23 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ I 1 t - (&btnittg ^kx i v?. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 23. 1861. N?. 2.707. I THE EVENING STAR m PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (vunuay bxokptkd.) at the itae buildings, Iwm? 0/?rrt?4 ?mu SUvtntk it. rt w. n. wallaoh. Paper* nrfri In package* by carrier* at 94 yrtr, o? 37 oent* per month To mill anbrnttai ?be price la ?3 JO a few, m mdwci; ?3 for tfx Montba; si for three month*; and to* lea tkn three month* at the rale of M oent* a week. Single coplea, oita cxwr; la wrapper*, two csmt*. AoTiarniKMn ahonki be cent to tbe Hk? before U o'clock m ; otberwlae they may aot appear until the next day. A CHAPTER ON ORKM. 11ci.i?it*i v i FOR THE LADIES | Prom th? New York Sunday Time* J GREY " MIXED'' A fancy for grey goods seems to hare been a rmling passion with many ladies for the past two or three seasons. In fact, grey has been the uniform, the " only wear," the entire feminine community, in spite of a pretended lore of exclusivenees. always running after the same thing, so that, be it grey or black, they can be mistaken for nothing hot crows, which always travel in flocka, and wear precisely the same livery. The grey mania has its advantages, howfcver, it was neat, modest and beeoming, and apparently economical, and, if this last good quality was mere apparent than real, it was not their fault. The popular method of nroduein? Ky in draw food* ia by the oonjunotion of ok and white, and in miced fabrics the black, by a strange perversity of the manufaeturer, is almost always cotton. The effect can be imagined the first time one of these Ky dresses is caught in a shower of rain?the ck runs in streaks wherever the moisture touche*, and if it had been put on new that very morning, it is ruined forever. The cffect of perspiration or of a little dampness attaching to the bottom of the skirt }is equally visible, and destroys all the utility for traveling wear. The fault even extends to quite expensive materials. Grey silk poplin, in some in stances, aoos not pay tor the coat or making up, from the mixture of black cotton with the silk. In buying mixed good*, therefore, ladies should take especial care to ravel out the ends, and see if the black they contain be cotton, if it is dop't buy it, beoauie there will be no satisfaction in the wear or in the purchase, no matter how pretty it looks at first. WIKTBR SOVILTfEB.V The arrival of every steamer demonstrates the fact that we are not to be restricted in our love of luxurious novelties, provided we have got the money to d*y for them. Oar eninutnt caterers for japo'nicadom have accepted the wir aj a necessity at last, and find there U still aome demand for the rare and exclusive, the "something suite oat of the common," which has been the object of other beside vulgar aspirations. Agreeable visions of winter reoeptions, bridals, bouquets, wedding cake, and ' German'' float across the brain at the sight of charming coiffures, garnitures, bodices, and even robes, rosy and graceful, as if Intended to clasp the brilliant Aurora, whioh are among the lecent arrivals. Prominent among the superb novelties imported is a velvet evening dress for the lady e ?? ?tt? ?? - ^ m me u nite House. ot tbe magnificent shade known as sublime rose. The akirt is deeply n traine, and laid in plied of immense plmts, bat not gored. The corsage ia low, pointed, and trimmed with folds, and a stomacher of pointed lace. The sleevea, a Eugenie, are to oe clasped with diamond aigrettes. The coiffare to be worn with it consists of long barbe* of ooatly white point, the wreath of -short red feathers and a long rosy plume, tipped with maraboat, fastened with a dUmona aigrette over the forehead. Tbe new bridal aetta received are also very novel and aingn'.arly graceful and becoming; chef d' oeuvree from Dutels, the artist, in flowera to the Empress, trom whom this house receives its magnificent decorations. The bonnets present a new and extremely Ugant eombinatioD. cousisliug of an extreme r ?l;_ - - - iiuui oi mm u-ansparent usee or erape, united to the rich dark velvet, which forms the body of the ohapeau. The ornament* are very rich, long, barba-like plumes, mounted with a tuft of toe same feathers, or scarfs, and barbea of laoe, festooned by a monture of lace, and moss rose in bads, of the blood-red camelia. NETTED WOOLLEN GOODS. Netted woollen goods are in great and remarkably pretty variety for children this season, and are very fashionable, as they can hardly fail of proving, when so much taste is displayed in getting them up. The novelty is, of course, in the variety of stitch, in thf difference of shape, and in the combination of colors, all the new shades of red, brown,mixed, gray, and others, showing to great advantage in wool, and especially in conjunction with ?-? - * - .... woua. xne prettiesi tnmg lor children is a now netted turban, with close crown, and open, turned up brim, finished with tassels; it is very becoming, which is not true of netted hoods and caps usually. The little cloaks and jackets are also verypretty, just adapted to the season, and save mothers any amount of trouble in fitting out children with these troublesome garmenta. Netted woollen undersleeves are made in great variety, but there ia only a style of white puffed sepbyr, with intersecting oolored straps, whioh are at all fit to wear, and these only when they are desirable for warmth. Nothing but the purity and delicacy of lace and cambrio should b? permitted to come between the dress and the akin. Maripoaaa and Sontags share in the redundancy of eolor which the florid taate of the season demand, and are ao attractive as to licit man; admiring oh* and aha from impreaaive young ladiea, and give riae to iunnmerable expedition*, the object of which ia , Magenta and