO GKOCERS.-Y on want to please your oustomera, and induce thrm to oali axain. and reoom mend your atock to thrir friend* Then call at S'ee! A Oo'a, and buy what Potatoes you need, ( either for your own consumption or tor sale They \ are warranted to please. < TO HOTKLiM) RESTAURANT KF.EPERS. Do you want to plea** vour (iiesta.and tickle their Salatee? Theu buy Potatoes of Stoel A Co. By 1 oing ao thrte parties will be benefited?the seller, < the buyer, and the oor sumer. 1 Ohio, Indiana, anl Kentucky money in good standing, taken at par. J. W. 8TEKL A CO., 536 Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Second street?(Old Sentinel Offioe ) s?p5 US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wash ington and Rockville leaves Martin's Hotel, oor. 8th and 1) aU EVERY MORNING (Sundays ex-ji^^E* cepted)at7 o'o'ock anl I. C. Conodea. oor. uigli and Beall sts., Ge >rgetown,at 8 o'o ock; returning daily. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, through to Poolesville ; Tuesdays, Thursdays acid Saturdays :o Frederick; returning next days. au at-im' HKIMJ. COOLKY. DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the last half oentury in the Hospitals of London and tans forth" oare of Stent JHI^^ Disease may now be ha'lat L'PH I No. 310 ^hesnut str el, sole agent for U/ I the United States it contains uo m^r- , oory or other minerals, and vi 1 not harm the most delictte oonstitatioa A rpttdy curt guaranteed aodnoihange of diet required. Pri-e ?1. nt bj express S<o'd in Washington by 8. CALVERT FOKD, oorner 11th street and I'ennryl via nia avenue. sep5-eols UPHAM'H HAIR DVE '.-TO COLOR BLACK ! OH BROWm : .'?Only 38 cents a box. Three , boxes for one dollar. 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Sold in Washington by S. < CALVERT FuKD, corner 11th atreet and Fa. 1 a?>. aep 5 eoly NOTICE. 1 m ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPAHY " Thia Company offers to the pablio" Unequalled Advaatagea" for the Safe and Quiok Ihapatoh of Heavy Fieiahta Pukuss. Valushis*. Mnnsi. *a 4.0., to all parts of the United Ptates. Kxpresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expre?sesare in charge of txptrienced and rtltabU M easing era. All Packages for The Soldiers oarneo at "on* Hal*'' oar a?ual rates. All Oo< di for the ?o-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Articles " Contraband of War" will be Rsrnain. Cm Express's leave New York at 1.6. and S P. M ..^arriving la Washington at iA. M and 4Je j Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JO A. M. and { U P. YL., arriving in Washington at 530 P.M.and , 6 \ % Expresses leave Baltimore at 430 A. M. and 3 P. M , arriving in Wast ington at 6 A. M. and 5 9) P. M. i Expresses for all points North aa* West leave , Washington at 7 S) A. M. ami 130 P M. daily. Speoul Contracts for >arge quantities of Freight i oan be mads oa application to this < >moe. All Goods sailed for and delivered Jrte of Extra oharges. E. W. PA ft SONS. Sop't Adams' Express CompanyWashington. AucastSS. 1*1. aallif H.? FRENCH * RICHtSVeiN < AVE Jutt raoeived a fre?h of Note Paper, Colored Borders, riled and pl&uu villi En- < veiopec to match Aleo.Mac Paper of all kindr, with s.nd withoHtMottoee; EdtSopm to match. JPnreee and Pooket Boot? at every deecr.pOoa. * ( "HEIMCH * RICHSTEIN. ' isapijjHfE ?* *> Corwef Pa av-a?* K er?tii eC . J WW rt.??, t g I ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. OrrER TiLttitrn 8t*tip?, Sept ll.