19 Eylül 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

19 Eylül 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS, CTTkm?k Tbs Stab to priatod on the ftwtati oteua press in aae smith of BaltlaMro, Ito edition ta to Urge aa to rxqniM It to be pat to preas at aa aerie hoar; Advertisements, therefore, ahoald bo eat la before It o'clock a.; atberwlse they May lot appear natll the ant day. Nonea.?District of CplaasMa Adveftlaeoaoato to M 1 averted la the Butiiou Baa are received at aad forwarded from Tax Stab Office. Yorno Ms*'* Cbbuttam Association ?The regular monthly meeting of the Aaaociatlon araa held at the room* Monday evening After the uaual opeolng services, the report of the president for the month jnet doeed presented an encouraging rlew of extended operation*, n. peclslly among tbe United Statessoldiers. In addition to a vest number of separate package* and boxea of various oorful articles received and aent ?nt from the depoaltory, Mr Ballantyne's store, No W, Seventh atreet. between D and E, the following summary of the book and tract dlstributton, which baa been systematically prosecuted a!nee May laot, waa presented : *,332 copies of the New Teat >ment la Engllah. 1,148 do do. do. In German. *,069 do. do. do and Book of Psalms. 41 do. do. do. In Franeh, Italian and Spanish. 39 do. do. entire Bible. 6 639 volumes Over 36,000 tracts from the American Tract Society, New York, and over 99 000 worth of little books and tracta, and larger books for boapltal libraries, donated by the Boston Tract Society, have been appropriately and systematically distributed Encouraging reports were presented from the Mission Sunday Schools Tbe coarse of lectures and Bible claaa Instruction by Rev Dr Samson, Prealdent of Columbian College, Is expected to be resumed on next Saturday evening, io the enjoyment of the beneficial Instruction of which a cordial invitation ia extended to all. The proprietor of the rooma had, on reque?t of a special committee, generously reduced the rent one-third, from and after tbe close of the present quarter. Interesting statements were slao subsequently made by superintendents of divisions, and other members, respecting the work of visiting regiments and distributing little booka, tracta, Ac A committee waa also appointed, conalstlng of tbe present snd three of tbe former Presidents of the Association, to invite and aecure still more active co-operation of all co-ordinate aaaoclatlons 1a the vast fletd for philanthropic chriatlan activity now presented In the encampment* and hospitals. It appears peculiarly appropriate that young men every where ahould be specially sctlve In communicating relief and comfort to tbe officers end soldiers of the army, so large a proportion of whom are young men. An appeal ta propeeed to be made to the several churches of this city on the national faat day, for pecuniary means to aid in defraying auch expesses aa are necessarily Incidental to this work. Pboposkd Policb UaiFOBMs?The committee on uniforms of tbe Metropolitan Poller Commissioners recommend the adoption of the uniform of the New York police for our force. As tbe board will probably adopt tbe report of the committee without modification, a description of the proposed uniform may be of Interest The drea of the superintendent to be a blue dress coat with police buttons; and tbe dress of the sergeants and roundsmen to beadouble-breaatedbluefrock eoet with police buttona, and blue pantaloons. The patrolmen, when on duty, unless specially authorised to appear in citizens' dress, ahall wear a black stock, a frock coat, of navy blue cloth, single breested. and with rolling collar, nine buttons on the breast, two on the hips, and two on the bottom of the skirt; blue waistcoats, and blue pantaloons, on the outer seem of which shall be a white cord, the coat to be buttoned at all times when on duty. The sergeants, roundsmen, and pstro inen, when on duty, shall wear caps, shtelds. badges, emblems, devices, be!to, and buttons corresponding to a sample deposited in the office of the superintendent, and the time of wearing them shall be directed by him. A* the caps are expected shortly, we hope soon to see the sergeants relieved of their present sprawling badges. haf ban<fat">lmen ?' tteir y#t U,?re abom,n*'>1? Wbat will wi no bob Otstibs ??This is becoming s very interesting question, snd wo expeet to see our citizens demanding a " Hatteraa" to reclaim the oyater beds along the Old Vlrginny shore ? It will never do to feed rebel stomvhs with the most luscious specimens nf these ?bell fish tbe coming winter,while Union mouth* are watering for them Serioualr, the prospect for s full supply the coming winter Is not so brilliant ss we could wish The principal souro's of supply on the Virginia shore are entlrely cut off. so that the whole dependence must be on tbe Maryland beda. The months of the Pocomoke, Monoktn, Wicomico, and ISantlcoke. together with Fishing Bay, are the beat depeaits but ,re Bot ?iu*l in flavor to thoae of the Virginia rivers,while they are inferior in size Tfce upper tributaries on the Chesapeake also afford large quantities, the principal of which are the Little Cboptank and Miles rivers, but thev are Inferior In flavor and alze. Cbobl ?John McCardle was arrested on Monday by tbe provost guard snd taken before Justice Johnaon, lor hurling a woman from the top of a car, at tbe railroad depot, to the ground, and throwing a billet of wood at her. It appear* that when the Government wagons are brought to the c*r*' ,be waK?n wheels are chocked with blocks to keep them steady. Poor persons, women and children, have been accustomed to take tbem, after the wagons have been removed, for fuel This woman, Ellen Newman, had got on a car for the purpose of collecting tbe blocks, when tbe defendant, who