29 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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4 h u- 0 CPbciwng Star. V?K XVIII. WASHINGTON. D, C . TUESDAY. OCTOBER 29. 1861. N". 2.712. I Hot Shot.?Col R?b? kj? ?I Itheevening star is rUBUtWBD BVRRT AFTERNOON, (PUPIDAY BXC8PTK0.) AT TIN 1TAR BUILDINGS, nnj- ?mmm m%4 Eleventh it. IT w. D. WALLAOH. servrd la packages by ttrr'e-a it Mi ?. 37 r^nt* par month. To mall su bee libera ,^Tpf.ce Is *3 50 a year, ia ? for atx oooifc*; ? foT 'tree montha; and for leea thaa tn/tf Booths at tbe rate of Hi cents a week. Stalls eopi<?, oss casr; In wrappers, two ciirra. gr Adtmtiimmti should be tent to the lt-( before 13 o'clock m ; otherwise they may ?< appear until the next day. Villlklas Surveys the tea*t?Great Fear af lavaalea? P.rparutiaaa for tefeace?Startllil Jlr*a frewa Feri Samter?Sawed* that have 1Mb ppraied (ram the Seathera least. [From the Cleveland Flalndealer ] Coast Subvet; oveb Camp Loob Oct, ) jl Balloo* " Set Hi," Oct. 14,1861. J I* Dear Plain Dealer :?I have been silent for some time, but don't imagine that I have been idle. I sm taking a survey of the Ceasl and hasten to transmit to you tbe result of my observations. pines the fine morning when Gen. Butler astonished the Hatterasse*. took their forts away from them and carried off Commodore Barron (may he be the -4Last of the Barrona") the Coast has suffered continual alarm. In fact the Coast hasn'terjoyed a good night's ilaep aince, Lot knowing at what time the President's Butler might take another slice to ' serve up the Federal table. The Coast defences are not in very good c ndition, the rebels having been too mucn absorbed in taking Washington, and marching iato Ohio and J Peansylvania by way of Western Virginia to at end to them. They "have got lots of sand batteries, and in dome localities shells (of Ocean) abound in great quantities, but what are shell without a mortar ? There are numerous plaster beds on the Coast, bnt no places to make mortar. Even the Masons can't make it since they cat adrift from the North and fell back on their own rasoursej. All along down tbe ooaat I saw indications of alarm and fear. The guards are doubled at all tbe oapee (new way of doubling the cape.) the anaound defences of Sounds are rendered sounder, the mouths of rivers show their teeth, and Bays are being put in oondition to keep the foa at bay. It is a significant fact, that the next cape below Hatteras is Cape Lookout, and they are keepiog a pretty bright lookout there, I can assure you. They had better. By reference to your map, you will see that Cape Fear is just balow Cape Lookout. They are frightened almost to daath there. I floated over Charleston Harbor in the night, aad it being very dark, I passed quite near Fort Burnter, and at a low elevatToa. Fort Sumter, yoa remember, was loaned by us to South Carolina last spring It is unhealthy for our soldiers to stay there during the Summer months, so we let 8outh Carolina tale itshe wanted to. I passed near enough to the , Pert to catch some of the conversation. The information I obtained is of the most startling nature Fort Sumter has seceded. and formed an Independent Confederacy all by herself.' South Carolina may be some, but that little fort is Sumter. A voyager along the Coast is struck with the (freat variety of Sounds he meets with. There s Albemarle Sound, 8t. Andrews Sound, Altamaha Sound, Assabaw Sound, and a hundred other Soaads, except "Sound on the Goose.'' That's a sound you don't meet with to any extent South of the Potomac. I missed other sounds that onoe wooed the echoes in the South as well as in the North, that floated over the fields of rice and cotton and hung upon the languid Southern air at tbe same time that they were wafted on Northern broeses and toased from cliff to cliff and crag to crag among tbe Northern hills. The sound of ''Hail Columbia Happy Land," the sound of ' Star . Spangled Banner," tbe sound of "Yankee p Doodle," and of everything else national and patriotic has disappeared from the Southern C#ast. The loyal mariner may sound for them in vaia, they have quite disappeared. But Sonthero maps and charts are likely to be revised Mitcnel, not wholly unconnected with tbe geography and atlai business, has turned soldier, I see, and he will be useful when a new map of the South is made and see that the Sounds are in their proper places. The above may appear high sounding, but remember it was written in my balloon at an elevation of some four miles. Yours, during the war. Vilkiss. A Po?t3Iastrr Threatened with the Bolts or ''the Thuxderer."?A few days .?ince, an unkempt, rough appearing, shirt-sleevod Hibernian, who didn't look as though he had ever written a letter iu his life, or knew how to write one. entered the post office, and inquiring for ' Mishter Baum," was shown to that gentleman's apartment. Drawing from his poeket a paekage of the old-style Government envelope, he said : Will your honor give me a bunch of the new envelopes for these ould ones 7" ' I am afraid you are a little too late with them," replied the postmaster. " Too late, is it ye say V echoed the stan?? 44 Yes," continued Mr. Baum; 44 the time for exchanging old envelopes aud stamps for new ones expired several days ago. You should have presented yours sooner. ' W ell, what tho divil do I care about the time expirin ?" said Patrick, beginning to how some symptoms of choler. ' The Government -jot my money for these and she must redame them " 44 Ample time was given you to exchange them," replied Mr Baum, 44 and if yon failed to do so it is your own fault." 