16 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

16 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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w ? LOCAL NEWS] inrTbonph T?e Sia* 1? printed on the faatest tram ptri In om aoath of Baltimore. IU edition ?s so large u to require tt to be pat to pre?s at an early boar: Adrtrtiumtnh, therefore, abould be *e?t In before li o'clock ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Thb Matokaltt?Corporation Attorney Bradley hae replied In brief but conclusive terma to the foor-colamn " Review"' which Aldermaa Moore with paternal complacency gave apace to In the Intelligtnctr tbe other day. In anawr to tbe self-proposed question : Has tbe city a legal Mayor V* After exposing In caaatlc atvle some of tbe many blunder* and mlareprrsentatlona of this amateur lawyer In crltlclxing ble (Mr. Bradlev**) legal opinion, fir B proceeds as follows : " 1 w1U not permit myaelf to be drawn into any dlacoaalon of tbe principles of my opinion.wblch tbe reviewer win either Incapable of comp-ebendinjt or baa cboaen to evade Personally I feel very little Interest Id tbe matter, and tbia la neither (be mode nor forum for aucb dlaccaalon. Rat, s* It certainly la of Interest to tbe public to know wh'tbrr we have a Mavor or not, 1 will state briefly and dlatlnctly tbe proceaa by which I have arrived at the result, that we have a Mayor. A " removal" by the Mayor from the city, bv be terms of the charter, produce* a " vacancy" la tb? offlce?a ' temporary abaence" doea not Mr Berret, being Mayor, waa removed (did not voluntarily remove) from the city by auperlor force Tbla of Itaelf did not necessarily produce a vacancy; but. ?s he did not depute tbe President of the Board of Aldermen to act In his place, It may have b*en a question whether it was to be a temporary absence tK. I. ? U.tsnnl ?V? <Aln? ? It: VVUIM 149 ill IUCII jVU( II?t l>i tbC jVlUk IHrT%lag, itate that a "vacancy" hat been produrrd by the arreat and "removal from tht eity of the lat'i Mayor," (I do not give the wbole quotation,) and proceed to elect a Mayor pro t'mport, under the provialona of the charter. If they were right In aaaumtng that, under the etfcumatancea, hia removal from the city produced a vacancy, they could only elect "for the remainder of hia term." Therefore they did. ao far aa tbev could, elect Mr. Wallach for the remainder of the term, and thereby exhausted their power i an not mine they were rigai in tnis smimptlon The question now is, was that act void, or only voidable? and, If voidable only, by whom ana how could it be avoided? My opinion ia their act was not void, but was voidable only, and that Mr. Berret alone could make It void If Mr. Berret had returned and claimed the office, as he might lawfully have done, he would thereby have put an end to and avoided Mr Wallach'a tenure of office from that time If Mr Berret had continued absent during the remainder of his term, that election not being void, but vsldable onlv, Mr. Wallach necessarily nuuiu u?c if iiiainru 111 vuicc uunuv nie wuaie time. Mr Berret did not return to rnume hi* office, but. being still absent from the city, resigned; that la, did an act wbich rendered blm Incapable of avoiding that voidable election. He cannot reclaim the office No one doubta that if tbe Councila accept bis resignation his power to do o Is gone past recovsrv- I do not think any acll nM*?MSPv tn maVo if IrrPvorsKU These are the substance of the views embodied in rav opinion I have neither heard nor read anything which tends to ahake them They are at leas', intelligible and diatlnct Bat, as this Is a question of public interest which ran not be settled in this mode, I venture to u^geat to the author of the review and his sympathizers that ihere is a remedy for the evils they pretend to disclose and it ia their duty to seek redrear in the Court If they shall do ao, I have no pride of opinion to interpose whenever the public good la concerned, and it will give me pleaaure in every mod*? in my power to facilitate and expedite that remedy. Jot. H Beadlby, Attorney for Corporation. Cbabqb of Labckby?Yetterday Mary McDonald and Caroline Reed were arretted by officer James M Buther upon a charge of ateallng a twenty dollar gold ptece from Mary Drummond. From tbe evidence of tbe complainant It appeared that Mary McDonald alept In the tame bed with tier tbe night previous, and tbe complainant bad under bcr pillow tlx twenty dollar gold pieces In tbe morning, when she looked for ber money, one of tbe pieces was missing. Tbe money not belag found, tbe case was dismissed by Justice Dm. Scspay School Umos ?A meeting of the Sunday School Union, of this city, was held at the Fourth Presbyterlm Church, on Monday evening last, M II Miller, Ksq . in tbe chair The Secretary being absent from the cltv. on motion, by Jas P. TustJn. Esq , Mr. O C Wlgbt wnsrbossn Secretary for the remainder of tbe year. Instructive addresses were delivered by tbe Corresponding Secretary of the American Tract Horlety, located at Boston, Mass , and by Dr. McKenzle, of tbe State of Kentucky, followed by other exercises of an interesting eharar ter The Licansar asd Uxlicixsbd ?It will be a matter of wonder among our mercbanta and dealera who have been taxed and l!cenf?*d regularly for yeara past, tbat in the Fourth Ward alone the otflcera have dtarovered. In the courae of two dava, over aeventy peraona doing buaint-as without ltcenee How ao many could have been thua fortunate can only be accounted for by tbe inefficiency of the late police, or the fav jr of exmunlcipal offlclala Thev will now be made to par the legal tax to the Corporation. csatmal (Jcabdhocsi Ca*kb ?T Huston, drunk and profane; fo '?l. Joahna Htnsheimer. disorderly and throwing stones; workhouse GO dayi Jaa Johnson, Mosea Brown. Frank Powers, M Whalen, Thoa Connor, Timothy Kelly, Wni Kelly, Mary Ketly, C H Johnson, drunk and disorderly; 91 W each. Wm. McGlnley, do : dismissed Susanna Jones, disorderly; dismissed Jno Phillip*, do ; workhonae <H) days Adam Jackson, 1. Vannetter. do ; 81 94 Robt Ware, oat after hours; dismissed. Mary Slmp*on. do ; workhouse 60 days E. Hatheran, disorderly; torssd over to the mill tar* A T.iaa 4a r ? <11 Rchawat a5d Accidsxt ?