22 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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y % (Slmiitig Star. :_ ' V?fe. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22. 1861. N^. 2.706. THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Ccntr */ tnuw and Bltunik ft. wrt W. IX WALLAOH. Papera aerred la p*ck*gm by carrier* it #4 rear, or 37 oeats per mouth. To mail sabecslbere the prtee U S3 JO a year, in Si for all months; SI for three months; aad for lorn thai three months at the rate of M cents e week. Stable eopiee, on cbst; 1b wrappers, two c*wts. IET" Abtb*ti?siib*t? should be aent to the See before It o'clock m.; otherwlae they may ?<* appear nntll the next day. A t'ONFKDERATE ?CCt?l'ST OF THE AFFAIR AT HARPER'S FERRY. I The Baltimore " Neva Sheet" (Seeeah) haa the following ' Southaide" view of the Ute Mtion at Harper's Ferry : The Harp?r'i Ferry Fight I Oorre?pondei*ce of the Md Newt Sheet ] 8**dy Hook, Oct. 19,1861. Meaara. Editor* : Having noticed in the Baltimore paper* aeveral groaa miaatatementa of the beta in relation to the akirmiahee at HarCr'a Ferry on Wedneaday laat, I write to innn you of what I know to be true, ao far aa thereaultof the conflict ia concerned. The forcea engagod were about 1.300 Federal troopa and 1,000 Confederatea. Aa ia well known, there waa a detachment of Federal troopa at Harper'* Ferry previoua to the akirmiahe* of Wedneeday; now, it ia equally true that they aw v?a tk.t n?t- j ^ >iv an VUIa, um lual VUUICUSrilt irOOpB irt. 80 much for th? statement that the Federal troops " held their position" in the town. That the Federal troops captured a cannon there is do doubt, hat it is one that had been previously spiked in anticipation of losing it, and will not be of any use to Col. Qeary, except it be for a table upon which to write " blood and thander dispatches." The loss on the side of the Confederates was 1 killed and 5 wounded, two of tbewt seriously. The yonng man who was killed belonged in tha ?i?ini?? not in service toere regularly, baring just taken up armi during the fight; be was on a furlough from his regiment, which is stationed in the vicinity of Manassas. On the Federal ide I hare seen four dead bodiee, and nine wounded men. I have also seen four men and one boy. not soldiers, in tbe hands of Federal troops, who claimed them as prisoners of war. They were sent down the road towards headquarters. Tbe report of tbe killing of Col. Askby, of the Black Horse Cavalry, is tbe most absurd and ridiculous seen that I bate for a long time. It may possibly appear more so to me from the fact that I have met and conversed with Col. JLshby sinoe the fight. He yesterday ferried two ladies across from the Virginia side, and iu tuvi wuipo vz uui suofinauoQ ne gtvt oie k brief account of the affair of Wednesday, which he denominated ''quite a small thing. ' I have good re?son to belive that the Confederates barae4 the mill of Messrs. Herr A Welsh, and with it a quantity <sT grain; and I farther believe that it is their intention te entirely destroy the town of Harper's Ferry, frona the fact that it has afforded the Federal troops faoilitiee for ebtaining information of aeTeneata across the river, whioh would be ateppad by thedestraction of the place..Speak log or ttoe burning of the mill, I most relate to yee ta incident that occurred in conneotien with the attempt of the Federal troops to remove a portion of the grain which was stored ia the mill. The troope commenoed the work of removal with a hearty good will, a number oI them having divested themselves of their overcoats ia order te facilitate their movement*. Whilst in this plight, and basilj at work, a detachment of Confederate troops in the rear of the town disoovered their movements and made a sudden deeoent upon them, which, however, they discovered in time to make their escape by precipitate flight, leaving behind them a number of overcoats, which were taken charge of bv the Confederates, who complained because there were no men in them Mr. A- H. Heir, of the Arm, has been arrested and taken to Kichmond in consequence .11 ? - -- ? uegea attempt 10 * carry water ou both shoulders," though he U generally believed to be a southtra man. I forgot to state that it required but a few hags to earrj the bushel* of wheat which *oam people, mi/ believe the Federal troops carried off from the mill. I will venture to ear that Coi. Geary don't believe it. I have written this much merely to give you aa idea of what exaggerated stories may be circulated by a person seeking " the bubble reputation" on the back of a spiked 32-pound r. Truly jours, C. R. WHAT THE ARMY EATS The exact number of Union troops in and about Washington is not known to tne public, and is not a proper subject for speculation. It i? safe to say, however, that either the number is very large, or the soldiers hare prodigious appetites, which, happilj, leave no room to doubt of their excellent bodily health. The furnishing of food for the enormous stomach of the Army is not ene of the least perplexing problems of the campaign. Provisions are plenty enough, but it is not always easy to get the best quality?and nothing else is now considered fit for our Army?though, in the hurry and oonfusion which prevailed at the outlet ef the war. larce lots of rotton beef and other worthless subsistence tores were palmed off on tbe soldiers. Since the U. 6. Government baa taken sole charge of the feeding department, there has been no cause ef complaint. Of ooarae this city, on ooount ef its situation, railroad aad water connections, and commercial advantage*, is the principal depot for receiving and forwarding supplies to \N ashington. The most ponderous item