4'Sara, an tbe Government isn't so poor," rejoined the stranger, pointedly, 44 as to want to swindle a bard workin' Irishman out of three eent pieces in that way, is it ?" 44 Tbe Government didn't mean to swindle yo#1"said Mr Baum. 44 Then why didn't ye give me the worth of my money !" " Because," Mid Mr. Baum. getting tired of the interview, 41 the time for exchanging old envelopes for newnas expired." 44 An ye won't swop, then ?" ' No; I am not at liberty to do so." 4- Well, sir," replied the Irishman, drawing himself up to bis full height, ' I'd have ye know, sir, that I am a countryman of Dr. Russell, and I'll have him write to tbe London Times, and give you and the Government the divil." It is needless, perhaps, to add that Mr. Baum now lies awake o' nights, dreading the coming wrath of the journalistic Jo-re.?Cincinnati Gazette. ty Says the irate New York Commercial: 44 There is a limit beyond which no officer not a snob or a peacock will pass in the display of his gorgeous uniform and equipments. No officer of the regular army, educated at West Point, exeept, possibly, the late Captain, now General Magruder, would intrude nis regulation clothes and armament into a parlor, or a place of public amusement, unless bis appearan?e was attended with the notification 4,with side arms " It passes comprehension, in the faae of the Army Regulations and of common propriety, how men caa throng the Academy of Maaic with rattling sabres, sword belts, sashes, sword knoU, and all tbe other yellow plash and spaaglad millinery, which the war times makes so familiar. There were more ridicale and Mora, than admiration in the looks bent opon these sons of Mars, on recent occasions, in tbe Ternpla of Art, Music and Prestidigitation." The Crops?Provisions Plenty and Cheap. The plaassnt autumn weather has enabled tha f .risers of New England to gather their bonatwgi crops without danger from frost. Tha h >y, corn, potato and other root crops are na at abuadant. Squashes were never mora abundant; potatoes are selling for half the p-iee of two years since, aad are free from th. Btrley and oats are abundant. Batter ha not been so cheap for a long time. We htve heard of good butter purchased for thirtaen cents a pound, daring tha present fall. Heats, also are cheaper than they hare been t?t several years ?Boston Traveler. tIT'Tb* Louisvi 11# Journal of the 24th says. A g#ntleaiea from New Orleans via Heodrraon, reached here wSght before last He safe tbe . b eckade there la perfect and that there haa beea BO "rival or departure seaward for the last sis Weeks I , t ? miuinry dictionary gives the following account of the manner of using hot shot, and the peculiar de?tructivenes? of this mis*ie : "Tho charges for hot shot are from oneouarter to ouo-sixth the weight of the 8hot. vv ith small velocities the shot splits and splinters the wood so as to render it favorable for burning. With great velocity the ball sinks deep into the wood, i* deprived of air by closing of the hole, and chars instead of burning tho surrounding wood. It should not penetrate deeper than ten to twelve inches. Red-hot balls do not set lire to the wood until some time after their penetration They retain sufficiont heat to ignite the wood after having made several ricochets upon water. The wads are made of clay or hay. Clay wads should consist of pure clay, or fuller's earth, free from sand or gravel, well kneaded, with just enough moisture to work well. They are cylindrical and one ealibre in length. Hay wads should remain in the tub to soak at least ten or fif.een minutes. Before being used, the water is pressed out of them. When hay wads are used, vapor may be seen escaping from the vent on the insertion of the ball; but as this is the only the effect of the heat of the ball on the water contained in the wad, no danger need be apprehended from it. With proper precautions in loading, tbe ball may bo permitted to cool in the gun without igniting the cbargo. The piece, however, should be fired with as little delay as possible, as the vapor would diminish the strength of the powder. Furnaces for heating shot are erected at the forts on the sea eoast. These furnaces hold sixty or more shot. The shot being plated and tho furnace cold, it requires one hour and fifteen minutes to heat them to a red heat; but after the furnace is once heated, a 24-pounder shot is brought to a red heat in twenty-five minutes; a 32 poundor and 42-pounder require a fow minutes longer. Three men sro required to attend thefurnaoeone takes out the hot shot and places them on the stand to be scraped; another scrapes them and puts them in the ladle; and the third supplies cold shot and fuel." Fharpshooters.?The Mi.^sourians in the rebel armies boast a great deal of their skill as marksmen, and their exploits at Lexington showetf that this claim was not altogether unfounded. It is related that one old fellow during the continuance of the siege, was in the habit of going up every morning within musket range of the intrenchments, ensconsing himself under cover of a tree, and blazing away at whoever exhibited himself above the Federal earthworks He took his dinner with him, and after loading and firing till noon, paused for refreshments, " whioh ever as he could with haste dispatch" he wouid smoke his pipe and begin his work again. Aotingon the ad vice given to the Irishman at Donnybrook fair?"wherever you see a head, hit it"?this backwoods Rebel picked off one after another of Mulligan s men with as much complaisance as he would shoot a squirrel. Others climbed trees and^ fired inside the fortifications at selected objects. In the recent affair at Big Rivor, Cspt. Elliot states that a white blanket, improvised as a flag of truce, and elevated above