2 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

2 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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ii L.m. THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WED*EMMV .. flrub-r 9, 1HI, < Mnt Fur**;* at the varlona military camp* and portions will ronfer a favor hy k^rlng na posted a# to movemen?B and aBfclrs la their vicinities. Spi'it al the Xtrala| Prrti. Tho ln.uUigtmttr notices the masked deal {(na of the Confederates In their efforts to draw the border State* Into the rebellion. The R'fubiu-um devotes Its attention to news OUR P1IL1TABT BUDGET. T?? Bivn?no BLOCK A I)* The s'oop John L Brown arrived at the wharf foot of Twelfth atreet, thla morning, with a load of ovsters from tbo lower Potomac Capt M later reporta that on bla paaaape up be paaaed fifty or nlxty a?II. with hay, wood, coal, and farm prod??A He Ballad past Freestone Point last evening, and at that time twenty or thirty vesaela were in that vicinity, bound up He was not molested, and saw and beard nothing alarming a the alte of the drradrd battery, or elaewbere on ?Ka ?K_ ? 1- m 1 ?- ? i?vuv vi wcnveiv wcic urru uu wuue he *m In tight of tbem. We may ?dd that of the large number of vea r'a, r ail and otherwlae, paaainji op and down the Potomac thla acaaon, but one or two have been m'leoted In any wsy, and tteae were not damaged to tbe extent of a dollar'a worth. 80 mueh for the aenaatlon Item* in New York papera of "Tbe Potomac river effectually cljaed,"' Ar , Ac., which artlclea appear to hare heen written aolely In the Intereat of northern coal dealera and feblppera and thoae deal ring to engineer big pricca for conveying Government atorea. TRSIK 5*C1??!TT. An Intelligent lady, recently from Wine heater, Va , inform* ua that all classes of society there favoring the cause of seressiou apeak of the (to their cauae) vital necessity of winning a great leto-Y opposite thlactTy. It ia held by intelligent secessionists throughout the Stale that ncth ln^ st-nrt of such an event can keep their armv of the Potomac together, lacking aa it does, quartermaster's ?tores. ke.. while there is imminent danger of United Statts naval attacka upon the eoaatft of other seceded Stales, whme armies are not at hand to defend them. Beauregard and jonnson, are there understood to be utterly without fee tents, llankeU, 4c , necessary to render their commands comfortable even through this month r f comparatively pleasant nights Thsir efforts to draw McC!ellao to their ground for an engagement having failed, they are at their wits and to know what line ol strategy to essay next We have every confidence in the correctness of this lady's account of matters there, which coincides with tbe views cf the best Informed persons here relative to the necessities of the rebel Centrals' situation. Thus, military men In high position here believe that the rebel army 1" already melting away and that ita retrograde movement recently commenced, means a general fall back upon Richmond, ere long; to approach nearer and nearer to that capital, as onr naval expeditions hall Itrtk* Maw mft? ?~? - ??? ? *> vi viww, iuuuuinjj ?iaie aii^r State to labtract itaforces from the main disunion army and thus render it leaa able to keep the fleld HOW THE HCrOKMATlO* Wil 01TAI5ID We yesterday Incidentally described the positloa, 4c., of Beauregard'ssrmy at this time Having Last evening satisfied oorself that the method by which this information was obtained will be eat^lated to-day in northern papers, we take occasion to say that it waa obtained through the use of the balloon, now at Upton's Hill, in which, at sunset on the day before yesterday, Oen. McDowell made an ascension to a height of a thousand feet, accompanied by one of General McClelian's aids?the Compte de Paris. Not a breath of air was stirring, and the atmosphere waa singularly clear The consequence was, that the camp-fire moke of every regiment of Beauregard, between the points we mentioned yesterday,was distinctly visible, each rising to the clouds in a straight col uuiQ, m> u u> permit them to be counted, with a fin? glass. We question whether a balloon ascension for military purposes ever resulted more satisfactorily, in either hemisphere, than on this occasion. Through it, the numbers (approx5mate) and position of the enemy In front of Washington was instantly made known to (ien. McClellan, who was on tbe ground. thk situation. We have information by telegraph, up to noon to-dsy, from all the Union camps on both sides of the river, and up as high ss (ien Banks's beadquarters, and are able to say that all is quiet In sll of them?this forenoon having been everywhere In oar lines remarkable for the occurrence of no Incident whatever worth chronicling in the Stmr majos simiiL vmxxogT. Washington hss been sgltated for fifteen or twenty hours past with a foolish rumor of the defeet of the srmy with which Msjor General Fremont has just taken the field. It is utterly Impossible that It could by this time be anywhere within striking distance of the enemy. So there Atn h# BA ni^wu i- as r<-??4wjo wuta i 11 IUC MXie. TOLU!fTtni!?9. Volunteering *u never before going on more eatiafhctorllv than ft present Tbe States that were behindhand In furclahlng their quota are all priaging nobly to tbe werk. Tbe number entaring the aervlce from all tbe loyal Statea la juat now about 50,000 per week, whicb la unprecedented At thla rate tbe 500.000 In all will aoon bare been obtained. raise* CALM IA LM. Prince Halm galm, of Pruaala, la now attached te tbe ataff of General Blenker He was appolntud Coloael of tbe Kentucky Cavalry, but thla change waa made at bit own request. Tbe regiment la till without an offlclallv reeognited Colonel. A petition ia tn circulation for tbe appointment of 1st. Col Owena to the command Aft*B?TID Lieut H R Htevene, of the U 9. aloop-of-war Portamoutb, recently arrived from tbe African cwt. having tendered hla resignation, baa bees placed under arreat. He waa appointed from Fieri ia, though * native of Connecticut. PS1IK* D* J01HVILLK Prises de "? * ~ I M4 UI? OVU, IUC i/uc ac FenthUrjre, ku returned to New York city froaa Washington, and are nowoeeopytng their former quarter* at the Brtvooit Houae. They Intend taiting Newport daring the week. riOKOTU. Major I ngaHa, of the Quartermaater'a Department, haa been promoted to a llenteaant <Alenelev, mad to attached to tte ataff of General McClellan. brmack anaiai imici. Brigade burgeon 8. L. Herrlck, of Michiganf ku been amlgaad ta General Slocum'a command, atecloned near Alexandria. r ATT TAB*. The :aland Belie arrived to-day about U m , re nor tine all aalal kalaar 1W w? fc? ? molestation from the rebel batteries since last the R B Hale, Capt Feeler, arrived from New York leat evening wttb ordnance She alao fcrooght ep