21 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

21 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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__ ----- _ THE E\ EM Nit STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: MONDAY ??>' r tl, i?M. e? Osb Fbisk?? "?'be vsrlou* military ramps and | petition* will fselfct a ft*" by keeping us pnetvd ti to movstnev'* *nd atftlrs In their vlcln1tt?*s, Sped tl lk? The lnttll'f*"T, '-mating upon the cotton qnectloq, ssys It ' apparent that the received dortrtnso of the ??oo?hern economists and calculators with regard ?othe Imperial power of their greet staple hsve been scattered to the wlod? during the last few month* The htpubhtan doea not aec the force of the objections to exohsnglng priaonera with the rebels OUR MlMTARf BUDGET. A Battle in Ptoktom near Leesbnrs J tist as we go to preea with this (first) edition of the Star to-day we leern that the enemy have attacked a detachment of oar troops?probably of Division Genera Stone's command?Intrenched on an laland In the Potomac, about three mile* from Leesburg The ottclal telegram announcing the fact merely adds that the enemy, though in force, have nade no Impression upon the Union worka on the laland. The battle continues in progress, and we hope to have some details of It In time for onr second edition of to-day. cabblessne** oltlt the cat7sb of the los*. of thi irHOONIK faibfax. T%4 Cirtvwtttomce* rf tkf Caj>t*rr cf ike Transport trkooner Fairfax. The circomstances of the loss of the schooner Fairfax on Saturday morning last, are as follows. VI*: The armed tug Resolute had that vessel and another in tow. The crew of the Fairfax instead of being where they ihould be, on their own vessel, were on beard the tug. While under the fire of the batteries, the Fairfax struck a sunken ledge ard the sbeck parted the hawser by which she bed been made feat to the tug. The tide?curfen'?was retting rapidly against the vessels, and 1n*tan'ly swept the Fairfax in the direction of the batteries. There being no one on the Fairfax, a rope thrown frt m or to her could not be made fast The fD?mv seeing her adrift, instantly concentrated their lire upon her; making it a too haz. erdcus experiment to low?r and send a boat to her with a new rope, ere she drifted completely under the batteries' guns. Thus she was evi. dently lost through the failure of her own officers and crew to be at their proper poeta. Had they been there, to have thrown a new rope ever to the tug, on the Instant tbe other parted, that occurrence would not bave endanger d her. tmk asfbbblok cfo.1 majob becaw1th Some days since we took occasion to expuae tbe utter groundlessness and sinister origin of an attack upon the character of Major Beck with, Com mlssdry. U. 8 A , appearing in the Washington correspondence of the New York Ttmt.i of the Iltb last Without attempting to meet a single point of our lefutatton, the same writer reassert* bis as portions In the T*mu of the l^th, and seeks to justify them wholly upon the pica that Major Beckwlth has declined to ask a court cf inquiry for the consideration of anonymous and general? not specific?charges against his official Integrity. While we do not deem It necessary to restate ear original refutation of tha malicious slanders against Major B., It may not be amiss for us to j publish the two letters subjoined, which, if anything ware wanting to that end, show beyond further question, not only the sweeping untruth of the charges of the Time* writer, but a'eo the glaring Injustice of the on'y allegation ui on which he bases his effort to get revenge, by maligning Msjor B , for the personal grievance of some sinister speculator or speculators in army contracts who bave failed to find him as pliable as Was evidently desired Office Commis'ary General Subs-'trn e, ) Whsbto&U'n, Oct t-2. 18?l S T? tkt Editor of tkt Nrw York Tims*.' Sir In vour paper of the tIth lnatant I notice, under the beading of "Washington, Thursday, 10th," a charge against Caj>t tJeekwlrb," < f this Department, t t peculation In tbe weight of cattle received under the present contract. In justice to Major Beckwltb I deem it my duty 'o sta'e that he has nothing whetever to do with tbe weight of cattle under tbe contract His duties tre confinod to thts District, and th?- cattle are weighed, delivered, and paid for at Harrisburg. Pa. May I request as conspiclou: an insertion of this In your paper a* waa given to the Incorrent rumor. Very respectfully your ob't servant, J. P Tat lob. CCS H tad quarters Army of tkt Pototnac, ) Washington, Oct. 17, 1801 ( Major A Betkwtik, Com of 5*4 , USA Maj-jr Tbe Major General Commanding has received your letter of the Wth Inst , with its lnclosure?a slip from the New York Times of the 11th Inst The General doea not think It neeessar^for the vindication of your character that you should have tbe coart of Inquiry for which ycu apply He does not believe that any officer of character md standing In this army shares, with the writer of tbe article alluded to, a doubt as t > your integrity, and thinks It better not to lend dignity to the attack by any official notice of it. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, S. Williams, Ass't Adj't General. dbainsville. Last night the division cf Maj Gen McCall rested In snd around Dralne^ville. as on tbe ni^h^ before So far. tbey have pitched no tents there Gen McC % scouts went yesterday four or live miles oat from Draicesvllle towards Lee* burg?to a point within seven miles of the latter town. They found no enemy in arms on the territory tbey travera'd tub latest feemomt bfmob. Though without tbe means of verifying the fact positively, we have good reason to believe In the rumcr saying that, ere leaving St Louis, the Secretary of War caused to be delivered to Maj Gen Fremont the President's ord?-r appointing Major Gen Hunter to tbe command of tbe Department of Missouri, in his stead. a BECONKOISsamcb On Saturday and yesterday, Gen McCiellati devoted himself far the most part to making a careful reronnoiasance of tbe territory recently abandoned by tbe enemy In h's front In this work be was ssslsted by some of bis topographical engineers, who brought off complete and very valuable notes of their observations. Forty vessels that bad anchored at Indian Head, vrlad favoring, passed the butteries, go'og down tbo river yesterday. Twenty four shots were fired at them, but not one of them were struck, though seme of them sailed within a mile of the enemy's guns. reobable bcbniso of bol1vab bt the bebbls. Tbe only advice* received at headquarters from the Upper Potomac, la a very brief dlspstcb sent by the operator at Sandy Hook laat night, saying the rebels were about burning Bolivar, la the reur of Harper's Ferry. tbb ebe1cso* steam battery will, It Is sscertalned, be the first completed of the three armored steamships or fieetlag batteries contracted for under the recent act of Congress, tbe work upon It being less elaborate than