is employed at the depot, seized her and threw her off aa charged. Justice Johnaon held him to bail for court The witnesses further cbsrged McCsrdle with disloyalty to the Government, and asked an Invest!gatloa of the testimony on that charge; and Justice Johnson held him for a further hearing. Cavalbt Jbbu.?On Tuesday afternoon a soldier named Ruak, of tbe Kentucky Cavalry, riding at a desperate rate down Seventh atreet. came in contact with a pedestrian crossing the Avenue The latter wm knocked down and hurt badly, i Bilght, and McHenry followed ,h?y weredeterrol ned toovertake him, drew his revolver, cocked It. and ordered them back. They, however, pushed on, aad succeeded In takiag him, arma and all, and gave htm np to the Provost Uuard to be punished aa all such careless persons deserve to be. The goaUemaa who was knocked down will, if phvstJ \b,e' "PP*" before the military tribunal to make his complaint It Is notorious that tbe army order prohibiting fast riding ia not worth the paper it u written upon In respect to being compiled with by soldiers or officers. Hobsb Stbalins ?On Tuesday, a man who had been stopping at the Exchange Hotel, C street, offered to sell a fine horse (which he said came from Secesh) for thirty dollars, and finally found a purchaser in Mr W. Hurley, who bought the animal for twenty dollars In the absence of tbe contracting parties Mr 8 Ralney wss called to look at tbe cheap horae At first sight he declared tbe animal bad never been over the bong Bridge and a littlecloeer investigation developed an "O"' branded upon the animal's boof. and be Identified the boras as tbe property of Mrs Beale, who resides north of tbe city The horse was returned to the stable; and when Mr Hurley went to get bl?, be ascertained that be bad been swindled Tbe sharp dealer has not yet been arreeted Fvbbbal or Cha* Wbbbbb ?Cbas Werner whoos death wo noticed in tbe Stmr of Tuesday was burled yesterday afternoon. The funeral cortege was very Imposing la appearance, constating of Cap* Geary's company of Kentucky Cavalry, the Indepeaident Order of Red Men with Weaver's band; the German Beneficial So-' Pr?P**'? *>aad; tbe Independent I nlted Brothers, and a largs concourse of sympathising friends aad relatives They proceeded from his late residence on Pennsylvania avenue, near Sixth street, to Glen wood Cemetery, where tbe barlal ceremonies of tbe Red Men were performed. Part Grands Tisser and Schnelber officiating. Paibbvl Dbatb ?Randolph Themes, the youth who died la Georgetown oa Tuesday, was tbe youirast soa of Brigadier General Thorn aa. U s A. He waa about twelve years of age, and was acting as messenger to General Scott at tbe time beaset with the accident which baa reeulted In hts death It waa a week or two since that bis M was badly crashed by bis horse treading on It. lis araa taken to his father's residence, and after suffering much pain was attacked with lock-jaw. His snfferlsgs ?lnce that time have been dreadful, aad resulted In bis death on Tueeday morning about tea o'clock. He araa cooaeloos to the last too moat Bbocobt I'r witb a Rocbd Tubb ?Yesterday aaornlag two Baltimore youths, earned Shorey aad Wiaemaa, were arrested la this city by officers Basher and Tomer, for a freak that entailed " ore disagreeable eoneequeacse than they aatlclpeted They propeeed It ssesaa, to go oa a big spree, aad 1b order te supply tbe aeceaaary fand* one of tbem levied npea ?l?5 of bis brother's meaoy They were taken before Justice Dona, and by him committed for further hearing A small portion of tbe meaoy waa recovered Rots' Rots '?ff direr S4?r Dectdodly one of the worst streets In the city to A street south, on Capitol Mill, betweea the sooth Capitol gate and First street The C> mmtssleoer of Public Buildings, whilst repaMag other street*, would be dot og week backs and boras fleoh s grsat Service by easelag tbe above portion of tbe public highway to tbe Ifevy Y aid to bo tookod after Tbavimr. _ tm " HriKAH fob j*??. Davis" Row ?la Saturday'* paper we noticed the occurrence of a row caused by certain parties hurrahing for Jeff. Davis, and coming Into collision with other parties who didn't hurrah for Jefferson D Last lh? afhlr,lB ,b? *k*Pe of a ease of the United States against Walter and Clarence Hellen, charged with rioting and assanlt snd hatter? on Lieut Sherwood, of the District Columbia Volun*?er Raiment, wss taken op for trial before Justice Johnson. Mr. Darldiie appeared for the defence. Eight witnesses were examined, from wfaoae testimony It appeared that the affair took place on the night of the 13th Inst The defendant, with O.g Oalt and another young man, had been taking some refreshments at the Llcbau House, on Louisiana avenue, near Sixth street, and left together about 11 o'clock. Passing down ,J. ,o wben near Pnmphrey's stables, Walter Hellen, In a low tone, jocosely exclalmpd Hurra for Jeff Davis " Lieut. Sherwood, In company with a man named Henry Orton. cr.me !!Pe!k Sherwood asked Clarence Hellen If he halloed for Jeff Davis,'" to which Clarence Heuan replied "It Is none of your business!" Orton then aparosched, and calling Clarence opprobrious name, struck him and anocBea him down. Prom that a general fight commenced, during which the parties changed positions from one point to another, until they Brown's Hotel Lieut Sherwood undertook to arrest Walter Hellen, and a patrolman of the police arrested Orton and carried him i? UB# ?*lt aeeing Sherwood take hold of Walter Hellen, seiz-d hold of Sherwood, claiming to be "a peace man,'7 and asking for P*ac?n knocked him off, wben the o ? Hellene and Oalt ran into Brown's Hotel. t?Z fJ11* mfans Walter Hellen procured a club like the round of a chair, and also asked the clerk to loan him a pistol, which was refused. He then went out with his brother and Gait, and approached Lieut. Sherwood, and struck him two blows on the back of the head, which felled blm. Sherwood called the watch, when patrolman Crown came up and chased the two Hellens Into Lrown's Hotel, but they escaped him by running tL.