16 Eylül 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Eylül 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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w 1 am M A A ?..T. __^_i^aLJL-^, -^ - - \ . Orb cuing ?>tar. V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 16. 1861. N?. 2.675. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) at the star buildings, Cwn immm KUvnik it. by W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* termed In packages by carriers at ?4 a ftmr, or 37 cents ppr month. To mall iub?crlbera the price Is s3 SO a ymr, in advmme*; S3 fornix tooths; 11 for three month*; and for less than three Baonths at the rata of IS crate a week Single copies, on cbkt; In wrapper*, two ciitti. HT Advkktibsysxt* ahonld be sent to the oftee before U o'clock m.; otherwise they mty net appear antU the next day. Ill LOCO PARENTIS. [Prom Temple Bar.] I am not aware that Mr. Carter's early life bowed any leaning toward the Machiavellianiam whioh haa furnished me with thia story. Educated at oae of tboce "sacred nurseries of (rowing youth," where to detain a voter for tea minntee in conversation tilt the cloee of the poll disfranchises him as effectually at if he had been a rotten borough, is considered a stroke of the bighoat art, he natarally followed the stream; bat how account for his snbs^ quent conversion? I never beard him speak of Ignatius Loyola, or Father Lignori; indeed I believe him profoandly ignorant of their existence, or at leaat of their doctrines; nor do I _i f_ > ? e j * tf ? t. 2ive aim creau ior a aeep siuayoi .Tiacniaveifi's writings. Perhaps if I have the honor of addressing any gentleman who is a casuist, he will let me hare his opinien on the case. It shall be stated plainly and briefly for his guidance. Mr. Cartar was a squire, or rather a country gentleman. His money was invested in ether ways than in land; and he had taken a small house for a summer when twenty-three, which he had kept ever sinoe, marrying, having a son, losing his wife, sending his son to school, having him home for the holidays, Ac., and ever doubting: where to more when the proprietor of the nous? gives him warning. This the proprietor is not likely to do, seeing that he gets a good rent, paid punctually, and that the village is so out of the way that be may wait a century for another tenant. Mr. Carter's son lires with bim Village life is well enough for those who hare out-lived action, but it is the worst thing to condemn a young gentleman to if you have any hopes of his future. Tou may oonsider country life the best for all, on the grounds adapted by a leading-article writer m an apology for writing on fields when requested to writer on gas-works, that "God made the country, and man made the town." If, however, yon examine this aphorism, which of course you don't, before uttering it, you will find that, like the thousand and one evasions of reasoning, it is of some merit as a popular saying, but tatally destitute of philosophical accuracy. If man made towns, so did man make villages, and still more, country houses. Towns are a confession of men that they cannot live alone, but villages are an attempt at uniting the hermitage to the social circle, and o give you the disadvantages of both. It is a sort of excuse, not that one was needed, for the love into which Mr Carter's son fell as oon as he came to reside with his father. Why excuse it ? His father did just the same when he first oams to the same village. He might have done worse, as many youne men of hi* age would hare done. Whether or no he miight hare done h^ter is a point Dot to be considered by a praflfcal historian, like the present one. Although Tom Carter1* love was not violent, it led nevertheless to many desperate musings, occasional attempts at poetio composition, and moonlight walks, and daylight pacings. One of these latter, chosen, as the best means of seeret and quiet thought, under his father's window, was being noticed by that astute gentleman. His son's love having been the talk of half the village for three weeks, had just come to his ears, and thus to his eyes. So strange he had never noticed it before! At 11 events. Dr. Bibber had never noticed it, hi. -1? ?4 -r fcUVIft^U IUO \ VIVW1 Of UHUg U ICI o rotiuu ui hi* (Carter's) son's lore wu equally patent. It wu dow evident that mutual modesty, shyne?'rather, prevented both youth and maiden from confessing their own or detecting the other's love. It seemed true love; why should he not lend a hand to falsify the poet's hasty expression, and mike it run smooth, by taking *11 obstacles out of the way ! He had known o many instances of the converse of that proposition taking plaee?true lore running with remarkable smoothness. 8# as his son paced past the window for the thirteenth time (remember the number!) he flung the sash up and called him. " Are you particularly engaged. Tom " No, replied Tom, after aome deliberation. He never answered hastily, this good young man, and he was afraid the numerous avocations of his life in an English village might suffer if he accepted another too rashly. 44 I have a favor to ask you," resumed the father, leaning out of the window, and looking ti v? u.? ?*2?t Y iuivoii wuihccu x uu maj uavo uulloou x seem preoooupied of late, disturbed, anxious " " I did not notice it," replied Tom, thinking be would keep a sharper eye on his father in future. " The fact is, my dear boy?you will not accuse me of sacrificing your interests, or think me selfish ?" The actor, not to be ashamed by his son's cordial grasp of the hand ! " What do you i^lnk. Tom, of the family near us ? Dr. Bibber.?if be only drank wioe, you might call him Win* Bibber?ha, ha!?do you like him ?" Tom had pressed Dr. Bibber mentally to hia heart sixteen times a day; but he merely replied in vague terms something about a warm friend. Ac.?true enough, if noise was warmth. " A very friendly man, indeed; I arree with you there. Bat what do you thins of his daughter V Tom was quite as practiced a dissembler as his father. What is more, he had prepared himself for the question ever since he fell in 1ot?, and had learned an answer to it by heart. i. * x ? a_ ? ? ?__ a -- x mi UK o?r ? tbi"j laaj-uae ana accompliihed person." " I am glad to bear so favorable aa opinion," replied the father, who had expected herniation and biushea " Pretty, too ?" 44 Ye-e-a, for aome tastes." 44 You have not loat jour heart to her, then, it Mem a ?" If Tens had bat spoken the truth?why didn't he ? If ever I write mj proposed Essay on Truth, I will examine hia motives for doing what he never would have done had the mattor regarded aagEt elae but hia personal feeling*. He aaid plainly and flatly 44 No," which waa as rood aa ten yea'a. The lather's brow cleared at onoe. and the son'a clouded o?