Solferino worsteds, whioh are sold in every variety and shade, from purple to dark brown, aooording to the .exigencies of the shopkeepers. Netted shawls and netted talmas are not now seen in the street; bat they are pretty for house wear, over the rather light dresses which the warmth ef the sun makes equal to the necessities of the day-time, but which require something additional for comfort as evening corns* on. The use of woollen netted goods has sepplied an inexhaustible reservoir of acceptable presents, inexpensive and useful. May they never grow less. Fancy netting ia, however, rather at a dia count do?, in print* circlM, thick grey socks for the aoldiera. and huge -comforters ' hare taken the piece of "cloada," and arc daily sent off to the Sanitary Comniaion in place of havelocka, which proved rather a failure ao far M the good U concerned which they were exCted to acoompliah. Let oa hope the '-aeok" ioeea will prove mere auoceaaful, and knit away, ao long aa we eannot fight. ^ lOOFBD SKIBTS. A very great improvement haa appeared in hooped akTrta of a recent date, of which lady reeqara will be glad to he informed. Itconaiata ef a greatly increeaed number of atandarda, whiok are placed oloae together round the bettom of the akirt, ao thickly that the heel eannot catch in them, and adding much to the i V. J J...VHI4? fm f ? !? ?*? tf?u?>u IUU uursoimj, lDif idea originated with a woman, of oourM. (looped akiru hare reached perfection now, oompared with tha Am clamay apecimena which made thair appearaoea aix or aeren yeara ago. Tha sambar of atandards amoaota to 128 in aome inataaeae?<A eoarae of tha lightaat and moat highly prepared material, bat which poaaeaaee nona of tha briUla quality whioh formerly rendered ateal apringaor atandarda dangeraua. Tha ohape ia alao greatly improved. Tha balk at tha top haa given plaoa to a narrow circumference whrch almoat taper* to tha waiat, and aztanda oatln a gradual flow to tha bottom of tha ekirt, slightly deepening at tha back ao aa to Mpport the |rM^r length of tbi drem at tint point. BOW TO WASH LACKS. - Washing laoea ia one gf tho easiest Uiki in { tae world, provided it ia only properly done, i kit is one whiob demands all the attention, j for the time being, and should not be thought of when other washing is in progress. Old 1*- j i dlee like to take a rainy morning,when callera i are oat of tho question, and whoa there ia ! . plenty of letoere to examine every pis-point ia the eobweb fahrio, no that the amalieet frac- ; ' tare may not safer by the neglect of askllLfal of ntadlt end ti?rmmd mmm na I tag ia Umm to tfca mat*rial upon wfciah it ! may V* utd. Whan collar iImtm. chamiWftn and tba lika art all ready, rab tha aril ad e parta with whita aoap rantlv, and pat than ia i i a tia pail two-thirds tall of mU watar. which ) stand upon the range ?r stove, so that it will come gradually to a boil. Whan they [have reaohed the boiling peint take them off, squeete them out of the water, and pat them, with a small piece of white soap and a pinch of soda, into a second clear cold water, repeating exactly the first proeeas. After a second boil they will be ready to rinse, first in clear and aftetward in a little '"blue" water. Hare a towel rack or small clothes horse ready to dry them on. and while they are drying pour half a pint of clear boiling water over two large lumps of loaf sugar, which'is to be used instead of starch, and gives to laces the precise mnnnf r\t mf i ffnoeo an/1 UI ? U ? -kuvHuw vk Dtiuuvoo ?*uva WUOIO^VIK^ TT U1V2U IUCJ possess when new. To impart the orthodox yellow tinge to the old laces, put a tablespoonful of clear liquid coffee into the starch, or rather into the rausrtrre, before dipping. After starohing, which should be done as soon as the laces are dry, roll them up in towels, and by the time the last are rolled up, if there are a number of them, the first will be ready to iron, and nicely ironed on the wrong side, will look as "good as new." No rubbing should be used throughout the whole operation. JACKETS. Zouave jackets reappear as the season advances, and promise to be as much in vogue as ever. They are, however, quite different in style. The skirt part is almost wholly dispensed with, leaving a sort of Greek rente loose, but cut almost straight around the waist excepting where it deepens into a sharp point before and behind. A tucked linen-cambric undershirt is indispensable, finished with small linen collar or narrow standing frill. A wide silk sash is tied around the waist on one side, and gives a Greek Turco effect to the costume. A 4 -% * .... a oo?i-pi?eYe, ornamented witn buttons and braid, is the correct style with this jacket, but many prefer one which will display an under* sleeve. A FreSh Pictir* or Henrt Ward Beecher is ins PuLriT.?The New York correspondent of the Boston Journal writes : At half-past ten Mr. Beecher comes in at the small door, hat in hand, of the soft beaver sort. This he flings down under the table, takes from tbe table a handful of papers, casts a long and loving look at the vase of fresh flowers, seats himself in his chair, and commences reading the papers on hand. He spends no time in what is called secret devotion in the pulpit, but at once turns to the business in hand. The voluntary on the organ concludes, and Mr. Beecher offers the invocation. The reading of the Scriptures and hymn follow. The organ and choir are in the rear of the preaoher. The whole congregation rise and unite in the song?a sublime sight, indeed. iSo large an audience, and such melody, sweeping through aisle and chamber like the sound of many waters. All seem to sing; and the pastor might indeed feel a just pride in such an audience and such a chorus of E raise "Safely through another week," "Uxridge" and "Olmutt" are the tunes sung. The devotional exercises follow. The