-ough Into the back street Justice Johnson dismissed the case against Clarence Hellen, and held Walter to ball for trial at court. The security required was five hundred dollars. The case of young Gait was Johnson, he being a witness In this trial. He had been arrested on a separate 7 /. i..?nd hl,case w" ruled for trial before Justice Thompson. The examination In this case took place on Tuesday last, and the testimony of the only witnesses present,-the two Hellens and Robert Beale,?being to the effect that Gait anted * Pesco-maker rather than as a promoter of the fight, Justice Thompson dismissed the case. Highway Robbery ii? Gxokuktown?Night before last a soldier named Lewis Smith, from one of the camps In this vicinity, was passing along Boundary street, on the heights of Georgetown, when he was accosted by a man named ^oy'*) and Smith asked him where he might obtain some "refreshments ? Doyle asked aim IX he had any money to pay for what he got. IJuring the conversation a man named William Cunningham came up Smith produced hiswal,DoJle immediately seiied It, and he andCuaalaghsm ran off. The soldier raised a EHi?'? "proar- ?d was directed to the statlonnouse. Sergeant Newman immediately took sUps ?Kullty parties, and in an tiour or two .L we ?ffalr? himself and officer Lipscomb ar. rested both the parties. From Dovle was recover d nearly 813 jn coin, and a one dollar bill, which t?st is of no value, but serves to identify the thief, rrom Cunningham was recovered not quite f?. Inb'par"<* ?ere to ball by Justice Donn to answer the charge before the Criminal Court. Csntkal GuardHorsK Casis ?wm Noble, J?. disorderly; fined Si 27 Edward ??ray, disorderly and profane; fined S3 *4 I i? Tmk o?rbVrgi drunk and disorderly; flutd 3 Ulb Rowland and George Nichols, selling gVTJZ Y|o1l"t,on ?r lawi security for a leirh^disorderly; was lined *1 50 i ' *' Cornelius Leonard, do ; ?? w Jatae2 Williams, do ; do. 93 94 Fred Robinson do.; do 85.M. Geo Ed Glbbs, do ; a? ^ drunk; do *- Wrn. Brooks disorderly; do. 81 5s Wm Francis, Benj Hawkins, Samuel Scanks. col ., out after hours; coats, 50 cents each. Catharine, col , do ; Slim Martin Walsh, vagrant; dismWsed. Jas vyilliams,drunk; line81 58 Chas Desbears, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 3n days. Elijah Duvall druna; fine 81 W John Howard, pro/redJk Johnson, drunk; fine SI 58. bd. Gibs, do ; do. SI 58. Trbs* Robbkry ?Tuesday afternoon patrolman Fenwlck arrested Christopher Boyle, ?pon a charge of "having a knowledge of the breaking open and robbery of a trunk 'belonging to T S Black more It appears that Blackmore, who Is tbesatler for on? or the Pennsylvania regiments arrived In this city Monday evening, and put up for the night at Boyle's public house He put his trunk and other baggage into Boyle's possessionh' found 11 hrok*n "pen and robbed of articles valued at about ten dollars. Boyle dented any knowledge of the breaking and robbery. Justice Johnson remarked to the coir>rirfTi!!!."1!!. remedy was by civil proces., and dismissed the case agaln?t Boyle. Pfbchasins Equir*r!?t*._Harmnn Brncb. J. Wagner, William Wagner, and J Flakensteln, were arres ed br a guard of the Pennsylvania | regiment stationed north of the city, for buying i clothing and equipments of soldiers. It Is nn*t generally known by th-?se who k-ep small ero| cerv and provision stores In the vicinity of the campa, that this Is a penal oft^nce The fa/-{ that j all the parties above named were held to bail for others * Donn' w111 aerve as a warning to Accidkhy.?Gen Skinner, chief clerk of the appointment offlce of the P O Department was seriously injured on Tuesday evening at his board| lng house. It seems that en expert Id th?: bayonet 3E%rsr.j*2r* a.n ej[hi^t,on ^re ume frle ids, and the bayonet not being securely flxed "ftT ? -,0f. through General Sklnner'i thigh, Inflicting a bad wound Indeed, but no artery was touched. He Is under treatment by Dr. stone. % 1 A* Anti-Foqmatic?Johnson ft Nagle, Pennsylvanla avenue, soiith side, between Ninth and Tenth streets manufacture for military and faml.UT.?lne .th* bnt t,'ttera known to the t-ade, which they call their "Swedish bitters and stomach preserver ? We do not know what are Its components, but we do know that no better ? bitmsJ'kett0T **le iD ?r &ny other American Ka?YCCRtA?s IN A Qcarrkl -Last night, Nichols, of Kentucky, was arrested by detective officer Allen upon s charge of Inciting another n^u' *?d 10 take a re*?lv**' to use ???urr?i L ra Kentucky. The affair w? .,ya uear the Corral In the F'fat Ward. Justice Donn required the defendant to give ball in 83U) for his appearance at court. All the parties are said to be contractors. CoRcaav in GsokosTow.N ? By an advertisement In another column It will be seen that the scholars of the West Georgetown Sunday School will give a vocal concert this evening at the church, corner of Seventh and Fayette streets. Those fond of good music will be sure to attend as the occasion will no doubt be one of lntertst! Ma. Hill's Condition.?Mr Geo. Hill, Jr of Georgetown, wdo was wounded In the affair with Mr. Vanderwerken a day or two since, was reported to be much better this morning, but his physicians are said to be still In doubt as to the result. RsLaAsao.?Mr Jarboe, of the First Ward whose arrest on the charge of selling liquor to soldiers was noticed In yesterday's Siar. was promptly released on the morning of the arrest by Msjor Sykes, of the Provost Guard, there beln? no evidence to justify his arrest. Policb?Btftrt Justin Thompson.?Yesterday Michael Lugrue was