16 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

16 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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pn THE EVEMNG STAR. Work on the Firm. [Prom the American Farmer ] TOBACCO. The work ?>f 5ocuring the Tobacj'* crop ph -uH now he hurried up with nil di! geuce. Any advantage to he ezpeoted from having it stand over the flrst week of October, is more than counterbalanced by riak of frost or of freesinc in the boose while still green. Let the Tobacco in the house have all the benefit of sun and air that you can give it; but clo^e doors and windows in wet and foeey weather. and when the nights are very damp. When you cannot pat fire ander the Tobacco, much damage to its quality may be prevented by a little care in shotting up the houses closely in Anticipation of the fogs which are sometimes so injurious. Occasionally daring the caring, yoa will find it necessary too, to close the doors against very high winds which braise and break such parts as are exposed to it. The use of fire in caring cff the crop quickly has always been practiced to some extent. The danger of burning, however, and the injury frwni rmoke when open fires are used, have deterred the planters or some sections from its use. In portiuns of Virginia and North Carolina the wood is first converted into charcoal, which is ?Md with safety and suocess in curing. If the furnace to which we alluded in our last, as now bcicg made by Bibb 1 Co., shall be sucoe&ful, it will .p'ace this valuable bat dangerous element in curing, so entirely under the command of the planter that there will be few who will be content to do without it. Ventilators ?It is a matter of surprise that push a thing as a ventilator on the top of the Tobacco huuse is scarcely known. A\ hen the free ciqplation of air is known to be the first ?>m nt if success in curing, one would supple that no house would be destitute of so nwcessnry an appendage WHKAT 8IBDI56 It is hardly necessary to repeat our constant Injunctions on the importance of early seeding. Yet we find there is no one point of management so necessary to be insisted on. Tho<e who hare suffered evidently and seriously some one year in ten. from fly, will hold themselves excused by *uch a catastrophe, so long as they have never been able to estimate the loss of the other tine year* from late seeding Yet even they need not delay beyond the 5th of the present month, and fifty to a hundred pound* of gusno in the drill, will be an crjuivaisnt for the ten days lost Let them hurry up ..I k ~ i? ?5 * - ** -* ? iucu 1>U DC iu rra.jMier<? ior mil day. XUHHIK6. Pr?-nming that you are already provided wuh sue a ut the commercial fertilizer* a? y<ju mean t<* us \ we have only to suggest to tho.<e whobnve domestic manures to apply, that they will experiment in top-dressing, at any period of fall or winter that may suit them TIMOTHY. 3ow Timothy immediately afte' *-heat owing, and cover with a bru-h if the weather bt dry. CRASS SOD. Tcp drej? Gra^s 6od of any kind when it may suit you. but the earlier the better for next year's erop THE CORN FIELD. Tops and blades should be secured at once, in the best method at command When house room U not abundant, the old-fashioned fodder house made cf top6 affords shelter for chuck * blades, <tc., and a ready mode of preserving the tops themselves Do not begin gathering corn in large tjuantity too early in the reason PUMPKINS. Oather Pumpkins and secure tbew from the weather, unless they are to be fed out immediately. In that ease, heap them where they will be most convenient for feeding. POTATOES In the latter part of the month, before hard frost, dig and pui away your Potatoes. If they ?re to be kept in kilns out of doors, they are better preserved on than in the ground. Select a dry spot thoroughly drained It us water rather than cold that destroys them FCKDI.XQ BOGS. Avoid the too common practice of leaving your hogs to shift on soantjr fare, until within a few woak* of slaughtering time, when they are taken up into aclese pen and fed excessively with eorn. Rather begin to feed early and bring tnein gradually to full faro on the most nu.n'.ious food The best baoon is made from bog* fattened in a small clean grass lot. with a J stream of running water. The most economical me*hod is in close pens. W hen fed in this way, eapacial attention should be paid tocleanlineae, and to saving the manure which will be abundant and rioh. CAKK OK CATTLE. Cows. Oxen <to., should, at this season, be taken fr.ra the Scld at night, and allowed the protection of au open shed, with a dry bed to sleep ou. sekd CORI*. We call attention to the propriety of seJecting now your Corn for next year s seed. Choose from prolific stalks only the best crown and best filled out ears, and let them be thoroughly ripened and dried, and put out of reach of rats and mice. OCEAN STB AMERS' SAILING DA YS F*o* tib U*it*? Statu Lmh For. Devi. Piiaasr*. Boston. Liverpool . Oct 16 si* .New York _ Liverpool? Oct 23 Brsmeo. .New York .-Bremen Oct 26 J*o* Su*or* Ati*? .Liverpool Nrtr York -Sept 2B Bremer.. __.?8o?thrpton...New York.._Oc: 2 Tb? California mat! steamers leave New York oa tfce 1st, UUt. ud 2lst of every montn. HEAD JUARTKRSFORCLOTHING.HAT8 and CAPS?No. 460 Seventh st., oppomte Poet oo I Im ONK VERY NICE SECOND HAND PIANO for 350. Also, a Inrge ?toak of Rarer..? w . Baoon k. Co.'s and Steinwaj A Son's b*vu||FW53 jest been received at the Music Store of '?? * ? ' W. ?. METZKROTT. HIT" Piano* forrent. ?>o ? A RM V Hi.i'E C^vTHS ANDCASSiMERLg, A. a gooci tu&tiiies lor omoe's Crnvat*, Pocket Hand k "-chiefs. W'oves. J'aspeaders, t mbrellas, I'ndersnrta a>-d Drawer*, Ac. On? ?rt?? only, marked in p'*in fit urea. 1'KRKY A BRO.. oo %-il Pa ^v:?ui??an<i Ninth *t. LADIK*' REAL PAH Is* KID ?bOVES. all sizes a-d oolore. ver? beet quality. Indies' Under v?sts, long end short ?