# at the aight 44 You reassure me, my dear aon," he aaid. " Had there vuo tUKHMW IUU11U?UUU uu juur pin, HI might well nave been, and u I oould not bat suspeet, I oould never hare spoken. As it ia, will you go to Mia Bibber and ask her to marry me?" And then, bis feelings not allowing kia to wait the answer, he shot down the window desperately, and hid himself from the ejes of men. He was recalled in a moment by the shout of bis son. " My dear father, I will go willingly for you. But would it not be better to go yourself? If yon feel s6 deeply, would she not be more moved by your feelings than by a mere message from you V* " Mr dear son, if I was your age I would go myself. But yon most remember the difference between my age and hers, wkieh would make a personal offer almost ridioulous. You will ob. >ge me, wont you ?" The eon thought it hard, but how oonld be excuse himself? He kad professed utter indifference for the lady fire minutes before; how oonld ke go at once into the opposite extreme ? So ke walked tkere. with n new idea of the retentions destiny personified by the Greek poet*, in whom he had not yet.belieTed. Bat by the time he got to Dr. Bibber'* neat eottage, he had made up hi* mind to aacrtfloe himeelf, a aoeond Iphigenia, differing only in ex. Caroline Bibber ?h too pretly to lire unmarried; if the oonld not be hia wife, it voeid bo n eoneoletion to have her for hi* mother; better than ahe should marry an at tor at ranger and depart from Tottenham to gladden ether circle* Fall of thia feeling, be marched boldly in, and confronted Dr Bibber rending Aristotle in the original to hie daughter. The period ha* at length arrived to gire a, aketoh of the yenng lady. She had the greet fortnn* of being a brunette, and thongh inclining to aneh tm6cnpo%mt aa ?aa natsrally ^dneedJ)^oo^r 7 lifla^ retainsd the^grace ral to darknass. The %xquisive olive tint of her face had been entailed upon her, through fair-faced immediate ancestors, from the first known of the (took. Such for her appearance, necessarily more fascinating* to admirers of the dark stjle than to the learned authorities on female beauty who deoree fairness to be the chief excellence, forgetting the phlegm and flesh whioh so often attend it. Her education was that of a young lady, as were her accomplishments. I am afraid she could not discourse on taste, Shakespeare, and the musical glasses; but she had an accurate taste, had read two plays in Bowdler, and played the piano. In a word, she was one of the daughters of England. mi * a. .? rr t ( * mis is not a love siory; u is tiaoale ohne Litbe. Tou will excuse my quoting a tongue as familiar to the English generally as their mother tongue; so much so that 1)t. Buckle quotes pages of Kant in the original, to the <iespair of Germans, who don't understand it. Even professed lore-stories, only one excepted, are filled less with love than with the consequences of it. But tn a professed lore-story you are required to giro at least one lore soene, which I don't mean to do. The young ladies who like to know how lore is made are referred to another place. Why should they object ? I am endeavoring to throw the gentle spell of female influence over the taSr, as a publisher adrised me to do if I wrote a novel: and I hare given them in a description of the young lady, without its being wanted. So permit me to return to the father. He was sitting in the library, and occasion ally pacing up and down it, to concoct the rest of his plot. Like a chess-player, he had calculated all the probabilities, prorided for every eonsequence, except his adversary's move. Most likely the young lady would refuse him; alia /JirJ fiA> si k*a J# j* AlJF ?/?* nuu \ciu uvv uvovi ?o uiO SUU 11 311U U1U 1IUL. XUO son, too, would be lukewarm at first in pleading a oause he codld not have at heart, and would only be Awakened to warmth bj the refusal. He would then, in hope for himself, urge his father's olaiia, and finally be interrupted bj her saying playfully, "Why don't jou speak for yourself, John ?" as is laid down for a similar case in " The Courtship of Miles Standish," whence the father had borrowed his scheme. The only objection to this was his son's being named Tow, not John; but a young lady of parts could easily surmount such an obstacle. This was far the most likely oourse; for the others, it was hardly worth while to think of them. If she accepted him, he oould explain to his son. If she rejected him without accepting his son at the same time, he could get bis son to propose fer himself. And the young lady had only three courses:?to accept him, to reject him, or to take his son instead. Ah, Mr. Carter, you never heard s certain statesman speak, and you little know the strange power of three courses. He waa Still indnl?in?r in thps? nleaainir r?. flections when awakenel from hia reverylty a load, hasty voice. outside. '-Oh, you needn't announce me to Mr. Carter, John; we are otd friends?or not exactly old friends, but we're going to be soon. There, you need'nt open the door; I know all about it, or I shall know how all the doors open before long." Mr. Carter sprang to bis feet and hastened towards the door, which waa flung open in his face by Dr. Bibber with such foroe aa to necessitate a spring backwards of six feet on the part of the host, to make the binges craok, and to shoot the gueat into the room as if he had been one of Louis Napoleon's laat warlike inventions. 44 How do you do, Carter? how do you <!&? Well, I hope the east winds (are they east or aouthwest, by the way, I've not seen the barometer lately?) have not knocked you up, as they used my poor old friend Admiral Jiffcock. He always said they were fatal to his constitution; and so they proved, for they blew him on a leeshore off the south coast, and he was wrecked, with all hands. This is your librar XT ftK? Via* rrv\m tfarv ' f Vn/.w i * J ) ?V?/ *? 