of the supplies weekly contracted for, inspected. and sent to the hungry mouths on the Potomac, is meat, in kind and proportion about as follows : 1/600 bbls mess pork, 1.700 bbls. extra meas beef. 34 tons bacon sides, do. of smoked bams, and (a duly prised delicacy) 125 bbls. pickled betf tongues?all of the first quality. Of sueculrat and nutritious miscellanies there are 1.500 bushels of white beans (strongly suggestive of a certain Yankee dish) 1,250 bushels of sptifc peas palatable in soap,) 60,006 pounds of rie?, and 50,000 ponnds of whita flint oora hominj. The fortifying qualities of coffee ire recognised in the puretinae of 70 000 pounds of prime Kio, and 120 000 pounds of the same roasted and ground. "The drink that cheers but not inebriates" is provided for bj 4,500 pounds of tea, green, Oolong and Souobong in equal proportions. To sweeten both of these beverages 180,000 pounds of dry light yallow sugar are considered not too liberal an allowanoe; and 6,000 callous more of saccharine matter is furnished in the shape of goed molasses. or syrup, m a eonoomitant for the rioe, end toothsome end healthy in other relations. The soldier i? regaled with only oae species of preeerv*! fruit, which, taken with a little water, ia aaid to poaaeaa extraordinary fattening properties. We allnde to dried apples, of whtoh 10,000 pounds are weekly forwarded. The formidable liat oonelades with 400,000 pounds of first quality pilot bread Some of these mountainous stores are ant by railroad, bat most of them by sailing veaels. From one to fire aohoonera, deeply laden, lea re thia port for Waahington daily. 6aeh aa are not needed for immediate uae are packed in the vast warehouses at the capital, agaiast the contingencies of abort supply and high prices et some future time. There ia a large aecamalation of salt meats; for fresh meat to the extant of 100 or 200 beeves is daily served oat to the army. Dry bread also accumulates rapidly, for over 160.000 loaves are daily baked and distributed. The Nation looka m .. a a .a _ J > iL on I0B4IJ wail# tne army eau, graapag nomiag. bat affectionately hoping that "rood digestion may wait on appetite. ?N. T. Journal / Commerce ID- Col 0 or ley la reported to have retired from . hta poet tlon oa G?a. F remont "a ataf It la Mid that Major R. M. Corwiae to liheiy to follow-his example speedily. Major Cerwta had the keep- > lac* the Fremont-Blair documents at the time they were mysteriously apLrltod iato the Clneia- . ati Eaqatier. lETOaa. MlfcheU left ClaelnnaU for hla eonnuod to Kentucky, ee Wednesday Hlacaaelaj theU 8 Clrcalt and District Court*, reqotrlag ) him to abow cause for disobeying a writ af * * ?# wee prertooaiy poatpoiiad until Nee. 1. .tLrSt Lawrence County te doing nobly She f*f tarnished her faii quota to make op f^L * * "tato, aod la few daye?when the or Tll.luiBrtwi Bad hli Tract [Mackerel Brigade Washington) Correa. N . York Mercury] * * * The women of America, my boy, are a credit to the American eagle, and a great expenae to their husbands and fathera, bat they don't exactly understand the moat pressing wants of the soldier. For instance, a young girl, about 75 yeara of age, has been sending ten thouaand pioua tracts to the Mackerel Brigade; and the censequence ia, that the air around the oamp has been full of spit-balls for a week. The tracts, my boy, are very good for dying sinners and other Southerners, but I'd rather have Bui wer's novels for general reading. Yilliam Brewn, of Regiment Five, got one of (them the other day, _headed, " Who is your Father?" The noble youth read the question over once or twiee. and then dashed the Dublication to the irroiinfl. tad t?v?V anma ?rv_ tacco to check his emotions. (That brave youth's father, my boy, is a disgrace to his species; he has been sinking deeper and deeper in h&me for some months past, until at last his name baa got on the Moiart Hall ticket.) I saw that Yilliam didn't understand what the tract really meant, and so I explained to bim that it was intended to signify that Qod was his father. The gifted young soldier looked at me dreamily for a moment, and then says he? " God is my Father!" says he. "Well, now I am hanged if that ain't funny; for whenever mother spoke of dad, she always called bim 'the old devil!'" Yilliam n%ver went to Sabbath school, my boy, and his knowlege of theology wouldn't start a country church. ishing to find out if he knew anything about catechism, I asked him, last Sunday afternoon, if he knew who Moses was. > Vm" ? lit L ? - 1 ? ? njB u<{ m. tuuii aim very wen, ne Mill old clothes in Chatham street." I went oyer to Virginia yesterday, to review Bsrdan's Sharpshooters, and was much astonished. my boy, at their wonderful skill with the rifle. The target is a little smaller than the side of a barn,with a hole through the center exactly the siie of a bullet. They set this up, my boy, Just 000 yardi awH, and firft at in turn. Aftw sitty of them had fired, I went with theta to the target, but couldn't see that it had been hit by a single bullet. I remarked this to the captain; whereupon he looked at me pityingly, and says he? " Do you see that hole in the bull's eye, just the siae of a bulltetf*' I allowed that I did. "Well," says he, "the bullets all went through that hole!" Now I don't mean to say that the oaptain lied* my boy; but it is my opinion?mv nrirat* opinion, my boj, that if he ever writes a work of fiction, it will sell! La Mountain has been np in his balloon, and went so high that he ooald see all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and observe what they had fcr dinner at Fort Piokens. lie made discoveries of an important oharacter, my boy, and says that the rebels have