12 Eylül 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

12 Eylül 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

[C*mt%nu4dfromJlTitp?g*] Tor the support ao4 maintenance of (he penitentiary of the District of Colombia 5,000 00 Tor the pay of eight additional first class clerks is the Nm Department #.600 00 For the salary of Assistant Secretary of the N**y ?,W0 00 Tor the yearly compensation of two laborer* employed Is tbe library of Cengreea. which is hereby fiiea at five hundred dollars each, beginning July first, eighteen hundred and sixty-one 1,000 00 Por tbe year ending the thirtieth Of Jane,eighteen hundred and sixty yn lilt uv|wrt uu uiuniCDiBCC OI th? penitentiary In the District of Columbia 7,861 90 we.073 90 : I ij ths set to provide for the payBeat of the poliee organised by tb* United State* for the citv of Baltimore, and to enable the mint to furnish small gold eoins, and ? to provide for the manufacture or purohase of field signals. For the maintenance of said police. . 100,000 00 To enable the mint to furnish such mall gold coins is msy be required for the public service 40.000 (0 For the manufacture or purchase of buu c^mpujcuui tvr acta Q%1? ? ? ? ? 6.000 00 145,( 00 g By tha act making an appropriation to pay the expansas of transporting and delivering arms and monitions of war to the loyal aiiiiens of the States of wkioh tha iahabitanU bow are or hereafter may ba in rebellion against tha government of the United States. and to provide for the expense of organising them into companies, battalions, regiments, or otherwise, for their own protection against domestic violence, insurrection, invasion, or rebellion. For supplying and defraying the expenses of transporting and delivering such arms and munitions of war a* in bis judgment miy be expedient and proper to place in tbe hands cf any of tbe loyal citizens residing In any of tbe Suites of which tbe Inhabitants are in rebellion aeainst tbe government of tbe United States, or in wbicb rebellion Is or may be threatened, and likewise for defraying such expenses as may be properly incurred in organizing and sustaining.while so organized, any of said citizens into cmpan- ' )es, battalions, regiments, or otherwise, for their own proteeticn gainst domestic violence, instruction, invasion, or rebellion ....9.0C0,(X)0 00 By the net making an appropriation for the purchase of arms for tbe volunteer and regular troops of tha United States For the purchase of arms for the use of th? volunteers and regular troops of the UnUed States . 10.f00.000 ft) By the act authorizing the Secretary of War to reimburse volunteers for expenses incurred in employing regimental and other . bands, and for other purposes. To refund to the volunteers called out by the President's proclamation of the fifteenth April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, such sums of money as may have been expendfd by the said volunteers in the employment of regimental or company bands during the period thelj service under said proclamation Indefinite. Bj the aet to provide fer the construction of one or more armed hipa and floating batteries, and for ether purposes. For th? construction or completing of iron or ateel-elad steamships or at earn batteries; and on the report oi a Domra, snooia it M favorable, the Secretary of tbe Na?rwlll cause one or more armored or iron or steel clad steamship* or floating steam battertea to be built I sno.ooo 00 Bj tbe net to provide for the porehaae of anna, ordnance and ordnance stores For the purchase and manufacture of arme,ordnance and ordnance storealO 000 000 00 By the aet to provide increased revenue from import*, to pay inter st on the public debt, tnd for other purposes. To allow to the aeveral assessors and aaaistant assessors, for their aervices under this act?to each asses or two dolUrt fW?r Haw fnr , ?J ?' >? day employed in making the neceasary arrangements and giving the necesaary Instructions to the sslstaiit assessors for the valuation, and three dollars per day for every day employed in hearing appeals, revising valuations, and making out lists sgreeably to the provision* of this act, and one dollar for very hundred taxable persons contalked in the tax list, as delivered by blm to aald board of assessors; to each assistant assessor two dollars for every day actually employed IS collecting lists and miking valuations, the number of dava accessary for that purpose to be cartlled by the aasessor and approved by the ^commissioner of taxes, and one dollar for every hundred taxable persons contained la tbe tax lists, as completed and j n? *- * - wnTcrru oy mm io tbe assessor: to each of the stressors constituting the board of assf?orr, u aforenald, for ewiT dtv's actual attendance at said board, the sum of three dollars, and for travelling to and from the place designated by the 8ecret?y of the Treasury, ten centa * for tae\ mile, by the most direct and usual route; and to each of the elerka of said board two dollars for every day's actual attendance thereon lndelnite. For stationary aa<Lblank books used ia the execution of their duties.... Icdeflnlte. Io allow to each collector their necessary end reasonable charges for stationery and blank books used la the performance of their oflcial duties, after being duly examined and eertiled by the commissioner of t&xes Indefinite. Per superintending the collection of the direct tax and internal dutlee er income tax laid by thia act, an ; o?cer is beflky authorised In the t (Maury vepar ment. to be called ?< Commiaakooer of Taxes," who tell b? charged, under the direction of the Secretary, with preparing all the forma necessary for the ?