the little breastworks, was instantly p:erued with twenty or thirty bullets, showing the accurate aim of Jeff Thompson's men. Aumerous instances of the enlistment of splendid marksmen are found in the history of the struggles of the colonies for independence. A person appointed to raise a company of riflemen in one of the frontier counties of Penns; 1van'.a, bad ao many applications that he resorted to an expedient tor the selection of bis men. Drawing tho figure of a common sized rose, which he placed at the distance of 160 yards, ho declarod that those ooming nearest the mark should be enrolled for tho service. More than sixty hit tbe object. It is told of Capt. Cresap s company of riflemen that while one of the men held a pico of board, five inches broad and seven inches long, between his knees, another shot eight successive bullets through it, offhand. There were fifty persona in the company wbo could do the 3ame thing.? St. Imuis Republican. Affairs iw Kk.itucrv.?From the Louisville Journal of tbe 25th, we clip the fallowing: A gentleman who arrived from tli9 South yesterday, inarms us that Gen. Buckner, in command of tho rebel forces on the Louisville a id Nashville railroad, had been promoted to a Msjor-Gsneraiship. Mr. J. R Wheat, who arrived at Lebanon from C?mp Dick Robinsonon Wednesday, gays tho rebel loss in their attack upon the entrenched camp of Qen. Schoepff, in Laurel county, was over 600 killed and wounded. This information was derived from a rebel chaplain who was wounded an.! taken prisoner. There are now seventeen full regiments of Indiana troops (infantry) in Kentucky, and three companies of cavalry and one of artillery. They number 18,178 men A note from E. E. Jones, Esq., Editor of the Spirit of the Times, uated at Crab Orfhard, Lincoln county, shows that our sporting friend is trying to get a sight of tho match race between the Tnion and Confederate forces, and is therefore edging down as near the lines as passible. He says the little town has been in a state of excitement sinco Friday. About midnight on Saturday 600 cavalry passed through to reinforce Camp Wildoat; on Sunday at half-past nine, the 14th Ohio passed the Springs, at 6 p. m the 1st and 2d Tennessee regiments followed; and at 10 a. m. on Tuesday the 38th Ohio passed to the scene of action. Each regiment was accompanied by ambulanoes and a long train of wagons, and the 10th Ohio by a battery of six pieces. Large numbers of volunteers have started from Lincoln and adjoining oountiea, taking with them their own guns, provisions, and ammunition. The 1st Kentucky regiment was expected on Wednesday. * Tub E.nolish people have for some years depended upon American composers for their popular melodies, anJ "Annie Laurie" and other delicious airs of 1 tfieh origin have been eohpscd by importatio j from the United States. ' Old Susanna' after being worn out in this country, did good service in England, and "Lilly Dale" and "My Mary Ann" also had a popularity exteuding from the Highlands of Scotland to the valleys of Devonshire. At the present date, a song which has almost passed into oblivion in the country of its birth?the song known as " R salie the Prairie Flower" ?is on every street organ in the Mother Land The well-known "Dixie" is also sung and whistled by all tbe boys in London, but not the original words, some local scribbler having appropriated tbe music and bestowed it upon a series of stupid lines, in the chorus of wbioh recur the words "on the Strand, on the Strand"?alluding to the well-known street in London Besides singing Dixie and shouting it and humming it, tbe London gamin* play it, with considerable skill on the little leaden pipes (shaped like those of an organ) very much in vogue just now. nZ7~The Sultana Aziz Is undoubtedly an unhappy woman When her husbsad Abdul a cended tbe throne, be refused tbe customary beautiful clave out *f regard for Mrs Aziz But lately, It ae^nis he repeutf his virtue and Las eint to Cixcaa>la for ISO young and handsome girls mearlng to establish a bang-up harem, tbe wretch; and become ne better tnan a libertine. This freak requires cash down, upwards of 8145,000 -the torments of the Sultana, of ceurse, being beyond pecuniary estimate ILTTo facilitate tbe repair of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tbe Government has constituted a new Military Department, extending from Harper's Ferry to Cumberland, in which Brig, lien leader is to havecommand, and to which Is assigned all the troop* raised and to be raised at Biltimore and Cumberland, and tbe Intermediate points in Maryland and Virginia. H^?enator Wilkinson, e-f Minnesota, his written a letter explaining his poeitloo on the qceatlon of negro einanrlpttlon He thinka that we hive temporized with this issue long enough, , aud warmly approves Fremont's proclamation. < Hc.Awv<uAiiJifcKrM)?'THE U.S. MARINE CORPS, qcahtsrm a stir's OlIlCI. I washington, September a, 1861.% Sialic PiorosaLs.f reacho'aes separated,will be received at this offioa until 12 o'o'ook ??. of Wtdnesday, a th of November next, fot- furnishing to the Lcitftu !rrat>B Marina Corps, during tha rear 1893, the following supp'ies, t > be dslivered at the om^ of tha A-> istant Quai termast ?r of theoerps, Hhiladelphi*, Pennsylvania, frae of expense to tha Unit delates. in such quantities#* may from time to time be ordered, vis : Clam No 1. 14.000' ard* of Sky Blue Kers"y, all woo), fraa fr. m hair 54 inc.iea wide, to weigh 22 ounces to tha yard, (indigo wool-d?ed > 6 ?0u yards Da'k B ua K?rsey. ill wool, free from hair, ?mohe* wide, to weigh 22 ounces to t:>a yard, (luaito wool dyed." 8,000 yards Dark Blue TwiMed r loth, au wool, for umfo. m coats, (indigo wool-dyed,) 54 inches wide, to weigh 32 onro a ter < a-d. 150 yards of Searlet Cloth, ah wool, (oochinesl dyad,) 54 inches wide, to wuigh 16 oacoea per yard. class ?o 9. "00 lards of 6 4 Dare Bine Flanne', for ove'rsaeki. all wool,(indijto wool dyed,>54 in has wide, to w?