-Thla morning, a man named Andrew Baldwin waa riding aaplrIted bor?e on Sixth ?treet; when $ear the corner of C at. the borae took fright and ran away with htm. At the corner of D street the animal atlpped and fell upon the pavement, and the rider waa thrown with atieh force aa to lay him aenaeleaa on the pavement. Dr Toner went to hit relief, and ascertained that no bonea w*re broken He recovered la a few momenta, and waa taken home bjr his friends " T?i World's Fai? at London ?The gentlemen who hsve been appolated the Commissioners for the World's Fslr st London organized on Moad J by eirctln^ Mr Secretary Seward chairman sad Mr Keaaedy, tbe Superintendent of tbe Censas Bureau, secretary Of the thirteen Com m listeners tbe Hon Edward Kverett only was absent, and be seat a letter of excuse. A comas ittee wm appointed to wait on tbe President with a request that he send a national vea?el to Knglsnd to convey such goods u American contributors may desira to exhibit. Bad ros Massacbcsetts ?While a Ma??achuaett* reglaient wn paaslng through this rlty lateawnc of tta member* were guilty of disgraceacts In the way of depredattona upon market men and other* These rowdylsb members of the rcglomt, amongst other depredations, took several barreia of apples from Meaars Crnltfe Brown, Bad when remonstrated with, replied eooly: ? Oh, Jo?t send the bill to Col W lison, snd he will pay It." One of the sngfcrers announces bis purpose to make ont his bill and send it to the officers of the regiment, aa ?uggested Thutii -There was an overflowing houae last ni|{ht, sad a capitally performed bill as usual Miss Dealn, "CJueen of Hearts,'* was called out again and again, and one nnscepttble soft-hearted, s>ft-hesded chap of tbe "mlill notary" persu -slon.was so fhr overcome by tbe fascinations af tne charming Miss Sosm us to fling both bat and cane upon tbe aUge, amidat tbe storm of boquets that rained thereon To-night, Miss Den In la two parts; one the ^hsksperlan character of KatLerine, In ' Taming tbe shrew." Row 11 a MifiinTitTi's Ovrici?Yesterday morato2 ollrer Stafford arrested Thomas Curtin en Utecbartce of using profhne language. sad took a L. U7.it.. ..W vi a waa mai wrio c j u?itr ??crt wum nr? /%an r tiniifan appeared against him, and made oath to the charge The Justice fined Curttu So SM. Before h# cauld pay, Mn F attacked htm fiercely In the ind planted aome well directed blow* in hi* far* For thiaaport the Justice fined her 92 W Tk Dktkict Rmihiiit Ahkad ?We are Informed that a memoer of the Sanitary Commit aion who vial ted the camp of the Plrst Re^lmeut District Volunteer*. Col Tait, located on Jierl<iia>> Hill Murli It u h*lnv the rlesnest and Mtni(KtmpiurDt about Wubln|[<oa. VUttora to that regiment have linriablf been (track with the good order end tidint-uof everything, but tbla report irli tbem ? tittle ahead of the real. Good for the District boys Th? Lmit? Extihovismbd ?The patrolmen of tbe ftJitb Ward yeaterday made a dee est on a bouse cf bod repute on the Island, and captured all tbe Inmate*, aa follows:?Sarah Light, head ot the house; Annie Light, Matilda Light. Elisa C Light, Henry C Light. Elizabeth McManur The houor belong* to Mr Horatio Marymaa. who 4 exerted himoelf to get the female* releaaed, but ^ hla efforts ware uaavalUng, and they were comW mined to Jail, ehargod with be lag proetltute* flillim Liucos to SoLMxas.?Mr Hoadly ni arretted by tbe coast* patrolmen, there being .. Mttiyr proof that be had told liquor to aoldtrra He WM trooKbt before J utilce Reavrr, of Ueor^fli wu, mbo dUmiMMrd bliu without trial Ite: Ne itauTi.?Then were m> arraata ia like W; F1A* Ww4 U t*? ia* twe&tjr-fouj boon. K Bad Rkmkby.?Yeaterday afternoon, patrolmen Lynch and Feowtck arreated LI K L Shelley, Adjutant of the Krnturkv Cavalry, for abualng bia landlady. Mra. B ookfleH, and ber ?tep aon. When the officer* at the requeat of the lady, went to arrrst the Lieutenant, be called for hla platola and Hword, but be win aecured, and taken before J :<atlra Dnnn Therp h? mad# a atatement of hla grievance*, tome of which were serious If corTtctly stated, but thev did not justify his behavior to the lady and her step-son When be found that tUeslvil law waaabout to be enforced, the charge commonly made by every insubordlnate and drunken soldier when in the hands of the law. that this la "a 4?d accession bole, anyhow," was made immediately by him lustlce Donn placed him in the bands of tbe officer* to be turned over to tbe Provost Marshal. Captvbk or a Conpbdkkatk.?Monday a little fellow took to the Smithsonian a full grown copper-head snake, which had been captured bv his brother In Virginia. The prisoner was colled up In a large gltss jar, and looked as cheerful as such a varmint could be expected to when torn so sud ?v?ij iiviii unuir auu iiicuui jib ortnu iuc reptile waa about four feet la length, judging from the coil*, and beautifully colored He la In cJoae quartera now. and will no doubt be serviceable to the scientific gentlemen connected wltb tbe Institution. Police ?Effort Juttiet Walttr ?Yeaterday, Ellen Rlordan waa arreated by tbe metropolitan police, for drunkenneaa, on a charge made by her husband; abe was committed to the workhouse for 30 d*ys Edward A bner. profanity; line SI W M. Halller was arretted for an asaault and battery on a small boy; held to security for peace. Irdia RrBBim Goods ?We are pleased to stat?? that now all kinds of India Ruboer goods, Including Rubber Blankets. Rubber Clothing, Ac , tic., can be obtained In this city at mam?faetnrtr'i prices, at tbe India Rubber VVarebouse, 96 PennaylvanU avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets oc 16-tf Metropolitan Polick Commi**iorrrs ?The room* ot the Metropolitan Police Commissioners, oyer the office of the Gas Light Company, on Eleventh street, have been comfortably caroeted. fur. ntahed, and fitted up with deaka, tablet, and cues for papera. Charged w th BKiso a Spt?Mr Logan O. 3mith, former propeletor of the United S'atea Hotel, waa arrested yeaterday by Patrolmen Leich And Fenwlok, charged with oeing a rebel apy, but the Informant having failed to appear he wa? diamtaaed. Good Samaritan*?By reference to an advertlaement In the Georgetown column of tbe Srar, U W;M u>pn thiit th? n*frintI#* w r* i?KorluKlu oup<><- d ladle* : f t>int city will have a meeting at the house f Mrs D-ubv, on Thursday morning, to carry out the recommendation of the Sanitary Conwnitt-e. This Ca vpblll*?To-night a new i/rogramtiie, new jokes, new songs, new farces. i>rw burlerque*. Ac , at Odd Fellows' Hal', that place of popular resort, where people cou^regat# nightly - 'weather or no," became they can't help Ahrestet ?James Offutt, of Georgetown, (son m iTir i uguii, iarmeriy master painter at the Navy Yard, in this city.) wa? arretted ywterday. He had j?:?t returned home, it it said, after serving a term In the