3 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR w t PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYEXCEPTEDJ AT THE STAH BCOOIIIGS, CImaar if senM Md Euvtmik St. rr W. I>. WALLACH. Paper* eerrtd la paakagea by carrier* at S4 a year, or 77 neata per month To mail aubecrlfcen we prise la *i.so a year, m udvnctf 8* tor au nontha; SI for three moat ha; and for leas than Itoree montba at the rate of li cento a week 81agle coplea, on c?ht; In wrappers, two cimts. \U" AOTnTuiaixn abouVd be aent to the re before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may aot appear natll the seat day. MBM?i????? FROM WESTER* VIRGINIA. Tk? Lata SklraaWh at Raaaaey?Fall Par* tiaalara. (Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.] Camp Cbossmah. New Crkik, Va.. ) Eighth 0. V. Riot , Soot. 24. I Eds Commtrtial:?Stirring events hare transpired in oar midst within the last two days. On Monday, at 2 o'clock p m., a junction was formed at this place, at the solicitation of Lieut. Colonel C. A. Park, with a portion of the Ohio Fourth, encamped at Camp Pendleton, a distance of 31 miles. About 400 picked men of the Fourth arrived here at 8 p. m , Sunday, and after being quartered comfortably?our men dividing and giving, in the most friendly way, all they had with their future oomrades in arms?they started, taking with them two companies of Virginia troops. Capt. Deyten's company, 1st regiment, and Capt. Hagan's company, 3d regiment, together with Capt. King's company, Ringgold Cavalry. Their destination was Romney, Va , a stronghold of the Secessionists?a place where the rebels were in the habit of congregating, and, at intervals, diverging in squads. harra?sing our troeps and loyal citisens located in this region. Our force, under command of Col. Cantwell, the unanimous choice of the regiment at the . demise of the muoh lamented Lorin Andrews, hilarious with delight at the prospect of having a brush with the Seceah, started from camp on the doable for Romney, intending to make a manifestation at daybreak, bat on arriving at Mochanicsburg Gap, within three miles of Homney, at la. m., Tuesday, they were fired upon by a large foree occupying the summit of the Gap on each side. Oar boys fought their way through the Gsp nobly, contesting and forcing their way through this narrow defile in the rocks, subject to a shower of bullets from the heights above, driving before them their assailants in front. Mach deploying was necessary on account of the mountainous nature of the country. A force under command of Capt. Kinney?the Hibernians of Cleveland, comprising companies B, G and I, of the Eighth?made a circuitous march around the mountains, coming in on the enemy s rear, with telling effect. The enemy's force ia variously estimated from 2,000 to 3,500. The Ohio and Virginia boys marched into Romney, took quiet possession of the place, opened the prison doors, let out good Lnionloving Virginians, five brothers, who Lave been languishing in their cells; captured their two seceasion printing presses, the South Branch Intelligencer, the other I forget. The printing materials were huddled into wagons and brought back to this point. After occupying the town about threo hours they preDired to rilnrn" ahan tUnt a miU ^iafant a sudden cloud of dust seemed to arise in the town of Romney, occasioned by the approach of a large body of horsemen, subsequently discovered to have arrived from Winchester. This new force, added to their already large numbers, make it almost miracnloas how we escaped; yet we returned home in good order, not breaking a line, although followed within four miles o? oar camp. The Ringgold Cavalry did excellent service. In the excitement of our ft rat fight I h td almost forgotten the efficient and effectual servioe rendered by one gun of Howe's battery, accompanying the Fourth from Camp Pendleton. Oar boys say that at ery discharge riders fell from thetr horses. Our casualties are few, known now (halfBUt 11 D m 1 anl* thrMhxll* vnnnHarf ihnnt Slteen sfightly. We hare no means of knowing tha enemy's low accurately, bat it is known to mach exceed oars from reports of prisoners taken. Oar troops arrived in camp at six p m. Oar surgeons are a^idaous and incessant in their attentions to the wounded. They report none, fortunately, mortally wounded. Ribbls Dhskrt thkui Dead asd Dtiw?.? A letter in tha Cincinnati Press, dated Camp t Blkwater, Sept 21, sajs: Lying across the path was the body of a horse, and near it, tied to the bushes, was another poor animal, crippled by a rifle bullet. A shout from the advance announoed to us the proximity of the Staunton Pike, on whiob Kimball's oamp is situated. At the junction of the roads were the bodies of two Secessionists, while near by stood a United States wag on, driverless and teamle&e Along the road, in pools of blood, were scattered clothing, haversacks, canteens, muskets, letters and a rifled mail-bag, showing the nature of the conflict there. At this point the wires had been cut, a pocket instrument attached, and an unsuccessful attempt had been made to gain infor- 1 mation u to Kimball's strength. The ingenioas rebel who officiated as operator was taken in flagrante delictu, and will receive his deserts. For a mile or two ap the road the scene varied but little. Blood waj omnipresent on the road and in the bashes, where poor wretches had trailed their crippled limbs into place* of fanoied seourity, tnere to die from starvation or from the effects of their wounds. It i? said that eighty-four bodies were fonnd In the adjacent woods, whioh, with tome twenty prisoners, was a fair day's work, performed by companies of the Seventeenth Indiana and Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Ohio, with comparatively small loas on our side. We fonnd the troops stationed at the fortifications on the summit in a very healthy state of mind for a fight?momentarily expecting an attaok from the enemy, who was menacing their front with a supp*?ed fore* of 5.000 men. _W? bi ouaoKea mat mgnt just Delow the Twentyfourth Ohio, and the next morning made a start for home, escorting a provision train down the Staunton Pike as far as Reynolds's old camp, and then taking a shert oat through the woods for the Uantersville road. Six p. m found us in oamp after a "jolly" little march of twenty-one miles without what might be termed a halt, with ankles swollen, blistered feet, and generally broken down physiques. Can any one explain to as the necessity or policy of saoh a march ? Firyniaa Re?