2 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I ... I " LOCAL NEWS. CTThough To Sfrx* ? printed on tb? fiitnt team preaa In ?ae sooth of Baltimore, Its edition )? to large u to require it to he pot te preea at an enrly hour: A4**tiMwumtj, therefore, should be ant In before W o'clock x ; otherwise they may mtv not appear until the next day. Tax Baxnxy Ciai bipoxx tux oirhare' cocit, jcdox peicbll ? Kxamimttion otktr I court yesterday morning, Dr Wm. Joknjrm wm sworn ? Witness baa knows Mr. Barney since '54 or '5$, whrn witness lived on Seventh street, near E Witness waa Mr B 'a family physician, sad don't recollect ever to have aeen him drinking except at evening parties, and then not to exceas. W ltness never recollects to have aeen him Intoxicated, bat bss seen blm ?how tbe effects of Intoiieatloa on two occasions. On mis occasion Mr. Barney was sick, and witness waa aatlffird that he (Mr B ) bad been drinking Oa one occasion, more recent!*, witness found that Mr. Barney bad been drinking It waa wken ba (B ) bad reason to feel gresUy excited; tt was wbila bis family waa ahrosd. Tbs first occasion was after a d flea Ity Mr. Barney bad with Mr Linton. He (Mr. B ) received a blow and bad tbe eryslpelaa; witnese waa aatlafied oa lhat occasion tbst Mr Barney bad been drinking. His children wers not present. hot they were la tbe house Tbe second cTsalon was 14 or 15 men Lbs ago?might be more than 18 month* ago Dr. A McDonald Davit aworn.?Mr. Barnev fvran for a long tune a neighbor of witness? during the entire period, witorn thinks, In which he (Mr. B ) resided on E street?but witness never had any social intercourae with him, and never aaw him drink nor drunken Witness knowa I nothing whatever of hia (Mr Barney's) treatment of hia family. Witness baa heard loud conversation in the bouae, but none that could not be attributed to making Mr Barney hear, (ne bring somewhat deaf ) VV itaess never beard any angry discission Samuel Baron sworn?Han known Mr Barney for a number of years He lived right opposite to witness. Witness haa seen him sometlmea intoxicated, but cannot aay how often Witness saw bim ao daring the time be lived opposite to witness, snd (witness bellevrs) since. Witness knows nothlug of Mr. Barney's treatment of his children from nis (witness') own personal knowledge. Witness don't recollect how long it is since he law Mr. Barney intoxicated. Mr PendaU aaked the witness a question as to Mr Barney's general reputation for sobriety, but Mr. Davldge objected. The Court decided (as on s like occasion the day before) not to admit evidence as to defendant's general character. Examination continued ?Witness knows nothing of matters occurring In Mr. Barney's house. W Itness was never at home except st meal times and at night. r Mr Linton having retired from the court room on account of indisposition, and Mr Colgate, another witness for petitioner, being absent, counsel for petitioner moved aa adjournment of the case until 11 o'clock to-day, to which the court acceded Mhtim or Ptplic School Tcustxbs -Scholnnkip ix Columbia C?iUgt Con/erred.?The last regular monthly meeting of the present Board of Public School Trustees wss held yesterday afternoon The journal of the special meeting of the board held on Sa'urday evening la>t wai read, from which It appears hat the committee (Messrs, f Ironsides, Miller, and Holmeud.) appointed to elect a candidate (torn the pupi !a of the District schools for the scholarship in Columbia College, made a report, stating that at an examination on | the 19th Instant, on which occasion eight candidates presrn'rd fbems-lTee, namely , two from the first district, one from the second district, two from the third district, and three from the fourth district, the (and!dates were furnished with a eri>~s t-i qunuooi id ortuo^rapny, arn&meuc, grammar, geoeraphj. end history, fifty two In all, and tbelr replies were required to be written. The several papers were afterwarda carefully examined and compared, and the committee fixed upon Patrick M- Auley, a pupil of the first district. aa the one to be selected x After the transaction of some unlmpertset busin?-ss, rerteln additional rales were adopted,which provide that no appointment of a primary-school teacher to a district school shall be made until aid teacher has passed an examination appropriate to the position; that teachers snd assistant teachers of district schools must be not less than ?1 years of age, and sub-assistants not leas than IS; that teachers and assistant teachers of prlmsry schools mu*t be not lea than IS years of sge; that should admission In regular order Into the schools be refused to sn applicant, or a teacher be unable to find the next applicant in order, the matter shall be referred to the sub-board, wltn the reasons for auch refusal. 4c ; that applicants for admission to a school soall be questioned as to tbelr , being between 6 and 17 veers of age, havlny been vaccinated, and other matters laid down In the roles. No other business b*lng before the board, the President vacated his seat; and, on motion of Mr. Iroaaidea, Mr. Holmead was called to the chair. air. iron*iaes men aeiiTerea a onei vaieoiciory address; and in conclualon moved that the thank* of the board be tendered to Mr. F 8 Walsh, (or the able and Impartial manner In wbicn he had presided over their meeting*. Thi* was carried unanimously, and Mr. Walsh responded in a happy manner; after which the board adjourned niu dit. Thi Will or thi Latz Chahles Wk**ek ? Chas Werner, a member of Capt. Geary's cavalry company, whose death and funeral were noticed in the Star a week or two since, left a will, bennrathmv Li* DroDertv to hi* children, inri an. pointing Mr. Philip Mebrllng, bin former bus;agent to carry oat 1U provisions. Tbe second section of tbe will Is In tbe following words: ' I distinctly want It understood that my (only so called) wife shall have or?e tlve cent piecf, because 1 hope she forgets me as 1 will her " Tbe will was brought before the Orphans' Conrt, Judge Puree 11, last week, and It was proTf-d to be in the handwriting of deceased. The witnesses to the will were brought into court to teetifv as to the state ef mind of deceaed at the time of the signing. One of them, a German, thought that "Charley bad been a fool since be been a soldier " A question as to bow deceased rode In tb*- cavalry company was answered by the wttneae Net very goot." Tbe Court satd that peeved nothing, as a great many of tbe oAcen and soldiers about W ashinglagtoa did aot ride very good. The witoeas satd that he askrd deceased what It waa he wanted him to sign, and he (deceased) replied " It ta nene of your business " Another witness testified that deceased directed bia (wltneaa') hand la signing. aa witneaa could not write He also lest 1 ltd thai deceased was 'fractious." As tbe evidence wu not sn?clent to prove that d?ceu?4 was *on tempo t mrmtu, tbe will wrt idmltttd to probate. The Court In glvlug the decision, stated tbat of course tbe will could not Interfere with tbe legal rights of tbe widow, (tbat Is deprive ber of her third,) aod tbat she would be allowed to administer oa tbe estate If she bonded according to law. Objections to the account of Deputy Marshal ttam'i Phillips, wbe was deputed by the Con a to bring tbe children from France, were entered by Mr. Barney. TLe decree of tbe French court surrendered the ehildrea to Mr Phillips, stipulating as a condition tbe payment rf certain charges, tboee charge* being 3,886 MM 96 MMN expenses and bonorariee due to Mr. Loogcfcanap; 3,006 franca to persons having charge of the little girl* since September, i860, and francs *) centime to Mr. Bonnefous for tuition and board of tbe hoys; m ah lag a total of 10,464 franca 75 centimes, (nearly 91,000.) Our reporter under ?tand? that the portion of the aceouut objected to arc ehargee b* Mr De LM(ch?np 7Vd?)r.?The court met, bat Mr. Linton's IndiapeelUon atlll continuing, and Mr Colgate, a wttnea, having to attend the funeral of General Glbeea, t'je eaw wae farther postponed until tomorrow at eleven o'clock. Daemon ?Laftr Bur Mt mieartrelMg ? Joba Klrcbet wm a/rented yeeterday, for eelitng liquor to aeldlora, and oa examination before Jostice Walter It wan proved tuat ho hod aold "lager boar," an atatod The juatire decided that laser la net intoalcatlng, aad therefore not within The meaning of the law: and the cane wae dlamiaard The estretned Preeideat of the German Benefteial Society certainly could not havs baaed bis dectsioa oa the worso-feoca" perambulations of folks return lag float the "celebration"oa Monday last If the opinion of J ustle* Walter la adopted br the other Magistrates, the Dumber of arrests upon this this charge will he greatly l< ssened. This Is not probable, ho we oat-, js a majority have slresd y decided that lagse beer u an taluilcaUag drink, aad based their decisions npoa the eeldseee of parties who gate the prooft at experimental teats Ysr Aiothbb Pabbom ? J W D* xalae, ooavlcted of larceny by too crlmlaal court aoiao yssrs sleoe, was pardeaed by the Presldeot last w*k He waa the youagtst of the Botorloea gasg of Mikl.h tf ! ? i *Kfta nsJ(v4lk(>r. hood, Ii)4 bad already lerwd oat the yreate* tott aa a< the tiiaa ati years. lac which be wu en? traced ) . f : lirtonauT m riu?iiu ?'The cast lot at tbe nortbeaarcoraer of Penneytvaniaavaauea 1 Ptfteeath atrart, whi< h baa as long bean an tfeior* to eiUsaaa and atrangera, la at length to ha Improved Mr Wa Braaiding (of tbe trm i f Parker 4 Spauidlag) la Mltdlng iheraaa a biick bouae whir b will ckaa ap tbe uaalghtly aptue Biai Ball ?Tbe idni'rra of tkia iaa apart will daabtieaa be granted to kaow that our etftorprlalag friends of tbe National Olab (aland to play a alar fine to morrow at t o'clock m the'r groaads Booth a# tke Treasury Department Kuiwiin will ha -eaa the aotlce of Uu area* btUo(? Untoa qaadrtlia A*eU?o|, at Stfrssx.r'srsu iyrrr X?94 . tn Pvs**al o? dsitnaL GiBsoh ?The notkaahle feature* of military funeral drew many apettatora additional to the large number of aor? rowing friend* gathered thla morning to witnesft the funeral ceremonies of the late Major General George C. Gitiaon The r or pee had been placed In a hand?ome ailver mounted coffin covered with blue cloth, decorated with tasteful wreatha of white flowera, teeee and camellas, and draped in the wide folda of the American flag It occupied the cenU-r of the moriestlyfuraisbed office-room up-stairs, uaed by the General In life Amoogat thoer present at the funeral were PreaIdent Lincoln, Secretaries Reward and Smith, Gen. 8cott. (who atood onco*?-red lu the open air for aome time, the cynosure of all evea, while the proceaalon waa forming,) ttea. McClellaa, and many other pertonagee of civic and military note. The eacort waa formed In front of the late residence of the deceased, 917 P street at 11 o'clock thla morning, and from thence the procession moved down F atreet to Twelfth atreet, down Twelfth atreet to Pennsylvania avenue, and thence to the Congressional Burying Ground, In the following order: Regiment of infentry. Squadron of Cavalry. Battery of Llcht Artillery. Brigadier General Andrew Porter, Commander of tbe Eacort, and Staff The Clergy of the Dlatrlct, and Surgeon General of the Army. Officiating Clergy, and Medical AUend&nU of tbe Deceased. Pall bearer jr. The Hearae. Pail-btnrtrt. Brig. Gen. Caaey, Brig. Gen. McCall, Brig Gen. Sherman, Brig.Gen. Helntxleman, Brig. Gen Tboma*, Brig Gen. Mansfield, Commodore Smith, Commodore Shubrlck, The relatlvraand frlendaof the Deceased. The General-in-Chief of tbe Armv and Staff. The General Staff of the Army. Officers of the Army Officers of tbe Navy and Marine Corp*. Survivor* of the War of 1912. Clerka of tbe Office of tbe CommlHary General of Subsistence. The President of tbe United Statea and Mcmbera of the Cabinet. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and District Judges of the United States. Tbe Preaident aud Secretary of tbe Senate, Sena Hna, ma uuic?