adJ i.. i? i' m areas 10 me mrone 01 grace was humble, tender, child-like and devout, carrying all hearts along with the voice of prayer. The voice was low, the tone solemn, and each sentence was heard in all parts of the groat house, so attentive was the assembly. ' Let us beseech the Divine blessing," was the opening form. To one aceustomed to hear Mr. Webster, many of his peculiar tones will be vailed to miad in Mr. Beecher'a more earnest expressions. It was observable that neither in the prayer nor in the sermon was any allusion made to the condition of the nation?the war?the army? slavery?or any of the great topics that now engross the vast public mind. Th# notices and comments occupied fifteen minutes, and then came the sermon. A Fcsnt Crss.?The editor of the Fayette County (111.) Democrat is some on a " goak." Artemus Ward is not far ahead of him. Thus he sneaks on a proposition by his Republican brother that he be continently hanged upon a tree as a traitor without the benefit of clergy: " to be, or wot to be" htho. The Observer recommends the forming of a vigilance committee to hang traitors, and stigmatiie* us m being traitor*. We enter our solemn protest against being treated in this unchristian manner. When we "shuffle off this rrw.-tal >> ? >? ? - ? ' MVkvn. WWII, no uvu v noui ? CU1I Ol Ueilip rope around our neck. It's very i convqpient, to say the least of it. " But, to return to our subject." ' We would not die In spring time " No, no ! Not when the flowers are blooming and bursting their tender petal* to the sun, and the sweet forest warblers greet tbe dawning day with the rustic song and cheerful lay, and when the fishes bite so beautiful and all nature looks so gay, and when we have just cast a new roller (by the way, don't the inside of our paper look better this week than usual ?) and iust ordered a lot of new type?die now ! and leave all these, and never get to wear any DiAm unnw ? * ? ?? ? v.vwv MV UUUg UJ7VU A II UO 'For little boys to jeer at, And th?* noisy rabble in the *treet to sneer at." ? Nary time! Egjpt is a great place for Democrat*, bat thej can't be rnised on trees ! The editor of the Observer never liked us ; we have been in his way to some extent, and now he wanta to get revenge. "Thar's what'* the matter.'' lie wants to have us killed so he can get to publish the tax list! Oh, you scamp! you carniverous cuss' You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Pbbnticbiana ?The secession organs say that none of the Southern States can be brought back into the Union against the will of their people We don't propoae that they shall be. Several of them were taken out (if they art out) against tbelr people's will, and we want them to come back In accordance with it. Oen Price is running from Fremont, but th? I lmtter hat got the (cent of him, and can't easily lose It We congratulate Gen. A. Sidney Johnson, the rebel commander at Columbus, Kv , upon hla having been presented with the fhmous racer Umpire for a charger. Hs may have occasion to tax Umpire's running powers to the stmost. We trust that Missouri will be purged of Gea. Price before the close of the present month There Isn't room enough for the U. 9 troops and the Confederate troops within the limits of Kentucky. One or the other will have to quit soon Mo vim est* or Westuk Pkoduck? Railroad K9 * * ----- rr'i(iu ? i wrr n great complaint at the West of tbf want of transportatlan facilities, especially by dealer* In flour and provisions, who are anxious to hurry forwnrd those articles at the present time The Cincinnati Price Current of Wednesday says: "The desire to get produce forward Is strong and general, and there no doubt that large stocks will sccnmclate la warehouses of the seaboard cities before December, aa owners hare been and will continue to be Indisposed to sell at the current ratea, expecting to reel lie far higher prices aa the reaaon adrancm. This will place a much larger qnantliy of lour and grain In the Kastern markets by the first of December than would otherwise oe the caae, and leaves less to go ay ral lway daring the winter months; so that probably the caae case may not be anlte as bad as is ? * pecUd" " ; fTT" A new style of shoulder strap* bu recently triad" tta appearance In the aroir The rank of the oAcrr* bearing them Is that of First or (Second Lieutenant; but running lengthwise on the strap, la ita centre, la a slender bar wound round with a !. rof the aame size They Indicate tM telegraphic corf* of the army The retreat of Ben McCsltoogh from Mlatour I was understood at Richmond to have been made la obodlence to the order of the Arkansas Military Board Great dissatisfaction was mani'Mted ?t4*thls Injudicious and untimely Inter'HIBCi H Uv "?r woo nas jaw rfxurnea 'rom Europe, brlnga wt'.h him the welcome t'dB|) Utftt Maw. Grlal kM promiaed ooee more to ruit America. ICT Ad'ltna Pattt recently a highly aoceaaful concert la Lire pool. ?? George* Hall ?m crowded to aact extent that another concert *4 to heis??e?eed. t > r- . t'> 1^- #r7 ?| W u PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Mouse 9/ Representatives of the United States, I Cierk'i Office, September 20,1861. \ In pnasCANCE of the seventeenth section of the act of Congress of August ?6, 1843. entitled "An aot legalir.ng aod rn\king appropriations for such neoetsarj objects as have been u?ually included in the generai appropriation biils without authority ?n?_ ?< -J - v. .caw 9 ami W II * ttllU prWlUV IUT OOftftin 1D01Q6I11 al expense* of ihe L>ep&r tin'nt? and offioes of the government, &r d lor other purpose*," sealed proposal will be revived at this office until Friday, the 25th y o? October text at twelv o'o'osk m . for furnishtrr the following artiolea of Stationery for the use of the Houae of Repreaentativea of the United Mates, vix : Cm* No. 1. 