concentrated several troops at Manias. A reporter of the Tribane asked him if he could see any negro insurrections ; and he said that he did see some black spots moving around near South Carolina, tut found out afterward that they were some ants which had got into his telescope. The Prince de Joinville's two sons, my boy, are admirable additions to Gen. McClellan's staff, and speak English so well that I can almost ??derstand what they say. Two Ara^s are expeeieil Here to-metro# to take command of Irish brigades, and Gen. Blenker will probably hare two Aztecs to assist him io his German division. Yours, musingly, or t b e u 9 C Jjj^ep.k American Chess in England.? Wilkes' Spirit of the Times says : We learn, from the late London papers, that Mr. Lonia Paulsen, who was the greatest of Morphy's American competitors in the game of ohess, has reoently come out as the first victor at the recent tournament of the British Chess Association. The contest of the players had narrowed itself down to Mr. Boden, of London, and Mr. Paulson; and the former gentleman had preferred to stake the laurels of the occasion upon the deciding game instead of the usual three The game was opened by Mr. Boden, with a Ruj Lopez attack, whereupon Mr Paulsen adopted what the English reporters call a novel style of defense, wliich not only bewildered his antagonist, but puxzled all the lookers-on. In a dozen moves the advantage was entirely on th? side of the Ameiic&n player, and preserving it throughout, he was declared, at the end of the game, the first prise victor of the tournament. After this event, a match was made by the London Chess Club between Mr. Paulsen and Mr. Koliach. They will contend for the first nine games, and the time for the moves is stipulated to be twenty for each two hours and a half. The match will doubtless prove of immense interest, as Mr. Kolisch is the player who recently challenged Mr- Morphy for the sum of ?1,000 a side. Mr. Paulsen, though a German by birth, arrived at manhood In this country, and the whole of his chess history and training was develoDed in th? hHliiant school of the United States. How to Clsar thi Potomac ?A Washington correspondent write* to the New York Post as follows: There are several ways in which the Potomac can be cleared of batteries Those at Shipping Point ar*> commanded by a high blutt on the Maryland ?hore, and if neceeaary thia will be mountrd with long-range cannon, and the rebel guns silenced The landing of a strong force at Aqula Creek would doubtless clear the river Some time last Summer there was a great excitement abont the threatened closing of the river, and General Scott's advice was sought in the matter He replied that he could not employ the army in clearing every little point down the Potomac; that tf he undertook auch a job he would aucced in nothing elae; but that wnen the army moved down upon Manaaaaa the Potomac would be apeedlly abandoned by the rebels Thla proved to be true. When our troopa commenced the movement upon Manaasas the rebel troopa en the river below left it except one Point, Aqula Creek Th? National Loan ?The New York Poat saya: we learn that the bapka have offered to take the third fifty mllllona of the 7 30 loan, on the condition that Interval la allowed from October 1st. Thla Mr Chaae declines to do, and name* November lat aa the date of thla Instalment We hear also that Mr Chaw In answer tea proposition or tbe bank*in regard to thetlOO.OOO,Ott) 7 per cent, bond* wbicbhe la authorized to iaaue, informed tbe amenta of tbe banks that be had an offer from foreign capitalists, equal to 6% percent interest at par, for the entire loan. Mr. Chase, of course, expressed bis willingness to entertain offers from the associated banks st anything near the same terms HOTBSB DIXIE. There's Miss Dlx, In Washington, And Benedlx, the Colonel, And General Dlx, wbo Interdicts Secession schemes Infernal Pete Beauregard, look out for Jeff, n. _r.il Lt~ 4-i_ ? w ? VI Ui ?U BIB MlCftl, or W 111 hare to dance another dance, And tn another DlHe. [Sprxngfitld SUfubltran. CTA good story U told of the late W B Burton which we have never teen In print While travelling on a steamboat down the Hadaon, ho seated himself at the table nnd called for some beefsteak. The waiter furnished him with n mall strip of the article, such aa travellers are usually put off with. Tsking It upon hla fork, and taming It over, and examining It with one of his peculiar serious look*, the comedian coolly marked, Yea, that's It; bring me some " ICT The California Christian Advocate states that a secessionist recently entered an eating-bouse at Martinet and called for a "irst rate Jeff Onvts meal." In do*1 course of time the waiter placed b fore him a lar^e covered dlah?^onlv that aud nothing more." On removing the cover, seceah found snugly colled up a hempen rope, with a slip-noose at one end. He left? tad no appetite. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. limit 4f Rerresentativt of the Unittd Statu, ( Cltrk' OJU*, September 20,1861. \ In pvbsuanck of th? seventeenth seation of the aotof Corigreis of August S6, 1843. emitted "An act legalizing and making appropriations for suoh necessary objeoU as have l>?en uiually inoluded in the general appropriation bi'ls wi hout authority of law, and to fix and provide for < attain inoident al expenses of the Departments and of&oeeof the Government, and for other purpose*," sealed proposals will be reoeived at this olfioe until Friday, the 25th ("it o* October next at tirelv? o'clock m , for famishing the following artioles of Stationery for the u?e ol the Honse of Representatives of the United states, vis : Class No. 1. 