southern army. It is alio alleged that be was in the battle of Bull Run. Bridok-strkkt Bridge ?The flooring of this bridge, uniting Georgetown and Washington, having becomc much worn from the increased travel over, is now being thoroughly repaired by direction of Mayor Addison, of Georgetown. Matrimonial Jar* ?Kllen Rlordan was arretted a day or two since on complaint of her own husband. J. Rlordan, who <hareed her with drunkenness and cursing on the street, ^he was sent to the workhouse for thirty diys. CiiKvisc Co.icealid WiAPoMi?C F JohnRon. black, was arrested by patrolman Kelly, and lined #2.5 by Justice Clark, for carrying a concealed weapon Returned.?Professors Henry and Balrd, cf the 8mitb*onlan Institution- have return*/! city, after a summer visit to tbe North. Philadelphia Prist Butter.?Weare selling th? brit at 2o cents pet lb at Stewart's, corner of Twelfth and II streets. We will open our Market on Tuesday, the 5Kd oc 14 3t# Geo W. Stewart A. Son. Startling ! but True.?The Vo'nnteers ar? br?viriR the dangersof F>v?r,8cu*vy, Woundsird Cholera Many * talla^ f?!low wi'l ;eave hu b-i * to bkaob. who, 6t the aid of ffollowly'* Pills and Ointment, would h%ve returned t hia fmiiT atr nj and heathy. Soldi era, tiy them. Only 85 oenta per box or pot. oo 14 I w Notic*.?Beware of oounter'eita and uoprinoip>d dealer* ond savoring to dlapo.M of h?-iro?n bcu utiiT snigon on me reputation at'ainfld l?y H' lmboltTt Ertract BurHu.n positive and specific remedy for dmeasn* of ihe B adder, K.dneys, Orav?. D'opay. *o , Ac., to. Ask for Hel bold'*. Take no other. See advertisement ic another oo| unin. ee ?> CoueH? ?The sudden ehangee of oor climate nr? sources of Pvltno*iry, Bronr.kvil and Astkmittt Afections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and oertainly when tak*u in tli* early stages of the disease.recourso snould at ones Ue had to * Brmm'* BTonrHin.l Trtxkei" or Lozenges, lot the Cold, Cough, or Irntation of the Throat i>e ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may beeffeotuallj war-Jed otf. Pub lic &>?aJens and will find them eu'eotual for clearibg and strengthening ths ! VOtOi. 1 ? ? | ? ? ? ? w?->wwu>VH?a UW * ~ IJ PimniB. Teraona desiric* penmea will a w?ya find them for exchftnr* at the Bt*r Office count*'. tf DIED, In T>n*Uytovn. D. P.. on W#-<1n<??*By morning, Oct. 16 H6I. hODFKKY CONRAD, in tno 64th year of hia *<e. ?-i a_ * - k: *' ? - - ? 1 ii" irmntm uhi reiUMTDi in rupPCUUI J lDVUPa to attend hia funeral, at 3 o'clock to morrow (Thursday) evening UAVb VOUSUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO VOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT IB THE BEST DOLLAR WEHKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTF.R WILL BE WORTH TO ANV FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL 8AVK TEN TIM Erf ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Week, to b* out on Friday Morning?price Thru Cents?vnft be a remarkably interesting one. n? /* //i *nhn *nn tlIA i Posted with reference to what is really going on here tn these interest-' ing times should, receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. t ""OUGHB, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYhJf OFOVul AF4BIC. This pl?**an' and popular Cougti R .-inedr haa be?n ?o long known an<t ext-naivelj u j?<1 that moat pvrwi* nsrs nwumo lAiiriiBr vimi ua eiiriurai* aary efficacy. It can be nvi at all the pnno pal drug lores, at as and so centa a bottle. oe 14 ^aawMa* BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS!! Cbk?p P*:c?. Six Imp otud Marble But Tatltt. We wish to inf rm eit ? m and atrang?ra that watill oouiinue at our reduoed prioes, which ia one Utird Ieaa than the usual oity pri:e*, via: Smile iam?,no'i.;iii james, 91 MILLER k SIMPSON, Atheraam Milliard Saloon. 430 l*a. av. oc ^ eoSt* I U M B K R ! Li LUMBER!! ;?jono feat of LUMBKK.oouai.tinc of WHITE PI % k PLANK. (>AK Pl.ANK, M APuE PLANK. PDPL.AM, UuERRV. lUfSWoOl), Ac., for eale ?er? low fur cuh, to o)o#e cootig nmant, b/ J. HF.NRV MK{$E* oc 12jTt li| ?^pfar'e Wharf. Ba'timore 7 3-10 V. S TREaBURV NOTES, which will be supp ted at par to onr ou?tom?re, free of otut'ce. Doroa-(1 lrea?ury Notsa, aa heretofore, wi.l r*oei?ed on rieeotit a< leaoie. SWEENY, BITTENHoUdh, KANT * CO., 00 Him tinnhera, 35ii Pnr., ae+r BiownU. /'OMK AND 8KE OUR NEW STOCK OF 1 FALL CL.OTH1NG?No. 460 Seventh at oo 1-lm 1UL1PAN AND KLEUANTE8 8KGARS. Alan, nom'e- of other q*lebr?t?d brands, vholeetlenud rouil. WM 6R088K, Hinni Segn-r Store. ie9 lm cor. P? ?v. end 6th ?t. Washington. (RID FOR SALE?10 to SO AM eorde of Oct. Uiefcon end Pin# Wood. atMdiog auunteJ within K oiM mi oa of the Aunnyolie Jonoti -n A pelf tw A DONALUsON, Sav?<e r o.. uenr An* n oli? JmbuUob, Rovnrd ooautr. Md. o-< ?-Tw* ? i "amusements: H E A T E R. WRDNKSDAY Ortrber 18 ?i'SAN I'KNIN Will appear ? Fs a*3inr, i>> tha 0<>m dj <-f GKIST To TH' M!l,l.. An' Kather'xk. in a kathehink \no r- TttU'-nio. n* | OOK OUT FOR THE M ?NUM KNT.\ I.! L# THE MONUMENTAL Cl.l H ?i;! eiv? ihatr <d9 13THORA* D COTILLON PARTYfim At Coomb*' Hall. UM On M<?NUAV. Octote 28.1861 ic T NOTICE. I HERE Will be a BRAND ENTERTAINMENT liven at Union Hall on THURSDAY NEXT.Ootober 17. oommenomg at 8 o'clock p m. Ticket* it I admitting a gentleman and ladiea. Ladie? will r>e snpplied wit* card* of invitation. Permunion grawte<< hr the authontiee It* I OOK OUT FOR THE GRAND COTILLON P * RT V of the OKOKGE WASH ft* 1N8TON QUADRILLE ASSOCIATION. which will oertainly take p'aoe at Cormbs <Tz* V mm Mall on Pa ft. L-?n . A i.Aar ICtli mt nnl^B THURSDAY EVENING, O^t 17 Tiok?t? Si oenta admitting a leatiemaa and ladies. N. B.?Pieaie r?frr to previong pnrtia? ooU V ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Skvbnth, Abovk DSt. IMMENSE SUCCESS of the CAMPBELL MIN9T?KLS! IS STAR 1* STAR PERFORMERS, IN A CHOICE PllOORAMME EVE*Y NIttHT. Look out for NEW YEARS CALL! FRESH NOVELTIES in acuvb rrepar?ion. Adimaaion Twenty-five Cents. oo 11 Dr. W. FOR P. Agent. wml WANTED?A GIRL, to do fener&l honsewo'k, at No '>*?* t, street. it* |^OOK WANTED -Wanted, a rood Cook, (co1ored wom?n.) at 6**, Minnesota Row. 1 at, between 24 and 3d. oo 6 e'3> BUGGY WANTED-Wanfd, a aeo.?nd-h*i.d BUB6Y, ingood o>d?r Address, sta'inr p.*it5e ani where i' ran Ne ween- Hox *0*. City F O it* WKAM*THK*SKe* W AN T E I).