upon tbe other* bet itemed He^Ury Cameron and Adjutant General Thomas returned to their posts In this city, we learn, at 10J( a in to day, from their recent trip to Missouri and Kentucky. runs bill. The observation* made by the detachment of our teeops that were yesterday at Flint Hill, render It certain that the enemy bad constructed no weeks of any description there, as has been alleged to bail to-dat. It is understood hers tbst General Sherman * expedition (for some as yet unknown point ?n the cof.) sails to-day from Aanapolis, to 'akr lia final departure la a day or two from Fortrees M onroe sabbbal 'clbllab. Gen McClellsn and bis aids. 4c , returned to Washington at 9# o'clock laat evening, afiei having bssa with the army over the rivrr nare Friday iflsrnooa TUB CtTRRSHCI THRT HAVE IN DIXIE [Correspondence of tbe Star ] , Alexshdria, Oct 19 ~E4>tor Star A Fairfax farmer came to town to-day to buy some flour and wit. with the following currency: Corporation of Warrenton. Va , 91 ?nd .Mi cent notes, Town of Leesburg, IS# cent notea; Manami Gap Railroad Company, 50-cent notes; J. C: Gunnell, of Fairfax, V5 cents, City of Richmond, 92. SI, and : 5<i centa. Bank of the State of South Carolina, 91; ; Manufacturers' Bauk, Richmond, C. W Purcel, , ft, Bank of \\ Incheater, 91; City Bank of Augusta. 6a., 91; Bank of Richmond, SI; Corporation of Charleston, 50 centa; Corporation of Winchester, 50 ceuta. Salt and flour could not be bad for the moat of It Thla la but a small aample of the Issues of every bank, village, city, or town now In the Confederacy. When resumption da%? comet there will be awful time* R. Death or ' Father Wildbt."?Thomaa W lldey, extensively known throughout tbe country aa tbe venerated founder of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows lu the United States, died suddenly on Saturday morning, at hi* res'dence In Baltimore, while seated at the breakfast table, of dropsy of the heart. He was a native of England, but emigra'ed to Baltimore at an early age, and was In tbe KVd year of hla age at tbe time of hia death. From the time of the first Inception of the Order, Mr. Wildev has taken a deep Interest In lt? welfare. He was the first Grand Sire of tbe Grand Lodge of tbe United States, having served In that office from 18*25 to 18-13, and filled all the prominent offices of the Order, and throughout hia long life was cherished In grateful remembrance by the Order. He lived to see the Order In which he took so great Interest expand until Its benefits and influences were seen and felt throughout almost the entire length and breadth of the North American continent The Sun says: Tbe officers of tbe Grand I^odge of Maryland. Jerusalem Encampment and William Tell Lodge, of each of which the deceased was a member, assembled on Saturday evening, and made arrangements for tbe funeral, which will doubtless be n very imposing one. It was resolved that the body be taken to the Hall tbls morning, and laid out in state In the large saloon, which will be open to the public from 0 o'clock a. m , until 4 o'clock this afternoon. Tbe funeral will take place from the Hall, at lOo'clock^o morrow (Tuesday) morning, with appropriate services A resolution was adopted Inviting the several Encampments, and all tbe surbotdinnte Lodges cf the city, as well as those at a distance, who can do so, to attend the funeral in a body. The Order In this jurisdiction will doubtless be represented at tbe funeral by delegations, It lielng understood that meetings will be held this evening to make the necessary arrangements. IfT* "Aga" of the Baltimore Sk*, commenting upon the domineering and offensive tone of the letter of Lord Lyons to Secretary Seward, says : 41 The best opinion here acquits Lord Lyon of tbe authorship of what Is offensive in his letter, but it Is fully believed that Earl Russell dictated Its terms or expressions. Such a curt letter was rev*r before addressed to the American Government, and the moderation of Mr Seward's reply Is accounted for upon the supposition that the British peop'e will not appiove of their Minister for Foreign Affairs " !I/~ We have been req nested to urate that owing to the disturbed condition of affairs in the adjoining countiesof Virginia that tbe polls for holding the election for a member of Congress on Thursday next, tbe i-ltb lnst , will he held at tbe court. | house in Alexandria, where voters from any I county in the district can vote. !D~Tbe Paciflc^elegraph line has been com. pleted to Salt Lake City, and Utah Is now In direct telegraphic communication with the Atlantic citics. The fnt message received on Friday lest f.-cm Brfgbam Young was a protest against Se esslen ID" The Government, on Friday lact. released Robert Mutr, R R. Walker, and Jamet Chapin, from confinement In Fort Lafayette. C7"The St Louis Rf publican continues its attacks upon Gen Lane, and calls hla brigade "a banditti." (T7~ William Lacy announces the 'ermlnation of Lis proprietorship In the Albany Stautman. Tek Calais in Kentucky?Matters are ap; proachtng a crisis In Kentucky. Intelligence has J been received at Gen Sherman's headquarters which warrants tho belief that li>t'.kn?r has col'etted a much larger foree st Bowling Green than bas been supposed, and that he m.dttnt?-? a speedy movement up the railroad towa d Louisville Early yestcrd.-.y forenoon, G<*n Sherman telegraphed urgent demands for reinforcements 11 the evening, Secretary Cameron and Adjutant General Tfeomas arrived in this city from Louisv? le and Lexington, and d'sp ttchea w^re Immediately ?ent to Pittsburg, Indianapolis and Chicago, ordering eij?bt thousand troop* to be forwarded dur!:ig the nlgbt to Gen Sherman, by special trains These troops are doubtless now well on tfceir way. ti;d the apprehensions for the safety of Louisville itself may therefore be dismissed Kverythlng, boww-r, Indicates action in that direction, and Important news may be expected speedily from tbe central Kentucky column ' The filling back cf the rebels from their lines before Washington, tbe probability of their having detached troops for service In Kentucky, and the fa<-t that Louisville is tbe most accessible and most valuable of the prises Kentucky offers, tend to confirm tneexpectation of an attempted descent on the metropolis of the State >(eanwhile we have advices of a threatened rebel demonstration on Henderson, which, in view of the above facts, can hardly be regarded In any other light t uan as a feint Zoilicofter* force remains, at lat? st ad vices, *t Cumberland Fo.-d, and is almost as contemptible In numbers as It has proved itself to tie in character. The reinforcement* for Col Len Harris must have reached Oly mpian Springs by this time, and we hope goon to have news of lb?- dispersion or rout of Bre< ktnridge's remits on the Big Sandy? Cintiannti Uazetu, 1*1* ' RtsroHTKD Ocirrkae in Westrrs Visoinia I'be \\ he. ling Intelligencer of Oct 18 has the following : Gov. Pierpont yesterday received a despatch from Mr. Van Winkle, of Parkershurg, announcing th*. the rebels had m^de their appearance in V\ irt and Gilmer count!