*ri ox iae wniic. Foreign Ministers and Suites. Members and Officers of the House of Representatives. Justices and Officers of the Court of Claims. Members of thr Sanitary Commlaaion. Societies and Fraternities. Citizens and Strangers. At the Congressional burying ground the services were to be conducted by Rev. Dr. Hall, and the uaual salute was to be flred. A SraGBSTio*?Mr Editor : There is no class oi pcrwni in pa one once woo nave so many and tried people to deal with a* postmasters, and finding fault with that Individual baa rather got to be chronic wltb the dear public. I therefore trust that thla gentle reminder which I here intend to give to aur worthy P. M , that hla clerks ire by about 11 to 13 minute* longer than they ought to be in opening the morning mall, not be allowed to paaa from hla mind, as a atereotyped insinuation againat hla management of the Institution over which he prealdea. but a* a solemn and patent fact to acoreaof people who have to go to work before tb*y can get their mall. Boston, with a population of 150,000 Inhabitant* has Its morning mail opened always by 9 o'clock, and tbe most of the time a quarter before, and its clerks are not required to be on duty until 6% o'clock, at which time tbe wratern mall arrive*. Do, Mr Postmaster, send to Boston and get one of its clerks to show you a routine by which the malla for 40,000 people can be opened In le?s than two ro two-and-a-half hours. It can be done, and by doing It you will confer a kindness on Many Imtatiknt ScrrK&ias. Odd Pillows' Hall ?The Campbell* had another linge house laat night, and th* performance* went off with infinite eclat. To-night a auperb bill, including (for tbe laat time) ''The Black Statue," wblch baa proved aucb an Immense h?. Also, the silver-throatfd Dunont will liner in hit hp?t U Ko anr*? Kn u r* n - ? ? - ? ? - J w ?H\ HV ?* *VU|j W? It V/ Preuss. " The Flag of the Free." The managers at Odd Fellows' Hall deserve a favorable word for affording a place of amusement which respectable ladles can vtstt with propriety and satisfaction. The show of beauty last n'ght there was noticeably large, and the courtesy ana politeness of the ball officials In looking after the comfort and convenience of ladies and children was beyond all praise. Cextkal GiTAKDHorsK.?Wm F Dodd. drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, f 158. A soldier refused bis name, do ; turned over to the military John Conrny, do ; do (158 Wm G. Donoboo, do; do. Si M. John Mizlne, for drawing a bowie knife upon Moses Cohen, and threatening his life; lined for carrying the weapon f-'O and costs, and gave at curl ly for peace for twelve months Robt. Clark, col., out after hours; fined SI W. John Hutchinson, a sailor, amused himself last nisht by kicking at the doors of dwellings In the Seventh Ward; was arrested and turned over to the military authorities. Hall's Patent Dkibkinq and Filtbkiho XlSII fnl US 1^VVTa mm Mnur (Kat fol! rains are riling our rivers and streams, we would advise all our military friend'to procure one of those Ingenious and practical little instruments, which no soldier should be without, aa it perfectly filters the water from insects, Ac , thereby rendering It healthy. You can also purchase rubi er blankets, rubber coats, rubber leggtogR, ponchos, capes, rubber borse covers, and cap covers, boots, shoes, Ac , Ac , at manufacturer's prices, at the India Rubber Warehouse. No 3(W Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts. oc 2-tf Thk Odd Fbllowh of Columbia Lodge, No. 10, preceded by I'rosperl's band of music, yesterdsv afternoon attended the funeral of their late fellow member, Mr. George W. Miller. The funeral services st the house were conducted by the Rev Mr. Holmead, of Grace Cburcb, and those at tbe grave in Glenwood Cemetery, by the chaplain of the Lodge, Mr. Thomas K. Gray. Ampotatiok.?Jas. Beale, of company K, Kentucky Cavalry, was accidentally shot through the leg on Monday. He was brought to the E-st hospital, and yesterday amputation was found necesssry, and tns leg was taken off above the knee Joint. To-niort, tbe Arlington Club give another of their aciifendtd rntillnn nartlu at Franklin 11*11 Don't fail to be In attendance by any manner of meana Thkatkr ?By the advertisement elsewhere, It will be aeen that the Theater reopens to-night, with Mlaa Suaau l)enln and other atti?ctlona. To Tin ArniCTiD '?Be ante to read the adrer.ie.r.?r:t of McLean's Strengthen*nc Cardial and KIotmI Hunfier. io another column. ?f OIKU, On Wedneaday, the3d of October, aged 14 months am dar?, J???>M FRANCIS UUFFY, ?on ?f Ei enar.d Mioha*l l>utfy. The fnenaa of the farm 'y are invited to attend h:a fan -raJ from his p*re'U' rraideno*. o<>rner <>' 3d a- d <: ttreeta north, Capitol Will, at 10 o olook on th?Sd instant. * Oa Wednesday, 2d instant, at 4 o'olook a. m., 8 vMUKL BRKTT WMTE.eldest aon of Mat io?w a me late sarati wrett wwm. TMfunral will take place to morrow, the 3-1 ina'ani. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, fr?>m bia late r*aidenee, 417 U at. KeiaLvea and friends are invited to attend, without further notioe * #On the mori inc of tb? 3d ?uat., at 7* o'ofoolr, after a brief lllneaa, HENRY MlLLLK, Sen., in the 6tth year of hia ac?. rhe fnneral will take pace from hia tare reai<? oe, No. 3*7 New York ?t . between l*>h Mid 13th ita., to morrow (Tharaaav) afternoon at 3 o'e ook. The friend* of the family are lavited to attend. * aBT NIGHT OF THE BLACK 8TATUE. It f UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, BTEV/ PHKNB A CQ.8. 3a? Pa avenue. ae 18 HKADOUART* r8 pgr clothing.hats aad CAPB?At SMITH'S, No. 4?0 Seventh etreet. oo I lm A BBIGNKE'B AAl 6.-93.000 worth of l?rc?a A Trtmminga, aa?t*t be add. No 30, Center Market ALEX. ELLIOTT, JR., aean 3t A eel fee. JUL! TAD Amu bLfiUAn TEB BEGAH9. Aim, a riml>?r of other c?lebr?f<J brand*, wholeeal* aud retail. WM GKO&&K, H?no\ Se?ar Store. ? 31 lm oor Pa ar. and 8th ?t. vv a?hinnt<in. MIU"A Tlftn* finks! 4 PINK8i! This ie to live notice to all delin?u?nta *ttaohfd *n th" Third Kegimaat of Oietriot of Co uiniia M-iiua. Col. KiebaH:fc- Bright, Command in*, that I baT? dqly eoo?titute<l and &pp< laud Franoi* H *,de ib,a >;ouctf C?m>uU * my apeoiai Deputy, to oo.lMt ail Im< imposed b? U? i e? loaary ro?>t of f id HKiBMt, au4 that on aa<1 alter the let day i ? Uo ubar, 1'<4I, yoti wul he caled upon by aani & **!??, ?or amount of aid fioea luipoa-xi by (aid C< urt?a?i if n?t paid on pre?entabon h? u raliy irntowered to ootleot the same aaonrdinc to law. "See ZadTolame of the lava of th? United Btatee. ohaptrr ?W, amotion 4, p?ce 789 and T7", pea id lat rt: i a!v tan " ?? WA?uv^r.'kc. r M.UT.A -iBi nSfe'l1* wws Tki? is to (iv? DOOM to All sttMbod totho Fir?t D?|iMitn| Dl.triot (>| Ooluntii* HiUf?, Msjor W. J7McD"H*.