-revi>t. Mourning Phawls. I'>nc and square. Fine and medium White F<*nfc0U. We aie daily adding many novelties in first-ciass Drj Goods to our tUck. One price onjy, the actual oath standar l vaue, arked m plain Stores. An examination stock incurs no obligation to pnrehaee. PERRY ft BRO., oo J-st Pa avenue anl NiUh st. S NOTICE. TVLl^H Autumn and W ibter Wrappinim for ladies, of qiahti-t* better than usually found iu this narkot, m Wooloos and Silks Many novelties in I Shawls. With all kinds of Dr* Goods for the gen j era! and fp^eial wants of Ikmiiiss and housekeeper*. Owe p?toe onl|, tfca actual cash standard value, "S^vrfir.Sa'iu correspondents send a new supplies daily. Carpets. Curtain*. Oilcloths, Runs, Ac., upper fleers ' ??inspeaUop of stock implies no obligation to purskaa. _ PERKY A BRO, oc t ? t*a trenne and tN inth at. 0>MCKR?,SOLDIEBP, AND THEIR FAMiliee aeeUmg any kind of Fancy or Staple DK\ GOODS. for in hw? or at hotne, are aoiieiteil t<> napeet our exte stve a took ; no obligation to pur ekaeo thereby laoaued. One pif only, marked in plain figures All parcels for the interior securely and properly packed, fr?* of obarge. PF.REY 4k BROTHER. Pa. areone and Nint* ?t., el* at Kerry Baildiei" HP CARRIAGES. 1 HE Babeertber baring made additions to hia Jfcotory, making itsov woeol tke largest Ll?1i r Wagons ofai; kinda oancot be aur panned, and from ma kmc exeenenoe m the bnsi Mn.he hnaeeto giro general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Llgbt Wagons kept C a!? REPAIRS neatly done, and ail orders |fOB|P fttuodod to. Jtssr31"""" 4 1? tf +nmmr o ^ Fwltgft fcfxl K >U. | RKlNKETS, COMPORT*. MARSEILLES J> QaUu, TaMeCio ha, Napkins, Towe.i. Doylies, riilow Linens Sheetr ? - Ao. A fine stock at Moderate prioas. Oae pnoe only. mark?d in plain 6gnree; henee bo porabaaar is decayed. PEKRY * BROTHER. oc > M fa arennoan<t >i?tnst. ?>IANt?S, PIANO*, PIANOS.-New Piano* lufnw P? ar and Rl?rr???h *1 mi a /JIKAT RUSH FOR 8KVK.NTH ATRKKT. \JTto i?t MM of Urn rraat bargm otfertd by BMlTn%ln Fnrnj?tio( Gooda, Traaki. Hala aaJ C?h No. 4M Soranth at., oppoaita Poat Of?mi > oo i-i in MOU KM >u A.^u O'lHER BLACK SILKS. fi jo aaanrtaieut. ali viiiha and qcaliusa, at ?ur p ovaroi?J? Jow trio?. With a fioa and arnp . .t ok ofthio* and thin fabrtoa for moaniiai . ?..a..Kw5i^MBT 4 no ooyu Fmb^. avanaa aad *4 au aat. DENTISTRY, Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth Streets _?n38-eo2m >!. LOOM 13, M. D., tr.e 11.rector and patentee oftni MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at ^ tcn.;s personally at hi? office .n this oltr.Mnf Man? person* oan wear these teeth who^*"'" cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others I w.io oannot wwvr theae. Persona Mkt'.iug at my oflloeoan heaoonmmon&ted with &: y stylo awl prioe of Tooth the/ may dee ire; bat to those voo are partioular and wish the purest, eieaneat, atronteat, and moit perfect denture that art can prodaae, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Kooina in this oity?No. 33*? Pa. ar^nue, between ith and luth ata. Aiao, 907 Arch street, Phi.adoi <i:a. oo 1? tf OAS FITTING, kc, AWM 1. DOVE A CO. I RE Now prepared to execute any or4?ra With Which they may be farore<1 in th? PLV.MfiiS6, ?A8 OR BTEAM FITT1N# BUSINESS. IL/~ Store on ?th atreet. a few doora north of Pa> ar*nue. wliora may be foond a aoraaiete aasortmect of CHANDELIJiR_8_an'i other ? A3, SXEAM and VTAff.K I'IVFUKI W I* t7-lT I SNYDER, PL 0MBKR AND OAS F1TTSR. ilaa removed to the ooraer ofTweilth and V sU. He is prepared to mtrodao* Water and Gas upon the moet favorable terra#, and tuarantiea entua utiifactioi. flefca* no hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will sell lets than coat, m L? wmhe? to get rid cf them. no IT WO AS FIXTURES. K Have in uto'e, and are dai.y reoeirine, SAB fIXTL'RESoS ABtirel* New Patterns and Deaicna atd Finish, ai'p??nor in stjieto ^nytbinc heretofore offei <1 in this market. We innte eiti?en? teneral ly to tail and examine onr *tocc of Gaa aud Water Fix irea, foeiinj oouhdeut that we have the beat ?e!eo?<vi a'ook in Washington. K'\ Worit ^ theabo?e Tine lntrvated to ear car a will be promptly attended to. MYER8 * MoSflA N. jut I t] 818 P atreet. r\l F1CK OF IN*PPiV?nii ?l?n avu ea _ __ _ - ? - ?- v?? wun n n? U OF CAS fttETURS, WA?Pt!f?TOI?, J*lT It, IMf. jrOTIC? JS HEREBY GIVES. That.airee?bl? to the roTiaion* of the ordinance of (he Corporation approved May IS. lftgo, the ondereijned if now prepared, "whenever refnired in irritioc.and on ?re mn?st of Ihn fee of fifty oecta, to inapeotj nusalr.e, tMt, prore, ud aacertain the accnracy of ! rer'.stra'ion cf any eas mst?r hi nse in lh)? oity." Ere-' ai-ter.'.ffocnd incorrect, vl!lfcec?n<lwinn*:l nd aaotiior, scaled and marked a* Irw.vill oe eliuiM y ace. If urored to be acee~a?e in ita (rcacaiemenl of fas, it will be eea.o<i acc0"cin?ly, aui nrvneat in aosition far uae. ;3 No. 110 Seventh atrset.(near Odd Fel w?* n??c from * a. m? to i a. m. CHAKlil^ W. CUNNINGHAM. )y '* if Inaaeotorand f?ea!er of iaa MHtre, VI/ALL.STEFHENS ft CO.. ?" ia*J Avnvvn, M ! 1.1 T A R V AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AM) MEADY-MADE CLOTHIER?, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLE MEN'S FURNISHING 8O0DS, f *- if (Intel, ft Rcpul>.> 'PHK SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY J invito ths r.ttentioii ?>f the Army and Navy ?o their fall ?upplv of M1LITAU Y*"S1 &r.j NAVAI. FUKNISIMNO GOODS. W* such &M lfl<i'e? Hlno Cloth* ard po"?fcin?, jjf Cape, less, l.*oe?, r?hou!der Straps,mamm Be'in, Swir M, Kn'.t,-. t'aps. HaU, and a!l resnecttve rtr.itj'Mddrv tb? oeiebrated PATENT KM TfcRING CANTEEN. Orders in t!,a? lino rep pact fuliy ??>United. li P. LOUDON & CO.. Naval and Mi'itary Merchant Tftiiori, Jv >3 oo.I.vj riK'J Pa, av.. under Krovn'n Hotel. IT1!ItKMLN'S INSURANCE COMPANY i or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. capital t 'J00,000. jtif CO?a?r C *tri t ?.< Loir ??**? ?., e*tr P*nk nf WttfktntKm. 1NSURF HOUSES ANDOTHKR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY H RE. OtucToim Goo. Sh?.*riiR.ker, S.vmuel Redf*rn, j'an'.iP' Cropley, Wiliiam Wiieon, KiOLaril Jo!ifs. John D. Barclay, J?a.>!