-Two ttood ^ f loaltfnak?r(! wiM find immediate empioymeut by applying at No. 328 Pa avenue It* WANTED-A SITUATION, )>y -* mi*dl? a*ed American woman, to n:a'.e horeclf useful ahonta home. B ato: reference* eiveu. A<1< reaa "J T.," Mar Office^ oo 16-8t* W* NTED?A fooJ TIN AN0 SHEET IRON W'?RKLK, and a BOV tb*t has worked at the hasic^88. Apply at 16'2 l'a aver.ue. First Ward^ oc 16 3'* WANTED?A HOUSE, unfurm*hed or furni? hed, hayingnot iesa than 7 or 8 room a, ctniYCDiriu 10 me ir'a'fry preierreti ; furniture ni*y be purchased at a fai'valuation. Address "G. VV. M., General P< gt Office oo lb ?t* STORK WANTED*?\ good J*t. re. large and convenient, guitable for a wholesale grocery, on or uear Pa avenue, is wanted immediate!?. for which a fair r?r.t will be paid. Apply at Philharmonio Ha'l. 3a 1 D gt. oc 16 2t* House wantkd-fok rent.-hj a perimnent tenant, a small House, (rent moderate.) if furnished preferred, for a man and wife without children, Best of references rivea. Address "T'easurv," Box No. 854 Post Office, Washington Cit?, P. C. It* U/ANTKD-A good GUNSMITH. Apply to ** JnHN j. PKAHODV.No.60 Loninsnaavenue, between 6th and 7th s?s. on 15-lw V\T A NTKD?1*> g?o ' e r-etic MKV.tos-ll Pa" ten'a approvec^Military Works (cheap edi u^n i in me camp*. r.nr?rpriBin< m?" cnr make 5'0 p^r?HT. ApplrtoM.E. WILSON, 251 Penna, aven'i*. oe 15 3t* WANTKD-Twm YOUNG LADIES to attend store. Non* b?.t those fully experienced in the bu?iness will t>e employed Al?>. first cla's Dressmaker*. M. GILLIAN, or 16 3t 336 Fa avenue. WANTKD-SEVKRAL PERSONS oompetent " t" do plain rewin* end enthro'^ery Apply a' the Knihr^'derr Store No 43S Hxth *t, between D and E ?t*. j>o U-3t* HOT^E WANTRD.-A email Home, or part of IiaiisA furnleka>4 r\m nnfi?????.U? l and wife without children, from 5 to in minuto*' walk of the N*?y l)"psrtr"?-iit. Rent moderate; payment prompt. Address "Thomas," ?t*r Offioo. oo 14 1 w* WANTED ? A rood family oarriar* HORSE, warranted (sound and p'rfeotly ;afe, will knd a purchaser b? app yinj Kaiorama Heunt*. place f'?rm?r]y owned by >lr. Vivan A'so, a s?'od miich C??W. c<ving not leas than 5 *ailoos per day. oo l4-3t* WANTED?All Dairymen to kn-iw that th? Washington Brewer? havinc oommenced brewing for thn winter season. they oan ?et Fre?h Grain* aver? day at 4 o'clook, at Woetits per bushel. Call, one and all. U. COLINKAU, oo 10 Im* Cor K and TVnnty-seventh sts. CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE/ PHKN't* & i.'O.'S. .1 '2'i Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED?A WOMAI*, to cook, vub and iron, 'lo a natiifaotory pereon good waees will >>e paid. Apply at 430 ,Me? York av , betw. 13th > ><< 14th itg oc 1 WANTKD-TAILOKS, TAII.OKS -50 Tailori competent tn work on military roods. > pply G. KOt.P, at Wal1, ?tephwnt> A >*o 'g. ?eS5 WANTKD.-Wn arn n< w I'lirine SKCONDU i \1 n l? IT D M ! T t ' L. r LJT/\tr t* J - - -I ri ? r\ ' * uAii \j r I'niii i uuriiOiUT rj^ si.u i> r ij DING, for wliioh we ars paying the highest oa*h prices. Families doolimng housekeeping, or having a ?urpl?s of furniture, will find it to their advantage tu giv* us a 'all. HONTZ & GRIFFITH. 1? 13-tf No. 369 Hh at.. betw. I ana K ?ts. lost'and found. FOTND?Yesterday, on Capitol Hill, a GOLD SI,EFVE BUTTON, *hich can l.e had by de^mibing the samn a.-:*! payir.r for this adv?rti?errnnt Ir.q lire at 5 07 E sf., between 2a and 3d *t?. oo 16 It* STRAYED AWAY?On the 1<th i*?tant. three STEKS. with tar mark on eaoh hip gr> ftj A liberal reward will be given on tlieirR return to in". wf^w f nu v u awnrn n on T ur n . oo 16 3t? Bnteher. 4 99 17th ?t. ?C REWARD? Strayed from th^ Scott Place, V * Georgetown Height*, a yoon? re<j COW. The above reward wi'l be p^id fjr W*4^ her return to the a!>ove named pface XmmMrnm oo 16 2t* J F. COWAN. RFWARO-Strayed from ihe enclosure of the mbucriher*. on th" night of irv the 13th iuetant. tnree dark bar HORSK? ; and one aorre! H< ?R SK, whi*e atripe in hu^23fa^e: and one hlood-har MARK. Any perton returning the aaid horaea to our JtaMe, on G utreet, between '7th and >8 h eta , will receive ?50 reward. nn lH.lv' ? n Xr e IVD<1D vv w ? W? w *V u *? 1\ V/ U ESTRAY ?Taken up by the subscriber, on the 14th in?tant. at th- Toll fiat* of the cv Washington and Baltimore Turnpike, f ur H > h S K S. two bat * one brown and one'XZX aorrel, each about 15>4 hands hi?h. The owner or ownrrs oan have said horses by provipe property and paving all c>sts The ' oriei <*an l?e seen at Mr 'ddinca' 8tabie?, at said Toll Gate. oo 16-3t* TIIOM HKNSON. &on REW ARD ?Ran away from the subeeribe', two NEUROKS, mother and m son. Sophia, th* mother, left about the l?t rff of Jane; nho is S4 y&rs old Will am left on th? 8th imunr; 17 var* ojd; cne?tnut ^5,,*.' oo!or;,ab u( 5 feet 3 inches high; light huilt;X3L* pleasant wheu ?pok?n to;aupp ?ed o be about Washington The above reward will be paid for both, or $40 for either, if secnrrd in jail, that I may ret them. JOHN MIOGnear Beltivi'1% 00 16 3t* I'rinoe Goorge'a oounty. Md. Attention, soldiers:-a riflk aid K > AlMACIl. loat by P irate Frank I.one, of Company E, 6th R?giment. Connecticut Volnnfamr trinv Ka tAi^nvurMl hv th* nvii?r nn inaiiir* the Star Office. oo 15 2t* 'l^AKEiN 1'P, as astray, on the pmuisea uf O n 1 Kinr, on the B'Ookv>lle road, near thf fiJ* Toll Gate at Tenallyfwn on th? 11th ofmUf* Oerober, a COW and CALF. The f Jfc ?fi u ted, with a white bel y and a white ?p?t ?>c the rump, and wide horna; the latter ia k potted. The owner oau oome. prove pr>. ptr.y, pay nhargea, and take them away. oc 15-3t CHARLK3 B1NO. LOST OR MlSL.AiD.-A >mal! roll of PA PKKs*. addreaaed to JOHN A. CRIMKS, havinc l>een loat or imaiaiJ, a iilterrvl rpward will ha given on heir betn* returned to hia office. Th?y muimnmini; one f me. oo n-at LOST?On Sdtu rda?, th?? 2?th ultimo, at the City Poet t iffice. a pair of Gold SPKt;-i-TiAja, TACl.KS, with the name of "Fitx-*- vjf* huih" f ntraved on them. The finder wil be ?mtably rewarded by leaving them at house No. 3'J6 Maryland ar, near 8i\tn ?t., Ulat.d. oo 14-3t* RKWARD.?StrayeJ or etolen. 011 Thur* oiiy, me loin inti , a mcuium in?u r?d buffalo COW. giving milk ; it *pott d with white, very low in the hind qufi tert,AmAw an * when walking oarriea her head nrar the ground The above reward w.-H be paid for her retarn. JOHN MoCARTHV, oc U St* Corn*r 8th and O ttt. <2 If! RKWARD.-8trayed or ttolen. front the ?C> I \t tubtoriber't etable, on the inth in c\ iant, one torrel HOKSK, 15V, or 16 handt 1X1* hi(th, left hind leg twolltn above the kn?a,^-" about 9 yeara old. and oi go<>d atyie. The above raward will be given to any one whc will rrtnrn the hirte to my Stable, or giving anon information I at will lead to h!a recovery JAMES H. SHREVE. oo 14 at* Sevent at., between H and I. CO RKWARU FOR KACU HORttE.-FortyI ur HoriM SUm ?)?d; the "i" branded on the ii|bt it* of all exoept jLI^# on\ whioh u a dark enrret Aay oned?hv-^?*> ring the above to the ettbeonber.at hie Stable, ?g;$&?' *"""'"" pgiTwig1^RTiFIClAL LEGS AND HAND-. Selpho'i Patent Elastic Lag & Hand. No. 316 HSOASW T HIW V OKI Tb?? ??ri ail?i cuU.UtaUa for Ion

