2 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

2 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I MR KVfcMNft STAR. RFRntceocs p-cosies. A eorre?pocdent of the Gardener's Monthly, WTit'iig from Pirio. thus appropriately alludes to iho pmotii*.* which, next t? the rose, are #r?iT?h>r* nnlfiTSfrrf Anil the mn?t con apicuou* ornament* of the garden: "Why Dot cultivate tb? p*p"nte* and their hundred rariotit* -t tribe of flowers which seem not to be known with you, nnd Mill a flower which bu the kindneM to light np your garden before the j>><w>a. fuchsias, .to., have eome into bloom 7 H by ?hte ignorance or neglect of the pteonia ?" i >ur collection of peonies contains upwards of one kundrrA rarietie* of all shnde* of color, eome of the flowers of which are nearly a fool In diameter, and beautifully marked and tinted We hare no show in the garden?no* en the r?*?es?which is so truly magnificent. Yeft with all these obtained in aomeof our nurser 104 w? rarely see in cultivation anything l ore than the old double red or white or rose * ' .Inrati) itn.iW v*v !n a a m a aak! ?f ? * "y u rvuiv uvkio\/iv\i uai n vi the border. Wbj tuch <orta as Festiva, feativa i .jiiiti, and solptnrea, for delicacy of tint*, or Delaclii, vioUcer, superb* fulgida for inteueity cf cv'ociogj surpass auything among the choicest plants. Next to the ruac. the pa?ony deeerre* the attention ef e*ery lover of flowera ~Hov*y'? Magazine of Horneulturg. KTO?i J W. Birgc, who U authorised by Oeu Fremont to raiee a r^gimeat of sharp nhootei, wa? aa otttcr in th? Patriot war of Canada in 1K>>, and the man for whom the British Government otfrrrd ?i6,0U0 for hit head. Gwi.Htlminn, v ho wm many yeara ia the British army, and an ctBeer ia the Crimean war, la raising a company /? r Col Bttge'e regiment. fT7" A million dollars worth of bnndy In bond wu seized last week In New York?the property of routbern mere bar ta?and the cargo of a?ven ablpa from Bordeaux for N^w Orleans ordered | * Worth by U?e blockading squadron It Is stated thai over ten thousand bales of eot on are bow lying at Apalacbicola, Fia On t e 12*h Inst, there were ten thousand three hundred sod thirty bales In New Orleans, which lp t Jt North wmid be worth SI, 136,000. (n* The receipts of grain in Huffilo on last Thursday amounted to the unprecedented quantity. for a dtily arrival, of more than one tuilliou bushels 117" Saturday last, a company of U. 8. soldiers proceeded t ? Westminster, Carroll eo'rnty, Md , and teok P 'sscsalon of the arms of the Small^ood Infantry company, Capt. Roberts. L Krcni made Its appearance in tbe vicinity ?: Bi tinjore on Oaturdty and Sunday nights gcbat; s tea mers- sa iling da ys FmoM ra? Usm? Btatm. * StmmwM. Uitfc # For. Dav$. Great Eaatern....New York ...Liverpool ...Oct 5 .?w York. ?Liverpool...,Oot !? Niwaxa.. Korton ..... Liverpool...,Oct 16 A?i? ? ? .New York _ l,tvnrpooi... <?ct23 Bremen. .Nnr York.,..Bremen.-. ?Oct 26 fncrn bckops Niagara ? Liverpool .. Boa ton . Pept 21 Am* .Liverpool....New York ..Sept 28 Br^meo.. ?_?Soutto'pton...New York.._Oot 2 TW^ A.ltA..... ?.:? -A ? - ?' - 1 * oo vwuvruiB man vmom IWIVJ YOFk on tli* 1st, 1-th, .vpd 21 at rf every month. NOTICE. * HE Copartnership heretofore oarried on by the lime of II.T. Loonon k. Co. was dissolved on the 1st irrtant by it? own limitation. All thu-se owing amount* to said fk'm are r?^ue?ted to settle the Mine without delay, as the snocessors are anxious to e ose tae books and settle account* against the Above expired oop*rtin*rsln?. GKOHKE W. FARANT. FRANCIS J. HKI VEKGR, JOSHUA H. KINO. CIr NOTJCE?The undersigned respeotfully irJorm their patrons and The pat.uo general 11 of their having firmed a copartnership to continue the bn?i n*?s, iii a. its t ra .crtes, %? *ooo-s?ors of the late t rm of H. F. London X Co. Whi 1st tendering th-ir tnaiks lor tb? very li!>erai patronage received, tne? pledge) themselves t? use their utmost exertions to merit their continued favors. F. J. HKlBRliA * nn SucoMtor to H. K. Loudon and Co., Militarr aad Naval Merchant Tailors. F. J. lli'uisu. J. H. Kisa. ?*P 11 3w CLOSING OUT CLOSING OUT! Haviju oobc luied to o.om out u;j eatira stock of FaVcT GOODS, 1 have removed th* same to No. tfO Pennsylvania avsnae, Detweon 8?h And 9th ?re?-ts, whsre I will olTar '.tie entire ?tock at *uoh priM? as will enable mj former customers, and the ablio jeaent'ly, to bar toe first class French v%xioj Goods at pa tie pruts. Now is the time to bey! N B ?All p?r?ocs hiving el aims against me are T^^aest to present the same for settlrra*&r; and all persots tvebtdd to ra* are requested to make arxiu?eroo-Ust*> qui*te their cMms without further notice. Prr>ni8t attention wilt grwsMv oblige. Respectfully, R. 0. BTEVENi*. S?T-*f ^^RIB,_CR^l1>LK _and bkd blankets I mm r* I kttt'ANKi.all aizeaan;. qua i tio?. Bed Oomforta, Shoot.n??. Piltow Linen and Cotton* Toweia, Napktna< TableClotha, Tickir.ca, i?>ylie?, Ac. All at our proverbial.; low prices, ma k*d in plain brnras. N*? couio'a, stini-cora, aojoumsra aid oitizcns Wiu inspect our a.uuk at pleasure. PF.RRY * BRO., a* 27-M Pcnii. avonno an?l 9th wt., XOTICR. B?iBMPi ? A DAMS' EXPRESS CuMPAFlY " 1'kta Co?np&ay offora to the public" Unequalled vantat** ' for fHe ^afeaud Qu:ok (Mapaich of Hea?y K'eishta Paok&cea, Valu&blea, Money, Ac. 4?., to a.'i." '*? of the United Mtaiea. hxprease* to and from the .No>th and Wert depart from aid arrive in Wa*hLn?ton twin* H?ii? Ail Kxpre*-?ee are in charge of txp*ritnctd tad flux').', M s??~uf ers. Aii k'acKa<e? fur The Soldiers carnea at "osi h*u" ?ur a>ual iatee. All G<>- ds for tin ao-onlled "Confederate State*" rid ad Articles * Contraband of War" wi;l be urvaxn. On bxereaaee leave New York at 1,5, and 61*. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and &30 p V.iptfMn leave Philadelphia at sjn M. and 1* P Martivitig tn Wasbington at 5 30 P. M. and 6 A. M. Expreeees leave8a timore ? . 