from (be flotilla a men claiming to be deserter from the rebel*, bat who 1? suspected aa a apy He te to the charge of the authorities. The Anaccatia has gone oe the ways for reps Ira A court of Inqelry npon the coed act of Com. Chandler, of the U. 8. steamer pawn, waa opened yaaterday Captatua Lieellette, Pendergrast and. Morris coset'tuts the court, George M. Weetoo. judgeadeseate. The Dawn, It Is laid, ?u >*dly Injured, having remained ?grouiidnear Matthias Point two er three deys. Aeebe h?s not yet been examtaed, the full extent of her damages art not lMTUrrtoas la runuaa claim* roe ?olmui' pay. The foilserlug circular of eery general Interest has Just been laued from the Tnusury I>epartmeat: Te aaabla these wbaaaay have claims upoa the Ifpfil btalee, tor Mktyv 4of 4^cfMKl item m and ao'de'a. on account of military service* rendesel. w he-her In the regular or volunteer aervlee, to "htaln the tame, with the lesat delay, the following Information la furntahed : Order of Payment. Order Ftrtt ?If the deceaaed vraa married, paympnt wltl bf mad?*?lar, to the widow-) 2d, if do widow, to hi* child, or children; (if mlaors, to the guardian ) Order Second?If hedied unmarried? 1st, tothe father; 2d. if the father is dead, to the mother. 3d, If both parents are dead, to the brothera and ?later*, collectively; lastly, to the helra general. Application, Proof, and Authentication Application ?The claimant or clalmanta mtiat make a written application, under oath, and over hta, her, or their own aignature, stating hla, her, or their time, ate. residence, connection tothe deceased, With the letter or name of the captain of the company and regiment to which he belonged; time of hia death and tbe nature of the pay claimed; whether "arrears of p?v," Jtc ; the " ?100 bounty." ander act of July 22, 1861; or "three months' extra pay," under let of July 19, 1849 Proof ? To aatlafy the accounting officer* that the person or person* thus claiming 1* or arc entitled to the money in the character, he, she. or they claim, the depositions of two credible witnesses will be required, stating that they are acquainted with the claimant or clatmanu, the connections held to tbe deceased, and that they (the deponents) are disinterested Auth'Htication ? The application and depositions, above required, to be subscribed and sworn to before a judge, commissioner, notary public, or Justice of tbe peace, duly authorized to administer oaths, accompanied bv the certificate and seal of a court of record as to th* fact of the siid Iud.re, Ac., being duly commissioned and acting n his official capacity at tbe time of the execution of the foregoing papers. If tbe soldier died unmarried, it must be so stated in the applications of thoae claiming to be the father, mother, brothers, or sisters, as tcell as by the witnesses. I Proof of marriage (record evidence, if possible) I must always accompany tbe application! of those claiming to be widows. Administration ?As the taking out of " letters of administration" is attended with considerable expense (often unnecessary), It is suggested that it b? done only wii*tn required by the Auditor. Disehargtd Soldiers?In all cases where the soidier has been discharged, tbe captain's descriptive certificate must be forwarded to this office, or its absence satisfactorily accounted for. The certificate of an officer of the army as to tbe soidier's identity, in addition to bis own affidavit, will be deemed sufficient Where tbe certificate of snch officer cannot be procured, tbe testimony of two credible disinterested witnesses must be adduced, aa in tbe case of deceased soldiers. ftfcd? of Payment.?Payments will be made by an order from tbe accounting officers on any paymaster of the army. Such order will require tbe signature of tbe claimant on lta face before it will I be paid Mode of Presenting Claims.?All claimants | wishing to obtain information, or to present claims, can communicate with this office by mail, and will receive as speedy a rtply as the business of the office tetll allotr. * i Pox tflfr* T h** 0Atfi.?n mant n?4f? ~ ? _ m - - ?? J|V>VIU|HVH< pvj* (Ui puakO^CS VIII I such communications, whether received or transmitted by this office A compliance with the above rules will insure a prompt settlement of all claims, without unnecessary delay. Address Ezka B. Firnch, Second Auditor of Treasury Department, Washington City, D.C. i VERT intebesti5g ihom math1as poiht i!id lowu potomac. [Speelal correspondence of the Star.] Pixfct Poi.1t, St. Mary's Co , Md , Oct 1 ? Editor of the Watktagto* Star: From a reliable source 1 learu that the brigade at or In the nelyhVmiKiuul 111 ?- " - - vva Hwvw vt uiavu)ob i uj ill IB CWUipOWQ 01 IDe I militia of the counties of King George a, VVeatmoreland, and Northumberland, (Va.,) under the command of Col. Hamuel Burgtss, of Northumberland ; but they cannot bold it if a force lands at Hooe's Ferry below, or Chotank'a Landing above Just above Cn*ti? Grimes' houses, (on the river,) two small batteries have been built, and a third la building. Our Informant Insists that the soldiers were very tired of the war, and are no^ disposed to stand It much longer, providing they can help tbernselvea. Tea, coffee, and salt are not to be had in that quarter. Rye la being sulntituted there In place of coffee, and salt is worth fA per sack. Congressman Mat's Visit to Richmond ? Considerable light ia thrown upon the suspicious visit of Hon. Henry May to Richmond (about the time of the recent meeting of Congress) by the following from the Crawford (Illinois) Bulletin. " We sre Informed by a gentleman just from the Ninth Congressional District that there has been a complete revolution among the people on the War question The Hon. John A Logan, Congressman from that district, has been appointed Colonel, and has bis regiment about ready to take the field. Many who a few days ago were of the Compromise stamp, are now enthusiastic for the war. Logan declares that be and otber compromising men In Congress met In a secret conclave, and determined to make a last effort Tbev sent May to Richmond to ascertain If the Confederates would entertain, accept, or off'r, any compromise No compromise could oe agreed upon?thev utterly refusing, even though a blank soe?*t or paper be given th?