22 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ETTbeMh Twn St An Is printed on ths fastest v-am pertain un south of Baltimore, its edition 1? so Inrse as ?o requite It to be pot to press at an eorly boar: A iv+iutmtnti, therefore, should be eat la befors 1* o'clock otherwise they may ay not appear nntll the next day. Pnocnintwos of the City CtrsiciLa, Oct Ji ? Bomrd of Aid*tmm _ Several communication* IVom the Mayor?nominating Thomas Purcell for Commissioner of the Center Market, in place of , oodvlllo Latham, removed from the city; also, -Joseph Bryan In place of William E. Upauldlng; nominating for the Board of School Trustees: rlijt District, R. B. Ironsides, John Larcombe, Robert Rlcketts; Second District. Mitchell H. . filler,Valentine Harbaugb. Chaa. H. Utermeble: Third District. Francis S Walsh, Otla C Wight, Fred D Stuart; Fourth Diatrict. James E. Hoifiend, John T Caasell, Peter M Pearaon; Treaaurer. John C. Kennedy; Secretary. Wm B Day' trn; and nominating Dr Jos T. Howard as Physician to the Poor, la place of Dr. J M Toner, resigned?were ?everally read ard referred A ms*sage from the Mayor, enclosing the quarterly accounts of the wurd apothecaries, was referred Petitions of Frederick N Knapp, Jas. Crutrhand others, for a culvert and eas lights on .Morth Capitol street; of the Adama' Express ComJ*ov, aaking permission to keep next tbelr brick building In the rear of their offi^s on the avenue ? wooden structure already placed there, and of James O'Day. asking compensation for cleaning the streets, alleys and gutters In the Second Ward In the months of June and July, 1960, were severally read and referred A communication was received from the Mayor enclosing a letter from Mr C. B Cluskey, superintendent of the construction of the new central Ifiiardhouae. stating that f4 000 will be required *o pay the balance due the contractor* and to complete the work. This amount, with the appropriations already made?811.175? will make the cost of the whole wotk, Including the clock In the tower, 815. 7i. The communication was referred. A 'esolutttm requesting the Mayor to furnish the boards with a detailed atatement of the cost nf the new central guardhouse, with auch other Information on the subject as he may deem proper, Teased. resolution Instructing the police committee to Inquire into the expediency of providing by law against impositions practiced on our citizens by the proprietors or drivers of omnibuses by overcrowding them with passengers, was passed. The finance committee was discharged from further consideration of the act reducing the salaries of the Register and Surveyor; a communication from the Corporation Attorney having b?*?n received by the committee, In which that officer state* the reasons why In bis opinion, such reduction would be illegal It was moved and carried that the opinion be printed with the proceedings of the Board. An act for the relief of Matthew Cunningham and Andrew Boylan was passed An act appropriating #150 for th* purchase of a fcoee carriage for the Franklin Fire Company, was passed Common Counetl ?The petition of Thompson Sbedd, for the remission of a fine, was referred. Mr. Edmonston desired to make a personal explanation. He was reported as having said, In the discussion which took place at the last meeting, that be voted for the increase of the Corporation A torney'i salary. but he "did not know that the present Incumbent was coming In then " What he said was In reply to Mr. Wilson, who spoke of having vuted agal nst the increase; whereupon the speaker (Mr. E ) had aiswered that the gentleman, in so voting, did not think the present incumbent was coming In. Mr Shepherd, from the drainage committee, reported the Aldermen's bill authorizing the laying of certain water mains by contract; passed Mr. Grinder, from the poltcecommlttee, reported the Aldermen's bill making appropriation for venting station hou?es, Improving and repairing lock-up bouse*. Ac.; passed. Mr McGnth, from the fire department committee, reported adversely on the petition of Jhe Perseverance Fire Company for the use of the Council Chamber; and the committee was discharged. The special order?the Aldermen's bill "authorizing the Mayor to appoint Corporation constables?was taken up Mr Mulloy moved to amend by striking out the word "corporation" wherever it occurs, and Insert "police;" passed Also, to strike out the clause assigning the officers to the police districts, and to insert a clause assigning two constables to each ward except the Fourth, and to that three; lost. Also, to amend by providing for an additional officer to be known as tbe Sergeant, who should superintend the work of the con*tables and perform tbe duties of accounting officer of the Corporation Un motion of Mr Shepherd, the salary, being left blank, w?s filled with t?'0 per annum, and tbe amendment as amended was adopted Mr Morgan moved to amend by fixing the compensation of each constable at #2uo per annum and ten per rent of all fines collected and paid into the cltv treasury by him, Instead of the ftxed sum of 94S0 per annum The amendment of Mr Morgan was adopted. Mr Bylngton moved to strike out of tbe second section In the clause prohibiting the officers from following sny other occupation, the words "for a living;" passed Mr Muiloy moved to strikeout the proviso, 'That nothing herein shall prevent them serving United states warrants and receiving payment thereof'' passed. Mr. Callan moved to amend bv adding the words "or Individuals." to the clause permitting them to receive rewards offered ' by other corporations, or any Sate or tbe United States;" passed Mr. Mulloy moved to add a clause requiring the police magistrates to return a transcript of their dockets to the Sergeants once a week; passed. Mr. Emerson moved to Insert "the Sergeant" in tbe clause requiring tbe constables to give bonds, passed Mr. F.meraon moved to strike out the clsuse authorizing tbe Mayor