-Tbf PoBfr Kiprf? |iumrt here on the 8th luiut, With Son Franclaco date* to tb? 88th oil Tbo rtfiJDfr J. A NeClrllud rxpiudfd kfr boiler above Sierameoto, killing fifteen pamenRen, and ecaldtng twelve other*, aome of them totally. Among the killed are Capt Webster, O. Gardner, C. 8 Howell, Joseph Arceja, and Joaeph Morrow, of Sacramento. Mr. D. D Colton haa accepted a colonelcy la a savnlry regiount which haa been raised In Call* fornla. The recruiting Is going on favorably throughout the Mate. Senotor Nssmlth baa addrnwd tb? Unionists here, recommending the discouragement of party irganlistlons, and for tbem to rote for the Unloa Democratic candidate for Gormor. A considerable body of emlgranta from Texas tiave taken tbe El Paaao Route for the purpoac of wt'llng on tbe Pacific coast, in consequence of .he desperate condition of Texas. The War la Mtssoarl. Roll*. Mo.. Sept 9?Eight prisoner* were sent lo St L.ouls this morning They were captured. In a skirmish between tbe Borne Guards and tbe rebels at Douglas Prairie, In Gasconade county Two of tbe rebels were killed, and in another iklrmlsh tbe same dsy ten more of tbe rebels were killed and thirty-two borsea captured. At another place near Cuba, two scouts were taken with Prorost Marshal McKlnsUv's passes In their paokets. AdrlrM fntm HnfU*a?M J-- -? *-"? ffect that no battle had been foogL' betweea Montgomery and Kalns op to Tuesday laat Ben McCullough waa reported to be at Fort Smith, ind hia troora were en route for Fort Walker. In krkanaaa Nothing definite wu known of hia 'uture movements, but It wee auppoard that hie force would remain near tbe line, ready to act Is :oucert with theMlmourl troopaaaoccasionmight require Gen Price bad (tone to rehiSrre Gen Ralna Their united fores were about 7,U00 when last leardfroui. Gen Price waa about 15 ml lea from Port Scott, Kai aaa, and a battle waa expected to ake place on Tuesday of laat wp<^ Clalb. Jackal left Springfield on Sunday night 10 Join the State forces. Gen Fremont's proclamation reached Springleld on Wednesday last, and created considerable xcl tem en t. Frsaa Fsrtrssa Msarse. FoKT*i*? Mohroi, Sept. 10.?The atasmer S il. Spauldlng 1* about leaving for Hatteras Inlet' with reinforcementa The (learner Baltimore i( klao on the way thither with naval and army itoraa. The sloop-of-war Jamestown haa arrived from the blockade off Florida, but brings no news of importance. The appointment of General Reynolds to the sblef command at Hatteraa Inlet gives entire satisfaction at Old Point. Vigorous measures are being taken for fitting out expeditions from Old Point to polnta on the Southern coast. Under General Wool's command the army here Is obtaining a good degree of discipline, and the troops are all Impatient for more active service. Engagement Betweea Federal aa<l Rebel Osiilwsti an the Mississippi Cairo. Sept 11 ?The U.S. gunboat* Coneatoga iind Lexington, whilst reconnoiterinir down the Mississippi yesterday, encountered a battery of lixteen gunsat Lucaa bead, on the Missouri abore, and two rebel gunboats. Th? vsilenced the abore batteries and disabled the rebel boat Yankee, and would have captured her bad sbe not been supported near Columbus by aid from the shore One of the Conestoga's men was slightly injured. I'be Iocs of the rebels la not known ? Twenty of our scouts were to-day driven Into Col. Oglesby's camp by 200 rebels There are not leas than 15,000 rebels In camp at Columbus They were largely reinforced yesterday. New York Politics Stbacttsk, Sept. 10.?Tbe People's Convention for the nomination of candidates for J*tate officers, on a decided war platform, assembled