<?I and collection of th? tax and datlra aforesaid, with preparing, signing, and distributing all auch licenses as are required, aad with the general superintend ace of all the ofleers employed in assessing aad collecting ssld tax * and duties, sad the necessary clerks lo the oAce of said commissioner, whose aggravate salaries shall not exceed six thousand dollars per annum: to pay the salaries of said oommlastoner and clerks .. lrdrtnite Bj th? act (upplameotary to aa act atltl?d "An act to nathoru* a national loan, and for other purpose*." T Spay such expenses, commlaalons. r compensation aa may he necessary, la the Judgment of the Secretary sf the Treasury, to carry Into execution the praviaiaaa of this art, and of th?Vet ta which this la __rr 100.000 00 I7 the act oaakiag farther appropriation for the support of the , sevel Mrviee fer the jeer eodiac Jane thirtieth, airhteea hundred tad ?i*ty-tvro, and for other par-' poeee. * >* W-it the completion of the ceal depot 'Vat Kef We*, Florid*, u4 iep?Vni of tbe whfcrf belonging to the aeme 99.000 00 Far the completion of the marine Warrack* at Charleetown, Maaaacho 14,000 00 For the porchaee of the right to noaaufartore and aee C eaten *a aiffhtatgwl? 10,000 00 Jo the parahaaa af ordaaaee fer the aee of the M i V* > * ? . - * 0. ? ^a.K I % 1 1 -J? I 1 For rtMlrlig the quarters u4 oat* iMtldlBft it Fort ibwennklf.... 7,t00 00 For collecting, drilling, and orgmat?lng volunteers, ander the acta authorlstag the H ealdent to accept the services of five hundred thousand men 20,000,000 00 For the construction and equipment of gunboata for service on the western rlvera 100,000 00 8 ,409,000 00 Bj the act making appropriation to pay the expenses or the investigating committee* of theHooaa of Representatives and Senate appointed the first session of the thirty-seventh Congress, ind of the commission authorised to sx mine and report as to the compensation of all officers of the government. To pay the expenses of tbe investigating committees of the 9enate and . House of Representatives appointed at the first session of the thirty* seventh Congress, and also the expenses of the commission authorised to examine and repo t as to the compensation of all officers of the government 10 000 00 By tbe act authorising tbe construction of twelve small sidewheel steamers. Por the construction, with the least possible delay, of twelve small side-wheel steamers, for tbe use of the mtv of the United States, of light draught and great speed -1 ,fOO.OUO OJ By the aet making appropriations tor fortifications, and for other purposes. For contingencies of fortifications.... 100,000 00 For rtnovTng .stables and other obstructions from the grounds around the Washington Inflrmary, used as an army bospit^, and grading said ground* to secure a proper drainage of the same 5,000 00 m 105.000 00 By the act to create metropolitan police district of the District of * Columbia, unrl to calihlith no. lice therefor. For the purpose of carrying thU act Into effect, including the payment of salaries, and all other necessary charges and expense* of the "metropolitan police" for tbe >ear ending J unt? thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, tn addition to the balance of tbe appropriation made by the act approved February twenty, eighteen hundred and sixty, "for . t'ue compensation of tbe auxiliary fuara and one lieutenant, and for u?l, oil, and lamps, and for twenty policemen" 60,000 00 By the act to provide for tbe repairs of the Long Bridge, across the Potomac river. For tbe repair of tbe present Long Bridge, actosn the Potomic river, '20,000 00 By the act authorizing the Seereretary of the Treasury to remit fines and penalties incurred in certain cases. To pay to tlie psrson or persons entitled to receive the same the amount of ?och fine* or penalties as hava tx-ea incurred and paid by the owners or masters of vessels since tue tlrst day ot December , eighteen hundred hi d sixty, in consequence of their failure to produce to collectors of the customs tbe clearances or other papers prescribed and required by tbe laws of the United states regulating the i?sue of marine j apers, and the foreign and coasting trades Indefinite. To pay to the person or peisons entitled to receive the same tbe amount of a fine improperly exacted by the collector of the customs at the port of Norfolk, Virgiuia, in tbe month of November, eighteen hundred and sixty, of tbe master of tbe "India," a Russian vessel 800 00 By the act for the relief of th? wid. ows and orphans of the offioara, seamen and marines of the United States sloop-of-war Levant, and for other parposes. The widow, or child, or children, and in case there shall be no widow, or child, or children, (as aforesaid,) then the parent or parents, and if there be no parents, the brothers and sisters of the officer*, seamen, marines, and others in service, who were lost In said sloopof-war Levant, including captain's clerk and assistant draughtsmen, a sum equal to twelve months' pay of tbelr respective deceased relations sforesaia, in addition to the p*y due to the said deceased at the aate of the loss of said vessel Indefinite. By tbe act for the relief of certain muHoiana xdJ soldiers stationed at Fort Sumter, in South Carolina. To remunerate aoidieri and memt?rr? of the band stationed at Fort Sumter, In South Carolina, for * lo>s?*a of private propeity "Incurred in tUe removal f orn Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter on tbe evening of December twenty six, eighteen hundred aud sixty, namely : To the band * 400 00 To company E, B *t artillery 600 00 To company H, flrat artillery 230 00 | 1 150 00 f ???I????? By tk? act for tb? relief of John 0. Mc Conn ell. For expenses necessarily incurred by VI J. ? ? ?