at rested bv Patrolman Ferry for beating his horse unmercifully on the head, and was fined 83 94. Terrence Boyle for being drunk and disorderly was arrested by Patrolmen 8hsdd, snd fined 81 04. Taa Inimitable Campbrll's continue their wonderful performances st Odd Fellow's Hall nlgtaUy It Is a star company and no mistake. To-night a fresh bill with some of the most sidesplitting comicalities Imaginable 8ica ?Mr. Roach, the Register of Wills, has been coniaed to his house during the week past by illaeas, and is stilt nnable to attend to his offlclsl dutlas. St bam Fib a Eboinbs.?a committee of the Philadelphia Hope Hose Company srrlved here to-day and tendered, through Col Florence, the use of their steam engines to the Government. Is it rossiBLa that any Soldier can be so foolish a* to leave ino oity withoat a sapply of Mollowar's Ointaientand Puis.' Whoever do^s so will deeply re* ret it. these medicines are the only oertain earas for Bowel Complaints. Fevers, Sores and Scurvy. OlI; 25 oents per box or p<7t. se IJ-lw To tbb Afflict in!? tie sure to read Ihe advert tl Mo Lean's Stren* Renins Cardial and B'ood Periier. ia another column. tf mlakr1ij) XT,"?tT Chnrak, on Ue ITtk insUnt, by the la??"s^,iv-8rgphkn d. cattleatfli OIBO) .J? Oeorfetown, on Moad\v morning. 8epUart>er lttk.o'apoauaopuoa, GEORGE W. CUSTEAD, ia the 3?th year ot hisa?a. SW. TL'CKKR Would annosnoe to the eiti S'ns. mJita y aad sojoernsrs in Wirt I irg on that be is a>w prosaentiDf the Tai "*|1 lorias bssi-ess ia all it* braaohs*. at No. Km * 87 *ixth St., 31 door corth of Pa a7 lie W iBUiuds lo manafaoture. oat, reee*f, r? " wod-i.o aaye.aad stuve lobe ceuerslly aoowmmodatia*. Kooanmists shoaldeall and see trim o th- Trada?Faotaga aad other Machine BtitokMf aaativ aa n-3awim* AMUSEMENTS. ^RLINGTON BOYS STILL ALIVR! The mnmb?ri of the ARLINGTON CLUB beg leave *o annoino* to their friends and oiti xena that they i tend givior ?G RAN D At*- at J* E M H1. Y at Fbanklih Hall. D at., he lB tween 12?h and li'h ?ti .on WF.DNESDAY.GA October 3. '.*61 Tioketa fift oenta. By order of th* Committee. It* ODD FRI. LOWS' HALL! SUCCESS. St'CESS! 8UCCF.S*! SUCCfcSS! CROWDED HOUSES! CROWD! D H'?r?*E8! 5*1 XTH WEEK SIXTH WEEK of the CAMPBELL MINSTRELS' CAMPBELL MINSTRELS ! EVERY MKMHF.R A STAR! EVERY MEMBER A STAR! CHANGE OF PROGRAMME CHANGE OF PROG**MMK EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK ! EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK! ^Apjctaaiow 93 Cz<it*. . ae 17-lw LOST AND FOUND. REWARD?strayed away, on flier,th mat, ?' a yellow buffalo COW. with vhite^i?^a apot in her right ahoulder. The aSove reward will be paid for her return to 'J30 lA^L atreet, between 3d aid M *t*.. lalan'l. ae 18 3 * CONRAD WE1TZEL. ?OK REWARD.?We will aay #85 for the re'P hut covery of five HORSES. eaoaped gv from Latham'a atahie thia morning, anH de- T-TR livered to o?. at Clay'* Hotel; or foTc?*i-y each of aaid horaea. They had haltera on when they eaoaped. and are branded with the letter B on therirht romp or under the mane. >e 18-3t* BRENT A BURBRID6E. I11STRICT OF COLUMBIA, County or U W ABHiitBTON.- On the 17th day of Sep- jj\_ tember, T861, before the aubaorioer paraon- H ,1* ally oame Jamea Roach and marie oa'h in^-^Z^. due form of law that, < n the 16th day of September. 1861, he took up a stray H< iRSE, on the Eaatern Branch Bridge, having 'he-following marka, vix : oolor dark bay ; 15 handa high ; 9 yeara old ; white apot in the right aye; eo-e hack; white apot on right lore foot; all ahoes off except one fore foot. Witness my hand and aeal, thia 17th day of Sep tember. 1861. J AS. CULL. J. P. THE HWNFR OF THE ABOVE HORSE IS requested to oovne forward, prove property, pay ohargea, and take it away. JAS. ROACH, ?el8 3t* Navy VTard Bridge. ? C REWARD.?Lo?t on Saturday night laat, C*-' anaooount BOOK, containing billa, receipts, Ao., of no uae to any one but the owner. The above reward will he paid for ita return tome at atall No 10 Center Market ae 17-3t* BERNARD GElER, Pork Bntoher. ?C! REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from my Vf't premise*, on the Uth inst.,a 'tit' rfiJI white and red apeok'ed COW, freslvy oalved ; she haa a white fee*, red earn.CjLi (with a hole in each ear,) and the tire of her horna sawed off. Mra. G. W. VENABLb. ?? 17 3t* No 4 ftp E at. STRAYED OR STOLEN-on Sunday, thi 15th mat., 'rom tjie commons, oppo ite No. 434 Virginia ave?be;ween IstTjTW and 2d streeta. a dark brown MARE,^2^ with round and full forehead, evee full ahowing much white, windga'la on all four lega, small acar ??heI ^!ht rronf I}<1 ?nd of her tail dipped off. A liberal reward will be paid for her return v lr,foin?V,,on concerning her whereabouta. JOHN J. HALL at the above named plaoe, 17*4t OST OR STOLEN-Two Horaeaand Bugg.es, hired on the 14th instant by Sergt Young and Sergt. Soa-Ion, of the 26th 1% . Regiment N. V. Vol.: One new top Bugay. painted bla-^k, atriped rtd; a little bay Mare attacheil to bugry, Also, sorrel horse, about HS hanta high. attaoh-d to a blaok buggy, with ad.jg pain'ed ?>a aide of buggy A snitab e reward will be given if returned to me, or any information that may lead to recowy of aaid horaea and bogtj'a. WM. C. MILLER , ae l7-3t Uor. of Sixth and C ata , Washington. RE WAR D.?Ran away from theaubacriher, about three weeks ago, a darko -uipiected NEGRO BOY, al>out 18 y ara< f flv sge, ramod Robert Butler; has lull blaok In, erea. lupa in hia speech, and has a out in the Jl fleahy part of hia right foot; had on when heJ-fleit light linen panta and cloth cap. The above reward will be paid for aaid negro, if delivered to me or aecured in jail ao that I get him aeain -,o, . CHARI.E?* L. GARDINER, ee 13-lw Near Duffield, Charles county, Md. LOST ? 