*m to write their own terms Logan declares tbeir Intention is to flgbt, | and rails upon all Democrats to rally around the old fligi and thwart them In their diabolical efforts to destroy the Government." Hon. Henry May, of Baltimore, arrived at the " Hotel de Lafayette," New York harbor, from Portress Monroe,day before yesterday. M embers of the Maryland Legislature are also sojournlog at the same Institution as guests of Uncle Samuel. U7"The ship Grotto, of which one-sixteenth Is owned by parties In Savannah, Ga., was seized in New York on Monday under the confiscation act. Yesterday the New York Sun was sold at auction r?r *35.000, by Mr. A. M. Morrison. Not long since the Sum was sold for tlOG,OUO. To-day the trltl of the officers and crew of the privateer Savannah commences In New York clljr. _ Tbo Mayor of Philadelphia has received notice of the arrival In New York of two steel rlfl^-d cannon from Prussia. The guns are aixpounders, of peculiar construction, and sre presented to the corporation of Philadelphia by Mr. Swain, formerly of that city. j[~7** Last Tuesday, forty-four boxes of muskets we e seized by the United States troops at Elizabethtown Ky , and taken to Louisville. Tbey were sdiressed to Col. Thos. H. Huut, Louisville, via Nashrtlle 1f7~ Two more of the sufferers of the Philadelphia theater calamity died Wednesday afternoon, making nine of the party who have lost their lives The Baltimore Clipper says it doe* not remember any time when drunkenuesa was so prevalent In that city as now. riE^ PROTRACTED MKKT1NG. At (*? Mttk '1 1 oditt Pmt. Ckuick, Stntn >?.. i<lw r? J% and I F iM.-Rev D ~H*k*KK, of Bait mors. WHl I preioh THIS K VfcMNU, ^ervioes to o^mmenoe I SUa t*r 7 n'nl/vnlr A II i?? --? * * " * mu vio IM>IWU w miena. oe 8-lf NOTICE. Post Orrtc*, < Washington, f fptember 58,138! The new itv'e of tjovernmei.t I'osi&f? Stamps is now ready, ami for tale at this office Exo ant* Wilt be ma-ie of the n?w atyle for an equivalent rnount of the old liiun dunu< a period o| *ix days um the date of thin ii<-Uo*, at er whtoh i>ta.i.p* of ih? aid !? ? wi;i cat oe rreeived to payment of ?oeta? a on letters or other mail matter sent from thisoAoe. 'lo avoid delay or oon'osion the exohaote will oe made in the /nidmiiit'i Room, L.EVV1S CLEPHANB. foetmaoter. StmoaT Rmclation#.?As so mail arrive' here aft* 7 s. in. on suna%y s. this oAoe will not be open for thr delivery of letters after l# a m. of that day. se?-6t [V*-DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN POuIlyE ?Th? Hoard or PoLoe Commissioners having tak n the house 516 Eleventh su, all busineee oonn ct.d wiih t.-v* Pouoe of theoity will be traaaaa'ed at that piaoa. ix g?ner?i oompiaint boot will be opened, an 1 ci?ia?ns are raiB?*t"d to oalt ud outer any o-roplainta they may have to mala ol any matter ie m ioc to the telle* or u?aUk of tbe oity eeTt W B. WEBB. Superintendent iZO SEK TUB CAMPBEl L MINSTKKLS. U At ODD FELLOWS' HALL It COLOUR, FLOUR :-7i U la. F.nur 1o- ?a echeap I1 by J. P. BARTHOJ.OW 00 >-lw S3a Seventh at.. t.?ar ?-eu*l. %A/A9HIN?TON AR8ENAJ . * Ocroai* 3d, l?iL 9IUID PaoroeALi, to be ecdo sod " P op ?mU? Ibr Fa?,' trii! be received by ?!? Acting AaaiatantUuar ermaeter at thie Arvital unu! ?" a. m ut thai ft iw'ai'. ftr tbe deli ran of?> eortla h*?t aeoned Oak Woodand?*?too* beet White A ah A nth rami#Cmk 9lie atxrre artielee maat be ?triot}y ot Ute beat 4Dalit*; the woo4 to beMraiga* and eat m leng be U mSS t??W?d aad Coai -u.t h-.i.lT ? ..?. - * raoaftl. tad too Wood to U ud dk>?Mr?d by ? sworn oUy wood mmuuvr. TwyfnM to **LG?r^rB,,4Pwt Bidd"* W*H ^ *kf r* ord or ton. Thft oot; raot will b? ft ?ard?d to t he lowm m.potable MAT. Who iitlfto tort ouniy. 2iss?iysawf,*w' 94114 1*. Lint. Ordoftoo*,' A^t . ?- ? New* frem the SHtk. From late Southern paper* we {(lean the following extracts: The New Orleans Bulletin of the 18th nit , give* the annexed account of the evacuation of Ship Inland : 44 Night before last, at eight o'clock, the enw?.# BVU V.I J 1 ik. T t_I A i uinuii vi omp inaiHi uy me U'?ui?iani voopi I was completed. the fort dismantled, and the guat, ammunition, Ac , removed Thirty-two hoar* were consumed in destroying the forta, soldier* quarter*, Ac , and In removing the troops and armament, during which time two war teamen, two frigates, and several smaller vessels belonging to Lincoln's fleet were in sight, brtt at a respectful distance, they not daring to interfere with the disembarkation of our men " Had not the officers of the Lincoln fleet been terribly fright?ne<L by the appearance of otir transports In the vicinity of the Island?evidently thinking that they brought reinforcements to the garrison?they might have caused odr men much annoyance, if not great loss of life The evacuation of Ship Island was a military necessity, and the officers who had charge of the work deserve much credit for the admirable and successful manner in which It was executed. Yesterday, the blockadera, we understand, approached the Island and threw several shell into the deserted fort, and finding no enemv en the Island, valiantly landed and hoisted the United states flag " "SM TH* POTOMAC?TUB ADVANCE OF TBI CO!friPIKATX ARMY. A letter in the New Orleans Delta, dated Camo Leesbnrg, Sept 7th, says: " Thank Heaven, our commanded are as fully Informed of all northern movement* as If telegraphic wires ran Into tbe offices of the departments at Richmond, and despite all the threats of Fort Lafayette, our agen's are numerous and sleepless, braving every danger, and successfully accomplishing their hazardous missions with the stealihlness of ('rows or Blackfeet Indians. "Of our numbers and preparation In and around here, 1 shall not speak; but everything is as our best friends could w ish Maryland, opposite all our camps. Is In a fever of excitement, and large bodies of men are nightly joining us at Aquia creek, whenever they can elude the Federal cr.tfr; but should the en^my ever dream of advancing Into Virginia again, none of them will be left to tell the tale." Tbe Crescent hasa letter from Richmond, Sept. io?L # *- ? - * * ... i.jiu, irum woicD we extract me subjoined : "The Cabinet it now. and baa been for some time, divided on the policy of a forward movement of the army tt toe Potomac. The object of delay appear* to arise from an apprehension that an attack upon and destruction of the capital would thoroughly arouse the North, and would speedily heal all the dissensions which have grown up and are still Increasing among the people upon the necessity of peace or a further prosecution of the war It is uiged that the entire North to a man, with means and money, would Hock to the support of the Federal government, and Instead of an army of two hundred and fifty thousand men. we would have pressing down upon us a million of frenzied and revengeful soldiers, reedy to batcher, lay waste and derroy The difficulties which now beset the Lincoln government in recrniting and filling the regiments now in service would immediately vanish, and the entire North ia forty days would be one Immense encampment. "Others assert the true pollev lfl to await the action cf the French and Engllah ^ovemraenU, that onr difficulties may be arranged without further effusion of blood The armv deairea an onward movement, the capture of Waahlngton, the conaequcnt uprising in Maryland, and the fiocaeaaton of Baltimore for quartering tbe army a the winter What courae will be aettled upon la unknown, or u bether tbe army will croaa the Potomac, or commence tbe erection of winter quTtei* un tblaaide la nlao unknown A tew aaya win determine everything. It la evident that a i ban^e ha* t ken place in the councils of the Fedt-ral Under*, in regard tr> the next fleld of military operation*, and it is al?" evident that the authorities htre are apprised of thia change in the tactic* of the Federalists At thia moment larg? bodies of troops are beln?,aeut to the Peninsula frrm Richmond?5.000 men and 400 mounted men have been ordertd to Yorktown " 8TAI1TL1.NO RCK01. Under fhla caption the Savanuaii Republican, of Sept. 17. aaya: ' A aoldier who came up from Fort Pnlaakl laat night reports that an engagement between ?he Lincoln fleet and the fort at Fort Royal couinenred on Mondav afternoon and coutinucd through the whole of yesterday The guna were diatlnctly heard from Fort Pulaakl." Affalra la Kealacky. The .. 