*lOctb.ag*s.?The Wheeling Pre?* of Monday last, give* tha following: We are informed by Mr. Frost, who has just returned from Jackson county, that matters down there are in a very unsettled condition Sicca the dispersion of tne rebels from aroand Spencer, guerilla bands bava been committing the noat brutal outrages in the neighborhood of Rareaswood and KisleT. On last Pridt? night wMk, the boose a{Martin Wetxel, la hi? absence, *u And, and Mrs Wetiel and the children saved themselves with the rrestest difficulty. The villains set fire te tone flax that Mr. W. had pleoed on a shelf at the end of his houee, and the first intimatioa Mrs. Wstsel had of it was the fire ignitiDgtthe bedclothes. The family sought shelter In Kit ens wood, and are bow there. They wore nothing hat their night elothea, and a drees or two for the children. The next night the honse of Mr. Jarvis Stoops was fired, and Mrs. Stoops, whsn she awoke, was nearly suffocated by the smoke, and with the greatest difficulty sared herself and children. Mr. S- was away from home patrolling. The same night the mill of Win. H. Aplin, ob Elk Fork, was fired and burnt to the ground, u*l Lk? Mil day Mr. A. vaa notified to leare the oonnty, which he did, taking with him all hia property, including eeveral alarea. Mr. Froet repreeenta the condition of tho people is tho interior of tho oounty u deplorablela the extreme. A a tore at Three Forka Reed j and one at Sandyville wore robbed la open daylight, aad the deprodatora hare threatened a doooeat apea Earonawood. How many more rebels are to bo oaptarod *. aad releaaed upon tahisg tho oath! IET Hon Geo A Shaw, Inspector Oraaval ot amr auppliea made tn. New England, aaya that there iff e***nty mlllo bow ragaged In mannf eVur.ag a (Kb tor the Oo-n-rrment. and tbxt Ute amoaat of gooda armored la about ,000 000 jnr Eighteen priat?-r? belonging to the Fourth low* Regiment, wblih la ataUoaed aaar K ha ?? ? * a Typographical Mm, ***& * *** o w i 9 ? - .. '- ?i r* mtrtm? -*> **.- * ' r"?*. * *** *wv?? , rf4t ,.. -.<r..,i . (Etaing S8S8V?fe. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. OCTOBER 3. 1861. N9. 2.690. Lextagtea after the Sarreader. Thl Missouri Republican of Saturday gives the following account of affairs in Lexington, Mo., after the surrender of Col. Mulligan: The scenes around the streets of Lexington, Friday, after the surrender, beggars all description. The howls of joy and drunken jubilation, ooming from 30,000 throats, made on a sound soaroely less than when, two days Dofore, 18 pieces of artillery and 10,000 small arms were shattering the air In one hideous chorus. The officers of the Confederates were generally gentleman, and behaved as such; nut as for the common soldiers and their course, that evening, I don't believe it could be equalled were all hell to be turned loose for a general carnival. Whisky, of course, was there?in men's brains, in their eyes, bran11-1 1 S _ 1 ill .11 S 4 ? a I ... _ ail _* _ .. aisaoa iu Domes. galloping "IIKQ msu along the street, hoarsely bellowing over the grand victory, cursing, blaspheming, jelling, bubbling, hurrahing?lading in the gutter, insulting prisoners, quarreling among friends?thus and more did whisky?the grand moving spirit that won the battle, and then rejoiced over ius success. Very true, scarcely a hundred of all the Confederate troops were uniformed?scarcely two had guns alike?no two exhibited the same trappings. Here went one fellow in a shirt of brilliant green, on his side an immense cavalry sabre, in his belt twe navy revolvers and a bowie knife, and slung from his shoulder a Sharp's rifle. Right by his side was another, upon whose hip dangled a light medical sword, in his hand a double-barreled shot gun, in his boot an immense scythe, on his heel the inevitable spur, his whole appearance from tattered boot, through which gazed audaciously his toes, indicating that the plundering* of many a different locality make up the whole. n . i ?% i ? 'tenerany me soldiers were armed with rbot guns or squirrel rifles; some hud old lock muskets, a few had Minie guns, and others Sharp's or Maynard s rifles, while all, to the poorest, had horses. The very elite of the Confederate forces were there?Generals Price, Rains, Slack, Parsons, Harris, Green, Hardee, were all there?Colonels Saunders, Payn, Beal, Turner, Craven, Clay, and, in short, I believe the balance of the 35,000 men, all either colonels or majors, as I was iatroduced to no one who was not either the one or the other. The treatment extended by the Confederate officers to the prisoners was both humane and courteous; they proteoted them,when possible, from insult a~!d plundering, and as much as possible extended to them tbe courtesies with which a chivalrous enemy always treats a conquered foe. I saw one case that shows the Confederate style of fighting. An old Texan, dressed in buckskin and armed with a long rifle, used to go up to the works every morning about seven o'clock, carrying his dinner in a tin pail. Taking good