<1 oo?nm?adtn?, thai I havodaiy ?o- stitutod ud toiDtod Hnrj > Mt u,t nqpaty Cwlilii, Mi IWuty to notwr ?Mt, lttl, ?o? wilt t? c**p l*d ou by Mid \ Mta-n for amount of wd itMiaioittl dy Mid court, ?pd if not Mid on rw?bt?te?wm fBlly m?*?worfd U> ?rtfOOttfcOMII??*OOordlft??? l?w?M*BOO o*d TOlBOMafaw L*??oftko Iwfcsd ?* *?.J***; i * * TREASURER'S MO? SkwrtM the amount at fcu or*dit ut the Treasury, w pa mi m tki Mint and brans kts, by returns rer*trea t drafts kav been issued, but tf'r? then unpaid, and tl also, the amount if future transfers to and from dtp la what plaoe. TfManrv af tl?A YTn?#4w4 Waakiii?tii)i H P * IWUII U| hUV VUlH"! V vr? v< ** vt v.. Assistant Tr?ft?ur?r, Boston. Massachusetts....... Assistant Treasurer, New York, New \ ork ... Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Assistant Treasurer. New Orleans, l.ouiaiana...? Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis. Missouri.?......... Assistant Treasurer, San Franoisoo, California... .# depositary at Buffalo, New York......... ? depositary at Baltimore, Mvylaod.......... ..... ., depositary at Richmond, Virginia.._...... ...... Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia.......... ?... .. Depositary at Wilmington,North Carolina......... Depositary at Savannah. Georgia. ..... Depositary at Mobile, Alabama.................. )epo*itary at Naahville, Tennessee...... ? ? depositary at Cincinnati,1Ohio.._.. ? Depositary at Pittsburc. Pennsylvania....., .. . Kpositary at Louisville, Kentucky _ positary at Galveston, Texas..... ..... De osi arV at Baltimore Depositary at Norfolk (Sawyer)..... ......... . Depositary at Cmoinnati (Hherlook) Depositary at I.onisnl e. (Haldemanl Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas................. depositary at Chicaeo, Illinois - ? depositary at Detroit, Michigan ? Depositary at Omaha City, Nebraska )ep?>?itar~y at Kails of St. Croix. Wisconsin ........ Depositary at Olympia City, Washington Territory. Desositarv at 'I allanaassa. Florida Depositary at Omaha City. (Gilmorej Assay office of the United States, New York. Mint of the United States. Philadelphia, Pa Branch mint of tfle United States, Charlotte, N. C... Branch mint oftheVnited St?tos, Dahloneta, Ga Branch mint of the United States. New Orleans, I.a. Branch mint ofthe United States, San Francisoo, Cal $ Deduct overdrafts - f Add difference in transfers Net amount subject to drafts-............ Transfers ordered to Treasury of the United Stat Transfers ordered to Assistant Treasurer, San Pi Transfers ordered from Assistant Treasurer, Nr Oct 1-11 i WANTS. WANTED?A moderat*-?i?ed FURNISHED HOUSE. AdUreia' F. H.," Star Uffiaft, *tating tering, &o. do 2-3t* t\rANTED?A grown GIRL to do general hmne ?* work Applj at 5fi4 H at., 3 door* eaat ofsth at., before 9 a. m. and attar 4 p. m. It* VI/ANTED-A first h*nd BRF.AD and CAKE ?? BAKER, at No. 5&3 Eleventh at., (Navy Yard.) between M and N. oo2 3t* /CARPENTERS.?Wanted. 3 or 4 good Careenvy tere.at onoe. Apply to BALDWIN & RRO THERS oo2 WANTED TO RKNT-A HOUSE auiUblefof oake bakery. Apply J. AIGLER, belowPtar Office. op 2-St* WANTKn-DRE-i?M\KERS and a MA CHINK OPERATOR. 01 2-St M. WILLIAN. 336 Pa av. WANTKl>?A rood little colored GIRL, to take care of & child and n^k^ h?raelf renerally useful about the h^nse w. K CHaNDLKE, co 2-2t* 504_Mth it, between C and D. WANTED?By a reapect*b'e womnn, a SITU ATION as oiiamhermaid and to do tawing. G'>oo reierencooan be?iven. Address Box 4,Star Offine. it* PI-RMANKNT HOARD WANTKD-A arrall faimlv want* permanent Boarding jn a cheerful l:nua? near the War t>*pariment. AUd eaa'C. a. H ". K veiling Star Office. It* WANTED?Three DRESSMAKERS. a? No 339 Kirhteenth at. between H and I. None hnt g'<od hand" rtSed apply Stead* work. A'?o, two Young Ladiea to lea<n the buaineaa it* WANTED?A GIRL, to oook and do general houaetrork in a amal family. Inquire at No. ftT3 M*> viand av., between 9th and loth ata. White preferred oo2-3t* ViRnTRD?A young WOMAN, to aeaiat in ? cooking and general h"uaework. Good references required. Apply at 43T Twelfth at., between G and H at*. op I 3.* W7ANTKD-A mtdd!e-%gfd WOMAN to cook. " waah and iron. To one well recommended good wagea will be paid. InemreatNo 321 New York av., between 13th and 13rh ata 00 2 3t* INFORMATION WANTED OK TIMOTHY HEAI.Y. eon of Oliver Healy, aged between 8 and 9 yeara, who le't hia home on Monday, 30th of ?3eateaib*r. Any peraon knowing hie whereabouta tin vvhjvi ? ia?ur vu in* I iO>l?U|CU ??lDUWt JUI1II* tun's How, near New Jer?e> av? Washington. oo2 2t* WANTED?An aotive LAD or young man, to attend in an office None neeB apply but those writing a fair ha d,(and able to op?n the office by 6K o'clock, having had *h~ir l.reakfast ) Neither need applications cone from those a'raid U> cleai an office or do aur ihirg generally required. Addr'??, in own hand writing, giving name and reference, to "M. " Box 10. Star OfBo*. oo 2-3t WANTFD-A ROY, at W. D. WYVUL'S, 4 53 Pa av , between 31 and ?t?. oc!2t* | A BOKKR3 ? Wanted, 4 good Laborers T^e Ij highest price paid Apply at J D. HAMMACK'S Re?tanrant, 'iO'i Pa. avenue, oo 1 3t? WANTED-A WOVAI>, to oook. wa?h and iron, 'i o a satisfactory person good wages wi 1 be paid. Apply at 420 New York av , betw. IStH muf 11th '*? 1 WANTED?By a reapeotable toung woman, win> ha* th heat of , ecommendation*. a SITUATION as nurse or housemaid and aearoatrear. la willinr to make herself generally naeful. Addreaaj K , at thia office. oo 1 2t* IVOTlCE TO 8UTI.ER8.-Por ea'a, aaeoond1 hand light covered WAGON. Apply to C. M. CHIJKCH, Kleventh at., between Maryland av. and C at., laland. se y> 3t* WANTKD TO H ENT?Hy a amall family, a FURNISHED HOIT8E, wi?h about 8 or 10 r oms The hoaae muat he in good ord?r and have gaa and water in it. Loo*tion between 7th and i&th ats. and Pa. avenue and H it. Address "G. C.," at thia offire. aeg'Sf Attention, volunteers-Fifteenable bodi-d youna men wanted to fill op Company K. lat California Keiiment, to ita maximum number Pay and aubaiatenne to commence an aoonaa enrolled Recruiting Office, 530 Seventh at., 3 door* above 1) at. ?!a lv' J A MHES E. WAUGH, Cast W ANTED-TAILORS. TAILORS -50 Tailors * - U? 