11 J?1) but I hope to some time. Reading anything new lately' Do you get bookB from Mudie's or from Nixnewee's here? I was just giving my daughter a treat out of one of the novels of the season?which wag it?" " KiDgley's," suggested Mr. Carter. ' No, I never read his, any of them?neither 14 Esmond" nor " Never too Late to Mend." I shall think of it preaantly, I dare My. By the bya, that remind* me; your son oame juat as I was in the middle of a sentence; a very fine youth that of yours?Je vous en /nit mes compliments?af*rttz Vassurance de ma haate consideration, as we used to say in France; long sinoe I've been there, though?great ? D J - D: ?12 J/I-J vu?u^va, vac; aaj ? ivuu uo ivi y ?ui, rilicu c?n* non?he'e a great man, that Emperor?and they're not fit for liberty?mere gabblers; can't say a oonnected sentence, or think out a subject. Well, but jour son came to speak to my daughter. I've left him with her now." " To apeak to your daughter! really it was considerate of you to leave them together, Doctor." [to bb cowtiiftxkd.J Excitins Ntwa from Roaxb and Wibt Cocsties ?Gentlemen who arrived yesterday from Roane county, report that they have recently bad very exciting times In Roane and Wlr' connttes Major Slemmer, of Gen. Roaecrans' atafl. was aent down to Spencer with a force autSclent to clean out tbe aec?ah of that vicinity. Unfortunately the coming of Sleminer waa aacertalned by the rebela. and they managed to escape from the vicinity of Spencer. The latter part .of laat week, however, Slemmer encountered a considerable force of aectaaionists at Big Bend, In AVlrt county, about ten miles from Burning Springs, and s.fler skirmishing with them for two daya, c*u?ed them to beat a r?treat with a lo?a of fifteen killed. Lieut McCloaky, of tbe Union comnnf from Ritchie enuntv uraa ahnt In Iks iWMMii and after lingering about twenty-four hours, died. The Union forces then burned the houaeof Peter 8elbargh,a prominent secession leader, and also the house of another rebel, whose name we did not learn. Both of the houses were fortified. Two rebels who had taken the oath of allegiance? and were caught with arms In their hands, were taken out ana shot. Two more men, caught under similar circumstances, were to have been shot next day. MsJ >r Slemmer, In marching through Roans county, foand eight dead men In an obscure thicket It was not known whether the bod Ira were those of Union men or rebels.. Major Slemmer Is satisfied that the rebels have signal rockets, by which they warn one another of the approach nf Kta TV... .1.. -I 1 111 " ?* *viw- * MBj uifc a aiKuai u 10 IUO hooting of an owl, which la very lannUfwaity used. By these, and similar means, they are enabled to elude the pursuit of Siemmers cornBand and to acatter Into amall bodies The military authorities at Parkersburg are tightening the lines upon the rebels, and have Inaugurated vigorous uteous to crush out rebellion in that part of the country. No man is permitted to leavs the town without a pa*s, snd without irst taking the oath of allegiance Guards ire placed upon all the roads leading from the town. Major 91emmerhss taken possession of the town of Spencer, In Roane county, and made it his headquarters.? Wktehng ( Fa ) Inttlhgcnctr, 12<4. UT"The Charleston Courier has a description of the new Confederate steemer indendea for coast service, and onder the command of Captain Mtnstteld, formerly of the United States Navy. It s*vs: The Randolph Is an Iron boat, of 155 tons, 110 feet long, drawing three feet of water; has s low pressure square engine. 31 Inch cylinder, and 6 rent stroke The steamer and engine are of English bo.id The steamer was foarleen minutes coming from Port 8umter. She is ssld to make A ... tkM? ' ? n? t ? iruui iuniwu w iuuric?n snow per bout." fj7>Camp Barton, at St. Loula Is the largest barracks ever built In the United States. Iff it were ranged In oae continuous line It would form a building nearly three miles la length, and afford ample accommodations for twenty-seven thousand raea. It Is Intended as a greet school of Instruction 1X7" The Salt Lake correspondence of the St. Loula Republican advises of th- return of CoL P St G.Cooke to the United States at the heed of the army under hla command, ft may bo oaie weeks before bla arrival at Bt Loula. rrr The late Dake of Buckingham had a largo laeuraaco oa bio Ufa, apwa/d of thraa huadrad tksaw < |iii*mllit. u--u " ^ T A T I O N E R Y. Navy Dkpaetmkst, August 29,1861. Pipabatb Sealxd Proposals wi'l b? received at the cffioe 01 the fceoretary of the Navy until a o'clock, 1*. M of Saturday. the 21st Hept*n)ber next, for furnishing all the Stationery that may be required ny the Navy Department and the several bar aim from the latter date t? July 1,1E62 All the artioles famished mast be of the best auality, delivered without de'av when ordered, and to the eatiafaotion ofthe head o* the oflise for waioh thev are requ red. If it be required, each bidder for stationery must furniah with his proposal a sample of eaoh artiole bid for. No bid will be eo-sidered whioh does not fully conform to the advertisement, and in whieh eaoh and every article i* not bi i for, and in whioh mora than one prioe is named for any one artiole. B nds in suflioieut amount, with two or mo>e ap proved sureties, for the fai'hful ex ecu'ion of the contract will he required of the person or persons noniracung. i ne aumoriien num'toi tne sureties that will be given. as also satisfactory testim<niais to fnlfi1 the eonttaot, mu?t aooompany the bid; ott-erwue it will not be considered. Tho L'epartm^nt reserves to i'self the rtehtof ordering a greater or le<s quantity nr each and every artiole oontracted fur, as the publio service may require. Should any artio'e be required not ernmerat'd in the ooDtraot, it is to be jurmshed at the lowest market pri e, according to its quality The subjoined schedule spMifias,as nearly as can now be none, the amount, qualuy, ard description of each of tha artioles likely to be required. SCHKDVLZ. 40 reams heavy, white laid, detpatch cap, atop ruled, equal to sample, per ream So reams foo'a ap blue or whit*, ru lpa.per reim 75 reams extra si perfine, blue or white, laid or wove, letter paper, ruled, equal to sample, per ream 10 teams Manil'a paper. 38 by 36 inches, flat, per simple, per ream 30 reams best bjf or white envelope pa;er, roya>, flat, per ream 15 reams b*st note paper, thi' k. per ream 15reams best note paper, medium, per ream 30 r<*ams copying or tissue quarto post, per ream 100 rards tracing cloth, per square yard 3 reams blotting p%p >r. royal, per re?m 60 quires patent biotiing paper, mrdium, per mm 3-1 sheets elephant drawing paper, per sheet 30 sheets double elephant drawing paper, per sheet 3^ sheets antiquarian drawing paper, per sheet 5,0iio oream laid envelt pes, letter s<ze. per l,ooft 1.5"0 cream laid envelope*, note size, per l,"*i 5"fl card envelopes, pur 500 1,000 patent oloth lineal envelopes. 8X by 4 inches, per 1,000 250 patent o'o?h lined envelopes, 6X by inches, per 25" 250 pitmt oloth- ined envelopes, by 3% inohe3. per 25? 3?,000 b?st bi-ff or white envelopes, Government fattern, official siza, prmtel stamp, per .000 31,010 best buff or white envelopes. Government pat ems, official size, engraved stams, per l,poo 30,000 beet buff o' white envelop?s. Government patte n. offiaial size, lithographed stamp, per Von 6,000 best buff or white envelopes. Government r*ttem. letter>ize, Uthograpned stamp, ser .000 1,000 best brff or white envelopes, Government pattern, tetter . iz?, unstamped, p?r 1.000 c ntv\ ?. . *? ? ?"*' * ' VJV V wuivc uiU'Jlikl onvoiup?!