*-* in great numbers, ami were c&rrylng on to the Perfect Wor of the Inhabitants it was reported that tbeV bad attacked Capt H;iit cavalry company, stationed at EMzabetbtown and completely cut th*in to pieces and were threatening Parkershurg. I'be despatch is certainly from a very reliable source, and is entitled to the fulleat credit. It Is known tbat an unusual number ot rebels have recently appeared in Wirt, Gilmer and Calhoun counties and many Union men have been murdered Tbe rebel forces are not nr.tlves of the counties named, ar.d are regularly organized bands doubtless from Floyd's army. Last night about d irk, companies A. B, C, D and b,oftbe First Virginia Infintry, took passage on the steamer WoodMdefor Parkershurg Col. Thoburn being absent from the city, Lieut. Col Richmond, of the First Cavalry, went in com!? ??. ? are notat liberty to state the destination of the expedition The boys came over from i amp Carlile, preceded by the First Cavalry Band, under a drenching rain that wou d have drowned the spirits of* feM enthusiastic crowd, but a jollier set of fellows never set out upon an expedition tbe object of which they knew nothing. A a rival or a Prize Schooner.?Yesterday the schooner Alert arrived In port, in charge of Midshipman \\ led man, of tbe United States Navy and a prize crew the Alert w.s captnred about five miles from Fort Sumter, while attempting to run the blockade, off Charleston, South Carolina, on the morning of Sunday, 13'h lnst S*be was observed from on board the United States steamer Flag, at an early hour, attempting to pass up the bay and reach a harbor within a breakwater, at that point,but in consequence of there being a light wind, she was unable to effect tbe purpos- bef>re the arrival of four boats with seamen from the steamer, under Lieut. McCauley. Notwithstanding a heavv fire from a battery on the beach, the valient *all%rs succeeded In reaching and bearding tbe schooner, which was found to nave a cargo of molasses, salt, and fruit, from the West In(lift. The captain had i British flag flying from the fore-topmast. Lnion down. Two flags?one a Palmetto and the other a Confederate flag?were fouud concealed In a locker behind a trunk belonging to one of the mates, and which It was thought had been hauled down on observing the U S vessels off Charleston There was a crew of six persons. Including tbe captain snd two mates, on board the schooner. They were kept on boar^ the Roanoke, with the exception of the cook and a youth of 18 yews,who were brought to this po t in the vessel. The Alert Is about 80 tons burthen, and was bnllt in tbls city about eight years since sod since sold to parties in Charleston ? Bali Amtntam. Connecticut ?The extra session of the Connecticut l^glslatare adjourned *t*? Jtt on Wednesday. The only business trans cted was the unlimited power to raise volunteers to the Gorerno*. ii? eniLoriz.ng of another loan of two tail* | ii( doii&rs, and the assuming of tbe collection in it? national tu, by which 15 per cent Is 1 sa ved t? the poopls of tits State. *** . | THE LATEST FROM THE SOUTH. r*? JVereJ Butlt at tk4 Mouth of tk* Mitt**' nppi-Tke Vmeinnts and not tkt PrtbU SunkDtftltoftke BttU of Santa Ro<n h'ani?Tk* | not SnlUd-Tk* Affair nt CkingOI t'<\g*i?Htaltk of Gtn. ntnry A Wise. | The following southern news I* taken from a I copy of the Richmond Enqil'ff of the 15th. sissippi I New Orleans, Oct. 14 ?Theexpedition under Command' r Holllna co'Sl*tedof the Mantmij I the Iron clad marine battering ram, with one MI pounder Dahlgren Kiin, the atearoer Calhoun (the I flatf -ahip) wlthone 21 pounder and two IS pounder I Dalilpren gun*, th* steamer Ivey with an eight I Inch 32-pounder, rifled, the steamer Jackaonwith I two elgnt inch Columblads, the ateamer McRae I with a (H-pounder mounted on tyjivot, four eight I inch 4t>lumbiada, and a Ui-pounder, rifled, the I ateamer Tuacarora, with one eight Inch Columbiad, and a M pounder, rifled, and the cutter I Pltkena. with an eight inch Columbiad and four | 'it-pound riuronades. The blockadem had the Richmond, Vlncennea, I Preble, Water-Witch and the schooner Joa. H. I Toone. in all 53 guna. On Friday night laat our fWt atarted from Fort I Jackaon, the Manaaaaa leading the way. The I night wa* Intensely dark, and the Manaaaaa ran I Into a vessel, atrlking her near the bow, and rotting into her upwards of twenty feet. Appallng I shrieks were heard al>oard the doomed ship; aigI nai rocketa were fired; the enemy beat to quarI Wa. and a perfect Iron hall fell upon and around I the Manaaaaa, during which her machinery became deranged. The Tuacarora and the Watson I came up with five barge*, which had been cut I looae and set adrift on the atream I When the morning came our fleet commenced I to puratie the retreating enemv, and a heavy canI non iding began, which laated till S o'clock. SevI eral shots atruck the Richmond. The shots from I the Vankeea were badly aimed, aa tb?*y did not I touch one of our vessel* When the firing ended I the fleet returned to the city, with the prize I achooner Joaeph H. Toone, loaded with coal, I and which had been deserted during the night. I A large Quantity of lumber, which had been inI tended for the construction of a fortification at I the head of the Pawes, waa burned. [second dibpatch ] j New Orlkans. Oct. It.?The prizes captured I were the Joaeph H. Toone and launch belonging I to the Federal steamer Richmond, which latter I wa* laden with cutlaase* The vessel aunk waa not the Preble, bnt the I Vincennea. | Three vraaela of our expedition arrived on SatI urday night. S THE BATTLE ON SANTA ROSA ISLAND The Pena.icola correspondent of the Augua'a I (Ga ) Constitutionalist furnishes the following I account of the battle at Santa Rosa Island : Camt Stevens, Pknsacola, Fla ,) October 9. IPtil. ) At length we have had an opportunity of being I relieved from our atate of "maaterly inactivity." I and of mcaauring arms with the enemy near this I place. ! During laat night an expedition, composed of I detac hment* of aeveral Confederate companiea and regiments, aet out for Santa Rosa Island, for I the purpose of breaking up the encampment of the notorious Billy Wilson and his celebrated I Fire Zouaves, who had taken a position on the I Island. F.irly In the evening Col Jackson visited our I camp, and informed us that he required 150 from I our regiment (the .?th Georgia) to perform a very I important service?twenty-seven from the Clinch I Rifles and nineteen from the Irish Volunteera I Kvt ry man who waa willing to volunteer was reI quested to aboulder arms, and every man came to j a shoulder. Tbe ciptilna of the companies were I then requested to jri< k out the required number, I which waa done I Thrs were taken from the Clinch Rlfl-s, Irish I Volunteers. Cuthbert Rifle* and McDnM'* Rifles, I and were under command of Lt Hallonquist, I formerly of the United States