9&, Riw*rd.?Lost, la?t evening, a Colt's 7-inoh Navy REVOLVER, eifver mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomeon, 1861." The above reward will be paid to any ners?n who may r?'?r5 the piatol to MORTIMER THOMSON. ^ netween 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chadwick, Willards' Hotel. ae 11 tf BOARDING. i BOARD.? everal Boarders can be aooommodated, with or without Rooms, in a very ple%*? ant looa'ioD.at No. d02 1 street north, between 6th and 7th eta VV.. . PERSONS IN BLACK ILL Find our atock of all labrios for Mourning Apparel full and complete in ail departments, throughout the entire rear. One price only, marked in plain figurea ; henoe no purchaaer is deceived. P> RRY A BROTHER, P?- arenne and Ninth at., "Perry Building." ^UTUMN AND WINTER DRY GOODS. A full and complete atook now in atore, at prioea to suit the ownera of amail purses. One prio?only, marked in plain figurea. " PERRY A BROTHER. Pa avenue and Ninth ?t Inr. CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Ao., Upper Fioora. Be 17 5t.if LEA A PERKINS* cklibratkd Worce?ternblre Sauce. Pronounoed by ^5 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS || of a Letter from a to be the V I Mtdital Otwlrma* "ONLY GOOD at Mad,M To His BrotK?r 8AUCE" Hfe* " Worceater. .0d.ppii<?bi.to .. r.n f.VV"1;. rui'H v* 17-ta;-*' rins that tlieir Sauce L'tJiL' > ' h''1'1* ?ateemed v>d|l-Tv ,n ,n<? ?. and ?a, in VAKihr* myopinion,the most ft'1 T'Mpaiat^hle, as well as OF DISH. rn'iiw"1" most whnlosome W^Sgflsauct t hat la made." The above S*AUCE is u"i onl? the bkst and moat fopolab condimcnt known, but the moat f r(mimical, aa a { "* dropa "? Soup (trat-y. or wiUi Fun. hot and oo!d Joints, B*'f Stmlc, ita'nt, ft, impart an exquia'te Best, which unprincipled Sauce manufacturers have in vain enrteavoied to imitate On the Breakfast, Luncheon. Dinner, or Supper A.?a? euBto'niM. " L.EA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la indispenaaTo appreciate the excellmu qualities of thia delicious preparation it ia only neo*a?ary to purchase a am .11 bott e of the genuine, of a respectable gro cer or dealer as many Hotel and ties aurant pro prietora u dom plaoe the Pure Sauce oefore their gueata. hut substitute a genuine bottle filled with a spurious mixture. For aaie l?y Grocera and Fruiterers everywhere. JoH'N DUNC1N A SO ^S. Union Square and 14rA street, New Y<rk, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United Statea. A Stock always in atore ? Alao ordera received lor direct ahipmenta from England. ICT Beware of Counterfeits and Imitations.-TT1 aep 3-ly,eo DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the laat half century in the Hospital* of London and Faria for the our* <>f Secret IBM Diseases, may now be hadjat UPHAM'S.fKSfc. No. 110 rheanut street, sol* agent for aLI the United State* It oo;,tains no m?roury or other mineral*, and wi 1 not harm the moat dehoate conatitutioa A speedy cure guaranteed and no change of Diet required. Pri-e 91 S.x'r#M 80,(1 ?n Washington by 8. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th atreet and Pennsylvania avenue. *e,5-eolv UPH AM^THA m DYE >.-TO COL ORB LACK OR BROWiy .'.'?Only 38 cents a box. Three box ee for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be ohanged in a few aeoond* to a j t blaok or brown, by nung Upham'a Liquid Hair Dye, the best and oheapeat in the world, producing, the mon ent lt,,.,.^??llC<}- * rloh natural appearano*. Each Box of UPHAM'8 HAIR DYE ia wirranted to oontain aa mnoh hmir djp aa othera aell for one dollar! So'd by s C. UPH AM, 310 Cheannt atreet, h ladelphia, and S. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th

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The Hay to be delivered in Washington at auoh place as the Government may direct The quality to he equal to the best and to coasiat of timothy an<^clov-3r mixed The Government reHerves to itself the right to reject all or any of the bids, and for any cause it inar ihink proper. Payment for aaid Hay to be made in Treaaury notes if Government desirea to d > so Tht Hay to be furnished is balea of from 15' to 40'fba., and the weight of wood and wire used in baliug to be deducted The bids to be directed to Captain A. BECKWITH, C. S., U. 8. A , and endorsed "Proposals for Hay." se 14 SEALED PROPOSALS are invited ti l the25th ^ of Septemhor. at 12 m , for supplyin* CORN ta the Subsistence Department of the Army. The Com to be in the ear, and to bo delivered in Washington City, at the Cactie Yard on Monument Square. Bidders are requested to state the price per loo Iba. of ears a l>out 100.000 pounds of ears will be required, to be delivered one-haif by the I0ti of October. 1861, and the whole c elivery to be made during the month of October. The bids to be directed to Captain A. BECKWITH, O. S , U. S. A.,-and endorsed "Proposals fur Corn " se 14 Depot quartermaster * office. Wabhi^oton, D. C., ??ept. 9.1881. Sbalbd Proposals will be received at thia office until 12 o'clock m., 20th instant, to furnish the troops m this city and its vicinity north of the Potomac river, wi'hin (6) fi*e miles of the city of Washington, with Woo??, for (6) six m< ntha, oomin?noing latda* of Ootober, 1861. and ending on the Slat day of March, 1862 The wood to be of the twst quality of < ak or hickory, and to be delivered _.t the rampa or quartera of the troops, in such quantities and at auch times aa the Depot Quartermaster mar direct | Good security will be required for the fulfilment of the contract Ti e bida to be for ao muoh per cord of wood, oonsistinc of (128) one hundred and twenty eight cobio feet, and to be endorsed "B ds for Wooa," and the names of the security to be stated in the bids The undersigned reserves to himse f the right to reject all bida that may be deemed too Payments to be made at the end of each month, by returning the ordora drawn on the ooutrantor or contractors with receipts of the Regimental or Brigade Quartermasters of regiments, brigades, or oorpa, endorsed on the haok of aaid order* for the amount of wood delivered. D. H. RUCKER. ae 11 td Quartermaster U. S. A. ^EALFD PROPOSALS are invited till thejotk 3 day of September. 