1 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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"THE EVENING STAR m PUBLISHED BVBRT APTBRNOON, <<*(jn 1)ay excepted.) at tub star buildings, Conm> / Pi**>ftv*n\a iimm tmd EUvtntk it. T W. D. WALLACH. Paper* served In package* toy carrier* it Ml !?i, or 37 cento per month. To nail subecrVber* tbe prleo latSKi fear, tn mdvm; 9* for tlx months; 91 for thrr? mcmtb*; and for lea* thaa three moatb* at tbe rale of IS cento a week. Staff le ooptea, oaa canr; la wrapper*, two cairr*. IET Advibtimmbst* should be *ent to Uud oSce before 19 o'clock na; otherwise tbey may not appear aatil tbe next day. . RIFLE PRACTICE ftharpsh**ttag of the Eagllah Velaatecr*. A pleasant writer in "All tbe Year Round" thus describe* a day's practice in rifle-shootin* The target, a stout canraf strained on two Eoles, ia hang between two strong saplins, and lows tight with the wind, which, by-the-by, is a little too strong for rifle-shooting, bnt will not deflect the ballets much at the shorter ranees The canvu is a square, St. Ives says, with true volunteer unction, that represents the height and width of a column of men three deep. Laey all this time is tightening the target and patching with white paper circles the rough edge perforations torn by the bulleta of his master's last night's practioe. The keeper now takes to his burrow, as we shonldtr oar rifles and'pace back to the two-hundredyard post. St. Ives opens his large leather pouch, (remarkable for holding thirty rounds,) and takes oat a government cartridge. He twists off one ;n?A ?k_ .;a. k..m.n ?uut pvuil IUW kUO UUO'USIIOI OUi?ll uuoo of large flaky-grained powder, slips in the greased ballet, levers off the sloaghing paper, drives home the pointed lead with a strong gentle pleasure of the eap like end of his steel ramr?d, pats the little copper hat of a cap on the nipple, and full obcks. I, on the other band, load on a different recipe. I poor in the powder from a born, through a small measuring tin filter, to ensure the exact quantity of a oharge. Then, I take out my thimble shaped conicle bullet, plaoe the bottom of it on a greased circle of thin linen, and drive it into the gun. We are both loaded. Yonder, beyond the rude hills and furse bushes, right against the dark redoubt of elay and turf, is the target, lookiiy; about as big as an archery target; the black wafer in the sentre about as large as the erown of a large hat. While St. Ives makes ready I throw myself on the parched grixzly turf, (slightly thistly, by-the-oye.) and look up to freshen my eyes at the great snow mountains of cloud. ' Those mighty fragment* rent away From tome white Alp of yesterday " The larks ere singing overhead. The blackbirds answer them trom the plantation on the kill St. Ives is now in a superb position; bis left arm on bis chest and quite under the gun, so that the barrel is embedded firm and steady in the palm of his left b^nd; bis rigbt arm is rec tangular, and kept well out. The back and foreaight are in splendid line. The barrel dues not waver nor tremble a hair's breadth; it might be a bar of steel riveted into a stone wall. The keeper went under cover when I threw up mj felt just now. There is a dead silence. St. Ives nolds his breath and presses the trigger gently but firmly?a jerk or bend forwardfrom anxiety would ruin the aim. T)--.- I A - -? m.? T - * xjaug . n. uiiu m.uKTj jet ui are, m pun 01 backward-blown smoke, a ping ' a whix! than a curious aoho as of an axe coining down on a wood-block; a alight ripping sound as of torn canvas, and a spirit of dost in the butt'immediataly behind the target. ' A centre. I'll bet a fiver, though I aay it that shouldn't say it!" says St. Ires, keeping his gun for a momeat in position. The keeper emerges from his troglodyte cave and lumbers to the target. He looks a moment, then returns to his burrow. ** A miss !" said I. " Not it," replied St. Ives, quietly ringing down his ramrod. " I know ail his more*. He's only goDe back to get his rule to measure if it is a centre or a bull s eye." The keeper wave* the blue flag ?St. Ives's was a centre. Now, as this wu one of my first day's rifle practiees, I may as well confess that the art is not an easy one?cool head, iron nervea, strong wrist, keen, true eye, much thought and observation, and all these things aided by constant practice are needed to make a good rifle shot- The quick instinct and partnership of eye and hand is all very well for a partridge or rabbit shot, bat here other qualities are required The distance* are so long that an error of the smallest fraction of an inch in the aim throws the bullet ap or down many yards. At first it seems almost impossible to keep a rifle weighing eight pounds steady, in a difficult position; anxiety, moreover, is as detrimental to good aim as carelessness or even incompetence. Then, the wind and any fault of one's gun hare both studiously to be provided for. It is often aeoeasary, too, purpo ely to aim a little too low or too high to allow for the involuntary jerk up of the rifle barrel in firing. I have slipped the bar of the back sight to the little figure* 200. I make ready, I present. I feel the little nib of the fore sight eoming up over the horiton of the notch or gap in the backsight, and both telling against the black wafer. I try to get an aim dead in the center, bat I feel the barrel waver. I wish I had pulled on my firat instinct Slowly I readjust it. I remember my breath. I press the trigger in dead silence. Again the oraok, rush, | and billet ohopping echo. " High to the right," Mid St. Itm. ' L.