-? * ~ uiiu iu raising a iegimeut of volunteer# in tbe State of Maryland in May, June and July, eighteen bun* died and sixty-one, and now in tbe United State* service. 3/00 00 By the act authorizing the Secretary of War to pay the volunteers who under the command of Chas. W. White, and by order of Brig-' adier General T. A. Morris, enlisted to proteot the railroad bridges and other property in I the vicinity of Oakland, Allegany county, Maryland. Tbe commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates, wbo served as a home guard ror tbe protection of tbe railrudd bridge and other property near Oakland, Allegany county, Maryland, under command of Captain Charles W. White, and were called into service by order of Brigadier General T A ?- T i*K/iiio, auu lO make to them just and reasonable compensation for thr failure of tbe itb er of tbe government of tbe United States to furnlsu them rations, clothing and other supplies during their service Indefinite By the act to provide for the payment of Arnold and Willet for bread, and Henry North for wood, supplied to the United Stales volunteers in Maryland. To pay the account of O W Arnold and Charles S Willet for bread, and the account of Henry North for wood, furnUbea to the United States volunteers In the State of Miryiand, on terms of equity and justice Indefinite. By tbe resolution relative to the exhibition of the industry of all na bobs, to bo holden in London in thojnnr eighteen handrod and sixty-two. To enable the President to take inch mruarn u a bail to blna seem beat to facilitate a pr*per representation of tbe industrial Intereata of the United State* at tbe exhibition of tbe industry of all nations, to bo holden at London In tbe year eighteen hundred and alxty-two, and for the incidental expenoee thereof, 9,000 00 By thojmaohitlon U p*j to the widof the Into Stephen A. Dong la* the amount dne to him aa n aenj ator at the Lima cf kit doath. For tbe anoant of compensation dne to hiaaap ?o tbe Una of bis death... 780 410 , TuU' W.UMI' ? I I m | V ' I. II I, - I I. I I I .11 ..I RECAPITULATION. , Civil >nd mlaeellaneona 1,371,873 90 I Army, arm*, and fortlflcationa 307,401.807 80 Naval aerrlce 56.333,065 i9 ToUl !?6.138,357 90 i 11-OFFICES CREATKD AND THE SALARIES THEREOF. By tha act farther to provide for the oolleotios of duties on imports, and for other purpoMS. Approved July 1^*1861. The Secretary of the Treasury, with^he appro* batton of the President, shall appoint auch number of weighers, gangers, measurers, inspectors, appraiaera, and clerks aa may be necessary, in his judgment, for the faithful execution of the rev* enue laws in ports of delivery where the collection oi me revenue i? ouainiciea oy r en win 01 unlawful :omblnattoos Compensation not stated The Secretary of the Treasury may appoint sock ofBcera, at placet where officers of the ch* oibi are not now authorized bv law, aa may be needAd to carry Into effect such licenses. rales, and regulatlon* m may be required for commercial Intercourse with any portion of a State the Inbabltanta of which may be declared to be In a state of Insurrection. Boch offlcen to receive the aoe feea and compensation aa are now allowed by law for similar services. By the act to provide for the appointment of assistant paymasters in the nurj. Approved July 17. 1861. The President of the United States shall appoint assistant paymasters in the navy, not exceeding tbirty-six In number, whoee annual pay shall be as follows: Ou duty at sea, for the first five years after date of commission, one thousand three hundred dollars; after five years from date of commission, one M i J a J ii luuuHiiu utc uuuurcu unors On other duty, for the first five years af:er date of commiulon, one thousand dollars; after five jears from date of commission, one thousand two hundred dollars On leave of absence or waiting orders, for the first five years after date of commission. eight hundred dollars; after five years front dale of commission, one thousand dollars; and when at tiched to vessels for sen service, each assistant paymaster shall oe entitled to one ration per day. By the act to authorise a national loan, and for other purposes. Approved July 17, 1861. The Secretary of the Treasury Is authorized to designate the persons who shall receive subscriptions for treasury notes, and to fix the compensation of such officers; but the pay of no officer of the government already employed Is hereby in-1 creased. The Secretary of the Treasury Is authorized to appoint an airent <fr agents for negotiating a loan. If deemed necessary, In Kurope, and to fix the compensation of auch agent or agents. By the act to provide for the temporary Increase of the navy. Approved July 24,1881. The temporary appointments made, or to be made, by the Secretary of the Navy (the number not stated In the act) ot acting lieutenants, acting pavmaste s, acting assistant surgeons, acting masters7 and masters' inttes, are confirmed as acting temporary appointments, and the rate of compensation allowed for the said several grades is legalized and confirmed. By the act for the better organisation of the marine corps. Approved July 25, 1861. The Presid?nt Is authorized to appoint, in addition to the commissioned officers now in the marine corps, one colonel, one lieutenant colonel, one assistant quartermaster, seven captain*, tsn first aud ten second lieutenants. Fay not stated in the act. The