1? u v/ui irapviiut iu U1 IUO LiOUlB* vllle Journal writes from Rousseau's Brigade near that place, Sept. */7: Everything la qolet, and premier* to remain ao for aome days at leaat. In the audden advance which was necessary to prevent Buckner and hla renegade* from getting poeaeaalon of MuldraiiKh's Hill, our tenta were left beblnd at Lebanon Junction, and It haa been Impossible to get them up yet We are now living in wigwams made of fence-rails set on end. Great exertions are belny made to bring up supplies; .but the lack of wagons la a crest impediment However, the bridge across Rolling Fork will be completed in a very few days, and then trains can be run within a quarter of a mile of the camp The railroad track will have to be repaired in several places this side of the bridge. Ralls have been loosened and one or two entirely removed What re.ideis the matter more noteworthy is the fact that this damage has been done quite lately; showing that there are alders and abetters of the enemy almost wit bin our lines. A day or two since six hundred cavalry passed down near Lebanon, from Anderson and other on their way to Join Buckner. On arriving near Munfordsvllle, thev passed down in the direction of the turnpike bridge, and It Is suppntted, from various rumors, that th?y destroyed it Parties of rebels from Central Kentucky are constantly going over to Buckner. Stragglers from these parties are brought into camp almost every day Dy our scouta The position of the enemy at Green river Is a verv strong one, and it is not Improbable that they will bring up all their forces and make a strong stand there. The hill beyond Green river, rising to a considerable height on the north side, falls off but a few feet on the other side, and then spreads away In a high plateen. Thus a formidable natural breastwork is formed, the brow of the hill protecting the enemy in a position from which he caAcommand the passage of the river. Of course, it Ti useless to lire round shot against the side of a hill, and, consequently, when we get to Oreen river, we are likely to witness the spectacle styled ' shelling the rebels." The following items of Interest are also extracted from the Journal: The thirty-fifth and fourteenth Ohio raiments pasxed through Covington on Thuraday en route for Kentucky. It was generally believed in this city last evening that the rebel forces under Gen. Buckner had retreated from Munfordsvllle towsrd Bowling Green, destroying the bridge* benlnd them A private dispatch was received in Cincinnati * ? " ----- ? uuimav 11 dm tir uariifr, of Madison, to the t fleet tLat tbe rebels were marching en Carrol ton, tty , at tbe moutb of the Kentuckv river, with the intention of occupying and fortifying It against the advance of the Federal forces. Assiatance of troop* 1? Hiked for to drive the Confederates back Tbe raallboata do not laud at Warsaw or Carrolton, but run oat their yawl*. The battery of rilled cannon aent to this city from Cincinnati a few daya since will be wut back to Cincinnati aa aoou as its place can besuppiied bere by tbe Government. One hundred and tilty-sii artillerists, under Capt Colter, arrived by tbe msllboat from Cincinnati yesterday morning to take charge of the battery. G'O ttfcfc TaE _J BLACK 9TAT1TK. lt_ L,'Ott S* \LK?several Hun* red em?tT B DIKE' S r and BAtiS, suitable for FUttinc app.es or potatoes ia. J. KObtttTSOft, Agent, It* Hui pect st.. OeorgetownWMiC?. BURR ILL Resume her rre> oh Lessons, in classes or private i,oa Monday, October 7. Appeal her reMrieae s New \ ork avenue, between lata and 14th sti, tea 3t' C-? NOTICE. y ONPIGNEE8 per rttamer C. C. Alger, from Ptuiarfelphia, will please altend to reoeiving Uieir Kcoua, low iandun at uwnrV risk, on our wtosrf HYDE * DAVIDSON, It Georgetown, P C. WATCH REPAIRING, KNGRAVING.AoWatches, Chronometers, Jewelry, tea.,oar? fully rtwuMli Ai??>, Eniraving in a!l Ita branches promptly ex outed. M. W.GM.Tt ItRO., Jeweieia, 344 Pa. avenu", Poitr door* wt.t of Brown's UoUl. oo 2 6t (Republican ) LADIKP' REAL PaRU? KID GLOVE*, all izeaa.d odors. verv best quality. Ladies' Under v#*U. long and ahort sleeves. Mourainc >?hawla loug and h4?*re. Pine and medium White P an net a. YVearediily adding mauy noveltiea in firat-olaaa Dry <>oodo to our kt?ck. One prion ou y. tdt actual oaah standard va.ue, marked it? plain figure*. An examination ol atuok incurs no obligation to pii'eha??, _ PERRY ft. BRo* oo *-5t Pa. avenne and Ni.lh at, <5 NOTICE. < >* ?x? * ?? ? - ? - - i^wsjiss?^^raB???? raarkst, in Wooleia and s>ilk? Many aovolttM m SKla , fo'nn jrUa nl|. the aotaal ouk standard rftlaa, : ma'kMin j?lain&(araa. 1 r* i ^CarfM?,C?/UUM,ml?k>t?u1 Km*. *? . ?# * oo j-M Pa aynna and Ninth s?. |K PKOPLE'S CLOTHfH# JiTOiB^Nol 460 SavaaUi iL, oppoaita Port Oiw, aal-la T* / 0 1 T III MT1 I I I II WOTTB-S/ILK OF PITTSBURGH. tORT 1^1 WAT.1M A\D i HICAOO HAlLRoADBy rtueotan oree of the varouit ?;onrtofthe rited State* for the northern d *tr o* of Ohio, ia ? oan*? 'n!ch*nofry tnere n depeidirj. wherein t/harie* Mn no *p<i other* a e coratla cant*, and th? 1 itubnrth. Far* Wajne an.i Oinoaio Railroad tJonipaut ?n<f other* are defending; and pur auant to aoxili?ry decrees of the o rouit oorrt< of the Un.ted ^tafe* for th* western <M*trict ol Pennitl ama,'he cistriot of Indiana, and the northern riiatriot o' lllinoi* re<p9o*i*eiy. in canae* de?e-diac nchancer* iaaaid Court* re?pe tive'T.wherein the tame parties are complainant* and defendants respectively, a* in aaid nana* first a >ove met tinned, the n"?dergi?n?J, John Farfaaon and T ho it a* K. Walkir, a* Grantee* in I rnit and 1 Brun^a n one 01 the several Ueeds of Tru*t or ortcaga opon which ssid deor-es are founded, and a'so as &peoia! Matter Commissioners of the mid Coart* respectively, du'y a ? pom ted toy ?aid Court# r*sp?ctivel? for tbat pursue, will ?eU at uhlio auction, to the highest hi der, for ?"ash, but for not than the sum of o.noo. at the Uuited ?