army Lieut. Day, I of the Clinch Rifles, being the junior oflicer, was I on the left, but that win^ arrived too late to take j I part in the action. | Col Jackson, accompanied the expedition, and I the entire force, which consisted of about twelve I I undred men, waa under command of (ien. AnI deraon J A^out two o'clock thla morning we landed on j the island, and marched about flve milt a 'hrough I the enemy's linea and into hla camp, which we 1 completely deatroved, burning up his tenia, Ac., j and killing his sentinel* aa we proceeded I The Zouaves were taken almoat completely by [ surprise, but as aoon aa they recovered fought i desperately; at times, however, they acted rather { cowardly, but, upon the whole, gave ua aome j pretty warm work. We 11 Ml I y succeeded in drlI vlng th*m into Fort JMckens, killing quite a numJ ber rf them, taking aome thirty or forty prisoner) I and a lot of camp equipage ana other trophies I Some of our men have brought away money, | I bata, caps, guna. swords, pistols, and pieces of I Billy's standard I Our men acted with yreat coolness and bravery, I and, having accomplished the object of our mlsI si on. we returned to the main land. As ws did I so, we found that the balance of the regiment was 1 advancing to reinforce u*. but finding us coming I bar k, they also returned to the camp. Our loss has been very severe. Among the j killed are Lieut L A. Nelrrs, of the McDutfle j Rifles, of Warrenton, and aid to Col Jackson; j Joseph II Adamsand Fred Cooks of tho Clinch J Rifles, and J. Stanton, of the Irish volunteers Among the wounded are the following:?N. j Rice, of (he Clinch Rifl*s, shotln the arm; Wm. I H Smith, of the same company, shot in the shoulI der; J H liarria, of the same company, shot on I the ear 1 will send you the casualtica in the Irish VolI unteera as soon as I can obtain them They have I one killed and two wouni-d The Clinch Rifles, I Irish Volunteers, end McDutHe Rifles faced the I front all thr time. I Jam?-? Gorman, of the Vclunteera, capturtd on?* I prisoner; J. S Harris, of the Clinch R Ifles, is set | down for two of Abe'a dead men, and u*veral I others for the miiic, and for burning the en?mv's I camr> and provider. The man who shot Nelms I was also made to bite the dust by one of our own I men. | Too much cannot be said in praise of the officers I and men ; arid the only regret is that some of our I men were taken prlsonurs by the enemy Such Is I the fate of war, however, and we must efcpect, I while often successful, to have the cup of victory I dashed with the bitters of adveraity 1 We arrived in camp at 10 o'clock this morning. I Our wounded will be well taken care of. I Yours, truly, Gsorqia. | Toe following concerning the light is from a I private leiter from a volunteer at Penaacola : I We killed about 100 of them, and lost hetvllv I in killed and wounded on our side, but I do not I know the exact number. We also took some 30 or I to prisoners One of our men got S34U in cash; I Wm E McCoy took a gun'from one of the I enemy; another took the Zouave major's hal; I others took coats, bats, caps, swords, a tine pair I if navy pistols; one of our mess captured a line I Gorman silver horn. Ben Bolt? a son of Judge I Holt?is missing; we think he has been taken I prisoner I The whole regiment waa anxioua to participate. I and were about croaang over to the Island this I morning, when they met the expedition returning, I and all came back together. I The following also Is from a private letter : ! We s>*t out. and before daylight were landed on I Santa Koaa Island, among Billy Wilson's Zouaves, I away below, and marched live miles, flub'ing I several battles before we got ofl" the island?l"slng j several men from this regiment * * # 1 I never did see as calm a set of men in my life as I last night We killed the Federal sentinels all the I way up, aud took tbe enemy by surprise. 1 was I by Gen. Anderson's side, and tired, fcv his orders I more than a dozen tents -einong them the com| mlssariat; we alao burnt up two hundred barrela I of flour, aeveral bales of hay, and many other I articles 1 killed two of Abe'a men, and took two I prisoners, while burning the camp Jim Gorman, I of the lrlah Volunteera, took one Barney Haney I la a bruiser, and Lieut. Joseph Cummlngs is as I good a man as you'll want to find. Gen Anderson I goes In for destroying rather than killing By | mistake we had aome of our men killed by their I comrades We laid down to fire, and many times tbe sand I flew In our faces by the balla striking tbe ground I 1 claim tbe honor of killing tbe man that killed I Nelroa Two of ua 11 red at the same time, but 1 am aatlafled that myahot took effect. J . H j CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN COL. BROWN AND SENBEAGG The Pensacola Observer waa received on the | 14th inst at Augusta, Ga A dispatch savs: The Observer contain* the correspondence beI tween i ol Brown, lit command of Fort Pickens, I and Gen Bragg, commander of the Confederate I forces at Pen*acola, relative to the hospital at the navy yard Col Brown aay* he notlcea a large I yellow flag on tbe building in tbe line of hla batter lea, and aaya it may be used as a protection for I tbe Confederate troops; and givea notice to Gen. I Bragg to have all the women, children and sick removed Gen. Bragg replies that the building now uaed I as a hospital hus always been used as such, and I he lnUuda to continue to uae It for that purpose. He will respect Colenel Brown's hospital, even I though tbe federal guns are directed to the deatruction of the Confederate hospital Gen. Bragg I says be will bold Col Brown rtaponalble before tbe world for any Injury to his hospital Tbe fleet of Santa kosa consists of three frigates and a small steamer. ESCAPED TO rOBT PICESNS. The Enquirer has the following dispatch: Pensacola, Oct. 13 ?A parly, consisting of Captain Batler and wife, Mr Packard and wife, Mr. Gillett Lutt, and probably others, escaped to Fort Pickens on Prlday evening last under false pretenses Tbe United States Tassel off here haTe their colors at half mast Dim AX OF Till SAILIW? OV TBI NASHVILLE The Enqairer has tbe following Important paragraph I Some of oar Southern exchanges announce th > sailing from Chaileatou?and consequently the , breaking of the* blockade?of the Confederate States steamship Nashville for Europe, having on f k?*fd Mettrs Muon and S*11dell, our Minlttert to England and France. We have the Terr beat authority for saylnjt that the Nashville ta still In Charleston harbor, and oar ministers did not tall In that vrtsel. THA W^m.?.!! TnB .w . ,.Nor/olk l)*T Book- ot lh* **** InotaMt. bst tbe following account of the Cbingoteague affair. we leara that an unsuccessful attempt waa made last Friday week by a psrtv of Federals to land a forte at Cblngotea?ue, on the Eastern Shore, for the purpose of destroying ? teasel on the t?ckt that was nearly completed. Tbey came I / P.i^ tb*-*t?rnb?*t. ?nd a portion of them effected a landing, but they found to their cost tbat a for.