and City Attorney "to prescribe the style of uniform they shall wear;" passed. The bill as amended was passed. Adjourned. Violation ow Dxcbnct ?Editor Star: A country suoscrlber would like to he Informed whether there Is no remedy, short of intruding upon the time of the General commanding In chief, for tbe K^oss violations of decency In the camps on the road from Washington to Bladensburg Tbe Revised Regulations of tbe Army contain clear and specific rules for the position and arrangement of $ink? ? See Article SSI, page 76. There seems to have been a feehle. though oot a very successful effort to carry out these regulstions in tbe camp secupied by the Pennsylvania troops ?ncan ptd near Bladensburg: but why, let me ask, baa advantage been taken of tbe permission "to place the sinks, when convenient, in rear o<- In flmk," by choosing the flank of the encampment next to the public road ? and why are the sinks so imperfectly concealed *?not for want of bushes, surely" In resr, and In less than a stone's throw from the General's tent, is defile (the noun is gradually acquiring a participial form) known as tbe duelling around, and In this region, on the Penmylt mil .? >d* of the rood, the most open d sregard is exhibited to sinks of sny sort, to sav nothing ef decency, snd this In sight of tbe sentries and guard posted at tbe bridge Have the soldiers thus offending and the officers who hase tbe control of them no mothers, tricei, or titttrt, and no regard for the reputation of tbe States they come from? A Pbhsstlvasias No* Est.?Two or throe weeks ago we announced tbe arrest of Wm H Swift, upon a charge of obtaining a patent by false sweating and false representations. Tbe patent was for s car-coupling. Improved, and tbe right as inventor was claimed by a Mr. Onde, upon whose oath the arrest was made. The caae occupied two or three days trial before Justice Donn Mr Stanabury appearing on toe part of tbe prosecution, and Messrs Bradley, Jr., Bell and Fenwlck for the defence, and on the last hearing Mr Bradley, Sr., was sd?*.ed to the defendant's counsel Messrs tansbory and Fenwlck are well known pslent agents; toe others, members of the District bar At the last hearing, a week ago, the case was postponed till last Friday to obtain evidence, Mr. Bell beeemlng his client's security. The dsy arrived. but tbe defendant did not appear, nor has be made bis appearance alnce. Of course tbe counsel sad tbe bondsman feel anxious to set eyes on bin. Hoiitlii Death r bo* Htdbophobia?Mr. 8c Lei finer, the onfortunste msn who was bitten by a mad dog some weeks sgo, as was noticed In tbe >:<sr last week, died yesterday at 11 o'clock, In extreme agony Before death it was found necessary to bind him, but be burst the cords as fast as they were put upon him. He was buried to-dsy by tbe Order of Red Men, snd tbe Independent Brotherhood, of which he was a member By tbe time tbe Uvea of a few more citizens have been sacrificed to tbe worthless crowd of curs Infesting Washington, It Is probable that the community will begin to wake op to tbe necessity of some action In the matter. Fatal Accidbut ?Yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock as Major Lewis of tbe Utt (Syracuse) New York regiment, wss returning from a ride on tiorseback to bis wife's boarding boose, (Mrs Frederick's) on Capitol Hill, be was thrown, or fell from, his horse snd dislocated his Deck- Hs lived ssly a few minutes On ls<vingbls wife In the morning be bed promised to come sad dine with her, and was on his return to her, sad B*r Lome when the accident securred. His body was Immediately removed to Mrs. Fredericks L Dos at'oss foe t*? Abut-Capt. Thomas, M. m S K , L 8 A , acknowledges tbe receipt of s | number of qoilts from Mrs M S Sweeny, of Georgetown, (and oue comfort made by a lady I 7* years old;) a uumber of nrcssules pet 0en | Meigs, snd soma blankets snd SOCk> MlSS i Sandy Springs, IU. I l?"5v", ? A"*A?*U.-The Alexandria thJr? "ii!^ Co?rt held its regular aeaslon at TK. . ,nty,Coa't-toaae, Judge FrW presiding. The only civil ctae before the court was that of ??J i? <.??* ' ?' ' city, charged with an aaasnlt w.th Intent to kill Thomas Dwyer. ?nT,dence agalnat Mr. Snyder consisted In an affidavit of Mr. Dwyer, which he reaffirmed upon oath In court The affidavit ttates, in sub ranee, that, op Friday afternoon, Mr. Dwyer en, . the store of Mr. Snyder, and having completed aome purchases, conversation turned on the Zf.kJf m 4Lch? Mr^ Snvdef *rew Quite violent w shed all the \ snkees hung, reproiicbed Dwye* with being a traitor to Virginia, and turning against the people who had supported him. Ac , whereupon somewhat of an altercation occurred, in whl?*h Snyder struck Dwyer in the face, whereupon Dwyer declared that be Would appeal to the authorities. Snyder aald he would have him """ ' J**? he did so, and, seizing Dwyer by collar, IbtCed him Into hta (Snyder'a) office-room, ana there, holding a large knife at Dwyer's throat, compelled him to promises not to complain to the authorities, which Dwyer promised, and then Snyder let him go Mr. Dwyer bop'd the court would treat Mr. Snyder aa leniently aa posaible. Messrs. ThomasDavy, James Vansant, Christian Scbaefler. Dan W. Lewis, snd C. P. Shaw testified to the Irreproactab'e character and kindly disposition of Mr Snyafch I he Court said that this testimony would go far 2^a?" m't'2*tlng the punishmentof the offense, Which would otherwiae have been exceeding aevere. B mJOiv SnVder waa then sentenced to pav a fine of o**) to give bond* to keep the peace In the sum of $.5,000, and to atand committed to jail until the line waa paid. The court then took up the usual military caMi [ The omlta to atate that Dwyer acknowlw facts *ct forth ,n the affidavit ] ? noticed yesterday that though Improvements to our city were few, yet there aome going ?!