75 ream* white cap paper, extra anperfine, feint lined 10 reams blueoas paper, extra superfine, leint lined 50 reams white nap paper, extra superfine, plain 85 reams white flat rap, extra superfine 160 reams white quarto post, extra superfine, feint lined, itlt 36 reams blue quarto post, extra anperfine, feint lined, Kilt 50 reams While iin.rtn ??tr? -c-* gilt " ' ' 10 rstnn b'ue quarto post, extra superfine, plain, Kilt 25 retma white quarto poet, large use, extra thin, feint lined 10 reams white quarto post, large size, extra thin, plain SO reams white 'aid Bath post, extra superfine,feint lined, silt in reams white laid Bath post, extra superfine, p!?in,icilt 150 reams white not*, extra superfine, larje size, feint lined, gi t ?0 reams bull note, extra superfine, large sue feint lined, gilt 25 reams damask note, extra superfine, large size, feint lined, gilt 25 reams white note, extra auperiiiie, large size, p ain, cut | 75 reams white note, extra superfine, small size, feint lined g It 25 reams white r.ote, extra superfine, small size. piain, rut 25 ream* white note, extra thin. No. 6, feint lined, flit 10 reams white note, extra thin, No. 6. plain, rilt b rennr? wtnte note, extra thin, N".8, plain, wilt 10 reams white note extra thin, No. 8, feint lined, Kl't 50 reams Jesup & Bros, extra superfine, white wove post, feint lin-?l, (wide ruled ) Class No 2,?Envelopts. 50,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, f by 3>? inches 50,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, b% bj 3'i inches <n,ooo huff thiok adhesive envelopes, 57i by inohee 40,UQo wh te thio* adh??ive envelopes, 5% bj SH in W.noo white thick adhesive envelope*, by inOll<*S 25,ono white thick adhesive envelopes, 5*i by 3},' in chos 1 000 ooo bnff thick envelopes, ?V by 3^ inches 100,ooo bnff rhick adhesive envelopes, 7?? by inches. Clash No.3. 200 cross besl metallic pens, in boxes 25 gross Perry's double patent large blue barrel pens, hue points, in dozen boxes 25 dozen black swan quill i>*os 15 cross penholders, assorted styles 2 Rro*s cut and preyed glass inkstands, assorted sizna acd styles. Ci.a*s No. .?Miscellaneous. 6 dozen psarl handle pocket knives, four blades 6 dozen hell handle p >c*?t knives, four blades 10 dozen pearl ami the!! handle pooket knives, 6 blades 1 dosen office shears. 11 moh<?? 1 dozen offioo shears,9 inches 4 doze1; offiae shears fi inches 4 dozen scissors, 4 inches 10 dozen color pencil*, large and smal 1 5" pounds sealing wa<( best quality 2i?> spools red tape 5 doz?u letter clips, tilt and bronze 2 dozen letter fi es 15 pounds Indian robber, medium sized pieces 4 do*?n bottles pounce 8dozen short rubber p?noils 4 dozen portfolios, different styles. Class No. 5. ISO reams brown .Manila enveloping paper, very tough, with smooth nurfaoe, i7 by 37 mohes, to vetch not less than <2 poUud? r?m 6f>o reams Kr?wn Manila enveloping paper, very tough, with smooth ?U' faco at) by 25 inches, to weigh not less tnan 2b pounds per ream 900 reams same a* above, 19 by 24 inches, to weigh not less than 22 ponnds per ream. Proposals lor the above must state the price per ream Tor paper, and prio" per thousand for envelopes, and be accompanied by the names of the sureties intended to be offered. Hy ttie act aoproved Juno 17, 1844. the Clerk of th* House of Representatives is ' directed to pontine his purchases exoiusive'y to articles of the growth and manufacture of the United States, pro " , J I ? * iiubu hip same an procured el such growth and manufactn>e, of suitable qoalitj, e.nd at reason able prioes, upon ai g->od terms, as to quality a id prioe, as oan be obtained of foreign growth a d manufacture." A preference wnl therefore be given to the productions of Amerioan industry; and all persons making proposals to supply any article will state whether the raoie is the growth and manufacture of the United States. The aruo es are to be delivered, free of ar.y charge for carnage, at the rftae of the Clerk oi tbe House ?;f Representatives, on or before the twen tietfi day of November next. Kach bidder, thouth he may de?ire to propose for the whole of the articles above enumerated, will tie required to make a separate and di*ttnrt proposal for tack eta*j;and no proposal or pa er emiiaomg mo e thau a single class will be considered. Kach proposal to be endorsed, "Proposals for Ctass No ?, of Stationery for the House of Repre?eatatives of the United Stites," and addressed to the undersigned. They will be freo of y\j- w^o. Sufficient specimens of each olass must accompany ihe proposals marked with the name of the bidder and the number of the olats according to the above advertisement. The person off-ring to furnish any description of articles at the lowest prioe, quality oomidered, shall rec-ive a oortract lor th" tame on ex- outing a bond with'wo or more sureties, satisfactory to the i lerk of tho House of Representatives, for the pf-rfnrro&noe of tho same, under a forfeiture of twice the oontr&ot prioe in the case of failure: wiiich ifond ii-ust be fi'ed in the of&oe ofthesftid olerk within ten days alter the proposals have been opeued and the result deolarcd KMKKSuN KTHERIDSE, se25 w4w Cl?rk H. R. II. 8 UNION OYSTKR DKPOT.-The undersigned respectfully announoe to their/jp^. /?s friends and^ the pub ic that they hanl^Cl f aJ diwci'i uu nauu a tresn suppij 01 hc?t Oiater* the market can Supjlf, >SQ{r a"d served in evert atjle. Families and fcutlers sucpI'.eH. SWORD & CO , oo S-lm* 49^. oorner "f 12th and K ?ts. SOMETHING NKW ! \ ,Q I m JGRSA.TB?T PUCOVIBT OF*\\ I ft J ^SjLhBF TIIB Aai! A( '.19 i C street, opposite >U|r _ (A? Tkea er. ~ OYSTKRS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior mi a ro?*w in tiro minutes, the fastest time on r$eord. Call and see. The undersigned retpeoifiiiiy informs his friends in the IMstnot, and visitors to the oitr, that he ha* refitted his old and wkll-knowm sotablishms t in a most thorough manner, ard na- made oomplete arrangements to furnish OYSTKRa in auy style and in any quantity. 