<ch 13 omtoes p*r ya*d. 16 00"i yards of 3 4 Dark Bee Fiann?l for shirts, a'l wool, OnGiro wool-dred,) 27 inches w id a, to weigh 63% ounce < p?r fs'd 1 2>H) g a* Blankets, all wool, to weigh four pounds each, with lett-*M '*U S. W " in b a. k, lour inolies long, in th* center; to be 7 feji long and 5 f et wide, acd fr e from gresse. 6.0M) pairs of Wool*n Sooks, t^ree sixes, prop er.vma'eof givd" fiance wool, with double and twisted yarn, to w-i h thiee pounds per dozen paws, free from grease. class no. 3. 6 ono yards White I inen for Paats, 80 inches a ide, to weigh la ounces per yard. 10.000 jard< Whi'e t l en lor Shirts, 80 inches wi<l? to we gii 11 ounces rer yard. . 16 000 ta ds canton Flannel for Drawers, S7 lnt-ho3 wide, to weigh 7 ounces p )r yard. Class No. 4, 1 000 Un form Cass, complete (?x~ept Pompons.) 1.5*) Pompoi.8. red worsted, ball shaped, 4 inches in ciirum'Vreno^. 3,0fdt-a isu? Cap?, (wi'h covers,) to be made of blu?> cl?>tJ?. i digo wool-dyed. 2jMX> Stocks. clam no- 5. g oss^oat Bu'trns,(Katie.) 400 gross Jacket Muttons (Eagle.) loo gross Vest Britons. (Kag.e ) l.'OO pairs Yei.ow Metal Cresoents a>d ScaleStraps 250 sets Epaulette Bullion for Serge*- tsand Corpora's. 2 oro sets Epau!e!te Bullion for Privates. fO Red Worsted Sallies 2 .W vanls of 'S ellow Rinding. 2,500 yir<?s cf Red Card. lio s words for sergeants 50 Swords for Mureiars. 5" Drums (tinor,) complete. 50 D um Fliers. OIBat'erD um Hears. V ^uare D'U"> Heads. 1"<> Drum Cords. 100 ?et? of Drum ?nares. loo Boxwood "B" Fifes. Class No. a. 10,000 pairs Army Boots,(infantry pattern. _ , class No. 7. 1,200 Cartridge B 'X-s | l^on Kayorei Soabbaids. 1,2-w Percu'sion Cap Poiobes 1,20-1 Can rid*e Box Baits. 1.200 l?avonet Belts. l,2"0 Waist Belts. 13ft) Waist Plates. 1,200 Breast Plates. 25o Sword F.ogs. . ?, ? .. Class No. S. 13" Knapsaoks. 6ft) Haverracks. 600 Canteens. 6oo M uskat Slings. class No. 9. For ir.eking and trimming the following articles, TU: Watch Coats Serg'ants'Corporals' Musicians', au?i Privates' Uniform a< d F?tnue Coat?; Wooll?n and Linen Pants; Flannel and Linen Hiirts; D a sers; Flannel Sacks; and Red and Bluejackets for Boys. The above menitoae<l artic'os must oonfjrm is allre>p4ct.i, to t!,e se&ied >>ta .da-a patterai in t>ie oifioe the C^uaitermaster Marine t orp^ .Marine h* racks W ash ng on, D. C.; Ass stent yuart^r master, "mce Kwito Corps, l,i? t-pi uoe street, 1 ui adelsiita; aud at tne Mann? Stations, Brooklyn, New Y?>rk;aud Boston,Mus&achusetts; whore ti e? oan b? examined. And wherever ihe artiolss naroad above, or a*y ( portion of them, shall be considered as not full? oonformiug to samples, they will be rejeced ar.d the ooTitra tor ?11i be boui^i to furnish others i f I the r?qmr?d kind at once or the <Juirt?rma*ter wi 1 supply tne douoieiioy at the expeuse of tno contra'.t r. Payment wi'l bo made upon theaooepted delivery o tn? wlojlo auar.t ty, wiiich may Irom tune to time be ordered, with ins ding ten ^roerit fiom the paynieut of aooour.t rinjoovd u dar first or.ii?r, antil seoond urdor is fi! teu per vent from aroouut r?n<:eied kium se<o"d order until third order is fil sv or.,until conttact is oompl' ted. Ea?h proposal nicst be aco?.mpan:ed by the following guarantee: . Form of IIwit%r-ft. T?.e undersigned, of . in the ; Stato of . and . in the State of , * hsrel>y guarantee thst in case tne forei^oins bid ot ??lor supplies, v. aoove d?Kctil>ed, bu accept*".;, he or thex will, *vithm ten days alter . tne receiptor the contract at the Post t iffice named, ' execute the contract lor mo same wit'i good and < tLffioi-nt *?<ouvi'ios; and in cise the tald 1 shall fait to out.:r info oonirao' is aforessid,we gua'au'.ee to m\ke good the differenco between th? offer of the said and that which may be aco3ptod. A B, Guara- tor. CD. Guarantor. < L ! , u ltness. ; j I hereby certify that IL? abovo nnmed t are known to n.o as men of property, and able to make good th"ir guara t??\ G. h. i To l>e signod by the UnitM States District Judse, Unnod States District Attornuy or Collector. , No proposal will be ooLsider&d unless aooompanicu bj the above guarantee. wspnpers authorixcd to publish the above *ena tha papsr coi taming the first insertion to , this offos f >r examination. ; . The bidder's plao< of oiisi ois, or manufactur ' trg eotaolishmsnt, must be specifically stated in the proDosal. The a>" vc list of articles is believed to beahout the quantity of oach a tioie that will be required i dunug the year: but the Quartermaster reserves the right of ordering a greafr or less quantity, i should tne interests of tha service require it Proposals to be endorsed on the envelops, "Pro posals lpr Supplies for Marine Corps for 18^3," and i addresrftd to Major WM ll. SLACK, Quartormaster M. C., Wasiungton, D. C. i seso law4w 1 JY! LD1CAL DEPARTMENT OF GEORGE i?l TOWN COLLEGE. Washington City. Comer cf Pand Tvotlfth. Struts. sission or lS61-'62, FACULTY OF MEDICINE. n , NOBLE YOUNG., M. D., Professor of Principles and Practioe of Medioine 1 J<?HNSON ELIOT, M. D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgtry JAMES LV MORGAN, M. D., < Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. J. M. SNYDER, M. D-, * Professor of Obstetric and Diseases of Women ( and Children. THOMAS ANT1SEL.L, M. D, Professor of Me.ical Chemistry, Toxicology, and Physiology. j. E. will El T, m d.. i Demonstrator of Anatomy f 117- The ohair of anatomy to be filled, < TLe sessioa ?ill commence on the 22d of Ooto < borandend in Mar. h followir*. For further lu formation address johnson ELIoT, M. L) ' Dean of the Faculty, 40s F street, between 6th and 7i h sta. au 6-lawtNovl* ' l^ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES i * , , u , sf.gars. Also, a nuin^r of other celebrated brands, I wholesale and retail. WM. GROSSE, ? . ? Havana Segar Store, se 28 lm oor. Pa. av. and 6:h at.. Washington. | To in sb hand. ?3 IU u. S. TREASURY NOTES, whioh . will be so?p led at par to onr oustomers, free of ' oharse. D?ma d Treasury Notes, as heretofore. > will )>e rsceiied on d*?ositas specie. i SWEENY. H ITT EN HOUSE, KANT k. CO., < oo 12 lin Bankers. 