\w e ob*erv' that the dwelling of Mr Peach, at the upper Prince atreet, Is having an addition to It, and la being otherwise improved On King st eet, the store next door to H Schwa rz's for so ong unoccupied, has been handsomely fitted up, and Is now occupied At the store of Major JJeorge Duffey, a new Jewelry Establishment ha* been ?mened A Military Store has been opened next door to Messrs R H. Miller, Son A Co.'s ChinaEstablishment. Mr. Harrison Jacobs has K I handsome Shaving and Hair Dressing Establishment a few doors below the Fire InsurMrCejoh0nmpapV" w??ST The Store next below hiL n? flL /D'P" Hanging Wareroom. Is being fitted up, and Shops and Eating House* ?!!rBw!,rrn1d wherever a convenient stand could be obtained. Mr. Wm. Cogan has "brushed up and reopened his Gaa Fitting Establishment on Royal street Mr Stephen Swain Is gradually completing his extensive Carpentering Establishment, on Prince street The Mansion House la *.* t^"rooeh cleaning, and Is being repainted, and otherwise rendered even more elegant and comfortable than before Under the .larshall House, the Store formerly ocespied by Mr. \\ m. Hart, has been repaired, and is again occupied. 1 he pav. menta In various parts of the city have been or are being relaid. Thus It will be seen that the spirit of Improvement Is still abroad In our community, though to a limited exa,?VT T* ?Abraham Snots was arrested on i ?fiq . threatening violence to his wife, i ^'l Uf)ou hl* Proo,1?e behave hlmse.f and go home. be w?s allowed to go. But Instead Of going home to Georgetown, where he be! Abraham went to his mother-in-law's, where bis wife was on a visit, and kicked up a I thi?... a,Vm,n* ,he raml,V and exciting patrolman again captured hlin 2j?v,ce Donn- he beg. fnriK JmPIE*! LU1Y'" hlS "d?" Wl* " to forgive h m this timeand go home with htm, and he promised never to behave *o again, llut she tbe'biti^ftT'AK^ "nd a"?r bearing m.1 n n&,Abraham "ent to jail by Justice Donn. \\ hen he found he was about to be w L'c?mmfnced detailing his grievances. V* the Ju?tlce, who did not went to heir of such matters. ?.?iLK*LluG FrKL ?Yesterday, patrolmen Hannan, Pendle and Grant, of the Metropolitan police, arrested Mrs Newman, Mrs Ma , looey, Mrs Scanlan. Patrick Dlgglns and his ?P?n a charge of stealing Government wood rrom the railroad, above the depot From the statement of the officers !t appears thatas manyas ?.Ie '""J11/* b,,ve been furnishing themst ives with wood from the Government piles for fourteen days past; and one of them stated that It was done by the women, without (he knowledge of their husbands, who are mostly employed on Government work. The parties were taken before Just!* Donn, who held them to ball for afurther Hearing. fKTHJAT*E ?This evening will be presented that world-renowned comedy which h^s run ?o many thousand nlgh's at so many hundred theaters The Serious Family," with that humorous gentleman Mr Ben Rogers, in his great part of Aminidab Sleek," and Miss Denin (of courae) as the pretty vivacious widow D The public will be glad to learn that tb#favor"r* H Bland has recovered from her late Indisposition, and will appear to-night J he performances conclude with the drama of ' Norah Crelna." Ce.?tbal Guardhouse Casks? B'fore Justici Thompson ?Fdward Brown, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days James Heott, do ; w Peter Maurer, do ; do f2 91 Wm. Brlcklev. drunk; do. ?i ?i \\ m H Lamb, do.; do ?l Dmlel O'Neil and Wm. Nelson, drunk and dttordf rlv: turned over to the military Chas Johnson, (col.,) out after hours; fined *1 &1. James <;o*l:ng, disorderly condu-1 and choking his wife; fined J?4, and gave ?>ecurlty for peace Jno. Connor, disorderly; workhouse 3d days. Prxskktatios ?On Saturday last Capt. John James Calvert, late Commissary of the Quartermaster Department, was presented with a gold pen and pencil by the employees of the Nineteenth street wagon park, lately under his control Mr. Moaes Greenlaw, of Boston, Mass made the presentation on the part of the emploveea, ant*, the Captain responded in a few neat remarks. Abrkst of a Fro-Tivx ?Last night, Officer Kimball arrested Joe Ward, colored, an escaped convict, who wa* aent to the penitentiary for mayhem, near three years ago. He made his escape with another convict, Ned Dockett, who was sent down for burglary. Ward was Immediately returned to his old quarters, to receive the especial attention of the Warden. The Cask of Judgk Mkrrtck ?About 5 o'cl'k yesterday evening a squad of the Provost Guard appeared at the residence of Judge Merrick, and a sentinel was stationed in front of the house, and one has been there ever since. The Judge found the sentinel there when be returned from Georgetown about 7 o'clock. Fatal Accid?!it.?Yesterday a soldier named Wilaon, attirbed to the cavalry company which arrived here Sunday and was quartered on Capitol Hill, was thrown from bis horse in the vicinity of his quarters, and was killed. Thb Campbells are carrying en the war of fun at Odd Fellows' Hall wllh'a rush. To-night, the four new star performers. India Rubber Goods ?We are pleased to state that now all kinds of India Rubber goods, including Rubber Blankets, Rubber Clothing, Ac , Ac., can be obtained in this city at manuJactHrer't priest, at the India Rubber Warehouse, **) Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth stre?ta. oc 16-tf Thi t-oBRots of War enn he greatiy mituated br that sovereun remedy, Hollovay t Ointment, as it will eure any voanrf, hpvever despe'&?e. if it be well rubbed around the wonnfed parts, an 1 they be kept thoroughly oovered with it A pot should be iu every man's kcapcack. Only 26 cents per pot. ootl-lw Startliko ! bct True.?'The Volunteers are braving the dangers of Fever. Scurvy, Wounds and Cholera. Many a gallant fellow wi'l leave feu bones to bi'aoo, who, by the aid of Holloway't PiUs and Oxntmtnt, would have returned to hia ,tr n* a?d thy. Soldiers, try them. Only 29 oente per box or pot oo 14-lw Covshs.?The sadden ohangee of ovr olimate art sooroea of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Aukmatie AJ?tt\on*. Expenenee having proved that simple remediee often aet speedily and oertainly when tak?n in the early stages of the disease, reooaree shoald at onoe be had to ' Brown's Bronchial T>och*t," or Lozengee. let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat oe ever so slight, as by this preeantlon a mod serious attaok may be efTeotually warded off. PuSiie Speakers and Sxnttrs will find them effeotnal for olearing and strengthen.ng the voloe. See advertisemaiiL del-lv Dimv, In Alexandria, on the Uth instant, of the ohronio eroup. BAMll.'