**w it kit. Half the bulleta flred fell away to the right. Yoa eas correct that, partly bj making rest of the (ling, and twistiL^ jour elbow in it " The keeper, without going to the target, wared a white flag. We Are *ix more bulleta, all either whites or bluea, except one ball'a eje of St. Itm's, at two handrail, and then we more backward to the three hundred jarda?a distance generally found peculiarly difficult bj volunteer*. W e more the bara of our reat up to the reAm/jiatanaa " Patch," roars St. Itm to the keeper Out far? tumble#, past?box in hand, and is toon buy at werk Oar gun barrels now begin to gat beemircbed about tba breeob, tba nipples are black and moist at the tip*; while at the masxLas there are little spit* and frothings of red, the result of the ftred grease from the cartridges. The target now looks scarcely bigger than the door of a hackney-ooaoh; the black wafer, too, eoatraets St. Ires lies on his stomach, like a deer-stalker, and Ares; or he kneels on his loft heel and makes a Arm rest of his el bo* on his left kBM. We look at each ballet as it emerges, clean and bright, from iu paper ehrysalis, with lander *olioit?d St. Ires is fear above me. and the distance is increasing; bat I get steadier, and begin to feel an instinct when I shall hit and how my aim is. We now wo longer hear the rip of the cloth, aid hare to trast entirely to the keeper and his three flags. At this moment 8t Itm, who has been looking aboat the grass in an obeerrant way, suddenly directs my alter Uon to a large grassy molehill some four feat in diameter, whieh one of yeetarday's Minie ballets has piereed with as clean and exaot a perforation as a punch makeain a card. The Dullet has ciercea some two feat ef solid earth, and has left at coin* in and going oat, ealy n little a pit of duat to mark iu terrible puun Buk erawla tbe keeper, up Aim my wideawake. In a moment Lacy'abead peera wer tbe rampart; and uojrua barrel become* boriaoatal it diaappeara with extreme rapidity. Tkia time I aim too low, and the ball aparn* tka doat three feet from the left target-poet. V Too low, bat a food bee-line," sa/a St.Irea, enooarariagly. la begianiag leas dietaneea tome rile inatroetore teach joa ta ooamenoe by trine a little abort till, yon cat the true pnaeipleof tbe line. Now for a specially good one? Powder, every grain in, gna wiped and ragged oat -fret, ballet trae and well aeat borne, oay preeeed irmly oa aipple, eight looked to for eertotety. I am tolerably save of tbe target tinnarrhara tba ealy aaeetfea to * *kit?. Mae or red I will fir* qaiok; jaa? trifle lew, take oar* to pall the trigger riowty and witkevl jerk, aad art to out ap th? barrel la palling i take a good middle tight, and aim low. Cr"<k' I to more than aure my aim waj true aad earafal" iiarvak! a red lag: it la a toll'a aye. The - # ' 9 / * * j? * # - _____ ? ' - .... (Ebmittg ?in r. V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 1. 1861. N?. 2.688. first I ever gained at 300 yards, and only my second day's shooting at that distance. ''A flake," sneers my evil genius of distrust. "A splendid shot," whispers my evil genius of self-conceit. Decidedly improving," says St. Ives; ''surer and more intelligent shooting; more understanding of the necessary allowances." I get fonder of my weapon now, because I begin to understand better its tremendous powers, its foibles, its necessities, and to appreciate its fidelity to all who compel it to be their slave. " Cut now," says St. Ives, "let us walk up and see how the target loots, and what the tendency of to-day's bullets is." So we went, passing, thirty yards off, a still smeking wad. The great white butterflies left the pink germander flowers to hover round us like fussy parasites as we walked. it V... ~ 1: :_ M ? i it i vi j (ueu; practice air, saia me Keeper, looking round from where he is kneeling before the target, busy with his patches. We examined the target as if it had been a cfeirt, and we were trying to discover a new northwest passage We extracted some curious facta from the research. One of my bullets had entered the same hole as that of one of St. Ivw'a, and had merely torn it larger. We had also a similar tie in the lower'pole of the target, out of which the unanimous pair had gouged pieces of deal as thick as a man's thnn^>. We then went to the other side of the target to see what the bullets had done there. We found the turf cut in grooved lines some two feet long; in the loose earthen part of the turf the bulleti had torn and twisted the soil into small superficial rat-boles, but in the chalk and aolid clay they had penetrated deeper Anrl mnrA lnn?ihi^ina11w nnrl ?mw(? ivu^ivuuiuaii j ) bum w iuu urjn il sometimes of twelve inches: for we probed the wounds with oar steel ramrods, and then cut down to the bullets with our knives. The bullets thus extracted were in various conditions; some were smooth, and lit to fire again at once without even a greased patcb; others were blunted at the point. Some were mere flat pellets; others, jammed into flints, were bruised into quite a square shapo. Considering that nearly all our straj ballets, even if they had missed the head of an enemy's column, would certainly have plumned on the rear ranks, what destruction we alone (I, too, a mere beginner) might have done that day from a rifle pit, had that target been but living invaders of old England ! Iacidents ef the War. When Floyd's Camp near Gauley Bridge, was broken up, the Federal troops took posses 8ion of a number of carpet bags, and other "baggage," containing some rich correspondence, among which was the following production, which was embossed and enclosed in a highly scented white envelope, wherein the fair and loving maid dispatched it to that "genuine itinerant Methodist minister," who, by the way, will please embrace the earliest opportunity to thank us for itcratching out his last name: Nov the 18 I860 Rev. Wm. H. Dear: in high esteem your very welcome letters arrived indue time, which were pleasant visitant, it was truely gratifyA^ f 1 J _ * ? lug ui near ui me aouoaaDce 01 good LQlOgS you are blessed with in N. Carolina. I recon Egypt will certainly divide with Canaan Well Parson I suppose you are in the old Dominion state this year among polished characters. I don't know how you can think of the plain people in Fentress Tennessee. 