75 reams whit? cap paper, extra superfine, faint lined 10 reams blueoas paper, ?xtra superfine, faint'ined SO reams white oap paper, extra superfine, plain 35 reams white flat cap, eitra superfine 160 reams white quarto post, eltra superfine, faint lined, gilt 85 reams blue quarto post, extra superfine, faint lined, gilt 50 ream* white quarto post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 10 ream* bine quarto post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 25 reims white quarto post, large sue, extra thin, faint lined 10 reams white quarto post, large size, extra thin, plain 50 reams white laid Bath post, extra superfine, faint lined, cilt 19 reams white laid Bath post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 150 ream* white note, extra superfine, large size, feint lined, gl t 50 reams buff note, extra superfine, large size, feint lined, gilt 25 reams damask note, extra superfine, large size, feint hoed, gilt 25 reams white note, extra super&ae, large sizo, p'ain.jnt n ? wmvc ? rurs supernne, email size, feint lined g H 25 rMihi white rote, extra superfine, email me, plain, gilt 25 reams white note, extra thin. No. 6, feint lined, gilt 10 reams whit* note, extra thin. No. 6. tlaia, Kilt 5 ream white note, extra thin, N". 8, plain,gilt 10 reams white note extiathin, No. 8, feint lined, gilt 50 reams Jesup A Bros, extra super fine, white wore post, ieint lined,(wide ruled > Class No 2 ?Enrtlopts. 50,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 6>t by 3>* inoiies 50,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 5Ji by 3V inches 4A.000 buff thiok adhesive envelopes. 57? bv 33? inohea 40,ooo white thiok adhesive envelopes, 5*? by 3M inohea lo.oon white thiok adhesive-envelopes, by S!< inqhe* . . Wn<tA thtrtk uy k- a> ' I , - .. ?M?W? ?... IIUKI ? w VU V WiVrpWW) U7g uy OT% 1U ohea | 1.000,000 buff thick envelopes, IK t>7 3>{ inohea I 100,000 buffthiok adhesive envelopes, 7?,' by 35? in- { ohes. , Cfr.AM No *. 200 gross beat met&l>io pens, in bozea 25 gross Ferry's double patent large blue barrel pens, fine points, in dozen boxes 26 dosen black swan qnill p>ns 15 gross penholders, assorted atrles 2 gross out and presaed glaas inkstands, assorted sizes aud styles. Class No. 4.?Miscellaneous. dosen pearl handle pocket knives, four blades 6 dozen shell handle packet kmvea, lour blades 10 dosen pearl and shell handle ponket knives, K blades 1 dozen office shears, 11 inches 1 dozen offioe sheara,9 inches 4tl<>ZAn offioa nhflnfB A innh?? 4 dozen aoiaaora, 4 inches 10 dozen ouior pencil*, large and email 50 p junde aealing wax, boat quality , 300 a poo la red tape i 5 dozen letter clipa, cilt and bronze I 2 dozen letter fi ea 15 pounda Indian rubber, medium aized pieoee I 4 dozan bottles p >unoe 6dozen ahort rnbbsr pencila I 4 dozen portfolios, different styjes. CLtta No. 5. 1W reama brown Manila enveloping paper,rery i tough, with smooth surfeoe, S7 bj 37 inohes, < to weigh not leaa than 42 pounda per ream 000 reams brown Mani.la enveloping paper, very 1 tough, with smooth surface 20 by 25 inohea, ' to weigh not leaa tnan 26 pounda per ream ; i 800 reama same as above, 19 by 24 inohea, to weigh not less than 22 pounds per ream. Propoeala for the above muat state the prloe per ream for p*per, and price per thousand forenvelopee, and be aoooiLoanieid hT *h? nt ?w? sureties intended to be offered. By the act approved June 17, 1844, the Clerk of the House of Repre?eiitauves 1* ' directed to oon- i fine his purchases exclusi?ey to artlolea of the growth acd manufacture of the United States, pro ' vided the same ' an l>o procured ofsnoh growth and manufactuie, of suitable quality,and at reason I able prioes. upon a< good.terms, af to 4uality and prioe, as i-an be obtained of foreign growth and 1 manufacture." A profe<-enoe will therefore be given to the productions of Amerioan industry; 1 and all persons making proposals to supply any article will state whether the came is the growth and manufacture of the United States. ' The arUoiea are to be delivered, free of any . charge for carriage, at the cfhce of the Clerk ol the ; House of Rep-esentatives, on or before the twen ' tieth day of November next. . Kaoh bidder, thouch he may desire to propose ' for the whole of the artioles above enumerated. ( I will be required to make a separate 9nd distinct ( proposal for tack class;and no proposal or payer i embacmg mo e than a single class will be oon- 1 sidered. Each proposal to be endorsed, "Proposals , for Class No ?, of Stationery for the Rouse of At-- ' * * ??rmacuiatl?? Ul tllB UD11SQ Slllffl." atld M" dreaaed to the undersigned. They will be ires of ' po>ta.ce. Sufficient apeoimena of each ol&aa muat aooom- ' pan? ihe proposals marked with the name of the bidder and the number of the oiaaa acoording to the above advertisement. The peraon offcrin* to furmah any deaoription of artiolea at the ioweat pnoe, quality oontidered, , ahall receive a oontraot for the rame on ex. eating , a Kond with two or more anretiea, aanafaotory to the lerk of the Houae > f Representatives. for the | prrformauoe of the same, nnder a forfeiture of , twioe the oontraot prioe in the oaae oi failure; , which bond inuat be fi el in the offiee of the said oierk within ten daya alter the propoeala have been opened and thercaultdeolared EMERSON ETHERIDGE. I ae3S w4w Clerk H. R. ?r8 UNION OYSTER DEPOT.-The undersign-d j respectfully announoe to their-^Cs f \ , frienda and the pub 10 that they han^X f?J I aiwata on hand a irexh aopply ol the^^JvjJw j beat O'atera the market oan aupjlj, | aad aerved in ever* atyle. t amines and Sullora aupplied. ( SWORD fc CO , ] oo 5-1 m* 493. corner "f 12th and K ata. SOMETHING NEW! .flR. f ^jGaiATBaT Disco very OF<foj ( A: 'J**! street, orpoutt tut Tkta ?r. OYSTERS STKAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a ro?4t) in (too minutes, the fast at txm* on Ttcord. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully mforina hia friend* in the District, and visitor* to the oity, that he ha* refitted hi* old and wxll-knowk istablishmint in a most thorough manner, and ha* made complete arrangement* to furni*h OVSTERs in any style and in any quantity. 400 to 60o ga lona sliuokea per day. SOW) to 3 000 oan* of Spiced aid l->eah put up daily?can* hermetically staled Furnished in the ahnlf by the huahe. or barrel. Paiaona wuhing to have Oyaters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore pnoe*. without fear of failure. ?hould oall and maJre *.r rang-ments at onoe Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of ma, as I famish an article equal to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioea Jnst aa low. TO 8UTLER8. Canned Meata, l.obaters, Sardinee, Clams, | Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F<?et, Tripe, Ao , ko..Ac. Also, Pioklea, Catsup, 8aJoes, Brandy Peaohas, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Freeh Lobatera, Cod. Halibut, Ao. In fact, every thing for sale in the Northern markeu al waya on hand, at reasonable prioee Hotels and families supplied with Oysters. delivered without charge tu any part of the Diatriot. in season, il the money la aant with ths order. My establishment is open from 6 a m. to 13 at night, every cay, axoept Sunday, when 1 oloae at 10 o'olook a. m. seW T. M. HAHVKY. M 1. FRAN1LLIN, I ^ V ^yjpi scientific and practical optician, 1 944 Fenn'??T.?' north aida,) bot. 11th %ai 13th ata. | Improved SPECTACLES, with graulne Pobblo , or Ponaoopio Olum, amtad oorrootiy for rrery mapt FIRST Q CLASS MILITARY FIMLD-QLA88&S. MitromfM, CumpMiHi nad M?thom?tie?l In . trubWnu. ?ttMlow?t Eutorn ?n?i, ? tl tr u &A1>QU ARTER4 FOKCLOTHfNO, HATS H. aDdeAP5-No.-4?oTrarath at., oparaite . Pout ? > ? J PIKAT RUSH TO SMITH'S, No. 4#0 B'*- 1 Or rath at., to aMjis n?w atock of Pail Ciothing r Tran>?. Htii r?M no I rjREAT RUSH FOK SEVENTH STKEKT, '

ll to cat Mm* of tbe crrat barta, a wl^ed h? M f Bi)H Johnston, altinore lock hospital, H? diu?wtd tkt most Ctrum, Sftidy ami mtif Effittual RsmiJf w I At World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VithiH ml *jia B*:k, Strieiartt, Afaeuoet of ih? Rldatyt ?od BUddir ^niniun Otaenarfat, Impottncr, Gto ral Debility, Ntr.??uanatt, ?>*tp?pay, Lurmor, Coofaaioo W Idtaa, Low Spir.j, iV:p^uou of iM He?u, Timnlitj. TriaUiofi, Dimntu o' 8tf at or Giddinttt, Oimui of tha Httd, Throat, Ncwa or 8kin, Afactioua of th? Linn, 8toi? tea or Bowala?thaaa Ttrnbla Diaordara anting from Solitary Babitaof Yooth?thtta Drttdfal and Dtttroetivt Pr*eIK ?t wtich raodar Marriaf a impoaaihla, and daatrwy b*th Boar am 01 in a. YOUNO MB If Eapacially who bar* bccoma th* victim* / Solitary Tic*, that dr<adfal and d*?ti-oc'.i?* habit which annuity w?>p? to an anlimily (ri'i ibou*ind* of Yonrf M*u of tha notl aialtad ulinti and brilliant intalUct, who might othtrwi** ha?* antraacad bataning Banatta with tha thandara of ala> aaanca or wahad u> acatacy tha liriof lyra, may call with rail cooidaaca. MARRIAGE. MilRIBD PlRlOKl.nr Yoang Mail cantamplating Marriar*, bain; awara of phyucal waaknaaa, arfania Ability, daforroitia*, Ac., apaadiW carad. Ha who c.aca* hiroaalf aodar tha cara of Dr. J. may ralifi aaly confld* in hia honor aa a g aatlaman and taold*otly r*ly apon bia akili aa a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft band aid* joing from Balnmorl atraat, a faw daara from tha coroar. Fail Dot to obaar** nam* and atmbdr. Liuar* aui ba paid and contain a atamp. DR JOHNSTON, v Mambaraf tha Royal Collage of 8arg*ona, London, gradaata from en* of tha moat cminant Coll*g** in tha Unitid Sum, and tha greater part of whoaa lifa ba* b?*n *p*nt la tha boapiula of London, Paria, Philadelphia and *l**wb*r?, ha* *Seet*d aoma of tha moat aatoniahing ear** that war* a?*r known; many troablad with ringing in tha h**4 aud art whan aalaap; great narroaaneee, being alarmad at noma Hinii, cuniintu wien rreqnent Naeinng, attended eoihltitaal Ith derangement of mind, were cared immediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yoang Men and otiiere who ba?e injured i*emee!??? V? a aertain practice indulged in when alone?a habit freuaenify learned from e?il companion a, or at echool, tha e-ffecte of whicn art nightly fait (van whan aalaap, and if not enrad, randari marriage impoaaiblt, and deetroye both mind and bodr, ehoald apply immediately. Theee ara lomt of the aad and melancholy effecte r.rrdaced by early habit* of vonth, ?it I We&kneee of tha Back and Litnba, Paine in tha Head, Dimnaaa of Sifht, L?*a of Maaca.ar Powar, Palpitation of uia Haart, Dyapepey, Neraoae irritability, Derangement of tha I)ige?u?e Fancuone, Ganaral DetiUty, fSymptome of Conemnption, 4c. M l!