- IWTi Of Uy% inches. lithncraphed, p *r 1,1*00 20groi? at'??! p*ns, on cants or in box?<i. (the Liepartmen:. lo have ihe liberty of selecting from *11 the different kind* manufactured.) per gross 2'toir. p n?. large six \ with silver extension b' lder?. best manufac ure. pe.- pen 40 quart* Maynard & Noyes's black ink, in bottios. per quart 98 quart* tieM 1 ondon oopying ink, Arnold's or Terry's, in iwtle*. p-v quart 34 ounce bottles penne, Gujott <k Co , superfine car m'ne, per bott e 1,000 quuis, No. 80, opaque nr clsrified, per KO 75 aoxen red tape, assorted per dox 6dox n silk taste, p?r doz 4 dozen penknives, Korie era's b?"?, book or pearl handles, large size, 4 blades or equal, per dox 4d?x*n erasers, targe sixe, ivory handles, in oases, Rodgers's best, per dox 1 dozen pairs of shears,8 <noii blade, per dox 1 d< xen pair* of shears, 6K inoh blade, per dox i dozen paira ot aneva, & inch hade, per doz 1 dozen pairs of aoi'aora. per doz 2 d zea nine inch ivor? foidere, per doz 1 dozen rul?ra, parallel or gatta parcha, per dozen SOd >ze i hlack lead penoila, Faber'a beat, aaaorted, pa' doz-?n 10 dozen beat American drawing pencils, aa B 'rted. per d>>sen 13 dozsa r-aber'a red and h oe pe- oi!a, per doz 2 doz*n ?aale brushes, aaaorted, p -r doz 2 dozen can el hair brushes. aaaorted, per doz 2 doze i atiok* beet (i cia ink per atiok 3? pourd* extra auperfine aialii.g wax, per pound 15 pouada beat qna'ity wafers, p ?r ponnd lo pounda best white gum araW o, per p ut>d 6o?z*n prepared muouage and bru ih, large, p r doz 6 dozen pr^ pared mucilage and brash, email, per doz 10 pound* be t hemp twine, per pound 10 p unds beat lin?n twine, per p->und 5 quai ta beet b!*"k -and. per quart 6 >.oz n best pepa ei Irdt* rubber, per do*. &u3!.aenfi 1.1 at pROPUBALS FOR REVENUE VESbtLB. TKKASCRY Department, I Washington, September 3,1861. \ The Department will receive proposal!, acoompanied by models, plan*, and specifications until U o'clock Monday. 9 th September, lWi.forthe cmple'e construction and equipment of Two Steam Screw Revenue Vessel* of 750 tons each, and of Three Steam !?crew Revenue Vesselsof bOO tons eaoh United States measurement. Proposals will only be oonsidered f.om suooessful steamship bui ders actually engagej in that business, anu the name of the marine steam engine es tahlistimrct at which the machine y is to be made mu it he tta'ed and will have doe weight The 1 ad draft ol water of the vease s of 750 tons mustnotexoeedtenOO feet, and tfey wi'l bearm'd with one rifled pivot gun ol R,onn lb", weight, two 32 pounder gens ol 42 cwt, and one heavy navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top gailant lorecaitie. Th - com?l*m?nt f:>r eaoh veEsel to t?e 121 persons, carrying provisions for sixty days, and 2.80Ugallons of waie in tanks; o be turnished with a condenser for distilling potable water. The vessels to t e schooner rigged, w th flying gaff topsails, rquare sai , and yard to et fljmg. The load d>a(t of water of the vessels ol 60u tons mu*t not exoeed 8H l*et, and they will be armed, each, with one ufled pivot gun of 6,?00 lbs. weight, twoS2-p?>unders of 42 cwt., and one light navy 34 Bounder howitiar on th* fnn gallant The ooplement for eaeli vessel will be fts rrsons, arrymg provisions f?.r sixty day*, and ?<?00 gallo.-s witsr iu tanks, anl to be lurriish'd with a oondentor tor distilling p table water. The >esif la to be schooner rigc-d, with flying l&tf topsails, Huare sai , and yard to set flying The proposals-r ust be f ?rth? hull, sp^rs, rigging, sails and oai.vas work, mast ooats, awnings, natuinaoks ar.d bag>, boats, anchors and cab>s. tanks, oaiks, bit nao!?s. bells, urn'ture (or o*bi:.s and mess rooms, oo<>kiog apparatus and afnsila complete, steam u ac ninety. spare work,ooal bankers filled wuh Huok Mountain ooal, with all the equipments ai.d ouiflts of every kind, and in all respects ready 'o receive her offioers m*n, prori sos, and a raiment, and at once proceed to soa The artnament.provisions, nautical instruments, and ohartsonly wil be provided by the Government. It is desirable to have the highert attainable speed, which must be stated in the rffer, together with the length of time it can be maintained an j the quantity ot ooal that can be oarned in the bankers for that speed, whioh should not be less than ten days of t?enty four hours e&oh The spec fioations must describe fully the material to be used; the manner and sise ot fartening; the detail of the use finish, and ar.anxement of the machinery, and of trie various equipments and outfit* included in the propoaa1. ihe plars must be working drawing* from which ae Tea el and machinery o?u be boiit. ahowing the otment of apaoe for aooommodationa, a*eam room in/vgniiues, shell room* disposition of ooal, ai d convenient stowage mu*t be provided. It is to be understood that in Urn contract a guarantee will be inserted ot the fulfilment of the oondition of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, and other points required, with a forfeiture in oaee of failure. The bidders must atate the least tim? from the signing tie contract or acoeptanae 01 tho proposal within which they will agee to oomplete the vessels ready for s?a and deliver them at any porta they may name. Th? total amount lor which they will engage to do all that la required in'he fore going advertisement, and to be embraotd in their peeihca'ion* and plans, must be eta ted, and the bids must be aooompamed by the guarantee re quired by law that, if awarded, th >y will exeoate the contract. Fay menu will be made at four different in'ervals as tns work progreeeea, retaining oae-fi ta A 5) of the whole amount for ninety (90) daya after the delivery of the veaael, to reeair aav defaora th*t mar be discovered within that time on trial at sea. The Department reserves the right to aco-pt the proposals made in oouforouty vita the oonditions praeoribed wbioh it maj consider most to the interests of the Government and to oombine the greatest number of adv&ntagee, and to raieotaaj or all of them at it* option. _ A onm patent person will be appointed by the Department to superintend the eoaatraotion and Maipment of eaoh of the veeeele. , m The specifications, plaae, aad mod-Is of parties aot obtaining oontraeu may be withdrawn by them ?Tp.CH?feK, eep 4 haw Secretary of the Treasury. tacen h.iu.eon Math et.. ke'*r'u L) wsd K, where ItfiUSTCKB U