4 A. M. and 3 P. MT. arriviM* in Washington at 6 A. M- and 59) * M* PTP-a?N?c? for a>l points North aa* West lenve MVkJi a9ii>uat tan A. MaodtW ?? M. dvlr Spcotsl Coctracts for 'a:ge tuantiti?a of Freight a:- l>e uuulonu \spiiration to 'hia??fflee. Ail Tv^?ls eai.fd for And 1 ? " & W ,F AKiK)N*7* Sup't Ad.\oi?' Express Company. Washington. Amast a. 1W>1. an a tf S0S.V-T 1HE OLD FAWN OFFICE. /<?\ n wJfes.,,. 99 ,%lL?tV.bflrai idvaaoes mad*on bold and - llyrr WattM,ih?nioe s, Jewe rr. Silver wa.'*,Clothia?, Pi?tots, stid ail kinds of MeichvKlise. Basitois strictly eonMewtial. I^AAO Hr.HZBRKO, 331 C st'eet, xw I Sni Between <H and 6th sU. fI 1KW BOOKST XlJBTORY of th-? Unu?-1 Netherlands, by John Lovaro? finim . 2 voir; fte* b? mail, <. TueRiaccf u;-> Ditch K'-pabtie, a history, by Jo>m Lotftr^p Meoey; ?wo ? o??w; free by maii, 'he W<*v?r o/ R%veiol. h* *?? I ?uot rt "A IM ???! ?loth 7HoeDt? ; ?< p?t ? e?? L.f? ??'1 Of?CT of Adre, by SVinlro* 81 J*. Atv, ' :?l ?r/ with a Pvt?r,?M?ron#>T Veytt* |? L?l - Xwfoawnei}: by Her Loots L. N> Tk? ?i?n?t/kota*? c/ !,ho'-"E?Bio or H?dro-(J*r bon Oi!s. by Toonuw Aatiw f, M, L).; #1.16. Air ot ?*> ?*> fr?* br ?*?!. ? FRENCH A RICHdTMN, MU >T? P?nu?. %.v>uum. tltT PARTNERSHIP Eximib? b^woou J V\ . r-KMt* A I.RO *11 diMo'vd on tfi? 4th >!%) of M&f :?tt,uvl tli? ?took, book* ?u<l ii?? U pa roh w* b? \V. Li SlAfts, who will krereottor ?o? dust th? be*!&* . W?lil?| ?o?, iff, 1161. MtMW aM^So^r^af v? ir? bov M bii YWOOP AMU COAL. WJ Will mraij ami jmtr aoMy'a wort* bp Nii)(Uu? r iONEEit Mt L?4$, iMiiwiit ir (Mr V ?<r*? mm4 Ckmmi. |8EO. FA9K. Suit T? ? Mxl (Mtynud ii'iUuir MIIIII i ui <>tt>era tn the eiiy?out, lit, aad daliTFtimot?kAn*. IX Toa doc t I ,1ft rit^wr MTia k tria., ud feiirtH UOYb' CMJTH1N9* ? K Have received wtunu ?he iaat day or two a * la.?e iMurtaMi of BOM*' SPRING CLOTH1 l>u, M?hiKiiu all atfleaof low-pr?ced, netlmm, and hue ?nahtiee, wmoh we are selling a t very T " ?",OT ^ ALL. STEPHENS A CO. 3?a Pa. ar? between Ma aad Wtk a a. m tt > laiel) t?io?r and Kepuhlinaa.' ___ W PECUL 1# AEG A INS m, _ ! " ^ IN MOUENINe ?OOI S. \\ e offer ai! lae beat gnwlaacf Moaning 6 Coda >... rvy^rr.fcr.'v 1UASB NOTICE. _ N Coaaa*aeaoe of oar aanac u par aaah faa fooda we purohaae. we nre (ott-md I -w nuig* par ihmibn* to Cask exolaatvei j. f-?(th? ? * - wit. W0 io ?tor# ? vi?rj large Msorti ??*t if KKADY-MADE CuOTUrNG for aw ud ns " )m pft. at?cv?. mtir?fn Mh tntf ICtk i -?? fa t l l?U<*.4 KH*M ___ JJ -No'wort* for tm rTTTTJ 'wl SUMMER RETREATS. ttfca bathing and safe KKTKKAT, o at i'otwt loob-ottt, Maktland. Thin tfe ebrsted Bathing r ace. situated at the junction of the Potomae River with the ? A Che*?p?aho Bar, will be opened by theYjTTBky underlieneii on tho 10th of Juae, in the^C^RX ve-y best style, lor s i persons who may wish a riifo and suiet rsfrent, where they oan nave the benefit of the boat salt water bathing and enjoy the desieaeiee of the water, snoh a* Fieh of all kinds. Oysters, Grabs, &oEvery description of fishing tackle will be kept for ttie aeoommodation ef guests. A tine livery stab's kept on the larM. fle<?, ten pmalleys and billiard saloons; With othsr amusements usually found at sash p aces. The tabid will bn supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The best Liquors and Cigars willal ways befound at trie bar. Board, $2 per day; one week, 912; second week, ?1'-, four wMki for tV, ohildren and oolored servant* half-price. The tenner St, Nioholaa leaves Washington Tuesday ai 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. ra. 'Phe naif past? o'clook p. in. train from W aldington will oonneot at Baltimore with the boate, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weekly tote from Washington, by way of Leonardtown AdUess the proprietor*, at Point Lookunt, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m il HEFLEBOWKR * CO . Prop'n. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 33? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth Streets an ?eo2m TEETH. i JI LOOM 18, M. L>? the inventor and patentee ofth* MINERAL PLATE TEETH, nt _Tar tends personally at his office .n this oUy.MfeBBp Mauy persons ran wear these tooth who* -"' cannot woar others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons oa'lins at itit oftoecan be aeoommooatod with any style and pno*< of Teeth they mar des.re; bat to those who are particntar and wish the purest, oleaneet, strongest, and most perfect dentnre that art uan produae, the MINERAL PLATE will be mors folly warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa arenue. between i 9th and loth sis. Also, 7 Aroh street, Phi-*del shia. oo U tf GAS FITTING, Ac. AW.-VI 1. DOVE A CO. RE Now premreu to exeoute any erdsn witt which they may oe favorec in the PLVMBINO, 9AS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. ICT Store on ?th street, a few doors north of Pa. treaifl. wh?'t mar be fCiUlid K anmilaU uinrtnarl of ChAN'DKll KH-? and other 8t?amYiT* WATER HXTL'KKS t? tT U 1SNVDEK PL UMBER AND OAS FITTER. Hm removed to the ocrner of Twelfth ana F it*. He is prepared to introduce Water and 6M nioo the moet favorable term*, and marantic* entir* satiaf&otien. He lias on ha.vl a lot cf COOKING and ower 8TG VL54, whion ho v>H aell lew man ooit, a? ha wianas to if* rtd of them. no 17 W# A8 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reeeivinr, 9AO VIXTUREStif entire.* Now Patterns and JDeaiin* and Finish, superior in *y ;e to anything heretofore ofle? <i in this market. W 6 invite citiaens roneral It to lall and eiamico our stock of 6as ana Water Fix ire*, fee!ins o).-nti>tent that we have the btst elected stock in Wa?hineton All Wou n the above Tine intrusted to war oar* wi'.t be jrciEftly attsuil^i to. MVLR8 * MeSHAN. jaar_l tf 37* 1) street ( kh ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER VJ OF ?A? METERS, Waihimtob. Jair 11. ltM. NOTICE IS fIBREBTGIVES. That, aire*Rh!v tn tn? Brn*:*inr> a* ww *hw p*wfi?