1861, for supplying the Army of the Potomac with PO I'ATOES. About 40,000 bushela will be required, m lo'a of about 8 eoo bushels per week. The Potatoes to be of tne first quality and equal in quality to the following kinds: Mercers (blue,) Pink Eyo, Meroers* white ) The Potatoes to be delivered in Washington,and aubieot to auoh inspection on delivery aa the Subsistenoe Department may require, and payment to be made in Treaaury notes, if Government should desire it. The Potatoes to be delivered in good, strong barrels, and each bushel to be estimated at 60 lbs. The bids to be direced to Capt A. BECKWITH.C. 8., U.8 A., Washington, D. C. se3 WHITE MERCER POTATOES. PRIME, RIPE, AND MEALY, _ AT LOWSIT MAX KIT rilCKS. 1 TO Qt'AR TERM ASTERS OF REGIMENTS. You waat to keep your men healthy; you cannot do thia without giving them good Po tatoea. These you oan get at Sts*>l & Co's, 5^6 Pennsylvania avenue.oorner of Seoond street IO GROCER&.?You want to please your customers, and induce them to sail again, and recom mend your stock to th-ir friends Then call at Steel A Co's, and buy what Potatoes you need, cither for your own conaumption or lor aale They are warranted to pleaae. TO HOTEL AM) RESTAURANT KEEPER?. D<> i ou want to please tou' tuests,and tickle their palates.' Thou buy Potatoes of Steel A Co. By doing so three parties will be benefited?the seller, the buyer, and the oor aumer. Ohio, ladiana, and Kentuoky money in good standing, taken at par. _ J. W. STEEL A CO., 536 Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of second atreet?(Old Sentinel Offioe ) efp 5 Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth Streeta aa M-eo&m U7ALL. STEPHENS A CO . vv 33t PZHHSTLVAIItA AvkUCX. AND KEADY-MADK CLOTHIERS, AWD K5IS%sKiil!^'rg8'eI0N?8f.NTLEse6-if (Intel A Repn b. > niANOS, PIANOS. PIA^OS.-New Pianos oorner Pa av. aad Rlrrenth ?t. *e?_ '|>UE GREAT RU?H TO ARMS has oaeaed 1 5Ml f H to man North and rep erian his stoek TELEGRAPHIC NEWS AFFAIRS IN KENTUCKY. Louisville, Sept. 19 ?The Legislator* baa passed joint resolutions inviting Gen. Anderson to take command, and to call out a sufficient force to repel the Invaders. The Federal troops reached Rolling Forks yesterday morning, and found that the bridge had been burned and that the enemy were encamped on Muldraugat's Hill, At* miles distant LATER FROM MISSOURI. St. Louis, Sept. 19?Advices from Jefferson City, Mo., state that General Price, with 15 000 rebels, is besieging Lexington, and that General .McCulloch, with lS.OOOmen, was marching either for Rolla or Jefferson City. Fria Earepe. Halifax. Sept. 18?The steamer Europe has arrived with dates to the 8th lost. Tb? steamers Hersssand Bavaria arrived out on the 6th. The news by this arrival is meagre. Affidavlta have been aent to Amerlra proving that Mr 8errlll, who was arrested st New York, had no political mission, and that the money found on him was intended for buseness purposes. The proposed interview between Napoleon and the King of Prussia, has been fixed for the 'id of I October, at Campeigne. A marriage ia contemplated between the King of Portugal and the youngest daughter of Victor Emanuel. At a meeting of the British Association a paper on the cotton supply qdestlon was read, denouncing the commercial policy of the United States, and strongly urging the expediency of Europe freeing herself from dependence on America. Geo Delia Rovera ha* bee% nominated as Italian Minister of War, and Gen. Pattenegaas Lieutenant of Sicily. * The Crar of Russia declares that Polish Lithuania is now in worse state than under the Emperor Nicholas. A force of six thousand Montenegrins occupied the Turkish town of Nenna, when the Governor refused to aurrender, and blew up the tower, all perishing In the ruins! commercial news. Liverpool Market.< ?Sales on Saturday of $.000 bales cotton, the mirket closing eaaler. Breadstuff's are firm. Flour closed buoyant. Wheat has an upward tendency. Corn closed steady. Provisions closed dull. Produce.?Rosin is firm, common 10s. ?d.: Spirits Turpentine excited at Ms. Consols 92\a93. A aether military Train Thrswa Thrsa<h a Bridge?Tea Killed aad Oas Handred Wsaaded. Cincinnati, September 18.?The disaster on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Is worse than first reported. The cars contained 250 men of Companies E, F, G, and I, the latter two being the principal sufferers. Csptain Howard, of Company I, was killed, and about thirty dead bodies were taken out. More are still under the wreck. A train is now on Its way hither with hlnety-two wounded. The impression at the brldlge is that from forty to fifty have been killed. It Is alas the impression that the bridge has been tampered with bvsome malicious or traitorous persons The bridge was aixty feet span, and ten feet high from the water, and had only lately been inspected. Arrival ef the C'allferntn Express. St Louis, Sept 17 ?The California Pony Express brings *an Francisco advices of the 31st ult. The steamer St. Louis had sailed with nearly one million for New York. The State election was to take place on the 4th Inst. The Breckinridge party was losing ground before the prevailing Union sentiment, and the republicans will now doubt carry the State A later express brings advices to the 4th Instant. election day. Three-fourths of the vote of San Francisco will be in favor of the republican candidate for Governor, who will be elected by a handsome plurality, finally establishing the overwhelming loyalty of