1 would just say as it regard my useing tobaeco it is altogether a false supposition. I protest the use of tobacco in every shape and f >rm, ?o enough on that subject. Dear I appreciate you as a genuine Itinerant Methodist minister and will take pleasure in any written correspondence with you. There has been revivals on this mission since you left. We expect Parson at his appointment. m ?? K * wen nearest we are many miles apart Oh! the deep between us roll the rough Ilills which intervene between you A I. yet all thingi are possible in the sight of the Lord. May the good Lord bless the my dearest I hope you will find friendes that will treat you kindly. Oh! that this may be a glorious Conference year. Yon are still remembered by Rebecca. Things are going on smoothly. Mary is primping and firing herself looking for her beaugh. Dear me! Clear the way, move the irhlirt. A mult#* rnnm Wall Pawn I mast now close by soliciting your prayers in my behalf. Respond to this the first opportunity. Fere?wall this time Rebbcca ******* Oh! I remember how vou looked Remember well your silvery Tone And placid smile of sweetest love Tcough many hours have rapid flown The -Yankee" correspondent who unearthed this billet-doux, adds: There are hundieds of just such letters lying around. There are poeiioal effusions by the doien. such as, uome let's go North and snub the Yankee pride, So jump tulo the wagon and we'll all take a rid-," ana so on for two hundred dreary lines; there are reports of the "Philadelphia Howard Aseociatien, ' and ample supplies of their wares; and bere and there we nave a mother's touching letter, which after reading a sentence or two, we fold up and lay reverently away, feeling that though the frightened son has abandoned the precious burden of a mother's hopes and prayers, it is at notified from every profane touch and alien eye. A* America* Wateb-Plamt.?The anglers of Great Britian are again in tribulation, and this time the boatmen concur with them in denouncing the cause. A little while ago the wans incurred the anathemas of the disoiples of "Old Isaac," and a huge outcry was set up against these "overgrown geese." as they were ealled, for devouring peroh spawn. It was aliased that thev robbM down mvriuii nflm. mature fishes, an<! that used up the brethren of the rod, "hook and line," if we maj to peak. Bat the swans have had a awift revenge. It is now diaeovered that some time ainoe, there wu imported from thia country into England an aquatio plant oalled the Anarchis Alsitiastruni. Those who supplied planU for aquariuma sold thia among tnem. and the parcbasers very aoon found that, if they had it, there waa no neoeaity fer any other. At the Cambridge Botanical Garden it aoon filled a pond almost olid; and it waa introduced by a Mr. Babington into a stream which rana into the Cam. The river waa aoon so fall of the weed that the boating atadents of the aniveraity named it the BatiHgtonia Damno ~a. Fancy a land savan introducing the Canada thistle into some agricultural district where it was before unknown, and you can form aomOdea of the experiment of the water tavan* with the American weed. It is bow declared that swans are very fond of thia nlant. and that onl v hv tH*ir m??m l? be* kept in ebeok; so we suppose the fishermen mast ebooM between the "overgrown geese'' and the Anarchii Alsinasirum, alias "Bahtngtonia Da-mnosa."?Wtiiet' Spirit. Old If acFailaws ?Among the Tenneeseeans now la camp In Kentucky is e lttti* fellow about In fe*t four laches, with grey and grluled bt-ard, dilapidated bom, aad an eye aa keen as a lahhawa's The manner ef his escape w*a remarkable aad highly Ingenious. He beaded a Urge squad of hie sskaaw. aad dadsd the Rebel pfekafebr wearing b<g sheep's bell oa blsbesd. 4 ble?tlag awajr otm tbe moantolu, follows by bard of a>en wba did llkewtae. By this t atagem ha deeelerd the Rebel acouta, and pawed wlthla a few feat af tbew tbraacb ona of the w?at Inpartaat muataln pawea. O d Macferlaae (fee thlate the name af the bare of thebeila) tboa woa the aebrlqoet of "tbe bell another," by which at me he pawea all through tbe cam pa He la ? rough and good-humored old man, with a full aupply of mother wit, and speak a trf himself aa '-under alfe and over age for a soldier,'' wblb be l>*eral>y la Tbe number of staves la Mlaaeurt, la 1800, waa about liO.Ouw, e? a little mar? than eoe-taath of tbe entire population. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Treasury Departmknt. Sept. 14, 1861. Thk Proposal* for supplying the Treasury Department with Stationery heretofore offered being unwv:ufactory, new aes ed proposals tor such supply, for the o?rrent fiscal 'earonding June Ji. V?2. will he received until 12 o'clock M. on Saturday, the 5th day of October proximo Proposals, uraccompauiad with satisfactory saarantees for the fulfilment of the oontraot, will not he considered, and ooctracts will be awarded only to M'ablished mauufacturors of or dealers in the abides. A I! the articles must be of the very best quality, and samples, w.'A the respective pr-ees attached to each sample, must aocompany eaoii bid. The samples of the party to whom the oontraot may be awarded will be paid for by the Department; those of the unsuooessful bidders will be returned to them. The|*amp|es furnisher by biddrrs under loraer advertisement wi<l be paid for by the Department at the prices mentioned in their respective offers. Each proposal must be signed by the Individual or fim m&kinc it, and must specify a prioe,ard uue prion, iot t&on ana every article oontamed in the schedule. All the artiales fnrnish?d will be repaired to be like the samples iub>nitted, wlaoh will be retained for oompan*on;anl must be < eiivered without dela*, wh?n ordered, to the aatisfaition of tho bead of the offioe for wtiioh they ar? requret1. The D?partm*nt, in ths examination of the proposal* tha; may be made for stationery, wi'l not he goveru?i by the aggregate Qf the lowest offer in awarding the contract, but will have regard to the amount of each article used by it for which the lowest price may be proposed. The Department re?erves the right of ordering a greater or less quantity ofeaoh and every artiele oontraoted for, as the publio service may require. Supplying an infer or artiole at any time will be deemed sufficient cause forthwith to annul the oontraot Bonds, with approved security, to be given by the pernios oontractin*: and ir caso of alailure to supply the articles required, the contractors and sureties shall be liable for the forfeiture speoiiied In such bond as liquidated damages. The mhj ined list rpecifiea, as eearly as oane be done, the am-'unt. quality, and description of each of the kind of ar'ioles required. tem. Class No. I?Paper. 1. 150 reams white cap paper, machine made, faintlined, and trimmed, of the be?t qua'ity. 2. 2" reams cap paper, blue laid.faint lined.kcown at desra'oh or ooLsular pap*r, of the very be?t quality 3. 'earns white law nan n?.r?r ??,? fini.v. hfftvy. machine ma?l?, faint-lined, and tmnmed, of the very l>?at qua'ity. 4 (500 reams quarto po?t, machine m&tlo, white, plain, faint-.ined on three (idea, ot the beat quality 5. 20 reams quarto post, white, faint lined four aide*,and of the very beat qua itr 6 5" reams quarto post, h ue, faint lined on three si(l %s, of the best quality 7. 50rpams qua'to post, F. ench. faint-lined three sides, of the very best quality 8. 50 reams white nota paper, hichlv glazed, ha-d calendered, faint liued on three sides, of the very beat quality 9. 25 reams white note paper, plain, of the very best quality 10. 50 reama nravy white medium paper, for booka, of the very best quality 11. 50 reams heavy whito royal paper, for booka of V. - I. * hi * vn y urn <| [ltl llj 12. 50 reams ne*vy white super royal paper, for booka, ?f the very beat quality 13 100 reams copying paper, of the very beat quality. color, and style 14. 50 reams heavy, highly glaz*d, and hard oalen dered envelope psper, royal, yellow, or buff, of the very heat quality 15. 50 retnta heavy envelop* paper, auper-royal, hard oalendered, am highly glazed, yellow or buff, of the very Mat quality 16. 50 ream a la ge brown envelops paper, of the beat quality, strong and well made 17. 30 r*ams royal blotting paper, of the very beet quality, style, and color. Kaoh item of th? above olass mast he accompaniod with a sample of half a ream, or on* package, ?h?n not packed in na f earns, and the bids must state the pr.ce per ream delivered at the Department. ,t'm- Class 2.?Envelopen. 1. 500 M adhesive ervflopee. win a, yellow or bufToolorrd, heavj sru >o h aud thiok, with full pooke a. official sizos. of the three (flowing sizes: 81-3 by 3 3 4. 9by 4 and l"by 4 i?.ohes: Brio* to he r.ame?l for > a?h size auc oolor, of le best quality th%t is made 3. 1(0 M full pooket adneeive *nvelope?, of the proper ?txe to- quarto post, white, yellow, or huff, heavy, smooth and thick, of the very beat quality 3 100 M full pocket adhesive enve'opeg, o. the proper size for the note papsr, white, yel# iv?*i vi uuu iioavy, iiuuiii QUU (OiOt* UI the very be*t quality. Each color of each item of the above olass must be accompanied by a sample of one tmkaee, and the price mast be stated for ra.'h size aiid ool >r. They muet all bo made ndnesive and xumired a proper distance e&oh aide of the oente- iappels. wi n full pocket*, nn-i the lower l&ppel welt and eourely gu nmcd to the pocket. ,'?m C1 a*s 3.?Pens. 1. 10 dozen gold pens, of the beat kind and quality 2. 10 dozen cold pens in silver oases, with everpointed penoi's, of the best kind and quality 3 yx> dozen steel pens oi the beet makers and quality 4 20 M aaills of the very best qna:lty. For alt the item; < f o ass 3, except item 3, in the a ?U-. *W- K. J?1 ? - ? - " - - - * w -v?u urvo MI? U1UUDI IB U?H r0BU I'*T FHI lO Zk pirUOnl\r man u fact <1 re but samples of different m kers, with t*>e price <>f each, ma- be submitted.the J>op<rtm-?iit will re ot wh oh it d"ems the best, he pnoe quality, and fitness for the service Iwing all oonsidered. K*m- Claw 4.?Pencils. 1. 300 dozen Faber'a best black lead penoila, Nos. 1. 2, 3 and 4 2. an dozen red and blue lead pecoila of the best quality 3 20 dozen ivory propelling pfoils, of Mears, or others of lilce quality, with box of lead for each. One dozen of each kind of class ? irust be submitted ai samples. U?m. CI ass 5.?Ink, Inkstands, and Waftrt. 1. 12 dozen Fry's in proved patent American i uk stand 2. lidosou CTS'-iron inkpta^ds 3. 12 dozen red inkstands w.th ground glass stopfeis 4. ?? quart bott'esof the best oopyiig ink, sample bo ties to Oe submitted,ofthe best quail 5 300 quart bottle* of the best black ink 6. ltK) W>ttles oeat blue ink. sample to be eubmitted 7. 300 bottles carmine isk, Fr-noh, small size, in glaaa bottle-, witn ground class stoppers ft. 1,000 ,ar<e red wafers, for D< partmeot seal 9, loo pounds beat extra acpertice scarlet aealinc wax. For all tne a'tiolea in ola?? 5 suitable and en veaient samples must be submitted, with priee attached to each. Uexo. Claaa 8.?Cutlery and Miscellaneous Articles. L SO dozen Rodcera ana Hon's genuine, or e^ual, erasera, with ivors handiea 9. 