*vu? vi ?uo utUUUkUUC Ui kUO our* poration a>?rored Mar 'J. 1*?\ the nntlereijned if now prepared, "whenever required in writint.and on frr payment cf tne fee of fifty oenta, to mapeot. examine, teet, pro re, and ascertain the accuracy of ret miration oi any ta? aefr in aee in ttus oity Every ziieter.iffjiiad inoorrect. Will be oomlemneJ * 1(1 aoother, sea *d and marked a? troe, will be ??t m i>* pl?ce. If proved to be aoo?raC? in ita meataidmect of gaa, it will beaealea Mco-amgly, ar^ a<ain p?t in poeition for aee. OS?e No. MC Seventh street,(near Odd Fel. w?* Mall ) Oaen from 8 a. m.. to t ?. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy Ii-tf Inspeotor and Seder of (taa Meters. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 322 t*a!fS?TLVA?IA AVXNCR. MILITARY AND NAVAL MRRRIIAMT T*lf #.r?? AND KCAOY-MADB CLOTHIERS, AND EXTKNSIVE DEALERS IN' GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, eeR-if < Intel. Sc Repnh.) BILLIARDS! I M LI The lovers L-1 *- of ths GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in KM RICH'S FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and Uth street, (south aide,) two ol the most admirable TABLES in the United State*, with every oomfort and convenience an 3 tf ior the player*. IV OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS ilKEDlNG Any kind of Fancy and Staple DRY t?OODS lor the loiks at home are solicited to in speot onr vast stock 01 New Autumn and Winter tabrios. An examination of stook implies no obligation to purchase. One price only, marked in plain figures; therefore, no purchaser is deceived. PERRY & BROTHER, Pa. aveune and Ninth at, Be2r> ?t if "Perry Building " WiTruirpiiQiHc A MII.'II ?? ? *??_?* .ftiuiiianLiaoilj VLA >? AIVD MANUFACTORY I bare one of the beat establishments, and furBiahed with aoomp.ete set of tool* for rep&ir-'^bk mg every detonation of fine Watohea, and IM aruou.tr attention give to the same, by (ho vch oompetent workntAnjimi a. wort ouui bed Alto, every deaorip ion of standard 8ILVF.R Wi RE. p?ainaud #roair9iitai, ir>auufactnreU un ler my own anperviaion. which my oostoir.er* will find far aupermr in f nality and finish to northern ware old by deaiera id general and repreeeuted aa their ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, t P?. a**mi|t. ??? ?th Trit* fcUROFfcAX* HOTF.L, * Kl"t BY F. 1 KMRIOH. at the corner of Pone. A * ? A arenae and Lleveulh atreet, haa b?enlrMw tread; tukiOTtnl recer.tl* and now offera AJ||?Uk greater iiMoormeuu for tiio patronage of oipzena a-d atraagor* than any otaer pnbiio houaein the oitt, hia pricre being leea than tho*? of any other tioleJ on Peso. ?Tei "?, and hia aocomm^iationa lor periranent or tranaio<<% boardera unexceptionable. The bar and rertaurant arrangement* of the ^.jiopoaa Hotel have a retiy Sieoomo very pop a lar.beinf^li that can be dee<red by tlie moat faa ntvw. > iu rrvrioiui >.m{m ranitted attscU?>i ud continued liberal expenditures to five satisfaction to .ill, and tnui rsnew* ius invitation ' all to cl?* the F.nrr>?o*r HnWl a ?%!!. rte4-tt WCOAL AND WOOD. B Have on hard and constantly receiving large ?uan itiee of at! kinds of Coal, whioh w? are diiing at low price* for oa?h. We have now afloat four oargoee We will sell i? at 25 oeuts per ton less wfieu taken direot from vessel. Also, Oak, Hickory ana Pine Wo*?d, at low pnoes. WAttDF.R A STEWART, ee 11-tf Corner H aid Twe.flh sts. Q L' N BOAT! (juarttrmaitir OtntraCt OJUt. ( WntkinrtoM i\ty, July 13, 1861.< Plan* and Spicificatiows for hulls of ?un fioali lor tha Vl'Miurn ,,.wl?aiovu OAIIimi'Ua AC thia oifioe, an<l at olhcea of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cinoinnati, Ht. I.onis and Alton. Boats to be delivxctnl at Cairo Bela anould he sent to Ovur'ermaaUr Genera! of the United State* Ann;,at Washington. by 1st Auguat.at noon. M. C. N KltiHi It 1> Brig. Gen'l and Quartermaster GenM. I [N ION PAPER AND ENVEI.OPEH.-Tven aJ It different atylea of Note and Letter Paper, with Enve osee to match. Viewaof vvashing ton in the form ol a Koae, and in Book form, also, separate All the Dailr a-d Wee* yPapers oon*tactly on baud. Herald, Times,and Tribune received every aicht at 8 o'clock. Papers from all parts of the oosntry. Benzie'a !>ime Novels and Son* Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading, aheap A large assortment of Juveniles? Nays* Raid's Booka, Rollo Books, Abbott'a Histories. Ac. A diaoount of In to SO per cent, on a: I bound books FRENCH * R1CHSTEIN, man Nunorial Hooks torerST* Pa. a*. MAPS OP T.iE SKAT t>P WAR.?A splendid l~l Map of the S-at of War for only < oeats. Also, Pocket Maps of all kinda. Soldiera' Camp Dressing Cases from fS 80 to ft. {Tack Books and Stationery or all kinds, Plag fVSL and Envelopes. _ _. Ofniminu H?g|M,VIIVI of WMhirjton, American ftnd Foreign Aiftcftsices, Dftilj Slid Wwkii Caitn. FRENCH A RICHSTKIN'S National Bookstore, 1 naUl.*lHib.) P?, ?m ?. WB OFFER TO MILITARY MKN ft tru V? ft*?ortraent of > R K Y ftnd BI.UEFLANN KL SS.'oam" Sl-A^fS fp3btf.\T; h we inrite 411 oftah pnrolifteert to examae before UixJLinc Uwi selection*. WAELTSTEPBBN8 A CO.. 394 Pft. ??., between 9th ftnd l?Ut at*, ^ neerwd Rft?ftb laftn.) i MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVK1.#.?The AtehfimM, er the Home of Cmm ; from the sa"*54". ? 1 M?"?> II ? I ? I 0 | , , I II a ,, , II a ... IAIK 8TOKB, '.-,1 . . ttw?7" on IMM. or MM to ord*r ft tn? -h. rtoM BotMo, MtfWmi or xoh?af*(l.. ji>. A-?LMlM* a*tf 1>T?1 IB W ?o? r?i ? They fo right tm the Spot." INSTANT RKLIKF STOP \OUR OOUOH PURIPY YOU* HKKATH TRKN6THKN YUUK VOiCK SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, n nnn r? r am *? ? .. ui>vu run o/iiujins, WOOD FOR CONSVMFTUES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. 