351 Pa ar? near Brown's. OUPO/NT'S GUNPOWDER, ( For sale at manufacturers prices, by , JOIJN J. BOGUE, GsoiaiTOWD, D. C? Sal* Attncy fur tJu District of Coiumoi*. : A large tupp.y, embracing e^ery variety, aiwiya J hand, and delivered free to all parts of tee District. Orders can a so be left at th* office of Adams' * Ktsrea* Comaan*. Waalnr.sU-n. D. C. f?*-law1v -. RUCK WHEAT FLOUR. - ' CERO BUCKWHEAT I'LOUR. j CRANK F.RRIKS. KING A BURCHELL, . 00 17 Corner Vermont av. ana 15th st. * Hamburg cheese! , .. . HAMBURG CREESE! P 5u0 lbs Hamburg Cheese, two years o d. and very superior. "'NO A BURCHKI.L. oe 13 Corner Vermont av and lS-.h St. (^REAT RUSH FOR SEVENTH SPREKT, I 1 to cet some of the great bargains offorod ' ? SMlTfl. in Furnishing Goods, Trunks. Hate and

Cape. No. 460 Seventh et.. opposite Post <Hfi oe oc 1-1 wi _ PIANOt?. PlAXOf, PIA\OS.?New puTu.-a recei vrd ev^rj w^ek ?'ome; ?nd look at the ad- I lortmentat W.G ML I ZERO 1 r^BMuio Depot, 1 turner Pa.a? and L.eveuth at, set g I LEA Jfc PERKIill* I CSLEBRATKD I Worcestershire Sauce. Pronoanoed by SJ KXTRACT CONNOISSEURS B| of a Letter from a to be tbe (I Medical Gentleman ONLY eOOD SAUCE." iME?jl at Worcester. and applioable to ggg* ? fell vvvn v rts* that their Sauet if**s highly esteemed ... in India, and ia, in VARIETY <n? opinion, the moil I ftrii 'r. lie ji at\bie, aa woll as OP DISH iwtLL^'he most wnoleaome | j or uiau. ^^gg^sauc* that i a made." I The above SAUCE ia not only the bbst and moat PoruLAKCONiJixZNT known, bat the most tseonom- I teal, m a lew drops in Soup, Gravy. or with Fisk. \ hot and coM Joints, Beef Sunk, ??<???, ft, impart an exquisite zect, whioii unwiintiplrd Sauce man u/acturera hare in rain eneeavo'e i1 imitate On tbe Breakfast, LuntKeon, Dinner. or Swr*t I Table, a crnH containing " LEA 4. PFRKINS' I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indiapensable. I To Appreciate the excellent qua Hits of this deli- I cious preparation it ia on y n60 ?s?arj to puichase I a cm II boft:e of the genuine, of a reapeotabi* gro I cer or <<ea e>\ as many Hotel and Kes aumnt pro I prietors a? dom place tiit? Pure Sauce u<"ore their I gucat*. nut substitute a genuihe bottle filled with I a svurtous mixture. For aa!o by Grnc?ps and Fruiterers everywhere, I JOHN DUNCAN A ?0 S. Union Square and W<A New Ycrk, Sole Wholesale Agents lor tiie United Stites. A Stook always in store-Also orders received for direct shipments from Eng la- d. 117- Pitftre ofCounterfeits a*d Imitations?TT1 sap S-lT.eo /^s SOMETHING NEW! \ XSay At 381 C street, opposite the Thta er. OYSTfcKS STKAMED In the 3h?!l and Thoroughly Cooiwi (far superior j to a roa?t) in two minutes, the fastest time on record. Call and see. The undersigned rerp-o'f.nly informs his friends I in the District. ami visitors to thtf c.ty, that be haa refitted his olda:.d wkll-xnown kstablishmint m a moat thorough mann r. and ha.i n.ade com- I plete arrangernenta to furniah OYSTER.-* in arty I stye and in any quantity 400 to 5W' c* Ions rhucked I per day. 2uo to SiOt can* cf tpiof>J a.d ' eah I put up daily?cans hermetically s- a!ed Furnished in the shell by "he l?u?he or barrel. Pet sons wishing to l ave Oysters furnished rega* I , lariv through th-i winter, at Baltimore anoos, I without frar of iailure, fh&uld oall aud make a- | rang mmU at on;e Freight. time, and nouej | saved by purchasing of me, aa I furniah an article I i equal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, I i at prioes just as low. It TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, boosters, Sardines. Cliras, I Strawberries, 'i'oiaat?>es, Pigs' F--et, Tripe, to , I Ac., Ac. Also, P:okit>?, Catsup, Sajof s, Brandy | 1 Peaches, Ao. Also, Game aud F.eah Fish. Tur- I 1 tl 's, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod. Hahbut, *o. I J In fact, eve-y thii-g for sale m the North rn ii.ar- I keth always on liana, at reasonable j-iioes I Hotel* an'l families supplied w:tb Oy-t?-?. de- I livered wi'hout crtarge u any par-of the Distnot. I , in reason, li the money is sent with th- order. My estab ishnnent is open from 5 a m. to 12 at I j night, every aay, exoopt Sunday, when 1 close at I i lu o'clock &. m. I I ae 27 T. M. HARVEY. I ! rp TO OFFICERS. I 1 HE CAMPAIGN?A CampAignirg Wagon cu I the Prussian principle, arranged /or sleep- rv ing or to act aa aa Ara'>u.anoe in caae of I aiokneas or woauda. with aoip!e room fur I i stor^a and provisions; li?ht, ws.tpr-pro^f, and per- | 1 feci'y new, havi. g been jjft ?>uilt to ortler by one I of tiie ttrst makers inNow York, is offered for sale I ' a: cost pri:e. A'so, a hind'Ome, strong, sound, dark-brown I ' HORS-E, either for aaudls or baruoas. Both may be ?eoc on arplioatum to JAMES I BROWN, at Mr. Irvine'a ^table?, Corcoran's I i Lane, b, hmd the Cliaiu House, betweun I and H I streets ?. 30 I ? f^lKFMFN'S LNSL KANCE COM PAN V I > 1 OF I ? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9'?00,000. 3#ii eoruer C ttreti ?