*t%to? Court Hou?e, in the City of CieveianJ. in the btate of Ohio, on the 24th day of October, A- D. 186', between the hour* often o'olook a m. and lour o'olook p. m.. of aaid dav, the following da son bed property, to wit i The Itatiroaa of tn* Pittsburgh. Fort Wavna and Cb oaxo Kailroad Company, ino'udinr the right of way th*refor, the road-bed thereof, th ? up rutruoturecf all aorta thereon, ita water and other s'ation houses and ahopa. and the lands and ground* oonneoted therewith, and all tool* and lmp'ements uaed or provided to be used therein, and in oonitruoting and repairing cara and machinery for aaid road, or the traotand superstructures aforesaid; ail turn-tables; *11 depot* and buildings and fiaturea and structures of whatever Lame or n\ture, and the and* a id ground)oonneoted ther with, ue?*d r urovid-d to be uaed in operating said road and belonging tn-reto. and wherever situate; and all oar*, engines and ro'!i:ig at' C' heIons inn, to aaid Co r pany; and all sucp l-s oftimb r. umber iron, fnel,aud every other thin* provided by said Companies, or by th < ?*>v >rai or giual Coinpame< whioti were consoSioated iut > said PitUnurgb, Fort Wayreand Ch eag ? Rm road, to b- used in operating said road.whei ver situate, by the ?tnie tit e by whuh the aam < are holden by aatri f'nmntu* ? ? * I ?

w.M % wui^aii - , in uy la u I'llKira' ^umpsrurB, s**vera'U together, with ft 1 oorpoia i*e f.auchises 01 said Coin pan*, and of the said original Con-paFoveraltjr. tuoiudioc t:ie right aad fva ohise of ?aid several companies ' > '** and act & a Corporation, to ho sold as an ?'i'ireiy Hal i decrees pri.vid" that the pa ohase-, upon the confirmation <>t th* *&! aud .all o >inp ianoe with the oondtiotis tt.ereo . shall ho d all the property, rights. franchises, aud the appurt-nafcOM ihrrrof an sold, j the same t tie br which the? are held by aaid Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Cluoaco Kail Road Ci mpan?, and each and all oPsaid original Companies, free froin the lien of all ssid mortgages. and 'roe from al> liability lor any debts against said original or consolidated Companies, or either of th*m. and trom all c.aims on aooouut of capita! stock ; but fvbjtci, ntvertkelts*, to the li'na, if any such exist, upon any real estate ;nc tided iq the sale, for parohare money thereof n t provided by said decrees to be paid out of the prooerds oi th* tale, or by former orders or decrees to b.? pMU otherwise The rightof way, depot ground aad lots, and lands in the ? ity and vioinity of Chioago, purchased by said Company rincethe pendency of said suit?, and the bridge propertv and other real estate of the Company at the Cit* ft Pitts bi.rgh. arc subject to inoi hecs The tame will be included in the tale hot subject to sa d moumtxanot-s, no provision having b~en > ade for the payment thereof. JOHN FKRGl'SON. THOMASE. WALKER. Trustees, and Matter Commiskioners, as aior said. oo 2 td GREAT KUPH TO 8MiTH'8, No. 4*0 8-renth st., to see his new stock of Fall Clothing, Ti unk?, Mats and CBPL oo l-lm Headquarters for clothing, hats andC.Yi'8-At SMITH';*, No. 460 S?v.?nth strett. oc l-lm JUST RECEIVED, one ol the largest s'ocksof New auJ I-aahiona'j'e Clotmng rter offered in Washmieton, whioh must be stfid withm the next thirty days to m*ke room ft-r winter ?M>od?. Persons wanting Clothing, Fiirnmlui.g Goods,Transs, tia s sni Caps, should rail s ou. as now is the tin e for bargains, at No 460 Seventh St., opposite Fost ??o 1 tin | / RAM) At>VAN( f. of THK ARMY; but VI SMITH h?t not advanced the price of his Clcthine which he h&s just r?oeiv?d and ia selling off at such remarkable low pnoes Kive ma a oafi nud satisfy yourtiflves of the gr-?at bargains t> at are now offered every day at feMlTh'S, No 460 ?I -? - - ccYoi.kii oc 1 1 m I WASHINGTON GYMNASIUM, 2V?*'4 ii,, near tnter Mirk*t. ] This esfab ishmect is now op?>n from 6 a in to 9 p Kt. On? of the officers in attendance from 1 to 3 and fron. 6 to 8 o'olock. Persons l?adinc a sedentary lift or troubled with dytpepaia would do w?Il to join immediately. 91 a inon'ii, 3 months. I ik) 1-3C OFRKSH EGGS?^OOD EGG#! O You want the tame? If so, go to Messrs. TAVI OR A CARTKR'S Stand in the Center Market, and you osn hs supplied with the h??st JfcRfEY, DELAWARE, and MARYLAND KCGS, all food and eiamioed before oflered for sr.le. S?->id wlio'esa'e and retail. ir^ Fewember tlie numbers?Nos 193, 194, 19ft ??<1 19b,(tack of the VYatoh (loose ) oo I 3t? SKALKD FROl'OSA l.S. wi.l be reo*iv*>l until the 10th inn'sni, for the immediate delivery, at this office, of twelve thousand pounds ? f Red A?h Coal.and one oord of * '*k v^ood. fr> posals shon'd headdress d to the subscriber and endorsed on ths *n velooe "PhimhIi fur t- ??i " molfki -"a7 mi r.t.k r, Maj< r Quartermaster. 17'J F at. between I?th and 19 h. QrAETlBMAKTPR#' OFF'.CK. V\ Minns ton oity, 1). C., October 1st, 1861. oe 1 8t Dr. m. kocil. CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. Anil from 502 Uroaiway, IV ew York. Bianoli office?246 I'en.'-aylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th *t?., Washi g?on, 1>. C. Corn*. liuniona, Soft Corn*. Calioeiti*s, Club Naiist and Naila penetrating the <T'*h, Ao . cur. d without causing paia or inconvenienoe to the pa'tent The Boot or Shoe can b* worn immediately after tUa i jKr&tion. Hit treatment is founded oft the ?tr!otlr rule of science, such as all i^urgtons will app ove. His oharge* are <uite moderate, trifling indeed, ournparel wnh the relief and ?atis;action he afpirda the ftuflerer Refera to the Phymoiana and Surgeona of this oity. Persona attended at their rooma or reaidencea without extra charge, by eaving orders at 'i4b Pa. ave., bet 12th and 13th sta o' 1 Irri* The great rush to arms has oaused 5mi fh to rush North and r?B.?niah >?i? ???' I of FALL and WINTER C LOT ft IN 0," whioh ">e I offers at remarkable lowprioes, at No. 4bO Sev enth it.. opposite Pout Offiiwt Mi 80 lm CLOCKS CLOCKS, CLOCKS.-A groat vari tty of Clocks just reoeived at J. A J. T. ROBINSON A CO.'?, ae 30 flt* Pa av.. pppo. Hrown'i Hotel. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VE8TINGS. New and larre lots of the bert things in vogue, for genta, youths and children. One price only, marked in plaia figure* ; heuce no puroitaaer ia deoeived. An inspection of stook solicited; it incurs to obligation to purchase. Oilcloth*, Curtain*, R nfs. Carpets. Ao , Upper Fl?"or*. PERRY A BRO., Penn. avenue and 9th street, *e98 8t "Perry Building." AT THE OLD PRICES-We are aeiiing all our vast stock of select Fincy and staple SILKS an'1 oth?r fine DRF.SS GOODS at the o d price*. SHAWLS, MANTLES and CLOAKS, novelties in new Autumn Stjles. One price <>nly, marked in pts.tn figures. A<1 Winds oi Dry tiooda for the ourrent wants of carpets, curtain?, oilcloths, RUGS, i.o , Upper Floor*. PKRRV tc BROTHER, Pa. avenue and iN inth Bt., ee28-5t "Perry Building." 