.L ASHL'RY, son ofChsrles H and anna E. Taylor, agtd 3 years 3 months and 3 days Soft be his restO. sans and showers. Fall loving apon hta br d ! Sing kindly, birds, and early flowers Around hia grave sweet odors ahed. la Mounts'n City. Colorado Territory. Aagast 2?tn, JOHN H KEHLEK, seoond son or Rev. ?ohn Keklar. of Bhepherdstown, Jefferson county, 'irci ma. (Clerksbcr(, Va., and Canberlaad, Md , papera oopt] TU" 8UTLK KS AND DEALERS GENERALLY. 1M boxes ManuCaotured Tobacoo?oonsisting of Pi. es.jleTpORtxl, aad Pound Laat*. IMgioes Ptaa-CRt Tooaeco, in ful? Plantation, Amue*. Vintin Leal, aad Savory, le barrels Goodwin's Loose Chewing Tobtooo, fin gross Goodwin's X-?u?l poking Tobaooo, U barrels Virfipia SmoklMTobiooo, ?? ha aa VirgToia SmckirgTobaooo, BTsiS-'i.'S^o^r/^y ftp... t or sale at Catr r^s to w qqgURAN . WANTS. W A.n J.^D_A A?piy ?t No. 90 Louiei'' anaav.. opposite Market Bpaoe. It \yANTED-a CLERK in a dm; rto-e wen ''oommended. Apply a*. the Star Offioe Oc ?2-3t AYOUNG WOMAN WANTS A PI rUA < ION a* chambermaid and to ?lo fine a<w;ng. or to w* c?re of afciMren and mw Pease a dre?. B^x 1 4, ytltr ^ oo W Vr?Fi?~nLr'e . *'-ACKSM ITH~ ar.d two . HELPbRS. Apply on 8th st., south of Pa. avenue. txUl 3t* JACOB WILSON. WANTED? A small oo'ored or whit* GIRL, to nurse acd do Ii?ht work. A rood oni will have a rood hom*. rood treatment and fair waiter. Apol* at 504 Mth st, between C and D oo 21 2t* W E PHANDLKF. IODGING ROOM WANTED either or, larre j or two me mm rooms, by a gen? eman. The location ma it he between loth and 17th sts. Answers to this may be directed to A. S. T.. Star ?'ffioe until W'dneslay. ooS1-2t* FOUR GENTLEMEN, employed in the War Department, desire to procure Ro~ms, w'th or without Board in a rente*] family, and in a-ljaient locality Address "Thomas A.." at the Star Offioe, within a few days. oo 21 2t* WANTED IMMKD'ATELY-A DINING^ '* ROOM SERVANT, one who understands his business ai d is not afraid of work : wares to be ?lfi rer month. Also, a good Cook wanted, App y at Star Offioe oo 31-2t BOARD AND ROOM WANTED, by a Single gent'emau, in a private family. Good referenoes given. Terms moderate. Address B->x 716. Wa?h ington City Post Offioe, stating terms and location oe^9 3t* WANTED?A BOY Alao wanted, lots of Book", Old Documents, New Documents, Rare Old Papers, Antorraphs Coirs?any thing onrious, un'que, wonderful, odd New Treasury Notea wanted, at 5 per cent premium ALFRED HUNTER. oo 19 St* Wizards' Hotel Square. FURNISHED HOUSE WANTKD.?An experienced and car?fp| housekeeper desi?es 'o rent * renteel Furnished House, capable of accommodating ? moderatal* siz^d family. Address Box 4, Star Offioe, stating location, description and terms. oo 19 tf CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THESUR otii>er, a'out two we?ks aro, a y u"g mtfiM red COW. The owner will please oomeK^ forward, prove prope-t?, ear charges, nnr* fiim takeheraway. DAV<D HARRINGTON, Louisiana avenne, north sine. oo 19 3t* between 9th and 10th sts. I EXTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENT-PartJ ner wanted, with J?H to *1,00', t> engage in manufacturing ani selling an Army Knife and Fork, an article just invented and of the greatest utility. The inducements to a party will be unexceptionable. Apply to P. ULMER.atth- Wa*hlngton House, immediately. o^ 19 at* WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the '* . Washington Brewery having Oommenoed brewing for the winter season, they can get Fresh Grams every da* at 4 o'clock, at 'Ocents per bushel. Call, onoand a'l. C. COLINKAU, oo 10-im* for K and Twenty-seventh sts. UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A "'O.'S. 333 Pa avenue. se 18 WANTKD-TAILORS. TAlLORS-b0 Ta lora ** oompetent to work on military gooda. A rply G. KOLP.at Wall. Stephens i Co's. se25 WANTED.-We are now buying SECOND^ HA\DFURNITURE,STOV?j?and BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest cash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to zivo us s oall. . , , _ BONTZ A GRIFFITH, ie 13-tf No. 36'J *tli St.. bet v. I ar.'i K rta. WANTED. FOR THE CASH-All kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND I HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call | immediately. R. BUCfHIY. _iej 43* Seventh. between G and H sts. LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED OR STOLEN.?From the premises, No. 847 E street north, one large Krpwn HORSE, also, one sma I Grey MARK, both thin in flesh a^d gal e 1 back and br?ast. The finder will be liberally rewarded by the owner. _I*1 C D EGERT. AfT RKWAKD.-For a Sirnet GOLD RING. Hebrew anu a orest engraved on the stone, lost p-rhaes in an omnibut. The above reward W1 ' IlT the finder on leaving it at this offioe. oo 22 St* REWARD.?Lost, at Brown's Hotel, a pair of GOLD SPECTACLES. with>^?J-v. octagona' glasses. The ab >ve reward*^ wilt be raid for their return to the offioe of the hotel. lt# JOfT-On First st.. between Pa. avenue and In'diaoa avenue a Q20 GOl.D-PIE?'K and 91 NOTE Corporation of Alexandria. The hon?et finder will be liberal!* rewarded l.v l^aviur the aw ?t R A A. LUDEWIG'S Liquor St-re, 6BO Pa. avenue, h?tween 1st and 2d sts. It* Cfk REWARD.?Htray?d or stolen, on the '3? & 2nth ins'a-it, a ?'OW, spotted with white and red ; is supposed to have aK^ calf. The above reward w II be paid . i the return rf said oow to THOS. GAFFNEV, 26Mi St.. near Gas House, First Ward. oo 22-1t*? STRAY?