'ni PDWQUi ' ? w ui E UH UililMMI 1WUB, G. KOLP.at Wall, Stephens &. Oo ps. a e26 WANTED?Three TIN AND SHKEl* IRON WORKERS*. U.S. GREGORY. m 84-tf Pa. avenue WANTED?To have every hoily to oall at vv SMITH'S, No 460Se?enth at.,opp eit-Poat Office,and pnro^a-e their FAi.L and winter clothing, TRUNKS, HaTS and CAP*, at the very lowest prioea. Give him a oail. au 3" lm WANTED to BORROW-From fiOO to 300, for one year, for whioti liberal iotere?t will be civen. with ample security, Addr?as "A, L. g.," Washington CHy. se ]8-2aw?w WANTED, POR THE CA*H-Alt kinds ?.f SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to oall immediate!y. R. BUCTHI.Y, je 3 49* Seventh, between G ana H its. WANTED.?We are now biiTine SECONDHAND FURNITUKE, STOVF> and BED DING, for which we are pa>ine the higheat cash prices. Families declining hou?ekoepinct or havinc a amies of furniture, will find it to tlieir advantage to give us a nail. HONTZ * GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th st.. betw. I ana K its. FOB 8AJL.B AND BENT. I70R RENT?The fir* Cottage Frame HOUSE r (kcovnu Fr*noh Enn*' hnuo situated <>n the north side of M st north, between 0th and mth U. west; hu H.ooo feet of grouch a'tached, with fine frait of every description For terms apply to J. COOK, eorner 7th and B sis., Island oo i-3t* I?OR RENT?With or without Board, in a _?rtF Tate family, three unfurnished front ROOMS, smtab e for aarrie.i or single geitlemttn. AdjI* at

No. 4??3, oerner Tenth and H sU. se 27-1 w* 'l^O EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY. 1 OR PORBALE?The beantiful OOUNTR V R KK1 ItkNPIC nf fr.,r Pu? Mir tha nil. A ..I. to C H AS G. PAG B, Paten tOttoe .e ?"{?' Lf1 OR RF.NT?-HOUSE 408 Pennsylvania ? ., I over tbebookator* of Fraaok Tailor?a place for a professional roan- se4-tf KJAND80MKLY FURNISHED ROOMB.II Foar handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with caa and water, and convenient to the rater.* a ad Post Office Department*, tor rant. Apply at 490K Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th aad Ith sta. rnaM EDUCATIONAL. PLA.INF1KL.D ACADEMY, Nnan G ablislb. Fa.?3lst MMiun (in waeks) commence* November 4. Thorough lustrucuon and lii- oomfoi U <>f home. Circulars at *tar.Offloe Wilt I* at Martin's Hotel October 17th j ? au eolm Plainfield, Cumberland oo , l*a. a m navn a v muto ftofinw a ? m/i tQiuau n Aiv^r^-A a uawirai w 1*1 Mneio, wei! fiialifted in hie jrofeeeion, wiahes t* o train a e'aee of paella ia a pnv?? ecb >o?JUlWenoe ean be |i*en if repaired. ?'*m? ?s(i* known on a?*H"at?oa. Addreea "Miuio Toacwr. at the * tar Offioe, stating Mne and ree denee. ?e ti-ir (___ JOSEPH'S SCHOOL. r The Si.tere oftlw HoW ?row h*v. opened'a Soiiool for Small Bo*?atSt. Joateh'eMale Orfhtn Arr I ?, corner of V and T?*k eta. > IUMI MlS. CKCIU^j' YOUNrT^ffl' mine her ia Vooal Mseto on M"0<laj next, -epla?r tar 9th at her residence, No. 4X8 KlerenU street, ?:*wd H and 1 ala. Terms made kaovn an Ho^on. eat-imeo I ' - " *4 - . / ITHLT STATEMENT, U TWwiri mud dt tut noted Depn>*tariu, Monday. Kd September, |M1 , the amount for iekui it amount then remaining rubj'et 10 draft. KUwm>, osttaries,at ordered b)t tkt Secretary of t\t Treasury Draft* h^rrto j Amount on de Amonnt ?nb&X?^,ieott?ar^ pajaM?. ^ fiSMSt* #?, ! **? '9 ?] 25 71 72 -I 552SS ffffSS >-?gS "mjgg i.wiSl.'u m??.* Ai+'iiiii 47?.?<? w?! ?772 v 413.154 ?* ljWi a i jftR 22 51*77 7* 54.IW3 9S 1W5U liVsao u.<ma ?.??i io.7? m - " 'iffi?. '$? |$3 rj::::':::| * K? 36196) 4 618 93 5fUJ6>? 303,905 33 107386 ?6 7?t>5 7 &i 71? m , 205 38 ... ar? as M?196 1,W*25 1,106 73 ... 2^' i "......... jn 79 , . . !.... 1,413 00 1.413 00 1.118 61 96 ??7 1.00 54 ?9 74 6?? 74 5? 69* 29 54,5(15 19 4,1?7 10 ... 33 OH 1.5*5 6S 3 644 48 5 987 36 3,226 31 2, 6115 .... 9,19 86 537 50 452 36 6,?*o oi 6 mm nl 516 79 516 79 ?9 66 679 66 9,210 40 ..... 9,210 40 Ofrt M q fin ' n "" W? ??v il W 199.654 If! 19?,f54 16 32,000 00 2,832 37 29.167 C3 27.9&1 (3 27.MO (3 3R9 267 46 L. 3H!>^87 46 5>0,000 00 j _... 5(10,000 00 413,156 16 $19,361,119 3? ! 85,512,074 71 914,162,199 85 - ,? *? ?,,, . i ,, 413,155 26 13,749,014 *9 ? _ .495,000 00 14.244,044 59 es. Washington, D. C.......... 600,000 00 anoiaoo, Cal foo.ooo oo l^oo.n?H?o w York, New York...~ 705.00000 GEORGETOWN ADVEET'MTS GEORGETOWN CORPORATION! CAWS. A Risomttiok In relation to exchange. I Rtxalm/i h*j tkjf Rft/irW nf AIA ******* ' Common Council of th* Corporation of Georgetown. That the Clerk be, and he ia hereby. Instructed to sell all uncurreut money he haa on hand, or may hereafter receive, for currency, at a rate of discount not exceeding ten per centum, and to make all paymenta in future In currency, or par funds Resolved, further, That the Clerk be, and he la hereby, Instructed to receive for taxes, licenses, and other debts due the Corporation, only Georgetown Corporation notes, District bank notes, or other current bank notes, Treasury notes, and specie. [Approved Sept. 28,1861. A Resolution In favor of the Mayor and Clerk's contingent funds. Resolved bf the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Geo< getown, That the sum of three hundred dollars be, and is hereby appropriated?one hundred and fifty dollars of the same as a contingent fund for tbe Mayor, and one hundred and fifty dollars as a contingent fund for the Clerk. Approved Sept. 28, lb61. A Resolution In favor of H Reaver Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk be, and he Is herebv, directed to pay to the order of H Reaver, magistrate, thirtynine dollars and ninety-five cents, for his bill of fees from July 1 to September 24,1881. Approved Sept. 28, 1861. A Resolution In relation to fines Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Countil of the Corporation of Georgetown, That th#? Mavnr Ka nuat<J ?a ?? mm?m ?hv *rv UWR.U ?W ClliplVJI VUIUC suitable county constable, a citizen of Georgetown, to collect the lines due this Corporation, until otherwise ordered, and that said constable shall receive a commission of ten per cent on all fines collected. [Approved Sept. 28.1861. A Resolution in relation to Are arms Hetolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Councxl of tk* Corporation of UtouLttown, That the Clerk be, and he Is hereby, dlMked to deliver to the superintendent of the wetrsipslitan police, or his order, the lire arms in his possession, the property of this Corporation. Approved Sept. 28, 1861. | NOTICE L1CEN9KS.?All persons whose lJs_3 lioenses from the Corporation of Georgrtownexpirson the 3>th inst., are hereby notih"d promptly u> renew ti.e same,otherwise they subject tnem?e ves to a fine,and the lav is con pulsory I on the proper offisers to enloroe ?md fine against all delinquents. WM. LAIRD. Clerk | September 21. IM1. ?e 23-y%wt"Qt fY*?NO||CK?DO?LlCKN8K?.