'p TO OFFICERS, I HE CAM PA ION ?A <JsmpK<enipc Wagon on the Prt,ss:an principle, arianged for BleepInz or to aut as an Am*u ariqa in case of sickness or w ninds. with amyli room for ftor?i at.d provisions; light, w?ter-pr?K'f, and perfectly new, havi ig b?en jiwt "uilt to order by one of lue firtt makers in N?ir York, ia offered for aale a> cost pioe. A'so, a h.ndsonie, Strang, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Ho'.h may hs *e?.j on spp loat.on to JAMBS BROWN, at Mr. Irvine'* fcutbies, Corooren'a Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H streets. ee an Union envelopes AND PAPER. The moat tvaotifal Envelopes published in the United Sta ee, printed in two. three, four, and one in jmk? o?< colors, mar be bad of 9. C. UPHAM, MIA Ch^anut airaet. Philadelphia, and WILLIAM BALLANTYNK, Bookae'ler, Washington, D. C. A ?ampl? package will b aent to any addreaa on i receipt of 36 oenta. aegleo2w SOMETHING NRW! f?J6mT??T l>isroviBT or\^ol f \flj^ At 99!'C ttrut, owrostte ? ttu Tkta tr. ? OYSTERSSTEAMED It the Shall and Thor>u|hly Cooked (far aapenor to a roa?t) in iteo muMmi, tkt fatuti tint* on ricord. Call Acd ?ee. The node muted r?.- p<?olfuily informs hia frieoda in the Uiatrict. and ?iaitora to the ?ity, that ha haa refitted hia old and wiu-wti** bstabliihmb.mt m a meat thorosf h manner, aud ha< ii.ade oompiete arrangements to farniah OYSTER a ia any atyieaud in any quantity 400 to SOo fa lona ahnoked prrday. 2 U? to ?<*>' oans of efptoad and t <eati put up daily?oana herinrtiotlly sated Furnished iii the sh-ll by >he huaue. or barrel. Poraooa wishing to hat* Oysters famished regularly throath the winter, at Baltimore arioea, without f?ar of failure,?hol d osl! and make arrang -menu at once Freigat. 'ime, and uwuey saved by purchasing of ote, aa I furniah an artiola MliA.1 tn l.iAnaUiiMt^ "-fc* Ll " ? * ? iwuiwig wamIMBWHI, at prioea >uatna low. TO BUTLERS. j.. Canned Me&ta, l.obat?ra, t^a'dmaa. CItai, Strawboruae, Towat^aa, P?e' F?*t, Tnpa, Ac , fto., *o. Alao, Pioklaa, Catsup, ?*Jo*a, Brandy P**ihes, 4<j Alao, Game and Fraab Piak. Tnrtlra, Terrapins, Fresh L-bstera, Cod. Halibut,*o. 'In (act.ataiyMmic for ante in tke Noith: n market* al*mi on k*sa, m reaeonable pi io*s 1 Hotels and ft ml lie* sappltad wrtk teste's. delivered without onnr*?? t? nay par- of the Distriot, mtanaow. if Wie money iaaaut wttk tke order. M> aatnb Ukmant ia o?an from Si m- to IS nt mtht, every oay, exoept Bnndny, whan 1 oloaa nt *~tt *' T. M HARVEY. T| *HB PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, Nn. 4<IO Ssvantk at, U tkejMao* to bay roar CM >?kiag, Tmnke, Hats and Cnya. oa 1 )n f^REAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET, V: * * * - " " mr ' --r " I #' % ' t . . . h?mmmrnmmmmmmm???m?, AMUSEMENTS. C^O8EE TdE BIACK STATUE _ .. T It At OOP FEI,LOWS' HALL. rP H K TflKATER I wil1 o en THIS ETKyrSG For tbe S*??.<n, on vhi ii oooatioa MISS Si SUN PENIN IIII DKA UTTFFL A*?aTC*H *CT*FS?, Will apeear, aupportel by an Kxoellent Comp%ny. _?c2-Ij? . ITOURTR ANN?TAL r EXHIBITION AND CONCERT of lh? Children ?f 8t. lltyalai Sunday StlNl Procfdl /or tki Utet of tk* Poor tkt SmmM, Aaautcd by Inttrnnr.ental Accompaniment, Will take p:aee THURSDAY, Octobi* Sd. Corner ot I and North Capitol atreata. _ r*ET 1. I. Crado De Monti Chorea I Arieli Whuper (solo) Mary NHT 3 Hail finllint Mora-?- Fata Choree ?. Solo Flats. 5. rin i* my home(qaartett*).~._. Mta? Badgtt 6. W bare are the fi tenda? f my youth? Wm It noda l 7. Gambler'a Wiie(a?lo)..... .Miaa P. Ranoliffe nit II. R. Crowe in the Cornfield Chora* of Boya 9. B Voi gi tn her children. .#. Hesitation 111 TK* Mnminr Pall It, On to the field of glory, Boyt in Ml eo'dier drew. It. Come, ooine, oome! (solo and ohorni'^ Mar* Hauty 13 Fairy Boy . Eddy. White F?*THl Conoindee wifh Gilee Croggtne, the Bchuulraaetai. Ticket* 25 cents, cM'dren >0 rente l>o'>re open at half-paet 6 o'o'ock, oommenoeat half paet7. oe t d THE UNION NOT DESTROYED ?ThememMere of the UNION QUADRILLK^^*ASS<?CIaTIoN fake treat pleasure u.Udftp iannouncing tn th?ir lneud? an 1 tl>e pub ic^gHrr in get.erei thai thw will r.irw thei' Fin Grand 1? A Lt. at Thoks's Hall, 7th et.? on THI' KSPAY KVfcNING, Oot. 10. ?chrnele?,e mu?io lia? b*en engaged for tne ooeaei n. Rt onler of Committee. oo l-2t* 'PHE STARS AND KTRIPFSSTILL WAVE 1 OVFR ARLINt.TMN. The member* of the A R LI NGTON CLUB take great pleaaure in announcing to their friende aft and the public *eii":a.'ly that the; i- tend civ- fin mg th-ir Seventh Grand COTILLON PA R-^S TY at Fbankli* Halt.. D ??., letween WthCflHk and 13th sta., on WEDNK^DAY, (Mob*r!, :*1. No raine noreipenre will I* epared to n ake thia, in all re?j??cts, tkr Party of the seasen 1'he /ery beet ootil^on m>?sm hu been engaged. TioketefiO cent*, admit ing a gen;leman and la die*. U* order ?e3'-3t* COMMITTEE OF ARRANOEM'TS. ODD FEi.LOWS' HALL ' The Only Place of Amunemfnt In tfe City. Rtremtk W'tk of ORTaiNAL 4I(U OxtT CAM t'BKLL MINSTKfcLS: I* STAR PKBFORMKR9, In ?he Opera of OH, HUSH! The BLACK 8TATUB. And DR. LINCOLN OUTDONE. Admission Twecty-ive Cents, so 26 Dr. 6. FOR D. Arm>t fiOST AN I) FOUND. fpfUJND?Snnd?T.2?th September, brown ootored HORSE. whit# s'rcak np his face; c?n /> t>e found, bjr proving prop^'ty aid pa<n g "LLvi chErt^c. at Cabin Jnhn bu lt*. oc 1-2' c. in RK WARD.?The aHove reward w II be O paid for the r?oov?ry of two gy HIIRSKS. alraio.! -- ? ?> ^ tember :*?th. <>ii? la"-*" Sorrel Horee and ^^ one dark frown n?ariy K?><k. Each boree is rr.?rk?*d wi h whit* paint, with the Let?ers H or O 01 the left Lip A pply t" ANDRKW HAfirfe Whitney's Restaurant. U* New J< rrev av. and_A St., Capitol Hill IOST?In th? omnibus. between Iran's st le, a in W*s> ington. *: <1 the Omnibas Stand in Oe rgetown, or between ti e Mas<l and the *obs m' er's o?<>re iu tieorgetown. * buckskin OK.TMON NAIK. containing a $<0 Trea?ury note a g -Id piece and tw<? pi c-?.*?d aMvit 4:0 in other money. A liber*! reward will b* paid for Hs :e urn to in* tubsoiiber, corner of H gh and 6&y "ieurgetown. oci :X Mrs. FRANCES DEMAR. LOXT.-On Tnes^**, Octol>er 1st, between the Livery Stable of Messrs. Keileher A P'well, a> d the Washington Statue, a MEMORANDUM BO'K containing a number of papers, not**, receipts. Ac.. Ao. The finder will r*o*ive a liberal reward by 1 aving them at the Bank of Washing tin, or ?t the store "f Mr. Batholow, 7th st, o*ar canal The suMio is warned not to tate any notes or obecks drawn or endorsed by m# withoat first not.fying me ^syment on tho?? not erdoreed having been stopped. A B. BERRY. 00 2 St* lf| DOLLARS REWARD!