position he banged away at the Federals till noon, then rested an hour, ate his dinner, and resumed operations till six p. in., when he returned home to supper and a night's sleep. Tbe next day a little before seven, saw him, dinner and rifle in hand, trudging up street to begin again his regular day 's work? and in this style he oontinaed till the surrender. But little damage was done to the city. Col. Anderson's house was literally sprinkled with grape and musket shot, and the brick house south of the College was burnt to the ground! another lost its roof and contents; while all in that immediate neighborhood retain more or less marks of tbe contest. The dead of the Federals were not buried AMI iL. A J ' ' km lue unn aaj uier me surreaaer; aut a mora loatbaome sight than these blackened, hideous corpses I never saw or imagined. Some seventy horses were also killed. These, too, were as hideous and disgusting in many respects as the poor remains of humanity that lay about them?all poisoned the air with the stench of deoomoosition, and shocked terribly the sensibilities by their ghastly wounds, their agonised positions, and loathsome evidences of decay which characterised them all. The Pursuit or thk Pirate Scxtkr ?A letter received at New York, dated St Thomas, September 14th, contains the following interesting naval news: *' The United States steamer Iroquois, Captain Palmer, arrived yesterday, six days from Hampton Roads, is taking coal and will flm*h to-day rhe Keystone State also finished coaling, and is ready for sea ' The last report received here about the Sumter was that she had left Paramaribo, where she had been refused coals It is to be hoped that the Powhatan may overhaul her, as she Las been quite a pest in these waters, giving rise to much talk ana more apprehension " Well Stated ?The Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph, of this week, contains the following: Mr McMasters, of the late New York Freeman's Journal, has been sent to Fort Lafayette. He was not arrested be ause be was a Cx'.hollc, but because he was a violent enemy to the Government and the troops now in the Held. In reference to these arrests we have noticed a Secessionist inconsistency It used to be said there was no treason in Secession, because there was no Government In the United States Now, when Gov-| eminent maxes ltseir reit it la called tyranny. ID" The New York Times, in an article on privateers, remarks tbat tbe number of these pirates has been greatly exaggerated. Thla is certainly a fair inference from facts now patent. Since tbe Jeff Davis was wrecked and tbe Sumter got a bint that United States vesaeIs were after her, we have heard nothiug of any capture at sea by tbe privateers The capturc of Fort Hatleras and tbe destruction of tbe fort at Ocracoke. with tbe presence of our vessels in that neighborhood, has added to tbe cause of the disappearance of these ocean brigands 1Fj- It Is known tbat a large quantity of cotton has arrived in New York from tbe Eastern States recently for shipment to Europe. It now appears that \he brokers have been engaged In sending our fine staples abroad, receiving in return, for manufacture into heavy goods, the Indian cotton from England The steamship Persia, on her recent trip to New York, brought 340 bales of this COllAn. AuiulirnMl nrAmr Ti ? ' - J ? ^ . W - ? w* . M. k>? J* UIUVU shorter than American cotton, but the fibre* are aid to be quit* aa fine aa oura. Iff A woman brought a auit against her husband last week, In a Boston court, for opening and answering letters she bad addressed to another man. The husband waa suapiclous, and to satisfy himself carried on a lively correspondence with hia wife In the manner Indicated, signing the name of the person for whom the lady's letters were Intended. IET The Hartford Coarant says the season In Cannectlcnt baa been excellent for tobacco?a crop amounting to over hall a million of dollars annually In Hartford county alone It has ripened well the present year?the rich yellowish tinge, showing Its complete fitness for the knlf*, appearing upon the fields as early aa the 'JOth ult. 1L7" Joe Aubuchen, a rebel prisoner, was tried before the military commission at 8t. Louis on the 14th for treaaan, found guilty, and sentenced to be confined at hard labor during the existing war, and to have his property confiscated. He was a resident of Ironton, Iron county, Mo. JET The late Richard Sands, clftus proprietor and equestrian, left property valued at t^OU.OUO, of wbieh he bequeathed 134,&09 In cash, Including fiuuu to Thomas Brooks, "for faithful services as doorkeeper." ?7" Thursday morning (fast day), several commission merchants In Baltimore,who bad opened their stores as usual U) receive and ship goods, were waited upon by the citizens In the neighborhood and compelled to close up. Fourteen Stste prisoners, Including Mayor Brown and Hon. Henrv May, of Baltimore, with several members of th< u<rviai><i ' ?? arrived la New York on U'edaeaday for^Fort Lftteyette, from Fortress Monro* |0* The Aimhot'i returns of the city of Boatea give ft total of %T7i.Ail SuO t liable property, ft dec row of million tod ft half from last year. Tbe value of reel eau ?- la three and ft half mil* lloaa more than luat year. JET Kn^'end had obtained the ceaalon of ?n ?* ?n?lee territory on the coast of Africa from natlre king [IT'OonnM Brawn, af aorgfa, has coutrtb SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Publuktd t* conformity with the resolution of tkt Senat$ of July 10, 1881. At Qentral Hospital on E strut, bt tic ten Fourth and Fifth streets, Washisiftou, Sept. 27. lit Excelsior Brigade. 3!5th New Jersey Vol... 1 2d do do.... 3 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 3d do do.... 3 3d do do 1 5th do do.... 1 2d New Hampshire... 