22 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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% . THE EVEMNCTSTAR' WASHINGTON CITY; TCTMDAV OtttWr M, 1M|. On Fr-.?v6e at the v&rlow mil'tarr cusps and position* will w?nl*r % fcvor by keeping as posted as to iwmm* and iftln la their vleinitles Sftitt at Ike Mtrat>| PifM. The Jnttlhgene*r, commenting upon the Impatience expressed In certain quarter* form derisive engagement,'' maintains the wladorn of the Fakian poiicv in the beginning of wan between parties greatly unequal in rraourcea. and abowa Ikal m Maiai mU tW? 1? W.. mmm~ - .?? wmwmm* i H MIlU ?UTT \>UU irUCI ?C? IUVC UJT daisy If that delay la wi?ely ecc ployed on oar P?* Tb? Republican presents ?ome " Figure* upon tb? Negro" to show In respect to tba eight extraw southern Butts 14 that If all their slaves were art free to-day they would h&ve but a Utile more thaa half as many fret bsf roes, la proportion to their area, as ars mow found In Delaware and Maryland, whera they are esteemed to be a very oaefnl class or laborers " ovrm MILITARY BCPfiBT. TH2 BATTLE HEAR LEESBUBG. THE MOVEMENT OP GENEKAL STONE COMPLETE SUCCESS GENERAL BANKS ARRIVES. TAKES COMMAND, AND IS NOW CROSSING HIS ARMY OVER INTO VIRGINIA. COLONEL BAKER, OP OREGON, KILLED. COLONEL COGSWELL, OF THE N Y. TAMMANY REGIMENT, MISSING. LIEUT. OtJLONKL WARD, OF THE FIFTEENTH MASSACHUSETTS, LOSES A LEG. GENERALS STONE AND BANKS IN POSSESSION OF THE VIRGINIA-SIDE LANDING AT EDWARDS' FERRY. THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF COLONEL BAKER'S DEATH, Ac. ? Since oar lMt tarae we have received further particular* of tbe engagement of yesterday. and ale? particular* of tbe situation there Ibis morn"* . In addition to what we published In yesterday's Star, tbe journals of this morning have the following : STILL LATH . A subsequent dispatch, received late thla aftersoon, says that General F.vans baa four Held pieces and three pieces maaked, and about four Ihnimnil m?n A vKa w?? hWan tlona tbat he baa four thousand rebel troop# and ?xpects reinforcements G*n Stone at tbst time believed tbat be could occupy Leasburg to-d?v, and bold It. This dispatch Is dated from Edwards' Ferry. [Second Dispatch ] pakticclars or thi croshtss or the roTOMAt 97 ess ?rosa> command?fall or colonkl bak8r? a axrCLftK Wa?iw?to!i, Oct *t ?Gen. Stone croaked the Potomac this morning with one portion of his command at Edward's Perry and another at Harrtaon'a Island. Skirmishing began between the enemy. Jn uncertain number*, ard part of Gen Stone's command aa early st 9 o'clock In the morning and continued without mncb effect until about 5 o'cl'k In the afternoon, when large reinforcements of the enemy appeared on oar right, which was cematandrd by Col Baker Tbe Union forces engaged were nnlv about *?1g lateen burdred. and were attacked by a f?ree aoppoeed to be from fl?e to ten Ihouxand At tbla juncture Col Baker fell at the bead of bla brigade, gallantly cheering on h!a men to tbeconflict Immediately before tie fall be d*apn?ch<?d Maj. Young to Gen J'tntjc to apprlae blm of tbe rendition of affair*, and Gen. Stone Immediately proceeded In rerton toward* the rlpbt to take command. but In tbe confuaton created by the fall of Col Baker the right wing auatalned a repulse with conalderable loaa Gen Ptone report* that the lef. wing retired In good order He will hold poeaeaalon of Harrlaon. Ialand and tfce approacbea thereto Strong reinforcement* will be aent forward to Gen Stone during the night Tbe remalna of C?1 Baker were removed to Pootaivllle and will be brought to thla city on Wednesday To thla we have to add that the objact of the movement (crossing the river) of General Stone. *m to secure the command of the Virginia there, that hia division, and ttast of General Banks, covld be nafely transferred to the soil of Virginia. After crossing bis sdvance, he sent out Colonel Baker, witfatportions of three regiments?(bis own, the IMassacbusetta 15th, and the N. Y Tammany regiment?numbering, in all, about l.eOO 4Den?forming bia right wing)?to reconnoiter la force in the direction ol I^eeaburg. Both his wings?his right snd left?were au tack<d aa early as at 9 a. ra, but repulsed the fDMBV vk#r?v*r K? a?* -* * - ? , ...... .|r^incu. A< IIWUl 9 P III. the right wing found Itaelf confronted by near fear thousand of the enemy under Gen. Kvan?, with artillery. Evans attacked Baker's command in front and ee both flanks. Baker gallantly essayed a charge, la Baking which be was killed, and bis command suffered considerable loss. The officer left ! command of It by his death then very properly gave the order to fell back to a position near the river bank, where he could be supported by Gen. f tone and the otber portion of hi* army that bad by that time effected a crossing of the river. This order was obeyed In good order, and be carried with him all his wounded and dead. Col. Cogswell, the coamander of the New York Tammany Regiment, (Capt. Cogawell of ( 8th Infhntrv, V. 8. A ,) la among the mining. Lt. Col. Ward, of tbe Maaaaebuaetta Fifteenth, waa wounded In the aftlr; losing a leg. On reaching tua poaltlon aelected, tbe right wlag turned, and both wtnga held their own upon It, though under the Ire of the enemy, which gradually slackened until midnight, by which time It ceased; having for noire hour* before become little more thin picket shooting, M It were Throughout the night the balance of General 1 Stone's force crowed the river and threw ap temporary works that rendered his position secure, ad easbled him to protect the crossing of the i division of Gen Banks, to bo essayed this morale Our Information so far, thla forenoon, is that Gas. Baaka army duly arrived at the Maryland J load If of Edwards' Parry last night, and has | ham crossing the river sscuroly since daylight. I Goo Banks is la peraoa on the Virginia slde) I nod has assumed the chief command there Kjrw ftviag prcw WUB IBM ITR edition of to- ( day we have not learned that the enemy have ae- j rtoualy iraewed the engagement of yesterday. 1 Sea. MeCall<a di virion remaina la about the paaitloa tta aaia body baa held for aome daya | past, from whence It may operate effectively la , any required direction ; Its praeeace higher op the river to aapport the important movement of Gea < ante Sum aad Baaka aot having been aeeeaeary, 1 aa the remit prove* ' P. S ?Oar total killed, wounded and mlaaiag, J a the courno of the day, wu about 106. l i All IKKOBWVa 1RIOVKIIIIHT. < &im of oar coOMaponrtes u? w bully la error im saaoonolng the aAlr of yesterdsy, opposite i Leeoburg, ese rtpmU* of UNUatt* troops. Oa I theoeoirary, ltwasemlseatlysoereoBful; Geoenl I Wmo bovlaf rtftets* Us object, though with 1 mm loos la his right wlaf while eageged ta easaaoltrrlaf laadvaaeeef his mala eperattooe 1 While sll lazaret the dssth of Bther, sad that < Coloarl Cogswell Is probably la the enemy's I hood,, 6?