> Gideon, Acdrew Rothwefl, Thor. P?rkor. Kialtaril Barry. B. B. Freuoii, Dr. C. W. Davis. No euar?e for Policies. JAM ES ADAMS. President. Am O. Da via. S*or?tar r. a J 9-co6m BILLIARDS! rxl The lovers L J of tbe GAME OF BILLIARDS vill find in KM RICH'S PINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (south side,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United S'atos, with every comfort and convenience au 3 tf for the players. W^HATCH REPAIRING AN l>9ILVER WARE manufactory: I have one of the best establishment*, and fnrniehet with a complete set of tools for repair me every description of fane W atones, arid AM articu ar attention give to the same, by n Mf] 1 L.o. Mil competent workman And a. work e.iaraii tietf Alfo, evwry desonp ion of standard SILVER w. ftE.plair andornamental, manufactured under nit .mn supervision, wbioh my customers will find far superior ;n quality and finish to northern ware sold by dealers in general and represented as their wu ? as u facta re. H. 0. HOOD, eS ^1* P*. ?r?mi? n?Mvetb THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY T, 1 EMRiOH. at tae corner of Penn.A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, nas beenWMw greatly improved recently and now offersilMflUL greater indaesments for the patronage of citisens and strangers man any other pnblio house [n the city, his prices being less than those of any other note, cc Perm, avenne, and hia accommodations (or permanent or transient hoarders unexoeptiona ' e. Tt.e bar an-i restaurant arrangements of the oiiiofaan Hotel have already become very p^pu lar. being all tuatoao be desired by th? most fas tiduus. T.te proprietor pledges unremitted attenI At r nA 1 i.??> ' * ? iwnM?y idfviiti fiTO Wl" isfaction to a :, and thus renews his invitation ? all to rive the ?aro?rta.r. Hot?iaeaU. ri?4-tt ^ U N tf O A T a Ounrttrmi'ter (imtrnl's OjJIri, I Wifkinrttm (\ty. July IS, 1W1. i Plaji* 4Kt> Sf!iC.?iCATio!*% for hulls of 8nn Moats lor the \Ve3tern rivara are on exhibition at this oiSae, and M olilrea of Quartermasters at Pi'-tsburt. Cincinnati. St. Loau and Alton. Ho&u to i,a delivered at Cairo. Uids sho.i'd be rri t?> Unartennasler GeuTal of the United States Army, at Washington, by let August, ?t noon. M C. MKIGS, jy 19 line, Cien'l and Quartermaster fien'l. I [MOV PAPKR AND i:NVKI,OPES*.-TwenU ty 'tisrerent stjlea of Note and Letter Paper, w lh Eiv?iu>?? W match. Views of Washington in the form <>t a Roae.and in H ><>k form . ai?o, aeparate All the |j*i j a> d Weekly Papers oonstantly on ha;:H. Heraid, Times,and Tribune reoeived every nuht at 6 o'clock. Pan^ra froiu all parts of the country. It, niM ...I-'. . -i a- n ?,? 11V nuu l>(?OIIt A fiesh ?upp!y of books for summer reading, ch^ap A Urge assortment of Javemi**? Maine Reid'a Books. Ri>l)o Boos*, Abbott's Historiea, Ac. A tiiaoonnt of 1? to 6" p*r oent. on all t-onnd booka FRENCH A RICMSTEIN, rna Z* NUinr.tl Hmilntnn'. HT* Ha. ?v. I CASH NOTICE. N Conae^uenoe of our having to pay oash for every Article of gooda we purohaae. we are forced to r?-duo? our buaineaa to Cash exclusively, for the pre??nt. We hive in aiore a very large assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING for men and boya* w-.-ar, whioli are wiline at a imioh lower rata tn&n u?ueJ'r. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. ;i'2u Pa. avenu*. between fcth and 10th at*. |?' (Intnl.* Reanh.l \IAPS OF THE HEAT l?F WAR.?A plendid i.' 1 Map of the Seat of War for only 5 cents. Also, Pocket Maps of all kinda. SoldiTa' Camp Dressing Caaea from ttfO to Blank Booka and Stationery of all kinds, Flag Paper and Enveloaea. Flags. Banters and Badge*. Views of Washington, American and Foreign Magazine*, Daily aid Weakly Paper. FRENCH A RICH8TEINTS National Bookstore, ml f'nn" A Retail.) *278 Pa. avonne. WE OKFKR TO MILITARY" MEN I l?ru assortment ufGRKV and B LUEP UNNKL OVER WHI I*K r?HlRTH, DRAWER:*. CAMP BLANKETS. HAU H(>8K,to? which we invite all cash purchasers to examine before making their selections. WALL, 8TKPHEN8 * CO., 3*9 Pa. as., between ?th and l<Hh eta. ra C (Intelligencer and B??oHloan.> H FRENCH * R1CH9TE1N ^ AVE Juit reoeired a fresh supply of Note Paperi Colored Borders, ruled ami plain, with F.nvelopee to matoh Also, Hag Paver of all kinds, with and without Mottoes; Envelopes to matoh. Purses and Poeket Books of every description. A large assortment of Stationer;. New York Papers reeeised daily; Papers from parts of the ooptrj.NcH ^ R1CH8TEIN. ma <T* Per n E W VOLUME BAJLZAC8 NOVEL8,-The A.chemist, or the House of Class; from the Prench of Honoi* de Balaac. Free by mail. !. ,4iias Maroer, the Wsaver of Raveloe; by See. f " . |has?#hA-af?Uia? ?? _-s " " ? FRKNCH 'i kicbsYETN. ( 'IBW HAIR STORE. .)0 UAB.I.or u?4* to ord#r it tk? -hurtMt ** Tliey fto right lu tbe INSTANT KJiLIKF 8TOI' * OU* COUUH PURIFY YOUR BRBATH 8*TR KNOTHKN YOUR VOICK X SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. * GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITII SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They elaar tho Throat. j They give strength an>) volume to the voioa. I They impart & delicious aroma to the breath. i rML - J-l! ~ - A Ii no? ?ro uvuinugi mi ine laaio. They tire made of simple herbs and cannot barm any one. I advise ever; one who ha? a Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Had llreath.or an; difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Thr-at Confection*. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' You will find them very nsefu! and pleasant while traveling or a'tcnding public n>eetings, for stilling your Cough or allanng your thirat. Ifyoutryor.e package I am ?afo in flaying that yon will ever af terwarrts consider them indispen*ible. You will fisd them at the Drnggists and Dealers in Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My sienature is on eaoh package. AU others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt ot l hirty Cent*. A(Jdrr??, HfcMKY V SP/ILDI1C, No. 4* CF.DAR STREET, NEW YORK. CURE NervousHeadache CURE ^ kinte ?' Headache. By the aaeof the?? Ptlla the perio<iifl attack a o y*r*p%f or Sitk HttuUrk* may be pre*; a tod, and I taken at the commencement ot an atuok imme dlate relief from pain and aickneaa will he obtained. They seldom (a lio removing the Ntmttm and H?Hath* to which female* are ao anh) tot. They aot gently b foe tha bo wela,-removing Cot iwaiiii. For Litnmry M?n, 8t*d*?t?. Deiioate Feir.alea. and aii peraona of stfUtUmry imbits, they are Tillable aa a Laxativt, Improving the a?rtHit, giiiag itm* aiyl ttnr to the dlgeative orcaua, and re aiorlng the natural elaatioitj and atrengthof the whole ayat*m. The CEPHALIC PIL.L.8 