400 to 500 ga Ions rhuoked per day. 2 Of.O to 3 OOii oans of Spiced a- d t- esh put up daily?oans hermetioal!y staled Furnished in the shell by the bushe or barrel. Persons wuhing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore cnoes, without fear of failure, should oall and make arrangements at onoe Freight, rimx, and money saved by purohaamg of me, as I furnish an article eeua'. to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prices just aa low. TO BUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, to. a * i ri -n ? r ' - no. aiw, rioKiea, uauup, Sajo*?, tf randy Peaches, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh L?bster?. Cod. Halibut, to. In foot, evei y thins for sale in the Noithi rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prises Hotels and families supplied with mate's, delivered without onarge t. any part of the Uistnot. in season, ll thelhoney is sent with tha order. Sf establishment is o#-n from 5 a m. to U at t, every aay, axoept tinnday, when 1 oloae at to o'clock a. in. se27 T. M. HARVEY. M. I. FRANKLIN, 4 % ,^3iJiW

8CIKNTIF1C AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN S44 f ann'a? ., noith aid*,) bat. tfth and 13th sta! Improved SPECTACLES, with canuin* Pabbla f Parisoopio Glum, amtod oorrecUy for arery 1 "7" fll(ttl* FIRST 03i CLASS MIL IT AM Y FISLD-O LASSES, j TO?*JTH?, No. 4?0 St*. 1 #^EB4T RUSH FOB SEVENTH 8T*HKT. J aw&ssfi^is'ii ?** o?Ha LEA * PERKINI' CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronouaoed by jQ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS BJ of? Letter from a to be the II VtniltmoH "ONLY GOOD M.1 To Hit Brotktr SAITI'I."" ai Worcester. and appuoable to ., _ ,, May.lKl. Tell Lia 4* PerKvif d v 7~>si?*i-; ri*5 that tneir Snuct tvtKY |a hifh|y eateeuied v a b iptv India, and is, id * s^*5SS?7? my opinion, the most fc*"ia*pa'aul?i?, a? well as OP DISH. Kh*niiJB-t>A most wtieleaome ^^??30Sauce thatia made." The above SAUCE la n?t only the bmt and moat ?oPCl a* condim knt known, but the moat ? conomtcal, ac a jew drop a in Sour, Gravy, er with Fith. hot and oo!d Joints, BuJ St?ak, (fame, tc , impart ?n exquisne xett9 winch vnyrtneipud 5*auce man uiaeturert have fn vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast, Luncheon% Dinner. or ??6/'j,?..lBrDet oontatninc " LEA a PERRINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la indispenaab:? .To appreciate tfye excellent qualities of thia delicious preparation it ia oniy neo^anary to purchase a rni?li bott e of the genuine,, of a respectable *ro cer or "ea er, many Hotel aid Res aurant pro prietora se dom plaoe the Pure Sauce oefore their guests. but substitute a genuine bottle filled with a <purtou< mixture. 1-or sate by tjrinsars and Frnitarera erery where. _ . JOHN DUNCAN A SO S, u i ,m Square and HrA street, Sew York, * 5? Whoh^ftle A^onta for t?e United States. A Stook always id store ? Alao ordera reoeived for direct shipments from En*la d. ILT Beware of Counterfeits and Imitations. -TTi asp S-ly.eo Medical department of Georgetown college. Washington City. Comer of F and Twelfth Streetf. Skssion or 186i-'Csl, FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLE young. m. d., Professor of Prmcijlfj and Practice of M<?dioine. JOHNSON ELIOT. M. l>.. Professor of Principles and Praotice of Sorcery. JAMEP E .MORGAN, M. D., Prolessor of Materia Medioa and Therapeutics. SNYDER. M. D., rroiessor 01 uostetrio? and Diseases of Women ?nd Children. THOMAS AfrTISELL, M. D, Professor of Me.ical Chemistry, Toxioology, and Physiology. J. E. W1LLEIT, M D., Demonstrator of Anatoiny ^ ITT* The ohairof anatomy to be filled The session will oomm^noe on the 22d of Ooto her and end in March following. Kor turthsr information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. 1)., Dean of the faculty, 4 0* F street, between 6th and 7fh ats. au 6-lawtNovl* fjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY 1 o? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ~. .saoo,ooo. (lAtt 101 **r C iirui mnd I.ouxtia** ?., ???r B+n* 0/ Waskxntton. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diuctoks. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Red torn, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, Jchn D. Barolay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rot!.well, Thos. Parker, Richard Barry, B. B. Frmoh. Dr. G. W. Davin. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. A 1*T 3 htVTa r^. - rv - U aau V WWI craxsa J ? & U ? pKNSlON OFFICK, Jum 6th, 1061, TO ALL WHOMIT MAY CONCF11H. Application (paving been made under tno act of 23d June, I860, for the reis?ue of the Land Warrant* a esori bed herein, whioh are alleged to have been lort or destroyed, notice is hereby given, that at the date following the de?cription of each War rant, a now Certificate, of like tenor, will be issued, if no valid objection shall then appear No 96.1WI, for IHii acres, ifehaed uud?r the act ol March. 1855, m the name of I'o ly, widow of David Bradbury, and granted on the 19th cay of Septem ber, 1860 ?November 16,1861. No. iJMi for iflO acres, issued under the act of March. V855. in the nameof Chi ietophor Dough?rtT, and gra ted on the 2>th day of September, 1356. November 16 1861. No. 98,814. for 160 aorea, issued under the act of March. 1855, iu the name of 6uy 8. Alexander, minor child of John C Alexander, deoeased, and granioa juiy *. lHS'i.?r*ioveml>er 16,188' No. 2,163, for 160 acres, is?n<d under the act of Maroh. 1856 in the name of Benjsmin Keily, and granted on the 27th day of June, 1856 No 652. for 80 anree. issued under the act of March. 