^Tome to my premise*, Oe*ober2i?th, a a Bay HORSE. Insuire of \VM CHOPPiN, Carpenter, oomer of 15th :t.,ai}d New York ave. oo 21-it* II^STHAV?Taken u? as astray, on <he 2^th lna stant, 3 HORSE!*, wh-oh the owner 4T\ can have, by proving property and paying "1 ?Tfr damages by app:ving to the subsoribsr, on^"H ?t. oetwee&aistand ^id sts. oo21 St* G. P. SEYEPB. REWARD.?Straye<l away, oa Frida*, the ;8fh instai.t. from my residenoe. oor n)t ner 'I h rd and K sts , a large whitish rray CO W, in *oo<l order, with short ? i?t-1' A ,i^ i horns. Theabi've reward will to paid for > er retarn [oc 21 3t*] . M. HINKH. C'STR A V ? Came to my stable, on L street, beaj twoe'i 8th and 9th. about 7 days ago, an rv iron grey HORSE The owner ;s requested to come forward, prov? property, cha'ges, and Uko him away. ""31 3t* HENRY KINSLEY. HOR>*E?, HORSES. HORSES'- 54 A'E\VARD -IS HORSES S T A M- rv I'EDh l?. 'he ficure * 1" branded on the *1 _r^l\ rijht jaw of each horse, except one, whioh^C2iV is a dark sorrel, l will pay the above reward for each horse delivered to me. ar Hay's Hotel, or at my stable, at the Old Gas Houae. oc 21 ?t? i. H DENNIS TAKEN UP.-On the18 h infta"t,abay MARE, with military Saddle a d B' dleon cx_ Theowner is reqnetted to oom? fo wa*d,TiZ? prove propertr, pay charres, sn i take her^*"*-* . A pply a: A R FOWLER'S Livery Stable, on 12th at. h?t M and N oo 19-81 REWARD.?Strayed from the enclosure of the subscribers, on the night ofcv the 13th instant, ttiree.'ark bay HQRSKH : and one s"rrel HoKSE, whi'e stripe inhis^^fL face ; and one hlood-bay MARE. Any person returmnr tho said horse? to our Jtable, on G street between 17th and :8 h sts , will reoeive 350 reward" 00 16 lw* S. C. A E_WROE. EUGENE CARUSI, ATTORNEY iND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Orrici?No. 3f? Louisiana Avsmcb, _ . Near Sixth Street. iL/ t articu'ar attention given to the prosecution of soldiers' aijd contractors' claims befo- e the several DepaitinenU of the General Government. 00 15-5t? PBERGNER'S HILADELPH1A LAGER BEER! S. STERNBER8ER. SOLE AGENT, No. 383 D Street, (Adjoining Star Offioe.) A largt aupply constantly on hand. 00 tS-lm SOLDIERS. SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pocket Combs M ernta. Do. Looking Glasses 15 Union Envelopes, per hundred..^ 50 M Plain do. do. .8$ Ambrotypeaof Soott,McClellan,Ao.,eaoii 15 " Sent by mail to any ad ress. ALFRED 8. ROBINSON. 00 5-5w* f ublisher, Hartlord.Conn. 1'ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES t, , 8EGARP. Alao, a number of other oelebrated brands, wholesale aiid retail. WM. GROSSE, _ Havana Serar Store. se a im oor. Pa av. and 6th st. Vvashinrton. 7Q.1H ON HAND. O IU U.S. TREASURY NOTES, whioh will De supp ied at par to our oustomers. free of ohaege. Demand Ireasory Notes, aa heretofore, will be reoeived on deposit as specie. SWEENY. RITTENHOUSE, FANT k. CO., 00 12-1m Bankers, 3^'i Pa. ar., near Brown'a. ^O MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beet in the World, TKt Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dyt Known. Sold by all Druggists; also, at BaaasToa's Patent

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VVW.WJi t"" ?Hi?F FOR r RENT-The Brlok W arehou?e, with ?!ate ! roof and fo?r floors. No 7 i Water ?treet. fieoraet w-. by the (Government Ferrv. and suitable for door?NoS7Vr?0erT 10 "npr,r tuM 31 "* AfrIt next A*\a Briok Carriage Hons- and PtsHie, with *Va!r.arS,B tha y*rd- A|l!Ijr, r) iJKO *ri'KR??Ai> S Grocery, corner of Bridge and Jefferson ?t? , ? eorgetown. 00 g 3t ! /R\E HPUPK KOR KKNT-^o. S7.ont*e j *f south aide of Indiana avenue, between ad and I < V t)*,n? 'he oenter of the row of five biownlom bouses, with large ard loRy par!ors opening ! oe to laooaies north *nd south, and other la ge I rooms, c.osets, an i every desirable convenience, ana having am a apacious stable and carnage r?*r on ? SO foot alloy. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No. 499 Seventh at. J oc 22-saw2w WAKKmil'SE FOR RENT- Icq aire of Z 2l'?* 4 8H|ELDS,3<9 Pa?ave. I F?VR HOUSEon Pennsylvania av., I 1 J . 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Exucutivk Dkpartxsnt, t Whkkling, October 12,1831. \ TO THE PEOPLE OK VIRGINIA Whereas ?.everal of the Congressional districts or this State are unrepresented in the House of Representatives in the Congresa of the United rotate*, by reason of fsilare to eloot on ?he fourth I lhur*il&y in May la*t? cau* d Ly arm'nl men in re[ beilion against the Constitution and lawa of rhe United States and of thia State; and it being the right of the lojal inhabitants iu each distriot to be I represented m oaid House by a Representative of I their own appoinunt. tae Convent on of Virginia, I on the Sflth car of A u^us'. I86i. passed an ordinance directing an olectiont be held on the fourth ThursW in ?'Otober instant,(34th.) inevery diat'ict of I the State to unrcpre*enu*d and where vacarciea exi?t. It is further n.a-le the l*w, by virtue of the I ordinance aforesaid, that any pereon who is preI vented from attending audi e;oction, by reason of I the "ccupatior. of bis own cum tj by armed men in I hostility to th i Government, that a ich voter ma* I vote any where in hia Coagrea>ional district It is I further orda.ued that tho e oot on shall be oonduoti'd and the lesuit a-oertainfd. drcared.and o-*rt fied*n the manner dirscted in the code of Virginia of the edition of 18C". By the !lth seo ion of chapter 7th of that code, an? two freeho dors may hold an eleotiou aireored by law at any plaoe of vo ing, if no Commissioner to superintend the same appears and is willing to act, or if no Couil misiiouers have been appointed to bo d the eleoI lion* . 'tSF* th?r?(or". 