number of non-comm!sdoned officers, musicians, and privates at presenti:i the m irine corps Is increased, so that there shall be, under the reorganization, one sergeant-major, one quartermaster sergeant, one drum-rni-j >r, one principal m.isician, two hundred sergeants, two hundred and twenty corporals, thirty musicians for the hand, sixty drummers, sixty filers, and twenty44 A kunjl ?.! ? .1 uw uwuuiru jJiiva c?. By the act relative to the revenue marine, to fix the compensation of the officers thereof, and for other purposes. Approved July 25, 1861. Br 'he tilth section there aball be appointed such number of additional engineers and assistant engineers as maf be required by the steamers now or heredfler la the [revenue] service. ?7 the act making additional appropriations for the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the government for the year ending June 30, 1862, and appropriation* of arrearages for the jear ending Juna 30,1831. Approved July 27, 1861. Eight additional night watchmen for the DeSartment of the Interior, at a aalary of six hundred ollars each. In the office of the Secretary of War : One clerk of the first class, at 81,400 ver annnm. Two clerks of the second class, a? SI,400 per anuum each. Two clerks of tbe third claas, at SI,600 per annum each One clerk of tbe fourth claas, ? 1.800 per annum Two assistant luesaeugers, at an annual salary of $b40 each. In tbe office of the Quartermaster General: Five clerka of tbe first class, at ?l,200 per annum each. Two clerks of tbe second class, at SI ,400 per annum each Two clerks of the third cUts, at SI,800 per annum each One clerk of the fourth class, at 81 800 per annum. Two assistant messengers, at an annual salary of 8810 eacb. In tbe office of tbe Commissary General: Three clerks of the first class, at SI,ifc>0 per annum each. Two clerks of the second class, at 31,400 per annum each in uie omce 01 cue surgeon Uener.il: One clerk of the third class, at 91 .MO per annum. In the office of the Paymaster General: Three clerks of the second class, at $1,400 per annum each Three clerks of the third class, at 91,(500 per annum each. In the Bureau of Topograhlcal Engineers: Two clerks of the third class, at 91,600 per annum each. i In the Ordnance Bureau: Two clerks of the first clasa, at 81,200 per annum each. * Additional clerks (number not stated) In the office of the aaalatant treasurer of the United States at Nevr York. Compensation not stated In the $y the act to authorize the employment of volunteers to aid in enforcing the lavs and protecting public property. Approved July I iwii By this act the President Is author lied to accept the services of volunteers either as cavalry, Infantry, or artillery, in such nambers, nut exceeding lire hundred thouaand, aa he may deem necessary for repelling invasion, suppressing Insurrection, and protecting public property. These volunteers are to be formed Into regiments of Infantry. excepting anch aa may be required for cavalry ana artillery, which ahall be in the proportion of one company of each to every regiment of Infantry. Each regiment of Infantry ahall have one coloonel, (ftirfleuteuant colonel, one major, one adjutant, (a lieutenant,) one quartermaster, (a lieutenant,) one surgeon, one assistant surgeon, one sergeant major, one regimental quartermaster sergeant, one r^imental commissary sergeant, one nosplt&l steward, two principal musicians, snd twenty-four musicians for a band Each regiment shall becomoosed i.t ten rnmninl- t?n captains, ten first and ten second lieutenants, ten first sergeants, forty sergeants, eighty corporals, twenty musicians, (two to each rotnpatw.) ten wagoners, (one for sich company,) nnd from six hundred and forty to eight hnndred and twenty privates, (sixty-four to eighty-two to esch company ) These forces, when accepted, ars to be organized into divisions, brigades, and regiments Earh division shall have three or more brigades, and xball have a major general, with three aidesde-camp, and one aaslsUnt adjutant general with the rank of m -jor Karh brigade shall be composed of four oyoore regiments, and shall have one brigadier general, with two aides-de-camp, one assistant adjutant general with the rank of captain, one surgeon, one assistant quartermaster, and one commUsary of subsistence The President Is authorized, by and with the >?) ?-- a - * ' " .U? <.uu?u< UI luc oritur, Id ippoiol nol exceeding tlx major general*, and not exceeding eighteen brigadier generala ; also the other division and brigade cmcers required for the organization of th**e forcea, except the aldeade-camp, who are to be aelected by their respective generala from the offices of the army or voluuteer cor pa. The governors of the States furnishing volunteers under this act shall commission the field, staff, and company officers, but In caae of refusal or omiaalon to do ao, the President la aathorized to makelhc appointments The oOrera, non-commissioned officers, and prlvatea, when organized, shall be placed or the aame footing, )s to pay and allowances, aasimilar wip? i'i ia? rcxuitr army. The regimental band* shall ba pal4 a* follows:

One-feu lib of each ?b.ai rami** the pay and allowaacea af wgrinU of engineer soldiers; onelourtu of tUoM rt corporate of aaflaser soldiers, a Ml the w?H?lnt h*lf thoae of prlratee at engiMR soldteva af the first elaaa. The Wadara of the bands shall receive each tha f*f aad emoluments of a ascend U?ute*sat of Infantry. The vai?atnu4MMlmiWt reset * the pay aad altowsaeea af siijpaemteWoaseJry. I Ti? I / oelve the pay ud sllewsauss af a regimental Mrleant major. TV ouirtwmuter wgtiat thill receive the pay ud allowance* of a sergeant of oeralry There ahall be appointed a chaplain to each regiment, who ahall raoeive the par and allowances af a captain of cavalry. By tha act ia additon to tha "act to authorise the employment of volunteer* to aid in enforcing the lawa and protecting publio property.^ Approved July 25, 1861. By this act tbe Preeldent ia authorized to ae* cept tbe aervlcea of volunteers e tber ss cavalry, Infantry, or artillery, In auch numbers aa the exigencies of the public service may require, not exceeding five hundred thousand, to be upon the avne footing In all reapecta with almllar corps of the United Stat-s army, and ahall be muttered into the aervlce for "during the war " The Preeldent la authorised to appoint, by and ?.l4k a a -J? ? *? ? who me aance aua conaeni 01 me wiui*, rortbe command of these force*, such number of majorgenerals and brigadier geoerala aa may la bla judgment be required for tbelr organization. By the act supplementary to an act entitled "An act to inereaaa the prasent military establishment of the United Stat**," approved July 29,1861. Approved August 5, The Preaident, upon the recommendation of the lieutenant general, or of an> major general of the army commanding force* of tbe United Statea in tbe leld, may appoint such number of aldea-de camp, in addition to tboae now authorised bv law, as the exigencies of tbe aervice may require; auch aides de camp to btve, respectively, the rank and authority of captalna, majora, lieutenant colonela, or coloneia of tbe regular army, as thft President mar direct, and receive the pay and allowance* a* now provided by law for officers of cavalry of corresponding rank. By the act to provide for the payment of the police orgaoiied by the United States for the city of Baltimore, and to enable the mint to furnish small coins, and to provide for the manufacture or purchase of field signals. Approved July 27, 1861. For maintaining a police for the city of Balti more (the number, rank, and pay not stated ) The act appropriates an aggregate sum of one hundred thousand dollara. By the act to increase the present military establishment of the United States. Approved July 29, 1861. Four major generals, with three aldee-de-camD each. Six brigadier general#, with two aides-de-camp each. There Is added to the army nine regiments of infantry, consisting of nine colonels, nine lientenant colonels, nine regimental adjutants and twenty-seven battalion adjutants, to be taken from the lieutenants of the regiments and batta Ions, M-spectlvely ; nine regimental quartermasters and commissaries, and twenty-seven battalion quartermasters and commissaries, twenty-seven majors, two bnndred and sixteen captains, two hundred and sixteen first and second lieutenants, twenty* seven sergeant majors, twenty seven quartermaster sergeants, twenty-seven commissary sergeants, twenty-seven hospital stewards, two hundred and sixteen first sergeants, eight hundred and sixtyfnil? aofnMtits aono 11 isun *? ?4 ? i >iu >k ipr vau**) w tvuu vu umiUlCU OIIU iWrniy* eight corporals, nine drum-majors, eighteen principal musicians, four hundred and thirty two musicians, and seventeen tbouaand seven hundred and twelve prlvatea. There la added alao s regiment of cavalry, consisting of one colonel, one lieutenant coiooel, three rnvjors, one regimental and three battalion adjutants, one regimental and three battalion quartermasters and commissaries, twelve captains, twelve first and twelve second lieutenants, three sergeant majors, three battalion and twelve company quartermaster sergeants, three battalion commissary sergeants, three hospital stewards, three saddler sergeant*, three veteilnary sergt ants, twelve first sergtants, forty-eight sergeants, ninety-six corporals, twenty-four musicians, twentyfour farriers, twelve saddlers, twelve wagoners, and eight hundred and sixty-four privates There Is also *dded a regiment of artillery,con slsting of one co'.onel,one lieutenant colonel, three majors, one adjutant, one regimental quartermaster and commissary, to be taken from the* lieutenants of the regiment; twelve first and twelve second lieutenants, one sergeant msjor, one regl uivnuu quaru-riiiasier sergeant, or>? crmmluaiy sergeant, twelve first sergeants, forty eight sergeants, twelve quartermaster sergeants, ninetysix corpora's, twenty-four artificer*, twelve wagoner*, one botpltal steward, two principal mail clans i>nd twenty-fr?ur musicians, and fourteen hundred and sixty-four privates. The President Is authorised to add to the battery organ;* itlon of the artillery regiment. at his discretion, one first and one second lieutenant, two sergeants, and four corporals The officers and enlisted men of these regiments shall receive the same pay. emoluments, and be on the same footing. In all respects, with tho?r of corresponding grades and corps now la the regular service. The regimental bands will be paid ss follows: one-fourth of each, the pay and allowances of sergeants of engineer soldiers; one-fourth, those or corporals of engineer soldiers; and one-half, those of engineer soldiers of the first class The drummajor, or leader of the band, the pay at d emoluments of a second lieutenant of infantry The saddler sergeants, veterinary sergeants, comnnnv quartermaster sergeants. arid drum-majors, w111 receive the pay and allowances pf sergeants of cavalry Tbe battalion adjuUnt and battalion quartermaster and commissaries will receive tbe eirolumeuts now provided by law for regimental adjutants By the act authorising the appointment of an Assistant Secretary of the Navy an?i fixing