1856. in the name nr Reuben Woodruff, and jranted on the 9:h day of May, 1855. No. 856. tor 160 acres, issued under the act of March,1855.in the name of Sam iel H Waterhoase, and granted on the 231 day oi May, 1856. No. 2..S33. lor 80 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1855. in the name of 8h?llv Downs, and gran'ea on the 2d day of August, 1856.?November 16.1861 No 41 999, lor 160 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh, 1855. in ihe name of James Pray.aid framed on the 21st day of Maroh. 1861 ?November 23,1961. No. 25 9.%), for 160 sore.', issued under the act of Maroh 1855, in the naino of Wil iam M . Ju lin a ('.. and John 1). 8., miner obi dren of Irwin Battel, deceased, and gr nted on the 24th aay ol May. 1856?November 2S, 861. No 44,818. for 80 aores, lesnea under the act March, 1855 in the uaina of <iett?, widow of Thcmak Eiwood, and xrarted the 19tn day of Jarusry, 1857.?November 23,1861. No.753 0 for 160 acres, issued under the act of March,1855. in tvename of Alexander Mo^vllough, a< d crauted on the 8th d*y of January, 186C.?.November 25 1861. No. 8,068. for 160 aores, issued under the act of Maroh, 1856, in the limine cf Alexauder McQuain, and granted on the Utti day of October, 1856.?Novemi>er 30. 1861 No. 9,769, fow 120 aoies. issued ucder the act of March. 1855, to the name of Daniel West, and jranted on the 14th day of July, 18.V5.?Dooeinber 7, IOOI. No. 57,w?. for ISO acres, is*ued under the aotcf Maroh, '855, in the name of Hannah widow of James Win^n, and granted <>n the 20th day of Febtuary. 18.S7 ?Decembers), 1861 No 64,450, for 120 acres, i*m?d under*the act of Maroh. 1855. in the name of Martha, widow of Aod ew Mellon, and grafted on the 15th day of Ap.ll, 1856 ?Lierember 2>, 1861. No. 3,302.for 16" acres, iesned under the act of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Samuel K Jack way an 1 granted on fie 1?<. day o Augu't. 1855. No. 3 i;<,lor 160 acres, iesued unde- tbe aot of. Maroh, 1855, in the name of William H Tarrance, and cranted ou tue 13th day of Jul*, 1856.?Deo?m ber 21, ld61. ^ No. 14.945, for 80 a? res, issued underjthe aot of ^opinuuer mu. in me name of t,?vi Treadwel!, and granted Sap ember S9ih, 1851. No 31,031, fo #1 ivorri. usuto under the uroe aot, in the Dft;n<3 of Aoel Platts, &ad granted November i8rh, 18->1 ?December 28 1861No 7i 524 for 16? acre*, isiufd under the act of March. 185., in the name of Thomas Johnson and granted on tne 9th da/ of September, P57.?January 4,1862. 0.42,216,for 8n aorea. iesued under the.act of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Polly, widow of John Cam*, at d granted on the 2&1 day of September, lfllfi Un A ??'? *<wv ?auuaiT ?. ior,4. joseph h. barrett, e It-law CommiMioner. n top haws wary PREMIUM TRUNK Wi Ms \UFACTORY, 499 bctsktu Sxa*-T, Wi.<UiA0T?n, d. c. Sitrer Medal ^warded by Maryland laatiUte o Baltimore. November 7, in**. AIM. Medal U MorrojoiitanMeohanioe'IiiatiUta, Washington, D. C., 1857. 1 am Mututlj inak rr. a-.d ai w*y ? hare on hand, ?. WW UV.'. twi, W fVi J UOTUapUOfi 91 Fi d? Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Lad) ?r' Drees, Wood Box. and nseu* nsrafe At Lrm Priut. , Members of Congress and travelers will please eiacune my stock before parohasing elsewhere T Minks that are made in other oities. Superior Leather and Drees Trunks made to order. Trcnfcs oorerod and*e?aired at short notice. Ooods delivered fr~e or oharce to anyfyart of the lit* ?-orietowE. ar.a Mexaoana. 1AMKH W.TQPHAM. notice. CJTYL1P1I Autumn and winter Wrap^nga f<;r of qoalitiea liettnr thviuaealiy found in th;a market, in Woole*a ami Silfca Mauj noveltita iu Staawla. With all kinia > { i?rj floods for ih? ran>ral and special want* uf fauuliea and hoaackeep(Jm ario* cul>, the actual raah atandard Talae, "1 D& kNii iliui figures Oar Northern and Eastern correspoadanta send l^yeta^lfartLna^Ijilelotha, Ruga, he.. ipper u i oeS-M Pa aveaue a?d Ninth a?? oe IS Comer V erinont av. and 19th at. d BUR JOHNSTON, ALT1MORK LOCK HOSPITAL, H*i dttt&virtd tkt iwti Gtri???, Sfitdf mmd nJf SffttiMl Htmtdf m Ik* Wfld, FOR ALL DISEASES OK IMPRUDENCE. LET IfO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A mr D E? nf 4 D D 4 n ^ - 4ft WHO rriinnjiivi Ai;. f A ITL/ J(, /JV MtOJI OAE TO TWO DAYS. Waaluaaaof ? Es:k, Stric'.cro, Afactiooa of tha Bid <; ?od BltMi: .^teiican SucuifM, laptutct, 6naril Dtbility, N#i.*ou?n*aa, ^)'ao*p*;, Lanraor, CocfMiaa f Mtu, Low Spr.->, frfitutu of th# Htart, Timidity, Trtrabliiifs, ?f Sijoi or Giddmaaa. Hiuui of U? Baad, Thro*!, Noaa or Skin, Afacuona of tha Lnp, tornacn or Bowala?<h?i? Ttrnbl# Uiaordara iruin| Iron Boll* ur; H*.bij?of Yowtfc?ih*aa Dritdfil and Daatracura Praeucu whieli randar Marnafa impoaatbla, ud dtiuty both Body and Mind. YOVNO MEN Especially who h*T? bacon* tha ncutna of Solitary Tlca, that drtadfal and daitrocti'a habit which anaaally awaapa vm ?ii KUiinKij |i??? uiuhunu ot i oorg viiu or !? dml isltad ulaota and brilliant intallact. who miftit oiharwua k?i nintoid hittmof hMW with th? tbandara *t o~ QB?cct sr wakad 10 acatacj tfaa liviof lyrt, may Mil wilfc fall couidaoca. - MARRIAGE MkiiID PlllOKl, or Yur; Mid cootaBpiatUf Warria*a, bawf awara of phraicai ilikntu, orfaul* dabilitj, daforminaa, Ac., aptadil* carad. Ha who placat himatif under lha cara of Dr. J. maj ralift ul; con6 It id hia honor aa a f aniiamto aod (wldaiUf ?aly apon bia akill aa a phyaician. Utries No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft hud lid* /o>nf fro? Baltimore atraat, a few door* from the corotr. Fail not to cbeer?e nam a and narob*r. Uutti raaal be paid and con laic a eump. 1)R JOHXSTON, Member of iba Royal College of Sarrcoo*, Lor dim, fiadiata'from on* of tha moat eminent Collejee in th* United taut, and ih* rieaier part of kwho** iif* ha* b??n (pent la th* hoapttale of London, Paria, Philadelphia and *l**wh*r*, baa effected ion* of tha moat aetontahiog aaraa