"wSSb" kmowi win. SUMMER RETREATS. BATHING AND SAFE RKTRKAT,' C At Poist Look-Out, Maryland. This oe ebrated Bathing Place. situated at the junction of the Potomac River vith the A . . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theycafcy undersigned on tne 10th of June, in the^aKX very best style, for ail persons who may wish a aafe and euiet retreat, where they can nave the benefit of tne best salt water bat'-ing and enjoy the deiioaciet of the water, suoh as Fish of ail kinds. Oysters, Crabs, fto. Every description of fishing tackle will be kept for tne aooommodation of guests. A fine livery stab e kept on the farm Also, ten-pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements usually found at suoh places. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises aiid from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The best Liquors and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. ^Bosrd, 92 per day^one week, 913; second week, ?iv, ivai wncn lur ouiiuren ana ooiuroa ier! vant- half-price. l'k? team or St. Nicholas loaves Washington Tuosil&y at b a m. and uaitimore on Friday at 4 p. ra. The half pant 2 o'clock p. m. train from Washington wili oonneot at Baltim>re with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a bo, a tri-weekly ??agefrom Washington, by way of Leon&rdtown Add'Osa the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Vain 31 HEFLKBOWKR & CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. J II. PEA BODY, M. D., strioical awd MI chanical Destist, having tacen/vp^ rooms at No. 376 Pa. avanun, MtvNnMMsi 1 ith and 12th sts., two doors east of the**^ '1" Kirk wood House, respectfully solicits a share of the pubho patronage, m the various branohes of his profession. jy 15 3m* (Vl . TEETH. i?s. LUOV11S, M. i)., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-^A lends personally at hi* office .n this citj mf&qf Many persons nan wear these teeth who^*''' cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. {'ersona calling at my oftoe can be accommodated th any style aud price of Teeth they may desire; hut to 'hose who are particular and wish the purest, deadest, strongest, and most perfect dentnre that art oan prod nee, the MINERAL PLATE will be morefn ly warranted. Rooms in this citr?No. 33** Pa. arenne, between th and loth sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi.adel phia. oo It tf GAS FITTING, Ac. Awm t. dove a uo. RE Now prepared t? execute any ?r4?r? witk Which they ma* be farored in the plvmblng. was or stkam fitting JUUSINES8. ftT* 3tor? on tth streat, a few Uoora north of Pa. arenne, where may be found a coma ete assortment of CH.'.NDKLI KRSand otaer OAS. STEAM au< WATF.R FIXTURES. laf l* I snyder, PLUMBER AND UAS FITTER, ?Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and f H0 la prepared to introduce Water nod 6m upon the most favorable term*, and guaranties enlirt satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other 8TOVKS, which he will sell leas inau cost, as he wi^eeto get rid of them. no 11 y^" O ATS FIXTURES. " E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, OAS FIXTVHESof entirely New Patternsand Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretoior* oti*t d in this market. We invite citizens general It to tail and examine our atook of Gas-ana Water Fix irns, feeling ooaiidont that we have the beat aeieuted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line lntraated to ear oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoBHAN. mar l-U 3T6 I) atreet. OF ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF ?AS METERS. W*eHJNi*TO!?, Jlly 11,1140. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That.agreaably to the aroviaic^a of the ordinanoe of (lie Cortorltinn t.ar^.ikj M W [I lu? u-?1 J m _ . _ i ?p-j-T (u<aj i tuo uuuciBi(UCU IB cow jre**^, "whenever required in writing, and on pre-payment of the for of fifty cents, to inapeot, examine, tsst, trove, ar J aeo?rtain the aoourftor of recictrauon of*nj f ae met<?r in use in this oity." Every meter, if found icoorreot, will be condemned and another, aaaied and marked a* trne, will be etini** a.ace. If proved to be aooo-ace in ita mnMBiementofsai, it will besealea acco-a:nfiy, and again ?ut in *o?Uion lor n?e. Ofloe No. *10 Seventh ?tr?ot, (near Odd Fal.?*?' Hail.) (??? *! from 8 a. m., to la. m. CHARLiKS W. CUNNINGHAM, )t It- tf inspector and Sealer of 8a? Meter*. Rl'HWKRIN'S Flea*.' Garden'\V or ma SUH \V ERIN'S PILLS are an re death to Rati and Mioe. M. Sohwerin haa received certificates from the President of Sirard College, Directora of Houae of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia; (J. S. Jail, Washington, D#.;an<l Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be aeen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 134 North. Second street, Philadelphia, and f??r sale m this oity by D. B. CLARK, oomer Pa. avonue and 4H ats., and by all Druggists and Grooers. BF WAR E OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. IT'* Remember to ask for Schweriu'a Anuihilatii rPowder. IC None genuine unless signed M. ScHwsain. ma l&-ftmeo rOR STAMPING * rAUkfif OK rAf Kl > i and envelopes NO vo match. aiianarl mlk" CHARGEJ mbtkopolivar bookstore. phi lp a solomons, ilMii / f Lmmmut'i fltbfttd Lima* F*rt'i "Mdrspe.'itaa Millt," #e., fe. se Hly f? hat. 9tb and loth fta THE EUROPEAN HOTEL.. KEPT BY P, EMRIOH. at the oorner of Penn.A . . A aver.ua and Eleventh street, h%a be*nWSy greatly improved recently and now olTeraJLfejnJL greater inducements for the patronage or oitiseus and strangers than an? other sablio house ;n the oitT, his prions be>ng less than those of any other hotel on Perm, avenue, and his aooommodrtions for permanent or transient hoarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the fcnropean Hotel have already become very yosu l?> K*1SI? sail aaa Va JaxmJ V. *V? ?? - Ml* W>u? Kil Wt?? UM UO UWIIBU UJ vuo IIIUCI IU* tidioua. The proprietor pledgee unremitted atter.- , tiot. and con tinned Uboral expenditure to fireaatiafaotion to all. and thua renewa hia invitation ? i %1. to ?iV* the RnrotMi' Hnt?1 * call. d?4-t1 W_ TRAVELINS TRUNKS. E Offer for aale tbe largeat aa?ortment o TKAVELING TRUNKS to U found iBMM thia oity. oompnaing best Sola Leather?*?* Ladiea' Dreaa and Paoking Tranka, Va-, u lioea. Carpet Baga, *o., whioh we are now.M.'liaf at very low prioea. WALL. STEPHENS k CO.. W 1* W) fwin. 1CASU NOTICE. N Conae^oenoe of oar Having to pay oaah for every artiom of gooda we pirohaae. we are foroed to re-luofunr btrnniM tn r.mh ?vaiiimvJ* u\* ?k* present. We have la store a very Targe aaaortnent of REAUY-MADE CLOTHING for men and boy?' wear, whioh are ae.hnK at a mueh lower rate than iinaify. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 334 Pa. avenae. between 9th and H*h eu. |? l (Intel. k Repnto ATCHRh MAI HlS^AJ\VZ}^VE.ft. WARB I have one of the beet establishments, and furaiahed with aoomalete aet of tooia for re^a"; Jt\ inc every deaonption of fine Watoliea. and PM artioalar attention five to the aame, by afMB [ho ?boompetentworkman.anda. work ?'