*TALLY.?The fearful effect* on the mind ara maeh la ba dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Coofaeion of Idaaa, Depreeeioo af Urn rite C*il fc^nraKn/< ina> i va ? ???. C?? iai? a ~ \ f T"\.. if oil. L"?a of 8oli?adi, Tirmdit#, IIMM* (dm* of tbi *?ila prod ue id. NektoL'? DMilitt.?Thoci'ndi can nawjadgi wbatti lb* caon of thur dic'.uinf hialth, inainr t-hair rigor, bicoroInf wtak, pall, mr'oai and ma'ialtd, baring a aingular ippuracci a boa; ibi 1711, coofh or aymptoma of caniamppiibabne 0* imprudence. Whin thi miafBidad and impnidtnt ota** of a????ara tpdi ha hat imbibid thi Mid* of thii painfal diaialt, it to# ertfa htppmi that an ill-timid null of ihami or drtad of di?co? ?r? ditirt bim from applying to lb oil who, from education and riapictability, can aloni bifrMnd bim. Hi falls into tbi hacda of ifnoraot and dtaifninf prmndm, vho, incapabli af carinf, filch hii pecuniary aubitanci, knp bim trifling month aittr month, or ai Ion* ai tbi amalleat fil Can bi obtained, and in dupair lia?i aim with rainad hialtb to nfb i?ir hia railing diaappomtromti or by tba aaa of that deadly poieou ? Mercury?haitin tba conatitstlonal lyirnome of una Lirrihli anAk Af ika Uaart U mm. A lila, it., frcfTft'ff *rifktfBl Npi4ilT* till dlath paia a parted 10 hu dreadfal oaflarinfa by eeaui.'f Mr", t <t*| Id* I otacevarad coantrr from wbeeo boarne a* traveler reteiui. DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MP0TKNCY. My thia (real end important remedy vaakr.eea of ih Off an* are apeadiiy eared acd fa LI eigat reeiorod. Theaaende or vfa? ey nerroaa and debilitated, who bad loot all bo,.. fea*o I been immediately relieved. All impedimenta to Marriaf e.PbyaUal or Montil Dtoqaallleationa, Lota of ProcrealiTo Powtr. Herveaa Irritability. PramLlinr and Weaknoee o> JCiuaaeuen of the moot fearfal kind apeadUy eared. I ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS, t Mart tMOuilrtb* cared at tM<* <*'? iba laai eeTonteen veare, aod the Earaereaa Importer. Barfilal openuona performed by Dr. Johoatoa, wiuieeaet! by U?a raponara ot the papara and many ether reraone, nolieaa of rnich lull C D?ar>H i?oin and avain l.mJnr m ?ko nakla* i!d?i kn (tuxlmg > a Jtrultmin'of character aoS r??p?n?l- i 111:7,1* * lalcicdI f aaraiua* la ih? icud. mar 14-1? NOTICE. SH9MIR ? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY-" Tbia Company offers to the pub'ic " Unequalled Advantages'' (or the Safe e.na Quick luapatch of Heavy Freight*. Packages, Valuables, Money, 4.0. 1 ko., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to &nd from the North and West de- < part from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expreases are in oharga of *xr?rienc?d and ' 'tUnbU Messengers. I All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "o?? I ialf uui usual rfiioi. ' All Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate 8tate?" ? ind all Articles " Contraband of War" -will be ' Hkfcskd. I Our Expresses leave New York at 1,5, and 6 P. VI.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 6.30 1 P ? Me Expresses leave Philadelphia at a JO A. M. and II P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 IP P. M. and S i A. M. I Expresaea leave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. and 3 P. < U., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 5 30 < 1 Nls t Ezpresaee for a'l pointa North and West leave < WasLnrtonat7.30 A. M and 2J0 P M. daily. i Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight i jan be made on application to thia < ?ffioe. < All Gooda vailed for and delivered frit of Extra I Jhargea. E. 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'*4 t*?,.r??l?*Bia RMV SUPPLIES, JUST RSCF IT ED? ~ 480 oana SAUSA6 K MKAT, 34U cans FRESH TOMATOES, 48'>oan? FRESH VEAL, 380nana BEbF.sismwfi, 241) oana ROAST BEEF, I W>oans FRESH MUTTON, < 240 oana BEEF and ORAVY? MOoans SOUPaud BOU1LLI, i SO cases FRENCH DESSIGATEU VEBE lABJjfcH. For Mile at New York Factory prioes. KINK A Bl'RCHhLL, se < Corner I and Hft??nth ?troets. &NKW BOOKS. STORY of the United Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley ; 3 toIs.; free b* mail. ft. The Rise of the Dutoh Republic, a history, by i John Lothrop Motley; t ro t oioth; free by mail, I. Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the ; author of ' Adam Bed* oloth 7i|oenu ; paper to seats. 1 Life and Career pf Major Andre, by Wintrop Barreent: #1.(0. After loebergs with a Painter, a Bummer Voyace to Labrador ud Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L. Nohe; The Manuf&oture of Photogenic or Hydro-Car- 1 bon Oita, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; #1.16. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICH8TKIN, ' apM 87W Psnna. avenue. VV BOYS'CLOTHING. " K Have received within the laat day or two a !ar?e aaaortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH- i IN6, embracing all etvlea of low-priced, medium, anJ fine qualities, wnioh we are eelling a t very low pnoea for oaah. WALL, 8TEPHENS k CO., 3il8 Pa. av., between 9th and loth ata. in ? (Intallitenoer and Re?nhhnan.i 1 CRIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS , ami COUNTERPANES,all aiseaanc ?u?;i tiea, Bed Coinforla,Sheet:net, Pillow Linen, and i Oottona, Towela. Napk'.na, Table Clotha, Tiokinga, Doyhea, Ac. All at our proverbially prioaa, i marked in plain fi * or** New oonwri, atraci era, eojournera acd oituena i rill inapeot our atoofc at plejeani. PERRY * BRO-. i _aeT7-M Pann.avenne and frth ?t? /m\ AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /Ay , n 4%1 Mtit libaral advano?a made on Void and rilver | Ivatohea, Dianion a, Jewe r*. Stiver warr.Clotbn<, Piatola, and all kiada of Matehaartiaa. tf aailaaa atriety confident. _ _ _ iauu HbKZKtKU, S?l U (trMt, **}Jm BMtNtMuilMfU. J [fi*" EPS-MHe, ^Lv.v,.*..ajiasa? J nfc'os ^iarss duras I ?^i UEADQl'ARTERSOP THE U.S. MARINK n CORPS, QrttTiiMAiTn'i Owe*. I WasinaeToa, September a, 1M1:\ . Skalbd Proposals, f rraoho^assseparate^ ,wil! be received at this offic# until 13 n'olwck m. of W dn?*d?y, ?>th of November next, for tarnishing to tbe United Statfs Marine Corps, daring the year 1962. the following supplies, to be delivered at the oHite of the As-is'ant Quartermaster of tfeeoorpa, fliiladelphia, Pennsylvania, free of expense to the llnit'd grates, in ?uoh quantities as may from time to time be ordered, vis : Class No. 1. 14.00" vards of Sky Bine Kersey, all wool, free frnm hair U lrnhas wirla ?/> ?ra<?V 9) AHn*A*?n mm "mm, m <n ^ vr-? 