are the reaalt of long investigation and oarefnlly condnoted experiment*, ha?ing been in aae many yoara, during which time they have prevented and relieved a v&at amount of pain and Buffering rora Headache, whether originating in tilt H<r?nu n??nni nr frnn, ? ? ?' ? wmiiw itate of the stom*ck. They are entirely YegetaNe in their oornpoaltion. and ma? be taken at all times with perfect safety without making an; obanie of diet, and ikt afcitnri of any dxmrmnkl* sain rtnsUrt it Mjy ft mdmtmiuir tkrm to tki+lrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine hare hre aiguainrea cf Henri C gpald'.n* on eaoh Box. Bold b? DmifitU and ail other Dealer* In Medi inea. Box will be seat by mall ?c reoein* dm I'RICE, ii? CENTS. AJ! r?er* aboald be addreased to HENRY 0. SPALDIN9, ?? Cida* Stxiit, Nxw Yoti, From tki StMnwiiri Norfolk, T?, C??hallo Fills xcooi&fliah the object tot vhiok they vera made, n%: Car# of hoadJMho 1b ail ita forma. From Ik* M?minor, Nor/oik, ??. Thar have been teated In mora than a U?aao< euM, wiUi entire auooeaa. From tki Dtmotrot, St. Clomd, M<aa. II J "U B|1, Ul 11BTC I WU UUUD1VU w lin HI DIMache, accd for a box, (Ceyha.io Pilia ,i ao tkat yoi mar nave thera in oaao o 1 ai?allaok. J\0m ikt W*tt*m R. R. Suitu, Ckimtt, III, We heartily endorse Mr.atfalding,and kla unrailed Cephalio Pills. f ikt Southtm Pttk F1n4*t, Hmm OrUant, La. Try tnem ! too that aretfiiiotad. an-j'we art aire that roar terMmonT c?n be (ridea to the alraaer numerous lut that Km reoetred beneita tkat no ; other medicineoan produce. Horn Ikt KmiIIi, D??Mf?rI, iwa Mr. 9*aldin( would not oocneot hla aaaa wltk an article he did not kmow to poaaaaa real awll rrm l? Jtavtr IDff, n*MUMi JL J. The Cephalio Pills are said to be a r?fULrk*b'y afleotive remedy for the headache, ard one nf the very beet for that very fxo?aent oampJaint which baa ever been diaooTtred. Pttm tkt Si. Limit The in>rreo?ede:aard for Ua krtlala (Cejhaiie rille) le ra^Hiy looreaainy. /V0m tkt Kmmamkm T?ll*v Star, KammwiU, T?. I We are ?n re that jeraona aufleri is with the head aehe, who try them, will atiok to tan*. Hww Ui Admwtittr, friiMwii, JL J. The toetjmorr in their flavor la strong, from tka moat reefootable a oartera. FV?m tkt Dmiiv Awi. Ntwp*t, IL I. Cejhaho 1'illa are taking the pla?a of all jnnda. PYom lit Commercial B*llttin, Boston. Mai* Said to ba vary effloaoioua for the haadaoha. Prom tkt Commtrcinl, Ctnctn.m<ut, Okte. Suflermg humanitT oan now ba relieved. ????======?==? JD- A aintle botUe of Spalding's Prepared Glue will nt6 t?n tiniea lU coat annuel ly. SPALDING 8 PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIKCfcg! ECONOMY! DISPATCH Oy-A Stitch m Ti?? Havm Niwm."-/"T1 As aocidwita will hempen, even in well r?f uletec ic very deairebla to heveaome oheep M<i;o<>av?nient wey for repetriAg Farnitere, Toy? Crockery, *0. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE eete ell aneh emergenoiee, end no household ee afford to be without it. It la el wey a reedy, end to tfce atiokine point " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Bnuk MoomyuiM Bottle. Pri? ? oeots. Addreee -enby c. BPALDIN?, No. dSCeder street,New Yerk CAUTION. ?MnKB 1 " 1 PALOIN** PRKPA1KD SLVB^B --aa-*?w?gyatssf / (Sirt Confh, Coid, Hoartmtl*, InJHWiiJTk. ^UMia, any Irritation or Sor?/SmPMia ntif ef tk* Throat, Ktltm iht Afe?AEs3fa4& Hntkint Couth m C?*ni?irlinnMHulJI ,tom' dthma, t Catarrh, Citar and girt wRMHVfcgT strentth to (&? ?<nc? of PUBLIC SPKAKBRC ^mASVir A!fB S1N6ER*. Few are mr? of the importance of nhecKirs Ooorh or "Ooramon Colli" in its <Sr?t mate; thai whioh in the b*(>niOf would yield to a n:itu re near, if necteoted.soouattacktttieLuntR. "Brcn'i Bronchial Troch?t," oontairu-ng deiaulcer.tinjredi eat*, aiiay Pminonary and Hionchial lrntatn>n. "That trouble id try Throat, (fci BROWN S which the 'Ttochcs" are a ?yec:Kc! __ haviar made ma oftea a in^re whu TROCHES eerer," N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S "i recoramer.d their nee to P?bl:? Srmnt." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. a _ - ?i ? ? - _ urea* *erTi--?iD fuaasint tioiR$i BROWN'S mss." REV. DANIEL WISE. VRornkN "Alno?t lnataLt rehef in ths Ji? " tressinic '.tbor of brfcathmf pecuiiaJ RROWN'4 to AbtITMA." BKUWIX . REV. A. C. tGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opiirn or aii;Ll.n.( injuriuna." DR.AAH.WK?, BROWN'S CUmisl, ronon, troches MZSKXtixr" BROWN* BR.A.F.MSRLOW^ TROCHES " Beneficial in Beonchiti?." DR. J. r. W. LANE, BROWN'S Letttm " t have prov*d tli?m excellent for TROCHES WJMfini ifc:sat" REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S . "Beneficial whan eoinje'ied t? TROCIIES apaak, *utiorinc from Cot.i>." REV. S7j. t. ANi/EHSON, BROWN'S Si. Lcuit. *unrm.N " KiracrtAL in lemonni Hi>araeTKUOHIj.. neaj and Irri-ation of U.o Thro&t, BROWN'8 common Willi SPBAiaaa and SirtaTvcirur* ""'Pfof. M, STACY JOHNSON. TKOCHEs Latfran?#.tf?. RiinniN.c Taaoher at Music. Southern BKOWnS Female Couee*. TROCHES "Great bec3&t when taken before and itfter pr?*?hiri, at ther prevent BROWN'S H<^ar?oLes?. From their >-.st cfioct, i think they Will be of permanent adTROCHE8 to m? REV. ii. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athese Colitis, Tens, TROCHES fn^Hold by ai! Drcuiau at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX. JJ\

4* 1-1 r JOT FOR THE SICK AND BUFFEJUN* ART ALL It HO ARE ArVLlGTtD READ! Arr&r niz &mxkjo7 K KJ0I9W iJVHEALTH. FtleM. 1i to* t*5"' >rt to* tin* vietim etaay af thoae n?inerw*? aiimea?i wkiok arue from imparity of the blood.' What are they, do yo? a<?/ Rather a?k. what are tkey not/ 'Ae Moo-! la the oeroe ef life and health, acd it m the *r?t o *T,fDt of oar being to i o*?ond to an* caie* *M?h afecta tho eyetesii. aa the palea iiAMiblr r??s? Th^ ever preTail.ns >!e*ta!*ia, tre irritating Kr>?i?e:%?.t>>e aabtle Surefu't*. tha atorisiti K l'euni?tie7n. Ner*oaa Debility, Lirer Co<npia<nt with ite toraor an t dejection, aro the naaibci'ae* j'lsthat ? - - w - V?: - A~*x tka * . n.i.ir. fro I JIVII IT ?UW,| Vllblil tl'MM llt? bioo-i. l)e*i kiud'.j thou and gently Wi.h it* bioeri. Vh the viUUsiug rraoa.ct.* of rriure for $? %\A. and ??ier >.4 co eoaimead xo tobj oonfijei>:e ai d khj IUI tm i r>! ?>:! io?