1 They relievo a Cough instantly. They oloar the Throat They give strength and volame to the voioe. They impart a delioioa* aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are mad* of simple herb* tod oannot harm any one. I adviee every one who has a Congh or a Husky Voice,or a Bad Broath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to jot ? p&ok.ige of my Thrat Confeo bona. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "the* go richt to the spot.' Yon will find tl.ejn very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public feelings, for stilling your Cough or allat inc your thirst. If you try one package I am ?af" in saying that you will ever af terwarrfs consider them indispensible. Von will find them at the Druggist* and Dealers ib Medi owee. PRICE TWENTY' PIVE CENTS. M? tignaturs 11 on eaoh pnokace. All other* are counterfeit. A Packnge will be aeut by mail, prepaid, on re ceipt of f hirty Cents. Address, Hfr.NKY C. SPALDING, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW VORR. CURE NervousHeadacht xj*. CURE A Jrinte ? Headache. By lh( ih ot theM Pllla the penodio fctUoka o nr<g M C?.L if? 1 - - ........ VT ovum nwWKHi n?r DO prevented; and I token at the commencement of an atuek imnwdlate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. They seldom toil in removinc the A' ?*? and Htndntk* to whioh female* are ao anbjtot. They act gently a you the bo vela,?removing C?i htauii. For Litirmrt Mm, Studmtt, Delioate Femalea. and all persona of ttdmtmry kmbitt, they are Tillable aa a Larativi, improving the giving ion* and ?trar to tha digeative organs, and re storing the natnral elaatloity and strength of the whole The CEPHALIC PI 1.1.8 are the reamlt of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in uae many yeara, daring which time they have prevented and relieved a vaat amonnt of pain and anflerlng rom Headache, whether originating in the ??r?otM ayatem or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may ba taken at all times with perfeut safety vrifchnnt miirin. --- J--* ?* * * * * ?.? ?u/ vuaui? %ji uini, mna ini ?P? stmt af any dxtagrttablt tatu rmdmt it M?y ( ftJ?ns?tii(t i*?tn to tkildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The (ermine hare fir# signatures of Henry 0 Spaidinc on eaoh Box. Sold by DnciitU lud all other Dealers in Medi siaos. A Box will be aent by mail prepaid on rsootpto the tyUCE, >J? CENTS. At! orders shuald be addressed to HENRY C. aPALDINS, 48 C>dxa Stxiit. Niw Yoii, I Frtm tki ?r*mi*0r, Norfolk, fm. Cephalia Fills aooornplish the object for whisk Jhoy were mads, via: Car* of Ueauaohe in all iu Mini* A#m tkt fttmmimir, Ntrfftk, Fc They h?re h?n tMfxl to ra?r? Utu atk?m?a4 mm. with retire iaco?m. ?# ? til Vtmtrmt, St. Cltmd, Mimn. If job are. or har? b?on troubled w ith the bM4fccl.p tend /or a box, (Oeph&ao Pull,) so that 701 ma? hive them In 0aa? ol ar?attaok. rrww* m prwnni ?. it. OMIIM, CUM|t,/U. Wi heartily endnree Mr.SpaldiDf.ud Us ?rivalled Gepnalio Pills. frtm tkt Btmtkm Pal* Pindar, Htm Orlmmt, La. Try them ! too that are af&tated. aod ve are aire that yoor teettmoay eao be added to the already Dumeroae hat tuM haa re?et?od benelta t>at no other medicine can produce. s - From tkt &am*tt*, AwnrM, /hh, Mr. ftaaldiDf would rot oonceot hi J ivaat with as artiole he did not know to poaaraa real aaarlU From tkt Ad+*rt*t*r, frwHam, A. 1. The Cephalic Pills are mid to he a rwarfcah.y effective re.nedr for the h?a<i**h?, and one ef the -very heat for that rery irraaent somtlaiiit which haa erer Ixvju dlsocrvrea. Am tkt St. I+mii Pmmihi. .... imuioun tisnnuo lor III irilllt (fnytMIt filU) u rapidly lnoreaaicg. fVm tkt hmtutiakm TmUn Efr, (mmU, n. We 4W *rro that per tone offering With the head iobe, who try them, will sttofc to lama. fVtm tkt Admtrtitm, ft t mi 4m**, R. J. The tAttimory in their fevor iv string, fraa the unit reepeotab'e % ojirlrr*. f^m tk4 Dmitf Nmmi, R. 1, CepbaJio Pilli are taking the plaoe of all kiada. tki Pullttin, Botttm, Mai* Said to be very effloaoiou* for the headaohe. From tkt CtmrntrtitU, Cnummmti, 04m. eun oriiii buMnltv ?u> now b? r?U?r?d. IET A imile botti* of Spalding's Prepared Glee will ht? ton tim? ?U oNt tnniallj. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE.' SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ! SAVE tHK PIECES! n ??*? ? ? Abvjtuia rDI8PAT0H ICJT-a litTC m Tim 8at*? A> tooidanta will l? w*u nolataa famine#, it i. vory daairabl? lo baro ion* hfl*p ?nd;c<?nr?ni?nt w?y for repairing FarwUro.Toyi Orofktf jt AtOi SPALDING'S PREPARED QLUE Mi* all ?KJh awriwi* aad no kouakold oa afford to b? withoitlt. It is aivaya raady, aad to tka atiokinc jotat w USEFUL IN KVE1Y HOU8K." N. B.-A Braah aooompaniaaaaoh BotUa. Fria ? MDU. Addraaa BBNBY Q bpaLWH?, Ho. ? Cadar atraat, Nrv York. PALOimt PEKrjLRKO CLWK^n uSi^ri.1*4*wrMMr' *" *t*m / PROPOSALS POR STATIONERY. Momm if Btpretmtativet of tkr Vnilrd Statu, I Cltrk't Q#lce, September 20, 1MI. \ Isi pPBtDAKr? of the reven'eeuth Motion of the aotof Couxreta of Augntt IMS. en'itled "An ut legalisms and m%kinc appropriations for ??oh neoeeearT objecU as h\v? been n?uall? included in the xeuerai Appropriation bile without authority of taw. and to fit and provide for oertatn incident ai pxpr n>ei of the Department! and of&oea of the "ovrrDineni, ai.a lor other purpose-/' aea'eti propo*?:? vril t>e reoiived at this office until Fr.'ila), the 25th i a? o> October next at twelv- o'clock m . for iurniahint the following articles of Stationery for the D'.? 01 the House of Representative* of the United states, vis: 'Clsss No. ?. 76 mnii white cap paper, extra superfine, feint lined 10 ream* blaeoae paper. *xtra superfine, lent lined sn reams white eap paper, extra superfine, plain 36 reams white flat rap, eitra superfine 160 reams white qaarto post, extra superfine, feint lin"d, tilt 25 reams blue quarto poat, extra superfine, feint lined, gilt 60 reams white quarto poat, extra superfine, plain, gilt 10 reams Wo? quarto poet, extra superfine, plain, rI It ftreims white quarto post, large tixe, extra thin,