3 24thN.Y. Volunteers.. 4 1st Michigan Vol 1 25th do do 2 2d do do...... 2 30th do do...... 1 4th do do...... 5 31st do do 1 5th do do...... 1 35th do do 2 Hockton'S Independ36th do do 3 ent Michigan Vol... 4 37<h do do...... 1 2d Wisconsin 3 46th do d(A 6 1st California 1 69th do do 1 tat N v. Cavalry.,... 3 79th do do..M.. 1 l?t Kentucky Cavalry. S lit May. Volunteers.. 1 1st ludlana Cavalry... T 9th do do 1 27th do do 1 loth do do 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 3 19th do do 1 Harland's Cavalry..'.. 2 2d Vermont do...(a) 2 2d U. S. Cavalry I 4th do do 4 1st Chasseurs 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol.. 5 Sturges Rifles 1 23d do do., v Berdan'sSbarpshooters 1 20th do do.. 1 Baxter's Fire Zouaves I 27th do do.. 1 D. C. Volunteers...... 2 3l>th do do.. 4 ? 31st do do.. 2 Total ....99 * (a) Including an officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Sept. 27. 1st U.S. Artillery 1 -id Michigan Vol.. (6) 9 2d do do 1 3d do do 1 2d do Infantry 1 4th - do do. ..(e)29 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 1st Minnesota Vol.... 2 3d do do 1 6th Penn. Volunteers. 2 ilk rin il/> ? O.K J- A ? m I w?H wv uv/> a t ? | t>iu UV uu ? O 7th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 10th do do 2 9th do do 2 12th do do 1 3d N .Y. Volunteers.. 2 ftth do do 2 14th do do 14 1st do Artillery... 4 24th do do *4 1st do Cavalry 1 20th do do 2 26th do Volunteers . 1 33d do do 7 27th do do 2 35th do do 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 18th do do 1| 1st Long Island Vol... 4 21st do do...(a) 2 1st California 1 79th do do 1 2d Wisconsin 1 Garibaldi Guards 1 19th Indiana (<i)27 Mozart, New York.... 1 Teamsters 2 Tammany, do 3 1st Michigan Vol 1 Total... ISO (a) Two ofllrers. {b One officer, (e) Four officers. (J) l'wo officers. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, cornet Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Sept. 27. 2d >\ Y. Volunteers.. 4 2d Rhode Island Vol. 1 12th do do 1 1st Penn. Arttllfry 5 13th do do 5 1st do Cavalry 1 14th do do 13 3d do Reserve.... 1 17th do do 1 3d do Volunteers . 2 18th do do 1 8th do do 1 19lh do do 1 11th do do 1 22d do do 4 12th do do 2 23d do do 6 2?th do do 1 25th do do 2 27th do do 3 26th do do 1 35th do do 2 33d do do 15 Harlan'* Cavalry 1 35th do do 4 19th Indiana Vol 1 46th do do 8 21st do do 1 79th do do 6 3d Michigan do 16 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 4th do do 14 Mozart Regiment 3 2d Wisconsin do 5 Tammany Regiment. 1 5th do do 1 De Kalb Regiment... 1 1st Minnesota do 1 Bockwood's Battery.. 2 1st California do...... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 3d do do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 2 4th do do 3 5th (J . 3 Artillery 1 6th do do 5 (J. S. Teamster 1 2d Vermont do 4 U 8. Guide 1 3d do do 11 Officers' servants 2 9th Mass. do 3 20th do do 1 Total 184 At Horpital at Columbian College, Watkington, Sept. 27. SdMalneVolunteera(a) 4 De Kalb N Y. Vol ... 1 3d do do 5 Anderson Zouavea,NY 1 5th do do 4 'MNewJeraey Vol ... 1 7tb Mum. Volunteer*. '2 3d do do.... 1 lUth do do 14 1st do Cavalry 1 '4th do do 3 Stb do Vol.... 4 J9th do do 3 Berdan^Sharpshooters 1 '4)th do do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 1 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 13th do Volunteer?.. 1 7th Connecticut Vol.. 1 20th do do 1 1st Long Island Vol... 1 31st do do 3 1st New York Cavalry 3 46th do do 1 2d N. Y Fire Zouaves. 1 2d Michigan Vol 11 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 3 3d do do 6 6th do do...... 1 4th do do...... 2 9th do do 1 6th do do...... 1 11th do do 1 7th do do 8 14th do do 2 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 8 18th do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol 3 22 d do do 1215th do do 12 24th do do 1 0th do do......11 25th do do...... 3 l?t Minnesota do 3 32d do do 1 19 b Indiana do 16 33d do do 2 27th do do 11 35th do do 11 1st California do 5 3ttth do do 4 2d U S Cavalry 1 37th do do 1 4th do do 1 43d do do 2 3d do Infantry 1 2d Sickles Brig., N Y. 5 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 Tammany N. Y. yol.. 2 - (iar.Oaldi do do .. 2 Total 218 (a) Including an officer. At (ittural Hospital, Alexandria, Sept 20. 15thNewYork I 4th Maine 14 10th do (o)ie 5th do (e)14 17th do (6)18 1st New Jersey 1 18th do 6 2d Michigan 2 25th do 6 3d do 1 26th do 5 2d Wisconsin 3 27th do.... 12 1st Minnesota 4 31st do 10 2d Vermont 1 32d do 16 1st Artillery, U. S A . 1 37th do 1 2d do do.... 5 38 th do 8 2d Cavalry, U.S.A... 9 40th do 9 Lincoln Cavalry 2 79th do 1 U. S. Navy 1 '2d Maine 1 3d do 7 Total 170 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (e) Twoofflcere. Sick remaining in the Hospital fag Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama. Sept. '27. 34th New York 1 let Chaaaeuri, N. Y... I 8th Infantry 1 1st U 8. Chaaaeura.... I 3d do 1 3d New York 1 lit l'cnnavlvania 1 8th Main* M 31st New York 1 L'.S Chnneura 1 2d German Rill?* .... 1 3d Excelsior ! 8th Pennsylvania 1 Colored man servant.. 1 3d Michigan* 1 ? 5th Wisconsin 1 Total .....5'i 19th Indiana... 4 inr Washington papers please copy and ??nd bills to the War Department. oot l?jt W " ' ' I ! NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE!!! M. WILLI AN having taken the store fonner)r oooapied by Mr. R. C.Stkvin*, 336 Prnn?ylvania avenue, between 9th and 110th sts., will open it on Mont'a*, 16th iust., with a new stook of 1-ALL OOOD8. oomprising? Frenoh Bonnets, Cloaks, Dress and Cloak Trimming s. Flowers. Feathers, Ribands, Embroideries, Fan', Head Dresses, Wreaths, Real and French Laoes, eto..eto. 1 avail myself to offor to the ladies a large and well-selected stook?every artiole being imported hr myself?at moderateJprioes ID" Dresses, Cloaks and Bonnets made to order M. WILLIAN, Importer, se 18 336 Pennsylvania avenue. OFFICERS,80LD1ERB, AND THEIR FAM iliee needing anv kind ofFanov or fltan'.a nn v GOODd, for in here or at home, are polioitedto inapeot our extenaive a took ; no obligation to porchaae thereby incurred. On* prl'e only, marked in plain fit area All parcel* for the interior aeourely and properly packed, frae of ohanre. PERRY * BROTHER, Pa. avenue and Ninth at., 71 91 "Perry Building." DUPONTU GUNPOWDER, For aale at manufaotdrara prieea, by JOHN J. BOGUK, Gaoaearowji, D. C? Sol* Asm** fm tJu District tg tblwmSim. v WOOD AND CUA1*. lS? hhhdbs HELMBOLD'S

GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Potittvt and Sptcijic Rtnudy For Disease* of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medtoine inorease* the poirer of Digestion, Awi AY/titoa fka a asnaaaws intn hasUks SAtmn ??VI ?V ? ?liu HIM' IIVBIVU; OWHUMI by which the watbky or c*Lcuora depoai lions, and a.l vnhatural knl?rohm in i s are reduoed, aa well aa pain and lulakmatiox, and ia good for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Wtaknesie* Ariaing from Exo'sasa, Habit* of DiaaipaUcn, Early lrdiacr-tio* or A^uae, Attended with the Following Symptom! : Indisposition to Exertion, bora of Power, I,oaa of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nervea, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Diraneaa of Viaion, Pain in the Baok, Univaraal Lassitude of the Mnaoular Syatem, Hot Uandba, Flushing of the Body, Dryneta of the Skin, Emptiona on the Faoe, rall1d cocktkkanck. Tbeae symptom*. If a 'owed to go on, whioh this medioine invariably removfi, soon foilowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of which the Patient may Expire. Who oan ray that they ere not fie^nently followed by thoae "diesftl diskas is," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Manx Are Mi'i of the oanae of thiir anfTdrmr. FEMALEB? FEMA LES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIKD, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affections Peculiar to F'malts the Extraot Bucnu is anecualhd \>j any other r?medjr, as in Uhloroaia or Retention, lrrtgn an'r, PAinfulneea, or Suppression of Customary Eracuatiobs. Ulcrated or Schirrous state of th? Uterus, Lauoorrtaea or Whites, 8tenlity. ar.d for all oompainta inoident to the aez, whother arising from Indiacretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in tho DECLINE OR CfAiXGE OF LIFE! SIX SYMPTOMS ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. TaJc no mors Balaam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Distant. HELMBOLD8 EXTRACT BUCHU CCKBS SECRET DISEASES In all their 8ta*es; At little Expense; Little or no oiianjce in Dint; No inconvenience; And no Krvoswe BUT H01*K WILL COKFLSS. THE RECORDS OP THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the M'latukoly D'Mks by Consumption, BKAR AMTLI WITHK9S TO THE TiCTH OF TU1 MMttM THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANfC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen and Invigorate the System, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably riocs, A TRIAL WILL COXVlJfCK THE MOST SKEPTICAL. It causes a frequent desire a .J gives strensth to Urinate, thereby Removing obst uotions, Preventing ana Curing Striotures o?'the Urethra, Allaying rain ar.d Inflammation, to frequent in the olas* of disrates, au'l expelling ail Poisonous, Diseased, and wmi out Matter. thousands cpo!l thousand* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who hav" paid htavyjees to be cured in a short time, have found they *er? d?ceiv d, and that the puison" has, by the use >.f powirful a*trinttntsn been dried up in the system, to brean out in an ag gravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE, U?e HELMBOLD'S EXTR ACT BUCHU for all affections and dis?a*-s f the IKHARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, from whatever cause originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases oftheso Organs require the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, * * ?ar?s i *? k a ira tka i!?bi vaH ?. if tr> t in 1 ouu a v i m wv i i u u? ? w ?uv *- m ?v? ? wn Diseases/or tcMch it is recommended. EVIDENCE OF THE MOST RESPONSIBLE AND RELIABLE CHARACTER will accompany the msdiomes. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From 8 to 20 years' standing, with Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. *PHYSICIANS" PLEASE NOTICE WE MAEE "NO SECRET" OF "INGREDIENTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU is composed of iiuohu.Cn^ebs and Juniper Berres, seleoied with great oare by a competent d ucgisi. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H -T. HELNBOLD, Practical and Analytical Chemist, and Sole Man U1DUIUI VI VI HELMBOLDS GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. Personally apprarwi oefore ine, an Alderman oi the city oi Philadelphia, H. T. Hklmbold, who being duly swmn, dotn tay. hi* preparations oontain no narootio, no mercarj,or other injurious drags, bat are purely vegetable. H. T. BELMBOl.D. 8wor* and subaontxd before me. this St3d day of November, 1864 WM. t\ H1BBEKD, Alderman, Ninth at., a rove Race, Phila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 6 A. M. TO ? P. M. Prioe SI per bettle, er six (er |j. Delivered to any address, securely packed from observation. Add rear lettois for information in couhdeuoe to H. T. HKLMBOLD. Ckentist, Depot, 104 9outh Tenth st,, below Chestnut, Phila. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to dispose "of th?ir own" and "otner" a-Holes ou tne reputation attained by H*lmboldU Genumt Prtpmration*, " ? Extract Buckm, 44 ' " Sattapartlli, 44 44 Jmprovtd Ron Watk. Bold by 8. B. Wait*, Z. D. Oilman, John Wilit. 