<ia4ii?act known KM tf *S, i/O&'S Ifroui TBHSTAGLK DEtJO^TlON. With reg?r4 Ij 4Mb alrcost icfaHibte pova!%r aettimect l.ae Mcseii in dtcided ?e'rir.? and the evkier-?e* of thi* treat eficacj ?re ict tamed hi ocuttatsmt loftvatiyf ef~:;is and fie r.a??.*?5 >-*s:u frora .t* ??e ?sfler all other i and ?be i>e?t n-.V'ta) ski-! have f&ii??d, ?et ax Ms.T.iu ow!el??ion, that certtSoate* ?are? are n??t acucht fr.>m tit* illiterate Mid %uperoat ther ktci ?ol?rt*ered \-t,n the rr.j?t retysoUtb'e eua>;;r %a<2 jcr'if* the h:gr eet taring >n it iu aofig'ble to o< n . end eo ??luet'^ a a^eoilio t>? jabi o a?>ror*i. Wj ma* aon air*/ ti.at i ie curative *ro>ort.eanf tie medicm- are cn'y lif im rf "Jn-atii; tiie ryslr?m reooTC-riur ffoin-iiiirtoe w.ih rer.r ?rx: constitution*] ?it?>r. For ?*ie i'T c.!l rs?fectAl)le PrjgjistB in r ia tily.auJ ^y the? proprietor, .VK8. M. l!OX, Wone teuai'io a&.e?? ber n*.me la blows on the ?ett>e ana tier u;s. us t'ie cork fTT- S'nne ?er Dottle, ? x battles for at. Wktliiili iitnt. R, S, '< . CISSUL. Drcieiat ^coreetown, I). C.. Who'eeate Agent for the L'ieV:ct, and win a??,t the ?r*<* it uiy miom. r > )? ir I>K J. H MoL?5AN'8 ST3KWGT3ENIKG CORDIAL AKI) iILO??JJ TRIFIKH ti;s <*? wokl:> DCI'jit w > - i ;y w?.uVo*. ^^r ?*?s. 'titllllaf, mlHl ( * (!tn?U?, tiaiia-tUaf a?irH, ill tkt *?t l*7t|l(kit f*t t?**llll.f J ailll at d IJHIUi tad raatart?( tkt at**. ti: dtktliUltd latal.* la unit til atitaj ;r. MtLSAtTS STRENtfTHEMINH OOK DIAL VIII tffttiaallj tait fci?t? Caiayltlat, Dj.fift t, Jutditt, Ckfaa'.t ? Rtivaaa Dtktiltj, Dlataatt ( vat 1*171, tad all dUtaatt tilt'af fr*a a dit?tltrt<1 kl*t> ti Bvao-i at, yaaaptlt, Uctr.jtTa, IsTtrd run, Atiditt > (itkattt *1 Ut tottk, fmiUtit ( I tti vt ui *?td, Din him ?r la tit Sitd, Falptuiiaa af tkt atari. Fallatit tr Wtlfti In :a? Citaattk, Cam Iraiuutnt, Cktkiar at iafatttlaj Pttl'tj ?kt? 1**|yj dtva,l>r*nttt tr TtlltW. ?tta a? tki iH? tad >f*t, *:|Hi ivttu, lavtrd fniri, t-ata ta tkt CiatU tl tkt tuk, Cktit, n Sid*. laddta Platktt af ?!, t}>?t*laa tf ??ifkifai Drtaaa, ktaptl, Dttsaadtaay ?t tuy ctmn ditt ait, lint at | llaMktt t? lit Iku, tad rt?t? tad Aftt (at CfcUU tad rtruj 0VMM A MIXA10H BOTTLMB ktfl ktta tald 4?fUf U? l*it til atatli, tad !a at latuatt k?t It fallad ta ?1*taf aotlrt tttitfaaUaa. Wka. tkt*. Will tlfftt fraa Wtuuii at DfktUty vkta If CkBAI'l TUMTItllll COUMAk will tut yta 1 a laaf c&f t taa wan; aa lOt^uit Uaa af tkt taatdttlt tad 1 istai at'irtaitat tkaeft prtd'ttd k? taldag tkla Cardie m Ikt dlaaaatd, dahllluttd, tad tkatttrtd atrrtat tytlaat. vkatktf krakta ilawa ky altatt, vttk kr aaiait, tt tttpaittl ky al?kat:t, Ut rtltztd aad uairuf arftalUtlta it rtttarad V* lit ?iltt!ac ktailk tad tijat MitfiAJSD FSASON&t at alhtn, taatalast af laak'.Utr flam vkatt*ti ttatt, ad MckSA*-* UO&AIAla ? tkat*?fk rt;inr:!?t( tk* tytiata; aad all vka ui kt*t ta Iliad tk??it!??? *y >?yrejti ladal|*a?tt vtti tad ta lilt bafdtal a ttrtrla tad i>ni; laaatUy. TO THE LA DIMS. iTxi<a?rc?m?coiPUk!i a a**tttlri ta1 aptrd* ?ata fat la5'7'.aa\ L';mx)'.''?p*k".ii, ?tti??'tJ tk V;Utalt Mn-ji-liitJc;t*lljta*t af triaa ai lai. Liur; Clttfcarai tatr-af, Filling af tkt Weak, Wd".B?*a, ruiiiif, t*<Iilt <ltati.lt laaidcat ta rttaaltt. THZKE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT mil Ta?a it ttMrairf ta aixattlaea. It will iviaalata. auaaftaaa, tad laTlfavatt ?aw aad HUl Ika klaaa at k?aiu i? ??aa*i ran tkaak tfiti. M*ur itiili la wairaaMd la fl't tailffaavaa. WOK CHILDREN, U ran iMUtti ut airfelf, ai illillt, MekltH'l CGlPitk vlii ? ?ia .?? Uiliar. fat, ui raaiat. Dalay Ml a ?aai?ai, Ut tl, a*J ?a? will fea aaartatcd. It la dallataaa la Mia. 9A wrion, livata afdnifirt* > daaiaia wha ai; try la pajia aaaa yak M?I tlt:af ti ai'Kpai.iii traa*, which ihjf taa ?a? akaaa, a_v ? .yic; : t l? '? ! * f aa J. Avaid ??cn maa. i?t lai ? fr?./a?Y>> M'KG CORDIAL, and uka aatv r j alaa. It ia tka aoij rarntdy thai will parif/ ih? lai l tuaraifhnr and ti tha airaa lima manfthan tha ayitan. Or.a iaai?aaa/al ukao mkj roari.rij faitn.f U a taiula pitvauiiTa far Chatara, Cktlla and Tarar, Yallaw F??ar, ar ar araralaal dmaia. li U ji?i aa la lirja battlaa. P??a aaly |1 pir Mlla, a? I kattlaa (ar ft. JT E. MrLEAH. la araptlatar af lkl? Cat dial; alia, Hikiu'a TaUacia Ol blalaiaal. Prtnalfal Dapat aa taa tMaai af Third aad Plaa atraata, St. Laala, Ma. KoLean'i Voioanio Oil Liniment, (TMK IUT LINIMEHT III TIB WORLD) ? ? mi uo <iiuui in* rat oaaa< ra, nm, Tmaan, Bva'linfa and franehfla ar Ga'ura, lirtlrii, Matralfia, Waaki taa af Ik* Mucin, Cfcranla ar Inf aniiaaiar; Bkataatlaia, Btiffnaaa af th? Jauila, C?utraciad Maaelaa ar kiftnaula, Kanaka at Taathacha, Braiaaa, iprau. a, Fraak Caw. Waanda, Clem, ra?ai Bar**, Cab ad Braui, Sara Htpplaa, Barn*, Baalda, lara Thraat, ar any initmaauau a> Cia, aa d'.faransa kaw aarara ar tana gia diaaaaa may ?a axiatad, MCLEAN'S CKhEBBATED klMlMEMT la t aartaln lanad;. Tkaaaac.da af kaaaao kainja kara kaaa aavad a Ufa af dla tapHada and nlaary by tba aaa aftkla lavalaakla lansitj. UtLBAIfS VOLCANIC OIL LIU IMS NT Wtll ralia?a pain almaai iuatanlnnaaaaly, and it will alaaa, partfy and kaai taa faalaai aaraa la an lacradlbla (ban lis*. ron HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MckKAN't CICklCBRATKD LINIMEMT ia tba auly aala tad raliakia raoaa^T far ika (ara af Spa Tin, Kinfkaoa, Wiadfalla, Ipliau, nnataral Lampa, Hadaa ariwallinra. U aavar failad W (Bra Bi( Baad, rallafil, Fiaiala, (Jld lanuicf kaiaa, at Iviaar, If praaarly appiiad. far prair.rr-Braiaaa, Bcraiaxaa, Craakad Baaia, Caafaa, Baddla aa Callat Bella, Cata, Saraa, af Wauda, It ta aa mfalUkla raaaady. Apflf It aa dwaatad aad a a ara la aattala la a?ary laauat*. Tk-a? in la aa iaarar wi?a ua aaaM wanalaaa kiamaata alaMd ia ja?. Oauln a aappl; af lit MckEAlfB CKLBIBATKB klMlMEMT. Ik will tin jaa. J. I. MckJCAM, Bala frayrlam, CaraaiTblrt and Piaa au.rBl batla. Ma. CBAEkEt BTOTT, (71 Pa. a*., aala tfaal '* Wuaur mm 1.1 * CIMIL -aiaiw..' QUNBOATS fob TBBWESTKKN R1VKKS. QvaTUBAim eiNBBAL'a Onici, i I W*.'kin$tcm, Jttm* 17,1361.1 Pboposals are invited for oonatruotini Gnnbo*u upon the Western rivers 8peoinoaUona will be immediately prepared Mid may be examined at the Qaarterrnamr'a Oftoa Bl Cincinnati, Pit'afcu'ch, and Bt tbia office. Proposal! jrotn boat bmt ere Bad en*me-b*ild er? alone will be considered. Pans snbmitted by biidere will be takes is to onsideration M- C. MfclttS, le is Q nartermaster General United State \u? - traveling tkunks. ffiV8fikS(rTSiT?K arr>."yr,^i }&??wrsriLHS ?;:??! uoas. Carpet Baca, fee., wkloh we are now celiac Bt rmy ?W pnoaa. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |JNITCll 8TATK8 MILITARY ROL'TK. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELS**. On and after Monday, Pe?t?mt?ar 83. lr&l. TajB?nfer Trsjbetwaen WASHINGTON and BM/TIMoKE wilt ran asMiows: TRAINS MOVING NOR TFTMoraine Express leave Washirfton * * Arrive at Ba'timore 7 45 a m : Piiilade >Ma U 5o p. m ; fsew Yora 6 p. x.; Harris u i 1 15 p. m. Morr.iuf Aoooiiiii^'J>!i<>l Inn VVa?h1r *ton 7 3P a.m. Arrive at Baltimore 9.10 a. m.; Phi.aUe.phia 3pm; Nev York 8 p. m ? venine Express le%ve Waa'infton 9JD p v Arrive at B&.timure 4 1j p. m: Philadelphia # W ? m ; New York S a m. h veiling Aoo>mmc?'ation Invo Washington .1.45 p.m. Arrive at fifi.tiinoie 7 3u p. u ; Harrubarg *" TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. Leave New York at 7 a PM.adelphia U 3" a. m.i Baltimore 3 <5 p. m. Arrive at Washington 5-30 p. m. l.PUT^ \flv Vorlr tf R v " ?? - M.: Baltimore 5 a. x. Arrive at Wukisftoa ( to a. x. Aooommndf'itn Traini leava Baltimore atB4> a m . ftr.i1 5 P. x , and arrive at Waakincton 10 3S a. m . 6 45 p. M. hwienrcr 1'raiaa leavini \Va*4iitgton at 7 y a m and 2.9 r x.. and Ps.lt m<>rc at I 4u a. x ar d 3.45 p m . make direct owiurct ons for Aniiapolie attjie junction. Train* ?ave A.iaapolu for Baltimore and Wa?h intt^ii ai tk-i5 a. m and i' p. v PASf>etigor Trati.< learibs >\a?hinji< n at 6 a.m. a <t 2 3> p. x.. and Ba timore at 5 a. x. ai d 3 4.' p. X . w It flop only at Annapulis JuntUon and Krlay J unci tun War Paseeprers are reque?t*d to take the Ar mnmodatiitn Trims or tu* Regular Tcmr.^l Train, M irh wi 1 t a?e ptse*ngrr oar attaehet*. Tr*in? will ie.-tve tne W achingta.i Depot prempt ly uprn cird-tim* Ait article* oi fioicht (tot contraband of war) will be trmnupcrted over the line Regular Tocrag Trains will ea?e Baltimore ai 4 a x lyeave W * tiling t.ij, at 3 so p. m. Br oraer <?' we Secretary of War: R. F MOKI.fcV,6en*ra' Maoa?er. THOMAS H.tJANFIELD. Armtant Manner. fcirKCIAi. NOTH E. 0 SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave WASH IN WTO N at J 9" p. rn. for N E W VOKK and PHILA DELPHIA From New \ or< and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington aib If a. m. R F. MuKLEY, ?<> 7! general Manager. MFAM WEEKLY H-TWKKN tSgXr- NKVV YOfcK A.ND LIVERPOOL. 1 *** I.andirg aud eratarkir* paaaecgera at Haeena'own, Ireland Tk? Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamshi* Otimpany intend diapatohioc their fa i powered C jil?- nuiit iron SteamMiip* a# follow*: GLASGOW t-*tur. a* , Auguft 3d. ('itv ok baltimore, *' " l"tta. Kangaroo. 44 isth. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. SAT?? or PASSAGE. Firat Cabin ?...#7S f>o. to London W tio. to fan* aft >o. to Hamfnrt ?... W Pteeraee..... U". to n . ..34 |io. to a ia_ ~ *' IV?. to Humbni*..... 95 Fa*sengere forwarded to Ha?re. Bremen. Rot terdam, Antwerp, kn , at reduced through larea. t'ersoti* wiehir.* to bring out their friends o*n buy tickets at low rate*. tur further information apply at the Captains Office. JOHN ?. DaL , Agert, i a . ?f v | OrtotJ, A.HEKKINC, A Express Ba'.timnrc. -IT?*1N DIVIDUAL. ENTERPRISE 1 > LINK. **=?*-* EASTER V A\D Irys^fhy SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT." Capt J H. K rti'i "t lOHF.BHr Capt W. .Norman, Wiii nun their r<>u??r a* foHi ?n, leavi e Lijbt j street, Baltimore, Sw>t n| CumCuu at? o'ol<>ck A. M KKMT?For Cumhri^e, Dest'iB and Landings ! on GJioptank rive-, everj WtBWESDAY and ! ^ATiJROAY, r^^urninK every Thursday and i Monday. For Annapolis and WMt River, every TUE8 DAY and FK1IJAI and returninc sa <jpdara. PIONEER?For bt. Michaei'sani Easton.via Mile's Kiver, averj WEDNESDAY, and return the namoday. For * nuapoli*. VVeit River. Cambridge, Oxford and Futon Point, every THURSDAY, returning by ?\ine route <>n Friday. For Annitpoiif. Weet RiTer.Pt. Miohael'sand Ka.ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every HATUR1:A Y, roturr.iiijt e*ery Monday by samp route. Fe.ro to Cambridge, Dcuton, Oxford anl Faston I'oint .. _ ai ao ' Fare tost Michae!'oaud Miles' fliverjround 1 trip, 01,) - 1?) Fare to West Kivor.l round fi?, $11... 1 so Faro U> Aunapxi* (round tnp7$oenU)~-~. 76 MEALS EXTRA. ir? n ?: * ? ? - ' ? iL/ r rpi^ni ir.agi i<? repaid. \V narf and Office, Lib H I ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. ' NORTHKRN ! CENTRAL, RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,1 CiLvm Station, BaLmore. May '8,1861. ( On ana aft^r Sunda?. May 19th, 1861. Traipi nn the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIl.WaV arrive and depart aa follow*. nntlJ further not?o?. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A.M. EXPRESS at3.9) P. M : HARRI!!BIRG ACCOMMODATION at > P. ! M. The 8 15 A. VI. train onnneot* at Relay Home ' with train* on the Weetern Maryland ftai road; ' at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Ue?t*h?g ; Railroads; at York with York and WnititivUt Railroad; at Barr ..burj with Ponnry varna Rai?I road for alt parts of the West, a'ao with Lebannoo Villi*; Katlroad to A?w Yorkdirtrt; a! Nortbum i boriand with L and B. Hailroad for Kincaton and all pan* of Wyooininc V&llenand stfencbnry with the I'luiadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 SO P. M train make* a'l the above oonneotion* exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrichtaviile Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Rai.road. The 8 P. M -tra.Ui miJnn AAnn*Ati/in? D?? s* Ivauia Railn ad for at' p&itis of tneWest,anjd direct oonnects for New York. TRA1XS ARRITB. Mail at 6 I" P M.; Expre' * at 7 it A. M.; Uameburr Accommodation at 2^3 P. M. For Tiokets and inforn at n ln^mre at tha Tioket Office, Ca vert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK.9?*t. leave philadelphia for new yoei. Tiie Gain-Jen and A mho 7 and Philadelphia and Tren'f-n K&iiroad Companies' Line ire in rHILADKl.PHIA TO NEW YOU K AND WAV PLACKS, from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENbiNtfTON DEPOT, trill leave as fol low*: At 6 a M .via Camden and Amboy,(C. and A. Accommodation.? 