*e had gathered there to give them a welcome. Capt Fletcher, a militia offl- er In tbat vicinity, bad gathered i?me of hi* boya. with their duck I ?kUD* ? J?wling piecea, and with these meant they attacked the Vandal*, who Bought shelter In the ahip-vard, behind the frame of the veasel. t u u j'??ivth,?andlng this they were to roughly handled by the Eaatern Shoremen tbat 15 or them came in for their allotment of land In Virginia, beslaet a considerable number carried off fforfi the tcene of action wounded. Only one of our men alight.y wounded They were Anally driven 7!Tl.th/,r e*c*Pe toth* Reamer amidst a thower of ballt from Capt Fletcher's men, who ib'"d.et*rmlned to burn the veaael themselves, and did ao accordingly. _. _ CHDKBOROCND It AILRO AS. The Enquirer saya: "We have been renuetted to state that th? ortgtnal underground railrond to Maryland has resumed IU trips, with every proapect of uninterrupted aucceaa. It will run trlweekly. wjf. H IIWA1D. L?.Pu?>n.\Ewl'oneof 'beciviliana captur?d at the bnttlp at .Manassas, d\?i vrs'erdav

morning of typhoid fever, at the realdence of one of our citizens, ti which he waa carried several days ago, with the consent of General Winder. Mr Huson bad been ill since early in September, and received every necessary attention, not only from the prison authorities, but from Mr Elv also a prisoner. # It Will be remembered tbat Mr. Huson was w P^ l>/r..8t.thp Floglnt honse, the day after the battle of Bull Rnn He had spent the'night at Mr. Florins', with some of the officers of the rhirteenth (Rochester) regiment Tbey left early in the morning, but Mr Huson pleading fatigue, and thinking he was safe, remained an.l was cap' tured In a very short time. Mr Huson was a graduate of Receva College, and studied law in Mr. Seward's office at Auburn. He commenced practice In 161,. and subsequently wat married to a niece of Gov Seward Mr. Huson wat the candidate of the democratic party In Monroe (NY) 'or Congress, and for county judge. In 1*56 he wat elected district attorney by the repubJ1* wn* "PPo'nfcd last March one of Ihe Costa Rica Commissioners, by the President. Being In \\ ashington at the time of the advance, he was a witness of the battle on July 21st. and was taken prisoner at before tUted. Hit wife it In Rochts'er. MiSCSLLAIfKors. Gen Wise, we regret to say, it considered to be growing worse Hit condition Is now regarded at critical indeed. The twelve Ellsworth Zouaves taken near Newport News on Saturday, the l5!tb, arrived at Richmond on Monday. A number of large guns have been conveyed to the upper section of the city Judge Monroe, late of Kentucky, bas reached Richmond The Judge Is lineally related to the eminent statesman of that name _ ''"'gas, of the ordnance department, hat called for the delivery of saltpetre at various K paid tbirty-flve cents per pound will I in psr tar. t f em Ptlst Knob J'%. ,ThomT"<>* 'f>tk 6 IKK) Heiels nttarks Col Mills with -(h) Federal*. -J.J miles from Pilot . d~\ ^derals li outfit and Retreating on. Pilot Knob ?Lots kmt-y on both Subs? A try,j at Pilot Knnb-An Attaric Inevitable? hetHforcements sent doyen. Information of a reliable character reached this city ia?t night to the effect that yesterday a large body of rebels, numbering about R (KWi men, In command of Jell Thompson, advanced upon a federal detachment of HW troops under Col .\1 lilt, at a distance of aqout twenty-three m'.let from Iro?iton, and j>av#? thpm bat'lf A desperate conflict ensued, resulting In the tiT and wounded on both sides u?L.e F"1'ra;# jwpawered by numbers, had at latest accounts, fallen back a distance ofeirbt miles, leaving a Quantity of baggage in the ksrds PnotVooT7' Cr? ,tlU retrpatInK towardt At Pilot Knob considerable alarm eiltted. and Col Carhn w^s making every preparation fir the Impending struggle at that point iAr. kbought to be inevitable last night, buw will not probably take place until toaav* Wisconsin regiment which left hereon \N ednesdsv. arrived safely at Ronton yesterday. A batt< ry of the First Missouri Light Artillery, under command of Maior & hofi-ld started from this city yesterday, and will probably reach Pllct Knob tbis morning The arrival of the Eight Wisconsin, will make the force at the Knob a little over three thousand. They have th#? advantage of Home beavr &*unt and s rong posltlor; but on the other har.d the foops, it will be remembered, are fresh, and not well disciplined. If M 'jor Schotleld and his battery are permitted to p*st through without detention we shall " ly greatly upon the a-sisianc? which lie will be able to render the (,ffi(;er in command, Col. Carlln ?St. Louis Dt ?noerat,16'b. Yw=?ATi'K\T ON, COMPANY "A" PI'TJ-3 NAM RIFLES ?Yop a a h"""by r -tues'cxt it!- 1"? C A,' ' "dai) KVEVING, .;ot 21. at ''j'ii] i J? Virg ma %v*una, botwoen 3d aj?l *U.,ltl?ad. Punctnv a tan-ianoa iesulred. By ordar. J A. BOYCE, _li l.ieut. Om'g MEN'S CHKI^'f I N AS-OC1. A'' ,7I?,A important mcs inT of?hi a Association will be hod n MONDAY EVENING, * > *K a ocif, in their Rooms, Ln Pa. aven.m, opP >> nH"> vn r 'o'. <I r An address awf11 ba del'vere-l by tha eentl?man to W.i.>,e activity elsewuere t:.e Association is er?atly 'ndebtso for the ar^e amount cf intT sti r r ailing iratt r distributed in enoa'i pmeut; and ho pita s durin* s vara! months tast. nnV.n i^a h"P,?clthat evsrJr mein'.-er w 10 ean PosmWy fctiend will be present The pnb'io are a?iw\Lted 8AM'L MoBLWKE.Jr, ,c n 21 Reoo.dp t Secretary TT*TmaiB.??,.l,-ITAff R!?-'LES. ATTKN?-X TION !?There w II he a meeti.,(r of this Company held a? th? Truolt House on Ma?saohusett,aven?o. on MONDAY, the 2ist of Oc'oi>er, at 8 o'clock p. m. * Hy "fder of the Captain. 03 18 3t* (V-?-?COMPANY ' A," V. ?. ENGINKERSTI l-k*f . fi'ty in'elliftent and a^le bodie<! mechanics will be enlisted to 611 this Company to the n:ai imuin fix?j by Jaw-iai meu. inquire at No. h-l6/1?' J Pay from 9)3 t? ^ per mon?>. beeidet fo<xl and clothing. au 17 tf iV-2^NS FOK 8A,> at R(,fl'T pi .. r A)1 . ^""oimaker. E ichth utrw. t. < c 21^ kiortg dono at tlie shortest notice. Linenandmarseili.es 9 *M|?T FRONTS. > very Isrce assortmert of Linen ai d Varseilles Slurf fronts, for me 1 and bo?s, 'ram 1?J2 0enU to ?i?. HE\RY K?. ? N *'i? i!outh Pa av? bet 6ti and 7?ii ?ts , ^ Mew Iron Hnilding. P'lvw^ri ?ri.>TKM , ANO DR1NKM IISG I I BK. lu-iisparrable fo- k Idlers, trave.e-s and ?porUm'n weighs I ss than one ounce anrt ?n h? oarri?d in the vost pocket. Th? ohean ?t a*id h st 111 use 8 I s rapidly Acquis want?d. 8jmy!es muled! on receipt of 50 o?cts h* t/.?? inan..fajurer, DAY * H) . Box 4?4 P. O . Newark, J6i80y 00 21-8t* T usa/t- NOTICE TO 8I'T?.KRS! \i-??' Yiju ?11 ^?an ?J}? hundrorl and fifty dozen Men's Whije Cotton Gloves Als . full stook of nd Cotton 8o?ks, Sn>perders, Woolen K nit Underthirts and Drawers, at the lowest cash ^ hfnry eg an, * i!outh ,ld#) Pa- av b*1- and 7th sti., 0021 8t New Iron Building, I bavW^,4^ FLANNELS. d~i i>Y ? aa 11.