faint lined 10 reams white quarto post, large aise, extra thin, plain 0 reams white laid Bath poet, extra sapetfine, feint iineo.tilt 10 reamx white laid Bath poat, extra snperfiua, plaiu, gilt 160 reams white not4, extra superfine, large eixe, feint lined, gl t cn i? - ; uw ivauio uuu novo, oiim lDp?rnnO| IftrC6 I1S9, rtlDX lined. ?i<t 25 muni dam&sk note, extra superfine, larue siza, feint lined, gilt 26 ream* white note, extra soperSae, large size. p'ain, rut 75 reams white note, extra superfine, small size, feint lined git 25 reams white note, extra superfine, small size, plain, gilt 29 reams white nots. extra thin, No. t, feint lined. Kilt 10 reatas white note, extra thin, No 6, slats, rilt 6 reairs white note, eitra thin, N".8, plain. Kilt 10 rraras white note ext attain, No. 8, leint lined. Kilt 50 reams Jetup 4. Bros. extra snserfine. whif? wn?? pojt, feint lined, i wide ruled > Class NO 2 50,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, ft? by 8H iaches 1 50,00ft white thick adhesive envelopes, 5K by $*, in hes 1 40,ooobuffthick adhesive envelopes.5?* bv 3J* mohes 40,00u white thioK adhesive envelopes, uj 3S inoh"?s 10,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, 5)4 by 2\inOhes 2$,0c0 wh'te thiok adhesive envelopes, 5S by 3*i in ahes l.ooo ooo buff th'ek envelopes,IS by SH inches 100,000 huff thick adhesive envelopes, 7S' by Mi inohes. Class No. 3. rpross besl metallic p?us, in boxes gross Perry's double patent large blue bano! pens, &^e points, in dozen boxes 25 dozen blank swan quill p^tis IS grosa penholders, assorted styles t gross out and pre* ed g.ass inkstands, assorted siios and stiles. I Class No. i ?Mifce'ian*OM.t 8 dozen pf arl handle pocket knives. f >ur blades dozen shell handle p >oket knives, lonr blades 10 cozen pearl and sheit handle Docket ki r.es. 8 I blades 1 dozen office shears, 11 mohes I l dozen office shears. 9 inones 4 dozer. ottioe shears. ? inohes 4 dosen soissorn, 4 inches in .loaen oo.or pjnoiU. largs and email 5>i pounds sealing wai, best quality .10 spoola red tapo 5uosen lei ter clips, flit and bronze 2 ''"aen letter & en 15 pounds Indian rubber, medium siaed pieces 4 d<-zen butties pounce 6doseu short rubber pmoila 4 dozen portfolios, different stylea. Class No. 5. 160 reams brown Maml a enveloping paper, very tough, with smooth surface, 27 by 37 i aches, to weigh not less than42 pounds per ream 800 reams rmwn Manilla enveloping paper, very U>ui:h, with smooth su face 20 by 25 inohee, to weigh not less than 26 pounJs per ream 800 reams same aa above, 19 b? 24 mohes, to weigh not less than 22 pounds per ream. I Proposals tor the a'xive must state the price per ream for paper, and price per thousand for envelopes. ana i>e aeoou.panied by the names of the sureties intended to be offered. By the act approved June 17, 1844, the Clerk of the House of Representatives is "directed to confine his purchases exclusive y to artio!es of tha growth and manufacture of the United 8tatei. pro v ded the sawe ran he prooured ofsuoh growth and manufaetuie, of suitable quality,and at reason ab e prioes. upon a' good term*, as to quality and prioe, as can he obtained of foreign growth ard manufacture." A p'efe'enoe will therefore be I given to the productions of Aiuerioan indu?trv: anu ai: peisona making proposas to supply at'* artio'e wil> state whether the mitw la thegrowth aid manufacture of the L'aitad states. 'i'lie artio.es are to ha delivered, fr*e of any oha'ge f?r oarriage. at the ofboe of the Clerk ot the Hoass <?f Rep'ruentatives, on or before the twen tieth day of November next. KaoU bidder, though he rear dealre to propoae for tho whole of the artiolee above enumerated, will be required to make a uparau and distinct ptopotai ft each cla*f, and no proposal or paper eml>*oing mo e than a uncle class will be considered. Kach proposal to be endorsed. "Proposals for Class i\o.?, of Stationer* for the House of Representatives ol the United St*t?s " and addressed to the undersigned. They willbelreeof po-tage. !*uftioient specimens of e??h class must aocnn panr the proposal* marked with the name of the bidder and the cumber of the olass according to the at;ove advertisement. The person oil -ring to forMsh any description of articles at the lowest prioe. olijUH* noi .i.lnrfj ?nau receive a ooutraot ~k?r th - Vain" one* ontiun a bond with two or more nur?nea, sauMsotorj to tha ? lark of the Hours of Representative*, ior the [ p?rforniM.oe of tlia aatno, under a forfeiture of i twice the ocntraot prioe in the niae oi failure: whioh hood n.ust be fi ed in the oflioe ofthcsnid oierk wi'hin ten day alter the proposals have bean opened and the re?u't declared i LMEKBuN KTHERIDOE. ?e A w<w Cl?-rk H. R. " H. Curt Couth. Cold, Ho*r?tn*st, lnAWVi/TV Au?n*a, an* Irritation or Sortn**s ?-f '** Throax, Htltrvt th$ Hacktnt Couth in ConrumpIiTvivTpillilI Hon. Bronchitis, Athmn, t Catarrh. Cltar and ?i?? WMRm tirtngth to th? ro?r? of PUBLIC SPEAKERS XLly AND BINttERS. Few are aware of the importance of okeoKini ? Couth or "Common Cold'' in ita firit state; (Fiat whiob in the be(inin< would jiaUl to a mila remedy if neglooted. oonaitaokklhe L.unca. "Brirwn'i Bronchial 7V??A??," containmt demuToontiinredlanta, allay Palmonarv and Hroaahiai Irritation. " That troubie in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "Trothit" area apeeiic) ? ? harint raada me often a mere whiaWROCHEH perer. N. P. WILLIS. ....wn x :oooinmeaa in?it bmto I'vblt* BFIUWIX ? TIOCHES REV. E, H. CHAPIN. "OrefttMrvioAioanMninB HOAR?i BROWN'S um." REV. DANIEL WISE. tone u i/u "Almost instant r?i ?ef in th? di?trauini :?bpi af breatbinc peoaliw HRnwN'x to Asthma." BROWN ? REV. A. C. E86LE8TON. TRIK3HKS " Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DR. A. A HA ' ES, 8RO WN'S Cktmiii, Jiotttm, TROCREtt JASVttZtJpf BROWN'S 4 F B1 *'H2L. ROCHK8 "? ?