50 dozen Rodgera and Sou'a genuine, or equal, four bladed knives, witn atag and pearl handlea 3. 11 dozen ivory handle wafer stamps i 6 dozen larse effiae aheara, of the very beat tua ity 5. 6 dozen ofioe aoissors, of the very beat quality 8. 100 apeola of the very beat quality of red linen t%p6 7. 100 oosen of the beat auality of red linen tape 8. <0 dozen atlk tape or aaaorted oo ora, in hanka 9. 8 doz n ivor? peunoe boxea in. ? aomen ngnumvitse pounce bazei 11. 6 dozen coooa or box and aand boxes, of the best shape and quality 12. 8 dozen ooooa or box and wafer boxes, ol the best shape and quality 13. ?9p-?unda prepared India robber, of amtable sizes 14 30 quarts black sand 15. 5 ODue'i pounce e 300 pounds strouf linen twine 17. 13 dozen round ruKrs assorted It 13 dozen, flat rulers assorted 19. 30 dozen 9 tneh ivorj tolders 3D. an dozen pen-holders, a? orted 31. & boxes ?maii eyelets. French Zt J5 boxes large eyelets, French. For all the artioles in ola s 6 suitable and oonve nient samples must be submitted, with price attached to saoh; and the prioe in all case- mnrtts ehid* tkt dtlirtry a/ tk* articles as the Dspirtmtnt. sep 16 3awi5oot NO TICK! NOTICE! NOTICE!!! M. WILLI AN having taken the store formerly ocenpied by Mr. R. c Stbvzhs, 336 Peno*y \ auia avenue, between 9th acd /luth eta., will <<n u it uo nuu 'ii, iota mat, wua a new (took of I-ALL GOODS oompriaing? Preoqh Bonnets, Cloaks, Drew and Cloak TrimH t D( I, Flo vara. Feathers. Ribands, Embroideries, rai?, Head UreuM, Wreatka, Keel and French Laoes. ate.. ate I avail myself to ofer to tbe la lies a largo and wall-seleoted stock? every article being imported hr myself?at moderate prices

rrr Dresses, Cloak* and Bonnets made to order. M WILLI AN. Importer, ae IS W Peaaeylvania aveaae. 0^c^^D.TOA2SL8&ViiV GOODS, for aae kere or at koaa, are ?ol totted to iaapeet oar extensive a took ; ao ubligstioe to pnrvKAtrsk*1. All parcels for tka interior aae rely and properly paoked, ft?e of okarie. PERRY * BROTHER. Pa. aveaae aad Nmtn , ae31 ?t ' ^arrt HalMina." INUl* RUBBER -An C( <* if Ate MIMI ItthlvMHl PROPOSALS FOR INDIAN &OODS. Dbfaktxxnt O? IH* IRTSSIOE, ( Qfit* Indian Affairs, Stpttmber 21, W61.\ Skaled Proposals, endorsed " Proposals for InflianGooda," (Clasa 1,2,3 or 4 as the oa?e may be,l to be delivered in the city of New York, will be reoelv*d at the Offioe of Indian Affairs until 10 o'olook a. m , on Satpbbat, the 12th day of Ootobor next, for tarnishing the following uameil arUolM: Class No. 1. Mackinac Blankets, Cloths, and Dry Goods. 2 000 pairs 3 point white Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds 2,500 pairs 2X-p nnt white Ma?kina-j tilansets, to measure 64 by C6 inches.and w?igh 6 pounds 1/W0 pairs 2-poir.t white Mackmao blankets, to measure 42 by 56 inehes, and weich 5Jf lbs. 800 pairs IH roint white Maokinao blankets, io meaiure 36 by 50 inohea. an J weigh 4% iba. y0 pair* 1 point .white Mackinac b ankets, to me? ure 32 by 46 inohea, and weigh 31< lba 300 pair* 3 point *?ar]?t Maokinao Llanketa, to measure 60 by 72 in?h"s, and weigh 8 pounds 30# pairs 2)6 point scarlet Mackinac b a^ke s, <o measure 54 by 66 inch"*, and weigh 6 pounds 250 pa'rs 2 pyint scarlet Maokinao bianke a. to measure 42 tj 56 inchea, and weigh S\ lba. 25-1 pair a 1 point scarlet Mackir.ao blank ta, to measure 32 bj 4S iachea, and we'rh 3Ja lba. 100 patra 3H-p?i<" gr?on Mackinac bKnse's, to meakure6^bf 84 inah^s.and weich 10 lba. 600 paira 3 point green Mackinac blankets, to measuae 60 by 72 inohea, and weigh * pounda 600 paira 2K point green Mackinac biarkets, to inaasuie 54 by 66 lcohaa, and weigh 6 pound* 200 pairs ap point indigo blue M aokiuao bUn kJts, tu measure 66 by 84 incues, and weigh 10 pouo<la 3D0 pairs 3-point indigo blue Mackinac blanket*, to measure 60 by 72 inohea, and weigh 8 iba. 200 raira 2H-P"int indigo blue Mackn.ai blanketa. to meaaure 54 by 69 inanea.and weigh 6 po?D<i? 200 paira 3K-pomt eentinel'a blue Maokinao blanketa, to meaaure 66 by 84 inohea, and weigh lOpounds 300 paira 3 point gentinella bine Maokicao blankets, to meaaure 60 by 72 inehea. and weigh 8 poutfN 400 pairs 2^ point gentinella bine Maekinao blankeu, to meaaure 54 by 66 inohea, and weigh 6 pounds 250 pairs 2-pcint gentinel1a bine Mackinac blankets, to measure 42 by 56 inohea, and weigh pon*da 300 pairs IK point gentinella blue Mackinac blankets, to meaaure 36 by 5o inohea, and wtigh 4A< pounda 150 paira 1-foint gentinella blue Maekinao blanketa, to measure 32 by 46 inohea, and weigh 3>? pounds. 4,wo yaida lano* liat blue oloth 5"0 do do green oloth O AAA A** ! I. I - -a ui '-lL 1 *,"? UU licy IIFI U1UO D!Uin 2,0 "0 do saved lut blue cioth l.Ono do do scarlet cloth j 1,200 do do green oloth loo pounds worsted yarn,13 fold) inn dozen ootton flag i.andkerohiefs loo do fancy ootton 50 do black silk loo do 8 4 ootton shawl? lo do 6 4 do 60 do 4 4 do ino do 8 4 woolen do fiftfi pound* linen thread. No. 40 50 cost wonted gartering 40.000 yards oalioo 25 ono do Merrimao oalioo 7,000 do Turkey red calico 2xoco do blue drilling 10,100 do nsnaburgs 7 5"0 do brown drilling 5 ou) do Geortia stripes 5 0(o do blnednims 5 ooo do ootton&de 12 5U0 do bed ticking 6.000 do Kentucky jeans 1 5<0 di satinetts 10,0(*f do plaid linseys 2 5>?) do b eaohed shirting 15 <*?i do domestic shirting, unbleached looo) do do sheeting, do 3,003 do b! eaohed do 10,000 do brown ootton duok Ki,(i<o do checks, stripes, and plaids 2,(?0 do tla net*, assorted 1 ,?