to-day. The attendance was quite numerous, Including many political managers of the republican, democratic and know-notning parties The harmony of tbe preliminary proceedings was marred by rowdyish demonstrations, which resulted in the expulsion of Won. D. Marphr, a delegate from Albany, who was charged with Deing a secession* m, wnne at a later stage the entire Albany delegation were sent adrift. It Is evident that the republicans have control of the convention. Ilea. Oldeea Welles Hartford. Conn ,3ept. 10.?The Hon Gideon Welles. Secretary of the Navy, waa to-day Invited to a public dinner by a large number of the prominent citizens of Hartford, Including men of all parties. The invitation was headed by Chief Justice Williams, Judge Ellsworth, and the Hon. H. C. Denning. The invitation has not yet been responded to, but will probably be declined in consequence of an early return to Washington. Arrival ef the City of Manchester. 8t Johs, N. F., Sept. 10.?The steamship City ji minruaur, irom i.ivf-rpooi xsin. via ijueensiown 30th, ptssed Cape Race at 3 o'clock tbla afternoon, ai:d waa boarded by the newt yacht ef the Associated Press She reports having encountered very strong head winds daring tbe M'bole passage She has ??>7,800 in specie, 67 cabin and 178 steerage passengers. Htr advices lave been anticipated. Keatac y Stilhira Rights CenveBttee. FRxruroET, Sept. 10 ?The Southern Rights Convention met.to-day, in the ball of the House >f Representatives Seventy counties were repretented Resolutions were offered, and are now t>eing acted upon Their substance cannot be ascertained until to-morrow. Nothing was done to-day by the Legislature. 1 mj>?. taal freas Kentucky. FkASiroaT, Sept. U ?The House has sdopted '(solutions directing the Confederate troops to vacuate the s< 11 of Kentucky, by a rote of 71 to M. The House, py the umr vote, refuted to sus[>end tbe rules to allow another resolution to be Introduced, ordering a proclamation to be Issued igaloat both the Federal and Confederate troops. Destructive Fire at Plttsbarg PiTTsscao, Sept 10 ?An extensive fir? occurred bere at half-past 2 o'clock this morning, destroying property to tbe amount of 900.UUU. most of which is covered by Insurance A lot of contrsoanti goods seized here was stored in one of the buildings and consumed. These goods were lnlured for f10,000. Arrest sf Cel Jas. W Wall. Burltsotok, N. J | Sept 11?Col. James W. Wall was arrested this afternoon by the United States Marshal, and taken towards New York, rbe arrest produced the most Intense excitement among the people. ^iKALED PROPOSALS, till the 14th September, ?5 1861, at 12 m ,irc invited for furmshicg KLuUR of a oertain quality. About 5.000 barrels vill be required, to be delivered in separate Iota of 1,000 barreU each Tbe Sour to be made of new wheat, and the deU very of :he whole lot to be made bv the *Kh September, 61 The Flour r^mred to be of th* following brand*. Mid to pea* the inapeotion of a Board of Array Ofioers, or auch other inspection as the Subsistence Department may direot; Arlington Extra, Congress do. Fairview do. Florette do. til en wood do. Cbeaap ake Mills do. Clagett do. J. IS ew come do. M. South do. Koxbury do. Joe Ohirla do. J Da* lilsou do. Foundry do. Heek do. Ljron's Union Floar, Bi* SfiDj JoeCiiarie*, F.de's Extra Baker *. A few barrel* of the earns rfrade of SViatharn Flour wiii be >akeu. provided that it pr<?