whi <U u?v? Uxd lb* t*?i, <M ov i ? je?r. *? r? :3r?tt.ij'Lreolrf0?;;iS.,5% ssi'Av*. MtvYvrk. ? W-lm m * / ? FOR SALE AND RENT. POB BPVT Twn ah ?f.rUh!r KTVTD VlUU K n r-_-~ * * WW v^? ? ? ".j A V It ? * ' " * ? ? fcT ROOMS, id the nortfwn part of the oity, a vry pleaaant location Hreakf'it furnished if Apply at thia "(toe. No 3 oo 16-3t* rFO RENT?Several Furp-*li?4 or Unfinished 1 Ir.qnire at 17.? K ?rw lUh and 19th ?U oc 1V?> 3 ' rP<? EXCHANGE?A dutiful improved Cry I Proprrty, for a rood improved farm in tre liiitrict. /.pp]fat3fi i Niuti *t wa?t. cppo?:ta Northe rn Liberties Market. co ll-lw* H. JOHNSON li UR KKRT-I10U8K 40* Pennsylvania ? ., r over the bookstore of Franak Tajlor?a place for a professional man. HOUSES FOR RENT-No. 'J5 and No. 87.on the south aide of Indiana avenue, both of them very large and oonvemect homes, with good ?tabill * and carriage-houses. Alio, the commodious and large Hon**, No 399, on the north aide of C street Apply to THOMAS HLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8w Four handsomely Famished Rooms, (applied with iM and water, and convenient to the PaftDt and Poat Oflioe Departments, (or rent. Appyat 490Massachusetts avecue, north side, between 4th ana Rth >* M PERSONAL. M NOTICE. V Wife, Charlotte Sohl, having left my bed and hoard without any just cause, takin* with her iny iu'ant s n, and she brine now from home without rar oonsent, 1 hereby ?arn all parsons &cain*t Kivinjr her ore-lit on my acoount, aa 1 shall pat do suoh o aims, as the ha? always Deen proviaed for liberally hy nie. oc 14-St* CONRAD 9QHL. uru ?niwn A^V/X\X?X/ lil VI BOAR D.?Families and single gentlemen can obtain very pleasant Furnished Room*, with Board, on moderate term*, at 391 and 393 C, between 3d and streets. Trsnsient and Table Boarder* aooominodated. oo 9 2w* GEORGETOWN ADVEHT'MTS -Y-apMJNlON LADIES gF GEORGETOWN. Jof By r'qnest, th?re wi I he a meeting of the pa riot o iadita o! Georgetown at the bou?e of Mra. Benjamin l)arb*,on Market st., near Fir?t. in aoAnrJcr.AA with tliA r o/i ?mmonH??inn nf thjfc Ua rilar* Coramiite*. on THURSDAY .MORNING, at ll o'oVok. All ladifti who feel dieposed to make tome return for the protection our homos and children have received lr><m cur se.f-a&orifioing aoldiera *i;a nat thia oauaelesa rebellion are invite*1 to attend It Buckskin gloves, GAUNTLETS. Ac. We call the attention ofSutlera, K'nunenta' Offioers, and others wisfcinr to purchase Buokakin Gloves. Gauntlets, Mittins, Purses. Tobacco Pouches, Portmonnaiee, Lectins, Ao , at wliolesae, to our extensive stack?all of our own m%nntactur?? at our store, 105 High street, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittena are of the beat quality, of real Buctsku. Military Huff and White Gauntlets, lioxtncn Intra* Rimtrokrin r%A lira >?* ?? *" *_?? ? WW I vhv*ckiu Willi w anu i/mwir, IIIOUO W order. RAMSBI'K?i ft EBI-RT, 105 Huh i>troet, Georgetown, D. C. N. B ? A large quantity of sorap? of Buckckin and Chamois for polishing gur.e, accoutrement*, to., on hauU. ?e 2* liti MAfcSEY, COLLINB * CO.'B PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this da*.per steamer J. Jerome? 5r<nbarrel? X\ DRAUGHT ALE. ?o Co. XXVX do. do. too hlf.-hbl?. do. do. do. Wki.l. ^.11 k. I 1- *?- ? tv iuvii vm viitTBi wi.i vo iui cebJoi i rnitB VBBii on delivery. AHNV ft 8H1NN, m 7 Union Depot^SeorgPV.wa. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhd?. prime port*i Rioo SUGARS 1Mbbll. Oid Rye WHISKY, l?o bbli. HKKKING and Al.EWIVKH. 40 bb!?. Crashed and Refined HUG A&3, SO bate Rio and J%va OOF KKK, lo hhds.dow pnood) MOLASSES. For Mie hy JOHN J. BOGUK. * ie pENSION OF KICK", Jcn? ?th, 1*61. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COXCF.RN. Application having been made under tee act of 23d June. 186", for the reicnue of the Land Warrants desoribed herein, winch are alleged to have be?n lost or destroyed. notioe is hereby given, that at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be i? sueu, ii no variu oojeuuoii ?nan llieH appear No. 64 SK for 12" acrea, issued under the act of March. 1855, id the name of James Lodk, and Rranted on the Slat day of March, 1356.?October 1,1881 No 24 "57, for ISO acre*, issued tinder the act of Maroh. 1856. in the name ol Thomas J a ler, and pasted on the 3d day of May, 1856 ? Oo'ober 13, No 35100, for lfi" aorea, larned under^he act ol Maroh 1855, la the name ol I'o It, widow of David Bradbury, and granted on the 19th uay ol tseptem ber, I960?November 16,1861. m No. 43 343 for '60 acrea. iaau?d ncder the act of Maroh. W55. in the nameof Christopher Dough rty, and era ted on the 27th day of September, 1356. November 16 1861. No. 934114. for 161) aorea, ia?u?d under the act of March. 1856, iu the name of Guy 8. Alexai der, minor child of John C Alexander, deceased, and granted July 2.136 November 16, 18M No, 2.163, for 16)1 aorea, ieswd under the act of Maroh. 1855 in the uaiue <> Benjamin Heily. and granted onthe2rth day of Juno 1*56 No 6-.2. for to acre*, isaued under the act of .?iorcii. iooo in nf name o nen"?a w ooarun, ?nu jranted on the 9:h day of May,18fl6. , No. 856. lor 160 acres, 'ssuea unJer tl.e act of March,l?M,in the ramoofsannel H Waterkouse, and granted on tfte 231 day ol May, 1855 No. 2,633 lor 80 aoret, iebjed under the act of March. 1855. in the name of ShMl? Downs, and cranted on the 2d day of August, 1355.?November 16.1861 No 41 939, (or 1R1 aores. leaned under the act of March, 1856. in the name of Janea Pray, at d granted on the 21st day of March, 1861 ? November 2J, 1861. No 2.5 3T>i. f.'r 16?> acre., issued under the act of March 1855, in the nainaof vVilliam M , Julius C. A.,and John D. 3.,miner chi dren of Irwin B*cret. deceased, a-itl rr nt?rf ai m v?? ift* ?Novemtar 23, 861. No ?,818. for 8ii acre*, i**uei nnder the aot of Maoli,l855 in the name of Getty, widow of Th< ma? Elwood.and rrant-Ml the I9th day of Janu\ry, 1857.?November 23,1861. No. 75i0,for loo acres, issued unrler tu? aot of Maroh,1866, in tl'?> name of Alexander Ma ullough, and rranted on the 8th day of January, 1838.? .November 2i 1861. No. 8,063, for 16n acre*, issued under the act of Maroh, 1R56, in the natne cf Alexander MrQuain, and grant d on tiie Utu day of October, 1855.?November 30. 