California. From Caiis. Cairo. Sept. 17 ?That portion of Kentucky lying west of the Cumberland river has been declared tinder Insurrectionary control. Secretary Chaae has instructed the surveyor here to prevent all commercial intercourne with that section, and to search the baggage of all persons going thither The gunboat Conestoga pursued the rebel steamers Stephens snd Gazelle In the Cumberland river yesterday. One contained one hundred tons of irou. A deserter from Jeff. Thompson says the force opposite Columbus, Ky , consists of 2.300 ragged soldiers, who are short of provisions, ana tbe opinion was expessed that Thompson's command would disband. Frew the Soath Richmond, Sept 11?The fight between Wise and Lincoln's men at Hawk's Nest has been confirmed. Gen. Henntngsen directed the Confederate troops. The Southern papers claim that the enemy were badly cut up, while only one of the Confederates was wounded. The Hampton Cavalry made a handsome dash into tbe enemy's lines near Alexandria. After some sharp work they returned with three prisoners and considerable war munitions. The Fort Smith (Ark ) Times of the 7th learns that five regiments of Texans will join MrCullogh in a few days, also a Mississippi and one South Carolina regiment Unisn .Meeting ia Cennecticat. Hartford, Sept. 17?A large ooncourse of citizens from all parts of the State assembled here to-day, to listen to Hon. D S. Dickinson and other*. All the political partie* of the State were represented and places of business were closed during the meeting. Mr. Dickinson's speech was one of his best efforts, and had a powerful effect. Senator Latham, of California, sent a letter of apology for his absence, full of patriotic spirit. Thomas Francis Meagher sent a dispatch as follows: llI cannot goto Hartford today. I uo to the war Talking is over. Fight is the woid "' Massachusetts Democratic S.atelsnventisn Worcester, Sept. 18?The Democratic State Convention met here to-day. Moses Bates was elected president, and after some preliminary business the following nominations were made: Isaac Davis, of Worcester, for Governor; Edwin C Bailey. Lieutenant Governor. Resolutions were adopted giving as the motto of the Federal Government, " It must and shall be maintained;1' sustaining heartily the Administration in the vigorous prosecution of the war, asserting as their principle, " Separation never? Union forever." Marylaad Legislature. Frederick, Sept. 18.?The Union members of both th? House and Senate refused to meet this morning, and the Legislature Is of course virtually dead; ail the officers being under arrest to prevent the calling of the roll The Union members will leave this afternoon for home and the secession members for Fort McHenry The city is quiet, and the talk of an invasion by Gen Johnsou is laughed at Union flags are flying with the motto: "The Union must be preserved" Arrival sf eae ef Garibaldi's Officers. New York, Sept 18 ?Thesteamer New York arrived here this morning from Liverpool. Among her passengers is Major Bansenmeln, adjutant or Garibaldi's staff. The steamer brings Siuo.uuo in specie. Uiiisa Meeting at Pert Deposit Port DxrosiT, Sept. 18?1 A.J. Creaswell, Esq., of Elkton, Is now addressing a Union meeting at this place. Over three hundred ladies are in attendance. > JJOME-MADti BOOTS AND SHOES, Lambs'. Misses' and Chtldrrn's Win, "* ** Pa. av._ bet, ath ami th?U. jpiREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 777... 9900,000. (Wm serasr O ttrut mm* Lmmuimmm ae? mr Bmrnh of WmtAmtttm. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. gjo. 8hofiMk.r!)'I,CT,>K1...] a adfan, ? ? _ JAME8ADAM8.Pmid.it A*ml G. Datis. Secretary. as W-mmtm H. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (FYowi Pkxlmdtlpkim,) 944 Pran'a av., > aoi th side,) bat. 18th and UU sta. Improved SPECTACLES Aid BYE GLASSES. jMNKrisii fsu:iT7d.nl'.,8smiss^: ss?.Ismm, JfsiitsMKOi mmd Pkmiieai fsiftsami, Com pat***, Sitrtostorn ?sd Surtoicimu m a c sal eartsty, at the lowest Eastern puces msmt 4 SECOND EDITION^ THlU rCLOCK p. * OUR MILITARY BUDGET. " ncirn. Yesterdsy afternoon, Lieut Duanot. of a Ylrglals regiment. made prisoner at Um battle of Bull Run, and ainre con nod la tbf military prison oa Capitol HlU, eacaped. Umk rcapoaalble for bla eecurlty know Rot bow. Tbe twosentlaels by whom ho moat have paeaed an aeder anal, and confined la eeperate c?Ua Tbf Pravait Marshal authorizes ua to ofrr a reward of fM for Information that will l??d to bta recapture or to the dlacovrry of the party or partica wba may have ?ld?d and abetted bla eeeape He la suppoaed to hare been aided by some parties oa tbe ootalde of tbe prlaoa. Tbe following la a daacrlptloa of tbe prlsoeer, who it la thought is at pnaoat raairslsd unit where in tbla city : Lieut. Dunnot la 35 yean old. | feet lacbea high, slim build, rather pale coaaptexlaa, black hair, dark whiskers aad moustache, (may hsve shaved them off,) tbla face, black eyea, straight aoldlerly appearance; wore a blue, laeaeaack coat and usually a brown Kossuth bat aad Mack panto a*crr?D our. Laat nlgbt, at M* o'clock, la puraoaaoe of ordera from Major Geaeral McClellan, Pro vast Marshal General Porter aeat a detachment of bla guard to Wlllard'a Hotel, and took lata custody ex-Colonel J. D. McCuan, late ef tbe Thirtyseventh New York Volaateen He waa next cea eyed to tbe depot, wben be waa kept until tbe earliest train of tbla moraiag departed foe tbe North On that bo wu placed, with a noUkcatloa that if caught in Washington agala during tbe exlatlag condition of things, be would be placed In lrona and aoliUry confinement until It mlgh be prudent to let him go at large. Hla arrest and deportation we believe to bare been occasioned by tbe fact that since bla resignation. under a cloud, be has been a nuisance aad unmitigated