'n consideration of the premises. I, Fraxch H. Pixrpont, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, do he-eby entreat the loyal I voters of this Slate to hoi t el-ct'ons in their cev erai districts on the day abovj mentior.ed, to the etid t hat the p < p,e may be reDreeented, the pru.ciple of repre?cntfltive *overiiinei,t sustained, and the State have her due weight in the National Legislature. ?o 'S-M F. H PIFRPOINT. IU. M. KOCH, V CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. U U ? nd from 502 Hro?Ju*?y, Mow Vork. Branchomoe?24b Pennsylvaaia avenue, between 12th and 13th ets., Washington, U. C. Corns, Bunions, S-ft Corn*, Callosities. Club Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, Ac , cured without causing pain or inoonvemeuoe to the patient The Boot or Shoe can be worn immediately after the operation. His treatment la founded on the strictly rnie of soionce, suoh as all Surgtons will app ove. Hia ohargea are ?uite moderate, trifling indeed, compared with the relief and satislaction he affords the sufferer. ^ Refors to the^Phyaioiana and Surgeona of this persona attended at their rooms or reaidencea without extra oharge. by leaving orders at -2*6 Pa. ave., bet 12th and lith sta. oj 11m* METALLIC r o x Cleaning. Peliabiug, and Preventing Rust. Thia is superior to all other oils in the world for the above purposes, as well us for machinery and ubnoating uses. It is equally applioab e to gunlooks and ?ewing maohines. Ii is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnance and machinery. Principal Dtrol and Gentrai Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh at. lU" Agents wanted with teams, to supply enoanipments. se 24 2m 9kQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, " NO US# PxtlNSYLVANIA AVXNtJ*, ^OiJ B?twe?n Ninth and Tenth sta.. south side. IMPORTERS OF WINES, i JQUORS SEOtfS, PICKL ES. PR ES E RtFS, SAR. fJ, %? GROCERIES AND SUTLERS1 STORES IN GENERAL. 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Jeff Tbompsos has not been In tint region for some weeks Capt Llppincott, with 50 men of the 3Mh 1111nols Regiment, met this force two miles b?low Big river, and cut his way through them. Inflict. Ing a loss of seven killed and a considerable number wounded Seven of his men were taken prisoners and several wouuded, but none killed In the engsgenr.-nt below iron'on. on the 17th, the rebel loss it known to hsve l>-en 38 killed snd wounded, and Is believed to be manv more, aa quite a number were carried ofl" the Held. The Culon loss was lt> wounded, one mortally The rebel force is about 2,000, and believed to be the advance gmrd of a much larger body who are some distance below. The officers at Pilot Knob say there were Louisisna, Tennessee and Arkanaaa regiments smong them. Citizens were fleeing from the vicinity yesterday, snd the troops were ouder arms expecting an attack Uriel Wright, a member of the State Convention; Samuel T. Churchill, a member of the Legislature, and John T. Chappel. all secessionists, were arrested to day by order of the provost marshal. Mr. Wright la one of the most distinguished lawyers In Missouri. recapture of lexington, musocei, *t the federal troops. Jefferson City, Oct. 21?The Confederate garrison at Lexington was surprised by 150 men of the First Missouri Regiment, and the place recaptured, with all the sick and wounded, and a quantity of guns and pistols, and two pieces of cannon. One hundred Federal aick and wounded have aince been brought here The Confederate garrison numbered three hundred. The victory of the Federal troops at Lynn creek Is confirmed The place was surrounded on the llth by M?j Wright's cavalry, the ?sme that routed the rebels near Lebanon, and a coojpanv of rebels under Capt. Robbins. and a number of other priaoners taken, Including the sheriff of the county A rebel captain ana lieutenant were killed in the aff ir near Lebanon, and Lieut Col Somers taken prisoner further from missouri. Syracuse, Mo., Oct. 21 ?Major Scott, of Gen Sigel's staff, arrived from Warsaw yesterday, and says that definite and satisfactory Information has been received at Gen Sigel's cajrp that General Price will break up hia camp in Cedar county, where be arrived last Sunday week, (and where jt waa said be would make a stand and give battle,) and will continue his retreat toward the Arkansas line St. Louis, Oct. 20 ?Work on the fortifications has not been suspended, and no order to that effect was ever issued St Louis, Oct 21 ?The Union scouts report the total number of armed rebels in Southeast Missouri to be 6,000. A man direct from Price's army says that Jackson'a rebel legislature is in session at Stockton, the county seat of Cedar county, which place McCullntigh was approaching with from six to twelve thousand reinforcements for Price Addittaaal Fereiga Hfws. St. Johns, n. F., Oct. 20?The steamship Etna experienced strong westerly winds during the entire passage The steamship Uammonia broke a shaft of her screw on the paasage from Southampton to Gravesend, and put lato Gravesend in consequence. Tbc London Times editorially thanks Mr. Seward for Ifce just exercise of his judgement relative to the memorial against Dr Russell, their correspondent, although his i Seward's) letter shows a strong under current spirit The Times also repudiates the charges against Dr. R ussell. and bell ves that the good sense of the Americans will seethe folly of Interfering with htm. Dr. Russell's labst letter is devoted t? the consideration of the position of Maryland. Mr. Lindsay, member of the B'ritish Parliament In a public lecture, strongly urges tbc expediency of England and France endeavoring to effect a peaceful separation between the Northern and Southern states. The steamship Great Hastern had reached Milford Haven for repairs. It was rumored that the Hmperor Napoleon bad mide overtures for her purchase, but this was not credited. The Galway steamship Company had held a meeting, and hopeful prospects for the future were held out. The King of Prussia arrived on his visit to the Emperor Napoleon, at Compeigne, on the 6th, and left on tbe8chinst. The