*ersl Meat 's saccsss Is stiU a glorious 1 I i fiun *fm . f H B IiriDlTIOS SAILED. The expedition from Annapolis sailed yesterday. Among the troop* composing the portion of tt that embarked there, are the following Viz: First Brigade?Gen. Viela commanding. New Hampshire Third, on the Atlantic; New York Forty-sixth, on the Daniel Webster; New York Forty-seventh, on the Roanoke; New York Forty-eighth, on the Empire City; Maine Eighth, on the Ariel. Serond Brigade?Gen. Steven* commanding. Roundhead Pennsylvania, live companies Pennsylvsnla Fiftieth, on the Ocean Queen: live compnnles Pennsylvania Fiftieth, Michigan Eighth, New York 9eventv-nlnth, on the Vanderbllt Third Brigade?Gen. H. Wlpht commanding. New Hitupblre Fourth, on the Baltic; Connecticut Sixth, on the Marlon and Parkersburg; Conntctient Seventh, on the Illinois; Maine Ninth, on the Coatzaeoalcos Division and staff, on the Atlantic. In addition to theae troop#. we learn that quits as many more join the expedition at Old Point, having been quietly shipped to that end at New York, Boston, and elsewhere. Whers they are to strike, no one outside vet knows. THK D?ATH Of COL. BAKU. The announcement of the death of thin gallant officer hns caused the deepest sorrow in this city, where be was *o well known and was held In such general esteem. At the White House the Intelligence had additions! polgnanre from the warm personal r^pard existing between the President and the deceased President Lincoln, in fact, seems to have felt the loss as if cf a brother, and wslked the floor of his room through the night in the greatest grief Mrs. Lincoln Is mot receiving visitors this morning from the same cause. It was the desire of the Prexldsnt and Mrs Linuln that KjwIO n~IA..I U-1 .1 > -? I? ~ ? ..vm, ?? uvivuci u?ci nuuuiu ue tiken to the White House and placed In the Eait Room, but the house being juat now In the hands of the upholsterers that course was not practicable, and the body will be brought to the residence of Major J. W. Webb, in this city. % COL. P.ST 6.COOKS This distinguished Colonel of United States dragoons, who reached here, from Utah, on Saturday evening last, It Is understood will soon be assigned to an Important position In the field. One of the few faithful officers from the South in the present crisis, his general refutation is that of being one of tbe moat accomplished, gallant, ahd efficient Midlers of the regular service. W ttb a sou and two sons-in-law holding Important commands In tbe oligarcby'sservite, be continue* to cling to tha Stars and Stripes, and tu tbe true path of soldierly honor, and should be cherished accordingly by the Government. A native of the particular region of Virginia wherein Major General McClelian's operations are to come off, h<a name in connection with tbe Uslon cause?as the cuiiiiiiouatr 01 a column 01 me union army Ibcrs? would prove a tower of strength to the cause I tself We know no other officer of the present regular service to largely connected there, so well known peraonally there, or ?o universally favorably regarded there MOtl REBEL BATTERIES T7FOM THE RIVElt A day or two since Lieut Hatrell, commanding the Freeborn, was Informed that the enemy were constructing more balteriea on Matthias Point. Yesterday morning, he sent his own vcaael and the Island Belie down to watch the roint. Shortly b?*f?rc sunset he heard flrlnz there, and ? ut th? Fescuc down to see what it meant. She wai in- j foriiud that the two vetoel* firit vent down had : belled the wcod?, and were aniwered by a tire from them, followed by the clearing away of the V/oodsand unde growth upon the point sufficient to expose batteries ?.? eighteen guns commanding the channel of the river, where It courses but 5<?0 yards from the Virginia shore. The Freeborn and Island Belle are now below Matthias Point The new batterl?a. we take It for granted, effectually comm. nd the navigation of the river; closing it until a lsnd for^e may demolish them They are so located aa to be able to throw ahnt into passing vessel* for a distance of four or Ave mile* when they may attempt to dojibl" the point. THE STEAM BATTERIES SAM. We have been favored with a copy of a letter addreaned by Mr Ellet, Civil Engineer, to the President of the United State# aoine timealnce, calling the President's attention to the powers of the Steam Battering Ram as a ineana of harbor defence. It la a noticeable fact, that In this letter Mr. i?ia 11 iiMCk uiauiioiiT aniiun w pruoauie JOSS Ol some of our blockading vessel* at the mouths of the Mlantaalppl, which he thought wcr? exiwsed to tbeaasault of a steam ram In courts of construction at New Orleans, and against which he regarded the guns of the fleet as no adequate protection : gkorcktows, D 0 , ?*ept m, 1-<61 Hi* Ertfllt.Hty, President Lincoln 8*ia : You are very likely to hear, at no dl?t>nt day. of the loss of acme of the vessels of our blockading squadron in the Qulf of Mexico. I fcave endwivnred, for more than six venrs to Induce the Navy Department to take up and Investigate the proposition to Introduce sttnm hotter inf ram* In naval warfare. But I have not been able to Attract tfce anrlous attention of the Department, although I have presaed the subject upon three successive administrations I address nivself now to you. in the hop* that on may listen to the assurance whirh I xl?e you, that, for a moderate coat, a sU-am vessel can he constructed of sufficient strength to alnk any ahlp that ever floated, by the mere force of collision, and without herself soff<*rlne material iniury While I have failed entirely to lm press itIv view* upon the confidence of any of the Secretaries of the Navy. yet. since their publication and distribution to Congress, the suggestion has been taken np and applied on a most extended scale, by both the French and British governments?under the recommendation of eminent engineers and navsl officers: so that, In the event of a foreign war with any naval power, we must look for the applies ^on 01 our own svsf m against ourselves Tbe rebels at Nr* Orleans and Mobile are at work,?as I Informed the Secretary of tbe Navy some four montbsago?building rams to run down our blockading ?ew*!?; and,since we have nothing there to oppose to them, as I think we ou?ht to bsve, I greatly fear thst we ithall soon receive accounts of some serious disasters in that quarter. My principal object in calliag vour persons] attrntlon to this *ubf?ct now, however, is to recommend the steam baturimg ram an the only effectual means of defending our rivers and harbors against the modern Iron-plated. and shot-proof vessels, which England and France are Introducing Into tbelr navies If It 1* tbe purpose of the Government to strengthen out nea-board defense*, with a view to possible contingencies, allow me respectfully to urge upon your attention the value and efficiency of the steam ram?the direct shock of tthick the hull of no iron-plated vessel tan resist I remain, sir, with great respect, your obedient servant, Cbablks Ellbt, Jk., Civil Engineer. 