1861 No. 9,76S. for 12*? ao es, issued nrder the act of Marohj 1855, in the name of Uatnel West, and crmvoQ uu wjic inu uay 01 juiy, iiw.?JLieoeaiDOi 7? 1861. No. *7,8?fl for 100 acr?s, issued under the ?ct<-f March, 856, in the name of Hannah widow of James Wiis>n, anJ canted on the20th day of February. 1857 ?December 30,1861 No. 64,350, for 120 acres, iusu*d under tha not of Maroh. 1855. in the name of Martha, widow of And ew Mellon, and granted o? the 15th day of Ap.il, 1856 ?December 2 ,1861 No. 3,302 for i60 acres, issued under the act of March, 1855, in ttie name of Samuai K Jack way an1 granfd oil t^e Ut d\y o A^gu-t. 1855 No. 3 1' 4, lor 160 acres, Usued und? the aot of. Maroh, 1856, in the name of William H Tanarce, and irranteu ou tue 13tn day of July, 1865 -Deoem ber 21, ld61. s No. 14.945, for 80 aoras, issued underjha aot of ^ppiemoer hsu in ma name of Levi Treadwell, and gianted 8. p umber 29th, 1851. No 31,ii38, lo 40 aores. issued under the same act, n tho n?:uu of AM Piatt*, and jiaa'ed Novejibe' *8th. Usl ? Deoemher 28 1B6I No 72 5*4 for 16" aorea, issued under the act of Maroh, I85>, in the name of Thomas Johnaon and (ranted on tne 9th da; of September, 857.?January 4,1862. o. 42,216, for 80 acres, issued under the act of Maroh, 1855, in the name of f ollj. widow of John Oa>np. a> d granted on the *SJ day of September, 1H56 ?January 4,1862. JOdLPH H. BARKKTT, It-law v Commissioner. M. I. FRANKLIN) SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 844 Peon'aav ,'noith aide,) bet. 12th and 13th tti. improved SPECTACI.K!*, witk genuine Pebble or Perisoopic Gl&a?es, suited correctly for every eye-sight. FIRST ki ?CTilrtfllBKil c^Atia MILITARY FIELD-QLAS8ES. Mloro?eo?e#, CompMi'i, And M?them*tic?.l In atruments, at the lowest Eastern prtoes. e 77 tr PW. H. HAMILTON * CO., RODUCK * CO <M I83ION MERCHANTS, ,47? Ninth Strut, below K. D<*al?r? in Butt r. Ekcb, l.itrd. Hun*. Dried Beef. Mackerel, Codfish. Craubernee. Apple*, Dried Applr-a, Onion*, Driwl P>ach?*. Cracker*. a..d rake*. Pure Ciaer Vinegar, &o. Good* delivered free o( charge. oo 7 Iw* D a IU H a rv?r * un?-? /?P ?it* ? ?*??*?- l-* U? ?'2.i? nuiAni/B wr inn nn.ui ; oui SMTra has not advanoed the price of his Clothing winch he lies lust received snd is srllinc ofl at suou r?ma>kable low priors. Give me a call and satisfy yourselves of the gre*t bargains that are now offered ev*ry day at &MITH'8, No. 460 Seventh ?t. oo 1 lm < OFt-ICEHS AND SOLDIBHS. . u n i jjk ? - i s soia on k.i oi im united 8tat*s, in Mima to suit oAoeri and so diers. Also. Draft* oa L. ndon. Ireland, Gotland, ales. and oo II-1m Bankers, *5i Pa, av., near Brown's. Rtifg AND POPLINS. Plaid and Plain, new oh'a> and stylisn things Oae pno* oaly, marked la slain fit ores. PERRY * BRO., w 9-fit Pa.avenge aad Ninth st. WE STILL CONTINUE THF. SALE OF IWmst hartaina in Milk' of all tin *c 1< MaS.T M?ru?oa?, Irish Poplira Moaaasllaa*. Merino Platda, to. *2%7? ?? at ?t?v-*9dB telegraphic news Tkt War la MiHtarl 6C)l. CAW KOX KIVIKWITI9 TBI TK'PPI (*TiifVH. .Mo , Oct. 14 -Ofitfnl Cameron, accompanied by Adjutant Gen Tbomai. apent Saturday nlgbt at Jrff?r?^n City, and arrived at Tipton yesterday. After breakfasting In camp, they rode orer to th's place, t'x miles. on horseback. ccompaiilrd bv Gen Fremont and staff. Upon lt? arrival here, tbe party called upon Gen II, - f? ''? ? ->? -- ' V ? ? < J , ai?v< liu I UK Uftii ?U UUUI WHU blm, proceeded. Id company with blm.hlaataff and aeveral other gentlemen, to review General M' Klnrtrv'* divtalon, which ! encamped here At the cloae of the review Oen. Cameron mad? a few well-timed remarka to the troopa, e xpreaa. lng the hlghrat gratification at the condition la which he found them, and the utmost confldrnre that In the handa of auch men, the boner and ucc.eaa of our conntry'a arma were a*fe Loud cheer* were given for Gena Cameron. Fremont and McKlna'ry G?n. Cameron and hla party, accompanied by Gen Fremont and ataff, then went by rail to Tipton, where tbey reviewed Gen. Anboth'a dlvlaion, which waa two In exceli?i *? ? ? * * iu wwinun i ut y uirn went on of special train to St. Lou's. St. Locta, Oct 14 ?Secretary Cameron and Adjutant General Thomaa arrived herefrom the We*t late lsat night The Socretarr renewed the Eighth Wlacoualn Regiment. C?l. Murphy, which had jua* arrived by ateamboat, before Barnum'a Hotel thla morning. Li>ier irani Fabthir Poixt, Oct. 15 ?The (tamer North America passed here thla forenoon, on her way to Quebec The Dublin Post reiterate* its assertion that there are agents of the American government In Ireland recruiting, but thinka tbey are not very successful. It In reported that Klcasoll has sent an ultimatum to tbe Papal government foe tbe settlement of tbe Roman question. It Is asserted tbat Gen O'Donnell la ot>no?d to ?p",n uniting with France and England in re- I lation to Mexican nffalra. He thlnka It derogatory to the dignity of Spain. The Paria Patrie aaya that the negotlatlona between the three governmenta la not Interrupted A private Parla letter aa*a that the bank of France will probablv aoon he compelled to advance the rate of dlacount beyond alx per cent The rate of eftcbange la utrorgly in favor of England Bllla on London are In great demand A nnHthat a# - - .WW <us* ?UV |/l IW Vi Vficnw *?UUIU WC ??U" vanced 4 per rent had produced a bad lmprw Ion. and addvd to the dcapondencv at the Bourae. It waa reported In London that the Bank of France had applied to the Bank of England for loan of ?2,000.000 COMMERCIAL. Liverpool, Oct 5 ?Cotton?aal?a for the week 87,000 bale*, at an advance of Brcadatuff'i cloaed atesdy. Corn baa an upward tendency; mixed 32a. Wheat la higher. Proviaiona dull. Conaola cloaed at 92\a93 The ahipmenta of wheat and flour for the rtffbt monlhi endtnir with Aum;it are valurd at x5o. 000 .UUU sterling The I'?rii Bourse has been agitated. Rentes have declined. Frsai Fortress M?nr?r. Foktrkss Oct 14 ?Tbe steamer S R Spauldlng returned from Hatteraa Inlet this morning, bringing up Brigadier General Manstield, who has to day. taken command at Camp Hamilton. The entire loaa of the Indiana Twentieth Regiment in their recent retreat wa* 47 men, all told No changes have taken place at the lulet during th?