*ea nu. n grade to ttn brand* above named The bidden jo aiaie the brand and the number of barrels of ?aoh kind Uie> propose to furniak. ttovernsient reaei vea the right to pay in Treara y rotas. . The proposal! to be directed to CapC A. BECKWITH, C. 8, U. 8. A? ai.d endorsed-Pro*a?la^ seT DLEA8ANT VALLEY WINK COMPANY, L M4NCF cTcacaa or PURE WINES AND BRANDIES FRoM NATIVE GRAPES. H*MMonD PoaT, Srsaau Co? Niw York. J. H. Wheeler. Preet, j T. M. Vom.1ot.J Dlr<#. I h?v? on hM* ? few NW of BRANDIES ud WIN KB from Um **>-> ? oovpiar???M to W m ?r?or m to fl *ror udyu i*y to My attir* L4??ara irtf ofttN ! thla in&r* H. ,w..^%y.uaraw POLUMBIAN COLLESfL U WtnnMfMi 0. C. ifcir fcr*t n*eia.*? We-ieeedsy.Sewtowbwetiu SECOND EDITION" > il i ii THKII yCLfl P. C OUR MILITARY BUDGET. TumiM TvmtiT. The practice ftrlng yulwrtiy WIiimn, at Fort KUtworth lid nmm ef tk* tortitooUoae MTU ef that point, canard a derided mmtMl In Wnblngton, and all tb? prominent potato war* oocupled by pertaloia with opera flaaaa. tilwuipw, and whatever could ha brought to hear apoa the BCIH VI COBBICT ICfOW CM flW 1^9f were uaablr, Of eMm, to ana My Igbtlag, m there wee mm te to ewe. Wit they found mmalderable setter af Internet ti watohtaf in meet* ef terse both* of Mr troopn drawn mmt to 11 m et Arllagtoa ud at rartwe potato Mwan there and the U?| Bridge. About all otleck, p m . ho we aw, three treepa broke ranka and qaMly repaired te Mr ca?pn and to the uaual roatJae dntlea tbeeenf, eery aach to the dtaeppolntowat ef earleoaef the epoetetera, who were cock eare that a (reel battle wm jeet a boot to be fooght under their eery eye* Later In the eraninf the mm ef theaklraateh near Lewlnerllto reached town, aad oaaeed onatderable exclteiMot, being ceafounded la fee MMlar Mi ad With th* batten aaritea alvaai* Mentioned, with which, of eoum, tt had net On slightest connection mi wovnoBD in th* ttumu or ritTiiur. Oar reporter has ju*t returned from tbs George, town Hospital, and reports that lb* wounded in the skirmish of yesterday are: Mom a Parks*, 3d Vermont Regiment, Com pony C; Newell R. Kingsbury. do.; John Hamilton, 1Mb Indiana, Company D, jamea H Van Rtppnr, T*h New York. Company a; Jamea Klllot, 7tth New Verk, Company B; and J ok a Colgan, Tfth New Verk, Company P. All are bnt slightly wounded except Elliot, who received a mortal wound In the aide from a fragment of a shell or a canalstnr shot. The others are quite comfortable, and will aeon recover. ILIT11T trraiimSTI KADI TO DAT. To be Paymasters? Major Alrln Walker, of N. V ; Major W.C.H Pberroan, of E.l ; M^ev James H Pblnney (reappointed). Captain Frederick Harrey to be Aalitut Adjutant General for Gea. Baker "a brigade. LATB LOCAL NEWS. A Niw CocsTiarbit?AaaaiT oriSaom Tbia morning, a nan who claim* to be an Italian offered a newly-made counterfeit gold dollar to Mr. WIIbob, butter dealer la the Center market. Upon Mr W Inspecting tbe coin, the fellow started and ran, but was retaken and banded over to detective officer Allen, who pi ed btm In custody of Justice Donn, and went In Mrch of the mint and apparatus of the "bogus," which are supposed to be about tbe city somewhere A pasta unaccustomed to handling this denomination of gold coin might receive tbe counterfeit a* genuine, though It Is a bad Imitation of tbe ?oln of 1^51, poorly milled, and very light. A slight indentation is perceptible upon the face. extoLd r * from tbe edge to tbe head, on the left naif. Tbe prisoner will be held for court. a ?xxxxadx?We learn that it is proposed to serenade tbe Hon. Jaaepb Holt, of Ky , tbts evening, between the houn of eight and nine o'clock Tbe 3d Infantry's band will make tbe music. Tbe crowd will doubtless be Immense