5AVY TABD?Kivim NKWS. The Harriet Lane came up from Indian Head, and anchored in the stream oppoalte the yard, at about 4 o'clock this mnrnlnnr It la that any Teaael bound up paaaed the batteries last nigbt, and none paaaed down; one or two achoonera would bare made the attempt, but were reitralned by the lotllla at Indian Head. One icbooner, the master of which aeemed too anxLoos to proceed, waa compelled to lay under tbe {una of tbe fleet An Irishman wis brought up on the Harriet Lane who waa caught last night attempting to cross from the Maryland to ibe Virginia ahore. Hit account of hlmaelf waa ao confused and unlatisfsctory that It waa deemed proper to take him Into custody. It li reported that the battery at Matthiaa Point ha* been greatly strengthened, and that there are now eighteen heavy guns mounted at that point. It Is asserted by some river men that between Aqula Creak and Occoquaa Bay the Confederates have a number of seine boats and long boats In me creeas, im lba( they Have probably built a mmber of lunchci, but no evidence of this stale it things has been presented The reports that s lumber of vessels bound down bsd been seised ?y the Confederates Is without foundation, not >ne Is known to have been thus taken The main portion of Oen Sickles' brigade Is tow opposite the Confederate batteries, and are troagly entrenching themselves, and It Is said tie preparing to aet on the offensive against the latteries The following steamer* are now at the yard : Dawn, Hetxel, Harriet Lane, Meant Vernon, ?<r:ir de Mon and Anaeosta Tue flrst r.amed ear will probably join the lotllU ibis afternoon, rue Aaaoostls Is being thoroughly overhauled. . A body ot seamen are ?mg*f*d every day )H , d ImPPPIMPHr' - proving guna, at the wharf midway between the Navy Yard and Araenal The household goods, of which we epoke veaterday aa loct by the capture of the achooner Fairfax. mainly belonged to Mra. Elizabeth Kvans, a widow lady 75 yeara old, late resident of Willl?maburgb, NY, and the total lesa t? estimated at full 92,500. .!>?? Tnk Latest C^cahrkt. or inn Ntw Yon* F.ditobs ?The New York Tribune lately pitched Into the Journal of Commerc? with critical severity f?r quoting street ialea of cheatnuta at twelve centa a pint whereas they -*ere selling at ' lesa than a dime a quart " The Journal of Commerce retort* that the Tribune U a political aheet and "doesn't know the difference between iuKA'.M.U m~A 11 wuuicoai? aim rcwu UI^TbeU H sloop of war Vlncenne*, sported captured or sunk by the rebel* at the mouth of the Mississippi, wia a v???el of 700 torn burthen, and mounting 20 gnna. She was built at Brooklyn In 1W6, and, in her day, bss done much valuable service, In various portion* of the glol>e. Though a much more Important vessel tbsn the Preble, she. like that vessel, had aeen her beat days, and her loss to the Navy will hot be severely Ml. ITT" From the publishers we have an early copy of the Atlantic Monthly for November. This magazine maintains all Ita intereat despite the troublous timet, or rather It make* the war subsidiary to the attractiveness of its columns aa furnisblLg striking sut^ect matter, which the Atlantic works up to the beat advantage a valfablr hup ?to ibe publisher, J. T. I.lryd, New York, we are indebted for a valuable Topographical Map of Kastern Virginia, which la to be followed ahortly by the publication of a ainillar map of Western Virginia. No publlcatlona could be more apropoa to the times. lO" From Hudson Taylor we have a fine panoramic map of the Misaiasippl from Alton to the Gulf of Mexico, published by Schonberg A Co., New York. Just the thing for the tlmea. f?7~ From Frank Taylor we have a useful little "Manual of internal rules and regulations for men ofwar," by Capt U. P. Lew, U.S. N. Capture of Mobk Prizk Schooners ?In addition to the schooners Beverly and Alert, and other vessels mentioned previously aa being captured by United States vessels and brought intr> tbls port, It the schooner S T Garrison, loaded with 10" cords of pine wood, seized by the U. S. gunboat Louisiana, Lieutenant Commanding A. C. Murray, on the *th instant. In the Inlet between Cblngoteague and Wallop's Islands, on tbe eastern shore of the Virginia coast. The Louisiana also captured live other vessels in the sauie water, two of them laden with wheat, one with corn, another with sweet potatoes, and two, with the Garrison, laden with wocd Three of the vessels had no papers, while the remainder were, without doubt, the property of secessionists in Virginia. The Garrison is about 1-25 tons burthen and balls from Cape May ?he was brought into port lu charge of Acting Master Levin C. Wood, I S. Navy, with a prize crew of four xeamen fr >m the gunboat, and was transferred to the custody of Prize Commissioner Ha:.an niid Marshal Bomfint, the former ??f wbfcn will investigate the case. I h^ other ttve vessels s Wl remain down the bay iu i,u?rk:e of the gunboat Loui* ana. On the tth lusiant, the day previous to the fcab?# 1>.~- 1- 1 ?? " .ulv v< tunc iwc?, Liinn. Murray sent two baa:*, containing ten and twelve men respectively, under command of Siiling Master* Hooker and Furnes*, to cut out a lar^e schooner, which wai evidently being prepared for pri*at?-erlng purposes. die being hauled upon the beach,on ChlnCoteague shore, to be recaulked, 3tc The gunboat took a position about one mile from the beach, prepared to protect the crew of the boats, which on approaching the schooner I were attacked by a party of fifty or seventy men, [ concealed behind the bushes and undergrowth. Lieutenant Murray immediately sent another boat to the assistance of the two boats, the crews 1 of which reached the supposed privateer schooner, and having no nuans of drawing h< r off, deterI ...I ?