%r,# assortmeni of Wh'ts, 2nn*^?rrT &n^.Y#llow Flannalt, heavy Cosn[7 * iffit Flan re trnf dot ooiors, HaisUton and other c<K>d makes of Canton Flannels. .^ Bl'nkets. Shnvent't Blanke^atlowprines. H ENR Y F^G AN, ^ o?l!outh aT- b#t- ?ta., - 00 2|-6t New Iron Building. JUST RECEIVKI) ** o^iL AND FOR BALE. 2,mnlbg ^rerh Grapes, in prime order 35 bushels Chestnuts 5. do t*I,ell Barks 1.W0oans Fresh pea -hes. Pins Apples, Torna w2T"'?'.ard,nCf- Ao. 51 bbls Ginger Caket, Tea Cake#, Jumbles. S ?n?ps, 4.0. * boxat new Sootoh Herring qU Apples, prime M^roer and Swoet rotatoea Ca-.di^t of aij kinds; alto, Almondt, Filbsrtt, ? Crgam NuU. Wall Nut*, Coooa N.iu, Ao Union Note I ajar Envelops., pe;?t 1 nk. ^fno It. Blacking, Match 's, Ciga t, Tobic 00. Ac., and a large assortment of otkor a .. *' ?f?'o too m to mention. Sutlers will b* supplied at low p ices by 91 ,t J* PEARSON, 4&1 Eich* h st. j ?? 21 ~st near Pa. a*., Washington. T WAVP ,AT.TKN/rlON.' LADIES! km roidsrod Li^-n and am brio Collars and Sets, Lmen v^amhrlo Hanckerchieft. Colton a:id Woolen Hosiery and Ulwss,its. -v, , ADVAN fAOKB ARE? - JI* i?,Y*r ho?P- bsmj round and tnrosd ia front, [he?b?!STr. ka*plng the skirt ia psrfact terra ^ U tB ^ or gst sntangl d 11 fi-?0* lorsung a oirole ohv?'es if whi,e wa,kinf ?r "tuz* 1 amusements. Hfwi KATE*. ? . I MONDAY, OtfhtT t\ | Unabateo At'rao ion of I MISS SUSAN OKNIN, T Wtrnwil'lpi lr?? MRS SIMON I.ULLAB* , 0 and MAROF.R V (in Which she will si at a New fc V-rtlob of'Whul Mr. B?.i Kmim asJT OODLES. U*_ 1 DEMEMBER THE HRR<? ?{F SUMTER: IV The members of the _ 8A I ANDERSON CLUB J1 J tnt?-d giving th?ir _ _ . , 1 ST GRAND COTILLON PARTY faNfc I \ At FatsgLt* Hall. oor. 9th and D ?u . On MONDAY. Nov. it. 1M1. j ^ , For further particulars ?ee future acvert'se- I . menu ? I 'c onn fei.lows' hall: Is S*V*XTH. A BO VI DST. I " TWELFTH WEEK . ofthe CAM PBELI^MINSTRKLS E 0 R L E 5 or E T R 0 V P M. perforAIrs. J Look out for I c Tat Fowa New 8ta*?. I J FRANK SWANN, the Great Bum; i LUTHER HUGHES, the Great Comedian, i lately J of Sanford'a Opera TroftpesJ . . I . Morn EDMONDS, the Gr?at Violinist,<late?y of t Sanford's Opera Trotiae JJ . . _ If JOHNNY WILLIAMS, the BeauUfal Tefcor \ Singer. N. B The Manager take* treat pleasure ia ai- | I nouncinf the above named gentlemen a* bright I partion'ar stars. Th?y will appear on Monday I evening. Hut. < oo It) C. DUPONT. I | OOK OUT FOR THE MONUMENTALS!- f I i The MONUMENTAL CLUB take g\ 1 great pleasure in announcing to their friends JS < and the public in general that they wi 1 give#JB , their thirteenth GRAND ASSEMBLY atbuA j EiiDKLmHiU.enr 9th and D eta..on MONDAY > EVENING. Oot.28. TioketaSO oente, admitting \ a gentleman and ladies. oo It 3t* I ( T NOTICE < HE PARTY o! the GEORGE WASHING- ? TON QUA OR 1 LIE ASSOCIATION. eft I ~ which was to have takes place on Tnaraday I ' evening. Oct. 17. haa b?>n eostsmrd nrt- #M I , MONDAV EVENING, Oct 11.- The Com Hi IJ mitt?e pie 'ge theinnel vea to ma<e thia the most I , agreeable Pa^ty of the aearon. Proaperi'a oeie- I ' brated band has been engaged. Tickets 50 centa I ? oo 18 JK* 1 j |?OR PALE?A well broken Cavalry HORSE, i 1 Inquire at the Cavalry Stable* south of the I Treasury. oo 19 ?t* I FOR SALE?A very strong ? passenger new I CARRIAGE.sui'ahle for a olnb i>fo?cers. I . Inqmre of ROB'T H. GRAHAM, Coachmaker. ; Eighth at- oo 19-3t* I COACH LAMPS. FRAME BOLT9 AND KETCHES, SLIDING BOLTS, end all other I Coach Mountinga. to be had at ROB'T H. GR A- I I HAM'S, Coaohmaker, Eighth st oc 19-lw* * SUTLERS ANn DEALERS. ATTENTION* n D. Duprat's Superior t-renoh Black Varniah. I t e?ten'ed April 10, lfieo. the bert artio.eever invented I v for vamiahi'g boot*, harness, carriage*. miiita'y I & accoutrement*, and firemen's caps. For ?ale by I F R EYNAM I) * CO , 307 E at., between 13 h and I C isX Washington City. Office hours from t to fi I C o'clock p. m oc 13 lw* I i FOR OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS-Vuok tkln Gauntlets, several qualities. Heav* Grey Blankets for Camp aervioe. I 0 Blue Cloths and CasMmerrs \arioua Qualities. I Ona price only, marked in slain figures. We alao offer all kinda of first o!a*s l)r? Gooda I f for the genera! aid aproial wants of families and I housekeepers. PERRY A BRO., I 1 Pa avenue and Ninth st, la 00 19 3t "Perry Building." I a SOMETHING NKW?SUPE RIOR HULLED ] n COf?.V-Ties?b oriber, having got the agency I ( to supply Georgetown with this dehoete preparv- I < tion of Corn.yould r^?pectfully esk of his friends. I and the publo at large, to give it atrial. A:so, I , Popped Corn, plain aen sugared. WM BRAHLY, Agent. I4 Pa. avecue. between 18th and 19th at*. I . N. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monu- I f m?'ts, Table Tops, Ac. A large aaaortmenta wats I on hand. oo 19 8m I ( yHE COMMONWEALTH Or VIRGINIA. I f EXICDTtVI DiriKTIftitT, { i Whrkliso, October 12,1861.\ I r TO THE PEOPLE Off V RUIN IA I c. Whereas "6vera! of the Congressional districts I 1 of this State are unrepresented in the Hoose of I Kepre?entatives in the Congress of the United I . Sta'ev by reason of failure to elect on ?he fourth I i Thursday in Ma> last, caus d by arm'td men in re- I J , hellion against the Constitution and laws of the I t ! L'nitsd State* and of this State ; and it being the! t r:ght of the loyal inhabitants in eaoh distriot to be I ( represented ia said House by a Representative of 1 i their own appointing, the Convent on of Virginia, I r on the Wth car of August. 1W>1. paseed an ordinance I ( directing an election t > be held on the fourth Thurs- I r day in i otober instant.!24th.) in every distriot of I | the State >o nnrepre^ented ai.d where vaoancies I ( exi?t It i? fn-thoi n Me the law, by virtue cf the I ( ordinanoe aforesaid, that any pe-son who is rre- I j vented from att'nd:ng such election, by reason of I | the oooupat on of his own county by armed men in I j hostility to th ? Government, that such voter may I ? vote ai.y where in his Congressional district It is I , further ordained that the e eot'on shall be con- I ( docUd and the result a*oeriain<d. dccared.and I c oert fixl in the manner dirfcted in the eode of Vir- I , gima of the editu n of 18nn. Bt the Uth seo ion of | f oi.apter 7th of that oode, an? tw > freeholders may I hold an eleotion diree'ed by law at any plaoe of I vo ing, if no Commissioner to superintend the I same appears and is willing to aot,< r it no Com- I Riissioners have been appointed to ho d the ?>eo- I i tion. ; Now, therefore, n consideratrm of th* premises, I , I. Francis H Pirrpost.'