annorance la the camps oa both sides of tbe river; bis vacation in this region seeming to be only to stir up In thcae of tbe srmy disposed to listen to him, a mutinous spirit Doubtless tbe Major General Commanding proposes to dlapose of more such persons wbo an la tbe way of strict discipline and soldierly coaduct on tbe part of tbe srmy, after tbe same fashloa. mraoria aimrM or passes. Provost Marshal Gen Porter requests as to npublish tbe follow!ag Important Genenl Order from Msjor Genenl McClellaa , and to sdd, that hereafter he (tbe Provost Manhai) designs to bring to punishment every ofllcer who may gnat Improper passes to either subordinate officers or men : Headquarter t Dtmto* of the Pctomar, > Washington, July 30, 1881. C General Orders, No 2 ? The General commanding the Divlslaa be* with much regret, obeerved that large number* of officers and men atatloned in the vicinity of Washington are In the habit of ftrqnentins tbe street and hotels of the city. This practice is eminently prejudiolsl to good order and military discipline, and must at once be discontinued. The time and aervlces of all persona connected with thia Divi?lon should be devofd to their appropriate dutiea with their respective commands It Is therefore directed, thst hereafter, no oficrr or soldier be allowed to absent himself from his camp and visit Washington, except for the performance ol some pub!i<? duty, or for tbe traneaction of important private business, for which purposes written permits will be given by the coiniriandcn of brlgadea. The permit will state the ubjeet of tbe visit Brigade commanders will be beld responsible for tbo strict exec ution of this order Colonel Andrew Porter, l?th U 8 Infantry, Is detailed fur temporary duty as Provost Marshal In Waabington, scd will be obeyed and respectfed accordingly Colonel Porter will report In person at thsee Headquarten for instructions By command of Major General MeClellan: Seth Williams, Assistant Adjutaat General. xenons AFLOAT. We have rumors to-day of an attempt of tbe enemy yest*rday to cross tbe river opposite tbe command of General Stone, and their nputee with conaidenble loss. The affair, If It has aay foundstion whatever, could not have been anything more than a aklrmlah of Inconsiderable parties, as nothing ha* been besrd of it at head quarters. We also tears rumor tbst two companies of the enemy came within tbe United States liaea yesterday, on the other side of tbe river, and aurrendered We do not believe It, because aotblag of the sort is known st the War Department or headquarters here. As Asa't Adjutant Generals of Volunteers. Vis Capt. Charles Kingsbury, for Gen. Reynold's brigade. Capt. E Sparrow, for Gen. Franklin's brigade. Cspt Frederick D Sewall, for Gen Howard's brigade. Capt. Edward C. Balrd, for Gen. Meade's brigade. Capt Henry W. Smith, for Gen. Carey's brigade Cspt. John R. Howard, ald-ds-camp to Geaeral Fremont. Chaa. D. Allegood, military storekeeper,Quartermaster's department, transferred from the Ordnance department. Wm. C. McCsll, of N. J., appointed captain of 14th infantry. Joseph M. Locke, of Ohio, sppointed captain of 11 h infantry. Edward Martindale appointed Commissary of Subsistence for volunteers, with the rank of Captain. A GEAHD EE VIEW. This forenoon, a portion of the troops under the command of Genenl Fnaklla, to which Genera 1 Blencker'a so well known brigade 1? attached, was reviewed by Msjor Genenl McClellaa, attended by bis staff In fuM uniform. The review took place near tbe point around whlcb the dlvislon la at present stationed The Prince de Jolnvllle, Dae de Chartres, sod Count de Paria, (who reached Waahlagtoo last evening,) accompanied bv Mr Secretary of State Seward, were present at tbe review, which, we bear, w>as msgnificent ene and highly creditable in a military point of view. EKECTE AT TEUMALLTTOWB. [Special correepondence of The Star ] Tenballttowm, Sept It, 1881.?An emrute occurred hen last night, and at ooe time threatened to be a very serious affair. A eergean t of the Sixth Pennsylvania Regiment went la citlsaa's dreas into Conrad's tavern, aad after drinking got into some difficulty, when be was ejected la a summary manner by the barkeeper, Jas Collins, aad a resident of this village. la a short date after, wards s great auasbar of members of the Sixth Regiment gathered la sad about tbe prsmMie, and threatened to tear or bura dowa the hsaai They had the berkeeper (Collias) dowa at aaa time, and a bowle knife la alaraalag proximity to his tbrost, but the bystaaden interfered, aad be Bade his escape through a trap deara lata the cellar, cloaing the door after bias. Tbe affair assumed such ssrioos proportions that it was found aeeesaarv te call out (hree 00mpan lea of the Third PenBsylvaaia Reg!meat to eaforoe order. Tbe ofllcer of the night several ttaes gave orders te fin, which, If tbey had beea sWyrd, would probably have led to ooastdonhte k*a of life Order waa fiaally restored, bat the disaffected men still threatea te wreak summary veagaace to-day or to-alght oa the proprietor of tbehouae aad his assistants. LATBS T NEW^BT TELEGRAPH FIGHTING AT L?Xlfl?TOII, MISSOURI. SEVERE LOSSES REPORT AS. Jxrreason Citt, Sep* i??A courier from Lexington brings tbe faUawlag latailigeace, which la credited by the commanding oMoer Gea. Price commenced as attack w the mtrenchasests at Lexlagtaa, commasded by Col. MuUlgaa, ea Moaday. Price assaaltsd the werks all day leag, but eras n pulsed with as vara tea* The fight waa renewed ea Tuesday moral ng It waa, however, but feebly sustained st the tinta tbe Coarter left these Gea Lane was at Johastowa with two er three thousand men. marching to the relief ?*f Letlag* tOft. Tbe rebel lees fta Moaday la rep?<?d ?J? aad that of tbe Federal treepf at *M ruts report Is probably araeh exa^gere?(d