- J--* ? - * - * . leu vo uriiroy ner oy nre TDK purpose w.,? I ettected.and tb^ schooner burned to the water's edge. Tbe crews of the boats reached the gunboat In safety, though the side.* of two ofNhe boat* were cut by the balls from the enemy, Mr Hooker, In command of one of them, received a ball In bis right breast. As soon as Lieutenant .Murray observed the att-tck on the crew* of the small boats he opened tire on the enemy on the beach with bis guns and dlspemed them Immediately. two of them beiny badly wound ?*d were carried off by tbelr comrades ? Bali. American DlTflCVLTT WITH TUB MoKGAS RlFLKft ?'The order for the consolidation of this rommfaiid with thf UnlUd States Rlttes becoming known among the soldiers of the command, much feeling was manifested, which on Sunday reached Its climax At the noon par.'de, after the formation of the line, the soldier': desired to see Colonel Lutz, the lint-flf*#!#**! rnmmanHor ? -* - * f ?- - , nuu iunru|H;u SlcppCd to the renter ft the line and addrcae d the regiment, stating that nothing rould 1m- done now to change the order. The whole arrangement was completed through the Instrumentality of a committee who were politically opposed U> blin, and If anything could be lata to his charge, It w<ii that he had not money enough He would never serve under Krxyianowsky, but st!U he t-usted i bat the soldle-s would not forget tbeir tint d .ity? obedience to their superiors, whoever th^-j might l>e The Lieutenant Colonel and Chaplain followed in similar remarks, after which the parade was dismissed In the afternoon the non-commissioned officers and private held a meeting, at which It was resolved to r><]uest Col. I.utz and I.leut. Col (itllminn to take position under the new commander. >...? K?#l. ?1 * uu? >n>?u U| ?ur*?C III ICUiril rei uwu The fetling In the regiment la very bitter toward Col Krzvzan<>w(ki. a* a majority of the men ?-rved before under Col. Liitz, and re-enlisted under him Col Lutz acUd as Major In Blen ker's regiment at the battle of Bull Run, and was in command of the ltft wing of that regiment.? iV. Y. Expreti. The Latk Thomas Wildkt ?At an early hour yesterday morning the bodv of this patriarch was removed from his late residence, corner of Gay and Front street* to the room of the Grand Lod^e in the Odd Fellows' Hall and laid in state. During the morning thousands of our citizens visited tlie hill andgaz.'d for the last time upon the features of the deceased The officers of the K W.Grand Lodge have decided the funeral obsequies shall take place this morning from the hall at 10 o'clock, one part of the exercises being conducted In the Grand Lodge Room and the other at the Cemetery The deceased will be burled In the Odd Fellows' lot. Greenmount Cemetery. All the bodies of the Order in this city, and others In the State, and from Washington, Delaware and Fhlladelrihia will r>?1 ? ?' 1 * I? ? t > in j/?invi|?ic ill IUC UOWtJUlPH. The funeral will be the moat Imposing afftir that baa rvei been witnessed in tbia city. Tbf following ia the route of the proceasson : Leaving" the Hall, the procession will proceed down liay atreet to Baltimore, up Baltimore to Cbarlea, out Charles to Jobn atreet, and from thence to the Cemetery Returning, the procession will pass down (jrrenmount avenue to Madiaon at., thence to Alsqulth. thence to Fsyette, Fayette to ?ay, where the proceaaion will be diamiHscd ? Baltimore Clipper. A Fb?kch View o? Oua FcTraa PaoaFf da.? The Journal dea Debuts of the 20th of September baa a lengthy article on the state of affairs in the United States, of which we subjoin the last paragraph: X niovio* aaarna J . .. . ? * * xnun >uua tuuuriuiini VO UnGfTgO severe trials; but notwithstanding, one thing appears to us certain. Not only will the American nation not perish, whatever may be result of this struggle or the horror* through which ahe may have to pass Not long hence North America will appear on the theatre or the world stronger than ever, becauae there ia no other race In the world having so much vitality. Neither la there any having ao much reaourcea. She poaaesnes In a superior degree the maj >rity of tho?? qualities which cause the grandeur of nations to survive the moot threatening storms. In ten years there will possibly be another North America?very probably the same?but thia other America will weigh Leavlly in the balance of nations, jnat as Franee, a few years after *he horrors of 1793, I.?.If ?-? " - mmmmrn ikikii uivio pu wrr mi IUBD ever, dMpitf of tbe sinister predictions which announced that tbe revolution was tbe cause of Irrevocable decadence. Military Matte**.?Tbe New York Express of yesterday, says: Notwithstanding the alleged opposition from me oaiieriei of tbe secessionists on'the banks of tbe Potomac, tbe Quartermaster continues to send vessels laden with provisions to the Capital The caution required makes the voyagea tardy. Delay* are frequent, but all tbe aubataUmce atom ao far shipped appear to have reached their deatlnatlon A telegram waa received on Saturday containing an order for. foraging store* for Locust Point, whlcb baa led to tbe inference that tbe aaual aoppllea have not yet reached tha Quartermaster there. No regiments are expected to leave tbe city toa*y V?o*ta?l? Ulii?Common animal glue la likely soon to be superseded by paste made of gloten. It loeks like gloe, and to quite as strong Gluten, which la to be bad at all starch manufactories, will dissolve in twice Ira weight or cold water, and may tie ostd In a cold state a potrnd of Ibla vegetable glue will yield three pounds when dlsa.