meeting was friendly and cordial, but nothing of political Importance transpired. The King ef Holland was expected to visit France on the 12th Inst Victor Emanuel had been reviewing the troops at Bologna. It was rumored that Gen. Ratazzi would enter the Austrian cabinet. The Spanish Government had consented to deliver up the Neapolitan archives. commercial. London, Oct 9 ?Breadstuff* firm. Cofl'ee Is active, and all descriptions are slightly higher Tea is quiet but steady Rice firm Tallow quiet, and tending downward: sales at 5s 6d Llr.seed oil 3ls Livfrjiool Product. Market, Oct. 9 ?Ashes are quiet and unchanged at 32s fld. for Pots Sugar has an upward tendency Rice is buoyant. Cof fee Inactive. Rosin dull; common 12s. Spirits turpentine in small sales at Ms News from 'he Pacific Great Salt Lake, Oct 18.?The California pony express passed through here yesterday, bringing the following dispatch for the press : San Francisco, Oct 12 ?The steamer St Louis sailed from Panama on the 11th Instant, carrying about two hundred passengers and ?l,*61 OtlO for New York Gen VV 11 Halleckand Lieut S E. Woodwor'h, U. S A., are among her passengers. The brig Providence, from San Fraticl?co for Victoria, foundered at sea on the 15th September. I Many San Francisco merchants suffered heavily by the disaster. The cargo proved a total loss i The Legislature of Nevada Territory continued in session, showing a disposition to adopt the laws of California on all Important subjects Lady Franklin and her niece were received with much ceremony by the Nevada Territory Legislature, on the 8th inst Judge Walt, presiding at the Circuit Court for Washington Territory.sentenced the four Indians who murdered Briggs and son to be bung November 8th * The bark Yankee brings Sandwich island da?es to Sept. 21. The Hawaiian government has declared its strict neutrality in relation to the American civil war Privateers cannot enter any of the Sandwich Island harbors i The French have got Into trouble with the government of Hawaii.and their commissioners were said to have demanded their passports. Gonbeat Reconnaissance si the Tennessee River Cairo, Oct 21 ?The gunboat Cones'ogn made a reconnoissance of the Tennessee river yesterday as far as the State line, and discovered a strong rebel force near the Tenne?see line. She returned this afternoon, having seized two barges loaded with flour destined for the rebel camp. It Is reported that the rebels were In strong force at Blandsville. Ky , on Saturday. It Is also reported that Gen Hardee's force Is 6.000 strong at Belmont, Mo. Reparted Hurtling af the Tawn at Hnm baldt, Kansas Leavenworth, Oct 21?The town of Humboldt, Kansis. Is reported to have been burnt by tbe rebels from the Indian country. The records of the Land Office are probably destroyed. The pony express will be suspended as soon as the telegraph line opens to San Francisco. Fram Harper's Ferry. Relay House, Oct. 21.?Passengers from Harper's Ferry to-day report everything quiet there and at the Point of Rocks. There has been no firing since Friday. A distressing accident occurred to-night at the camp of the Fourth Wisconsin Regiment, stationed here One of the sentries had his arm blown off by the accidental discharge of his gun. Frasi Kentucky Louisville, Oct 19?Reports prevalent here to-day of the taking of Greensburg, Ky., by vaatly superior numbers of the rebel forces, and of tbe retreat of Rousaeau's brigade towards Louisville, appear to be wholly without foundation. Tae Case af Cel. Rankin. Montreal, Oct. 19?Col Rankin, who stands charged with endeavoring to enlist men for the Union service, has been dismissed by the Government from the militia service. Lieut Clark has si so been dismissed from the cavalry service on tbe same charge. Destruction at Flannel Facts ry. Great Falls, N. H., Oct. 19?Tbe flannel factory of John Townsend, at Milton Mills, N. II., was burnt this morning. Tbe loss is estimated at *30,000, on which there la a partial Insurance. T be fnctory was running on a contract for army flannela. A Baltlnsar- Vessel Chased ky n Privateer. Philadelphia, Oct 21 'The ship R M-Miles arrived here this morning, and reports that on the 19tb instant, two hundred miles east southeast ef Cape Hatteras, she spoke a brig hailing from Baltimore, which that afternoon had been chased by a privateer. Miaaewrt State t snvenUen. St Louis, Oct 19 .?'The State Coevantloa adjourned yesterday, subject to the call of the Severn or, until the meeting of the Legislature to be elected In 18M lisstk ef Ei-Gavertiar W eed bridge. Detroit, Mich , Oct. *> -Kx-Oa?. Wo. d bridge died ?t hu residence In tktoeity *<dey, SECOND EDITION THREE OTLfTI T. M OUR MILITARY BUDGET )cost autm twn tirutuwi 9*r rlKwhm la to-day? S?or foe u noeount of the act of ?e Owwi^wt ! piecleg tbe r"-" dence of Jodge Merrick, of the Circuit Court rf this District, under surveillance la?t nigbt. J?dge M la under arreet, u to being alleged. Tbe Government hift, however. It necessary to the aafrty of the oeans of ?bo I nlou. to place bit residence under the eyes ?f a uusrd, leaving bim free to go and MM, end to attend to bia public duties aa usual. The real rea?oa be la placed under wirvellianoe la, evidently, to ua, becanee tbe antheritiea reeag lie In bia official conduct towards the r?wat Marshal's acts In the discharge of hla dutlaa. a diapoaltlon to defeat the measure* for the preee-rstton of the Union which tha President baa fbit It to be hla duty to take throngb hla e?oer?tho Provost Marshal The P real dent ka not likely to permit hla military men* n res to be thwarted by?t^' be m>v deem legal ahlfta and evaalona oa tbo part ef lawyers, especially if their loyalty may, la hla t?