tbe salary of the same. Approved July 31, 1S61. The President is authorised, by and with tbe dvice aud consent of tbe Senate, to appoint an Assistant Secretary of tbe Navy, who sball act as Secretary of tbe Navy In the absence of that officer, at an annual salary of four thousand dollars 1'bere shall also be added to tbe clerical fore* of the Navy Department eight additional clerks, with a salary of twelve hundred dollars per annum each. By the aot providing a commission to examine and report as to the compensation of all .a. il vuiwcib ui iuc Kuterniuem, ana ior Oilier purposes. Approved July 31, 1881. A board of commissioners composed of two members of the Senate, three members of the Houae of Representatives, one officer of tbe navy, and one officer of the army; no compensation provided by tbe act. Tbe board are authorized to employ a clerk, at four dollara per diem for tbe time actually needed. By the not to inoreaM tbe medical corps of the navy. Approved July 31,1881. There la added to tbe medical corps of tbe navy nineteen surgeons and forty-one passed and other BMistant surgeons; pay not stated lnr tbe act. By the set to inorease the consular representation of the United States during the present insurrection. Approved August 2, 1881. The President is authorized, by and with the ndvice and content of ibe Senate, to appoint conaula at any foreign porta where be shall deem it advisable, with sue 11 compensation, not exceeding flf een hundred dollara per annum, as be aball think proper. By the act oonoerning the Attorney General and the attorneys and marshals of the several districts. Approved August 2, 1861. The Attorney General may appoint two additional clerka In his office, at an annual salary of fourteen hundred dollara each. The Attorney Ueueral may employ, at bla discretion, attorneys and counsellora-:t-law to aaalat the district attorneys in the discharge of their duties, at such compensation as be may agree to pay for aucb a?rvicea. By the act providing for the better organisation of the military establishment. Approved August 3, 1861. Tbe President Is authorized, by and with tbe advice and consent of the tdenate, to appoint an Assistant Secretary of War, whose salary shall be three thousand dollars per annum. Tbe President is authorised to appoint, by snd with the advl>j? and consent of the Senate, in addition to those now authorised by lsw, Ave assistant Inspectors general,# with tbe rank and pay of majors of cavalry; ten surgeons and twe-ty assistant surgeons, with the rauk, pay, and allowances now allowed by law. Hereafter the adjutant general's department shall consist of tbe frilowing officers : One adjutant general, with tbe rank, pay, and emoluments of a brig, dler general One assistant adjutant general, with tbe rank, pav, and emoluments of a colonel of cavalry Two assistant adjutant generals, with tbe rank, psy, and emoluments of a lieutenant colonel or cavalry. Four assistant adjutant gensrals, with the rank, psy, and emolumiuts of a m?j-?r of cavalry. Twelve assistant adjutant generals, with the rank. dsv. and mnlnmont* # -* r_, , ? V* m V?^IV?1U'UI COT?Ij By tbla act tbe rank, pay, and emolument* of tbe <idjuunt general are iac reaped from tbooe of a colonel of envalty to tboae of a brigadier general, and an addition of at* ta made to tbe numb?r or aaalsUnt ndiutnat general*, vlt; one wttb tbe rank, par, and emolument* of & colonel of cavalry, one wttU tbe rank, pay, and aoaol omenta of a lieutenant colonel of cavalry; and tour with tbe rank, pay,.and emolumenta of a onptnln of cavalry ? Tbeie aball toe added to tbeaubotntenee depa-t m?i.t fur cummlsaarlea, of asbetetenee, ?mcb "Tiy fencl U prom ate tbe e?clM,ey of .he englMnrnnd topographical eagUwer corp., and SHSSKcS'sSSAStSASt ii aeaag? m with the raak, pay, and amnlruotwta ?f M^or Of cavalry. Eight (onualmrlM of subsistence, nch with the rank, par, u4 rMloanU of a oaptaia of cavalry, to he takoa from the line of the amy, either of the volunteers or regular army. Thore a hall be added to eacfi of the eorpi of engineers and topographical engineers three fret ana three second lieutenants. To the quartermaster's department: One colonel, two lieutenant colonel*, four major*, and twenty captains. with tho rank, pay, and allowance of oBcera of cavalry. Alao aa manv master wagoners, with the rank, pay, and allowance* of aorgcanta of cavalry, and aa many wagoners, with the pay and allowaoeoa of corporals of cavalry, aa the Praatdoat may deem necessary To the ordnance department; Om chief of ordnance, with the rank, pay, and emoluments of the quartermaster general of the army; one colon?l r?n# rnlnitol ar*A mi w * ants. To the corps of engineer* : Three eouuin ef engineer voldlera, to bt eomnuM by appropriate officers of said corps, with tbs am pay, rations, clothing, and other allowsnces ss sappers, miners, and pontonlera; each casipuf to consist of ons hundred and tfly nm To tbc medlral ataff of ths army: A corps st medical cadets, not to eiceed tfty la number, with the rank and pay oft h? cadet* at West Pal at. Female nurses may he employed la hospitals st the discretion of the surgeon general or saadlcil officer la charge, to receive forty cants par day and one ration. One chaplain shall be allowed to each regiment of the army, to be appointed aa the President may direct; pay not stated. By the aot to prorida ioersased revenue for imports, to pay interest on tba publio debt, ua ior oiuer purposes. Approved At(ail i, 1861. Bv this net the President U authorised to divide the State* and Territories of the United Siatea and the District of Columbia into