that vara av*r known; many troubled with ringing in th* head and aara whan aaltep; great ner?ouar.eee, tain# alarnad at aaddan aoanda, baehfulr.ee* with fraqaant blaahing, attended eometimee with derangement of m:cd, mere car*d mmediafalB TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Teanj Man ana otbara who hava ui)nrtd tn?miil?n tj aartain praeuca indulf ad in ?hiD alona?? habit frtgaantly lHrn<4 from ?ti| coinpanioaa, or at acbool, tha kicii af whico art nljr+itlj ftlt a?en when aaltap, and if not eared, randan marritfa impoaaiMa, and daatroya both Bind and bod?, should apply iiumtdtat*!?Thaaa ara aomi of the aad and melancholy effeete prc-daced fcr earl* habita of youth, mi Weakneee of tba Back and Limbe, Paint in tha Head, Dimneea of 8i|St, Loaa Of Maeca>ar Power. Palpitation of uia Heart, Dyepapay, N?r?o?? irrnabilr.y, Dirtn|r?nunt of tha Diftlux Funcuona, General Delinty, Symptome of Contnmption, Ac. m im?ui t?.a faarfal tCtcu on tha mind ara Beach ta ba dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Confnaion of ideaa, Derreeeion ?f q p.. i* .1. - j. * ?: - * ? " * - w tsynut, b'ii r uto 'iumji, A??::.^u ui ?wt?f 17, Diii-uil* trait, Lo** of Bolitada, Timidity, ?ie.. art loai of tha *?il* fndicid. Nutovi Dibilitt.?Thoa*and* caa new )adg* whit it th* came of th*ir declining hsalib, lotioc tf?*ir vigor, becoming w**k, pal*, nar?oo* and (maciaita, having a dogalat appearand* about tha a jti, coogh or aytnpioma of coctampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. W ban tha on age id ed and impradtnt votary of plcatart ted* ha h.ia iniltbad tli* **?d* of thu patnfal diacaaa. it too oftan happtna that ao ill-timed at nee of ahamaor draad of di*co**ry da-ara hira from applying to t boa* who, from adacatioo and r*ap*clability, ear. alona bafnand him. Ha fall* into th* band* of ignorant and dtugning pretai.dari, who, incapabl* pi caring, filch hi* pttciiiary eut ttanc*. kaap him triSirg month afttr month, or a* long at to* *mall**i r*a can b* obWmad, and in daipair leave biro With rained btalih to sigh *v*r me galling di*appotatro*r.t; or by th? caa of that deadly poieoo ? Mercury?hiaten tha coututatiooal tfrntorrtt Hi thi* t*rnbl* di**a*?, *ac h a* Affacuooa of th* Heart. Tbroat, Head, kio, 4c., progreacir.g with frightful rapidity, till daath pact a p*nod to hia araadfsi asSariDga by **nding himtaihataodnur*r*d cautrf from vhm boarn* c* trtTiltr reiarui DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By thi* rr*^t and important ramady w?*kn*** *f lb a orgiea at* *p*tdlly ckrtd and fall ripn r**t*r*d. Tb*a*aod* of th* act dktmi and debilitated, who had t**t all bap a, nave t r tmmaai&taly rtli? All ImptdimtDl* i? M*rrnf a, PhyIleal ? Msntkl Diaqsallicmiari, Lhi #f Pr?erttti>t rawer. N?r?ee? Irritability. Tf?irblir.f and It eakaaee > Kiaa?*u*a ef ibe QHt feerfii kind ipaeai'.y cartd. * EyDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. THB Miht TnoI'iinoi c?r?l at thia icieUtaUM ?ithlo id* lut seventeen Hin, cod the nininu laptrutl e?. aperMtaoe perferinad bv Dr. Johnsiw, vu.tuid by the iiptnan mt lhi ptptrttng many other rinwx, ntucn ?f vaicta hnee appeared n jam and ijaln te/ere ibe patlic, fceiMea bia aur.dmf aa a f antlemao af iharaeter and raapaoalbtlity, ia a ulciin'. faarentee ta tba aflicted. mar Ift-ly NOTICE. msmm A DAMS' KIPRES.1 COMPAPIY." This Company oflers to the cublio" I'ueq nailed Advantage*'' fur the Safe an* Quick Uispatnh of Heavy F eights Packages, Valuables, Money, Ao. Ac., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West de part from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expre?ses are in oharge of experienced and reliable Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carriea at "oiti half" our usual rates. All Goods for tne so-called "Confederate States" and all Articles * Contraband of War" will be Rkvcsbd. Ou- Expresses leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. VI .. arriving m Washington at 6 A. M and fcSO P.M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at RJB A. M. and tl P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 *? P. M. and 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. 1 M , arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 630 P. M. Expresses for all points North an<1 West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M and 2.30 P M. daily. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight oar. be made on application to this ? ?flice. Ali Goods wailed for and delivered fret of Extra oharges. E. W. PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Company. _Wastuugton, August 23.18hl^ an 23-tf YWOOD AN1) COAL. OU Will suiely get your n?oaey'? worth by oalling at the PIONEER MILLS, toutkwtrt tor u, ? J d < ? -W?. wvyfntt rnift u?U I. '?HO* , ICTE/'I, rAVL, | A rent.) The; sell ohetp?r and rive better measure tUan any others in the oity?cut, split, and deli*- I ered freo of oharce. If tob doc 11 el.eve ,m the Pioneer Mills a tria., tad be satisfied- < ili-T Boots amd shoes to sviv vac . TIMES. We are no* manifactmnn* all kind* of BOOTS and SHOES, and oorstantly receiving laQn Kipljr of eastern n,*>ie work of eter? de-eGM sorption, ma?le eiy.-nss!j to order, and wilirWj be sold at a muoa love- ? rioMhan has crea* HL heretofore charted in thia s;tj for raeeh inferior a>n?ies. Persons in want of Bocta and Shoe* of eastern at sitr made work, will a.wars find s rood tsiorimi li tio eand at the o*??l >ue?e. aire ns a rail. KIPF1N * HRU., >. ? ' 'U >-?rr?,lTtnn t.?r?? A RM1' SI! Pl?l I ttt /I JUST RECEIVED? 