8. C. fosd, s B. Lmtwistli, b. c. Major, Kid will ? Lacmnci, ?v aafcingtoii and flwrihow, AND ALL DRVQQISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOE HBLMBOLD'S. TAKB NO OTHKR. *" * Cat oat tfca advartiwmeot and amd tor it. AND AVOID IVPOSITION and EXi'OfctJRE. - ~s r~ T?r. j ~*r Diiartf* SymptQfft! in all Commvmcattu/tt. B0R JOHSSTO*, ALTIINORK LOCK HOSPITAL, W?i dite?*r?d Ikt ?Mtl Otrlmm. Spttdw amd mJ| Eff*ctn*i Kemtdf m (44 ItotM, FOR ALL DISBASK80F IMPRUDENCE. LET SO FALSE PELICACY PREVENT. APPL.Y IMMEDIATELY. A CUHE WARRAyTKD. OR iVO CHARGE, 7 at VU n ftf n vr <rn varn n - v? ? ??1'J> 1U iru MJAia. Wtakneaoof lit Ea:k, Iukivm, Af eeuene of th*A>dmr? tod Bladder Olacharfee, Impotence, G*?. rel Debility, Nk??nhm, Dyerepey, Lanraor, owifomw I Ideae, Low Spr.j, P^-j-1'.job of the Hurt, Timidity, Treratluifa, Diir.nee* of 8ifi,.ar Giddiotaa, [huiH of lh* Head, Throat, Nmi or Skin, Aff*ctione of tilt Lunfi. Stomacti or Bowtl*?th**? T*rnbi< Diaordtra anaaf from Solitary Ha) iu of Yootb?thee* Dreadful and Deetroct;** Prac* IKn vhich r*od*r M&rriaf* impoaubit, and deeiroy both Bod* and Muid. YOUXO MEN Kapeci'illj who ha?a beeotn* th* rictima of Solitary Tie*, Uiai dreadfhl and daiuacuti habit which anoaally af eepa to an ontimely fray a thowande of Yoorf M*n of th* moot *talt*d taltnti and brilliant intellect, who mirht otherwue ha?* en'ranced Uetemi.g 8*oatea with lb* thnndara of eloccir.ca or wak*d to *c*tacy th* lieinf lyr*, may call with fail contdence. MARRIAGE. MillilD'Pmom,or Toinf Mig coourrplaui.f Marnarf. being aware of phyiical wet ki>*aa, organ i* d*siUty, deformitiee, Ac., patdu* cured. Ha whoplacta hiraaeH under th* ear* of Dr. J. may rolifi Mly confide in hi* honor a* a f*ntl?man and Mnllouy rtij opoii DiB IKui as a pr jsician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide roinfr from Baltimore creel, a few door* fmK the* corner. rail not to cbaerr* hum and namber. Latter* bui be paid and eon talc a atamp. DR. JOHNSTON, M?mb?raf th* Royal College of Sarreona, London, rradaata from one of tha moat eminent College* 10 the toind But**, and tha rieater part of whoa* Ufa baa b??n epcat 10 tba boepiula of London, Paria, Philadelphia and eUtwhere, baa elected aoma of tba moat aatoniehiag carta that vara ?er known; many tronblad wiia ringing in tba haad and aura whan aalaap; rreat oerToaeaeea, b*iar alarmtd at andden eoanda, baahfcinaaa with frtqatnt blaabiog, aitandad aooauma with derangement of mind, wara ccred rantdiatalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Toung Man and otbara who ha*a lajurad tb?roael?e* by a artain practica indulged in whan alooa?a habit frejaentJy laarnad from aril compaiuoua, or at aehool, tha aSacta ?f whicn ara nigfctly felt e?*n whan aaltap, and if ant ca/ad, raadara marriage irapoaeible, aad deetroj* both miud and bodr, ahoold apply immediately. Tnrte ara aoma of tha aad ?ud melancholy affacta prodacad by iuIt habit* of youth, ri?: Weaknt** of th* E?ck and Limb*, Pain* in the Head, Dunne** of Sight, Loa* of Muctiu Pow*r, Palpitation of Ln* Heart, Dy*pep*y, N?r?<>u? irritability, Derangement of th? Digmi** Function*, General Debility, Symptom* of Contaniption, *C. Mentally.?Th* fearful ificu on th* mind *r* much t* be drended?Loue of Memory, Confuuoo of Idea*, Dfpre*ainn f Bpinta, Evil Korebndinga, Areraion ot Society, Self-Dt*tniat, Lot* of Solunde, Timidity, eie., are some of th* *?il? produced. Nmol'l Dkbilitv.?Thoaaand* can now ]adg* what It the cause of their declining health, loeinr their rigor, booming weak, pale, nervoo* and tmiciatea, haeirg a inpaliir apiaararc* aboct th* *ye?, cough or eymptoint of CuceampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wh?n the raieguuSed and imprudent votary of pleaeare find* h* Ml imt'ibed the *eed* of thia punful dieeaae, it to* oftto happene :hat an ill-unied *ea*e of eham* or draad cf diecoeery j d*t*r* hira from applying to thoa* who, from education and I r**p*ctability, c-an alone hefriaud him. Ha fell* into th* I hand* of ignorant an* detigntng pretender*, who, incapable I a/ currnr. filch hi* rvetntiiarv *nhaui>ca. keen him triflinr I moiiih alttr month, or at lone u tba ainallaat ftt can ba obUinad, and id daaptir laa?a Biro with rainad htilib to twr*i ??r hia railing diaappointmani; or by tha nta of thai pniaon ?Mtrenry?hnatcn tha cottatilBUonal eympfome of thia lambla dittaat, aoch tt Alftcuona of tha Htart.Throai. Htad, kin, *c., prorrettin* with frifhtfsl rapidity, till daalh p?ta a at nod lo hit dreadful tcStnnft by ttndio'f hmit ih?t uductTtrtd coanv? from wbaaa kaarui traaalar rtiarut DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY y thia rraai and important rt road y wt ikn ttt af the u(an art apaadSy csrad ana fall ?i jot raaiarad. Tbaattnda af lha nit uirvaaa and dabiliiaiad, vht had I oat all bapa, b.?t kats immadiataly ralit tad. All irupaduntnu te M&rnaya, PhytitaJ ar Maottl DucatlLlcatiaoa, Lota of Hracrtau't rewar. Htrfna Irritability. TramMicf and Wt-.kottt tr El&aaauac af lha DM faarTai kind aptaally cart d ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. T*B Mart Tmou?**'D? carad at thia inatitatian witbio lha Uat aa?tataan riua, and tha tuirtaa impamot Barfia*I aparauana ptrforatd b* Dr. Johnatae, wimaaaad by uta rapartara af tht papara ana many osliar paraoua, noucta af wnicn bi?a appaarad afain and again batitra lha paouc, caadaa hia aundinf aa a (an^amaa af (btniur and rttraet. kllity. la a taMc tnl yaarar.taa ta lha a<ictad tnar lt-ly Dr. J. U McLKAN'B STREHGTHEHiiffQ CORDIAL AND BLOOD FIRIFIBR. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk* WORLD, t&nd the moat DBLICIOWi A.NB fcrl DELIGHTFUL JL Jpf CORDIAL Ejmm* MTMM TAKEX.^tkM |f^ la itiiitiT a aai- Sff H V aatila ul Ttpukla Caapaaad, ?r?