-t<I i.omrimnm *?., *v?r F.etni I ' of WasXington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHKR PROPERTY I [ AGAlMsi LOSS BY FIRE, N dikicxob*. i s Geo. Shoemaker, Samu?" KwTern, | Sauicol Croploy, Williaia Wiisoii, I r Kiohard Jonee, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Anoiew Koihwofl, t Tiios. Parker, Rieiiard Ba>ry, B. B. French, Dr. U. W. Davis, I ? No chaise for Policies. I 1 JAMES ADAMS, President, Abbt 0. hi via. Seorrt^rr. an 9-eobni i ^ NaV\* blle PtANNElt. Br.iadc otha, and] * Ca?aimerea ; Aruiy Blue Flaureln, Broad- I , iloths, and Casbiinr.raa, assort<?d qua ities that oaa I i >e relied on. I ? Heavy ?:o!ored Plar.kets for cmp service. I . With all kinds of Dry Goods for li.e use of house- I . jeep->ra. I r Carpois, Curtains, Oilolotiis, Rugs, Ac., upper! . lr>ors. I Ou-! prioe only, marka-1 in p'ain fizures I ? PERKY A GRO.. Ic Pa. avenue and Ninth vt, I , oo 17 5t "P^rry Buildi-?g." I c < AQUA A SCUTUM CLOTHS," ( Water proof .TV Repel ant CI >ti s,) for Lauie? aad Gentc' I . Vu:umn aud Winter Wrappijfs, >arious s: adee, J T ?f the b?st quality. I With all other kind3 of Dry Goods for ourre.it I tally , auts. I , One prioe only, rr,ar'?ed in p'ain figures. I i" All rarcels for the interior properly packed, frte | >f oharge. PiiKR Y A HKO., I f Pa avenue and N iiith ?t, I 11 00 22-5t -'Perry Building." I _ B topham's sit* i PREMIUM TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 Sbvbkth Stkkxt, WASHIMATON, D, C, I SUvarMeda! awarded by Maryland iLstitate I ij Baltimore, November 7,1M0. . | . Lias, Medal by Metropolitan Msokanios'Inxtitmte, I Washing ion, D. c., 1So7. i a [ am oonstantly making, and always have oa hand, I ll of the beet material, every deeoripbon ox i rine Sole Leather, I Iron Frame. I , Lacier Dress, I 1 Wool Box, and ! Packine Trunks, Pollster, Carpet, Can\ ts Traveling Digs, toohool SatcLsis, Mo* I At Lo%? Prtets. Members of Congresa and travelers will please I ixamme my atock before purchasing eleewLor* | Frnaks that are mado :n other cities. Superior Leather and Dross Trunks made to I >rder. . Trunks covered and repaired at short notice, Gooua delivered fioeor charge toaa.y|part of the I lit* '<irgetowii. and Alexandria. I ~ JAMES 8.TOPHAM, I | S NOTICE. I L TYL1SH Autuinn aud Winter Wrappings for I adiea, of qaalities better than usually found iu this I J narket, in Woolens and Silks Many novelties in | fl Shawls. With al. kinds of Dry Goods for the gen- I >ral aud speoial wants of families and kousekeep- I g irs. I a One prion only, tbe actual oash standard value, | na'kea m plain figures I 8 Our No theru and Eastern correspondents send | l* new supplies daily. I ti Carpets, Curtainr, Oilcloths, Rugs, Ac., upper I N loors. An inspection of stook implies no obliration to I b >uroba*e. PERRY A B KO? oo 8-ftt Pa avenue anc Ninth st. ! qou6hs, coldsyhoarseness, Ac. " COMPO UND SYRUP OF OUM ARA BIC. 2 This ple?sa3t and popclar Cough Remedy has I >eeii to long known and extensively used that most I tersona have become frm'liar with its extra>^rdi- I lary eiCcaoy. It oan be had at all the princ pal I r, 1 rug stores, at 2S and SO aents a bottle. I k, oo M d2mAeo4in* I Grand advance of thearmy; but _ SMITH haa not advanoed the price of his I Clothing wbtoh he has just r<H)eived ar.d ii selling I \ to at a jjh remarkable low priees. Give ine a call | ,, md satisfy yourselves of the rr??t bargains that I i ; kre now offered every day at SMITH'S, No 4t>0 1 1 leyerth at. oo 1 1m j JJ PERSONS NEEDING black GOODS I L are soltoited to inrp> ot our large and complete I took of all the standard fabrics for mourning ap- I -are , with all tiie minor reqeisites for persons ta I . ' ' i j An inspection of stock implies no obligation to I | uruha*.- > One prioe only, marked in plain f rureq. I V itSit c ""vfiigrjfvks'- i ||OME-MAl)K BOOTS AMD shoes, | Lamm', mjssm' am CnuBn*! WsaB* i D ?na " p* ?? . hej sth aJltlSa I m treet. ool-Ua ( I M BUR joMniTOA, ALTinORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hmi iino**'td ikt most Oi**, Sp>ttdf amd mUf I Eftctmal Romtdp ta tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FEE VENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OE NO CNAH9E, I JN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W**kn*e*ef ? ?a:k, S.ncivM, Afectioneof the Kid- I IJI tod Bladder -ii?olB?axj JWMUfH, ImpgtMCT, Gia- | eral Debility, Netvoauue**. Nimpir, Lunw, Conf**i*a I af Ui?, Low Spina, of tk* H??rt, Timidity, I Tremblings, Dimneee of 8ig->i or uidduiem, Dmim of the I Hod, Throat, No** or Skin, AOetrao* of Ik) Lun, I'oa- I ten or Bow*I??lh*?* T*mbl* Ditordtr* triimf iron Mi- I Ury Hatiitof Yonth?th*** Dreadfal and Deetructioe Prac- I ticee which render Marriage impooaibl*, md deetroy both I Bady ud Mind. YOUNii MEN Ktpeci-dly who have become the victim* of Solitary Tie*, I that drtartful and d**tractiv* habit which *unmally iwttpt I 10 an antimcly grat* tboaaand* of Yoarg Meu cl lha meet I laittd taltr.*.