>lved, whereas a pound of an I mil glue dot* net yield mere tU*i? (we. ui"i v<- " "V * 's?5 ' r 1 1 f 1 P 111 ?Li CitUi-Tke Pretest Peal ties ef the British ! Percheter. A lengthened correspondence has been publi>b?d by Mr. Thoa. McDonald, wblch baa taken place between that gentleman and Earl Ruaeell and the Earl of Derby, in which b* endeavor* to elicit from those two noblemen and statesmen their personal and official views aa to the present condition ill Which a British merchant or capitalist could occupy in tbe event of bis ndretjasing cotton In tbe noulbern States, to be belt! on BMtlso account The question emphatically put to Earl Russell is, In the event of such purchase, will the property of British subjects, (neutrals.) not being contraband, be protected bv her MajeMy'e Government. Tt> this he received the following reply : " fo*kibj? office, aug 27, 18b1. ' Sir? I am directed by Earl Russell to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of ttie 19th Inst , and to Inform yon that the points adverted to In your letter will be duly considered. I am, sir. Ac . E Hammowh " To tbe Karl of Derby he puts similar question!, and condemns them as follows : ?" The question, then, Is, and to which let me trust your lordship will favor me with an opinion?'Can British merchants purchase at present cotton, and store tt in America, North or South, as occasion may re* quire, until all legal preventative for Its shipment mav be removed V" In this esse he obtained the subjoined answer: Ksowsliy, Sept. 13,1961. "Sir?There can be no doubt of the great Importance of the subject adyerted to in you' letter! to Lord John Russell, of which you have en< closed me a copy, but the answer to the precis* question which you propound Involves so msny points for consideration that I can hardly be sur at * ^t-cremry 01 ?uiie leenn^ Himself unable to give It a categorical answer It includee points of international law which would require the Judgment of the law officer* of the Crown, and questions of policy as to the assertion of abstract rights n which a Minister must of necessity be very cautious bow be commits himself upon a general question, without the knowledge of every attendant circumstance} and however natural may be the anxiety of a British merchant to have distinct information on a subject so n- arly affecting his lntereits, 1 cantiot blame a Minister for declining the responsibility of giving official advice But if such is my view as to the position of a Minister of the Crown, 1 am sure you will see that it would be idle for me, without

any peculiar means of information, to pretend to give an opinion, which, if given, would not be worth tbe paper it was written upon, and not ? ni me sugDiest value in Influencing the practical course to be adopted by the mercantile community. I am, ?lr, 4c , Derby" In answer toother communications addressed to Karl Russell on the same subject, Mr. McDonald received the annexed reply, with which that gentleman closes hU correspondence: "Foreign Orricg. Sept. 21, 1961. "Sir?! am directed by Earl Russell to state to you that he has ttuly considered your letters of the 19th and 28th ult . and his iorasbip rtlust decline answering the questions they contain, with reference to the proposed speculation in cotton Liverpool Albion J E. Hammond " Cf>!*8o? id*T!oh or Regiments ?The work of consolidating the city reglftients Ie continued dally Eleven organizations were itietapA lnt/> three full regiments on Saturday. Eight colonel* have therefore gone into moun inie; but in a few cases their grief baa been assuaged by their appointment to important position* in the new regiments. Most or them, however, are competent ltii ti, and would have worn well their coveted honors. The Clinton Rifles, Colonel Page, and the flitted States Voltlgeurs, Colonel Ramsey, have been consolidated with the National Guard Rifles, under command of Colonel Zook, and the new organization is to be known as tbe fifty-seventh regiment of New York volunteers The following are tbe flcld officers: Colonel, Samuel K. Zook, I.lent Coionbl, J Augustus Fa^e; Major, J J. Brown. The Morgan Rifles. Crlonel Lutz, and the lTn!ted States Rifles, Colon* 1 Kazyzanowki, have been consolidated and numbered the Fifty-elgbth Colonel Kxzyzanowski becomes the commandant of tbe new regiment, Lutz second In command, and Gallman. Major. Tbe United Staes Vanguard, Colonel Tidball, ioe union uunra, Colonel Joachimssen; New York's Own, Colonel Ming; the Cameron Highlanders, Colonel Elliott; the Cameron Legion,and the Ki>Mutb Guard, have been organized as the Fifty-ninth New York Volunteer*. The Colonel of the new organization Is William Ltnu Tldball; l.ientenant-Colonel, P. J. Joachimssen; Major William Northedge A regiment to be known as the First Volunteer Cavalry has b^en organized from the Ira Harrife Guard, with Colonel O Deforest as commandant. Colonel Bailey's artillery regiment (of Albany) has >>een organized and named the First artillery. N. Y roit " Pk*daddlr 'The Washington correspondent of one of the morning paper* Inform* > that fhe Herman soldier* have threatened the rebel earthwork* back of Muoiod Hill "Port Hkadaddle." For the benefit of future etym-logtRts.^wbo may have a dictionary to make out when the English language fhall have adopted "skedaddle" Into familiar use by the *ide of 4 employee" and "telegram," we here define the iiew term It I* at le?st an error of judgment, If not an Intentional unkindness, to foist "?kad ddle" on our Teuton In soldiers The word la used throughout the whole army of the Potomac, and mean? "to cut stick," "vamoxe the ranohe," "slope." "cut your lucky," or "clear out " So that Fort Skadaddle 1* equivalent to "Fort Ruuaway."? JV. Y Post. ID" Barnuin has been aold ! A t*w day* since a COlllltrvman annenraxl at ?>1~ 1 j -p j-. ? ? > %uv iiiu-irillb, J'lU upon ad mlulon to the manager, declart-d he bad n Kfcat natural ourlo?lty, no less than a " cherry-colored cat." Ham 11 in baa seen cats. many, hut never a cherry-colored one. and sp?edlly paid for the curiosity, wb'ch was to be delivered the next day. At the appointed time came the countryman and a ba?, out of which he produced a cat of the color of n blnckCherry ! Barnum was sold, aud relate* the joke with great gusto d7" The Cincinnati Gazette says that, on looking over the Hat of aubtcrlbera to the national loan, It la surprised to see that none of the name* of prominent Government contractors appear in It. rrw?REGISTER'S OFF.CF, octcbie 22. 1*61. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Notice ia hereb* riven that licentes given to tavern*, retailers of spirituous ard fermented Injurs. wine* an<t oordi?!s to e'Ofleriea.rtrv roods. hardware, medicine*, pe fumerv, watches ad ;? i i - jowoi'ji lunuwr, woua a- (1 <OM,MMUVM Mf Oman's; a so, to kMP?r> ol haskrey carnage* and <ninibuaea, bil iarc iab ea ?en-pin altera and con fee ionary, and for hawking a d peddliu/r, and dra!?ra in oid ir^-n, brae*. c>ppT. fc? , will exi>>re on Monday, the 4 h day of November next, and th-1 B'.id ilcnaea muat l>- renewed a* thia office within ten days after that time hamukl e. dougiasss oc a t4tv Nov. Hegiater. IT^THK UNION PRAYKK MEETING will be holden EVER Y DAY thia week in the Englix*! Lutheran Church, corner of H and 11th ats., commencing at half- past 4 o'olock p. m . to be continued one ho"r only. oo 7 3m DEPARTMENT OK MKTHOPiu IT AIM lKJJ POi.IOE?The Hoard of Polioe Comma aionera having tak-n the house 316 Kleventh at., all bnainesa conn*otod wi'h the Polioe of the oity aill be tranaac'ed atthat p ace. K genera complaint book will be opaned, and oitixeDi are reaueaUd to oall and enter any cmfilainta they may have to mate ol an; matter rea inn to the polio* or health of the city e 71 W B WEBB. Superintendent (V^B?COMPANY "A," u. 8. ENGINKKRB.