?Au bed A to.every deaorip tonof 8t&t:J^rd SlLwE? W: RE. plain and ornamental, meaufaoUred nndei my jwn ?uperviaion, which my oaatomwre will had tor superior in enality and finish to norther* ware "nre ho3D""' m ? in* Pa. itwib*. ?h l-aOPONTTS 6UNPOWDER, Lr Per aale at maaufaetrfrera pneea^by wuhinrtoa. D n. N KW VUI.UMK BAI>ZAC'tf NOVELS.?The ' A?*h?im?t,or tSe Koua* of ('! ? ; fiora ?> Pr?nch ..f Honure d j B* iu Pr* toy m*>1. $ I. of K ?v?<0?; l.y G?o. s^v^rg^'sa^cjlyiifcr^ Bur johkiston, ALTIIIIORE LOCK HOSPITAL, Hmt dttcot>$r$4 tkt toil Ctrtmim. Sftvli mmd Mi| Sfftetual Htmtdf ?n l4i world, FOR ALL DISEASES QF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W**kn**? t ? E::), Suneiark*, Aftcuon* of th* Ihda*j* *nd Bl?dd?r ? T?wn'll~ i/k*ci>*rf**, Inpottntf, U*o nl Debility, Ntcvouao***, .*>??r.?p?y, Ltnraor, Cuiifwor. of Id***, Low Sfir.j. wt th* Hfait, Timidity, Trembling*, Oimn*** of Sifot or Giddm***, Di**u* of th* Hiid. Throat. Noaa or Skin. A ?f ?v I ach or Bow* 1*?theee Terrible Dieorder* ariainf from Solitary Ha Mta of Vonth-;Uii Drttdfil in4 Diunctitt Praetic** which render Mtrriui inpoanMi, and dutrev both Bod* and Mind. YOUNG MEN KepeciUly who h?r? bocomo th* rictiaa of Solitary Tie*, thai dreadful aad deatnetiv habit which annwallf fwupt la an antimely fri?? >hooa?.-d?of Yowi f Meu of the nnat tailed talent* and brilliant intellect, who miyfat otherwiee ha** entranced Uetening 9*uai<* with the thander* of elo. aaence or waked to ecetacy the Imnf I jr?, maj call with fall confdeuce. MARRIAGE. MilllllD Pnioni, or To?nr Mm cantemplaurf M?rriare, being a war* of phjreical weakueea, organic debility. dal ^rmitiii, 4c., epeedtl* carad. Ha who place* htmaell aod*r tha car* of Dr. J. rai j rahrieail j conid* in hia honor a* a gentleman and contdeatly rely npon hi* akill a* a phyeician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aid* going from Baltimore etreet, a faw door* from th* corn*r. rail not to obeerve name and nan.ber. Leiure mail be paid and contain a etamp. DK JOHNSTON, Member af the Royal College of Sarreon*. London, rr*d?ate from one of the roost eminent College* in tha United Bute*, end the rieeter pan of whoee iife his been spent in the ftoapital* of London, Pari*, Philadelphia and e.eewhere, ha* effected *om* of the mo*t astonishing care* that were seer known; many troubled vith nngiur In lh* h*ad and are when aeletp; rraat nereoBaueaa, rein* alarmed at odden *oaitda, baehfnlneee with freqaent blaehmg, attended aoenetiraaa with derangement of mind, were cartd immediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and other* who have mto'ed ihemeel*** by a certain practice indulged in when alone? a habit frequently learned from ?'il companion*, or at achool, tha effect* of whicn are nightly felt e*en wheo eslerp, and if not cared, renders mwn.i(i iropissibla, and destroys both Bind and kodr, should apply immediately. These are aom* of the *ad and melancholy effect*jprodaced by *arly habit* of Youth. *u: Weakness* of tha Rack and Limba, Paine in th* Head, Dimnee* of Sight, Loea of Maaci,ar P'.aer, Palpitation of tn* Hear, Dyspepey, Nereoae imtab.litjr, Derangement of tha Digestive Pcnctiona, General Datauty, Symptom* of Consumption, 4c. ft) k%tii.LV.?The feartai effect* on the rr.ind arc much ta be dreaded?Lou of Memory, Confusion of I le?e, Depression af Spirits, K?il Poret-odinre, Aeeraion of 8ociety, Self-Distrust. Love of Solitude. Tuniditr. etc.. are some of tha eeila produced. NCRVOt'l DtBlLtTY.?Thoseande can nnw Jodje whit le ( the can** of their declining health, loainr (heir vigor, becom- , Ing weak, palt, nervoue and emaciated, having a einga'at appearance about tha eyee, cough or eymptorne of coneumpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan the misguided and imprudent vou-ry of pleaeare St de I ha h .a imbibed Uic aaeda of thia painful diaeaaa, it too oftao 1 h <ipp?na that an ill-timed aenae f ehame or dread of diecovery detera him from applying to thoat who, from education anil | reepectability, ua alone befriend biu. Be falla into tha \ baiida of ignorant and deeiguing pratendara. who, incapable f cunur, filch hie pecuniary eabetance, keep bin tntmg mouth after mouth, or aa Ion* aa the emalleat fee can be obtained, and in deepair leave nim with rained health to eigb ever bie galling dieappointraent; or by tha ma of that dentil; | poiaon?Mercury?haaten tha couetiiBtional eynripioma of thia terrible diaeaae, each ae A Oct.one of tha Heart, Throat, Head, 1 kin, Ac., progreeeiiir with frigfctfai rapidity, till death pa'e a I period to hie dreadful asffer nge by tending bsrut o fct?*t un- < diecavered cointrr from whoee hour:.a aa traveler retarue. ! DR. JOHNSON'S REKEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY By thie freat and important remedy weakr.eee of the orrane J are apeediiy cared ana fall rigor reitared. Thoaeande of toe oat narroae and debilitated, who bad laat all hope,have i be to Immediately relieved. All impedimenta to Marriare. Pbaaieal ar Mental Dianaal. < Lom af Piwcraaura Powtr, H?r?rae Irritability. , Traipblinc an* Waaknaaa at Kxbaaatiao *f lh? dm faarfai kind apaaaily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. th> Mart Thouia*Di cared at thia inetitatien within Ik* leat iiriotMn Htn, and tha ninirati important Barriaal eperauoue performed by Dr. Johnatoo, vtiateeed by tha I tapartara ol tha papere end many othar perawie, oouc.ee af I which ba?a apfeareJ kg am and again before the futiie, be- I aldaa hit aianding aa a gentleman of charaeiar ana reepoael- j aiiity, it a (lactam gaarantae la the aSicted. roar 15-1 y ( D*. J. H MoLKAN'8 BTRSITOTHEVIVO CORDIAL 1 All) BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY ? tk* WORLD, W _ DELIGHTFUL Jt ItJt ?*% /jmtbr TAKEH^LR' Wrl ' "trittlr a a?i rad" ky'ka di?if!l?lUa af mu - <? , g ^ a?r?.f* n^n Jf^ff'jf l?k, aid D*? J?.l?a ?ci?r> law lu im1^^A? ifiuk iaffadiaa'in^^ ^^*^ Before Uk2*f;;"i;'w' :'.^-;Uttr Wkieg. < ?l?ttlHa*, ftadaar g a daltaiati, aiailirailaf tfirM, ul U? , Ml lafalltkla nm*dy fat raaavaUaf tka liiiuit ifttm, aad ratiarlay ik* ! imf arta(, ul daklliialad taralld la . tealtk aad HiiifU. MtLEAlPS STRXN9THFMIXO CORDIAL ] Will affaaiaally ?UI ki??r Camplalav, Dyiptpria, Jan- t di??, Ckrafe* ar Mtivaaa Dabllltr, Dliiuai afua ltdaaya, a.ad all diiaaaaa ariklag fraia a dia?rdarad LI rat ar 0taaaak, { raaaaala, laituui, Itwud PUaa. Aalditr ar liakaau af , tka nniU, ra':!??*? af llaad u ua latt, Dail P?w ai J l?iaait| ta tka laad, frlfivxuaa^a/ tka Haan, Pallaaaa at waipl la tka maul, a?ar * rami! Kit, C'kaktaf ar lafaaiUaf ?m '.artOf diva, Unim at Y a I la W af Ua Ikla tad Mjti, migyi Itnu. lavtid r?rat?f FaJa la Ua taaall af Ua ??