^KSrr?.*Ei?E. KROWN'S ?O0t0% 111 prnfad them ?xo?iieot for TROCHGS WARRtN. BROWN'S Boitm. " B?nefioiai when oouRelled to VROCHES imU suffering fton Co!.r. ilEV. 9. J. P.ANDERSON, I BROWN'* St. Lwii. VROCBE8 _:'_.E*T?9?At in r?pio?ri. Ho*r?e uom wui irriv?u??u OI U'O J urotl, # BEOWNt? common with SfiAiui ?d4 nineVROCHEt) N. STACY JOHNSON. BIOWN'B VROCHK8 "?r?*l benefit whan taken before , and after preaching, u they prevent BROWN'S Ho%r?ece?a. From their pwl effect, I think they will be of permanent ?dVROGRES T4n?*etom?, _ IIIOWN'9 Pre? Jent#?f A%^Collei?tT?nB. .rocks fnt^suanscg^ *? 1-lT Air*T TEMRMMMB7 AMJ019M iVHMAJLTB. nM,4irnitf?rf At* r*i tte nett* ef fcaj *{tk**e_apmer*u>Jtqer:t? whiqfc uw tr*aia- i nntr ai n* wooer wui m? laer, ?o yea uk I V^'.Ti'wvi.v afcus CSvHatt ?f oar being to rwpd ?*eet? 5$gBStE@?'^^6?5B niH.f garefala. toe e*onliiu* Rhoanuttam, Ne??oii Debility, Drayoyela-TiTer Com with Mi toreor ud d?eotioc, ari toa nasiberleee ilia Ihtl Seek ia"heir to, ieriva toa.r Udwu or:gin from toe Mood, Deal klpdiy than u4 fenlly wito toe blood. ??o the?itaiiaiat rvaottroea of Mtore for ltaatd, end nf>r aa to eommead to roar oooaaanoa ui tee tut traly reimebie roedioamant kmewaaa MRS. M. POM H*?Ur aentaioent ltaa afeken ta decided terme lad the evuleaeeo of this sraat eAoaor are aa* tainedbj eoaatoat avowa-a of earatrre effect* and Lei aa mj. In aaaelaaioa. that ewttfutoa rzsffi Sss&h^&sir. t aeeofte to yabim ?Mreml. Wa mar addUao that toeenratovo ?rooernea ortae atadieiae ere eanailed ?'&iusr3RS&:psssifcsx; _ ameya her nam* i* blown ea toa TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |JNITEI> BTATKS MILITARY ROUTE. iMHMn SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERSOn and a/t?r Morday, 8#oUtn^?r ?. 1MI, Pa? "agar Train* betvw* WASHINGTON aa4 BALT1MOR E Will ran as folUrwa: THA INS MOVING NORTH. Mormnr Kxpr?M l?aT? waahiuctoa % a. U Arriva al Dm I ?<>*? * * a * *- - ?? .i_J ? ??* ? ? - * iwi vt ihvi w ? W A* M t i" ill pniauw r. i j New York P. *.; Harris. urg 1.1* r. a. Morning Aooi mmodwioi leave Washington 7JP a.M. Arrive at Haiti more 9.10 a. m.; Phi.adelphia 3p * ; New York p. m Kthudi Kx press le?ve Wu iutun JJ? p. M. Arrive at Baltinore4.il p. M ; Philadelphia * ?. m ; New York 3 a m. Kveoios Aooommonetion leave Washington 5.4S r. x. Arrive at Baltimore 7 30 p. m.; Harrisburg *" M' TRAILS Morirfo SOUTH. Lear* New York at 7 a M.; Phi sdelphia 11 3" a. m .. betinu re 3 *A r. m. Arnvtat WuMiftonUO r Leave New York at 6 p. m^ Philadelphia 1# ?> p. m.; Baltimore 5 a. m. Arrive at Weakingtoa C?b a. m. Aooommodation Train* leave Baltimore at I ?"> a. m , and 5 p. m , and arrive at Washington 10 36 m , 46 p. m. I'asseDger i'mu leaving Washington at 7 sn a m. and 2J) r M., and Baltimore at! 4" a- m aad 3.46 r M . make direct connections tot Annapolis atths Junction. Trains leave Annapolis for Beltimors and Wash ington at 6j6 a. m. and 3 p m Psseeiiser Tram* leaving ??'aehington at li.x. a<id 2.?> p. m.. and Baltimore at 6 a. m and 3 4A p. M w II itoponlytkl Anmapoiu Jwutfm mmd titla-y /mulMS Way Passengers are requested to take the At Tratn* or the Regular Tonnage Tram, which wnl l ave p*ss?nger oar attached, trains will ;e\ve lue wuhiMt?n ly upon card-tun* All articlea 01 freight (not oontraband of war) will be tranaportea over the line Regular Tonrage Traine wi II !eav?? Baltimore at 4a m LaaveWaa* ington at 3 3D p. x. Br order < ? ue H^rotarr ?f War : R. P MOR I.EY. Genera Manacer. THOMAS H. OANFIELD. amnaat Manager. SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON at24?p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. Prom New \ ore and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at 61?a. na. K P. M??rLEy7 ?e27 General Manager. f r^ii STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NtW YOKK ANDLIVKRPOOL. Landing and embarking passengers at Uueenafurrn, Ireland. . The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company inland di?patohioa their nil I powered Cird?-built iron Steam?hip> as follows: GLASGOW , S?tur?iar, August Sd. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " M 1?U. KANGAROO. " Oth. nuu ovoiy Muirut;, u noon, rrom Fler 44, North n??. 1 atis or riiiisi. First Cabin ? Iff Do. to London M Do. to Paris &3 Do. to Hambnrg - H steerage ** Do to London ? ? 94 |>o. tu - S4 Do. to Huinbarc ?-> .. S6 Passengers foraardtd to Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. 4.0 , at rednoed through (are*. Person* wishing to bring ont their friend* oaa buy tickets at low rates. or farther information apply at the Captains Ofioe. JOHN G. DAL , Agent, 16 Broadway, IN. Y-. Or to Q, A. HERRING, Aaams Kxpress Baltimore. UP?- INDIVIDUAL KKTF,RPKlt<K ***>* WESTERS shore Steamers. "RENTCapt J H. K rwau t " flOXEEK," Capt. W. Noreoar. Will run their routes a> follows, learl c Light itre:i. iia timore, foot oi Camden, at 7 o'olook . I M : KENT?For Cambridge, Decton and Landings ou Cbostank river, every WEDNESDAY and ! SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sa -* days. PIONEER?For 8t. Michael's an<1 Easton, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY,and return the same day. For Annapolie, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton l'omt. every THURSDAY, retaining by same route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, St. Michael's and Ea ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, return in* every Monday by eame routeFare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fastoa Eoint ti 60 i St Miohael's and Miles' River,(round tr i p? f If) .... m .... . ?.. 11 . . 1 W Fare to West River, (ronnd trie, ?1 1 ee Fare to Annapon<<r,i?n l trip 7joents>? H I MkALS SITKA. IT^ Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and Offioe, Life HT ST?fpot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NOK1VERN fllflVwi CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvxbt statien, Batiroore. May 18,1881. ( lln ?nrt M.. iMt. ia*i ? w .. w.v. K?? ?T } i??' iakU) iooi| irftiui on the NORTHKRN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depar t aa follows, until fnrtcer notio*. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at8.1ft A. M. EXPRESS atJSi P. M. HARRISiiURU ACCOMMODATION at t P. M The 8.15 A. M. train connects at Roll? Hon* with train* on the Western Maryland Rai rrnU; at Hanover Jnootion with Hanover and (iettebarg Railroade; at York with Y-rk and Wrightaviile Railroad, at Harr'et.nr* with Penney ivar.ia Railroad for ail parte of tue Weet, alen with Lebannon Valley Kail mad to Ntw Yorkdir*rt; at Northnm beriand with L and U. Hailroad for Kiopetonand aii parte of Wyccminc Valley .and aifcuiburi with tbe Philadelphia and Erie Rai>road for all parts Northern P?nn?ylvania arid New York. The 3 P. M train makee all the above ootneotione except Hanover Railrrad, Wrirhteville Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. TfceS P. M train makoe <v?M?ctioM with Penni atIvani* Railroad for all yt? u of tae Weat, and , direct oonnecta for New York. i lcLAina Ah niv H. Mail at 610 P M.; Exprer* itl.tf A. M.; Harnebnrg Accommodation at 2.49 P. M. ! For Tioketa and iruormation inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore, J. C. CLARK.Bay't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORE. Tho Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and 71rK.n^HrAallrTO CNK^V'?K)? K 1 AND P L AC KS, from W ALN L'T ^TK E^P^fU a!P pD KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave a* to. At* A M . via Camdea and Amboy. (C. and A. Ate A. M , via ?'mo dec and Jersey City, (N.J. Aooom mod at ion.) i At I A. NJ., via Cundan and Jersey Oity.iMorninc Mai!.) 1 At UH A. M, vie Ketsinrton ud Jersey City, | (Western Ex press.) At 12H P. M., via Camden and Ami?cy,( Accommodation.) At 2 P M., via Camdeo and Amboy, (C. and A. Express ) At 4H P M , Tta Kessioctoo and Jersey City, i (Evening Express.) At ?H P M , y?a Kensington and Jersey City, (Second Class Tioket.) i At6 P. M., viaCamdeu and Jersey Cfty, (Mveaing Mail.) ' At Ilk P. M., TiaCamden and Jersey City,(Booth , em Mail.) At5 P. >1 , na Camden and Amhoy, (Aceomn^d* tion, freight and passenger, First Class Tioket.) Second Glass Tioket. TheSP.M Mail Train raikad&il*. p . M. Mail, Satordaje excepted . * For Beividere, l^kton, LambertvUla, Fleminir1 ton, Ito., at 7.10 ATfiuaud ?fc P- M^frmlwt*F^T>WateT 6af, Btroudeborr,BoraiiW>n,Wllkaebarre, Mortroee, farMt Beud, ftc.. at1J0A*M.? > flroai K?i(idiU)b, ti? Dolavare, LmUvuu ud I WfitnnRii rmil, For Mauch Coooir, AI lento vn and BetaiaaemA* !ifa,,^Li^a,uWWffi2Ss ! hMoe u *He ;!y at ud A. M. tod S and <fc l P Fwr Freafcoid at C A. M. aart 3 P. M. ? For Br utol, Trenton, Ac. at 7J? A. M., ?M lit \f$aL> y treat" ^ ? fro? Fofpirayra Kive'rtoa. Delanoo, Beverly .J* trUn^ton^FIoreuaaao, Bordentown, Ao? at l?&, I. 4^^^jfrt?is5?sLafsa bs-K&S? xrjfrhits# above War int. halfae k?wr before departure Taa oars run iot? taa da*ot, aad on arrival of train rua from the de.iet. Fifty poaqde of baciao only allowed toraeh paeeeager. Paaaenrere are prohibited from taking Sm^Ta jt&nfe.xrEi extra. The com pan? limit their ??wixfw. r.. M(IHI to on* lol a* per ponod. and will not be .labia for any amount bejond on* handred teilaia, exoapt by apeoiai oontraot. WM.H.aATZWKI.AmI On and after Ma? Mta, MSI, the traine will ran at follows, rir-L?a*? Canadan Station. Kafumore.?Mail, taxoegt Sanday j at km A. id.-. Ex - ? .??>uwr? UU rlMJDOUttkttkl A. Mi Trun; Mwm Pi?dmot t aau WMtKlnt tek? A? cominoiifttum Train, leaviig Pleornor.t &t A 4* A. M ;m4 WiyS" Grmflo* ?n4 f?rk?rtb?rc. tefc* xsmmaimi-*Th? KLLlCwf-rS MILL* 1 K A IN ! * UlHinor*?rtaMdiU A.M. acd ItfuUtfr.Nj mJ K)h*o?'i Milte atTJMtad 1LM A. MTukI 145 S^aa^S-gf. . - u^cJEragfragg^ ONION*?ON IONB?ON ION#. U8T Enwwl M MIHMMt l*? T??h? rorMBKK 1 I fill BHitw IVtiiY BaY (fw<ti ? ? day) from Uttr wuarf. foot of Uaioa !> oi, at ? 0 ?lOCk P.m., f |ft*T t*,f fcj"? Ik t*a WaakiarUm Trata. wfnofc laaraa Waar.imU>? at ?yti'e!ock p. m. ?tf M. W FALI-* I'rwt rhu.ap.j lphia. wil HK Ml.M.'oN AND VAL " TIMOR K RAI 'A I* BP A i NO AND bVMMkh A * hANh KM * N ' * ud ajtor T U KSUA > May lata, Paoa' *ar: j Trains lor Pkiiadaaki* win laava Prawdent atroe: Depot daiiyi esortt t*ai)4ayB>*i foilova. *i* J M>rjMTrtj1?M5A M Way Mat: T'ata a1 I MS A. M.; Ktwim Mail mtf o'olook Oi ?UN- | Da VPM ? *f> P. iTobIt. All uilu tMMttviU . 1 Nnr York Iraiaa (ittft 4M > M. mu ?t Bttar I I data. I fl A Fimkt Traia viU pmnpr Mr attaokM J InrMktS P. m , atopyinc at all K?Uudi M*m ^ Vllbmorf ?nd Him d*-Sr?r. ' Pmmtiipti for Dolawaraa** th? Kaitora Mm*? I of Maryland wi!iln<1Uw moot axpodiUoaa ro*ub< I wayof Wiliaingtoe. I jT All Colored Peraoaa mart (in bwd Wfora I antenna iMtiri, 1 WM ClAWFOHP.Ar?l d HOI.1T PKNTIil. aoitTK H.I f aHHBrai wrai ?? Hudson ?if ft HA1LHOAO *m4 new YOHi. 1 CSNTKAL *AJl.MOAp. Kxpraaa Trajna )?< 1 >r* York e<ty depota of flodeon *!? > Rai'road daily.Baad?yaaxo?pi*i. aifoliowa: _ 1 From Chambers atreet If row Slat at. etatina. At 7 wta ro AtTSftam li co 5?p n V3f> " 1 a s? y m . a *s p m I aa _ . -a ?? <>sir(u ?ia ncDtioi I Train with alwp.&c uri.L'Siai I * I 45 p my I Connecting at Albany with theNew York Cm I tra 1 RailroM for &eh*woeta<ly. R<-abe?t*r,1'tiea I Batavit. K?M,awl oaboM oi RoiMaad WnUi V'Wc Hnur-aV Kaffalo. Pvraoire. .> ia?a a ralia, PB?p*oai<-n Bridge. Aabarn.Gentra.Ca. ar<u ana. I Traina in oonuoctioo leave Hi Talo aoc) Pii'fi fl ion via Lake ?)?ore. Buffalo ant! i ak* Bi'Oti artl 6reat Woatani Railroad fnr Hamilton. Tor< ?t?i, I Detroit, Chicago. Toledo. Milwaukie. Pea Ira l.ac. La Crow, Madiaon frame lx CMm, (<a ma. 11 Daoleith, Dnhuqn*. Pe??ria, R.ck Uland. M?*ca "I Una, l?wa <-iiT. Bmhaxtoa. Quinct. Wencafc# d. \ Alton, St. Lonla,Ceir?,Terre bant*. lp<f.atap.> it, L->?nTille. Ciccmnat'. 