1WVUV* w 1MVJ wv NVi?H M VB HVW W IUD yard.(indico wool-dyed ) 1 fi.OOO yards l)?'k B oe Reraey. ill wo->1, free from hair, 4 inohe* wide, to WM|hffioinoM totHe yard, (indigo wool dyed. 8,mr> yard* Dark Blie TwiHed ( loth, all wool, for 1 ontfo m ooata, (indigo wool-dyed,) 64 mchea wide, to weigh a ouno e ?wud. 150 yardt of Scarlet Cloth, ell wool. (eoehiMel 1 dyed,) 54 iLohea wide, to weigh 16 oaioea per yard. Cuii No 2. 8 one yarda of 6 4 D*r? Blue Flannel, for orer*aok?,a<l wool, lindiro wool dyed,>M in hea wide, to weigh 13 onnoes per yard. 16 000 yarda of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel for ahirta, all wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 inohea wide, to weich fc'i ounoei per yard 1 Gra? Bianketa, all wool to weich four pouna* Men, wun ieu?r? "u vi - in d ac?, lour inches lone, in the center; to be 7 feet long and t feet vide, and fr e from grease. 6,ono pair* of Woolen Books, three sues. prop er.? male of go d fleeoe wool, with doable and twisted yarn, to wei b three pound* per dozen pairs, free from grease Clash No. 3. 6,ono yard* Whit" I inen for Pant*, SO inches 1 wide, to weigh 13 onnoes per yard. 10.000 yards White I iuen tor Shirts, SO Inches wide to weigh 11 onnecs per yard. 16 000 ya'ds i anton Flannel for Drawers. T> icshes wide, to weigh 7 ounces psr yard. , Class No. 4. l.ooo Uniform Caps, complete (except Pompons'.) 1,.V*> Pompons, red worsted, ball shaped, 4 inches in circumference. 3,nnr> hatigue Cap*, (wVh covert,) to he made of bin* cloth. i? digo wool-dyed. S.noo stocks. Class No. a. 600 k'obs f ost Buttons, (Katie.) 400 gross Jack*' Buttons. (Eagle.) 100 gross Vest. Brttoss (Eagie.) 1..MJ0 pairs Yehow Metal Creeoea's ard Scale Straps. 1 250 sets Epaulette Bullion for 8ergea~ ta and Corpora's. ' 3 oio sets Epaulette Bullion for Privates. f0 Red Worsted 8ai;bes. I 2 VW> TArria of Yellow HinHinr. 2rV*l yirdg of Red Cord. 100 Swords for Serjeants \ AO ?*Wordg for Musioiars. 5o Drum* (tenor,(complete. AO Drum Sliass. <00 Batter Drum Heals, 90 Snare Drum Heads. 100 Drum Cords. 100 set* of Drum Snares. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifes. CLass No. 610,000 pairs Army Boots. (infantry pattern. CLaii No. T. 1,200 Cartridge Boxer | 1,200 Bavwnet Soahbaida. 1>W Percursioc Cap Poiches l,20o Cartridge Box Belts. 1,200 Bayonet Belts. 1,2#) Waut BeiU. 1,300 Waist Piates. 1,200 Breaet Plates. W) Sword Frogs. ? . Class No. S. l^oo Knap*aekif. 60" H%ver?acif?. i 600 Canteens. ' 600 Musket Slings. n. ... n v/iiAnn iiu. >r? For making and trimming the following articlae, viz: Watch Coat* Sergeants'.Corpora's'.Muaioians', ind Frlvates' Uniform and Fsticue Coat*; Wool- J len and Linen Far.U; Flannel and Lin?n Phirta; |>'??en i Flannel tacks, and Red and Bine Jackets for Boys. The above mentioned artir'es mmt oonform >? all r?<p?f?.s. t" the sealed utar.da-u patters* in the ' office of the UuarJermaster Marine ( orw Marine Hayracks. Washington, P. C.| Ass slant Quarter master, office Marine Corps, l,fi? Sprooe street, Philadelphia; and at the Marine Stations. Brookl)n, New York; and Boston,Massachusetts; whwe the? can be examined. And whenever the artioles named above, or any portion of them, shaif be considered as not fu 1* i-onformiDg to samples, they will be rejeoted. and theoontra tor ?ili be bound to furnish others of the required kind at onoe or the Wuirtermaster srt 1 supply the clefioienoy at theoxpenseof theoontraot'T. Fay ment will be made upon theacoerted delivery , i'the Whole auar.t tr, which may from time to :ime to ordered, withholding ten per oent from the payment of account rendered under first order, t intii seoond order is filied, and ten per cent from . kcoount reudered under seoond order until third jrder is fil ed,and so on, until contract ia completed. r/? :L piupoaai ir-wsi DC MNOmpUKXI Df |ll( 101owing Knars ntee : form af Owtra*t?*. Tl.e undersigned, , of . in the Hate of . and , in the State of , urehy *u\rantee that id oane tae foregoing l?id 8 jf lor aappnea, as above described. be kooepttd, be or they will, within ten days after he reoeipt or the contract at the Post t iftce nam* d, 1 zeoute the contraot (or tile aame with good and inflici?nt securities; and in oass the r&id ihall fail to enter into contract % aforesaid* we f [sarantee to make good the diffVeooe between the offer of the said and that whioh may be aooeptod. A B, Guarantor. ] V V, OUTBUUir. I EF, Witness. ,1861. I hereby certify that the above named ire known to me aa men of property, and able to mftae good their guarar tee. G. H. | To hfi signed by the United 8 La tea Diatriet 1 Judge, United Statea Distriot Attorney or Colleo- > tor. No proposal will be oonnideted unlets aooorwB anieu by tbe above guarantee. 1 Pewapap?ra authorized to publish the above eutfthe paper ooi.taining the first meertion to this off oe for examination. The bidder'* plao? of business, or manufaotnr in* establishment, muat be specifically stated in the prosoaal. The a>v ve list of artiolea la believed to be about the quantity of each a tio e that will be fe**?red iuiing the jear; but the Quartermaster reserves the right of ordering a greater or lee* quantity, should the interest* of the servioe require it Proposals to be endorsed rn tbe envelope, "Proposals for Supplies for Marine Corpa for IMS." and add reared to Major WM b. &LAOK, Quartermaster M.. Cm Wasnmgton, I). C. seat) law4w HR. GODFHKVS ANTiniiTtf ?? 1 19 hut half centnry in the Hospitals of 1 Lonaon and Kan* for the oure of Secret D\>tarei. may now be had at UPHAM'tS,|^afifea^. No. 310 Chesnut street, sole agent for the United States It oocitaina no mer- , oury or other mineral, and will not harm the 1 most delioite eonstitntioa A ewr? gaaranteed and no change of diet repaired. Pri<*e #1 1 :Vnt by express Ho:d in Waching ton by 8. CALVERT FORD,oorner 11th atreet and Pennsylvania avenue^ sep 5-eolt UU PHAM'S* HAIR DVE '.