>, Ckail, at Sid*, Ixddaa riukii ?f Brat, Ptyraat'aa af plriia, rrlfkifai Dittai, kuraii, Daaaaadaaay ar in; Ltrvaaa dlaaaat, farai at ftlatakaa aa ika ikia, ul frti tad Af* (at CMUt aad 9TWM A MUAIJOX BOTTLMa liia kaaa aald darlaf U? laai alt auika, aad la aa teituu ku U fallad la aauta aulafaatiaa. Wka, Uta, will tafat fran Wihuh at Dtklllty ?k?a McUaAB'* nilk.'?nuill CUEDlAb will tin yaa 1 a Uagaafa aaa aaa?ay rcig^uia%aia( vkt laaitdH tla aad iIbni atlraaaiaaa akaaf* pradaatd ky tiklif Utt Cardial la Ua dlaaaaad, dakliiuiad. aad akauar ad aarraaa Vtia, vkaikar krakta drva ky aiaaaa. vaak ky aaiara, at Iafi<ri4 ky iltkitu, Ua ralaxad aad aaiuaaf atfialuUaa I* radar ad la lu prtnlaa kaalU aad !( ? MARRIED rSRSONBy ar aUan. wtulau af laakiliir fram wkaiava aaaaa, vlU Sad McUill msiiTiiiim CUKUlAb a IWraaf k rafaaktavaaaf Ut ayatta; and all vka aay kart la Imrad Uaatalraak? iaprapar ladaif aaaaa ?..l lad U U.i wraui a wnui aaa ifiu; raatay. to the la i)mx. MalRAM* rr?.KK?YVB*IM?GO10IAMi a wrih *jb4 ya?ay far li'Htlicl Caoaavy Jm, VtlUi, > MmiruUMJuuduMt rf Mrla* M Kaakwra tkaraa/, Falliaf af ika Wamk, Id Jfaaaa, Palatial, a ad all dlaaaaaa laaldaat Va Faaalaa. rifiusii /s wo MJsrxiJs about it ti(n w iMpi. Yai? It aaiardlnf ta dlrattlaaa. It vtll atlamlaia. atraaftkaa. aa<! larlfaraia ya? aad aaaaa Ika klaaaa at aaaiia .a mtnw Jtii akatk a fa fa. >Tiry aaula la varitaiad u f<? aatiafaatlaa. FO? children, Ifjamt akUdiaa ara alakly, ^tni m aliwl, MckBiVI COlBlAfc vlll naka tkaa kaaliky. fat, aad rakaat. Dalay aai a at tag try It, aad yaa-vlll ka aaartaaad. It la da alama ta Uaa. a WTIOir. latin af dray f?u > daalari ?ka aay try ta ptla im> ?aaaaa kluar m aataapanlla track, vkitk tkay aaa aar tkaap, kywlBfltle last aa reed, iwd aith aaa. Aak far HcLlifl ITRC JISTI Klf INS COKDIAk, and taka aatkir.f aiaa. It U Uia aaly r * is ad y that will pacify tka Blaad tftaraafhl^aadattha aaraa ilaa atraaftbaa tka ayataaa. twy ? 1'ti; u.*ri'i'i| iai?v*ag w v?i ! ta ? ^iiTiauTi (at Chalet*, Chiila aad fcit, Yellav ritii, m t a* pinliit Iimui. It i? vat aa la Urn kaulaa. PrlM t ^ pw Mill, M ( ktttlM (w |l l.M MckEAH, a it >raprlilM af tkta Cwtfltli ala*, Mlkun'i TdtuM Oi ktalaeal Prioaipal D?w aa tke earaai af Tkud aad . Itaa uiitt, k. Mi, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIB IUT UH1MKMT 111 TIE WOUH.) T?? eel? aafe aad eertain taitfii (Jaacen, Pilee, Ta- ? an, welliafa ud raaekile ar Caiue, Panl/ala, Raa- " nlfit, Weakneaa af Ua Maaelaa, Ckraaicar hltaatun bnauDia, ilfnan af tha Jetou, CaoUMtad Maaelaa ar ! kifaaenu, Kanaka ar Taatheehe, lalaea, laniaa, Freak Can, Waande, Clean, ra?a? laiai, Cakad Breaet, Kara H ft'.**, larna, aeaida, Sara Threat. at aay lalawaiiaa a* Mb, M dif aranta kn eevere aa laar tha dtaaiaa aaa* I Lava auatad. MckKAH* C KkMliTP UMMMT U a eertata remedy. I Tkaseaade af haaaaa Malaga kafa kaaa aared a life af Ma I erapiiada and aiaary kj Ik a aaa if Uie tavalaabU raaady. I MtLEAJTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT VUl relieve rata alroaet Uietaataaeevaly, aad b will alaaa, ! earifr aad heal Ua feaiaai a*raa la aa taanMMa akm 1 FOR HORSES AXD OTUMJL ANIMALS. MckKAHt CC1JCBRATC0 LIMIMKHT U tlM ?al? ml* < u4 hIMU mm4t ft lk< (an at Iptfli, topat, a V?4|<lli, ptteta.VMMiml Imm. Mm m (WUimi. U ? ? fctl?4 I* iui Mtg l?U, Ku**u, riMh, <JU . nMIu ?!*, 'Ote, Cm, Rtw?i,t; It M tahllihU ?? *? M*trMu ul.nnl. MWk t? trwy j TMi Oil* m Iwyr vttfc U? au; wMfclMa UalaHM sswsnsn* wa fj^rckBA,,l!r^Bj^VVfcuS^wSj^ "** **t. ti:wty ^TuL^ggXwSratoiPIUH! THE WEEKLY STAR. nn aeeUeat tally u4 N?w* Jewelcontaining greater variety ?f latere* af rm41*C tbaa cu be Itu4 la aay otbft-ta pebltabed oa Friday moraln^. Taaaa?Ob*A, mmtmUit, ? mdummtt. Single copy, per m..4< Five copies e e e e ?eee e e e e ^ c?P^??*?? ? ? Tw6flty-lTf ^plli<ii IIInvariably ooatalaa tbe <Wwhlagt* Newt' tUt baa made Tk* Dmtiy Ktmimg ?*m elteriaH o generally tbrouf boot tbe coaatry. CT?1ngle copies (la wrappers) eaa be peecured at tbe counter, Immediately after tbe tarae of tbe paper. Price?THREE CENTS p KO roi A L i. Natt Dcrimmnrri I Bureau mf Ymrds and Dtkt, Mft. 4. IBM I &kalkd fiorouu, for ?wk eMi endor?a<l " rro?uMi> tor Claec No. (mm tha claaa) for the n?tj Var<j at < dum the rvil" <11 bo rao*ir*d at th off aattl aooa on the M cai of Ootoher next, or larmakiag Mi <*uMri?| at th* ?erera.l Nary Yards naned.the ?larnU aa<t articles embiaoed is fnnt*d ?ch*<iu m wLioh n i ba fu rn'ehed oa application. aad eant by nail, if ae r* quea'eri, to ??reoaa deeiriaf to offer to aoatraatfor any or a'l of the claa?aa namec theraia, by the Co* maud \nt?o^ the-everalNavy > a'C? fo- theolaeae* for the yarda under their conmand, or by the Navy Acent nearest thereto, or by the Bureau for aay rr all the yard*. To prtvmt cMftui? rnmA oftrs, no btd will bt rtttind wkith cmIiuu tUuoo* for mort ikm m* wmrd w Mr MttMpt, and each iftdn<Juai of a firm mast at?n the bid Mid Motnal HMd? a Mr hwb? eaation?d and p*rtomar.? notified that than of era mint b* id the (hm Mra matter preecribed.and be mtiied la Um to nM tn? ir deetiuAtioa beferatfce trme exnr** for reeedvmc !h?*: no bid trill bt ronstrtrrtd wkuk skall W rtct e?d after iAt prrtod stated and a? aii*Mac? te.il t>t ma fvfxi'.wt't of tkt mail. Tof?*rd atan et nlTera beinc opened before the time appoint d.biddera are reeaee'ed to eodoree on the envelop#, above the addrr.ee. and draw a line under the endorsement, tbea: "Proposal/ for Class ffo.laamt tkt floss) for tkt Sit* Yard at (aamc tkt yard i" 'I o the Chief < f the bueaa of Varda and Dooka, Washington, D. C. * Fokm of Vrrpft. i Here date the offer.) I. (here inaert the name or name* oowpueiac tpa firm.) of (name the town.) in the *tate ot. name the 8'ate.) hereby offer t'? fumiah atder y oar ad ear ti*emert dated (date of advertieeareat )and anhjeot to all the requirementa of the tame, and of tka printed aohedulo to whioh it refere, a I the arttetee embrace* in Claaa No 1 n*>y yard at (name the yard.) according to Mid chedula, viz. (here paste on the printed elass f-om the schedule, and opposite each artio> set the price and carry out the amount in the colum' for tioTa'a a* d oeau a d foot up the acgregate amount of th* bid for the elas*.) amounting t? (here write the amount in wordr.) 1 propcre as mv agent i here nam* the ateet. if o*.e is required the aohedale) for the supply aider the classes miscellaneous. b? a cob reeidant of the rlaoe of delivery; and aboard my offer he ae cepted, I request the contract may he prepared a?d ??nf to the cavy atent at (name the agency) for signages a?.d certificate. < Here the bidder and each member o4 the farm ? to sign ) Form or Graaaitrca. The undersigned < name of guarantor) of < name tlie town 1 and Sta'e of * name tue ctate.i aad ( name of second gua'f tor. 4c ,I hereby undertake that t ie ab' V* t.*med?: ame the Nd^-r or traders* will, it h<s lor theirl offer &> above tie accepted. enter W * L- s ^ o?