-lhiownrrs lk_3 ?f dojs m Georgetown are he eby notified that all doe liaenses expire on the antti icst., A pay ment is de'ared heyonc the 10th of Oct .iber next, the license bv law is ma^e 26 cents higher, and if not then paid, when demanded by the proper officer, the owner is subject to a fine, and the officer is directed to bill the doj. WM. LAI RD. Clerk. September 21,1861. ?e 23 3la?toct 1ft Buckskin glove?, GAUNTLET?. Ao. We call the attention cfSutleqp, K?giinenta! Officers, and others wishing to purohase Buckskin Gloves, Gauntlets, Mittins, Purses, Tobaino l'ouohes, Portnioanaies, Leggins, Ac., at whole^a e, to our extensive stook?all of our own manutacture? at our store, 105 High street, Georgetown Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens are of the best quality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Ganntlets, BoxingG'oves, Buckskin Shirts and Drawers, made to order. RAMSBURG A EBfcRT, 105 High street, Georgetown, D C m d ? A u..? - ?-?1? * -* '?Ul 11 u.?rt ii?i|o iiUAUbii^ ui BOraps UI DUOKBllQ and Chamcia Tor poiiatung gum, aoooatremenU, fcc.. on hand. ite 2?-lm \1AteSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S iTl PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expeoted thiaday. per eto&mer J. Jerome? 5nobarre:. XX DRAUGHT ALE, ?0 do. XXXX do. do. fOO hlr.-bbl?. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale Term* tub on delivery. AKNY A SHINN, m 7 Union Depot, Georgetown; JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo 8U6ARS lio bbla. Oid Rye WUISKY, WO bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVEfl. W bbla. Crnahod and Refined SUGAKs, 0 b&xa Rio aud JavaCOFFEE. 10 hhda.(low-?rio?d) MOLAfe.SES. For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. ae 1* pOMK AND SFE OUR NEW STOCK OF Vy FALL CL,OTHING-No. 460 Seventh at. oo l-lm G&LT'S FURNACE, , LATROBE, RANGE, & RADIATOR COOKING Weil Screened before delivery. ICT 2 240 pound? to Ui* ton CTI HICKORY. OAK, PINE Prepared or delivered Cord length. Wharf and Mill?Foot of 17th street, below War Department. Offioe? 988 Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 13th streets. se34-6t TERMS CA8H. . ?>UQ JOHNSON * NAGLK, OUQ <fio" No 309 hkmnbtltania avinci, ?o*7 Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. south aide, IMPORTERS OF WiNES, i JQUOHS, BEliAKS, PICKLES. PRESERVES, SARDINES. FINE GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STOR E$ IN GENERAL. Just arrived the following brands of G H SJummf ^iper Beidaiok. Moat k. Ccandon. Carper it Co , Barai h F*fet,' Toarette, Rojal Grape. Whioh we offer at New ?ork Prices?freight auded. JOHNWW k NAGLK, J*9 Penna avenue. A bra. M. Hiamger k Co.'?(l9 t<ro*d atraet. New VorkJ^orld renowned HOTTi.ED WINand LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal, and j-'amiW ate, oonstantlv ou hand and sold at New * ork Prices by the Caae. At JOHNSON k N AGLfc'8, !/*"> Penna. avenue PICKLES. Pepper and other S-AUCES. TO MATO CATSUP, by the barrel, tallon, or dossn, from tUe oe'ebrated nianuf'otory of Kohr< nharh k c.,y.?. ? ftg&aafri-s &o!e A_gent?_. BKEr ^ or nalf-harrai. ' m? 10 ,o?!Tj2S%?Se^i&-. jAaa^jffi^regCT^sy^K? Piot. H^mianilio boloftatth-offinaof Adama* KWTOM (V>I?MR? Wu?nfl?i?. H.r, .fci-Hvli A ftSlSNEE'ft 8ALJ5.?Stevena' entire ato*k of f\ Fanoj Uooda. Booreu, R ibhon?, i.aoes.Dreae Trimminfa, Plowrra, Paan?-r?, 4a . are io?k?in? offared at and belw* ao ual oo?t iriot?. Call at oiiC?, No. #?, ?>fteo*fte Cantor Market. Mtfwn th and *% at reals. A I. E X. ELLIOT ?\J*. _ae_:? *l , Aaa4g; a? OH : OH !?80 *0 tt* People's Ciotkuaf'tore, IM?. 4?0 tie van th street. opeoeMe Po?i Offioe. EKSWflS^i? {telegraphic news Tkt War ia MIumtI. Jrrrnasoit Citt, Sept 30?Gen. McRlMtrrr ud staff arrived hm last evening Gert Pop# is till bf? Totten's battery wu among the arrivals yesterday Scouts nrrlvrd last night from Winaw, 8P mile* distant, bnt tbry report nothing new. They beard that McCnllough was advancing on Jeffar on City by way of Linn creek Two'Federii ottoers from Lexington declare that tbe rebels Ight well, and oar mistake baa b?en that we always underrate them The forre U Lexington are receiving provisions In quantities from the adjacent country. Wagon loads are m i?inv rrpry a?v. IH IBtJ U?f It IB MM, every nirtM of rapport. Green. Rains and Paraons'troopearereprraented aa a mare mob,-halfclothed and without diaclpline, no one aeemlng to hold a loae rank than that of colonel. Harrla' aoldlera, 7.0UU In number, are very well disciplined and execute all their maccBUTree In thorough military atyle. One of the rebel regiments baring helped themselves tothe uniforms of Col Mulligan* troopa, are now called the yirleh Brigade." These officer* aay that our troopa were treated most kindly by the rebel officers. whom they pro* nounce high-toned, honorable and gsneroua gentleman. The "Stara and Stripes" waving over Colonel Mulllgan'a entrenchmenta were pierced by forty ui* K?11? k.? ? - ?