roaveDient collection districts, and to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, an assessor and a collector for each district; each assessor shall appoint an assistant aaaeeaor: the assessors ahull also constitute a board, with authority to appoint a clerk or clerks, but not mora than one for each collection district Etch assessor shall receive two dollars perdsy while making the necessary arrangements and giving the necessary Instructions to the aaaiatant assessor; three dollars per dav while employed In bearing appeals, and one dollar for every hundred taxable persons returned on his tax lists Each assistant assessor shall receive two dollars per day while actually employed, and one dollar for every hund ed taxable persons returned by him to tbe assessors. Each of the assessors constitntlng the board of assessors sb^ll receive three dolla^ per day for actual attendance, aud ten centa a mile for traveling expenses. t. icti cier? or (be board ?r aa^eaaor* shall recelve two dollars a day for actual attendance, and fee* for certain aervlcea. Kach collector may appoint a deputy, ard aball receive for bla own s-rvlces and tbat of bisdeputy a commission of four per centum upon the first hundred thousand dollars. one per centam upoa tbe aecond hundred thousand dollars, and onehalf of one per centum opon all turns above two hundred thousand dollars; thee* commissions la no case to exceed four thousand dollars for a principal and two thouaand dollars for an aaslatant The President, with tbe advice and eonaent of tbe Senate, may appoint one principal snaw and one principal collector In each of tbe Statea and Territories and In t e District of Columb a, to collect the Internal duties or Income tax. and each of those officers may, with t'? approval of tbe Secretary of the Treasury, apr^lnt as many assistant* as the public aervlce may require. The principal asaessota and collectors each to receive a compensation not exceeding two thouaJin/4 fl ?T41 K.l.iH ^ ?1 1 ?. ? -* 41?* - ?? ??c uuuuiru uciiora prr annum, nna lOfir assistants each twelve hundred dollars prr annum The Secretary of the Treasury la authorised to appoint one or mnr? depositors In each State f ?r tut- deposit and safe-keeping of the moneya aria* in<r from internal duties or Income Ux, who may aUo b- empowered to perform the deles of a disbursing agent of the government. Compensation not st?ted in the act The Pres'.d n', upon the nomination of the Secretary of the Treasuiy, may appoint In the Treasury Department a commissioner of taxes, at an annual salary of three thousand dollars. There shall be assigned to the office of commissioner of taxes the necessary clerks (number not stated) whose aggregate salaries shall not exceed six thousand dollars per annum. By the act to promote the efficiency of the engineer and topographioal engineer eorpi, and for other purposes. Approved August There shall be added to eacb of the corps of ru|jiurri> >uu n'j'u^rapnirmi rnyidmfi, dt regular promotion of tbeir present officers, two lieutenant colonel* and four major*; pay oot stated Tliere shall be added to tbe cor pa of topographical engineers on? company of soldiers, with tbe ?nif pav and allowances, and in all respects on the footing with the company of tappers and miners and pontotiiers. Tbe President is authorized to appoint two additional in?pectora general of the armr, with the atri' rank, par, and allowances as are bow provided by law for Inspectors general. By tbe act to authorise as increase in the oorpt of engineers and topographical engineers. Approved August 6, ls61. There shall be added to each of the corpa of engineers and topographical engineers, by regular proinotiou of tbeir present officers, two lieutenant colonels and four majors. There shall be > ddrd to tbe corps of topographical en?in?TS one company of soldiers, with tti- pay and allowances, and la all respects on the name footli g wi:h the company of sappers and mlutrn and Dontoniers Tiir President is authorized to appoint two additional inspector* general of thearmf. [Sott to (A- atovt aet.?Tbe provisions of this act are precisely tbe name as lM*t contained in tbe " act to promote tbe eflciency of tbe eo*ineer and top >xrapbical engineer corpv and Tor otber purpJaes," approved August 8, 1861.] By the aot relative to appeal* to tbe Supreme Court of tbe United Statee. Approved August 0, 18(31. Tbe dlatrict attorneva for tbe dlatrlcta of Callfornla are authorized to employ not exceeding three clerk", at a compensation of one hundred and fifty dollara per month. to tranacrlbe tbe recoida of land cases in which tbe United Slates are parlies, to be certified to tbe Supreme Court of tbe United States in cases cf appeal. By tbe aot to create a metropolitan polio* district of tbe District of Columbia, aod to at* tablish a police therefor. Approved Aufuat ? IftAl The President la authorlied to appoint, bj and wiiu tb? advice and conaentof the Senate. It* Commissioner* of police, who ahall be the chief ofllcera of the "metropolitan police district," and they shall appoint a President, a treasurer, and a clerk. Tne clerk shall receive an annual aalary of one thousand dollars. The police force shall constat of aanperlntendent of police, ten sergeants of police, and such number of police patrolmen aa the board may deein n?ces>ary for the regular eervioe, not exceeding one hundred and fifty. Each commtaaloner of police shall be allowed five dollara per day for each day of actual attendance upon meetings, not to exceed the sum of two hundrrd and fifty dollara per annum. The treaaurer shall receive an annual aalary of alx