- tTTBKw aarad ky tka diitliUCm af raata, .atki, v C aad kajka. Tallav xL- ig aak, 11 aad Int, ,8 Blaak Kaat, lanapa- JS fill*, Wild Ckarry Bark, aad Vaadaltaa V?S aaitu lala Ita aaa kgrt Tka aailra aaitv* A (dial prlaalpli afaaak lafradlaa _ aV-;tiw-.u^^tCr tlk?5? dliUHIaf, aiadaaWg a d?llalaa?, aaai.trauaa ipirh, aad tka lafttlkla rtaad* fat raaaratlnf tka dbaaaad tyaua, aad raatartag Ui ?laa, imfarlag, aad daklUtatad taaaltd la ??! UK lllllfUL JULEAN'B STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ViU ttaetaaily IUI kl'ii C?aclt)it, DtiiiiiIi, JI aadltt, CBptoa er Riixh DtbUity, Dltttttt t iat Iliatyt, u< all fcuH ulitaf fnm a tuwtarid bm at lnnl. ytatpA, lunlua, lavud riiaa, Audit* h lakaaaa at tkt Btaauak, Pallaeei af Head u? It id, Dmil Fu> at art a ml a f la ik* PalyUauaa *t u? ??.n, Paliattt at Wtlfkt ia lh? luaiU, hu InwuM, (Jkaktaf aftaaUaf vkn liflii dava, PryntM at YalleVaiu af ikt Bkla aad By**. Bi/kt Ivttu. Uvatd Pirate, Paia la Ut all af ikt l<Ik. Chan, at tide, Mdii Platktt af Seat, Btyrtulee af plrlta, r?:jktfel Diitai, kupii. PMfaaitui; ar aay nerreat d'Hui, Imh at EUtektt aa tki Iiii,tt4rriiud ipi (el CklU* aad r# ') 9VME A MlkklON B0TTLM8 k**e kite tald dtfiaf ike lad tti aiaoUi, aad la aa tatlaaii kti Ufklled ta avrlag entire a,.:tfaeiiea Wa*. ikta, vlll laftr fnm Wtakaeee ar Debility wkea MckBABV rr&BH?T? *;* couiik will tin jn ? Ua|M(t a La aaa? ey aa ui^Ml Idee af ikt laaadttia aad elaeet mlrateleat ekanfe yradaetd ky taklaf IkU Cardial la ikt diaeeeed, debilitated, tad tkii<,trid iti'iti iftua, vkeiker krekte dm ky titeee, treek ky altera, n lapalrad ky tltkeeea, the ralactd aad iu?| atfvaiaeliea it rattarad ta Ite ?ritttet kaaJU aad rtcat MARRIED tXRSON&i at atktre, tnitlHi el laaaihiT frai. vkeieret eaaee, will lad MabBABI RklHtTIUldt COUIAk a ttertifk rtftctnieref tka tytttat; a. dall wka Bay km la ruad tkentelree ky lafftfti ladal^-eaett arUI kad la Ult Uardtel a et iiae aad tp?*4y reeied . TO THE LAL 1MB. MiUlll mnmnilfOOUIAfclt a errera In aad tyttdy aata fat laeiplaai Ctuia^ta, Wdmet, kattattad at PlSaalt MtattraauaaJ aaaattataa* af Vrta* at laraiaatan Vuautt tktttaf, Palllaf af tka Weak, Militti, Faiaoaf, aad all dlataitt '.aeldeat ta ftaalti. THERE IS NO UISTAXB ABOUT IT Mir u latftt. Tala it aaaatdlaf la diitetleae. It *11. tlaatlatt, atreaftkee, aad taTtfatat* m aad eaaee tk? kleea at aaaua ta aeaat yew akaak afaia. Bvery katvU It tumiad ta Jl?t tacUfaeUea. FOR CHILDREN, U yaai eklldrae art aiekly, pta; at aBieted, MekBAB* HO HBI A L .111 M.ba tka. L..ul> ?- - ?J V ? WW ?>-a wui %mmmm ?ftjvTiI?l| U? VWIBV I/I11J a ?a??al) Uf tt? kit fNTlllM tNflllli. It La daMHiHIltl. 9A WYION. Iifui at <m|Wi daaiara ?ki mi try m pla un fx ml Muii n mufuilk truk, vkiak Ikif Ma (it till, k? Uitafll lataat UfMl A?aid rack mm. In t*> MckKAirs iruatTnMiiK COKDIAL, m? uti atklof alaa. It U tka Miy rimid; lb at will f*r\fj tka liMd taaraafbly aad at tka h*i tin* atraaflban tka Oaa laaapaaofel Ukaa arary naming faating m a eanala ptiTMtlia far Ckalara, Ckllli aad Paaat, Tallav Favar, at aay praaalani diaaaaa. It to pat a* la larc a katilaa. Pnaa Miy fl par Wttli, ar kaulaa fat |i J. I. McLBAB. alt araarutar af ikla Cardial; alaa, Mtkun'i iaaaic Ui Wiataiaav Pnaalpal Da pat m tka aaraar a/ Ykird u< Ptaa auaata, K Waata. Ma. MoLma'* Volcanic Oil Linimmt, (TIB 1MT klBlMEBY IB TBB WOBWO.) fM al> M *?a liruli tir< fat C?n?tr?, PIIm, Tmmx, Br*n?hll? at Otiw, PanlMM, lu ralfia, WtikMM ?f U* HucIm, Ckrarut * Uunuirj UluuUu. IuImu ?f Ik a j?uM,c?uiMii4 Mucin > !?!? idu, mTwUtt>>, Inktt, Ipnui, Fim? Chi, w?m4?% B'.ttn, f ?t?r beat, Caked Irtui, l?i Mini**, hni, lullt, S*M Tknu, > uf ufcaMtiti M bub, M dif?rtat? krv at laoa Lk* <n?M Bt) kiV. Hi.ud, MckKAlV >;UUIiRO kUUMKVT u a itruia r*mid*. Tkmudi W mmi kilip k4T? k*n h?i( * lift af 41* ai*pitad? u4 niaary by tkt ??? rfitk lavalaabla rtniO' MtLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WU1 Tall art ^pala ?|?aat IMtulunwl^ u< It vlll ?Im?, WOE HOMES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtUimCttllUTD LniMKMT Mlktalf mH ud iiliikli n?<t fc? tka mm ?T Iftm, larkM, SruLMk,OH,lM,Wt?h,?liii tafelkM* Il?i'y. tfflyhMtowtUninwliiiiMXwn Ttaa atti m Im|n vHh U? aa; mwMim kMNW ?f >'J efDi. Mcuuri CV "" xjfsBSizassL. Intro* at "PB Ml MKTi-B lOTT? MmU Ptorf THE WEEKLY STAR. Ykte ex* Ileal Family u4 Mftn Jearae' ? eoatalalnf (Tealee rarlety ot IHwBwg raed lac caa be foaad la aay o<bee U p?Utafct4 on Friday aoraiac Tama?Cutk, ?aiariaHy, ta itfiHii single oopy, p?* aanua < Five eoptea ? n Tea capiat HO T weaty-flve oopltt. ? ? J? ? It lBTartably oeatalaa tba "WuUifon Ntwi' feat kaa made T\* Daily Burning Star circulate ao generally tfcroa* bout ibe eouatry. (7 Single coplea (la wrap para) oaa ba procured at tba counter, 1 in mediately after tto toa?a of the paper Prtea?THREE CENTS PROPOSALS FOR INDIAN SOODS. D*r* o? T** lurmioE. I O+u lm41? Ajmwt, fli>l|in>?t II, M4 Paon&eALe. eadaraad M Pra?aaaJa lor ?r.K5r r> be reoeived at the Oftoe of Indian A^in 11U, in o'clock a. m . on 9* rcar* v, um ltth dar of (V 'nlwBat, for rart:?Q,uj the following named nrtielw ^ n 1 Mackint Plmnimn. faoik*. i>? Owli 2,000 pairs * point wiue illini>i MmHi. to meaeure 60 by 71 iDches, and weigh S punn .