-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW., :!?Only 3?? csnU a box. Three t boxei for one doi ar Gray, red or flaxen hair oan t be ohanged in a few seconds to a j-t black or t brown, by using Uphain's Liquid Hair Dye, Um beet <j and cheapest in the world, producing, the moment it is allied, a rioh natnral appearano-. fcach Box ?i urttAM's uaik UV K 1a w?rranted to oontaia ] u roach kair rivr aa o there Mil for mm dollar'. Sold by 8 C. UPHAM, 3!0 Otoeenat street, h ladelphia, and S. cal.Vk.KT FORD, oorner 11th gtreet and Ha. ave. toy t-eoly DK dupont's mjgar-coated pkmale regulating pills are^^ the rtry best ta ?<? They operate apoedi an?! etieotually, and being *agar-oo*ta- t orea'e no uanaea upon the moat de.ioat*^ r ?'o aoh a tn?l of Uteee pi!la will prove tfieir ? uperiority over all others. Prioe Chu Dollar a box. Sold only at UPHAM*8, 310 Cbeaaat atreet. Sent by mail to ail part* of the ooantry i? a aealed envelope. Bold in Washington by S. calvert PuKD, oorner llth atreet and Pa. j wa mm i mm S NOTICE. TYL1UH Autumn and Winter Wrappings for lariiea, of qualitiea bettor than uaually foand in tkia market, in Woolena and Silka Many novelties ta , Rhawla. With all kinda <>f Drr wooda for tke general and apeoial vanta of auuliaa aad hoaackeepOae srio* only, the aotaa' oaah standard valaa, ma ked in plain agaras Oar Northern aad Eaatarn coireipoadenta Mai u new aapaliee daily. Carpeta. Cartaiaa, Oilolotha, Ruga, 4fca? apper Boors. > i%ruon ?f HT i gHAWLS AND CLOAES.-N?v l<*a omm4 J On* priM oily, m*rk*4 lb ?lain ifir*j tkwa".""" "~aii met BfSaaSSb""'1*' A fine atoct at moderate ?noM. . , One prioe onlj. marked m plain In"*; **" * * "'TRtinr * mawi'j . * ?*"t3waSMivl w 9 THE WEEKLY STARoeaflafalac a gpmtm witty ?t MMk| l*C Uu eu be laaat la aay ?<hw U peMMhe* M PrWUy mcraiaf Mifliwpr, par m bb. .91 M Pl*a ooplv t W Twwly-|fi oapAee. ? ? ? ? It l-*-'T?*hi ?mbl^iif rrr' that baa made XV JbNJp iMMf ?aar eintMl eo geoeraliy throng boat tb? wastry. l^TPlngle eopiea (la wnppert) eta be procured at tbe counter, Immediately UVr tbe laaoe of tbe paper. Price?THRLK CENTS. HELMBOLD'S UENULNE PREPARATION. # " HJUUL Y CONCENTRATED'? Compound Fluid Extract Buehu, A mmd SfrtjU Rtmtdf For Dimm of tt? di a nnt'n ?? ?uayvcin , myn lto, or a ? kl, in vrur* 8ICAL SWELLINGS. Tkrt McUioim Iiotwh U? powm ?f Dtgsetiee, btd ezeitm Um amosibmti into fcwjif ?U?. by which tb? witut os cacnoci mmumi Mtd ft.) VHM411.-KA.L Ui'ltUtlTI mf nML m w? mm p*m am iRnuraiTioii, will |w f0f MEM. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'SJEITRACT BUCHU r or neMD<MM Arialnf Iroru Habita of DiMlftboB, Earl; lrdis?r?ti?B or A^ut. Attmdid with tk* F*U*wing Symptmi: Indisposition to Kxartion, Lom of Powar, I <> ? of Mrinorr. Diftoalty of Rrwtkm, Weak Nerree. TftpMlac. H'-rror of D'ssa?, WUiMmm, BimnMs of Vision. Pais is Um Book, nivsrra Laasitada of tk* Mueslai BfitM, Hot Hauls, Ftiikisi of tk? Body. I>rynotaofthe9kia, Emptions oa taa Paoa, raius corsriPsara. Th??e aymptr ms. U a owed to 10 oa. vkiah tola medicine invariably rtmovaiwooi fo.iows IMPnTKNPV. watititv aari.aanr pits In mm / which th* Patient wtajr Z?p*r?. Who oan **7 t*?t they ?re sot f>e? neatly followed by those "biurrr e;?ea???." ** INSANITY AND COMSUM rTfON." Many are a?are of the aeeee of tbei r nffcrmc, BUT Hon WILL COKVM*. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Mtlmmch?lw Demthi h flw??^iw. 1U1 AMFLI WITHEM TO Til TIVTI OT Til umnoa. r-E coj?J.jrOTcWdH5|CT.? Reqairec the aid of medicine to atrmgtkm m4 I tTiforafee the Br tea. rtaich HELMBOLD'tt EXTRACT BDCBl A TITAL WILL COmrTMCS m MOAT HMK1L. FEMALES- FEMALES-FBMALBS, UU) ?' / Many i/icliMJ ftruJtar M Frmmitt tha Extract Buoas ta dmu11c4 by ur oU? f ady, u in ChloroMB or KatafiUoa, lrr<(a?n?y, P%iLfa!DM?. or 8ip?r(Nioi of Caatowwr* KmnaUooa. UlMrstoo or SekirroM atau of CM Utona. Lenoor'bf* or WhilM. Storililj. ud for ftl) KitnplMnta incident to tbo mi, wbetkor arising r-..?: iu.w;*. Li UUI 1UUWVI VUVH * SI ?U1M VI WI IB WV DECLINE OR CHANGE BF LIFE ! ft KB 8TMPTOIM limn. SO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. VaJu no more Balsmm, Mirewrp, or VnpUnomni KtdicuM /er I'mImimi mmd tafin?M Diotnooo. llHLMliOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV CVKBC SECRET DISEASES !n all their 8ia?ee; At little HxiwMt Little or no chance in Diet; No ineoeTehieaoe; A*d no azpotwr*. [toMM a fre^n nt deeire ?mI [Itm itrei?U to UrinatJ. the'Obj Remonni ubetructioae. Preventing and Curing ftiriotnree of tbe Urethra, Alihfinc Cuaud let*- -*Cr?n, eo 'roe ueot lb the oleee of dieeatoe, u4 eiretliac e(! Pouonotu IhifZttd, md Mm omt Moll or. THOVI1HM FNI1 THnmilna WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, Ad who bare pail ieat-y/eu lob* eared la a abaci ime, hare f ?nnd th*j vera deoeired, and that the roieon" baa, by the use of "romtrful Mtrwtiaii" **n driod up in tba ay tern, to break oal la aa a?;raratad form, and f PERHAPS AFTMR MARR1AJBM. a Ua* HKLMBOLDY EXTRACT BUCHU II affection* an 1 ?i *eae *? of the I HlNiRY ORGANS, rhether euetinx in MALI OR FEVALKt rom whftt*T?T omm or iz initios and ro mktUr of HOW LONG STANDING. )n?UM of tbeee OrfUM repair* the ud of Diruric. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GRKAT DIURETIC, u><1 itieoeitfcin to ktre tk? desired effect in )imun fm vtut u ii rucommtmdtd. ITIDBMCB OP TIB MOST BBSPOBB1BLB AJTD BBL1ABLB CBAJIACTBB rill aooomp&or the medicine*. CERTIFICATES OF CIRR*. 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