480 cans SAUSAGE MEAT, 1 340 cana FRESH TOM ATOES, 43? c.au. FRE8H VEAL., 360 cana BEEF,? /* mod*, 240 cana ROAST BEF.h, >50 am. KKKStt MUTTON, 24?oan? BEEF and GRAVY, iUOoans SOUP ami BOtHLLJ. J 90 M??? FRENCH DESSIOATED VE8E TABLES. For aaie at New York Factory prieea. KING k. BI KCHELL, e < Corner I and Fifteenth utreeta. HI NEW BOOK#. I LISTORY of the t'nitM Netnenanda, by Joh? i Lothiop Motley ; 2 tois.; free b? mail, 14. ( The Rise of li e Dutch R'M '-a. a nutory. lj John Lothrop Motley; s to a oioth; free by mail, s'ilM Marner. tie Wearer cJ RkmiaK Kw ik. author of "Adam Bode clotL TiJoenU paper A dents. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wiutro? Sirreant; #!J0. After loeberrs with a Painter, a Summer Voyae* to Labrador aud Newfoundland; by Re* Loan L Nob e ; #1.50 The Manufacture of Photopenic or Hydro-Car boa Oila. by Ti umai Antiaei., M. D.; ?1.%. Any of the abore free by mail. < FRENCH ft K ICHSTKIN, ap M Penna. avenaa. ITOR OFFICERS AND !:OJ*DIER8 ? .aok I tkln Gauntlet*, aevnal qualities. Heavy Grey Blankets fur Camp eerrioe. Blue Cl"tb? and C*a?imerea \arioma qaaiitiea. One pnoe oni?.markedin elain finurea. We aleo offer all kind* of firat olaaa Urr Goods for the genera' aid apeoial vanta of flamitiee and honeekeepera. PERRY A BIO, , Pa. arenae and Ninth at. oo 19-St "Perry SaUdia*." W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hare noaiTtd wit ail Ui iut day or two I !M? assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embraoinc all (trie* of lov-pno?d, ??<f and fire qualities, wueb we ftrs salliag a t wary low yhoM for <*^ALL * co x ssa Pa. a*.. between 9tt> and Mtt aia in g Mtmiicmnw mk) ??wblnti.i 1 ? W B"tk of tkt i\ai\onol Hltl. A W .Vf' Bt liberal sdranoea mad* on 60M aad Mirer Watoaei Dimih..a, Jews ry. Surer war?,Cioti?iu(, Piatola, acU all kinoa oiMwofcaadia*. flaaiDoaa atnstly oonfider nal. ISAAC HtKZBKRG, Ml C atroei, au Win Bat ween ?X aad ?U Ha |RiSHPOPLlNS AND flKW_*JM!Pi reat *MU of temiliN. A ' "."j.it.gaisav 1 rwrn^siewscssnsifc; " THE WEEKLY STAR. VUi r&arUcat FtaUy u4 *rw% JiwnmX ecaufalaC a grmm wWy ti lnm?i| rmi M Friday MTnlaf. tMnglcoopy, per una ......1 F1 oopln 4 Tea oeplea T wpdit-If oeplea. ? M H It lBTtrUbly ooatalM tfcr "Waahlaftea Neere* itat Im? Mi* Tk* Dmitf fwtf ?mt alwoMi ao fully throfl|toit tk* owntry (ZTSIsffl* copies (la wrapper*) ou W pr?eared at tU ooantet, lmaaedlatoly aflar Ik kM of the paper. Price?THREE CENT*. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED? Compound Fluid Ixtract Buchu, A PnUtrt mmd Sfti/U For Dimmm of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, U< DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thra Medioine tnorMuea U>? power of , at d exott-** the abaobbkntc into healthy eotioa. by which the watcst oft c*Lci*ort depoaiuoaa, fend ftl VilNtlCtAL BRLtftOKX ftHTI ftr* roCMW. M well M PAIS AM) IKrLAAHATlON, U |<M H>: MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV For WttkiU'N Arising from Kiomwi, Htnti of Diaaiftfeoft, Farly 11 di?or-tio? or A Attmdtd ipilk tht Folltwtmg SprplMu; Indi?po?iti<>n to Kxortion, Uxiof powtr, WafJffsr- D,*c"" Hurrorof WaktMmi, Dimncws of Vuioa, Pua in ih? Baok, Id vvi* Lnaotade of th? Msaculnr Hot Band*. Fluthing of th? B'>dy, Dryn*<* of th? i?k!n, Ernptiona on tlM Face. PALLID rorVTBUMK-B. Th*?e i?m;t< mi, 11 a'owed to 10 on, wluok thia medic:ne invariably remorft, toon foilovi 1MPOTENCV, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT?, In mu / which tht Pattern ?Mf Eirptt* Who oan my thai th?r m not fr?? neatly followed by thoM "citncL risiAsn," INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are ivti of tb? oanw of thair nffaruu. BtTT HOlfl WILL COWTBBB THE RECOK 1)8of THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the M'lanrkoly Deaths bf Cwiwi?wi. BEAR AX PL C WITNESS TO TBI T1VTI Of ml UIDTW. TBE co^T.j.mo^.m^Ag^cT.0 Require* the aid of medio in* to atrrarthra aa4 11vigor*** ta* Bf *t*ia. whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BCCIU a TIUL WILL COHV15CB TftS HOCT IKKTOCAL. FEMA LES- FEMA LE8- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, or * contkmplatino Marriage, In Many AffiClimt Punltar la Kmmi the Extract Bnotiu ia iDMUilod by u? oUmt ramexiy, aa m Chloroaia or KeUnUpn, Irrgaanty, P&iDfairiAM, or SuppreMioa of Cnt?i>irr Ltmuat:on a. Ulo?T?to<2 or gchirron* ?tat> of th? Dlarua. I,euoorfii?* or Whites, gtenlity. for All complaint* inouleut to the ??*, whetkor annag from lndiaoretioo. Habita of DiMipatioa. or iaAa DECLINE OR CHANGE 9F LIFE t 11 rmrroma a bo vs. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Takf no more Balsam, Mtrewrp, or Unpltm.ta.it Medtcin* for U*pl*a?ani and Dangerous Aimw. HELM BOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU SECRET DISEASE! In all their B<ages; At little Expense. Little or no on&cge in Diet; \i> meoaveaienoe. And ?? aZP<l?r?, It causes a fre^um desire and fives strencth to Urinate, thereby Kem viDj ?>bsti actions. Preventing and Curing Strictures of the Urethra. Allaying rsisa'.d lnflarr.irvtioc.ee frequent in the oIms of diseases. an" ex?elliag aU Poisonous, Diseased, and worm out Matter. THorSANDS CPOl* THOCSiHDS WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who Lave paid heavy J n* to be eared ia a short Ume, have 1 .una th? y were deceived, and that the '-poison" has, by the use of *> ? */?; siinsfssli" been dried up m the sjsten, U> break oat ut aa U* gravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MA&RIAOM. U?? HKLMBOLDT? EXTRACT BUCRU hll affection* Ml diituv ot the L'KI.HAR Y OEOAM, whether ex iting in MALE OR FEMALE, from whitewr mum one mating and co matter ot HOW LONG STANDING Diwum of these Organs repair* the aid of a Dicrotic. HELMbOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC. ao<l it u oe tain to h?v? the doeirad effect ia Diismm J or tekic* it it rtcommendtd. avinanca or th* moat respoksimlm an aa LIABLE CHABACTBB will aooompany ine madioinaa. CERTiFICATEB OF OfREP. From (to ? j< ar?' madias. With N?m?# know" 10 SCIENCE AND FAME. PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." 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