1 At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (n.J. Aooommodaur.n.) At 3 a. m., via Camden and Jersey Ctty.iMorn11.c Mail.) At UK A. M , via Kei.sinfton and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12K P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( Aooommodattpn.) At 2 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Express.) At *% P m., via Kensington and Jersey City, (Eventnt llxpreee.) _ 1 AUK P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, ; ipeooua uia?s I icieu I At6 P M., viaCairdeu Mid Jersey City,(Evening I M*i'..) ' At UK P. M., riaCamdenami Joreey City,(Southern Mail.) Atfi P. M , via Caniden and Amboy,< Acnoinmodation, frmpht aod pftaeenjer, First CiaM Ticket.) Beoond Cia?a Twitel. The 6 H M Mail Train runa daily. The lljtf P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Belvidere, Kaaton, Laetbertrtllo, Flemiugton, 4.O., at 7.10 A. M., and P- M., from Kea ington. I l ot Water Gap, 8trondsbtirc. Soranton.W llkee| barre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ac.. at 7.10 A. Mm i from Kensington, via Delaware, Laoka wanna and Western Railroad. For Maooh Chunk, A lien town and Beth J enamel 7.10 A. M. and 6)6 P. St- from ten?;nitoc depot; the7.10 A. M. 11 -e oonneote with the train leaving fcaston at S 36 P. M. For Mount Holly at aod A- M. and I and 4* P M For Freehold at f A. M. and S P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ac., at 7J0 A. M.,Oi and S)t P. M from Remington, aod t* P. M fro? W aiont street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, De aooo, Beverly. Burlington, Flurenneoo, Bordentown, Ao., at Itfc, I. *,&aod5l? M- o ^ Steamer Vrenton for Bonleiitowc. and intermediate p.ao<s, at P. M. from Walnut street wharf. If-?- Pnr N? Vn,W ?) at? i ? ? , . w. ??-- tniu ff t?J IMVIDI Kensincton Depot, take the oars on Fifth itiwt, above Wal.iut, half an boar before departure The Sirs ran int> the depot, and on arrival oftraia ran on the de >ot. Fifty pouiDli of bai|k(t only allowed toeaot, passenger P assent ers are prohibited from takiof anything an baccate bit their wearing apparel. All bacrace over fifty pounds to be paid for extra. The company limit their responsibility for baccate to one rfol ar per pound, and will not ba iiableior any amount bc-yoad one hundred dollars, exoept by special ooctraot. mH.H6ATZMKR.Arrt .1 I | FOR THE &JMB WEST AND SOUTH ** BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, l?6t. the trains will cub as follows, vis:?Leave Camden Station. Ba?timore,?Mail,(fxoept SunUay.i at i SO A. M.; Express dary at S. 45 P. M. B<>tn Trains co diraetly through MiR ALL PAR I S OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSEN6ERS. Between Haiti mor? ana Piedmont take the A. M. Train; between Pf-droont and Wheelia* take Ae oomoiodation Train, lea?iac Piedmont ai A 48 A. M ; and between Grafton and Parkersbnrc, take n llMirva Miumri. Tbe FREDERICK I' * A1N i im Baltiaora at 4 30 P. m. and Frederick at 6JO a . M. Thr KLLICOTT'B Ml LL.8 1 RAIN l?tn Balti more at 6 V mm 8.1S A. M. ud l 46 aad A40 P.M., a.nd tnloittt'a Mills at 7.40 and 11A A. M . and S 4S aca 7jod P. M. . For fartk?r information, Ticket* of ?wn kiwi, u*.colTh?.f&!S?:UL JONION?-ON10N?-ONIONS. UST RMMTeti OU OuAAIf UUlwAl t,fi> U rtMfcM rua* Umou. For Ml* low. m t , ? Htl lll 1 ir-? ?iwm W??hiu4tofu JT** Bk-Unxirp. aec O Id Polfit 1F day) fro* tkMr ?h?rf. foot of I'nloa Dock, ftt <S o'c <.* * p. bu, or t?niHt?ty attar Lb* arrival of th* Waahmcton Tnun, whioh IwrtiWMliiDftvi it iX o'clock p. m. m?vtr W. N FAI.Ii>. fraat PHII.A HKLPH?A. W1L ?BE mi NO ton ami bal T1KI0RK RAlt.K AD SPK1 JVff AKD SUMMkk AHA AAOFJHA ST. enud altar TVBTOAY Ma; l?ia, faaa^gar Traim tor Phnada will ?? # Praatdaat Df^ot dull! axa*?t S??od*T?lfc?Jo?W?w?Jk ri*: I ifWi Tr.it at 6 IS A.M Wm MaU Trtiiit US V M.: Ibvamnj M?il at 4 45 o'eoek. On SITN IIAYSW 4 45 p. M.?nl?. All tralua eooaaolwiUi N?w York traina exoejt 4.46 P. M. bin on Satnr. data. A Freiaht Train with paeaearer ear artaa'art Imtm at 8 I*. M . atopping at all station* Mv<*r, Baltimore ami Havre de-4?raa?. for D* aware a- d Um EaiUn shore if MaTlar.d will bod U>?mo*tuHitioi* roate t-f wnj ?f W'imington, It^Alt Colored Peraona rruat give bond bafora entering the oar a. WM CRAWFORD. Atwt r.K t-**T CF.NTI Al, ROt'TK FOB MBPETBK WKST. ria HI'D*ON HT 9 SK K AIL HO Alt *n4 A'MW YObt CKHTHAL HAll.kOAp F*?reae Trair.a leave S?w Y^rk o t? demote of Hedaoa Rirw Railroad daily. Sunfa* excepted, ?alol;owe: From Charnbora atreet From Slat at. a tat lor.. At 7 n<? an At 7 26 a in lino" 5 00 pm 1^5 5**m 3 3" p tu 9 56 p *1 Montr>al and Hn3*<o Tram with aie*p ng oara.9.'5pni I 46 f m Connecting at Albany aiU tk? N*w Yora Oea K| I Railroad fjt Scherwctady. ftrcheftor. t?tiea tavia. Rom?, vd e'atioLa on Rome and WaterKj an Railr'a-4 HutU o r** aceae. Nt?ga*a Fa! a, aperai n Budge. Auhrrn. Gen* **.?.? anda *t a Traina in oot.t ootion leave Buffalo and Pmpen ion via Lake Vbora, Boflalo an! ak? ri u*or, and 6real Weate-D Ra'lroad. f??r HaT.il'wn. ; or< rte, Detroit, Chi< aao. To'eoo. V ilwaukie. 1"i?n bu I.aa. Lt Crotw, Mfiirc Pnun* |)n C: ien, 6a ena. Danlfi'.h. Diih?<n?, Proii*. K"ck l?l*rH, ti&*f l?wa Cit*. Birmrtna, Quirc?, Sc'imfie <1, Alton, 9t. l/oui*. Cairo, Terre Hrute. lrxf Mtiwii, ville. CirciRiia*:. I a*t>n. Co nn hue. C ? lanri, mx* al! pou u W t at, INiorthweet and tk>nOiW**t NORTHKRN RtKLTE Connecting villi Trait* at I rof, with Troy A ton and Ren* A Sar*toj* V osdr for t*i?rato*?, Whitehall, Rut and, Burlington. M. Alhana. Koa?? Point, Piatt<? urjh, Ogdebatimch, Montreal. Ac, Jtc (ZT" Freight Arranserre-ita by thit roete m above, withi i tohac^eof < a a. tiopi the txpota in ''linnbera and < anal *treei>.. are at all time* aa -ffcvora >'e as ir*d- Vy o?h- r Kai'nf1 (Vmpaei'a. Tjrie faoil'tiee of rhia t reat New York K ?t-, 'o the \\ eat ?o?nmentl it lo the corfide*ceof mutokiiU at ah ppera lor proirptrea# nr.<* dirpatoh PaeseLRar irati.a. wiUi >mok>tn? mki Keapirg Car* run in oonnection on the New York Ceit'ral R *d. For par(4<>u ari> *? to looa! trim* an?! freifM a/ ran*?tneaU. inquire at t!