- ' " ' " -..V inn UIK lUUCt "IM 1/BlOU"?I favorable omen. Information haa been received here that 10,000 Rebela were a few dava at nee In the aoutbern part of Green county, moving northward. A body of 4.000 Rebels are alao advancing through Bolea county, towarda Oaceola. They are under the command of yonng McCullorh, who ia either a aon or nephew of the ublqultoui Ben. Sixty more officer* and privatea of Col Mulligan'* command arrived herefrem Lexington thta morning, and will leave for St. Loula thla afternoon. Gen. Pope left for iioonerUle thla morning Quite a number of troopa have alao gone. The War la Keatacky. LotrinvtLLK. Sent. 30.?Gen Hufkn? la aaM in be at Green?lUe, Muhlenburg county, with Ave thousand two hundred men,and issupposedto be on the road to destroy the locks on Green river. James B Clay was admitted to ball in ten thousand dollars, before Judge Catron this morning to appear at the January term. Tom Clay and Tom Jacobs entered his ball. Harder Helm has taken possession of Rochester, on Green river. The number of his troops Is estimated at 4,000, Including a Mississippi regiment. The Glasgow turnpike bridge has been Burned. Judge Ventrees, of Hardin county, has been arrested for aiding the rebels. The rebel force under Humphrey Marshall have disbanded and gone home. the kbbkl9 marching on fa.dvc4h, it. Chicago, Sept. 3"?The rebels attempted to bum a bridge one mile from Norfolk thla morning. They were met and repulsed bv Captain Nolen*s cavalry. Three rebels were killed by the first volley, and others killed and wounded afterwards. Only one Federal soldier was wounded. A wounded rebel said that aa death was sure, he might as well tell the truth He stated that Gen Pillow was In Kentucky, back of Columbus, on Saturday, marching Oh Paduoah,27,000strong, and that Jeff. Thompson's movements are a feint, to direct attention from that quarter Information reached Pnducah yesterdty that Geu. Pillow bad left Columbus to effect a junction with the troops marching on Paducab"from Tennessee The united forces of the rebels will amount to 12 CXtu. Frsm E?rsj?e Farther Poiht, Oct. 1 ?The steamer Bohemian, from Liverpool, with ad vie#* to the 22d ult , la below Tbe steamer Hibernla had arrived out The French government refuaea to allow Its offices to j?ln the U S army. The *te*mer Great Eastern had arrived back. The gale which she encountered was of the most fearful character. Twenty-live passengers sustained fractures bv concussions occasioned by the tremendous rolling of tbe ship. Tbe accident is mainly attributable to the breaking of tbe rudder. Cott"n has an .upward tendency, and prices have advanced )f. Sales of three days 70,000 bales. QreadstnA are firmer with an upward tendency. Provisions are quiet and prices steady. Consols closed at 93^ a93\. Frtm California Sweet Water, Sept 26 ?TbeCalifornia Pony r.ipreu 01 id* v:isi dm arriyea cere. The steamer Sonora baa called for Panama with ?9?5,000 In treasure for New York. There haa been much controversy among the Presbyterians of San Francisco In consequence of the vote given by Dr Scott, of Calvary church, against tbe propriety of minister* declaring themteive* on tbe side of loyalty. Thl? action re viyed the charge of *ecesslonism against aim. and threats were made to mob the church, but the police prevented an outbreak. The congregation were mainly Unionls's. Advices from Mazatlan aay the city of Almo has been captured by a force from tbe State of Sonora. Affairs In Canada. To*o?sto, Sept 30?The propeller Geo. Moffatt, with a cargo of grain, reported drifting In trie lake Saturday, Ik a total wreck on Long Point, near Coburg. Her crew were saved. A number of volunteers left Hamilton to-day to join Col Rankins' rrgimentof Lancers in Detroit It is reported that a bounty is paid here and also fare provided by railway to Detroit The government works on the Parliament bulldine* at Ottawa were slopped to-day. The cause of the stoppage is net positively known Naval Intelligence. . r\ ? * hi? o.ut.v. * a v* ? IIPW i un&. vt?. i ?i nf orniia ^unooii m* naldo re porta the frigate Suaquebanna and gunboa la AlUatroaa and Cumberland at Hatteraa lulet on Friday Sent ta Fart Lafayette. Boston, Oct. 1.?Lieutenants Loyal, Butt and Steven a, of tbe navy, have been sent tn Fort L^ftyette for refusing to take tbe oath of allegiance. 318 notice. gig ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS, CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. I would moit reapeotfully inform yon that I hara now in atore my full aupply of HARDWARE, COOKING and HEATING STOVES, PARLOR HEATERS, that heat above, PARLOR GRATES, COOKING RANGES, for Housee and Camps, HOT-AIR FURNACES, HOU8E-FURNISHIN6 GOODS. All fall and oomplete, and will aell them wry oheap roa cash. C. WOODWARD, No. *1S Pa aT., bat. 10th and 11th >ta., ae jt-eogt BMoony ia front. PAYMASTERS' I CASH BOXES, Favor's Patent Camp CoU, Camp Siooii from ? eenta to A3 SO each, BlMiKnU, CcmforU Pillowa. Iron B?dat?ade, Aa. For aale br J AS. C. MnOniRK * CO . ? 87 iw Corner Tenth ?t and Pa a v. METALLIC roi Cleaning FtlliMai, nd PrtTeaUii RM. Tiiia ? auperior to all other oils in lb* world for the above parpoMa. m w?II aa for maofeiaary and lnbnoating mm. It la eanally #? imI> to hilook* nod sew i or machioM. It u in high favor at the Gov-ruttiflnt Navy Yards for ordnance and machinery. Principal Dtrot and Cwiral Iwrt. PHILHARMONIC HALL, Panna. avenua, near Eleventh at. ID" Aienta wanted with team*, to aa?|ly^ejaCARR1A9KS. "~ UK Rnbaeribor having i^ade arid it ton* In hia [ftciory, mainn( it now on* ot Ui? l*ri in the District. wb?re kit fioii't for MB 11 f*otq n n. CARK IA6E8 %o<i LlttBT WAGONS o< ?tl lindi Morot b* III Until, Md from ku loot UNrtiMi? lh? bail. 3??Y???? J-* 500,000 --'.V SECOND ED1TIQV. THREE W'CHHK f. ? OUR MILITARY BUDGET mmmmmmmmrnrn BO irii.llfl DO! nc. The attendance at tbc fu?eral of tieeetml Gtfcaoi thla forenoon prevented iba ifUMctlM of IIT Important baHant wbatev r to day. by tk? hand a of the Government, military *?d civil. COXMOBOtI orroRT Commodore Dupoot Iravaa Waablaftne thia iwTiim m nnr 1 or K, to kkr Cummand of tfet s>oam frigate Wabash, his flag ship of the Btatk Atlantic coast squsdroo, which la to aiil Mai la that harbor. a w&aamoToK sima Col. Tail, of the IK District eolonteors. ta or flag Brigadier General, in command of the brigade upon Merldlaa H 111 Jasl m* LATE LOCAL NEWS Fisid ?The Metropolitan pclioeaiadead?aoont 1 not night on the houae kept by Mra Spalding, corner of C and Flrat streets, and took the 1omstoa btfore Justice McKenna, who fined Mrs 9pald1nz WO for eelllng llqoor to aatdiers. and the other persons were oaed as witnesses Tb#* sergeant of the precinct said that the proprietor of the bouae bad been prertoaely floea for selling to soldiers, bat lsst nivht Uvm*u ^ until a very late hour, drinking, k.? F G Kobr wassrrewb-d by the poltoe for sell I eg liquor to soldier*. and was token before Justice Donn. who fined him 9J5, which he paid atdrr protect. Robbbbt ?Yesterday the residence of Mra J ~>bn*on, No 9 Maine avenue, between Four-anda-balf and Sixth atrerte, waa entered while the family wa* absent, and robbed of money and property of considerable value The thieves entered lb* bouae by a window In the back part of the boose, which they rear bed from n abed Thee ransacked the trunk* of the Inmates, male ar.d female, end carried off whatever of money. Jewelry, clothing, or other valuables they found Tte entire Ins*I* not known, but it fails severely upon seven! persons. IsgrEST?This morning. Coroner Woodward held an inquest at the central guardhouse to ascertain the can ae of the ?' L'^?