-overn >r of the Com- I J monw-ralth of Virginia, do he eby entreat the loyal I votera of thu State to UoM eleotiona in their sev I , rai ois'nots on the day above mentioned, to the I ^ e-id that the p -' p!e may be represented, the prinoi- | j pie of representative guvernmeLt sustainetl, and I J the State have her due weight in the Nntioual ] ' Legislature , oo ift-'d F. H PI FRPtllNT. I 1 ^ ? OFFICERS ANO SOLDIERS. I \ ^.GHT l)K*r TS so d on a:l i ar-s of the United I 1 States, in sums to suit ofiioers and s.i diers. A so. I t l)raft'. o i London. Ireland, Scotland, * a'ea. ana I 1 Garinsny. Uncurrent mon*y bought at beat rate a. I SWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE. I ANT A CO.. I oc li-lni Bankers. *52 Pa. av., n*ar Brown's, i 1 ' SUTLERS WANTED. I i *1REAT ADVANTAGE* to be foacd by Sot- I le ?. and rtealtrs :n Boots and Shoes, at tho^^fe* I NEW YORK WH LESALE BKANCHBB] HoUSE, 34S PmnsylTaaiaavenue,(o?erwHj I Jsnney's Shoe r?tore.) I We osnufacture our own Goods, and aeli at I Nrw York prtcn, theroby aaving freight. Having conatantlr on hand a Targe Stock, we oan I . aupply at a moinei.t'a rotioe, anv ^uantit* desired. I , A large asrortment of 3 aole Hign-cut Shoea, and I Long-leg Boota. I < Sutlera liberally dealt with. A oal> from all dealera aolicit*d. I , WHITE HOUSE A UNCKLES. I f 00 7 lw2dp,A3w* I t metallic | * ARMOR OIZjf r o a I ' CleanlB4r. Pellahing. aid Preveattnf Raat. I j Thia is auperior to all other oila in the world for I 1 th<? al?ove purposes, as well as for machinery and I , lubricating uses It is equally applioab e to gun-I looks a:.d sewing maohines. It ia in high favor at I the Government Navy Yards for oidnance and I i maohinery. I ( Principal Depot and Htnrral Agency, I i PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh at. ] ID" Agents wanted with teams, to supply en- I , oat..i/mente ?e 8m I ) f|^ TO OFFICKRS. I! 1 HE CAM P MGN ? A Cainaa'rnirg Wagon on I the Prussian principle, arranged lor sleep- f7\ I 1 ineortoact a? an Amhu.anoe in "' * "H-.)* I siokness or wounds, with ample room for *- I ' stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and per- I fectly new, having been ju*t u.lt to order by one I J of the firit makers in New York, ta offered for sale I ; a* cost price. 1 Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown I , HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES I BROWN, at Mr. Irvineu Stables. Corooran's I Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 an?l 11 I streets. ? g I \ /^OCKROACHFS COCK ROACHES!-The I ' v gubeoriber wishes respeotfully to inform the I eitn?ns of Washington that they oan have all in- I seots and vernun destroyed from their dweliinga. I Hospitals, barracks, houla, public and private I bnildtcgs taken on contract and kept permanently] fee from a. 1 kinds of vermin Oraers respeotfali< I solicited and promptly attended to. Addreaa P. I REYNARD. Washington, D C. I P.REYNARD, I (Firm of Reynard A Co., of New York o't*,) 1 307 E st, between 13th and 13>* sts. I Offioe hoora from 3 to 5 p. m. oo 19 lw* | INEN SttEKTlNGS. PILLOW LINENS, ' B ankets, Comforts, Quilts, Cotton Sh*etiags I Table Clo'hs, Tiokmgs. Towel*, Napkins, and al M other kinds of Dry Goods for the a>e of housekeep- I ers. at our p. overb.a ly low pnees, marked in pia aJ I kg n res. Curtains, Oiloloths, Carpets, Rugs, Ao., upser I J floors. ; 1 An inspection of stock solioited; it unpliaa no ' obligation to purohase. PERRY A BRO., | oo i#-at Pa. avenue and Nii'th st ^RTJFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho's Patent Slaatio Leg ft Hand. J No. 316 BaoADw.y Niw toaa Theae unrnalled substitutes for loat limbs, t whlnh have stood the test of over Tt years exp*n enoe, and hare n-ver been sarpaased, oan be had * oaiv of vv M. 8ELPHO, Patentee, <16 Broadway, I ? New York. os 13-1 re I r DR ^CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. e BcaMh o&-%?? ' lith and 18U eta., Washington, l). C. 1 N^?UNn^^^h.CSr^cSa without oaasing pain or inooavenien?e to Ue . ~ par inot i Tha Boot or Rhoe ean be worn immediately after ! ' the operation. Hia treatment ia foaaied aa the I atriotly rale of eeieaee, eeoh aa all Sargeoas will ; RefersTo the Physioiana mad Rargeoaa oftku 4 dtr, Persons attended at tbetr room* er reatdeooes < w>'hout extra okarge. by leavtac orders at R4t 1 Pa. ave . Ut ?.n1i imli it*. o ? i ! ?>? AUCTION 8ALES By GRKEN A WILLIAM*. Aaotioaeers BAILIFF'S OALK OF HOUSEHOLD AND Ritchbn Frmmu At Arctwe.?Oe rHl'RSUAV. the tttk instant, I fkail II MW ' look t. m.. b* ?lit?? ob trMr of distrain for ns*e rent. at Ik* of I tab* 11* Wells, mm he ?oi?h t-d? of Pennsy tuU itmi*. bet wee? nrh Mid 11th streets.<tfie fla* wll' dNMHU the ions* a ?ocd s*eortmert ol Fa rn its re, we nam* ? part, vi*? Yah ui Sofa, Spnnr ??at Chair* and Roeker, liar hie top (' turf. Card and oU?r Table*. lares i ar.d 6 U>, Cottage iMli. C*m - 4tCknri, >tt*?e and other Bedsteads. Wardrobes aad WuhMud . iVindow 'Brtains. Parlor a*d Chamber Carp eta, -ather Be*"- Beddiag and Mitfwi J1 ?ck. lot of Oilcloth, Toilet B?u and P.NTt>'"it 'onkini ard other Store*, ?Vith many oth?>r srtraie* which we deem tiMCN art to nnm*pal*. T"""0"'.'" "*"* ? m*a?,?.u*. oa21 3t GRFBN A WILLIAMS. lift*. Br J. C. McGUIRR A CO.. Aaatioaaore. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD C AS E PIANO 5 FOITI. KUOIHT Ro**wtood Bbocaibllbivkbid Pabi-ok Fc??iir?i. Faanea Plat* tlinoii. OiiriT* * > i HotiUOLt tnicn Inmuv -on TuApAY MOB M %G. Ma >*r 2id, at lOo'cloot. at the large r**id*ne* ob R rreet, oppoait* i?af*rette t^uvre. rwoUt oooji jed bT the Chi'i%n Miriat*r, we ehall e*il all tke 'arnitnre and Fffeota. oomprtaiag? Perf superior Roe*wood Cue Piano l-orte, by I Hit e'f? eiecant Rorewood Crimen Covered Parlor Furniture consisunr of 8 large icfM-.f Arm Chairs. and Parlor Chairs. cb?*tiOT Otit Oas chandeuer and Ga* I- ixtaroa, luitof Walpat p!u*h c>?ered Pari ?r FBrnitare, lar.dtome E*?7 Chairs, Loan(?e and haa?? loae?rood*Marble l"* Table., Wa'n.t *upenor H o.. wood *fcr?t*,rT. Ha daon * Frei.oh Plate Gijt-fraroe Mirror*. ..adr'a Walnut Secretary, mi?S?2ZT' A ainut Extersion TaN?.?\?* Mr nc Chairs, Side Tables, p.a * /hina, Glaaa and Crocke-r. Table ul-*r*? .xoel ent Bru?*e * and ' t ree-ply Ca"P*t?, lair Carpels. Oi o!oth. Mattir.r, Valcut French and J<-nny Lind Bedsteads, Do. Dr**sin< and C am Bureaus. Va-drobea, Washstan^*, Toilet Set*. 'npertor Car'ed Hair Mattre ee?. B ar.keU. HoWters and pillow*. Sp_e*d* and Comforts, ligh-pr st and Cottage B?1st*a<i*. *acc aeat Chair*. Rorkerr, Arm Chair*. Iefrigentor, Stoves. Kitchen I'te^aila. A* , *e. Together w:th many articles of Houaehold l?rlitiire not neceacary ?o ermmerate T*rm?eaah. J C. MoOUIRE A CO., oo 17 d 'Repub.) Aaetoneeia fl^THE A BOVF.PALE 19 I'NAVOIDABLY" oatponed until AONOAY. Out. ?th. Hire boar nd rlaoe J. C. McGUIRK A C??.. 00 31 eodAda Auction***!. By GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Awst?oc*era. [TOI'llEHOLD AND KITCHEN FI RNIll Trsa at ArrTioN?On Tl'f.SDA J . the m ca*ftnt we will eell at the reaideooe r faireBflejftn deflliainr Hou*eke*<pinf, at No. ^S'i.Mh.beJ w?en G at.d B atreeta.a good lot ofFaraitare, ia? larble tc p and other Table^ Oil Paintings, '*r'or, Chami or and oth?r Carpeta, !otta<e Set and ortier Chamber Ftrnitnre, 'onkicg. Radiator and other gtovee, ind a good lot of K tchen Re?|Bi*itea. witk leany oth?r articlee which we ceem BnneoeaMty W ennmc rate Terma cash. c 19 tt ! Rep ) GKEEN ft WILLlAWSvABOta. By W A LI. A B AKN * R ?