(1 ? Fifty intelligent and able bodied mechanioa will be enliatod to fill thia Company to the max imnm fixea by law?ISO men. luauire at No. ?4y O street Pay from #13 to 93* per month. uoriuOB |WU ftUU OIUIQI UK. Ill 17 tf POTATOES, SUPERIOR QUALITY, FOR SALE in bulk or barrels, on tv ard achooner Dahli*, lit Riley'a Wharf, foot of 11th ?t. Aaply to MMiri 6 A T. PARKER A CO.. 343 tod 344 ?*a avenue, or to the Cmi'sin on board. A'ao.aa above, a few ton* first quality Hay. oc 33 3t* ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? It ia hiehiy recommended by Pfayaioiana, Ship Mutirn and I ravele a. In*nre? a twee', pur* article for any length of time Never bsoomea oheeay, ami unarantied o k<*e? in aoy climate. fT7" For tale at facto y prima. __ _ KING A BURCHELI>. oea Corner 1-Sth ?t and Vermont aV JU^T AK RIVF.I*. di rot from an Eaatern Ano tion Hous?,50 b*let oheap CAKPET. Aleo.aoo BKi^'I'KaDS, whioh were bouiht low for ouh and wil> be sold at a small advanoe. Together with a larie assortment of Houaeiee^ing A^moim Furniture Dealer.4'its Seventh ?t.. < oog-lm* be'wi*en 8 and H eta. { TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT?'Tailoring I <n all it* bra ch*?. by JOHN * fll'CHKN^ERG, No. 395 corner Thir teeuth and H ?t?. Gent'emen's and Bun' || C othe* out to order Having made arrange- WW nixiiu with a killful Stram Soourer, j am-" ?-f p%-ed to eieoate all nrdere in thia line. a? well A? MAniliHir ~k * iu ?uv uiv?t ttuaiaciory maimer. oo 2i-2wr W military o ods. t , K. Open this mom inn a lares assortment of Military Good*, consuming of Bworda, ?a'h?s. F.paui?t?,8hi?nldar Straps and all ot*er Oiroera* Balongmga for srary grade in tks Army and Nary. Tssae cow** ar* of raoant importation, entire y new andof aapeneraua ito. .star twEr* i Jew*lera, S.i4 Pa. avenue, oo g-? Foar doora weat of Brown's Hotel. T AUCTION MOTICK ~ HIS Attention or tha pabuo is raassetfelly ailed tou?ea*taa?tTesa'.aor Dry Goods, Hoaiscy, Cioth, Casaimerae, Shawls, Clocks, Manu.ias, Ii<a?s 6ov>u?, Ac., As , to be sold at iho BtO'? of R. Jnoe Hair, it To morrow (Wsdoaeday) Mon.mg, ai 9fc o'clock, aad aonbnainc dailr aatil tK? who - u>o* 1* disposed of. go?d? will m sold without r?Mrv? No fpoaat of U?. w^u'o ? rteb I AMUSEMENTS. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. NAVY YARD. PROF. NACHMAN AND ALLEN Metropolitan Opera Troupe will ArrSAB at tb* a?0v1 ball. FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY, UnTHl R8DAY NIGHT, Oct U LooK at t*? L ?t or PiaroBMiv*' Prof Nacbma*. 1 Wbttaci**. Solo \io!mi*t. the BnvtwU BeJe4iet, Ofthe Appo koGlee C ut>, fr< m Aanl'sne, Kunkel'e aidC'mpbel. MinatrMa; Op n H?u*e, F ALL*!*, J. PCECELL, Tenor Bm o Propondo, and laie vioiODc#Uoi Wood'* Minatrele; T- J. Astl??#(l, Ki!trr Brother Bonn EMM) ud , rf xoMtior Jit; Old Mokkj; Sir. Latmrk Fimi Dsrt'toiil, Cornet; Banjoul. Al'otttkrr Stcr Ptrfarmtr*. For further particular* aee imaJl biJla. oo a 3t? Dr. WILSON, Atent. T* H E A T E *. TUESDAY, Ottehir S Unalatea Attrae ion of MISS 8? SAN DENIN. Firet Appe*ranoe, ainoe h*r Mn? i'dwo^tlon, of Mrs H. Bland The p*'f >rmano? to oommenoe ^rith tb? comM? of the "FR'Olft* FA *' ' Y. To qdrsiud* with the drama of NOIAH CRE1NA. * " OrtO Mil.LOWS' HALL! Seventh. Afeovi DWt. twelfjh^WREK CAMPBELL MINSTREL8 and BURLESQUE TROUPE. I? STAR PERFORMER?. Look out for __ Tb* For* Niw 8ta**, pRANK ?WA>N, the Great Baaeo ; LUTHER HUGHES, the Great Comediaa, (lately of Sanford'i Opera Troupe;) Mont KDMON f)S. the H'Ht Vinliniat. I of Mnford'i Opera Troupe; J JOHNNY WILLIAMS. the Heautifal Tenor Siniter. N. fl The ManacAr take# *reA* fleaeore in annouccinc the above narnM gentlemen ? bri'ht partioular atari. Th-y will appear ?o Monday evening, SI tt. (00I8) C. DUPONT. IN. CLOAKS, SHAWLS. AND OTHKR Wrappings for Aotnrnu and Winter, new, ?ty! lth and novel thine* opened to d?f. The whole of thft Ab"te at our pf irerbiall? low u"'" ~""i * min-BKK Penn. avenu? And fth 0022-6t ___ "Perry Balldiat* PKRSONS NEKDINO B'.ACK GOODS are colioited to ina??ci our large and onmolele stock of all the standard fabric* for moarninc *p p*re . Witt the minor requisites for persona ir. b'aok An inspection of stook imphe* oe oblifation to porcnas* One prioe ou t. marked in plain fir urea. Carpets, Oiloloths. CurtA'n" M*ttin?s. Ao,tt0perfloors. PKRRY A BRO., Pa. avann? and Nin?i ?t, oo 23St " Perry Bmldinr" " A QtJA A3CUTUM OLOTHW.'N Water pri*>( /a. Repellant Clothi.J for L*dia* and Genta' Au'umn and Winter Wrapptafd, various afcadea, of the beat quality. With all other kind* of Dry Gooda for 6vfr(hit daily *an's. One prioe only, marked in p'aic fi(tores. Alt parcels tor the interior prop*My packed, fr* (yf eharsS. PKRRYABRO. Pa avenne and Ni"th ?t, oo22-6t 'Perrr Rnildits." fcSUTLFir* W4GONS FOR 8*I/Kat ROB'T J? H. GRAHAM'S Coaonmaker. EifSth ?tre-t. Repamnr of all kindii done at the ahorteat ?dtio6. co 21-St* Linen and marseim.es sTMIRT FRONT*. .? verr larire Mar rtmert of Linen and Mareetllaa Phirt Fronta, f->r me; and bora-from U* eenU to 91 25. HE>IRY KUAN, S'i3 Caouth aide) Pa. av., bet 0th Aed 7th eta , 00 II 3t Ney Iron Balding. PO KET WATER FILTER ANf> DRINKING TUBK. indiepecaaWe fo' a Idiera. ?raveiera and ?port?m-n. ?-eirhs I aathan ore ounce, and en be carried in the ve?t pocket. The deepest and leal in ate !*-!' ?aPidlr Agent* <fcnted; Heruylea mriiedon reoeiptof 60 o-jjta b? tne mannfa. Mirerg, DAY & CO , Box 464 P. O-, Newark, New JfrseT 00 21 3t* I NOTICE TO SUTLERS! HAVE on band one hundred and fifty doa*n Mfn'a Whita Cotton Glovea. Ala-?, full atock of Wooten and Cotton Hnoki. SB???nd, r?. WkiIm Knit L'niershirts tod Drawers at the lowest euh prioe*. HKNRV EGAN, 3*3 (south aide) Pi. av , bet. 6th and 7th iU . oc 21 3t New Iron Hwi'dmc. IBUNKBT# AMD FLANNELS. HA VE on haa<l a 'aree a?sort,ren; <f White, Ked. n ne Gr?r iinl Yellow Flannela, heavy Country K.ann-ls. Joey Fianne'a ir f-noy oolors, Hamilton and other a<'orl make* of Carton F!?nn?l? Also, Bed B'ank't*. Array Blankets, tfhnvent'a Blanket*, at low prices. HENRY EGAN, 321 (south side; Pa. av.. bet. *th an< 7tli its., on 2'.