<io pound* ootton thread l,?no do brown killing twine, No. 30 8?o do ootton maitre 1,5"? twilled flannel shirts 1,500 oalioo shirt* 2"*i dosen hickory sht'ts 103 no Madras han kerchiefs. i/Liia iio. v. Ready mad? Clothing. 175 frock ooats, indigo blue broadcloth 175 pautaioona, do do 50 indigo blue Maokinao blanket capotsa 175 blue eatinett ooa a 175 do panta'oona 75 cadet- mixed aatmett coats 75 do do pan'aloona 275gray aatmettooati, (tack) 275 do pantaloous 275 do veata. CLAaa No. 3. Hardware, Agricultural lmpltments, fc. 4,000 pounda braaa kettles 40n tin kettles, (-5 tizea) 125 neat* Japanned kettlea, (8 in a nest) 275 namp kettlea, (3 aiiei) l^&dosen 2 quart tin r??? 150 dozen 3 quart tin Dans 30 do 8 quart do 375 do tin cups no do udav t*li 711 do fish hook* 2-0 do 1*h lines 750 gross ntedles, assorted 375 dozen ooarae tooth comlm 75 do fine tootb oombs 50 oo scissors 2>0 do sh are 25 do grubbmg hoes 25 do wesding hoee 150 drawing knives, 10 inches hand saw* loo dozen hand saw files, 4K inobea 5 do shovels 25 do spades 750 short hand e fry-pans 25 dozen basting spoons 200 do i.on table spoons 2.1 do ax->s, to weigh t<> 6X ponnds loo do hair axes to weigh 3 pounds, (with handles) inn *o zlno mirrors 1<<0 do fire steels 100 pounds orass wire 100 do best Ch nese vermillion. Goods of Amerioan manufacture of the required styles and quality will be preferred; but as the samples of blankets and oloths are foreign fabrics, it will b? neo*saary, in proposing a domestio artiole of either of those kinds that a sample thereof shall aooompany the bid. '1 he artiolesto t>e furnished must in all respects oonform to and be equal with the Government samD AI vhio.h m? w ha uaan a * r? w .??/ >/w ?wu ? ?ui? uuioe uo tna alter the first of Oototier next. The artiolet will be rigidly inspected ard compared witn the samples h? an agent or agenta appointed for that purpose. Suoh aa ma; be unequal thereto in any particular will be rejeot-d, in wh oh oane the oontraotor will lie bound to furniah other* ol the required kind or quiiity within tnr-e days; or, if that be not done, they will be purchased at bis expense. Paymeut will be made (or the goods received on invoioea thereof, oertified Ky the agent or agents appointed to inspect them It is to be understood that ?h* right will be re served to require a greater or lees quant ty of auy of the artioles named than that rpeoih-d in the above schedule; and all bids for furnishing said artio ei may be 'ejected at the option o< the Ln> partment; ana that none from persons whe have foiled to oomgly wi'li the requirements ot a previous contract with the United States, or who are not manufacturers or wholesale d?a era in the required artiolea, w'lll be considered; and the fact that bidders are saoh manufacturers or dealers must be evidenced by the certificate of the collector ol the port where thev reside, or where it is proposed to deliver the artiolea The proposals most embrace the artiolee, with the qualities thereof as they are arranged in the so bed ale, with the prioee annexed to eaon, m dollars and oents, at wnioh they are to be famished; and the amounts must be oarried oat acd footed up for each olass t?aid prioee and amoants mast be so givet, without any modification, < r proposed modification, or variation whatever. They sboald I be submitted with the following head* ns: ll|<A. ? V W " ^ ' * . ,ui mm, nsrevj pri>poae io lurniio ror the aervioeof the Indian Department. and aooording to the terms of i'a advertiaement thereof, dated Slut September, 1861, the following artiofee, at the frioes thereto fixed, (here ioeert the list aooorJ;cg j tti?via?a or olMa<*e proposed for.) deliverable in the <flty of New Vork by too first day of April next, or at sioh time or times during the year IMS as may be ordered by the Commissioner of in<tiaa Affairs: and, if thi? proposal bj aooepted, (here intert the words, 'in whole or in part' if more than one olaas be proposed for,) 1 (or we) will, within twenty days thereafter, exeonte a oontrait accordingly. ana give security, ?Mt?faotarr to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the faithful performance of the same " t aoh proposal most be aooompamed with a guarantee in the following form, to be signed by two or more re?ponsible persons, whose auifioinjOT mnst be oertified to by a United States judge or district erfrby jointly and severally guaranty that I the above bidder,(or bidder*,) if a oon'raet shall beawa ded to him, (or them.) aocording to his or their bid or propoea1, will execata a contract acoorJingly, and give the requisite security lor the r ? ' hivi wif mm m- vvui iu?u lift UIV i TBr tiaoraent for aropoaata P>r lndiaa goods, dated 21?t Heatonber, 1M1; and, in tk? event of hia (or their) failure so to do, vo hereby urM to bind ouraolvoe, fcfteenper ooaC on Ute amoant of aaid bid or pro.offMikT >*?or jaoro avreUoe. vImm NKtian aaaat bo oertiftod by a lTnitod State* jad?o ordiatriotat tors oy. No proposal wi.l bo oonaidorod that dooe mot tnotlr conform, in all partioalara, to tho tor ma and d.r?ci.0D*0i this advortie?mrat. CHAftCB b MIX, M l rtwOnt u Ating (jwwuwoMr. nilVil una u aiHU dbounn n/.vo.nu B0R JOHNSTON, ALTlMUHtK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hm di?ce**rid tii moil Gwmm, S??Kt? mmd Mif I/wImJ JtMHitf m U? IftrU, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR SO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wiiknm of 111 tick, Stnetern, Aficuoai of ibi Si4o<t> and Bladdar ur.T?i?t:i:* i)uturfn, lapouui, Gn iral Dibtlity, Nir votumia, i'acipay, Uiifftr, Cfxtmtm of ld?ia, Low Spr.-J, P. piuuou of Hi* Ha art, Timidity, Tritnfclingi, DimotM i ,r?