hundred dollara. The superintendent of police shall reclve aa annual aalary of fifteen hundred dollara Eich aergeant of police a hall receive alx hundrrtf dollara per annum Each patrolmen ah all be allowed forty dollara per month. By a joint resolution authorising the appoint mem 01 examiner* to txamio* a (team floating battery at Hoboken, New Jersey. Ap" proved July 24, 1861. Tbe Secretary of the Nary la authorised to appoint a board of examloera to examine tbe steam Iron battery now building at Hoboken, New Jersey ; compensation not atated. Ill ?OFFICES THE SALARIMS OF WHICH HAVE BEEN INCREASED, WITH THK AMOUNT OF BUCH INCREASE. By the act relative to tbe revenue marine, fix tbe compensation of tbe oflcers thereof, and for other purposes. Approved July 2$, 1881. By tbla act tbe pey of captains of revenue cutters. wben on duty, Is Increased from twelve l a ? ? 1 - * * " uuuurea 10 ei^meen nundrrd dollars per aaaam. First lieutenants, on duty, ti-m nlae fcudrti End sixty to foorteea hundred dollars per annum Second lieutenant!, on doty, from ataht baadred and sixty U> twelve hand red dollars par annnro Third lieutenants, on duty, from arna huadred and ninety to alee huadred dallaie par annum Br the act making additional appropriatiooe for tb? legielatwe exeoalir*. and iadicisl expenses of tba (?fsnBMl far the year ending June SO, 1B62, and appropriations of arraaragaa for the year ending Jane 3|. 1861. F<# additional comoeneetloe of dark of aaaiataat treasurer of the United Stales at St. L?uls.1 71 IBIK auBorea aoiurm. 7tion at Lb* 0miU4 St*t* dert?g uSmptLwI Ibww tt?. Apfnrad Af H S, l?l The Prraident la iutboila?4, 4url*g tfc? f>? Hi |nmrrrftl?MKHKWM tb? eAMgooMtloii of - - - $ *7 * art Mfcta to * (* ?< rtterwy of tko Uottod fttatoa tor tko ?WWn <Mot oT Ho* York. AppreToi Aof??t 1 Irtl TOo oaftorv of tfco ottoraov of <ko UoMod loin for tko aoothoro dl*rtc< of Now York to Ixoi ot 1i tbouMBdA0llk.n1 per him. ?oA o?ck oddt'onal iM am mar ho im.m?ry to poj tko peopor expertw of bt* *?o* loeiodtof oiork kko. By tko oet to iaeroooo tko dot of tko Mivotoo in tko rofalor tmy ?M 11 tko toiutori is tko MFTteo of tko C mi tod Btotoo Appro rod Angnt I, 1861. t tkta Mt (W poy t too prioMra la tko roe?Ur B'mj ud oolaoterro to tkownrtrooflkc U?ltrd ftutfo ? tBcregwdtetklrtwi dollar* BMtk lor tkroo jroor* afU> tko potoofo of tko oot. k SVSifC" fe'XK S *!??>?' ?NQC? WHD. 'mmrnrnm \ " VICui ? 1 EN 8 * 00? m P*. ?*.. >i??m n ufiwi m. pi HiWlniminXtoyrt'MM.l Al: OH ? ? to tk? PtcH#1! QaUiffeira, VP N?. IM VfTMth MfMtOfMflt* r?M Otw, ^HATS^i Ca?? Jr OT&fOBI! potatoes: ?ym hrtiii rmw wmin HN?M wfi M ?< d this mmvh ftt fco. ? Pevaay ir?nit ?., oci?r f S?o?n4 ?. furt Mr M ?'n??4 10 4m? ?!* U ? tri*i. Md V* atk?ll Ii? rn MiUtMUon. Ohio, Indiana ud Eentueki rooo?y, is gvod ittrd iif t?k?D M jv. ? ? tf J. W. KTKK1.E It ?<? E NOTICE. NTIRE STOCK OK DRY GOODS SELLING OFF - A.t OlUTLl ftlBVCU PaiCM To CIom Bhilm*. Tk? u4mi(i?d. Tnj?? of R |lrw? Rail, vol i bmI ratfeotfi If otll U* of R. II HaU'e former patroua ud ?i<e pubuo ta general to tb? fact thai h* u not a ad wilt oaUaio It ??.i all the remaining Block < a hand at great'.? r%dur**i nr>ore, to oloee oat to# haaineea a* eeoodil- a> p <maible. TBKO. l*HKCK tL9, Traewe N. B.?Mr. Bail havtnc for a long time ooeupiwl two atorea?No. *1 i and 37ft?tnia la to aotiff ail pere<>na t*e gooUa of b*?N atorea kar* plaoeo ia Store :\o. 37 3, wu<*<? ail aoreona ta nearon of bargaiae ahould t tan to oall. aa?l ao? THKO. SHKCKfeLS, Trae'oo. GREGORY'S 8TOJM HO V&E. 131 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 391 Kmn eonetantly on hand a oom plate aeeortment of STOVfS, ?k AffcB. and ft*NGKS; JU. aieo. CAMP KQUfrM KNTi? oi all kirda. iroiadtac Cernp Camp Tahitm. Ca*?PgMV rior*(, Fr?-noh DnMioj Cap*, oommon ImOT! Cupa, Tin Plataa. Ao ; and a f.*ra naoo'tm. n ? ; Tin. Kn*m-led. J?panned and Pannitbed War*. All ktnda of Tin, Copper and t?no*t lr< n Wok mnd* to ordor in a workmanlike mat.ner aad at a hort aot'oo fijT Rwaembor, 331 Pa. arena*. aeoond door r>ni> .> L -J "ar?T(^tV H.J. GREGORY. W BOYS' OK'(THING. E HknrM^irM v.idiii th* laat day or tvn a larie aaaortmatu of BOV8' BPRIN6 CLOTH ING, erabrasinf all cMm of Ijw-pnoad, mMicnt, anfl fin* ?u"Uitiea, wh?h v? are sailing a t y low arises for ouh. WALL, STEPHENS * CO . 3*9 Pa. av.. b?t*ML -tii u< l?th ate. wig < InH?H1 and K>?wMi?an ' AAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /Ov X A C Stiiit, A X 9 ' *??* ' (*< WorW. 0 0 M< at Itheifc! advaueea made ou Hold and rllvw WtUAM. Dumcn .a, Jew* rf.Silvr w?'f,Cl?kinc, Piatola, and ail kima or Maiohaadiea. fcuuueu atrtol y ouiibdei.tial. 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I Richard Jodm. J*hr, I). Barclay, B. B rrwafe. Dr. Ci. w. Dana. No ?karf for Poli?*a. _ _ _ JAMES ADAMS. Fraaidaat. A??L 6. Dt ni. S?erMarr. aa ?-t*m ^2 TUP HAM'S MANUFACTORY, 411 Birnm Bnm, WuKiwrtu, D. C. SUtw Medal awarded by Maryland LurtitaU a Ba -inora, NoT#nb?r 7, um Al?. ,MU. I am aoaataatir maklaj. and aiwara hav? *a kaal. Iron Pimm, U^' !>' . V? ooc Box, ?Dd ... At L#w fncu. Mubin of OooaroM aod traVeliM will plaaa? Ncupi my atoet betfora Mrchatl&c MMirket? truki tkat art m&d* la othar oium. Syrior L*aaU?r mm Orm* Traaka aa4? to TniaJta aovarad aad rapaifd at hort mom, eoodi dtawM ft? of cur? u aiuipait W tti " ?"Vtnorm. i T CARRIAGES. I HBBabaeribar haviac made additima to hM I \ ?V^KKFAi*? mmtlT mi H ?r4?n pronr.H-j ?tl*c.d?4 to. jrss.^? *" 4 U tT mrmm oOWmbU ft sk y?Kaa^v#r^siKf. vt*? of^Mhuou.* LI tit* for* 1 ft tOM.a*.' Ul Moot term; ftito. mirtii . . H^rStf ^uL^SVttC? ,7* Ufftt at laVod. ^ ??fiSaR?r^. j