-* depot, >" Warre* at. A. K. SMITH, rnperirtrndent. ft-? ^ U t4 fiOVKKNMKNT LINK FORT MOVHOE A!*D Ot b flmilWeo p/jinTrfiMORi? a vn? J ? ' ' i'j f/n / . U?tm the loww end ( INh'N DOCK.Btlti more, west eide. AILV, <t*ui?davi incleded, > a! o'el' Ok P. M. tAlinc p?n?ii?'ri arH fright. ?nd eonneetinc with the R&ilro?<f inra. to r.tA f om Washington, l>. C.. 1'lii ade<phta. N*w Y?.rk, B?e ton, York, Harriet>urc, Pittebwra. P* , * d fl.e Weat. imme<iiAt?-': af'er ih > arri .-a! of ?he fipre*? Train from Nrw \o k and Philadelphia. The following ft U>? Noherin.e : From New York to Kort .Vonf* a.rd t-a^k. ?11 from Phi'adeipb a and i>*ck m ron Haiti more and h?e|.., %?. fTTTROCl RK VCM H TICKET*.^ Id New York.at the N?w Jeree? Railro*a fe >tr f C( nrtlar d street. In Phi adelphia, at the i ?IRoe PI W oorn?r of t?ixth and Chestnut etreete. or ? the l>epot, Broail and Prime itr^tn. In Baltimore, oa h ?*r<l t!?e Hteamers foot of Union Dook. IU'<>H OCONNER. Pac?enger Art1 NEW Wli.K. HA R l.EM A.N I) kMVkyl ALBANY RAILROAD. LIlAVi.^U NEW YORK FOR ALBANY, TROY. NORTH AM> W ti&T. BUMMER A RX AN6KM KNT Commenctrij Monda*. May J?'.h. 1-^1. For Anmit?ll#" a. m. fket express tram from Wth street. For Dow Plaice?j>. m stopping at Whit* Plains and stations north to Dover p aine?(Vom Mth street station. (Thia train will run to Mill?rtoo evert hat>u<;a? mlac,) PorCroton Fa!'a-?.16a. m. stopping at a'l at* tiona north of Fordkam from 9B:h street it*uo? For V* Jute Plaine?fcsn, 4:U? ai d ? m. atop ?ing at a'l at*tiona from ?th street station. KAf W hi f Jk PliLl L m an at/.nai r\m t * ' 1 toons from W hit* *tr?et ?l*'ior. For William* Bridge? 1&, 11:15 a. m.and p. tn. stopping at all ration* from 27th itfMt station. Returning anli leave? Aibftr.y?0*) a. m. tan express train. Dover P.aine-fry a m (Tbi* train leaves Mm lertoa ever} Mot.day morning alia m.) Crotoo Faiia?b p. it. White Plain*?*:lu, 74W a m. 4:*? * 7>?P a. m. Wti|?ams Bridge?fcS", . m. A 14M p. m SuDdar trains will leave 4th Avenee crner JS-1 street, for Central Park, Yorkvile, Harlem as ! H ich Bridge ?> erj I ? m*utrs from taw a. m. to to. JOHN B1TBCH11.1.. A*>t f?y l. YORK ANf? ERIK RAH. m road Paaeenger Train* leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot vf Cham eta at re. t. New Y"rfc, a* foliows.viz : 7 00 a. m . FX ESS. lor Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal lfcterme me Station*. S 00 a. m , M AIL., for llm kira and intermediate S'atior*?Thi* Tnuc t< main* over night at Kimira, and er<>oeeda the Lext morning ?J* a m MILK d?ii., lor OUsrille, and inter mediate Stations. ? ? i?, _ ? r* /^/k a* aa r* ?\ * ^ * - - ' * ? ii w > d , Av,'- cm mui'A f imi, ouij, lor r?n Jervir, and incipal Sta'iona 4 no p. m , W A > , for Middletown, Newbargh. ai.il intermediate Station*. VOu a. ?.. .NIGHT LaPKK88. da ly, for Dankirk, Buffalo, <:mandate aa.and principal Ptatioua The Tram of Saturday atop* at all Mail Train BtaUona, and rant oclj to Eimira. 6<* p.m.. ACCOMMODATIONJor Horneerllie. and principal Station* CH' S. MINOT.0?'l Hap't. NATHANIEL MARSH. Rayitw. jp?^FOR BOSTON VIA NFWPOIT AN1) PALL RlVER. By lt-a MlaiKlia and penor fttearae-e MBTROPnLf* EMPIRE STATE. BM' STATE, and STATEOF MAINE, cfrraat trenjth and raMwi, bat particalarl* adapted to the navigation of Lout la and Sound, rnnaing la eonB*otion vitb the Fall K ?er a d Old Colony Railroad, diatandb of ? miloa oniy to Boeton Leere Pier Na. ? No-th Rirer cea.r the Battery. Th? KMPlRESTATE.Oapt Bray ton. Mono ay a, Wedneadaya, and Friday a, at o'clock P. M., teaching at New??rt aaofa war. The Stean.er METROPOMb, Capt. Brown, on Toeadaya, Tbnraoaya. and S&nirda*a, at I o'oiook P. M.. tououing at Newport each way. Tbeee Steamera a e fitted with oommrwliova atate rooma. and every arrangement for the aaeart - tf and o?m tort ot pasnengera. who are afforded ? ? this roate a niyhu' reet on hoard and onarrual at Pa'l River proceed par Steamboat Train.iaaofc ini Bostot early the foUowinr morning: ar aiay remain on board antil atartint of the A room moot tionat8 A. M., bj which the; ma; react: Hoatci. about 8.4S A. M. A baggage ma>ter ir attaebad to eaeh ateamer, *k? raoeivaa and tick* ts the hagrage. and aooom paniee the tain* to ite destination. A steamer ru- a in uoanecUoa with thia Line be tween Fall River ai.U l'ruviUeio* daily, exocpt Snon. Freight to floaton is forwaaded through with great ai? patch tiy an Kx press Train, which nrn rati River ever? mommr, fnndaya exceptM,at 1M o'clock for Boaton ai d N?w UeJ'oid, arnvin at iu destination at about 11 A M For freuhtor pa*aag*. arp.y on board, or at the omee on Pier No. 3 North Hirer For stale rooms and be ths apply on loard, or if deeired to a*oara them in advance, to WM UOROKN. Agt 18 and 71 W est atrret, N. Y. jp?k THK RKGILAR MAIL LINK ^ V1A M ROTuN, SrONlNttTON i^^^and rRoVJDK^CK, foM BOb TON?Inland R u' 1 .e rt orieot and nastu reot?Carry the Kaatorn Mad. ???r, mT^OMMON^Z?I-TH. (jaat J. W. WllliMU, IB ?OBB?CtlOB Witt th? fctonlp* W>? Kf d Pronrtf noa^oti Bori'cand Pn-nd?nce ftailraair, fcaWVoSJ ?&%tvizrrwia Groton atlJD o'c<<-c* r. W.,or on Um amva of t.tAMonday, W*dB*>?<la?, and Friday. From Gror-. Tu*?day Touradaf.aod Satarday. From ttrotoc ?Monday, Wodu?>Baay, and Frid?i. Passengers fr->? Grotoc par railroad U> Providsnoe aud Boston. ib ths Express Mail Train, rraekinf *a>d r.?cf Ib sdrsDos i frko-? ty otti*r roate*. and la an?l? ubm tof alUi sarly Moraine Lidm oouaeda* North and KmC Its sesgers that prafsr it, ramia ob teoaid M feauT. enjoy a nigUs' rest tndistarhed breekMk If 4ae> red. and l*?ve G rotmi ib tMtlli M. Trsia, eoDitfolinc at Providence with the 14P A ML Train for Bosu??. F?re fro.4, Kov dtuM to Newjor*. Filty rata. A batfwe master aooompantes Ui? ?tw?i and TraiB?aob way Kw Mbaua llutk> Ota?- ?- " - ' ' *3P I on boird~tbi or at 'tk? vsaa Omoe, l'i?r U North Hiv?r, or ?< tt ? OflbM o( the C< mpADj, No. 1U W*t ?? ot.ooro^r rf t'oit 1*ik1 atrMl N?w Yorfc. Fofe. >. Itl. V RRNCH tare* wd ?omjiet* Uf>ortm*nt of Military K<?o4? ? ?.li kiadt. wuioii tto*T offer iroa tm M IP} *-r Mot. bolov th? rifilw retail ( dues ^A^new ditioj^af Bm4m'| llkltn U< Kit* naJMa't KwiSVoru?MMiaiOiif?,wltl . !^irS3s^raS5?,tts?iW "silt;SbLh..? cfiwte k***' Mm ?' lM SM> ^ m**< Fu? , m4 M?4?* ?4 V?T <n?ort?'M. ?u. gCT *> t* ?' ? * ** 0 iiMii?ass&3sP