- "an away, on IU Monday uigkt,3wh Sept.. iny NEGRO M GIRL, JANE. She is abou'17 rears old, IS medium height, a?d |<>o<l lookig; has a so*' (I ! aliev*) on the right sidw of her neck. about an inch lorg; h*d on a pink dress ana l>la:k flauLting bat. TheaNx a r*?njl will be pud for her delivery to me, or information, ?o that 1 v* 71 nKftin i'. I UAH HN K K? ot I if G it, h tween 13th tad Hth. RKWARD-Str?j?d or eto:en. nnThurii!a?,the :6th instant. from No. 4ft< ^M| TJi'rd et ea.-t, hetweu (" and Pa aveuu", &li<:tl> own buffalo OW, with wliitejfcj^ spot a ikD her hind quarW? and hudr.md ?t!ic m Iff; ar. The above reward will be paid for htr rctirn to the above-named p aoe. *e 30 at* J. NOLAN C |A R K WA K n.?ftrav?d ?r stolen, on Thnrav I" day, the -6tli in?tv.t. from the commom n?ar tne H'adensbure To! rate, aVUf^ large red OOW.vit-i en a I crooked horns. The aWove reward will b-< pvd for her return to PATRICK RKKtN, corner Massaohuseit* av an t ^fponfl st. ee 30-3'* NOTJCK? 96 KEWARO.-St ayed or ktolen from the commons. n ' hur??av. ' he^F-nift 26th Inst., a large speckled Dnr aTCOW.mir red a>id white, with sho t, wide horns JkJmm Any person giving any information of th? aaid oow will receive tne above reward rv i n iv rv rni'iwi, ?e y-St* near Wendell's printing offioa. C*(T> C REWAF 0 ? Ru ?*?? fr. m the nbaeriher^ept. 27.my N'fro .Man LLOYD. H * ii very black, about 4 feet 6 inohea huh, 0W pleasant wh'B spoken to. very thin in the TF\ ln.ce 1 will tire the above r*w? d. no ma*- Jk ter where taker, ao he is hroaght home to mej^L or lodged in j%il ao I jet h m a^atn. vv. B W. DUV ALL, Mill rarnia, i?y 3t* Anne Arundel pointy. Md. LO#T ? 84 KiwtiB,-Loit, lilt evening, a Colt'a 7 inch Navy REVOLVER. surer mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomson, 1861." Tha above reward will be paid to any person who may return the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 2A1 K ?t., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chadwiok. Willarfls'Hotel. ? 11-tf I AST NIGHT OF THE A It BLACK STATUE SEALKD PROPOSALS, tiU the 2l?t of Oeto her. 1*1, at 12 o'clock m.,are invited for tapplyint'hr. rmi with Beef rattle "n the hoof, to r>? delivered at Chamber-burg, Harrisburg. or York, iu tae Sute of t'ennsylvani'., aa the Gov ernnien' mar designate Uidders are req aeete* to com* y in al> partienlara with ih? formol bid pub! shed herewith. <iov??rnmeiit r-?ae vea to itself the neht fo ?ay m Trea nry nou*s or < ther fin d? it ra* tor d lsuurte ni'-nt a d t?reject an* bid a- d for ?n? cause bid will be enter tanned un til vne bidder is preMnt to raapond to his bid. The Ooverr mer.t will r?oei?e4,000 head under the c>rt'ft<'t. at d will reserv* the right to repairs auy addit onal nnmber up to 16 000 h?*d. Deliveries u be made weekiy in suok qaantitiea a? may b? required. The 1'attle mu?t artrue 1,300 pounds cross weicht; and .o animal will be raoaivaa wtuoh we'chs less than 1 -000 BOanda rrnmm ?o oooditioml MU will bo reooived. he bid* t-i bo direotod ?o Capt. A. Biciwir*. C. S , U. S. A , Washington, D. C., and etdoraed " Prorcnli for Bo*f Cattle." Poem or Bid. I, A B, do hereby proeoae to dalivar to Ute Government good Bool Cattlo on the hoof for p?r hundred pounds groee wight. The Cattle to ha daliverodat Cbarabarahnrg, Harnabarg, ar York, in the f*t?U of Pennsylvania, aa the Gor-rnm*rt ma? designate, acoording to the term* of ihoenoloaed aovertfeoment. The Cattle to ba Wlghed on the aoalea, and the weight to determined to ba the puroha** weight. 1 hereby agree to (in a good and aufioioat boad for the feT&Umaiit of tl?e oontraot.anu to receive Treaaary Bote* or other Government lenda in wvmai't for the CaHla. The (ratde'iverr or tie Cattle will b? reaaira4 to bo made about tba 10U of November, W. art td _ U7A8H1NGTON A&8KNAL.. TT lirTuginJBiMH. Sialid Peoposala. to be endorsM T'Pr?poeaia for Coal," will be received at the eftoe r?r the aoarnanding oftoar of thia Areaaai aatil 10 a. m. of the 10th of Ootobor next for faniahing 800 toaa ef Cumberland Coal, beat g ua.itj ' Ran of the mine, suitable for blaoksualka ud atoamaagta* aee.aod equal in auahty to that previoaalir parahased, w! loh willbe ahnwn oa aophoation Th? to t>? A liT?r?d and stored ??W in tV? o~sj-Eo'u?i dj%o?nt 10 the wbarf at this Art?I, at the ?hum of to* oontraotor. tiKORGE Du RAMSAY, h> Lt CoT. ComaaadiBK. rnn SUNDRIES. JlIU GIOHS of Valval Bottling Corks, 200 casti Babbitt's Yeast Powders, 9h b?i*t Mbbttfi Eiwit* eosy tai Boa# PawW oases fr*sh Marseilles and Bordsaax Salad OU 60 b jxas first ?aauti Adamaatitts GaafUas. s^siss?fr?TKxa.. Patent Twtae, Psaoats, Ac Stfr*"* ? sssassSsws ?* l- *?v ' - jSsiSgiagigip k- ' . . . s .... AUCT10N~8ALIi!A_ Br J. c. Mtbl lRB A CO.. ?MIM?IWI 7URNITURK AND KFf fcrTP uF A F*MI r II OKMKI VK ? Pal* ?On CM 1 DAY monnin*, ??cto?*r 4ih ? 1" o'clock, at No. S?? Tratt atraot,b?>r?o*? Lend M.vo hall 11 tha Farniinrn and E facta of a fMntl* dcoliniat h?n?r keep ne. oorapriaing? M?ho|M? and VV'a nnt Hatr Pgrikg uul Polka. * tokera,and Parlor Chvra. M?rbia toa C en lor and Sofa Tablea. Wat' ut whatnot and Fancy TaHoa, OiH-fhm* Mirror, Kngra*inga, Clooka. Can* boat Ctiaira. Loaoga, ' l'arp-ta, Oilrlolh. M?tti i, I Bada?aila, Bar? a*. Waafaatacda, ?ra*a Enamelled Cottage Sot. To 1ft Seta. Vaaea, Or earnerte, I MaMraaaoa. Bomtera. and Pillnwa. Cooking, Kadiator. aad ntber -U?T?e. i Together with a general aaaorfaat of Kttrhea Reoaiaitoa oc t J. C. MrtDUE k CO., AmU Bf WAIL* BARNA1B, Anotton?ora Ok. i'a a*. a>4 mA u>?x. EWARW PAWl* BROKERS' S*L* OF UiiBumn Flimu * ??CTI??^Ol SaTlRDaYMOtNlNS, October *k, at t , o'c'ook, we wWI ae.'l at oar Auction So rat. a large l aa?- tim?nt of nnr'dee.ned pledgee. wa nn?a la ? ft? Bold and Pllrar Hinting and ogH Fa?e Watckaa. Gold Gard, Fob and Veat Chain*, Key, l.ookata, Go'd PeooiIa.Seta of Jeeelry, Ae? ReT"iTara. Powcer t-lank a, K ifiee, 8w>rd anea. I At gather witk a gannrel va i*tj of ladiea Wearing Aapare]. each aa? 8 Ik and Fanot t>roa??>? ?*K?wi. a* 'ovt?, Drm Pat tar**. Co'ia a. A >. a l?rce aa> h tm*Rt of i?cUemea? Watrial A pj>%r?:, inch a?? OTv r * m i, D Cot'i, Veiti an<1 Panto, Also kiowi uo rtm^ut of P a ad Ware Tenia o?b?jn par fua'U. E. WARP, Pawib-'k'r. oc 2 WA LL * H Ak H A fg>. Am ta_ lij WALL A BARNARD. Ai?'ioa?*ta far. 9tk ft. tenth tidt P?. ar Another lot ok ikntuckv bpfd Hokii at Auction.-?On HATI'HDaY KOKNl.Mi 19th instaui. ai |c> o'c < -*. vi wii' tell in froct of th? A action Rcoirt. another lot of Kentupfcr Hcr?e?. con?i?tn,i <if Bro*ni. t a;>Ai.d horral .Work. Ridiuc and rtaroaa* He. TfiDHfl hori?i havM ju<i arrived, an 1 ?r* of the ?? m '. wk.uid m thia ra'o it without r*?*r?e, i* will otf t another rai*opportunity to acoure s joad H - a?. Te> in* each. 1 oc2 WALL A BABNARD. Aaot Hy 6KF.KN A WILLIAMS AH3tio:.oer?. HOUSEHOLD AND kitchkn HJIIil ii tcxb at A urTio"i ?On TH^'r^DAV. tk? 3d da; of Ootobor. we ahall Mil at the re>idenoe of a * nil-mac declining h< utek?e>iag, No 1193 Aith lid* of PraMjIfim kn&ut, mvm tik an<l imh air?