* nnd bnllnat iut?U*ei, who might othtrw.it I ba*t tntranctd luttnuif SiMtn with tha thand*** of alo- I game* or waked to scatacy tha living lyr*, may Mil with I fail contdaoc*. MARRIAGE. MiRlllS PUIom, or Voonj Mao eantaaptaUug Mu- I riara, bamp a wart of phyeical oeahneee, organic lability, I Ofrormiutt, Ac., apttdil* cared. Ha vbu placet hm.ttlf ou Jar tha cut of Dr. J. may rehgi- I oaaly cot,file ui bia booor aa a geuileia*n and aontdeatly I raiy upon bia akiil aa a physician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand aide going from Baltimore atiaat, a faw aoora from tha cornar. Fail not to cba*: ve uame Ind r.amber. Ltuert I maai ba paid and contain a (lamp. DR JOHNSTON, Membaraf lha Rcyal Colltjra of Surf tons, Loodoa, rrada I at* from on* of thi moat amiotnt Colleges in tha Uuittd I utta, and the ri tuer p irt of wkmi lift baa been aptnt in I tht ln.apit/-la of London, Pari*, Philadelphia and alaawbtra, I bia elected aocna of the noil automating coree that wart I t?tr known; many trooblad with rikfinc in tho baad ana I aara tian aalaap; *reat nervuoaneta, Mur nlarretd at I au'idtii aounda. bathfulnese with frt^nent blaofiing. atttndad I enineumee with derangement of aund, war* carad maa I diaitly. .TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yovng M?u and otMrt who have injartJ themeelvee by a I ttrtain yractica indulgtd m whan alout?a habit frequently I learned from evil iompintone, or at aeboi-i, tha electa of I wbicr. arc nirhtly f?!t e?en when aeleep, and if not carad, I rtndera marriagt impotaible, and daatroya both mind and I 1 boJ v, alionid apply in>ai*dial*lT. Ttitat ait aoma of tha aad and intlaochoiy (feet* prcdacad I by **rl? habita of Tooth, vis: Waakucta of tha Btck and I | Limb*, Paint in tha Htad, Dimnau of Sight, Loaa of Ma*ca.ar I P"wtr, Palpitation of tna llurt, Oytpapay, Narvua* irnta- I , bility, D*rang*m*nt of tha Digaatita Fnncuona, Ganaral I Dalnity, 8yiuptonit of Cooaamptuiai, Ac. iliniiLLl.-Tlia fcarta! altcu on tha mind ara mach ta [ ba draadad?Loaa of Mtuiory, Confaaion of Idaaa, Darraaaioc I af 8p.rit?, EmI forabodmira, Aiainon of Eociaty, Balf-Dia- I trot;. Lore of flolituda, Timidity, ate., ara aotna of tha aula I prod ?c ad. Niitoi'I DSBilitt.?Thowoanda caa now Jadja what't I tha caoaa of thair declining boaith, loemf their 'if or, becoan- I tag weak, pale, nervosa and einacialed, bavinf a eia|Blar I appearance aboat tha eyet, coagh or eyraptocce of coaeamp- I Uon. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the miegaided and impradent votary of plaaeare Ibde I he h^e iinbihtd Hie aaeda of thie piinfal diataae, it too often I happeut that an ill-ti'i:ed eeuee of ahawe or dread of discovery I . detere him from apply inf to thoat who, from eda:atioo and I . reape eta bility, can alone befrieud hun. He fall* into the I km de of igt.oract and detuning pretendtre, who, incapable I f caru.f, Rich hie pecuniary enbetance, keep him trifliof I not th af'tr mouth, or as long as tiie SQaileei fee csn ba ub- I | k?ined, and in despair leattbiin with rainsd health to sigh I , i'er me galling diaappo,otmeat{ or by the usa of thst deadly I ?otaoi ? Mercury? biateu ih* cotiditcuocal (ymptooi* of thie I : trribla dittaet.ecch ae Affection a of tKe Heart, Throat, Htad, I Ikui, Ac., progrstjir? with fngbtfal rapidity, till dasth puts a I period to t;a dreadful eafferinp ty tending iiimt U?t an- 1 ^ liacavered coantry from whoee With no traretar rettrne. I I) 11. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OR'JANICl WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY. Sy '.hit ;r*at im! iiiroitact rami-Xj vseknttt of the argai.e I J ire epee jHy eartd Mia fkll eifjr reatared. Tboraaudeefthe I aaet nartotu and ?tbilitat*d, who had la*t all hep*, featt I l*tn irtirotdlaUly rsli*?*d. A!1 impodimeett to iUa/riage, rhyalcal or Mtats.1 Diaqaal- I cauoiit, Loaa of I'.ocra&tiv* r*w*r. Hecoiu Irritability, I rrembling and Wcikueta or jLajaaansn of the moat fearfsl I tad tpttdiiy eared. I ' ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. Til Kill TmcVsands cared at thie iueutauau within I he laet ttrenteen rtare, and tha naineroae iiapartant Barsi- I a I aparausut performed by Dr. Ji-bneton, witneated by tee I sportere of the ptptnud many other tersone, noticet of I rbicb hare a(.|>eired again and ajtln before the paulic, be- I Mee Lie eunding aa a ger.'iemar of eheraeter and reerenel- I . lility, n a taleient ganraat** ta th? aC cted. marlS-lt 1VOTICH. I gBMBtllllMjUBPli S " ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY " I r Thii Company odora to the oubiio M Uue<|uai:?d 1 i ^livauUges ' for the 8afe&nn Quick i'upatcn of I Jeavy KreighU P&oka*o?, V&lu&blM, Mcuey, Ao. to., to &11 parti of tiie United St&toa. Expreasei to and from the North and W?itd?- I ??.rt from and arrive in Wu ungton twice iLiily, I Ail Expreraoi aro in oUaige of trporutut^ knd 1 r tltcbU Meiisenc?r?. I ^ All Pa^kagea for The 8o!Ji?rs earned at "on* I i, Ui?" our uiual ratej. All Go?da for the ao-oal!ed "Confederate State*" I e ,nd all Article! " ContrabanU of War" viii be I t urciKO. On ExproiiM leave New York at 1.5, aud 6 P. I 1 . arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 6JO ] ?. M. Expreciei lea^e Philadelphia a? ZJO A. M. ard I 1 P. M?arriving in Wahliiiigron at I". M, and I A, M, Expresiei leave Ba umore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. I * I., arnviug in Wau^iuttcK ai t A. M. anJ 6 30 J M, Kxprea?ea forail point* North Wcat leave j " VashJngton at 7.ii A. M and iSi P. M. daily. SpooiiT Contracts for 'argc quantiti^e of Freijht I . &n be matt'' o- application to tli:a ?ifiioe. i 11 Ah Good* saiieu ior and ao'ivered Jrtt of Extra i Kargei. E. W. PaRSON^, I r Svp't Ada.mi' Express Comi>?ny. I % Waii'ingtoii, Auggfctsa. Ibnl. tu 28 tf I u L,r WOOD ANi? CO A11. I ' " OU Will aar?ly tet your rr,ci:of'3 worth tr I ailing at the PIONkV.R MILL9, tMiUw; tot I . *r of Sfsmtk nntl md *1, (ttfcO. PAGE, I ij Ht;,L) They se!l cheaper and givabeltei measure I liac sny others in tl.e &ity?cut, evlit, deliv- 1 red tree of charge, if tc\j doc 11 ei:eve ?ive| lie Pioinscr Mills a tna., an J l.e satisfied. I rijjr I * |^00*8 AMD *?> Ttl | Wi aro iujw mauaUetiiriia all Kinde oi BOOVS I ad SHOEU, and coiitar.'