> or OidditKM. Dimui of tbi I ltd, Tlirtwt, Nou or Skin, Affacuona of lk? Llsn, torn*co or Bowa la?lhaaa Tarribla Diaordara innn| tron Solitary HaV ita of Yovtii?Uiim Driidfal and Daairnctia* Putucaa which randir Mirritri impaoiibli, and daairoi b*tb Body and Mind. YOUNO MEN bpici?ll| who ki?o brooaM thi ticdM if MMiry flti, lltat drt*4fai aad daatractiva habit which annaalty avtapa ta u nuBilf frt?? thonaaada of Teli g Man of tha bo*( aialtad talanta aod brilliant mtallact, who might Mharwiaa hait antraocad Imamnj 8anatca with th* thaudara of tlouatnca or wakad to acaucy tba li?ir.g iyra, may call wilk fall caoldanca. MARRIAGE. Maraud pl*?on?,or Toll! g Mat contain plating Marriart, bamf awnra of phyaical waakaaaa, arfania (lability, daformiuaa, Ac., aptadtl* caxad. Ha who Dlicaa himaalf nndar tha cara aI Dr J. ? ral.n osaiT conids in his honor as a fsntiamaa and cmI4>cu; rtly opon bis skill as a physician. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Isft hand aids foin( frosa Ballmers strsst, a fsw dears from Us corner. Fail not to obser's uamt and oambsr. Lsusrs mast bs paid and contain a stamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Msmbtraf ths Royal Collsfs of 8arr<ons, London, rrsdaats frocs oca ti ths moat saiinsnt Collsfss in ths U a it ad utss, and tha riaatar part of whoaa lifs h?s bssn spsnt io ths Hospitals of London, Paris, Philadslpbia and slsswhsrs, has slsetsd soma of ths most astonish-nf carss that wars Tsr known; many troablsd with ringing la ths hsad and Sara wbsn aalssp; (frsat nsrvoasnsss, bsiaf alarmsd at saddsn sounds, bashfalnsss with frsqasnt blashiog. attaadsd somttirass with dsranfsrnsnt of mind, wars carsd wniasdials ly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Toang Msn and others who bar* tr'nrsd thsfiisslrss by a tsrtam practica indulged n. wbsn alons?a habit frsgasatJy Isarnsd from sail companions, or at achool, tha offsets of whicn art nightly felt aeen vhto aaleep, and if aot cared, rerdere mama;* irapoaaibla, and deetroye both mod and bod*, ehoald apply iiuinedi.uclv. Theee art eome of tbt tad and melancholy effect* prodaced by tirlt habit* of Tooth, Til 1 Wttkntu of lb* B?ek and Limb*. Pain* in the Head, Dimneae of 8igbt, Lom of >taec*i*r Puwtr, Palpitation of tut Heart, Pyepepiy, K'crvoai irritability, Derangement of lb? Digeati*e Fui.cuoq*, General Debility, 8ymptome of Coneamption, *c. Mintillt.?Ttia fearful effect* on tha mind art mach la he dreaded?Loet of Memory, Confueion of Idea*, Recreation af Spirit*, E?il Korebodinpa. A*areion of Society, Self-Dietruat, Lo?t of Soli'.nde, Timidity, etc., are aorr.e of tha e?ile produced. Nik Ton DtkiLiTT ?Tbooeandt can now]adge what ta the caoae of their declining health, loan.* their ?i)rcr, becoming weak, pale, nereoae and emaciated, having a eingalat appearance aboot the ey ee, cougb or eympton* of c*c*BispVISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the nnegui led and imprudent votary of pleaeare tade be hae in. iiitd tne ear da of thie painfal diaeaee, it toa often happen* that an ill-unicd eer.ee ot ahauie or dread of diecneery deter* him fraia applying to tboee who, from adacattca and reepectahility, can alone'befriend him. He falle lata the bande of ignorant and detirnin* pretender*, who. incaoabla af eartnr, filch hi* piCDiiiu;*iibiuiiei, k**p hint irilinj moidh afi*r month, or aa Ion* a* th* amallot fit can b* obit m*d, and in dupair litfi nun with riuid haalth to aifb fir hi* railing di*appomtroaat; or by th* n*? of that d*adly poi*o??M?reory?haattn th* eotiautauonal ytrtp'.oai* of thi* t*rribl* di*<**?, inch * Aff*ctioo* of th* H**rt, Throat, H*ad, km, kz.. profT?Min> with frifhtTal rapidity, till death paua nod to hi* dreadful *af*rinf* by *?ndit.f hunt o il.?t andi*c*??r?d coautrr (rora vho** boarne aa tra**i*r ratarn* DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY y thi* rr*at and important remedy areakneee af the orfece r* peedily eared and Ml Tijor raaiartd. Tboaaand* or th* aiaat ntrvoa* and debilitated, ah* had laat ail hop*, aave h**o Immediately relieTtd. All imp*dim*nt* lo Marriaf*, Fhyaital ar Mental DtaqaaJllcation*, Loaa of Procreauve M*w*r. H*rv*a* IrnufcAitr. Trambiinr ind Wtakneee ar AMaaaOeo af the steel faarfal kind *p**3ily eared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Til MiJT Thochudi eartd at thia inatititim vithl* lh* la*t **?*nt?*n r*ara, at.d ih* >an*r?* important Carr\tal eperati'n* ptrferrnaU bj Dr. Johnatan, wiui****d b?' ? i*i ?? k'i uv many oia?r Dinoni, nOUCII ! wbich b*T* ap|>aarad ( in and again bwsfi U>a patuc, ba>:d?< hi* aiandiuf a? k ( otUmu cf charac'.tr ana raipsaai Ulitj, i? a itcua'. garrtintat ta tha ?B,r<?d. mar li-1* LEA It PERH1NI1 CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS of a Letter from a to be the ? J Otntleman Ml at Madras "ONLY OOOD^f V ToHisBrMktr SAUCE." w Worceater. and applicable to ? r.? Kft'fcl'vl'd v r*"* that tb?'r Saute fc.Vfc.Ki hirhly esteemed AiTrT-rr-|in India, and is, in VARIETY (|mjr opinion, the moat Lii^dpii atih'e. aa wei. u op ni4H K>_4th*noitwiinltiomt ut U1SM' Sauce thatla made." The above ?*AUCE i* n<?i onl* the Bisrand m-.?t popular condimbnt known, but the ramt *tonotnical, a* a lew drop* in Soup, (rravy. or witn Fi?k. hot and cold Joints, B*'f St*ak, Uame, te.. impart an exquis;te x??t, whioh wnrrtnctplrd Sauce man ufacturers have in vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast. Lunch ton, IHnner. or Supper Tablt, a cruet containing " LKA A PKRRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" w indispensable. To appreciate the extellent qualxtxrs of this dtlirxous preparation it is only necessary to parohase a ?m It bottle of the genuine, of a respectable gro oer or dealer, as many Hotel and He* aurant pro prietors seldom place the Pure Sauce oe'ore their guests. bat substitute a genuine Bottle filled with a spurious mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterer* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SO ?B, Union Square and litk street. New York. Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Stook always id store?Also orders received for direct shipments from England. 117*Biwart of Counterfeits and Imitations.^"71 sep 5-ly,eo piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 717... S-JOO, 000. Qfits tomer C strut and Louxtxana s?., ever Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY A ?3 A 1 \7UT V /\QO nxr nf n u AUAl.lO X UUOd D I riAJbi DmcTOM. Sao. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropiey, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothweli, Thos. Parker, Rishard Barry. B. B. Frenoh, Dr. O. W. Davis. No charce for Polioias. JAMES ADAMS, President Am 8. DAVTs.Seeret?r?. an ?eo<n) j\1 ED1CAL DEPARTMENT OF 6EOR8Eifl TOWN COLLEGE. Washington Citv. Comer Fond Twelfth Strut*. Ssssioii or lS61-'63. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLE. YOUNG, M. D.. Professor of Pnnoi*l?a and Practioa of Madloia*. I J??H.\90N ELIOT, M. D.. Profaeeor of Principles and Practice of Sarfery. JAMK8 E MORGAN, M. D., Professor of Maten* Medina and Therapeutics J. M. SNYDER, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics ana Dimiw of Women and Children. THOMAS ANTISELL, M. D. Professor of M?.ioal Chemistry, Tonoorty, and Physiology J E. W1LLE1T, M D, Demonstrator of Anatomy ITT" The ohair of anatomy to be illed. The cession will oommenee on the ad of Oeto baraud end in Mar,b following For farther information address JOHNSON ELIoT, M. 0, r>i-an nf the Faculty, 408 F street, between ath S-lawtNoTl* KUWmill*! iinlhllitlBi 4* ? % THE WEEKLY STAR. MIMRI?( pirtw wriilf *4 letefeeUeg MA> m Fritay MMralaf. SlagW eopf, pat 31 ? F*Wa ? ? ?? # 4 1 T? caplM ? ? Tw^aty-lff coptaa. ? ? It ItnrliMy MtWaa the "ITtinf 19 www' ikal haa made Tki Dmilf s*m clitoMt aa generally throughout t&a eotiky GT'WagV coptaa (la wrappara) eaa he pre. eared at the counter, 1 mined lately after the laae ofthr paper Prtee?THREE CEPCTS. ??????? AWFUL 8ACHrTICR8' D IBB ARB* DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH* AVTTTi. RintrvrrM* nrB??e?i WUw??kM. ftvou- A/AUBilUO y*A4fl' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' A^fu! SaeriftoM! Dim?m ! DmU ! Avftl 8Mrift?? ! Dimm* ! DmU ! Aw/bI 8wrifoM! D>***m! DmU! Avfi! SMrilow! Diimm ! DwUt Awfkl hcrioM! Dimm! DmU! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! 'TRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THR DISEASE! STRIKE AT THK ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! Wrike at the Root of Ut Dimm' Strike at the Root of Ue Dimm*' Strike ftt the Root of Ue Dimm* ' Strike at Ue Root of Ue Dimm! Strike at the Root of Ue DieMM* conhi'mptiom- inmanitv- kpii kfttid FITS, GtfAVRL, DROPSY. LAMGOUR. NERVOUSNESS. CONSUMPTION. ORAYBL. INSANITY, DROPSY. EPILEPTIC FITS. LAN HOUR. NERVOUSNESS. Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, , Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Pets, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Pitt, Gravel, Dropsy, Laafonr, N*nrouBMi. 6ravel. Dropsy, Langonr. Nerv 'MUM, Gravel, Dropsy, Lantonr, Nervousness. Gravel, Dropsy, Lanfour, Nervousness, Gravel, Dropsy, Lan<oar. Nervousness, Universal Lasritode of the Masenlar System, Universal Laisituds of the Mesoalar System, Universal iAisitnde of the MaMalar System. Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Unne-sal Lassitude of the Mnsoclar System, Dimness of Vision, Impoteaey and Insanity, Dimnfss of Vision, Impotency and Insanity, Dimness ct Vision, lmpotency and Insanity, l>itnn?M of Vision, Impotasoy u< In?anitj, Dimness of Vision. Ira potency aud Insanity, THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOU NO THOUSANDS OF THE TO UNO THOUSANDS OF THE TO UNO Of both uxm dieannually of ths?hor? Dim??. oauted by tbnM of GENERATIVE ORtfANS, GENERATIVE ORG AN t, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, %jad from dimiN arising from " Habits of DiMrt patioc." Disenses of these organs repair* Uis aid of a Dmrstlo. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BWCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE OR FAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC ud a positive &ad specific remedy for diaeaeee the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, DROPSY, ' ORGANIC W'ElKNEeS, ABUSE, Syphi it c? .d Vcaereal Ditettet, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, and all Di??e?e* of the Generative Orgaae, erfeeto er exietiac in YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMJLLM, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, Pram whatever out* originating, a^d bo BttUr o HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG BTANDiNG, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG BTANDING. HOW LONG BTANDING. HOW LONG BTANDING. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'6 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHW 1* plaaaftnt in ita tut? tod odor, iwdt? ia tta Motion, free from all "injurious jroperuee," aad ia takao without "hindrauoe" froa "bmnn? "> Lit'la or No Ckui* la DiaC L<in.is or no uiuf* ia imi. Litt or No Chuii m DmL Little or No Chuii la DieC Little or No Chu(( la PiaL Carta it "Little Ei^bm" nd "No Itxjoowro." Car?? at "Little ExrtMt" Mi "No kifOMr*." Cirtt at "Little Eihu*" aad "No lirnn." Caree at "LJttle Kxpeaae" aad "No Expoearo." Carol at "Little Kxpoooe" aad "No fif?f~ If yoa are eaffenax Mai, or ?U for tkt rMMdy at oaoo. ExpUoit diraettoaa aanrlfT frM I pt bottle, or atx tor ?. delivered to aaj ad"PHYRIClANtP PLEASE "NOTICE." *? 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