- few days. Eleven coutr?band?" came over last night from ^ewall's Toint. They uy there are four hundred Confederate troop* at (hat point, and a large number tbii aide of NmMI Lieutenant Murray, of the gunboat I.ouiaiana, two or three daya since found a Confederate veaael In a narrow opening tbla aide of Oregon Inlet, tittin^ out aa a privateer He at once took possession and burnt the vessel Tbe tfoofedtrates were in some force in the vicinity. Tbe Mar la Kentucky. Cairo, Oct. 14 ?The steamer Grampus, with a Ttir Laleil frtn Oti Htnki' Ctlima, Dti.iisprowx, Oct. 13 ?Everything wuquiet along the river line veaterday, but nothing; ban transpired cf general interest In camp Capt Stone, the provuft marshal, has seized and confiscated a vast amount of liquors, and arrested many sellers From Lfavrawtrth. Lkavkswortu, Oct. 14? Gibson's lottery, which recently came in from Utah, consisting of two twelve pound howitzers and four stx-ponnders, has been attached to General Lane's brigade, by order of the V. ar Department. ?ei/u e si a siBTtr. Proviobncb, K I , Oct 14 ?The bark Reindeer bas been seized at Newport, as fitting out for a slaver *he has been condemned, together with ber cargo. Depot ^imrtkr.master's office. vv> shisgti'*, o. c.. oetoaub uth, lfwl Sealed PbopjgALs are invited at ttiis office until Oct-uer 21st, M 12 m., for supplying the Quartermister's Department with 5j?i) tons ol hay. anfl 100,1* W bushels of Oats. iSl . n . I i a ?_ i _ m. _ - 1 nn nil ui ue RiKKl mgiCDUUDM 1IMOTHT fill up and delivered in balee. The Oats ti be a go. d merchantable article pat u? in eacka of sboat two buitieia each rack* to be retained by the Government without extra oharge Oau to be reo?ived by weight at ?33) thirty two pound - to the basket. All the hay and oat* to bo delivered at the Government wharf or Railroad Depot in thia 01 ty witain (3?) thirty day* after oloaing the contrae'. The p oporala to be in aepar?te envelopes. Thore lor i ay to t>e marked "fropo*&ia for Hay " Thoae for oata"Propoaala for Oata." All to be diroced 10 Colorkl D H Remix, Depnt QuartormMter. WlniMlM, D C No proposal will t>e entertained which ia received after the reading of the bid* u?? been commenced, nor will any b.d be considered, unless the oartie* are preaentor represented by ?l amhoria'd fjent or attorney Good atd sufficient aeonr'ty with bond, 4o.. will oerequired r vry bid-1?r ma.t fire hia f ill addresa wi h ei'Uer th* nn nbar of h * house, piaoe of huainea'.or Poat < ffioe box The undersigned reserve* the rifrSt to rtjeotftll hid* ihut r.fl in*w nm ei/i*r tiui Kiwk , *o."'A'"hu kkr, oo 10-dtl9 Quartermaeter and C"lonel. SEALFD PROPOSALS, till the 2Ut of Oeto bcr, 1S61, at 12 o'c:?*!k m., ar? innled for ?up plying tiie rm with Beef ? attle on the hoof, to be d-iivered at Chftmbereburg, Harrinburg. or York, in the Sute of Pcnnsy.vaQi , as the Uov ernment ma? designate Bidders are requested to oomp y in al partiooiars with ih? form of bid pubt shed herewith. *>oiernmeni reserves to , tseif the right to pay la Trea-ury notes or otaer funds it has ior disburse inent, and to rejeot any bid a .d for an* cause No bid will be entertaucl an ees the bidder is prese.-it to respond to hi* bid. The Government will r*oei?e4,non head under the OODtiftflt. and Will rea?>rv? lh? ri?ht In r<a>lr? 11.? addit onal nurat er up to 16 ono he'd. Deliveries t? be u.ada week.) in euoh quantities m raajr be required. Th? cattle mnU average 1J00 pounds cross weight: and ?o animal wiii be raoaived which weighs leas than l.onn pound* frot?. No conditional : id will b? reoeived. The bid* to be directed ?o Capt. a Bsckwiti. C. & , U. 5. A , WaaMnfton, D. C.? and ebdorsetl " Proposals lor Beef Cattle." Poem op Bid. I, A B, do lerebt propose to deliver to the Go* ernmeut good Beef Cattlo on the hoof for p -r hundred pound* (roan weight The Cattle to be delivered at Chambersburg, Bern*burg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania, aa the Govtrnosert aay daeignate, acoordiaf to Dm term of th? en oiosra an vrriis*ni?nt. i n< 10 oe wigued on tit* scales, and tue weicht to determined to be the purchase weicht I hereby agree to giye a good and so Anient bond far the fulfillment of the oontraot.auU to receive Treasnry no'.e* or other Government land* in payment lor the <att,e. The Srst driver* of the Cattle will b? repaired to be made about the 10th of November, 1881. Mil t4 _____ JUST KEUE1VKU, one of the largeet stock* of New and t-aahionaole Clotning ever offered id Washington. which must be aold withia the next Uurt} days to make roun for winter tood* Persons wanting Clothing. Furnishing G ods, Trunks, Hft Ann rWna llmnM aa.1I . nn m >? ? ? tiin* for bargain*, at No 460 Seventh at., oppoait* Poat uffiow. (vi 1 lm A T MOORE'S WEST KNl) DRl'(i ' TOME, A 113 fa tv.. MO b? bad: Oagood'e Lnd.a Caol ocogue ; Ayer'a A cue Care; Kwrar't fotdtri; Moore'a A*ne Cnr* and Antidote; 8ha lenburter'e Fitla; and a large aupjlf of Ue moat popular H?4leinea. Alao.Totlet Artie em, fine Cigare. *e. e?M > ? Butter, k??s and chkkue-no 4?? Eiohtu St., Bam*** fm *? tmd D tt-1? package* prime Batter iiit arrived. liable for I retailing Froth luU^ooinipj in gyhmalrn at wholej*le, i?tha lowwt nON. ?w OO 3 lit* D ?. PUTROW ||OMB~MAJ>b VOO^SIND SHOES. LiMn^ >LM rji?l$Tgpri1p's>*ifOTaiNe _STOK>. i*?. ?S7,E? t y * . ' f ' * - *? % " m ?.?L, ?mmmmrn [SECOND EDITION. THRKE O'CLOCK T M. OUR MILrTARY BUDGET mw HMKO Reports from New Male* in mt grettfylajt ckinctor It li known that Col Lutai Mr aarrendered 7stf troops to m( mere than half U? number of Triant in ArlioM That port of tko Territory it therefore li paaacoaloa mt Ibo nWi Ai to tbe remainder cf tbat ooontry. M to aafe la the bands of lalon loving people. who hiw ralaed tbree regime a to for IH defence, IB A* event of a raid to arize Ooverameni aroM tad MnltioM, and otlKr ktoda of pfoperty Beatdea, Col Can by, who commanded (be military department, baa a rofmlor font mt from twelve to fftoeo band red Ml Mr. Stock, (M whom tbli Information la dariood. further eavo that just before be left tbat Territory the Indian*, through ail tbelr principal cbtafc ia4 brarra, n.ade a treaty of peace Hence, qatat everywhere prevails Their were ?e dtatuibaaioa on tbe Plain* wbea be pa?rd over tbeoi About two aaoatba a^jo, a trader aoid wai ef tbe 1 ndlam wblaky, which waa tbe aeeeoa of ?tarbtef But tbe trader's wrong d?-lng reeotlad upon hlmaelf; tbe savages beiptag tbamaeleea la awum iuuuhdu uuiiara warm of aw pw, Bf( topping to Inquire tbe price, Mr esylag urtllac about pay. Tbe trader. It was adjudged. waa erred right, and, accordingly, be tilled of attaining indemnity. inn wiv nm BATTtrntsa We learn that tbe batteries of tbe dfeltlMMi, tbe precise position of which dowa tbe river were Indicated yesterday, *re four Ib somber. located over a space of three quarter* of a mile, K^ur^M A ! ?J awi^-l n.i? ? w nvf ma x iwi ?uu omppiB| I vi?