-6t New Iron Building. JUST RECEIVED m- ANUFO" d^K. 2,<">lbs ^re^h Grapes, in prime order 55 bushe s Chestnuts S? di fhell Barka l.imn cans Fr?eh tea-hea, Piae Applea.Toma toes, -ardiiim. Or>l*'?. An 51 ht>l? Ginger Cakes, Tea Cakea, Jumble*, Pnnps, fco. 2ifl boxaa new Sootcii Herring 0 bhla Appea, prime M rce- and Sw>M Potatoea Caudiea of all kmda; ?! <>, Almonda. F;lt>ert*, Cream Nnta. Wall Nuts, Coooa N?t?, *e Union Not* I ner pee, Pena, Ink. Henc Is, Blacking, Matches, Ciga-a, Tobao oo, Ac.. and a 'arge a^'ortm^nt of other g> od?, to?. r.uai >r nt to mention. Sutlers will be supplied a' l"W p icea by J. PKA RSON. 491 Eighth at.. oo 21 -St near Pa. ar., Washington. I ATTENTION. LADIES! HAVE Ju?t reo-ivwla large asaortment of new t*le H.w.p Skirts, Balmnra' Skirta, J on ran' Kid tilovea (75 oenta per pair,) Book and Kin Gaui.tl?f?, be*4 n?.k"a of Whi> ac?t Colored foraeta. Km1 ro dered I ip?h and < ambrio Collar* anl Seta, l.inen 1 aml??i<- Haudkerohiefa. Cotton a^d Woolen Hosiery and tilovea, Ao. TBK EUREKA A'lTACHMKNT *KIRT. I w u'd re?p?otlally nali the attention of Ladiea to the ab >ve at?'? Skirt. THE ADVAN TAGF8 ARETh? lower hoop, being round and turned m front, fo-rna a lever, keeping the akirt in perfect form thereby not allowing it to hitch up or get entacgl?d in an? war whaterer 'i*oe open ip?o? in front forminc a oirole obvia'es all obstruction to the fret while walking or getting in and out of carriaeee. Owing to its peculiar contraction, the t^nde^ey while sitting ii to fail In a v*rv s'-vj'ful pomtion HKNRV KG AN, 323 (south aide 1 Pa. averue, oo 21 St New Iron Building SUTLERS AM> DEALERS. ATTENTIONS' D. Dnprat's Superior French Black Vartish. p>ten ed April 1?, lfen. the beat article ever invented for VArniahi' g boot*, harness. carriages, mute'* accoutrements, and fi?*men'e cat a. F*?r ?ale bj K KV> AH D A CO , 307 E et.. between IS h and Washington City. Offioe hoars from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. oe U-lw* COCKROACHES COCKACHES ! ? T' e Vv subscriber withes re-pectfuliy to inform tbe oitix *ns of Washington that t iejr oan have all insfoit ? nd vermin de?troyr>d from their dwellings. HokHta's- barracks, hotels, public and prira'e buildi gs taken on oontraot and keof permanently f ee f oin a 1 kinos of veraiin Ora?rerespeotfull' solioitfd and promptly attended to. Addreea P. REYNARD. Washington, D. C. P. REYNARD, (Firm of Reynard 4 Co., of New York O'tr,) 30? E at, between 13th and 13* sta. Offioe hours from 3 to S p. m. oc 19 lw* SIB OMKTHING XKW-SUPERIOR HDLLElt CURN? Tnesub oriber, having cot the agency tosuprlT Georceiown with this delioete preparation of Corn- woald respectfully ssk of his friends, and the puble at larc?, to give it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sneered. WM BRADLY.Agent, Pa. avenue between ltth and I9tn ats. N. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments, Table Tops, fco. A large aeaorunent a ways on hand. oc 19 3m B LADIES' CLOTH CLOAKS. LACK Cloth Coata and Cirouiara. ?2 <U?k n?k v i wjr 'iv ii v/veee suu V/irom&TIt Drub Cloth Coat* ud Circular*, Ktripert Cloth Coats and Ciroulare. All the Nf? *tylee for Kail and Winter will be reofived and opened on Saturday moraine. Oetober 0uJl^ULZBlSL op 17 Sten Pa. annie THE SUBSCRIBERS bet leave to infonatbetr patrocaand the public generally of beiDt amply supplied with a tuperior at ok of^H FALL, and WINTER GOODS- , Tmt alao reapeotfal y invite attention of if their Army and rJa*y ooatomera, and tho'e repair nj outfit* in that line. ?otheir apenoreaalltiee of Bworda, fcpaoleta. Shon d?r Strap* Bella, chateau*. Hata, Cap* Saahee. and Geld Laeee, oonatactly on hand, which are warranted aa repre aeiited. W h;l?t ter.drnnc thanks for the lih*r&l ?? .. ? ? ?? <?* pisfcK&s rfftsrtKmmi (Suooeesors to H. P. I<oud<<n k Co.) CITIZEN. MILITARY*** NAT*L TAILORS, 369 fenusylvania A venae. oo 16 e<3m THlt* 18 TO e 1 V K NOT1CK. That the r a beer i her bath obtain* d from the Orphan's Coart of Waehinftoa Connty, ia the Distriet of Col ana hi a, letiai a of administration on the personal estate ot Jmia K?ej, lata of md oonnty. deoenaed. All person* having olaims against the said eensassd are hereby warned to exhibittha same, with the voaehars thereof, to the sabterib r, oe or before the seventeenth day of October next;; thay wf* otherwise by law be axoiaderf ft*? ?" BILLIARDS' BILLIARDS!! Cna Puck. Ms Jm^r09ti Mart It M hMH. W? with to laf rmelt i*ni tU itrui ttet W* atoll eoniinie at o?r ndi??d pno**, which \% OD? "Llrd ttkM th* ?M*i *i'T *?? *, Vll . : 1 i AUCTION SALES. 1\f AKSHAl.-S SAl.K-ll MHirf ?f1t ? Imiu i?M?d from tk? Ctwfc Oi? o| the Cir0*it Co*rt of U? Diatnoc of Cotavbta ami &.r ST^U.rFi^rsvii::^'. 5: TUESDAY, the Bl dafrfOrtobar tMut.ira Mine at n'cloek a m , tw? fo:,owin? io?4aud chattels, to wiL *|i: MarKiMo* Draauac la V i lot OrBMiwa ; J^renoh dltt; C?o* ira' u4 Pu*T v?ui, B?u?n?m, HMOI8I' IM mnrtWM GIih and Clu-a Warp; i G1 otie; iOt Market*. KeatUer P*d*. RoUUr* ao<: Pi <-t Pi?lirf?. lot Brateela Carpet; 1 Piaoo ?M Cover; lot Bhada. I Chamber: 1 MtWanr 6laae; Oiie >tk. it 1J o'clock, 1 a ill ten. aader ea<d U" faeta*. tot of Oak i.imher, at the Cane Factor? of Jmm Cratch tt.wtfed and eried upon a? 'k? * >o4? ar?? eaattei* or Jmb?*''nitebett, aid will .<e wM to a'l.fv Ju-tio-aUN > to J*><aary t-rm, UN, ia faror ol We'll A Miller rt. >am*i Ora'chett. W ftbLDt*. otll-tt L?U 0, fe. Marutl D. C. fTTTHF. ABOVKTALF IS POSTPONED aaui HaTUR DA \ .the'-6J? iaat..taan toar aad .K1,0E. oy, ri l.ate*!7.? Marthai 1). C. By J C. ^oOUlRK A CO., Aaetionaera. TRUSTEE*? BALE OK HOUSE AND LOT OH NOKTB K T***T iiTwn*1 Sinn itim'i w*?t ?On Tl'i'"',A ' ' ?* rq , on? of tha land raacrda Iof Wa?hi">c??B eoaa tr. I*. C.. I aha: I ?ell pa-t of Lot ninhwK Of a, < 1.) in Senate namberrd ftrt ta?Cr*d tad ftftaai. bocirning for tha nau> M tr* aouthwaat ooroarof aid Lot No l. a d ruLninr thaacw rut Mt, theooe north trvantj-una f??t alaran incbaa, th?- o? vnI 'izteeo feet, th'noa aoo'h ftventy-OM feat eleven inehea t< tae piaoa of becicniag; lof ether with tha incpr ?vem >nti, coatutiaf of a three-atorr brtok dar-llinc-b?aae Terms: fV* osit.Oir remainder in six and Mrelre month", with latere*'. eaoured by a dead ol Um?t on Uia premiao*. All oonvejanocf at the ooct of the pnreharer. TdO J FlfHh-H. I ret te?. ocg-lawAd? J C. McGI'IRK 4 CO .Aaota. By tRKKN A WILLIAM*. Auctioneer*. DAll.lFrS t*A?.K OF HOC?* H<>LL> A N t? |? Hitch** FYuMTrn* at ArrTion.?On THURSDAY- the irh instant,I flia.l *el! at in o'oiook a m.. hy ritje on order ot ci*traii? for home rent, at the recr ^iue of ltabella Well*, e? the conth aide of Peomy'run in ?renne, t*>tw*en 10th and 11th afreet*.