* * Johnson, colored, who waa found dead on Um open lot east of the Third street Trinity Church, yeste rday afternoon. The evidence ?bowed that the deceased was a man of very intemperate habits, and the opinion of the phyalclan was that to died in a drunken fit. The verdict of tto Jury was rendered accordingly. HotoR to whom Honok is Dtte ?Mr. John C. Rlvea. who has evinced in aubstanttal manner his good will for oifr District volunteer*, wu received, on a visit to Camp Thomas yesterday, with three rousing cheers and a tiger bv tto First District Regiment boys Wouldn't some others of our men of means tore like to earn a similar compliment* Mti.ita.kt ?Yesterday morning about ten o'clock a long train of cats reached the President Street Depot containing Col. T. G Morrbead's Infantry Regiment of Pennsylvania, trusterl|H^k abo-.it^ne thousand muskets The entire was newly equipped and well armed, and wre In line overall hundred of tto men iwWL^ composed tbe regiment first raised by the Colonel, which was stationed In this city ftr several months Attached to the regiment, which is known as toe Fifth Regiment of Baker's Brigade, is an engineer corps, composed of ISO men, under the command of Capt William M Wonlridge, W?11 knnurn !b tKla 11 ? ?k44 " v.. ?? ?ut* VI?? an pi Bt viv Ji aitui VTC1 IK tbe of R Snowden Andrews, who is now a Mate pi 1 sorter In Fart Lafayette Tbe band of tb? regiment will join tbe command at Washington on Thursday There also pa fed through here for Washington on tbe previous night the Twenty first Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, 700 oanske's. one of the newly formed Massachusetts regiments. numbering 1,000 mnskrta, and on yesterday afternoon a detachment of 200 New York Zonaees, Col. Baxter.?Bait Anurxcan try On Monday, Tbomas Oifford, late deputy marshal of police In Baltimore,wss arrested upon presentment ior v-?*on tie VM umiBM lo bail In the sum of f 40,000. M. i. ramuiN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 444 Penn'anorth aide,) twelfth tod lfth ?ta. Improved SPKCTACLK8, with KnilM Pebble or Periaoopio GUesee, auited oorrectlj for avary aye-eight. FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Miomaoosea. Comp&asea, and Mathematieal Instruments. at tha lowaat Kaatern prioea. ee27 tr pfcNslUN OFF1CB, Jm ?t*. 1ML TO ALL WHOM ~TT MAY CONCERN. Application having been made ander tee aet of 33d June. 186ft, for the reiaaue of the Lau?t Warruila deaariliad bdr?ni. nhi/ili *r? ? >> been lost or destroyed. notio" is hereby given, that at the date following the description of each Warrant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be la aed, if no valid objection shall then appear. No 71 SIB, for ten aorea, issued under the act of March. 1855, in tiie name of Amoe Arthur, and crafted on the 17th day of Auguat, 1857.?October B.l?l. No. 68,680, for 160 aorea, under act of 1847, and bearing date May 6th. 18*o, in favor of Michael Ri pp fethar of Samuel Ropp.deoeaeed. Third Indiana Vo nntoer?. Meal can war?October 13.1861 No. 64 536 for 1*> acrea, leaned under the act of March. 1856, m the name of Jaa>ee Long, and granted on the Slat day of March, 1256.?October It, 1861 No 84 657, for 160 acrea, iaaued under the aot of March. 18*16, id the name of ThnmM Tumt, and g^^ted on the 3d day of May, 1156 ?October 19, ]Ma 96100, for 160 aoree, laeued cder the act of March 1856, in the name "1 Po 1?, widow ol David Bradbury, ana ? ranted on the 19th uay ol Beitwbar, I860 ? November 16,1961. No. 4%S42 for 80 acrea leaned under the act of March. KS6. in the name of Chi iatoehor Dougherty, and gra ted on the 2nh day of September, 1MB. November 16 1861 No- 93 814. for t?> acrea, laeued nnder the aet of March. 1856, iu the name of 6ny 8. Alexander, minor ch Id of John C Alexander, deoeaaed, and granted July 2,186".?November 16. 196> No. 2 163, for 140 acrea, iaaeed unoer the aet of Maroh-1856 in the name o' Bet jumn Rally, aad granted on the 27th day of Jane, 1866 No 6&2 for W acrea. laeued under the act of March 1856 in the name oT Reuben Woodruff, and granted on the 9: h day of May. 18S6. No. 85n. lor 160 acrea, aauoU un^er tlte net of March. 1856, in the name of Samuel H Water honee, and granted on 'he 23d day oi May, 1868 No. 2,633 lor 90 aerea, iaar>-c unaor the not of March. 1866, in the name of 8h*U? Dovai, and (runted on the 2d dav of Aaiin. 18a&.?N<iv?her 16.1661. No 41 939, lor lift Mm. leaned wltr tki act of March, 1856. in the nun* of Jamei Pray. ai d gran'ed on the Met day ot March, 1861 ?November a, 1661. No 25 930. f->r 161) acre*, uaaeil under the aet of Maroh 1665, in the nunc of v> i] ;am M . Jnliee C. A., and John D. 8., minor ehi dren of lrvin Baaget, deveaeed, acd gr i-ted on the Mth day o* Ma*. 1856 ?Norember 23, 661. No 44,6)6. for 66 aerea, imei seder the *?t ' I Mareh, 1655 10 the naraa of Gottr. widow of To aa Kiwm>d,and granted the 19th day of Jar nary. 1857 ?Noren ber 23,1661. No. 75 SiiO, for 160 acre*, leaned nntfer the aot of Maroh, 1655. in t?en*rae of Alexander M? aUo?fh, and grauted on the 8th day of J hnaary, 16S6.?Mo ember JS 166t. No. 6,066, for 160 aerea, leaned ander the aot of Maroii, 1855, in ihe name of Alazaodor MeQaain. and grant-d on the 12th day of Otlotor, 1686.?No vem >or an IS61 \n Q Bita fi.r IM &iir*a ann*^ r./l*r tkd Mt of fc'swrt.Hir swr j r^r Ifc? *tt ** of Kok rairy. 1MT ? Doocro&T a. imi No UM* for 1* ZtZ Z.M indf MMtrf l*ij* ammUf Mart**, wiicw o(AiiKteswrwar ? > *"" ? ?" i?Nr. sjMtTrer iso um. mid uior ttw act of Hg.^afiar,^ inn. ?u~s ujt!y s ss-JrwiUfmi rtsu'; fifti 'm!* CaU0lM dfty ?* J?(t. M? I>mm jo""^?Aagiu. . ? T< >VUi HI I WjE r A X M i VM TM wmk MI 4 ? rv. c # 4w dlf wth 61 wut 9 ^ aleip#tti| i>. u? ;*^3Sss?. P*t?i".S5S22i*aU!K; ttrcsrvw* ?. sre?.