> J.500 ptii rs vH-p 'ict white Makina^ l aorta, t>> measure M by 66 inches, nod w'rk f 1,<K?pairs 2-poi.t whit* Mammae Uanteta. to measure 42 by 86 inobee, and w rif h*it INk 860 pairs IH rotnt white Mnokinao Markets. to measure 36 by AO inch*e. an J we>rh 4M .ha. yo pair* 1-p >int white Ma^kinae b ack?ts. to mea*nre 32 by 46 inches, and weich SK ano pairs s point scarlet Mack; nee hi**k. to measure ?6 by 72 in >h*s. and weigh pounds WO pairs VH point aca-let Markmao Saoke a, 'o measure M by *6 ir>ehe?, and wrick 6 pounds 250 pa>rs 2 point eoarlet Maoktnae bieakee. to measure 42 by 36 inches, and wotxk BM ibn. 251 pairs 1 point aoarlet Maokn ac Kiack-ta, to measure 32 by 46 laohos. and wetck Mg be. 100 pairs 3)*-poial *reer. Mackinaw hl?c??'i, to measure W b* 84 ineh?e, ?n * weif h le Ibn. 600 pairs 9 point grenn Mackinac blankets, to measure fo by 72 inohee, and weigh * pounds 600 pairs 23* point green Mack uao biarkete, to measure M by ? inches, and welsh 6 pounds 2no pairs 3** point indico blue Mackir.aa Maa k?ts, to measure 66 by 84 inches, nod weigh 10 pounds pa ra 3 point indigo blue Maokinao Naiikets. to measure So by 72 u c bee, aa<i weigh 8 lbs. 200 pairs 2K-point indico bine Maokinae blankets, to measure M by 68 laoaee.and weigh 6 pound* Jno pairs 3H-point geoti nolle blue Mark nar nlankets, to measure M by 84 inches, and welch 10 poncda 5W) pair* 3 point gentinella bia? Mwskioae Nuketi, to meu?r? 00 by 75 inohe*. and weigh * tovcrii 400 nlre 2V point genttnalla bine Maektnae blanket*, to measure M by K inokee, an<i weigh 6 pound* 250 pure l-point gentmejta Mm Mnekiaae b<an k?u, to msuore 42 try 99 ioehee. ud weigh Mf pomd* Joo pun 1H point genfioeila bl*e Mark id*? bla? ket*. to moacnr* ? by ? inohe*. ud We tgh 4*k poind* Un pair* 1-poirt gennnrI la blue Maekinac Man*?U, to measure it by 46 inohe*. aw3 w*t?h Sl* pound*. 4,?** yard* fano? list blue cloth W do# , do green <U?tk 2,<*m do grey li*t blae olotfc 2.<m? do aavcd list blueoloib IjBOn do do acarlat olotfc^V 1,2110 do do *raw> oi<?0> ^ 100 ?' indf worsted ??rn,(3 f?<1> inn 3, ?-n * it*nn f|?* i.wdkerohM ion do (uct cotton SO do blftok ulk I mi uu tt ? jjiUI: ihtVil i n do 6 4 4? an do 4 4 do Km do 8 4 woolen do ?? pound* lin?n thratd. No. sn r ?>-? w?r?t?id tarleriat 40.000 y?rd? ocitoo du MammM (Mwioo 7,mi do Tork?*y red oftlioo di.onn do bluadrilUnt lO.ioii do naoaburra 7,yw do brown arllhn# Vnrin do Geurti? atripM s o? H'i t>'u*d mn 5,onn do oottooade 1< >*' oo ncd t.ckiuc ' s <*?i f*o Ke tuoky jatua 1.5 ? d? nunetu in,imn do pitld linaaya 2>?' do 6 aaobad n. irU^f 15.(100 do domaabo akirUnc. auWa*okad o oo) do do shooting, do 3,000 do h lata bod do 10,(00 do brown ootton dook I0,0"u do check*, stripes, and plaids 8,000 co fla-nels, assorted I^jOO pounds ootton thread l,oon Co brown tilling twin#. No. 90 oo do ootton maitre IJmo twilled flannel skirts 1 jBH oaiioo ehirta Sno dos*n hickory sht ts loo no filadra* han"keroh:?fc Clam No. t. Ktaay m-i4t - >4l?f. mfrook ooat*, ludig" bine t'roadcloth 175 pantalo?ns, do frr H indigo bine Mack nao blanket of? H* bin - satinstt oca's m do - pantaloons ici oadnt- mixed o*i urii l<ats n do do pantalooaa *?*gr*- sattnett< <>% . (-aok) rrs do pantaloons 275 do vosts. Class No. 3. ?*TVf-(w?tT, 4f u/tura.. jnpitmmus, fc. 4,000 pound? brMl kettiea 4<> utitc lea,(Slices) liS r?Bt? Jip^rnf-' k?ttlM,(tilt Mat) 275 ''imp k ttl?a.<S PS doses 8 q usrt tin pats 16" a sen 3 quart tin p&ua 30 (In 8 qu*rt do rrs do tin copa 100 do equswavla 7' Uj tlMINVUkl do fi*h tinea 7A0 nr?e? n:eai??, *a?ort?d 771 ozen eoaree tocth comht OOQiUl 90 do aeiaaora 800 do all ear a &> UJ % MbU.df bOM1 83 da weedu<s hoee . 150drawing kuivw, lo inohM $ > b%ni uwa 10?i a sen h%nd taw fi.ea, ih mctaee fi do ahovela 75 do apadee 760 afcort fearui e fry-pans 2S doten baa' inc ?po- na ano do Iron table apoona an do ax a, to weith4* tr> Mi pound* loo do v1' -? to weifh 3 pounda, (With handlaa) 1(0 do Blu. .ui.IOfS l'<0 do ion ponnda bra* a wtr? 100 do beat Oh.neee vermillion. Ouoda of American nanaiaotnre of Up M^iirtd tjlee ar.d quality will ba prelerred; nnt aa the aamplaa of bianketa and o loth a are foreign labnoa. it will b? neceaaary, to ?rupoain< a donatio article of either ofthjee kind* that aaarapie thereof ahall aeoompaLr the bid. 'Die artioiea t>> be formatted miat 1b *11 raapeel a oonform to and be HUl with tha Government aapf> f *mon ma? be teen a Urn olboeon and after the brat of Ootojcr next. Tbe arttoie? will be rigidly inapeet?d a. d oompared with the aample? by an agent or aaanta appointed for that parpoae. S>uob aa may be ane*ual thereto in any parUoaJ*' will be rejeot?d. m whoh o%ae th* oouiraotor w!W be bound to rarntah ottiera of the reeaired kind of aa&atv within three day a; or, if that be not done, they will be puroh?aed at Uia expenae. Payn?e .t will be made lor tne rood# reoeivad on inroioe* thereof, certified > y the acent or a?ente &pj>oint^i to inapeottheiu. It is to be understood that 'he right wi%be re eerred to require a trenter or leee * Hart tf ol aav of the mioIm named than that eeeii-d ia vi<e above to*Mule; and all bid* for farn.aiuuc ?a> J artiolee may be rejected at tbe option of the lw eartmeut; ana Utat none froai eereom wlro ha** rhile.i to oomply wiib tbe reqairevenu ot e pre iouk contract with the United t**atM. or who ate not manufaetarera er vkolewi deaiera in the r*Saired artiolee. will be oonclderau i and the (hot tat bidder* are even Banahstirtn <w mail be e?tdenoed by tbe oertifiaate of the oo iec tor o! the port wham they reeide, or where it i? p op r?d to deliver tbe artiolee . ^The pro^oeale jwt enbraee the artta^NL with ohMieie, with the enaeeaaaexM uTeaak, iao** lara and oente, at Which they are to be Sreiehed; and the amonnta meet be earned oat a< d footed ? for eeoh e<au r*aid pneee and ueoeate MM be be ebtmitted with the fo.iow.n* beediaf: 1 "1 (Of w) Mmrtoj Propon lo rurni** for V * mm no*of the Ina.?.r. P~|?Tmrnt mihiiiii to AffLr'r iD^Tf tkTa ^ *** antM i AhefoUoviag srstwar.sK; a^s'srresa rcs SSssues ^Erauvfj statt assess feilara ?o (o do, we hereto k(rM to kiT MW?i. oar aatra, exaoatora. and aaaicaa to forfait aatf aa? the Unitad HU'aa. aa Iaaavaa.ft.aaa aot laaa ttaa jftaaa^at Mat. aa Ua aaoaa> of mM haaar prv and (Creotioaa ol Uua adjarUaaaaaot. a. ?: aa.