%, w mm to command loitir four and half mllea of U* channel for beary ahlpa We have before noticed the labor of tbe enemy in their coaetractlee Each of the*e betlerlee mounts toot or flee faaa; eleven of them believed to be laeh Dab If reae The portion of tbe flotilla?the Pawnee, Yankee, and Harriet l<ane?that weat dowa laat alfbt. will doubtleea at once teet the capability of theae worka aerloualy to Interfere with tbe aav fatiea of the Potomac. BOW TO DO It. The New York HiraU, yenterdar. uadt cortt of a tremendous duat II kicked np ever tkc act of the Timet In tiring the Government's Inleadai grand combined army and navy operation, lteelf alra theGovernment's Intended expedition to reopen the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, porpoee It was designed to keep a* mrjti as possible for perhaps a week to eome Blr.rLAB TBOOPS PBOM VTU. Maj Cleary, Ciusrwmaater, U. ? A . reocbed tbta city laat evening, from T'uh, In advance of *be conatderable body of reguLara?Infantry, cavalry and artillery?now on the way bore from theie He left them at ttt Joaeph'a, Mo Wo preaume they may be very abortly looked for to arrive in thiaclty. NOTHIMb rkoM Taiai. 1 p to a p m. to-day nothing hn been received here from the portion of the flotilla that went down tfce river tbia morning Had a aerloua attempt been made by the new dlauaioo batter lea to Interfere with the paaaage of thaae veaaela. tha fact would have been known here by thla time KXPBCTBO. (Secretary Cameron and Adjutant General Thornaa are expected to return to tbelr poata here toy tomorrow evening. From lettera received at the n.-tnaaf mailt 1# 4a in/1 ftkal than ^ P t aa_ 4/1 ^'Ol tllirn*, ! IS CU ?u ? ?UV y IIHVHVW VIH cinnat; Iwat night. ICR? We regret U learn tbat AMitUnt f*o> rriary Se?tt it too unwell tc day to be at the War Department LA TE LOCAL NE WS. The Fcnkbal Cibbmohiei of Major General Walter Jonea, to-day, were of a very Interesting character Pr. Gurley waa the officiating alnta ter, and the funeral waa attended by On. Gen C. Tboiuaa U 9 A., and General* Htckcy, Baron, and Bradlev. of tbe Dlatrlct of Columbia nalUHa and many otber notable characters, military and civil A large number of D C militia oAcers were In the procession. In uniform The pall-bearers were Judge Dunlop, Jndgc Crawford, Mr Marbury. Mr. W. W ( orroran. (ien Fore, Mr Ogle Tsyloe, Mr Wm Nelden, Mr Carbe'ry, Mr. J. M Carlisle, and Oen R C WHgbtman Nearly all the members of tbe bar wrers present FrxiKAL ?This afternoon sn escort of Com psny Finh Regiment E ice la I or Brigade, marched to the establishment of A Curhlv undertaker. and reoelved the bode of Tlmothe Orwele. wblch bad there been embalmed by Dr Holme* to be sent to the residence of the sister of the deceased. In Brooklyn, New York, for Intcrrewt The deceased died of a wound In the thigh, wblch be received accidentally while In camp some d-jys ago He was a general favorite of the regiment Pakadk?The 4th Rhode Island Regliaeut, Col. McCarthy, appeared on the avenue to-day with a line band, and making a superb appear? ? l _ M J t <**!_ D J .. J. ?k... lur iuu'tu. Liiuic nuiiuv vrnui tuo li^uv svi? of men to the front LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. L ?S% OF THE STEAMER SARA*AC. Baltimobx. Oct. 16 ? Paaoengera from Old Point bring the announcement of tbe luaa ot the U. H steamer Parana?. off tbe month of tbo MteslMfppt. in a storm [ The Saranac was a atde-Vboel steamer of the nerond claas. carried all funs. w*? Of fourteen hundred and f^rty-ali toot burd-n tai ?M hallt at Rlttery In 1848 ? Reporter ] Mackerel Plisii?A boot two k?a4nln4 fifty aall of mackerel craft were in altftat off the (iurnett on Monday. ?U>tcbtng alonga conuauoua line of aome ten-or fifWn mil* Expert* Judged from their morrmmta thit they wer* getting a good "catch," and ao It proved?ooeor two rwaiia coming to thia market having taken from tea ie fifteen barrel* each In a atngle day. They are verv large and flit, and oar libtmtN will raellte a handsome addition to their aummrr'a labor by the mackerel fishery.? Plymouth Hutk . a CI7"Thf wife of an ottcet la the rebel terete*, -? * a_ ? m Jk i. a 1 t* nam eu yj nnrroun , w mm irrv>?ni i vmuuv *mm\ week, as a apv She la aald to be ?err lnVlllireet and shrewd, and la thoroughly coovemn? with the routine of tb?* department* of Waabl ngtoa and Fortreaa Monroe, both of which aba tea notatlv vial ted. ill- A letter baa turned up ia the dead letter otter, addriaatd to Gen. Bean regard. by two er three Span lab fir ma In Chill, offering a leaaef one million live hundred thousand dollar*. at eight per rent., to be paid Into the Treasury la one year after a recognition of the Confederate State* H7~Lord Adolpbus Vane T cm peat. Mr*. Ca mod ore Prrry and three graa4cbll*M and Mia* Celeate, and Master Roe* Winane, war* IMlf the passengers who sailed en the sins?Ms fetli on laat Wednesday for Europe EThe Indianapolis Journal learn* that 9?? 11 ha* made application to the Oeoeral 8s*eminent to *llow the construction of thro* gmmboats la that mate for the defease of Mm Ohio ?a . river. 07* A letter from Parta states that the Kwlu rub ship, the Swettaaa, tea haiiirt ea the coast of Japan, and that all board, auaahorlag eight hundred peraona, per.ahed. u wrfMM py'TiTs?? ssry^ friend* and the pa bie that they (eJ alwa>a oa haiiC a iroah aopp.? of boot O'stora tho aaarfcet ooa aaw>r> aid aenrert ia erarr style. r UUII I US DVUvra mrFL!w" 8WOID 4 COocS-Im* ??? or?r nl UU *U It ?USW. TICKER WmM uttfiMi to tiw ?tt km. ml it* j Mtf njoirtcri in Wuk ^ ii(ioi tkM k* u >ov pro??Um tW Tti K>rin. ! *11 lU Ur%Mk*?, M No. It 4 9T?ixU ?t. y: coot north of Pi sr. W iD??nd? to BHauttan, ??t. r?Mir, ri z^-^rvsuw-swivr ToU?TrMi*-FMtB?a w otter KMimNM I?? ??>IT ^ euud. ? pwraa.'B'SS&att; _ ?M> It r? wr Vkhoh ^ 13* *. . a Z .t c ki.i.'vn ru> l. iT'MII * ?. fl?g of true* from the enemv'ecampat "Columbus. Ky., asking for an exchange of prisoners. arrived here to-day. Gen Grant replied that be could make no exchange of hla own accord, aa be did not recognize the Southern Confederacy, but he would communicate with higher authority for their views on the aubj^ct A detachment of Captain Noleman's Cavalry, twentv-flve In number, had a aklrmiah with lb* rebel rnvilrv.one hundred strong, at Berk with farm, Missouri The rebels were repulsed with one killed and flrr wounded. The captain of the rebels were killed. A detachment of the *i9th Illinois rrgiment seized a lar^e quantity of corn and a number of horses, mules and cattle, and took two prisoners on Thompson's farm yesterday