1 a* ton. Cola* hue. C:*t* land, and a]1 poir.ta Weet, North weet and South NORTHERN ROCTB. Connoetina with Tiaiaa at Tro?, with Troj A B?fton and Reus. A Saratoga 9 oada for Para'"* a. WhitehaOTRutlaMl, BDriin|U>n,pt. Albaoa.Roa ? Point. Plattabnrah. Oaden?l>?.?h. Montr?*' a? Jto r~r Freight ArranfMnonta by tktr roata a? abo*a, without chan*a <?f Cai a. Mom tha llrpoU in Chambara and tanal striata, ara at ail tia>*a a? ravorabi* aa mada by oUi'r Railroad Oomaari-*. Ilia (aoil>Uaa of thia traat Nav York K<ot','c 'h* Waat command it to tha cot, ? dene of R>aieham? an ahippara lor f-omptuaaa and di'patch Paaaanger trama. with Pmckint a an %a?fnt gan^raa la oonnaotioa oo tha New York Cat -%< I For partioaiara aa te loaal (rama and freitht *? racgamanta. io*uire at thedAot, ft* w arran ?r. A. F. SMITH. guycrictondent U * OOVKRNMKNT U>K fi T? r "I FOHT MMSROE 4!*D Ul 1, POINT COMFOhT. Leave* tha lower er.d '? I Nl??N DOCE.Bati mre, weat aide. DAILY. i?unda?a >at Wo'oloal P >1. tal lut paaaengere and fugue aa<ooon'otict with the Railroad line*. to ard for Wathirgfon, O. C.. Phi'ada ahia.New York, B?e i ton, York. Harri?bo?g. Pittatarc. Pa . and ti Waat, immediate ? aror Ihe arrirai of tha Lira*1 Train from fNew Tn k and Philadaljhia. i am lO Kiwir-r * in? : From New York to t-ort M|sro? u>4 btok. f 14 From Philadeiph a atd ijmsR.. . .. S le From Baltimoreud back? 5* rryPROCURB YOUR TICKET*.^] . la New York.at the New jereey Railroad 0*c | fo >t of Cnnrtlavd ?treet. I In Phi adeiphia, at the Company' olRoe. N. I oprn*r i f ftutth and Ch?wtnut ttrMU. or at tbt I Depot, B ad and Prime st ><- :?. I In Baltimore, on bcani toe Bteamate. foot ef UmoE Dock. HUGH O CONNER. pMWBt?r Am1 *"-w VOKK, ilAK I.KiV AMI ALBaN VBAll.Ko/t). v ? - INtvv Yt>KK tPR li ALBANY, TRO\, N??KTH AND WtfoT. 8CMMER AKHAN6KMKM Commencing Monday, Mar ZTth. 1x81 For A ban y?11W a. m. fast expreaa train from SBtb vti eet. For Dow Plalr.a?4sM p. m atopptag at W Slain* and atationa north to Dover plaiaa?froia tii itre<-t stotiou. (Thia train will ran to Mlllortoa ever? fatnrtte* renin*,) ForCrotoa Fella??:16 a. m. stoppiaf a' all ata tiona north of Fo-dmm from ?h e??et a tali on. For \\ hito Plaiaa ti$?, Clo ai d & ' a m. atop ping at all etationa from 96th atreet atatioa. For White Piaine?1>: 6 p. m. aU>ppingata' ata bona from Whit* vtroet ?t*tion. For W i.':ama Bridge-T*, 11:16 a. m. and I* p. m stopping at all a'atioaa from fTth atreet aiatioi.. Ratarniag will leave? Albany?***' a. a. laat expreaa train. Dover Pj^aa?6c3D a. m. (Thia train leaves Mil J lerton evei? Monday morning at 5 a. m.) Crotoc [ alia?6 a. m. while Piaina?6:i(i, a m. ?:! * p. m. William* Bridge?M". a. m. A 14* p. an unda* traina will leave 4th Avenae aurner JSd street, for Central Pare, Yorkvil'e. Hariem as<i High Bridge aver* i>w miaatee. from ?.-?l a. m. to 7:00 p m. JOHN nukCHlLL. Aa.t fap't. (^^k-NEW york ani> erie rail ? ^ 1 road Pumftr Train* 1mt? ria Parn nia F?rrj and Lone ix>ck, from foot if CUnv * street, New Ynrt.ii fallows. tix : 7 00 a. m , EXI'KKS^for Dunkirk,and ItcffVa. and priucipa. intermt fete Station*. I Oi' a m , MAIL, for Puckirs. and informal ia?* Siationa?'Tkia Tram r*ria:n? crri night at Eiibi a. and proceeds th? next moraine. 9.nn? m MII.K aaii,, lor OUsriUe. and inter VP K) lfct 6 StAtlOUT II.on*, m . A< '"OMMODATION.dai y, for f. rt Jervit, and p.inoipa' Marions 4 00 p. m , WA >. for Middletown, Ncvi^rgti, and intermediate Ptation*. ?flu p. m.. MttHT r XI'KEBS. daily. fnrDu' kirk, Buffalo, Cauar.dai* e*.aud priuoipa! Hat.? The Tram of Saiarda* atop* at Mail Traiu Station*, and rutin "r'.i t< E mira. C00p.m.. ACCOMMODAT!ON,for Uorneavil e, and priaoipa. Stations CH ' 8. MJ NOT, e?'l Sap't. NATHANIEL MAMSH. Rooetw. - X-.FOR BOftTON VIA, fcEW PORT WE 3AY STATE, and PTATli OF M.A1 > K. of greet trwstth and nw*l, >>?t partioe tarty adapted bo the narration of M<r? la.arid 8?ud<1. rcDniuf 10 #05 dmotion with the Fail ft t*er a->d Old Colony Kail roM, aietacre of ? rr.i.e* ot,? to BomU'n M-mmtmsm i P M . t' ucn:nc ^ Newport each way. JfSe RTROPOMa, Cart. Brown, en Tu*?dafa.Tkaredaye, Betardaie, at lo'elock P.M.. t^ooi.icf at Newport eac h way. TtMM ttMmr* are Cued with aoModieue tate rooma, and every an-ajveirent for the aerun ii will wBlun hi f ? !?! WHO ?f? HONN DJ thi? roiM??|hU' rMt on board, ar.d on trrui, It Fall Rivar arooaM! pm Staambott Trml?.re*oti lag Boston atrly tte following rorcftm: or nay rnmii on bo?rd notil tartic.* or U? Aoooibbi:*'* boo at * Am M.. by wuich Uej um raaok Boaton About A. M. . , . . A h&cr&f p matter Is M?aobo?1 to ?Mfc ataamar. who re?o*?vaa and tick?t? tfca hactaga. aad aooom mum tlM raoae to iu daattnatioa. A ataaroar ra?>e in oona?etion wit* tkla Lid* b* tvMi Pall ftivar and Pio?idaii?* datly. exa?rt T^rViJh't to Bopton > forwaidad tfcroach with ?r?at diet*loh i)j an Kx?r?M TW?in, wk<e> iMtm Fill Ri??r ?*f> motnir t. * *J* o'clock for Boston ard N*w B*<lfor4, arnnr* at itt <w>?' ,n?;i< d ?l ahoot 1! A M For (reuhi or pa>*ac?. m:f?i board. or at the oboi> ob Pier Na. 3 North Kitv. r or >tau room* ano he th* up ; on Iroart. or if dwrN to r? tfaam IB ad*BM, to w'.M BORDtN.Aft 10 aad 71 Wmi itrNl, N Y. J^V/A1* ablu^A? oVikeS'oN TON?lnia?<i *Routo?^afortost' aaV^no?t d I PiUr^5,rr:L7L%^ia^.,?; fe*l^Nrw_Yort ^IjT&aadayi exo*?to?. fou. rw mo u nortk Kitot, at I o'clock F. M *?. vsLVti'Ssf Tk? pKJIol T* ?uu*7&? Y?t?Noadtt, WwUeodn. md Friday. Fro* ? trc*tK5Tf ? l Tr?iB. rvsohieg wd ?kee in siwawMi yflho^ b? I pgMsfiftl . m to Newport^ ^ ***'* , A 6*1 (%<e autn mommwim tk?W?iMr fror the, ?? ><*"' ?T Ofiy OB N*ri tire or t U? Fr?4f?. Oi?t, Pior 1* North M iw?, o* * Mo uAm SASS"*Mo-1U feiSpss: A liHKl ?f RmIm'i tiifcrtfj tai ill* tw ci,?ciu>i*u', si46 ibtMra Muu?_, 1 VO'I, 1^ Mhr * ofH-w-W* TM'?. *? MsCui'i'^eM ^ortY<*U?^*4 !> I* ?t, ?M? n wv! IN umruouoQ *. ***" ^KSpljfiucaa tat Mrc?'? of ?rwi 4w?HfCi Em?y ?> ? *??<py ?> ? ?* ? ? _ I j