<ihe fl?* wil deairnate K* house >a ifood assortment oi Furniture, we raa* in part, ris? Walnut sofa, fjrinr Seat Chain and Ro?ker, Marble top Centre, Card and other fable*. Hurea ar.d 0 aa*. Cottare Heta.Cene reat Chair*, Cottage and other Bedateada, Wardrobe* aod Waihstand-, _ Window ('nrtaina. Parlor and Chamber Carpeta, Feather Bed*. Reddinc aod Mattreta Clock, lot of Oiloioth, Toilet S?t* and Pine Table*, Cook in* and Other Store*. With many oth?r article* which we deea uaneeea arr to enumerate. Teirai oMti, ib ipecie R. B HIGH*. Ba I if. oo213t GREEN A WILLIAMB. A??. By WALL A BARN ARB, A wot nneert. LARGK 8ALR OF WfcLL-fcF.PT HOfgKun.pFvi5iTtu ?Ob THlJkSD* Y MORN* 1N?. l?lh IBM.. Bt 19 o'oiock. v* -m ill e?ii at the retideaoe No. 960 C ?., 4K tad Cth Mb.. a lB-ge B tortment ?1 Household Bn i Ki token Farm ture, cnnr ttmt of? Mahotany Bofa* Bod Chaira, k^rge r una her of Carpet*. xteraion Dialog and other Teh lea. Bcvkoaee, Hareaut Wardr^^e*. Hedtteads. Hail" and t-huck MnUraatet. B ank et?. Coinforta. Hi* Other Beduinc, Oiicl-itii. W * !! an-i?, and Toilet Hen, L-.oe and other Carta Bt, aod Cornioea, A lare at?ortmert of Wood and Coai btcTea, Andi onr, Kendera Ac . Ac. Te mi oaah. _ _ 00 in WALL A BARNARD, A Bete. 1 UCTJON BALKS IN PHILADELPHIA. fVM.K BKITRtaMl Amfimtar*. 4(n rbecnut at, above 5tk. _ _ Regular Sel?t T t?l)AY and CATL'APAY Morumti at to a 01 Fine Table and Pocket Catlerv. Ha'dvare, F?noi Gooda oris, Hrfttfcee. Ac . Ac. Foreign and I omeetic v m#-* and L?*ur>r?. l.KXMofa ev*rr Thursday Morning- oc 12 la' .v;OTlCK-S4LJf OF PITTSBURGH. *OKT 1^1 WAYNE AiSD i H1CAOO RAILROADBy virtue ol d^crec rf the Ctronit Oonrtoftha Uiit*d Statee for the n> rthero d etr.et of Onio, to ? e&ute inlchancert tuere n depending, Tkw*ii Chartee Moian mi oth*ra are coinaia :>ants *uC the i?tek"j'{h, Fert Wayne and Cn.oato Kailr^ad CorneaL} ? <* othera are defend?n'*: and pursuant to auxiliary deamn of tbeoroult ooarta of toe United state a for tc? veetarn district ot P*aa syUania, the oletrict of Indiana, and the northers diatnot o' Ulinoie reapeotively, ta oausea defending n ohnnoerv in said Court* reepeefavelv.wberein the ami parti?* are oomplaiaantt ana d?feadanta respectively. a* in aai d came tret av?re Mentioned, the nndereigns*!. John Ferguson and Thoiraa fc. Walker, u Grantees in Tract and Trustee* in one of theeeveral Deeds oiTraet ar Mort*ar? upon whioh eaid derr*es are fonadad, *nd a]no aa Mpecia Master Coeuaieeionara of the Mid uoari' reapeotireiy. an y arpointeu r>y run Court i reearetiTel- <? r that piriutt. will ?eli at ru'dio eucG n, to the highea' r>i oar, for rut, bit for not !? ?? than the nn of $5?.nrrv at tba lotted rtatei Court Him, li tbf Cit; ?iC)??iu4, id the Stat* of C'luo, on the 24 h day o Oetot>?r, A D. 186 . MtvMc the hour- of tea o'etpok m. and io?ro'oi'?ok p. no., of *a.J da*, toe IM)c?In| de oribed property,to wit: Tii* naiiroad ot t?.e Pittabargh Fort Whm and Ch oago Railroad Company, iuo udinr thw right of way th refar, the road-bed thereof, the op ratruetnre ? f aJ! iort? therect., ita water ?ad oUirf a atiuA houa and ?hoea, and the ,a:d*a<i froandf connected theiewitn. and all tools and imp ementa need or provided to be e?M therein, and is cn-tract eg and > pairing ?ara and n-ashinery for aaid road, or the tract and anperatreotarea aioi<>?aid; a I tii'n tab e?; ai dapoteaud helloing* atd Lztnres and atrcetarea of whatever cane or r.iture, and the a^da and ground* ootnao led thcr with, need or pruvid d to be aaed ia operating raid nrad and tvlorgiDg th*reu>. aad whereret a.tuaU: and a l para, enginea and rolling at< o* belonging to aaid Co" peny, and ail a*apn*a of limber. lanber iron, feel, and every other thing prorid m by aaid Comranww. or by tfeeaevera or gtmm! vu'i4P?niv? vu.OQ wnrv oobfOiiaMPu mio ? i? Pituiburch. F?rt Wijoetnd Ch %? 1 Kairoad, t-> b- usM m operating aaid road.wbareTer si tut*, by th? unt>' tit 0 by wnish the mid* are ho Wen by nid < omp*r. <, or bj is d oruiral Compautee. aev*ra.'i to*ether, with a 1 ooipo fin fitncMM* otaaid lomaany, and of tbiatid original Coa^nie* aarerally, inc.uilin* tee right a<d fi?Lekt?t of a?id eaveral Cosapauiee to M ud mi m a Cotporft'ipn, tnb?i<. d mm entirety j decreet eroride that the pa ahaear, apcc the oor.fi rmatioa or the taie aod fall a mpuMce with tiia ootid tiona therao . mail ho d all tie proaerty. ruhta. fraEcniaea, and the appart-Baaoea thereof ao eold. uy the aama title by whioh they are held bp aaid PittaHargh, Fort Wayiie and ChioMc Kail Road Company, anc eacti ud all of aatd original Com pa nil a, free from tie lie a of all aatd mort gagea. and tree from alt liability tor any dabta agaicet aatd oriental or ooneohdatad Com pan i re. or either of them- and Iron ail oaima on aceount of oapital a took , kmr ttbxci. ateelWui, to teo li'na if any such exist, tpoa any rra! eetate a olndod in theaa!e,for pnrot.aaa money thereof n?>t providedi>y aaid deeraea to be piid oat of the pr? oeoUa of the aale. or by former o-dera ?f deereea to be pud otherwise The nckt of way. depot iron fa tbti lot", and lands in the City tad nomity of Ohioago. purchased by aaiil Company ubM the penoeu oy of said salts, and tu bride* projort* and otkfi real estate of the Corapaay at Ue City ?-f Pittsburg h, are sublet to mortgara hoae The aaa>e will he included in the sale hat ntjeot to said mounbiar.ors, no provision hasrinx h**a > ade for the *'t"reof- Vi,BoUltTO?. Trustees, and Master Commissioners. a*alor<said. oeS ant ^ UFUCEKS AND SOLDIERS OlUHT DK * r T8 sold oa all parts of Um Uaited States, in sums to suit oftoers and soldiers. Aieo, Drafts on London. Ireland, ttootland, * alas, and Germany, t'noarrent m<>n?* bought at beet ratea. SWiiKNV, RlTTtiNHOUSfc. KaNT* CO.. oo 11-1 m Bankers. ta< Pa. av.t aaar Brawn's. ARTIFICIAL LKG8 AND HANDS. Selphoi Patent Elastic L*g & Hand. No. 616 BlOAMTlT, NlW IOU Theae anrivalM aabetltates for loat limbs, wblak havs stood the taat of over tt roars ' xaeri ss:? in AKo^srsSf KAS?. Now York. salUp T 1NBN 8aEKTlNG?. PILLOW LINKNN. Li H MkMi, Conforto, UailU, Cottoa fcheeucis T>Mt C.<*b. t ic aput ??<?, Hi|> in. mT(M other kinds of br; Gou<ie for th? ?se of ktiiHMF fttfare*. Certains, Oileiothe, CarpeU, li|i, Ae., ifMr floor*. An inspection of etoek eoheited: it ue?)i?e bo Great *... Janaej's Shoe rtore.) w We manclacture on tm ?rods, tad mm at Nfw Yerk priest, thereby unni fret**. 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