* Auotioneera. rRLSTEE'S SALE BY CATALOGUE OF Fl*K WlSte.LlQrOBa. A>II Sesab*. at ArcloN.-On TUKSPA\ MORNIN. , October ?d. ,t 10 o'clock, we will aell at the Aaction Kooma, , la'ge atook of eaperior Winer, Braediee, ivhi?k:ea. Jamaica Kuin, and other Li^aura, oon1 rtlng of? JaakaSh-rrr and Made ra W>??*v. ^ ^aeeaand Baskets Imperial and Cabinet Cham. and'ja'^'aaki Ota'd, Dup&r A Co BraiuiT. 4 i aiki Lcger J- ie<ie, and t?*ignett*, and Caetetlo larreVjaiiiaioa Rem and HollaM Gin. JarreN Bourbon and MonoBgahtia and Deeora Wriakey, . >ae*'aaaor el Lienor*. Vea Brandy and Whiekey, T hi* aale will offer a rare op^ortanity to Revtaaanta, Sutler'*, aid o'hera Sale positive and tanaa ash. Catalogue* wiil beat the Auction Rooaa mm docday pre- :ous to aale. By crder ofth?Tratt*?. . oo Ifl WALL ? BAWNABD. Auet*. Vf ARSHAI/8 SALE -In rirtae of a wrtt of M fieri facias i*sued from the clerk'e Oftoe of he Ciromt Court of t??e Distriot of Colnnibia BJ.d o rve dirroted, I will exeoee to public sale, for 3as?, In front of the Bank of Wa?hirgtoa. ob TUESDAY. tne 22d <!a? of Ootobcr :n*Unt. oomnenoing at 9 o'clock a m , the foiicwing goods aad ihattels, to wit. t!b: Marble-top Dre**ir>g Ha eau; Vantel Clock; lot Mantel Ornaments ; ?rerch P a'e Martel fclasr: ? ane seat ard Faney Chairs; B*d*teads. Bedding, and Mattreeeee ; >laas and Cni'ft Ware; 1 Globe; lot Blarkete. r'eatiicr Prd?. Bol?ter?acd Pillows; lot Pictar^e; ot Bruaa-ls Carpet; 1 Piano and Corer; lot Blinds. Chamber; 1 Mahogany Glass; Oiloloth. ft*., and it 12 o'cork. I wi ?< : i. u oiler eaid fieri facias, iot f oak i umber, a? the ? ane Factory of Jams* Jrutch'tt. and 'e?ie<l upon a* 'he goods ard latteli of J\me? ''rotohett. and will tr? e*ld to a*i?fy Ju^ioial* N? 8 <o January term, im?, is avor of Weils ft Miller r?. Jamo? Cru'chett. W 8ELDFN. * ll-?* l^*t* U K Marshal D. C. By WALL* BARN \ R B, Aact one-?re. f AR?E SALE OF WELL KFPT POUSK L hoLPFrrMiraB-OcTHl ^SDaY MORNN. 2?tti inst.. at l? o'ciock. w? will e* atihe ciide.-.ee No. 360 C sr., et weet ?S and f'h st*. a a te a sortment ><l Houecbold en 1 Kitehen Farai ure.oons rtteg o.'? llabocany Sjfas ar.d Chair*. .^rge i.umlier of C'areeU, ?xt?t>*:o:i Oini/ig snd oth?r Tables, Bookcase, tureau* Wurdrobe*, Bedateads, Itir and >huck Mattrettei, Bianketg, C-auorta. an' other Be<t<iing, Jiiekth. W a?h*?en i*. and Toilet Sr?s. j-.oe acd other Curta *, and CoTices. t iare assortme, t of Wood aad Coal rtoves, Inunone, (-enders ftc.fto. Te ms oaah. oc W WALL A BARN AH D. A?ote. RUCTION SALES IN PHILADELPHIA. WM. R SMITH. Umeral Auctions, 60% Oheenut At., above 6;h Regular Sales TUESDAY and tfATURDAY Mornings at 10 a m Fin* Table and Pocket CaUery, Ha*dware. F*ncy Gocds Soaps. Oris, Krashea, Ao . fto. Foreign and Lonestio w ines and Li?aors. l.iiio lota every Tt B'aday Morning oc U1?B* VIOTICE ?SALE OF PITTSBVRUH. *0*T In WAYNK AUD CHICAGO HAILRUAD8y virtue oi a decree of the Cireuit ?Joartofth* Jrited State* for the northern d .*triot of Ohio, in i oause intchancer* there n depei dicg, wherein harles Moian ard other* a>e comaia r.aut* scd he rntubBrgh, Fort Wayne and Cnicago Raiload Companf and others are defendants; and eartaant to auxiliary deoreee of theo roait oosrta of he United Statea for th* weatern district ol Penniyl*ania, 'he i tatriot of Indiana, and the aortbern iistnot o* Illitoia rerpeotively, in oauses de?er.d ng n ohancery in said Coarta respective:*,wheren the ?amefartiee are oomplainanta and drfend> mta reapective.y, aa in said oauaetirat above meu.loned, the undersigned, John Ferguson and rhon.aa E Walksr. as Granteee in Traat and Trustees <b one of the several Deeds of Trust or Mortgage upon which said dooreee are foaMled, ind a e<> as specia Master Co?ninia?ior?rs of the laid Court' reepectively, du'y appointed by said Courts reepeotivel* for that purpose, will ?el) at lublic anetion, to the higheet bi oer, for 'ash, but or not 1?as than the sum of 9S>njX0. at the I hi ted t*te< Court MoBse, in the City or Cleveiaad, In he State of Oliio, on the 84th day o'Ootober, A. D. 86 , between the hour* of Un o'oloek a m. and ouro'olock p. m.. of said dar, the following de loribed property,to wit: . _ The aailroad ol the Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne ted Ch oago Railroad Coajany, ino adiag the ight of way th-refor, the road-bed thereof, the inp retructure of al! aorta thereon, ita water and >tners atioo housea and shoes, and the ,ands and (rounds oonnroted therewith, and all teola aad irp ements used or provided to be used thereina ana in oon*truoting and repairing oars and aiashinery for said road, or the tract and saperstraotarea iforeeaid; atl tu-n-table*; ai depots aad baildiaga and fixtures and etruotarea of whatever name or ?etare, and the ands and grounds ooaneeted ther?nith, need or erond?d to be need in operating laid road and belonging thereto, aad wherever 11 taste; and all oara, eng.nee and rolling Btoek beongmg to said Co^eauy; and all BBBpliee of timber. isml>er. iron, fuel, and every other thing aronded by said Companies, or by the several original Companies which ware oonsoliaated into said Pittobargk, Fcrt Wayne and Chiaacs Railroad, to be need in operating said road.wkerevar situate, by the aamt tit e by which the ssn? are koldaa by aid Compact. or by aa;d original Compajaee, levera'.ir together, with all oorforative franchisee at aaid Company, and of tka eai dorigi nalCompa me* severally, ine eding the right aad fraeehiea af said several Companiee te be and aet as a Corporation, to be sold as an entirety. Sat i deoreee srovide that the pa ohassr, spot the >onfinnauoaor the sals aad fall o mp iaaoe with oonditions tbereo . shall kold all tne property, rirhts. franchisee. ar>d the appart'naaoes thereof to sold. > j the same title bf whioh they are held by aid Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chiaago Rail it aad Company, and each and ail of aatd original Companies, free from the lien ot all aaid mortcagea, and tree from all liability lor Any debta tgaiast said original or eoaeolidated Companie*. ir eitner of them, and iron all claims oa aeooaat >f oapital atock ; but imbjui. ?wesnAsis?s, to tka lens, if any sndh exist, Bpon any rsal ee?a?eiailuded in the aa e, for parohase money thereof aot >ro v i ed by said decrees tone paid oat of the preleeds of tke sale, or by former ordera or deoreee to is paid otherwiae The right of wayidepotfroaads no lots, and lands ib tkeT;ity and neiBity ofckiago, purokaatd by said Compaay sinee the peMoa? ol saoi ABits, and the t ',dee property anc other sai es'ate of the Company at tke Cityof Pitta>( rrh, are aubieet to mortnc* uaaa. The aaae ritl tie laolBded m tke aale bBtsataaotto aaid inTresteos, aad Maeiar Commiaeionora, as Jara?id. oo)? ROUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENE?S, Aa. COMFOimD tftlvfoieVM ARABIC. Tkta ple?eaat aad popalar Csagk Reapedy has rug stores^at >6 and IB oeata a bottle. iS^afeasBE."