*u. at In o'o.ock a, m.. a good assortment of Furniture, m? Matogany, Dro?iing and o'h-r Bnreaun, i Do Cus , Card a*>d 8?de Tablra, Cane Seat Cliaira and Rocker*, aid Lounge, Hrooate! Window Cnrtain*. and Kiztuiea, Owi *#tlt frame Mirror, Toilet !W?, Painted Cottage Chan bar Set. and Cottage BadKteada. Parlor, '"tamher and Stair Carpet*. Oilcloth aad Truth, Feether Be4a aad Beddiag, Hair aad Shook MattrftiiN Waahataix'u, Glaaa and Crocker? War*, Cooking and other Movra, with a good lot of Kitohen Reqmaitea. T'rnai c&'k. in ??eo;* e 30 ?t (Key) 6R KEN A WlLLIAMSJlneta. Br WALL ft BARNARD. Aiotionaara. Excellent firmti re and HoyeE. hold krfkcn at ArcTios.?On THPRS D*Y WORNInv, Octol<ar 3d.a? 1u o'o ock. we will ?ell at 'he A notion Rf>o?n?,withort reaorra, to nloae onnnin^'nU, an aaeortment of exoailaal Fa mtureand Bona' hold Goo:a ooro nauu? " aii at and Wiahocaa? Sola*, m*hof a?!j and Walnut Em* an^ Ro*>kini: C.fctirs. Koi'w >->casd Mahogany and Waluwt Marwe-top Tables, _ Mahojan* and Oak Sidsboards, and EUft w, Oak aud W almt Extension D mac Tables, Oak Cane ??*t D'mng Chair*, Cana and W<?od Mat Chair* a-.d R ookara, B*u?t<-al-. ?hnck and oth^r Mattr*ssrs, Bsreans. Commode*, and Hat Racks, Gi'taml Manoganr Mirrora. Mahogany and Wa>out Marble-top and otter Wn.?h*t*nd?. And many other Houae furnishing Goods. T<*r-n? oaah. ae?i WALI, A FARNABD Aasta. Hr GRKEN A WILLIAMS. AuetioaMrs. SALE OP NEARLY NEW HOUSEHOLD Airs Kiicbifi PtftniTDftB a* Acctioii ?On FRID\\, t-e 4th day of OotoW nsxt at is o'clock a. m . we shall a?U at the r?idMM?a grnt.emnn aeehnin* honaekeopiaf, on Eighth at , between M and N street north. No. g6Ttaa sxss1ient assortment of Furniture. via? Rosewood "ofaa, Clar? and Tables, I Do Marbl*-top Center TaWe, Marble-top Dressing ani other Butsms. Cottage. Jenny Lind I3ec?teadg, Wardrobes, Washstands sud Towel Raoki. Pat Racks, Cane Seat and other Chairs, eathsr Bods. Pi low* and Bel stars, I Comforts, Blankets, Sheets and Cases, Brussels. Ingrain and other Carpets. (?ne Kxo^ient Cook ard other itoTsa, |Chios, Glass and Croskery Wars, A large lot of Kitotisa Res nisi tea. And many othsr artiolss too cnmerons to skua ThV*Ho?ee is for rent. I> of Mftrj C. H on ?th street. bMTNB 1 st. ud > ? York IT*, Term* cm h sett d 'GREEN k WILLIAMS. iMtt. bI? THUS. ddwuxe, Aiouobmt. TH Rl'f?TKE'? BALE-By nrt? ofaiieed "t trust dated A?ri ft, IMS, and wcowW ia Likec J. A. t?.. No, 1U folios ?o. 1 will offer for m, at puhlice auction, on W I-DNKSDAY, tf? 16th day o? Oetot er next. at 4 r^l<xk p m .on the yr?misee. all those ^imm ?f groend ia Georgetown, desori bed as follows, t>?: i. All that part ?f lot rtiaalssii, (17.) ia old GwrEOtoTn. beginnirg. for its b"ar ds, at the end of the third line of said lot. on Pals street, aad runtime thenoe, by and with Palls street, east ihir?y-three feet, thenoe northerl;, to a bos need stone, N? S, being ninety five feet from Pails street there* wester!? to a boon tied stone No 3, fortyfeet, to interseoi raid third line of lot seventeen, beinc ninety fire feet from Palls street, and thenoe southerly, with said third line to the h?rinnin# w ? ? - m- ? m J w ?U ?? tuif W V?in**DWt i. Also, that moiety or lot eighteen of old Seorcetowr, bentming, for ita boat da, at tbe aoaUiwert corner of tot aev-nteeii. be:at westerly. m??n ho*odaiT No 38.588 (wt.aDd in the Iim of Tails atreet. ann runnn* with ot MfrntMc. norih to Pro?^ot atreet, i he ooe with the lino of Proaeeot atreet VNttr!j thirty three fe?t, thence vita a imi drawn eoa'her lr. parallel vita the irwt lie* to Fall* ??reet aad theoee with Mid street eaet. to the beginning. with improvement* Tena* of aa ?: One third of the pnre^aea aioney to he paid is oa h, and tbe reeidee ie tve eqaal 1aatalmenta. at ?i? aud twelve won the, with laterMt, to he aecured by died oft; aat Teima of rale to bs eomplied with wlthla oi? week after the rale, or the propertv may be reec d at the risk aad oost of the parchaaer, after one week*' coiioe. EDW. OAMWACK- Trustee. se??awfcd. THQ?. POWUNg, Aaet. Bt THOMAS DOW LINO, Auctioneer. PH ANTEP V SAI.R-By vinae of a dMreeof U the Clreait Coert of tee Diafna rfColmbia for the oosnty of WaahinrMa, alttiag '? Chaaeery. and paraed m a oauae wherein Henry Walker at el. a-e emnp aiiienta. and KlisaHetn Wetter etal.are 4*fenda ta, 1 aha 1 proceed to Mll.oa the erenioM. oa Ta -May. the uth day of Oetob-r, at 3 oVloek, aart nf 1 ./>t n? m' ?r?H r > ? ' " 1 - "v - Hi* !' ofGaorw'e. Addition to 6aor?atowr>,*yuf in Ui??o"B t rfWu 11 acton .in the nat-iet a Co. ami i?,which 1*?' ??'iM end bounded as fol #w?,to wit: 111* most eogU?riy f ht> ec feel frost of**'d lot. e* tending :*ck thirty feet; ihrn no th, tarai.ei with Wuhmct^D street. two foot; then ?w, rara!l? 1 with pud** *tro?t, thirty feet more: then south two ly tot, until it latarsaats th? Math lie > of Mid lot numb-"?d twenty t W o,to j ether with U impreTenv nt? thereon. Term* of ?a ?. m preoent od by dooraa : OMtkiid of the purchae* mo"? 10 ? e paid iituh.i d the residue in two al instalments. at ux ad i^reita months, >-ea?lne interaat from the day of sala, ti d ?ind by the i n?es or rv>nd? of the pirttaisr, with %' od and suffineot personal aaofinty.tobe w?,?, to u. YJ.U,D n so X ttawfcda THOB. DOWUNfl. Aaot. By BAEN aRD k BL'CithY, Auctioneers TH RUSTBF/8 *ALE ?By Ti.tae of a rfeed of traat fr m John W. o-on. dated the r?*h June, ism. mad* tha debt theraon Bjmiuouad, ta Banj. P. M'<xl*y.aad by the diraatton of said M -xley, 1 will sailat public auction on th* 13th day of Octobar next.at 4 o'clock in thaajtarnnoa. in front o('bap-arnica*, to the highest bidder, the foi owlet daaarifced areauaea, to wit Thosi parts of k<ls nembar 17 a$d II fn o>d w?n, DtiMini h m# a do or JIM! mMnradvrat on tha lino of T? li itrMt fro a tk* 4iri4ii| lit* lota it and IS. lad mbmbi Uimc* oa aai-1 haa ?at 46 fart, tktaaa aartkarljr to a U.ur.a^ om *o. ?, b*h{ 9s fsat from Fail* atraat. thaa" waatarty to tt?M Na. ?,?6 toot, Uaarn aavtkarl; M fo* *? r??(m whieh Gaor?r M X.tnoraa and ather* ooaTarad to mid Joka# W^oUjotc^M d*d of tSTijCTPa Um Uura of mfpSnkam mtmrn aaak. mU Um r??idaa at '* aad tvalra miIW, towhich lha n.'tra Wt*Ttrt tha day of Mia, vi'l ta taiao, aaearWm U* yaaiaaa Doada at Ua pwaaaaar'a aata ? >. t II t he ta^ma ara not a >aaaI .ad vi'h vithia Uraa DOtTT FAIL TO CALL AT ?(UTirfcJ?<> 4*0 *rvmth at, and hay joor C otkirf. Fern ihi ujGoo^ TViiiJtj^HM^aB^Cafa^aaMnB^ All ParMTM indob&I ?lit^iaii for notM iyinf >nr?r t oM n??!ii| M r?qar?fw ( > Mtl ud wtlHtktMwaM t*fure u>? )?tfe d*T of ?>o?o Ms Met, ?*k?rvu? uif viii b* "ssfc?"-?' AT.rotf^aysaaartom(|h ; AyM'a Aim Ct?; flwrt P?wcer?; SSHl^^i?5S?sat?v |^(MlK>MADb ?CM>TTI AMD HUA w"ii1lB!2^a<&e?S?We4ae .v ^ AI^wth A