. t rMe:v<ng ut I apply ol oaatern ruade work of aver* Se-K?f J o. r?tio'i. tuadc exprenly to ortjm. and wuiy Ml I e ao:d at a inavsii loafer arioe than hae been" *Ma ! eretofore cuirged ta Uiia city for c.ach ujarier j rtulea FertoLi in ?rant of Uooti arid Shoea of eastern ei I ity rcade wort, will a)wa/s lnii I good asaortniaa I a stere and at tse lowest pnoM Bive is a oali. R1FFIN ? BRO., awl.v It I f ??itr:*tM* av?R?e. 4 RMV aUPPLIKSL ~ \ JUST RECEIVED- ? 480 oans SAU8AGK MEAT, < 340 oans FRE^H TOMATOES, 49" can* FRESH VEAL., SjOcans BEEF, a ia modi, 24"cans ROAST BEEK. ?i cans t RKSK MUTTON, P S-40cans BKKFand GKAVY, 340 cans BO UP and BOUILLI, fe 9j ? FRENCH DESdlCATED VE6E For tale at New York Faotory prioes. KING A BURCHELL, ae C Corner 1 attd Hfteenth streets. J NEW BOOKS, ll LlSTORV of ti.e Lnited Notherlatds, by Joha u lotliroe Motlejr; 2 vo'.a.; free b? mail. #4. The Rise ol the Dutoh Republie. a bistory, by otin Lothrop Motley; vo oiot&i frta bj mail, t#. \ Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the .nthor of "Auan Bed*, oloth 7ficetis ; paper M ^Life and Cv**r of Major Andre, by Wintrop areexuti 6l>?. After Icebergs with a Painter, a Bumoer Voyage > Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lcius L. lobe; #13". Tne Mannfaotare of Photogemo or Hydro Car on Oils, by Thomas Antiseil, M. D.; fl.74. Any of the above free by mail. ol FRENCH * C1CH8TE1N, ap 58 tfri* Penna. avnsa j^OR OF11CEKb AND SOLDIERS -i eok sklo Gauntlets, several qualities. n Heavy Grey Blatkets for Camp servioo. Blue Cloths and Cashmeres \arious qu^iitlea. One prioe only, marked in plain figure*. We also offer all kinds o: first-class Dry Goods >r the g >neral acd special wants of families and oueekeepers. PERRY A BRO., _ Pa. avenue and Ninth st, oo 19-5t "Perry Building." LV BOYS' CLOTHING. ' E Have reoeived within the la*t day or two a irge aasortn ont of COY?' SPRING CLOTHMG. embraoing all itiiee of low-prioed, medium, ad fine qualities, which we are eeliiag a t vary >w prioes for cash. M WALL,JSTEPHENS A CO , 388 Pa. av., between 3th and10th sis. m g f Cntellitrere*r ar.d RepwhlitabB.t V j*. AT THE O^PAWN OFFICE.^ J \.'W Bfth ef tht MMMl Hottl. 6 w Mcst liberpi advancoe mad?on Hoid aiid -ilvrr * Vatohes. Dianion s, Jewe ry. Silver ware,CloJ*ig. Pistols, and all klnfg of Merohaodise. Daeifss etriotiy confidential. . ISAAC HaKZBKRG, 351 C street, ao I Im BetweenMandCth ?ti RISU POPLIN8 AND NEW REPS.~U\ny sty lull things ope red to a ay. With all kinde of ry Goods, in stap'e and tuna/ itbrlos, for the earmt wants of f-< mil if a i Or,e prioe ob|y, the aetaaleaih staadarJ value, HTaay a .rothbr, D oe&-At Pa.*?ma?iiwl \.?ti< > PHE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING SIOME-No, L 4VO bevaath sUa o*ll? the "weekly stab. f**/**! pmnshjlf1taiiijii hj5** ?*" ** *"*** * uj rtfcw li MktkkW Prt4*T?orml?n. ^ Tnaa-OaM, m^I|, im -^1ML f ??PT. P? win an. M Fl?? oopln T? ?T-T?'^"'"""~"" J 2 .#,,, 10 n It linrltkljr contaiae u>e "WHkluttt Nmm> that tu isid? TU Dmiif Itihj ^"7^ o generally throughout the oofteWy lZ7"81ag> eoplee (! wrtppwi) m, ^ M, cured at the counter. Immediately after ue tew of the piper Prloa?THREE CENT?. HELMBOLD'S genuine preparation. " HIGHLY COSCM NTH ATS D ' Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Po.'titrt omd SpwrJU Romodf For DiMuti of t^-ft Tftre Msdioiae Inoraaeee the >->*? nr . ft d eictUe the AMonuii into kwatht by wtioh the w*t?by ob e?Le*morrdUl>^t 1H* and ft UNH . 1 CliL KUL.U??.?t. forW ** ram am> iMiLaftMsTiop, and te goW mtn, women, or children, IIELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU . , . . .V0T ^' fthn*???te Anting Irtro hlo'MM. Hab.U of Dissipation Fftfiy I dikcr-t,?.i or A'ae? ' AtremltJ tritk tki FMowi** StmriMu Ir.di?pos-tion to Exertion, Loa? of wsrtffisr Honor of D ?^<ft.ft, u. 7^/"* ,B?? Oimci'M o> Vision, p.. , 1,,****? s:1'h'^.u"u*1, ? ?? txstik ????' Dryn* a of the *k ?. F.i^ ol thef2& T, ? JPft t'? corm*?sci. ' ?BJt' ID1. II ft 0?i4 to |? <n, whlah tfcia medicine invaual ly e,n ,* s, *o-n, f? U>we IMPOTKNCY. FATUITY EPILEPTIC FIT?, /ft one of wkick Ike Pattern! mny Ejyt'* i W j?.caB * ***'?* thry are rot freanentlr followed by thoee diebfti. dkuiw," insanitv and consumption.** Mftuy are a? a e of the naaae of their safari** BUT SO!?* will conr. as. THE RECOKIWSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And ihi M'lanrKoly D'atkt t>y Ceasw^tfca^ bzab Axrit wiTHxaa to mi Tacm or trt aeeEBTtoB. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFPRCTSO WITH ORUANIC WEJ^NKH. "D Require* the aid of medioiae to atrengtbeaadd Itrijorate the Si?ua whioh RELMBOLD'd EXTRACT BPcSl imrariai/f doe* a t?!al will c0!?ttset th* most skeptical, FEMA LES- PEMALES- FBMA LBS 1>LD /ft Afuy Ptcuitmr to Km+Ut he Extrftet Buonn ta uneeua.I-d by any other rtnJdy.a* in Chloroeia or KettBUoo, frr tu ant* ^ JLfu neee.or SMpprejaion ?, CaetomftA kvftjifttiona. Uloetftteo or Scbirroas etftte of tbe Ute ae. Leaoor heft or Whttee, Stenlitr. ai^d for Jl soraplairta iacide?.t to the eex, whether a/ismc roin Indiaoretion. HftbiU of Diaelpation. or la the DECLINE OR CHASOE 8 F LIFE' El STMPTfilM ABOVK. ?0 FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. rake no mort Balfm, Mrrc^rp, #r LmpJtotmM Mtaicint fur UnjiUatut and Datkgtrou$ Diwtici. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV erase SECRET DlftEASES n ftli tieir ft!ft<o?; At little exmhi^ -attle or uo oaai.ge in Diet; Na ineoavsafeao*! . - And no axpasurt. t o&ueoe a fre^u n. desire *ud givee etroactk u Jriuatf, theiebj Rem .rinf i>bet. uoUvbe. 'revectiag and CariiiK Striotaree ofUeVrethrft Allayin* rati ft^d J nflamruitioa. eo reeu*nt in the cleae of die??*M, ftuii t-xae^iftc ?W "ouunuut, Dxitated, and ?ren? out Matter. 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