gxeaxtsxy Wxllxs is expected to return to Washington this afternoon. E7"" Hon. Joseph Holt, of Kentocky, and Attorney General Bates have returned to the city. LATEST NEWS BY TE LEG It A ph. LATER FROM FORTRESS MONROE Baltimobk, Sept 18?The Old Point boat arrived here tbla morning, bringing tbc following Foet?e?? Mokioi, Sept 11?In view of tho IncreMlng Importance of Fortran Monro* M a buii of offensive operations against the Coaled*rate*, there la to bo large lacroase In the military and naval forces. r There waa heavy f ring thla morning oa Sewall's Point. The Confederatea were tryiag the range of new gona. A daaartar at* tea that the Confederate force there nombora about two thoaaand men. Quartermaster Tallmadge la making arraagamenta to quarter the contraband stores at Old Point In comfortable wooden barrack* outside of the Fortreas. FROM PHILADELPHIA PniLADXLFKIA, Sept. H.? Won. H. Winder, a brother of the Rebel General Winder, la la emtody here, charged with treaaonable communication with the enemy. He haa a brother who to resident at Waahlngton and who la the owner of Winder'a Building, In the occupancy of the Pension Bureau. The priaoner haa been the Philadelphia correapondent for the New York Dally New* All of hla papera taken are being Investigated by the aulhorltlea. REPORTED WRECK OP THE SUMTER. New York, Sept 18 ?Capt Atkinson, of the bark Vena*, reports that the V eaezooleaa CmnI at Curacoa bad received advices from Caracas, dated Aug. 83d, stating that the pirate Somtor had gone ashore on the Island of Trlatdad, pert of Spain, about the 90th of August, and bad baaa totally wrecked. This Intelligence is considered doubtful. _ a FLOYD'S ARMY ROUTED. New Von, Sept. 19 ?A dlapatrh la the Herald says that Government has received a dispatch from Gen. Roaecrans, that be had routed Floyd's army, driving him to hla earthworks, aad weald give him battle again to-day. ^ [Docbtfcl.?Ed. Staa] The SHAEFSBooTBaa roa Ova Aa*V?Two more companlea of Colooel Serdan a aharpshooters leave to day for Waahlngton The Ides thrown oat by 'bit gentleman baa been rM a poo la all parti of the country by crack shots, Instead of one regiment, two are now being organised, aad tbe com pan lee,as they are filled up and tasted, sent forward to tbe national capital. Tbe ttmt ts a string of ten abota of fifty Inches, at a target twe hundred yards distant?that ta, tbe whole ten shots must aot foot up a greater distance from tbe bull's eye than fifty Incbee; la other words, the sharpshooter must not hit the target farther from the central point than tea Inches aa an. average each shot, at a dlstsnce of twa baa4redyards This Is a Tory severe test, aad Is auAcleatly accurate for all practical puuMd Bat the companies generally exceed thisVaotlag. The Mlcnlgan company (101 men) made a target of twenty seven lnrbe* which la aa average at about two and three-fourth* Inches each ahot freoa tbe ball's eve. Two regiments of neb sharpshooters must prove most deadly open the fee, particularly ta Um havoc they will make ansnag the officer* and botaea ?Jf. Y. Hrraid. i w a *- P s a at W orcMtersb lire Suce. Pronovnoed by fi EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H of a Latur fro? a to ba the VI Med,ft Omilrmu* -ONLY ?OOD _ ^Madras To Hit Broikm t SAUCE." ?_? UWM, aada?Uo?W,tp gjg . every ggg VARIETY . J OF dim. The abort ?AUCE u * + onlr tk? Mit aad Ml rorcla* coHDiMrwr koova.imt t>? ao?i |tw ffaS jjlTggg iig^E'pH' ?wu?&r ,-vs?*His rw; <tx I?NI?. Hi OTbMttato* c?Miw ?Srtk iMw^S tf?ri*?i ajxtar*. -?* tf,savisj?i'srs?Rr.r~ V