*Cmeat, be queetlonahle. TiiiMromsr nccsaarvi movbm**t. Tbe success of Genera la Stone and Baaks la throwing their respective commanda acmes the Potomac yeeterday and to-day, la the face of a heavy force of the enemy, and thaa formlag junction with the right of tbe Grand Union Army occupying the soil of Virginia, Is complete. Gen. Stone's low In killed, woonded and mtosior?only about *??Is a remarkably alight oaa considering the boldness and apparent haxard af the movement to occupy the Virginia bank of ite Upper Potomac; from which point still farther important operations may aoon be expected THl BaTTLS HOT 1IS?W?D Contrary to general expectation both there and here, the enemy had not ventured to renew?ap to 2 pm to-day?their attack of yeatorday npoo tho Union columns that have croaeed tbe river above. Tbey doubtleaa had enough of it yesterday and last night . . As we go to preea?with this second < we learn that the arm lea of (Jenemla Stone and Banks are now securely la poaitlon on the Virginia aide of tbe river?the object of their move ment cot co<?swell 4m> leiWe hear that Col. Cogswell, ot the New York Tammany Reel ment, w?s seen to tall la the engagement of yeeterday; after that aothlag ta known of his fate. He la believed (In Stone s command) to be wounded and a prisoner. ^ Col. Wm Havmond Lee (d tbe Maaaa^h<;aeits JOtb), who was In the engagement, we tea- 1? among the missing. ACCtDBH TALLY . It is rumored In town as we go to preea, that Col Graham, of Slcklei's Brlgade.waa accidentally killed Yeeterday, at or near Port Tohaeco. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Cibccjt Conr?Higklf Inltttttfg nod Imr?rra?t Prtx-trriing' Growing en* eftki drr.st e/ Judgr Mtrritk ?Tbls morning, at the ueoal boor for opening the court, Judges Dunlopimd Moraell appeared, and directly afterwards retlrod to the Marshal's offl-e They entered the about noon, and Judge Pnalop aaayoad that he had received a communication from Judge Merrick, which be would proceed to rend ^ He then read the letter to a crowded court-room, tnere be' n? a large attendance of the bar and some ' The letter states In detail that on Saturday, tha let Inst , Mr Foley, an attorney In this city, pnaented a petition. In propee form, for tha tset* of a writ of kabtas corput In the case of John Murphy. a minor, (IS years of age.) 7hoJrM by the Provost Mambal. He (JudgedM L'ave the neceaaary order totbeclerk. and the writ wai In proper form Mr. Y him (Judee M ) afterw.rd.^ that on aocon nt oftbe many engagementa of the i>M>?ty Marshal be (Mr Foley) had himself eervodthe^t an Gw Andrew I'^rter, which (Judge Merrick ?dda) Mr Foley bad a right to do; and GeirPorter told him that be would consult the SecretaryMr Foley understood him to mean the Secretary of StaU?a* to whether he should ?espect the writ or not, and that be (Mr Folev) might coaelder himself undrr arrest, but would be allowed to go "ttl? KTe^enlng (the letter proceeds) Mr Foley and one or more with him called on him (Judge Merrick.) and one that be(tbe Judge) ? derrtood to l?e an elderly brethes ti Marphy, asked if his brother (John Mnrpbyfrmlght a?w be consfdered Anally dlrmlssed/aaf tf he cxmid return to hi* friends, as be had beard bis brother ha.l been dismissed from tbego?dhoye Judge Merrick declined to say a_fttta? at ait about the matter, snd Informed the P*ri1^ ths what would b?- done would be done judicially, that the Circuit Court would meet on Nonaay mornlrg for tbe regaiar term,andthat tha?aaa might be brought before it, for the td t s.id action of the whole Court Mr Foley said he would make the nocemary affidavit, and expected for that to be arreated Judge Merrick, before the hoar for the bling of the court resterday clerk. Mr Chsrlea McNamce, and daa&ed htot te endorse the affidavit " referred to the oonri for action ? About II o'clock a member of tbe^ba Informed bim (Judge Merrick) that Mr Folor bad b^n irrctted and coaflDed, 1 A Judge) replied that such s statement molt t>e maoe '""The'lndge then proceeda to *ate that be had been to Georgetown to y.sterday evening. and relurrjng betweea ?, ana s^ven o'clock, he found psclng the stm? In front of bis premise* an armed ^n.Un'1', V informed the aen'ry waa placed toere abeat 've o'clock p m , and aentrlea hsd been la front of his house continually until now ^uine He proceeds to say that aa attorney prac uiag before this court, In serving a legal proceMin proper form on a military officer, .. . ened with, and then fully imprleaaed, and ttnt the aame officer then attempa t?tn-uU?nd intimidate tbe Judge who tasued tbe T, . tions already deUilod, and tuat be ' acted in defiance and contempt of tbe . -o*e the Court . . . . Tbe Judge, in conclusion, reqnertshW nrotner judges to c-^uae hie communicattoa to be ta open court to account for hla abaenea. aad thaMt bT entered on the re. ord to.how bere."er whr, on tbls 2iJd day of October, IWI, he did no p pear In bis accustomed place ______ Judge Dunlop inu iudires fbimself and Judge Morseli) sso, after consuiUtion. decided that tbejetter s oa bellied as requested by Judge Menrlclk,^and 1 was now so orUered Tbey also thoughUi^ngbt, aa the writ (of babeaa corpus) bad issued, to state that the matter wss now oefore UM "Th'u'.u^. of tbrt. k-oU-fJ "iCISTiS the remedy tt la tbe duty of tMa ceart to a*br?^ ^1 a process of this court^w '? r ' rule to be served on GenAndrswPocrw to ap pear before the court sod show cauas why eaal^ lacbment for contempt of court shoula aot lasn ^e^Morwll said that IkUsa^a P*j?j?' gro?a obstruction to the sdmlnlstratloo of ju , to prevent a Judge of thla court from ' s-st because be issued a writ Juj?euchm tha law requires The placlagj^^t^^^*** emb^'r4>lln^"hlmTa'this particular subject, and irr "AHsSss to do, a duty tbe Judges are s^^ to do^na ?a? duty is the odminiatratloa of jueuce ag asJfJ rnMatu .'"-j w!Jf be served on tbe Pra^eet Marshal, and la ooacio Ion said. I intend to do my doty, s?d vindicate tbe character of thla Court aalong as 1 alt bara -h*was proovtlv cbecke* by tbe deputy mesTxl. - toxica our reporter could not cntch, oa aeeoant oi tbe aobdood apptenae Wbtcb agya immmmmut UAnrlS -ST. * * "TT "iStFSZ PlSif l au >1 ^ i4 a# * '