*. 11 - i?i?v %? ii -t dv? vuu ri< iur?o wihiin du^vd day* alter tfce tat* of do* ce th>- >nrh the poet cfioe of tl?* acceptance ol h.? (or meir] offer before men tioned. (Snuaiurecf guarantor*.) W1 tne*a: I certify that the above nam?d < her* nam* the (uaran'ora) are known to me to be rood and re ?po3*it>l? sua an tors :n this ?are (Signature.* To be signed by U.e diatnot ju Ige, distriot attorney. col eel or. navy acent, or ame person know* to the bureau to be responsible. PORTSMOUTH. N. H Class No 6 White pine, spruce, jnniMr,Mid n reac; class No.9 Gravel and saiid; class No. 11. Iron, iron nails, and apikee; elass No IS. Heel; class No. 14. Kites; class No. 16. Ship chandlery; alas-: No. 17. Hardware; e'&as No. 1?. Stationery, o ass No. 23. Belting, packing, and heee; class No. 16 Aucers. BOSTON. Class No.l. Prick*; c'.ass No.2. 8tm>e;elaM No. 1 Ye low pine timber; ciasa No. 5. <? * and h*id wood timber and lumwr; e m No. 6. Wb't" pine, ipruoe. juniper. a*>d cypre?a; olae? No 7. Lime, nair, and planter; cla?s No. 8 Ccn??nt; elaes No 9. Sravel a:.d sand; class No. 11. Iron, iron iiikM. ind oails; class No. 12. feteel; el*?s No. li. Plj ron; oiaa* No. IS. Paiate, one, and |imi; e?M No. 17. Hardware. NEW YORK. Ctaea No 1. Bnoks; olasa No. & Yellow piM timber; elaa* No. 4 Yellow pine lumber; clses n?, i Oak ai d hard wood; eiaee No. A. White pin*, ipruoe, cypress, and jumper; e a* No. 7 L ine, nair, and planter; a am No. . Cement; cla-s No. t. Sravel and aand; olaee No. 10. ?llta( olae? No. II. Iron, iron spikes, and naila; class No.IS. Pig iron; tslass No. 15 Paints, oila and glass; elaaa N<^1*. ?h:p chaudert; o ass No. 17. Hardware: can No. B. Belting, packing, and hoae; o'.aaa No.3S. Iron work. *o. PHILADELPHIA. Class No. X Yellow pine timber; olaea No. $, Dak and hard wood; olaaa No 6. White pine, ipruoe, juniper, and ?ypree?; e)a?a No. 11. from. ron tDlkftf And n&i, />!? Va l# '? 7 Hardware; cImTNo.il' Beiunc!paokiag', mS iom; claaa No. 36. Auger*. WASHINGTON. Claaa No 1. Bricks: olaaa No.S Oak and hard rood; c aaa No. 6. White iim, apraoe. laoiper. ind oypreea; oiasa No. 11. Iron, iron aeikee.aod ia.il*: olaaa No. 13. Steel; olaaa No. 14 File?; o a?a So. 16 Painta, oila, and claaa; olaaa No. 16 Snip thaadlery; o.ata No. 17. Hardware: olaaa No. St. iperni and lubnoaticc oi a; olaaa No 37 AnLa-aeite loai; olaaa No. 29. Bituminoua Cumbsrland aoai. The achednie will atat* the tianea within which vrtiolea will be reeuired to be delivered, and where he printed achedale ta not aeed, the period* atated n it lor deuvertea must ha oopied in we btda All heartioiea whioh majt beoontraatad lor maet be lelivered at auoh place or plaoea, molodia* d ray *e and ca;ta<e to the plaoe where aaed witain the iavv ya ds, respectively, for whioh the ofere are Md?, aa m?y be directed by the oommaadinc oBjer thereof; and. all other thine* being eeoat, trefereooe will be given to Amerioan man u fa tare. Vu article will be reoeived af'er the ezpiratioa ei he period apectfied in the aehedalea for the oop? etion of delivenea un.eaa specially aalhonaed by he Lepartment. In oompating the olae?ea, tee trioe elated in the ooliai of pnoee will oe the iranHt r,i m r>H ika a--?- ? aW? : ? t? tarried out aooording to t*e pnoea atated t ii to t?e provided in the oontract and to be diaincily und> ratood by the biddera, that the amoaat icJ Dumber of articiea enumerated m olsaasa leaded "Miscellaneous" are specified u the arafcaiIt quantity whioh mar be required, aa well aa to ix data for determining the luweet bid ; but the Kintraotor ia to furniaii mora or ieaa of the Mid ?a nerated article*, and ta tuck wuamtuxtt, and m ufk timet. > tke htrtmm or rmiMWM may rer?tr? ; aucn inoreaae, however, not to exeeed oneia f of the quantiUaa atated (and requisitions aent brough the post oBee shall be deemed sufficient lotioe) during the fiaoal year ending the SKh of [una, IMS; and whether the f uanti iaa required be nora or less than thoaa specified, the pnoea shall emain the same All tke artie ee under the contract mast be of the est quality, delivered In good otter, fre* of all knd every charge or expense to the Governasaat, krid subject to 'he inspec ion, oouat, weight, or neaauremcnt of .he aaid navy yard,aad be ia ail f poets tati?'?otorv to the commandant thereof. Jidosra are referred to the yafd lor plana, spec.fi sations. or samples, and any farther d-ecnstion of he artiolea. When biddera aha'I he in doubt aa to he p recite article* named ia the eafeartale, they rill apply to the c<.mruaiidiiii > fficer of the u*r ard end not le wyji^tn for dearnptton of i be arlole or ar iu)ee in doubt, which information the aid officer will give in writing, t ontraotors for iia-sea Hearted "MiateilaDeona," who do aot raid? near the p ace where the article* are to be da ivered will be required to name in their proposals a agent at the oity or prineipal place tear the yard >f de.iverr, wto may be oal;*d upon to deliver ar ic.ee without dtlay when tbey ehail be required. Approved "reUee in the fell amonnt of theeearaot will be repaired. *cd twenty per eentaa ae .cd Uonal eecuntT dedactr-d fr?? eack payn ant intii tbe contract a bail have been a plwed ar anielled, anieee otherwise Mthor.xtd by t-ne De artment. On elaeeee at artiolee beaded vMt?I ane-oa," to be delivered aa repaired rinn the ieo?.I year, tbe twenty par oenUa retained nay, A the discretion of the ooia?adaat, be paid lur erly on the fret of Jaaaary* April, Jaly.aad Ooot<er. when thedalivenee have l?ei satisfactory, he proaont&tioB of bula.ia tn^UooU, 4a)y to?But p., Z,,T^ iwnlMi U * nlot eholl bore bmrMwvlmaU?r!r^t?i ^penally oalhonied by th- lintrtML It will i<o tipu.i'M in U? controoi, Uot If 4?anlt aboil bo static by lie fund at tiolrot fort a del.verinc Bli or a.ny oi ihf ?rtiol?a Muootda toy c ut bie (or.ofthe^BB.it; UMlMtMti aaaeBaft r *oee BtX??B rroriOod. UM Ml) IB tBOt MM ttf *id parties ?UI forfeit Bad W ?o tfco LaJioi, taMi B itn vf mom not to iMNi twloe tko MMOBBt Of BBOh O B*B; Wbl<A Mf M rOOOVOTOt. roa time to ti^B,%epordiB? to tko MtofCoMgrw ?sasnSS?255t?5? e?poBBlb:ttty to kf B ??! B?lMt, Bol ootur, aietnct Bttorne-. o* ? oUor Mrooa. lKuto"?bi ?r oriaS IB to# eo'SnSt Uuu tho boraBB tteii UN tlK? OOWBC of ODOOlllBf tW ooatracu rtikoot ion or teBtio to tW (rovirBBMat, n oqao * OBsrOBi bKbIi not bore mode aaff cent a*?ro?ri* ioi a f?r Ute btOcIbb BBMoi. or fcTtke ooMflcboi >f woi ka eoiiMiOtod #*, b?4 ob vhiok t*U od veffSLe* :,"boeo QhrT'Slh bo iouam o? i?a*r unitk tMNfl a ioOm hut MooD*id*rM mAofcnt; Mi If th?r do ot ?Mr iato iiibm fcr uw mmit d Wtkulhm <?n ft?a tw ft !>? tW >ir*m uf tk? mmkan m mr m, a mm wt rill U BHi witt mm ettar mm or m. had tt? |?WMwffiMMMilliM M' r? * k MM ntyo ?bl( n ul wiHMMa3&9R "lifTwiit ** *** Fwew**.